MANUAL Published: 2022

Supplement to Corrosion Tests and Standards: Application and Interpretation, 2nd Edition

Editor(s): Edward L. Hibner, Harvey P. Hack, and John R. Scully

Corrosion continues to be a problem of worldwide importance, costing roughly 3% of the gross domestic product of any country for which data is available. This supplement has been prepared to address updates to the technology that addresses this form of degradation.

The editor and section editors have coordinated this update so that the most recent technologies are included in each section. In some cases, the original authors of chapters have made the revisions. In other cases, new authors have been chosen, or the editors performed that task. In still other cases, the technology described in the chapters has not changed sufficiently since the last edition for those chapters to need updating, in which cases those chapters have not been included in this supplement.

Users of the manual will find that chapters in this supplement plus those not revised from the previous edition are an invaluable and instructive tool, as well as a sourcebook on how to conduct corrosion tests, interpret results, and use standards.

Table of Contents

Robert G. Kelly, Ryan M. Katona, Eric J. Schindelholz

Mariano Iannuzzi, Edgar Hornus, Mobin Salasi

Harvey P. Hack, Carol Glover, Jason Lee

Kevin Nibur, Brian Somerday

Jason S. Lee, Brenda J. Little

Jeremy L. Gilbert

William L. Mankins

John R. Scully, Carol F. Glover, Raymond J. Santucci

Bradley D. Krantz

Sheldon W. Dean

John P. Ludman, Bert J. Moniz

Walter T. Young

David A. Shifler

Mike Horton, Lucien Veleva, Edward Escalante

K. Daniel Efird

C. Sean Brossia

Ronald W. Schutz

William L. Mankins

L. H. Hihara

Walter Young

Abdelmounam M. El-Sherik

Stephen R. Sharp, Jason T. Provines

Niamh Hosking

Edward L. Colvin

Diane Buhrmaster, Nicholas Wilson

Sheldon W. Dean

James R. Crum, Ralph W. Ross

Barry M. Gordon, George J. Licina

Dipak Negandhi

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DOI: 10.1520/MNL20-2ND-SUP-EB