Journal Published Online: 01 July 1976
Volume 4, Issue 4

Comparisons of Determinations of Wool Fiber Diameter by Two Airflow Methods



Sixty scoured wool core samples were measured for fiber diameter by three different methods. Mean diameters of the samples were determined by the projection microscope method and used to place each sample in one of six classes. The interval of each class was 2.5 μm; diameters ranged from 17.5 to 32.5 μm. The specimens, first uncarded and then carded, were next measured on the Port-Ar® and the Wool Industries Research Association Fibre Fineness Meter®. Carding of the samples prior to measurement was concluded to be unnecessary as no significant differences were found (P < 0.05) between results. This was true for both airflow methods.

Regression and correlation coefficients of one airflow method versus the other were significant (P < 0.01). Based on the regression analysis, it was concluded that a conversion from one airflow method to the other may be acceptable. Confidence limits at the 99% probability level for such conversions are not greater than ± 1 μm.

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Kirby, CK
, Grant County, Ore
Johnson, CL
University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo.
Larsen, SA
University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo.
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