Journal Published Online: 05 January 2005
Volume 50, Issue 2

The Applicability of Holography in Forensic Identification: A Fusion of the Traditional Optical Technique and Digital Technique



In this study, the applicability of holography in the 3-dimensional recording of forensic objects such as skulls and mandibulae, and the accuracy of the reconstructed 3-D images, were examined. The virtual holographic image, which records the 3-dimensional data of the original object, is visually observed on the other side of the holographic plate, and reproduces the 3-dimensional shape of the object well. Another type of holographic image, the real image, is focused on a frosted glass screen, and cross-sectional images of the object can be observed. When measuring the distances between anatomical reference points using an image-processing software, the average deviations in the holographic images as compared to the actual objects were less than 0.1 mm. Therefore, holography could be useful as a 3-dimensional recording method of forensic objects. Two superimposition systems using holographic images were examined. In the 2D-3D system, the transparent virtual holographic image of an object is directly superimposed onto the digitized photograph of the same object on the LCD monitor. On the other hand, in the video system, the holographic image captured by the CCD camera is superimposed onto the digitized photographic image using a personal computer. We found that the discrepancy between the outlines of the superimposed holographic and photographic dental images using the video system was smaller than that using the 2D-3D system. Holography seemed to perform comparably to the computer graphic system; however, a fusion with the digital technique would expand the utility of holography in superimposition.

Author Information

Biwasaka, H
Iwate Medical University School of Medicine, Morioka, Japan
Saigusa, K
Iwate Medical University School of Medicine, Morioka, Japan
Aoki, Y
Iwate Medical University School of Medicine, Morioka, Japan
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