Journal Published Online: 01 September 1979
Volume 7, Issue 5

A Rolling Bottle Device for Measuring the Flow of Liquids and Powders



The apparatus described in this paper is a simple and inexpensive device that allows the rapid measurement of a wide range of properties of both liquids and powders by measuring their flow. The flow is measured by observing the horizontal distance that a bottle, partially filled with a liquid or powder, requires to come to a stop on a runway after it has been allowed to roll down a shallow ramp. When liquids are tested, the apparatus has been found useful for measuring viscosity, temperature effects upon viscosity, and concentrations of dissolved or suspended additives. With powders it is sensitive to factors such as particle size and size distribution, surface area, particle roughness and shape, and surface moisture. It appears to have a wide-ranging applicability as both a research tool and as a test method in many disparate fields.

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Winslow, DN
School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind.
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