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F1939-15(2020): Standard Test Method for Radiant Heat Resistance of Flame Resistant Clothing Materials with Continuous Heating

F1052-20: Standard Test Method for Pressure Testing Vapor Protective Suits

F2302-20: Standard Performance Specification for Labeling Protective Clothing Which Provides Resistance to Incidental Exposures to Heat or Open Flame

E3074/E3074M-20: Standard Practice for Clearance Examinations Following Lead Hazard Reduction Activities in Single Family Dwellings, in Individual Units of Multifamily Dwellings, and in Other Child-Occupied Facilities

F2407-20: Standard Specification for Surgical Gowns Intended for Use in Healthcare Facilities

F3083/F3083M-20: Standard Specification for Emergency Conditions, Occupant Safety and Accommodations

F3358-20: Standard Practice for Labeling and Information for Exoskeletons

D7016/D7016M-20: Standard Test Method to Evaluate Edge Binding Components Used in Mattresses After Exposure to An Open Flame

F2201-20: Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Utility Lighters

F400-20: Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Lighters

F2874-20: Standard Specification for One Time Use Portable Emergency Fuel Containers (PEFC) for Use by Consumers

E800-20: Standard Guide for Measurement of Gases Present or Generated During Fires

E3003-20: Standard Practice for Body Armor Wearer Measurement and Fitting of Armor

E2573-19: Standard Practice for Specimen Preparation and Mounting of Site-Fabricated Stretch Systems to Assess Surface Burning Characteristics

E2816-20a: Standard Test Methods for Fire Resistive Metallic HVAC Duct Systems

F2249-20: Standard Specification for In-Service Test Methods for Temporary Grounding Jumper Assemblies Used on De-Energized Electric Power Lines and Equipment

F1430/F1430M-20: Standard Test Method for Acoustic Emission Testing of Insulated and Non-Insulated Aerial Personnel Devices with Supplemental Load Handling Attachments

F914/F914M-20: Standard Test Method for Acoustic Emission for Aerial Personnel Devices Without Supplemental Load Handling Attachments

E2565-15: Standard Guide for Consensus-based Process for an Occupational Safety and Health Standard that Includes an Occupational Exposure Guideline

F3158-20: Standard Practice for Patron Transportation Conveyors Used with a Water Related Amusement Ride or Device

C1671-20a: Standard Practice for Qualification and Acceptance of Boron Based Metallic Neutron Absorbers for Nuclear Criticality Control for Dry Cask Storage Systems and Transportation Packaging

D7571-20: Standard Specification for Retained Sewn Seam Strength After Exposures to Hot Air and Open Flame

E1168-95(2020): Standard Guide for Radiological Protection Training for Nuclear Facility Workers

E2061-20: Standard Guide for Fire Hazard Assessment of Rail Transportation Vehicles

E2216-02(2020): Standard Guide for Evaluating Disposal Options for Concrete from Nuclear Facility Decommissioning

E2886/E2886M-20: Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Ability of Exterior Vents to Resist the Entry of Embers and Direct Flame Impingement

E176-18ae1: Standard Terminology of Fire Standards

E3004-20a: Standard Specification for Preparation and Verification of Clay Blocks Used in Ballistic-Resistance Testing of Torso Body Armor

F2088-20: Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant and Cradle Swings

F1879-14(2020): Standard Guide for Demonstrating Obedience and Agility in Search and Rescue Dogs

E3037-20: Standard Test Method for Measuring Relative Movement Capabilities of Through-Penetration Firestop Systems

F2766-11(2020): Standard Test Method for Boat Barriers

D6205-20: Standard Practice for Calibration of the James Static Coefficient of Friction Machine

F1506-20: Standard Performance Specification for Flame Resistant and Electric Arc Rated Protective Clothing Worn by Workers Exposed to Flames and Electric Arcs

F1989-05(2020): Standard Specification for Cooking Fire Suppression Blankets

F2491-20: Standard Guide for Determining Safety Factors for Technical Rescue Systems and Equipment

E2067-20: Standard Practice for Full-Scale Oxygen Consumption Calorimetry Fire Tests

E119-20: Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials

F1956-20: Standard Specification for Rescue Carabiners

E2187-20a: Standard Test Method for Measuring the Ignition Strength of Cigarettes

F2842-20: Standard Specification for Reins Used in Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Racing

F2780-20: Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Expanded Metal Security Fences and Barriers

F3137-15: Standard Specification for Headgear Used in Women’s Lacrosse (excluding Goalkeepers)

F3165-16: Standard Specification for Throat Protective Equipment for Hockey Goaltenders

E2307-20: Standard Test Method for Determining Fire Resistance of Perimeter Fire Barriers Using Intermediate-Scale, Multi-story Test Apparatus

F2548-20: Standard Specification for Expanded Metal Fence Systems for Security Purposes

F1449-20: Standard Guide for Industrial Laundering Care and Maintenance of Flame Resistant or Arc Rated Clothing

F2757-20: Standard Guide for Home Laundering Care and Maintenance of Flame Resistant or Arc Rated Clothing

F1917-20: Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Infant Bedding and Related Accessories

E1591-20: Standard Guide for Obtaining Data for Fire Growth Models

F2856-12(2020): Standard Practice for Transfilling and Safe Handling of Small CO2 Cylinders for Use in Paintball

F2727-09(2020): Standard Guide for Manufacturers for Labeling Headgear Products

F2794-09(2020): Standard Guide for Level 1 (Basic) Mounted Search and Rescue (MSAR) Responder

F2821-15(2020): Standard Test Methods for Basket Type Rescue Litters

F1768-97(2020): Standard Guide for Using Whistle Signals During Rope Rescue Operations

F1846-98(2020): Standard Practice for Symbols and Markings for Use With Land Search Maps

F2099-01(2020): Standard Guide for Use of Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Grids When Preparing and Using a Field Map for Land Search

F2662-08(2020): Standard Guide for Minimum Training of Dispatchers and Telecommunicators of SAR Incidents

F1422-08(2020): Standard Guide for Using the Incident Command System Framework in Managing Search and Rescue Operations

F1728-96(2020): Standard Practice for Multiple Persons Cold Water Survival/Rescue Technique: Huddle Position

F1729-96(2020): Standard Practice for Single Person Cold Water Survival/Rescue Technique: HELP Position

F1730-96(2020): Standard Guide for Throwing a Water Rescue Throwbag

F1766-97a(2020): Standard Guide for Ice Awls Self-Rescue Technique

F1774-20: Standard Specification for Climbing and Mountaineering Carabiners

E859/E859M-93(2020): Standard Test Method for Air Erosion of Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials (SFRMs) Applied to Structural Members

E759/E759M-92(2020): Standard Test Method for Effect of Deflection on Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material Applied to Structural Members

E760/E760M-92(2020): Standard Test Method for Effect of Impact on Bonding of Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material Applied to Structural Members

E761/E761M-92(2020): Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material Applied to Structural Members

F2530-13(2020): Standard Specification for Protective Headgear with Faceguard Used in Bull Riding

F2100-19e1: Standard Specification for Performance of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks

F2656/F2656M-20: Standard Test Method for Crash Testing of Vehicle Security Barriers