Journal Published Online: 18 September 2018
Volume 48, Issue 2

Platoon Control Algorithm Evaluation: Metrics, Configurations, Perturbations, and Scenarios



Vehicles are being equipped with more and more smart devices, which help the driver in his tasks. Alongside the trend to more and more autonomous vehicles emerges the possibility of making vehicles that move together as a platoon, which can be defined as a spatio-temporal organization of a set of vehicles based on a specific predetermined geometrical configuration. Basically, there are two main approaches for performing platoon control and these depend on the reference frame used (local or global). Even if the literature about platoon control is abundant, the most commonly used metrics are only tied to the stability of the platoon, that is, to the lateral and longitudinal distances between vehicles. However, these metrics are sufficient enough for a first evaluation of one algorithm; a deeper evaluation of a platoon control solution requires more well-defined metrics and perturbations that allow for the testing of algorithms with various parametrized conditions. The goal of this article is to present definitions of metrics, perturbations, spatial configurations, and scenarios that are aimed at helping scientists in the field to determine strong and precise evaluations of their platoon control algorithms. The work presented in this article stems directly from thinking performed during the institutional projects in which the authors have been involved and also takes inspiration from numerous articles on the subject and experiments made both in simulation and with real vehicles.

Author Information

Gechter, Franck
University Bourgogne Franche Comte, UTBM-LE2I UMR CNRS 6306, Belfort Cedex, France
Koukam, Abderrafiaa
University Bourgogne Franche Comte, Belfort Cedex, France
Debain, Christophe
Irstea, National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture, Aubière Cedex, France
Dafflon, Baudouin
University Lyon 1, Décision et Information pour les Systèmes de Production, Bron, Bron Cedex, France
El-Zaher, Madeleine
LINEACT, Laboratoire du CESI, Labège, France
Aufrère, Romuald
Institut Pascal, UMR6602, Aubière Cedex, France
Chapuis, Roland
Institut Pascal, UMR6602, Aubière Cedex, France
Derutin, Jean-Pierre
Institut Pascal, UMR6602, Aubière Cedex, France
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