MANUAL Published: 2013

Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing

Editor(s): M.R. Riazi, S. Eser, S.S. Agrawal, J.L. Peña-Díez

This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive handbook provides the latest industry and research advances in petroleum refining, natural gas processing, and refinery management. Over 40 scientists, experts and professionals from both academia and industry have contributed to the 33 chapters in this handbook.

Unique features include:
• Latest information on petroleum and hydrocarbon processing, refining, transportation, and storage
• Emphasis on heavy oil processing and residue upgrading
• Development of new catalysts, reactors, controllers, simulators, online analyzers, and waste minimization
• Design and operational aspects of refinery units
• Planning, scheduling and management of refineries
• Financial and economic aspects of petroleum refining processes
• Alternative fuels, such as hydrogen and biofuels
• Environmental and safety issues in petroleum processing
• New test methods, specifications, and quality of various petroleum products
• Refinery inspection and maintenance
• New advances and trends towards future refineries

Table of Contents

M. Riazi, Semih Eser, José Peña Díez, Suresh Agrawal

M. Riazi, Semih Eser

M. Riazi, Mohan Rana, José Peña Díez

M. Riazi, Semih Eser

Semih Eser, M. Riazi

Ravi Voolapalli, Chiranjeevi Thota, D. Gokak, N. Choudary, M. Siddiqui

B. Newalkar, N. Choudary, M. Siddiqui

Semih Eser, Jose Guitian

Isao Mochida, Ray Fletcher, Shigeto Hatanaka, Hiroshi Toshima, Jun Inomata, Makato Inomata, Shinichi Inoue, Kazuo Matsuda, Shigeki Nagamatsu, Shinichi Shimizu

Isao Mochida, Ray Fletcher, Shigeto Hatanaka, Hiroshi Toshima, Shikegi Nagamatsu, Makato Inomata, Rong He, Richard Threlkel, Christopher Dillon, Junko Ida, Toshio Matsuhisa, Shinichi Inoue, Shinichi Shimizu, Kazuo Shoji

Calogero Migliore

N. Zhang, F. Liu

M. Rodwell, M. Riazi

L. Raman, N. Murthy

Ravi Jaisinghani

A. Kosta, Keshav Kishore

Jorge Hau

Pradeep Kumar, N. Murthy

Suresh Agrawal

Suresh Agrawal

Nan Zhang, Marc Valleur

Luis Ayala H.

Cheng Khor, Luis Ricardez-Sandoval, Ali Elkamel, Nilay Shah

Mark Kaiser, James Gary

Miguel Bagajewicz

Maria Guerra, Pablo Jiménez-Asenjo, Antonio López-Rodríguez, José Peña Díez

Miguel Bagajewicz

Cheng Khor, Ali Elkamel

Cheng Khor, Ali Elkamel

Joel Haight

Folkert Herlyn

José Calle

Mohan Rana, Jorge Ancheyta, M. Riazi, Meena Marafi

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