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ASTM International Award of Merit Recognizes Michael Warskulat


Michael Warskulat, director of technical service  at Evonik Degussa GmbH in Cologne, Germany, received an ASTM International Award of Merit and the accompanying title of fellow, the highest organizational recognition for individual contributions to standards activities.

Warskulat was cited "for exceptional contributions to Committee D24 on Carbon Black in the continual improvement of carbon black standards and the development of new analytical standards for the carbon black industry."

An ASTM International member since 1996, Warskulat serves on several D24 subcommittees and is also a member of Committee D11 on Rubber.  In 2004, Committee D24 honored him with a Distinguished Service Award for his significant contributions. 

A graduate of the Universität Hannover in Germany where he received a diploma in physical chemistry and his Ph.D. in chemistry, Warskulat joined the Fillers and Pigments Division at Degussa AG as lab manager in the analytical laboratory in 1990.  He then spent four years as lab manager at Degussa's carbon black plant in Ambés, France, before assuming his current role as director of technical service, Europe and NAFTA, for reinforcing fillers in 2001.   

Outside of ASTM International, Warskulat is a member of GDCh (the Society of German Chemists), DKG (the German Rubber Association) and DIN (the German Institute for Standardization).


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April 1, 2008

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