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STP158820140145: Effects of Chemical Modification on Calcium Sulfate Castings Exposed to High Temperature - 01 October 2015

STP49373S: Bioproducts Process Pathways for Kraft Paper Mills - 01 January 2011

STP12253S: An Overview of Metals Permitting Alternatives the Importance of Clean Chemistry Techniques for Trace Metal Sampling of Domestic Wastewater and Paper Mill Treated Effluents and Receiving Waters - 01 January 1997

STP16407S: In-Plane Fracture Toughness Measurement of Paper - 01 January 1995

STP13986S: Fatigue Cracking of a Welded Roll Used in a Paper-Mill Roll Press - 01 January 1994

STP15525S: Lime Used for Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) for the Paper Industry - 01 January 1992

STP17451S: Electrochemical Techniques for Monitoring Corrosion Rates in Simulated Kraft White Liquors - 01 January 1986

STP30302S: Pulp and Paper Industry Experience with NPDES Quality Assurance Requirements - 01 January 1985

STP38708S: Use of Infrared Radiation Thermometers for Temperature Control of Plastic and Paper Webs in Electric Infrared Ovens - 01 January 1985

STP33528S: Development and Validation of an In Situ Fish Preference-Avoidance Technique for Environmental Monitoring of Pulp Mill Effluents - 01 January 1983

STP28063S: Titanium Use in the Pulp Industry - 01 January 1981

STP33897S: Problems and Potentials in Paper Recycling - 01 January 1975

STP46067S: Laboratory Evaluation of Manifolding Paper Performance - 01 January 1971

STP46068S: Instrument Evaluation of Electrostatic Paper - 01 January 1971

STP26577S: Part II.—The Action of Water on Paper and its Significance - 01 January 1963

STP60B-EB: Paper and Paperboard Characteristics, Nomenclature, and Significance of Tests: Third Edition - 01 January 1963

STP26578S: Part III.—Definitions of Terms, Nomenclature, and Properties of Various Classes of Paper and Paperboard - 01 January 1963

STP26579S: Part IV.—Tests Applied to Paper and Paperboard and Their Significance - 01 January 1963

STP241-EB: Symposium On Paper and Paper Products—New Developments with Accompanying Requirements for New Testing Methods - 01 January 1959

STP38323S: Testing of Synthetic Fiber Papers - 01 January 1959

STP38325S: Nonwoven Fabrics and Synthetic Fiber Papers: Technology and End Uses - 01 January 1959

STP38326S: New Developments in the Internal Bonding of Paper - 01 January 1959

STP38321S: Some Historical Developments in Paper Testing - 01 January 1959

STP38328S: A New Cotton Fiber Paper Furnish - 01 January 1959

STP38329S: Clupak Paper—A New Type of High-Stretch Paper—Its Manufacture and Performance - 01 January 1959

STP38331S: Relative Humidity Measurements in Package Materials Testing - 01 January 1959

STP44127S: Present Practices in Tension Testing of Paper in Industry - 01 January 1957

STP46846S: Notes on Effect of Speed of Testing on Tensile Strength and Elongation of Paper - 01 January 1956

STP47698S: Conditioning and Weathering of Paper - 01 January 1953

STP43990S: Paper Honeycomb as a Core for Structural Sandwich Construction - 01 January 1952