Journal Published Online: 01 March 1973
Volume 1, Issue 2

Balanced Resonator for Infrasonic Measurements of Young's Modulus and Damping in Flexure



A device called the Balanced Resonator is described and analyzed. It is the flexural analog of the torsion pendulum, and is useful for measuring Young's modulus and the logarithmic decrement in materials in flexure. While the device can be built for operation below 0.1 Hz and above 1000 Hz, the model reported in this paper operates in the vicinity of 1.0 Hz. Its useful features include rapid and convenient operation, frequency below the relaxations in most materials, low equivalent strain rates, moderate size for use in environmental chambers, and specimen configuration identical to ASTM tensile test bars. Experiments to demonstrate the utility of the Balanced Resonator are presented.

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