MANUAL Published: 2005

Corrosion Tests and Standards: Application and Interpretation-Second Edition

Editor(s): Robert Baboian

REVISED AND UPDATED, the newest edition of Manual 20, a highly respected publication, provides guidelines for recognizing types of corrosion, as well as the fundamentals of testing. It provides the most recent technologies for making calculations, interpretations, and correlations, and serves as a source book for procedures, equipment, and standards used in testing.

Eight sections cover:

General Information provides the tools to define, interpret, and evaluate the technology. Greatly expanded, this section includes a UNS for metals and alloys and their common names; standards terminology; SI and matrix guide; general conversion tables; corrosion rate calculations and all necessary conversion factors; and much more. :

Testing and Evaluation includes planning and design of tests, types of corrosion data, metallographic and surface analysis, statistical treatment of data, data computerization and computer applications:

Types of Tests examines laboratory-accelerated tests, field tests, and service tests. This section describes test techniques and specific considerations such as specimen preparation, test duration, acceleration factors, and pertinent standards:

Testing for Corrosion Types covers uniform, pitting, crevice, galvanic, intergranular, exfoliation, erosion, cavitation, fretting, dealloying, stress corrosion, corrosion fatigue and hydrogen damage:

Testing in Environment addresses outdoor and indoor atmospheres, seawater, fresh water, soils, concrete, industrial waters, industrial chemical, petroleum, high-temperature gases, organic liquids, molten salts, liquid metals, corrosion inhibitors, in-vivo, and microbiological effects. :

Materials Testing gives you an overview of important tests used in evaluating the corrosion behavior of metals and alloys, including zinc, lead, aluminum, steels, copper, nickel, stainless steels, cobalt-base alloys, titanium, zirconium and hafnium, tantalum and niobium alloys, metallic coatings on steel, nonmetallic coatings, metal matrix composites, electrodeposits, and powder metallurgy materials:

Testing in Industries provides an overview of corrosion testing unique to each industry, including automotive, commercial aircraft, military aircraft and equipment, pipeline, highways, tunnels and bridges, marine-piers and docks, electric power, nuclear power, steam generation, flue gas desulphurization, electronics, telecommunications, metal processing, chemical processing, pulp and paper, petroleum production and refining, food and beverage, water handling systems, medical and dental, and pharmaceutical:

Corrosion-Related Standards provides a comprehensive list of standards developed by various organizations including the American Petroleum Institute, American Waterworks Association, ASME International, ASTM International, International Electrotechnical Commission, ISO, NACE International, SAE International, and the Steel Structures Painting Council. :

This new edition is certain to serve as a valuable resource for corrosion scientists and technologists in industry, government, and academia.

Table of Contents

R Baboian

R Baboain

R Baboian, SD Cramer, BP Jones

R Baboian, DC Silverman

R Baboian, RL Colwell

R Baboian, AG Hopkins

R Baboian, FH Haynie

R Baboian, PR Roberge

HP Hack, JR Scully

HP Hack, CL Meade

HP Hack, RA Corbett

HP Hack, RD Kane

HP Hack, SW Dean

HP Hack, JF Jenkins

HP Hack, WT Young, P Fairer

HP Hack, E Escalante

HP Hack, A Perkins

HP Hack, GD Smith

JR Schully, JA Ellor, J Repp

HP Hack, RG Kelly

JR Schully, N Sridhar, DS Dunn, CS Brossia, GA Cragnolino, JR Kearns

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JR Schully, DO Sprowls, KR Cooper

JR Schully, WA Glaeser

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HP Hack, C Bagnall, PF Tortorelli, SJ Pawel, JH DeVan, SL Schrock

HP Hack, RH Hausler

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EL Hibner, FE Goodwin, SJ Alhassan

EL Hibner, SJ Alhassan, FE Goodwin

EL Hibner, JE Hillis

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EL Hibner, EL Hibner

EL Hibner, JW Martin

EL Hibner, P Crook

EL Hibner, RW Schutz

EL Hibner, T-L Yau

EL Hibner, EB Hinshaw, KD Moser

EL Hibner, TC Simpson, HE Townsend

EL Hibner, RD Granata

EL Hibner, LH Hihara

EL Hibner, TP Moffat

EL Hibner, E Klar, PK Samal

SW Dean, R Baboian

SW Dean, AA Adjorlolo, JA Marceau

SW Dean, EC Groshart

SW Dean, PS Rothman, WT Young

SW Dean, JB Bushman, V Choker

SW Dean, JF Jenkins

SW Dean, P Mayer, AD Pellgrini

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SW Dean, HS Rosenberg, ER Dille

SW Dean, R Baboian

SW Dean, G Schick

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SW Dean, B Moniz, SH Zhang

SW Dean, A Wensley

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HP Hack, R Baboian

HP Hack, R Baboian

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