New Mining & Mineral Processing Standards

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D2234/D2234M-17: Standard Practice for Collection of a Gross Sample of Coal

D6609-17: Standard Guide for Part-Stream Sampling of Coal

D6883-17: Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Stationary Coal from Railroad Cars, Barges, Trucks, or Stockpiles

E815-17a: Standard Test Method for Determination of Calcium Fluoride in Fluorspar by EDTA Complexometric Titrimetry

E50-17: Standard Practices for Apparatus, Reagents, and Safety Considerations for Chemical Analysis of Metals, Ores, and Related Materials

F2986-12(2017): Standard Specification for Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings for Mine Leachate Applications

D5515-17a: Standard Test Method for Determination of the Swelling Properties of Bituminous Coal Using a Dilatometer

D1857/D1857M-17a: Standard Test Method for Fusibility of Coal and Coke Ash

C110-16e1: Standard Test Methods for Physical Testing of Quicklime, Hydrated Lime, and Limestone

D388-17: Standard Classification of Coals by Rank

E1070-17: Standard Test Method for Determination of Phosphorus in Iron Ores by Phospho-Molybdenum-Blue Spectrophotometry

E465-11(2017): Standard Test Methods for Determination of Manganese (IV) in Manganese Ores by Redox Titrimetry

D6543-17: Standard Guide to the Evaluation of Measurements Made by Online Coal Analyzers

C977-10: Standard Specification for Quicklime and Hydrated Lime for Soil Stabilization

E2050-17: Standard Test Method for Determination of Total Carbon in Mold Powders by Combustion

D4239-17: Standard Test Method for Sulfur in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke Using High-Temperature Tube Furnace Combustion