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F519-18: Standard Test Method for Mechanical Hydrogen Embrittlement Evaluation of Plating/Coating Processes and Service Environments

D1195/D1195M-09(2015): Standard Test Method for Repetitive Static Plate Load Tests of Soils and Flexible Pavement Components, for Use in Evaluation and Design of Airport and Highway Pavements

D1655-19: Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels

D3241-19: Standard Test Method for Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Turbine Fuels

D3338/D3338M-09(2014)e2: Standard Test Method for Estimation of Net Heat of Combustion of Aviation Fuels

D3343-16: Standard Test Method for Estimation of Hydrogen Content of Aviation Fuels

D3606-17: Standard Test Method for Determination of Benzene and Toluene in Spark Ignition Fuels by Gas Chromatography

D7154-15: Standard Test Method for Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels (Automatic Fiber Optical Method)

D7566-19: Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons

E1731-11(2018): Standard Test Method for Gravimetric Determination of Nonvolatile Residue from Cleanroom Gloves

E192-15: Standard Reference Radiographs of Investment Steel Castings for Aerospace Applications

E2581-14: Standard Practice for Shearography of Polymer Matrix Composites and Sandwich Core Materials in Aerospace Applications

E595-15: Standard Test Method for Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Materials from Outgassing in a Vacuum Environment

F2446-04(2018): Standard Classification for Hierarchy of Equipment Identifiers and Boundaries for Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Performance Data Exchange

F2910-14: Standard Specification for Design and Construction of a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS)

F3116/F3116M-18: Standard Specification for Design Loads and Conditions

F3179/F3179M-18: Standard Specification for Performance of Aircraft

F3264-18b: Standard Specification for Normal Category Aeroplanes Certification