Journal Published Online: 11 July 2022
Volume 50, Issue 5

Design and Investigation of Dynamic Properties of the Developed Glass-Jute-CGS Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Epoxy Polymer Composites for High-Performance Applications



In the current investigation, hybrid polymer composites developed using alkali treated Calotropis Gigantea stem fibers (CGS) as well as jute (J) and glass (G) fibers with different weight percentages are incorporated into the epoxy matrix. The dynamic characteristics for the inclusion of CGS fibers with glass-jute fiber reinforced epoxy-based laminates were determined experimentally. Here, three different sets of laminates, namely G-CGS-J-CGS-G, G-J-CGS-J-G, and G-CGS-CGS-CGS-G, were fabricated by means of the hand lay-up method. In addition, different weight percentages (wt. %) of CGS fibers, 0 wt. %, 5 wt. %, 10 wt. %, 15 wt. %, 20 wt. %, and 25 wt. %, were incorporated in the glass-jute fiber reinforced epoxy resin. The various analytical characterization results confirm that the incorporation of CGS fibers in the glass-jute fiber reinforced epoxy resin enhances the dynamic properties of the glass-jute fiber reinforced epoxy-based laminates, such as storage modulus, loss modulus, and tanδ values. The morphology of the fractured specimens due to the damage mechanisms was observed using a scanning electron microscope. Further, it was observed that the highest improvement in dynamic properties was achieved for the G-J-CGS-J-G hybrid laminate with 20 wt. % incorporated CGS fibers. The maximum storage modulus was observed in the G-J-CGS-J-G laminate of 8.263 Pa, with a loss modulus of 7.345 Pa and tanδ of 0.433 for 20 wt. % of CGS fibers. From the overall results, it was concluded that the hybrid laminate with 20 wt. % incorporated CGS fibers could be used for high-performance automobile interior applications.

Author Information

Arun, K.
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College of Engineering, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Mala, D.
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College of Engineering, Panruti, Tamil Nadu, India
Gopalakannan, S.
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Puducherry, India
Prakash, C.
Department of Handloom and Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Govt. of India, Ministry of Textiles, Shantipur, Nadia, West Bengal, India
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