AENOR Standards on ASTM Compass®

Accessing AENOR Standards

Delve into the vast collection of standards from the Spanish Association for Standardization (AENOR) available on ASTM Compass. AENOR, a notable standards setting body, circulates over 50,000 UNE standards, delivering expertise on quality, environment, compliance, security, food, metrology, and testing.

With ASTM Compass, access to AENOR's rich collection of standards and specialized books is simplified. Subscribe to either individual standards or a bulk of standards in a custom solution.

Benefits of Digital Access to Aenor Standards

The platform's cutting-edge collaboration tools significantly streamline workflows, saving time, and offering essential insights to uphold safety and mitigate risks in your projects.

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AENOR standards, meticulously organized on ASTM Compass, cover a broad spectrum of topics crucial for various industries. With access to both AENOR and ASTM standards, you’ll have a robust framework that empowers your employees to maneuver through complex projects with a greater degree of confidence and accuracy.

Advancing Your Projects with Aenor Standards

In the realm of global standardization, the challenges arise when there is not reliable access to technical standards, which can lead to inconsistencies in project execution. The lack of a centralized platform for standards like those from AENOR could result in delayed timelines and potential compromises in quality.

ASTM Compass solves these challenges by offering seamless access to AENOR standards, providing you consistency and quality assurance. Gain all the advantages of ASTM Compass and propel your projects towards global compliance and excellence.

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