Journal Published Online: 01 June 2022
Volume 51, Issue 1

Effect of Different Doses of Vitamin C Supplementation on Health and Performance of Badminton Players Based on Machine Learning



The Olympic Games are one of the most watched events in the world. The International Badminton Federation (IBF) began preparations for the Olympics in 1970, but the IBF World Championships were not until June 5, 1985. The 1992 Barcelona Olympics finally established badminton as an official sport. Athletes win their own honors during the competition. Under the competition field, athletes also attach great importance to their health. Many elements are beneficial to the body and also to athletes. Vitamins are one of the most important elements for athletes as the basis for achieving high scores. This article aims to study the effect of different doses of vitamin C (Vit.C) supplementation on health aspects based on machine learning for improving the performance of badminton players. In order to explore the different effects of different doses of Vit.C on the performance of athletes, 12 badminton players are taken as the object to control the intake of Vit.C to detect the relevant indicators of athletes’ physical fitness and to research and analyze the experimental results. The results of the study prove that different doses of Vit.C supplementation can affect the performance of badminton players. Vit.C helps the immune system resist viral and bacterial infections by enhancing the body’s immune function and bacterial activity. Different Vit.C supplements have different effects on athletes’ performance. There is an important connection: too much or too little will lead to a higher than normal 15 % or lower than normal 5 %; the overall change is about 5–25 %. Based on the detection method of machine learning, this paper studies the healthcare detection method of Vit.C on the performance improvement of badminton players and finally found that the method of detecting Vit.C in badminton players based on machine learning is very effective and can significantly improve the performance of badminton players.

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Deng, Yudong
College of Physical Education, Beihua University, Jilin City, Jilin Province, China
Liu, Peihua
College of Physical Education, Beihua University, Jilin City, Jilin Province, China
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