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C926-18b: Standard Specification for Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster

E1105-15: Standard Test Method for Field Determination of Water Penetration of Installed Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors, and Curtain Walls, by Uniform or Cyclic Static Air Pressure Difference

E84-18b: Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

C42/C42M-18a: Standard Test Method for Obtaining and Testing Drilled Cores and Sawed Beams of Concrete

C1019-18: Standard Test Method for Sampling and Testing Grout

C1048-18: Standard Specification for Heat-Strengthened and Fully Tempered Flat Glass

C1063-19: Standard Specification for Installation of Lathing and Furring to Receive Interior and Exterior Portland Cement-Based Plaster

C1280-18: Standard Specification for Application of Exterior Gypsum Panel Products for Use as Sheathing

E2174-18: Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection of Installed Firestops

E935-13e1: Standard Test Methods for Performance of Permanent Metal Railing Systems and Rails for Buildings

F1216-16: Standard Practice for Rehabilitation of Existing Pipelines and Conduits by the Inversion and Curing of a Resin-Impregnated Tube

F710-19: Standard Practice for Preparing Concrete Floors to Receive Resilient Flooring

A6/A6M-17a: Standard Specification for General Requirements for Rolled Structural Steel Bars, Plates, Shapes, and Sheet Piling

A615/A615M-18e1: Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Carbon-Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

C33/C33M-18: Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates

C39/C39M-18: Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens

C702/C702M-18: Standard Practice for Reducing Samples of Aggregate to Testing Size

D3203/D3203M-17: Standard Test Method for Percent Air Voids in Compacted Asphalt Mixtures

E119-18ce1: Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials

E2393-10a(2015): Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection of Installed Fire Resistive Joint Systems and Perimeter Fire Barriers

E779-19: Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage Rate by Fan Pressurization

E96/E96M-16: Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials

F1193-18a: Standard Practice for Quality, Manufacture, and Construction of Amusement Rides and Devices

F1417-11a(2015): Standard Practice for Installation Acceptance of Plastic Non-pressure Sewer Lines Using Low-Pressure Air

A1064/A1064M-18a: Standard Specification for Carbon-Steel Wire and Welded Wire Reinforcement, Plain and Deformed, for Concrete

C1227-13: Standard Specification for Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

C29/C29M-17a: Standard Test Method for Bulk Density (“Unit Weight”) and Voids in Aggregate

C31/C31M-19: Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field

C840-18b: Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board

D6307-19: Standard Test Method for Asphalt Content of Asphalt Mixture by Ignition Method

E1155-14: Standard Test Method for Determining FF Floor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers

E1186-17: Standard Practices for Air Leakage Site Detection in Building Envelopes and Air Barrier Systems

A722/A722M-18: Standard Specification for High-Strength Steel Bars for Prestressed Concrete

C1074-17: Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method

C1172-19: Standard Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass

C1202-19: Standard Test Method for Electrical Indication of Concrete’s Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration

C136/C136M-14: Standard Test Method for Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates

C1376-15: Standard Specification for Pyrolytic and Vacuum Deposition Coatings on Flat Glass

C1549-16: Standard Test Method for Determination of Solar Reflectance Near Ambient Temperature Using a Portable Solar Reflectometer

C497-19: Standard Test Methods for Concrete Pipe, Concrete Box Sections, Manhole Sections, or Tile

C645-18: Standard Specification for Nonstructural Steel Framing Members

C666/C666M-15: Standard Test Method for Resistance of Concrete to Rapid Freezing and Thawing

C754-18: Standard Specification for Installation of Steel Framing Members to Receive Screw-Attached Gypsum Panel Products

D1143/D1143M-07(2013)e1: Standard Test Methods for Deep Foundations Under Static Axial Compressive Load

D2940/D2940M-15: Standard Specification for Graded Aggregate Material For Bases or Subbases for Highways or Airports

D4756-15: Standard Practice for Installation of Rigid Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Siding and Soffit

D4832-16e1: Standard Test Method for Preparation and Testing of Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) Test Cylinders

D5957-98(2013): Standard Guide for Flood Testing Horizontal Waterproofing Installations

D632-12: Standard Specification for Sodium Chloride

D6926-16: Standard Practice for Preparation of Asphalt Mixture Specimens Using Marshall Apparatus

D7234-12: Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Adhesion Strength of Coatings on Concrete Using Portable Pull-Off Adhesion Testers

E2112-19: Standard Practice for Installation of Exterior Windows, Doors and Skylights

E2353-16: Standard Test Methods for Performance of Glazing in Permanent Railing Systems, Guards, and Balustrades

E2813-18: Standard Practice for Building Enclosure Commissioning

E283-04(2012): Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors Under Specified Pressure Differences Across the Specimen

E329-18: Standard Specification for Agencies Engaged in Construction Inspection, Testing, or Special Inspection

E330/E330M-14: Standard Test Method for Structural Performance of Exterior Windows, Doors, Skylights and Curtain Walls by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference

E564-06(2018): Standard Practice for Static Load Test for Shear Resistance of Framed Walls for Buildings

E695-03(2015)e1: Standard Test Method of Measuring Relative Resistance of Wall, Floor, and Roof Construction to Impact Loading

F1043-18: Standard Specification for Strength and Protective Coatings on Steel Industrial Fence Framework

F3124-15e1: Standard Practice for Data Recording the Procedure used to Produce Heat Butt Fusion Joints in Plastic Piping Systems or Fittings

F567-14a: Standard Practice for Installation of Chain-Link Fence

A421/A421M-15: Standard Specification for Stress-Relieved Steel Wire for Prestressed Concrete

A709/A709M-18: Standard Specification for Structural Steel for Bridges

C1064/C1064M-17: Standard Test Method for Temperature of Freshly Mixed Hydraulic-Cement Concrete

C1244-11(2017): Standard Test Method for Concrete Sewer Manholes by the Negative Air Pressure (Vacuum) Test Prior to Backfill

C1277-18: Standard Specification for Shielded Couplings Joining Hubless Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

C1371-15: Standard Test Method for Determination of Emittance of Materials Near Room Temperature Using Portable Emissometers

C1401-14: Standard Guide for Structural Sealant Glazing

C1491-18: Standard Specification for Concrete Roof Pavers

C1492-03(2016): Standard Specification for Concrete Roof Tile

C150/C150M-18: Standard Specification for Portland Cement

C1583/C1583M-13: Standard Test Method for Tensile Strength of Concrete Surfaces and the Bond Strength or Tensile Strength of Concrete Repair and Overlay Materials by Direct Tension (Pull-off Method)

C1602/C1602M-18: Standard Specification for Mixing Water Used in the Production of Hydraulic Cement Concrete

C1604/C1604M-05(2012): Standard Test Method for Obtaining and Testing Drilled Cores of Shotcrete

C1782/C1782M-18: Standard Specification for Segmental Concrete Paving Slabs

C1797-17: Standard Specification for Ground Calcium Carbonate and Aggregate Mineral Fillers for use in Hydraulic Cement Concrete

C1861-18: Standard Specification for Lathing and Furring Accessories, and Fasteners, for Interior and Exterior Portland Cement-Based Plaster

C209-15: Standard Test Methods for Cellulosic Fiber Insulating Board

C423-17: Standard Test Method for Sound Absorption and Sound Absorption Coefficients by the Reverberation Room Method

C566-13: Standard Test Method for Total Evaporable Moisture Content of Aggregate by Drying

C67/C67M-18: Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Brick and Structural Clay Tile

C685/C685M-17: Standard Specification for Concrete Made by Volumetric Batching and Continuous Mixing

C717-19: Standard Terminology of Building Seals and Sealants

C794-18: Standard Test Method for Adhesion-in-Peel of Elastomeric Joint Sealants

C944/C944M-12: Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Concrete or Mortar Surfaces by the Rotating-Cutter Method

C969-19: Standard Practice for Infiltration and Exfiltration Acceptance Testing of Installed Precast Concrete Pipe Sewer Lines

D1556/D1556M-15e1: Standard Test Method for Density and Unit Weight of Soil in Place by Sand-Cone Method

D1751-18: Standard Specification for Preformed Expansion Joint Filler for Concrete Paving and Structural Construction (Nonextruding and Resilient Bituminous Types)

D2047-17: Standard Test Method for Static Coefficient of Friction of Polish-Coated Flooring Surfaces as Measured by the James Machine

D226/D226M-17: Standard Specification for Asphalt-Saturated Organic Felt Used in Roofing and Waterproofing

D2321-18: Standard Practice for Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pipe for Sewers and Other Gravity-Flow Applications

D2559-12a(2018): Standard Specification for Adhesives for Bonded Structural Wood Products for Use Under Exterior Exposure Conditions

D2729-17: Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Sewer Pipe and Fittings

D4580/D4580M-12(2018): Standard Practice for Measuring Delaminations in Concrete Bridge Decks by Sounding

D5813-04(2018): Standard Specification for Cured-In-Place Thermosetting Resin Sewer Piping Systems

D6023-16: Standard Test Method for Density (Unit Weight), Yield, Cement Content, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Controlled Low-Strength Material (CLSM)

D692/D692M-15: Standard Specification for Coarse Aggregate for Bituminous Paving Mixtures

D6951/D6951M-18: Standard Test Method for Use of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer in Shallow Pavement Applications

D7957/D7957M-17: Standard Specification for Solid Round Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

D979/D979M-15: Standard Practice for Sampling Bituminous Paving Mixtures

E1980-11: Standard Practice for Calculating Solar Reflectance Index of Horizontal and Low-Sloped Opaque Surfaces

E2026-16a: Standard Guide for Seismic Risk Assessment of Buildings

E2121-13: Standard Practice for Installing Radon Mitigation Systems in Existing Low-Rise Residential Buildings

E2190-10: Standard Specification for Insulating Glass Unit Performance and Evaluation

E2238-12: Standard Guide for Evacuation Route Diagrams

E2266-11: Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Low-Rise Frame Building Wall Systems to Resist Water Intrusion

E2356-18: Standard Practice for Comprehensive Building Asbestos Surveys

E2398/E2398M-19: Standard Test Method for Water Capture and Media Retention of Geocomposite Drain Layers for Vegetative (Green) Roof Systems

E2600-15: Standard Guide for Vapor Encroachment Screening on Property Involved in Real Estate Transactions

E2618-13: Standard Test Method for Measurement of Particulate Emissions and Heating Efficiency of Solid Fuel-Fired Hydronic Heating Appliances

E413-16: Classification for Rating Sound Insulation

E760/E760M-92(2015)e1: Standard Test Method for Effect of Impact on Bonding of Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material Applied to Structural Members

E783-02(2018): Standard Test Method for Field Measurement of Air Leakage Through Installed Exterior Windows and Doors

E894-18: Standard Test Method for Anchorage of Permanent Metal Railing Systems and Rails for Buildings

F1962-11: Standard Guide for Use of Maxi-Horizontal Directional Drilling for Placement of Polyethylene Pipe or Conduit Under Obstacles, Including River Crossings

F2049-11(2017): Standard Safety Performance Specification for Fences/Barriers for Public, Commercial, and Multi-Family Residential Use Outdoor Play Areas

F2599-16: Standard Practice for The Sectional Repair of Damaged Pipe By Means of An Inverted Cured-In-Place Liner

F3191-16: Standard Practice for Field Determination of Substrate Water Absorption (Porosity) for Substrates to Receive Resilient Flooring

A1040-17: Standard Guide for Specifying Harmonized Standard Grade Compositions for Wrought Carbon, Low-Alloy, and Alloy Steels

A716-18: Standard Specification for Ductile Iron Culvert Pipe

A74-17: Standard Specification for Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

A881/A881M-16a: Standard Specification for Steel Wire, Indented, Low-Relaxation for Prestressed Concrete

A888-18a: Standard Specification for Hubless Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings for Sanitary and Storm Drain, Waste, and Vent Piping Applications

A951/A951M-16e1: Standard Specification for Steel Wire for Masonry Joint Reinforcement

A955/A955M-18b: Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Stainless Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

A970/A970M-18: Standard Specification for Headed Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

A998/A998M-18: Standard Practice for Structural Design of Reinforcements for Fittings in Factory–Made Corrugated Steel Pipe for Sewers and Other Applications

B101-12: Standard Specification for Lead-Coated Copper Sheet and Strip for Building Construction

B864/B864M-13(2018): Standard Specification for Corrugated Aluminum Box Culverts

C1026-13(2018): Standard Test Method for Measuring the Resistance of Ceramic and Glass Tile to Freeze-Thaw Cycling

C1055-03(2014): Standard Guide for Heated System Surface Conditions that Produce Contact Burn Injuries

C1059/C1059M-13: Standard Specification for Latex Agents for Bonding Fresh To Hardened Concrete

C1060-11a(2015): Standard Practice for Thermographic Inspection of Insulation Installations in Envelope Cavities of Frame Buildings

C109/C109M-16a: Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars (Using 2-in. or [50-mm] Cube Specimens)

C11-18b: Standard Terminology Relating to Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Systems

C1131-10(2015): Standard Practice for Least Cost (Life Cycle) Analysis of Concrete Culvert, Storm Sewer, and Sanitary Sewer Systems

C1140/C1140M-11: Standard Practice for Preparing and Testing Specimens from Shotcrete Test Panels

C1176/C1176M-13: Standard Practice for Making Roller-Compacted Concrete in Cylinder Molds Using a Vibrating Table

C119-16: Standard Terminology Relating to Dimension Stone

C1231/C1231M-15: Standard Practice for Use of Unbonded Caps in Determination of Compressive Strength of Hardened Cylindrical Concrete Specimens

C1242-18a: Standard Guide for Selection, Design, and Installation of Dimension Stone Attachment Systems

C1249-18: Standard Guide for Secondary Seal for Sealed Insulating Glass Units for Structural Sealant Glazing Applications

C125-19: Standard Terminology Relating to Concrete and Concrete Aggregates

C1252-17: Standard Test Methods for Uncompacted Void Content of Fine Aggregate (as Influenced by Particle Shape, Surface Texture, and Grading)

C1260-14: Standard Test Method for Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates (Mortar-Bar Method)

C128-15: Standard Test Method for Relative Density (Specific Gravity) and Absorption of Fine Aggregate

C1289-18a: Standard Specification for Faced Rigid Cellular Polyisocyanurate Thermal Insulation Board

C1294-15: Standard Test Method for Compatibility of Insulating Glass Edge Sealants with Liquid-Applied Glazing Materials

C1314-18: Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Masonry Prisms

C1338-19: Standard Test Method for Determining Fungi Resistance of Insulation Materials and Facings

C1364-18: Standard Specification for Architectural Cast Stone

C140/C140M-18a: Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Concrete Masonry Units and Related Units

C142/C142M-17: Standard Test Method for Clay Lumps and Friable Particles in Aggregates

C1437-15: Standard Test Method for Flow of Hydraulic Cement Mortar

C1460-17: Standard Specification for Shielded Transition Couplings for Use with Dissimilar DWV Pipe and Fittings Above Ground

C1482-17: Standard Specification for Polyimide Flexible Cellular Thermal and Sound Absorbing Insulation

C1540-18: Standard Specification for Heavy-Duty Shielded Couplings Joining Hubless Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

C1564-15: Standard Guide for Use of Silicone Sealants for Protective Glazing Systems

C1568-08(2013): Standard Test Method for Wind Resistance of Concrete and Clay Roof Tiles (Mechanical Uplift Resistance Method)

C1581/C1581M-18a: Standard Test Method for Determining Age at Cracking and Induced Tensile Stress Characteristics of Mortar and Concrete under Restrained Shrinkage

C1587/C1587M-15: Standard Practice for Preparation of Field Removed Manufactured Masonry Units and Masonry Specimens for Testing

C1589/C1589M-18: Standard Practice for Outdoor Weathering of Construction Seals and Sealants

C1609/C1609M-12: Standard Test Method for Flexural Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (Using Beam With Third-Point Loading)

C1610/C1610M-17: Standard Test Method for Static Segregation of Self-Consolidating Concrete Using Column Technique

C1621/C1621M-17: Standard Test Method for Passing Ability of Self-Consolidating Concrete by J-Ring

C1629/C1629M-18a: Standard Classification for Abuse-Resistant Nondecorated Interior Gypsum Panel Products and Fiber-Reinforced Cement Panels

C165-07(2017): Standard Test Method for Measuring Compressive Properties of Thermal Insulations

C1651-11(2018): Standard Test Method for Measurement of Roll Wave Optical Distortion in Heat-Treated Flat Glass

C1667-15: Standard Test Method for Using Heat Flow Meter Apparatus to Measure the Center-of-Panel Thermal Transmission Properties of Vacuum Insulation Panels

C167-18: Standard Test Methods for Thickness and Density of Blanket or Batt Thermal Insulations

C1702-17: Standard Test Method for Measurement of Heat of Hydration of Hydraulic Cementitious Materials Using Isothermal Conduction Calorimetry

C1713-17: Standard Specification for Mortars for the Repair of Historic Masonry

C1719-11(2017): Standard Test Method for Installed Precast Concrete Tanks and Accessories by the Negative Air Pressure (Vacuum) Test Prior to Backfill

C173/C173M-16: Standard Test Method for Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Volumetric Method

C1736-11: Standard Practice for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Adhesion of Installed Weatherproofing Sealant Joints Using a Rolling Device

C1753/C1753M-15e1: Standard Practice for Evaluating Early Hydration of Hydraulic Cementitious Mixtures Using Thermal Measurements

C1757-13: Standard Test Method for Determination of One-Point, Bulk Water Sorption of Dried Concrete

C1768/C1768M-12(2017): Standard Practice for Accelerated Curing of Concrete Cylinders

C1792-14: Standard Test Method for Measurement of Mass Loss versus Time for One-Dimensional Drying of Saturated Concretes

C1818-18: Standard Specification for Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete Culvert, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe

C185-15a: Standard Test Method for Air Content of Hydraulic Cement Mortar

C1864-17: Standard Test Method for Determination of Solar Reflectance of Directionally Reflective Material Using Portable Solar Reflectometer

C1877-18: Standard Specification for Adhered Concrete Masonry Units

C1884-18: Standard Specification for Concrete Ballast Block

C191-18a: Standard Test Methods for Time of Setting of Hydraulic Cement by Vicat Needle

C204-18: Standard Test Methods for Fineness of Hydraulic Cement by Air-Permeability Apparatus

C215-14: Standard Test Method for Fundamental Transverse, Longitudinal, and Torsional Resonant Frequencies of Concrete Specimens

C240-18: Standard Test Methods for Testing Cellular Glass Insulation Block

C270-19: Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry

C295/C295M-18a: Standard Guide for Petrographic Examination of Aggregates for Concrete

C307-18: Standard Test Method for Tensile Strength of Chemical-Resistant Mortar, Grouts, and Monolithic Surfacings

C331/C331M-17: Standard Specification for Lightweight Aggregates for Concrete Masonry Units

C341/C341M-18: Standard Practice for Preparation and Conditioning of Cast, Drilled, or Sawed Specimens of Hydraulic-Cement Mortar and Concrete Used for Length Change Measurements

C348-18: Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars

C384-04(2016): Standard Test Method for Impedance and Absorption of Acoustical Materials by Impedance Tube Method

C472-99(2014): Standard Test Methods for Physical Testing of Gypsum, Gypsum Plasters and Gypsum Concrete

C478-18: Standard Specification for Circular Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole Sections

C495/C495M-12: Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Lightweight Insulating Concrete

C511-13: Standard Specification for Mixing Rooms, Moist Cabinets, Moist Rooms, and Water Storage Tanks Used in the Testing of Hydraulic Cements and Concretes

C518-17: Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the Heat Flow Meter Apparatus

C535-16: Standard Test Method for Resistance to Degradation of Large-Size Coarse Aggregate by Abrasion and Impact in the Los Angeles Machine

C552-17e1: Standard Specification for Cellular Glass Thermal Insulation

C567/C567M-14: Standard Test Method for Determining Density of Structural Lightweight Concrete

C568/C568M-15: Standard Specification for Limestone Dimension Stone

C578-18: Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation

C579-18: Standard Test Methods for Compressive Strength of Chemical-Resistant Mortars, Grouts, Monolithic Surfacings, and Polymer Concretes

C59/C59M-00(2015): Standard Specification for Gypsum Casting Plaster and Gypsum Molding Plaster

C615/C615M-18e1: Standard Specification for Granite Dimension Stone

C617/C617M-15: Standard Practice for Capping Cylindrical Concrete Specimens

C631-09(2014): Standard Specification for Bonding Compounds for Interior Gypsum Plastering

C634-13e1: Standard Terminology Relating to Building and Environmental Acoustics

C636/C636M-13: Standard Practice for Installation of Metal Ceiling Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-In Panels

C642-13: Standard Test Method for Density, Absorption, and Voids in Hardened Concrete

C661-15: Standard Test Method for Indentation Hardness of Elastomeric-Type Sealants by Means of a Durometer

C780-18a: Standard Test Method for Preconstruction and Construction Evaluation of Mortars for Plain and Reinforced Unit Masonry

C795-08(2018): Standard Specification for Thermal Insulation for Use in Contact with Austenitic Stainless Steel

C822-19: Standard Terminology Relating to Concrete Pipe and Related Products

C823/C823M-12(2017): Standard Practice for Examination and Sampling of Hardened Concrete in Constructions

C845/C845M-18: Standard Specification for Expansive Hydraulic Cement

C856-18a: Standard Practice for Petrographic Examination of Hardened Concrete

C858-18: Standard Specification for Underground Precast Concrete Utility Structures

C864-05(2015): Standard Specification for Dense Elastomeric Compression Seal Gaskets, Setting Blocks, and Spacers

C87/C87M-17: Standard Test Method for Effect of Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregate on Strength of Mortar

C88/C88M-18: Standard Test Method for Soundness of Aggregates by Use of Sodium Sulfate or Magnesium Sulfate

C890-13: Standard Practice for Minimum Structural Design Loading for Monolithic or Sectional Precast Concrete Water and Wastewater Structures

C913-18: Standard Specification for Precast Concrete Water and Wastewater Structures

C936/C936M-18: Standard Specification for Solid Concrete Interlocking Paving Units

C985-15: Standard Specification for Nonreinforced Concrete Specified Strength Culvert, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe

C989/C989M-18a: Standard Specification for Slag Cement for Use in Concrete and Mortars

C99/C99M-18: Standard Test Method for Modulus of Rupture of Dimension Stone

C990-09(2014): Standard Specification for Joints for Concrete Pipe, Manholes, and Precast Box Sections Using Preformed Flexible Joint Sealants

D1079-18e1: Standard Terminology Relating to Roofing and Waterproofing

D1187/D1187M-97(2018): Standard Specification for Asphalt-Base Emulsions for Use as Protective Coatings for Metal

D1241-15: Standard Specification for Materials for Soil-Aggregate Subbase, Base, and Surface Courses

D1970/D1970M-18: Standard Specification for Self-Adhering Polymer Modified Bituminous Sheet Materials Used as Steep Roofing Underlayment for Ice Dam Protection

D2419-14: Standard Test Method for Sand Equivalent Value of Soils and Fine Aggregate

D2661-14e1: Standard Specification for Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Schedule 40 Plastic Drain, Waste, and Vent Pipe and Fittings

D2850-15: Standard Test Method for Unconsolidated-Undrained Triaxial Compression Test on Cohesive Soils

D2898-10(2017): Standard Practice for Accelerated Weathering of Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood for Fire Testing

D312/D312M-16a: Standard Specification for Asphalt Used in Roofing

D3161/D3161M-19: Standard Test Method for Wind-Resistance of Steep Slope Roofing Products (Fan-Induced Method)

D3212-07(2013): Standard Specification for Joints for Drain and Sewer Plastic Pipes Using Flexible Elastomeric Seals

D3282-15: Standard Practice for Classification of Soils and Soil-Aggregate Mixtures for Highway Construction Purposes

D3381/D3381M-18: Standard Specification for Viscosity-Graded Asphalt Binder for Use in Pavement Construction

D3666-16: Standard Specification for Minimum Requirements for Agencies Testing and Inspecting Road and Paving Materials

D3737-18e1: Standard Practice for Establishing Allowable Properties for Structural Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam)

D4015-15e1: Standard Test Methods for Modulus and Damping of Soils by Fixed-Base Resonant Column Devices

D4226-16: Standard Test Methods for Impact Resistance of Rigid Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Building Products

D4263-83(2018): Standard Test Method for Indicating Moisture in Concrete by the Plastic Sheet Method

D4397-16: Standard Specification for Polyethylene Sheeting for Construction, Industrial, and Agricultural Applications

D4434/D4434M-15: Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Sheet Roofing

D4477-16: Standard Specification for Rigid (Unplasticized) Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Soffit

D4495-16: Standard Test Method for Impact Resistance of Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Rigid Profiles by Means of a Falling Weight

D4546-14e1: Standard Test Methods for One-Dimensional Swell or Collapse of Soils

D4726-18: Standard Specification for Rigid Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Exterior-Profile Extrusions Used for Assembled Windows and Doors

D4767-11: Standard Test Method for Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Compression Test for Cohesive Soils

D4787-13(2018): Standard Practice for Continuity Verification of Liquid or Sheet Linings Applied to Concrete Substrates

D4811/D4811M-16: Standard Specification for Nonvulcanized (Uncured) Rubber Sheet Used as Roof Flashing

D4829-11: Standard Test Method for Expansion Index of Soils

D5095-91(2013): Standard Test Method for Determination of the Nonvolatile Content in Silanes, Siloxanes and Silane-Siloxane Blends Used in Masonry Water Repellent Treatments

D5146-10(2019): Standard Guide to Testing Solvent-Borne Architectural Coatings

D5147/D5147M-18: Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Modified Bituminous Sheet Material

D5311/D5311M-13: Standard Test Method for Load Controlled Cyclic Triaxial Strength of Soil

D5385/D5385M-93(2014)e1: Standard Test Method for Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance of Waterproofing Membranes

D545-14: Standard Test Methods for Preformed Expansion Joint Fillers for Concrete Construction (Nonextruding and Resilient Types)

D558-11: Standard Test Methods for Moisture-Density (Unit Weight) Relations of Soil-Cement Mixtures

D5982-15: Standard Test Method for Determining Cement Content of Fresh Soil-Cement (Heat of Neutralization Method)

D6007-14: Standard Test Method for Determining Formaldehyde Concentrations in Air from Wood Products Using a Small-Scale Chamber

D6087-08(2015)e1: Standard Test Method for Evaluating Asphalt-Covered Concrete Bridge Decks Using Ground Penetrating Radar

D6467-13e1: Standard Test Method for Torsional Ring Shear Test to Determine Drained Residual Shear Strength of Cohesive Soils

D6630/D6630M-16: Standard Guide for Low Slope Insulated Roof Membrane Assembly Performance

D6690-15: Standard Specification for Joint and Crack Sealants, Hot Applied, for Concrete and Asphalt Pavements

D6754/D6754M-15: Standard Specification for Ketone Ethylene Ester Based Sheet Roofing

D6760-16: Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundations by Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing

D6815-09(2015): Standard Specification for Evaluation of Duration of Load and Creep Effects of Wood and Wood-Based Products

D6874-12: Standard Test Methods for Nondestructive Evaluation of Wood-Based Flexural Members Using Transverse Vibration

D6927-15: Standard Test Method for Marshall Stability and Flow of Asphalt Mixtures

D7105-06(2013): Standard Test Method for Determining the Adhesive and Cohesive Strength Between Materials in Roofing or Waterproofing Membranes and Systems

D7181-11: Method for Consolidated Drained Triaxial Compression Test for Soils

D7276-16: Standard Guide for Analysis and Interpretation of Test Data for Articulating Concrete Block (ACB) Revetment Systems in Open Channel Flow

D7338-14: Standard Guide for Assessment Of Fungal Growth in Buildings

D7522/D7522M-15: Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Strength for FRP Laminate Systems Bonded to Concrete Substrate

D7585/D7585M-10(2015): Standard Practice for Evaluating Retroreflective Pavement Markings Using Portable Hand-Operated Instruments

D7832/D7832M-14: Standard Guide for Performance Attributes of Waterproofing Membranes Applied to Below-Grade Walls / Vertical Surfaces (Enclosing Interior Spaces)

D7877-14: Standard Guide for Electronic Methods for Detecting and Locating Leaks in Waterproof Membranes

D7888-18: Standard Practice for Evaluating Adhesive and the Effects of Plasticizer Found Within Polyvinyl Chloride-Backed Floor Coverings

D7897-18: Standard Practice for Laboratory Soiling and Weathering of Roofing Materials to Simulate Effects of Natural Exposure on Solar Reflectance and Thermal Emittance

D7906-14: Standard Practice for Recovery of Asphalt from Solution Using Toluene and the Rotary Evaporator

D8078-18: Standard Test Method for Ash Content of Asphalt and Emulsified Asphalt Residues

D8167/D8167M-18a: Standard Test Method for In-Place Bulk Density of Soil and Soil-Aggregate by a Low-Activity Nuclear Method (Shallow Depth)

E1050-12: Standard Test Method for Impedance and Absorption of Acoustical Materials Using a Tube, Two Microphones and a Digital Frequency Analysis System

E1074-15: Standard Practice for Measuring Net Benefits and Net Savings for Investments in Buildings and Building Systems

E1155M-14: Standard Test Method for Determining FF Floor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers (Metric)

E1166-00(2015): Standard Guide for Network Level Pavement Management

E1190-11(2018): Standard Test Methods for Strength of Power-Actuated Fasteners Installed in Structural Members

E1503-14: Standard Test Method for Conducting Outdoor Sound Measurements Using a Digital Statistical Sound Analysis System

E1613-12: Standard Test Method for Determination of Lead by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-AES), Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (FAAS), or Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (GFAAS) Techniques

E1643-18a: Standard Practice for Selection, Design, Installation, and Inspection of Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Earth or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs

E1645-16: Standard Practice for Preparation of Dried Paint Samples by Hotplate or Microwave Digestion for Subsequent Lead Analysis

E1646-95(2018): Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Metal Roof Panel Systems by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference

E1680-16: Standard Test Method for Rate of Air Leakage through Exterior Metal Roof Panel Systems

E1775-16: Standard Guide for Evaluating Performance of On-Site Extraction and Field-Portable Electrochemical or Spectrophotometric Analysis for Lead

E1777-09(2015): Standard Guide for Prioritization of Data Needs for Pavement Management

E1780-12: Standard Guide for Measuring Outdoor Sound Received from a Nearby Fixed Source

E1886-13a: Standard Test Method for Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, Doors, and Impact Protective Systems Impacted by Missile(s) and Exposed to Cyclic Pressure Differentials

E1889-97(2015): Standard Guide for Pavement Management Implementation

E1908-16: Standard Guide for Sample Selection of Debris Waste from a Building Renovation or Lead Abatement Project for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Testing for Leachable Lead (Pb)

E1925-18: Specification for Engineering and Design Criteria for Rigid Wall Relocatable Structures

E196-06(2018): Standard Practice for Gravity Load Testing of Floors and Low Slope Roofs

E2068-00(2016): Standard Test Method for Determination of Operating Force of Sliding Windows and Doors

E2126-11(2018): Standard Test Methods for Cyclic (Reversed) Load Test for Shear Resistance of Vertical Elements of the Lateral Force Resisting Systems for Buildings

E2129-18: Standard Practice for Data Collection for Sustainability Assessment of Building Products

E2177-19: Standard Test Method for Measuring the Coefficient of Retroreflected Luminance (RL) of Pavement Markings in a Standard Condition of Wetness

E2188-10: Standard Test Method for Insulating Glass Unit Performance

E2231-18: Standard Practice for Specimen Preparation and Mounting of Pipe and Duct Insulation Materials to Assess Surface Burning Characteristics

E2260-03(2012)e1: Standard Guide for Repointing (Tuckpointing) Historic Masonry

E2397/E2397M-19: Standard Practice for Determination of Dead Loads and Live Loads Associated with Vegetative (Green) Roof Systems

E2485/E2485M-13(2018): Standard Test Method for Freeze/Thaw Resistance of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and Water Resistive Barrier Coatings

E2516-11: Standard Classification for Cost Estimate Classification System

E2557-16a: Standard Practice for Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Evaluations for Earthquake Due-Diligence Assessments

E2611-17: Standard Test Method for Normal Incidence Determination of Porous Material Acoustical Properties Based on the Transfer Matrix Method

E2638-10(2017): Standard Test Method for Objective Measurement of the Speech Privacy Provided by a Closed Room

E2777-14: Standard Guide for Vegetative (Green) Roof Systems

E2779-10(2017): Standard Test Method for Determining Particulate Matter Emissions from Pellet Heaters

E2788/E2788M-18: Standard Specification for Use of Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate (ESCS) as a Mineral Component in the Growing Media and the Drainage Layer for Vegetative (Green) Roof Systems

E2921-16a: Standard Practice for Minimum Criteria for Comparing Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments for Use with Building Codes, Standards, and Rating Systems

E2983-14: Standard Guide for Application of Acoustic Emission for Structural Health Monitoring

E3100-17: Standard Guide for Acoustic Emission Examination of Concrete Structures

E3121/E3121M-17: Standard Test Methods for Field Testing of Anchors in Concrete or Masonry

E488/E488M-18: Standard Test Methods for Strength of Anchors in Concrete Elements

E605/E605M-93(2015)e1: Standard Test Methods for Thickness and Density of Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM) Applied to Structural Members

E661-03(2015)e1: Standard Test Method for Performance of Wood and Wood-Based Floor and Roof Sheathing Under Concentrated Static and Impact Loads

E72-15: Standard Test Methods of Conducting Strength Tests of Panels for Building Construction

E964-15: Standard Practice for Measuring Benefit-to-Cost and Savings-to-Investment Ratios for Buildings and Building Systems

E966-18a: Standard Guide for Field Measurements of Airborne Sound Attenuation of Building Facades and Facade Elements

F1083-18: Standard Specification for Pipe, Steel, Hot-Dipped Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Welded, for Fence Structures

F1184-16: Standard Specification for Industrial and Commercial Horizontal Slide Gates

F137-08(2018): Standard Test Method for Flexibility of Resilient Flooring Materials with Cylindrical Mandrel Apparatus

F1450-12a: Standard Test Methods for Hollow Metal Swinging Door Assemblies for Detention and Correctional Facilities

F150-06(2018): Standard Test Method for Electrical Resistance of Conductive and Static Dissipative Resilient Flooring

F1700-18a: Standard Specification for Solid Vinyl Floor Tile

F1908-08(2018): Standard Guide for Fences for Residential Outdoor Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas

F2055-17: Standard Test Method for Size and Squareness of Resilient Floor Tile by Dial Gage Method

F2199-18: Standard Test Method for Determining Dimensional Stability and Curling Properties of Resilient Flooring after Exposure to Heat

F2208-08(2014): Standard Safety Specification for Residential Pool Alarms

F2322-12: Standard Test Methods for Physical Assault on Vertical Fixed Barriers for Detention and Correctional Facilities

F2348-04(2017): Standard Performance Specification for Privacy Padlocks

F2548-12(2018): Standard Specification for Expanded Metal Fence Systems for Security Purposes

F2611-15: Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Chain Link Security Fencing

F2659-10(2015): Standard Guide for Preliminary Evaluation of Comparative Moisture Condition of Concrete, Gypsum Cement and Other Floor Slabs and Screeds Using a Non-Destructive Electronic Moisture Meter

F2781-15: Standard Practice for Testing Forced Entry, Ballistic and Low Impact Resistance of Security Fence Systems

F2787-13(2018): Standard Practice for Structural Design of Thermoplastic Corrugated Wall Stormwater Collection Chambers

F2831-12(2017): Standard Practice for Internal Non Structural Epoxy Barrier Coating Material Used In Rehabilitation of Metallic Pressurized Piping Systems

F2927-12: Standard Test Method for Door Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings

F3183-16: Standard Practice for Guided Side Bend Evaluation of Polyethylene Pipe Butt Fusion Joint

F386-17: Standard Test Method for Thickness of Resilient Flooring Materials Having Flat Surfaces

F883-13: Standard Performance Specification for Padlocks

F894-19: Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Large Diameter Profile Wall Sewer and Drain Pipe

F964-13: Standard Specification for Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Exterior Profiles Used for Fencing and Railing

G4-01(2014): Standard Guide for Conducting Corrosion Tests in Field Applications