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JTE20160467: Evaluation of Several Sampling Procedures for Spatial Analysis of Natural Turfgrass Sports Field Properties - 01 March 2018

JTE20150298: Evaluation in the Sit-and-Reach Flexibility Test - 01 March 2017

JTE20140345: Evaluating Airbag Safety Vests for Equestrian Sports - 01 November 2016

JTE20160012: Evaluating Travel Risks From the Freelancer Perspective - 01 September 2016

JTE20140423: Exploring Relationships in Surface-Hardness Data Collected With Different Instruments - 01 March 2016

JTE20130235: Evaluation of Sports Center Performance Using a Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model - 01 November 2015

JTE20130122: Performance of Certified Climbing Helmets During Simulated Climbing Falls - 01 September 2014

JTE20120103: A New Device for Simulating Athlete-to-Surface Interactions on Natural and Synthetic Turf - 01 May 2013

JTE104269: A Study of Process Quality Assessment for Golf Club-Shaft in Leisure Sport Industries - 01 May 2012

JAI103978: The Influence of Headform Circumference and Mass on Alpine Ski Helmet Performance in Laboratory Tests - 01 April 2012

JAI104204: Testing Damping Performance and Bending Stiffness of Snowboarding Wrist Protectors - 01 April 2012

JAI104209: A Model to Estimate Separator Forces during Ball Speed Variations - 01 April 2012

JAI104270: Comparison between Hybrid III Headforms by Linear and Angular Dynamic Impact Response Characteristics - 01 April 2012

JAI104490: Easiest Routes and Slow Zones: How Fast Do I Go?: Speeds and Distances of Recreational and Expert Snowsport Participants - 01 April 2012

JAI104496: Alpine Skiing, Telemarking, Snowboarding, and Skiboarding Injuries Related to Gender and Ability - 01 April 2012

JTE102812: A Pilot Study on Thermal and Moisture Mapping of the Head-Helmet System Using Micro-Sensor Technology - 01 May 2011

JTE103215: Effects of Surface Conditions on Baseball Playing Surface Pace - 01 May 2011

JAI102811: Helmet Use and Self-Reported Risk Taking in Skiing and Snowboarding - 01 January 2011

JAI102818: Hydration Packs Modify Professional Skiers Hydration Levels in All Day Skiing: A Randomized Controlled Trial - 01 November 2010

JAI102821: Evaluating the Performance of Helmet Linings Incorporating Fluid Channels - 01 November 2010

JAI102826: Polarizing Filters in Ski Sports - 01 November 2010

JAI102885: Jumper Kinematics on Terrain Park Jumps: Relationship between Takeoff Speed and Distance Traveled - 01 November 2010

JAI102824: Emergency Release for Winter Sports Equipment - 01 October 2010

JAI102827: Reaction Forces and Moments in Carved Turns - 01 October 2010

JAI102829: Reaction Times of Skiers and Snowboarders - 01 October 2010

JAI103139: Temperature Effects on Triaxial Shear Strength of Granular Composite Sport Surfaces - 01 October 2010

JAI102823: Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries in the Czech Republic in Winter Seasons 2003–2008 - 01 September 2010

JAI102831: Relative Motion of ACL Insertion Points In Vivo: A Case Study, Including Skiing Maneuvers - 01 September 2010

JAI102815: Gender-Specific Effects of Smoking and Alcohol Consumption on the Risk of Falling in Downhill Skiers - 01 July 2010

JAI102814: Analyzing the Riding Behavior of Recreational Skiers and Snowboarders - 01 June 2010

JAI102978: Retention Requirements for Alpine Ski Bindings - 01 June 2010

JAI102817: Skiing and Boarding Injuries on Norwegian Slopes during Two Winter Seasons - 01 April 2010

JAI102875: Aging Trends in Alpine Skiing - 01 April 2010

JAI102747: Are ACL Injuries Related to Perceived Fatigue in Female Skiers? - 01 March 2010

JAI101908: An Analysis of Head Impact Profiles and Safe Hockey Behaviors in Youth Hockey Players - 01 November 2009

JAI101864: Measuring Athlete Exposure and Body Contact Using Time-on-Task Technology in Ice Hockey - 01 September 2009

JAI101859: Experimental Characterization of Ice Hockey Pucks and Sticks - 01 July 2009

JAI101848: In situ Measures of Head Impact Acceleration in NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey: Implications for ASTM F1045 and Other Ice Hockey Helmet Standards - 01 June 2009

JAI101878: Relationships among Risk Factors for Concussion in Minor Ice Hockey - 01 June 2009

JAI101898: Preliminary Evaluation of Selected Hockey Equipment Tested according to EN TS15256: Protective Clothing—Hand, Arm, Leg, Genital, and Neck Protectors for Use in Ice Hockey—Protectors for Players Other than Goalkeepers—Requirements and Test Methods - 01 May 2009

JAI101857: Hockey Education Program (HEP): A Statewide Measure of Fair Play, Skill Development, and Coaching Excellence - 01 April 2009

JAI101863: Analysis of the Impact Performance of Ice Hockey Helmets Using Two Different Test Methodologies - 01 April 2009

JAI101883: Impact Attenuation Characteristics of Thin Walled Collapsible Air Chambers for Use in Protective Helmets - 01 April 2009

JAI101851: Concussion in Youth Hockey: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Management across Observation Strategies - 01 March 2009

JAI101862: A Prospective Study of Injuries in NCAA Intercollegiate Ice-Hockey Goaltenders - 01 March 2009

JAI101913: Ice Hockey Facility Safety: Litigated Case Studies Involving Ice Hockey Injuries - 01 March 2009

JAI101850: When Metal Meets Ice: Potential for Performance or Injury - 01 February 2009

JAI101890: Translational and Rotational Accelerations Generated During Reconstructed Ice Hockey Impacts on a Hybrid III Head Form - 01 February 2009

JAI101378: Potential Risk Factors for Knee Injuries in Alpine Skiers - 01 January 2009

JAI101625: Ski Bindings and Lower Leg Injuries, A Case Control Study in Flaine, 2006 - 01 January 2009

JAI101630: Safer Ski Jump Landing Surface Design Limits Normal Impact Velocity - 01 January 2009

JAI101877: A Comparison of Peak Linear and Angular Headform Accelerations Using Ice Hockey Helmets - 01 January 2009

JAI101884: Development of a new methodology capable of characterizing the contribution of a controlled venting system to impact attenuation in chamber structures for head protection - 01 January 2009

JAI101376: Does Laterality Exist in ACL Injury Prevalence in Alpine Skiers? - 01 November 2008

JAI101504: Do Helmets Reduce Fatalities or Merely Alter the Patterns of Death? - 01 November 2008

JAI101778: A Synthesis of the World Literature of Ice Hockey Injuries: Epidemiologic Principles and Future Directions - 01 November 2008

JAI101856: Warnings and Instructions: One of Three Legs on Ice Hockey’s Safety Stool - 01 November 2008

JAI102046: Update on Injury Trends in Alpine Skiing - 01 November 2008

JAI101372: The Importance of an Objective Assessment to Identify Functional Constraints of Young Skier Athletes - 01 September 2008

JAI101381: Safety in Big Jumps: Relationship Between Landing Shape and Impact Energy Determined by Computer Simulation - 01 September 2008

JAI101387: Computer Simulation of Consecutive Ski Turns - 01 September 2008

JAI101870: A Longitudinal Study of Ice Hockey Helmet Shelf Life - 01 September 2008

JAI101503: Review of Research Literature on Snowboarding Injuries as Might Relate to an Adjustable/Releasable Snowboard Binding - 01 July 2008

JAI101379: Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries in Greece: A Two-Year Case-Control Study - 01 June 2008

JAI101406: Head Kinematics During Experimental Snowboard Falls: Implications for Snow Helmet Standards - 01 June 2008

JAI101453: Injuries in Norwegian Ski Resorts the Winter Seasons of 2005 and 2006 - 01 June 2008

JAI101551: Tabletop Jumping: Engineering Analysis of Trajectory and Landing Impact - 01 June 2008

JAI101620: Injury Trends in Norwegian Ski Resorts in the 10 Year Period 1996–2006 - 01 June 2008

JAI101371: Correlative Study into Injury Epidemiology, Use of Protective Equipment and Risk Taking Among Adolescent Participants in Alpine Snow Sports - 01 May 2008

JAI101380: A Novel Anti-Slip Pad for Improving Steering when Exiting a Ski Lift on a Snowboard - 01 May 2008

JAI101401: Evaluation of Falls Occurring While Exiting from an Eight-Seat Chairlift - 01 May 2008

JAI101400: Pediatric Head and Neck Injuries in Snow Sports: Evaluating the Influence of Helmets - 01 April 2008

JAI101405: An Evaluation of Perceptual Experience of Skiers Using Quantitative Image Processing - 01 April 2008

JAI101417: Effect of Age and Experience on Lower Leg Fractures in Alpine Sports - 01 April 2008

JAI101433: Behaviors and Attitudes Towards Snowsport Safety in Australia - 01 April 2008

JTE100762: An Apparatus to Evaluate the Pace of Baseball Field Playing Surfaces - 01 November 2007

JAI100411: Injuries in Norwegian Ski Resorts 2002 – 2004 - 01 September 2006

JAI14194: Experimental Measurement of Selected Snowboard Mechanical Properties - 01 September 2006

JAI100408: Functional and Release Characteristics of Alpine Ski Equipment - 01 July 2006

JAI14200: Lisfranc Ligament Injuries in Windsurfers - 01 July 2006

JAI13893: On Piste Fatalities in Recreational Snow Sports in the U.S - 01 May 2006

JAI14198: Sports Activity after Total Knee Arthroplasty - 01 May 2006

JAI14201: Observational Study on Fall Trends in Snowboarders - 01 May 2006

JAI14203: Head Injury in Snowboarding: Evaluating the Protective Role of Helmets - 01 April 2006

JAI14199: Arthroscopic Treatment of the First Anterior Shoulder Dislocation in Young Skiers - 01 March 2006

JAI14138: Reduce the Injuries, Change the Culture: Insights from Telemarking - 01 February 2006

JAI11970: An Attempt to Predict a Risk of Some of the Knee Region Ski Injuries by Means of Computer Simulations - 01 October 2005

JAI12093: Methods for Improving the Efficiency of Alpine Ski Equipment Rental Operations - 01 October 2005

JAI12092: How Fast Do Winter Sports Participants Travel on Alpine Slopes? - 01 July 2005

JAI12095: Using Signal Detection Theory as a Model to Evaluate Release/Retention Criteria in Alpine Skiing - 01 July 2005

JAI12526: Injury Rates and Injury Types in Alpine Skiing, Telemarking, and Snowboarding - 01 May 2005

JAI11969: Winter Sports in an Indoor Facility—Accident and Injury Trends - 01 February 2005

JAI11972: Contrast Enhancing Filters in Ski Sports - 01 January 2005

JAI12143: Heat Transfer Characteristics of Sports Apparel - 01 November 2004

JAI12081: Skiboard Injuries—A Three-Year Comparison with Alpine Skiing - 01 May 2004

JAI11291: Intimidation in Ice Hockey: An Exploratory Assessment - 01 February 2004

JAI11293: The Power of the Denominator: A Proposal for More Comprehensive Modeling of Risk Factors in Ice Hockey Injuries - 01 February 2004

JAI11302: Measuring the Effects of Initiating Body Checking at the Atom Age Level - 01 February 2004

JAI11305: Psychophysiologic Factors and Performance in Ice Hockey Goalies During Competition - 01 February 2004

JTE12421J: Mechanical Testing of Baseball Bats - 01 May 2003

JTE12408J: Methods for Fatigue Testing Off-Road Bicycle Handlebars Based on Assembly Effects Using Two Different Stem Designs - 01 March 2003

JTE12357J: A Comparison of Results on Helmet Impact Testing - 01 January 2003

JTE12090J: Injuries Due to Traditional and Soft-Core Centered Baseball Impacts: A Review - 01 May 2000

JTE11881J: Regression Analysis as an Aid in Making Oboe Reeds - 01 July 1997

JTE11329J: Development and Evaluation of a Method to Measure Traction on Turfgrass Surfaces - 01 January 1997

JTE12630J: Physiologic Challenges Induced by Participation in Ice Hockey—Implications for Training - 01 January 1994

JTE12570J: Procedure to Evaluate Openings in Children's Products for Head Entrapment Hazards - 01 July 1991