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Interested Parties Invited to Join in Revision of ASTM Steel Strapping Standard


All interested parties are welcome to join in the ongoing revisions to ASTM D3953, Specification for Strapping, Flat Steels and Seals. The standard is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee D10.25 on Palletizing and Unitizing of Loads, part of ASTM International Committee D10 on Packaging.

According to its scope, ASTM D3953 covers flat steel strapping and seals intended for use in closing, reinforcing, bundling articles for shipment, unitizing, palletizing and bracing for carloading, truckloading, lifting and lashing.

“As one of the first modern materials used for unitizing and bundling, steel strapping is well-known to packaging users, but since the last full review of ASTM D3953, there have been many changes in technology, especially in closure methods,” says Anthony Mariano, Independent Metal Strap Co. Inc., and a D10 member. These technological changes will be addressed in ongoing revisions.

Mariano notes that steel strapping is widely used in the lumber, metals and paper industries. The standard is used to specify strapping products for purchase, in package design and in design of load securement techniques for over-the-road, rail and maritime transport of goods. Section 13 of ASTM D3953 includes several test methods for steel strapping.

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ASTM Committee D10 Next Meeting: April 15-17, 2013, April Committee Week, Indianapolis, Ind.
Technical Contact: Anthony Mariano, Independent Metal Strap Co. Inc., East Hill, N.Y., Phone: 516-621-0030;
ASTM Staff Contact: Diane Trinsey, Phone: 610-832-9661;
ASTM PR Contact: Barbara Schindler, Phone: 610-832-9603;

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February 12, 2013

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