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E679-04(2011): Standard Practice for Determination of Odor and Taste Thresholds By a Forced-Choice Ascending Concentration Series Method of Limits

E1885-04(2011): Standard Test Method for Sensory Analysis - Triangle Test

E3009-15e1: Standard Test Method for Sensory Analysis—Tetrad Test

E460-12: Standard Practice for Determining Effect of Packaging on Food and Beverage Products During Storage

F1963-05(2017)e1: Standard Specification for Deep-Fat Fryers, Gas or Electric, Open

E1346-16: Standard Practice for Bulk Sampling, Handling, and Preparing Edible Vegetable Oils for Sensory Evaluation

E1627-11: Standard Practice for Sensory Evaluation of Edible Oils and Fats

E1810-12: Standard Practice for Evaluating Effects of Contaminants on Odor and Taste of Exposed Fish

E1871-17: Standard Guide for Serving Protocol for Sensory Evaluation of Foods and Beverages

E1879-17: Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Beverages Containing Alcohol

E2139-05(2011): Standard Test Method for Same-Different Test

E544-10: Standard Practices for Referencing Suprathreshold Odor Intensity

F1275-14: Standard Test Method for Performance of Griddles

F1361-17: Standard Test Method for Performance of Open Deep Fat Fryers

F2140-11: Standard Test Method for Performance of Hot Food Holding Cabinets

F2143-16: Standard Test Method for Performance of Refrigerated Buffet and Preparation Tables

F2687-13: Standard Practice for Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Commercial Food Service Equipment

F2834-10A(2017)e1: Standard Specification for Induction Cooktops, Counter Top, Drop-in Mounted, or Floor Standing