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C25-11e2: Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Limestone, Quicklime, and Hydrated Lime

D5865-13: Standard Test Method for Gross Calorific Value of Coal and Coke

D3172-13: Standard Practice for Proximate Analysis of Coal and Coke

D3175-17: Standard Test Method for Volatile Matter in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke

D4239-17: Standard Test Method for Sulfur in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke Using High-Temperature Tube Furnace Combustion

E50-17: Standard Practices for Apparatus, Reagents, and Safety Considerations for Chemical Analysis of Metals, Ores, and Related Materials

C977-10: Standard Specification for Quicklime and Hydrated Lime for Soil Stabilization

D3174-12: Standard Test Method for Ash in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke from Coal

D5373-16: Standard Test Methods for Determination of Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen in Analysis Samples of Coal and Carbon in Analysis Samples of Coal and Coke

E135-16: Standard Terminology Relating to Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials

E246-10(2015): Standard Test Methods for Determination of Iron in Iron Ores and Related Materials by Dichromate Titrimetry

E60-11(2016): Standard Practice for Analysis of Metals, Ores, and Related Materials by Spectrophotometry

D3176-15: Standard Practice for Ultimate Analysis of Coal and Coke

D3180-15: Standard Practice for Calculating Coal and Coke Analyses from As-Determined to Different Bases

D388-17: Standard Classification of Coals by Rank

D409/D409M-16: Standard Test Method for Grindability of Coal by the Hardgrove-Machine Method

D5016-16: Standard Test Method for Total Sulfur in Coal and Coke Combustion Residues Using a High-Temperature Tube Furnace Combustion Method with Infrared Absorption

D6172-98(2010): Standard Test Method for Determining the Volume of Bulk Materials Using Contours or Cross Sections Created by Direct Operator Compilation Using Photogrammetric Procedures

E1915-13: Standard Test Methods for Analysis of Metal Bearing Ores and Related Materials for Carbon, Sulfur, and Acid-Base Characteristics

C110-16e1: Standard Test Methods for Physical Testing of Quicklime, Hydrated Lime, and Limestone

C1271-99(2012): Standard Test Method for X-ray Spectrometric Analysis of Lime and Limestone

C1301-95(2014): Standard Test Method for Major and Trace Elements in Limestone and Lime by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP) and Atomic Absorption (AA)

C50/C50M-13: Standard Practice for Sampling, Sample Preparation, Packaging, and Marking of Lime and Limestone Products

D197-87(2012): Standard Test Method for Sampling and Fineness Test of Pulverized Coal

D2013/D2013M-12: Standard Practice for Preparing Coal Samples for Analysis

D2234/D2234M-17: Standard Practice for Collection of a Gross Sample of Coal

D3302/D3302M-17: Standard Test Method for Total Moisture in Coal

D3402/D3402M-16: Standard Test Method for Tumbler Test for Coke

D4749-87(2012): Standard Test Method for Performing the Sieve Analysis of Coal and Designating Coal Size

D5987-96(2015): Standard Test Method for Total Fluorine in Coal and Coke by Pyrohydrolytic Extraction and Ion Selective Electrode or Ion Chromatograph Methods

D6316-09be1: Standard Test Method for Determination of Total, Combustible and Carbonate Carbon in Solid Residues from Coal and Coke

D6542-05(2010): Standard Practice for Tonnage Calculation of Coal in a Stockpile

D7348-13: Standard Test Methods for Loss on Ignition (LOI) of Solid Combustion Residues

D7430-16be1: Standard Practice for Mechanical Sampling of Coal

D7582-15: Standard Test Methods for Proximate Analysis of Coal and Coke by Macro Thermogravimetric Analysis

E2296-03(2013): Standard Practice for Silver Corrections in Metal Bearing Ores, Concentrates, and Related Metallurgical Materials by Fire Assay Slag Recycling and Cupel Proof Gravimetry