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D4054-19: Standard Practice for Evaluation of New Aviation Turbine Fuels and Fuel Additives

F3245-19: Standard Guide for Aircraft Electronics Technician Personnel Certification

F3174/F3174M-19: Standard Specification for Establishing Operating Limitations and Information for Aeroplanes

F3232/F3232M-19: Standard Specification for Flight Controls in Small Aircraft

E1317-19: Standard Test Method for Flammability of Surface Finishes

D3241-19: Standard Test Method for Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Turbine Fuels

E1597-10(2019): Standard Test Method for Saltwater Pressure Immersion and Temperature Testing of Photovoltaic Modules for Marine Environments

E2981-15e1: Standard Guide for Nondestructive Testing of the Composite Overwraps in Filament Wound Pressure Vessels Used in Aerospace Applications

F3005-14a: Standard Specification for Batteries for Use in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)

F1073-19: Standard Specification for Door Fittings, for Watertight /Gastight /Airtight, Weathertight, and Non-Tight Doors, for Marine Use

F1197-19: Standard Specification for Sliding Watertight Door Control Systems

F2044-09(2019)e1: Standard Specification for Liquid Level Indicating Equipment, Electrical

F3120/F3120M-15: Standard Specification for Ice Protection for General Aviation Aircraft

F1070-19: Standard Specification for Doors, Non-Tight, for Marine Use

F1003-19: Standard Specification for Searchlights on Motor Lifeboats

F1069-19: Standard Specification for Doors, Watertight, Gastight/Airtight and Weathertight, Individually Dogged, for Marine Use

F3062/F3062M-19: Standard Specification for Aircraft Powerplant Installation

F3093/F3093M-19: Standard Specification for Aeroelasticity Requirements

D1655-19: Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels

D7566-19: Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons

E2900-19: Standard Practice for Spacecraft Hardware Thermal Vacuum Bakeout

E2664-16: Standard Test Method for Methanol Wall Wash of Marine Vessels Handling Polyester Grade Monoethylene Glycol

D2155-18: Standard Test Method for Determination of Fire Resistance of Aircraft Hydraulic Fluids by Autoignition Temperature

D1094-07(2019): Standard Test Method for Water Reaction of Aviation Fuels

F2849-10(2019): Standard Practice for Handling of Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Divert Airfields

D7224-14(2018): Standard Test Method for Determining Water Separation Characteristics of Kerosine-Type Aviation Turbine Fuels Containing Additives by Portable Separometer

F2538-07a(2019): Standard Practice for Design and Manufacture of Reciprocating Compression Ignition Engines for Light Sport Aircraft

D2386-18: Standard Test Method for Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels

F3361-18: Standard Guide for Classifying Alterations for In-Service Aircraft under FAA Authority Oversight

F3362-18: Standard Guide for Onboard Communication & Safety Systems Personnel Certification

F3338-18: Standard Specification for Design of Electric Propulsion Units for General Aviation Aircraft

F2426-13(2018)e1: Standard Guide on Wing Interface Documentation for Powered Parachute Aircraft

F3117/F3117M-18c: Standard Specification for Crew Interface in Aircraft

F3173/F3173M-18: Standard Specification for Aircraft Handling Characteristics

F2446-04(2018): Standard Classification for Hierarchy of Equipment Identifiers and Boundaries for Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Performance Data Exchange

F2245-18: Standard Specification for Design and Performance of a Light Sport Airplane

F1624-12(2018): Standard Test Method for Measurement of Hydrogen Embrittlement Threshold in Steel by the Incremental Step Loading Technique

E1731-11(2018): Standard Test Method for Gravimetric Determination of Nonvolatile Residue from Cleanroom Gloves

F1548-01(2018): Standard Specification for Performance of Fittings for Use with Gasketed Mechanical Couplings Used in Piping Applications

F3116/F3116M-18: Standard Specification for Design Loads and Conditions

F3264-18b: Standard Specification for Normal Category Aeroplanes Certification

F1019M-00(2018): Standard Specification for Steel Deck Gear Stowage Box [Metric]

F1207M-12(2018): Standard Specification for Electrical Insulation Monitors for Monitoring Ground Resistance in Active Electrical Systems [Metric]

F1669M-12(2018): Standard Specification for Insulation Monitors for Shipboard Electrical Systems [Metric]

F1793-97(2016)e1: Standard Specification for Automatic Shut-Off Valves (Also Known as Excess Flow Valves, EFV) for Air or Nitrogen Service

F2039-00(2018): Standard Guide for Basic Elements of Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Program

E1560-18: Standard Test Method for Gravimetric Determination of Nonvolatile Residue From Cleanroom Wipers

F309-18: Standard Practice for Liquid Sampling of Noncryogenic Aerospace Propellants

F519-18: Standard Test Method for Mechanical Hydrogen Embrittlement Evaluation of Plating/Coating Processes and Service Environments