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E490-00a(2019): Standard Solar Constant and Zero Air Mass Solar Spectral Irradiance Tables

F3064/F3064M-19: Standard Specification for Aircraft Powerplant Control, Operation, and Indication

D6615-15a(2019): Standard Specification for Jet B Wide-Cut Aviation Turbine Fuel

F1164-19: Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Transparent Plastics Exposed to Accelerated Weathering Combined with Biaxial Stress

F319-19: Standard Practice for Polarized Light Detection of Flaws in Aerospace Transparency Heating Elements

F548-19: Standard Test Method for Intensity of Scratches on Aerospace Transparent Plastics

E349-06(2019)e1: Standard Terminology Relating to Space Simulation

E423-71(2019): Standard Test Method for Normal Spectral Emittance at Elevated Temperatures of Nonconducting Specimens

E307-72(2019): Standard Test Method for Normal Spectral Emittance at Elevated Temperatures

E295-82(2019): Standard Test Method for Measured Speed of Oil Diffusion Pumps

B961-13(2019): Standard Specification for Silver Coated Copper and Copper Alloy Stranded Conductors for Electronic Space Application

F2909-19: Standard Specification for Continued Airworthiness of Lightweight Unmanned Aircraft Systems

D7194-19: Standard Specification for Aerospace Parts Machined from Polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE)

C800-19: Standard Specification for Fibrous Glass Blanket Insulation (Aircraft Type)

F3239-19: Standard Specification for Aircraft Electric Propulsion Systems

F758-14(2019): Standard Specification for Smooth-Wall Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Underdrain Systems for Highway, Airport, and Similar Drainage

F3361-18e1: Standard Guide for Classifying Alterations for In-Service Aircraft under FAA Authority Oversight

F1994-99(2019)e1: Standard Test Method for Shipboard Fixed Foam Firefighting Systems

F1985-99(2019)e1: Standard Specification for Pneumatic-Operated, Globe-Style, Control Valves

F3226/F3226M-19: Standard Specification for Metallic Press-Connect Fittings for Piping and Tubing Systems

F707/F707M-94(2019)e1: Standard Specification for Modular Gauge Boards

D5186-19: Standard Test Method for Determination of the Aromatic Content and Polynuclear Aromatic Content of Diesel Fuels By Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

D6379-11(2019): Standard Test Method for Determination of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Types in Aviation Fuels and Petroleum Distillates—High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method with Refractive Index Detection

E2582-19: Standard Practice for Infrared Flash Thermography of Composite Panels and Repair Patches Used in Aerospace Applications

E2312-11(2019): Standard Practice for Tests of Cleanroom Materials

F91-06(2019): Standard Practice for Testing for Leaks in the Filters Associated With Laminar Flow Clean Rooms and Clean Work Stations by Use of a Condensation Nuclei Detector

F1134-15(2019): Standard Specification for Insulation Resistance Monitor for Shipboard Electrical Motors and Generators

D6812-04a(2019): Standard Practice for Ground-Based Octane Rating Procedures for Turbocharged/Supercharged Spark Ignition Aircraft Engines

E2352-19: Standard Practice for Aerospace Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments—Cleanroom Operations

D6424-04a(2019): Standard Practice for Octane Rating Naturally Aspirated Spark Ignition Aircraft Engines

F3231/F3231M-19: Standard Specification for Electrical Systems for Aircraft with Combustion Engine Electrical Power Generation

D7058-19: Standard Test Method for Determination of the Red Dye Concentration and Estimation of Saybolt Color of Aviation Turbine Fuels and Kerosine Using a Portable Visible Spectrophotometer

D2386-19: Standard Test Method for Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels

F1718-01(2019): Standard Specification for Rotary Positive Displacement Distillate Fuel Pumps

F1795-00(2019): Standard Specification for Pressure-Reducing Valves for Air or Nitrogen Systems

F945-12(2019): Standard Test Method for Stress-Corrosion of Titanium Alloys by Aircraft Engine Cleaning Materials

F1000-13(2019): Standard Practice for Piping System Drawing Symbols

F1567-94(2019): Standard Specification for Fabricated or Cast Automatic Self-Cleaning, Fuel Oil and Lubricating Oil Strainers

F1685-00(2019): Standard Specification for Pressure-Reducing Manifolds for Air or Nitrogen Systems

F1836M-15(2019): Standard Specification for Stuffing Tubes, Nylon, and Packing Assemblies (Metric)

F2154-13(2019): Standard Specification for Sound-Absorbing Board, Fibrous Glass, Perforated Fibrous Glass Cloth Faced

F1080-93(2019): Standard Test Method for Determining the Consistency of Viscous Liquids Using a Consistometer

F1104-02(2019): Standard Test Method for Preparing Aircraft Cleaning Compounds, Liquid Type, Water Base, for Storage Stability Testing

F485-08(2019): Standard Practice for Effects of Cleaners on Unpainted Aircraft Surfaces

F502-08(2019): Standard Test Method for Effects of Cleaning and Chemical Maintenance Materials on Painted Aircraft Surfaces

F2696-14(2019): Standard Practice for Inspection of Aircraft Electrical Wiring Systems

F2799-14(2019): Standard Practice for Maintenance of Aircraft Electrical Wiring Systems

F484-08(2019): Standard Test Method for Stress Crazing of Acrylic Plastics in Contact with Liquid or Semi-Liquid Compounds

D7826-19: Standard Guide for Evaluation of New Aviation Gasolines and New Aviation Gasoline Additives

F2316-12(2014): Standard Specification for Airframe Emergency Parachutes

A131/A131M-19: Standard Specification for Structural Steel for Ships

F3180/F3180M-19: Standard Specification for Low-Speed Flight Characteristics of Aircraft

F2339-19: Standard Practice for Design and Manufacture of Reciprocating Spark Ignition Engines for Light Sport Aircraft

D4054-19: Standard Practice for Evaluation of New Aviation Turbine Fuels and Fuel Additives

F3245-19: Standard Guide for Aircraft Electronics Technician Personnel Certification

F3174/F3174M-19: Standard Specification for Establishing Operating Limitations and Information for Aeroplanes

F3232/F3232M-19: Standard Specification for Flight Controls in Small Aircraft