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JTE20170715: Effect of Process Parameters on Tensile Strength of Sansevieria and Areca Husk Fiber Needle-Punched Nonwoven Fabrics - 01 September 2020

JTE20180238: Thermal Resistance of Air-Filled Mattresses: Measurement Repeatability and the Effect of Selected Test Parameters - 01 September 2020

JTE20170160: Manihot esculenta Peel Powder: Effective Adsorbent for Removal of Various Textile Dyes from Aqueous Solutions - 01 November 2018

ACEM20180027: Physical and Thermal Characterization of Chicken Feather Fiber and Crumb Rubber Reformed Epoxy Resin Hybrid Composite - 28 September 2018

JTE20170156: Retraction - 01 September 2018

JTE20170073: Validation of a Clothing Heat Transfer Model in Nonisothermal Test Conditions - 01 January 2018

ACEM20160076: A Review of Physio-Biochemical Properties of Natural Fibers and Their Application in Soil Reinforcement - 19 September 2017

JTE20150421: Online Detection of Strand Breakage for Sirospun Yarn - 01 September 2017

JTE20150491: Effect of Clothing Layers on Mass Transfer of Methyl Salicylate Vapor Through CBRN Materials in a Cylinder Test - 01 July 2017

JTE20150521: Modeling and Prediction of the Air Permeability of Fabrics Based on the Support Vector Machine - 01 July 2017

JTE20140508: An Innovative Approach to Evaluate the Performance of Sludge-Incorporated Fly Ash Bricks - 01 November 2016

JTE20140165: Investigation of Thermal Comfort Properties of Jeggings Manufactured by the Use of Knitted Denim-Like Fabrics - 01 January 2016

JTE20150104: Mixing Mechanism and Evaluation of the Dispersion Effect of a 3D Dynamic Mixer - 01 January 2016

JTE20140249: Effect of Hardness and Surface Roughness on Slip Resistance of Rubber - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140145: Geogrid and Soil Displacement Observations During Pullout Using a Transparent Granular Soil - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140181: Composite Properties from Instrumented Load Tests on Mini-Piers Reinforced With Geotextiles - 01 July 2015

JTE20130206: Automatic Measurement of Fabric Crease Recovery by Image Sequence Analysis - 01 May 2015

JTE20130227: Measurement of High Rotating Speed of Ring Spinning Frame - 01 January 2015

GTJ20120132: Effect of Fabric and Weathering Intensity on Dynamic Properties of Residual and Saprolitic Soils via Resonant Column Testing - 01 September 2014

GTJ20120206: Performance Assessment of Geosynthetics and Cement as Subgrade Stabilization Measures - 01 May 2014

JTE20130062: Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature on Adsorbent Properties of Carbon From Leather Buffing Dust and Sawdust - 01 May 2014

JTE20130045: Automatic Measurement of Yarn Crimp Using Image Analysis - 01 March 2014

GTJ20120103: Modified Cyclic Shear Test for Evaluating Disturbance Function and Numerical Formulation of Geosynthetic–Soil Interface Considering Chemical Effect - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120133: Use of Perforated Base Pedestal to Simulate the Gravel Subbase in Evaluating the Internal Erosion of Geosynthetic Clay Liners - 01 May 2013

JTE20120036: Apparatus for Geosynthetic Interface Testing and Evaluation Under Elevated Temperature Conditions - 01 March 2013

JTE20120171: The Effects of Accelerated Heat and Light Aging on Textiles Marked with Fabric Marking Pens - 01 January 2013

GTJ104635: Index Puncture Resistance of Geomembranes Using Various Protection Geosynthetics - 01 September 2012

JAI104098: Apparatus for Use in Evaluating Protection from Low Pressure Hot Water Jets - 01 April 2012

JAI104211: Interlaboratory Study of ASTM F2731, Standard Test Method for Measuring the Transmitted and Stored Energy of Firefighter Protective Clothing Systems - 01 March 2012

GTJ103317: On The Shear Behavior of Ballast-Geosynthetic Interfaces - 01 March 2012

GTJ103546: Time-Lapse Monitoring of Fabric Changes in Granular Materials by Coda Wave Interferometry - 01 March 2012

GTJ103551: Instrumented large scale subsurface liquid injection model for bioreactor landfills - 01 January 2012

GTJ103584: Soil Fabric and Soil Water Retention Curve of a Compacted Silt-Bentonites - 01 January 2012

GTJ103285: An Evaluation of Real-Time Deformation Monitoring Using Motion Capture Instrumentation and Its Application in Monitoring Railway Foundations - 01 November 2011

GTJ103349: Enhanced Measurement of Geosynthetic Interface Shear Strength Using a Modified Inclined Plane Device - 01 November 2011

JTE103132: Evaluation of Tensile Strength of Woven Carbon/Epoxy Composite Laminates at Cryogenic Temperatures Using the Open Hole Specimens - 01 July 2011

GTJ103000: Measurement of Gas Permeability in Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Transient Flow Mode - 01 January 2011

GTJ102315: Reduction of Earth Pressure on Buried Pipes by EPS Geofoam Inclusions - 01 July 2010

GTJ102609: Effect of Permeant Water on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Exhumed GCLs - 01 May 2010

GTJ102686: Performance Tests for the Selection of Fabrics and Additives When Used as Geotextile Bags, Containers, and Tubes - 01 May 2010

JTE102361: A Quantitative Fabric Drape Evaluation System Using Image-Processing Technology, Part 2: Effect of Fabric Properties on Drape Parameters - 01 May 2010

GTJ102491: A Geosynthetic Modular Block Connection Creep Test Apparatus, Methodology, and Interpretation - 01 March 2010

JAI102287: Advanced Crew Escape Suits (ACES) Particle Impact Test - 01 November 2009

GTJ102460: Evaluation of Soil-Geogrid Pullout Models Using a Statistical Approach - 01 November 2009

GTJ101593: Vertical Pullout Test for Measurement of Soil-Geomembrane Interface Friction Parameters - 01 July 2009

JAI101898: Preliminary Evaluation of Selected Hockey Equipment Tested according to EN TS15256: Protective Clothing—Hand, Arm, Leg, Genital, and Neck Protectors for Use in Ice Hockey—Protectors for Players Other than Goalkeepers—Requirements and Test Methods - 01 May 2009

GTJ101719: Standardization of Test Procedure for Tension Test on Coir Yarns and Woven Coir Geotextiles - 01 May 2009

GTJ101450: Residual Fluid as a Source of Error in Bubble Point Testing - 01 March 2009

GTJ102013: A Simple Method for Estimating Poisson’s Ratio of Geosynthetics at Zero Strain - 01 March 2009

GTJ101219: Shear Load Tests on Stone Columns With and Without Geosynthetic Encasement - 01 January 2009

GTJ100761: An Apparatus for Direct Shear, Pullout, and Uniaxial Testing of Geogrids - 01 November 2008

JAI101750: Comparison of Parallel and Serial Methods for Determining Clothing Insulation - 01 October 2008

JTE101461: Evaluation of Finishing Processes for Linen Fabrics Using the Kawabata Evaluation System - 01 July 2008

GTJ100954: A Column Apparatus for Investigation of 1-D Unsaturated-Saturated Response of Sand-Geotextile Systems - 01 November 2007

GTJ100927: Uplift Behavior of Horizontal Anchor Plates Buried in Geosynthetic Reinforced Slopes - 00 September 2007

JTE100707: Assessment of Clothing Effects in Thermal Comfort Standards: A Review - 00 September 2007

JTE100784: The Development of ASTM D 4772: The Water Flow Test Method - 00 September 2007

GTJ12639: Triaxial Compression of Clay Reinforced with Sand-Coir Fiber Core - 00 July 2007

GTJ100663: Comparative Evaluation of Geotextile Pore Sizes Using Bubble Point Test and Image Analysis - 01 May 2007

JAI100271: Effect of Penetrator Size on Dynamic Failure Response of Woven Graphite Epoxy Composites around the Critical Perforation Energy - 00 April 2007

JAI100824: Sizing for the Clothing Industry Using Principal Component Analysis—An Australian Example - 00 March 2007

GTJ100308: Bubblepoint Testing of Geotextiles: Apparatus and Operation - 01 January 2007

GTJ100439: Investigations on Sand Reinforced with Different Geosynthetics - 01 November 2006

JTE14087: Effects of Laundering on Environmentally-Improved and Classic Denim Fabrics - 01 May 2006

JAI13574: The Oxygen Index of Surgical Drape Materials - 01 April 2006

JAI12087: Cut Performance Fundamentals and Norms Harmonization - 01 September 2005

JAI12104: Development of Electronic Textiles to Transport Data and Power in Future U.S. Military Protective Clothing Systems - 01 July 2005

JAI12114: Evaluating Thermal Protective Performance Testing - 01 May 2005

JAI12148: Progress in the Characterization of the Cutting Resistance of Protective Materials - 01 May 2005

GTJ11856: Dynamic Properties of Geosynthetic Interfaces - 01 May 2005

JAI12099: Improvements in the Measurement of Cut Protection Performance: Revisions to ASTM F 1790 - 01 April 2005

JAI12109: Revised Interlaboratory Study of Sweating Thermal Manikins Including Results from the Sweating Agile Thermal Manikin - 01 April 2005

JAI12147: A Study on the Puncture Resistance of Rubber Materials Used in Protective Clothing - 01 April 2005

JAI12103: Evaluating the Physiological Performance of a Liquid Cooling Garment Used to Control Heat Stress in Hazmat Protective Ensembles - 01 February 2005

JAI12105: Development of a Prototype Personal Cooling System for First Responders: User Feedback - 01 February 2005

JAI12117: Comparison of Methods Used to Predict the Burn Injuries in Tests of Thermal Protective Fabrics - 01 February 2005

JAI12118: Novel Approach to Soldier Flame Protection - 01 February 2005

JAI12100: Development of a Cooling Capability Test Method for Liquid-Cooled Textile System - 01 January 2005

JAI12115: Effects of Thermal Properties on Skin Burn Predictions in Longer Duration Protective Clothing Tests - 01 January 2005

GTJ12580: Filtration Performance of Two-Layer Geotextile Systems - 01 January 2005

JAI12143: Heat Transfer Characteristics of Sports Apparel - 01 November 2004

JAI12098: An Explanation and Comparison of Sweating Hot Plate Standards - 01 July 2004

JAI12116: Effects of Simulated Flash Fire and Variations in Skin Model on Manikin Fire Test - 01 July 2004

JAI12133: Evaluation of Three Chemical Protective Clothing Materials for Selected Performance Properties - 01 July 2004

JAI12119: Development of Non-Destructive Test Methods for Assessing Effects of Thermal Exposures on Fire Fighters' Turnout Gear - 01 June 2004

GTJ11449: Characterization of a Fiberglass Geotextile for Unsaturated In-Plane Water Transport - 01 March 2004

JTE11852: Development of an Innovative Computer-Controlled Water Deairing System for Hydraulic Testing of Geosynthetics - 01 March 2004

JAI11731: A Simple Compatibility Testing Protocol for Bentonite-Based Barrier Systems - 01 February 2004

JAI11740: Investigation of the Behavior of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Subjected to Thermal Gradients in Basal Liner Applications - 01 February 2004

JAI11741: Effect of Freeze-Thaw on the Permeation of Arctic Diesel Through a GCL - 01 February 2004

GTJ11264J: Evaluation of Woven Geotextile Pore Structure Parameters Using Image Analysis - 01 January 2004

GTJ11265J: Tensile Test Method Effect on the Tensile Strength of Flexible PET Geogrids - 01 January 2004

CTR11001J: Mechanical Behavior of a Woven Graphite/PMR-15 Composite at Room and Elevated Temperatures Determined from the ±45° Tensile and Iosipescu Shear Tests - 01 January 2003

CTR11002J: An Efficient Analysis for the Debonding of Stitched Skin-Stiffened Structures - 01 January 2003

CTR11005J: Tensile Stiffness and Strength of Regular Braid Composites: Correlation of Theory with Experiments - 01 January 2003

GTJ11294J: A Modified Soil-Geosynthetic Interactive Performance Test for Evaluating Deformation Behavior of GRS Structures - 01 December 2002

GTJ11299J: Clogging Phenomena of the Residual Soil-Geotextile Filter System - 01 December 2002

CTR10930J: End-Notched Flexure Testing and Analysis of Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Behavior of Glass-Cloth/Epoxy Laminates at Cryogenic Temperatures - 01 December 2002

JTE12315J: Instrumental Method to Evaluate Leather Compressive Properties - 01 May 2002

JTE12292J: Using X-ray Computerized Tomography for Characterization of Defects in Cartridge Filters - 01 January 2002

CTR10892J: Comparison of the ±45° Tensile and Iosipescu Shear Tests for Woven Fabric Composite Materials - 01 January 2002

CTR10894J: A Design Procedure for Textile Composite Materials - 01 January 2002

CTR10996J: Low Degree of Homogeneity Due to Phase Shifts for Woven Composites - 01 October 2001

CTR10999J: Adaptation of the Iosipescu In-plane Shear Test Method for High Strength Textile Composites - 01 October 2001

CTR10555J: Failure Analysis of ±45° Off-Axis Woven Fabric Composite Specimens - 01 July 2001

CTR10556J: Effect of Twisting on Tensile Failure of Impregnated Yarns with Broken Filaments - 01 July 2001

GTJ11336J: Transmissivity of a Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextile Under Suction - 01 June 2001

CTR10918J: Matrix Properties of Textile Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites Measured by Nanoindentation - 01 April 2001

JTE12238J: Test Method Using Energy to Evaluate the Cut Resistance of Protective Clothing Against Chain Saws - 01 March 2001

CTR10541J: A Simple Discrete-Tow Model for Analysis of Textile Composites - 01 October 2000

GTJ11045J: Apparatus and Procedures for Assessing Inorganic Diffusion Coefficients for Geosynthetic Clay Liners - 01 June 2000

CTR10627J: A Two Dimensional Rule-of-Mixtures Micromechanics Model for Woven Fabric Composites - 01 April 2000

GTJ11239J: Hydraulic Conductivity Testing of Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) Using the Constant Volume Method - 01 December 1999

GTJ11240J: Shear Strength Characterization of Geosynthetic Interfaces on Inclined Planes - 01 December 1999

JTE12225J: Development and Evaluation of a Biaxial Tensile Tester for Fabrics - 01 July 1999

CTR10616J: Behavior of 3-D Orthogonally Woven Composites Under Tensile Loading - 01 July 1999

GTJ11314J: Changes in Interface Stresses During Pullout Tests on Geogrid Strip Reinforcement - 01 March 1999

CTR10610J: Comparison of Static Properties of 2-D and 3-D Woven Fabric Reinforced Composites - 01 January 1999

JTE12029J: Durability of Geosynthetics Based on Accelerated Thermo-Oxidation Testing - 01 September 1998

GTJ10420J: Measurement of the Contact Angle of Water on Geotextile Fibers - 01 March 1998

GTJ10423J: Development of an Accelerated Creep Testing Procedure for Geosynthetics, Part II: Analysis - 01 March 1998

GTJ10408J: Development of an Accelerated Creep Testing Procedure for Geosynthetics—Part I: Testing - 01 December 1997

JTE11360J: Effects of Laundering and Exposure to Light on Environmentally-Improved Fabrics - 01 September 1997

JTE11878J: A Test Method to Determine the Relative Humidity Dependence of the Air Permeability of Woven Textile Fabrics - 01 July 1997

GTJ10740J: The Effect of In-Plane Tensile Loads on the Retention Characteristics of Geotextiles - 01 June 1997

JTE11344J: Evaluation of the Fibrillation Behavior of Oriented Polymer Tapes Using a Tensile Test Method - 01 May 1997

JTE11476J: Effects of Surface Geometry on Fabric Friction - 01 March 1997

JTE11330J: The Relationship Between Porosity and Air Permeability of Woven Textile Fabrics - 01 January 1997

JTE11331J: International Symposium on Slip Resistance: The Interface of Man, Footwear, and Walking Surfaces - 01 January 1997

JTE11335J: The Effect of Footwear Midsole Hardness and Thickness on Proprioception and Stability in Older Men - 01 January 1997

GTJ10720J: Cylindrical Expansion Test for Tensile Properties of Geotextiles - 01 December 1996

JTE11455J: International Symposium on Slip Resistance: The Interface of Man, Footwear, and Walking Surfaces - 01 November 1996

JTE11458J: Required Coefficient of Friction Versus Walking Speed: Potential Influences of Footwear and Walkway Surfaces - 01 November 1996

JTE11459J: Surface Roughness of Footwear Soling Materials: Relevance to Slip Resistance - 01 November 1996

JTE11460J: Slip Resistance Characteristics of Footwear Solings Assessed Using the SATRA Friction Tester - 01 November 1996

JTE11462J: Color Change as a Predictor of Strength Loss in PFD Cover Fabrics - 01 November 1996

JTE11444J: Objective Assessment of Fabric Handle in Fabrics Treated with Flame Retardants - 01 July 1996

GTJ11409J: Laboratory Testing Apparatus for Slopes Stabilized by Anchored Geosynthetics - 01 March 1996

JTE11285J: Prediction of Single-Layer Fabric Air Permeability by Statistical Modeling - 01 January 1996

CTR10460J: Surface Inspection of Textile Composite Materials Using Image Analysis Techniques - 01 January 1996

CTR10464J: Strength and Damage Mechanisms of Notched Two-Dimensional Triaxial Braided Textile Composites and Tape Equivalents Under Tension - 01 January 1996

CTR10448J: Properties and Analysis of Composites Reinforced with E-Glass Weft-Knitted Fabrics - 01 October 1995

GTJ11003J: The Role of Jute Geotextile/Slurry Interface Friction on the Bearing Capacity of Clay Slurry - 01 September 1995

CTR10483J: Shear Testing of Textile Composite Materials - 01 July 1995

CTR10485J: Compressive Failure of Laminated and Woven Composites - 01 July 1995

GTJ10125J: Application of the Bubble Point Method to the Characterization of the Pore-Size Distribution of Geotextiles - 01 March 1995

JTE10399J: Effects of Finishing Treatments on Fabric Friction - 01 January 1995

CTR10514J: Thermal Conductivity of Textile Composites with Arbitrary Preform Structures - 01 January 1995

JTE11865J: Comparison of Selected Properties of Barrier Textile Materials Used in Durable, Moisture Repellent Protective Clothing - 01 November 1994

CTR10589J: Classical Laminate Theory Models for Woven Fabric Composites - 01 October 1994

JTE12665J: Comparative Studies of Yarn and Fabric Friction - 01 September 1994

JTE11850J: Objective Evaluation of Surface Characteristics to Determine Smoothness of Pile Fabrics - 01 July 1994

CTR10415J: Effect of Notch on Failure of Two-Dimensional ±45° Triaxial Braided Textile Composite Materials - 01 July 1994

GTJ10067J: In-Plane Flow of Four Geosynthetics for Landfill Drainage - 01 March 1994

CTR10392J: A Self-Consistent Fabric Geometry Model: Modification and Application of a Fabric Geometry Model to Predict the Elastic Properties of Textile Composites - 01 January 1994

JTE11958J: Compressibility Analysis of Wet Abraded Woven Fabrics - 01 July 1993

JTE11960J: Book Review - 01 July 1993

GTJ10037J: In-Plane Air Flow Through Needle-Punched, Nonwoven Geotextiles Under Normal Loading - 01 June 1993

JTE11772J: Effects of Wash Temperature on Bacterial Survival and Strength Retention of Cotton Fabrics - 01 May 1993

GTJ10268J: Filtration Opening Size of Geotextiles by Hydrodynamic Sieving - 01 March 1993

JTE11746J: The Effect of Wet Abrasive Wear on the Tensile Properties of Cotton and Polyester-Cotton Fabrics - 01 January 1993

GTJ10256J: A Thickness Equation for Nonwoven, Needle-Punched Geotextiles under Normal Loading - 01 December 1992

GTJ10019J: Long-Term Filtration Behaviour of Soil-Geotextile System - 01 September 1992

JTE11912J: Accelerated Weathering of Marine Fabrics - 01 March 1992

GTJ10207J: Effects of Back Pressure on Geotextile Transmissivity Tests - 01 December 1991

GTJ10573J: Laboratory Properties of a Soft Marine Clay Reinforced with Woven and Nonwoven Geotextiles - 01 September 1991

JTE12592J: An Assessment of the Effects of Treatment, Time, and Heat on the Removal of Erasable Pen Marks from Cotton and Cotton/Polyester Blend Fabrics - 01 September 1991

GTJ10557J: Measuring Inherent Load-Extension Properties of Geotextiles for Design of Reinforced Structures - 01 June 1991

JTE12509J: Changes in Cotton Fabric Bending Properties As a Result of Laboratory Wear - 01 November 1990

GTJ10983J: Pore Size Distribution of Nonwoven Geotextiles - 01 December 1989

GTJ10002J: CBR Strength (Puncture) of Geosynthetics - 01 September 1988

JTE11083J: Introduction to Symposium on the Fitting of Footwear - 01 July 1988

JTE11084J: The Futile Search for the Perfect Shoe Fit - 01 July 1988

JTE11085J: Fitting a Population of Feet - 01 July 1988

JTE11086J: Foot Measurement Strategies for Fitting Athletes - 01 July 1988

JTE11087J: Sensory Attenuation Induced by Modern Athletic Footwear - 01 July 1988

JTE11088J: Custom Footwear: The Role of Computer-Aided Engineering - 01 July 1988

JTE11089J: A 1986–1987 Study of Consumer Problems in Shopping for Footwear, with Emphasis on Size and Fit - 01 July 1988

GTJ10963J: Effect of Dissolved Oxygen (and Bubbles) on the Measured Permittivity of Geotextiles - 01 June 1988

JTE10339J: Effect of Fiber Loss by Carding on Average Fiber Diameter of Core Samples of Grease Wool - 01 September 1986

GTJ10537J: ASTM Geotextile Committee Testing Update - 01 December 1985

GTJ10526J: Geotextile Filters for a Large Liquefaction Tank - 01 September 1985

GTJ10922J: The In-Plane Permeability of Geotextiles - 01 December 1983

GTJ10923J: In-Plane Hydraulic Properties of Geotextiles - 01 December 1983

GTJ10842J: Burst Tester for Geotextile Bidirectional Strength - 01 September 1983

GTJ10829J: Equivalent Opening Size of Geotextiles - 01 June 1983

GTJ10804J: Some Observations on the Laboratory Measurement of Soil-Geotextile Bond - 01 September 1982

JTE10230J: A Rapid Technique for Estimating Fiber Lengths of Mineral Wools and Other Staples - 01 March 1982

GTJ10784J: Experiments in Geotechnical Fabric-Reinforced Soil Behavior - 01 December 1981

GTJ10771J: Determination of Permeability Coefficients for Geotextiles - 01 June 1981

JTE10640J: The Influence of Some Variables on Extraction Results of Wool Top - 01 January 1981

JTE11385J: Truncated Sequential Sampling Plan for Use in Determining the Grade of Wool - 01 July 1979

GTJ10432J: A Hydraulic Tensile Test with Zero Transverse Strain for Geotechnical Fabrics - 01 June 1979

GTJ10394J: Testing of Geotechnical Fabric for Use as Reinforcement - 01 December 1978

GTJ10387J: Equivalence of Air and Water Permeability Tests in Evaluating Engineering Fabrics - 01 September 1978

JTE10950J: Comparison of Cotton Fiber Fineness and Maturity on Air-Flow Instruments - 01 July 1978

JTE10551J: Preparation of Isotropically Consolidated Clay Samples with Random Fabrics - 01 September 1977

JTE10213J: Comparisons of Determinations of Wool Fiber Diameter by Two Airflow Methods - 01 July 1976

JTE10156J: Interlaboratory Test for Wool Fineness Using the PiMc Particle Measurement Computer System - 01 May 1975