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JTE20180116: Assessing the Medical Staff’s Overall Satisfaction of Patient Safety Culture from a Regional Teaching Hospital in Taiwan - 01 November 2020

JTE20180428: Fire Water Monitor Trajectories Based on Turbulence Breakup Model - 01 November 2020

JTE20180414: An Enhanced Hybrid Clustering Approach for Privacy Preservation (ECPS) in Big Data using Apache Spark Framework - 01 November 2019

JTE20170466: The Influence of Footwear Tread Groove Orientation on Slip Outcome and Slip Severity - 01 September 2019

JTE20170285: The Surface Tension of Synthetic Blood Used for ASTM F1670 Penetration Tests - 01 March 2019

JTE20160645: Assessment of Hazardous Substances in Electrical Cables: Implementation of RoHS Regulations in India - 01 September 2018

JTE20170345: Studying the Statistics of Natural X-ray Pictures - 01 July 2018

JTE20170349: Testing the Image Quality of Cabinet X-ray Systems for Security Screening: The Revised ASTM F792 Standard - 01 July 2018

ACEM20170105: Surrogate Measures for Traffic Safety Evaluation in Developing Countries: An Application Toward Sustainable Safety - 07 June 2018

JTE20160006: Assessment of Radioactivity in Concrete Made with e-Waste Plastic - 01 March 2018

JTE20160340: Blast Performance of Demining Footwear: Numerical and Experimental Trials on Frangible Leg Model and Injury Modeling - 01 March 2018

GTJ20160289: Shallow-Layer p-y Relationships for Micropiles Embedded in Saturated Medium Dense Sand Using Quasi-Static Test - 01 January 2018

JTE20160265: Simulated Road Profiles According to ISO 8608 in Vibration Analysis - 01 January 2018

JTE20160336: Physiological Information for Pavement Ride Quality Verification - 01 January 2018

JTE20170073: Validation of a Clothing Heat Transfer Model in Nonisothermal Test Conditions - 01 January 2018

JTE20170259: Bayesian Estimates and the Effectiveness of Metal Detection Devices - 01 January 2018

JTE20170329: The Case for Technical Performance Standards for Radiation Inspection Systems - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160295: Measurement of Gas Released during Blast Densification - 01 November 2017

JTE20140444: A Longitudinal Study of Identifying Critical Factors of Patient Safety Culture in Taiwan - 01 May 2017

JTE20150203: Prevention of Mine-Shaft Failure by Aquifer Replenishment - 01 May 2017

JTE20150382: Fourier Transform Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy for Quantitative Analysis of Gas Mixtures at Low Temperatures for Homeland Security Applications - 01 May 2017

JTE20140433: Acoustic Instrumentation Setup for Armament Performance Evaluation Applications - 01 March 2017

JTE20140528: 2-DWT and AES: Secure Authentication Management for Polar Iris Templates Using Visual Cryptography - 01 March 2017

JTE20150171: Evaluation of Foot Protection Effectiveness Against AP Mine Blasts: Effect of Deflector Geometry - 01 March 2017

JTE20140345: Evaluating Airbag Safety Vests for Equestrian Sports - 01 November 2016

MPC20160004: Development of a Slip Hazard: Partially Wetted Floors and Film Formation - 11 October 2016

JTE20140401: An Evaluation of Methodologies for Determining Delay Times in the Cone Calorimeter Fire Test - 01 May 2016

JTE20160081: CHETAH 10.0, the ASTM Computer Program for the Prevention of Reactive and Flammability Hazards - 01 May 2016

JTE20150019: Fourier Transform Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy for Quantitative Analysis of Gas Mixtures for Homeland Security Applications - 01 January 2016

JTE20140120: An Importance-Performance Analysis of Human Factors for Patient Safety Management Strategy - 01 November 2015

JTE20130316: Studies of Absorption in Sanitary Protective Gloves - 01 September 2015

JTE20120334: Understanding the Friction Measured by Standardised Test Methodologies Used to Assess Shoe-Surface Slip Risk - 01 July 2015

JTE20130308: Slip Prediction Accuracy and Bias of the SATRA STM 603 Whole Shoe Tester - 01 May 2015

JTE20130291: From Texture to Skid Resistance: A Multi-Scale Modeling Approach - 01 March 2015

JTE20130122: Performance of Certified Climbing Helmets During Simulated Climbing Falls - 01 September 2014

JTE20130092: A Residual Mass Ballistic Testing Method to Compare Armor Materials or Components (Residual Mass Ballistic Testing Method) - 01 May 2014

JTE20130010: Ricocheted Rifle and Shotgun Projectiles: A Ballistic Evaluation - 01 March 2014

JTE20130018: Equipment Fragility Due to Shock Response - 01 January 2014

JTE20120224: Preliminary Evaluation of the Ergonomic Properties of Gloves for Protection Against Mineral Oils Based on Manual Dexterity Tests - 01 November 2013

JTE20120020: Investigation of Delamination on I-65 in Indiana - 01 September 2013

JTE104273: A New Method for Threat Assessment and Uncertainty Analysis of Air-Raid-Target-Based on Connection Number - 01 November 2012

JAI104196: Statistical Comparison of Analysis Results for Lead on Dust Wipe Samples by X-ray Fluorescence Analysis and Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry - 01 May 2012

JAI104217: New Surface Samplers for Use in Forensic Sampling after a Chemical Incident - 01 May 2012

JAI103978: The Influence of Headform Circumference and Mass on Alpine Ski Helmet Performance in Laboratory Tests - 01 April 2012

JAI104098: Apparatus for Use in Evaluating Protection from Low Pressure Hot Water Jets - 01 April 2012

JAI104204: Testing Damping Performance and Bending Stiffness of Snowboarding Wrist Protectors - 01 April 2012

JAI104270: Comparison between Hybrid III Headforms by Linear and Angular Dynamic Impact Response Characteristics - 01 April 2012

JAI104496: Alpine Skiing, Telemarking, Snowboarding, and Skiboarding Injuries Related to Gender and Ability - 01 April 2012

JAI104211: Interlaboratory Study of ASTM F2731, Standard Test Method for Measuring the Transmitted and Stored Energy of Firefighter Protective Clothing Systems - 01 March 2012

JTE103872: Evaluation of the Long-Distance Conducted Electrical Weapon XREP® - 01 March 2012

JTE103913: Development of a Proposed ASTM Guide to Continued Applicability of Reports on Fire Test Standards - 01 January 2012

JTE103915: Uncertainty in Fire Protection Engineering Design - 01 January 2012

JTE103919: What Have We Learned About Uncertainty? Are We Still Playing with Fire? - 01 January 2012

JTE104261: Fire Pattern Repeatability: A Study in Uncertainty - 01 January 2012

JAI103487: The Feasibility of Studying the Health Implications of Surface Beryllium Contamination: A Review of Eight Industries - 01 November 2011

JTE103425: Testing of Removable Bracket Protection System for Rock Climbing - 01 November 2011

JTE103911: Measurement Uncertainty in Fire Tests—A Fire Laboratory Point of View - 01 November 2011

JTE103914: Bench Tests for Characterizing the Thermophysical Properties of Type X Special Fire Resistant Gypsum Board Exposed to Fire - 01 November 2011

JTE103922: Heat Flux Measurements and Their Uncertainty in a Large-Scale Fire Test - 01 November 2011

JTE103927: In Search of Standard Reference Materials for ASTM E05 Fire Standards - 01 November 2011

JTE103949: Measurement Uncertainty and Statistical Process Control for the Steiner Tunnel (UL 723, ASTM E84) - 01 November 2011

JAI103411: Beryllium Measurement by Optical Fluorescence in Samples Contaminated by Strongly Fluorescent Impurities - 01 September 2011

JAI103469: Improving the Confidence Level in Lead Clearance Examination Results through Modifications to Dust Sampling Protocols - 01 September 2011

JAI103480: Developing Acceptable Surface Limits for Occupational Exposure to Pharmaceutical Substances - 01 September 2011

JAI103509: Use of the ASTM Inter-Laboratory Studies (ILS) Program in Developing Precision Data for ASTM D5755 – Asbestos in Dust by Microvacuum Sampling - 01 September 2011

JTE103702: Slip Safety Analysis of Differently Surface Processed Dimension Marbles - 01 September 2011

JAI103762: Fire in High Pressure Oxygen Filter: Analysis of an Accident in a Steel Plant - 01 July 2011

JTE103062: Dynamic Characteristics of a Recoil System When Firing Projectiles with Mach 4.4 Muzzle Velocity from a 105 mm Cannon - 01 July 2011

JAI103453: Screening of Spill and Leakage of Antibiotics in Hospital Wards - 01 June 2011

JAI103514: Indoor Allergen Surface Sampling Methods and Standards: A Review of the Theory and the Practice - 01 June 2011

JAI103527: Handwipe Method for Removing Lead from Skin - 01 May 2011

JAI102811: Helmet Use and Self-Reported Risk Taking in Skiing and Snowboarding - 01 January 2011

JAI103113: Triboelectrification of Metallic Dust Particles: Experiment and Modeling - 01 January 2011

JAI102818: Hydration Packs Modify Professional Skiers Hydration Levels in All Day Skiing: A Randomized Controlled Trial - 01 November 2010

JAI102821: Evaluating the Performance of Helmet Linings Incorporating Fluid Channels - 01 November 2010

JAI102826: Polarizing Filters in Ski Sports - 01 November 2010

JAI102885: Jumper Kinematics on Terrain Park Jumps: Relationship between Takeoff Speed and Distance Traveled - 01 November 2010

JAI102824: Emergency Release for Winter Sports Equipment - 01 October 2010

JAI102827: Reaction Forces and Moments in Carved Turns - 01 October 2010

JAI102829: Reaction Times of Skiers and Snowboarders - 01 October 2010

JAI102641: Analytical Behaviors of Steel and CFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams in Fire - 01 September 2010

JAI102823: Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries in the Czech Republic in Winter Seasons 2003–2008 - 01 September 2010

JAI102831: Relative Motion of ACL Insertion Points In Vivo: A Case Study, Including Skiing Maneuvers - 01 September 2010

JAI102815: Gender-Specific Effects of Smoking and Alcohol Consumption on the Risk of Falling in Downhill Skiers - 01 July 2010

JAI102814: Analyzing the Riding Behavior of Recreational Skiers and Snowboarders - 01 June 2010

JAI102978: Retention Requirements for Alpine Ski Bindings - 01 June 2010

JAI102923: Resistance of protective gloves materials to puncture by medical needles - 01 May 2010

JAI102257: N-Class Fire Resistant Divisions in U.S. Naval Ships - 01 April 2010

JAI102817: Skiing and Boarding Injuries on Norwegian Slopes during Two Winter Seasons - 01 April 2010

JAI102875: Aging Trends in Alpine Skiing - 01 April 2010

JAI102747: Are ACL Injuries Related to Perceived Fatigue in Female Skiers? - 01 March 2010

JAI102280: Using Directional Flame Thermometers for Measuring Thermal Exposure - 01 February 2010

JAI102259: Fire Performance Testing of Building Element Interfaces and Connections - 01 January 2010

JAI102311: Predicting Fire Behavior of Composite CFT Columns Using Fundamental Section Behavior - 01 January 2010

JAI102334: Comparisons of Temperature and Heat Flux in Furnaces Controlled by Different Types of Temperature Sensors - 01 January 2010

JAI101908: An Analysis of Head Impact Profiles and Safe Hockey Behaviors in Youth Hockey Players - 01 November 2009

JAI102230: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Cobalt and Nickel Alloys in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 November 2009

JAI102240: Verification of the ASTM G-124 Purge Equation - 01 November 2009

JAI102264: Ignition of Contaminated Aluminum by Impact in Liquid Oxygen—Influence of Oxygen Purity - 01 November 2009

JAI102287: Advanced Crew Escape Suits (ACES) Particle Impact Test - 01 November 2009

JAI102296: Oxygen Fire Hazards in Valve-Integrated Pressure Regulators for Medical Oxygen - 01 November 2009

JAI102298: An Approach to Understanding Flow Friction Ignition: A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Study on Temperature Development of High-Pressure Oxygen Flow Inside Micron-Scale Seal Cracks - 01 November 2009

JAI102299: Good Practices for Avoiding Fires in Steel Mill Oxygen Systems - 01 November 2009

JAI102306: Determination of Time Required for Materials Exposed to Oxygen to Return to Reduced Flammability - 01 November 2009

JAI102342: Liquid Oxygen Rotating Friction Ignition Testing of Aluminum and Titanium with Monel® and Inconel® for Rocket Engine Propulsion System Contamination Investigation - 01 November 2009

JAI102351: Determination of Burn Criterion for Promoted Combustion Testing - 01 November 2009

JAI102637: Keynote—Materials Selection for Oxidizer Service—Successes and Challenges - 01 November 2009

JAI102018: Acute Care in Cervical Spinal Cord Trauma with Long-Term Benefit: A Review - 01 October 2009

JAI102215: Chlorine Trifluoride Exposure Testing and Oxidizer Reactivity Results - 01 October 2009

JAI101864: Measuring Athlete Exposure and Body Contact Using Time-on-Task Technology in Ice Hockey - 01 September 2009

JAI102244: Oxygen Compatibility of Brass-Filled PTFE Compared to Commonly Used Fluorinated Polymers for Oxygen Systems - 01 September 2009

JAI102262: Ignition Sensitivity of Nonmetallic Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Air (NITROX): A Never Ending Story in SCUBA Diving? - 01 September 2009

JAI102273: Cone Calorimeter—A Cautionary Tale - 01 September 2009

JAI102284: Electrical Arc Ignition Testing for Common Handheld Electrical Devices in Oxygen-Enriched Atmosphere - 01 September 2009

JAI102286: High Pressure Quick Disconnect Particle Impact Tests - 01 September 2009

JAI102292: Test Method for Quantifying the Ignitability of Metallic Materials - 01 September 2009

JAI102297: Adiabatic Compression Testing—Part II: Background and Approach to Estimating Severity of Test Methodology - 01 September 2009

JAI102300: Promoted Ignition Testing of Metallic Filters in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 September 2009

JAI102304: Adiabatic Compression Testing—Part I: Historical Development and Evaluation of Fluid Dynamic Processes Including Shock-Wave Considerations - 01 September 2009

JAI102309: The Importance of Quality Assurance and Batch Testing on Nonmetallic Materials Used for Oxygen Service - 01 September 2009

JAI102317: Tribocharging of Particle Contaminants Evaluated as an Ignition Source in Oxygen-Enriched Environments - 01 September 2009

JAI101859: Experimental Characterization of Ice Hockey Pucks and Sticks - 01 July 2009

JAI102253: Defining the Flammability of Cylindrical Metal Rods Through Characterization of the Thermal Effects of the Ignition Promoter - 01 July 2009

JAI102275: Guidelines for Improving the Standard Fire Resistance Test Specifications - 01 July 2009

JAI102285: Effect of Oxygen Concentration on Autogenous Ignition Temperature and Pneumatic Impact Ignitability of Nonmetallic Materials - 01 July 2009

JAI101848: In situ Measures of Head Impact Acceleration in NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey: Implications for ASTM F1045 and Other Ice Hockey Helmet Standards - 01 June 2009

JAI101878: Relationships among Risk Factors for Concussion in Minor Ice Hockey - 01 June 2009

JAI102252: Vacuum Superinsulated Liquid Oxygen Piping and Vessels - 01 June 2009

JAI102269: The Rate-Limiting Mechanism for the Heterogeneous Burning of Cylindrical Iron Rods - 01 June 2009

JAI102270: A Proposed Qualitative Framework for Heterogeneous Burning of Metallic Materials: The “Melting Rate Triangle” - 01 June 2009

JAI102301: Guide on Measuring Uniformity of Furnace Exposure on Specimens Representing Test Samples Used to Determine Fire Resistance Ratings - 01 June 2009

JAI101898: Preliminary Evaluation of Selected Hockey Equipment Tested according to EN TS15256: Protective Clothing—Hand, Arm, Leg, Genital, and Neck Protectors for Use in Ice Hockey—Protectors for Players Other than Goalkeepers—Requirements and Test Methods - 01 May 2009

JAI102203: A Materials Science-Based Approach to Characterizing Fire Resistive Materials - 01 May 2009

JAI102258: Heat Release Testing of Consumer Products - 01 May 2009

JTE102056: Connected Air Voids Content in Permeable Friction Course Mixtures - 01 May 2009

JAI101857: Hockey Education Program (HEP): A Statewide Measure of Fair Play, Skill Development, and Coaching Excellence - 01 April 2009

JAI101863: Analysis of the Impact Performance of Ice Hockey Helmets Using Two Different Test Methodologies - 01 April 2009

JAI101883: Impact Attenuation Characteristics of Thin Walled Collapsible Air Chambers for Use in Protective Helmets - 01 April 2009

JAI102265: A History of Fire Testing: Past, Present, and Future - 01 April 2009

JAI101851: Concussion in Youth Hockey: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Management across Observation Strategies - 01 March 2009

JAI101862: A Prospective Study of Injuries in NCAA Intercollegiate Ice-Hockey Goaltenders - 01 March 2009

JAI101913: Ice Hockey Facility Safety: Litigated Case Studies Involving Ice Hockey Injuries - 01 March 2009

JAI102260: Dose Reconstruction: The Use of Dose Reconstruction in the Determination of Human Exposure - 01 March 2009

JAI101850: When Metal Meets Ice: Potential for Performance or Injury - 01 February 2009

JAI101890: Translational and Rotational Accelerations Generated During Reconstructed Ice Hockey Impacts on a Hybrid III Head Form - 01 February 2009

JAI101378: Potential Risk Factors for Knee Injuries in Alpine Skiers - 01 January 2009

JAI101625: Ski Bindings and Lower Leg Injuries, A Case Control Study in Flaine, 2006 - 01 January 2009

JAI101630: Safer Ski Jump Landing Surface Design Limits Normal Impact Velocity - 01 January 2009

JAI101877: A Comparison of Peak Linear and Angular Headform Accelerations Using Ice Hockey Helmets - 01 January 2009

JAI101884: Development of a new methodology capable of characterizing the contribution of a controlled venting system to impact attenuation in chamber structures for head protection - 01 January 2009

JAI101376: Does Laterality Exist in ACL Injury Prevalence in Alpine Skiers? - 01 November 2008

JAI101504: Do Helmets Reduce Fatalities or Merely Alter the Patterns of Death? - 01 November 2008

JAI101778: A Synthesis of the World Literature of Ice Hockey Injuries: Epidemiologic Principles and Future Directions - 01 November 2008

JAI101856: Warnings and Instructions: One of Three Legs on Ice Hockey’s Safety Stool - 01 November 2008

JAI102046: Update on Injury Trends in Alpine Skiing - 01 November 2008

JAI101750: Comparison of Parallel and Serial Methods for Determining Clothing Insulation - 01 October 2008

JAI101372: The Importance of an Objective Assessment to Identify Functional Constraints of Young Skier Athletes - 01 September 2008

JAI101381: Safety in Big Jumps: Relationship Between Landing Shape and Impact Energy Determined by Computer Simulation - 01 September 2008

JAI101387: Computer Simulation of Consecutive Ski Turns - 01 September 2008

JAI101870: A Longitudinal Study of Ice Hockey Helmet Shelf Life - 01 September 2008

JAI101503: Review of Research Literature on Snowboarding Injuries as Might Relate to an Adjustable/Releasable Snowboard Binding - 01 July 2008

JAI101379: Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries in Greece: A Two-Year Case-Control Study - 01 June 2008

JAI101406: Head Kinematics During Experimental Snowboard Falls: Implications for Snow Helmet Standards - 01 June 2008

JAI101453: Injuries in Norwegian Ski Resorts the Winter Seasons of 2005 and 2006 - 01 June 2008

JAI101620: Injury Trends in Norwegian Ski Resorts in the 10 Year Period 1996–2006 - 01 June 2008

JAI101371: Correlative Study into Injury Epidemiology, Use of Protective Equipment and Risk Taking Among Adolescent Participants in Alpine Snow Sports - 01 May 2008

JAI101380: A Novel Anti-Slip Pad for Improving Steering when Exiting a Ski Lift on a Snowboard - 01 May 2008

JAI101401: Evaluation of Falls Occurring While Exiting from an Eight-Seat Chairlift - 01 May 2008

JAI101400: Pediatric Head and Neck Injuries in Snow Sports: Evaluating the Influence of Helmets - 01 April 2008

JAI101405: An Evaluation of Perceptual Experience of Skiers Using Quantitative Image Processing - 01 April 2008

JAI101417: Effect of Age and Experience on Lower Leg Fractures in Alpine Sports - 01 April 2008

JAI101433: Behaviors and Attitudes Towards Snowsport Safety in Australia - 01 April 2008

JTE100652: Constructing a Test Method to Evaluate Stable DVR System - 01 March 2008

JAI101364: Influence of Medical Needle Characteristics on the Resistance to Puncture of Protective Glove Materials - 01 January 2008

JTE100975: Pressure Effects on Oxygen Concentration Flammability Thresholds of Polymeric Materials for Aerospace Applications - 01 January 2008

JTE101020: LOX Compatible Toughened Bismaleimide Matrix Thermally Conductive Fiber Composites Part I: Composite Fabrication Viability And Thermal Conductivity Measurement - 01 January 2008

JTE101021: LOX Compatible Toughened Bismaleimide Matrix Thermally Conductive Fiber Composites Part II: ASTM D2512 Specimen Fabrication, Cleaning And Testing - 01 January 2008

JTE100973: Evaluate the Simple Surface Energy of Aggregates Using the Capillary Rise Method - 01 November 2007

JTE100707: Assessment of Clothing Effects in Thermal Comfort Standards: A Review - 00 September 2007

JAI100516: New Ceramifying Polymer Materials for Passive Fire Protection Applications - 01 July 2007

JTE100134: Evaluation of the FN 303 Less Lethal Projectile - 01 November 2006

JAI13543: Flow Friction Fire History and Research - 01 October 2006

JAI13561: Ignition of Metals at High Temperatures in Oxygen - 01 October 2006

JAI13567: Proactive Mitigation of PCTFE-Related Ignition Hazards in Oxygen Systems: I. Development of a Voluntary Consensus Standard Specification to Control Property Variation in Finished PCTFE Parts - 01 October 2006

JAI13568: Proactive Mitigation of PCTFE-Related Ignition Hazards in Oxygen Systems: II. Testing of Inventoried “At-Risk” PCTFE Parts and Hazard Analyses of Corresponding Ground Service Equipment at the Kennedy Space Center - 01 October 2006

JAI100411: Injuries in Norwegian Ski Resorts 2002 – 2004 - 01 September 2006

JAI100482: Small-Building Defense Against Terrorism 016 - 01 September 2006

JAI13538: Mechanical Impact Testing: Data Review and Analysis - 01 September 2006

JAI13679: Pneumatic Impact Ignition of Sebum Oil Film in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 September 2006

JAI14194: Experimental Measurement of Selected Snowboard Mechanical Properties - 01 September 2006

JAI100408: Functional and Release Characteristics of Alpine Ski Equipment - 01 July 2006

JAI13542: ASTM G 175 Interlaboratory Study on Forced Ignition Testing - 01 July 2006

JAI13546: Oxygen Compatibility Assessment on Components and Systems - 01 July 2006

JAI13557: Frictional Ignition Testing of Composite Materials - 01 July 2006

JAI14200: Lisfranc Ligament Injuries in Windsurfers - 01 July 2006

JAI13530: Oxygen Fires in Aluminum Alloy Cylinders - 01 June 2006

JAI13539: Promoted Metals Combustion at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures - 01 June 2006

JAI13531: Ignition of a Composite Cylinder with Plastic Liner - 01 May 2006

JAI13532: Combustion Tests Under High Pressure Oxygen: Promoted Ignition Combustion Test Versus Metallic Disk Ignition Test - 01 May 2006

JAI13534: Mechanical Impact of Aluminum Alloy Gas Cylinder Pressurized with Oxygen - 01 May 2006

JAI13536: Surface Ignition of Aluminum in Oxygen - 01 May 2006

JAI13540: Analysis Tools Used to Evaluate Oxygen Hazards and the Oxygen Compatibility of Metals - 01 May 2006

JAI13550: Investigation of Oxygen-Acetylene Flashback Reactions in Welding Hoses - 01 May 2006

JAI13552: Materials Compatibility with Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) - 01 May 2006

JAI13573: A Metallurgist's Views on the Selection of Engineering Alloys for Applications Involving Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Keynote Address - 01 May 2006

JAI14198: Sports Activity after Total Knee Arthroplasty - 01 May 2006

JAI14201: Observational Study on Fall Trends in Snowboarders - 01 May 2006

JAI12892: International Standards for Blast Resistant Glazing - 01 April 2006

JAI13027: Twelve Common Deficiencies Found during Firestopping Inspections - 01 April 2006

JAI13533: Promoted Combustion Testing of Pure and Ceramic-Coated Metals in High Pressure Oxygen by the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) - 01 April 2006

JAI13535: Promoted Ignition of a Cylinder Valve in NF3 - 01 April 2006

JAI13537: Filtration of Gaseous or Liquid Oxygen in Industrial Applications and Associated Fire Risks - 01 April 2006

JAI13565: Effect of Sample Geometry on Regression Rate of the Melting Interface for Carbon Steel Burned in Oxygen - 01 April 2006

JAI13569: An Investigation of Regression Rate of the Melting Interface for Iron Burning in Normal Gravity and Reduced Gravity - 01 April 2006

JAI13571: The Adiabatic Compression Test for Type Approval of Components — History and Final Test Protocol - 01 April 2006

JAI14203: Head Injury in Snowboarding: Evaluating the Protective Role of Helmets - 01 April 2006

JAI12910: Externally Insulated (“EIFS”) Building Walls: Security Characteristics and Methods of Enhancing Security Performance - 01 March 2006

JAI13558: Ignition of Combustion Modified Polyurethane Foam - 01 March 2006

JAI14199: Arthroscopic Treatment of the First Anterior Shoulder Dislocation in Young Skiers - 01 March 2006

JAI14138: Reduce the Injuries, Change the Culture: Insights from Telemarking - 01 February 2006

JAI13172: Use of Electrically Enhanced Aerosol Plasma Spectroscopy for Real-Time Characterization of Beryllium Particles - 01 January 2006

JAI13041: Measuring Pavement Friction Characteristics at Variable Speeds for Added Safety - 01 November 2005

JAI11970: An Attempt to Predict a Risk of Some of the Knee Region Ski Injuries by Means of Computer Simulations - 01 October 2005

JAI12093: Methods for Improving the Efficiency of Alpine Ski Equipment Rental Operations - 01 October 2005

JAI12087: Cut Performance Fundamentals and Norms Harmonization - 01 September 2005

JAI13028: Aging & Environmental Exposure Properties of a Fire Protection Material - 01 September 2005

JAI12092: How Fast Do Winter Sports Participants Travel on Alpine Slopes? - 01 July 2005

JAI12095: Using Signal Detection Theory as a Model to Evaluate Release/Retention Criteria in Alpine Skiing - 01 July 2005

JAI12893: Protective Window Safety Films: A Case Study in ASTM All-Hazard Building Code Standards - 01 July 2005

JAI13030: The Development and Use of Perimeter Joint Protection Testing - 01 July 2005

JAI12114: Evaluating Thermal Protective Performance Testing - 01 May 2005

JAI12148: Progress in the Characterization of the Cutting Resistance of Protective Materials - 01 May 2005

JAI12526: Injury Rates and Injury Types in Alpine Skiing, Telemarking, and Snowboarding - 01 May 2005

JAI12099: Improvements in the Measurement of Cut Protection Performance: Revisions to ASTM F 1790 - 01 April 2005

JAI12109: Revised Interlaboratory Study of Sweating Thermal Manikins Including Results from the Sweating Agile Thermal Manikin - 01 April 2005

JAI12147: A Study on the Puncture Resistance of Rubber Materials Used in Protective Clothing - 01 April 2005

JAI12906: Data Security Issues Relating to End of Life Equipment - 01 April 2005

JAI11969: Winter Sports in an Indoor Facility—Accident and Injury Trends - 01 February 2005

JAI12103: Evaluating the Physiological Performance of a Liquid Cooling Garment Used to Control Heat Stress in Hazmat Protective Ensembles - 01 February 2005

JAI12105: Development of a Prototype Personal Cooling System for First Responders: User Feedback - 01 February 2005

JAI12117: Comparison of Methods Used to Predict the Burn Injuries in Tests of Thermal Protective Fabrics - 01 February 2005

JAI12118: Novel Approach to Soldier Flame Protection - 01 February 2005

JAI11972: Contrast Enhancing Filters in Ski Sports - 01 January 2005

JAI12100: Development of a Cooling Capability Test Method for Liquid-Cooled Textile System - 01 January 2005

JAI12115: Effects of Thermal Properties on Skin Burn Predictions in Longer Duration Protective Clothing Tests - 01 January 2005

JTE11807: Test Foot Contact Time Effects in Pedestrian Slip-Resistance Metrology - 01 January 2005

JAI11417: The Macro-Microscopic Numerical Simulation of the Mechanical Behavior of CFCC with Matrix Anisotropic Damage by Homogenization Method - 01 October 2004

JAI12098: An Explanation and Comparison of Sweating Hot Plate Standards - 01 July 2004

JAI12116: Effects of Simulated Flash Fire and Variations in Skin Model on Manikin Fire Test - 01 July 2004

JAI12133: Evaluation of Three Chemical Protective Clothing Materials for Selected Performance Properties - 01 July 2004

JAI12119: Development of Non-Destructive Test Methods for Assessing Effects of Thermal Exposures on Fire Fighters' Turnout Gear - 01 June 2004

JAI12081: Skiboard Injuries—A Three-Year Comparison with Alpine Skiing - 01 May 2004

JAI12121: Can Laboratory Pre-Treatment Of Welders' Protective Clothing Simulate Their Aging Process In Normal Use? - 01 May 2004

JAI11291: Intimidation in Ice Hockey: An Exploratory Assessment - 01 February 2004

JAI11293: The Power of the Denominator: A Proposal for More Comprehensive Modeling of Risk Factors in Ice Hockey Injuries - 01 February 2004

JAI11302: Measuring the Effects of Initiating Body Checking at the Atom Age Level - 01 February 2004

JAI11305: Psychophysiologic Factors and Performance in Ice Hockey Goalies During Competition - 01 February 2004

JTE12426J: Assessing Testing Bias in Two Walkway-Safety Tribometers - 01 May 2003

JTE12408J: Methods for Fatigue Testing Off-Road Bicycle Handlebars Based on Assembly Effects Using Two Different Stem Designs - 01 March 2003

JTE12325J: Retrieval and Interpretation of Crash-Related Data from Nonresponsive Electronic Control Units in Land Vehicle Systems - 01 July 2002

JTE12282J: A Screening Method for Ballistic Evaluation of Metallic Armor Materials - 01 September 2001

JTE12238J: Test Method Using Energy to Evaluate the Cut Resistance of Protective Clothing Against Chain Saws - 01 March 2001

JTE12090J: Injuries Due to Traditional and Soft-Core Centered Baseball Impacts: A Review - 01 May 2000

JTE12164J: Repeatability and Bias of Two Walkway Safety Tribometers - 01 November 1999

JTE12059J: A Simple Catapult System for Studying the Small Projectile Impact Resistance of Various Glass Laminates - 01 May 1999

JTE12065J: Ability of a Viral Penetration Test (ASTM F1671-95) to Detect Small Holes - 01 May 1999

JTE12044J: Repeatability and Reproducibility in Walkway-Safety Tribometry: Abrasive-Grit Size in Test-Foot Preparation - 01 January 1999

JTE11339J: A Methodology for the Fire Resistance Testing of Structural Components at Reduced Scale - 01 May 1997

JTE11331J: International Symposium on Slip Resistance: The Interface of Man, Footwear, and Walking Surfaces - 01 January 1997

JTE11332J: Comparison of Walkway Safety Tribometers: Part Two - 01 January 1997

JTE11335J: The Effect of Footwear Midsole Hardness and Thickness on Proprioception and Stability in Older Men - 01 January 1997

JTE11455J: International Symposium on Slip Resistance: The Interface of Man, Footwear, and Walking Surfaces - 01 November 1996

JTE11457J: High-Resolution Force Plate Analysis of Utilized Slip Resistance in Human Walking - 01 November 1996

JTE11458J: Required Coefficient of Friction Versus Walking Speed: Potential Influences of Footwear and Walkway Surfaces - 01 November 1996

JTE11459J: Surface Roughness of Footwear Soling Materials: Relevance to Slip Resistance - 01 November 1996

JTE11462J: Color Change as a Predictor of Strength Loss in PFD Cover Fabrics - 01 November 1996

JTE11444J: Objective Assessment of Fabric Handle in Fabrics Treated with Flame Retardants - 01 July 1996

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JTE11819J: Enforcement of International Regulations - 01 May 1994

JTE11820J: Regulation: Perception and Reality - 01 May 1994

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JTE11822J: Reconciling Passenger Facilitation and Security - 01 May 1994

JTE11823J: Security Technologies and Techniques: Airport Security Systems - 01 May 1994

JTE11824J: Standardized Training through the Use of the ICAO Standardized Training Packages (STPs) - 01 May 1994

JTE11825J: IATA and Its Cooperative Role in Aviation Security - 01 May 1994

JTE11826J: The Role/Responsibility of the Freight Forwarder - 01 May 1994

JTE11827J: The Need to Harmonize Cargo Security Rules - 01 May 1994

JTE11828J: International Aviation Security Research and Development - 01 May 1994

JTE11829J: Aviation Security Standards Development within ASTM Committee F-12 on Security Systems and Equipment - 01 May 1994

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JTE11831J: Development of Trace Explosive Detection Standards - 01 May 1994

JTE11832J: Selection and Use of Explosives Detection Devices to Check Hand-Held Luggage - 01 May 1994

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JTE11099J: Risk Assessment for Halogenated Solvents - 01 March 1989

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