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STP159820160065: Load Spectrum Test and Fatigue Failure Study of High-Speed Train Carbody Anti-Yawing Seat - 01 April 2017

STP158920150045: A Modeling Approach for Quantifying Exposures from Emissions of Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation in Indoor Environments - 01 February 2017

STP158920150037: Investigating Sampling and Analytical Techniques to Understand Emission Characteristics from Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation and Data Needs - 01 February 2017

STP158920150047: VOC Analysis of Commercially Available Spray Foam Products - 01 February 2017

STP158920150044: Flame Retardant Emissions from Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation - 01 February 2017

STP159320160014: Advanced Layering System and Design for the Increased Thermal Protection of Wildland Fire Shelters - 01 September 2016

STP159320160021: A Comparison of Test Methods for Evaluating Textiles for Protection from Hot Water Splash - 01 September 2016

STP159320160006: Assessing Design and Materials for Flame-Resistant Garments - 01 September 2016

STP159320160013: Effects of Convective and Radiative Heat Sources on Thermal Response of Single- and Multiple-Layer Protective Fabrics in Benchtop Tests - 01 September 2016

STP159320160004: High-Intensity Thermal Testing of Protective Fabrics with a CO2 Laser - 01 September 2016

STP159320160012: Comparisons of Two Test Methods for Evaluating the Radiant Protective Performance of Wildland Firefighter Protective Clothing Materials - 01 September 2016

STP159320160023: Experimental Study of Heat Flux in Propane Flash Fires - 01 September 2016

STP159320160017: Synchronizing and Integrating Standards into Next Generation First Responder Personal Protective Equipment Development: An Implementation of the National Strategy for CBRNE Standards - 01 September 2016

STP159320160010: Considerations for Applying Man-in-Simulant Test Methodologies for the Evaluation of Fully Encapsulating Chemical Protective Ensembles - 01 September 2016

STP159320160018: Permeation of Active Ingredient in Pesticide Formulations Through Single-Use and Reusable Chemical-Resistant Gloves - 01 September 2016

STP159320160016: Development and Validation of an Alternative Chemical Permeation Test Cell - 01 September 2016

STP159320160022: Interlaboratory Variation for Permeation Test Standards and Considerations for Test Materials - 01 September 2016

STP159320160020: Theories from Evaluation: How Arc Flash Protective Fabrics Work to Protect in the Hazard - 01 September 2016

STP159320160026: Use of Thermal Mannequins for Evaluation of Heat Stress Imposed by Personal Protective Equipment - 01 September 2016

STP159320160009: Heat Strain in Chemical Protective Coveralls—Are Thermal Sweating Mannequin Tests More Informative than Sweating Hot Plate Tests? - 01 September 2016

STP159320160003: Alternative Methodologies for Determining the Impact of Clothing Ventilation in Structural Firefighter Turnout Suits - 01 September 2016

STP159320160049: Development of a Human Sensation-Relevant Method for Measuring Phase Change Materials - 01 September 2016

STP159320160001: Retraction - 01 September 2016

STP159320160087: Why Does the Structural Integrity of Flame-Resistant Protective Clothing Hang by a Thread? - 01 September 2016

STP159320160007: Back Protector Performance—Standard Methodologies Versus Realistic Testing - 01 September 2016

STP159320160002: A Heat Transfer Analysis and Alternative Method for Calibration of Copper Slug Calorimeters - 01 September 2016

STP159320160015: An Evaluation of the Effects of Bleach Products and Fabric Softener on Properties of a Common Flame-Resistant Cotton-Nylon Fabric - 01 September 2016

STP159320160005: Parametric Study of Fabric Characteristics' Effect on Vertical Flame Test Performance Using Numerical Modeling - 01 September 2016

STP15932016FM: - 01 September 2016

STP159620150087: An Improved Approach for Analyzing the Oxygen Compatibility of Solvents and Other Oxygen-Flammable Materials for Use in Oxygen Systems - 01 July 2016

STP159620150082: Factors Affecting NVR Contaminant Fire Risk - 01 July 2016

STP159620160027: Space Exploration and Fire Technology at Southwest Research Institute—Learning from the Past and Preparing for the Future - 01 July 2016

STP159620150068: Fatal Accident from an Oxygen Fire in an Indian Steel Plant in 2012: Unresolved Questions - 01 July 2016

STP159620150075: Auto Ignition Temperature Test Chamber Fire Investigation - 01 July 2016

STP159620150067: Investigation of a Fire in a Liquid Oxygen Bulk Delivery Tank - 01 July 2016

STP159620150073: Failure Analysis of a Liquid Oxygen Gate Valve Fire - 01 July 2016

STP159620150074: Stainless Steel Plug Valve Incident in High Pressure Oxygen: Delrin® Seat and Silicone-Based Lubricant - 01 July 2016

STP159620150069: Properties of ToughMet® 3 Copper-Nickel-Tin Alloy for Oxygen Enriched Atmosphere Applications - 01 July 2016

STP159620150065: Detailed Investigation of the Sequence of Mechanisms Participating in Metals Ignition in Oxygen Using Laser Heating and In Situ, Real-Time Diagnostics - 01 July 2016

STP159620150064: Comparison of Combustion Products of Bulk Aluminum Rods Burning in High Pressure Oxygen in Normal and Reduced Gravity - 01 July 2016

STP159620150079: Evaluation of Containment Boxes as a Fire Mitigation Method in Elevated Oxygen Conditions - 01 July 2016

STP159620150077: Statistical Considerations for Adiabatic Compression Testing - 01 July 2016

STP159620150070: Oxygen Endurance Testing of Oxygen Cylinder Valves - 01 July 2016

STP159620150063: Evaluation of a Near-Adiabatic Compression Process to Increase Fire Safety Within Oxygen Systems, Focusing on Non-Metals - 01 July 2016

STP159620150081: Oxygen Partial Pressure and Oxygen Concentration Flammability: Can They Be Correlated? - 01 July 2016

STP159620150080: Improved ASTM G72 Test Method for Ensuring Adequate Fuel-to-Oxidizer Ratios - 01 July 2016

STP159620150066: Autogenous Ignition Test Approach for Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO2) and Other Low-Pressure Oxygen Applications - 01 July 2016

STP15962016FM: - 01 July 2016

STP159420150052: Multi-AGV Systems in Shared Industrial Environments: Advanced Sensing and Control Techniques for Enhanced Safety and Improved Efficiency - 01 April 2016

STP159420150053: The Safety-to-Autonomy Curve: An Incremental Approach to Introducing Automation to the Workforce - 01 April 2016

STP1582-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: 20th Volume - 30 July 2015

STP158220140016: Speeds of Pediatric Snowsport Participants: Insights for Injury Prevention Strategies - 30 July 2015

STP158220140009: Translation of International Snow-Sports Equipment Standards into Injury-Prevention Practice - 30 July 2015

STP158220130158: Evaluation of Ski-Binding-Boot System Safety Using Torque Testing - 30 July 2015

STP158220140079: Role of Helmets in Mitigation of Head Injuries: Epidemiologic Study of Head Injuries to Skiers - 30 July 2015

STP158220140001: Jumping Features at Ski Resorts: Good Risk Management? - 30 July 2015

STP158220140008: Helmets: What do Snowsport Instructors and Guests Know and Expect? - 30 July 2015

STP158220140027: Impact Performance of Standard Tabletop and Constant Equivalent Fall Height Snow Park Jumps - 30 July 2015

STP158220140047: Terrain Park Jump Design: Would Limiting Equivalent Fall Height Reduce Spine Injuries? - 30 July 2015

STP1582-EB: - 30 December 2014

STP158220140028: Injury Trends in the Past 5 Years at a Skiing Area in Western Japan - 30 December 2014

STP158220140006: Skiing Injuries in Greece: A Six Years Case-Control Study (2007–2013) - 30 December 2014

STP158220140023: Axiomatic Design of Bindings and Plates to Protect the ACL in Alpine Skiing and Reduce the Likelihood of Inadvertent Release - 30 December 2014

STP158220140002: 2010/2011 NSAA 10-Year Interval Injury Study - 30 December 2014

STP157920130167: Laboratory (In Vitro) Test Method for Determining the Disposition of Chemicals in Contact with the Skin - 28 November 2014

STP1573-EB: Fire Resistant Fluids - 31 July 2014

STP157320130190: Polyalkylene Glycol Hydraulic Fluids, 20 Years of Fire Resistance - 31 July 2014

STP157320130177: Fire Resistant Fuel for Military Compression Ignition Engines - 31 July 2014

STP155220120113: The Analysis of a Helmeted Human Head Under Ballistic Impact Loads - 30 June 2014

STP155220120176: The Influence of Striker Cap Size on the Dynamic Response of a Hybrid III Headform - 30 June 2014

STP155220120150: The Effect of Shoulder Pad Design on Reducing Peak Resultant Linear and Rotational Acceleration in Shoulder-to-Head Impacts - 30 June 2014

STP155220120169: Evaluation of Dynamic Response and Brain Deformation Metrics for a Helmeted and Non-Helmeted Hybrid III Headform Using a Monorail Centric/Non-Centric Protocol - 30 June 2014

STP155220120207: Incidence Rate of Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnoses in the General Population: An Analysis of Emergency Department Visits in 2001 and 2010 - 30 June 2014

STP155220120159: For ASTM F-08: Protective Capacity of Ice Hockey Player Helmets against Puck Impacts - 30 June 2014

STP155220120175: The Influence of Impactor Mass on the Dynamic Response of the Hybrid III Headform and Brain Tissue Deformation - 30 June 2014

STP155220120156: Comparative Analysis for the Measurement of Head Accelerations in Ice Hockey Helmets Using Non-Accelerometer Based Systems - 30 June 2014

STP155220120108: The Effects of Player Anticipation and Involvement on Head Impact Biomechanics in College Football Body Collisions - 30 June 2014

STP155220120160: The Influence of Impact Angle on the Dynamic Response of a Hybrid III Headform and Brain Tissue Deformation - 30 June 2014

STP155220120145: Performance Criteria for a Child-Specific Helmet - 30 June 2014

STP155220120172: Development of an Advanced Football Helmet to Provide Increased Protection against Concussion - 30 June 2014

STP155220120153: Epidemiology of Ice Hockey Injury Research Using Reliable Exposure Time Software - 30 June 2014

STP155220120174: Helmet Shape and Size Considerations in Short Track Speed Skating Crash Pad Impacts - 30 June 2014

STP1553-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: 19th Volume - 01 November 2012

STP104509: The Effect of Impact Speed, Construction, and Layout of Different Ski Safety Barriers on Peak Decelerations and Penetration Values of a Solid Dummy During Full Scale Impacts - 01 November 2012

STP104503: The California Mountain Resort Safety Report: Survey Methodology and Scoring Criteria - 01 November 2012

STP20120055: Winter Sports Injuries in France over Two Decades - 01 November 2012

STP104496: Alpine Skiing, Telemarking, Snowboarding, and Skiboarding Injuries Related to Gender and Ability - 01 November 2012

STP104486: Cross-Country Skiing Injuries in the Czech Republic During the 2003–2010 Period - 01 November 2012

STP104525: Head and Neck Injury Potential With and Without Helmets During Head-First Impacts on Snow - 01 November 2012

STP104270: Comparison between Hybrid III Headforms by Linear and Angular Dynamic Impact Response Characteristics - 01 November 2012

STP103978: The Influence of Headform Circumference and Mass on Alpine Ski Helmet Performance in Laboratory Tests - 01 November 2012

STP104511: Common Mechanisms of Hip Injury and Associated Hip Pathology in Professional Skiers and Snowboarders - 01 November 2012

STP104413: Effect of Wearing a Wrist Guard on the Site of Injury in the Upper Limb in Snowsports Participants - 01 November 2012

STP104513: Implications of Wrist Guard Use on Wrist Injuries in Pediatric Snowboarders: A Retrospective Case Series - 01 November 2012

STP104204: Testing Damping Performance and Bending Stiffness of Snowboarding Wrist Protectors - 01 November 2012

STP104100: Evaluation of Thermal Comfort of Fabrics Using a Controlled-Environment Chamber - 01 October 2012

STP1544-EB: Performance of Protective Clothing and Equipment: 9th Volume, Emerging Issues and Technologies - 01 October 2012

STP104085: Effects of Overgarment Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate on Human Thermal Comfort - 01 October 2012

STP104103: Evaluation of Fire-resistant Clothing Using an Instrumented Mannequin: A Comparison of Exposure Test Conditions Set With a Cylinder Form or Mannequin Form - 01 October 2012

STP104099: Assessing User Needs and Perceptions of Firefighter PPE - 01 October 2012

STP104211: Interlaboratory Study of ASTM F2731, Standard Test Method for Measuring the Transmitted and Stored Energy of Firefighter Protective Clothing Systems - 01 October 2012

STP104097: Non-destructive Test Methods to Assess the Level of Damage to Firefighters' Protective Clothing - 01 October 2012

STP104062: Dual-mode Analytical Permeation System for Precise Evaluation of Porous and Nonporous Chemical Protective Materials - 01 October 2012

STP104483: Protective Clothing for Pesticide Operators: The Past, Present, and Proposed Plans - 01 October 2012

STP104081: Garment Specifications and Mock-ups for Protection from Steam and Hot Water - 01 October 2012

STP104104: Development of a Test Apparatus/Method and Material Specifications for Protection from Steam under Pressure - 01 October 2012

STP104098: Apparatus for Use in Evaluating Protection from Low Pressure Hot Water Jets - 01 October 2012

STP104096: Analysis of Test Parameters and Criteria for Characterizing and Comparing Puncture Resistance of Protective Gloves to Needles - 01 October 2012

STP104087: Characterization of the Resistance of Protective Gloves to Pointed Blades - 01 October 2012

STP104482: Methods for Measuring the Grip Performance of Structural Firefighting Gloves - 01 October 2012

STP104094: A New Test Method to Characterize the Grip Adhesion of Protective Glove Materials - 01 October 2012

STP104118: Analysis of Physical and Thermal Comfort Properties of Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 October 2012

STP104089: Chemical Protection Garment Redesign for Military Use by the Laboratory for Engineered Human Protecton Years 2005–2011 - 01 October 2012

STP1541-EB: Uncertainty in Fire Standards and What to Do About It - 01 February 2012

STP1525-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety, 18th Volume - 01 January 2011

STP49268S: Hydration Packs Modify Professional Skiers Hydration Levels in All Day Skiing: A Randomized Controlled Trial - 01 January 2011

STP49269S: Are ACL Injuries Related to Perceived Fatigue in Female Skiers? - 01 January 2011

STP49270S: Aging Trends in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 2011

STP49271S: Skiing and Boarding Injuries on Norwegian Slopes during Two Winter Seasons - 01 January 2011

STP49272S: Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries in the Czech Republic in Winter Seasons 2003–2008 - 01 January 2011

STP49273S: Relative Motion of ACL Insertion Points In Vivo: A Case Study, Including Skiing Maneuvers - 01 January 2011

STP49274S: Jumper Kinematics on Terrain Park Jumps: Relationship between Takeoff Speed and Distance Traveled - 01 January 2011

STP49275S: Reaction Forces and Moments in Carved Turns - 01 January 2011

STP49261S: Helmet Use and Self-Reported Risk Taking in Skiing and Snowboarding - 01 January 2011

STP49260S: Retention Requirements for Alpine Ski Bindings - 01 January 2011

STP49262S: Evaluating the Performance of Helmet Linings Incorporating Fluid Channels - 01 January 2011

STP49263S: Polarizing Filters in Ski Sports - 01 January 2011

STP49264S: Emergency Release for Winter Sports Equipment - 01 January 2011

STP49265S: Analyzing the Riding Behavior of Recreational Skiers and Snowboarders - 01 January 2011

STP49266S: Reaction Times of Skiers and Snowboarders - 01 January 2011

STP49267S: Gender-Specific Effects of Smoking and Alcohol Consumption on the Risk of Falling in Downhill Skiers - 01 January 2011

STP49746S: Improving the Confidence Level in Lead Clearance Examination Results through Modifications to Dust Sampling Protocols - 01 January 2011

STP49748S: Beryllium Measurement by Optical Fluorescence in Samples Contaminated by Strongly Fluorescent Impurities - 01 January 2011

STP49750S: The Feasibility of Studying the Health Implications of Surface Beryllium Contamination: A Review of Eight Industries - 01 January 2011

STP49753S: Developing Acceptable Surface Limits for Occupational Exposure to Pharmaceutical Substances - 01 January 2011

STP49755S: Screening of Spill and Leakage of Antibiotics in Hospital Wards - 01 January 2011

STP49742S: Indoor Allergen Surface Sampling Methods and Standards: A Review of the Theory and the Practice - 01 January 2011

STP49744S: Handwipe Method for Removing Lead from Skin - 01 January 2011

STP1517-EB: Advances in the State of the Art of Fire Testing - 01 April 2010

STP1517-EB: Advances in the State of the Art of Fire Testing - 01 January 2010

STP49065S: Guidelines for Improving the Standard Fire Resistance Test Specifications - 01 January 2010

STP49066S: Fire Performance Testing of Building Element Interfaces and Connections - 01 January 2010

STP49067S: Cone Calorimeter—A Cautionary Tale - 01 January 2010

STP49068S: Heat Release Testing of Consumer Products - 01 January 2010

STP49069S: A Materials Science-Based Approach to Characterizing Fire Resistive Materials - 01 January 2010

STP49060S: A History of Fire Testing: Past, Present, and Future - 01 January 2010

STP49061S: Using Directional Flame Thermometers for Measuring Thermal Exposure - 01 January 2010

STP49062S: Comparisons of Temperature and Heat Flux in Furnaces Controlled by Different Types of Temperature Sensors - 01 January 2010

STP49063S: Guide on Measuring Uniformity of Furnace Exposure on Specimens Representing Test Samples Used to Determine Fire Resistance Ratings - 01 January 2010

STP49064S: Predicting Fire Behavior of Composite CFT Columns Using Fundamental Section Behavior - 01 January 2010

STP1510-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: 17th Volume - 01 January 2009

STP47472S: Head Kinematics During Experimental Snowboard Falls: Implications for Snow Helmet Standards - 01 January 2009

STP47473S: Review of Research Literature on Snowboarding Injuries as Might Relate to an Adjustable/Releasable Snowboard Binding - 01 January 2009

STP47461S: Update on Injury Trends in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 2009

STP47474S: Computer Simulation of Consecutive Ski Turns - 01 January 2009

STP47475S: A Novel Anti-Slip Pad for Improving Steering when Exiting a Ski Lift on a Snowboard - 01 January 2009

STP47476S: Does Laterality Exist in ACL Injury Prevalence in Alpine Skiers? - 01 January 2009

STP47477S: The Importance of an Objective Assessment to Identify Functional Constraints of Young Skier Athletes - 01 January 2009

STP47478S: An Evaluation of Perceptual Experience of Skiers Using Quantitative Image Processing - 01 January 2009

STP47479S: Safety in Big Jumps: Relationship Between Landing Shape and Impact Energy Determined by Computer Simulation - 01 January 2009

STP47480S: Safer Ski Jump Landing Surface Design Limits Normal Impact Velocity - 01 January 2009

STP47462S: Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries in Greece: A Two-Year Case-Control Study - 01 January 2009

STP47463S: Injury Trends in Norwegian Ski Resorts in the 10 Year Period 1996–2006 - 01 January 2009

STP47464S: Do Helmets Reduce Fatalities or Merely Alter the Patterns of Death? - 01 January 2009

STP47460S: Effect of Age and Experience on Lower Leg Fractures in Alpine Sports - 01 January 2009

STP47465S: Injuries in Norwegian Ski Resorts the Winter Seasons of 2005 and 2006 - 01 January 2009

STP47466S: Correlative Study into Injury Epidemiology, Use of Protective Equipment and Risk Taking Among Adolescent Participants in Alpine Snow Sports - 01 January 2009

STP47467S: Evaluation of Falls Occurring While Exiting from an Eight-Seat Chairlift - 01 January 2009

STP47468S: Behaviors and Attitudes Towards Snowsport Safety in Australia - 01 January 2009

STP47469S: Potential Risk Factors for Knee Injuries in Alpine Skiers - 01 January 2009

STP47470S: Ski Bindings and Lower Leg Injuries, a Case Control Study in Flaine, 2006 - 01 January 2009

STP47471S: Pediatric Head and Neck Injuries in Snow Sports: Evaluating the Influence of Helmets - 01 January 2009

STP1516-EB: Fifth International Symposium on Safety in Ice Hockey - 01 January 2009

STP48865S: Impact Attenuation Characteristics of Thin Walled Collapsible Air Chambers for Use in Protective Helmets - 01 January 2009

STP48866S: Development of a New Methodology Capable of Characterizing the Contribution of a Controlled Venting System to Impact Attenuation in Chamber Structures for Head Protection - 01 January 2009

STP48861S: A Synthesis of the World Literature of Ice Hockey Injuries: Epidemiologic Principles and Future Directions - 01 January 2009

STP48867S: Analysis of the Impact Performance of Ice Hockey Helmets Using Two Different Test Methodologies - 01 January 2009

STP48868S: Translational and Rotational Accelerations Generated during Reconstructed Ice Hockey Impacts on a Hybrid III Head Form - 01 January 2009

STP48869S: A Comparison of Peak Linear and Angular Headform Accelerations Using Ice Hockey Helmets - 01 January 2009

STP48870S: Preliminary Evaluation of Selected Hockey Equipment Tested according to EN TS15256: Protective Clothing—Hand, Arm, Leg, Genital, and Neck Protectors for Use in Ice Hockey—Protectors for Players Other than Goalkeepers—Requirements and Test Methods - 01 January 2009

STP48871S: Experimental Characterization of Ice Hockey Pucks and Sticks - 01 January 2009

STP48872S: When Metal Meets Ice: Potential for Performance or Injury - 01 January 2009

STP48873S: Concussion in Youth Hockey: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Management across Observation Strategies - 01 January 2009

STP48874S: An Analysis of Head Impact Profiles and Safe Hockey Behaviors in Youth Hockey Players - 01 January 2009

STP48875S: In situ Measures of Head Impact Acceleration in NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey: Implications for ASTM F1045 and Other Ice Hockey Helmet Standards - 01 January 2009

STP48876S: Relationships among Risk Factors for Concussion in Minor Ice Hockey - 01 January 2009

STP48877S: Measuring Athlete Exposure and Body Contact Using Time-on-Task Technology in Ice Hockey - 01 January 2009

STP48878S: Hockey Education Program (HEP): A Statewide Measure of Fair Play, Skill Development, and Coaching Excellence - 01 January 2009

STP48879S: Warnings and Instructions: One of Three Legs on Ice Hockey's Safety Stool - 01 January 2009

STP48880S: Ice Hockey Facility Safety: Litigated Case Studies Involving Ice Hockey Injuries - 01 January 2009

STP48860S: The Acceleration-Axonal Strain Relationship and mTBI: Future Directions for Head Protection - 01 January 2009

STP48862S: A Prospective Study of Injuries in NCAA Intercollegiate Ice-Hockey Goaltenders - 01 January 2009

STP48863S: Acute Care in Cervical Spinal Cord Trauma with Long-Term Benefit: A Review - 01 January 2009

STP48864S: A Longitudinal Study of Ice Hockey Helmet Shelf Life - 01 January 2009

STP1522-EB: Twelfth International Symposium on Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 2009

STP48828S: Oxygen Compatibility of Brass-Filled PTFE Compared to Commonly Used Fluorinated Polymers for Oxygen Systems - 01 January 2009

STP48821S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion behavior of Cobalt and Nickel Alloys in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 2009

STP48829S: Ignition Sensitivity of Nonmetallic Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Air (NITROX): A Never Ending Story in SCUBA Diving? - 01 January 2009

STP48830S: The Importance of Quality Assurance and Batch Testing on Nonmetallic Materials Used for Oxygen Service - 01 January 2009

STP48832S: Determination of Time Required for Materials Exposed to Oxygen to Return to Reduced Flammability - 01 January 2009

STP48833S: Effect of Oxygen Concentration on Autogenous Ignition Temperature and Pneumatic Impact Ignitability of Nonmetallic Materials - 01 January 2009

STP48820S: Keynote—Materials Selection for Oxidizer Service—Successes and Challenges - 01 January 2009

STP48834S: Liquid Oxygen Rotating Friction Ignition Testing of Aluminum and Titanium with Monel® and Inconel® for Rocket Engine Propulsion System Contamination Investigatio - 01 January 2009

STP48835S: Electrical Arc Ignition Testing for Common Handheld Electrical Devices in Oxygen-Enriched Atmosphere - 01 January 2009

STP48822S: Defining the Flammability of Cylindrical Metal Rods through Characterization of the Thermal Effects of the Ignition Promoter - 01 January 2009

STP48836S: High Pressure Quick Disconnect Particle Impact Tests - 01 January 2009

STP48837S: Advanced Crew Escape Suits (ACES) Particle Impact Test - 01 January 2009

STP48838S: Good Practices for Avoiding Fires in Steel Mill Oxygen Systems - 01 January 2009

STP48839S: Oxygen Fire Hazards in Valve-Integrated Pressure Regulators for Medical Oxygen - 01 January 2009

STP48840S: Sealed Aluminum Cavity Reactions When Submerged in Pure O2 Reboiler Sump - 01 January 2009

STP48841S: Vacuum Superinsulated Liquid Oxygen Piping and Vessels - 01 January 2009

STP48842S: Adiabatic Compression Testing—Part I: Historical Development and Evaluation of Fluid Dynamic Processes Including Shock-Wave Considerations - 01 January 2009

STP48843S: Adiabatic Compression Testing—Part II: Background and Approach to Estimating Severity of Test Methodology - 01 January 2009

STP48844S: Tribocharging of Particle Contaminants Evaluated as an Ignition Source in Oxygen-Enriched Environments - 01 January 2009

STP48823S: A Proposed Qualitative Framework for Heterogeneous Burning of Metallic Materials: The “Melting Rate Triangle” - 01 January 2009

STP48845S: An Approach to Understanding Flow Friction Ignition: A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Study on Temperature Development of High-Pressure Oxygen Flow Inside Micron-Scale Seal Cracks - 01 January 2009

STP48846S: The Rate-Limiting Mechanism for the Heterogeneous Burning of Cylindrical Iron Rods - 01 January 2009

STP48847S: Chlorine Trifluoride Exposure Testing and Oxidizer Reactivity Results - 01 January 2009

STP48824S: Ignition of Contaminated Aluminum by Impact in Liquid Oxygen—Influence of Oxygen Purity - 01 January 2009

STP48825S: Verification of the ASTM G-124 Purge Equation - 01 January 2009

STP48826S: Determination of Burn Criterion for Promoted Combustion Testing - 01 January 2009

STP48827S: Promoted Ignition Testing of Metallic Filters in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 2009

STP45251S: Measuring Pavement Friction Characteristics at Variable Speeds for Added Safety - 01 January 2007

STP1474-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Sixteenth Volume - 01 January 2006

STP39642S: Observational Study on Fall Trends in Snowboarders - 01 January 2006

STP39640S: Injuries in Norwegian Ski Resorts 2002 – 2004 - 01 January 2006

STP39643S: On Piste Fatalities in Recreational Snow Sports in the U.S. - 01 January 2006

STP39644S: Sports Activity after Total Knee Arthroplasty - 01 January 2006

STP39645S: Arthroscopic Treatment of the First Anterior Shoulder Dislocation in Young Skiers - 01 January 2006

STP39646S: Lisfranc Ligament Injuries in Windsurfers - 01 January 2006

STP39647S: Head Injury in Snowboarding: Evaluating the Protective Role of Helmets - 01 January 2006

STP39659S: Functional and Release Characteristics of Alpine Ski Equipment - 01 January 2006

STP39648S: Experimental Measurement of Selected Snowboard Mechanical Properties - 01 January 2006

STP39641S: Reduce the Injuries, Change the Culture: Insights from Telemarking - 01 January 2006

STP1479-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Eleventh Volume - 01 January 2006

STP37644S: Combustion Tests Under High Pressure Oxygen: Promoted Ignition Combustion Test Versus Metallic Disk Ignition Test - 01 January 2006

STP37645S: Oxygen Compatibility Assessment on Components and Systems - 01 January 2006

STP37646S: Mechanical Impact of Aluminum Alloy Gas Cylinder Pressurized with Oxygen - 01 January 2006

STP37647S: The Adiabatic Compression Test for Type Approval of Components - History and Final Test Protocol - 01 January 2006

STP37648S: Flow Friction Fire History and Research - 01 January 2006

STP37635S: Ignition of Combustion Modified Polyurethane Foam - 01 January 2006

STP37649S: Oxygen Fires in Aluminum Alloy Cylinders - 01 January 2006

STP37650S: Ignition of a Composite Cylinder with Plastic Liner - 01 January 2006

STP37653S: Investigation of Oxygen-Acetylene Flashback Reactions in Welding Hoses - 01 January 2006

STP37654S: Analysis Tools Used to Evaluate Oxygen Hazards and the Oxygen Compatibility of Metals - 01 January 2006

STP37658S: An Investigation of Regression Rate of the Melting Interface for Iron Burning in Normal Gravity and Reduced Gravity - 01 January 2006

STP37636S: Frictional Ignition Testing of Composite Materials - 01 January 2006

STP37659S: Proactive Mitigation of PCTFE-Related Ignition Hazards in Oxygen Systems: I. Development of a Voluntary Consensus Standard Specification to Control Property Variation in Finished PCTFE Parts - 01 January 2006

STP37660S: Proactive Mitigation of PCTFE-Related Ignition Hazards in Oxygen Systems: II. Testing of Inventoried “At-Risk” PCTFE Parts and Hazard Analyses of Corresponding Ground Service Equipment at the Kennedy Space Center - 01 January 2006

STP37661S: Filtration of Gaseous or Liquid Oxygen in Industrial Applications and Associated Fire Risks - 01 January 2006

STP37662S: ASTM G 175 Interlaboratory Study on Forced Ignition Testing - 01 January 2006

STP37663S: Mechanical Impact Testing: Data Review and Analysis - 01 January 2006

STP37664S: Materials Compatibility with Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) - 01 January 2006

STP37637S: Pneumatic Impact Ignition of Sebum Oil Film in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 2006

STP37665S: Promoted Ignition of a Cylinder Valve in NF3 - 01 January 2006

STP37634S: A Metallurgist's Views on the Selection of Engineering Alloys for Applications Involving Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Keynote Address - 01 January 2006

STP37639S: Promoted Metals Combustion at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures - 01 January 2006

STP37640S: Ignition of Metals at High Temperatures in Oxygen - 01 January 2006

STP37641S: Promoted Combustion Testing of Pure and Ceramic-Coated Metals in High Pressure Oxygen by the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) - 01 January 2006

STP37642S: Surface Ignition of Aluminum in Oxygen - 01 January 2006

STP37643S: Effect of Sample Geometry on Regression Rate of the Melting Interface for Carbon Steel Burned in Oxygen - 01 January 2006

STP12602S: Development of a Cooling Capability Test Method for Liquid-Cooled Textile System - 01 January 2005

STP1462-EB: Performance of Protective Clothing: Global Needs and Emerging Markets: 8th Volume - 01 January 2005

STP12603S: An Explanation and Comparison of Sweating Hot Plate Standards - 01 January 2005

STP12604S: Improvements in the Measurement of Cut Protection Performance: Revisions to ASTM F 1790 - 01 January 2005

STP12605S: Cut Performance Fundamentals and Norms Harmonization - 01 January 2005

STP12606S: Progress in the Characterization of the Cutting Resistance of Protective Materials - 01 January 2005

STP12607S: A Study on the Puncture Resistance of Rubber Materials Used in Protective Clothing - 01 January 2005

STP12608S: Evaluating Thermal Protective Performance Testing - 01 January 2005

STP12609S: Effects of Thermal Properties on Skin Burn Predictions in Longer Duration Protective Clothing Tests - 01 January 2005

STP12610S: Effects of Simulated Flash Fire and Variations in Skin Model on Manikin Fire Test - 01 January 2005

STP12611S: Novel Approach to Soldier Flame Protection - 01 January 2005

STP12595S: Revised Interlaboratory Study of Sweating Thermal Manikins Including Results from the Sweating Agile Thermal Manikin - 01 January 2005

STP12593S: Evaluation of Three Chemical Protective Clothing Materials for Selected Performance Properties - 01 January 2005

STP12596S: Development of a Prototype Personal Cooling System for First Responders: User Feedback - 01 January 2005

STP12597S: Evaluating the Physiological Performance of a Liquid Cooling Garment Used to Control Heat Stress in Hazmat Protective Ensembles - 01 January 2005

STP12598S: Can Laboratory Pre-Treatment Of Welders' Protective Clothing Simulate Their Aging Process in Normal Use? - 01 January 2005

STP12599S: Development of Non-Destructive Test Methods for Assessing Effects of Thermal Exposures on Fire Fighters' Turnout Gear - 01 January 2005

STP12600S: Comparison of Methods Used to Predict the Burn Injuries in Tests of Thermal Protective Fabrics - 01 January 2005

STP12207S: Methods for Improving the Efficiency of Alpine Ski Equipment Rental Operations - 01 January 2005

STP1464-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Fifteenth Volume - 01 January 2005

STP12206S: Using Signal Detection Theory as a Model to Evaluate Release/Retention Criteria in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 2005

STP12208S: Contrast Enhancing Filters in Ski Sports - 01 January 2005

STP12209S: Injury Rates and Injury Types in Alpine Skiing, Telemarking, and Snowboarding - 01 January 2005

STP12210S: Winter Sports in an Indoor Facility—Accident and Injury Trends - 01 January 2005

STP12211S: Skiboard Injuries—A Three-Year Comparison with Alpine Skiing - 01 January 2005

STP12212S: How Fast Do Winter Sports Participants Travel on Alpine Slopes? - 01 January 2005

STP12213S: An Attempt to Predict a Risk of Some of the Knee Region Ski Injuries by Means of Computer Simulations - 01 January 2005

STP11613S: Perceptions of Equipment on On-Ice Attitudes and Performances of Hockey Players - 01 January 2004

STP1446-EB: Safety in Ice Hockey: Fourth Volume - 01 January 2004

STP11605S: Coaches' Perceptions of Aggression in Elite Women's Ice Hockey - 01 January 2004

STP11614S: Rediscovering Youth Sportsmanship - 01 January 2004

STP11615S: Structuring the Ice Hockey Environment to Promote Development of Positive Values - 01 January 2004

STP11616S: The Values of Coaches and Players About Rule Infractions, Violence, and Ethics - 01 January 2004

STP11617S: Communities of Practice as an Approach to Foster Ice Hockey Coach Development - 01 January 2004

STP11618S: Body Checking and Serious Injury in Ice Hockey: A Technical and Behavioral Assessment - 01 January 2004

STP11619S: Responsibilities, and Liabilities for Coaches, Officials, and Leagues with Respect to Safety in Ice Hockey - 01 January 2004

STP11620S: The Effects of an Upper-Body Plyometrics Program on Male University Hockey Players - 01 January 2004

STP11621S: Creatine Supplementation in Ice Hockey: A Review of Applicability and Safety - 01 January 2004

STP11622S: Does a Bimolar Mouthguard Alter Ventilation of Hockey Players? - 01 January 2004

STP11623S: Psychophysiologic Factors and Performance in Ice Hockey Goalies During Competition - 01 January 2004

STP11624S: Comparison of Ice Versus Treadmill Skating — Plantar Force Distribution Patterns - 01 January 2004

STP11606S: Intimidation in Ice Hockey: An Exploratory Assessment - 01 January 2004

STP11625S: The Biomechanical Characteristics of Development-Age Hockey Players: Determining the Effects of Body Size on the Assessment of Skating Technique - 01 January 2004

STP11626S: Task Analysis (Hitting, Shooting, Passing, and Skating) of Professional Hockey Players - 01 January 2004

STP11604S: Injuries in Women's Recreational Ice Hockey: Outcome and Follow-up - 01 January 2004

STP11607S: Epidemiology of NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Injuries - 01 January 2004

STP11608S: The Power of the Denominator: A Proposal for More Comprehensive Modeling of Risk Factors in Ice Hockey Injuries - 01 January 2004

STP11609S: A Review of Ice Hockey Injuries: Location, Diagnosis, Mechanism - 01 January 2004

STP11610S: Measuring the Effects of Initiating Body Checking at the Atom Age Level - 01 January 2004

STP11611S: Adherence to Return-to-Play Guidelines Following a Sport-Induced Concussion - 01 January 2004

STP11612S: Minor Traumatic Brain Injury “mTBI” in Ice Hockey and Other Contact Sports: Injury Mechanisms at the Macro and Histological Levels and Prevention Strategies - 01 January 2004

STP11645S: Microbiological Safety and Adventitious Agents Standards for TEMPS - 01 January 2004

STP11651S: A Useful Marker for Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Tissue Engineered Products - 01 January 2004

STP10745S: Implications for the Development of Slip-Resistance Standards Arising from Rank Comparisons of Friction-Test Results Obtained Using Different Walkway-Safety Tribometers Under Various Conditions - 01 January 2003

STP1424-EB: Metrology of Pedestrian Locomotion and Slip Resistance - 01 January 2003

STP10737S: Assessment of Slip Severity Among Different Age Groups - 01 January 2003

STP10738S: A Critical Analysis of the Relationship Between Shoe-Heel Wear and Pedestrian/Walkway Slip Resistance - 01 January 2003

STP10736S: Influence of Age and Gender on Utilized Coefficient of Friction during Walking at Different Speeds - 01 January 2003

STP10739S: Variable Inclinable Stepmeter: Using Test Subjects to Evaluate Walkway Surface/Footwear Combinations - 01 January 2003

STP10740S: An Analysis of the Sliding Properties of Worker's Footwear and Clothing on Roof Surfaces - 01 January 2003

STP10741S: Comparison of Slip Resistance Measurements between Two Tribometers Using Smooth and Grooved Neolite®-Test-Liner Test Feet - 01 January 2003

STP10742S: Examination of Sticktion in Wet-Walkway Slip-Resistance Testing - 01 January 2003

STP10743S: What is Needed to Gain Valid Consensus for Slip Resistance Standards - 01 January 2003

STP10744S: Issues in the Development of Modern Walkway-Safety Tribometry Standards: Required Friction, Contextualization of Test Results, and Non-Proprietary Standards - 01 January 2003

STP10951S: Uncertainty of Heat Transfer Measurements in an Engulfing Pool Fire - 01 January 2003

STP1427-EB: Thermal Measurements: The Foundation of Fire Standards - 01 January 2003

STP10952S: Fire Safety Test Furnace Characterization Unit - 01 January 2003

STP10953S: Variability in Oxygen Consumption Calorimetry Tests - 01 January 2003

STP10954S: Thermal Measurements for Fire Fighters' Protective Clothing - 01 January 2003

STP10946S: Suggestions Towards Improved Reliability of Thermocouple Temperature Measurement in Combustion Tests - 01 January 2003

STP10955S: The Difference Between Measured and Stored Minimum Ignition Energies of Dimethyl Sulfoxide Spray at Elevated Temperatures - 01 January 2003

STP10947S: Understanding The Systematic Error of a Mineral-Insulated, Metal Sheathed (MIMS) Thermocouple Attached to a Heated Flat Surface - 01 January 2003

STP10945S: Temperature Uncertainties for Bare-Bead and Aspirated Thermocouple Measurements in Fire Environments - 01 January 2003

STP10948S: Calibration of a Heat Flux Sensor up to 200 kW/m2 in a Spherical Blackbody Cavity - 01 January 2003

STP10949S: Angular Sensitivity of Heat Flux Gages - 01 January 2003

STP10950S: Sandia Heat Flux Gauge Thermal Response and Uncertainty Models - 01 January 2003

STP11156S: MRI Safety and Compatibility of Implants and Medical Devices - 01 January 2003

STP10964S: Lower Extremity Injuries Involving Traditional Alpine Skis versus Short Skis with Non-release Bindings - 01 January 2003

STP1440-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Fourteenth Volume - 01 January 2003

STP10958S: A Dynamic Model for the Performance of Carving Skis - 01 January 2003

STP10965S: Ski Injury Epidemiology: A Two Year Epidemiology Study of Injuries With Skiboards - 01 January 2003

STP10966S: A Method for Comparing Alpine Skiing Injuries Among Studies - 01 January 2003

STP10967S: The Effect of Ski Shape on Injury Occurrence in Downhill Skiing - 01 January 2003

STP10968S: Femur and Tibial Plateau Fractures in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 2003

STP10969S: The Prevalence of Previous Serious Knee Injuries in Freestyle World Championship Skiers - 01 January 2003

STP10959S: Release Bindings for Skiboards? - 01 January 2003

STP10960S: What Do We Know About Ski Injury Research that Relates Binding Function to Knee and Lower Leg Injuries? - 01 January 2003

STP10957S: Analysis of Carving and Conventional Ski Measured Pressured Distributions During Carving Turns - 01 January 2003

STP10961S: Where Do We Go From Here? - 01 January 2003

STP10962S: Why the Ski Binding International Standards have been Modified in 2001 - 01 January 2003

STP10963S: Injuries in Alpine Skiers, Telemarkers and Snowboarders at Norwegian Ski Resorts - 01 January 2003

STP11583S: Promoted Ignition and Burning Tests of Stainless Steel in Flowing and Nonflowing Oxygen - 01 January 2003

STP1454-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: 10th Volume - 01 January 2003

STP11584S: Modeling the Ignition of Large Diameter Rods and Pipes in Flowing Oxygen - 01 January 2003

STP11585S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Tests with Structured Aluminum Packings in Gaseous Oxygen with Argon or Nitrogen Dilution at 0.1 and 0.6 MPa - 01 January 2003

STP11586S: Microanalysis of Quenched and Self-extinguished Aluminum Rods Burned in Oxygen - 01 January 2003

STP11587S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Cast and Wrought Engineering Alloys in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 2003

STP11588S: Thickness Effects on the Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Engineering Alloys - 01 January 2003

STP11589S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Tubular Aluminum Samples in Liquid and Gaseous Oxygen Environments - 01 January 2003

STP11590S: Using ASTM Standard Guide G 88 To Identify and Rank System-Level Hazards in Large-Scale Oxygen Systems - 01 January 2003

STP11576S: Issues Related to the Flammability Assessment of Polymers for Hazard Analyses of Oxygen Systems - 01 January 2003

STP11591S: Oxygen Hazards Analysis of Space Shuttle External Tank Gaseous Oxygen Pressurization System - 01 January 2003

STP11592S: Failure Analysis of Fires in Oxygen Production Process Valves - 01 January 2003

STP11593S: Australia's Contribution to Advancing the State of Knowledge of Oxygen Systems—the Hard Way: A Review of 30 Years' Incident Experience Down Under, 1965–1995 - 01 January 2003

STP11594S: Cause And Origin Analyses Of Two Large Industrial Oxygen Valve Fires - 01 January 2003

STP11577S: Toxic Combustion Products Testing of Polymers Used in Oxygen Systems A Review of Testing at WSTF - 01 January 2003

STP11595S: Oxygen Fire Cause and Origin Analysis of the CUMA V2 Underwater Breathing Apparatus - 01 January 2003

STP11596S: A Database for Performing and Archiving Oxygen Hazards Analyses - 01 January 2003

STP11597S: A Parametric Modeling Study of the Temperature Dynamics of Contaminated or Damaged Softgoods in Compressed Oxygen - 01 January 2003

STP11598S: Optical Techniques for Viewing Oxygen System Fires - 01 January 2003

STP11599S: Pipe Cleaning Using HFE Solvents and Assessment of Particle Contamination Found During Pipe Connection - 01 January 2003

STP11600S: Preliminary Results of ASTM G175 Interlaboratory Studies - 01 January 2003

STP11601S: Effect of Molding and Machining on Neoflon CTFE M400H Polychlorotrifluoroethylene Rod Stock and Valve Seat Properties - 01 January 2003

STP11578S: Upward Flammability Testing — A Probabilistic Measurement - 01 January 2003

STP11579S: Determining the Time Required for Materials Exposed to Liquid Oxygen to return to Normal Air Ignitability by Mechanical Impact - 01 January 2003

STP11580S: Filters for Use in High Pressure Oxygen Service—Qualification and Test Methods - 01 January 2003

STP11581S: Ultrasonic Measurement Technique of Burning Metals in Normal and Reduced Gravity - 01 January 2003

STP11582S: Instantaneous RRMI of Iron Rods in Reduced Gravity - 01 January 2003

STP11063S: The Advantages of Glazing in an Overall Security Strategy - 01 January 2002

STP13578S: Assessment of Neutron Fluence Uncertainty and its Impact on Safety Issues - 01 January 2001

STP10438S: Correlation Between Formulation Properties and Safety Measures for a Dry Product Mixing and Milling Facility - 01 January 2001

STP10465S: Workplace TRIG and Air-Purifying Respiratory Protection - 01 January 2001

STP1408-EB: Isocyanates: Sampling, Analysis, and Health Effects - 01 January 2001

STP10466S: Use of Air-Purifying Respirators for Substances with Limited or Poor Warning Properties - 01 January 2001

STP10459S: Work-Related Asthma from Exposure to Isocyanate Levels Below the Michigan OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit - 01 January 2001

STP10460S: Isocyanate Exposures in the United Kingdom - 01 January 2001

STP10461S: Some Limitations in the Use of Urine Biomonitoring for Measuring TDI Exposure - 01 January 2001

STP10462S: Patch Testing for Isocyanates - 01 January 2001

STP10463S: Antibody Testing: Analysis of the Specificity of Antibody Detection in a Non-Diisocyanate-Exposed Population - 01 January 2001

STP10464S: Field Evaluation of a Gravimetric Sampling Method as a Screening Tool for the Monitoring of Airborne Isocyanates in Paint-Spray Operations - 01 January 2001

STP1341-EB: Safety in Ice Hockey: Third Volume - 01 January 2000

STP15231S: Comparison of Ice Hockey Helmet Impact Attenuation Tests on Steel and Elastomeric Impact Surfaces - 01 January 2000

STP15232S: Impact Performance Characteristics of Hockey Helmets with Liners of Differing Thicknesses - 01 January 2000

STP15233S: A Comparison of the Epoxy Alloy and Magnesium Alloy Headforms - 01 January 2000

STP15234S: The Single Strap Helmet Fixation System in Intercollegiate Ice Hockey: A Source of Variable Face Protection - 01 January 2000

STP15235S: Concussions in Youth Ice Hockey Players - 01 January 2000

STP15236S: Spinal and Head Injuries in Ice Hockey - A Three Decade Perspective - 01 January 2000

STP15237S: Serious Spinal Injuries in Swedish Ice Hockey - 01 January 2000

STP15238S: Care and Transport of Injured Participants with Potential Spine Injuries from Ice Rinks - 01 January 2000

STP15239S: Position of the Cervical Vertebrae During Helmet Removal and Cervical Collar Application in Ice Hockey - 01 January 2000

STP15240S: A Psychosocial Perspective of Aggression in Ice Hockey - 01 January 2000

STP15224S: Principles of Ice Hockey Injury Research - 01 January 2000

STP15241S: Psychological, Physiological, and Performance Variables in Goalies During Hockey Games - 01 January 2000

STP15242S: Effects of an Intervention Strategy on Body Checking, Penalties, and Injuries in Ice Hockey - 01 January 2000

STP15243S: Tracking the Relative Age Effect Across Minor Amateur and Professional Ice Hockey Leagues - 01 January 2000

STP15244S: Amateur Youth Ice Hockey Coaches' Views on Rule Infractions, Aggressive Play, and Injuries During Games - 01 January 2000

STP15245S: Differences Between Assessments of Penalties in Ice Hockey by Referees, Coaches, Players, and Parents - 01 January 2000

STP15246S: A Profile of Rule Infractions in Bantam Level Ice Hockey - 01 January 2000

STP15247S: Crashing into Court: Liability Facing the In-Line Skating Industry - 01 January 2000

STP15225S: Sports Injury Surveillance: Foundations of Data Collection - 01 January 2000

STP15223S: Development of an Injury Surveillance System: Results from a Longitudinal Study of High School Athletes - 01 January 2000

STP15226S: Injury Report System - 01 January 2000

STP15227S: Is the Face Mask Good for Ice Hockey? - 01 January 2000

STP15228S: The Certification of Protective Equipment for Ice Hockey in the United States - 01 January 2000

STP15229S: Comparison of International Safety Standards for Ice Hockey Helmets - 01 January 2000

STP15230S: Hockey Headgear and the Adequacy of Current Designs and Standards - 01 January 2000

STP13463S: Modern, Low Fire Hazard, Thin Wall Insulated Wire—A Complex Balance of Properties - 01 January 2000

STP13464S: Fire Testing of Electrical Materials - 01 January 2000

STP13452S: Fire Hazard Testing in the International Electrotechnical Commission Standards: An Overview of IEC TC 89 Activities - 01 January 2000

STP1386-EB: Performance of Protective Clothing: Issues and Priorities for the 21st Century: Seventh Volume - 01 January 2000

STP14438S: Revising the Definition of Satisfactory Performance for Chemical Protection for Agricultural Workers - 01 January 2000

STP14439S: Development of Methods to Evaluate the Useful Lifetime of Firefighters' Protective Clothing - 01 January 2000

STP14440S: Development of an Online Direct Method for Assessing the Barrier Effectiveness of Fabrics to Particle Penetration: Preliminary Studies with Aerosolized Crystalline Silica Particles - 01 January 2000

STP14441S: Assessments of the Barrier Effectiveness of Protective Clothing Fabrics to Aerosols of Chrysotile Asbestos Fibers. - 01 January 2000

STP14432S: Methods for Determining the Thermodynamic Character of Sun Protective Clothing and UV-Protective Chemical Treatments for Clothing - 01 January 2000

STP14442S: Protective Textile Particulate Penetration Screening - 01 January 2000

STP14443S: Investigation of a New Hand Function Test Aimed at Discriminating Multi-layer Glove Dexterity - 01 January 2000

STP14444S: A Comparison of ASTM F 1670 and F 1819 Standards for Measuring the Barrier Properties of Protective Clothing Using Synthetic Blood - 01 January 2000

STP14446S: Manikin Testing of Protective Clothing — A Survey - 01 January 2000

STP14447S: Assessment of Radiant Heat Protection of Firefighters' Jackets with a Manikin - 01 January 2000

STP14448S: Predicting the Impact of a Design Change From Modern to Modified Modern Firefighting Uniforms on Burn Injuries Using Manikin Fire Tests - 01 January 2000

STP14449S: Static and Dynamic Insulation Values for Cold Weather Protective Clothing - 01 January 2000

STP14450S: Retention of Aspergillus Niger Spores on Textiles - 01 January 2000

STP14451S: Pesticide Residue Distribution on Protective Clothing Fabrics as Determined by SEM Micrographs and Their Image Analyses - 01 January 2000

STP14452S: Effects of Abrasion on Liquid Barrier Properties of Selected Nonwoven Fabrics - 01 January 2000

STP14453S: The Relationship Between Porosity and Barrier Effectiveness of Some Shell Fabrics Used in Protective Apparel - 01 January 2000

STP14454S: Comparative Thermal Insulative Performance of Reinforced Knee Areas of Firefighter Protective Clothing - 01 January 2000

STP14455S: Trichlorethylene Vapor Adsorption by Nonwovens that Contain Activated Carbon - 01 January 2000

STP14433S: Measuring the Thermal Energy Stored in Firefighter Protective Clothing - 01 January 2000

STP14456S: Protective Clothing and Application Control for Pesticide Applicators in India: A Field Study - 01 January 2000

STP14457S: Reduction of Terbufos and Tefluthrin Contamination in Glove Materials by Laundering - 01 January 2000

STP14458S: History of Chemical Permeation Test Cells - 01 January 2000

STP14459S: Volumetric and Swelling Techniques for Studying the Permeation of Protective Gloves to Solvents - 01 January 2000

STP14460S: A Study of Geometry Effects on Testing Single Layer Fabrics for Thermal Protection - 01 January 2000

STP14431S: New Heat Protective Garments with Phase Change Material - 01 January 2000

STP14461S: Sensitive Procedures for Determining the Permeation Resistance of Chlorinated Polyethylene Against Liquid Propellants - 01 January 2000

STP14462S: Liquid Penetration Pressures for Fabrics Tested in Compression - 01 January 2000

STP14463S: Moisture Effects on Isobutylene-Isoprene Copolymer-Based Composite Barrier: II. Static Mechanical Properties - 01 January 2000

STP14434S: Simulate Field Spraying Conditions and its use in Comparing the Barrier Resistance of Fabrics to Liquid Sprays of Atrazine in Capillary and Pressure Penetration Tests - 01 January 2000

STP14464S: Liquid Breakthrough in Fabrics: Effects of Fiber Content and Surfactant Concentration - 01 January 2000

STP14465S: Field Evaluation of Protective Clothing Effects on Fire Fighter Physiology: Predictive Capability of Total Heat Loss Test - 01 January 2000

STP14466S: Thermal Protective Performance and Comfort of Wildland Firefighter Clothing: The Transport Properties of Multilayer Fabric Systems - 01 January 2000

STP14467S: Effect of Measured Heat Loss through Turnout Materials on Firefighter Comfort and Heat Stress. Part I: Performance in a Mild Environment - 01 January 2000

STP14468S: Effect of Measured Heat Loss through Turnout Materials on Firefighter Comfort and Heat Stress. Part II: Performance in a Warm Environment - 01 January 2000

STP14469S: Evaluation of Standard and Prototype Protective Garments for Wildland Firefighters - 01 January 2000

STP14470S: The Effect of Moisture on Firefighter Protective Clothing Thermal Insulation: A Review of Industry Research - 01 January 2000

STP14435S: ANSI/ISEA Draft 103 - A Modern Success Story for ASTM - 01 January 2000

STP14436S: Testing the Cut and Puncture Resistance of Firefighter Safety Shoes - 01 January 2000

STP14437S: Comfort and Barrier Effectiveness of Microporous Films and Laminates - 01 January 2000

STP12490S: Ignition Resistance of Polymeric Materials to Particle Impact in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 2000

STP1395-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Ninth Volume - 01 January 2000

STP12491S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Engineering Alloys at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures in Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 2000

STP12492S: Ignition of Aluminum by Impact in LOX — Influence of Contaminants - 01 January 2000

STP12493S: The Presence of Excess Oxygen in Burning Metallic Materials - 01 January 2000

STP12495S: ASTM G 124 Test Data For Selected Al-Si Alloys, Al-Composites, Binary Alloys and Stainless Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12496S: Igniter Effects on Metals Combustion Testing - 01 January 2000

STP12497S: Potential Ignition Mechanism of Buna-N O-Rings in Liquid-Oxygen - 01 January 2000

STP12485S: Comparison of the Dimensional Stability of Kel-F 81 and Neoflon CTFE M400H Polychlorotrifluoroethylenes Used in Valve Seat Applications - 01 January 2000

STP12498S: A Fluid Flow Analysis of the Gaseous Impact Test - 01 January 2000

STP12499S: The Mechanisms of Smolder of Cellulosic Materials - 01 January 2000

STP12500S: Adiabatic Compression of Oxygen: Real Fluid Temperatures - 01 January 2000

STP12501S: Modeling the NASA/ASTM Flammability Test for Metallic Materials Burning in Reduced Gravity - 01 January 2000

STP12503S: Failure Investigation of a Welding Regulator Fire - 01 January 2000

STP12504S: Emergency Oxygen in the United States, Canada, and France: Assuring Proper Training - 01 January 2000

STP12505S: Evaluation of Contaminant-Promoted Ignition in Scuba Equipment and Breathing-Gas Delivery Systems - 01 January 2000

STP12506S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Tests of Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger Samples in Gaseous and Liquid-Oxygen Environments - 01 January 2000

STP12507S: Tests of Combustion of Aluminum Packing and Trayed Columns - 01 January 2000

STP12486S: Selection of Metal for Oxygen Valves - 01 January 2000

STP12484S: A Review of Test Methods Used in the Selection of Materials for Oxygen Service: Keynote Address - 01 January 2000

STP12508S: Flame Spreading and Violent Energy Release (VER) Processes of Aluminum Tubing in Liquid and Gaseous Oxygen Environments - 01 January 2000

STP12509S: Determination of Hydrocarbon Adsorption on Solid CO2 and N2O in LOX at Ambient Pressure - 01 January 2000

STP12510S: A Promoted Ignition Combustion Test Apparatus for Evaluating the Flammability of Metallic Materials - 01 January 2000

STP12511S: Determination of Oxidizing Ability of Gases and Gas Mixtures - 01 January 2000

STP12512S: Metals Flammability: Review and Model Analysis - 01 January 2000

STP12513S: Test System to Study the Ignition of Metals by Polymers in Oxygen - 01 January 2000

STP12514S: An Analysis of Autoignition Temperature Round Robin Test Data - 01 January 2000

STP12515S: Predictability of Gaseous Impact Ignition Sensitivity from Autoignition Temperature Data - 01 January 2000

STP12488S: Polymer-Oxygen Compatibility Testing: Effect of Oxygen Aging on Ignition and Combustion Properties - 01 January 2000

STP12489S: Ignitability in Air, Gaseous Oxygen, and Oxygen-Enriched Environments of Polymers Used in Breathing-Air Devices, Final Report - 01 January 2000

STP12868S: Update on Injury Trends in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 2000

STP1397-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Thirteenth Volume - 01 January 2000

STP12869S: Ski Injury Epidemiology: A Short-Term Epidemiology Study of Injuries with Skiboards - 01 January 2000

STP12862S: Minimum Retention Settings: Examining Prediction Methods - 01 January 2000

STP12870S: A Two-Year Study of Skiboards - 01 January 2000

STP12871S: Rates and Modalities of Death in the U.S.: Snowboarding and Skiing Differences—1991/92 through 1998/99 - 01 January 2000

STP12872S: Injuries and Risk Taking in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 2000

STP12873S: Laboratory Simulation of Biomechanical Knee Behavior under Skiing and Falling Loads - 01 January 2000

STP12874S: Critical Load Cases for Knee Ligaments at Skiing—An Engineering Approach - 01 January 2000

STP12875S: On-Slope Helicopter Evacuations of Seriously Injured Alpine Skiers and Snowboarders - 01 January 2000

STP12876S: Arthroscopically Assisted Operative Treatment of the Tibia Plateau Fractures from Downhill Skiing - 01 January 2000

STP12863S: Design of a Learning Binding for Alpine Skiing - 01 January 2000

STP12861S: On-Slope Evaluation of Release Bindings for World Cup Freestyle Skiers - 01 January 2000

STP12864S: Variable Influence in On-Snow Ski Boot Pressure Measurements - 01 January 2000

STP12865S: Development and Validation of an Apparatus for Determining Snowboard Boot Stiffness - 01 January 2000

STP12866S: Injuries in Alpine Skiing, Telemarking, and Snowboarding - 01 January 2000

STP12867S: Evolution of ACL Ruptures in French Ski Resorts 1992–1999 - 01 January 2000

STP1342-EB: Advances in Environmental Measurement Methods for Asbestos - 01 January 1999

STP42331S: “Internal Standard Addition” Method for Identifying Asbestos Containing Materials In Bulk Samples Containing Low Levels of Asbestos - 01 January 1999

STP42325S: Comparison of Quantitative Techniques for Analysis of Bulk Asbestos Proficiency Testing Materials - 01 January 1999

STP42332S: ASTM's Bulk Method: Where Are We, Where are We Headed, Where Should We Be Headed? - 01 January 1999

STP42333S: Strategy, Development and Laboratory Calibration of a Personal Passive Sampler for Monitoring the Asbestos Exposure of Maintenance Workers - 01 January 1999

STP42334S: Direct-Reading Measurement of Fiber Length/Diameter Distributions - 01 January 1999

STP42335S: International Organization for Standardization Methods for Determination of Asbestos in Air - 01 January 1999

STP42336S: Proposed ASTM Method for the Determination of Asbestos in Air by TEM and Information on Interfering Fibers - 01 January 1999

STP42337S: Shortcomings in Airborne Asbestos Analysis Filtered from New York State's Proficiency-Testing Data - 01 January 1999

STP42338S: Negative Exposure Assessments for Asbestos Floor Tile Work Practices - 01 January 1999

STP42339S: The Use of Scanning Confocal Microscopy to Measure the Penetration of Asbestos into Membrane Filters - 01 January 1999

STP42340S: Asbestos in Water Methods: EPA's 100.1 & 100.2 and AWWA's Standard Method 2570 - 01 January 1999

STP42326S: A Personal Perspective on Teaching Asbestos Analysis: Lessons from the Classroom and Laboratory - 01 January 1999

STP42341S: A Rapid Procedure for Preparation of Transmission Electron Microscopy Specimens from Polycarbonate Filters - 01 January 1999

STP42342S: Measurements of Chrysotile Fiber Retention Efficiencies for Polycarbonate and Mixed Cellulose Ester Filters - 01 January 1999

STP42343S: Sludge, Crud and Fish Guts: Creative Approaches to the Analysis of Non-Standard Water Samples for Asbestos - 01 January 1999

STP42347S: Dust and Airborne Concentrations - is There a Correlation? - 01 January 1999

STP42349S: Some Statistical Principles in Asbestos Measurement and Their Application to Dust Sampling and Analysis - 01 January 1999

STP42350S: An Overview of Settled Dust Analytical Methods and Their Relative Effectiveness - 01 January 1999

STP42351S: Applications of the ASTM Asbestos in Dust Method D5755 - 01 January 1999

STP42352S: Correlated Measurements of Airborne Asbestos-Containing Particles and Surface Dust - 01 January 1999

STP42327S: Bulk Asbestos Laboratory Programs in the United States—Seventeen Years in Retrospect - 01 January 1999

STP42324S: Analysis of Asbestos in Bulk Materials—1980 to 1997 - 01 January 1999

STP42353S: Incorporating Dust Sampling into the Asbestos Management Program - 01 January 1999

STP42328S: The Habit of Asbestiform Amphiboles: Implications for the Analysis of Bulk Samples - 01 January 1999

STP42329S: Asbestos Measurement in Soils and Bulk Materials: Sensitivity, Precision, and Interpretation — You can have it All - 01 January 1999

STP42330S: A Validated Method for Gravimetric Determination of Low Concentrations of Asbestos in Bulk Materials - 01 January 1999

STP12361S: Comparison of Needed and Recommended Retention Settings for Snow Skiing - 01 January 1999

STP1345-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Twelfth Volume - 01 January 1999

STP12353S: Vision—An Essential Factor for Safety in Skiing: Perception, Reaction, and Motion Control Aspects - 01 January 1999

STP12362S: Signal Detection Theory: A Model for Evaluating Release/Retention Criteria in Alpine Ski-Binding-Boot Systems - 01 January 1999

STP12363S: A Release Binding for Snowboards - 01 January 1999

STP12364S: The Colorado Snowboarding Injury Study: Eight Year Results - 01 January 1999

STP12365S: Alpine Skiing and Spinal Cord Injuries: View From a National Database - 01 January 1999

STP12366S: Femur Fractures in French Winter Sports Resorts - 01 January 1999

STP12367S: Risk Factors in Skiing and Snowboarding in Austria - 01 January 1999

STP12354S: Vision—An Essential Factor for Safety in Skiing: Visual Acuity, Stereoscopic Depth Perception, Effect of Colored Lenses - 01 January 1999

STP12355S: Customs and Practices at U.S. Ski Areas for Mitigating Common Hazards through Trail Configuration and Maintenance - 01 January 1999

STP12352S: A Comparison of Knowledge and Behavior in Young Injured and Non-Injured Skiers - 01 January 1999

STP12356S: The Effects of Training on the Risk of Avalanche Fatality - 01 January 1999

STP12357S: Warm-Up Efficacy in Alpine Conditions - 01 January 1999

STP12358S: ACL Injury Mechanism in Alpine Skiing: Analysis of an Accidental ACL Rupture - 01 January 1999

STP12359S: Analysis of Ankle Deflection During a Forward Fall in Snowboarding - 01 January 1999

STP12360S: Strain of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Increases Linearly with Quadriceps Contraction - 01 January 1999

STP14192S: The Pyramid of Chephren, the Colosseum and the Temples of Angkor: Diagnosis and Safety Evaluation - 01 January 1999

STP14194S: Toward Structural Safety Standards for Historic Wooden Buildings in Japan—An Attempt through Experiments and Analyses - 01 January 1999

STP13367S: The Role of ASTM Standards in NFPA Performance-Based Codes - 01 January 1999

STP1377-EB: ASTM's Role in Performance-Based Fire Codes and Standards - 01 January 1999

STP13368S: The ICC Performance Code Effort and Its Relationship to ASTM - 01 January 1999

STP13359S: ISO Quality Standards for Participants in Performance-Based Regulation - 01 January 1999

STP13360S: The Role of ASTM Subcommittee E5.33, ‘Fire Safety Engineering,’ in Performance-Based Fire Codes - 01 January 1999

STP13361S: What I Have Learned While Writing Draft Fire Hazard Assessment Standards and Guides for ASTM E5 - 01 January 1999

STP13358S: Options for ASTM's Role — Ideas for Planning - 01 January 1999

STP13362S: Fire Test Data for Design Fires: A Perspective from One Practitioner - 01 January 1999

STP13363S: Adaptation of Cone Calorimeter (ASTM E1354) Data for Use in Performance-Based Fire Protection Analysis - 01 January 1999

STP13364S: Computer Fire Model Selection and Data Sources - 01 January 1999

STP13365S: SFPE's Fire Model Evaluation Initiative: How ASTM has Helped And Can Help - 01 January 1999

STP13366S: The SFPE Design Guide for Performance-Based Design: A Key Element in Performance-Based Fire Codes and Standards - 01 January 1999

STP13078S: Flowable Fill Promotes Trench Safety and Supports Drainage Pipe Buried 60 ft (18.3 M) Under New Runway - 01 January 1998

STP12189S: Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosions (BLEVE): Possible Failure Mechanisms - 01 January 1998

STP1336-EB: Very Large-Scale Fires - 01 January 1998

STP12190S: Experimental Measurement of a Shipboard Fire Environment with Simulated Radioactive Materials Packages - 01 January 1998

STP12191S: Evaluation of Large-Scale Marine Fire Protocols - 01 January 1998

STP12192S: Full-Scale Model Tests of Smoke Movement in Ship Passenger Accommodations (First Report) - 01 January 1998

STP12183S: Analysis of Full-Scale Fire Tests of Wall Linings in Ranch House - 01 January 1998

STP12184S: High-Temperature Accelerant Arson—Revisited - 01 January 1998

STP12185S: Large Compartment Fire Tests on a Full-Scale Eight Storey Building - 01 January 1998

STP12186S: Time-Dependent Model of Forest Fire Spread in Turbulent Gusting Winds - 01 January 1998

STP12182S: Fire Development and Fatality Analysis of the 19 April, 1993 Fire at the Branch Davidian Mt. Carmel Center, Waco, Texas - 01 January 1998

STP12187S: Estimates of the Extent and Character of the Oxygen-Starved Interior in Large Pool Fires - 01 January 1998

STP12188S: Reconstruction of Very Large-Scale Fires - 01 January 1998

STP12341S: Consideration of Safety Factors in the Life Extension Modelling of Components Operating at High Temperatures - 01 January 1998

STP1273-EB: Performance of Protective Clothing: Sixth Volume - 01 January 1997

STP19897S: A Study of New and Existing Bench Top Tests for Evaluating Fabrics for Flash Fire Protective Clothing - 01 January 1997

STP19898S: Development of a New Cut Test for Protective Gloves Against Machine-Driven Knives - 01 January 1997

STP19899S: Performance of Chemical Protective Gloves in the Film and Print Processing Industry - 01 January 1997

STP19900S: Limiting Dermal Exposure of Workers to Pesticides from Contaminated Clothing - 01 January 1997

STP19901S: Impact of Computational Methods Used on Pesticide Residue Reported in Cotton, Polyester, and Cotton/Polyester Blend Fabrics - 01 January 1997

STP19889S: A Novel Apparatus for Measuring the Penetration of Chemical Vapors Through Air Permeable Materials - 01 January 1997

STP19905S: How the Requirements of the EN-Standard on Welders' Protective Clothing Meet the Demands of Normal Use - 01 January 1997

STP19907S: Breathability and Protection Aspects of Moisture Barriers Used in Fire Fighters Protective Clothing After Thermal Aging - 01 January 1997

STP19908S: Comparison of Conductive Heat Resistance and Radiant Heat Resistance with Thermal Protective Performance of Fire Fighter Protective Clothing - 01 January 1997

STP19890S: Asbestos Penetration Test System for Clothing Materials - 01 January 1997

STP19911S: Protective Clothing Fitting Considerations for Pregnant Women - 01 January 1997

STP19912S: A Comparison of Techniques Used to Assess the Thermal Burden of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1997

STP19914S: Protective Clothing for Workers in Pesticide Manufacturing Plants in India: A Needs Assessment Survey - 01 January 1997

STP19915S: Fire Fighters' Protective Clothing and Thermal Environments of Structural Fire Fighting - 01 January 1997

STP19891S: Evaluation of a New Mechanical Pressure Tester for Barrier Fabrics - 01 January 1997

STP19888S: Determining the Sensitivity of International Test Methods Designed to Assess the Gas-Tight Integrity of Fully Encapsulating Garments - 01 January 1997

STP19892S: A Modified Version of Proposed ASTM F23.20.05: Correlation with Human Body Experiments on Static Propensity - 01 January 1997

STP19893S: Protective Materials with Real-Time Puncture Detection Capability - 01 January 1997

STP19894S: Basic Principles Used in the Development of a New Cut-Test Machine for Standardization - 01 January 1997

STP19895S: Cut Protection Performance Test for Measuring Cut Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing - 01 January 1997

STP19896S: An Automated Dynamic Water Vapor Permeation Test Method - 01 January 1997

STP1289-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Eleventh Volume - 01 January 1997

STP18292S: Gender Differences in Alpine Skiing Injuries: A Profile of the Knee-Injured Skier - 01 January 1997

STP18293S: Analysis of Skiing Accidents Involving Combined Injuries to the Medial Collateral and Anterior Cruciate Ligaments - 01 January 1997

STP18294S: Computer Simulation as a Tool to Investigate ACL Injuries During Landing Movements in Downhill Skiing - 01 January 1997

STP18284S: Alcohol Use and Downhill Ski Injuries: A Pilot Study - 01 January 1997

STP18285S: Risk of Traumatic Death During Downhill Skiing Compared with that During Mountaineering - 01 January 1997

STP18286S: Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death During Downhill Skiing and Mountain Hiking - 01 January 1997

STP18287S: Skier Injury Trends—1972 to 1994 - 01 January 1997

STP18288S: Epidemiology of Snowboarding Injuries: 1988 to 1995 - 01 January 1997

STP18289S: Experimental Case Study with a Modified Ski Boot: Does the Spoiler Design Influence Muscle Activity and Kinematics During Landing? - 01 January 1997

STP18283S: Previous Skiing Injuries in Alpine Olympic Racers - 01 January 1997

STP18290S: Electromechanical Ski Release Binding with Mechanical Backup - 01 January 1997

STP18291S: Ski Binding Minimum Retention Requirements - 01 January 1997

STP11778S: Standard Test Methods and Performance Standards for Synthetic Turf Playing Surfaces and Materials - 01 January 1997

STP1305-EB: Safety in American Football - 01 January 1997

STP11779S: The Envelope System—Performance and Experience in the United Kingdom - 01 January 1997

STP11780S: Actual Field Performance of Synthetic Turf as Measured over a Thirty Year Period - 01 January 1997

STP11781S: The Sports Turf Management Research Program at Michigan State University - 01 January 1997

STP11782S: Traction Measurement on Natural Turf - 01 January 1997

STP11783S: Enhancing Participant Safety in Natural Turfgrass Surfaces Including Use of Interlocking Mesh Element Matrices - 01 January 1997

STP11784S: The Football Coach and Football Safety - 01 January 1997

STP11785S: Football Injuries, Safety Standards, and Insurance Underwriting - 01 January 1997

STP11786S: American Football in the Courtroom—Legal Liability Associated with the Game - 01 January 1997

STP11787S: Safety in Football—Risk Avoidance and Risk Management: An Attorney's Perspective - 01 January 1997

STP11768S: Coaches Safety Orientation and Training Skills Program - 01 January 1997

STP11769S: Injury in Youth Football - 01 January 1997

STP11770S: Head Injuries In Sports: Concussion Management in Football - 01 January 1997

STP11766S: Barriers to Injury Prevention in Youth Football - 01 January 1997

STP11771S: Catastrophic Football Injuries and Tackling Techniques - 01 January 1997

STP11772S: Guidelines for Return to Contact Sports After Transient Quadriplegia - 01 January 1997

STP11773S: Enhancing Safety with an Improved Cervical Test Device - 01 January 1997

STP11774S: A Proposed Method for Evaluating Neck Protection Equipment - 01 January 1997

STP11775S: Football Helmet Fitting Errors in Wisconsin High School Players - 01 January 1997

STP11776S: The Process of Certification of Protective Equipment For Sports - 01 January 1997

STP11777S: Football Fields and Facilities: Safety Guideline Concerns - 01 January 1997

STP11767S: A Comparison of Injuries That Occur During Collegiate Fall and Spring Football Using the NCAA Injury Surveillance System - 01 January 1997

STP11871S: Constructing and Maintaining Safe Playing Surfaces - 01 January 1997

STP1313-EB: International Symposium on Safety in Baseball/Softball - 01 January 1997

STP11862S: Tradition Bound Resistance Hinders Youth Baseball Safety - 01 January 1997

STP11864S: The Physics of Baseball; the Standardization of Balls and Bats for Recreational Softball - 01 January 1997

STP11865S: Baseball Eye Protection: The Effect of Impact by Major League and Reduced Injury Factor Baseball on Currently Available Eye Protectors - 01 January 1997

STP11866S: A Comparative Test Method for Dynamic Response of Baseballs and Softballs - 01 January 1997

STP11867S: Dynamic Hardness (SDH) of Baseballs and Softballs - 01 January 1997

STP11868S: Deceleration Distance Estimation using a Kinematic Model and Elapsed Time Measurements: An Application to Baseball - 01 January 1997

STP11869S: The Mechanism of Ball Throwers’ Fractures and Their Prevention. - 01 January 1997

STP11870S: Spectator Safety Management in Baseball/Softball - 01 January 1997

STP11863S: Youth Baseball Deaths And Injuries - 01 January 1997

STP12048S: A 6000 psig Gaseous Oxygen Impact Test System for Materials and Components Compatibility Evaluations - 01 January 1997

STP1319-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Eighth Volume - 01 January 1997

STP12049S: Ultrasonic Measurement of the Regression Rate of the Melting Interface in Burning Metal Rods - 01 January 1997

STP12050S: Ignition Resistance of Hard (Type III) Anodized Aluminum to Particle Impact - 01 January 1997

STP12051S: Configurational Effects on the Combustion of Several Alloy Systems in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1997

STP12052S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Alternative High Performance Engineering Alloys in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1997

STP12053S: Combustion Testing of Metallic Materials Aboard the NASA Johnson Space Center's KC-135 - 01 January 1997

STP12040S: Total Water Demand for Suppression of Fires in Hypobaric Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1997

STP12054S: Influence of Alloying Additions on the Flammability of Nickel-based Alloys in an Oxygen Environment - 01 January 1997

STP12055S: Flammability Limits of Stainless Steel Alloys 304, 308, and 316 - 01 January 1997

STP12056S: Analysis of Metals Combustion Through Powder Production - 01 January 1997

STP12057S: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Burning Iron - 01 January 1997

STP12058S: Modeling of Promoted-Ignition Burning: Aluminum - 01 January 1997

STP12041S: Inclusion of Oxygen Equipment Training in Workplace Basic First Aid Curricula - 01 January 1997

STP12059S: Fundamentals of Metals Ignition in Oxygen - 01 January 1997

STP12060S: Experimental Study of Flame-Spreading Processes Over Thin Aluminum Sheets - 01 January 1997

STP12061S: Flammability Tests of Miniature Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers in Liquid Oxygen - 01 January 1997

STP12062S: Oxygen Compatibility of Polymers Including TFE-Teflon®, Kel-F® 81, Vespel® SP-21, Viton® A, Viton® A-500, Fluorel®, Neoprene®, EPDM, Buna-N, and Nylon 6,6 - 01 January 1997

STP12042S: Use of Oxygen-Enriched Mixtures in Recreational SCUBA Diving -- Is the Public Being Informed of the Risks? - 01 January 1997

STP12063S: Oxygen Compatibility of FKM Elastomers - 01 January 1997

STP12064S: Ignitibility in Air, Gaseous Oxygen and Oxygen-Enriched Environments of Polymers Used in Breathing-Air Devices - 01 January 1997

STP12065S: Combustion Testing of Non-Metallic Materials in Ambient and Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1997

STP12066S: Fuel Cell Elastomeric Materials Oxygen Compatibility Testing: Effect of 450 and 6200 kPa Oxygen - 01 January 1997

STP12067S: Characterization of Polymers Found in an Oxygen Environment - 01 January 1997

STP12068S: Relative Performance of Elastomeric Materials in the Seal Configuration Test Apparatus - 01 January 1997

STP12069S: Ignitibility of Advanced Composites in Liquid and Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1997

STP12043S: An Overview of Fatigue and Other Metallurgical Failure Modes and Analysis at the Kennedy Space Center - 01 January 1997

STP12070S: Eliminating Bypass Valves in Selected Oxygen Systems - 01 January 1997

STP12071S: Oil Migration on the Structured Packing by Evaporation and Recondensation During the Defrosting Operation in the Air Separation Unit - 01 January 1997

STP12072S: A Database for Metallic and Nonmetallic Materials Commonly Utilized in Oxygen Service - 01 January 1997

STP12073S: Flammability of Intestinal Gases During Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia - 01 January 1997

STP12044S: Failure of Stainless Steel Check Valve in Oxygen Service - 01 January 1997

STP12045S: Failure of PTFE-Lined Flexible Hose in Oxygen Service - 01 January 1997

STP12039S: Oxygen Piping Code—Where Knowledge Becomes Practice: Keynote Address - 01 January 1997

STP12046S: Factors Affecting the Reproducibility of Upward Propagation Pressure Thresholds of Metals in Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1997

STP12047S: Design Strategies for Polymer-Lined Flex-Hose Distance/Volume Pieces - 01 January 1997

STP1237-EB: Performance of Protective Clothing: Fifth Volume - 01 January 1996

STP14061S: A Review of the ASTM F 1001 Battery of Chemicals and Its Effect on the Chemical Protective Clothing Industry - 01 January 1996

STP14063S: Humidity Considerations for Protective Fabric Evaluation - 01 January 1996

STP14064S: A Test Method for Measuring Liquid Penetration Through Fibrous Materials - 01 January 1996

STP14065S: Effects of Biaxial Tensile Strain on Hydrocarbon Permeability of Butyl Rubber Composite Barriers - 01 January 1996

STP14066S: Determination of Pesticide Levels as the Result of Cross-Contamination During Laundering - 01 January 1996

STP14067S: Reproducibility of Pesticide Spray Penetration Tests with the UNCG-Clemson Spray Box - 01 January 1996

STP14068S: Solid-State Transition of Pesticide from Protective Clothing to Skin - 01 January 1996

STP14069S: Barrier Efficiency of Protective Clothing for Atrazine Production Workers - 01 January 1996

STP14070S: Chlorpyrifos Decontamination Procedures for Clothing and Equipment - 01 January 1996

STP14071S: Clothing Contamination Resulting from Greenhouse Spraying of Pesticides - 01 January 1996

STP14054S: A New Test Method to Evaluate the Cut Resistance of Glove Materials - 01 January 1996

STP14072S: Estimated Costs of Home Laundering Pesticide Contaminated Reusable Clothing - 01 January 1996

STP14073S: A Sweating and Moving Arm for the Measurement of Thermal Insulation and Water Vapour Resistance of Clothing - 01 January 1996

STP14074S: Influence of Humidity on the Radiant, Convective and Contact Heat Transmission Through Protective Clothing Materials - 01 January 1996

STP14075S: A Nondestructive Inspection Method to Determine Fatigue in Chemical Protective Suit and Shelter Materials - 01 January 1996

STP14076S: Evaluation of Candidate Glove Liners for Reduction of Skin Maceration in Chemical Protective Gloves - 01 January 1996

STP14077S: Methods for Assessing Protective Clothing Effects on Worker Mobility - 01 January 1996

STP14078S: Evaluating the Comfort Performance of Fabrics for Nuclear Protective Apparel - 01 January 1996

STP14055S: Comparison of Two Methods to Evaluate the Resistance of Protective Gloves to Cutting by Sharp Blades - 01 January 1996

STP14079S: Protective Textile Barrier Systems and Their Comfort - 01 January 1996

STP14080S: Evaluation of Clothing Heat Transfer by Dry and Sweating Manikin Measurements - 01 January 1996

STP14081S: Functional Fit Evaluation to Determine Optimal Ease Requirements in Chemical Protective Gloves - 01 January 1996

STP14082S: The Need for Research on Human Factors Regarding Personal Protective Devices in the Cold Environment - 01 January 1996

STP14083S: Physiological Comparison of Fire Fighter Turnout Suits with and without a Microporous Membrane in the Heat - 01 January 1996

STP14053S: Specification of Motorcyclists' Protective Clothing Designed to Reduce Road Surface Impact Injuries - 01 January 1996

STP14084S: Development of a Combination Thermal and Chemical Protective Ensemble for U.S. Navy Fire Fighting Applications - 01 January 1996

STP14085S: Decontamination of Fluoropolymer Barrier-Based Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1996

STP14056S: Testing of Protective Clothing for Motorcyclists: Validation of Laboratory Tests by Accident Studies. - 01 January 1996

STP14086S: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Different Laundering Approaches for Decontaminating Structural Fire Fighting Protective Clothing - 01 January 1996

STP14087S: Concurrent Engineering in the Design of Protective Clothing: Interfacing with Equipment Design - 01 January 1996

STP14088S: Comfort or Protection: The Clothing Dilemma - 01 January 1996

STP14089S: Implementation of the New ASTM F1461 Practice for a Chemical Protective Program - 01 January 1996

STP14090S: Injury Analysis: The Key to Improved Effectiveness of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1996

STP14091S: CEN and ISO Standards for Protective Clothing Against Heat and Fire - 01 January 1996

STP14092S: Developing and Applying a Material Specification for NASA's Propellant Handlers Ensemble - 01 January 1996

STP14093S: European and International Standards for Protective Clothing and Their Influence on Manufacturing, Trade and Use - 01 January 1996

STP14094S: Protective Clothing and Equipment Performance Requirements for Fire Service Urban Search and Rescue Teams - 01 January 1996

STP14095S: The Effect of Nomex®/Kevlar® Fiber Blend Ratio and Fabric Height on Fabric Performance in Static and Dynamic TPP Tests - 01 January 1996

STP14057S: Belt Abrader Impact Abrasion Testing of Leathers and Fabrics Used in Motorcycle Riders' Clothing. - 01 January 1996

STP14096S: A Sensitivity Study of a Variable-Property Skin Burn Model Considering the Variability of Water Content - 01 January 1996

STP14097S: The Design of a Surface Heat Flux Transducer for Use in Fabric Thermal Protection Testing - 01 January 1996

STP14098S: Flammability and Thermal Protection Testing of Long Underwear for Navy and Marine Corps Aircrew Use - 01 January 1996

STP14058S: Factors Influencing the Performance of Chain Saw Leg Protective Devices and Its Measurement - 01 January 1996

STP14059S: A New Test Method to Measure Triboelectric Static Charge Generation on Protective Clothing Materials - 01 January 1996

STP14715S: Validation of Disinfectants Used in Biotechnology Facilities - 01 January 1996

STP1266-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Tenth Volume - 01 January 1996

STP37921S: Epidemiology for Marketing Ski Safety - 01 January 1996

STP37922S: Muscle Contraction Protects Against Lower Leg Fracture - 01 January 1996

STP37923S: Regression Models of Forces and Moments at Potential Sites of Injury Along the Leg in Skiing - 01 January 1996

STP37924S: Automatic Tracking of Bone Motion Using Ultrasound - 01 January 1996

STP37925S: A Method for Obtaining 3-D Data in Alpine Skiing Using Pan-and-Tilt Cameras with Zoom Lenses - 01 January 1996

STP37910S: Twenty Years' Development of ASTM Skiing Standards - 01 January 1996

STP37926S: Determination of Kinetic Friction and Drag Area in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1996

STP37927S: Effects of Snow and Air Conditions on Ski Friction - 01 January 1996

STP37928S: Skier Trajectories After Loss of Control - 01 January 1996

STP37929S: Loads Transmitted in the Practice of Snowboarding - 01 January 1996

STP37930S: Influences of Ski Boot Binding System on Load Reduction and Kinematics of Lower Leg During Backward Fall: Dynamic Simulation Using an Anthropometric Dummy - 01 January 1996

STP37931S: Treatment of Cruciate Ligament Injuries in World Cup Racers and Successive Racing Performance - 01 January 1996

STP37932S: Patellofemoral Pain in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1996

STP37933S: A New Load Application System for In Vitro Study of Ligamentous Injuries to the Human Knee Joint - 01 January 1996

STP37934S: Muscle Activity During the Backward Fall—Protection for the ACL? - 01 January 1996

STP37935S: Computer Simulation of the Loads on the ACL During Backward Falls Based on an Open Kinematic Chain Model - 01 January 1996

STP37911S: Ski Injuries Among Ski Area Employees - 01 January 1996

STP37936S: Injury Mechanism of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in Alpine Skiing: Case Studies - 01 January 1996

STP37937S: Occult Fracture Patterns of the Knee Associated with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears in Skiing: Assessment with MR Imaging - 01 January 1996

STP37938S: Tibial Plateau Fractures in Downhill Skiing - 01 January 1996

STP37939S: Altitude Illness in Skiers: A Worldwide Concern - 01 January 1996

STP37940S: Relationship Between Time Course of Ruffier Index and Stress-Dependent Heart Rate During Eight Days of Skiing/Snowboarding - 01 January 1996

STP37941S: Fuzzy Logic Control of Bioadaptive Ski Binding Release - 01 January 1996

STP37943S: Release Level for Backward Release - 01 January 1996

STP37944S: Water SKi Binding Release Loads: Test Method and Results - 01 January 1996

STP37912S: Significant Gender Differences in Alpine Skiing Injuries: A Five-Year Study - 01 January 1996

STP37945S: Standard Methods and Materials for Mitigating Injuries from Impact with Fixed Obstacles at U.S. SKi Areas - 01 January 1996

STP37946S: The Snowboarder's Talus Fracture - 01 January 1996

STP37913S: Gender-Related Injury Patterns in Skiing - 01 January 1996

STP37914S: Age and Gender: Two Epidemiological Factors in Skiing and Snowboarding Injury - 01 January 1996

STP37915S: Death in Downhill Skiing from 1976 Through 1992—A Retrospective View - 01 January 1996

STP37916S: Skiing Collision Accidents: Frequency and Types of Injuries - 01 January 1996

STP37917S: Epidemiology of Facial Injuries Sustained in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1996

STP37918S: Ski Field Injuries: The Snowboarders - 01 January 1996

STP37919S: Epidemiology of Skiing Injuries in a Large Italian Ski Resort During 1988–1992 - 01 January 1996

STP37920S: Downhill Skiing Injuries in Lapland, Sweden: A Survey Including Alcohol Monitoring and One-Year Follow-up - 01 January 1996

STP37909S: Need-Oriented Emergency Care: The Development of Emergency Care Training in the National Ski Patrol System - 01 January 1996

STP11336S: The Environmental Fate and Safety of Nonylphenol Ethoxylates - 01 January 1996

STP1163-EB: Fire Standards in the International Marketplace - 01 January 1995

STP15557S: Fire Resistive Joints -- A History in the Making - 01 January 1995

STP15552S: A Comparison of Three Smoke Test Methods - 01 January 1995

STP15551S: The Development and Evolution of the Cone Calorimeter: A Review of 12 Years of Research and Standardization - 01 January 1995

STP15553S: Comparison of ASTM Fire Standards with International Fire Standards for Buildings and Contents - 01 January 1995

STP15554S: International Developments in Fire Safety Engineering - 01 January 1995

STP15555S: Presentation of Parts of Eurocodes on Structural Fire Design - 01 January 1995

STP15556S: Current Controversies in Fire Resistance Testing - 01 January 1995

STP1267-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Seventh Volume - 01 January 1995

STP16430S: Promoted Combustion of Pure Metals in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1995

STP16431S: Flammability of Metals in Fluorine and Nitrogen Trifluoride - 01 January 1995

STP16423S: The Seal Configuration Tester, a New Approach to the Evaluation of Elastomeric Materials for Oxygen Service - 01 January 1995

STP16432S: Reaction of Molten/Burning Aluminum with Liquid Oxygen - 01 January 1995

STP16433S: An Evaluation of Polymers as Ignition Sources During Particle Impact in Oxygen - 01 January 1995

STP16434S: Cone Calorimeter Testing of Epoxy/Fiberglass and Broninated Epoxy/Fiberglass Composites in Normal Oxygen and Oxygen-Enriched Environments - 01 January 1995

STP16435S: The Effects of Configuration, Forced Convection, and Oxygen Concentration on the Flammability Behavior of Electronic Equipment - 01 January 1995

STP16436S: Evaluation of the Compatibility of Materials Used in Breathing-Air Devices - 01 January 1995

STP16437S: A Protocol for Evaluating the Cleaning Efficiency, Corrosion Property and Oxygen Compatibility of Non-Ozone Depleting Cleaning Agents - 01 January 1995

STP16422S: ASTM G-4 Twenty-Year Report Card: Keynote Address - 01 January 1995

STP16424S: A 500 Bar Gaseous Oxygen Impact Test Apparatus for Burn-Out Testing of Oxygen Equipment - 01 January 1995

STP16440S: Case Study of an Oxygen-Acetylene Cutting Torch Failure and Measured Overpressures Due to Flashback Reactions - 01 January 1995

STP16425S: Design of the LOX and GOX Systems for the Stennis Space Center High Heat Flux Facility - 01 January 1995

STP16426S: New Test Capabilities for the Evaluation of Material Flammability in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1995

STP16427S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Light Metals in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1995

STP16428S: Ignition and Combustion of Titanium and Titanium Alloys - 01 January 1995

STP16429S: Effect of Beryllium on the Burn Propensity of Titanium Alloys - 01 January 1995

STP1229-EB: Head and Neck Injuries in Sports - 01 January 1994

STP12808S: Cerebral Concussions in Taekwondo Athletes - 01 January 1994

STP12809S: Impact Postures and Neck Loading in Head First Collisions: A Review - 01 January 1994

STP12799S: A Summary of Head and Neck Injuries in Collegiate Athletics Using the NCAA Injury Surveillance System. - 01 January 1994

STP12810S: The Response of the Cervical Spine to Axial Loading: Feasibility for Intervention - 01 January 1994

STP12811S: The Application of Rodent Models to the Study of Brain Injury Bimechanics. - 01 January 1994

STP12812S: Buckling Analysis -- A Modal Method of Estimating Cervical Spine Injury Potential - 01 January 1994

STP12813S: 30 Plus Years of Head and Neck Injuries - Primate and Human Models' Responses to Energy Load and Forces - 01 January 1994

STP12814S: Experimental Production of Head-Neck Injuries Under Dynamic Forces - 01 January 1994

STP12800S: Annual Survey of Catastrophic Football Injuries: 1977–1992 - 01 January 1994

STP12815S: The Effect of Head Position on the Analysis of Cervical Motion - 01 January 1994

STP12816S: Ball Standards Relevant to Risk of Head Injury - 01 January 1994

STP12817S: The Incidence of Spearing by Ball Carriers and Their Tacklers During a High School Football Season. - 01 January 1994

STP12818S: How to Make Professional Boxing Safer—The American Medical Association Controversy - 01 January 1994

STP12819S: The Historical and Medical Aspects - Boxing - 01 January 1994

STP12820S: Head Injured Patients Who Talk Before Deterioration or Death: The TADD Syndrome - 01 January 1994

STP12801S: Head and Neck Injuries in Equestrian Sports - 01 January 1994

STP12821S: Measurement of Sensory Functioning and Integration Following Closed Head Injury - 01 January 1994

STP12822S: Accident Performance of Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety Helmets - 01 January 1994

STP12823S: ASTM F-1292 as a Tool for Playground Injury Severity Reduction - 01 January 1994

STP12824S: Jaw-Joint Disorders in Contact-sports' Athletes. Diagnosis and Prevention - 01 January 1994

STP12802S: Spinal Injuries in Ice Hockey: Review of 182 North American Cases and Analysis of Etiological Factors - 01 January 1994

STP12798S: Cornerstones for Future Directions in Head/Neck Injury Prevention in Sports - 01 January 1994

STP12803S: The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) and Hazard Analysis - 01 January 1994

STP12804S: Causes of Pool Diving Accidents - 01 January 1994

STP12805S: Risk Factors of Head and Neck Injuries in Equestrian Activities - 01 January 1994

STP12806S: A Uniform Minimum Safe Diving Depth for Swimming Facilities - 01 January 1994

STP12807S: Psychological Characteristics of the Chronically Injured Athlete - 01 January 1994

STP1233-EB: Fire and Flammability of Furnishings and Contents of Buildings - 01 January 1994

STP12952S: Cone Calorimeter Studies of Furniture Component System - 01 January 1994

STP12953S: Consumer Protection from Home Drapery and Drapery Liner Flammability - 01 January 1994

STP12954S: 1983 to 1990 Fire Losses in Ontario: A Focus on Furnishings and Contents of Buildings as Ignition Sources and Items to First Ignite in Fires - 01 January 1994

STP12955S: Simulating Wall and Corner Fire Tests on Wood Products with the OSU Room Fire Model - 01 January 1994

STP12956S: Critical Analysis of the OSU Room Fire Model for Simulating Corner Fires - 01 January 1994

STP12957S: Fire Properties of Room Lining Materials Measured by the Cone Calorimeter, OSU, IMO, and Full-Scale Room/Corner Tests - 01 January 1994

STP12958S: Interior Surface Materials, Principles of Classification, and Evaluation of Classification Systems - 01 January 1994

STP12959S: Mathematical Models for Calculating Heat Release Rate in the Room Corner Test - 01 January 1994

STP12947S: Concepts Behind ASTM E 931-85: Empirical Practice for Classification of Occupancies for Their Relative Fire Hazard to Life - 01 January 1994

STP12948S: Bench-Scale Predictions of Mattress and Upholstered Chair Fires: Similarities and Differences - 01 January 1994

STP12949S: Burning Characteristics of Upholstered Chairs - 01 January 1994

STP12946S: Fire Tests and Interior Furnishings - 01 January 1994

STP12950S: Using California Technical Bulletin 133 to Measure Heat Release Rate Tests of Seating Furniture - 01 January 1994

STP12951S: Quantitative Large-Scale Tests of Furnishings in Europe - 01 January 1994

STP20193S: Characterizing the Fire Safety of Liquid Pesticide Formulations by Using ASTM D56 Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Method - 01 January 1993

STP1182-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Ninth International Symposium - 01 January 1993

STP25564S: Skiing Forces and Moments at the Knee and Boot Top: Boot Stiffness Effects and Modeling - 01 January 1993

STP25555S: Skier Injury Trends—1972–1990 - 01 January 1993

STP25565S: Prediction of the Loading Along the Leg During Snow Skiing - 01 January 1993

STP25566S: Injury Mechanisms of the Ankle Joint in High Ski Boots: Photoelastic and Mechanical Investigations on the Human Bone Specimen - 01 January 1993

STP25567S: Activated Muscle Contribution to Leg-Loading Capacity in Rats - 01 January 1993

STP25568S: 3-D Video Motion Analysis on the Slope—A Practical Way to Analyze Motion Patterns in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1993

STP25569S: Functional and Technical Evaluation of the Skier by a Specific Ergometer - 01 January 1993

STP25570S: A New Mechanical Ski Binding with Heel Release Activated by the Bending Moment at the Boot Sole - 01 January 1993

STP25571S: An Alpine Ski Binding with Electrically Modulated Twist Release - 01 January 1993

STP25572S: The Custom and Practice for Identification and Mitigation of Common Hazards at U.S. Ski Areas—An Opportunity for Standards - 01 January 1993

STP25573S: Organization of Skiing Safety in a New Alpine Area: Injury Severity Score Used to Compare and Classify the Difficulty of the Slopes - 01 January 1993

STP25574S: How to Organize a National Ski Safety Council and How This Could Contribute to Increased Skiing Safety - 01 January 1993

STP25556S: Comparison of Downhill Ski Injury Patterns—1978–81 vs. 1988–90 - 01 January 1993

STP25575S: Snowboard vs. Downhill Skiing Injuries - 01 January 1993

STP25576S: Snowboarding Injuries - 01 January 1993

STP25577S: Ski Jumping Injuries - 01 January 1993

STP25578S: Tobogganing Injuries in Australia - 01 January 1993

STP25557S: New Zealand Ski Injury Statistics—1989 and 1990 Ski Seasons - 01 January 1993

STP25558S: Alpine Skiing Injuries in Children - 01 January 1993

STP25559S: Children's Skiing Injuries in Victoria, Australia - 01 January 1993

STP25560S: Knee Sprains in Alpine Skiing: A Ten-Year Statistical Study - 01 January 1993

STP25561S: Translations and Rotations Across the Knee Under Isometric Quadriceps Contraction - 01 January 1993

STP25562S: Influence of Ski Boot Construction on Knee Load—A Biomechanical Investigation on Safety and Performance Aspects of Ski Boots - 01 January 1993

STP25563S: Strains Within the Anterior Cruciate and Medial Collateral Ligaments of the Knee at Loads Causing Failure - 01 January 1993

STP1197-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Sixth Volume - 01 January 1993

STP24853S: An Assessment of the Flammability Hazard of Several Corrosion Resistant Metal Alloys - 01 January 1993

STP24854S: Pressurized Flammability Limits of selected Sintered Filter Materials in High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24855S: Microgravity and Normal Gravity Combustion of Metals and Alloys in High Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24856S: Review of Frictional Heating Test Results in Oxygen-Enriched Environments - 01 January 1993

STP24857S: Evaluation of Bronze Alloys for use as Wear Ring Material in Liquid Oxygen Pump - 01 January 1993

STP24858S: Materials Selection for Sulfide Pressure Oxidation Autoclaves - 01 January 1993

STP24859S: Modeling of Al And Mg Igniters Used in the Promoted Combustion of Metals and Alloys in High Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24860S: Gravity and Pressure Effects on the Steady-State Temperature of Heated Metal Specimens in a Pure Oxygen Atmosphere - 01 January 1993

STP24861S: Ignition of Bulk Metals by a Continuous Radiation Source in a Pure Oxygen Atmosphere - 01 January 1993

STP24862S: Combustion Characteristics of Polymers as Ignition Promoters - 01 January 1993

STP24863S: Evaluation of Buna N Ignition Hazard in Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24864S: Compatibility of Aluminum Packing with Oxygen Environments under Simulated Operating Conditions - 01 January 1993

STP24865S: Compatibility of Aluminium Packings with Oxygen — Test Results under Simulated Operating Conditions - 01 January 1993

STP24846S: A Perspective on Gaseous Impact Tests: Oxygen Compatibility Testing on a Budget - 01 January 1993

STP24866S: The Behaviour of Oil Films on Structured Packing Under Cryogenic Conditions - 01 January 1993

STP24867S: A Critical Review of Flammability Data for Aluminum - 01 January 1993

STP24868S: Oxygen System Safety - 01 January 1993

STP24869S: A Hazards Analysis Method for Oxygen Systems Including Several Case Studies - 01 January 1993

STP24870S: An Investigation of Laboratory Methods for Cleaning Typical Metallic Surfaces Using Aqueous Type Cleaning Agents - 01 January 1993

STP24871S: The Measurement of the Friction Coefficient and Hear of Metals in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24845S: Oxygen Compatibility of Metals and Alloys - 01 January 1993

STP24847S: A Test Method for Measuring the Minimum Oxygen Concentration to Support an Intraluminal Flame - 01 January 1993

STP24848S: Spontaneous Ignition Temperature of Tracheal Tubes - 01 January 1993

STP24849S: Insidious Iatrogenic Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres as a Cause of Surgical Fires - 01 January 1993

STP24850S: Effects of Diluents on Flammability of Nonmetals in High-Pressure Oxygen Mixtures - 01 January 1993

STP24851S: Effect of Hydrocarbon Oil Contamination on the Ignition and Combustion Properties of PTFE Tape in Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24852S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion behavior of Carbon Steel in Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 1993

STP1212-EB: Safety in Ice Hockey: Second Volume - 01 January 1993

STP13128S: Fair-Play: An Approach to Hockey for the 1990s - 01 January 1993

STP13129S: Reducing Injury in Ice Hockey by Reducing Player Aggression - 01 January 1993

STP13119S: Spinal Injuries in Ice Hockey: Review of 182 North American Cases and Analysis of Etiologic Factors - 01 January 1993

STP13130S: Chronological and Biological Age as Related to Performance in Young Elite Ice Hockey Players - 01 January 1993

STP13131S: NCAA Hockey Coaches' Perspectives on Current Issues - 01 January 1993

STP13132S: Rink-Related Injuries in Ice Hockey: A Three Year Retrospective Review of Injury Report System Data Classified by Zone - 01 January 1993

STP13133S: Air Pollutant Exposures Inside Ice Hockey Rinks: Exposure Assessment and Reduction Strategies - 01 January 1993

STP13134S: Eye Protection in Ice Hockey: An Historical Review - 01 January 1993

STP13135S: The Sports Mouthguard: Its Use and Misuse in Ice Hockey - 01 January 1993

STP13136S: The Effectiveness of Hockey Helmets in Limiting Localized Loading on the Head - 01 January 1993

STP13137S: Hockey Equipment: Safety or an Illusion? - 01 January 1993

STP13138S: The New ISO Standards for Ice Hockey Helmets and Face Protectors: Moving Toward International Standards Harmonization and Conformity Assessment - 01 January 1993

STP13120S: Injuries in Collegiate Ice Hockey - 01 January 1993

STP13121S: Type, Location, and Severity of Hockey Injuries Occurring During Competition and Practice - 01 January 1993

STP13122S: The Incidence, Types, and Circumstances of Injuries to Ice Hockey Players at the Bantam Level (14 to 15 Years Old) - 01 January 1993

STP13123S: Prevention of Ice Hockey Injuries by Strength and Conditioning - 01 January 1993

STP13124S: Directions for Research in Oldtimers Hockey: A Summary of Findings on Physical Preparation and Attitudes in the Jordan Oldtimers Hockey League - 01 January 1993

STP13125S: Observation of Coach Behaviors During Different Game Score Differentials - 01 January 1993

STP13126S: Comparison of Penalties Assessed in Minor, Junior, University, and Professional Ice Hockey Leagues - 01 January 1993

STP13127S: The Study of Performance and Aggressive Behaviors of Ice Hockey Players - 01 January 1993

STP16866S: The California Food Safety Initiatives: The Impact on Formulators - 01 January 1992

STP1127-EB: Access Security Screening: Challenges and Solutions - 01 January 1992

STP15318S: Terrorism and Sabotage in Civil Aviation: The European View - 01 January 1992

STP15319S: Integrated Screening Systems in the 1990s - 01 January 1992

STP15320S: Designing Modern Walk-Through Metal Detectors - 01 January 1992

STP15321S: Operating Airport Weapons Detectors in the 1990s - 01 January 1992

STP15322S: Perimeter Radiation Monitors for the Control and Physical Security of Special Nuclear Materials - 01 January 1992

STP15323S: Portal Metal Detectors at the U.S. Department of Energy Hanford Site - 01 January 1992

STP15324S: Vapor Detection of Explosives - 01 January 1992

STP15325S: The TNA™ Experience - 01 January 1992

STP15326S: Compatibility of X-Ray Security Screening and Photographic Film - 01 January 1992

STP15317S: International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Its Aviation Security Program - 01 January 1992

STP15327S: Automatic Detection of Explosives Using X-Ray Imaging - 01 January 1992

STP1133-EB: Performance of Protective Clothing: Fourth Volume - 01 January 1992

STP19225S: European Standardization of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19226S: Protective Clothing Standards Development in China - 01 January 1992

STP19155S: Chemical Resistance Properties of Advanced Glove Materials - 01 January 1992

STP19156S: A Comparison of the Liquid Penetration Test with Other Chemical Resistance Tests and its Application in Determining the Performance of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19157S: Assessment of the Resistance of Protective Gloves to Chemicals - 01 January 1992

STP19158S: Testing the Resistance of Protective Clothing Materials to Nitroglycerin and Ethylene Glycol Dinitrate - 01 January 1992

STP19159S: Pesticide Resistance and Thermal Comfort Tests of Protective Clothing in Agriculture - 01 January 1992

STP19160S: Methyl Parathion Residues in Protective Apparel Fabric: Effect of Residual Soils on Decontamination - 01 January 1992

STP19147S: Measurement and Control Method for Cutting Resistance of Protective Gloves - 01 January 1992

STP19161S: Analysis of 2,4-D Glove Permeation under Controlled Environmental Conditions - 01 January 1992

STP19162S: Resistance of Glove Materials to Permeation by Agricultural Pesticides - 01 January 1992

STP19163S: Pesticide Protection Through Layered Clothing Systems - 01 January 1992

STP19164S: Evaluating the TPP of Clothing Exposed to Electric Arcs: A Standard Laboratory Test Apparatus - 01 January 1992

STP19165S: Method for Assessing the Insulation Properties of Gloves Against Contact Heat - 01 January 1992

STP19166S: Protective Clothing Development at New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Ltd - 01 January 1992

STP19167S: Thermo-Man® and Thermo-Leg: Large Scale Test Methods for Evaluating Thermal Protective Performance - 01 January 1992

STP19148S: Development of a Method to Evaluate the Puncture Resistance of Protective Clothing Materials - 01 January 1992

STP19168S: Sweat Accumulation in Clothing in the Cold - 01 January 1992

STP19169S: A Field Study of the Clothing Used at Cold Work Places - 01 January 1992

STP19170S: Field Test Evaluation of ASTM Standard F-1154 with Chemical Protective Suit Ensembles - 01 January 1992

STP19171S: New Comprehensive Performance Standards for Chemical Protective Gloves, Boots, and Other Types of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19172S: A Preliminary Study of an Intermittent Collection Procedure as an Alternative Permeation Method for Non-Volatile, Water Soluble Chemicals - 01 January 1992

STP19173S: Glove System for Cold/Wet Environments - 01 January 1992

STP19174S: A Comparative Study of Permeation Tests: Gravimetric Method vs ASTM Method F-739 - 01 January 1992

STP19175S: An Evaluation of a Permeation Field Test Kit to Aid Selection of Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19176S: Application of Three ASTM Test Methods to Measure Thermal Resistance of Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19146S: Model of Aerosol Protection Offered by Permeable Protective Garments - 01 January 1992

STP19177S: The Effect of Seams and Closures on Pesticide Penetration Through Fabric - 01 January 1992

STP19178S: Evaluating the Performance of Exhaust Valves for Vapor-Protective and Chemical Protective Dive Suits - 01 January 1992

STP19179S: Development and Evaluation of Experimental Nonwoven Breathable Barrier Fabrics - 01 January 1992

STP19180S: A Protocol to Measure Physical Performance Degradation During Extended Wear of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19181S: The Evaluation of Protective Clothing as Chemical Barriers for Mixers/Loaders and Applicators in Agricultural Field Tests Designed to Meet FIFRA GLP Testing Standards - 01 January 1992

STP19182S: The Introduction of Fire Resistant Workwear Programs in Alberta - 01 January 1992

STP19150S: Dry Test Method for Rating the Penetration of Viruses Through Porous Materials Used in Protective Clothing by Health Care Workers - 01 January 1992

STP19183S: Comparative Responses to Exercise-Heat Stress of Two Chemical Protective Garments - 01 January 1992

STP19184S: The Effectiveness of Decontamination Procedures Used by Asbestos Abatement Workers - 01 January 1992

STP19185S: Evaluation of Carbonaceous Adsorbent Coated Fabric as a Barrier to Pesticide Penetration for Dermal Exposure Reduction in Pesticide Application - 01 January 1992

STP19186S: Physiological Responses While Wearing Protective Footwear in a Cold-Wet Environment - 01 January 1992

STP19187S: Physiological and Biophysical Properties of a Semipermeable Attached Hood to a Chemical Protective Garment - 01 January 1992

STP19188S: Heat Strain Produced by 3 Aircrew Chemical Defence Ensembles Under Hot Conditions: Improvement with an Air-Cooling Vest - 01 January 1992

STP19189S: Thermal Constraints Related to the Wearing of Protective Clothing. Body Ventilation by Fresh Air - 01 January 1992

STP19190S: Clothing Insulation Prediction in Hypobaric Environments - 01 January 1992

STP19191S: The Function of Semipermeable Membrane in Cold - 01 January 1992

STP19192S: Assessment of Ventilation of Firefighter Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19193S: Anthropometric Analysis of Fit Problems in Chemical Protective Gloves - 01 January 1992

STP19194S: Some Ergonomics Issues in the Design of Personal Protective Devices - 01 January 1992

STP19152S: Protective Clothing for Health Care Workers: Liquidproofness Versus Microbiological Resistance - 01 January 1992

STP19195S: Movement Analysis as the Basis for the Development and Evaluation of a Protective Coverall Design for Asbestos Abatement - 01 January 1992

STP19196S: An Evaluation of Fit of Protective Coveralls Manufactured to a Proposed Revision of ANSI/ISEA 101 - 01 January 1992

STP19197S: Effect of Fabric Finish on the Adhesion of Molten Metal to Wool - 01 January 1992

STP19198S: New Developments in the Design and Evaluation of Flame Retardant Clothing for Protection Against Molten Aluminum Splash Hazards - 01 January 1992

STP19199S: Energy as Performance Criterion for Chain Saw Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19200S: Instrumented Mannequin Evaluation of Thermal Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19201S: Robotic Mannequin Technology for Enhanced Product Testing - 01 January 1992

STP19202S: Evaluating Textiles and Apparel for Controlling Contamination in Cleanrooms - 01 January 1992

STP19203S: The Effect of Wear and Laundering on Flame-Retardant Fabrics - 01 January 1992

STP19204S: Wash Durability of FR Cotton - 01 January 1992

STP19205S: The Durability of Flame Resistant Fabrics in an Industrial Laundry Environment - 01 January 1992

STP19206S: A Technique to Determine Chemical Contamination in Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19207S: The Use of Bleach Pre-Treatments in Chlorpyrifos Residue Removal from Cotton Workwear - 01 January 1992

STP19208S: The Efficiency of Cold Water Machine Washing in Removing Glyphosate from Work Garments - 01 January 1992

STP19209S: Statistical Fit Models of Methyl Parathion Decontamination from Applicator Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19210S: Residue Removal of Granular Formulation Atrazine and its Dust from Workers' Protective Clothing by Laundering - 01 January 1992

STP19211S: Repellent Treatments on Stretchable and/or Inherently Flame Retardant Fabrics - 01 January 1992

STP19212S: Personal Protective Equipment Decontamination for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response - 01 January 1992

STP19213S: Protective Clothing Program Management - 01 January 1992

STP19214S: Selection and Development of Chemical-Resistant, Flame-Resistant Protective Gloves for U.S. Navy Shipboard Use - 01 January 1992

STP19215S: Selection and Development of Protective Clothing for Fire Fighters -- A Case Study for Users' Assessment of Standards, Tests and Performance Requirements - 01 January 1992

STP19216S: Selection and Use of Molecular Parameters to Predict Permeation Through Fluoropolymer-Based Protective Clothing Material - 01 January 1992

STP19217S: Developing and Selecting Test Methods for Measuring Protective Clothing Performance in Chemical Flashover Situations - 01 January 1992

STP19218S: Assessment of the Potential for Reducing Occupational Injury through Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19219S: Protective Clothing Use in the Lawn Care Industry - 01 January 1992

STP19220S: A Suggested Strategy to Increase Employee Use of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19221S: A Computer System to Predict Chemical Permeation Through Fluoropolymer-Based Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19222S: Estimation of the Cost of Using Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19223S: Activities of CEN TC 162 WG2: Clothing for Protection Against Heat and Flame - 01 January 1992

STP19224S: European Directives and Standards Relating to Personal Protective Equipments - 01 January 1992

STP1150-EB: Fire Hazard and Fire Risk Assessment - 01 January 1992

STP23790S: Fire Engulfment of Pressure-Liquefied Gas Tanks: Experiments and Modeling - 01 January 1992

STP23791S: Development of a Benefit Analysis for an Onboard Aircraft Cabin Water Spray System - 01 January 1992

STP23792S: How to Tell Whether What You Have is a Fire Risk Analysis Model - 01 January 1992

STP23793S: Predicting Product Fire Risk: A Review of Four Case Studies - 01 January 1992

STP23794S: A Reliability Methodology Applied to Halon 1301 Extinguishing Systems in Computer Rooms - 01 January 1992

STP23795S: Application of Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment to an LPG Bulk Storage Facility - 01 January 1992

STP23796S: Risk Assessment and the Design of Fire Safety Systems in Buildings - 01 January 1992

STP23797S: A Fire Risk and Protection Cost Assessment Model for Highrise Apartment Buildings - 01 January 1992

STP23798S: Fire Risk Analysis and Assessment for the Canadian Building Code Assessment Framework - 01 January 1992

STP23799S: The Measurement of Building Fire Safety—Example of the Application of an Existing Method for Fire Hazard and Fire Risk Assessment at the Community Level - 01 January 1992

STP23785S: Fire Risk Rating Schedules - 01 January 1992

STP23786S: Evaluating the Hazards of Large Petrochemical Fires - 01 January 1992

STP23787S: Electrical Cable Fire Hazard Assessment with the Cone Calorimeter - 01 January 1992

STP23788S: Performance of Plastic Plumbing and Electrical Products in Fire Resistive Assemblies - 01 January 1992

STP23789S: Fire Hazard Assessment of Composite Materials: The Use and Limitations of Current Hazard Analysis Methodology - 01 January 1992

STP23784S: The Importance of Carbon Monoxide in the Toxicity of Fire Atmospheres - 01 January 1992

STP15341S: Small-Crack Behavior and Safety-Critical-Design Criteria for Cyclic Fatigue in Mg-PSZ Ceramics - 01 January 1992

STP1104-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Eighth International Symposium - 01 January 1991

STP17636S: Conservative Treatment of Acute Knee Ligament Injuries—Long-Term Results - 01 January 1991

STP17631S: Flexibility of the Human Knee as a Result of Varus/Valgus and Axial Moments in Vivo: Apparatus Design and Performance Evaluation - 01 January 1991

STP17637S: Alpine Injury Pattern at Waterville Valley—1989 Update - 01 January 1991

STP17638S: A Relative Analysis of Downhill and Cross-Country Ski Injuries - 01 January 1991

STP17639S: Alpine Skiing Injuries in Scandinavian Skiers - 01 January 1991

STP17640S: Femoral Shaft Fractures Resulting from Alpine Skiing Injuries - 01 January 1991

STP17641S: Ski Injury Statistics—What Changes? - 01 January 1991

STP17642S: Alpine Skiing Injuries: An Epidemiological Study - 01 January 1991

STP17643S: Nationwide Registration of Ski Injuries in Sweden - 01 January 1991

STP17644S: Pain Threshold Along the Lower Leg in Alpine Ski Boots - 01 January 1991

STP17645S: Dynamic Displacement and Pressure Distribution in Alpine Ski Boots - 01 January 1991

STP17629S: Introduction - 01 January 1991

STP17646S: A New Artificial Leg for Ski Boot Testing - 01 January 1991

STP17647S: Ski Boot Thermography Method and Its Significance - 01 January 1991

STP17648S: A Model for the Turning Snow Ski - 01 January 1991

STP17649S: Designing Effective Health Education for Downhill Skiers: Results of a Randomized Intervention Study - 01 January 1991

STP17650S: Planning Health Education for Downhill Skiers - 01 January 1991

STP17651S: Behavioral Risk Factors for Ski Injury: Problem Analysis as a Basis for Effective Health Education - 01 January 1991

STP17632S: Flexibility of the Human Knee as a Result of Varus/Valgus and Axial Moments in Vivo: Experiments and Results - 01 January 1991

STP17630S: Overview - 01 January 1991

STP17633S: Design and Performance Evaluation of an Automated System to Determine Knee Flexibility in Vitro - 01 January 1991

STP17634S: A Six-Degree-of-Freedom Acoustic Transducer for Rotation and Translation Measurements Across the Knee - 01 January 1991

STP17635S: Optimal Design of an Uncoupled Six-Degree-of-Freedom Dynamometer - 01 January 1991

STP1111-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Fifth Volume - 01 January 1991

STP17760S: Recommended Changes in ASTM Test Methods D2512-82 and G86-84 for Oxygen-Compatibility Mechanical Impact Tests on Metals - 01 January 1991

STP17761S: Laser Resistant Endotracheal Tubes -- Protection Against Oxygen-Enriched Airway Fires During Surgery? - 01 January 1991

STP17762S: Endotracheal Tube Fires: A Flame Spread Phenomenon - 01 January 1991

STP17763S: Effects of Oxygen Concentration, Diluents, and Pressure on Ignition and Flame-Spread Rates of Nonmetals: A Review Paper - 01 January 1991

STP17764S: Reaction Sensitivities of Al-Li Alloys and Alloy 2219 in Mechanical-Impact Tests - 01 January 1991

STP17765S: Aluminum-Lithium Alloys: Mechanical Property and Composition Effects on Liquid Oxygen Compatibility - 01 January 1991

STP17766S: Macro- and Microreactions in Mechanical-Impact Tests of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP17767S: The Relative Ignitability and Flammability of Lead-Tin Binary Alloys in Oxygen - 01 January 1991

STP17768S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Selected Hastelloys® in Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 1991

STP17769S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Precipitation Hardened Engineering Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP17770S: Iron Combustion in Microgravity - 01 January 1991

STP17755S: Flame Penetration Test for Protective Clothing in Oxygen - 01 January 1991

STP17771S: The Analysis of Metals Combustion Using a Real-Time Gravimetric Technique - 01 January 1991

STP17772S: Burn Propagation Behavior of Wire Mesh Made from Several Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP17773S: Oxygen Compatibility of High-Surface-Area Materials - 01 January 1991

STP17774S: Flame Propagation Rate of Unalloyed Beryllium and Silicon Nitride in Oxygen - 01 January 1991

STP17775S: Temperature Increases in Aluminum Alloys During Mechanical-Impact Tests for Oxygen Compatibility - 01 January 1991

STP17776S: Influence of Specimen-Absorbed Energy in Lox Mechanical-Impact Tests - 01 January 1991

STP17777S: Thermodynamic and Fluid Mechanic Analyses of Rapid Pressurization in a Dead-End Tube - 01 January 1991

STP17756S: Test Developments for Polymers in Oxygen-Enriched Environments - 01 January 1991

STP17779S: An Assessment of the Metals Flammability Hazard in the Kennedy Space Center Oxygen Systems - 01 January 1991

STP17780S: Assessing LOX Compatibility for Aluminum-Lithium Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP17781S: Oxygen Compatibility of Materials and Equipment for the Vulcain European Rocket Engine - 01 January 1991

STP17782S: Test Methods and Interpretation of Results for Selecting Non-Metallic Materials for Oxygen Service - 01 January 1991

STP17783S: Ignition of Materials in Oxygen Atmospheres: Comparison of Different Testing Methods for Ranking Materials - 01 January 1991

STP17784S: Is “Lox Clean” Enough? - 01 January 1991

STP17785S: Special Construction Features of Centrifugal Compressors for Oxygen Service - 01 January 1991

STP17786S: Education and Training of Nonmedical Users of Portable Emergency Oxygen Inhalators at the Occupational Setting - 01 January 1991

STP17787S: Test Experience with a High-Pressure Oxygen Turbopump and Heat Exchanger - 01 January 1991

STP17757S: Ignition of Nonmetallic Materials by Impact of High Pressure Oxygen III: New Method Development - 01 January 1991

STP17754S: Combustion Fundamentals of Low Volatility Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1991

STP17759S: Analysis of Oxygen Mechanical Impact Test Apparatuses and Methods - 01 January 1991

STP23364S: Analysis of Transverse Unevenness with Respect to Traffic Safety - 01 January 1990

STP1051-EB: Bioprocessing Safety: Worker and Community Safety and Health Considerations - 01 January 1990

STP26073S: Biotechnology: Is There a Role for Medical Surveillance? - 01 January 1990

STP26074S: Public Perception of Biotechnology: Green Revolution or Green Monster? - 01 January 1990

STP26075S: Community Awareness: Cooperation or Confrontation - 01 January 1990

STP26076S: Facing Frankenstein: The Importance of Public Participation - 01 January 1990

STP26077S: Township Review of a New Bioprocessing Facility in Henrietta, New York - 01 January 1990

STP26078S: Minimal Guidelines for Biotechnology Safety—Activities of the United Nations Specialized Agencies - 01 January 1990

STP26064S: Safety in Bioprocessing: An Industrial Perspective - 01 January 1990

STP26079S: FDA Enforcement in Bioprocessing Facilities - 01 January 1990

STP26080S: Biotechnology Facility Approval at the Local Level: The Cambridge, Massachusetts, Experience - 01 January 1990

STP26065S: Perspectives on Opportunities Toward a Hazard-Free Bioprocessing Environment - 01 January 1990

STP26067S: Containment and Regulations for Safe Biotechnology - 01 January 1990

STP26068S: The Biological Production Facility—Design for Protection of the Worker and the Community - 01 January 1990

STP26063S: The NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee: An Example of the Self-Regulatory Process - 01 January 1990

STP26069S: Design Criteria for Safety in the Isolation and Purification of Antibiotics and Biologically Active Compounds - 01 January 1990

STP26070S: Industrial Safety for the Biotechnology Industry - 01 January 1990

STP26071S: General Considerations for Work Practices and Personal Protective Equipment in Biotechnology Industries - 01 January 1990

STP26072S: Safe and Effective Spill Control Within Biotechnology Plants - 01 January 1990

STP1073-EB: Natural and Artificial Playing Fields: Characteristics and Safety Features - 01 January 1990

STP25345S: Matching the Playing Field to the Player - 01 January 1990

STP25354S: Benefits of Testing for the Owners of Artificial and Natural Turf - 01 January 1990

STP25355S: An Automated System for Field Testing and Soil Impact Analysis - 01 January 1990

STP25356S: Laboratory Measurements of Impact Absorption on Turfgrass and Soil Surfaces - 01 January 1990

STP25357S: Effects of Management Practices on Impact Absorption and Shear Resistance in Natural Turf - 01 January 1990

STP25358S: Prescription Athletic Turf System - 01 January 1990

STP25359S: Feasibility Assessment of Randomly Oriented, Interlocking Mesh Element Matrices for Turfed Root Zones - 01 January 1990

STP25360S: Selection of Materials for Artificial Turf Surfaces - 01 January 1990

STP25361S: Performance Standards for Artificial Turf Surfaces - 01 January 1990

STP25362S: Selecting a Synthetic Turf Surface - 01 January 1990

STP25346S: Recommendations for the Operation and Safer Use of Playing Fields - 01 January 1990

STP25347S: Standards for the Playing Quality of Natural Turf for Association Football - 01 January 1990

STP25348S: Standards for the Playing Quality of Artificial Turf for Association Football - 01 January 1990

STP25344S: Safety Recommendations in the Design of Athletic and Sports Fields - 01 January 1990

STP25349S: Traction Characteristics of Outsoles for Use on Artificial Playing Surfaces - 01 January 1990

STP25350S: Design Criteria for Footwear and Functional Testing on Artificial and Natural Surfaces - 01 January 1990

STP25351S: Problems Associated with Testing the Impact Absorption Properties of Artificial Playing Surfaces - 01 January 1990

STP25352S: Tolerance of Several Cool-Season Turfgrasses to Simulated Sports Traffic - 01 January 1990

STP25353S: Portable Apparatus for Assessing Impact Characteristics of Athletic Field Surfaces - 01 January 1990

STP1082-EB: Characterization and Toxicity of Smoke - 01 January 1990

STP23523S: Generation of Smoke from Electrical Cables - 01 January 1990

STP23524S: Smoke Characterization in Enclosure Environments - 01 January 1990

STP23525S: Correlation of Wood Smoke Produced from NBS Smoke Chamber and OSU Heat Release Apparatus - 01 January 1990

STP23526S: The Use of Medium-Scale Experiments to Determine Smoke Characteristics - 01 January 1990

STP23527S: Experimental Fire Tower Studies on Controlling Smoke Movement Caused by Stack and Wind Action - 01 January 1990

STP23515S: The Toxicity of Hydrogen Chloride and of the Smoke Generated by Poly (Vinyl Chloride), Including Effects on Various Animal Species, and the Implications for Fire Safety - 01 January 1990

STP23516S: Relationship Between Generation of CO and CO2 and Toxicity of the Environments Created by Materials in Flaming and Nonflaming Fires and Effect of Fire Ventilation - 01 January 1990

STP23517S: Developments in International Smoke Obscuration Tests and British Assessment Procedures for Smoke Hazards in Fire Scenarios Containing Plastics - 01 January 1990

STP23518S: Predicting the Toxic Hazard of Cable Fires - 01 January 1990

STP23519S: Investigation of the Dual LC50 Values in Woods Using the University of Pittsburgh Combustion Toxicity Apparatus - 01 January 1990

STP23521S: Performance Testing for the Corrosivity of Smoke - 01 January 1990

STP23522S: Steady State Combustion of Polymeric Materials - 01 January 1990

STP1103-EB: Slips, Stumbles, and Falls: Pedestrian Footwear and Surfaces - 01 January 1990

STP15505S: Frictional and Ground Reaction Force Measurement with the Multicomponent Quartz Force Plate - 01 January 1990

STP15506S: Development of SATRA Slip Test and Tread Pattern Design Guidelines - 01 January 1990

STP15507S: Biomechanical Measurements: Pedestrian Coefficient of Friction - 01 January 1990

STP15508S: Assessing the Slip Resistance of Flooring Materials - 01 January 1990

STP15509S: Data Acquisition and Software for the Multicomponent Piezoelectric Force Plate - 01 January 1990

STP15498S: The Biomedical and Environmental Characteristics of Slips, Stumbles, and Falls in the Elderly - 01 January 1990

STP15499S: Gait Dynamics with Step Height Alterations - 01 January 1990

STP15500S: Slip Resistance Needs of the Mobility Disabled During Level and Grade Walking - 01 January 1990

STP15501S: Experimental Determination of Limiting and Sliding Friction Forces for Purposes of Modeling Slips, Stumbles, and Falls - 01 January 1990

STP15502S: Improved Tribometry on Walking Surfaces - 01 January 1990

STP15497S: Video Recording of Spontaneous Falls of the Elderly - 01 January 1990

STP15503S: Forensic Engineers Look at Slip and Fall Accident Investigations - 01 January 1990

STP15504S: Defense: Slip, Stumble, and Fall Accidents - 01 January 1990

STP10390S: Irradiation Programs to Establish the Safety Margins of German Licensing Rules Related to RPV Steel Embrittlement - 01 January 1989

STP1022-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Seventh International Symposium - 01 January 1989

STP19459S: Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Alpine Ski Racers - 01 January 1989

STP19460S: More on the Lesions of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Their Prevention in Skiers - 01 January 1989

STP19461S: Unilateral Fracture of the Posterior Elements of the Lumbar Spine in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1989

STP19462S: Eyewear-Related Eye Injuries in Snow Skiing - 01 January 1989

STP19463S: Acute Arterial Occlusion Caused by High Ski Boots Treated with Low-Dose Streptokinase - 01 January 1989

STP19464S: Influences on the Foot Pressure Pattern in Ski Boots - 01 January 1989

STP19465S: Dorsiflexion of the Human Ankle as it Relates to Ski Boot Design in Downhill Skiing - 01 January 1989

STP19466S: Measurements of the Forces Needed to Take Off Classic and Rear Entry Ski Boots - 01 January 1989

STP19467S: A New Lower Leg Prosthesis with Simulation Device for the Achilles Tendon - 01 January 1989

STP19468S: Problems Encountered in Flex Measurements on Alpine Ski Boots - 01 January 1989

STP19469S: Measurement of Boot Loads Using a Second-Generation Microcomputer-Controlled Snow Ski Binding System - 01 January 1989

STP19449S: Experimental Prospective Skiing Injury Study - 01 January 1989

STP19470S: A Mechanical Alpine Ski Binding with Programmable Release - 01 January 1989

STP19471S: The Effect of Ankle Motion on Ski Binding Release Tests Using an Anthropometric Dummy - 01 January 1989

STP19472S: Elevated Racer Binding Settings and Inadvertent Releases - 01 January 1989

STP19473S: Measurement of Strength and Loading Variables on the Knee During Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1989

STP19474S: Three-Dimensional Loading of the Knee During Internal-External Rotation: The Effect of Ankle Constraint - 01 January 1989

STP19450S: Skier Injury Trends - 01 January 1989

STP19475S: Modeling Forces on the Anterior Cruciate Knee Ligament During Backward Falls While Skiing - 01 January 1989

STP19476S: Axial Rotation of the Lower Limb Under Torsional Loading: I. Static and Dynamic Measurements in Vivo - 01 January 1989

STP19477S: Axial Rotation of the Lower Limb Under Torsional Loading: II. Parameter Identification of a Dynamic System Model - 01 January 1989

STP19478S: Skier's Thumb: Continuing Biomechanical Analysis - 01 January 1989

STP19479S: Metacarpophalangeal Sprain of the Thumb in Downhill Skiers: Ergonomic Study - 01 January 1989

STP19480S: On the Skiability of Snow - 01 January 1989

STP19451S: A Five-Year Survey of Skiing Injuries in Hemsedal, Norway - 01 January 1989

STP19481S: Television Programs to Prevent Skiing Injuries - 01 January 1989

STP19482S: Organization of Skiing Safety in Norway - 01 January 1989

STP19483S: Biomedical Tests during a High Mountain Ski Touring Competition (Raid Blanc) - 01 January 1989

STP19484S: A Technique for Analyzing the Thermal Resistance of Ski Gloves - 01 January 1989

STP19485S: A Clothing Design Prototype to Meet Male Alpine Ski Instructors' Needs for Thermal Comfort - 01 January 1989

STP19452S: Skiing Injuries in Alpine Recreational Skiers - 01 January 1989

STP19453S: An Investigation into Ski Injuries and Equipment in Switzerland: Objectives, Means, and Observations - 01 January 1989

STP19454S: Fatal Skiing Accidents in Austria—Epidemiology and Analysis - 01 January 1989

STP19455S: Collision Injuries in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1989

STP19456S: Snowboarding Injuries on Alpine Slopes - 01 January 1989

STP19457S: Skiing Behavior of Alpine Recreational Skiers - 01 January 1989

STP19458S: Ability and Physical Condition in Relation to Injury Risk in Downhill Skiing - 01 January 1989

STP19448S: Risk Factors for Ski Injuries: A Crash Course of Epidemiologic Methods with Emphasis on Comparability in Experiments and Case-Control Studies - 01 January 1989

STP22910S: The Formulation of Rodenticides for Optimized Efficacy and Safety - 01 January 1989

STP1037-EB: Chemical Protective Clothing Performance in Chemical Emergency Response - 01 January 1989

STP22936S: Decontamination of Protective Suit Materials - 01 January 1989

STP22937S: Permeation of Solvent Mixtures Through Protective Clothing Elastomers - 01 January 1989

STP22930S: Understanding and Using Chemical Permeation Data in the Selection of Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1989

STP22938S: Influence of Temperature on the Permeation Properties of Protective Clothing Materials - 01 January 1989

STP22939S: The Effects of Solvent Type and Concentration on the Permeation of Pesticide Formulations Through Chemical Protective Glove Materials - 01 January 1989

STP22940S: Permeation of Some Pesticidal Formulations Through Glove Materials - 01 January 1989

STP22941S: Emergency Spill Control in Semiconductor Manufacture - 01 January 1989

STP22942S: Development of A Chemical Warfare Protective Dive Suit (Cwpds) for United States Navy Diving in Contaminated Water. - 01 January 1989

STP22943S: A Method To Determine Propellant Handlers Ensemble Fabric Degradation - 01 January 1989

STP22944S: Selection, Design, and Testing of a Glove System Compatible with the U.S. Navy's Chemical Warfare Protective Dive Suit - 01 January 1989

STP22945S: Applying Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Techniques to Evaluation of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1989

STP22946S: Selection of Fabrication Methods and Their Impact on Design of Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1989

STP22931S: The Selection and Measurement of Physical Properties for Characterization of Chemical Protective Clothing Materials - 01 January 1989

STP22947S: Performance Standards For Improving Chemical Protective Suits - 01 January 1989

STP22948S: MDPR--The Need for a Minimum Detectable Permeation Rate Requirement in Permeation Testing of Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1989

STP22932S: Comparative Heat Stress of Four Chemical Protective Suits - 01 January 1989

STP22933S: The Physiologic Strain Imposed by Wearing Fully Encapsulated Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1989

STP22934S: TECP Suit Testing and Comparison - 01 January 1989

STP22929S: An Overview of ASTM Committee F-23 On Protective Clothing - 01 January 1989

STP22935S: Measurement of The Flammability and Thermal Aging of Chemical Protective Suit Materials - 01 January 1989

STP1040-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Fourth Volume - 01 January 1989

STP24923S: Further Studies of Factors that Affect the Spontaneous Ignition Temperatures of Non-metallic Materials in Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1989

STP24917S: An Evaluation of the Liquid Oxygen Mechanical Impact Test - 01 January 1989

STP24924S: The Ignition Behaviour of Silicone Greases in Oxygen Atmospheres - 01 January 1989

STP24925S: Promoted Ignition - Combustion Behavior of Selected Engineering Alloys In Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 1989

STP24926S: Fire Spread Rates Along Cylindrical Metal Rods in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1989

STP24927S: Pressurized Flammability Limits of Metals - 01 January 1989

STP24928S: Combustion of 316 Stainless Steel in High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1989

STP24929S: The Pv Product Required for the Frictional Ignition of Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP24930S: Design of an Ignition-Resistant, High-Pressure, High-Temperature Oxygen Valve - 01 January 1989

STP24918S: Ignition of Nonmetallic Materials by Impact of High-Pressure Oxygen II: Evaluation of Repeatability of Pneumatic Impact Test - 01 January 1989

STP24931S: Promoted Ignition of Oxygen Regulators - 01 January 1989

STP24934S: Ignition of PTFE-Lined Flexible Hoses by Rapid Pressurization with Oxygen - 01 January 1989

STP24935S: Evolving Non-Swelling Elastomers For High Pressure Oxygen Environments - 01 January 1989

STP24936S: Surface Modification of Monel K-500 as a Means of Reducing Friction and Wear in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1989

STP24937S: Oxygen Fires, Materials Compatibility and System Contaminants - 01 January 1989

STP24938S: Evaluating Systems for Oxygen Service Through the Use of Quantitative Fault Tree Analysis - 01 January 1989

STP24939S: The Oxidant O2 (Helium) Index of Flammability of Endotracheal Tubes - 01 January 1989

STP24919S: The Effects of Testing Methodology on the Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Carbon Steel and 316L Stainless Steel in Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 1989

STP24940S: Oxygen-Enriched Fires During Surgery of The Head and Neck - 01 January 1989

STP24941S: Measurements of Oxygen-Enrichment in Foam Insulation for Liquid Nitrogen Pipelines - 01 January 1989

STP24920S: Promoted Combustion of Nine Structural Metals in High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen; A Comparison of Ranking Methods - 01 January 1989

STP24921S: Modeling and Data Evaluation of the WSTF Frictional Heating Test Facility - 01 January 1989

STP24922S: The Oxygen Sensitivity/Compatibility Ranking of Several Materials by Different Test Methods - 01 January 1989

STP1050-EB: Safety in Ice Hockey - 01 January 1989

STP24042S: Development of a Knee Injury Protective Brace for Ice Hockey Players - 01 January 1989

STP24043S: Safety Factors in the Modern Ice Hockey Skate Blade - 01 January 1989

STP24044S: Kinematic Analysis of the Talocrural and Subtalar Joints During the Hockey Skating Stride - 01 January 1989

STP24031S: Injury Rates in Amateur, College, and Professional Hockey - 01 January 1989

STP24045S: Ice Hockey Protective Equipment—Its Value, Capabilities, and Limitations - 01 January 1989

STP24046S: The Dynamic Role Played by the Ice Hockey Stick - 01 January 1989

STP24047S: Research and Development of Hockey Protective Equipment—A Historical Perspective - 01 January 1989

STP24048S: Design of Hockey Rinks and the Development of Standards - 01 January 1989

STP24049S: Natural Ice Facilities - 01 January 1989

STP24050S: The Canadian Standards Association and the Evolution of Head and Face Protection in Canadian Hockey - 01 January 1989

STP24051S: The Development of Head, Face, and Neck Protectors for Ice Hockey Players - 01 January 1989

STP24052S: Impact of Full Face and Visor Type Hockey Face Guards - 01 January 1989

STP24053S: Development of an Impact Testing Method for Protective Helmets - 01 January 1989

STP24054S: The ASTM F 1045-87 Standard Performance Specification for Ice Hockey Helmets - 01 January 1989

STP24032S: Epidemiology of Eye Injuries in Hockey - 01 January 1989

STP24033S: Rule Changes: Their Effect on Safety in Ice Hockey - 01 January 1989

STP24034S: The Effect of Rules and Officiating on the Occurrence and Prevention of Injuries - 01 January 1989

STP24035S: Assumption of Risk—Hockey Injuries - 01 January 1989

STP24036S: Eye and Face Injuries in High School Hockey: Cutting Down the Risks - 01 January 1989

STP24037S: A Proposal for the Use of the Half Face, Clear Plastic Visor for National Collegiate Athletic Association Hockey - 01 January 1989

STP24038S: The Ice Hockey Face Guard: Health Care Costs and Ethics - 01 January 1989

STP24039S: The Quebec Sports Safety Board—Its Functions, Powers, Structures, and Activities - 01 January 1989

STP24040S: Cervical Spine Fractures: Mechanisms, Neck Loads, and Methods of Prevention - 01 January 1989

STP24041S: Effects of Body-Checking in the Pee-Wee (12 and 13 Years Old) Division in the Province of Quebec - 01 January 1989

STP24030S: The Critical Role of Epidemiological Studies in Assessing the Frequence and Causative Factors in Sports-Related Injuries - 01 January 1989

STP34029S: Genetically Engineered Microorganisms in the Aquatic Environment: Environmental Safety Assessment - 01 January 1988

STP26220S: Determination of the Input Data for a Model of the Heat Release Rate of Wood - 01 January 1988

STP983-EB: Mathematical Modeling of Fires - 01 January 1988

STP26221S: A Program for the Development of a Benchmark Compartment Fire Model Computer Code - 01 January 1988

STP26213S: The Role of ASTM in Fire Modeling - 01 January 1988

STP26215S: Transient Model of Early Stages in Compartment Fires - 01 January 1988

STP26216S: Model for the Mass Transfer and Decay of Hydrogen Chloride in a Fire Scenario - 01 January 1988

STP26217S: A Fire Loss Modeling Code for Industrial Facilities - 01 January 1988

STP26218S: Defining Characteristic Times in Forced Ventilation Enclosure Fires - 01 January 1988

STP26214S: Release Rate Tests for a Mathematical Model - 01 January 1988

STP26219S: Smoke and Soot Data Determinations in the Cone Calorimeter - 01 January 1988

STP26742S: Friction-Induced Ignition of Metals in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP986-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Third Volume - 01 January 1988

STP26736S: ASTM G-4 Matures in Oxygen Compatibility Guidance: Keynote Address - 01 January 1988

STP26743S: Accelerating Rate Calorimeter Studies of Metal Oxide Interactions with Hydrocarbons in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26744S: The Development of Combustion from Quasi-Stable Temperatures for the Iron Based Alloy UNS S66286 - 01 January 1988

STP26745S: Fire Spread Limits Along Metal Pieces in Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26746S: Modeling and Data Analysis of the NASA-WSTF Frictional Heating Apparatus: Effects of Test Parameters on Friction Coefficient - 01 January 1988

STP26747S: Modeling of the Transient Ignition of a Nonmetal/Oxygen System by Heterogeneous Reaction: Effects of Oxygen Pressure - 01 January 1988

STP26748S: Spontaneous Ignition Temperatures of Nonmetals in Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26749S: Ignition of Nonmetallic Materials by Impact of High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26737S: ASTM Committee G-4 Metals Flammability Test Program: Rationale and Goals - 01 January 1988

STP26750S: Factors Affecting the Impact Sensitivity of Solid Polymer Materials in Contact with Liquid Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26751S: An Oxygen Index Update - 01 January 1988

STP26752S: Procedure for the Selection of Materials for Use in Oxygen Systems at the John F. Kennedy Space Center - 01 January 1988

STP26753S: Tests to Evaluate the Suitability of Materials for Oxygen Service - 01 January 1988

STP26754S: An Assessment of the Critical Oxygen Index Test as a Measure of Material Flammability - 01 January 1988

STP26755S: Ignition of PTFE-Lined Hoses in High-Pressure Oxygen Systems: Test Results and Considerations for Safe Design and Use - 01 January 1988

STP26738S: ASTM Committee G-4 Metals Flammability Test Program: Data and Discussion - 01 January 1988

STP26756S: Ignition of Contaminants by Impact of High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26757S: A Review of Incidents Involving the Use of High-Pressure Oxygen from 1982 to 1985 in Great Britain - 01 January 1988

STP26758S: Utilization of High-Pressure Oxygen in Enhanced Oil Recovery - 01 January 1988

STP26759S: Dimensional Changes in Elastomers Under High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26760S: Oxygen Regulator Myths - 01 January 1988

STP26761S: Ignition Testing of Hollow Vessels Pressurized with Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26762S: Fire Extinguishing Agents for Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1988

STP26763S: Safety Aspects Concerning the Operation of Oxygen Aeration Plants in Public Waters - 01 January 1988

STP26764S: Oxidant O2 and Oxidant N2O Indices of Flammability and Their Additive Effect - 01 January 1988

STP26739S: The Flammability of Aluminum Alloys and Aluminum Bronzes as Measured by Pressurized Oxygen Index - 01 January 1988

STP26740S: Ignition of Steel Alloys by Impact of Low-Velocity Iron/Inert Particles in Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26741S: Promoted Ignition Behavior of Engineering Alloys in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1988

STP26260S: Environmental Chemicals and Biomembranes: Kinetics of Uptake and Influence on Membrane Functions - 01 January 1988

STP988-EB: Functional Testing of Aquatic Biota for Estimating Hazards of Chemicals - 01 January 1988

STP26262S: Effects of Complex Effluents from the River Raisin on Zooplankton Grazing in Lake Erie - 01 January 1988

STP26263S: Fish Behavioral Assessment of Pollutants - 01 January 1988

STP26264S: Use of Freshwater Macroinvertebrate Microcosms in the Impact Evaluation of Toxic Wastes - 01 January 1988

STP26252S: Use of Vollenweider-OECD Modeling to Evaluate Aquatic Ecosystem Functioning - 01 January 1988

STP26265S: Pollution-Induced Community Tolerance—A New Ecotoxicological Tool - 01 January 1988

STP26253S: Chemically Induced Community Responses in a Compartmentalized Microcosm Assessed by Multidimensional State Space Transitions - 01 January 1988

STP26251S: How the Trophic Status of a Community Can Alter the Bioavailability and Toxic Effects of Contaminants - 01 January 1988

STP26254S: Microbial Enzyme Activities: Potential Use for Monitoring Decomposition Processes - 01 January 1988

STP26255S: Use of Microbial Colonization Parameters as a Measure of Functional Response in Aquatic Ecosystems - 01 January 1988

STP26256S: A Rapid Bioassay Using the Green Alga Selenastrum capricornutum to Screen for Toxicity in St. Lawrence River Sediment Elutriates - 01 January 1988

STP26257S: Effects of Complex Effluents on Photosynthesis in Lake Erie and Lake Huron - 01 January 1988

STP26258S: State Changes in Laboratory Microecosystems in Response to Chemicals from Three Structural Groups - 01 January 1988

STP26259S: An In Situ System for Evaluating Effects of Toxicants on the Metabolism of Littoral Communities - 01 January 1988

STP26278S: Evaluation of Fourteen Fabric Combinations, One Glove Material and Three Face Shield Materials to Molten Steel Impact - 01 January 1988

STP989-EB: Performance of Protective Clothing: Second Symposium - 01 January 1988

STP26279S: A Comparative Evaluation of Test Methods and Materials for Thermal Protective Performance - 01 January 1988

STP26280S: Effect of Permanent Press Resin Finish on Cotton Fabric Thermal Resistivity - 01 January 1988

STP26281S: Setting Standards for the Resistance of Clothing to Molten Metal Splashes - 01 January 1988

STP26282S: Development and Testing of Extremely High-Temperature (1093°C and Over) Coatings for Safety Clothing - 01 January 1988

STP26283S: Performance Evaluation of Chain Saw Protective Leggings - 01 January 1988

STP26271S: International Standards for Assessing the Effect of Clothing on Heat Tolerance and Comfort - 01 January 1988

STP26285S: Solubility Parameter Prediction of the Barrier Properties of Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1988

STP26286S: Determination of Solubility Parameters of New Suit Materials - 01 January 1988

STP26287S: Permeation of Polymeric Materials by Chemicals: A Comparison of 25-mm and 51-mm ASTM Cells - 01 January 1988

STP26288S: Effect of Temperature, Material Thickness, and Experimental Apparatus on Permeation Measurement - 01 January 1988

STP26289S: Comparative Evaluation of a Smaller Version of the ASTM Permeation Test Cell Versus the Standard Cell - 01 January 1988

STP26290S: Problems in Determining Permeation Cell Equivalency - 01 January 1988

STP26291S: Innovative Method for Determining Minimum Detectable Limits in Permeation Testing - 01 January 1988

STP26292S: Approaches to Predicting the Cumulative Permeation of Chemicals Through Protective Clothing Polymers - 01 January 1988

STP26294S: An Analytical Technique for Permeation Testing of Compounds with Low Volatility and Water Solubility - 01 January 1988

STP26295S: Carbon-14 Tracers in Permeation Studies: Feasibility Demonstration - 01 January 1988

STP26296S: Testing the Quality of Breathable Textiles - 01 January 1988

STP26297S: Using Dipropyl Sulfide to Test the Leakage of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1988

STP26298S: Test Kit for Field Evaluation of the Chemical Resistance of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1988

STP26272S: Comfort Factors of Protective Clothing: Mechanical and Transport Properties, Subjective Evaluation of Comfort - 01 January 1988

STP26299S: Evaluation of Protective Clothing Materials Challenged by Petroleum and Synfuel Fluids - 01 January 1988

STP26300S: Problems in Personal Protective Equipment Selection - 01 January 1988

STP26301S: Selected Protective Clothing for Semiconductor Manufacture - 01 January 1988

STP26302S: Decontamination of Chemical Protective Clothing Exhibiting Matrix Release - 01 January 1988

STP26303S: Protective Clothing Materials: Chemical Contamination and Decontamination Concerns and Possible Solutions - 01 January 1988

STP26304S: Effects of Water Rinsing on Subsequent Permeation of Rubber Chemical-Protective Gloves - 01 January 1988

STP26305S: Skin Protection and Sensitizing Epoxy Compounds in Electron Microscopy Laboratories - 01 January 1988

STP26306S: Development of a Comprehensive Approach to Chemical Protective Clothing Use - 01 January 1988

STP26269S: A Decade of Protective Clothing Standards Development - 01 January 1988

STP26307S: CPCbase, a Chemical Protective-Clothing Data Base for the Personal Computer - 01 January 1988

STP26308S: Use of a Relational Data Base for Protective Clothing Research - 01 January 1988

STP26309S: Simulation of the Effect of Moisture Content in Underwear and on the Skin Surface on Steam Burns of Fire Fighters - 01 January 1988

STP26310S: Analysis of Standards and Testing for Firemen's Protective Clothing - 01 January 1988

STP26311S: Fire Fighter Turnout Clothing: Physiological and Subjective Evaluation - 01 January 1988

STP26273S: Evaluation of Psychological Reactions in Children When Using Respiratory Protective Devices - 01 January 1988

STP26312S: The Role of the U.S. Coast Guard Strike Team in Hazardous Chemical Responses - 01 January 1988

STP26313S: Physiologic Field Evaluation of Hazardous Materials Protective Ensembles - 01 January 1988

STP26314S: Hydrogen Fluoride Exposure Testing of the U.S. Coast Guard's Totally Encapsulated Chemical Response Suit - 01 January 1988

STP26315S: Propellant Handler's Ensemble: A New-Generation SCAPE - 01 January 1988

STP26316S: Kennedy Space Center Maintenance Program for Propellant Handlers Ensembles - 01 January 1988

STP26317S: Protective Ensemble Testing Using Passive Sampling Devices - 01 January 1988

STP26274S: A Standardized Dexterity Test Battery - 01 January 1988

STP26318S: An Improved Air-Supplied Plastic Suit for Protection Against Tritium - 01 January 1988

STP26319S: Measuring the Integrity of Totally Encapsulating Chemical Protective Suits - 01 January 1988

STP26320S: Evaluation of the Performance of One-Way Valves Used in Chemical Protective Suits - 01 January 1988

STP26321S: Evaluation of the Physiological Parameters Associated with the Propellant Handler's Ensemble - 01 January 1988

STP26322S: Development and Testing of Protective Clothing for Lawn-Care Specialists - 01 January 1988

STP26323S: Factors Influencing Design of Protective Clothing for Pesticide Application - 01 January 1988

STP26324S: Guthion Penetration of Clothing Materials During Mixing and Spraying in Orchards - 01 January 1988

STP26325S: Exposure Measurements Concerning Protective Clothing in Agriculture - 01 January 1988

STP26326S: Protective Clothing for Crop Consultants: Field Studies in Louisiana - 01 January 1988

STP26275S: Thermal Protective Performance of Single-Layer and Multiple-Layer Fabrics Exposed to Electrical Flashovers - 01 January 1988

STP26327S: Engineering Controls and Protective Clothing in the Reduction of Pesticide Exposure to Tractor Drivers - 01 January 1988

STP26328S: Mechanisms of Clothing Exposure and Dermal Dosing during Spray Application - 01 January 1988

STP26329S: Pattern of Dermal Deposition Resulting from Mixing/Loading and Ground Application of 2,4-D Dimethylamine Salt - 01 January 1988

STP26330S: Use of Fluorescent Tracers and Video Imaging to Evaluate Chemical Protective Clothing During Pesticide Applications - 01 January 1988

STP26331S: Comparison of a Thermal Test Battery Analysis and Field Assessments of Thermal Comfort of Protective Apparel for Pesticide Application - 01 January 1988

STP26332S: Distribution of Malathion on Gore-Tex Fabric Before and After Sunlight Exposure and Laundering as Determined by Electron Microscopy - 01 January 1988

STP26333S: Development and Validation of a Laboratory Spray System Designed to Contaminate Fabrics with Pesticide Solutions - 01 January 1988

STP26334S: Strategies for Laundering Protective Apparel Fabric Sequentially Contaminated with Methyl Parathion - 01 January 1988

STP26335S: Dispersion Mechanism of a Pesticide Chemical in Woven Fabric Structures - 01 January 1988

STP26336S: Effect of Temperature and Humidity on Laboratory Pesticide Penetration Studies - 01 January 1988

STP26337S: Chlorpyrifos Residue Removal from Protective Apparel Through Solvent-Based Refurbishment Procedures - 01 January 1988

STP26338S: Chlorpyrifos Residues in Protective Apparel Fabrics Following Commercial or Consumer Refurbishment - 01 January 1988

STP26339S: Effect of Formulation on Removal of Carbaryl and Chlorothalonil from Apparel Fabrics by Dry Cleaning, Aqueous Extraction, and Vaporization - 01 January 1988

STP26340S: Test Method Development and Evaluation of Protective Clothing Items Used in Agricultural Pesticide Operations - 01 January 1988

STP26341S: Use of Methylene Blue Dye to Predict Fabric Penetration by Malathion - 01 January 1988

STP26342S: Quantitation of Pesticides on Apparel Fabrics - 01 January 1988

STP26343S: Impact of Labor Protection in the Registration Process of Pesticides in the Netherlands - 01 January 1988

STP26344S: Pesticide Applicator Exposure Monitoring: EPA Guidelines - 01 January 1988

STP26345S: Progress in the Development of a Generic Data Base for Mixer/Loader-Applicator Exposures - 01 January 1988

STP26346S: Field Evaluation of Protective Clothing: Experimental Designs - 01 January 1988

STP26347S: Pesticide Information and Attitudes Toward Chemical Protective Clothing Among Urban Pesticide Users - 01 January 1988

STP26348S: A Review of the Requirements for Protective Clothing for Agricultural Workers in Hot Climates - 01 January 1988

STP26270S: The Need for International Cooperation Regarding Approvals - 01 January 1988

STP26349S: Protective Clothing and Equipment: Beliefs and Behavior of Pesticide Users in Ecuador - 01 January 1988

STP26350S: Conductive Clothing and Materials - 01 January 1988

STP26276S: Thermal Properties of Protective Clothing and Prediction of Physiological Strain - 01 January 1988

STP26351S: Kinetics of Vapor Sorption by Latex-Bonded Carbon Particles - 01 January 1988

STP26352S: Evaluating a New Material for Use in Totally Encapsulating Chemical Protective Suits - 01 January 1988

STP26277S: Measuring the Protective Insulation of Fabrics in Hot Surface Contact - 01 January 1988

STP23179S: The Force Interplay Between the Foot, Binding, and Ski in Cross-Country Skiing - 01 January 1987

STP938-EB: Skiing Trauma and Safety: Sixth International Symposium - 01 January 1987

STP23180S: The In-Boot Fracture - 01 January 1987

STP23181S: Alpine Ski Boot Hysteresis Characteristics Interpreted for Skier Target Groups Within the Current Standards - 01 January 1987

STP23182S: Ski Boot Compression Syndrome - 01 January 1987

STP23183S: Biomechanical Inquiries on Ski Boots and Resulting Practical Requirements - 01 January 1987

STP23184S: On-slope Evaluation of Alpine Release Bindings - 01 January 1987

STP23185S: Comparison of the BfU and IAS Binding Adjustment Systems for Competitive Skiers - 01 January 1987

STP23186S: Comparative Laboratory Tests of Release Bindings for Children and Young Skiers with Special Reference to the Influence of Boot Material and Boot Sole Length - 01 January 1987

STP23187S: Bindings' Release Setting in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1987

STP23188S: Laboratory Test Methods for Children's Release Bindings with Special Reference to the Inadequacies of the Present Industry Norms and the Knowledge of Injury Thresholds - 01 January 1987

STP23189S: Test Devices for Ski Bindings Sold in Sports Shops: State of the Art and Future Development - 01 January 1987

STP23190S: The Use of an Anthropometric Dummy for Testing a New Ski Binding-Boot System - 01 January 1987

STP23191S: A Small, Low Power Microcomputer-Based Controller for Snow Ski Bindings - 01 January 1987

STP23192S: A New Electromechanical Binding/Dynamometer for Actively Controlled Snow Ski Binding Systems - 01 January 1987

STP23193S: Current Trends in Ski Injuries and Their Relationship to Recent Changes in Ski Equipment - 01 January 1987

STP23173S: Contribution of the Musculature to Rotatory Laxity and Torsional Stiffness at the Knee - 01 January 1987

STP23194S: Analysis of Skiing Injuries in Sapporo, Japan, During 1979 Through 1984 - 01 January 1987

STP23195S: Causes of Skiing Injuries: A Study of Temperature and Ski Area Congestion - 01 January 1987

STP23196S: Incidence, Morbidity, and Mortality of Torso Trauma from Skiing - 01 January 1987

STP23197S: Carpometacarpal Dislocations of the Thumb in Skiing Injuries - 01 January 1987

STP23198S: Four Cases of Anorectal Abscess After Hip Contusion While on Skis - 01 January 1987

STP23199S: Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Skiing - 01 January 1987

STP23200S: Why a Helicopter at a Ski Resort? - 01 January 1987

STP23201S: The International Skiing Federation Contribution to Safety in Skiing - 01 January 1987

STP23174S: The Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in Skiers - 01 January 1987

STP23172S: Identification of the Knee Joint in Varus-Valgus and Longitudinal Rotations in Laboratory and Snow Skiing Experiments - 01 January 1987

STP23175S: Isolated Rupture of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament by Knee Hyperflexion - 01 January 1987

STP23176S: Injury of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament of the Knee in Downhill Skiing: Its Pathomechanism and Treatment - 01 January 1987

STP23177S: Biomechanical Investigations of the Heel Release of Ski Safety Bindings by Triceps Surae Muscle Action - 01 January 1987

STP23178S: Considerations on Mechanical Properties of Skis - 01 January 1987

STP28169S: Laboratory and Mine Dust Explosion Research at the Bureau of Mines - 01 January 1987

STP958-EB: Industrial Dust Explosions - 01 January 1987

STP28170S: Investigations into the Buildup and Development Conditions of Coal Dust Explosions in a 700-m Underground Gallery - 01 January 1987

STP28171S: Coal Dust and Gas Explosion Suppression by Barriers - 01 January 1987

STP28172S: Research on the Suppression of Coal Dust Explosions by Water Barriers - 01 January 1987

STP28173S: Preventive and Design Measures for Protection Against Dust Explosions - 01 January 1987

STP28174S: Review of Coal Pulverizer Fire and Explosion Incidents - 01 January 1987

STP28175S: Coal Pulverizer Explosions - 01 January 1987

STP28176S: Coal Dust Explosions in the Cement Industry - 01 January 1987

STP28177S: A Sugar Dust Explosion and Some Measures to Limit Its Consequences - 01 January 1987

STP28178S: Recent Dust Explosion Experiences in the U.S. Grain Industry - 01 January 1987

STP28179S: A Differentiated Approach to Sizing of Dust Explosion Vents: Influence of Ignition Source Location with Particular Reference to Large, Slender Silos - 01 January 1987

STP28180S: Suppression of Maize Dust Explosions - 01 January 1987

STP28182S: Ignition Probability of Hybrid Mixtures - 01 January 1987

STP28183S: Determination of Metal Sparking Characteristics and the Effects on Explosive Dust Clouds - 01 January 1987

STP28184S: Testing of Electrical Equipment for Use in Class II Hazardous Locations - 01 January 1987

STP28164S: Influence of Temperature and Pressure on the Explosion Characteristics of Dust/Air and Dust/Air/Inert Gas Mixtures - 01 January 1987

STP28185S: A Brief History of Dust Explosions - 01 January 1987

STP28165S: Thermal Autoignition Temperatures from the 1.2-L Furnace and Their Use in Evaluating the Explosion Potential of Dusts - 01 January 1987

STP28163S: Introduction to Dust Explosions - 01 January 1987

STP28166S: The U.K. Approach to Dust Explosibility Assessment and Its Relevance to Explosion Prevention and Protection - 01 January 1987

STP28167S: Propagation of Coal Dust Explosions in Pipes - 01 January 1987

STP28168S: Secondary Dust Explosions - 01 January 1987

STP25875S: Development of Devices Designed to Increase Safety During Field Handling of Pesticides - 01 January 1987

STP25878S: Farm Chemical Handling, Mixing, and Loading: Worker Safety and Environmental Concerns - 01 January 1987

STP898-EB: Vascular Graft Update: Safety and Performance - 01 January 1986

STP33298S: Viewpoints on Safety and Efficacy of Vascular Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP17307S: California Pesticide Applicators' Attitudes and Practices Regarding the Use and Care of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1986

STP900-EB: Performance of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1986

STP17308S: Effectiveness of Selected Work Fabrics as Barriers to Pesticide Penetration - 01 January 1986

STP17309S: Efficiency of Protective Clothing for Pesticide Spraying - 01 January 1986

STP17310S: Fabric Parameters and Pesticide Characteristics That Impact on Dermal Exposure of Applicators - 01 January 1986

STP17311S: Effects of Barrier Finishes on Aerosol Spray Penetration and Comfort of Woven and Disposable Nonwoven Fabrics for Protective Clothing - 01 January 1986

STP17312S: Effect of Laundering Procedures and Functional Finishes on Removal of Insecticides Selected from Three Chemical Classes - 01 January 1986

STP17313S: Effect of Functional Finish Barriers on Pesticide Penetration - 01 January 1986

STP17314S: Distribution of Malathion and Methyl Parathion on Cotton/Polyester Unfinished and Durable-Press Fabrics Before and After Laundering as Determined by Electron Microscopy - 01 January 1986

STP17296S: Introduction - 01 January 1986

STP17315S: Risk Assessment of Chemical Exposure Hazards in the Use of Chemical Protective Clothing—An Overview - 01 January 1986

STP17316S: Bioassay for Testing Protective Glove Performance Against Skin Absorption of Organic Solvents - 01 January 1986

STP17317S: Permeation of Chemicals Through the Skin - 01 January 1986

STP17298S: Use of Infrared Spectroscopy in Permeation Tests - 01 January 1986

STP17318S: Managing the Selection and Use of Chemical Protective Clothing - 01 January 1986

STP17319S: Selection of Chemical Protective Clothing Using Permeation and Toxicity Data - 01 January 1986

STP17320S: Chemical Protective Clothing Field Evaluation Methods - 01 January 1986

STP17321S: Evaluation of Chemical Protective Garment Seams and Closures for Resistance to Liquid Penetration - 01 January 1986

STP17322S: Testing Fully Encapsulated Chemical Suits in a Simulated Work Environment - 01 January 1986

STP17323S: Survey of Use and Maintenance Procedures for Chemical Protective Total Encapsulation Garments - 01 January 1986

STP17324S: Polychlorinated Biphenyl Decontamination of Fire Fighter Turnout Gear - 01 January 1986

STP17325S: A Critical Appraisal of Test Methods for Thermal Protective Clothing Fabrics - 01 January 1986

STP17326S: Do Test Methods Yield Meaningful Performance Specifications? - 01 January 1986

STP17299S: A Proposed Basis for Characterizing and Comparing the Permeation Resistance of Chemical Protective Clothing Materials - 01 January 1986

STP17327S: Protection Offered by Lightweight Clothing Materials to the Heat of a Fire - 01 January 1986

STP17328S: Predicting the Thermal Protective Performance of Heat-Protective Fabrics from Basic Properties - 01 January 1986

STP17329S: New Test Method for Determination of Emissivity and Reflection Properties of Protective Materials Exposed to Radiant Heat - 01 January 1986

STP17330S: Protective Performance of Polybenzimidazole-Blend Fabrics - 01 January 1986

STP17300S: Test Method for Evaluating Adsorptive Fabrics - 01 January 1986

STP17331S: The Contribution of Wool to Improving the Safety of Workers Against Flames and Molten Metal Hazards - 01 January 1986

STP17332S: Thermal Insulative Performance of Single-Layer and Multiple-Layer Fabric Assemblies - 01 January 1986

STP17333S: Advances in Flame-Retardant Safety Apparel - 01 January 1986

STP17334S: Performance of Protective Clothing: Development and Testing of Asbestos Substitutes - 01 January 1986

STP17335S: Some Characteristics of Fabrics for Heat Protective Garments - 01 January 1986

STP17336S: A Method for Testing Fabrics with Molten Metals - 01 January 1986

STP17337S: Functional Integration of Fire Fighters' Protective Clothing - 01 January 1986

STP17338S: U.S. Navy Protective Clothing Program - 01 January 1986

STP17339S: Efficacy of Heat Exchange by Use of a Wettable Cover over Chemical Protective Garments - 01 January 1986

STP17301S: How Protective Is Protective Clothing? - 01 January 1986

STP17340S: A Dynamically Insulated Heat-Protective Clothing Assembly - 01 January 1986

STP17341S: Anthropometric Fit Testing and Evaluation - 01 January 1986

STP17342S: Anthropometric Methods for Improving Protection - 01 January 1986

STP17343S: Anthropometric Sizing and Fit Testing of a Single Battledress Uniform for U.S. Army Men and Women - 01 January 1986

STP17344S: Incendiary Behavior of Electrostatic Spark Discharges from Human Beings - 01 January 1986

STP17302S: Testing of Candidate Glove Materials Against Metal Cutting Fluids - 01 January 1986

STP17303S: Experiences from Developing a Data Base on the Protective Effects Against Chemicals of Gloves Made from Rubber and Plastic Materials - 01 January 1986

STP17304S: Influence of Film Thickness on the Permeation Resistance Properties of Unsupported Glove Films - 01 January 1986

STP17297S: Comparison of Two Methods Used to Measure Permeation of Glove Materials by a Complex Organic Mixture - 01 January 1986

STP17305S: Protective Clothing Permeation Testing: Calculations and Presentation of Data - 01 January 1986

STP17306S: Protective Clothing and the Agricultural Worker - 01 January 1986

STP23033S: Investigations and Measures to Guarantee the Safety of a Pressurized Water Reactor's Pressure Vessel Against Brittle Fracture - 01 January 1986

STP23036S: Safety Standard KTA 3203: Monitoring Radiation Embrittlement of Reactor Pressure Vessels of Light-Water Reactors - 01 January 1986

STP19312S: Comparative Results of Autogenous Ignition Temperature Measurements by ASTM G 72 and Pressurized Scanning Calorimetry in Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1986

STP910-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Second Volume - 01 January 1986

STP19313S: Behavior of Fire Spreading Along High-Temperature Mild Steel and Aluminum Cylinders in Oxygen - 01 January 1986

STP19314S: Burn Propagation Rates of Metals and Alloys in Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1986

STP19315S: The Flammability of Carbon Steel as Determined By Pressurized Oxygen Index Measurements - 01 January 1986

STP19307S: Ignition of Metals and Alloys by High-Velocity Particles - 01 January 1986

STP19316S: Case Study of Royal Australian Air Force P3B Orion Aircraft Ground Oxygen Fire Incident - 01 January 1986

STP19317S: Cleaning Methods and Procedures for Military Oxygen Equipment: Investigation Results - 01 January 1986

STP19318S: Threshold Sensitivities of Tests to Detect Oil Film Contamination in Oxygen Equipment - 01 January 1986

STP19319S: New Oil Detector System Enables Fully Instrumental Operation of Oxygen Reciprocating Compressors - 01 January 1986

STP19320S: Quantitative Low-Tech Measurement of Fluid Nonvolatile Residue - 01 January 1986

STP910-EB: Flammabilityand Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Second Volume - 01 January 1986

STP19308S: Ignition of Metals and Alloys in Gaseous Oxygen by Frictional Heating - 01 January 1986

STP19309S: A Model of Metal Ignition Including the Effect of Oxide Generation - 01 January 1986

STP19310S: Ignition and Combustion Temperatures Determined by Laser Heating - 01 January 1986

STP19306S: The Application of Compatibility Knowledge - 01 January 1986

STP19311S: The Use of the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter in Oxygen Compatibility Testing - 01 January 1986

STP19358S: Right-To-Know Legislation in New York State: Provisions and Implementation - 01 January 1986

STP932-EB: Hazard Communication: Issues and Implementation - 01 January 1986

STP19359S: Overview of the Implementation of a Statewide Worker and Community Right-to-Know Act - 01 January 1986

STP19360S: Hazard Communication in Other Jurisdictions: A Proposed Canadian System - 01 January 1986

STP19361S: Legal Issues Related to the Hazard Communication Standard - 01 January 1986

STP19350S: The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard - 01 January 1986

STP19363S: Hazards of Toxicity Information - 01 January 1986

STP19364S: Using the Micro-CSIN Workstation to Provide Chemical Hazard Information - 01 January 1986

STP19365S: Hazard Communication Information: A History and Commentary on the MSDS Problems - 01 January 1986

STP19349S: Introduction: Communication of Hazard Information—Who is Responsible? - 01 January 1986

STP19351S: OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard Falls Short - 01 January 1986

STP19352S: Training Programs: The Key Link to OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard - 01 January 1986

STP19353S: Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets in Hazard Communication - 01 January 1986

STP19355S: Federal Versus State Hazard Communication: A Chemical Industry Perspective - 01 January 1986

STP19356S: The Hazard Communication Program at 3M: “You Need to Know” - 01 January 1986

STP23095S: Laboratory and Waste Management for Safety and Regulatory Compliance - 01 January 1986

STP36282S: Aquatic Safety Assessment of Chemicals Sorbed to Sediments - 01 January 1985

STP46630S: Pressure-Induced Pain in the Foot and Leg - 01 January 1985

STP860-EB: Skiing Trauma And Safety: Fifth International Symposium - 01 January 1985

STP46631S: Mechanics of the Turning Snow Ski - 01 January 1985

STP46632S: The Evolution of Knee Injuries in Ski Accidents - 01 January 1985

STP46633S: Basic Mechanics of Boot/Skier Interaction - 01 January 1985

STP46634S: Influence of Ski Boot Design on Skiing Safety and Skiing Performance - 01 January 1985

STP46635S: On-Slope Testing of an Instrumented Alpine Ski Boot - 01 January 1985

STP46636S: Optimal Ski Boot Stiffness for the Prevention of Boot-Top Fracture - 01 January 1985

STP46622S: The Work of the IAS in Skiing Safety - 01 January 1985

STP46637S: A Device for Measuring the Influence of Ski Boot Design on the Pressure Distribution in the Lower Leg - 01 January 1985

STP46638S: More Safety in Skiing Through Training the Personnel of the Sport Shops - 01 January 1985

STP46620S: Introduction - 01 January 1985

STP46639S: Comparison of the BfU and IAS Binding Adjustment Systems for Recreational Skiers - 01 January 1985

STP46640S: Binding Adjustment and Binding Release for Alpine Ski Racers - 01 January 1985

STP46641S: A Method for Improvement of Retention Characteristics in Alpine Ski Bindings - 01 January 1985

STP46642S: A Survey of Actively Controlled (Electronic) Snow Ski Bindings - 01 January 1985

STP46643S: Field Testing of a Microcomputer-Controlled Snow Ski Binding - 01 January 1985

STP46623S: Activities of the TÜV Bayern Regarding Skiing Safety - 01 January 1985

STP46644S: Use of Statistics in Identifying Problems in Ski Injury Research - 01 January 1985

STP46645S: Injury and Race Completion Rates in Alpine Competitions - 01 January 1985

STP46646S: Overall Analysis of NSAA/ASTM Data on Skiing Injuries for 1978 Through 1981 - 01 January 1985

STP46647S: A One-Year Study of Alpine Ski Injuries in Hemsedal, Norway - 01 January 1985

STP46648S: Attempts to Reduce the Incidence of Skiing Injuries in Sweden - 01 January 1985

STP46649S: Injury Risk in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1985

STP46624S: Prevention of Ski Accidents in Switzerland - 01 January 1985

STP46650S: Death in Downhill Skiing - 01 January 1985

STP46651S: Collision Injuries in Downhill Skiing - 01 January 1985

STP46652S: Injuries from T-Bar Ski Lifts - 01 January 1985

STP46653S: Head Injuries in Alpine Skiing - 01 January 1985

STP46654S: Thumbs Up: The Changing Pattern of Ski Injuries - 01 January 1985

STP46625S: Effects of Standards on Ski Bindings and Safety - 01 January 1985

STP46655S: Shoulder Dislocations Resulting from Ski Injuries - 01 January 1985

STP46656S: Cross-Country Skiing Injuries - 01 January 1985

STP46657S: A Comparison of Downhill and Cross-Country Skiing Injuries - 01 January 1985

STP46658S: Future Developments in Cross-Country Skiing Equipment - 01 January 1985

STP46659S: Infrared Thermal Imaging and Skiing Safety - 01 January 1985

STP46626S: Frontal Diameter of the Tibia Head: A Comparison of Results from Computed Tomography and Anthropometric Measurements - 01 January 1985

STP46660S: Field Treatment of Hypothermia - 01 January 1985

STP46661S: Accidental Hypothermia and its Treatment in the Field - 01 January 1985

STP46662S: Comparative Calorimetric Measurements of Chemical Heat Packs - 01 January 1985

STP46627S: Torsion of the Lower Extremity and Surface Electromyogram Measurements - 01 January 1985

STP46621S: ASTM Committee F-27 on Snow Skiing - 01 January 1985

STP46628S: A Laboratory for Biomechanical Analysis of the Traumatology of Ski Falls - 01 January 1985

STP46629S: Control of Torsion and Bending of the Lower Extremity During Skiing - 01 January 1985

STP35294S: Stochastic Modelling of Fire Growth - 01 January 1985

STP882-EB: Fire Safety: Science and Engineering - 01 January 1985

STP35295S: Application of the Standard Fire Curve for Expressing Natural Fires for Design Purposes - 01 January 1985

STP35296S: Design of Buildings for Prescribed Levels of Structural Fire Safety - 01 January 1985

STP35297S: Fire Performance of Reinforced Concrete Columns - 01 January 1985

STP35298S: Effect of Fire Exposure on Structural Response and Fireproofing Requirements of Structural Steel Frame Assemblies - 01 January 1985

STP35289S: Fire Risk Assessment: Integrating Fire Testing and Fire Codes - 01 January 1985

STP35299S: Computer Modeling the Fire Endurance of Floor Systems in Steel-Framed Buildings - 01 January 1985

STP35300S: New Concepts for Measuring Flame Spread Properties - 01 January 1985

STP35301S: Prediction of Upholstered Chair Heat Release Rates from Bench-Scale Measurements - 01 January 1985

STP35302S: Smoke Production in Fires: Small-Scale Experiments - 01 January 1985

STP35290S: Standard Room Fire Test Development at the National Bureau of Standards - 01 January 1985

STP35303S: Control Safety Considerations for HVAC Smoke Management Techniques - 01 January 1985

STP35304S: The Need and Availability of Test Methods for Measuring the Smoke Leakage Characteristics of Door Assemblies - 01 January 1985

STP35305S: An Evaluation of Toxic Hazards from Full-Scale Furnished Room Fire Studies - 01 January 1985

STP35306S: Applications of Sprinkler Technology—Early Suppression of High-Challenge Fires with Fast-Response Sprinkler - 01 January 1985

STP35307S: Definition of the Concentration Gradient Above Flammable Liquids - 01 January 1985

STP35308S: The Human Aspects of Fires in Buildings—A Review of Research in the United Kingdom - 01 January 1985

STP35287S: The Potential of Scientifically Based Fire Protection Engineering? - 01 January 1985

STP35291S: Combustible Linings and Room Fire Growth—A First Analysis - 01 January 1985

STP35292S: Future Directions for Modeling the Spread of Fire, Smoke, and Toxic Gases - 01 January 1985

STP35288S: Fire Performance Standards for Buildings - 01 January 1985

STP35293S: Scaling Correlations of Flashover Experiments - 01 January 1985

STP39139S: Membrane Filter Method for Estimating Asbestos Fiber Exposure - 01 January 1984

STP834-EB: Definitions for Asbestos and Other Health-Related Silicates - 01 January 1984

STP39140S: Fiber Definition in Occupational and Environmental Asbestos Measurements - 01 January 1984

STP39141S: A Definition for Asbestos - 01 January 1984

STP39142S: Defining Silicon Dioxide - 01 January 1984

STP39143S: What is Talc? - 01 January 1984

STP39144S: Consequences of Using Improper Definitions for Regulated Minerals - 01 January 1984

STP39145S: Rock Fiber in Nonasbestos Mines— A Suggested Program for Canadian Mines - 01 January 1984

STP39146S: Definitions for Silica Minerals - 01 January 1984

STP39147S: A Definition for Talc - 01 January 1984

STP39138S: A Survey of Asbestos-Related Disease in Trades and Mining Occupations and in Factory and Mining Communities as a Means of Predicting Health Risks of Nonoccupational Exposure to Fibrous Minerals - 01 January 1984

STP39137S: Defining Asbestos Particulates for Monitoring Purposes - 01 January 1984

STP29532S: ASTM Safety Alert System - 01 January 1984

STP33226S: Quality Assurance of Polymeric Materials and Products—The Underwriters Laboratories Safety Performance Viewpoint - 01 January 1984

STP29436S: Tackling Safety and Health Issues in the Use of Thermal Insulation - 01 January 1983

STP31786S: The Formulation Chemist in an Emergency Response System - 01 January 1983

STP35195S: Chapter 23—Technology Awareness: Electrical Safety, the Clinical Environment, and Standards - 01 January 1983

STP35210S: Oil Film Hazards in Oxygen Systems - 01 January 1983

STP812-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1983

STP35211S: Metal Combustion in High-Pressure Flowing Oxygen - 01 January 1983

STP35212S: Friction-Induced Ignition in Oxygen - 01 January 1983

STP35213S: Selection of Metals for Gaseous Oxygen Service - 01 January 1983

STP35203S: ASTM G 63: A Milestone in a 60-Year Safety Effort - 01 January 1983

STP35206S: Oxygen Index Tests to Evaluate the Suitability of a Given Material for Oxygen Service - 01 January 1983

STP35207S: Measurement of Oxygen Index at Elevated Pressures - 01 January 1983

STP35208S: Heat of Combustion and Oxygen Compatibility - 01 January 1983

STP35209S: Techniques Employed by the NASA White Sands Test Facility to Ensure Oxygen System Component Safety - 01 January 1983

STP35204S: NASA Mechanical Impact Testing in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1983

STP28561S: Inspections, Tests, and Accreditation Activities Associated with Qualification of Safety-Related Equipment for Nuclear Generating Stations - 01 January 1983

STP28566S: Performance Evaluation in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service Science Laboratories - 01 January 1983

STP34186S: A Proposed Rating System to Describe the Behavior of Reinforced Plastics in Large-Scale Fire Tests - 01 January 1983

STP816-EB: Behavior of Polymeric Materials in Fire - 01 January 1983

STP34180S: Prediction of Ignition Thresholds During Ramp Heating - 01 January 1983

STP34181S: Heat Release Rates of Lumber and Wood Products - 01 January 1983

STP34179S: Fire Test Methods: Classification and Application - 01 January 1983

STP34182S: Thermal Degradation of Cable and Wire Insulations - 01 January 1983

STP34183S: Influence of Flame-Retardant Chemicals on the Gas-Phase Combustion of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) - 01 January 1983

STP34184S: Factors Affecting Smoke Production During Combustion of Polyolefin Polymers - 01 January 1983

STP34185S: An Evaluation of the Protection Provided by Textile Fabrics Against High-Energy Electrical Flashovers: Design of Test Apparatus - 01 January 1983

STP31844S: NRC Safety Research Priorities for Reactor Vessel Embrittlement, Annealing, and Surveillance Dosimetry - 01 January 1983

STP44832S: A Guide to The Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials Accidents - 01 January 1983

STP825-EB: A Guide to the Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials Accidents - 01 January 1983

STP762-EB: Fire Risk Assessment - 01 January 1982

STP33487S: Formulating Acceptable Levels of Fire Risk - 01 January 1982

STP33488S: Using Fire Tests for Quantitative Risk Analysis - 01 January 1982

STP33485S: Assessing the Risk of Fires Systemically - 01 January 1982

STP33489S: Legal and Economic Criteria for Test-Based Fire Risk Assessment - 01 January 1982

STP33490S: Assessment of Fire Risk for Exterior Structural Members - 01 January 1982

STP33984S: Evaluation of Employee Exposure to Trinitrofluorenone from Electrophotographic Printers and Copiers in a User Environment - 01 January 1982

STP28082S: Conflicting Requirements of Exit Doors - 01 January 1981

STP729-EB: Building Security - 01 January 1981

STP28074S: Evaluation of the Hartford Crime Control Experiment: Some Lessons for Future Evaluations - 01 January 1981

STP28083S: School Building Security—A Need for Standards and Guidelines - 01 January 1981

STP28084S: Design Considerations for High-Security Interior Intrusion Detection Systems - 01 January 1981

STP28085S: Jamb/Stud Wall Security - 01 January 1981

STP28086S: Perimeter Lighting for Security - 01 January 1981

STP28075S: No-Force Residential Burglaries: The Consequences of Negligence - 01 January 1981

STP28076S: Use of Victimization Surveys in Security Planning - 01 January 1981

STP28077S: Reducing Vandalism in Naval Bachelor Enlisted Quarters - 01 January 1981

STP28073S: Emerging Concepts in Security Design - 01 January 1981

STP28078S: Crime and Economic Development - 01 January 1981

STP28079S: Security Systems in Museums - 01 January 1981

STP28080S: Crime Prevention Through Building Codes - 01 January 1981

STP28081S: Reconciling Fire Safety and Security Requirements for Buildings - 01 January 1981

STP38672S: Chronic Effects of Inhaled Amorphous Silicas in Animals - 01 January 1981

STP732-EB: Health Effects of Synthetic Silica Particulates - 01 January 1981

STP38673S: Biological Action of Precipitation-Process Submicron Amorphous Silica (HI-SIL 233) - 01 January 1981

STP38674S: Effects of Unmodified Natural and Coated Silicious Earth in a Long-Term Intraperitoneal Test in Rats - 01 January 1981

STP38675S: Respiratory Effects of Inhaled Amorphous Silica - 01 January 1981

STP38676S: Possible Health Hazards from Different Types of Amorphous Silicas - 01 January 1981

STP38666S: Characterization of Silicon Dioxide Surfaces by Successive Determinations of the Solution Rate - 01 January 1981

STP38665S: The Surface Chemistry of Amorphous Synthetic Silica—Interaction with Organic Molecules in an Aqueous Medium - 01 January 1981

STP38667S: Evaluation of Potential Inhalation Hazard of Particulate Silicious Compounds by In Vitro Rabbit Alveolar Macrophage Tests—Application to Industrial Particulates Containing Hazardous Impurities - 01 January 1981

STP38668S: The Macrophage in Fibrogenesis by Quartz - 01 January 1981

STP38669S: Effects of Synthetic Silicas on Mouse Peritoneal Macrophages In Vitro - 01 January 1981

STP38670S: Immunological Aspects of Silica - 01 January 1981

STP38671S: Characterization of the Inflammatory Response in Experimental Silicosis - 01 January 1981

STP34144S: Safety Margins: Classical Mammalian Approaches and Practical Aspects of Their Present Use in Aquatic Toxicology - 01 January 1981

STP34145S: Margins of Safety in the Assessment of Aquatic Hazards of Chemicals—Some Regulatory Viewpoints - 01 January 1981

STP34143S: Margins of Safety for Aquatic Communities - 01 January 1981

STP35159S: Plastic Enclosures and Containers for Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Pesticides in Aquatic Environments - 01 January 1981

STP35161S: Recommended Practice for Determining the Effectiveness and Safety of Aquatic Animal Control Agents in Static Water Studies - 01 January 1981

STP36103S: Selection of Paints and Coatings Used in Civil Engineering and for Road Safety - 01 January 1980

STP34995S: Understanding and Modeling Preflashover Compartment Fires - 01 July 1979

STP685-EB: Design of Buildings for Fire Safety - 01 July 1979

STP34996S: The Spread of Fire from a Compartment—A Review - 01 July 1979

STP34993S: Behavior of Inorganic Materials in Fire - 01 July 1979

STP34997S: Design to Cope with Incipient Fires - 01 July 1979

STP34998S: Design to Cope with Fully Developed Fires - 01 July 1979

STP34992S: Toward a Knowledge-Based Fire Safety System - 01 July 1979

STP34994S: Fire Response of Organic Polymeric Materials (Organic Materials in Fire: Combustibility) - 01 July 1979

STP35049S: Jet Fuel Safety and Flash Point - 01 January 1979

STP35077S: On-Line Safety Monitoring of a Large High Pressure High Temperature Autoclave - 01 January 1979

STP649-EB: Walkway Surfaces: Measurement of Slip Resistance - 01 January 1978

STP28733S: Measurement of Frictional Properties of Footwear Sole and Heel Materials - 01 January 1978

STP28734S: Standardization of Test Methods for Measurement of Floor Slipperiness - 01 January 1978

STP28732S: Slip-Resistance Testing: Deriving Guidance from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) - 01 January 1978

STP28735S: Technical Support for a Slip-Resistance Standard - 01 January 1978

STP28736S: A Comparison of Two Slip-Resistance Testers - 01 January 1978

STP28737S: Description of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Universal Friction Testing Machine (UFTM) - 01 January 1978

STP28738S: Measurement of Slip Between the Shoe and Ground During Walking - 01 January 1978

STP28739S: A Different Approach to Measuring Pedestrian Friction: The CEBTP Skidmeter - 01 January 1978

STP35696S: Environmental Safety Assessment of New Materials - 01 January 1978

STP657-EB: Estimating the Hazard of Chemical Substances to Aquatic Life - 01 January 1978

STP35698S: Summary of Proposal Procedures for the Evaluation of Aquatic Hazard - 01 January 1978

STP35690S: Introduction to a Discussion of the Use of Aquatic Toxicity Tests for Evaluation of the Effects of Toxic Substances - 01 January 1978

STP35701S: Proposed Working Document for the Development of an ASTM Draft Standard on Standard Practice for a Laboratory Testing Scheme to Evaluate Hazard to Non-Target Aquatic Organisms - 01 January 1978

STP35692S: Prediction of Environmental Pollutant Concentration - 01 January 1978

STP35689S: Introduction - 01 January 1978

STP35693S: Predicting the Fate of Chemicals in the Aquatic Environment from Laboratory Data - 01 January 1978

STP35695S: Hazard Assessment of Toxic Substances: Environmental Fate Testing of Organic Chemicals and Ecological Effects Testing - 01 January 1978

STP27931S: Chapter 20—Product Liability and Consumer Product Safety - 01 January 1977

STP32387S: An Industrial Approach to Evaluating Environmental Safety of New Products - 01 January 1977

STP609-EB: Child-Resistant Packaging - 01 January 1976

STP27865S: Variety of Child-Resistant Closures Available - 01 January 1976

STP27866S: Packaging Requirements for New Drug Applications - 01 January 1976

STP27867S: The Technical Advisory Committee on Poison Prevention Packaging and Its Function - 01 January 1976

STP27863S: Poison Prevention Packaging—A Retrospective View - 01 January 1976

STP27868S: Quality Control for the Manufacture of Child-Resistant Closures - 01 January 1976

STP27869S: Quality Control of Special Packaging (Child-Resistant) Caps - 01 January 1976

STP27870S: Container Changes—Quality and Quantity - 01 January 1976

STP27871S: Case Study—Conversion to Child-Resistant Packaging - 01 January 1976

STP27872S: The Development of ASTM Standards on Child-Resistant Packaging - 01 January 1976

STP27873S: Enforcement Under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act - 01 January 1976

STP27874S: Canadian Standards Association Services in Standards and Certification for Child-Resistant Packaging - 01 January 1976

STP27875S: Child-Resistant Packaging and Consumer Reaction - 01 January 1976

STP27864S: Protocol for the Evaluation of Poison Prevention Packaging - 01 January 1976

STP37205S: Some Problem Aspects of Fully Developed Room Fires - 01 January 1976

STP614-EB: Fire Standards and Safety - 01 January 1976

STP37201S: The National Fire Incident Reporting System: A Key to Fire Hazard Quantification - 01 January 1976

STP37206S: Growth of Fire in Building Compartments - 01 January 1976

STP37207S: Calculation Methods for Predicting Smoke Movement in Building Fires and Designing Smoke Control Systems - 01 January 1976

STP37208S: The Role of Tests in Defining Fire Hazard: A Concept - 01 January 1976

STP37209S: Building and Fire Codes: The Regulatory Process - 01 January 1976

STP37210S: A Place for Voluntary Standards - 01 January 1976

STP37211S: National Mandatory Fire Safety Standards - 01 January 1976

STP37212S: International Standardization: Advantages, Progress, and Problems - 01 January 1976

STP37213S: Sampling and Analysis of Fire Atmospheres - 01 January 1976

STP37202S: Fire-Related Fatalities: An Analysis of Their Demography, Physical Origins, and Medical Causes - 01 January 1976

STP37214S: Assessment of the Relative Toxicity of Materials: Concept of a Limiting Toxicant - 01 January 1976

STP37216S: Development of a Room Fire Test - 01 January 1976

STP37203S: Estimating Injury from Burning Garments and Development of Concepts for Flammability Tests - 01 January 1976

STP37200S: Fire Research and Fire Safety: A Status Report on the Situation in the United States - 01 January 1976

STP37204S: Ignition and Burning of Solids - 01 January 1976

STP583-EB: Surface Texture Versus Skidding: Measurements, Frictional Aspects, and Safety Features of Tire-Pavement Interactions - 01 July 1975

STP44741S: Safety Considerations in Using LP-Gas Engine Fuel - 01 January 1973

STP32093S: Predicting Limits for Safe Application of Combustible Materials - 01 January 1972

STP502-EB: Ignition, Heat Release, and Noncombustibility of Materials - 01 January 1972

STP32094S: Heat Release Rate of Building Materials - 01 January 1972

STP32087S: Perspective on Methods of Assessing Fire Hazards in Buildings - 01 January 1972

STP32095S: Development of a Heat Release Rate Calorimeter at NBS - 01 January 1972

STP32088S: Noncombustibility: A Marine View - 01 January 1972

STP32089S: The Belgian Point of View on Testing Reaction to Fire of Building Materials - 01 January 1972

STP32086S: A Code Official's View of Requirements for Noncombustible Building Materials - 01 January 1972

STP32090S: Self-Heating and Thermal Ignition—A Guide to Its Theory and Application - 01 January 1972

STP32091S: The Crucible Test Method for Defining Noncombustible Materials - 01 January 1972

STP32092S: Noncombustibility—Its Definition, Measurement, and Applications - 01 January 1972

STP44715S: New Criteria for Fire Endurance Tests - 01 January 1970

STP464-EB: Fire Test Performance - 01 January 1970

STP44716S: Interlaboratory Comparison of the Potential Heat Test Method - 01 January 1970

STP44717S: Fire Tests of Concrete Members: An Improved Method for Estimating Thermal Restraint Forces - 01 January 1970

STP44718S: Elevated-Temperature Tensile and Creep Properties of Some Structural and Prestressing Steels - 01 January 1970

STP44719S: Thermal Performance of Concrete Masonry Walls in Fire - 01 January 1970

STP44709S: Fire Load, Fire Severity, and Fire Endurance - 01 January 1970

STP44711S: Effect of Furnace Design on Fire Endurance Test Results - 01 January 1970

STP44712S: Temperature Criteria at Failure - 01 January 1970

STP44713S: Fire Test Standard in the Light of Fire Research - 01 January 1970

STP44714S: A Building Official's View Concerning Fire Test Standards - 01 January 1970

STP471-EB: The Laboratory Handling and Storage of Peroxy Compounds - 01 January 1970

STP48361S: Laboratory Handling and Storage of Peroxy Compounds - 01 January 1970

STP47370S: High Factors of Safety or Usable Design Strengths - 01 January 1969

STP41308S: Evaluation of the XP2 Smoke Density Chamber - 01 January 1967

STP422-EB: Symposium on Fire Test Methods—Restraint & Smoke 1966 - 01 January 1967

STP41309S: Measurement and Control of Smoke in Building Fires - 01 January 1967

STP41310S: Method for Measuring Smoke from Burning Materials - 01 January 1967

STP41311S: Fire and Smoke Invasion of Apartments - 01 January 1967

STP41304S: Restraint in Fire Tests of Concrete Floors and Roofs - 01 January 1967

STP41305S: Deflection and Failure of Steel-Supported Floors and Beams in Fire - 01 January 1967

STP41303S: Load and Fire Test Data on Steel-Supported Floor Assemblies - 01 January 1967

STP41306S: Fire Resistance of Protected Steel Beam Floor and Roof Assemblies as Affected by Structural Restraint - 01 January 1967

STP41307S: Smoke Contribution Factor in Fire Hazard Classification of Building Materials - 01 January 1967

STP406-EB: Fire Resistance of Hydraulic Fluids - 01 January 1966

STP44658S: Industrial and ASTM Fluid Fire-Test Programs - 01 January 1966

STP44659S: Miniaturized Tests for Fire Resistance of Hydraulic Fluids - 01 January 1966

STP44660S: Spontaneous Ignition Testing for High Speed Aircraft - 01 January 1966

STP44661S: Survey of Techniques for the Evaluation of the Fire Resistance Properties of Aviation Hydraulic Fluids - 01 January 1966

STP44653S: Hydraulic Fluid Closed Compartment Fire Tests - 01 January 1966

STP44654S: A Simplified Spray-Flammability Test for Hydraulic Fluids - 01 January 1966

STP44652S: An Apparatus for STudying the Fire Resistance of Hydraulic Fluids at Elevated Pressures - 01 January 1966

STP44655S: Comments on Aircraft Fluid Fire Hazard Assessment - 01 January 1966

STP44656S: Assessment of the Flammability of Aircraft Fluids - 01 January 1966

STP44657S: The Ignition of Flammable Fluids by Hot Surfaces - 01 January 1966

STP43544S: The Significance of Recent Developments in Fracture Mechanics In Great Britain In Relation To The Safety Of Reactor Pressure Vessels - 01 January 1965

STP385-EB: Moisture in Materials in Relation to Fire Tests - 01 January 1965

STP48431S: Effect of Moisture on Surface Flammability of Coated and Uncoated Cellulosic Materials - 01 January 1965

STP48425S: The Drying Process - 01 January 1965

STP48423S: Introduction - 01 January 1965

STP48426S: Moisture Content of Wood in Buildings - 01 January 1965

STP48427S: The Kiln Drying of Wood - 01 January 1965

STP48424S: Moisture Equilibrium and Migration in Building Materials - 01 January 1965

STP48428S: Concrete Drying Methods and Their Effect on Fire Resistance - 01 January 1965

STP48429S: Effect of Moisture on the Fire Endurance of Building Elements - 01 January 1965

STP48430S: Fire Endurance of Small Gypsum Slabs - 01 January 1965

STP394-EB: Fire and Explosion Hazards of Peroxy Compounds - 01 January 1965

STP46025S: Fire and Explosion Hazards of Peroxy Compounds - 01 January 1965

STP44465S: Statistical Evaluation of a Limited Number of Fatigue Test Specimens Including a Factor of Safety Approach - 01 January 1963

STP344-EB: Symposium on Fire Test Methods (1962) - 01 January 1963

STP44509S: The Building Official's Point of View on Fire Tests - 01 January 1963

STP44510S: The Fire Marshal's Point of View on Fire Tests - 01 January 1963

STP44503S: Surface Flammability as Determined by the FPL 8-FT Tunnel Method - 01 January 1963

STP44504S: Surface Flammability Measurements by the Radiant-Panel Method - 01 January 1963

STP44502S: Flame-Spread Tests in a Large Tunnel Furnace - 01 January 1963

STP44505S: Fire Endurance Tests of Wall and Partition Assemblies - 01 January 1963

STP44506S: The Hose-Stream Test as a Part of Fire-Testing Procedure - 01 January 1963

STP44507S: Method for Fire Tests of Floor and Ceiling Assemblies - 01 January 1963

STP44508S: Effect of Restraint on Fire Resistance of Prestressed Concrete - 01 January 1963

STP41234S: Recommended Practices for Safe Handling of Beryllium Oxide Ceramics - 01 January 1961

STP301-EB: Symposium on Fire Test Methods - 01 January 1961

STP39388S: A Treatise on Theoretical Fire Endurance Rating - 01 January 1961

STP39387S: Early History of Fire Endurance Testing in The United States - 01 January 1961

STP39389S: The New Beam Furnace at PCA and Some Experience Gained from its Use - 01 January 1961

STP39390S: Surface Flammability of Materials: A Survey of Test Methods and Comparison of Results - 01 January 1961