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ASTM Nondestructive Testing Standard Describes Testing for Phased Array Probes


Phased array probes are a recently developed technology that offers significant advantages in the detection, sizing and imaging of defects that can affect the structural components of airplanes, bridges, power plants and other critical areas. A new ASTM International standard describes testing that can be done on various arrays to ensure that all inspectors are using similar testing equipment.

ASTM E2904, Practice for Characterization and Verification of Phased Array Probes, was developed by Subcommittee E07.06 on Ultrasonic Method, part of ASTM International Committee E07 on Nondestructive Testing.

“ASTM E2904 should allow different inspectors to analyze defects independently and come to essentially the same conclusions on their severity,” says Michael Moles, senior technology manager, Olympus NDT, and an E07 member. New standardized arrays, along with automated scanning, will facilitate repeatable test results, according to Moles, who also notes, “Phased arrays are significantly faster, as well as providing permanent records and better imaging.”

Arrays defined in ASTM E2904 can be used by inspectors, regulators, manufacturers, laboratories, quality assurance departments and purchasing agents. Measurement data obtained from the standard will be helpful in specifying, describing, or providing performance criteria for procurement and quality assurance or service evaluation of the operation characteristics of linear phased-array ultrasonic probes.

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ASTM Committee E07 Next Meeting: June 2-6, 2013, ASTM International Headquarters, West Conshohocken, Pa.
Technical Contact: Michael Moles, Olympus NDT, Waltham, Mass., Phone: 416-831-4428; michael.moles@olympusndt
ASTM Staff Contact: Kathleen McClung, Phone: 610-832-9717;
ASTM PR Contact: Barbara Schindler, Phone: 610-832-9603;

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January 31, 2013

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