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F1980-16: Standard Guide for Accelerated Aging of Sterile Barrier Systems for Medical Devices

D3951-15: Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging

F88/F88M-15: Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials

F1929-15: Standard Test Method for Detecting Seal Leaks in Porous Medical Packaging by Dye Penetration

F1886/F1886M-16: Standard Test Method for Determining Integrity of Seals for Flexible Packaging by Visual Inspection

D999-08(2015): Standard Test Methods for Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers

D5276-98(2017): Standard Test Method for Drop Test of Loaded Containers by Free Fall

D3078-02(2013): Standard Test Method for Determination of Leaks in Flexible Packaging by Bubble Emission

D3330/D3330M-04(2010): Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

D4728-17: Standard Test Method for Random Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers

D880-92(2015): Standard Test Method for Impact Testing for Shipping Containers and Systems

D6653/D6653M-13: Standard Test Methods for Determining the Effects of High Altitude on Packaging Systems by Vacuum Method

D1434-82(2015)e1: Standard Test Method for Determining Gas Permeability Characteristics of Plastic Film and Sheeting

D4332-14: Standard Practice for Conditioning Containers, Packages, or Packaging Components for Testing

F2096-11: Standard Test Method for Detecting Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization (Bubble Test)

D6179-07(2014): Standard Test Methods for Rough Handling of Unitized Loads and Large Shipping Cases and Crates

F2054/F2054M-13: Standard Test Method for Burst Testing of Flexible Package Seals Using Internal Air Pressurization Within Restraining Plates

F2252/F2252M-13e1: Standard Practice for Evaluating Ink or Coating Adhesion to Flexible Packaging Materials Using Tape

F3039-15: Standard Test Method for Detecting Leaks in Nonporous Packaging or Flexible Barrier Materials by Dye Penetration

F904-16: Standard Test Method for Comparison of Bond Strength or Ply Adhesion of Similar Laminates Made from Flexible Materials

D642-15: Standard Test Method for Determining Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers, Components, and Unit Loads

F1249-13: Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission Rate Through Plastic Film and Sheeting Using a Modulated Infrared Sensor

F1306-16: Standard Test Method for Slow Rate Penetration Resistance of Flexible Barrier Films and Laminates

F2029-16: Standard Practices for Making Laboratory Heat Seals for Determination of Heat Sealability of Flexible Barrier Materials as Measured by Seal Strength

D6055-96(2014): Standard Test Methods for Mechanical Handling of Unitized Loads and Large Shipping Cases and Crates

F1140/F1140M-13: Standard Test Methods for Internal Pressurization Failure Resistance of Unrestrained Packages

D4003-98(2015): Standard Test Methods for Programmable Horizontal Impact Test for Shipping Containers and Systems

D5118/D5118M-15: Standard Practice for Fabrication of Fiberboard Shipping Boxes

D5264-98(2011): Standard Practice for Abrasion Resistance of Printed Materials by the Sutherland Rub Tester

D6199-18: Standard Practice for Quality of Wood Members of Containers and Pallets

D6251/D6251M-11: Standard Specification for Wood-Cleated Panelboard Shipping Boxes

D6344-04(2017): Standard Test Method for Concentrated Impacts to Transport Packages

D7478/D7478M-11(2017): Standard Specification for Heavy Duty Sheathed Wood Crates

F17-17: Standard Terminology Relating to Primary Barrier Packaging

F1927-14: Standard Test Method for Determination of Oxygen Gas Transmission Rate, Permeability and Permeance at Controlled Relative Humidity Through Barrier Materials Using a Coulometric Detector

F2097-16: Standard Guide for Design and Evaluation of Primary Flexible Packaging for Medical Products

F2338-09(2013): Standard Test Method for Nondestructive Detection of Leaks in Packages by Vacuum Decay Method

D2063/D2063M-10(2012): Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Torque Retention for Packages with Continuous Thread Closures Using Non-Automated (Manual) Torque Testing Equipment

D2911/D2911M-16: Standard Specification for Dimensions and Tolerances for Plastic Bottles

D3332-99(2016): Standard Test Methods for Mechanical-Shock Fragility of Products, Using Shock Machines

D3580-95(2015): Standard Test Methods for Vibration (Vertical Linear Motion) Test of Products

D3953-15: Standard Specification for Strapping, Flat Steel and Seals

D3985-17: Standard Test Method for Oxygen Gas Transmission Rate Through Plastic Film and Sheeting Using a Coulometric Sensor

D5486/D5486M-06(2012): Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensitive Tape for Packaging, Box Closure, and Sealing

D6039/D6039M-11: Standard Specification for Open and Covered Wood Crates

F1608-16: Standard Test Method for Microbial Ranking of Porous Packaging Materials (Exposure Chamber Method)

F1921/F1921M-12(2018): Standard Test Methods for Hot Seal Strength (Hot Tack) of Thermoplastic Polymers and Blends Comprising the Sealing Surfaces of Flexible Webs

F2251-13: Standard Test Method for Thickness Measurement of Flexible Packaging Material

F2391-05(2016): Standard Test Method for Measuring Package and Seal Integrity Using Helium as the Tracer Gas

F2825-18: Standard Practice for Climatic Stressing of Packaging Systems for Single Parcel Delivery

D1998-15: Standard Specification for Polyethylene Upright Storage Tanks

D3652/D3652M-01(2012): Standard Test Method for Thickness of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

D3715/D3715M-98(2011): Standard Practice for Quality Assurance of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

D3759/D3759M-05(2011): Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

D3892-15: Standard Practice for Packaging/Packing of Plastics

D4675-14a: Standard Guide for Selection and Use of Flat Strapping Materials1

D4727/D4727M-17: Standard Specification for Corrugated and Solid Fiberboard Sheet Stock (Container Grade) and Cut Shapes

D5094/D5094M-09(2014): Standard Test Methods for Gross Leakage of Liquids from Containers with Threaded or Lug-Style Closures

D5487-16: Standard Test Method for Simulated Drop of Loaded Containers by Shock Machines

D6252/D6252M-98(2011): Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Label Stocks at a 90° Angle

D951-17: Standard Test Method for Water Resistance of Shipping Containers by Spray Method

D996-16: Standard Terminology of Packaging and Distribution Environments

E171/E171M-11(2015): Standard Practice for Conditioning and Testing Flexible Barrier Packaging

F2250-13: Standard Practice for Evaluation of Chemical Resistance of Printed Inks and Coatings on Flexible Packaging Materials

F392/F392M-11(2015): Standard Practice for Conditioning Flexible Barrier Materials for Flex Durability

A489-12: Standard Specification for Carbon Steel Lifting Eyes

A906/A906M-02(2016): Standard Specification for Grade 80 and Grade 100 Alloy Steel Chain Slings for Overhead Lifting

D1185-98a(2017): Standard Test Methods for Pallets and Related Structures Employed in Materials Handling and Shipping

D1596-14: Standard Test Method for Dynamic Shock Cushioning Characteristics of Packaging Material

D1975-16: Standard Test Method for Environmental Stress Crack Resistance of Plastic Injection Molded Open Head Pails

D2659-16: Standard Test Method for Column Crush Properties of Blown Thermoplastic Containers

D3103-14: Standard Test Method for Thermal Insulation Performance of Distribution Packages

D3654/D3654M-06(2011): Standard Test Methods for Shear Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

D378-10(2016): Standard Test Methods for Rubber (Elastomeric) Conveyor Belting, Flat Type

D3950-17: Standard Specification for Strapping, Nonmetallic (and Joining Methods)

D4577-05(2010): Standard Test Method for Compression Resistance of a Container Under Constant Load

D4774-11(2017): Standard Specification for User Applied Drug Labels in Anesthesiology

D4991-07(2015): Standard Test Method for Leakage Testing of Empty Rigid Containers by Vacuum Method

D5112-98(2015): Standard Test Method for Vibration (Horizontal Linear Motion) Test of Products

D5445-15: Standard Practice for Pictorial Markings for Handling of Goods

D5458-95(2012): Standard Test Method for Peel Cling of Stretch Wrap Film

D5459-95(2012): Standard Test Method for Machine Direction Elastic Recovery and Permanent Deformation and Stress Retention of Stretch Wrap Film

D5631-15: Standard Practice for Handling, Transportation, and Storage of Halon 1301, Bromotrifluoromethane (CF3Br)

D5748-95(2012): Standard Test Method for Protrusion Puncture Resistance of Stretch Wrap Film

D6256/D6256M-16: Standard Specification for Wood-Cleated Shipping Boxes with Skidded, Load-Bearing Bases

D685-17: Standard Practice for Conditioning Paper and Paper Products for Testing

D6880/D6880M-11: Standard Specification for Wood Boxes

E1870-11: Standard Test Method for Odor and Taste Transfer from Polymeric Packaging Film

E398-13: Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Sheet Materials Using Dynamic Relative Humidity Measurement

F1307-14: Standard Test Method for Oxygen Transmission Rate Through Dry Packages Using a Coulometric Sensor

F1884-04(2018): Standard Test Methods for Determining Residual Solvents in Packaging Materials

F2095-07(2013): Standard Test Methods for Pressure Decay Leak Test for Flexible Packages With and Without Restraining Plates

F2191/F2191M-13: Standard Specification for Packing Material, Graphitic or Carbon Braided Yarn

F2227-13: Standard Test Method for Non-Destructive Detection of Leaks in Non-sealed and Empty Packaging Trays by CO2 Tracer Gas Method

F2475-11: Standard Guide for Biocompatibility Evaluation of Medical Device Packaging Materials

F2476-13: Standard Test Method for the Determination of Carbon Dioxide Gas Transmission Rate (CO2TR) Through Barrier Materials Using An Infrared Detector

F34-13: Standard Practice for Construction of Test Cell for Liquid Extraction of Flexible Barrier Materials