ASTM Library Builder

    Provided through ASTM Compass®, ASTM's online portal for all things standards, you can create a collection of your most frequently used standards and provide access to multiple users at your location. You’ll have full PDF/HTML view, download and print capabilities. You’ll also get the added advantage of the advanced workflow tools provided via ASTM Compass. You can:

    • Add notes and attachments to documents
    • Create groups to share information with other staff
    • Compare changes to previous versions of standards with color-coded highlighting
    • Easily track and manage downloads throughout your organization

    Get your own collection of 10 or 20 of ASTM’s 12,500+ standards. No need to select your standards in advance, just choose as you go. ASTM standards, test methods and specifications cover fields such as:

    • Cement and concrete
    • Construction materials
    • Electronics, electrical insulation
    • Energy
    • Environmental protection
    • Healthcare
    • Metal products
    • Paper and packaging
    • Petroleum products, and more

    Subscriptions are IP-based, for one location only. Your IP will be recognized at checkout. Access expires after 12 months. Renew yearly or when your download limit has been reached.

    For more than one location, and multi-user options click here

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