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ASTM International Award of Merit Recognizes Lawrence Carbary, Dow Corning


Lawrence D. Carbary, an associate industry scientist/construction industry at Dow Corning Corp. in Midland, Mich., has been honored with the ASTM International Award of Merit and accompanying title of fellow. The award is the highest ASTM recognition for individual contributions to standards activities.

Carbary lives in Midland, Mich.

ASTM International Committee C24 on Building Seals and Sealants cited Carbary for his technical and leadership contributions to the committee related to developing consensus standards and publishing technical information in support of the sealants industry.

Carbary serves as chairman of both Subcommittees C24.30 on Adhesion, one of C24's most active subcommittees, and C24.87 on International Standards, and he is member at large on the C24 executive subcommittee. Carbary has been an important part of developing a number of C24 standards, as well as contributing several papers to ASTM Special Technical Publications and the Journal of ASTM International. Currently, he leads several standards developing task groups. For his contributions, Carbary has previously been recognized with the Sealants Hall of Fame Award in 2005 and an Award of Appreciation in 2002.

In addition to ASTM International, Carbary is a member of the International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures and the building seals subcommittee of International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 160 on Glass in Building. He has also been an active member of the Sealant Waterproofing and Restoration Institute and has been a member of the institute's board of directors.

Carbary has worked for Dow Corning Corporation for 25 years since he graduated from Michigan Technological University with a B.S. in chemical engineering. He works on the development and application of silicone adhesives, sealants and coatings used in the global commercial construction business; topics he has written and presented on for ASTM and construction trade journals. Before assuming his current position, Carbary opened the firm's first regional testing laboratory in California, and spent three years in South Korea to build a service team there as part of the Dow Corning Construction technical staff.

Among his many hobbies, Carbary currently is using his work experience to construct a cabin in the forest near West Branch, Mich.


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April 1, 2007

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