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B372-17: Standard Specification for Seamless Copper and Copper-Alloy Rectangular Waveguide Tube

F2446-04(2010): Standard Classification for Hierarchy of Equipment Identifiers and Boundaries for Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Performance Data Exchange

E2916-13: Standard Terminology for Digital and Multimedia Evidence Examination

F792-17e1: Standard Practice for Evaluating the Imaging Performance of Security X-Ray Systems

E1714-07(2013): Standard Guide for Properties of a Universal Healthcare Identifier (UHID)

E2117-06(2011): Standard Guide for Identification and Establishment of a Quality Assurance Program for Medical Transcription

E2210-12: Standard Specification for Guideline Elements Model version 3 (GEM III)—Document Model for Clinical Practice Guidelines

E2369-12: Standard Specification for Continuity of Care Record (CCR)

E2457-07(2013): Standard Terminology for Healthcare Informatics

E2473-05(2011): Standard Practice for the Occupational/Environmental Health View of the Electronic Health Record

E2538-06(2011): Standard Practice for Defining and Implementing Pharmacotherapy Information Services within the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Environment and Networked Architectures

E2553-07(2013): Standard Guide for Implementation of a Voluntary Universal Healthcare Identification System

B624-07(2017): Standard Specification for High-Strength, High-Conductivity Copper-Alloy Wire for Electronic Application

E2859-11(2017): Standard Guide for Size Measurement of Nanoparticles Using Atomic Force Microscopy

F1478-17: Standard Test Method for Determination of Abrasion Resistance of Images Produced from Copiers and Printers (Taber Method)

E1106-12(2017): Standard Test Method for Primary Calibration of Acoustic Emission Sensors

E1211/E1211M-17: Standard Practice for Leak Detection and Location Using Surface-Mounted Acoustic Emission Sensors

E650/E650M-17: Standard Guide for Mounting Piezoelectric Acoustic Emission Sensors

E1774-17: Standard Guide for Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATs)

F16-12(2017): Standard Test Methods for Measuring Diameter or Thickness of Wire and Ribbon for Electronic Devices and Lamps

F18-12(2017): Standard Specification and Test Method for Evaluation of Glass-to-Metal Headers Used in Electron Devices

F29-97(2017): Standard Specification for Dumet Wire for Glass-to-Metal Seal Applications

F73-96(2017): Standard Specification for Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy Wire for Electron Devices and Lamps

B286-07(2017): Standard Specification for Copper Conductors for Use in Hookup Wire for Electronic Equipment

F76-08(2016)e1: Standard Test Methods for Measuring Resistivity and Hall Coefficient and Determining Hall Mobility in Single-Crystal Semiconductors