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JTE20180107: Magnetic Field Strength and Temperature Effects on the Behavior of Oil Well Cement Slurry Modified with Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and Quantified with Vipulanandan Models - 01 November 2020

JTE20160292: Automating ASTM D2983 Low-Temperature Viscosity Measurements - 01 September 2020

JTE20170687: Analysis of MFL Model for Sucker Rod Defects and Its MFL Signal Processing - 01 September 2019

MPC20180046: Assessment of Cooling and Heat Transfer Properties of Quenchants with MATLAB - 12 December 2018

JTE20160543: Numerical Analysis of Magnetic Flux Leakage of Transverse Defects of Sucker Rod - 01 September 2018

JTE20170056: Performance, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine Fueled with Sweet Lime Peel Oil (Citrus Limetta) - 01 September 2018

MPC20170070: Determining the Sensitivity of Fuel Lubricity Additive Concentration on HFRR Test Parameters - 16 May 2018

JTE20160401: Evaluation of Nano-ZnO Dispersed State in Bitumen with Digital Imaging Processing Techniques - 01 May 2018

JTE20150242: An Improved Method for Calculating Viscosity Index (VI) of Low Viscosity Base Oils - 01 March 2018

ACEM20160071: Characterization of CRM Binders with Wax Additives Using an Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and an Optical Microscopy - 05 December 2017

MPC20170023: Cavitation in Rolling Contact Bearings - 01 December 2017

MPC20170041: Comparative Measurement and Evaluation of the Quenching Intensity of Palm Oil, Canola Oil and a Conventional Petroleum Oil Quenchant Based on Temperature Gradient Measurements - 27 October 2017

MPC20170030: Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of Forged Inconel 625 Ring Gaskets for Oil and Gas Application - 16 October 2017

MPC20160011: Role of Chloride on the Environmental Degradation of Micro-Alloyed Steel in Simulated Fuel Grade Ethanol Environment - 26 May 2017

MPC20160013: Tribological Behavior of Oil-Lubricated Laser Textured Steel Surfaces in Conformal Flat and Non-Conformal Contacts - 24 May 2017

MPC20160015: Sub-Micro Laser Modifications of Tribological Surfaces - 24 May 2017

MPC20160019: Experimental Validation of a Mixed-Lubrication Regime Model for Textured Piston-Ring-Liner Contacts - 24 May 2017

MPC20160020: Improved Tribological Behavior of Grey Cast Iron Under Low and High Viscous Lubricants by Laser Surface Texturing - 24 May 2017

MPC20160022: Design and Tribological Performance of Textured Surfaces - 24 May 2017

MPC20160010: Simulation of Microtextured Surfaces in Starved EHL Contacts Using Commercial FE Software - 24 May 2017

MPC20160056: Crude Oil Analysis: History and Development of Test Methods From 1854 to 2016 - 07 December 2016

JTE20140346: Scaled Physical Model Test on Underground Gas Storages Based on a Pneumatically Flexible Loading System - 01 November 2016

JTE20150209: Improvements to Water Vapor Transmission and Capillary Absorption Measurements in Porous Materials - 01 November 2016

MPC20150072: Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Polyisobutilene Additives to Mineral Oil on Cooling Characteristics - 13 May 2016

MPC20150016: Results for a Fuel Cell System Consisting of an SOFC Fed by an Adiabatic Pre-Reforming Fuel Processor With European Standard Road Diesel - 14 December 2015

MPC20130105: Influence of Additive Chemistry on the Physical, Chemical, and Cooling Properties of Quenching Oils - 31 December 2014

MPC20130110: Influence of External Factors on the Cooling Ability of Vacuum Quenching Oils - 31 December 2014

JTE20130140: Rheological Characteristics of a New Kind of Friction-Promoting Grease - 01 November 2014

MPC20130004: Cooling Capacity of Petroleum Oil Quenchants as a Function of Bath Temperature - 17 December 2013

MPC20120047: Cooling Capacity of Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and a Commercial Petroleum Oil by Solving the Heat Conductivity Inverse Problem - 13 September 2013

JAI104424: Reduction of Emission in a Diesel Engine Using Nanofuel – Ceria Nanoparticle Dispersed Diesel - 01 May 2012

JAI104435: Thermal Conductivity and Rheological Behaviour of Al-alloy Dispersed Ethylene Glycol Based Nanofluids - 01 May 2012

JAI104528: Fuel Quality Assessment of Ethyl Esters Produced from Vegetable Oils and Their Blends With Petroleum Diesel - 01 May 2012

JAI103909: Evaluating the Impact of a Surprise Silicone Additive to a Synthetic Hydrocarbon Lubricant - 01 April 2012

JAI103563: Application of ECLs and Today’s Legislation - 01 January 2012

JAI103606: Characteristics of Base Fluid in Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants - 01 January 2012

JAI103640: Magnetic Particles Effects on Shear Performance in MR Fluid - 01 January 2012

JAI103673: Luminescent Bacteria as an Indicator Species for Lubricant Formulation Ecotoxicity - 01 January 2012

JAI103703: Experiences with ASTM D02 Practices D4378 and D6224 for Turbine Oils and Auxiliary Power Plant Equipment Condition Monitoring Programs - 01 January 2012

JAI103898: Analysis of In-Service Lubricating Grease - 01 January 2012

JAI103623: Guidelines for Alarm Limits and Trend Analysis - 01 November 2011

JAI103683: In-Line Monitoring of Particulate, Color, and Water Content in Lubricating Oils to Facilitate Predictive Maintenance, Reduce Wear, and Provide Real Time Alarming - 01 November 2011

JAI103758: Optimizing a Wind Turbine Oil Condition Monitoring Program - 01 November 2011

JAI103837: Multielement Analysis of Crude Oils Using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry - 01 November 2011

JAI103533: Compatibility of Vegetable Oil Based Lubricating Greases With Different Mineral Oil Based Greases - 01 October 2011

JAI103138: Determination of Kinematic Viscosity of Used Lubricating Oils Using Houillon Viscometer - 01 July 2011

JAI103442: The Use of Linear Sweep Voltammetry in Condition Monitoring of Diesel Engine Oil - 01 July 2011

JAI103614: Lubricating Oils Evaluation of Dispersancy Capacity of Lubricating Oils and the Impact of Biofuels on Lubricant Dispersancy - 01 July 2011

JAI103632: Recent Developments in Online Oil Condition Monitoring Sensors and Alignment with ASTM Methods and Practices - 01 July 2011

JAI103451: Microbial Corrosion in Aviation Turbine Fuel (Jet A 1) Transporting Pipeline - 01 June 2011

JAI103526: Outstanding Return on Investment When Industrial Plant Lubrication Programs are Supported by International Standards - 01 June 2011

JAI103344: An Overview of Progress and New Developments in FTIR Lubricant Condition Monitoring Methodology - 01 May 2011

JAI103559: Determination of Mercury in Crude Oil by Atomic Spectroscopy - 01 May 2011

JAI103068: Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Economy Effects of 16 % Butanol and Various Ethanol Blended Fuels (E10, E20, and E85) - 01 February 2011

JAI102365: Current Status of Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids Meeting European Underground Mining Standards - 01 January 2011

JAI103192: New Methodology for pH Measurements in Fuel Ethanol Using Glass Electrode - 01 January 2011

JAI102791: The Influence of the Addition of Oils in the Diesel Fuel Density - 01 September 2010

JAI102414: Experimental Investigations of Preheated Jatropha Oil Fuelled Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine—Part 1: Performance, Emission, and Combustion Characteristics - 01 June 2010

JAI102325: Development of a Standard Flammability Test for Water-Based Hydraulic Fluids - 01 May 2010

JAI102549: CO2-Neutral Fuels and Lubricants Based on Second Generation Oils such as Jatropha - 01 April 2010

JAI102575: Glycerol Tri-Ester Derivatives as Diluent to Improve Low Temperature Properties of Vegetable Oils - 01 March 2010

JAI102415: Experimental Investigation of Preheated Jatropha Oil Fuelled Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine—Part 2: Engine Durability and Effect on Lubricating Oil - 01 February 2010

JAI102192: A Comparison of the Performance of Environmentally Friendly Anhydrous Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids - 01 November 2009

JAI102554: Addressing the Issue of Fuel Filter Fouling with Recent Changes in Fuel Quality - 01 November 2009

JAI102421: Multielement Analysis of Lubricating Greases with Inductively Coupled Plasma: Atomic Emission Spectrometry - 01 September 2009

JAI102106: Foam Tests for Lubricating Oils: Limitations of Reliability and Reproducibility - 01 July 2009

JAI102110: Automated Acid Content Determination in Lubricants by FTIR Spectroscopy as an Alternative to Acid Number Determination - 01 June 2009

JAI102180: Assessing and Classifying the Fire-Resistance of Industrial Hydraulic Fluids: The Way Ahead? - 01 June 2009

JAI101760: Generalized Equation for Cooling Time Evaluation and Its Verification by CFD Analysis - 01 May 2009

JAI101950: Interlaboratory Bias and Uncertainty in the Analysis of Metals and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Used Oil Samples - 01 March 2009

JAI101672: Contaminants in Used Oils and Their Behavior - 01 February 2009

JAI102049: Prediction of Barium Sulfate Scale Formation in Oilfield Environment - 01 February 2009

JAI101622: The Effects of Lubricant Ingredients on New Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness - 01 January 2009

JAI101628: Atomic Force Microscopy of Geroler Motor Wear Debris Ferrograms - 01 January 2009

JAI101691: Engine Oil Volatility: Noack Evaporation Methods - 01 January 2009

JAI101244: Measurement of Corrosion Potentials of the Internal Surface of Operating High-Pressure Oil and Gas Pipelines - 01 June 2008

JTE100579: Aqueous Aluminum Nanofluid Combustion in Diesel Fuel - 01 March 2008

JAI101419: Varnish Formation in the Gas Turbine Oil Systems - 01 February 2008

JAI100894: Viscometric Temperature Sensitivity of Engine Lubricants at Low Temperature and Moderately High Shear Conditions - 01 November 2007

JAI100898: No/Low SAP and Alternative Engine Oil Development and Testing - 01 November 2007

JAI100916: ROBO—A Bench Procedure to Replace Sequence IIIGA Engine Test - 01 November 2007

JAI101456: Contamination of Power Generation Lubricants - 01 November 2007

JAI100775: Studies of the Oxidation Dynamics of Turbine Oils—Initial Data from a New Form of the Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test - 01 October 2007

JAI100913: The “Practice Relevant Pitting Test”—A New Improved Test Method to Evaluate the Influence of Lubricants on the Pitting Load Capacity of Case Carburized Gears - 01 October 2007

JAI100938: Validation of Oxidative Stability of Factory Fill and Alternative Engine Oils Using the Iron Catalyzed Oxidation Test - 01 September 2007

JAI100958: Prediction of Strontium Sulfate Scale Formation in Oilfield Environment - 01 June 2007

JAI100466: Modern Turbine Oil Oxidation Performance Limits—Meeting and Measuring Them—A Shell Perspective - 00 March 2007

JAI100748: A Method for the Preparation of NIST Traceable Fossil Fuel Standards with Concentrations Intermediate to SRM Values - 00 February 2007

JAI100465: Physical, Performance, and Chemical Changes in Turbine Oils from Oxidation - 01 January 2007

JAI100294: Statistical Performance of Methods for Measuring Sulfur Concentrations in Ultra Low Sulfur DieselReport from the 2004 Inter-laboratory Crosscheck Program - 01 September 2006

JAI13504: Review of Degradation Mechanisms Leading to Sludge and Varnish in Modern Turbine Oil Formulations - 01 September 2006

JTE14254: Hydrophilic Characterization of Automotive Brake Fluid - 01 September 2006

JAI100263: Oxidation Testing of Long-Life Turbine Oil Fluids. Can We Do Better? - 01 July 2006

JAI13508: Residue Analysis on RPVOT Test Samples for Single and Multiple Antioxidants Chemistry for Turbine Lubricants - 01 June 2006

JAI13507: Evaluation and Comparison Between Oxidation Stability Test Methods for Turbine Oils - 01 May 2006

JAI14105: Effect of Coatings-Orientants on Antifriction Properties of Lubricants in Tribounits under Boundary Lubrication - 01 May 2006

JAI13498: Oxidation Fundamentals and Its Application to Turbine Oil Testing - 01 April 2006

JAI12839: Enhanced Recovery and Real-Time PCR Based Quantification of Mycobacteria from Metalworking Fluids - 01 January 2006

JAI12972: Analysis of Fuels, Lubricants, and Greases Using X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry - 01 January 2006

JAI12988: Mercury Measurements in Fossil Fuels, Particularly Petrochemicals - 01 January 2006

JAI12965: Analysis of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-AES), Using Pneumatic Nebulizer and Standard Spray Chamber - 01 November 2005

JAI12967: The Use of Microwave Digestion and ICP to Determine Elements in Petroleum Samples - 01 November 2005

JAI12984: Analysis of the Volatiles Generated During the Selby-Noack Test by 31P NMR Spectroscopy - 01 November 2005

JAI12990: Improvements in the Determination of Fluorine in Fuel and Lubricants by Oxidative Combustion and Ion-Selective Electrode Detection - 01 November 2005

JAI12835: ASTM Symposium on the Recovery and Enumeration of Mycobacteria from the Metalworking Fluid Environment - 01 October 2005

JAI12968: Advances in ICP-MS Technologies for Characterization and Ultra-Trace Speciation as a Tool for the Petroleum Industry - 01 October 2005

JAI12969: Direct Trace and Ultra-Trace Metals Determination in Crude Oil and Fractions by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry - 01 October 2005

JAI12975: Latest Improvements on Using Polarized X-Ray Excitation EDXRF for the Analysis of Low Sulfur Content in Automotive Fuel - 01 October 2005

JAI12977: Phosphorus Additive Chemistry and Its Effects on the Phosphorus Volatility of Engine Oils - 01 October 2005

JAI12980: Rapid Determination of Sulfur in Liquid Hydrocarbons for At-Line Process Applications Using Combustion/Oxidation and UV-Fluorescence Detection - 01 October 2005

JAI12985: Sampling and Analysis of Mercury in Crude Oil - 01 October 2005

JAI12989: Recent Advances in Gas Chromatographic/Atomic Emission Hetero-Atom Selective Detection for Characterization of Petroleum Streams and Products - 01 October 2005

JAI12966: Elemental Analysis of Lubricating Grease by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-AES) - 01 September 2005

JAI12971: Low-Level Sulfur in Fuel Determination Using Monochromatic WD XRF—ASTM D 7039-04 - 01 September 2005

JAI12974: Determination of Sulfur Content in Crude Oil Using On-Line X-ray Transmission Technology - 01 September 2005

JAI12983: Pyro-Electrochemical On-Line Ultra Low Sulfur Analyzer - 01 September 2005

JAI12976: Fuel Analysis by Filter Furnace Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry - 01 July 2005

JAI13090: DP-SCD and LTMGC for Determination of Low Sulfur Levels in Hydrocarbons - 01 July 2005

JAI13089: Determination of Total Mercury in Crude Oil by Combustion Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (CVAAS) - 01 June 2005

JAI12840: Recovery and Quantification of Mycobacterium Immunogenum DNA from Metalworking Fluids Using Dual-Labeled Probes - 01 April 2005

JAI12970: Rotrode Filter Spectroscopy: A Recently Improved Method to Detect and Analyze Large Wear and Contaminant Particles in Fluids - 01 March 2005

JAI12828: Rheological 3-D Modeling of Scuffing for the EP-Additive Condition - 01 February 2005

JAI12978: Trace Levels of Sulfur in the Fuels of the Future: Analytical Perspective - 01 February 2005

JTE12350J: Improvement of Sulfur Detection Limits in Petroleum Products Using ASTM D 4045 - 01 January 2003

JTE12303J: Precision and Relative Bias of Automatic and Manual D 1078 Distillation - 01 March 2002

JTE12291J: Precision and Equivalence of Automatic and Manual Flash Point Apparatus - 01 January 2002

JTE12293J: Precision and Relative Bias of Automatic and Manual Refractometers Using ASTM D 1218 at 20°C - 01 January 2002

JTE12167J: The Effect of Kinematic Viscosity on the Flash Point of Liquids Determined by ASTM D 93 Procedure A, ASTM D 93 Procedure B, and ASTM D 56 - 01 November 1999

JTE12171J: Reference Verification Fluids for Flash Point Determination - 01 November 1999

JTE12051J: Data Supporting a Provisional American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Method for Metalworking Fluids, Part 2: Preliminary Report of Evaluation of a Ternary Solvent Blend in a Provisional ASTM Method for Metalworking Fluids (P-42-97) - 01 March 1999

JTE12691J: Effect of Composition of El-lajjun Oil Shale on Its Calorific Value - 01 March 1994

JTE11787J: Analysis of Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Deposits by Spectral Fluorometric Technique - 01 September 1993

JTE11109J: Cetane Number of Small Samples by Engine Throttling: Reliability Comparison with Standard Cooperative Fuels Research Method - 01 May 1989

JTE11056J: Introduction to Symposium on the Application of Coal Sampling and Coal Preparation to Petroleum Coke - 01 January 1988

JTE11057J: A Review of Petroleum Coke Preparation Procedures - 01 January 1988

JTE11059J: Sampling Techniques Applicable to Petroleum Coke - 01 January 1988

JTE11546J: An Experimental Technique for Studying the Dynamic Stability of Slurry Fuels - 01 January 1987

JTE10314J: Erosion of Phosphor Bronze under Cavitation Attack in a Mineral Oil - 01 January 1986

JTE10749J: Book Reviews - 01 November 1984

JTE11066J: Quantitative Determination of Metals in Oils by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry: Inorganic Standards in Acidified Emulsions - 01 May 1984

JTE10268J: Gas Analysis Techniques for High Temperature Corrosion Testing - 01 November 1982

JTE10269J: Low Temperature (650 to 700°C) Burner Rig Testing - 01 November 1982

JTE10270J: Erosion Response of a Turbine Alloy and Its Oxide Scale - 01 November 1982

JTE10224J: A Rolling Bottle Device for Measuring the Flow of Liquids and Powders - 01 September 1979

JTE11387J: Reliability of Results of Analyses After Multiple Testing of Petroleum Products - 01 July 1979

JTE10550J: Evaluation of Filter/Separators and Centrifuges for Effects on Properties of Steam Turbine Lubricating Oils - 01 September 1977

JTE11632J: Latitudes of Viscosity Index Values - 01 May 1977

JTE11686J: Computational Aids for Kinematic Viscosity Conversions from 100 to 210°F to 40 and 100°C - 01 November 1974

JTE11687J: The Calculation of Gas Transmission Rates Measured by Manometric Methods - 01 November 1974

JTE10077J: Modified Centrifuge Technique for Hydrolytic Stability of Neopentyl Polyol Ester Lubricants - 01 March 1974

JTE10081J: Stabilized Low Molecular Weight Wax Crystals - 01 March 1974

JTE10066J: Determination of Trace Amounts of Sediment in Gas-Oil - 01 January 1974