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This topic focuses on the need for appropriate use of material and installation technology for water extraction and transport infrastructure. It covers such broad subtopics as drinking water supply systems, domestic wastewater management systems, and wet weather runoff control and management systems. In addition, this area explores how to improve or increase the capacity of infrastructure in both high and low economic conditions.
New Standards

A74-17 Standard Specification for Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

A861-04(2017) Standard Specification for High-Silicon Iron Pipe and Fittings

A888-17a Standard Specification for Hubless Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings for Sanitary and Storm Drain, Waste, and Vent Piping Applications

A1056-12(2017) Standard Specification for Cast Iron Couplings Used for Joining Hubless Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

C1461-08(2017) Standard Specification for Mechanical Couplings Using Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE) Gaskets for Joining Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV), Sewer, Sanitary, and Storm Plumbing Systems for Above and Below Ground Use

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Work Items

WK60069 Testing Requirements for Recycled Materials in Thermoplastic Pipe

WK30009 Standard Terminology for Sustainability Relative to the Performance of Buildings

WK58209 Standard Test Method for Length Change of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars Exposed to a Sulfate Solution

WK58182 Standard Test Method for Measuring Fast-Neutron Reaction Rates by Radioactivation of Niobium

WK58957 Polyolefin Pipe and Fittings for Drainage, Waste, and Vent Applications

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JTE15V43N2 Innovative and Sustainable Technologies and Materials in Civil Engineering Infrastructures

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