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Label Updates to Standard Aim to Enhance Furniture Safety


Updates to a standard developed by experts, advocates, and other members of ASTM International aim to enhance the safety of dressers and to help prevent tipovers. The revision (F2057 – available here) was developed by the subcommittee on furniture safety, part of ASTM International’s committee on consumer products (F15).

The revision includes an updated consumer warning label, including a new hazard symbol showing a child climbing the drawers of a dresser. A circle with a black or red line through it appears over the pictograph (see below). 

In addition to the warning label change, a section to determine the permanence of that label was added to the standard. For example, a paper label is considered permanent if, during an attempt to remove it without tools or solvents, it cannot be removed, it tears into pieces, or it damages the surface.  Also, if the warning is still legible and attached after an ASTM International adhesion test (D3359), it is considered permanent.  

Along with the label and permanence updates, language in the introduction to the standard was also revised.

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Release #10422

October 31, 2017

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