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E2916-19e1: Standard Terminology for Digital and Multimedia Evidence Examination

E2490-09(2015): Standard Guide for Measurement of Particle Size Distribution of Nanomaterials in Suspension by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS)

E2909-13: Standard Guide for Investigation/Study/Assay Tab-Delimited Format for Nanotechnologies (ISA-TAB-Nano): Standard File Format for the Submission and Exchange of Data on Nanomaterials and Characterizations

F1583-95(2019): Standard Practice for Communications Procedures—Phonetics

F289-96(2019): Standard Specification for Molybdenum Wire and Rod for Electronic Applications

F364-96(2019): Standard Specification for Molybdenum Flattened Wire for Electron Tubes 

F269-60(2019): Standard Test Method for Sag of Tungsten Wire

F288-96(2019): Standard Specification for Tungsten Wire for Electron Devices and Lamps

E2544-11a(2019): Standard Terminology for Three-Dimensional (3D) Imaging Systems

E2807-11(2019): Standard Specification for 3D Imaging Data Exchange, Version 1.0

E2147-18: Standard Specification for Audit and Disclosure Logs for Use in Health Information Systems

G135-95(2019): Standard Guide for Computerized Exchange of Corrosion Data for Metals

D5899-98(2019): Standard Classification System for Rubber Compounding Materials for Use in Computer Material Management Systems

D7783-13: Standard Practice for Determination of the 99 %/95 % Critical Level (WCL) and a Reliable Detection Estimate (WDE) Based on Within-laboratory Data

F2554-18: Standard Practice for Measurement of Positional Accuracy of Computer Assisted Surgical Systems

E2491-13(2018): Standard Guide for Evaluating Performance Characteristics of Phased-Array Ultrasonic Testing Instruments and Systems

F2446-04(2018): Standard Classification for Hierarchy of Equipment Identifiers and Boundaries for Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Performance Data Exchange

E1862-14(2018): Standard Practice for Measuring and Compensating for Reflected Temperature Using Infrared Imaging Radiometers

E1897-14(2018): Standard Practice for Measuring and Compensating for Transmittance of an Attenuating Medium Using Infrared Imaging Radiometers

E1933-14(2018): Standard Practice for Measuring and Compensating for Emissivity Using Infrared Imaging Radiometers

E2699-18: Standard Practice for Digital Imaging and Communication in Nondestructive Evaluation (DICONDE) for Digital Radiographic (DR) Test Methods