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ASTM International and the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology


Fostering Economic Benefit, Export and Technical Knowledge

A recent annual report submitted to ASTM International by the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology (JISM) indicates that a number of ASTM standards have been adopted and referenced by JISM in the development of Jordanian national standards.

The use of ASTM standards in Jordan indicates the continued success of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by JISM and ASTM in 2005.  Over the past year, JISM adopted a total of 14 ASTM International standards as identical standards and 62 ASTM standards were referenced in the development of Jordanian national standards.  The standards cover various industry sectors including petroleum, plastics, cement, steel and chemicals.

In 2009, ASTM International will conduct the technical assistance training program, “ASTM Cement and Concrete Standards: Relationship to ACI 318,” in Jordan as a part of the MOU program. To date, more than 15 individuals from Jordan participate in ASTM International technical committees.

Dr. Yaseen Khayyat, director general of JISM, says the use of ASTM International standards though the MOU program has been beneficial to Jordan’s economic development and the export of Jordanian goods to the U.S.  "JISM will cooperate with the Jordan Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan to promote and increase the participation of the Jordanian industrialists in the work of ASTM International,” says Khayyat.

Initiated in 2001, ASTM International's MOU program promotes communication between ASTM International and national standards bodies worldwide, fostering awareness of the standardization systems of all parties involved. The purpose of the program is to increase greater worldwide participation in the ASTM standards development process and facilitate the development of national standards that will aid health, safety, and environmental and economic conditions. More information on the MOU program can be found on the ASTM International Web site (

Release #8205

March 17, 2009

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