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JTE20170699: Bayesian Inference Based on Multiply Type-II Censored Samples of Sequential Order Statistics from Pareto Distribution - 01 November 2020

JTE20170726: Nonparametric Testing for Unknown Age (UBAL) Class of Life Distribution - 01 November 2020

JTE20170732: On Reliability in a Multicomponent Stress-Strength Generalized Rayleigh Model Based on Record Values - 01 November 2020

JTE20180099: A Life Prediction Model for High-Reliability Products and Its Application to VFD Based on Constant-Stress ADTs - 01 November 2020

JTE20180038: A Literature Review on Fuzzy Process Capability Analysis - 01 September 2020

JTE20180044: Monitoring Regularly Maintained Systems Based on the Renewal Process with Generalized Exponential Distribution of Time between Events - 01 September 2020

JTE20180144: An Extended Burr-XII Distribution with Application to Lifetime Data - 01 September 2020

JTE20180166: Development and Application of a Performance Evaluation Matrix: A Case Study on Exploring the Items Considered Critical to Quality - 01 September 2020

JTE20170190: Computational Testing Procedure of the Measure of Performance for Exponentiated Weibull Products under Progressive Type II Right Censoring Scheme - 01 March 2020

JTE20170370: Weighted Modified Weibull Distribution - 01 September 2019

JTE20180110: A Compensation Method for Spiral Error of Pipeline Bending Strain In-Line Inspection - 01 September 2019

JTE20180319: A Precision Statement for Fatigue of Solid Round Wire - 01 July 2019

JTE20160594: Construction of Reliability Single Sampling Plans Based on Exponentiated Exponential Distribution - 01 March 2019

JTE20170227: Optimal Plans of Constant-Stress Accelerated Life Tests for Extension of the Exponential Distribution - 01 March 2019

JTE20160149: Optimization Analysis of Retrial Machine Repair Problem with Server Breakdown and Threshold Recovery Policy - 01 November 2018

JTE20160611: Testing Behavior of the Mean Inactivity Time - 01 November 2018

JTE20170139: Interval Estimation of Quantile Difference in the Two-Parameter Exponential Distributions - 01 November 2018

JTE20170036: A New Class of Beta-Complementary Exponential Power Series Distributions - 01 September 2018

JTE20160094: Principal Component Analysis Based on Marginal Density Ratios - 01 May 2018

JTE20160500: The Economic and Economic-Statistical Designs of the Synthetic Chart for the Coefficient of Variation - 01 May 2018

JTE20160566: Effective Control Chart for Monitoring the Capability Stability of Non-Normal Processes Having S-Type Quality - 01 May 2018

JTE20160647: Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Economic Statistical Design of the T2 Control Chart with Variable Sample Size: The Updated Markov Chain Approach - 01 May 2018

JTE20170007: Approbation of the Ruffier Test Model Adapted for Children - 01 May 2018

JTE20160440: A New Application of Beta Gompertz Distribution in Reliability - 01 March 2018

JTE20160447: Evaluation of Two Process Yields in Acceptance Sampling Plans - 01 March 2018

JTE20160501: On the Properties of the UBAC(2) Class of Life Distributions - 01 March 2018

JTE20170022: Sequential Sampling Plan in the Truncated Life Test for Weibull Distribution - 01 March 2018

JTE20160265: Simulated Road Profiles According to ISO 8608 in Vibration Analysis - 01 January 2018

JTE20160529: Production Yield for Multiple Line Processes: Product Acceptance Determination - 01 January 2018

JTE20160137: Hybrid Test Case Optimization Approach Using Genetic Algorithm With Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Regression Testing - 01 November 2017

JTE20160226: Group Runs Double Sampling np Control Chart for Attributes - 01 November 2017

MPC20170006: An Evaluation of ASTM D6200 - 19 October 2017

ACEM20160075: Piloted Quality Control Techniques Using the Plastic Mold Compaction Device for Cement Stabilized Materials - 16 October 2017

JTE20160074: Transmuted Kumaraswamy-G Family of Distributions for Modelling Reliability Data - 01 September 2017

JTE20150259: Rectifying LTPD Plans Minimizing Mean Inspection Cost Per Lot of Process Average Quality Using EWMA Statistics - 01 July 2017

JTE20150312: Optimal Plans of Constant-Stress Accelerated Life Tests for the Lindley Distribution - 01 July 2017

JTE20150375: Assessing S-Type Process Quality of Data Involving Batch-to-Batch Variation - 01 July 2017

JTE20160080: Comparative Estimates of Uncertainty in Measurements of Fracture Toughness - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160217: Uncertainty-Based Analysis for Agreement of Tensile-Strength Measurement Procedures - 01 May 2017

JTE20150415: Repetitive Availability Demonstration Testing Procedure - 01 May 2017

JTE20150426: Applying MQCAC and Fuzzy TOPSIS to Improve the Unleaded Gasoline Quality - 01 May 2017

JTE20150429: EWMA np Control Chart for the Weibull Distribution - 01 May 2017

JTE20150485: Intraclass Correlation Test-Score Reliability of a Single Trial - 01 May 2017

JTE20140363: Models of Intra- and Interclass Correlation Test Mean-Score Reliability - 01 September 2016

JTE20140397: Applying Fuzzy Similarities Between Evaluation Alternatives and Extreme Solutions for Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making - 01 September 2016

JTE20140429: Variable Limits and Control Charts Based on the Half Normal Distribution - 01 September 2016

JTE20140478: Development of an Optimal Design for Conforming Run Length Sampling Methods in the Presence of Inspection Errors - 01 September 2016

JTE20150038: A Novel General Approach for Solving a Supplier Selection Problem - 01 September 2016

JTE20150116: A New Family of Quadratic Hazard Rate-Geometric Distributions With Reliability Applications - 01 September 2016

JTE20150141: Analysis of Masked Data in a Series System Subjected to Sources of Shocks Under Type I Progressive Hybrid Censoring - 01 September 2016

JTE20150357: Estimation of a Modified Capability Index for Non-Normal Distributions - 01 September 2016

JTE20150468: Acceptance Sampling Plan Using Successive Sampling Over Two Successive Occasions - 01 September 2016

JTE20140290: X-Bar Control Charts for Non-Normal Correlated Data Under Repetitive Sampling - 01 July 2016

JTE20140324: A New Family of Generalized Quadratic Hazard Rate Distribution With Applications - 01 July 2016

JTE20140530: Applying FQFD and Utility Representative Functions Under Fuzzy Environment for FMCDM - 01 July 2016

JTE20140218: A New Service Performance Index Based on Time Interval of Complaints - 01 May 2016

JTE20140267: Hybrid Segmentation Strategy and Multi-Agent SVMs for Corporate Risk Management in Class Imbalanced Situations - 01 May 2016

JTE20140426: Formative Measurement Test of Supplier Evaluation Indicators and Weight Models - 01 May 2016

JTE20140471: Applied Variable Neighborhood Search-Based Approach to Solve Two-Stage Supply Chain Scheduling Problems - 01 May 2016

JTE20150057: GPR Raw-Data Analysis to Detect Crack Using Order Statistic Filtering - 01 May 2016

JTE20150202: Constructing and Testing Data Models for LHC Electrical Quality Assurance - 01 March 2016

JTE20150317: Recommended Protocol for Round-Robin Studies in Additive Manufacturing - 01 March 2016

JTE20140236: On Designing Time-Censored Step-Stress Life Test for Lomax Distribution - 01 January 2016

JTE20140266: Evaluating the Lagged Effects of Direct Employee Equity Incentives on Organizational Innovation - 01 January 2016

JTE20140274: Economic Design of Acceptance Sampling Plans Based on Conforming Run Lengths Using Loss Functions - 01 January 2016

JTE20140287: Sensitivity Analysis for a Guarded-Hot-Plate Apparatus: A Methodology Based on Orthogonal Experiment Designs - 01 January 2016

JTE20140041: An Economic Design of a Group Sampling Plan for a Weibull Distribution Using a Bayesian Approach - 01 November 2015

JTE20140054: A New Mixed Variable Lot Size Sampling Plan Based on Process Capability Index - 01 November 2015

JTE20140103: Assessing True TFT-LCD Process Quality in the Presence of Unavoidable Measurement Errors - 01 November 2015

JTE20130076: Selection of Tightened–Normal–Tightened Variable Sampling Scheme Indexed by Crossover Point - 01 September 2015

JTE20130219: Tool Replacement for Photovoltaic Industry Processes With Multiple Characteristics Based on Capability Index - 01 September 2015

JTE20140081: Economic Design of SkSP-R Skip-Lot Sampling Plan - 01 September 2015

JTE20130304: On Studying Partially Accelerated Life Tests Under Progressive Stress - 01 July 2015

JTE20140012: Convenient Ratio Approach for Industrial Implementation in Estimating and Testing Process Yield - 01 July 2015

JTE20140020: Estimating Process Capability Index Cp with Various Sample Types: A Practical Implementation - 01 July 2015

JTE20140023: Bayesian Estimation of Pareto Distribution Under Failure-Censored Step-Stress Life Test Model - 01 July 2015

JTE20130114: Developing an Integrated ANP and Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS Model for Supplier Selection - 01 May 2015

JTE20130129: An Assessment of the Quality-Achieving Reliability of Mechanical Products Based on Information-Poor Theory - 01 May 2015

JTE20130190: Regression-Based Stiffness Test for Pallets Based on Sample Period Reduction by Trimming - 01 May 2015

JTE20130263: Resubmitted Sampling Inspection Plan for Exponentiated Weibull Distribution - 01 May 2015

JTE20130308: Slip Prediction Accuracy and Bias of the SATRA STM 603 Whole Shoe Tester - 01 May 2015

JTE20140043: Design and Evaluation of Bayesian Dependent State Sampling Inspection Plans - 01 May 2015

JTE20130009: Mixed Multiple Dependent State Sampling Plans Based on Process Capability Index - 01 January 2015

JTE20130143: Round-robin Analysis of Standard Data Sets for Fracture Toughness Evaluation in ASTM E1820 - 01 January 2015

JTE20130217: Improving the Management and Operational Success of the Third Party Logistics Industry in Taiwan: Application of Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment - 01 January 2015

JTE20130259: A Novel Approach Based on Performance Influence for Evaluating Criteria of Service Quality - 01 January 2015

GTJ20130093: Repeatability of Centrifuge Tests Containing a Large, Rigid Foundation Subjected to Lateral Spreading - 01 November 2014

JTE20130074: Optimal Linear Regression Estimator in the Fitting of Weibull Strength Distribution - 01 November 2014

JTE20130103: System Reliability of Controllable Repair System With Multiple Imperfect Coverage - 01 November 2014

JTE20130125: Approximately Unbiased Estimator for Non-Normal Process Capability Index CNpk - 01 November 2014

JTE20130211: An Effective Procedure for Supplier Selection Applied to Glass Substrate Processes with Multiple Lines - 01 November 2014

JTE20140033: The Accuracy, Repeatability, and Reproducibility of Activation Energy Values Measured by Modulated Thermogravimetry - 01 November 2014

JTE20130080: Box-Cox Transformation Approach for Evaluating Non-Normal Processes Capability Based on the Cpk Index - 01 July 2014

JTE20130193: Selection of Combined Continuous Lot-by-Lot Sampling Plans with Single Sampling Plan by Attributes as the Reference Plan - 01 July 2014

JTE20130221: Construction of Single Sampling Plans by Attributes for Heterogeneous Lots Using a Mixture of Two Poisson Distributions - 01 July 2014

JTE20120277: Vibration Testing by Non-Gaussian Random Excitations with Specified Kurtosis. Part I: Discussion and Methods - 01 May 2014

JTE20120278: Vibration Testing by Non-Gaussian Random Excitations with Specified Kurtosis. Part II: Numerical and Experimental Results - 01 May 2014

JTE20130051: SkSP-V Sampling Plan for the Exponentiated Weibull Distribution - 01 May 2014

JTE20130100: Inspection of Batches Through Skip-R Lot Sampling Plan - 01 March 2014

JTE20130105: Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Estimations under Failure-Censored Partially Accelerated Life Tests - 01 March 2014

JTE20130115: Statistical Inference of Weibull Distribution under a Progressive Stress Partially Accelerated Life Testing Model - 01 March 2014

JTE20120330: Selection of Minimum Sample Size Tightened-Normal-Tightened Sampling Inspection Schemes - 01 January 2014

JTE20120275: Decision Procedure for the Weibull Distribution Based on Run Lengths of Conforming Items - 01 September 2013

JTE20120331: Selection of Modified Lot Sensitive Sampling Inspection Plans for Isolated Lots With Small Acceptance Numbers - 01 September 2013

JTE20120087: Evaluation of Single Sampling Plans by Attributes Using Mixture of Two Distributions - 01 July 2013

JTE20120112: Supplier Selection for Processes with Multiple Characteristics Based on Testing Capability Index Cpk - 01 July 2013

JTE20120113: An Assessment of Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility with Multiple Characteristics - 01 July 2013

JTE20120209: Two-Stage Group Acceptance Sampling Plan for Burr Type X Percentiles - 01 July 2013

MPC20120048: Is There Possible Bias in ASTM E112 Planimetric Grain Size Measurements? - 27 June 2013

JTE20120095: Lifetime Prediction of White OLED Based on MLE Under Lognormal Distribution - 01 May 2013

ACEM20120003: Development of a Reference Material for the Calibration of Cement Paste Rheometers - 17 April 2013

JTE20120012: Multiple Dependent State Sampling Plan Based on Process Capability Index - 01 March 2013

JTE104251: Analysis of Support Apparatus for Flexural Load-Deflection Testing: Minimizing Bias Caused by Arching Forces - 01 January 2013

JTE20120183: White OLED Weibull Life Prediction Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation - 01 January 2013

ACEM104268: Precision Statements for the Surface Resistivity of Water Cured Concrete Cylinders in the Laboratory - 07 December 2012

JTE103327: Designing of Group Sampling Plans Based on Gamma-Poisson Distribution - 01 November 2012

JTE104598: Precision Tool Condition Monitoring for Grinding Wheel in IC Manufacturing of Silicon Wafer - 01 November 2012

GTJ104558: TDR Method for Compaction Quality Control: Multi Evaluation and Sources of Error - 01 September 2012

JTE104407: Reliability Evaluation of Failure Data with Poor Information - 01 July 2012

JTE104414: Implementation of Evaluating Process Capability Index Cpk for Processes with Multiple Characteristics - 01 July 2012

JTE104419: A Linear S-N Curve with Load Dependent Variance and Explicit Failure Probability - 01 July 2012

JTE104660: An Effective Powerful Test for Supplier Selection Evaluation with Multiple Characteristics - 01 July 2012

JAI104528: Fuel Quality Assessment of Ethyl Esters Produced from Vegetable Oils and Their Blends With Petroleum Diesel - 01 May 2012

JTE103728: An Effective Procedure for Calculating Weibull Production Yield with Mean Shift - 01 May 2012

JTE104253: Characterizing Profiled Fibers by Multiscale Shape Representations - 01 May 2012

JTE103975: Parameters Estimation Under Step-Stress Life Test Based on Censored Data From Generalized Exponential Model - 01 March 2012

JTE103507: Characterizing the Precision Uncertainty in Vibratory Roller Measurement Values - 01 January 2012

JTE103860: Who Gets the Benefit of the Doubt From Uncertainty? - 01 January 2012

JTE104165: Novel Error Prediction Method of Dynamic Measurement Lacking Information - 01 January 2012

JTE103612: Development of Specification Limits for Asphalt Pavements Based on Quality Control and Quality Assurance Data - 01 November 2011

JTE103911: Measurement Uncertainty in Fire Tests—A Fire Laboratory Point of View - 01 November 2011

JTE103916: Precision of the Cone Calorimeter and ICAL Test Methods - 01 November 2011

JAI103469: Improving the Confidence Level in Lead Clearance Examination Results through Modifications to Dust Sampling Protocols - 01 September 2011

JAI103509: Use of the ASTM Inter-Laboratory Studies (ILS) Program in Developing Precision Data for ASTM D5755 – Asbestos in Dust by Microvacuum Sampling - 01 September 2011

JTE103428: Evaluating the Compaction Quality of Backfills by Stress Wave Velocities - 01 September 2011

JTE103641: Process Capability Evaluation for Square Bumps with Mean Shift - 01 September 2011

JTE102921: Time Truncated Group Acceptance Sampling Plans for Generalized Exponential Distribution - 01 July 2011

JTE103029: A Clustering Analysis Model for Golden Die Extractions Based on Wafer Acceptance Test at Semiconductor R&D Stage - 01 July 2011

JTE103233: Six Sigma Based Control Chart for Fraction Defectives - 01 July 2011

JAI103481: Use of Direct Reading Surface Sampling Methods for Site Characterization and Remediation of Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties - 01 June 2011

JAI103514: Indoor Allergen Surface Sampling Methods and Standards: A Review of the Theory and the Practice - 01 June 2011

JAI103678: Review of Standards for Surface and Dermal Sampling - 01 June 2011

JAI103239: Evaluation of Bias for Two Charpy Impact Machines with the Same Instrumented Striker - 01 May 2011

JAI103476: Bias in the Planimetric Procedure According to ASTM E112 and Corrected Method - 01 May 2011

JAI103477: Evaluation of Asbestos in Dust on Surfaces by Micro-Vacuum and Wipe Sampling - 01 May 2011

JTE103234: Combining Gray Relation and Analytical Hierarchy Process Concepts to Develop a Decision Support System of Supply Chain Project Management - 01 May 2011

JAI103474: Vibration Based Damage Identification Using Burg's Algorithm and Shewhart Control Charts - 01 April 2011

JTE103069: Two Tests for Supplier Selection Based on Process Yield - 01 March 2011

JTE102608: Determining the performance of collaborative design systems based on AHP sensitivity analysis - 01 November 2010

JTE102621: Selection of Collaborative Technology Used by Software Contractors - 01 November 2010

JTE102731: Modal Parameter Identification of a Prototype Arch Dam Using Enhanced Frequency Domain Decomposition and Stochastic Subspace Identification Techniques - 01 September 2010

JTE102759: Analysis of Financial Distress Prediction Models - 01 September 2010

JTE102763: Experimental Validation of an Adjustable Railway Fastening for Slab Track - 01 September 2010

JTE102774: Quality Control of Turkish Calcareous Natural Stone Using the Merkont System - 01 September 2010

JAI102697: Effects of Analytical Precision on Bogue Calculations of Potential Portland Cement Composition - 01 June 2010

JTE101683: Comparative Study of Road Profilers’ Accuracy and Precision - 01 March 2010

JTE102388: Capability Testing Based on Subsamples: A Case on Photolithography Process Control in Wafer Fabrication - 01 March 2010

JTE102426: Group Acceptance Sampling Plans for Pareto Distribution of the Second Kind - 01 March 2010

JTE102480: Process Performance Evaluation with Imprecise Information - 01 March 2010

JAI102554: Addressing the Issue of Fuel Filter Fouling with Recent Changes in Fuel Quality - 01 November 2009

JTE101825: Design of Sudden Death Tests for Estimation of a Weibull Percentile - 01 July 2009

JTE102191: Reliability Life Prediction of VFD by Constant Temperature Stress Accelerated Life Tests and Maximum Likelihood Estimation - 01 July 2009

GTJ101416: Suction Measurements as Indicators of Sample Quality in Soft Clay - 01 May 2009

JAI101950: Interlaboratory Bias and Uncertainty in the Analysis of Metals and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Used Oil Samples - 01 March 2009

JTE102004: An IS Quality Measurement Using Gap and Multicriteria Decision-Making Model: A Case Study for Supply Chain Management System - 01 March 2009

JAI101299: Determination of Appropriate Sample Depth during Air-Drying of Low Rank Coals Reduced to 2.36 mm (No. 8) Sieve Size - 01 February 2009

JTE101866: On-Site Environmental Conditions—Do They Really Affect the Measuring Accuracy? - 01 November 2008

JTE101423: Effect of Sampling Location on the Air Void Analyzer Test Results on Concrete Pavements: Evaluation of Data from a 16 State-Pooled Fund Project - 01 July 2008

JTE101496: Information Extraction from Interlaboratory Comparison in Testing—Temperature Measurement in the Black Test Corner - 01 July 2008

JTE100970: Formulas for Product Strength Modeling - 01 March 2008

JAI100815: Qualitative Sampling of the Building Envelope for Water Leakage - 01 October 2007

JAI101046: Quality Assurance Program for Soldering Copper Roofs - 01 October 2007

JAI101085: Phase Analysis of Hydraulic Cements by X-Ray Powder Diffraction: Precision, Bias, and Qualification - 01 May 2007

JTE100028: Ambiguities in Technical Standards—Case Study IEC 60112—Measuring the Resistance of Solid Isolating Materials to Tracking - 01 March 2007

JTE100188: Quality Assurance of Manufactures by Means of Intelligent Tomographic Processing - 01 January 2007

JAI14022: A Review of Swedish Bearing Steel Manufacturing and Quality Assurance of Steel Products - 01 November 2006

JAI13424: Precision Neutron Total Cross-Sectional Measurements for Natural Carbon at Reactor Neutron-Filtered Beams - 01 September 2006

JAI13563: Electrical Arc Ignition Testing of Spacesuit Materials - 01 September 2006

JAI13346: Seawater Quality, Suspended Solids, and Settling Particles in the Wood Pool Area of Shimizu Port, Japan - 01 July 2006

JAI13488: Coarse-Mesh Adjoint Biasing of a Monte Carlo Dose Calculation - 01 July 2006

JAI14039: Statistical Analysis of Nonmetallic Inclusions for the Estimation of Rolling Contact Fatigue Range and Quality Control of Bearing Steel - 01 July 2006

JAI13562: Fires in P-3 Aircraft Oxygen Systems - 01 June 2006

JAI13547: Proficiency Testing for Evaluating Aerospace Materials Test Anomalies - 01 May 2006

JAI13544: Review, Analysis, and Hazard Mitigation of the Life-Support Oxygen System on Royal Australian Air Force P-3 Orion Aircraft - 01 April 2006

JAI13564: Comparison of Carbon Dioxide and Helium as Fire Extinguishing Agents for Spacecraft - 01 March 2006

JAI14205: Assessing the Precision of Falling Weight Deflectometer for Field Measurements - 01 March 2006

JTE14082: Statistical Rules for Laboratory Networks - 01 March 2006

JAI13375: Probabilistic Analysis of the Creep Crack Growth Rate of Type 316LN Stainless Steel by the Monte Carlo Simulation - 01 January 2006

JTE12731: Evaluation of Stripping in Bituminous Mixtures Using Conventional and Image Processing Techniques - 01 November 2005

JAI12985: Sampling and Analysis of Mercury in Crude Oil - 01 October 2005

JTE12677: Analysis of Variability in Pay Factor Systems and Sampling Methods - 01 July 2005

JAI12240: The Performance of Different Analytical Approaches Measuring Respirable Quartz In the Workplace Analysis Scheme for Proficiency (WASP) and the Precision and Limit of Detection of the Direct On-Air-Filter Analysis Methods - 01 May 2005

JAI12246: Silica Sampling and Analysis: Legal Issues Evolving from Regulatory Standards and the Role of ASTM E 1132 - 01 February 2005

JAI12939: Spatial Variations in Material Properties of Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) Units, Part II: Sampling Considerations for Absorption Tests - 01 February 2005

JAI12964: Zen and the Art (or Is It Science) of a Perfect Analysis - 01 February 2005

JTE12422J: Precision of the Performance of the En Core® Sampler to Store Low Concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds - 01 May 2003

JTE12426J: Assessing Testing Bias in Two Walkway-Safety Tribometers - 01 May 2003

JTE12414J: Comparison of Random and Partition Testing Considering the Test Profile - 01 March 2003

JTE12349J: Optimal Quality Characteristic Evaluation for Asphalt Mixing Plants - 01 January 2003

JTE12342J: Evaluating the Quality of Cigarettes by an Electronic Nose System - 01 November 2002

GTJ11091J: The Quality of Continuous Soil Samples - 01 September 2002

JTE12303J: Precision and Relative Bias of Automatic and Manual D 1078 Distillation - 01 March 2002

JTE12291J: Precision and Equivalence of Automatic and Manual Flash Point Apparatus - 01 January 2002

JTE12293J: Precision and Relative Bias of Automatic and Manual Refractometers Using ASTM D 1218 at 20°C - 01 January 2002

JTE12256J: Sensitivity Analysis of the Small Specimen Bulge Test by the Finite Element and the Taguchi Methods - 01 May 2001

JTE12395J: Method-Specific Precision and Bias Relationships Developed from Data Submitted During USEPA Drinking Water Laboratory Performance Evaluation Studies - 01 January 2001

JTE12145J: Method-Specific Precision and Bias Relationships Developed from Data Submitted During USEPA Wastewater Laboratory Performance Evaluation Studies - 01 November 2000

JTE12077J: Precision of ASTM D 5821 Standard Test Method for Determining the Percentage of Fractured Particles in Coarse Aggregate - 01 March 2000

JTE12082J: The U Test for Outlier Detection in Normal Distributions with Known σ - 01 March 2000

JTE12164J: Repeatability and Bias of Two Walkway Safety Tribometers - 01 November 1999

GTJ11115J: The Effects of Varying Centerline Tube Sampling Disturbance on the Behavior of Reconstituted Clay - 01 September 1999

CCA10502J: Evaluation of Precision of a Nuclear Gauge for Measurement of Water and Cement Content of Fresh Concrete - 01 June 1999

JTE12063J: Precision in the Extrapolation of Creep Rupture Data - 01 May 1999

JTE12113J: A Neural-Based Analog IC Parametric Fault Diagnostic System with Discriminant Simulation Sampling - 01 November 1998

JTE11876J: Development and Precision Testing of a Standard Test Method for Screening Fuels in Soils - 01 July 1997

JTE11881J: Regression Analysis as an Aid in Making Oboe Reeds - 01 July 1997

JTE11472J: Repeatability and Reproducibility for Pass/Fail Data - 01 March 1997

JTE11481J: Symposium on Needs and Applications in Precision Measurement and Monitoring of Wear - 01 March 1997

JTE11482J: Needs and Challenges in Precision Wear Measurement - 01 March 1997

JTE11483J: Needs and Applications in Precision Measurement and Monitoring of Wear - 01 March 1997

JTE11486J: Precision Profilometry of Wear Scars on Curved Surfaces - 01 March 1997

CCA10155J: Precision of Tests for Assessment of the Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance of Concrete - 01 December 1996

JTE11313J: Bias Testing: Myths, Misconceptions, and Mistakes - 01 September 1996

JTE11284J: Precision of Marshall Stability and Flow Test Using 6-in. (152.4-mm) Diameter Specimens - 01 January 1996

JTE11286J: Third-Party Inspection Agency Response to Changing Needs - 01 January 1996

JTE11287J: Evolution of the Internal Quality Audit at Ford Motor Company's Central Laboratory - 01 January 1996

JTE11288J: National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies Certification: Addressing the Technician Component of Laboratory Quality - 01 January 1996

JTE11406J: Structure and Outliers in Interlaboratory Studies - 01 September 1995

GTJ10117J: A Simulation of Tube Sampling Effects on the Stiffness of Clays - 01 March 1995

GTJ10308J: The Effects of Centerline Tube Sampling Strains on the Undrained Behavior of Two Stiff Overconsolidated Clays - 01 December 1994

JTE11859J: Proposed Test Method for Dynamic, Properties of Connections Assembled with Mechanical Fasteners - 01 November 1994

JTE12669J: Scoring of Precision Spur Gears - 01 September 1994

JTE11851J: Book reviews - 01 July 1994

JTE11800J: What's New in Traceability - 01 November 1993

JTE11805J: Book Reviews - 01 November 1993

GTJ10056J: Evaluation of the Drop Bar Test for Concrete and Rock Quality - 01 September 1993

CCA10587J: Effects of Testing Rate and Age on ASTM C 1018 Toughness Parameters and their Precision for Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 July 1993

CCA10591J: Development of Precision and Bias Statements for Testing Drilled Cores in Accordance with ASTM C 42 - 01 July 1993

JTE11757J: Outliers in Interlaboratory Testing - 01 March 1993

JTE11736J: Up-and-Down Methodology Applied to Statistically Planned Experiments - 01 January 1993

JTE11741J: Quality Assessment Tests for Nails - 01 January 1993

JTE11748J: Book Reviews - 01 January 1993

CCA10598J: Importance of Precision Statements in Developing Performance Standards for Cement - 01 January 1993

JTE11926J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1992

JTE11915J: Book Reviews - 01 March 1992

JTE12616J: Experimentation and Uncertainty Analysis for Engineers - 01 November 1991

GTJ10191J: Calibration of a Dynamic Penetrometer for Compaction Quality Control of Boiler Slag - 01 March 1991

GTJ10198J: Small Diameter Piston Sampling with Cone Penetrometer Equipment - 01 March 1991

JTE12545J: Development of Methodology for Qualifying Safety Critical A286 Threaded Fasteners - 01 March 1991

JTE12535J: Metals Analysis in the Plastics Additives Industry: Quality Assurance Considerations - 01 January 1991

JTE12537J: Defect Preventions: Use of Simple Statistical Tools - 01 January 1991

CCA10121J: Improvement of Concrete Strength Statistical Control - 01 January 1991

JTE12507J: A Quality Control Test for Selecting Materials to Arrest Fast-Running, Full-Thickness Cracks - 01 November 1990

JTE12508J: Damage Tolerance Analysis of Multiple-Site Cracks Emanating from Hole Array - 01 November 1990

GTJ10699J: Sampling of Saturated and Unsaturated Sands by Freezing - 01 June 1990

JTE11133J: A Useful Hedonic “Smiley” Scale - 01 September 1989

JTE11536J: Book Reviews - 01 January 1989

JTE11076J: Complementary Statistical Methodology for Precision and Bias Determination of Test Methods from Collaborative Studies on Analysis of Solutes in Water Cited in ASTM Standard Practice D 2777-86 - 01 July 1988

JTE11053J: A Simple, High Precision Biaxial Extensometer for High Temperature Creep Study - 01 January 1988

JTE11056J: Introduction to Symposium on the Application of Coal Sampling and Coal Preparation to Petroleum Coke - 01 January 1988

JTE11058J: Sampling Variance: Bias and Reproducibility - 01 January 1988

JTE11059J: Sampling Techniques Applicable to Petroleum Coke - 01 January 1988

JTE10349J: Precision Testing of Standardized Microbiological Methods - 01 November 1986

JTE10966J: Comparison of Precision and Accuracy Estimates from State and Local Agency Air Monitoring Stations with Results of EPA's National Performance Audit Program - 01 September 1985

CCA10042J: Application of CCRL Data in the Formulation of Precision Estimates for Selected Cement Standards - 01 July 1985

JTE10726J: Assuring the Quality of Data Through Laboratory Quality Assurance - 01 September 1984

JTE10715J: Principles on Analysis by Spark Sampling and Plasma Excitation as Applied to Super Alloys - 01 July 1984

JTE11069J: The Quality of Runoff from Model Coal Piles - 01 May 1984

JTE11070J: Precision of Low-Level Soluble Copper Measurements in Natural Freshwater Systems - 01 May 1984

CCA10359J: Measures of the Workability of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Their Precision - 01 January 1984

GTJ10841J: The Methylene Blue Test for Bentonite Liner Quality Control - 01 September 1983

JTE10690J: Variances in Sampling Streams of Coal - 01 September 1983

JTE10695J: Certificate Values—What Do They Mean and How They Should Be Used - 01 September 1983

GTJ10823J: Drilling and Sampling Frozen Fine-Grained Soils - 01 March 1983

JTE10278J: Mechanical Sampling with Stopped-Belt Accuracy - 01 March 1983

JTE10284J: Accuracy and Precision of Crack Length Measurements Using a Compliance Technique - 01 March 1983

JTE11571J: An Introduction to Some Precision and Accuracy of Measurement Problems - 01 July 1982

CCA10224J: Precision of the Proposed Test Method to Measure Slag Hydraulic Properties - 01 July 1982

CCA10229J: Precision of Flexural Strength and Toughness Parameters for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 01 January 1982

JTE11556J: Sampling Plans with Low Consumers' Risk - 01 May 1981

JTE11557J: Quality Control of Tests Conducted on Bituminous Mixtures in Quebec - 01 May 1981

JTE11559J: Precision Strain Measurement at Elevated Temperatures Using a Capacitance Probe - 01 May 1981

JTE11607J: Sampling of Electrorefined Copper Cathodes - 01 July 1980

CCA10179J: Use of CCRL Reference Sample Results for Precision Statements - 01 July 1980

JTE10599J: Statistical Tolerance Limits for Censored Log-Normal Data - 01 March 1980

JTE11511J: High-Speed Sampling Cutters and Their Effect on Bias - 01 November 1979

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