Contract and Project Management

    The mission of ASTM's Contract and Project Management Services Department is to provide management support for grants, research projects and other related activities intended to enhance the quality and timeliness of ASTM products and services. Some of the services provided include:

    • grant and contract administration
    • technical project management, and
    • management support for external standards development or other related activity

    These services are focused on delivering results for ASTM in three functional areas:

    • technical research to support standards development or the creation of an ASTM product
    • support for draft document development (sometimes on an accelerated basis), and
    • identification of additional product and service opportunities.

    All activities are financially supported by the activity stakeholders and may result in the development of educational workshops, publications, research data to support ASTM standards development, or other related products.

    To discuss potential opportunities, request project proposal information, or learn more about existing activities and products, contact Tim Brooke.