Journal Published Online: 31 August 2023
Volume 12, Issue 3

Niobium Silicide Diffusion Coatings: The Impact of Cu and of Ti on the Microstructure and High-Temperature Behavior



Silicide diffusion coatings on niobium offer attractive properties for applications at temperatures above 1,000°C because of the ability to form a protective oxide, silicon dioxide. The combination of a double layer of silicides, NbSi2 and Nb5Si3, provides a gradient of properties to the coating, mitigating the formation and propagation of cracks that otherwise allow oxygen to interact with the substrate. However, a temperature above 1,200°C is required to process double-layer silicide coatings, increasing the challenge of controlling the process and incrementing the cost of the process. The need to enhance silicide coatings without compromising their competitiveness motivates the study of the individual effects of copper and of titanium. This study processed silicide coatings by double pack cementation adding copper or titanium, respectively, to the pack mixture. Three pack mixture compositions were used: with 15 % wt. silicon, with 15 % wt. silicon + 7 % wt. copper, and 15 % wt. silicon + 7 % wt. titanium. Processing was carried out at 1,000°C for 6 hours. The coatings processed with silicon resulted on a single NbSi2 layer, but the pack mixture containing silicon and copper led to thick double-layer coatings of NbSi2 and a continuous layer of Nb5Si3, in spite of the low processing temperature. In contrast, the pack mixture containing silicon and titanium led to thinner coatings composed of a layer of NbSi2 and the discontinuous presence of Nb5Si3. Results suggest that copper and titanium impact the gaseous diffusion during processing and also the vacancy concentration in the ordered structure of NbSi2. Exposure to temperature reveals a change on the oxidation mechanisms after processing with titanium and a more significant mass gain of coatings processed with copper.

Author Information

Pinto, Beatriz Aparecida
Mechanical Engineering Department, Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
D’Oliveira, Ana Sofia C. M.
Mechanical Engineering Department, Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
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