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D3951-18: Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging

F2096-11: Standard Test Method for Detecting Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization (Bubble Test)

F1980-16: Standard Guide for Accelerated Aging of Sterile Barrier Systems for Medical Devices

D3330/D3330M-04(2018): Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

D3953-15: Standard Specification for Strapping, Flat Steel and Seals

D5486/D5486M-06(2012): Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensitive Tape for Packaging, Box Closure, and Sealing

D6251/D6251M-19: Standard Specification for Wood-Cleated Panelboard Shipping Boxes

F2029-16: Standard Practices for Making Laboratory Heat Seals for Determination of Heat Sealability of Flexible Barrier Materials as Measured by Seal Strength

F2338-09(2013): Standard Test Method for Nondestructive Detection of Leaks in Packages by Vacuum Decay Method

B660-15: Standard Practices for Packaging/Packing of Aluminum and Magnesium Products

D3759/D3759M-05(2019): Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

D378-10(2016): Standard Test Methods for Rubber (Elastomeric) Conveyor Belting, Flat Type

D396-19: Standard Specification for Fuel Oils

D4332-14: Standard Practice for Conditioning Containers, Packages, or Packaging Components for Testing

D4675-14a: Standard Guide for Selection and Use of Flat Strapping Materials1

D5118/D5118M-15: Standard Practice for Fabrication of Fiberboard Shipping Boxes

D5276-19: Standard Test Method for Drop Test of Loaded Containers by Free Fall

D6055-96(2019): Standard Test Methods for Mechanical Handling of Unitized Loads and Large Shipping Cases and Crates

D6179-07(2014): Standard Test Methods for Rough Handling of Unitized Loads and Large Shipping Cases and Crates

D6198-18: Standard Guide for Transport Packaging Design

D642-15: Standard Test Method for Determining Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers, Components, and Unit Loads

D6880/D6880M-19: Standard Specification for Wood Boxes

D880-92(2015): Standard Test Method for Impact Testing for Shipping Containers and Systems

F1249-13: Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission Rate Through Plastic Film and Sheeting Using a Modulated Infrared Sensor

F1608-16: Standard Test Method for Microbial Ranking of Porous Packaging Materials (Exposure Chamber Method)

F1886/F1886M-16: Standard Test Method for Determining Integrity of Seals for Flexible Packaging by Visual Inspection

F2824-10(2015): Standard Test Method for Mechanical Seal Strength Testing for Round Cups and Bowl Containers with Flexible Peelable Lids

F3039-15: Standard Test Method for Detecting Leaks in Nonporous Packaging or Flexible Barrier Materials by Dye Penetration

F88/F88M-15: Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials