New Standards

D5057-17 Standard Test Method for Screening Apparent Specific Gravity and Bulk Density of Waste

D7203-11(2017) Standard Practice for Screening Trichloroethylene (TCE)-Contaminated Media Using a Heated Diode Sensor

D7322/D7322M-17 Standard Test Method for Determination of Erosion Control Product (ECP) Ability to Encourage Seed Germination and Plant Growth Under Bench-Scale Conditions

D7315-17 Standard Test Method for Determination of Turbidity Above 1 Turbidity Unit (TU) in Static Mode

E2432-17 Standard Guide for General Principles of Sustainability Relative to Buildings

F625/F625M-94(2017) Standard Practice for Classifying Water Bodies for Spill Control Systems

F2438-04(2017) Standard Specification for Oil Spill Response Boom Connection: Slide Connector

F2683-11(2017) Standard Guide for Selection of Booms for Oil-Spill Response

C444-17 Standard Specification for Perforated Concrete Pipe

C444M-17 Standard Specification for Perforated Concrete Pipe (Metric)

E2137-17 Standard Guide for Estimating Monetary Costs and Liabilities for Environmental Matters

E2843-17 Standard Specification for Demonstrating That a Building is in Walkable Proximity to Neighborhood Assets

F1642/F1642M-17 Standard Test Method for Glazing and Glazing Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings

F2247-11(2017) Standard Test Method for Metal Doors Used in Blast Resistant Applications (Equivalent Static Load Method)

F2912-17 Standard Specification for Glazing and Glazing Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings

D6475-17 Standard Test Method for Measuring Mass per Unit Area of Erosion Control Blankets

D8107-17 Standard Practice for Determining Sediment Pond Skimmer Flow Rate

E2114-17 Standard Terminology for Sustainability Relative to the Performance of Buildings

E2348-17 Standard Guide for Framework for a Consensus-based Environmental Decision-making Process

D5746-98(2016) Standard Classification of Environmental Condition of Property Area Types for Defense Base Closure and Realignment Facilities

D6461/D6461M-16a Standard Specifications for Silt Fence Materials

E2247-16 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process for Forestland or Rural Property

D7726-11(2016)e1 Standard Guide for The Use of Various Turbidimeter Technologies for Measurement of Turbidity in Water