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STP159720160058: Effect of Hydrogen on Irradiation Creep and Growth for ZIRLO Alloy and Zr-1.0Nb - 01 January 2018

STP159720160068: The Effect of Iron on Dislocation Evolution in Model and Commercial Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2018

STP159720160038: Out-of-Reactor Test of Corrosion and Hydrogen Pickup in Fuel Cladding Materials in Contact with Nickel Metal - 01 January 2018

STP159720160031: High-Temperature Secondary Hydriding Experiments with E110 and E110G Claddings - 01 January 2018

STP159720160039: Transmission Electron Microscopy Examinations of Metal-Oxide Interface of Zirconium-Based Alloys Irradiated in Halden Reactor-IFA-638 - 01 January 2018

STP159720160041: In Situ Investigations of the Hydrogen Uptake of Zirconium Alloys during Steam Oxidation - 01 January 2018

STP159720160088: Post-Quench Ductility of Zirconium Alloy Cladding Materials - 01 January 2018

STP159720160090: Behavior of Fuel with Zirconium Alloy Cladding in Reactivity-Initiated Accident and Loss-of-Coolant Accident - 01 January 2018

STP159720160055: Hydrogen Pickup Mechanism in Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2018

STP159720160061: Microstructural Evolution of Q12TM Alloy Irradiated in PWRs and Comparison with Other Zr Base Alloys - 01 January 2018

STP159720160069: Investigating the Effect of Zirconium Oxide Microstructure on Corrosion Performance: A Comparison between Neutron, Proton, and Nonirradiated Oxides - 01 January 2018

STP159720160101: Equivalent Radiation Damage in Zirconium Irradiated in Various Reactors - 01 January 2018

STP159720160071: Understanding Corrosion and Hydrogen Pickup of Zirconium Fuel Cladding Alloys: The Role of Oxide Microstructure, Porosity, Suboxides, and Second-Phase Particles - 01 January 2018

STP159720160075: Predicting the Flow Stress of Zircaloy-4 under In-Reactor Accident Conditions - 01 January 2018

STP159720160032: Numerical Modeling of Zirconium Alloys Hot Extrusion - 01 January 2018

STP159720160081: Understanding of Corrosion Mechanisms after Irradiation: Effect of Ion Irradiation of the Oxide Layers on the Corrosion Rate of M5 - 01 January 2018

STP159720160115: Microstructure Evolution in Ion-Irradiated Oxidized Zircaloy-4 Studied with Synchrotron Radiation Microdiffraction and Transmission Electron Microscopy - 01 January 2018

STP159720160085: Neutron Irradiation Effects on the Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 in a Pressurized Water Reactor Environment - 01 January 2018

STP159720160042: Temperature and Neutron Flux Dependence of In-Reactor Creep for Cold-Worked Zr-2.5Nb - 01 January 2018

STP159720160089: Quantifying Irradiation Defects in Zirconium Alloys: A Comparison between Transmission Electron Microscopy and Whole-Pattern Diffraction Line-Profile Analysis - 01 January 2018

STP159720160095: Mechanistic Understanding of Zirconium Alloy Fuel Cladding Performance - 01 January 2018

STP159720160052: Hydride Reorientation in Zircaloy-4 under Different States of Stress as Studied with In Situ X-Ray Diffraction - 01 January 2018

STP159720160062: The Performance of NSF in BWR Operating Conditions - 01 January 2018

STP159720160066: Effects of Chemistry and Microstructure on Corrosion Performance of Zircaloy-2-Based BWR Cladding - 01 January 2018

STP159720160072: Alloying Effect of Niobium and Tin on the Zirconium Alloy Fuel Cladding Behavior at High Temperature Oxidation in Steam - 01 January 2018

STP159720160076: Microbeam X-Ray Absorption Near-Edge Spectroscopy of Alloying Elements in the Oxide Layers of Irradiated Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 2018

STP159720160033: Investigation and Modeling of the Degradation of Zirconium-Based Fuel Cladding during Corrosion in Steam and Air-Steam Mixtures at High Temperatures - 01 January 2018

STP159720160037: Combined Raman Imaging and 18O Tracer Analysis for the Study of Zircaloy-4 High-Temperature Oxidation in Spent Fuel Pool Accident - 01 January 2018

STP159720160043: Hydride Effects on Discharged Fuel Clad Related to Accident Conditions during Dry Storage and Handling - 01 January 2018

STP159720160092: Strain-Path Change Tests and Physically Based Polycrystalline Modeling of the Behavior of Recrystallized Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2018

STP159720160063: Mechanical Behavior at High Temperatures of Highly Oxygen- or Hydrogen-Enriched α and Prior-β Phases of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2018

STP159720160040: Effect of Alloying Elements, Cold Work, and Hydrogen on the Irradiation-Induced Growth Behavior of Zirconium Alloy Variants - 01 January 2018

STP159720160067: Preliminary Irradiation Effect on Corrosion Resistance of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2018

STP159720160073: Influence of Hydride Precipitation on the Corrosion Kinetics of Zircaloy-4: Effect of the Nanostructure and Grain Boundary Properties of the Zirconium Oxide Layer on Oxygen Diffusion Flux - 01 January 2018

STP159720160044: Effect of Irradiation on Terminal Solid Solubility of Hydrogen in Zr-2.5Nb - 01 January 2018

STP159720160048: Is Spent Nuclear Fuel Immune from Delayed Hydride Cracking during Dry Storage? An IAEA Coordinated Research Project - 01 January 2018

STP159720160011: In-Pile Testing of CrN, TiAlN, and AlCrN Coatings on Zircaloy Cladding in the Halden Reactor - 01 January 2018

STP159720160060: Hydrogen Trapping at Neutron Irradiation Produced Defects in Recrystallized Alpha Annealed Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 2018

STP159720160093: Understanding Irradiation Growth through Atomistic Simulations: Defect Diffusion and Clustering in α-Zirconium and the Influence of Alloying Elements - 01 January 2018

STP159720160034: Long-Term Irradiation Growth in Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2018

STP159720160070: Texture Development during Rolling of α + β Dual-Phase ZrNb Alloys - 01 January 2018

STP159720160029: The Role of Gamma Radiation on Zircaloy-4 Corrosion - 01 January 2018

STP159720160064: Study of Structure-Phase State of Oxide Films on E110 and E635 Alloys at Pre- and Post-Irradiation Stages - 01 January 2018

STP160020160147: Assessment of Advanced Aerospace Bearing Steel RCF Performances Using a Discriminating Multicontact Test - 01 November 2017

STP160020160139: Influence of Material and Heat Treatment on the Formation of WECs on Test Rig FE8 - 01 November 2017

STP160020170002: Applying Finite Element Analysis to Determine the Subsurface Stress and Temperature Gradient in Highly Loaded Bearing Contacts - 01 November 2017

STP160020160154: Improved Fatigue Life Analysis of Pre-Dented Raceways Used in Bearing Material Testing - 01 November 2017

STP160020160152: Influence of Si and Prior Heat Treatment on Long-Term Thermal Stability of 100Cr6-Type Bearing Steels - 01 November 2017

STP160020160157: Steel Quality Improvements with Vertical Continuous Casting at Faircrest Steel Plant - 01 November 2017

STP160020160159: Divorced Eutectoid Transformation in the Spheroidization of Bearing Steels - 01 November 2017

STP160020160163: Subsurface Rolling Contact Fatigue of Powder Metallurgy Steels for Aerospace Bearings - 01 November 2017

STP160020160143: Developments in Large Size Round Bloom Rolling Bearing Steels - 01 November 2017

STP160020160131: New Class of High-Speed Steels for Aero Rolling Bearings - 01 November 2017

STP160020170003: Fatigue Life Performance of Hybrid Angular Contact Pyrowear 675 Bearings - 01 November 2017

STP160020160160: Novel Tough Micro-Alloyed Bearing Steel with High Hardenability - 01 November 2017

STP160020170021: Improvement of Fatigue Life Caused by Surface-Initiated Flaking in Rolling and Sliding Contact Condition by Modification of Subsurface Microstructure - 01 November 2017

STP160020160151: High-Performance Bearing Steels: A New Approach in Alloy Development - 01 November 2017

STP160020160142: PVD Coatings on Bearing Steels for Aerospace Applications - 01 November 2017

STP160020160141: Prospective Study to Determine Possible Correlation between Rolling Contact Fatigue and Currently Common Cleanliness Evaluation Methods and Submerged Ultrasonic Testing - 01 November 2017

STP160020160148: Relationship between Hot Workability and Center Segregation in Bearing Steel - 01 November 2017

STP160020160153: Application of the OES-PDA Measurements to Predict the Macro-Cleanliness of Products Coming from Continuous Casting Machine - 01 November 2017

STP160020160144: Bearing Steel Quality Assurance with Next Generation SEM-EDS - 01 November 2017

STP160020160146: Round-Robin Test: Chemical Analysis Capability of the Steel Material Laboratories - 01 November 2017

STP160020160150: Electrochemical Corrosion Test Methods for Rapid Assessment of Aerospace Bearing Steel Performance - 01 November 2017

STP160020160164: The Study of the Evaluation of the Fracture Initiation and Propagation on the Rolling Contact Fatigue in Bearing Steels - 01 November 2017

STP160020160149: Advantages of Si Deoxidation of Bearing Steels for Steel Cleanness and for Composition and Morphology of Nonmetallic Inclusions in Rolled Product - 01 November 2017

STP160020170011: The Effect of Nonmetallic Inclusions on Bending Fatigue Performance in High-Strength Steels - 01 November 2017

STP160020160145: Nonmetallic Inclusion Bonding in Bearing Steel and the Initiation of White-Etching Cracks - 01 November 2017

STP160020160025: Combined Al-Si-Ca Treatment of EAF-VD Steel to Develop Replacements for Some ESR Steels with Comparable Quality, Lower Manufacturing Cost, and Environmental Impact - 01 November 2017

STP160020160138: In-Depth Comparison of Powder and Ingot Metallurgical M50 Bearing Steels - 01 November 2017

STP160020170005: Microstructural Changes in Aerospace Bearing Steels under Accelerated Rolling Contact Fatigue Life Testing - 01 November 2017

STP1598-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Test Planning, Test Data Acquisitions and Analysis - 01 April 2017

STP159820160051: Experimental Study on Surrogate Nuclear Fuel Rods Under Reversed Cyclic Bending - 01 April 2017

STP159820160047: Establishing a Multi Laboratory Test Plan for Environmentally Assisted Fatigue - 01 April 2017

STP159820160059: A Novel Nonlinear Kinematic Hardening Model for Uniaxial/Multiaxial Ratcheting and Mean Stress Relaxation - 01 April 2017

STP159820160079: Analysis of Nonproportional Multiaxial Fatigue Test Data of Various Aluminum Alloys Using a New Damage Parameter - 01 April 2017

STP159820160030: Low Cycle Fatigue of Cast Austenitic Steel - 01 April 2017

STP159820160086: Fracture Mechanical Testing of In Service Thermally Aged Cast Stainless Steel - 01 April 2017

STP159820160053: Calorimetric Studies and Self-Heating Measurements for a Dual-Phase Steel Under Ultrasonic Fatigue Loading - 01 April 2017

STP159620150076: A Method for Autogenous Ignition Temperature Determination of Metal Through Induction Heating - 01 July 2016

STP159620150075: Auto Ignition Temperature Test Chamber Fire Investigation - 01 July 2016

STP159620150069: Properties of ToughMet® 3 Copper-Nickel-Tin Alloy for Oxygen Enriched Atmosphere Applications - 01 July 2016

STP159620150065: Detailed Investigation of the Sequence of Mechanisms Participating in Metals Ignition in Oxygen Using Laser Heating and In Situ, Real-Time Diagnostics - 01 July 2016

STP159620150064: Comparison of Combustion Products of Bulk Aluminum Rods Burning in High Pressure Oxygen in Normal and Reduced Gravity - 01 July 2016

STP1591-EB: Modularity and Tapers in Total Joint Replacement Devices - 01 December 2015

STP159120140140: Orthopaedic Surgeon Modularity Utilization and Surgical Technique Considerations in the Face of Implant Corrosion - 01 December 2015

STP159120140133: Validating a Simplified Method for Assessing Total Hip Arthroplasty Taper Corrosion Susceptibility with a 15-Year Retrieval Database - 01 December 2015

STP159120140139: Method for Characterization of Material Loss from Modular Head-Stem Taper Surfaces of Hip Replacement Devices - 01 December 2015

STP159120140152: Comparison of Visual Assessment Techniques for Wear and Corrosion in Modular Hip Replacement Systems - 01 December 2015

STP159120140137: Metrology for Dual Taper Total Hip Arthroplasty - 01 December 2015

STP159120140151: Patient Outcomes Following Implantation of Modular Neck Hip Prostheses in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty - 01 December 2015

STP159120150001: Mechanically Assisted Crevice Corrosion Damage in Shoulder Arthroplasty Is Comparable to Hip Arthroplasty - 01 December 2015

STP159120140135: Corrosion of Modular Tapers in Total Joint Replacements: A Critical Assessment of Design, Materials, Surface Structure, Mechanics, Electrochemistry, and Biology - 01 December 2015

STP159120140142: Trunnion Options in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty in 2014 - 01 December 2015

STP159120150049: Femoral Stem Modularity: A Structural Fatigue Characterization - 01 December 2015

STP159120140132: Accelerated Fretting Corrosion Testing of Modular Necks for Total Hip Arthroplasty - 01 December 2015

STP159120140136: Correlating Fretting Corrosion and Micromotions in Modular Tapers: Test Method Development and Assessment - 01 December 2015

STP159120140128: Corrosion at the Head-Neck Taper Interface Affects the Prognosis of Hip Revision Surgery - 01 December 2015

STP159120140147: Tribocorrosion in Hip Modular Taper Junctions: Load-Triggered Transitions in Electrochemical and Mechanical Behavior - 01 December 2015

STP159120140143: A Servoelectric Apparatus with Potentiostat to Study the Fretting Corrosion of Cobalt-Chromium–Titanium Alloy Couples - 01 December 2015

STP159120140150: Simultaneous Hip Head-Stem Taper Junction Measurements of Electrochemical Corrosion and Micromotion: A Comparison of Taper Geometry and Stem Material - 01 December 2015

STP159120140146: On the Measurement of Three-Dimensional Taper Moments Due to Friction and Contact Load in Total Hip Replacement - 01 December 2015

STP159120140122: Fretting Corrosion and Modularity: A Critical Review of the Literature and Three Registries - 01 December 2015

STP159120140120: The Importance of Cleaning Modular Parts on Visual Scores of Taper Damage - 01 December 2015

STP159120140123: Validation of an Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine for the Measurement of Wear at the Taper Interface in Total Hip Replacement - 01 December 2015

STP159120140119: Studies of Modular Connections for Surgical Implant Devices - 01 December 2015

STP159120140144: Diagnosis and Management of Adverse Local Tissue Reactions Secondary to Products of Tribocorrosion - 01 December 2015

STP159120140134: Corrosion of Modular Junctions in Femoral and Acetabular Components for Hip Arthroplasty and Its Local and Systemic Effects - 01 December 2015

STP159120140141: Histological Characterization of Chromium Orthophosphate Corrosion Products from Modular Total Hip Replacements - 01 December 2015

STP159120140124: Tissue Response in Metal-on-Metal Hip Articulations is Dependent on Head Size - 01 December 2015

STP159120140153: Is Taper Fretting Corrosion a Threat to the Clinical Performance of Large-Diameter Hips with Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene Bearings? - 01 December 2015

STP159120140148: Contact Mechanics and Plastic Deformation at the Local Surface Topography Level After Assembly of Modular Head-Neck Junctions in Modern Total Hip Replacement Devices - 01 December 2015

STP159120140138: Factors Related to Imprinting Corrosion in Modular Head-Neck Junctions - 01 December 2015

STP159120140149: Microgrooved Surface Topography Does Not Influence Fretting Corrosion of Tapers in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Classification and Retrieval Analysis - 01 December 2015

STP1584-EB: Evaluation of Existing and New Sensor Technologies for Fatigue, Fracture and Mechanical Testing - 30 September 2015

STP158420140045: Determination of Calibration Function for Fatigue-Crack Propagation by Measurement Surface Deformation - 30 September 2015

STP158420140051: A Hybrid Optico-Acoustic NDE Approach for Deformation and Damage Monitoring - 30 September 2015

STP158420140058: Determination of Fracture Behavior of AA6060 Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Using Digital Image Correlation© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Natural Resources, 2015. - 30 September 2015

STP158420140056: Advanced Characterization of Sheet Metal Deformation and Forming Using Digital Image Correlation - 30 September 2015

STP158420140050: Measuring Mechanical Properties of Fillet Arc T-Welded Aluminum Alloy AA7xxx Extrusions Using Digital Image Correlation - 30 September 2015

STP158420140052: Advanced 2D and 3D Digital Image Correlation of the Full-Field Displacements of Cracks and Defects - 30 September 2015

STP158420140055: The Influence of Plasticity on Crack Length Measurements Using the Potential Drop Technique - 30 September 2015

STP158420140057: Application of Direct Current Potential Drop for the J-Integral vs. Crack Growth Resistance Curve Characterization - 30 September 2015

STP1584-EB: - 30 September 2015

STP158420140053: Static and Dynamic Strain Measurement at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures Using an Extrinsic Fabry–Perot Interferometer (EFPI) Optical Strain Sensor - 30 September 2015

STP158420140080: Assessment of Infrared Thermography for Cyclic High-Temperature Measurement and Control - 30 September 2015

STP158320140117: The Use of Structural Adhesives for Steel–Glass Facade Panels With Multi-Axial Stress–Strain Behavior—Experimental and Numerical Investigations - 28 August 2015

STP1580-EB: Bearing Steel Technologies: 10th Volume, Advances in Steel Technologies for Rolling Bearings - 29 June 2015

STP158020140042: Microscope Inclusion Rating Standards and Fatigue Initiation Propensity - 29 June 2015

STP158020140076: Non-Metallic Inclusion Density in Bearing Steel Characterized by Ultrasonic Testing - 29 June 2015

STP158020140082: Characterization of Non-Metallic Inclusions in Bearing Steels by Means of Focused Ion Beam - 29 June 2015

STP158020140086: Crack Initiation and Propagation Behavior Around the Defect in Steel Under Rolling Contact Fatigue - 29 June 2015

STP158020140025: Thermodynamic Calculations Versus Instrumental Analysis of Slag-Steel Equilibria in an ASEA–SKF Ladle Furnace - 29 June 2015

STP158020140043: Improvement of the Rolling Contact Fatigue Resistance in Bearing Steels by Adjusting the Composition of Oxide Inclusions - 29 June 2015

STP158020140039: Improved Chemical Composition of Low Alloyed High Carbon Martensitic Bearing Steels for Higher Fatigue Strength - 29 June 2015

STP158020140018: Slip-Rolling Resistance of Alternative Steels Under High Contact Pressures in Engine Oils - 29 June 2015

STP158020140121: Review of XD15NW (Through Hardening) and CX13VDW (Case Carburizing) Cost-Effective Corrosion Resistant Bearing Steels Grades - 29 June 2015

STP158020140070: Introduction of Nitrided M50 and M50NiL Bearings Into Jet Engine Mainshaft Applications - 29 June 2015

STP158020140085: Enhanced Performance of Rolling Bearings by Improving the Resistance of Rolling Elements to Surface Degradation - 29 June 2015

STP158020140067: Steelmaking Technologies and With Focus on Micro Inclusion Development for 700 ktons Production of State-of the Art 1C-1.5Cr Bearing Steel - 29 June 2015

STP158020140077: Novel High-Carbon High-Vanadium PM Steel for High-Load Rolling Bearing Applications - 29 June 2015

STP158020140081: Advantages and Shortcomings of Retained Austenite in Bearing Steels: a Review - 29 June 2015

STP158020140073: High Integrity Powder Metallurgy for Demanding Bearing Applications - 29 June 2015

STP158020140096: Accelerated Carbide Spheroidization of 100CrMnSi6-4 Bearing Steel by Hot Rolling - 29 June 2015

STP158020140087: Microstructure and Properties of Hardened 100CrMnSi6-4 Bearing Steel After Accelerated Carbide Spheroidization and Long-Duration Annealing - 29 June 2015

STP158020140098: On the Effect of Consumable Electrode Remelt Processes on Steel Cleanliness - 29 June 2015

STP158020140048: Kinetics of Bainite Formation in 100Cr6 and Similar High-Carbon Steel Grades - 29 June 2015

STP158020140072: Austempering Effects on the Rolling Contact Fatigue Characteristics of Bearing Steels - 29 June 2015

STP158020140061: Heat Treatment Process for Martensitic Stainless Steel Pyrowear 675 for Improved Corrosion Resistance - 29 June 2015

STP158020140046: A Review: The Dilemma With Premature White Etching Crack (WEC) Bearing Failures - 29 June 2015

STP158020140069: Mechanical Twinning in Aircraft Engine Bearing Steel - 29 June 2015

STP158020140104: Modelling of Micro-Segregation in a 1C-1.5Cr Type Bearing Steel - 29 June 2015

STP158020140071: Understanding Microstructural Transitions Occurring Under Rolling Contact Fatigue - 29 June 2015

STP158020140041: Measurement of Residual Stresses in Ball Bearings by Synchrotron Radiation - 29 June 2015

STP157620140022: Micro-Tensile Test Technique Development and Application to Mechanical Property Determination - 28 April 2015

STP157620140005: Small-Punch Testing for Tensile and Fracture Behavior: Experiences and Way Forward - 28 April 2015

STP157620140011: Evaluation of Damage in Materials Due to Fatigue Cycling Through Static and Cyclic Small Punch Testing - 28 April 2015

STP157620140026: Effect of Hydrogen on Crack Growth Behavior in F82H Steel Using Small-Size Specimen - 28 April 2015

STP157620140014: In-Situ Synchrotron X-Ray Study of the Elevated Temperature Deformation Response of SS 316L Pressurized Creep Tubes - 28 April 2015

STP157620140013: Role of Scale Factor During Tensile Testing of Small Specimens - 28 April 2015

STP157620140019: Influence of Surface Roughness on Tensile Strength of Reduced-Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels Using Small Specimens - 28 April 2015

STP157620140003: Certified KLST Miniaturized Charpy Specimens for the Indirect Verification of Small-Scale Impact Machines - 28 April 2015

STP157620140015: Application of Miniature Small Punch Test Specimen in Determination of Tensile Properties - 28 April 2015

STP1543-EB: Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: 17th Volume - 30 January 2015

STP154320120196: Influence of Steam Pressure on the High Temperature Oxidation and Post-Cooling Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-4 and M5 Cladding (LOCA Conditions) - 30 January 2015

STP154320120155: Analysis of the Secondary Cladding Hydrogenation During the Quench–LOCA Bundle Tests With Zircaloy-4 Claddings and its Influence on the Cladding Embrittlement - 30 January 2015

STP154320120198: Hydriding Induced Corrosion Failures in BWR Fuel - 30 January 2015

STP154320130044: Influence of Sn on Deformation Mechanisms During Room Temperature Compression of Binary Zr–Sn Alloys - 30 January 2015

STP154320120195: Impact of Iron in M5TM6 - 30 January 2015

STP154320130053: Microstructure and Properties of a Three-Layer Nuclear Fuel Cladding Prototype Containing Erbium as a Neutronic Burnable Poison - 30 January 2015

STP154320120211: Characterizing Quenched Microstructures in Relation to Processing - 30 January 2015

STP154320130039: Displacive and Diffusional Transformations of the Beta Phase in Zirconium Alloys - 30 January 2015

STP154320120197: Identification of Safe Hot-Working Conditions in Cast Zr-2.5Nb - 30 January 2015

STP154320130023: A Numerical Study of the Effect of Extrusion Parameters on the Temperature Distribution in Zr–2.5Nb - 30 January 2015

STP154320120214: Numerical Modeling of Fuel Rod Resistance Butt Welding - 30 January 2015

STP154320120161: Application of Coating Technology on Zirconium-Based Alloy to Decrease High-Temperature Oxidation - 30 January 2015

STP154320130052: Oxidation Mechanism in Zircaloy-2—The Effect of SPP Size Distribution - 30 January 2015

STP154320120216: Reflections on the Development of the “f” Texture Factors for Zirconium Components and the Establishment of Properties of the Zirconium–Hydrogen System - 30 January 2015

STP154320130006: Effect of Sn on Corrosion Mechanisms in Advanced Zr-Cladding for Pressurised Water Reactors - 30 January 2015

STP154320120215: Effect of Alloying Elements on Hydrogen Pickup in Zirconium Alloys - 30 January 2015

STP154320120164: Toward a Comprehensive Mechanistic Understanding of Hydrogen Uptake in Zirconium Alloys by Combining Atom Probe Analysis With Electronic Structure Calculations - 30 January 2015

STP154320130007: Corrosion and Hydrogen Uptake in Zirconium Claddings Irradiated in Light Water Reactors - 30 January 2015

STP154320120170: Effect of Hydrogen on Dimensional Changes of Zirconium and the Influence of Alloying Elements: First-Principles and Classical Simulations of Point Defects, Dislocation Loops, and Hydrides - 30 January 2015

STP154320120191: Oxidation and Hydrogen Uptake of ZIRLO Structural Components Irradiated to High Burn-Up - 30 January 2015

STP154320130008: Performance and Property Evaluation of High-Burnup Optimized ZIRLO™ Cladding - 30 January 2015

STP154320120146: Corrosion, Dimensional Stability and Microstructure of VVER-1000 E635 Alloy FA Components at Burnups up to 72 MWday/kgU - 30 January 2015

STP154320120183: Corrosion and Hydriding Model for Zircaloy-2 Pressure Tubes of Indian Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors - 30 January 2015

STP154320130043: Breakthrough in Understanding Radiation Growth of Zirconium - 30 January 2015

STP154320120179: Microstructural Evolution of M5TM7 Alloy Irradiated in PWRs up to High Fluences—Comparison With Other Zr-Based Alloys - 30 January 2015

STP154320120157: Modeling Irradiation Damage in Zr-2.5Nb and Its Effects on Delayed Hydride Cracking Growth Rate - 30 January 2015

STP154320130020: Understanding the Drivers of In-Reactor Growth of β-Quenched Zircaloy-2 BWR Channels - 30 January 2015

STP154320120162: Contribution to the Study of the Pseudobinary Zr1Nb–O Phase Diagram and Its Application to Numerical Modeling of the High-Temperature Steam Oxidation of Zr1Nb Fuel Cladding - 30 January 2015

STP154320120165: Experimental Comparison of the Behavior of E110 and E110G Claddings at High Temperature - 30 January 2015

STP154320120166: Effect of Pre-Oxide on Zircaloy-4 High-Temperature Steam Oxidation and Post-Quench Mechanical Properties - 30 January 2015

STP154320130022: Deviations From Parabolic Kinetics During Oxidation of Zirconium Alloys - 30 January 2015

STP154320120158: The Effects of Microstructure and Operating Conditions on Irradiation Creep of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubing - 30 January 2015

STP154320120168: Mechanisms of Hydride Reorientation in Zircaloy-4 Studied in Situ - 30 January 2015

STP154320120192: Effect of Hydride Distribution on the Mechanical Properties of Zirconium-Alloy Fuel Cladding and Guide Tubes - 30 January 2015

STP154320120199: Understanding of Corrosion Mechanisms of Zirconium Alloys after Irradiation: Effect of Ion Irradiation of the Oxide Layers on the Corrosion Rate - 30 January 2015

STP154320120200: Impact of Hydrogen Pick-Up and Applied Stress on C-Component Loops: Toward a Better Understanding of the Radiation Induced Growth of Recrystallized Zirconium Alloys - 30 January 2015

STP154320120208: Thermodynamics of Zr Alloys: Application to Heterogeneous Materials - 30 January 2015

STP154320130005: Oxide Surface Peeling of Advanced Zirconium Alloy Cladding after High Burnup Irradiation in Pressurized Water Reactors - 30 January 2015

STP1580-EB: - 28 November 2014

STP158020140062: Low Temperature Plasma Nitriding of Pyrowear 675 - 28 November 2014

STP158020140075: Flat Washer Test Practice—Statistical Analysis - 28 November 2014

STP158020140059: Influence of Sulfur Inclusion Content on Rolling Contact Fatigue Life - 28 November 2014

STP158020140102: Subsurface Material Response of Hypo Eutectoid Bearing Steels for Use in Energy Saving Rolling Bearings as a Substitute for Journal Bearings in Combustion Engines - 28 November 2014

STP157620140017: Small Specimen Reuse Technique to Evaluate Fracture Toughness of High Dose HT9 Steel - 30 October 2014

STP157620140007: Nonlinear Ultrasonic Characterization of Radiation Damage Using Charpy Impact Specimen - 30 October 2014

STP157620140020: International Round Robin Test on Master Curve Reference Temperature Evaluation Utilizing Miniature C(T) Specimen - 30 October 2014

STP157620140012: J-R Curve Determination for Disk-Shaped Compact Specimens Based on the Normalization Method and the Direct Current Potential Drop Technique - 30 October 2014

STP157620130189: Extended Mechanical Testing of RPV Surveillance Materials Using Reconstitution Technique for Small Sized Specimen to Assist Long Term Operation - 30 October 2014

STP157820130121: Small Specimen Data from a High Temperature HFIR Irradiation Experiment - 30 September 2014

STP1571-EB: Application of Automation Technology in Fatigue and Fracture Testing and Analysis - 28 August 2014

STP157120130117: Analysis Round Robin Results on the Linearity of Fracture Toughness Test Data - 28 August 2014

STP157120130069: Uncertainty in Ductile Fracture Initiation Toughness (JIc) Resulting From Compliance Measurement - 28 August 2014

STP157120130076: A Novel Shear Test Procedure for Determination of Constitutive Behavior of Automotive Aluminum Alloy SheetsThis licence is granted on the condition that clear attribution is given to the author(s) and Natural Resources Canada and, when feasible, that the Crown copyright is acknowledged as follows: © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Natural Resources, 2014. - 28 August 2014

STP157120130079: Automation in Strain and Temperature Control on VHCF with an Ultrasonic Testing Facility - 28 August 2014

STP157320130179: Use of Thickened High Water Hydraulic Fluid in Flat Rolled Steel Production - 31 July 2014

STP155620130111: Extending the Corrosion of Heat-Rejecting Aluminum Surfaces Test for Developing and Evaluating Extended Service Interval Engine Coolant Formulations - 30 July 2014

STP157220130124: Comparison of Charpy V-Notch-Energy-Based Embrittlement Trend Curves Developed in the United States - 30 June 2014

STP157220130112: Flux Effects on Radiation Induced Aging Behaviour of Low Alloy Steel Weld Material with High Nickel and Manganese Content - 30 June 2014

STP157220130113: Final Results from the CARINA Project on Crack Initiation and Arrest of Irradiated German RPV Steels for Neutron Fluences in the Upper Bound - 30 June 2014

STP157220130097: Empirical Analyses of Effects of the Heat Affected Zone and Post Weld Heat Treatment on Irradiation Embrittlement of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 30 June 2014

STP157220130098: Microstructural Changes in Highly Irradiated 15Kh2MFA Steel - 30 June 2014

STP157220130120: Microstructural Characterization of Irradiation-Induced MnNi-Rich Solute Cluster in Highly Neutron-Irradiated MnNiMo Alloyed Weld Metals - 30 June 2014

STP157220130096: Characterization of Precipitates in 316 Stainless Steel Neutron-Irradiated at ∼390°C by the Combination of CDF-TEM, EF-TEM, and HR-TEM - 30 June 2014

STP1559-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Metallic Medical Materials and Devices - 30 September 2013

STP155920120205: Evaluation of the Effects of Anodization on the Fatigue Performance of Titanium Alloy - 30 September 2013

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STP155920120189: The Effect of Inclusions on Fatigue Properties for Nitinol - 30 September 2013

STP155920120213: The Effects of Test Speed on Fatigue Life of Nitinol Wire in Rotary Bend - 30 September 2013

STP155920130030: Fatigue Crack Initiation in Superelastic Nitinol - 30 September 2013

STP155920120151: Ti-6Al-4V Fatigue Strength After Shot Peening: The Role of a Corrosive Environment - 30 September 2013

STP1560-EB: Metal-On-Metal Total Hip Replacement Devices - 01 May 2013

STP156020120034: Approach, Rationale, and Examples of Metal-on-Metal Device Retrieval and Analysis for Evidence-Based Education - 01 May 2013

STP156020120110: The Development of a Standard Method for Assessing Wear of Explanted Metal-on-Metal Hip Joints - 01 May 2013

STP156020120042: Method of Characterizing Fretting and Corrosion at the Various Taper Connections of Retrieved Modular Components from Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty - 01 May 2013

STP156020120049: Normal and Adverse Wear Patterns Created In-Vivo on Metal-on-Metal Surfaces—A Retrieval Study Representing Four Vendors - 01 May 2013

STP156020120043: Analysis of Comprehensive Measurements from Retrieved Implants to Determine Factors Contributing to Failure Modes and Wear - 01 May 2013

STP156020120024: Metal-on-Metal and Other Bearing Trends Among Fellows of the AAOS - 01 May 2013

STP156020120182: A Protocol to Assess the Wear of Head/Neck Taper Junctions in Large Head Metal-on-Metal (LHMoM) Hips - 01 May 2013

STP156020120046: Plastic Deformation from Edge Loading is Common on Retrieved Metal-on-Metal Hips and Can Be Predicted With Finite Element Analysis - 01 May 2013

STP156020120033: Microstructure of Retrievals Made from Standard Cast HC-CoCrMo Alloys - 01 May 2013

STP156020120050: Tribochemical Reactions in Metal-on-Metal Hip Joints Influence Wear and Corrosion - 01 May 2013

STP156020120027: Study on Tribological and Electrochemical Performance of Metal Artificial Hip Joint Materials in Simulated Synovial Fluids - 01 May 2013

STP156020120029: Risk of Complications, Revision, and Cancer for Metal-on-Metal Patients in the Medicare Population - 01 May 2013

STP156020120037: Prevalence of Metal-on-Metal Bearings in the United States - 01 May 2013

STP156020120031: Serum Metal Ion Concentrations Decline (But Do Not Rapidly Normalize) Following Revision of Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Bearings - 01 May 2013

STP156020120028: Low Cobalt and Chromium Levels from a Single Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty Implant - 01 May 2013

STP156020120045: A Prospective Case Series Examining the Use of a Large-Head Metal-on-Metal Total Hip System - 01 May 2013

STP156020120044: A Method to Isolate and Characterize Wear Debris from Synovial Fluid and Tissues - 01 May 2013

STP156020120025: Lymphocyte Reactivity to Nickel Correlates with Reported High-Pain Levels in Patients with Total Joint Arthroplasties: Implications for Pain-Related Hypersensitivity Responses - 01 May 2013

STP1560-EB: - 01 May 2013

STP156020120032: Development of a Stop-Dwell-Start (SDS) Protocol for In Vitro Wear Testing of Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Replacements - 01 May 2013

STP1563-EB: Tribo-Corrosion: Research, Testing, and Applications - 01 May 2013

STP156320120041: The Tribo-Corrosion of Nitinol in Pedicle Screws - 01 May 2013

STP156320120148: Energy-Related Tribo-Corrosion Research at the National Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton - 01 May 2013

STP156320120118: An Approach to Mapping the Erosion–Corrosion of Stainless Steel: Applications to Tidal Energy Systems - 01 May 2013

STP156320120107: Sliding Tribo-Corrosion of Passive Metals: Mechanisms and Modeling - 01 May 2013

STP156320120058: Research and Development on Tribo-corrosion in the European Union: Supporting Innovation and Standardization - 01 May 2013

STP156320120051: Future Needs and Challenges in Tribo-Corrosion Research and Testing - 01 May 2013

STP156320120038: The Effect of Corrosion on Slurry Abrasion of Wear Resistant Steels - 01 May 2013

STP156320120059: Comparative Studies on Tribocorrosion Behaviour of Plasma-Sprayed and Detonation Gun Coatings of Al2O3-13 %TiO2 on Biomedical Alloy Ti-13Nb-13Zr and Gum Metal - 01 May 2013

STP103947: Approach of He/dpa Synergistic Effects in Iron-Based Materials Using JANNUS - 01 January 2013

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STP103948: Use of MeV Ion Beams to Simulate the Irradiation Effects in Advanced Materials at JANNUS Saclay - 01 January 2013

STP104242: Embrittlement of Nickel Alloys in a CANDU Reactor EnvironmentCANDU (CANadian Deuterium Uranium)® is a registered trademark or Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. - 01 January 2013

STP104128: Material Investigations on Highly Irradiated Aluminum Magnesium Alloys for Lifetime Assessment of a Neutron Beam Tube in the BER II Research Reactor - 01 January 2013

STP103999: A Wide-Range Embrittlement Trend Curve for Western Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2013

STP103983: A Phenomenological Micromechanical Model of FCC Metals under Radiation Induced Crystal Defects - 01 January 2013

STP104147: Development of Models for Irradiation-induced Changes to Microstructure and Stress–Strain Relations of Austenitic Steels - 01 January 2013

STP103991: Cluster Dynamics Simulation on Microstructure Evolution of Austenitic Stainless Steel and α-Iron Under Cascade Damage Condition - 01 January 2013

STP103987: Dislocation Bias Calculations in Metals Using a Combined Finite-Element Rate-Theory Approach - 01 January 2013

STP104113: Long Term Irradiation Phenomena in RPV Steels—The LONGLIFE Project - 01 January 2013

STP1542-EB: Rolling Element Bearings - 01 October 2012

STP103908: White Etching Crack Failure Mode in Roller Bearings: From Observation via Analysis to Understanding and an Industrial Solution - 01 October 2012

STP103891: Roller Profile Development for an Axially Loaded, Single Row Spherical Roller Bearing in an Oscillating Application - 01 October 2012

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STP104298: Steel Cleanliness and Bearing Life - 01 October 2012

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STP104603: Rolling Contact Fatigue Testing of Stainless Steel and Cobalt-based Components Using Water as the Lubricant - 01 October 2012

STP104536: Gigacycle Fatigue: A New Tool for Exploring Bearing Steel - 01 October 2012

STP104540: Rotating Beam Testing of Bearing Steels— An Effective Rolling Contact Fatigue Test Complement - 01 October 2012

STP104506: Rolling Contact and Compression-Torsion Fatigue of 52100 Steel with Special Regard to Carbide Distribution - 01 October 2012

STP104491: Development of Ultrasonic Torsional Fatigue Tester to Evaluate Rolling Bearing Steels - 01 October 2012

STP104601: Evaluation of Repaired Gas Turbine Engine Bearings Demonstrates Absence of Subsurface Fatigue Propagation in Appropriately Designed Applications - 01 October 2012

STP104504: Improvement in Efficiency of Ultrasonic Tests for the Macroscopic Inclusions Evaluation - 01 October 2012

STP104516: Advanced Methods for Assessing the Quality of Bearing Steels - 01 October 2012

STP104643: Raceway Grooving: A Tool for Monitoring Microstructural Changes - 01 October 2012

STP104650: Comparison of the Microstructural Changes and X-ray Diffraction Peak Width Decrease during Rolling Contact Fatigue in Martensitic Microstructures - 01 October 2012

STP104653: Material Response Bearing Testing under Vibration Loading - 01 October 2012

STP104475: Metal Physics and Rolling Contact Fatigue Testing - 01 October 2012

STP104508: Rolling Contact Fatigue in Bearings: Phenomenology and Modelling Techniques - 01 October 2012

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STP49276S: Author Index - 01 January 2011

STP49277S: Subject Index - 01 January 2011

STP49259S: - 01 January 2011

STP49283S: Application of Advanced Master Curve Approaches to the EURO Fracture Toughness Data Set - 01 January 2011

STP49284S: Revisit of ASTM Round-Robin Test Data for Determining R Curves of Thin-Sheet Materials - 01 January 2011

STP49285S: The Analysis of Fracture Mechanisms of Ferritic Steel 13HMF at Low Temperatures - 01 January 2011

STP49286S: A Weibull Stress Model to Predict Effects of Weld Strength Mismatch on Cleavage Fracture Toughness - 01 January 2011

STP49287S: Fatigue Initiation Modeling of 316LN Steel Based on Nonlocal Plasticity Theory - 01 January 2011

STP49288S: Mechanical Conditioning of Superelastic Nitinol Wire for Improved Fatigue Resistance - 01 January 2011

STP49290S: Effects of Microstructure on the Incipient Fatigue and Fretting Crack Processes in Al-Cu-Li Alloys - 01 January 2011

STP49291S: Development of a Sliding-Rolling Contact Fatigue Tester - 01 January 2011

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STP49294S: Definition of the Influence of Pore Size on the Fatigue Limit Using Short Crack Propagation Experiments - 01 January 2011

STP49295S: Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of an Inertia Friction Welded α/β Titanium Alloy - 01 January 2011

STP49296S: Fatigue Crack Propagation in SAW Seam Welds of API 5L X42 Steel Pipe in the Radial Short Direction - 01 January 2011

STP49297S: Fatigue from an Induced Defect: Experiments and Application of Different Multiaxial Fatigue Approaches - 01 January 2011

STP49298S: Effect of Cladding on Biaxially Loaded Underclad Part-Through Cracks - 01 January 2011

STP49280S: On the Beauty of Analytical Models for Fatigue Crack Propagation and Fracture—A Personal Historical Review - 01 January 2011

STP49299S: An Assessment of Cumulative Axial and Torsional Fatigue in a Cobalt-Base Superalloy - 01 January 2011

STP49300S: A Non Local Multiaxial Fatigue Approach to Account for Stress Gradient Effect Applied to Crack Initiation in Fretting - 01 January 2011

STP49301S: Experimental and Numerical Analyses of Fatigue Behavior of Welded Cruciform Joints - 01 January 2011

STP49302S: Importance of Residual Stresses and Surface Roughness regarding Fatigue of Titanium Forgings - 01 January 2011

STP49303S: Fatigue Assessment of Brazed T-Joints Based on Damage Tolerance Including Residual Stress Effects - 01 January 2011

STP49304S: Residual Strain Effects on Bridging Stress of Cracked and Delaminated Fiber Metal Laminates - 01 January 2011

STP49305S: Elastic-Plastic Stress Analysis of Cold-Worked Pin-Loaded Holes - 01 January 2011

STP49306S: The Influence of Elastic Follow-Up on the Integrity of Structures - 01 January 2011

STP49307S: Lifetime Calculation of Thermo-Mechanically Loaded Materials (Al, Cu, Ni, and Fe Alloys) Based on Empirical Methods - 01 January 2011

STP49308S: Mesh-Free Solution of Two-Dimensional Edge Crack Problems under Thermo-Mechanical Load - 01 January 2011

STP49309S: Temperature Calibration Techniques for TMF Testing - 01 January 2011

STP49311S: Cohesive Zone Modeling of Initiation and Propagation of Multiple Cracks in Hard Thin Surface Coatings - 01 January 2011

STP49312S: Modeling of Crack Propagation in Weld Beam-to-Column Connections Submitted to Cyclic Loading with a Cohesive Zone Model - 01 January 2011

STP49281S: Investigation of Transition Fracture Toughness Variation within the Thickness of Reactor Pressure Vessel Forgings - 01 January 2011

STP49282S: More Accurate Approximation of J-Integral Equation for Evaluating Fracture Resistance Curves - 01 January 2011

STP49279S: - 01 January 2011

STP49743S: Evaluation of a Handwipe Disclosing Method for Lead - 01 January 2011

STP49699S: Service Life Assessment of a Low-Slope 55 % Al-Zn Alloy-Coated Steel Standing Seam Roof System - 01 January 2011

STP49937S: Advanced Ductility Exhaustion Methods for the Calculation of Creep Damage during Creep-Fatigue Cycling - 01 January 2011

STP49938S: Modeling Creep-Fatigue Behavior of Mod.9Cr-1Mo Steel - 01 January 2011

STP49939S: Models for Small Crack Growth under Creep-Fatigue in Austenitic Steels - 01 January 2011

STP49940S: Effect of Creep and Oxidation on the Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of an Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 2011

STP49941S: Creep Crack Growth under Complex Loading - 01 January 2011

STP49942S: Probabilistic Prediction of Crack Growth Based on Creep/Fatigue Damage Accumulation Mechanism - 01 January 2011

STP49933S: ASTM Round-Robin on Creep-Fatigue and Creep Behavior of P91 Steel - 01 January 2011

STP49943S: Modeling Creep-Fatigue Deformation of Ni-Base Superalloys Using Crystal Viscoplasticity - 01 January 2011

STP49944S: Influence of Protective Coatings on Damage and Lifetime of Alloy 247 DS in Thermomechanical Fatigue and Bending Tests - 01 January 2011

STP49945S: Effects of the Environment on the Crack Propagation Behavior of IN718 in the Temperature Range of the Dynamic Embrittlement - 01 January 2011

STP49946S: The Effects of Dwell on the LCF Behavior of IN617 - 01 January 2011

STP49947S: Creep and Environmental Effects on the High Temperature Creep-Fatigue Behavior of Alloy 617 - 01 January 2011

STP49948S: Creep-Fatigue at High Temperature of Notched Single Crystal Superalloys - 01 January 2011

STP49932S: Component Assessment Data Requirements from Creep-Fatigue Tests - 01 January 2011

STP49934S: Evaluation of the Testing and Analysis Methods in ASTM E2760-10 Creep-Fatigue Crack Growth Testing Standard for a Range of Steels - 01 January 2011

STP49935S: Characterizations of Creep-Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth Life for P92 Using Circular Notched Round Bar Specimen - 01 January 2011

STP49936S: Creep Fatigue Behavior of Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels - 01 January 2011

JAI102127: Embrittlement Correlation Method for the Japanese Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials - 01 May 2010

STP1513-EB: Effects of Radiation on Nuclear Materials and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: 24th Volume - 01 May 2010

STP1513-EB: Effects of Radiation on Nuclear Materials and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: 24th Volume - 01 January 2010

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STP49013S: Influence of Neutron Irradiation on Energy Accumulation and Dissipation during Plastic Flow and Hardening of Metallic Polycrystals - 01 January 2010

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STP49001S: Analysis of the Belgian Surveillance Fracture Toughness Database Using Conventional and Advanced Master Curve Approaches - 01 January 2010

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STP49004S: Magnox Steel Reactor Pressure Vessel Monitoring Schemes—An Overview - 01 January 2010

STP48992S: Fatigue to Fracture: An Informative, Fast, and Reliable Approach for Assessing Medical Implant Durability - 01 January 2010

STP48993S: Active Surveillance Systems for Early Detection and Improved Recall Decision Making - 01 January 2010

STP48994S: Hydrogen-Related Degradation of Mechanical Properties of Titanium and Titanium Alloys - 01 January 2010

STP48985S: In-Vitro Modeling of the Dynamic Forces in the Femoropopliteal Artery - 01 January 2010

STP48984S: Review of Multiaxis Fatigue Testing for Fatigue/Durability of Cardiovascular Medical Devices - 01 January 2010

STP48987S: A Review of Peripheral Vascular Deformations Due to Respiration and Musculoskeletal Influences - 01 January 2010

STP48988S: Feasibility of a Method to Quantify Movement-Induced Conformational Changes in the Superficial Femoral and Popliteal (Femoropopliteal) Arterial Tree Using 3-D Angiography - 01 January 2010

STP48989S: Crystallographic Study of Superelastic Deformation of Nitinol - 01 January 2010

STP48990S: Full-Field Measurements of Fracture Initiation and Crack Growth in Superelastic Nitinol - 01 January 2010

STP48991S: An Investigation of Factors Impacting Nitinol Wire Fatigue Life - 01 January 2010

STP49196S: The Influence of Surface Temperature on Rewetting Behavior During Immersion Quenching of Hollow and Solid Cylinders - 01 January 2010

STP49146S: The Effect of Agitation and Quenchant Temperature on the Heat Transfer Coefficients for 6061 Aluminum Alloy Quenched in Distilled Water - 01 January 2010

STP49148S: Modeling of Quenching and Tempering Induced Phase Transformations in Steels - 01 January 2010

STP49151S: Computer Simulation of Quenched Steel Working Stress - 01 January 2010

STP49153S: Analysis of Stress Concentration around Inclusions Due to Thermally Induced Strain to the Steel Matrix - 01 January 2010

STP49154S: Considering the Body-Centered Cubic Lattice Parameter of α-Fe Alloys versus Concentrations of Solved Elements - 01 January 2010

STP49155S: Application of Thermodynamics and Kinetics in the Designing of New Type TRIP Steels Concerning Al and P Effects - 01 January 2010

STP49156S: Model of Solid State Transformations of Ductile Cast Iron GJS-600 - 01 January 2010

STP49157S: Using Polyalkylene Glycol Quenchants to Effectively Control Distortion and Residual Stresses in Heat Treated Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 2010

STP49158S: Minimizing Machining Distortion in Aluminum Alloys through Successful Application of Uphill Quenching—A Process Overview - 01 January 2010

STP49159S: Explanation of the Origin of Distortion and Residual Stress in Carburized Ring Using Computer Simulation - 01 January 2010

STP49163S: Optimum Strategies to Reduce Residual Stresses and Distortion during the Metal Quenching Process - 01 January 2010

STP49164S: Numerical Simulation of Residual Stresses in Quenched Steel Bodies Using Subroutines to Represent TTT and CCT Diagrams - 01 January 2010

STP49167S: Correlation between Thermal and Mechanical Properties of the 10NiCr11 - 01 January 2010

STP49168S: An Efficient Numerical Algorithm for the Prediction of Thermal and Microstructure Fields during Quenching of Steel Rods - 01 January 2010

STP49173S: A Feasibility Study of the Use of Bismuth Bath to Replace Lead Bath as the Quenching Media for Steel Heat-Treating - 01 January 2010

STP49177S: Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly Intensively Quenched Limited Hardenability Low Alloy Steels - 01 January 2010

STP49178S: An Overview of Technology and Equipment for Hardening of Large Steel Parts - 01 January 2010

STP49179S: Accelerated Cooling of Steel Plates: The Time Has Come - 01 January 2010

STP49180S: Overview of Pearlitic Rail Steel: Accelerated Cooling, Quenching, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties - 01 January 2010

STP49181S: Water and Polymer Quenching of Aluminum Alloys: A Review of the Effect of Surface Condition, Water Temperature, and Polymer Quenchant Concentration on the Yield Strength of 7075-T6 Aluminum Plate - 01 January 2010

STP49185S: Numerical Simulation of the Mechanical Properties of Cr12 Steel during Gas Quenching - 01 January 2010

STP49187S: A New Method to Study the Effect of Cooling Rate on the Decomposition of Austenite in Advanced High Strength Sheet Steels - 01 January 2010

STP49144S: Determination of Surface Heat Transfer Coefficients of Cr12MoV Steel Cylinder during High-Speed Gas Quenching at Atmospheric Pressure - 01 January 2010

STP49192S: Correlation between Cooling Curves Obtained with a Silver Probe and Quenching Properties of 5140 Steel Bars - 01 January 2010

STP49126S: Modeling the Influence of Microstructure in Rolling Contact Fatigue - 01 January 2010

STP49127S: A New Methodology for Predicting Fatigue Properties of Bearing Steels: From X-Ray Micro-Tomography and Ultrasonic Measurements to the Bearing Lives Distribution - 01 January 2010

STP49128S: Gigacycle Fatigue Properties of Bearing Steels - 01 January 2010

STP49129S: Rolling Contact Fatigue Life Test Design and Result Interpretation Methods Maintaining Compatibility of Efficiency and Reliability - 01 January 2010

STP49121S: Microstructure and Fatigue Strength of the Bearing Steel 52100 after Shortened Bainitic Treatment - 01 January 2010

STP49130S: The Role of Hydrogen on Rolling Contact Fatigue Response of Rolling Element Bearings - 01 January 2010

STP49131S: Quality Function Deployment Application on the Development of 100Cr6 Bearing Tubes - 01 January 2010

STP49122S: Case Depth and Static Capacity of Surface Induction-Hardened Rings - 01 January 2010

STP49120S: Quantitative Relationship between Degree of Center Segregation and Large Carbide Size in Continuously Cast Bloom of High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel - 01 January 2010

STP49123S: Stress Field Evolution in a Ball Bearing Raceway Fatigue Spall - 01 January 2010

STP49124S: Sub-Surface Initiated Rolling Contact Fatigue—Influence of Non-Metallic Inclusions, Processing History, and Operating Conditions - 01 January 2010

STP49125S: Initiation Behavior of Crack Originated from Non-Metallic Inclusion in Rolling Contact Fatigue - 01 January 2010

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STP1505-EB: Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: 15th International Symposium - 01 January 2009

STP1506-EB: Advances in Electrochemical Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring and Measurement - 01 January 2009

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STP1522-EB: Twelfth International Symposium on Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 2009

STP48727S: Fracture Toughness Evaluation of Eurofer97 by Testing Small Specimens - 01 January 2009

STP48728S: Effect of Ta Rich Inclusions and Microstructure Change during Precracking on Bimodal Fracture of Reduced-Activation Ferritic∕Martensitic Steels Observed in Transition Range - 01 January 2009

STP48729S: Application of Subsize Specimens for Irradiation Embrittlement Monitoring of VVER-440∕213 RPV Steels - 01 January 2009

STP48730S: Effects of Surface Morphology and Distributed Inclusions on the Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Miniaturized Specimens of F82H Steel - 01 January 2009

STP48731S: Use of KLST-Type Miniature Charpy Specimens for Measuring Dynamic Fracture Toughness under Impact Loading Rates - 01 January 2009

STP48732S: Determination of Transferable Lower-Bound Fracture Toughness from Small Specimens - 01 January 2009

STP48721S: Miniature Compact Tension Specimens for Upper Shelf Fracture Toughness Measurements on RPV Steels - 01 January 2009

STP48733S: Surveillance of the Fracture Behavior of Zircaloy-4 Welds Using the Small Punch Test - 01 January 2009

STP48720S: Specimen Size Limitations in J-R Curve Testing—Standards versus Reality - 01 January 2009

STP48734S: Application of the Small-Punch Test to Irradiated Reactor Vessel Steels in the Brittle-Ductile Transition Region - 01 January 2009

STP48735S: Investigation of Material Fatigue Behavior through Cyclic Ball Indentation Testing - 01 January 2009

STP48722S: Using Subsize Impact Bend Specimens for Estimation of Irradiation and Re-Irradiation Embrittlement of VVER RPV Steels - 01 January 2009

STP48723S: Towards Crack Arrest Testing Using Miniature Specimens - 01 January 2009

STP48724S: Application of Subsize Specimens for Re-Irradiation Embrittlement Monitoring of the First Generation of VVER-440 RPV Steels - 01 January 2009

STP48725S: Application of Digital Marker Extensometry to Determine the True Stress-Strain Behavior of Irradiated Metals and Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48726S: Crack Arrest Testing Using Small Wide Plate SE(T) Specimens - 01 January 2009

STP48133S: Experimental and Analytical Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of High-Burnup Zircaloy-4 Fuel Cladding - 01 January 2009

STP48134S: Effect of Local Hydride Accumulations on Zircaloy Cladding Mechanical Properties - 01 January 2009

STP48135S: Fracture Toughness of Hydrided Zircaloy-4 Sheet under through-Thickness Crack Growth Conditions - 01 January 2009

STP48136S: Characterization of Local Strain Distribution in Zircaloy-4 and M5® Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48137S: In-Pile Criteria for the Initiation of Massive Hydriding of Zr in Steam-Hydrogen Environment - 01 January 2009

STP48128S: Microstructure Evolution in Zr Alloys during Irradiation: Dose, Dose Rate, and Impurity Dependence - 01 January 2009

STP48138S: Round-Robin Testing of Fracture Toughness Characteristics of Thin-Walled Tubing - 01 January 2009

STP48139S: Role of Twinning and Slip in Deformation of a Zr-2.5Nb Tube - 01 January 2009

STP48140S: Measurement of Rates of Delayed Hydride Cracking (DHC) in Zr-2.5Nb Alloys—An IAEA Coordinated Research Project - 01 January 2009

STP48141S: A Study of the Structure and Chemistry in Zircaloy-2 and the Resulting Oxide After High Temperature Corrosion - 01 January 2009

STP48142S: Effects of Pt Surface Coverage on Oxidation of Zr and Other Materials - 01 January 2009

STP48129S: Characterization of Zirconium Hydrides and Phase Field Approach to a Mesoscopic-Scale Modeling of Their Precipitation - 01 January 2009

STP48143S: Studies of Corrosion of Cladding Materials in Simulated BWR Environment using Impedance Measurements - 01 January 2009

STP48144S: In Situ EIS Measurements of Irradiated Zircaloy-4 Post-Transition Corrosion Kinetic Behavior - 01 January 2009

STP48145S: Effect of Water Chemistry and Composition on Microstructural Evolution of Oxide on Zr Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48146S: The Effect of Hydrogen on the Transition Behavior of the Corrosion Rate of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48127S: In-Reactor Deformation of Zirconium Alloy Components - 01 January 2009

STP48147S: A New Model to Predict the Oxidation Kinetics of Zirconium Alloys in a Pressurized Water Reactor - 01 January 2009

STP48148S: In PWR Comprehensive Study of High Burn-Up Corrosion and Growth Behavior of M5® and Recrystallized Low-Tin Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 2009

STP48149S: ZIRLO™ Cladding Improvement - 01 January 2009

STP48150S: Corrosion and Oxide Properties of HANA Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48151S: Microstructural Characterization of Oxides Formed on Model Zr Alloys Using Synchrotron Radiation - 01 January 2009

STP48152S: Chemistry of Waterside Oxide Layers on Pressure Tubes - 01 January 2009

STP48153S: Manufacturing Variability, Microstructure, and Deformation of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 2009

STP48130S: Influence of Structure Changes in E110 Alloy Claddings on Ductility Loss under LOCA Conditions - 01 January 2009

STP48154S: Effect of Irradiation Damage on the Deformation Properties of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 2009

STP48155S: Determination and Interpretation of Texture Evolution during Deformation of a Zirconium Alloy - 01 January 2009

STP48156S: Irradiation-Induced Growth and Microstructure of Recrystallized, Cold Worked and Quenched Zircaloy-2, NSF, and E635 Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48157S: Deformation Anisotropy of Annealed Zircaloy-2 as a Function of Fast Neutron Fluence - 01 January 2009

STP48158S: Toward a Better Understanding of Dimensional Changes in Zircaloy-4: What is the Impact Induced by Hydrides and Oxide Layer? - 01 January 2009

STP48159S: CASTA DIVA®: Experiments and Modeling of Oxide-Induced Deformation in Nuclear Components - 01 January 2009

STP48160S: Cladding Tube Deformation Test for Stress Reorientation of Hydrides - 01 January 2009

STP48161S: Evaluation of Hydride Reorientation Behavior and Mechanical Properties for High-Burnup Fuel-Cladding Tubes in Interim Dry Storage - 01 January 2009

STP48162S: Experimental and Modeling Approach of Irradiation Defects Recovery in Zirconium Alloys: Impact of an Applied Stress - 01 January 2009

STP48163S: Mechanical Properties of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes Made from Electrolytic Powder - 01 January 2009

STP48131S: Investigations of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Prior-β Structure as a Function of the Oxygen Content in Two Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48164S: Structure-Phase State, Corrosion and Irradiation Properties of Zr-Nb-Fe-Sn System Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48165S: Investigation of Structural and Chemical Uniformity of Zr2.5% Nb and E635 Alloy by Radioactive Indicators - 01 January 2009

STP48166S: Contribution of Thermodynamic Calculations to Metallurgical Studies of Multi-Component Zirconium Based Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48167S: Intergranular and Interphase Constraints in Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2009

STP48168S: Tearing Crack Growth and Fracture Micro-Mechanisms Under Micro Segregation in Zr-2.5%Nb Pressure Tube Material - 01 January 2009

STP48132S: Hydrogen Content, Preoxidation, and Cooling Scenario Effects on Post-Quench Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-4 and M5® Alloys in LOCA Conditions - 01 January 2009

STP48744S: On Using Laboratory Measurements to Predict Corrosion Service Lives for Engineering Applications - 01 January 2009

STP48745S: Study of Corrosion Initiation of a Steel Panel from a Defect in Coating Using Localized Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (LEIS) - 01 January 2009

STP48746S: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Measurement during Cathodic Disbondment Experiment of Pipeline Coatings - 01 January 2009

STP48747S: Measuring the Repassivation Potential of Alloy 22 Using the Potentiodynamic-Galvanostatic-Potentiostatic Method - 01 January 2009

STP48748S: Comparison of Corrosion Rate Measurement of Copper, Zinc, and C1018 Steel Using Electrochemical Frequency Modulation and Traditional Methods - 01 January 2009

STP48750S: Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance Technique to Monitor External Polymeric Pipeline Coatings - 01 January 2009

STP48752S: Corrosion of Phosphoric Irons in Acidic Environments - 01 January 2009

STP48753S: Crevice Corrosion of Grade-12 Titanium - 01 January 2009

STP48740S: Electrochemical Techniques in Corrosion: Status, Limitations, and Needs - 01 January 2009

STP48741S: Development of Electrochemical Standards for Corrosion Testing - 01 January 2009

STP48763S: Influence of Residual Stresses on Fretting Fatigue Life Prediction in Ti-6Al-4V - 01 January 2009

STP48765S: Influence of the Peening Intensity on the Fatigue Behavior of Shot Peened Titanium Components - 01 January 2009

STP48766S: Fretting Fatigue Behavior of Shot-Peened Ti-6Al-4V and IN100 - 01 January 2009

STP48767S: Prediction of the Fatigue Limit of Prestrained Carbon Steel under Tensile Mean Stress - 01 January 2009

STP48768S: Practical Challenges Testing Coupons with Residual Stresses from Cold Expanded Holes - 01 January 2009

STP48769S: The Influence of Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Strength of Cold-Formed Structural Tubes - 01 January 2009

STP48770S: The Influence of Residual Stress on the Design of Aircraft Primary Structure - 01 January 2009

STP48771S: Elastic-Plastic Finite-Element Analyses of Compression Precracking and Its Influence on Subsequent Fatigue-Crack Growth - 01 January 2009

STP48772S: Compression Precracking to Generate Near Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth Rates in an Aluminum and Titanium Alloy - 01 January 2009

STP48773S: Test Results from Round Robin on Precracking and CTOD Testing of Welds - 01 January 2009

STP48774S: Evaluation of Residual Stress Effects on Brittle Fracture Strength Based on Weibull Stress Criterion - 01 January 2009

STP48759S: The Significance of a Crack Growth Law for a C(T) Fracture Specimen Undergoing Stable Crack Extension - 01 January 2009

STP48775S: Evaluation of Residual Stress Corrections to Fracture Toughness Values - 01 January 2009

STP48776S: Impact of Residual Stress and Elastic Follow-Up on Fracture - 01 January 2009

STP48777S: Focused Ion Beam as New Tool for Local Investigations of the Interaction of Microcracks with Grain Boundaries - 01 January 2009

STP48758S: Analysis of Material Inhomogeneity in the European Round Robin Fracture Toughness Data Set - 01 January 2009

STP48778S: An Examination of Fatigue Initiation Mechanisms in Thin 35Co-35Ni-20Cr-10Mo Medical Grade Wires - 01 January 2009

STP48780S: Multi-Scale Approach to the Fatigue Crack Propagation in High-Strength Pearlitic Steel Wires - 01 January 2009

STP48783S: Experimental Study of the Fracture Toughness Transferability to Pressurized Thermal Shock Representative Loading Conditions - 01 January 2009

STP48784S: Introducing Heterogeneity into Brittle Fracture Modeling of a 22NiMoCr37 Ferritic Steel Ring Forging - 01 January 2009

STP48785S: Stress-Triaxiality in Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Materials - 01 January 2009

STP48760S: Assessing the Loading Rate for a Fracture Toughness Test in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Region - 01 January 2009

STP48786S: Effect of Prestrain on Fatigue Crack Growth of Age-Hardened Al 6061-T6 - 01 January 2009

STP48787S: Analysis of Crack Growth at R=−1 under Variable Amplitude Loading on a Steel for Railway Axles - 01 January 2009

STP48788S: Laser Generated Crack-Like Features Developed for Assessment of Fatigue Threshold Behavior - 01 January 2009

STP48789S: Biaxial Loading Effect on Higher-Order Crack Tip Parameters - 01 January 2009

STP48790S: Comparison of the Temperature and Pre-Aging Influences on the Low Cycle Fatigue and Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Behavior of Copper Alloys (CuCoBe∕CuCo2Be) - 01 January 2009

STP48791S: Carrying Capacity Prediction of Steam Turbine Rotors with Operation Damage - 01 January 2009

STP48761S: Experimental Estimation of J-R Curves from Load-CMOD Record for SE(B) Specimens - 01 January 2009

STP48792S: Fatigue Crack Growth in Open and Nut-Loaded Bolts with and without Pretension Loading - 01 January 2009

STP48793S: In-situ Fatigue Damage Investigations in Welded Metallic Components by Infrared Techniques - 01 January 2009

STP48794S: Fatigue Crack Growth in Integrally Stiffened Panels Joined Using Friction Stir Welding and Swept Friction Stir Spot Welding - 01 January 2009

STP48795S: Mechanical Evaluation of Mixed As-Cast and Friction Stir Processed Zones in Nickel Aluminum Bronze - 01 January 2009

STP48796S: Fatigue Behavior of Adhesively Bonded Aluminium Double Strap Joints - 01 January 2009

STP48797S: A Simplified Modeling Approach for Predicting Global Distortion in Large Metallic Parts Caused by the Installation of Interference Fit Bushings - 01 January 2009

STP48798S: A Concept for the Fatigue Life Prediction of Components from an Aluminum-Steel Compound - 01 January 2009

STP48799S: Impact Fatigue Failure Investigation of HVOF Coatings - 01 January 2009

STP48762S: On the Quantification of the Constraint Effect Along a Three-Dimensional Crack Front - 01 January 2009

STP48821S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion behavior of Cobalt and Nickel Alloys in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 2009

STP48820S: Keynote—Materials Selection for Oxidizer Service—Successes and Challenges - 01 January 2009

STP48834S: Liquid Oxygen Rotating Friction Ignition Testing of Aluminum and Titanium with Monel® and Inconel® for Rocket Engine Propulsion System Contamination Investigatio - 01 January 2009

STP48822S: Defining the Flammability of Cylindrical Metal Rods through Characterization of the Thermal Effects of the Ignition Promoter - 01 January 2009

STP48838S: Good Practices for Avoiding Fires in Steel Mill Oxygen Systems - 01 January 2009

STP48840S: Sealed Aluminum Cavity Reactions When Submerged in Pure O2 Reboiler Sump - 01 January 2009

STP48823S: A Proposed Qualitative Framework for Heterogeneous Burning of Metallic Materials: The “Melting Rate Triangle” - 01 January 2009

STP48846S: The Rate-Limiting Mechanism for the Heterogeneous Burning of Cylindrical Iron Rods - 01 January 2009

STP48824S: Ignition of Contaminated Aluminum by Impact in Liquid Oxygen—Influence of Oxygen Purity - 01 January 2009

STP48827S: Promoted Ignition Testing of Metallic Filters in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 2009

STP1492-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 23rd International Symposium - 01 January 2008

STP46568S: Strain Hardening During Mechanical Twinning and Dislocation Channeling in Irradiated 316 Stainless Steels - 01 January 2008

STP46569S: Notch Strengthening and Its Impact on the Deformation and Fracture of 316L Stainless Steel - 01 January 2008

STP46570S: Irradiation Hardening and Microstructure Evolution of Ion-irradiated ODS Ferritic Steels - 01 January 2008

STP46571S: Modelling of Radiation Damage in Fe-Cr Alloys - 01 January 2008

STP46572S: Kinetics of the Migration and Clustering of Extrinsic Gas in bcc Metals - 01 January 2008

STP46573S: Modeling the Interaction of Helium with Dislocations and Grain Boundaries in Alpha-Iron - 01 January 2008

STP46562S: Monitoring of Radiation Embrittlement of the First and Second Generation of VVER RPV Steels - 01 January 2008

STP46563S: Analysis of the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature Shift in a Commercial Power Plant With High Nickel Containing Weld Material - 01 January 2008

STP46564S: Radiation Embrittlement of Cr-Ni-Mo and Cr-Mo RPV Steels - 01 January 2008

STP46565S: Attenuation of Neutron Radiation Damage Through a Simulated RPV Wall - 01 January 2008

STP46566S: Phosphorus Segregation and Intergranular Embrittlement in Thermally Aged and Neutron Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2008

STP46567S: Information Fusion Embrittlement Models for U.S. Power Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2008

STP45588S: Additive and Base Oil Effects in Automatic Particle Counters - 01 January 2008

STP45589S: Design of Functionalized PAMA Viscosity Modifiers to Reduce Friction and Wear in Lubricating Oils - 01 January 2008

STP45580S: A Review of Engine Oil Oxidation Bench Tests and Their Application in the Screening of New Antioxidant Systems for Low Phosphorus Engine Oils - 01 January 2008

STP45582S: Synergistic Tribological Performances of Borate Additive in Lubricants - 01 January 2008

STP45585S: Mechanochemical Additive-Assisted Reconditioning Effects and Mechanism on Worn Ferrous Surfaces - 01 January 2008

STP45586S: Study of the ZDDP Antiwear Tribofilm Formed on the DLC Coating Using AFM and XPS Techniques - 01 January 2008

STP1465-EB: Bearing Steel Technology-Advances and State of the Art in Bearing Steel Quality Assurance: 7th Volume - 01 January 2007

STP1480-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 35th Volume - 01 January 2007

STP1481-EB: Fatigue and Fracture of Medical Metallic Materials and Devices - 01 January 2007

STP1487-EB: Structural Integrity of Fasteners Including the Effects of Environment and Stress Corrosion Cracking: 3rd Volume - 01 January 2007

STP1497-EB: Residual Stress Effects on Fatigue and Fracture Testing and Incorporation of Results into Design - 01 January 2007

STP41643S: Cleanliness of Bearing Steels and Fatigue Life of Rolling Contacts - 01 January 2007

STP41644S: The Challenge of Multiple Particles in Extreme Value Inclusion Rating - 01 January 2007

STP41645S: Influence of Steel Making and Further Processing on the Distortion of Bearing Steel Components - 01 January 2007

STP41646S: New Development in Through Hardened Bearing Steel Grades for Use in Contaminated Lubrication - 01 January 2007

STP41647S: Characteristics of Vanadium Alloyed Carbonitrided Steel for Rolling Bearing Applications - 01 January 2007

STP41648S: A Novel Method to Evaluate the Influence of Hydrogen on Fatigue Properties of High Strength Steels - 01 January 2007

STP41649S: Performance Evaluation of “Duplex Hardened” Bearings for Advanced Turbine Engine Applications - 01 January 2007

STP41650S: Plasma Assisted Heat Treating Processes of Bearing Components - 01 January 2007

STP41651S: Comparison of Fatigue Performances of 32CrMoV13 and M50 Steels in Presence of Surface Indents - 01 January 2007

STP41652S: Continued Developments in Easily Carburizable High Speed Steel Alloys - 01 January 2007

STP41635S: Study of Vacuum Carbon-Deoxidization of High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel - 01 January 2007

STP41653S: The Development of an Austenitic Stainless Steel Bearing with High Corrosion Resistance and High Nonmagnetic Property - 01 January 2007

STP41655S: X-ray Microdiffraction for the Analysis of Bearing Operation Conditions - 01 January 2007

STP41656S: Study on Flaking Process in Bearings by White Etching Area Generation - 01 January 2007

STP41657S: Are Multiaxial Fatigue Criteria Appropriate When Steels With Surface Defects are Subjected to Rolling Contact Fatigue - 01 January 2007

STP41658S: Micro-Plastic Material Model and Residual Fields in Rolling Contacts - 01 January 2007

STP41636S: Experiences in Using Ultrasonic Testing of Bearing Steel for Demanding Applications - 01 January 2007

STP41637S: Evaluation Procedures of Nonmetallic Inclusions in Steel for Highly Reliable Bearings - 01 January 2007

STP41634S: A Review of Swedish Bearing Steel Manufacturing and Quality Assurance of Steel Products - 01 January 2007

STP41638S: A Statistical Method to Assess the Reliability of Cleanness Measurements for High Quality Bearing Steels - 01 January 2007

STP41639S: Rapid Evaluation of Inclusions in Bearing Steel - 01 January 2007

STP41640S: Radioactivity Inspections Applied to the Steelmaking Industry - 01 January 2007

STP41641S: Developing ASTM E 2283: Standard Practice for Extreme Value Analysis of Nonmetallic Inclusions in Steel and Other Microstructural Features - 01 January 2007

STP41642S: Statistical Analysis of Nonmetallic Inclusions for the Estimation of Rolling Contact Fatigue Range and Quality Control of Bearing Steel - 01 January 2007

STP45507S: Prediction of Scatter in Creep Crack Growth Data from Creep Failure Strain Properties - 01 January 2007

STP45508S: Analysis of Creep Crack Initiation and Growth in Different Geometries for 316H and Carbon Manganese Steels - 01 January 2007

STP45509S: Fatigue Strength in Presence of Inhomogeneities: Influence of Constraint - 01 January 2007

STP45510S: Detection of Crack Initiation by Observations of Free Surface Condition - 01 January 2007

STP45511S: Volumetric and Surface Positron Annihilation Studies of Fatigue Damage Accumulation in a Steel Alloy - 01 January 2007

STP45512S: Elasto-Viscoplastic Behavior of the Ferritic Stainless Steel AISI 441-EN 1.4509 from Room Temperature to 850°C - 01 January 2007

STP45513S: Life Prediction of Fretting Fatigue of Ti-6Al-4V - 01 January 2007

STP45514S: Verification of Analytical Models in a Fracture Mechanics Based Approach to Modeling Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 2007

STP45515S: The Effect of Large Strain Cycling on the Fatigue Strength of Welded Joint - 01 January 2007

STP45516S: A Robust Structural Stress Parameter for Evaluation of Multiaxial Fatigue of Weldments - 01 January 2007

STP45517S: Observations on Photo-Emission and the Process Zone of a Fatigue Crack - 01 January 2007

STP45501S: European Code of Practice for Creep Crack Initiation and Growth Testing of Industrially Relevant Specimens - 01 January 2007

STP45518S: Development of a Circumferentially Throughwall Cracked Tube Specimen for Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Tests - 01 January 2007

STP45519S: Effect of Microstructure on Pit-to-Crack Transition of 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2007

STP45520S: The Role of Applied Potential on Environment-Assisted Cracking of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2007

STP45521S: Elastic T-Stress Solutions of Embedded Elliptical Cracks Subjected to Uniaxial and Biaxial Loadings - 01 January 2007

STP45522S: Asymptotic Stress Fields for Thermomechanically Loaded Cracks in FGMs - 01 January 2007

STP45541S: Experimental Evaluation of the J or C* Parameter for a Range of Cracked Geometries - 01 January 2007

STP45523S: An Experimental and Numerical Study of the Fracture Strength of Welded Structural Hollow Section X-Joints - 01 January 2007

STP45524S: Constraint Corrected J-R- Curve and its Application to Fracture Assessment for X80 Pipelines - 01 January 2007

STP45525S: Use of Miniaturized Compact Tension Specimens for Fracture Toughness Measurements in the Upper Shelf Regime - 01 January 2007

STP45500S: Trends in High Temperature Structural Integrity Assessment - 01 January 2007

STP45528S: Temperature Dependence and Variability of Fracture Toughness in the Transition Regime for A508 Grade 4N Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 2007

STP45502S: Creep Crack Growth Predictions in Component Using a Damage Based Approach - 01 January 2007

STP45529S: Application of the Reference Temperature to the Evaluation of Cleavage Fracture in HSLA-100 Steel - 01 January 2007

STP45530S: Prediction of the Shape of the KJ Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature Curve for Ferritic Pressure Vessel Steels Using the Material's Resistance to Crack Extension KJ versus Δa Curve - 01 January 2007

STP45531S: Finite Element Simulation of Dynamic Crack Propagation for Complex Geometries without Remeshing - 01 January 2007

STP45532S: Analysis of Dynamic Fracture and Crack Arrest of an HSLA Steel in an SE(T) Specimen - 01 January 2007

STP45533S: Application of the Normalization Method to Dynamic Fracture Toughness Testing of Alloy 718 - 01 January 2007

STP45503S: Modelling the Redistribution of Residual Stresses at Elevated Temperature in Components - 01 January 2007

STP45504S: Probabilistic Analysis of the Creep Crack Growth Rate of Type 316LN Stainless Steel by the Monte Carlo Simulation - 01 January 2007

STP45505S: Mechanistic Studies of High-Temperature Crack Initiation in Single Crystal Materials - 01 January 2007

STP45506S: Creep Crack Growth Analysis of Welded Joints for High Cr Heat Resisting Steel - 01 January 2007

STP45244S: FDA Recommendations for Nitinol Stent and Endovascular Graft Fatigue Characterization and Fracture Reporting - 01 January 2007

STP45235S: Effects of Phase Transformations on Fatigue Endurance of a Superelastic NiTi Alloy - 01 January 2007

STP45236S: Thermoelastic Transformation Behavior of Nitinol - 01 January 2007

STP45237S: Functional Properties of Nanostructured Ti-50.0 at % Ni Alloys - 01 January 2007

STP45234S: Martensite Transformations and Fatigue Behavior of Nitinol - 01 January 2007

STP45238S: Application of Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB) to Improve the Fatigue Performance of Ti-6Al-4V Femoral Hip Stems - 01 January 2007

STP45239S: Comparison of the Corrosion Fatigue Characteristics of 23Mn-21Cr-1Mo Low Nickel, 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn, and 18Cr-14Ni-2.5Mo Stainless Steels - 01 January 2007

STP45240S: Verification of Strain Level Calculations in Nitinol Fatigue Resistance Predictions - 01 January 2007

STP45241S: Prediction of Failure in Existing Heart Valve Designs - 01 January 2007

STP45242S: Characterizing Fatigue Response of Nickel-Titanium Alloys by Rotary Beam Testing - 01 January 2007

STP45243S: Experimental Studies of NiTi Self-Expanding Stent Designs - 01 January 2007

STP45263S: Fatigue Crack Growth Analyses of Aerospace Threaded Fasteners—Part I: State-of-Practice Bolt Crack Growth Analyses Methods - 01 January 2007

STP45264S: Fatigue Crack Growth Analyses of Aerospace Threaded Fasteners—Part II: Material/Stress State and Bolt Strength - 01 January 2007

STP45255S: Fatigue Crack Growth Analyses of Aerospace Threaded Fasteners—Part III: Experimental Crack Growth Behavior - 01 January 2007

STP45256S: Influence of Cold Rolling Threads Before or After Heat Treatment on the Fatigue Resistance of High Strength Coarse Thread Bolts for Multiple Preload Conditions - 01 January 2007

STP45257S: Effect of Tightening Speed on Thread and Under-Head Coefficient of Friction - 01 January 2007

STP45258S: Optimum Thread Rolling Process that Improves SCC Resistance - 01 January 2007

STP45259S: Probing the Elastic-Plastic, Time-Dependent Stress Response of Test Fasteners Using Finite Element Analysis - 01 January 2007

STP45260S: Fatigue Crack Growth Analyses of Aerospace Threaded Fasteners—Part IV: Numeric Analyses and Synthesis of All Results - 01 January 2007

STP45261S: Influence of Cold Rolling Threads before or after Heat Treatment on the Fatigue Resistance of High Strength Fine Thread Bolts for Multiple Preload Conditions - 01 January 2007

STP45439S: Survey of the Latest Evaluated Nuclear Data - 01 January 2007

STP45442S: Mesh Tally Radiation Damage Calculations and Application to the SNS Target System - 01 January 2007

STP45446S: Spallation Radiation Damage Calculations and Database: Cross-Section Discrepancies between the Codes - 01 January 2007

STP45452S: Analysis of the VENUS-3 PWR Pressure Vessel Surveillance Benchmark Using TRIPOLI-4.3 Monte Carlo Code - 01 January 2007

STP45456S: Extensive Revision of the Kernel-Based PREVIEW Program and Its Input Data - 01 January 2007

STP45460S: Benchmarking of PENTRAN-SSN Parallel Transport Code and FAST Preconditioning Algorithm Using the VENUS-2 MOX-Fueled Benchmark Problem - 01 January 2007

STP45428S: Benchmark on the 3-D VENUS-2 MOX-Fueled Reactor Dosimetry Calculations by DANTSYS Code System - 01 January 2007

STP45331S: Residual Stress Measurements in Welded and Plastically Deformed Target Structural Materials - 01 January 2007

STP45332S: Novel Applications of the Deep-Hole Drilling Technique for Measuring Through-Thickness Residual Stress Distributions - 01 January 2007

STP45323S: Modeling the Formation and Growth of Cracks from Cold-Worked Holes - 01 January 2007

STP45322S: Predicting Fatigue Crack Growth in the Residual Stress Field of a Cold Worked Hole - 01 January 2007

STP45324S: Effect of Shot Peening on Fatigue Crack Growth in 7075-T7351 - 01 January 2007

STP45325S: Thermal Residual Stress Relaxation in Powder Metal IN100 Superalloy - 01 January 2007

STP45326S: Stress Intensity Factor Analysis and Fatigue Behavior of a Crack in the Residual Stress Field of Welding - 01 January 2007

STP45327S: A Design Methodology to Take Credit for Residual Stresses in Fatigue Limited Designs - 01 January 2007

STP45329S: Influence of Cold Rolling Threads Before or After Heat Treatment on High Strength Bolts for Different Fatigue Preload Conditions - 01 January 2007

STP1476-EB: Pendulum Impact Machines: Procedures and Specimens - 01 August 2006

STP37598S: The Development of Procedures for Charpy Impact Testing - 01 August 2006

STP37599S: Effects of Removing and Replacing an 8-MM Charpy Striker on Absorbed Energy - 01 August 2006

STP37600S: International Comparison of Impact Reference Materials (2004) - 01 August 2006

STP37597S: The History of Instrumented Impact Testing - 01 August 2006

STP37601S: Certification of Charpy V-Notch Reference Test Pieces at IRMM - 01 August 2006

STP37602S: Uncertainty Analyses on Reference Values of Charpy Impact Test Specimens - 01 August 2006

STP37603S: Analysis of Charpy Impact Verification Data: 1993–2003 - 01 August 2006

STP37604S: Reference Impact Specimens Made from Low Carbon Steel: Report on Production and Use - 01 August 2006

STP37605S: Impact Characterization of Sub-Size Charpy V-Notch Specimens Prepared from Full-Size Certified Reference Charpy V-Notch Test Pieces - 01 August 2006

STP37606S: Different Approaches for the Verification of Force Values Measured with Instrumented Charpy Strikers - 01 August 2006

STP1471-EB: Titanium, Niobium, Zirconium, and Tantalum for Medical and Surgical Applications - 01 January 2006

STP1473-EB: Beryllium: Sampling and Analysis - 01 January 2006

STP1475-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 22nd Symposium - 01 January 2006

STP1479-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Eleventh Volume - 01 January 2006

STP37550S: Mechanical Properties of Cast Ti-Fe-0-N Alloys - 01 January 2006

STP37551S: Effect of Surface Reaction Layer on Three-Point Flexure Bond Strength of Resin Composite to Cast Ti and Ti-6AI-7Nb - 01 January 2006

STP37552S: Corrosion Resistance, Mechanical Properties, Fatigue Properties, and Tissue Response of Ti-15Zr-4Nb-4Ta Alloy - 01 January 2006

STP37553S: Super Elastic Functional β Titanium Alloy with Low Young's Modulus for Biomedical Applications - 01 January 2006

STP37554S: Comparative Evaluations of Surface Characteristics of cp Titanium, Ti-6AI-4V and Ti-15Mo-2.8Nb-0.2Si (Timetal® 21SRx) - 01 January 2006

STP37555S: Comparison of Stress Corrosion Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue (Anodized and Non-Anodized Grade 4 CP Ti) - 01 January 2006

STP37544S: Creation of Oxidized Zirconium Ortliopaedic Implants - 01 January 2006

STP37556S: Comparison of the Corrosion Fatigue Characteristics of CP Ti-Grade 4, Ti-6AI-4V ELI, Ti-6AI-7Nb, and Ti-15Mo - 01 January 2006

STP37557S: Comparison of Stress Corrosion Cracking Characteristics of CP Ti, Ti-6AI-7Nb, Ti-6AI-4V, and Ti-15IVIo - 01 January 2006

STP37558S: Corrosion of Modular Titanium Alloy Stems in Cementless Hip Replacement - 01 January 2006

STP37559S: Influence of Exposure Conditions on Bacterial Adhesion to Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2006

STP37560S: A Methodology to Fabricate Titanium and Stainless Steel Wear Debris for Experimental Use: A Comparison of Size, Shape, and Chemistry - 01 January 2006

STP37561S: Zirconium and Niobium Affect Human Osteoblasts, Fibroblasts, and Lymphocytes in a Similar Manner to More Traditional Implant Alloy Metals - 01 January 2006

STP37545S: Metallurgical Attachment of a Porous Tantalum Foam to a Titanium Substrate for Orthopedic Applications - 01 January 2006

STP37543S: Mechanical and Physical Properties of Titanium-12Molybdenum-6Zirconium-2Iron Beta Titanium Alloy - 01 January 2006

STP37546S: Influence of Oxygen Content on the Mechanical Properties of Titanium-35Niobium-7Zirconium-5Tantalum Beta Titanium Alloy - 01 January 2006

STP37547S: Effect of Aging Treatments on the Tensile Properties of Ti-35Nb-7Zr-5Ta-(0.06-0.7)O Alloys - 01 January 2006

STP37548S: Beta Titanium Alloy Processed for High Strength Orthopedic Applications - 01 January 2006

STP37549S: The Application of Ti-15Mo Beta Titanium Alloy in High Strength Structural Orthopaedic Applications - 01 January 2006

STP37572S: Development of Fuel Clad Materials for High Burn-up Operation of LWR - 01 January 2006

STP37573S: Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Irradiated Martensitic Steels: Relation Between Microstructural Evolution and Hardening - 01 January 2006

STP37574S: Radiation Resistance of Advanced Ferritic-Martensitic Steel HCM12A - 01 January 2006

STP37575S: Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Radiation Effects in Model Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2006

STP37565S: Radiation-Induced Stress Relaxation of Welded Type 304 Stainless Steel Evaluated by Neutron Diffraction - 01 January 2006

STP37576S: Effects of Neutron Irradiation on Precipitation in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2006

STP37577S: Radiation- and Thermally-Induced Phosphorus Inter-Granular Segregation in Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2006

STP37578S: Fracture Toughness, Thermo-Electric Power, and Atom Probe Investigations of JRQ Steel in I, IA, IAR, and IARA Conditions - 01 January 2006

STP37579S: Assessment of Neutron Irradiation-Induced Grain Boundary Embrittlement by Phosphorous Segregation in a Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 2006

STP37580S: Effects of Neutron Dose, Dose Rate, and Irradiation Temperature on the Irradiation Embrittlement of a Low-Copper Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 2006

STP37581S: Mechanical Property Changes in Reactor Vessel Materials Thermally Aged for 209000 H at 282 °C - 01 January 2006

STP37582S: Recent Surveillance Data and a Revised Embrittlement Correlation - 01 January 2006

STP37584S: Dynamic Finite Element Modeling of Fracture in Charpy V-Notch Specimens of Weld Material 72W - 01 January 2006

STP37585S: Effects of Proton Irradiation on Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel and Its Model Alloys - 01 January 2006

STP37586S: Correlated Formation and Stability of SIA Loops and Stacking Fault Tetrahedra in High Energy Displacement Cascades in Copper - 01 January 2006

STP37587S: Atomic-Scale Simulation of Defect Cluster Formation in High-Energy Displacement Cascades in Zirconium - 01 January 2006

STP37588S: Flow Localization Processes in Austenitic Alloys - 01 January 2006

STP37589S: Deformation Mechanism Maps of Unirradiated and Irradiated V-4Cr-4Ti - 01 January 2006

STP37566S: Low Strain-Rate Microstructural Deformation Behavior in 316 Stainless Steel Irradiated in EBR-II - 01 January 2006

STP37591S: Microstructure Evolution in ZrC Irradiated with Kr ions - 01 January 2006

STP37593S: Creep-Fatigue Behavior in High Strength Copper Alloys - 01 January 2006

STP37564S: Behavior of Irradiated Type 316 Stainless Steels under Low- Strain-Rate Tensile Conditions - 01 January 2006

STP37567S: Neutron Flux Effect on the Irradiation Hardening of Type 304 Stainless Steel - 01 January 2006

STP37568S: Modeling the Effects of Oversize Solute Additions on Radiation-Induced Segregation in Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 2006

STP37569S: Post-Irradiation Tensile Behavior and Residual Activity of Several Ferritic/Martensitic and Austenitic Steels Irradiated in Osiris Reactor at 325°C up to 9 dpa - 01 January 2006

STP37570S: The Role of Grain Boundary Engineering on the High Temperature Creep of Ferritic-Martensitic Alloy T91 - 01 January 2006

STP37571S: Extrapolation of Fracture Toughness Data for HT9 Irradiated at 360–390°C - 01 January 2006

STP37644S: Combustion Tests Under High Pressure Oxygen: Promoted Ignition Combustion Test Versus Metallic Disk Ignition Test - 01 January 2006

STP37646S: Mechanical Impact of Aluminum Alloy Gas Cylinder Pressurized with Oxygen - 01 January 2006

STP37649S: Oxygen Fires in Aluminum Alloy Cylinders - 01 January 2006

STP37654S: Analysis Tools Used to Evaluate Oxygen Hazards and the Oxygen Compatibility of Metals - 01 January 2006

STP37658S: An Investigation of Regression Rate of the Melting Interface for Iron Burning in Normal Gravity and Reduced Gravity - 01 January 2006

STP37634S: A Metallurgist's Views on the Selection of Engineering Alloys for Applications Involving Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Keynote Address - 01 January 2006

STP37639S: Promoted Metals Combustion at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures - 01 January 2006

STP37640S: Ignition of Metals at High Temperatures in Oxygen - 01 January 2006

STP37641S: Promoted Combustion Testing of Pure and Ceramic-Coated Metals in High Pressure Oxygen by the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) - 01 January 2006

STP37642S: Surface Ignition of Aluminum in Oxygen - 01 January 2006

STP37643S: Effect of Sample Geometry on Regression Rate of the Melting Interface for Carbon Steel Burned in Oxygen - 01 January 2006

STP37734S: Chapter 16: Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel - 01 January 2006

STP37735S: Chapter 17: Embedded Metals and Materials Other Than Reinforcing Steel - 01 January 2006

STP11301S: Spectrum Editing for a Full-Scale Fatigue Test of a Fighter Aircraft Wing with Buffet Loading - 01 January 2005

STP1439-EB: Fatigue Testing and Analysis Under Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions - 01 January 2005

STP11304S: Effect of Transient Loads on Fatigue Crack Growth in Solution Treated and Aged Ti-62222 at -54, 25, and 175°C - 01 January 2005

STP11306S: Crack Initiation at a Notch under Constant and Selected Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions - 01 January 2005

STP11307S: Fatigue Resistance Evaluation and Crack Kinetics Study for Aero Engine Fan Blades under Random Vibration - 01 January 2005

STP11308S: High Cycle Variable Amplitude Fatigue of a Nodular Cast Iron - 01 January 2005

STP11309S: Prediction of Crack Growth Under Variable-Amplitude and Spectrum Loading in a Titanium Alloy - 01 January 2005

STP11295S: Role of Variable Amplitude Fatigue Standards in Improving Structural Integrity - 01 January 2005

STP11310S: A Model for the Inclusion of Notch Plasticity Effects in Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis - 01 January 2005

STP11311S: Comparisons of Analytical Crack Closure Models and Experimental Results Under Flight Spectrum Loading - 01 January 2005

STP11312S: Multi-Mechanism Synergy in Variable-Amplitude Fatigue - 01 January 2005

STP11313S: Crack Growth and Closure Behavior of Short and Long Fatigue Cracks under Random Loading - 01 January 2005

STP11314S: Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors for Cracks in Structural and Mechanical Components Subjected to Complex Stress Fields - 01 January 2005

STP11315S: Fatigue Life Modelling and Accelerated Tests for Components under Variable Amplitude Loads - 01 January 2005

STP11316S: On the Causes of Deviation from the Palmgren-Miner Rule - 01 January 2005

STP11296S: A Framework for a Standardization Effort for Fatigue Crack Growth Testing Under Variable Amplitude Spectrum Loading - 01 January 2005

STP11317S: Fatigue Design and Experimentations with Variable Amplitude Loadings in the Automotive Industry - 01 January 2005

STP11318S: High Cycle Fatigue Testing and Analysis Using Car Standard Sequence - 01 January 2005

STP11294S: Principles of Variable Amplitude Fatigue Design and Testing - 01 January 2005

STP11321S: Life Prediction by Observation and Simulation of Short Crack Behavior in a Low Carbon Steel - 01 January 2005

STP11322S: Effect of Overloads and Underloads on Fatigue Crack Growth and Interaction Effects - 01 January 2005

STP11323S: Overload Effects in Aluminum Alloys: Influence of Plasticity and Environment - 01 January 2005

STP11324S: Periodic Overloads in the Near Threshold Regime - 01 January 2005

STP11325S: Fatigue Reliability Analysis of an Overload Effect in Welded Joints Including Crack Initiation and Plastic Zone as Random Variables - 01 January 2005

STP11326S: Load History in Fatigue: Effect of Strain Amplitude and Loading Path - 01 January 2005

STP11328S: Probabilistic and Semi-Probabilistic Format in Fatigue Ship Classification Rules - 01 January 2005

STP11297S: Variable Amplitude Fatigue Crack Growth Using Digital Signal Processing Technology - 01 January 2005

STP11329S: Comparison of the Rain Flow Algorithm and the Spectral Method for Fatigue Life Determination Under Uniaxial and Multiaxial Random Loading - 01 January 2005

STP11330S: Validation of Complex Wheel/Hub Subassemblies by Multiaxial Laboratory Tests Using Standardized Load Files - 01 January 2005

STP11331S: Fatigue Life of a SG Cast Iron under Real Loading Spectra: Effect of the Correlation Factor Between Bending and Torsion - 01 January 2005

STP11298S: Variable Amplitude Loading on a Resonance Test Facility - 01 January 2005

STP11299S: Development of a DCPD Calibration for Evaluation of Crack Growth in Corner-Notched, Open-Hole Specimens - 01 January 2005

STP11300S: The F/A-18E/F Full-Scale Static and Fatigue Test Programs — An Overview - 01 January 2005

STP11489S: The Effect of Negative Stress Ratio Load History on High Cycle Fatigue Threshold - 01 January 2005

STP1461-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, 34th Volume - 01 January 2005

STP11490S: Fatigue Crack Growth Rate and Stress-Intensity Factor Corrections for Out-of-Plane Crack Growth - 01 January 2005

STP11491S: Assessment for Decrease in Threshold Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) Range Due to High Maximum SIF - 01 January 2005

STP11492S: Environmentally Influenced Fatigue in High Strength Steels - 01 January 2005

STP11493S: Selection of Material for Welded Steel Structures Based on Fracture Mechanics - 01 January 2005

STP11494S: Assessment of Plane Stress Tearing in Terms of Various Crack Driving Parameters - 01 January 2005

STP11495S: Evaluation of Fatigue Crack Thresholds Using Various Experimental Methods - 01 January 2005

STP11496S: Microstructural Influences on the Development and Growth of Small Fatigue Cracks in the Near Threshold Regime - 01 January 2005

STP11484S: Fractographic Reassessment of the Significance of Fatigue Crack Closure - 01 January 2005

STP11497S: Size Effect of Microdamage Growth and Its Relation to Macro Fatigue Life - 01 January 2005

STP11498S: On the Constraint-Based Failure Assessment of Surface Cracked Plates under Biaxial Loading - 01 January 2005

STP11499S: An Experimental Study on Surface Crack Growth under Mode-I Load - 01 January 2005

STP11500S: Effect of Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Crack Propagation in Welded Joints - 01 January 2005

STP11501S: Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing of Ti-6Al-4V - 01 January 2005

STP11502S: Fatigue Endurance Diagram for Materials with Defects - 01 January 2005

STP11503S: Construction of J-R Curves Using the Common and Concise Formats - 01 January 2005

STP11504S: Temperature Dependent Fracture Toughness of a Single Crystal Nickel Superalloy - 01 January 2005

STP11507S: Evaluation of the Effect of Biaxial Loading on the To Reference Temperature Using a Cruciform Specimen Geometry - 01 January 2005

STP11483S: Modeling of Three-Dimensional Effects on Fatigue Crack Closure Processes in Small-Scale Yielding - 01 January 2005

STP11508S: The Effect of Load Reduction Scheme on Crack Closure in the Near-Threshold Regime - 01 January 2005

STP11509S: Interpretation of Material Hardness, Stress Ratio, and Crack Size Effects on the ΔKth of Small Cracks Based on Crack Closure Measurement - 01 January 2005

STP11510S: Critical Assessment of the Standard ASTM E 399 - 01 January 2005

STP11485S: Load History Effects Resulting from Compression Precracking - 01 January 2005

STP11511S: Sensitivity of Creep Crack Initiation and Growth in Plates to Material Properties Variations - 01 January 2005

STP11512S: Fretting Fatigue and Stress Relaxation Behaviors of Shot-Peened Ti-6Al-4V - 01 January 2005

STP11513S: Analysis of Roughness-Induced Crack-Tip Shielding in Terms of Size Ratio Effect - 01 January 2005

STP11514S: Characterization of Crack Length Measurement Methods for Flat Fracture with Tunneling - 01 January 2005

STP11515S: A New Method for Opening Load Determination from Compliance Measurements - 01 January 2005

STP11516S: Crack Initiation, Propagation, and Arrest in 316L Model Pipe Components under Thermal Fatigue - 01 January 2005

STP11517S: Effect of Periodic Overloads on Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth in Al-Alloys - 01 January 2005

STP11518S: Notch-Root Elastic-Plastic Strain-Stress in Particulate Metal Matrix Composites Subjected to General Loading Conditions - 01 January 2005

STP11519S: Influence of Crack-Surface Oxidation on Creep-Fatigue Crack behavior of 1Cr- and 10Cr-Steels - 01 January 2005

STP11486S: Use of ACR Method to Estimate Closure and Residual Stress Free Small Crack Growth Data - 01 January 2005

STP11487S: Influence of Temperature and Microstructure on the Fatigue Behaviour in the Threshold Regime for a Super Duplex Stainless Steel - 01 January 2005

STP11488S: Evaluation of the Effect of Crack Tip Constraint on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate in Inconel 718 - 01 January 2005

STP1467-EB: Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Fourteenth International Symposium - 01 January 2005

STP37504S: On Secondary β-Nb Phase Precipitation within Primary α-Zr Phase in Zr-Nb Alloys During Tensile Deformation - 01 January 2005

STP37505S: Microstructure and Phase Control in Zr-Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects - 01 January 2005

STP37506S: Modeling of the Simultaneous Evolution of Vacancy and Interstitial Dislocation Loops in hcp Metals Under Irradiation - 01 January 2005

STP37507S: Microstructural Stability of M5™ Alloy Irradiated up to High Neutron Fluences - 01 January 2005

STP37508S: Microstructure and Growth Mechanism of Oxide Layers Formed on Zr Alloys Studied with Micro-Beam Synchrotron Radiation - 01 January 2005

STP37509S: Simulation of Cold Pilgering Process by a Generalized Plane Strain FEM - 01 January 2005

STP37510S: Temperature and Strain Rate Effects on Zr-1%Nb Alloy Deformation - 01 January 2005

STP37501S: Review of Deformation Mechanisms, Texture, and Mechanical Anisotropy in Zirconium and Zirconium Base Alloys - 01 January 2005

STP37511S: Phase Composition, Structure, and Plastic Deformation Localization in Zr1%Nb alloys - 01 January 2005

STP37513S: Destruction of Crystallographic Texture in Zirconium Alloy Tubes - 01 January 2005

STP37514S: Improved ZIRLO™ Cladding Performance through Chemistry and Process Modifications - 01 January 2005

STP37515S: Role of Iron for Hydrogen Absorption Mechanism in Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2005

STP37516S: In-Situ Studies of the Oxide Film Properties on BWR Fuel Cladding Materials - 01 January 2005

STP37517S: The Correlation Between Microstructures and in-BWR Corrosion Behavior of Highly Irradiated Zr-based Alloys - 01 January 2005

STP37500S: ZIRLO™ — An Alloy Development Success - 01 January 2005

STP37518S: Effect of Alloying Elements and Impurities on in-BWR Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2005

STP37519S: In-Core Tests of Effects of BWR Water Chemistry Impurities on Zircaloy Corrosion - 01 January 2005

STP37520S: Shadow Corrosion Mechanism of Zircaloy - 01 January 2005

STP37521S: TEM Examinations of the Metal-Oxide Interface of Zirconium Based Alloys Irradiated in a Pressurized Water Reactor - 01 January 2005

STP37522S: Comparison of the High Burn-Up Corrosion on M5 and Low Tin Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 2005

STP37523S: The Effect of Duplex Cladding Outer Component Tin Content on Corrosion, Hydrogen Pick-up, and Hydride Distribution at Very High Burnup - 01 January 2005

STP37502S: Plastic Deformation of Irradiated Zirconium Alloys: TEM Investigations and Micro-Mechanical Modeling - 01 January 2005

STP37524S: Predicting Oxidation and Deuterium Ingress for Zr-2.5Nb CANDU Pressure Tubes - 01 January 2005

STP37525S: Inhibitors for Reducing Hydrogen Ingress During Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2005

STP37526S: Identification of Crystalline Behavior on Macroscopic Response and Local Strain Field Analysis: Application to Alpha Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2005

STP37527S: Ductility of Zircaloy-4 Fuel Cladding and Guide Tubes at High Fluences - 01 January 2005

STP37528S: Thermal Creep of Irradiated Zircaloy Cladding - 01 January 2005

STP37529S: Use of the Irradiation-Thermal Creep Model of Zr-1 % Nb Alloy Cladding Tubes to Describe Dimensional Changes of VVER Fuel Rods - 01 January 2005

STP37530S: Influence of Structure—Phase State of Nb Containing Zr Alloys on Irradiation-Induced Growth - 01 January 2005

STP37531S: Damage Dependence of Irradiation Deformation of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 2005

STP37532S: Delayed Hydrogen Cracking Velocity and J-Integral Measurements on Irradiated BWR Cladding - 01 January 2005

STP37533S: Overload Fracture of Flaw Tip Hydrides in Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 2005

STP37534S: Effect of Irradiation on the Fracture Properties of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes at the End of Design Life - 01 January 2005

STP37535S: Effect of Fabrication Variables on Irradiation Response of Crack Growth Resistance of Zr-2.5Nb - 01 January 2005

STP37536S: Fretting-Wear Behavior of Zircaloy-4, OPTIN™, and ZIRLO™ Fuel Rods and Grid Supports under Various Autoclave and Hydraulic Loop Endurance Test Conditions - 01 January 2005

STP37503S: Study of Nb and Fe Precipitation in α-Phase Temperature Range (400 to 550°C) in Zr-Nb-(Fe-Sn) Alloys - 01 January 2005

STP37537S: Failure of Hydrided Zircaloy-4 Under Equal-Biaxial and Plane-Strain Tensile Deformation - 01 January 2005

STP37538S: Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-4 PWR Fuel Cladding with Burnup 54-64MWd/kgU and Implications for RIA Behavior - 01 January 2005

STP37539S: The Effect of Liner Component Iron Content on Cladding Corrosion, Hydriding, and PCI Resistance - 01 January 2005

STP37540S: Influence of Long Service Exposures on the Thermal-Mechanical Behavior of Zy-4 and M5™ Alloys in LOCA Conditions - 01 January 2005

STP10663S: On the Identification of Critical Damage Mechanisms Parameters to Predict the Behavior of Charpy Specimens on the Upper Shelf - 01 January 2004

STP1429-EB: Predictive Material Modeling: Combining Fundamental Physics Understanding, Computational Methods and Empirically Observed Behavior - 01 January 2004

STP10665S: Computational Estimation of Multiaxial Yield Surface Using Microyield Percolation Analysis - 01 January 2004

STP10666S: Image-Based Characterization and Finite Element Analysis of Porous SMA Behavior - 01 January 2004

STP10659S: Transferability Properties of Local Approach Modeling in the Ductile to Brittle Transition Region - 01 January 2004

STP10658S: Transition Toughness Modeling of Steels Since RKR - 01 January 2004

STP10660S: Constraint Correction of Fracture Toughness CTOD for Fracture Performance Evaluation of Structural Components - 01 January 2004

STP10661S: A Physics-Based Predictive Model for Fracture Toughness Behavior - 01 January 2004

STP10662S: Sensitivity in Creep Crack Growth Predictions of Components due to Variability in Deriving the Fracture Mechanics Parameter C* - 01 January 2004

STP11222S: Martensitic Transformations in Neutron Irradiated and Helium Implanted Stainless Steels - 01 January 2004

STP1447-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 21st International Symposium - 01 January 2004

STP11223S: Fracture Toughness and Atom Probe Characterization of a Highly Embrittled RPV Weld - 01 January 2004

STP11224S: On the Mechanism of Irradiation Embrittlement Enhancement in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels at High Neutron Fluences - 01 January 2004

STP11225S: Irradiation and Post-Annealing Reirradiation Effects on Fracture Toughness of RPV Steel Heat JRQ - 01 January 2004

STP11215S: Study on Ductile Fracture Strain and Fracture Toughness of Irradiated Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 2004

STP11226S: Dependence of Re-embrittlement Rate After Annealing on the Copper, Nickel and Phosphorus Contents in Model Alloys - 01 January 2004

STP11227S: Evaluation of Irradiation Embrittlement of A508 Gr 4N and Comparison to Other Low-Alloy Steels - 01 January 2004

STP11228S: Microstructural Aspects of Irradiation Damage in A508 Gr 4N Forging Steel: Composition and Flux Effects - 01 January 2004

STP11229S: Effect of Stress Relief Time on the Transition Temperature of Linde 80 Welds - 01 January 2004

STP11230S: Critical Review of Through-Wall Attenuation of Mechanical Properties in RPV Steels - 01 January 2004

STP11231S: A Mechanistically-Guided Charpy Embrittlement Correlation for Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrity Assessment - 01 January 2004

STP11232S: Development of RPV Embrittlement Evaluation Technology for Charpy Upper Shelf Region - 01 January 2004

STP11233S: Master Curve of Irradiated JRQ Material - 01 January 2004

STP11234S: Development of International Guidelines for Application of the Master Curve Approach to Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrity - 01 January 2004

STP11235S: The Technical Foundations of a Unified Adjusted Reference Temperature for RPV Fracture Toughness - 01 January 2004

STP11236S: A Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Neutron Irradiation Dose and Dose Spectrum on Changes of Charpy Impact Energy for C-Mn Steels - 01 January 2004

STP11237S: The Effect of Neutron Flux on Radiation-Induced Embrittlement in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2004

STP11216S: Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 18Cr-10Ni-Ti Steel Irradiated in the Core of VVER-1000 Reactor - 01 January 2004

STP11238S: Hardening Mechanisms in Ferritic/Martensitic Steels - 01 January 2004

STP11239S: Effects of Copper Content on the Tensile Properties of Iron-Copper Alloys - 01 January 2004

STP11240S: Irradiation Hardening and Microstructural Evolution in Fe-Cu Model Alloys - 01 January 2004

STP11241S: Effect of Heat Treatment and Tantalum on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Fe-9Cr-2W-0.25V Steel - 01 January 2004

STP11242S: Oxide Particle Stability in Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ferritic Steels During Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 2004

STP11214S: Properties of 20 % Cold-Worked 316 Stainless Steel Irradiated at Low Dose Rate - 01 January 2004

STP11243S: Examination of Postirradiation Deformation Microstructures in F82H - 01 January 2004

STP11244S: Fracture Toughness Characterization of Irradiated F82H in the Transition Region - 01 January 2004

STP11245S: Incubation Period for Void Swelling and Its Dependence on Temperature, Dose Rate, and Dislocation Structure Evolution - 01 January 2004

STP11246S: Determination of the Lower Temperature Limit of Void Swelling of Stainless Steels at PWR-Relevant Displacement Rates - 01 January 2004

STP11247S: Dependence of Maximum Swelling Temperature on Damage Dose in Cold Worked 16Cr-15Ni-2Mo-1Mn Cladding Irradiated in BN-600 - 01 January 2004

STP11248S: Stress and Temperature Dependence of Irradiation Creep of Selected FCC and BCC Steels at Low Swelling - 01 January 2004

STP11249S: Irradiation Creep and Swelling of Russian Ferritic-Martensitic Steels Irradiated to Very High Exposures in the BN-350 Fast Reactor at 305–335°C - 01 January 2004

STP11217S: Influence of Oversized Solute Additions on Radiation-Induced Microstructure and Microchemistry in Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 2004

STP11250S: Kinetics of Helium Bubble Formation in Nuclear and Structural Materials - 01 January 2004

STP11251S: Bubble Microstructures in Helium Injected Palladium Foils - 01 January 2004

STP11252S: Fatigue Response and Life Prediction of Selected Reactor Materials - 01 January 2004

STP11253S: Detection of Radiation-Enhanced Diffusion by Means of Neutron-Irradiated Diffusion Couples of Fe-Cr-Ni System - 01 January 2004

STP11254S: Surprisingly Large Generation and Retention of Helium and Hydrogen in Pure Nickel Irradiated at High Temperatures and High Neutron Exposures - 01 January 2004

STP11255S: The Influence of Pre-Irradiation Heat Treatments on Thermal Non-Equilibrium and Radiation-Induced Segregation Behavior in Model Austenitic Stainless Steel Alloys - 01 January 2004

STP11256S: Inter-Granular Phosphorus Segregation in Ferritic Steels - 01 January 2004

STP11257S: Grain Boundary Phosphorous Segregation and Its Influence on the Ductile Brittle Transition Temperature in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2004

STP11218S: Solute Addition Effect for Fe-15Cr-20Ni Austenitic Steels Irradiated in Joyo - 01 January 2004

STP11258S: The Modeling of Radiation-Induced Phosphorus Segregation at Point Defect Sinks in Dilute Fe-P Alloys - 01 January 2004

STP11259S: Irradiation Induced Vacancy-Cu Aggregations in Fe-Cu Model Alloys of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels Studied by Positron Annihilation - 01 January 2004

STP11260S: Heavy Ion Fluence Measurements Based on Radiation Effects Generated in CTA Foils - 01 January 2004

STP11261S: Tensile Property Estimates Obtained Using a Low Compliance Shear Punch Test Fixture - 01 January 2004

STP11263S: New Methodologies for Developing Radiation Embrittlement Models and Trend Curves of the Charpy Impact Test Data - 01 January 2004

STP11219S: The Effect of Void Swelling on Electrical Resistance and Elastic Moduli in Austenitic Steels - 01 January 2004

STP11265S: Precipitation and Amorphization in Boron Carbide Irradiated by High Energy Helium Ions - 01 January 2004

STP11267S: Changes in Mechanical Properties of High-Purity V-4Cr-4Ti-Si, Al, Y Alloys after Neutron Irradiation at Relatively Low Temperatures - 01 January 2004

STP11268S: Creep Deformation in V-4Cr-4Ti in a Low-Oxygen Lithium Environment - 01 January 2004

STP11269S: Varying Temperature Irradiation Effects of V-4Cr-4Ti Alloy with Small Addition of Si, Al and Y - 01 January 2004

STP11270S: Peculiarities of Structural and Behavioral Changes of Some Zirconium Alloys at Damage Doses of Up to 50 dpa - 01 January 2004

STP11271S: Effect of Ion Irradiation on Microstructure and Hardness in Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 2004

STP11272S: Microstructure Response in Copper and Copper Alloys Irradiated with Fission Neutrons with Controlled Temperature Variations - 01 January 2004

STP11220S: The Role of Fine Defect Clusters in Irradiation-Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking of Proton-Irradiated 304 Stainless Steel - 01 January 2004

STP11221S: The Effect of Hardening Source in Proton Irradiation-Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking of Cold Worked Type 304 Stainless Steel - 01 January 2004

STP11282S: Scatter in Fatigue Crack Growth Rate in a Directionally Solidified Nickel-Base Superalloy - 01 January 2004

STP1450-EB: Probabilistic Aspects of Life Prediction - 01 January 2004

STP11283S: Mechanism-Based Variability in Fatigue Life of Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo - 01 January 2004

STP11285S: Fatigue Life Variability Prediction Based on Crack Forming Inclusions in a High Strength Alloy Steel - 01 January 2004

STP11276S: Probabilistic Fatigue: Computational Simulation - 01 January 2004

STP11286S: Preliminary Results of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Pressurized Thermal Shock Rule Reevaluation Project - 01 January 2004

STP11288S: A Software Framework for Probabilistic Fatigue Life Assessment of Gas Turbine Engine Rotors - 01 January 2004

STP11289S: Application of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics in Structural Design of Magnet Component Parts Operating Under Cyclic Loads at Cryogenic Temperatures - 01 January 2004

STP11291S: Effect of Individual Component Life Distribution on Engine Life Prediction - 01 January 2004

STP11277S: The Prediction of Fatigue Life Distributions from the Analysis of Plain Specimen Data - 01 January 2004

STP11275S: Probabilistic Life Prediction Isn't as Easy as It Looks - 01 January 2004

STP11278S: Modeling Variability in Service Loading Spectra - 01 January 2004

STP11279S: Probabilistic Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Crack Growth Estimation resulting From Material Uncertainties - 01 January 2004

STP11280S: Predicting Fatigue Life Under Spectrum Loading in 2024-T3 Aluminum Using a Measured Initial Flaw Size Distribution - 01 January 2004

STP11281S: Extension of a Microstructure-Based Fatigue Crack Growth Model for Predicting Fatigue Life Variability - 01 January 2004

STP11071S: Failure Beneath Cannon Thermal Barrier Coatings by Hydrogen Cracking; Mechanisms and Modeling - 01 January 2003

STP1417-EB: Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics: 33rd Volume - 01 January 2003

STP11072S: Experiences and Modeling of Hydrogen Cracking in a Thick-Walled Pressure Vessel - 01 January 2003

STP11073S: High Cycle Fatigue Threshold in the Presence of Naturally Initiated Small Surface Cracks - 01 January 2003

STP11074S: Effects of Thermomechanical Fatigue Loading on Damage Evolution and Lifetime of a Coated Super Alloy - 01 January 2003

STP11075S: A Hybrid Approach for Subsurface Crack Analyses in Railway Wheels under Rolling Contact Loads - 01 January 2003

STP11076S: Cell Model Predictions of Ductile Fracture in Damaged Pipelines - 01 January 2003

STP11077S: Multiaxial Fatigue Analysis of Interference-Fit Steel Fasteners in Aluminum Al 2024-T3 Specimens - 01 January 2003

STP11078S: Applications of Scaling Models and the Weibull Stress to the Determination of Structural Performance-Based Material Screening Criteria - 01 January 2003

STP11079S: Plane Stress Mixed Mode Crack-Tip Stress Fields Characterized by a Triaxial Stress Parameter and a Plastic Deformation Extent Based Characteristic Length - 01 January 2003

STP11080S: Constraint Effect on 3-D Crack-Front Stress Fields in Elastic-Plastic Thin Plates - 01 January 2003

STP11081S: Analysis of Brittle Fracture in Surface-Cracked Plates Using Constraint-Corrected Stress Fields - 01 January 2003

STP11082S: Application of a T-Stress Based Constraint Correction to A533B Steel Fracture Toughness Data - 01 January 2003

STP11083S: The Effect of Localized Plasticity and Crack Tip Constraint in Undermatched Welds - 01 January 2003

STP11084S: Modeling of Cleavage Fracture in Connections of Welded Steel Moment Resistant Frames - 01 January 2003

STP11085S: The Importance of Material Fabrication History on Weld Fracture and Durability - 01 January 2003

STP11068S: Slip Line Fracture Mechanics: A New Regime of Fracture Mechanics - 01 January 2003

STP11086S: Creep Crack Growth in the Base Metal and a Weld Joint of X20CrMoV 12 1 Steel Under Two-Step Loading - 01 January 2003

STP11087S: Analytical and Experimental Study of Fracture in Bend Specimens Subjected to Local Compression - 01 January 2003

STP11088S: Application of Uncertainty Methodologies to Measured Fatigue Crack Growth Rates and Stress Intensity Factor Ranges - 01 January 2003

STP11089S: Load Interaction Effects on Small Crack Growth Behavior in PH13-8Mo Stainless Steel - 01 January 2003

STP11090S: Mean Stress Effects on the High Cycle Fatigue Limit Stress in Ti-6Al-4V - 01 January 2003

STP11091S: Experiments and Analysis of Mean Stress Effects on Fatigue for SAE1045 Steels - 01 January 2003

STP11092S: Fatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms in Alumina at High Temperature - 01 January 2003

STP11093S: Frequency Effects on Fatigue Behavior and Temperature Evolution of Steels - 01 January 2003

STP11094S: Effect of Transient Loads on Fatigue Crack Growth in Mill Annealed Ti-62222 at -54, 25, and 175°C - 01 January 2003

STP11095S: Propagation of Non-Planar Fatigue Cracks: Experimental Observations and Numerical Simulations - 01 January 2003

STP11069S: Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of Moment Frame Connections Under Seismic Loading (Northridge Earthquake) - 01 January 2003

STP11096S: Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel in Different Tempers - 01 January 2003

STP11097S: Plasticity and Roughness Closure Interactions Near the Fatigue Crack Growth Threshold - 01 January 2003

STP11098S: An Extension of Uniaxial Crack-Closure Analysis to Multiaxial Fatigue - 01 January 2003

STP11099S: Dynamic Fracture Toughness Measurements in the Ductile-to- Brittle Region Using Small Specimens - 01 January 2003

STP11100S: A Model for Predicting Fracture Toughness of Steels in the Transition Region from Hardness - 01 January 2003

STP11101S: Results from the MPC Cooperative Test Program on the Use of Precracked Charpy Specimens for T0 Determination - 01 January 2003

STP11102S: Simulation of Grain Boundary Decohesion and Crack Initiation in Aluminum Microstructure Models - 01 January 2003

STP11103S: A Physics-Based Model for the Crack Arrest Toughness of Ferritic Steels - 01 January 2003

STP11070S: A Structural Integrity Procedure Arising from the SINTAP Project - 01 January 2003

STP11104S: An Analytical Method for Studying Cracks with Multiple Kinks - 01 January 2003

STP11105S: An Innovative Technique for Measuring Fracture Toughness of Metallic and Ceramic Materials - 01 January 2003

STP10754S: A Critical Assessment of Damage Parameters for Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 2003

STP1425-EB: Fretting Fatigue: Advances in Basic Understanding and Applications - 01 January 2003

STP10755S: An Estimation of Life in Fretting Fatigue Using an Initiation-Propagation Model - 01 January 2003

STP10756S: Application of Multiaxial Fatigue Parameters to Fretting Contacts with High Stress Gradients - 01 January 2003

STP10757S: A Theoretical and Experimental Procedure for Predicting the Fretting Fatigue Strength of Complete Contacts - 01 January 2003

STP10758S: Improvement of Fretting Fatigue Strength by Using Stress-Release Slits - 01 January 2003

STP10759S: Effect of Contact Pressure on Fretting Fatigue in Type 316L Stainless Steel - 01 January 2003

STP10748S: A Global Methodology to Quantify Fretting Damages - 01 January 2003

STP10760S: Influence of Nonhomogeneous Material in Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 2003

STP10761S: Local Fretting Regime Influences on Crack Initiation and Early Growth - 01 January 2003

STP10762S: Effect of Contact Pad Geometry on Fretting Fatigue Behavior of High Strength Steel - 01 January 2003

STP10763S: Fretting Fatigue Under Block Loading Conditions - 01 January 2003

STP10764S: High-Frequency Fretting Fatigue Experiments - 01 January 2003

STP10765S: Development of Test Methods for High Temperature Fretting of Turbine Materials Subjected to Engine-Type Loading - 01 January 2003

STP10766S: Fretting Fatigue Behavior of Titanium Alloys - 01 January 2003

STP10767S: An Investigation of Fretting Fatigue Crack Nucleation Life of Ti-6Al-4V under Flat-on-Flat Contact - 01 January 2003

STP10768S: Evaluation of Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb Under Fretting Conditions - 01 January 2003

STP10769S: Fretting Fatigue Crack Initiation Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V - 01 January 2003

STP10749S: Observations and Analysis of Relative Slip in Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 2003

STP10770S: Fretting Fatigue Characteristics of Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V in Ultra High Cycle Regime - 01 January 2003

STP10771S: Effect of Lubricating Anodic Film on Fretting Fatigue Strength of Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2003

STP10772S: Fretting Fatigue Properties of WC-Co Thermal Sprayed NiCrMo Steel - 01 January 2003

STP10747S: Fretting in Steel Ropes and Cables — A Review - 01 January 2003

STP10774S: Evaluating Fatigue Life of Compressor Dovetails by Using Stress Singularity Parameters at the Contact Edge - 01 January 2003

STP10775S: The Analysis of Fretting Fatigue Failure in Backup Roll and its Prevention - 01 January 2003

STP10750S: Fretting Fatigue Initial Damage State to Cracking State: Observations and Analysis - 01 January 2003

STP10751S: Observations and Analysis of Fretting Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation - 01 January 2003

STP10752S: Stress Intensity Factors KI and KII of Oblique Through Thickness Cracks in a Semi-Infinite Body Under Fretting Fatigue Conditions - 01 January 2003

STP10753S: Characterization of Fretting Fatigue Process Volume Using Finite Element Analysis - 01 January 2003

STP11430S: Enhancement of Thermomechanical Fatigue Resistance of a Monocrystalline Nickel-base Superalloy by Pre-rafting - 01 January 2003

STP1428-EB: Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials: 4th Volume - 01 January 2003

STP11431S: Environmental Effects on the Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of a Near-γ Titanium Aluminide - 01 January 2003

STP11432S: Using Fracture Mechanics Concepts for a Mechanism-Based Prediction of Thermomechanical Fatigue Life - 01 January 2003

STP11424S: Modeling of Deformation During TMF-Loading - 01 January 2003

STP11433S: Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of an Aluminide-Coated Monocrystalline Ni-Base Superalloy - 01 January 2003

STP11434S: Collaborative Research on Thermo-Mechanical and Isothermal Low-Cycle Fatigue Strength of Ni-Base Superalloys and Protective Coatings at Elevated Temperatures in The Society of Materials Science, Japan (JSMS) - 01 January 2003

STP11435S: The Fatigue Behavior of NiCr22Co12Mo9 Under Low-Frequency Thermal-Mechanical Loading and Superimposed Higher-Frequency Mechanical Loading - 01 January 2003

STP11436S: Thermomechanical Response of Single Crystal Nickel-base Superalloy CM186 SX - 01 January 2003

STP11437S: Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of Stainless Steel Grades for Automotive Exhaust Manifold Applications - 01 January 2003

STP11438S: Thermomechanical Fatigue Analysis of Cast Aluminum Engine Components - 01 January 2003

STP11439S: Acoustic Emission Analysis of Damage Accumulation During Thermal and Mechanical Loading of Coated Ni-Base Superalloys - 01 January 2003

STP11440S: Miniature Thermomechanical Ramping Tests for Accelerated Material Discrimination - 01 January 2003

STP11441S: Improving the Reproducibility and Control Accuracy of TMF Experiments with High Temperature Transients - 01 January 2003

STP11442S: Two Specimen Complex Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue Tests on the Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 316 L - 01 January 2003

STP11443S: Analysis of Thermal Gradients during Cyclic Thermal Loading under High Heating Rates - 01 January 2003

STP11425S: Modelling of Hysteresis Loops During Thermomechanical Fatigue - 01 January 2003

STP11423S: Modeling Thermomechanical Cyclic Deformation by Evolution of Its Activation Energy - 01 January 2003

STP11426S: Cyclic Behavior of A1319-T7B Under Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Conditions - 01 January 2003

STP11427S: Cyclic Deformation Behavior of Haynes 188 Superalloy Under Axial-Torsional, Thermomechanical Loading - 01 January 2003

STP11428S: Damage and Failure Mechanisms of Thermal Barrier Coatings under Thermomechanical Fatigue Loadings - 01 January 2003

STP11429S: Thermo-mechanical Creep-Fatigue of Coated Systems - 01 January 2003

STP11158S: Comparison of Anodic Polarization and Galvanic Corrosion of a Low-Nickel Stainless Steel to 316LS and 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn Stainless Steels - 01 January 2003

STP1438-EB: Stainless Steels for Medical and Surgical Applications - 01 January 2003

STP11159S: Fatigue Behavior and In-Vitro Biocompatibility of the Ni-Free Austenitic High-Nitrogen Steel X13CrMnMoN18-14-3 - 01 January 2003

STP11160S: Influence of Macrophage Cells on 316L Stainless Steel Corrosion - 01 January 2003

STP11150S: X 15 T.N™ : A new Martensitic Stainless Steel for Surgical Instruments - 01 January 2003

STP11161S: Comparison of Notch Sensitivity and Stress Corrosion Cracking of a Low-Nickel Stainless Steel to 316LS and 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn Stainless Steels - 01 January 2003

STP11162S: Comparative Electrochemical Studies of F 1586-95 and F 138-92 Stainless Steels in Sodium Chloride, pH = 4.0 Medium - 01 January 2003

STP11163S: Corrosion Behavior of Platinum-Enhanced Radiopaque Stainless Steel (PERSS®) for Dilation-Balloon Expandable Coronary Stents - 01 January 2003

STP11164S: Comparison of Corrosion Fatigue of BioDur® 108 to 316L S.S. And 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn S.S. - 01 January 2003

STP11165S: Investigation Into Wear-Induced Corrosion of Orthopaedic Implant Materials - 01 January 2003

STP11166S: Results of in Vitro Studies about the Mechanism of Wear in the Stem-Cement Interface of THR - 01 January 2003

STP11167S: Fretting and Anodic Current of the Taper Interface of Stainless Steel Hip Stems/Cobalt-Chromium Femoral Heads - 01 January 2003

STP11168S: The Cemented MS-30 Steim in Total Hip Replacement, Matte versus Polished Surface: Minimum of Five Years of Clinical and Radiographic Results of a Prospective Study - 01 January 2003

STP11169S: Corrosion Products Generated from Mechanically Assisted Crevice Corrosion of Stainless Steel Orthopaedic Implants - 01 January 2003

STP11151S: Development of a Platinum-Enhanced Radiopaque Stainless Steel (PERSS®) - 01 January 2003

STP11152S: Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Forged Hip Stems made of High-NitrogenStainless Steel - 01 January 2003

STP11149S: Characterization of Sandvik Bioline High-N — A Comparison of Standard Grades F1314 and F1586 - 01 January 2003

STP11153S: Metallurgical and Mechanical Evaluation of 316L Stainless Steel Orthopaedic Cable - 01 January 2003

STP11154S: Processing Platinum Enhanced Radiopaque Stainless Steel (PERSS®6) for Use as Balloon-Expandable Coronary Stents - 01 January 2003

STP11155S: Quality Aspects of High-Nitrogen Stainless Steel for Surgical Implants - 01 January 2003

STP11156S: MRI Safety and Compatibility of Implants and Medical Devices - 01 January 2003

STP11157S: Fatigue of Small Bone Fragment Fixation Plates Made from Low-Nickel Steel - 01 January 2003

STP11583S: Promoted Ignition and Burning Tests of Stainless Steel in Flowing and Nonflowing Oxygen - 01 January 2003

STP1454-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: 10th Volume - 01 January 2003

STP11585S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Tests with Structured Aluminum Packings in Gaseous Oxygen with Argon or Nitrogen Dilution at 0.1 and 0.6 MPa - 01 January 2003

STP11586S: Microanalysis of Quenched and Self-extinguished Aluminum Rods Burned in Oxygen - 01 January 2003

STP11587S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Cast and Wrought Engineering Alloys in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 2003

STP11588S: Thickness Effects on the Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Engineering Alloys - 01 January 2003

STP11589S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Tubular Aluminum Samples in Liquid and Gaseous Oxygen Environments - 01 January 2003

STP11591S: Oxygen Hazards Analysis of Space Shuttle External Tank Gaseous Oxygen Pressurization System - 01 January 2003

STP11581S: Ultrasonic Measurement Technique of Burning Metals in Normal and Reduced Gravity - 01 January 2003

STP11582S: Instantaneous RRMI of Iron Rods in Reduced Gravity - 01 January 2003

STP10586S: Fatigue Behavior of SA533-B1 Steels - 01 January 2002

STP1406-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 32nd Volume - 01 January 2002

STP10587S: Scanning Atomic-Force Microscopy on Initiation and Growth Behavior of Fatigue Slip-Bands in α-Brass - 01 January 2002

STP10588S: Compliance Ratio Method of Estimating Crack Length in Dynamic Fracture Toughness Tests - 01 January 2002

STP10589S: Dynamic Fracture Toughness Testing and Analysis of HY-100 Welds - 01 January 2002

STP10590S: Creep Crack Growth in X20CrMoV 12 1 Steel Weld Joints - 01 January 2002

STP10581S: Correlation Between Static Initiation Toughness KJC and Crack Arrest Toughness Kla 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2002

STP11666S: Application of the Local Approach to Fracture in the Brittle-to-Ductile Transition Region of Mismatched Welds - 01 January 2002

STP11667S: An X-Specimen Test for Determination of Thin-Walled Tube Fracture Toughness - 01 January 2002

STP11668S: An Energetic Approach for Large Ductile Crack Growth in Components - 01 January 2002

STP11669S: Prediction of Residual Stress Effects on Fracture Instability Using the Local Approach - 01 January 2002

STP10591S: Advantages of the Concise K and Compliance Formats in Fracture Mechanics Calculations - 01 January 2002

STP10592S: Three-Dimensional Analyses of Crack-Tip-Opening Angles and δ5-Resistance Curves for 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2002

STP10593S: Modeling Multilayer Damage in Composite Laminates Under Static and Fatigue Loading - 01 January 2002

STP10596S: Use of KIc and Constraint to Predict Load and Location for Initiation of Crack Growth in Specimens Containing Part-Through Cracks - 01 January 2002

STP10582S: A Sensitivity Study on a Normalization Procedure - 01 January 2002

STP10597S: An Experimental Study of the Growth of Surface Flaws Under Cyclic Loading - 01 January 2002

STP10598S: Development of Mechanical Properties Database of A285 Steel for Structural Analysis of Waste Tanks - 01 January 2002

STP10580S: Microstructural Limits of Applicability of the Master Curve - 01 January 2002

STP10583S: Separability Property and Load Normalization in AA 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2002

STP10584S: Physical Reasons for a Reduced ΔK as Correlation for Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 January 2002

STP10585S: Influence of Specimen Geometry on the Random Load Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 January 2002

STP10607S: On the Use of Numerical Models to Design Fatigue Crack Growth Tests for a Railroad Tank'Car Spectrum - 01 January 2002

STP1411-EB: Applications of Automation Technology in Fatigue and Fracture Testing and Analysis: Fourth Volume - 01 January 2002

STP10608S: Fatigue Crack Propagation under Complex Loading in Arbitrary 2D Geometries - 01 January 2002

STP10609S: Quantifying the Magnitude and Effect of Loading Errors During Fatigue Crack Growth Testing Under Constant and Variable Amplitude Loading - 01 January 2002

STP10610S: Applications of Overload Data to Fatigue Analysis and Testing - 01 January 2002

STP10602S: An Automated Facility for Advanced Testing of Materials - 01 January 2002

STP10611S: Fatigue Crack Initiation Life Estimation at a Notch: A New Software - 01 January 2002

STP10612S: Prediction of Crack-Opening Stress Levels for Service Loading Spectra - 01 January 2002

STP10613S: Automated Deformation Mapping in Fatigue and Fracture - 01 January 2002

STP10614S: A Method for Conducting Automated Fatigue Crack Initiation Tests on Fracture Mechanics Specimens - 01 January 2002

STP10601S: Automated Piezoelectric Fatigue Machine for Severe Environments - 01 January 2002

STP10604S: Data Trend Monitoring and End Level Verification - Tools to Reduce Data Storage in Full-Scale Aircraft Fatigue Tests - 01 January 2002

STP10606S: Real-Time Simulation of a Multi-Channel Moving Load Cell Structural Test - 01 January 2002

STP10817S: Finite Element Simulations and Empirical Correlation for Charpy-V and Subsize Charpy Tests on an Unirradiated Low-Alloy RPV Ferritic Steel - 01 January 2002

STP1418-EB: Small Specimen Test Techniques: Fourth Volume - 01 January 2002

STP10818S: Correlation Between Subsize and Full-size Charpy Impact Properties of Neutron-Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2002

STP10819S: Application of the Reconstituted Subsize Specimens for Assessment of Irradiation Embrittlement of RPV Steels - 01 January 2002

STP10820S: Evaluation of Fatigue Properties with Miniature Hourglass Specimen - 01 January 2002

STP10811S: Validation of Miniature Fracture Toughness Specimens for Material Surveillance - 01 January 2002

STP10821S: Mechanical Property Testing of Irradiated Zircaloy Cladding Under Reactor Transient Conditions - 01 January 2002

STP10822S: In-Beam Fatigue Response of a Low Activation Ferritic Steel at 60°C - 01 January 2002

STP10823S: On the Relation Between Engineering Load-Displacement Curves and True Stress Strain Behavior in Tests of Flat Tensile Specimens - 01 January 2002

STP10824S: Validation of a Miniature Tensile Strength Measurement System - 01 January 2002

STP10825S: Component-Based Test Specimen Design - 01 January 2002

STP10826S: A Method to Study Deformation Mechanisms in Ion-irradiated Steels Using a Disk Bend Test Technique - 01 January 2002

STP10827S: Small Specimen Procedures for Determination of Deformation Maps - 01 January 2002

STP10829S: A Finite Element Study Relating Load-Penetration Curves and Indentation Topography to Yield and Post-Yield Constitutive Behavior - 01 January 2002

STP10830S: Subsize Specimens for Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Testing of Metallic Materials - 01 January 2002

STP10831S: The Effect of Test Machine Compliance on the Measured Shear Punch Yield Stress as Predicted Using Finite Element Analysis - 01 January 2002

STP10812S: Examination on Fracture Resistance of F82H Steel and Performance of Small Specimens in Transition and Ductile Regimes - 01 January 2002

STP10832S: Small Punch Test : EPRI-CEA Finite Element Simulation Benchmark and Inverse Method for the Estimation of Elastic Plastic Behavior - 01 January 2002

STP10833S: The Effect of Specimen Thickness and Grainsize on Mechanical Properties Obtained from the Shear Punch Test - 01 January 2002

STP10834S: Determination of Mechanical Property Gradients in Heat-Affected Zones of Ferritic Steel Weldments by Shear-Punch Tests - 01 January 2002

STP10810S: Fracture Toughness Measurements in the Transition Region Using Sub-Size Precracked Charpy and Cylindrical Bar Specimens - 01 January 2002

STP10835S: RESQUE: Reconstitution Techniques Qualification & Evaluation to Study Ageing Phenomena of Nuclear Pressure Vessel Materials - 01 January 2002

STP10836S: RESQUE: Determination of the Lowest Acceptable Insert Length for Reconstituted Cv-impact and Precracked Cv Specimen - 01 January 2002

STP10837S: RESQUE: Validation of Specimen Reconstitution with Temperature Measurements and Comparative Testing with Irradiated Materials - 01 January 2002

STP10838S: Selection of the Optimum Irradiation Fluence to Assess Annealing during Reconstitution of Charpy Impact Specimens - 01 January 2002

STP10839S: Reconstitution of Charpy-V Specimens with CO2 Laser Welding - 01 January 2002

STP10840S: RESQUE: Dependence of Test Results on Reconstituted Specimens with Tolerance Deviations and Variation of End Block Materials - 01 January 2002

STP10813S: A Study of Specimen Size Effects on the Initiation Toughness and Tearing Resistance of an A533B-1 Steel - 01 January 2002

STP10814S: Preferable Initial Crack Length for Fracture Toughness Evaluation Using sub-sized Bend Specimens - 01 January 2002

STP10815S: The Determination of Initiation Toughness of an A533B-1 Steel using Circumferentially-Cracked Bar (CCB) Specimens - 01 January 2002

STP10816S: Evaluation of Standard Charpy Impact Properties with Subsized Specimens - 01 January 2002

STP10848S: Appropriate Techniques for Internal Cleanliness Assessment - 01 January 2002

STP1419-EB: Bearing Steel Technology - 01 January 2002

STP10849S: Influence of Hydrogen Trapped by Inclusions on Fatigue Strength of Bearing Steel - 01 January 2002

STP10850S: Statistical Prediction of the Maximum Inclusion Size in Bearing Steels - 01 January 2002

STP10851S: Steel Supplier Evaluation Techniques To Assure Bearing Performance - 01 January 2002

STP10852S: Study of Evaluating Method for Non-Metallic Inclusions and Development of Slag Refining for Bearing Steel - 01 January 2002

STP10853S: Higher Macro-Cleanliness of Bearing Steels Needs More Accurate Measuring-Methods - 01 January 2002

STP10854S: Recent Evaluation Procedures of Nonmetallic Inclusions in Bearing Steels (Statistics of Extreme Value Method and Development of Higher Frequency Ultrasonic Testing Method) - 01 January 2002

STP10855S: A New Physically Based Model for Predicting the Fatigue Life Distribution of Rolling Bearings - 01 January 2002

STP10856S: Estimation of Rolling Bearing Life under Contaminated Lubrication - 01 January 2002

STP10857S: Rolling Contact Fatigue Under Water-Infiltrated Lubrication - 01 January 2002

STP10858S: Microstructural Optimisation of Bearing Steels for Operation Under Contaminated Lubrication by Using the Experimental Method of Dented Surfaces - 01 January 2002

STP10859S: Rolling Contact Fatigue Tests to Investigate Surface Initiated Damage and Tolerance to Surface Dents - 01 January 2002

STP10844S: Effect of Steel Making and Processing Parameters on Carbide Banding in Commercially Produced ASTM A-295 52100 Bearing Steel - 01 January 2002

STP10860S: Development of Long Life Rolling Bearings for Use in the Extreme Conditions - 01 January 2002

STP10861S: The Effect of V, Al and N on the Fatigue Life of a Carbonitrided Bearings - 01 January 2002

STP10862S: Development of a New Material for Guide Roll Bearings for Continuous Casting Machine - 01 January 2002

STP10863S: Improved Bearing Steel for Applications Involving Debris, Higher Loads and Temperatures - 01 January 2002

STP10864S: The Effect of Bearing Steel Composition and Microstructure on Debris Dented Rolling Element Bearing Performance - 01 January 2002

STP10865S: Wear and Corrosion Resistant PM Tool Steels for Advanced Bearing Applications - 01 January 2002

STP10866S: A Comparison of the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Contemporary and New Alloys for Aerospace Bearing Applications - 01 January 2002

STP10867S: Progress in the Evaluation of CSS-42L™: A High Performance Bearing Alloy - 01 January 2002

STP10868S: Duplex Hardening for Aerospace Bearing Steels - 01 January 2002

STP10869S: Carburizable High Speed Steel Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP10843S: Development of 5280 Rolling Bearing Steel for Improved Performance and Productivity - 01 January 2002

STP10870S: The Development of Bearing Steels with Long Life and High Corrosion Resistance - 01 January 2002

STP10871S: Local Elasto-Plastic Properties of Bearing Steels determined by Nano-Indentation Measurements - 01 January 2002

STP10872S: Microstructural Stability and Bearing Performance - 01 January 2002

STP10873S: A Physically Based Endurance Limit Model for Through Hardened and Surface Hardened Bearing Steels - 01 January 2002

STP10874S: Fatigue Limit Stress — A New and Superior Criterion for Life Rating of Rolling Bearing Materials - 01 January 2002

STP10845S: Ultra Clean Steel For Anti-Friction Bearing Applications - 01 January 2002

STP10875S: Application of a New Physically Based Model to Determine the Influence of Inclusion Population and Loading Conditions on the Distribution of Bearing Lives - 01 January 2002

STP10876S: Rolling Bearing Material Quality Fatigue Testing - Material Quality Life Factors - 01 January 2002

STP10846S: Machinability Control — A Topic of Great Importance to the Engineering Industry - 01 January 2002

STP10847S: Environmentally Friendly Bearing Steel With Reduced Hardening Distortion - 01 January 2002

STP10886S: The Effect of Environmental Factors on Carbon Steel Atmospheric Corrosion; The Prediction of Corrosion - 01 January 2002

STP1421-EB: Outdoor Atmospheric Corrosion - 01 January 2002

STP10887S: Classification of the Corrosivity of the Atmosphere — Standardized Classification System and Approach for Adjustment - 01 January 2002

STP10888S: In-situ Studies of the Initial Atmospheric Corrosion of Iron - 01 January 2002

STP10889S: Effect of Ca and S on the Simulated Seaside Corrosion Resistance of 1.0Ni-0.4Cu-Ca-S Steel - 01 January 2002

STP10890S: Effect of Cr3+ and SO42- on the Structure of Rust Layer Formed on Steels by Atmospheric Corrosion - 01 January 2002

STP10891S: Analysis of the Sources of Variation in the Measurement of Paint Creep - 01 January 2002

STP10892S: Atmospheric Corrosion Monitoring Sensor in Outdoor Environment Using AC Impedance Technique - 01 January 2002

STP10893S: Environmental Effects of Metals Induced by Atmospheric Corrosion - 01 January 2002

STP10880S: Corrosivity Patterns Near Sources of Salt Aerosols - 01 January 2002

STP10894S: Environmental Effects of Zinc Runoff from Roofing Materials — A New Multidisciplinary Approach - 01 January 2002

STP10895S: Runoff Rates of Zinc — A Four-Year Field and Laboratory Study - 01 January 2002

STP10896S: Atmosheric Corrosion of Naturally and Pre-Patinated Copper Roofs in Singapore and Stockholm — Runoff Rates and Corrosion Product Formation - 01 January 2002

STP10897S: Environmental Factors Affecting the Atmospheric Corrosion of Copper - 01 January 2002

STP10898S: Precipitation Runoff From Lead - 01 January 2002

STP10899S: Evaluation of Nickel-Alloy Panels from the 20-Year ASTM G01.04 Atmospheric Test Program Completed in 1996 - 01 January 2002

STP10900S: Twenty-One Year Results for Metallic-Coated Steel Sheet in the ASTM 1976 Atmospheric Corrosion Tests - 01 January 2002

STP10901S: Estimating the Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Weathering Steels - 01 January 2002

STP10902S: Performance of Weathering Steel Tubular Structures - 01 January 2002

STP10903S: Atmospheric Corrosion and Weathering Behavior of Terne-Coated Stainless Steel Roofing - 01 January 2002

STP10904S: Outdoor Atmospheric Degradation of Anodic and Paint Coatings on Aluminium in Atmospheres of I bero-America - 01 January 2002

STP10905S: 1940 ‘Til Now — Long-Term Marine Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel and Other Nickel Containing Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP10881S: Field Exposure Results on Trends in Atmospheric Corrosion and Pollution - 01 January 2002

STP10906S: Twelve Year Atmospheric Exposure Study of Stainless Steels in China - 01 January 2002

STP10907S: Effects of Alloying on Atmospheric Corrosion of Steels - 01 January 2002

STP10879S: Analysis of Long-Term Atmospheric Corrosion Results from ISO CORRAG Program - 01 January 2002

STP10882S: Time of Wetness (TOW) and Surface Temperature Characteristics of Corroded Metals in Humid Tropical Climate - 01 January 2002

STP10883S: Analysis of ISO Standard 9223 (Classification of Corrosivity of Atmospheres) in the Light of Information Obtained in the Ibero-American Micat Project - 01 January 2002

STP10884S: Improvement of the ISO classification system based on dose-response functions describing the corrosivity of outdoor atmospheres - 01 January 2002

STP10885S: NO2 Measurements in Atmospheric Corrosion Studies - 01 January 2002

STP11386S: Alternative Zr Alloys with Irradiation Resistant Precipitates for High Burnup BWR Application - 01 January 2002

STP1423-EB: Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Thirteenth International Symposium - 01 January 2002

STP11387S: Mössbauer Investigations of the Chemical States of Tin and Iron Atoms in Zirconium Alloy Oxide Film - 01 January 2002

STP11388S: Chemical State Analysis of Sn and Fe in ZrO2 by Mössbauer Spectroscopy - 01 January 2002

STP11389S: The Role of Lithium and Boron on the Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 Under Demanding PWR-Type Conditions - 01 January 2002

STP11390S: Study of the Mechanisms Controlling the Oxide Growth Under Irradiation: Characterization of Irradiated Zircaloy-4 and Zr-1Nb-O Oxide Scales - 01 January 2002

STP11381S: Physical Phenomena Concerning Corrosion Under Irradiation of Zr Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP11391S: Hydrogen Evolution and Pickup During the Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys: A Critical Evaluation of the Solid State and Porous Oxide Electrochemistry - 01 January 2002

STP11392S: The Influence of Material Variables on Corrosion and Deuterium Uptake of Zr-2.5Nb Alloy During Irradiation - 01 January 2002

STP11393S: The Cause for Enhanced Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys by Hydrides - 01 January 2002

STP11394S: The Effect of Minor Alloying Elements on Oxidation and Hydrogen Pickup in Zr-2.5Nb - 01 January 2002

STP11395S: Role of Microchemistry and Microstructure on Variability in Corrosion and Deuterium Uptake of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Material - 01 January 2002

STP11396S: Temperature and Hydrogen Concentration Limits for Delayed Hydride Cracking in Irradiated Zircaloy - 01 January 2002

STP11382S: Role of the Second-Phase Particles in Zirconium Binary Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP11397S: Experimental Study and Preliminary Thermodynamic Calculations of the Pseudo-Ternary Zr-Nb-Fe-(O,Sn) System - 01 January 2002

STP11398S: Activated Slip Systems and Localized Straining of Irradiated Zr Alloys in Circumferential Loadings - 01 January 2002

STP11380S: Simulating the Behavior of Zirconium-Alloy Components in Nuclear Reactors - 01 January 2002

STP11399S: Effects of Neutron Irradiation on the Microstructure of Alpha-Annealed Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 2002

STP11400S: Plastic Deformation and Fracture During the Zr1%Nb Tube Production - 01 January 2002

STP11401S: Development of Crystallographic Texture in CANDU Calandria Tubes - 01 January 2002

STP11402S: Impact of Hydrogen on Dimensional Stability of ZIRLO Fuel Assemblies - 01 January 2002

STP11403S: In-PWR Irradiation Performance of Dilute Tin-Zirconium Advanced Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP11404S: Predicting the In-Reactor Mechanical Behavior of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes from Postirradiation Microstructural Examination Data - 01 January 2002

STP11405S: The Influence of In-Situ Clad Straining on the Corrosion of Zircaloy in a PWR Water Environment - 01 January 2002

STP11406S: Characteristics of Hydride Precipitation and Reorientation in Spent-Fuel Cladding - 01 January 2002

STP11407S: Test Reactor Studies of the Shadow Corrosion Phenomenon - 01 January 2002

STP11383S: Synchrotron Radiation Study of Second-Phase Particles and Alloying Elements in Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP11408S: An In-Reactor Simulation Test to Evaluate Root Cause of Secondary Degradation of Defective BWR Fuel Rod - 01 January 2002

STP11409S: The Effect of Short-Term Dry-Out Transients on the Cladding Properties of Fresh and Pre-Irradiated Fuel Rods - 01 January 2002

STP11410S: Effects of Alpha-Beta Transformation on High Temperature (LOCA) Creep behavior of Zr-Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP11411S: Influence of Hydrogen Content on the α/β Phase Transformation Temperatures and on the Thermal-Mechanical Behavior of Zy-4, M4 (ZrSnFeV), and M5™ (ZrNbO) Alloys During the First Phase of LOCA Transient - 01 January 2002

STP11412S: On the Embrittlement of Zircaloy-4 Under RIA-Relevant Conditions - 01 January 2002

STP11413S: Impact of Irradiation Defects Annealing on Long-Term Thermal Creep of Irradiated ircaloy-4 Cladding Tube - 01 January 2002

STP11414S: Influence of Composition and Condition on In-PWR Behavior of Zr-Sn-Nb-FeCrV Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP11415S: Influence of Zirconium Alloy Chemical Composition on Microstructure Formation and Irradiation Induced Growth - 01 January 2002

STP11416S: Quantitative Assessment of Irradiation Effect on Creep and Corrosion Properties of Zr-Base Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP11417S: Variability of In-Reactor Diametral Deformation for Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubing - 01 January 2002

STP11384S: The Behavior of Intermetallic Precipitates in Highly Irradiated BWR LTP Cladding - 01 January 2002

STP11418S: About the Mechanisms Governing the Hydrogen Effect on Viscoplasticity of Unirradiated Fully Annealed Zircaloy-4 Sheet - 01 January 2002

STP11419S: Irradiation Creep Behavior of Zr-Base Alloys - 01 January 2002

STP11420S: The Effect of Small Concentrations of Sulfur on the Plasticity of Zirconium Alloys at Intermediate Temperatures - 01 January 2002

STP11385S: Effects of Hydrogen Pickup and Second-Phase Particle Dissolution on the In-Reactor Corrosion Performance of BWR Claddings - 01 January 2002

STP1323-EB: Nontraditional Methods of Sensing Stress, Strain, and Damage in Materials and Structures - 01 January 2001

STP13590S: The Attenuation of Neutron Dose Rates through the Steel Pressure Vessels of Magnox Power Plants - 01 January 2001

STP13591S: Assessment of Activation of Concrete Wall for Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants - 01 January 2001

STP13640S: MCBEND — A Fluence Modeling Tool - 01 January 2001

STP13642S: Development of 3D MCNP-Based BWR Fluence Computational Software Package: MF3D - 01 January 2001

STP13650S: The PKA Energy Spectrum Analysis of Defect Structures in Neutron Irradiated Metals - 01 January 2001

STP10704S: Obtaining Kinetic Parameters Using Modulated Temperature - 01 January 2001

STP10504S: Effects of Friction Modifiers on Wear Mechanism of Some Steels Under Boundary Lubrication Conditions - 01 January 2001

STP10516S: Corrosive Wear Testing of Metals in Seawater - 01 January 2001

STP10529S: Master Curve Evaluation of Irradiated Russian VVER Type Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2001

STP1405-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 20th International Symposium - 01 January 2001

STP10530S: Fracture Toughness Characterization of 304L and 316L Austenitic Stainless Steels and Alloy 718 After Irradiation in High-Energy, Mixed Proton/Neutron Spectrum - 01 January 2001

STP10531S: Review of Phosphorus Segregation and Intergranular Embrittlement in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2001

STP10532S: Modeling of Phosphorus Accumulation on Grain Boundaries in Iron Alloys under Irradiation - 01 January 2001

STP10533S: Grain Boundary Phosphorus Segregation Under Irradiation and Thermal Aging and Its Effect on the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition - 01 January 2001

STP10534S: An Evaluation of Through-Thickness Changes in Primary Damage Production in Commercial Reactor Pressure Vessels - 01 January 2001

STP10535S: Hardness and Microstructure Changes with Thermal Annealing of Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cu Alloys - 01 January 2001

STP10536S: Effects of Copper Concentration and Neutron Flux on Irradiation Hardening and Microstructure Evolution in Fe-Cu Model Alloys - 01 January 2001

STP10537S: Effects of Neutron Irradiation and Thermal Annealing on Model Alloys Using Positron Annihilation Techniques - 01 January 2001

STP10538S: Microstructural Evolution in High Nickel Submerged Arc Welds - 01 January 2001

STP10523S: Vessel Investigation Program of “CHOOZ A” PWR Reactor after Shutdown - 01 January 2001

STP10539S: An Evaluation of the Effect of Radiation Environment on Linde 80 Reactor Vessel Welds - 01 January 2001

STP10540S: Reirradiation Response Rate of a High-Copper Reactor Pressure Vessel Weld - 01 January 2001

STP10541S: Relation Between Resistivity and Mechanical Properties in Heat Affected Zone of Welded Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 2001

STP10542S: Fracture Toughness and Tensile Properties of Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Cladding Material - 01 January 2001

STP10543S: True Characteristics of Strength and Ductility for Neutron-Irradiated Metals and Alloys - 01 January 2001

STP10544S: Investigation of Temper Embrittlement in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels Following Thermal Aging, Irradiation, and Thermal Annealing - 01 January 2001

STP10545S: Composition Effects on the Radiation Embrittlement of Iron Alloys - 01 January 2001

STP10521S: Review of Current Recommendations from the Recent IAEA Specialists Meeting on Irradiation Effects on Pressure Vessel Steels and its Mitigation - 01 January 2001

STP10546S: The Determination of Bias Factor Stress Dependence from Experimental Data on Irradiation Creep and Stress-Affected Swelling in Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 2001

STP10547S: Swelling and Microstructural Evolution in 316 Stainless Steel Hexagonal Ducts Following Long-Term Irradiation in EBR-II - 01 January 2001

STP10548S: Radiation-Induced Segregation and Void Swelling in 304 Stainless Steel - 01 January 2001

STP10524S: Development of Reconstitution Technology for Surveillance Specimens in Japan Power Engineering and Inspection Corporation - 01 January 2001

STP10549S: Effect of Irradiation Environment of Fast Reactor's Fuel Elements on Void Swelling in P, Ti-Modified 316 Stainless Steel - 01 January 2001

STP10550S: The Swelling Dependence of Cold Worked 16Cr-15Ni-2Mo-lMn Steel on Neutron Irradiation Temperature, Fluence and Damage Rate During Its Use as a Cladding Material in the BN-600 Reactor - 01 January 2001

STP10551S: Tensile Properties of 12% Cold-Worked Type 316 Stainless Steel Irradiated in EBR-II Under Lower-Dose-Rate Conditions to High Fluence - 01 January 2001

STP10552S: Irradiation Creep Deformation of Modified 316 and 15Cr-20Ni Base Austenitic Fuel Elements Irradiated in FFTF - 01 January 2001

STP10553S: Behavior of Different Austenitic Stainless Steels, Conventional, Reduced Activation (RA) and ODS Chromium-Rich Ferritic-Martensitic Steels Under Neutron Irradiation at 325°C in PWR Environment - 01 January 2001

STP10554S: Post-Irradiation Deformation Microstructures in Fe-9Cr - 01 January 2001

STP10555S: Effect of Specimen Size on Fatigue Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel - 01 January 2001

STP10556S: Correlation Between Creep Properties and Microstructure of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels - 01 January 2001

STP10557S: Comparison of Thermal Creep and Irradiation Creep of HT9 Pressurized Tubes at Test Temperatures from ∼490°C to 605°C - 01 January 2001

STP10525S: Master Curve Characterization of Irradiation Embrittlement Using Standard and 1/3-Sized Precracked Charpy Specimens - 01 January 2001

STP10558S: Examination of 304L Stainless Steel to 6061-T6 Aluminum Inertia Welded Transition Joints after Irradiation in a Spallation Neutron Spectrum - 01 January 2001

STP10559S: Microstructural Alteration of Structural Alloys by Low Temperature Irradiation with High Energy Protons and Spallation Neutrons - 01 January 2001

STP10560S: Retention of Very High Levels of Helium and Hydrogen Generated in Various Structural Alloys by 800 MeV Protons and Spallation Neutrons - 01 January 2001

STP10561S: The Influence of High Energy Proton Irradiation on the Corrosion of Materials - 01 January 2001

STP10562S: The Effect of High Energy Protons and Neutrons on the Tensile Properties of Materials Selected for the Target and Blanket Components in the Accelerator Production of Tritium Project - 01 January 2001

STP10563S: High-Energy Spallation Neutron Effects on the Tensile Properties of Materials for the Target and Blanket Components for the Accelerator Production of Tritium Project - 01 January 2001

STP10564S: Microstructural Evolution of Reduced Activation and Conventional Martensitic Steels after Thermal Aging and Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 2001

STP10526S: Radiation Damage Assessment by the Use of Dynamic Toughness Measurements on Pre-Cracked Charpy-V Specimens - 01 January 2001

STP10565S: Dimensional Characteristics of Displacement Cascades in Austenitic Steels under Neutron Irradiation at Cryogenic Temperature - 01 January 2001

STP10566S: On the α+γ↔γ-Phase Boundary in Nickel and in Manganese Containing Stainless Steel Alloys - 01 January 2001

STP10567S: Effect of Nickel on Irradiation Hardening and Microstructure Evolution of Proton Irradiated Fe-Cu Alloys - 01 January 2001

STP10568S: Effect of Final Irradiation Temperature and Frequency of Irradiation Temperature Cycles on Microstructural Evolution of Vanadium Alloys - 01 January 2001

STP10569S: Hardening of Vanadium Doped with Nitrogen by Heavy Ion Irradiation and Post-Irradiation Annealing - 01 January 2001

STP10570S: Hydrogen and Helium Gas Formation and their Release Kinetics in Tungsten Rods after Irradiation with 800 MeV Protons - 01 January 2001

STP10527S: Comparison of Transition Temperature Shifts Between Static Fracture Toughness and Charpy-v Impact Properties Due to Irradiation and Post-Irradiation Annealing for Japanese A533B-1 Steels - 01 January 2001

STP10574S: Influence of the Reactor and Cyclotron Irradiation on Energy Transformation during Plastic Deformation of Metal Materials - 01 January 2001

STP10575S: Irradiation-Induced Amorphization and Its Recovery Behavior in Cold-Rolled and Aged Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys - 01 January 2001

STP10577S: Crack Growth Resistance of Irradiated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Material at Low Hydrogen Levels - 01 January 2001

STP10522S: A Mechanistically-Based Model of Irradiation Damage in Low Alloy Steel Submerged Arc Welds - 01 January 2001

STP10528S: Yield and Toughness Transition Predictions for Irradiated Steels Based on Dislocation Mechanics - 01 January 2001

STP10986S: Effect of Nitrogen Feedgas Addition on the Mechanical Properties of Nano-Structured Carbon Coatings - 01 January 2001

STP10990S: Mechanical Tests of Free-Standing Aluminum Microbeams for MEMS Application - 01 January 2001

STP10993S: Ductile Thin Foils of Ni3Al - 01 January 2001

STP10994S: Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Electrodeposited Gold Films4 - 01 January 2001

STP10996S: Thermomechanical Characterization of Nickel-Titanium Copper Shape Memory Alloy Films - 01 January 2001

STP10980S: Fatigue Crack Growth of a Ni-P Amorphous Alloy Thin Film - 01 January 2001

STP10982S: Fracture Behavior of Micro-Sized Specimens with Fatigue Pre-Crack Prepared from a Ni-P Amorphous Alloy Thin Film - 01 January 2001

STP10984S: Influence of the Film Thickness on Texture, Residual Stresses and Cracking Behavior of PVD Tungsten Coatings Deposited on a Ductile Substrate - 01 January 2001

STP42143S: Detection of Localized Plastic Deformation in Pipelines Using the Nonlinear Harmonics Method - 01 January 2001

STP42144S: Experimental Measurement of Strains using Digital Volume Correlation - 01 January 2001

STP42146S: Real-time Phase Analysis Methods for Analyzing Shape, Strain and Stress - 01 January 2001

STP42139S: Sensing Crack Nucleation and Growth in Hard Alpha Defects Embedded in Ti-6A1-4V Alloy - 01 January 2001

STP42148S: Long-Term Measurement of Local Creep Deformation by Optical Fiber Marking and Remote Monitoring - 01 January 2001

STP42149S: Thermal Fracture Mechanisms in Plasma Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coatings under Cyclic Laser Irradiation - 01 January 2001

STP42140S: Use Experience With a Developmental General Purpose Non-Contacting Extensometer With High Resolution - 01 January 2001

STP42138S: Characterizing Crack Growth in Thin Aluminum Panels Under Tension-Torsion Loading Using Three-Dimensional Digital Image Correlation - 01 January 2001

STP42141S: Analysis of Fatigue Crack Propagation by Quantitative Fractography - 01 January 2001

STP38287S: The Surface Behavior of Metallic Materials During the Incubation Period of Cavitation Erosion - 01 January 2001

STP38288S: Failure Mechanism of a Hydraulic Log Piston and Slipper Assembly - 01 January 2001

STP38289S: Development of Pseudoelastic TiNi Tribo Materials - 01 January 2001

STP38295S: Influence of Lubrication on Wear and Friction on O-Rings in Contact with Yellow Metal - 01 January 2001

STP38300S: Corrosive Wear Behavior of 304 Stainless Steel and Its Variation with Alloyed Oxygen-Active Element Yttrium - 01 January 2001

STP38301S: A Study of the Mechanism for Beneficial Effects of Yttrium Additive in Lubricant on Corrosive Wear and Friction of Metals - 01 January 2001

STP15231S: Comparison of Ice Hockey Helmet Impact Attenuation Tests on Steel and Elastomeric Impact Surfaces - 01 January 2000

STP1354-EB: Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Twelfth International Symposium - 01 January 2000

STP14297S: Evolution of Dislocation and Precipitate Structure in Zr Alloys Under Long-Term Irradiation - 01 January 2000

STP14298S: Effect of Long-Term Irradiation on the Fracture Properties of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 2000

STP14299S: Post-Irradiation Characterization of Ultra-High-Fluence Zircaloy-2 Plate - 01 January 2000

STP14292S: Effects of Neutron Irradiation on Microstructure and Properties of Zircaloy - 01 January 2000

STP14300S: The Terminal Solid Solubility of Hydrogen in Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP14301S: The Long-Range Migration of Hydrogen Through Zircaloy in Response to Tensile and Compressive Stress Gradients - 01 January 2000

STP14302S: Influence of Cladding Microstructure on the Low Enthalpy Failures in RIA Simulation Tests - 01 January 2000

STP14303S: Experiment and Modeling of Advanced Fuel Rod Cladding Behavior Under LOCA Conditions: Alpha-Beta Phase Transformation Kinetics and EDGAR Methodology - 01 January 2000

STP14304S: Behavior of Irradiated Zircaloy-4 Fuel Cladding Under Simulated LOCA Conditions - 01 January 2000

STP14305S: Influence of Texture on the Fracture Toughness of Unirradiated Zircaloy Cladding - 01 January 2000

STP14306S: Degraded Fuel Cladding Fractography and Fracture Behavior - 01 January 2000

STP14293S: Understanding Hydrogen in Zirconium - 01 January 2000

STP14307S: Delayed Hydride Cracking in Irradiated Zircaloy Cladding - 01 January 2000

STP14308S: Size, Geometry, and Material Effects in Fracture Toughness Testing of Irradiated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Material - 01 January 2000

STP14309S: Failure Mechanisms of Irradiated Zr Alloys Related to PCI: Activated Slip Systems, Localized Strains, and Iodine-Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking - 01 January 2000

STP14310S: Impact of Hydrogen on Plasticity and Creep of Unirradiated Zircaloy-4 Cladding Tubes - 01 January 2000

STP14291S: Microstructure and Properties of Zirconium Alloys in the Absence of Irradiation - 01 January 2000

STP14311S: A New Fabrication Process for Zr-Lined Zircaloy-2 Tubing - 01 January 2000

STP14312S: Zirconium Alloy Cold Pilgering Process Control by Modeling - 01 January 2000

STP14313S: In-Process Investigation of Precipitate Growth in Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP14314S: Influence of Composition and Fabrication Process on Out-of-Pile and In-Pile Properties of M5 Alloy - 01 January 2000

STP14294S: Irradiation Creep and Growth Behavior, and Microstructural Evolution of Advanced Zr-Base Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP14315S: Effect of Dilute Alloy Additions of Molybdenum, Niobium, and Vanadium on Zirconium Corrosion - 01 January 2000

STP14316S: E110 Alloy Cladding Tube Properties and Their Interrelation with Alloy Structure-Phase Condition and Impurity Content - 01 January 2000

STP14317S: Contribution to a Better Understanding of the Detrimental Role of Hydrogen on the Corrosion Rate of Zircaloy-4 Cladding Materials - 01 January 2000

STP14318S: Mechanism of Corrosion Rate Degradation Due to Tin - 01 January 2000

STP14319S: Influence of Transition Elements Fe, Cr, and V on Long-Time Corrosion in PWRs - 01 January 2000

STP14320S: Fundamental Study on the Corrosion Mechanism of Zr-0.2Fe, Zr-0.2Cr, and Zr-0.1Fe-0.1Cr Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP14321S: Microstructural Aspects of Corrosion and Hydrogen Ingress in Zr-2.5Nb - 01 January 2000

STP14322S: The Effect of Microstructure on the Corrosion Behavior of Zircaloy-2 in BWRs - 01 January 2000

STP14323S: Impact of Second Phase Particles on BWR Zr-2 Corrosion and Hydriding Performance - 01 January 2000

STP14324S: Corrosion of Electron-Irradiated Zr-2.5Nb and Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 2000

STP14325S: Evaluation of Zircaloy-2 Cladding Corrosion Characteristics by Simulated BWR Corrosion Loop Test - 01 January 2000

STP14295S: Irradiation-Enhanced Deformation of Zr-2.5Nb Tubes at High Neutron Fluences - 01 January 2000

STP14326S: Studies of Zirconium Alloy Corrosion and Hydrogen Uptake During Irradiation - 01 January 2000

STP14327S: Behavior of Lithium and Boron in Irradiated and Unirradiated Oxides Formed on Zircaloy-4 Claddings - 01 January 2000

STP14328S: Contribution to the Understanding of the Effect of the Water Chemistry on the Oxidation Kinetics of Zircaloy-4 Cladding - 01 January 2000

STP14329S: Correlation Between Characteristics of Oxide Films Formed on Zr Alloys in BWRs and Corrosion Performance - 01 January 2000

STP14330S: Electrochemical Examinations in 350°C Water with Respect to the Mechanism of Corrosion-Hydrogen Pickup - 01 January 2000

STP14331S: Hydrogen Transport in the Oxide and Hydrogen Pickup by the Metal During Out- and In-Reactor Corrosion of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Material - 01 January 2000

STP14296S: High-Fluence Irradiation Growth of Cold-Worked Zr-2.5Nb - 01 January 2000

STP14332S: Stress Distribution Measured by Raman Spectroscopy in Zirconia Films Formed by Oxidation of Zr-Based Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP14333S: Role of Intermetallic Precipitates in Hydrogen Transport through Oxide Films on Zircaloy - 01 January 2000

STP14334S: Multi-Scale Characterization of the Metal-Oxide Interface of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP13398S: J-Q-M Approach for Failure Assessment of Fusion Line Cracks: Two-Material and Three-Material Models - 01 January 2000

STP1360-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 30th Volume - 01 January 2000

STP13399S: Fracture Mechanics Validity Limits and Physical Evidence of Constraint in Fracture - 01 January 2000

STP13400S: The Role of Cohesive Strength and Separation Energy for Modeling of Ductile Fracture - 01 January 2000

STP13401S: Modeling the Ductile to Cleavage Transition in Steels and Structures - 01 January 2000

STP13402S: A Computational Fracture Mechanics Approach for the Analysis of Facesheet-from-Core Disbond of Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels - 01 January 2000

STP13403S: Crack Wake Influence Theory and Elastic Crack Closure Measurement - 01 January 2000

STP13404S: Fatigue Crack Propagation and Load Interaction Effects in a Titanium Alloy - 01 January 2000

STP13405S: Fatigue Analysis of Multiple Site Damage in Lap Joint Specimens - 01 January 2000

STP13392S: Technical Basis for the Master Curve Concept of Fracture Toughness Evaluations in the Transition Range - 01 January 2000

STP13406S: A Combined Experimental and Finite Element Study of Crack Closure Effects in Modified 1070 Steel - 01 January 2000

STP13407S: Subsurface Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Behavior of Induction-Hardened Shafts under the Effect of Residual and Applied Bending Stresses - 01 January 2000

STP13408S: Estimation Procedure for Determination of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Metal Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP13409S: The Fracture and Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Forged Damage-Tolerant Niobium Aluminide Intermetallics - 01 January 2000

STP13410S: The Effect of Biaxial Strain Ratio and Periodic Compressive Overstrains on Fatigue Crack Growth Mode and Crack Growth Rate - 01 January 2000

STP13411S: Determination of Ct-Parameter Considering Effects of Accumulated Creep Deformation During Loading Period - 01 January 2000

STP13412S: A New Multiparameter Model for the Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth in Structural Metallic Materials - 01 January 2000

STP13413S: Fracture Mechanics: Forgotten German and Austrian Pioneers of the Turn of the 20th Century - 01 January 2000

STP13393S: A Unifying Principle for Evaluating Fracture Toughness in the Elastic and Plastic Regimes with Planar Fracture Specimens - 01 January 2000

STP13414S: Development of Consistent Size Criteria for ASTM Combined Fracture Mechanics Standards - 01 January 2000

STP13415S: Use of the Instrumented Bolt and Constant Displacement Bold-Loaded Specimen to Measure In-Situ Hydrogen Crack Growth in High-Strength Steels - 01 January 2000

STP13416S: Prediction of S-N Fatigue Curves Using Various Long-Crack-Derived ΔKeff Fatigue Crack Growth Curves and a Small Crack Life Prediction Model - 01 January 2000

STP13391S: Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics: Where Has it Been? Where is it Going? - 01 January 2000

STP13417S: Stress and Fracture Analyses of Semi-Elliptical Surface Cracks - 01 January 2000

STP13418S: Early Stage Fatigue Damage Characterization in Aluminum Alloys and Stainless Steels with Meandering Winding Magnetometer Technology - 01 January 2000

STP13419S: Finite-Element Fracture Analyses of Welded Beam-Column Connections - 01 January 2000

STP13420S: A Plate Element-Based Model for Mixed-Mode Debonding of Composite Stitched Stiffened Panels - 01 January 2000

STP13394S: A Micromechanical Evaluation of the Master Curve - 01 January 2000

STP13395S: Method for Predicting J-R Curves from Charpy Impact Energy - 01 January 2000

STP13396S: Fracture Toughness Testing with Notched Round Bars - 01 January 2000

STP13397S: 3-D Finite Element Modeling of Ductile Crack Growth in Thin Aluminum Materials - 01 January 2000

STP12447S: Neutron-Induced Evolution of Mechanical Properties of 20% Cold-Worked 316 Stainless Steel as Observed in Both Miniature Tensile and TEM Shear Punch Specimens - 01 January 2000

STP1366-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 19th International Symposium - 01 January 2000

STP12448S: An Investigation into the Origin and Nature of the Slope and x-axis Intercept of the Shear Punch-Tensile Yield Strength Correlation using Finite Element Analysis - 01 January 2000

STP12449S: Thermoelectric Power: A Nondestructive Method for Monitoring Irradiation Effects in Ferritic Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12450S: Design of a Dedicated Electron Beam Facility for Material Treatment - 01 January 2000

STP12451S: Microstructural Examination of Irradiated Beryllium Pebbles - 01 January 2000

STP12452S: Measurement and Calculation of Helium Generation in Beryllium Pebbles Irradiated in EBR-II - 01 January 2000

STP12453S: In-situ Electrical Resistivity Measurement of MgO•Al2O3 Coating under Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 2000

STP12455S: Effect Of Irradiation On Structural Materials In Fusion Reactors - 01 January 2000

STP12456S: Helium/Hydrogen Measurements in High-Energy Proton-Irradiated Tungsten - 01 January 2000

STP12457S: Amorphization of Solids Irradiated by Fast Neutrons - 01 January 2000

STP12458S: Effects of Fast Neutron Irradiation at 80K on Titanium Nickelide - 01 January 2000

STP12459S: Irradiation Aging of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP12460S: Effect of Ion-Irradiation on Phase Transformation in TiNi Shape Memory Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP12461S: Irradiation Growth of Zirconium Alloys at High Neutron Fluences - 01 January 2000

STP12462S: Neutron Irradiation Test of Optical Components for Fusion Reactor - 01 January 2000

STP12463S: Correlation of Hardening and Microstructure of Tantalum Irradiated with Heavy Ions - 01 January 2000

STP12386S: The Effects of Flux on Radiation Embrittlement of Low-Copper Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12464S: Improvement of Post Irradiation Ductility of V-Ti-Cr-Si Type Alloys Neutron Irradiated Around 400°C - 01 January 2000

STP12465S: The Influence of Transmutation and Initial Composition on the Microstructural Evolution of Vanadium and V-Cr-Ti Alloys Irradiated in HFIR - 01 January 2000

STP12466S: Neutron Irradiation Induced High Temperature Embrittlement of Pure Copper and High Strength Copper Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP12467S: Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Tensile and Fracture Toughness Properties of Copper Alloys and Their Joints with Stainless Steel - 01 January 2000

STP12387S: Technical Basis for Application of the Master Curve Approach to Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrity Assessment - 01 January 2000

STP12388S: Bias and Precision of To Values Determined Using ASTM Standard E 1921-97 for Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12389S: Fracture Toughness of the Ni-Modified A302-B Plate of the BR3 Reactor Pressure Vessel - 01 January 2000

STP12379S: Exploratory Test of 288°C Radiation Resistance of Two USSR-Produced Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12390S: Application of Master Curve Technology to Biaxial and Shallow Crack Fracture Data for A533B Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12391S: Effect of Irradiation on Fracture Toughness in the Transition Range of RPV Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12392S: Supplementary Surveillance Program for Reactor Pressure Vessels of VVER-440/V-213C Type Reactors in NPP Dukovany - 01 January 2000

STP12393S: Irradiation Behavior of Submerged Arc Welding Materials with Different Copper Content - 01 January 2000

STP12394S: Effects of Irradiation on Crack-Arrest Toughness of a Low Upper-Shelf Energy, High-Copper Weld - 01 January 2000

STP12395S: Effect of Location of V-Notch on Neutron Irradiation-Induced Shift in DBTT of HAZ of Welded Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 2000

STP12396S: Fracture Toughness Test Results of Precracked Charpy Specimens of Irradiated 73W Weld Material - 01 January 2000

STP12397S: Fracture Toughness of Submerged-Arc Weld Samples from a Decommissioned Magnox Reactor Pressure Vessel: Initial Results - 01 January 2000

STP12398S: Effects of Irradiation and Thermal Annealing on Fracture Toughness of the Midland Reactor Weld WF-70 - 01 January 2000

STP12399S: Irradiation Damage Structure in VVER-440 Steels after Irradiation at Different Temperatures and Post-Irradiation Annealing - 01 January 2000

STP12380S: Analysis of Irradiation Data for A302B and A533B Correlation Monitor Materials - 01 January 2000

STP12400S: Grain Boundary Phosphorus Segregation under Neutron Irradiation and Aging in 2.25Cr1Mo Steel - 01 January 2000

STP12401S: Microstructure of the Neutron Irradiated VVER-type Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12402S: Influence of Thermal Neutrons on the Hardening and Embrittlement of Plate Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12403S: Radiation-Induced Grain Boundary Segregation of Phosphorus in ASME SA533B Ferritic Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 2000

STP12404S: Comparison of Observed and Predicted Data on Radiation Induced Grain Boundary Phosphorus Segregation in VVER Type Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12378S: A Comparison of East/West Steels for Pressurized Water Reactors - 01 January 2000

STP12405S: Irradiation, Annealing, and Reirradiation Effects on American and Russian Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12406S: Annealing of a Low Copper Steel: Hardness, SANS, Atom Probe, and Thermoelectric Power Investigations - 01 January 2000

STP12407S: Two-Step Recovery Process of Irradiation Hardening in 1%Ni Doped 9%Cr-2%W Martensitic Steel - 01 January 2000

STP12408S: Application of the Floating Curve Model for Estimation of Re-Irradiation Embrittlement of VVER-440 RPV Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12409S: Embrittlement, Hardening, and Grain Boundary Composition in an Fe-P-C Alloy after Irradiation or Thermal Aging - 01 January 2000

STP12410S: Microstructure and Hardening in Thermally Aged and Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cu Model Alloy - 01 January 2000

STP12411S: Neutron Irradiation Rate Dependence of Damage Structures in Fe-Cu Model Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP12412S: Gamma-Radiation Annealing to Mitigate Neutron-Induced Degradation of Both Model and Structural Reactor Materials - 01 January 2000

STP12413S: Analysis of Stress-Induced Burgers Vector Anisotropy in Pressurized Tube Specimens of Irradiated Ferritic-Martensitic Steels: JFMS and JLF-1 - 01 January 2000

STP12414S: An Evaluation of Neutron Energy Spectrum Effects in Iron Based on Molecular Dynamics Displacement Cascade Simulations - 01 January 2000

STP12415S: Effects of Neutron Irradiation on Fe-Cu Model Alloys and RPV Steels Probed by Positron Annihilation and Hardness Measurements - 01 January 2000

STP12381S: Comparison of Static and Dynamic Transition Temperature Shifts in VVR Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12416S: Irradiation Behavior of Ferritic-Martensitic 9–12%Cr Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12417S: Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of HFR-Irradiated Ferritic/Martensitic Low-Activation Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP12418S: Mechanical Properties of Four 7–9%Cr Reduced Activation Martensitic Steels after 2.5 dpa, 300°C Irradiation - 01 January 2000

STP12419S: Evaluation of Ductile-Brittle Transition Behavior of Helium-implanted Reduced Activation 9Cr-2W Martensitic Steel by Small Punch Tests - 01 January 2000

STP12420S: Irradiation Creep of Austenitic Steels Irradiated Up to High Damage Dose - 01 January 2000

STP12421S: Reanalysis of Swelling and Irradiation Creep Data on 316 Type Stainless Steels Irradiated in the FFTF and Phénix Fast Reactors - 01 January 2000

STP12422S: The Relationship Between Swelling and Irradiation Creep in 20% Cold-Worked 316 Stainless Steel - 01 January 2000

STP12423S: Irradiation Creep and Stress-Affected Swelling in Austenitic Stainless Steel 16Cr-15Ni-3Mo-Nb-B Irradiated in the BN-350 Reactor - 01 January 2000

STP12424S: Effects of Impurity on Radiation Creep Rate of the Interstitial Solid Solutions - 01 January 2000

STP12425S: On the Role of Internal Stresses in Void Denuded Zone Formation Under HVEM-Irradiation of Metals and Alloys Preconditioned by Reactor Exposure - 01 January 2000

STP12382S: Effect of Radiation on Material Used for 600MW Chinese Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Pressure Vessel - 01 January 2000

STP12426S: Creep-Fatigue Response of 20% CW 316 SS Under Irradiation at 60°C - 01 January 2000

STP12427S: In-Reactor Creep Regularities of Copper - 01 January 2000

STP12428S: The Correlation Between Swelling and Radiation-Induced Segregation in Iron-Chromium-Nickel Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP12429S: Effect of IVa and Va Elements on Void Formation in Neutron-Irradiated 316 Stainless Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12430S: The Question of Saturation of Void Swelling in Fe-Cr-Ni Austenitic Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP12383S: Comparison of Fracture Toughness of Irradiated Reactor Vessel Welds — Predicted by ASTM E 900 and Measured - 01 January 2000

STP12431S: Influence of Minor Alloying Elements and Stress on Microstructural Evolution and Void Swelling of Austenitic Steels Under Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 2000

STP12432S: Temperature-Shift of Void Swelling Observed in Annealed Fe-18Cr-10Ni-Ti Stainless Steel Irradiated in the Reflector Region of BOR-60 - 01 January 2000

STP12433S: The Effect of Molybdenum on the Grain Boundary Segregation of Chromium Exhibited by Austenitic Stainless Steels after Neutron Irradiation in a BWR - 01 January 2000

STP12434S: Microstructure Modeling of a 316L Stainless Steel Irradiated with Electrons - 01 January 2000

STP12435S: Effects of Damage Rate on Formation of Voids and Dislocation Loops in Metals - 01 January 2000

STP12436S: Stress-Affected Dislocation Development of Stainless Steel During Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 2000

STP12437S: Influence of Silicon or Titanium on the Microstructural Evolution of Fe-Cr-35Ni Alloys Irradiated with Neutrons or Self-Ions - 01 January 2000

STP12438S: Void-Induced Swelling and Embrittlement in the Russian EI-847 Stainless Steel at PWR-Relevant End-of-Life Conditions - 01 January 2000

STP12384S: Neutron Spectrum Effect and Damage Analysis on Pressure Vessel Steel Irradiation Behaviour - 01 January 2000

STP12439S: Interaction of Void-Induced Phase Instability and Subsequent Void Growth in AISI 304 Stainless Steel - 01 January 2000

STP12440S: On the Formation of α-Ferrite in Stainless Steel Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP12441S: A Composite Model for Segregation and Microstructural Evolution Under Electron Irradiation - 01 January 2000

STP12442S: Stress-Modified Welding of Neutron Irradiated Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12443S: Thick Plate Welding of Irradiated Stainless Steel - 01 January 2000

STP12444S: Cracks in TIG Welded, Neutron-Irradiated 304 Stainless Steel - 01 January 2000

STP12445S: Modeling of Helium Bubble Formation During Welding of Irradiated Stainless Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12446S: Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of Cn-Alloy/SS316 Joints - 01 January 2000

STP12385S: Characterization of the Decommissioned Novovoronesh-1 Pressure Vessel Wall Materials by Through-Wall Trepans - 01 January 2000

STP1367-EB: Fretting Fatigue: Current Technology and Practices - 01 January 2000

STP14724S: Spectrum Load Effects on the Fretting Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V - 01 January 2000

STP14725S: The Effects of Contact Stress and Slip Distance on Fretting Fatigue Damage in Ti-6Al-4V/17-4PH Contacts - 01 January 2000

STP14726S: Length Scale Considerations in Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 2000

STP14727S: An Investigation of Friction Force in Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 2000

STP14728S: A Multiaxial Fatigue Analysis of Fretting Contact Taking Into Account the Size Effect - 01 January 2000

STP14729S: Interaction of High-Cycle and Low-Cycle Fatigue on Fretting Behavior of Ti-6-4 - 01 January 2000

STP14730S: Effects of Contact Load and Contact Curvature Radius of Cylinder Pad on Fretting Fatigue in High Strength Steel - 01 January 2000

STP14719S: A New Approach to the Prediction of the Fretting Fatigue Life that Considers the Shifting of the Contact Edge by Wear - 01 January 2000

STP14731S: An Experimental Investigation of Fretting Fatigue with Spherical Contact in 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2000

STP14732S: Fretting Fatigue of Some Nickel-Based Alloys in Steam Environment at 265°C - 01 January 2000

STP14733S: Fretting Fatigue of 8090-T7 and 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloys in Vacuum and Air Environments - 01 January 2000

STP14734S: Influence of Ambient Air on Nucleation in Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 2000

STP14735S: Experimental Study of Fretting Crack Nucleation in Aerospace Alloys with Emphasis on Life Prediction - 01 January 2000

STP14736S: Crack Behavior in the Early Stage of Fretting Fatigue Fracture - 01 January 2000

STP14737S: Influence of Microstructure on Fretting Fatigue Behavior of a Near-alpha Titanium Alloy - 01 January 2000

STP14738S: Fretting Fatigue Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V against Ti-6Al-4V under Flat-on-Flat Contact with Blending Radii - 01 January 2000

STP14720S: On the Standardization of Fretting Fatigue Test Method—Modeling Issues Related to the Thermal Constriction Phenomenon and Prediction of Contact Temperature - 01 January 2000

STP14739S: Fretting Fatigue Strengths of Forged and Cast Al-Si Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP14740S: Analysis of Fretting Damage Using Confocal Microscope - 01 January 2000

STP14742S: Methodologies for Linking Nucleation and Propagation Approaches for Predicting Life Under Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 2000

STP14743S: Fretting Fatigue Testing Methodology Incorporating Independent Slip and Fatigue Stress Control - 01 January 2000

STP14718S: Plastic Deformation in Fretting Processes — a Review - 01 January 2000

STP14744S: An Analysis of Rotating Bending Fretting Fatigue Tests Using Bridge Specimens - 01 January 2000

STP14745S: Evaluation of Fretting Stresses Through Full-Field Temperature Measurements - 01 January 2000

STP14746S: Stage II Crack Propagation Direction Determination Under Fretting Fatigue Loading: a New Approach in Accordance with Experimental Observations - 01 January 2000

STP14747S: Development of a High-Temperature-Steam Fretting Wear Test Apparatus - 01 January 2000

STP14748S: Fretting Fatigue Behavior of TiN-Coated Steel - 01 January 2000

STP14749S: The Effect of the Contact Conditions and Surface Treatments on the Fretting Fatigue Strength of Medium Carbon Steel - 01 January 2000

STP14750S: Influence of Surface Treatments on Fretting Fatigue of Ti-6242 at Elevated Temperatures - 01 January 2000

STP14721S: Fretting-Wear and Fretting-Fatigue: Relation Through a Mapping Concept - 01 January 2000

STP14751S: Fracture Mechanics Approach to the Fretting Fatigue Strength of Axle Assemblies - 01 January 2000

STP14752S: Fretting in Aerospace Structures and Materials - 01 January 2000

STP14753S: On a New Methodology for Quantitative Modeling of Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 2000

STP14722S: High Temperature Fretting Fatigue Behavior in an XD™ γ-base TiAl - 01 January 2000

STP14723S: Applications of Fracture Mechanics in Fretting Fatigue Life Assessment - 01 January 2000

STP1371-EB: Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials: Third Volume - 01 January 2000

STP15256S: The Role of Temperature Rate Terms in Viscoplastic Modelling: Theory and Experiments - 01 January 2000

STP15257S: Thermo-mechanical Out-of-Phase Fatigue Life of Overlay Coated IN-738LC Gas Turbine Material - 01 January 2000

STP15258S: Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behavior of Al-Si-Cu-Mg Casting Alloy - 01 January 2000

STP15259S: Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Investigation of Single Crystal Nickel Base Superalloy SRR99 - 01 January 2000

STP15260S: Effect of SiC-Reinforcement on Thermo-mechanical Fatigue of a Dispersion-Strengthened High-Temperature Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2000

STP15251S: Behavior of the High-Temperaturse Titanium Alloy IMI 834 Under Thermo-mechanical and Isothermal Fatigue Conditions - 01 January 2000

STP15262S: The Role of Oxidation on the Thermo-mechanical Fatigue of Timetal 21S Matrix Composites - 01 January 2000

STP15263S: Thermal-mechanical Fatigue and the Modelling of Materials Behaviour Under Thermal Transients - 01 January 2000

STP15264S: A European Round Robin in Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behavior of a 9% Cr Low Activation Ferrite-Martensite Steel - 01 January 2000

STP15265S: Multiaxial Thermo-mechanical Deformation Behavior of IN 738 LC and SC 16 - 01 January 2000

STP15266S: On the Significance of Environment in Thermal Fatigue of a Unidirectional SCS-6/Ti-24Al-11Nb Metal Matrix Composite - 01 January 2000

STP15267S: New Testing Facility and Concept for Life Prediction of TBC Turbine Engine Components - 01 January 2000

STP15268S: Realization of Complex Thermal-mechanical Fatigue by a Two-specimen Testing System - 01 January 2000

STP15269S: A New Technique for High Frequency Multiaxial Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Testing of Materials - 01 January 2000

STP15252S: Influence of the Mechanical Strain Amplitude on the In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behaviour of NiCr22Co12Mo9 - 01 January 2000

STP15250S: Thermo-mechanical and Isothermal Fatigue of a Coated Columnar-Grained Directionally Solidified Nickel-Base Superalloy - 01 January 2000

STP15253S: Thermo-mechanical Deformation of Al319 - T7B with Small Secondary Dendrite Arm Spacing - 01 January 2000

STP15254S: Modelling Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Hysteresis Loops from Isothermal Cyclic Data - 01 January 2000

STP15255S: Response of 60Sn-40Pb Under Thermal and Mechanical Cycling - 01 January 2000

STP13429S: An Indirect Technique for Determining Closure-Free Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior - 01 January 2000

STP1372-EB: Fatigue Crack Growth Thresholds, Endurance Limits, and Design - 01 January 2000

STP13430S: Effect of an Overload on the Threshold Level of Ti-6-22-22 - 01 January 2000

STP13431S: Relation Between Endurance Limits and Thresholds in the Field of Gigacycle Fatigue - 01 January 2000

STP13432S: A Size Effect on the Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Threshold of Alloy 718 - 01 January 2000

STP13433S: Effect of Geometry and Load History on Fatigue Crack Growth in Ti-62222 - 01 January 2000

STP13434S: Increases in Fatigue Crack Growth Rate and Reductions in Fatigue Strength due to Periodic Overstrains in Biaxial Fatigue Loading - 01 January 2000

STP13435S: Analysis of Fatigue Crack Closure During Simulated Threshold Testing - 01 January 2000

STP13436S: Analyses of Fatigue Crack Growth and Closure Near Threshold Conditions for Large-Crack Behavior - 01 January 2000

STP13437S: The Mechanics of Moderately Stressed Cracks - 01 January 2000

STP13438S: Pitfalls to Avoid in Threshold Testing and its Interpretation - 01 January 2000

STP13439S: Use of Small Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis in Predicting the S-N Response of Cast Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP13440S: Prediction of Fatigue Limits of Engineering Components Containing Small Defects - 01 January 2000

STP13441S: Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth Thresholds for Cast Nickel-Aluminum Bronze and Welds - 01 January 2000

STP13424S: The Significance of the Intrinsic Threshold — What Is New? - 01 January 2000

STP13442S: Mean Stress and Environmental Effects on Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Propagation on a Ti6246 Alloy at Room Temperature and 500°C - 01 January 2000

STP13443S: Component Design: The Interface Between Threshold and Endurance Limit - 01 January 2000

STP13444S: Near-Threshold Fatigue Strength of a Welded Steel Bridge Detail - 01 January 2000

STP13423S: Mechanisms and Modeling of Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 January 2000

STP13445S: Fatigue Crack Growth Thresholds Measurements in Structural Materials - 01 January 2000

STP13446S: Endurance Limit Design of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Components Based on Natural Defects - 01 January 2000

STP13425S: On the Significance of Crack Tip Shielding in Fatigue Threshold — Theoretical Relations and Experimental Implications - 01 January 2000

STP13426S: Effects of Kmax on Fatigue Crack Growth Threshold in Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP13427S: Fatigue Crack Growth Threshold Concept and Test Results for Al- and Ti-Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP13428S: Resistance Curves for the Threshold of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Particle Reinforced Aluminium Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP1380-EB: Pendulum Impact Testing: A Century of Progress - 01 January 2000

STP14389S: Stability of a C-type Impact Machine Between Calibrations - 01 January 2000

STP14390S: Indirect Verification of Pendulum Impact Testing Machines: The French Subsidiary from Its Origins to the Present, Changes in Indirect Verification Methods, Effects on Dispersion, and Perspectives - 01 January 2000

STP14391S: Maintaining the Accuracy of Charpy Impact Machines - 01 January 2000

STP14392S: Characterizing Material Properties by the Use of Full-Size and Subsize Charpy Tests: An Overview of Different Correlation Procedures - 01 January 2000

STP14393S: Effects of Anvil Configurations on Absorbed Energy - 01 January 2000

STP14385S: Experiments with a New Machine for Testing Materials by Impact (Reprint from 1898) - 01 January 2000

STP14394S: The Difference Between Total Absorbed Energy Measured Using an Instrumented Striker and that Obtained Using an Optical Encoder - 01 January 2000

STP14395S: On the Accuracy of Measurement and Calibration of Load Signal in the Instrumented Charpy Impact Test - 01 January 2000

STP14397S: Results of the ASTM Instrumented/Miniaturized Round Robin Test Program - 01 January 2000

STP14398S: European Activity on Instrumented Impact Testing of Subsize Charpy V-Notch Specimens (ESIS TC5) - 01 January 2000

STP14400S: Low Striking Velocity Testing of Precracked Charpy-type Specimens - 01 January 2000

STP14401S: In-situ Heating and Cooling of Charpy Test Specimens2 - 01 January 2000

STP14402S: The Effects of OD Curvature and Sample Flattening on Transverse Charpy V-Notch Impact Toughness of High Strength Steel Tubular Products - 01 January 2000

STP14403S: Electron Beam Welded Charpy Test Specimen for Greater Functionality - 01 January 2000

STP14404S: Application of Single-Specimen Methods on Instrumented Charpy Tests: Results of DVM Round-Robin Exercises - 01 January 2000

STP14405S: Relation Between Fracture Toughness and Charpy Fracture Energy: An Analytical Approach - 01 January 2000

STP14406S: Use of Instrumented Charpy Test for Determination of Crack Initiation Toughness - 01 January 2000

STP14407S: On the Determination of Dynamic Fracture Toughness Properties by Instrumented Impact Testing - 01 January 2000

STP14408S: Estimation of NDT and Crack-Arrest Toughness from Charpy Force-Displacement Traces - 01 January 2000

STP14384S: The History and Importance of Impact Testing - 01 January 2000

STP14386S: Essay on the Metals Impact Bend Test of Notched Bars (Reprint from 1901) - 01 January 2000

STP14387S: International Comparison of Impact Verification Programs - 01 January 2000

STP14388S: European Certification of Charpy Specimens: Reasoning and Observations - 01 January 2000

STP13501S: A Newton Algorithm for Solving Non-Linear Problems in Mechanics of Structures Under Complex Loading Histories - 01 January 2000

STP1387-EB: Multiaxial Fatigue and Deformation: Testing and Prediction - 01 January 2000

STP13502S: A Numerical Approach for High-Cycle Fatigue Life Prediction with Multiaxial Loading - 01 January 2000

STP13503S: Experiences with Lifetime Prediction Under Multiaxial Random Loading - 01 January 2000

STP13504S: Generalization of Energy-Based Multiaxial Fatigue Criteria to Random Loading - 01 January 2000

STP13505S: Fatigue Strength of Welded Joints Under Multiaxial Loading: Comparison Between Experiments and Calculations - 01 January 2000

STP13506S: The Effect of Periodic Overloads on Biaxial Fatigue of Normalized SAE 1045 Steel - 01 January 2000

STP13507S: Fatigue of the Quenched and Tempered Steel 42CrMo4 (SAE 4140) under Combined In- and Out-of-Phase Tension and Torsion - 01 January 2000

STP13508S: In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Combined Bending-Torsion Fatigue of a Notched Specimen - 01 January 2000

STP13509S: The Application of a Biaxial Isothermal Fatigue Model to Thermomechanical Loading for Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 2000

STP13496S: In-Plane Biaxial Failure Surface of Cold-Rolled 304 Stainless Steel Sheets - 01 January 2000

STP13510S: Cumulative Axial and Torsional Fatigue: An Investigation of Load-Type Sequencing Effects - 01 January 2000

STP13511S: A New Multiaxial Fatigue Life and Crack Growth Rate Model for Various In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Strain Paths - 01 January 2000

STP13512S: Modeling of Short Crack Growth Under Biaxial Fatigue: Comparison Between Simulation and Experiment - 01 January 2000

STP13513S: Micro-Crack Growth Modes and Their Propagation Rate under Multiaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue at High Temperature - 01 January 2000

STP13514S: System Design for Multiaxial High-Strain Fatigue Testing - 01 January 2000

STP13515S: An In-Plane Biaxial Contact Extensometer - 01 January 2000

STP13516S: Design of Specimens and Reusable Fixturing for Testing Advanced Aeropropulsion Materials Under In-Plane Biaxial Loading - 01 January 2000

STP13494S: Strength of a G-10 Composite Laminate Tube Under Multiaxial Loading - 01 January 2000

STP13517S: Cruciform Specimens for In-Plane Biaxial Fracture, Deformation, and Fatigue Testing - 01 January 2000

STP13518S: Development of a True Triaxial Testing Facility for Composite Materials - 01 January 2000

STP13499S: Multiaxial Stress-Strain Notch Analysis - 01 January 2000

STP13500S: Axial-Torsional Load Effects of Haynes 188 at 650°C - 01 January 2000

STP1389-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 31st Volume - 01 January 2000

STP14797S: Assessments of Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Powder Metallurgy Alloy U720 - 01 January 2000

STP14798S: Computer Aided Nondestructive Evaluation Method of Welding Residual Stresses by Removing Reinforcement of Weld (Proposal of a New Concept and Its Verification) - 01 January 2000

STP14799S: Bulk Property Evaluation of a Thick Thermal Barrier Coating - 01 January 2000

STP14800S: Application of the Two-Parameter J-A2 Description to Ductile Crack Growth - 01 January 2000

STP14801S: The Technical Basis for ASTM E 1820-98 Deformation Limits on JC - 01 January 2000

STP14802S: Variations of Constraint and Plastic Zone Size in Surface-Cracked Plates Under Tension or Bending Loads - 01 January 2000

STP14803S: A Strip-Yield Model for Part-Through Surface Flaws Under Monotonic Loading - 01 January 2000

STP14804S: Application of the Weibull Methodology to a Shallow-Flaw Cruciform Bend Specimen Tested Under Biaxial Loading Conditions - 01 January 2000

STP14805S: Local Approach to Dynamic Fracture Toughness Evaluation - 01 January 2000

STP14806S: Transition Fracture Toughness Testing with Notched Round Bars (NRB) - 01 January 2000

STP14807S: Dislocation Mechanics Basis and Stress State Dependency of the Master Curve - 01 January 2000

STP14808S: Investigation of a New Analytical Method for Treating Kinked Cracks in a Plate - 01 January 2000

STP14809S: Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors for Cracks of Complex Geometry and Subjected to Arbitrary Nonlinear Stress Fields - 01 January 2000

STP14810S: Stress Intensity Predictions with ANSYS® for Use in Aircraft Engine Component Life Prediction - 01 January 2000

STP14811S: Fracture Parameters of Surface Cracks in Compressor Disks - 01 January 2000

STP14792S: Irwin's Stress Intensity Factor—A Historical Perspective - 01 January 2000

STP14791S: An Overview and Discussion of Basic Methodology for Fatigue - 01 January 2000

STP14812S: Prediction of Time-Dependent Crack Growth with Retardation Effects in Nickel Base Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP14813S: The Effect of Low Cycle Fatigue Cracks and Loading History on High Cycle Fatigue Threshold - 01 January 2000

STP14814S: Fatigue Crack Growth Threshold Stress Intensity Determination via Surface Flaw (Kb Bar) Specimen Geometry - 01 January 2000

STP14815S: Fatigue Strength of Weld Repair Specimens Under Simulated Program Loading of an Overhead Traveling Crane - 01 January 2000

STP14816S: Modeling Crack Growth in Thin Sheet Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 2000

STP14817S: Residual Strength Analyses of Riveted Lap-Splice Joints - 01 January 2000

STP14818S: Damage Repair Simulation of a Tension Panel and Pressurized Cylindrical Shell Using Adhesively Bonded Patches - 01 January 2000

STP14793S: The Contributions of George Irwin to Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Development - 01 January 2000

STP14794S: A New Incremental Fatigue Method - 01 January 2000

STP14795S: Biaxial Fatigue of Stainless Steel 304 under Irregular Loading - 01 January 2000

STP14796S: Fatigue Life Estimation Under Cumulative Cyclic Loading Conditions - 01 January 2000

STP13528S: Residual Strength Assessment of Stress Corrosion in High Strength Steel Components - 01 January 2000

STP1391-EB: Structural Integrity of Fasteners: Second Volume - 01 January 2000

STP13529S: Thread Lap Behavior Determination Using Finite-Element Analysis and Fracture Mechanics Techniques - 01 January 2000

STP13530S: Stress Intensity Factor Solutions for Fasteners in NASGRO 3.0 - 01 January 2000

STP13531S: Fatigue Acceptance Test Limit Criterion for Larger-Diameter Rolled Thread Fasteners - 01 January 2000

STP13532S: Experimental Techniques to Evaluate Fatigue Crack Growth in Preflawed Bolts Under Tensile Loads - 01 January 2000

STP13522S: Laboratory Techniques for Service History Estimations of High Strength Fastener Failures - 01 January 2000

STP13533S: Accelerated Small Specimen Test Method for Measuring the Fatigue Strength in the Failure Analysis of Fasteners - 01 January 2000

STP13534S: Fracture Mechanics of Mechanically Fastened Joints—A Bibliography - 01 January 2000

STP13523S: Assembly Cracks in a Hybrid Nylon and Steel Planter Wheel - 01 January 2000

STP13521S: Assessing Life Prediction Methodologies for Fasteners Under Bending Loads - 01 January 2000

STP13524S: Failure Analysis of High Strength Steel Army Tank Recoil Mechanism Bolts - 01 January 2000

STP13525S: The Effect of Fasteners on the Fatigue Life of Fiber-Reinforced Composites - 01 January 2000

STP13526S: Fatigue Testing of Low-Alloy Steel Fasteners Subjected to Simultaneous Bending and Axial Loads - 01 January 2000

STP13527S: Stress Intensity Factor Solutions for Cracks in Threaded Fasteners - 01 January 2000

STP1395-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Ninth Volume - 01 January 2000

STP12491S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Engineering Alloys at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures in Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 2000

STP12492S: Ignition of Aluminum by Impact in LOX — Influence of Contaminants - 01 January 2000

STP12493S: The Presence of Excess Oxygen in Burning Metallic Materials - 01 January 2000

STP12495S: ASTM G 124 Test Data For Selected Al-Si Alloys, Al-Composites, Binary Alloys and Stainless Steels - 01 January 2000

STP12496S: Igniter Effects on Metals Combustion Testing - 01 January 2000

STP12501S: Modeling the NASA/ASTM Flammability Test for Metallic Materials Burning in Reduced Gravity - 01 January 2000

STP12503S: Failure Investigation of a Welding Regulator Fire - 01 January 2000

STP12504S: Emergency Oxygen in the United States, Canada, and France: Assuring Proper Training - 01 January 2000

STP12505S: Evaluation of Contaminant-Promoted Ignition in Scuba Equipment and Breathing-Gas Delivery Systems - 01 January 2000

STP12506S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Tests of Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger Samples in Gaseous and Liquid-Oxygen Environments - 01 January 2000

STP12507S: Tests of Combustion of Aluminum Packing and Trayed Columns - 01 January 2000

STP12486S: Selection of Metal for Oxygen Valves - 01 January 2000

STP12508S: Flame Spreading and Violent Energy Release (VER) Processes of Aluminum Tubing in Liquid and Gaseous Oxygen Environments - 01 January 2000

STP12510S: A Promoted Ignition Combustion Test Apparatus for Evaluating the Flammability of Metallic Materials - 01 January 2000

STP12512S: Metals Flammability: Review and Model Analysis - 01 January 2000

STP12513S: Test System to Study the Ignition of Metals by Polymers in Oxygen - 01 January 2000

STP12515S: Predictability of Gaseous Impact Ignition Sensitivity from Autoignition Temperature Data - 01 January 2000

STP13557S: A Methodology for Quantifying the Atmospheric Corrosion Performance of Fabricated Metal Products in Marine Environments - 01 January 2000

STP1399-EB: Marine Corrosion in Tropical Environments - 01 January 2000

STP13561S: Model Solutions of Concrete Environment and Effect of Chloride Ions on the Electrochemical Corrosion Behavior of Reinforcing Mild Steel - 01 January 2000

STP13551S: Application of a Model for Prediction of Atmospheric Corrosion in Tropical Environments - 01 January 2000

STP13566S: Methodology for Service Life Prediction of Stainless Steel Reinforced Structures Based on the Correlation between Electrochemical and Mechanical Manifestations of Corrosion - 01 January 2000

STP13567S: Cathodic Protection of Structures in Coral Sands in the Presence of Salt Water - 01 January 2000

STP13568S: An Evaluation of Fungal-Influenced Corrosion of Aircraft Operating in Marine Tropical Environments - 01 January 2000

STP13569S: Features of SRB-Induced Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Marine Environments - 01 January 2000

STP13570S: Use of Coatings to Assess the Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels in Warm Seawater - 01 January 2000

STP13552S: Mechanisms of Atmospheric Corrosion in Tropical Environments - 01 January 2000

STP13550S: Marine Atmospheric Corrosion of Reference Metals in Tropical Climates of Latin-America - 01 January 2000

STP13553S: Aerosol Model Aids Interpretation of Corrosivity Measurements in a Tropical Region of Australia - 01 January 2000

STP13554S: Thirty-Eight Years of Atmospheric Corrosivity Monitoring - 01 January 2000

STP13555S: Atmospheric Corrosion in Marine Environments along the Gulf of México - 01 January 2000

STP13556S: Electrochemical Evaluation of the Protective Properties of Steel Corrosion Products Formed in Ibero-American Tropical Atmospheres - 01 January 2000

STP10216S: Strain Rate Dependent Environment Assisted Cracking of α/β-Ti Alloys in Chloride Solution - 01 January 2000

STP1401-EB: Environmentally Assisted Cracking: Predictive Methods for Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Materials, Equipment, and Structures - 01 January 2000

STP10217S: Framework for Predicting Stress Corrosion Cracking - 01 January 2000

STP10218S: Deterministic Prediction of Localized Corrosion Damage in Power Plant Coolant Circuits - 01 January 2000

STP10219S: Status of JAERI Material Performance Database (JMPD) and Its Use for Analyses of Aqueous Environmentally Assisted Cracking Data - 01 January 2000

STP10220S: An Analysis of Baffle/Former Bolt Cracking in French PWRs - 01 January 2000

STP10221S: Improvement of IASCC Resistance for Austenitic Stainless Steels in PWR Environment - 01 January 2000

STP10197S: Issues in Modelling of Environment Assisted Cracking - 01 January 2000

STP10222S: Prediction of Conditions Leading to Stress Corrosion Cracking of Gas Transmission Lines - 01 January 2000

STP10223S: Considerations in Using Laboratory Test Data as an Indicator of Field Performance: Stress Corrosion Cracking - 01 January 2000

STP10224S: Effects of Environmental Factors and Potential on Stress Corrosion Cracking of Fe-Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys in Chloride Solutions - 01 January 2000

STP10225S: Environmentally Assisted Cracking in the Chemical Process Industry. Stress Corrosion Cracking of Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt Based Alloys in Chloride and Wet HF Services - 01 January 2000

STP10226S: Hydrogen Embrittlement - Loading Rate Effects in Fracture Mechanics Testing - 01 January 2000

STP10227S: Standardization of Rising Load/Rising Displacement SCC Testing - 01 January 2000

STP10228S: Role of Cyclic Pre-Loading in Hydrogen Assisted Cracking - 01 January 2000

STP10229S: Improvement of Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) Resistance by Cyclic Pre-Straining in FCC Materials - 01 January 2000

STP10230S: Influence of Surface Films and Adsorption of Chloride Ions on SCC of Austenitic Stainless Steels in 0.75M HCl at Room Temperature - 01 January 2000

STP10231S: Toward A More Rational Taxonomy For Environmentally Induced Cracking - 01 January 2000

STP10232S: Environmentally Influenced Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth in 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2000

STP10233S: The Use of Atomic Force Microscopy to Detect Nucleation Sites of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Type 304 Stainless Steel - 01 January 2000

STP10196S: Material Aging and Reliability of Engineered Systems - 01 January 2000

STP10198S: Environment-Assisted Intergranular Cracking: Factors that Promote Crack Path Connectivity - 01 January 2000

STP10234S: An Electrochemical Film-Rupture Model for SCC of Mild Steel in Phosphate Environment - 01 January 2000

STP10236S: Environmentally Assisted Cracking of Cold Drawn Eutectoid Steel for Civil Engineering Structures - 01 January 2000

STP10237S: Premature Failures of Copper Alloy Valves and Fittings in the New York City Water Supply System - 01 January 2000

STP10238S: Stress Corrosion Cracking of Linepipe Steels in Near-Neutral pH Environment: A Review of the Effects of Stress - 01 January 2000

STP10215S: Micromechanical Modeling of Hydrogen Transport—A Review - 01 January 2000

STP1325-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 18th International Symposium - 01 January 1999

STP13918S: The Effects of Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of 6061-T651 Aluminum Base Metal and Weldments - 01 January 1999

STP13860S: Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Linde 80 RPV Welds - 01 January 1999

STP13919S: Irradiation Induced Growth and Microstructure Evolution of Zr-1.2Sn-1Nb-0.4Fe Under Neutron Irradiation to High Doses - 01 January 1999

STP13920S: The Neutron Irradiation Effect on the Mechanical Properties and Structure of Beryllium - 01 January 1999

STP13921S: In-Situ Radio-Luminescence from Sapphires Under Fission Reactor Irradiation - 01 January 1999

STP13922S: The Effects of Constraint, Loading Rate and Irradiation on the Toughness-Temperature Behavior of a V-4Cr-4Ti Alloy - 01 January 1999

STP13923S: Effects of Helium on Void Swelling Behavior of Vanadium Alloys Using Dual Ion Beam Irradiation - 01 January 1999

STP13924S: Effects of Low Temperature Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of V-4Cr-4Ti - 01 January 1999

STP13861S: Evaluation of Variability in Material Properties and Chemical Composition for Midland Reactor Weld WF-70 - 01 January 1999

STP13855S: The Impact of Mobile Point Defect Clusters in a Kinetic Model of Pressure Vessel Embrittlement - 01 January 1999

STP13862S: Fracture Toughness Testing of Linde 1092 Reactor Vessel Welds in the Transition Range Using Charpy-Sized Specimens - 01 January 1999

STP13863S: Comparison of Irradiation-Induced Shifts of KJc and Charpy Impact Toughness for Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1999

STP13864S: Miniaturized Charpy Test for Reactor Pressure Vessel Embrittlement Characterization - 01 January 1999

STP13865S: Use of Forces from Instrumented Charpy V-Notch Testing to Determine Crack-Arrest Toughness - 01 January 1999

STP13866S: The Ductile-Brittle Transition Behaviour of Submerged-Arc Weldments Following High Temperature Exposure - 01 January 1999

STP13867S: Irradiation of Vessel Materials Using KORPUS Facility of RBT-6 Reactor - 01 January 1999

STP13868S: Auger Spectroscopy of Magnox Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1999

STP13869S: Phosphorus Free Energy Change Associated with Segregation to Grain Boundaries in Submerged-Arc Welds - 01 January 1999

STP13870S: Irradiation Embrittlement of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels due to Mechanisms Other than Radiation Hardening - 01 January 1999

STP13871S: Temper Embrittlement, Irradiation Induced Phosphorus Segregation and Implications for Post-Irradiation Annealing of Reactor Pressure Vessels - 01 January 1999

STP13856S: An Analysis of Radiation Effects in Model A533B Pressure Vessel Steels Containing Copper, Phosphorus and Nickel Additions - 01 January 1999

STP13872S: The Effect of Heat Treatment on Phosphorus Segregation in a Submerged-Arc Weld Metal - 01 January 1999

STP13873S: SANS Study of High-Copper RPV Welds in Irradiated and Annealed Conditions - 01 January 1999

STP13874S: Investigation of the Development of Irradiation - Induced Precipitates in VVER-440-Type Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels and Weld Metals after Irradiation and Annealing - 01 January 1999

STP13875S: Hardness and Microstructural Response to Thermal Annealing of Irradiated ASTM A533B Class 1 Plate Steel - 01 January 1999

STP13876S: Effects of Damage Rate on Irradiation Hardening and Post-irradiation Annealing Characteristics of Carbon Steel - 01 January 1999

STP13877S: Experimental Tests of Irradiation-Anneal-Reirradiation Effects on Mechanical Properties of RPV Plate and Weld Materials - 01 January 1999

STP13854S: Irradiation Hardening of Pressure Vessel Steels at 60°C: The Role of Thermal Neutrons and Boron - 01 January 1999

STP13878S: Comparison of Different Experimental and Analytical Measures of the Thermal Annealing Response of Neutron-Irradiated RPV Steels - 01 January 1999

STP13879S: The Annealing Recovery of The Palisades Nuclear Power Plant Surveillance Material Using Weld Reconstitution - 01 January 1999

STP13880S: Design of an Annealing Supplemental Surveillance Program for the Palisades Reactor Pressure Vessel - 01 January 1999

STP13881S: Comparison of BR3 Surveillance and Vessel Plates to the Surrogate Plates Representative of the Yankee Rowe PWR Vessel - 01 January 1999

STP13882S: Role and Experience with Thermal Monitors in Reactor Vessel Surveillance Capsules - 01 January 1999

STP13883S: A Consideration of Scatter in Radiation Damage Trend Curves for Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Plate Materials - 01 January 1999

STP13884S: Refinements to Pressure Vessel Steel Embrittlement Correlations - 01 January 1999

STP13885S: Development of Embrittlement Prediction Models for U.S. Power Reactors and The Impact of The Heat-Affected Zone to Thermal Annealing - 01 January 1999

STP13857S: An Assessment of Potential Gamma Ray Enhancement of Embrittlement in ABWR Pressure Vessel Walls - 01 January 1999

STP13886S: Empirical Correlation of Observed Three Stages of Fast Neutron Irradiation Hardening and Embrittlement in WWER-440 Pressure Vessel Materials - 01 January 1999

STP13887S: Evaluation of Irradiated Pressure Vessel Steel by Mechanical Tests and Positron Annihilation Lineshape Analysis - 01 January 1999

STP13888S: Detection of Radiation Damage in Low Alloy Steel Using a Squid Sensor - 01 January 1999

STP13889S: Nondestructive Evaluation of Neutron Irradiation Embrittlement for Reactor Vessel Steel by Magnetomechanical Acoustic Emission Technique - 01 January 1999

STP13890S: Changes in Electromagnetic Properties of a Low-Alloy Steel Caused by Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 1999

STP13891S: Detection of Irradiation Embrittlement of Low-Alloy Steel for Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels Using a Probe Type Eddy Current Sensor - 01 January 1999

STP13892S: The Effect of Ordering on Radiation-Induced Segregation in Austenitic Iron- and Nickel-Base Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP13893S: The Modelling of Combined Radiation-Induced and Thermal Non-Equilibrium Segregation of Chromium in Neutron-Irradiated Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 1999

STP13894S: Radiation-Induced Instability of MnS Precipitates and its Possible Consequences on Irradiation-Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking of Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 1999

STP13895S: Tensile Properties of a Titanium Modified Austenitic Stainless Steel and the Held Joints after Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 1999

STP13896S: Temperature Dependence of the Deformation Behavior of Type 316 Stainless Steel after Low Temperature Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 1999

STP13897S: Microstructures in Neutron Irradiated Fe-Cr-Ni-P-Ti Model Austenitic Alloys Doped with 10B - 01 January 1999

STP13898S: Behavior of Fe-Cr-Ni-xP-yTi Alloys under Electron/He Ion Dual Beam Irradiation - 01 January 1999

STP13899S: Comparison of Irradiation Creep and Swelling of an Austenitic Alloy Irradiated in FFTF and PFR - 01 January 1999

STP13900S: Irradiation Creep at Temperatures of 400°C and Below for Application to Near-Term Fusion Devices - 01 January 1999

STP13901S: Irradiation Creep in Nickel Containing and in Manganese Containing Stainless Steel Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP13858S: Dynamic Finite Element Modeling of the Upper Shelf Energy of Precracked Charpy Specimens of Neutron Irradiated Weld Metal 72W - 01 January 1999

STP13902S: Variability of Irradiation Creep and Swelling of HT9 Irradiated to High Neutron Fluence at 400–600°C - 01 January 1999

STP13903S: Evaluation of Low-Temperature Swelling in Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 1999

STP13904S: A Reevaluation of Helium/dpa and Hydrogen/dpa Ratios for Fast Reactor and Thermal Reactor Data Used in Fission-Fusion Correlations - 01 January 1999

STP13905S: The Effects of Phase Stability on Void Swelling in P, Ti-Modified 316 Stainless Steels During Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 1999

STP13906S: The Dependence of Swelling on Phosphorus Content in Stainless Steels Containing High Silicon Levels - 01 January 1999

STP13907S: Neutron Irradiation Creep at 100°C on 316L, AMCR, and Welded 316L Stainless Steel Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP13908S: Effect of Radiation-Induced Segregation on Precipitate Stability and Swelling in Irradiated Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP13909S: Microstructural and Microchemical Characterisation of Ferritic Ex-Service Magnox Control Rod Sheath Material - 01 January 1999

STP13910S: Behavior of an Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ferritic Steel Irradiated in Phenix - 01 January 1999

STP13859S: Anomalous Hardening in Model Alloys and Steels Thermally Aged at 290°C and 350°C: Implications to Low Flux Irradiation Embrittlement - 01 January 1999

STP13911S: The Consequences of Helium Production and Nickel Additions on Microstructural Development in Isotopically Tailored Ferritic Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP13912S: Tensile and Charpy Impact Properties of Irradiated Reduced Activation Ferritic Steels - 01 January 1999

STP13913S: Impact Behavior of Low Activation Steels at 30 dpa - 01 January 1999

STP13914S: Electron Microscopy of Precipitation and Age Hardening in Fe-0.6Cu Model Alloy - 01 January 1999

STP13915S: Brazed Dispersion Strengthened Copper: The Effect of Neutron Irradiation and Transmutation on Bond Integrity - 01 January 1999

STP13916S: Void Swelling of Copper and Copper Alloys Induced by Heavy Ion Irradiation - 01 January 1999

STP13917S: Radiation-Enhanced Diffusion of 63Ni in Nickel and in Copper - 01 January 1999

STP1332-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 29th Volume - 01 January 1999

STP14946S: Analyses of Buckling and Stable Tearing in Thin-Sheet Materials - 01 January 1999

STP14947S: A Numerical Investigation of Loading Rate Effects in Pre-Cracked CVN Specimens - 01 January 1999

STP14948S: Effect of Residual Stress on Brittle Fracture Testing - 01 January 1999

STP14949S: Evaluation of Stress-Intensity Factors Using General Finite-Element Models - 01 January 1999

STP14941S: Dynamic Initiation Fracture Toughness of a Pressure Vessel Steel in the Transition Region - 01 January 1999

STP14950S: Effects of Finite Element Mesh on Numerical Prediction of Ductile Tearing - 01 January 1999

STP14951S: Fully Plastic J-Integrals for Through-Wall Axial Cracks in Pipes - 01 January 1999

STP14952S: Elastoplastic Crack Growth in Pressure-Sensitive Materials - 01 January 1999

STP14953S: A Simplified Transformation Approach to Obtain Structural Calibration Functions - 01 January 1999

STP14954S: A New Theoretical Framework for Inelastic Fracture Processes - 01 January 1999

STP14955S: The Use of Local Approach to Fracture in Reactor Pressure Vessel Structural Integrity Assessment: Synthesis of a Cooperative Research Program Between EDF, CEA, Framatome and AEA Technology - 01 January 1999

STP14956S: Evaluation of Fracture Toughness Results and Transferability to Fracture Assessment of Welded Joints - 01 January 1999

STP14957S: Micromechanical Prediction of Fracture Toughness for Pressure Vessel Steel Using a Coupled Model - 01 January 1999

STP14958S: On the Gurson Micro-Mechanical Parameters - 01 January 1999

STP14959S: Conditions Causing Intergranular Cracking in High Strength Nickel-Copper Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP14961S: Stress Ratio Effects on Crack Opening Loads and Crack Growth Rates in Aluminum Alloy 2024 - 01 January 1999

STP14942S: Applicability of Sub-Charpy-Size Bend and Impact Specimens for Estimation of Fracture Toughness in the Transition Region - 01 January 1999

STP14962S: Stress-Level-Dependent Stress Ratio Effect on Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 January 1999

STP14963S: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Crack Tip Plasticity on Fatigue Crack Closure - 01 January 1999

STP14964S: Prediction of Plasticity-Induced Closure in Surface Flaws Using a Modified Strip-Yield Model - 01 January 1999

STP14965S: Reflecting on the Mechanical Driving Force of Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 January 1999

STP14966S: A Fatigue Crack Growth Theory Based on Energy Considerations: Further Developments on Small Crack Behavior and R Ratio Effect - 01 January 1999

STP14967S: Estimation of Crack Growth Behavior in a Residual Stress Field Using the Modified Strip-Yield Model - 01 January 1999

STP14968S: An Analytical Model for Studying Roughness-Induced Crack Closure - 01 January 1999

STP14969S: On the Crack-Tip Blunting Model for Fatigue Crack Propagation in Ductile Materials - 01 January 1999

STP14943S: Fracture Behavior of Surface Crack Tension Specimens in the Ductile-Brittle Transition Region - 01 January 1999

STP14970S: Influence of Bauschinger Effect on Residual Stress and Fatigue Lifetimes in Autofrettaged Thick-Walled Cylinders - 01 January 1999

STP14971S: Fatigue Durability Enhancement by Controlled Overloading - 01 January 1999

STP14972S: An Energy Based Critical Plane Approach to Multiaxial Fatigue Analysis - 01 January 1999

STP14974S: A Rapid Method for Generation of a Haigh Diagram for High Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1999

STP14975S: Ultrasonic Pulse Transmit-Receiver Method for Detecting and Monitoring of Fatigue Damage - 01 January 1999

STP14976S: Sustained Fatigue Crack Growth Oblique to an Applied Load Using Geometric Constraint - 01 January 1999

STP14977S: An Evaluation of the Adjusted Compliance Ratio Technique for Determining the Effective Stress Intensity Factor - 01 January 1999

STP14978S: The Use of Almost Complete Contacts for Fretting Fatigue Tests - 01 January 1999

STP14979S: High-Speed Civil Transport Hybrid Laminate Sandwich Fuselage Panel Test - 01 January 1999

STP14980S: Prediction of Fatigue Life Under Helicopter Loading Spectra for Safe Life and Damage Tolerant Design - 01 January 1999

STP14983S: Microstructure Evolution and Thermomechanical Fatigue Life of Solder Joints - 01 January 1999

STP14984S: Fatigue Life Predicition of Resistance Spot Welds Under Variable Amplitude Loads - 01 January 1999

STP14985S: Residual Strength Predictions for Multiple Site Damage Cracking Using a Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis and a CTOA Criterion - 01 January 1999

STP14944S: A New Method for Predicting Extensive Ductile Tearing Using Finite Element Analysis - 01 January 1999

STP14986S: Fracture Analyses of an Internally Pressurized Tube Containing an Axial, Through-Wall Crack - 01 January 1999

STP14987S: Fracture Analysis of Ductile Crack Growth in Weld Material from a Full-Thickness Clad RPV Shell Segment - 01 January 1999

STP14988S: Ductile Crack Growth from Simulated Defects in Strength Overmatched Butt Welds - 01 January 1999

STP14989S: Predicting Extensive Stable Tearing in Structural Components - 01 January 1999

STP14990S: Hydrogen Cracking During Service of High Strength Steel Cannon Components - 01 January 1999

STP14945S: Elastic-Plastic Crack Growth Simulation and Residual Strength Prediction of Thin Plates with Single and Multiple Cracks - 01 January 1999

STP14940S: Fracture Analysis in the Ductile/Brittle Regime: A Predictive Tool Using Cell Models - 01 January 1999

STP1343-EB: Advances in Fatigue Crack Closure Measurement and Analysis: Second Volume - 01 January 1999

STP1353-EB: Acoustic Emission: Standards and Technology Update - 01 January 1999

STP1359-EB: Mixed-Mode Crack Behavior - 01 January 1999

STP14247S: Mixed-Mode Fracture Behavior of Silica Particulate Filled Epoxide Resin - 01 January 1999

STP14248S: Mixed-Mode Fracture Mechanics Parameters of Elliptical Interface Cracks in Anisotropic Bimaterials - 01 January 1999

STP14249S: Microtexture, Asperities, and Crack Deflection in Al-Li 2090 T8E41 - 01 January 1999

STP14251S: Polycrystal Orientation Effects on Microslip and Mixed-Mode Behavior of Microstructurally Small Cracks - 01 January 1999

STP14241S: The Crack Tip Displacement Vector Approach to Mixed-Mode Fracture - 01 January 1999

STP14252S: Some Observations on Mixed-Mode Fatigue Behavior of Polycrystalline Metals - 01 January 1999

STP14253S: A Fractographic Study of Load-Sequence-Induced Mixed-Mode Fatigue Crack Growth in an Al-Cu Alloy - 01 January 1999

STP14254S: Mixed-Mode Static and Fatigue Crack Growth in Central Notched and Compact Tension Shear Specimens - 01 January 1999

STP14255S: The Propagation of a Circumferential Fatigue Crack in Medium-Carbon Steel Bars Under Combined Torsional and Axial Loadings - 01 January 1999

STP14256S: Near-Threshold Crack Growth Behavior of a Single Crystal Ni-Base Superalloy Subjected to Mixed-Mode Loading - 01 January 1999

STP14240S: Evaluation of the Effects of Mixed Mode I-II Loading on Elastic-Plastic Ductile Fracture of Metallic Materials - 01 January 1999

STP14242S: A Simple Theory for Describing the Transition Between Tensile and Shear Mechanisms in Mode I, II, III, and Mixed-Mode Fracture - 01 January 1999

STP14243S: Further Studies on T*ε Integral for Curved Crack Growth - 01 January 1999

STP14244S: Recommendations for the Determination of Valid Mode II Fracture Toughnesses KIIc - 01 January 1999

STP14245S: A CTOD-Based Mixed-Mode Fracture Criterion - 01 January 1999

STP12371S: Rolling Bearing Life Models and Steel Internal Cleanliness - 01 January 1999

STP1361-EB: Advances in the Production and Use of Steel with Improved Internal Cleanliness - 01 January 1999

STP12370S: Clean Engineered Steels - Progress at the End of the Twentieth Century - 01 January 1999

STP12372S: Improving Production, Control and Properties of Bearing Steels Intended for Demanding Applications - 01 January 1999

STP12373S: Microstructural Features of Implant Quality 316L Stainless Steel - 01 January 1999

STP12374S: A Review and Update of Advancements in Clean Cast Steel Technology - 01 January 1999

STP12375S: Clean Steel Technology - Fundamental to the Development of High Performance Steels - 01 January 1999

STP12376S: Sulfur Content of Carbon Steel Plate Material for Dished End Manufacture by Cold Spinning - 01 January 1999

STP1365-EB: Cobalt-Base Alloys for Biomedical Applications - 01 January 1999

STP14267S: The Role of the FCC-HCP Phase Transformation During the Plastic Deformation of Co-Cr-Mo-C Alloys for Biomedical Applications - 01 January 1999

STP14260S: The Production and Properties of Wrought High Carbon Co-Cr-Mo Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP14268S: Residual Abrasive Material from Surface Grinding of Metal-Metal Hip Implants: A Source of Third-Body Wear? - 01 January 1999

STP14269S: Metal-on-Metal Wear Testing of Co-Cr Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP14270S: Comparison of Two Cobalt-Based Alloys for Use in Metal-On-Metal Hip Prostheses: Evaluation of the Wear Properties in a Simulator - 01 January 1999

STP14271S: Effect of Metallic Counterpart Selection on the Tribological Properties of UHMWPE - 01 January 1999

STP14272S: An Overview of PVD Coating Development for Co-Based Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP14273S: The Development of Surface Coatings for Co-Cr-Mo Alloys Based on Quaternary AlSiFeMn Intermetallic Compounds - 01 January 1999

STP14274S: Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacements: Wear Performance and Cellular Response To Wear Particles - 01 January 1999

STP14275S: Serum Protein Carriers of Chromium in Patients with Cobalt-Base Alloy Total Joint Replacement Components - 01 January 1999

STP14261S: Amorphous Alloys Containing Cobalt for Orthopaedic Applications - 01 January 1999

STP14259S: Net-Shaping of Co-Cr-Mo (F-75) via Metal Injection Molding - 01 January 1999

STP14262S: Effect of Powder Morphology and Sintering Atmosphere on the Structure-Property Relationships in PM Processed Co-Cr-Mo Alloys Intended for Surgical Implants - 01 January 1999

STP14263S: Influence of Post Processing on the Mechanical Properties of Investment Cast and Wrought Co-Cr-Mo Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP14264S: Metallurgy, Microstructure, Chemistry and Mechanical Properties of a New Grade of Cobalt-Chromium Alloy Before and After Porous-Coating - 01 January 1999

STP14265S: A Dispersion Strengthened Co-Cr-Mo Alloy for Medical Implants - 01 January 1999

STP14266S: Process Metallurgy of Wrought CoCrMo Alloy - 01 January 1999

STP13353S: Cathodic Protection System Design for Steel Pilings of a Wharf Structure - 01 January 1999

STP15753S: Near-Tip and Remote Characterization of Plasticity-Induced Fatigue Crack Closure - 01 January 1999

STP15754S: An Evaluation of Plasticity-Induced Crack Closure Concept and Measurement Methods - 01 January 1999

STP15755S: Local Crack Closure Measurements: Development of a Measurement System Using Computer Vision and a Far-Field Microscope - 01 January 1999

STP15748S: Analysis of Fatigue Crack Growth in Terms of Crack Closure and Energy - 01 January 1999

STP15756S: Determining Fatigue Crack Opening Loads from Near-Crack-Tip Displacement Measurements - 01 January 1999

STP15757S: Experimental Determination of Crack Closure by the Cut Compliance Technique - 01 January 1999

STP15758S: Direct Observation of the Residual Plastic Deformation Caused by a Single Tensile Overload - 01 January 1999

STP15747S: On the ΔKeff Concept: An Investigation by Means of a Discrete Dislocation Model - 01 January 1999

STP15759S: Description of Load Interaction Effects by the ΔKeff Concept - 01 January 1999

STP15760S: Role of Crack Closure Mechanisms on Fatigue Crack Growth of Ti-62222 Under Constant-Amplitude and Transient Loading at —54, 25, and 175°C - 01 January 1999

STP15761S: Effect of Load Excursions and Specimen Thickness on Crack Closure Measurements - 01 January 1999

STP15762S: Fatigue Crack Growth and Crack Closure Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Under Variable-Amplitude Loadings - 01 January 1999

STP15763S: Effects of Thickness on Plasticity-Induced Fatigue Crack Closure: Analysis and Experiment - 01 January 1999

STP15764S: Effect of Periodic Compressive Overstrain Excursions on Crack Closure and Crack Growth Rates of Short Fatigue Cracks—Measurements and Modeling - 01 January 1999

STP15765S: Measurement of Fatigue Crack Closure for Negative Stress Ratio - 01 January 1999

STP15766S: Simulation of Fatigue Crack Closure Behavior Under Variable-Amplitude Loading by a 2D Finite Element Analysis Based on the Most Appropriate Mesh Size Concept - 01 January 1999

STP15767S: A Comparison of Two Total Fatigue Life Prediction Methods - 01 January 1999

STP15768S: Contact of Nonflat Crack Surfaces During Fatigue - 01 January 1999

STP15769S: Synergetic Effects of Fatigue Crack Closure Mechanisms - 01 January 1999

STP15770S: Evaluating The Influence of Plasticity-Induced Closure on Surface Flaw Shape Evolution Under Cyclic Loading Using a Modified Strip-Yield Model - 01 January 1999

STP15771S: A Unified Elastic-Plastic Model for Fatigue Crack Growth at Notches Including Crack Closure Effects - 01 January 1999

STP15749S: Measurability of Crack Closure - 01 January 1999

STP15772S: A Displacement-Based Method for Predicting Plasticity-Induced Fatigue Crack Closure - 01 January 1999

STP15773S: Role of Fatigue Crack Closure Stresses in Hydrogen-Assisted Cracking - 01 January 1999

STP15774S: Description of Crack Growth Using the Strip-Yield Model for Computation of Crack Opening Loads, Crack Tip Stretch, and Strain Rates - 01 January 1999

STP15750S: Separating the Influence of Kmax from Closure-Related Stress Ratio Effects Using the Adjusted Compliance Ratio Technique - 01 January 1999

STP15751S: Analysis of the Second ASTM Round-Robin Program on Opening-Load Measurement Using the Adjusted Compliance Ratio Technique - 01 January 1999

STP15752S: Evaluation of the Adjusted Compliance Ratio Technique for Measuring Crack Closure in Ti-6A1-4V - 01 January 1999

STP15784S: Acoustic Emission Applied to Detect Workpiece Burn During Grinding - 01 January 1999

STP15785S: Analysis of Fracture Scale and Material Quality Monitoring with the Help of Acoustic Emission Measurements - 01 January 1999

STP15789S: Practical AE Methodology for Use on Aircraft - 01 January 1999

STP15790S: Periodic AE Re-Tests of Seamless Steel Gas Cylinders - 01 January 1999

STP15792S: Acoustic Emission Testing of Steel-Lined FRP Hoop-Wrapped NGV Cylinders - 01 January 1999

STP15779S: On the Necessity of a New Standard for the Acoustic Emission Characterization of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures - 01 January 1999

STP15780S: AE Evaluation of Fatigue Damage in Traffic Signal Poles - 01 January 1999

STP15781S: The Development of Acoustic Emission for Leak Detection and Location in Liquid-Filled, Buried Pipelines - 01 January 1999

STP15782S: Acoustic Emission and Ultrasonic Testing for Mechanical Integrity - 01 January 1999

STP38240S: Copper-Triazole Interaction and Coolant Inhibitor Depletion - 01 January 1999

STP12123S: From White Etching Areas Formed Around Inclusions to Crack Nucleation in Bearing Steels Under Rolling Contact Fatigue - 01 January 1998

STP1327-EB: Bearing Steels: Into the 21st Century - 01 January 1998

STP12124S: Nucleation of Fatigue in Very Low Oxygen Bearing Steels - 01 January 1998

STP12125S: Rolling Contact Fatigue Behavior of Heat Resistant Bearing Steels at High Operational Temperatures - 01 January 1998

STP12117S: Inclusion Ratings: Past, Present, and Future - 01 January 1998

STP12126S: Fatigue and Material Response in Rolling Contact - 01 January 1998

STP12127S: A New Type of Flaking Failure in Bearings for Electrical Instruments of Automotive Engines - 01 January 1998

STP12128S: Bearing Steels 20/20 — A Steelmaker's View Point — A Look Back 20 Years and a Look Forward 20 Years - 01 January 1998

STP12129S: Bearing Steels in the 21st Century - 01 January 1998

STP12130S: Aapplication of Continuous Casting Steel 100CR6 (SAE 52 100) for Bearing Balls - 01 January 1998

STP12131S: Development of Process Capability and Testing Techniques for the Production of Bearing Steels - 01 January 1998

STP12132S: Progress in Through-Hardening Bearing Steels: User's Experience - 01 January 1998

STP12133S: Simulation of Heat Treatment Response and Distortion of Bearing Steels - 01 January 1998

STP12134S: New Steels Now in Use for Automotive Rolling Element Bearings - 01 January 1998

STP12118S: Quantification of Large Inclusions in Bearing Steels - 01 January 1998

STP12135S: Case-hardening Medium Carbon Steel for Tough and Long Life Bearing under Severe Lubrication Conditions - 01 January 1998

STP12136S: New Steels and Methods for Induction Hardening of Bearing Rings and Rollers - 01 January 1998

STP12137S: Study on the Limited Hardenability Steel - 01 January 1998

STP12138S: The History and Future of Aircraft Turbine Engine Bearing Steels - 01 January 1998

STP12139S: The New Low Nitrogen Steel LNS — A Material for Advanced Aircraft Engine and Aerospace Bearing Applications - 01 January 1998

STP12140S: Development of CSS-421™, A High Performance Carburizing Stainless Steel for High Temperature Aerospace Applications - 01 January 1998

STP12141S: Metallurgical and Tribological Evaluation of 32CrMoV13 Deep Nitrided Steel and XD15N™ High Nitrogen Martensitic Steel for Aerospace Applications - 01 January 1998

STP12119S: Cleanliness Assessment : A Critical Review and a Real Need to Predict Rolling Contact Fatigue Behaviour - 01 January 1998

STP12116S: A Brief History, Status, and Mission of ASTM Subcommittee A01.28 on Bearing Steels - 01 January 1998

STP12142S: High Temperature Aircraft Turbine Engine Bearing and Lubrication System Development - 01 January 1998

STP12143S: A New Corrosion Resistant, Martensitic Stainless Steel for Improved Performance in Miniature Bearings - 01 January 1998

STP12144S: Progress in Bearing Performance of Advanced Nitrogen Alloyed Stainless Steel, Cronidur 30 - 01 January 1998

STP12145S: The Evaluation of Corrosion Resistant Rod End Rolling Element Bearings - 01 January 1998

STP12146S: Laser Glazed Bearings - 01 January 1998

STP12147S: Rolling Contact Fatigue Properties of TIN/NBN Superlattice Coatings on M-50 Steel - 01 January 1998

STP12148S: The Application of Resonance Ultrasound Spectroscopy to Bearing Rollers - 01 January 1998

STP12120S: From Cleanliness to Rolling Fatigue Life of Bearings — A New Approach - 01 January 1998

STP12121S: Simulation of the Behaviour of Short Cracks at Inclusions Under Rolling Contact Fatigue Loading — Specially the Effect of Plasticity - 01 January 1998

STP12122S: What Happens to the Fatigue Limit of Bearing Steel Without Nonmetallic Inclusions? : Fatigue Strength of Electron Beam Remelted Super Clean Bearing Steel - 01 January 1998

STP1329-EB: Small Specimen Test Techniques - 01 January 1998

STP13067S: Corrosion Activity of Steel in Cementitious Controlled Low-Strength Materials vs. That in Soil - 01 January 1998

STP12344S: Low-Cycle Fatigue Testing of Tubular Material Using Non-Standard Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP1337-EB: Effects of Product Quality and Design Criteria on Structural Integrity - 01 January 1998

STP12345S: Failure Analysis of an Age Hardenable, Nickel Base Superalloy Barrel Nut from an Army Attack Helicopter - 01 January 1998

STP12346S: Effects of Wear-Resistant Coatings on the Fatigue Strength of 4340 Steel - 01 January 1998

STP12347S: Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks Under Moving Loads - 01 January 1998

STP12348S: Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Cast Duplex Stainless Steel Elbows Containing a Surface Crack - 01 January 1998

STP12349S: Structural Integrity Criteria for Commercial Transport Aircraft - 01 January 1998

STP12350S: The Specification of Crack Arrest Properties for Storage Tanks: Background and Recommendations - 01 January 1998

STP12341S: Consideration of Safety Factors in the Life Extension Modelling of Components Operating at High Temperatures - 01 January 1998

STP12342S: Improved Fatigue Resistance of 7050 Thick Plate Aluminum Through Minimization of Microporosity - 01 January 1998

STP12340S: Effect of Intergranular Surface Attack on the Fatigue and Corrosion Properties of AM-355 CRT Material - 01 January 1998

STP12343S: Influence of Density and Porosity Size and Shape on Fatigue and Fracture Toughness of High Strength FL4405 P/M Steel - 01 January 1998

STP12834S: Numerical Analysis of Time-Varying Fluid Film Thickness in Metal-Metal Hip Implants in Simulator Tests - 01 January 1998

STP12835S: Wear Morphology of Metal-Metal Implants: Hip Simulator Tests Compared with Clinical Retrievals - 01 January 1998

STP12836S: Clinical Wear Performance of Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasties - 01 January 1998

STP12837S: The Wear Characteristics of Sivash®/SRN® Co-Cr-Mo THA Articulating Surfaces - 01 January 1998

STP12840S: Adherent Alumina Coatings by Ion Beam Synthesis - 01 January 1998

STP12841S: Clinical Results of Alumina-on-Alumina Couple in Total Bip Replacement - 01 January 1998

STP12829S: A Review of The Effects of Design, Contact Stress, and Materials on The Wear of Metal-On-Metal Hip Prostheses - 01 January 1998

STP12830S: Co-Cr-Mo Alloys Used in Metal-Metal Bearing Surfaces - 01 January 1998

STP12831S: Glassy Alloys as Potential Bearing Surfaces for Orthopaedic Implants - 01 January 1998

STP12832S: Tribological Investigations of Cobalt-Based Alloys in Metal-on-Metal Contacts Using a Reciprocating Cylinder-on-Flat Apparatus with Bovine Serum Lubricants - 01 January 1998

STP12833S: Simulator Wear of Some Commercially Available Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants - 01 January 1998

STP15738S: Reducing Tool Wear When Machining Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 1998

STP15740S: Turning of High Strength Steel Alloy with PVD- and CVD-Coated Inserts - 01 January 1998

STP37986S: Dependence of Ductile-Brittle Transition Behavior on the Size of Charpy Specimen and The Location Of V-Notch in the Haz of Welded A533B PVS - 01 January 1998

STP37987S: Analysis of Procedures for the Determination of the Yield Force (Fgy) for Instrumented Sub-Sized Charpy-V Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP37988S: Fracture Toughness Testing of Small and Standard Bending Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP37989S: The Actual Properties of WWER-440 Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials Obtained by Impact Tests of Subsize Specimens Fabricated out of Samples Taken from the RPV - 01 January 1998

STP37980S: Sub-Size Impact Testing: CISE Experience and the Activity of the ESIS TC5 Sub-Committee - 01 January 1998

STP37990S: Small Specimen Testing Applied at Surveillance Extension - 01 January 1998

STP37991S: Fracture Toughness Test on Precracked Charpy Specimens in The Transition Range for Linde 80 Weld Metals - 01 January 1998

STP37992S: The Applicability of Small and Ultra-Small Fracture Toughness Specimens for Material Characterization - 01 January 1998

STP37993S: Fracture Toughness Measurements in the Transition Regime Using Small Size Samples - 01 January 1998

STP37994S: Use of Precracked Charpy and Smaller Specimens to Establish the Master Curve - 01 January 1998

STP37995S: On the Utilization of High Rate Pre-Cracked Charpy Test Results and the Master Curve to Obtain Accurate Lower Bound Toughness Predictions in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition - 01 January 1998

STP37996S: Characterization by Notched and Precracked Charpy Tests of the in-Service Degradation of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1998

STP37997S: Developing Fracture Assessment Methods for Fusion Reactor Materials with Small Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP37998S: Using Small Cracked Round Bars to Measure the Fracture Toughness of a Pressure Vessel Steel Weldment: A Feasibility Study - 01 January 1998

STP37981S: Comparison of Results of Instrumented Charpy- and Mini-Charpy Tests with Different RPV-Steels - 01 January 1998

STP37999S: Estimation of Fracture Toughness Values for Titanium Alloy Using Small Centre Notched Round Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP38000S: Fracture Toughness Derived from Small Circumferentially Cracked Bars - 01 January 1998

STP38001S: Critical Analysis of Results from the ASTM Round-Robin on Reconstitution - 01 January 1998

STP37979S: ASTM Cross-Comparison Exercise on Determination of Material Properties Through Miniature Sample Testing - 01 January 1998

STP38002S: Comparison of Compact, Reconstituted and Subsize Charpy Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP38003S: Specimen Reconstitution Technique and Verification Testing for Charpy Size SENB Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP38004S: The Effects of the Configuration of a Weld-reconstituted Compact Tension Specimen on Fracture Toughness Determination - 01 January 1998

STP38005S: Reconstitution of Sub Charpy-size V-notched and Pre-Cracked Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP38006S: Reconstitution of Fracture Toughness Specimen for Surveillance Test - 01 January 1998

STP38007S: Reconstitution of Charpy Impact Specimens by Surface Activated Joining - 01 January 1998

STP37982S: Fracture Toughness Evaluation From Instrumented Sub-Size Charpy-Type Tests - 01 January 1998

STP38008S: Microspecimen Tensile Tests of A533-B Steel - 01 January 1998

STP38009S: Evaluation of the Fracture Toughness of a C-MN Steel Using Small Notched Tensile Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP38010S: Miniature Shear Punch Test with On-Line Acoustic Emission Monitoring for Assessment of Mechanical Properties - 01 January 1998

STP38011S: The Use of a Small Punch Test Procedure to Determine Mechanical Properties - 01 January 1998

STP38012S: Fracture and Tensile Properties of ASTM Cross-Comparison Exercise A 533B Steel by Small Punch Testing - 01 January 1998

STP38013S: Effect of Specimen Thickness on the Tensile Deformation Properties of SA508 Cl.3 Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1998

STP38014S: The Prediction of Fracture Toughness Properties from 3MM Diameter Punch Discs - 01 January 1998

STP38015S: Evaluation of Ductility of Zircaloy-2 Materials Using a Small Ellipsoidal-Shaped Punch - 01 January 1998

STP38016S: The use of Shear Punch Testing to Clarify the Consequences of Helium Production in the Deformation of Isotopically Tailored Ferritic Alloys - 01 January 1998

STP37983S: Characterization of Ductile Fracture Toughness Based on Subsized Charpy and Tensile Test Results - 01 January 1998

STP37984S: Effects of Ligament Size and Tensile Properties on the Fracture of Pressure Vessel Materials Under Impact Loading - 01 January 1998

STP37985S: Instrumented Impact Testing of Subsize Charpy V-Notch Specimens - 01 January 1998

STP1259-EB: Steel Forgings: Second Volume - 01 January 1997

STP1280-EB: Multiaxial Fatigue and Deformation Testing Techniques - 01 January 1997

STP1296-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 27th Volume - 01 January 1997

STP1297-EB: Elevated Temperature Effects on Fatigue and Fracture - 01 January 1997

STP1298-EB: Effects of the Environment on the Initiation of Crack Growth - 01 January 1997

STP11360S: Statistical Analysis of Pitting Corrosion in Condenser Tubes - 01 January 1997

STP1300-EB: Corrosion Testing in Natural Waters: Second Volume - 01 January 1997

STP11361S: Corrosion Coupon Testing in Natural Waters: A Case History Dealing With Reverse Osmosis Desalination of Seawater - 01 January 1997

STP11362S: Comparison of Current Reversal Chronopotentiometry (Crc) And Small Amplitude Cyclic Voltammetry (Sacv) Method To Determine The Long-Term Corrosion Tendency Of Copper-Nickel Alloys in Polluted And Unpolluted Seawater Under Jet-Impingement Conditions - 01 January 1997

STP11355S: Monitoring Biofilm Formation in Power Plant Environments - 01 January 1997

STP11356S: Modeling of Marine Corrosion of Steel Specimens - 01 January 1997

STP11357S: Seawater Corrosivity Around The World: Results From Five Years of Testing - 01 January 1997

STP11358S: Twenty Year Field Study of The Performance of Coatings in Seawater - 01 January 1997

STP11359S: Crevice Corrosion Testing of Austenitic, Superaustenitic, Superferritic, and Superduplex Stainless Type Alloys in Seawater - 01 January 1997

STP11742S: Magnetomechanical Damping in Thermally Sprayed Fe-Cr-X Coatings - 01 January 1997

STP1304-EB: M3D III: Mechanics and Mechanisms of Material Damping - 01 January 1997

STP11744S: Investigation of the High-Temperature Damping of the Nickel-Base Superalloy CMSX-4 in the kHz-Range - 01 January 1997

STP11745S: Magnetoplastic Effect: Relaxation of the Dislocation Structure and Microcreep of Nonmagnetic Crystals - 01 January 1997

STP11746S: Effect of Crystalline and Magnetic Structure on Magnetomechanical Damping of Fe-Cr-Based Alloys - 01 January 1997

STP11747S: Internal Friction Spectrum Analysis for Complex Alloyed Austenitic Steels - 01 January 1997

STP11748S: Critical Experimental Data on the Snoek-Köster Relaxation and Their Explanation by the Coupling Model - 01 January 1997

STP11749S: Mechanism for the High Damping State in Alloys of the Fe-Al System - 01 January 1997

STP11750S: Comparison of Elastic and Anelastic Properties of SiC and MoSi2/Ti5Si3 as a Function of Temperature - 01 January 1997

STP11737S: Dislocation Amplitude-Dependent Damping in Crystals - 01 January 1997

STP11755S: Snoek Relaxation in Fe-Cr Alloys (O to 100%Cr) - 01 January 1997

STP11756S: Factors Affecting the Damping Capacity of TiC Particle Reinforced Zinc-22 Aluminum Composites - 01 January 1997

STP11757S: Amplitude-Dependent Material Damping—Old Beliefs and New Facts: Working Toward a Synthesizing Model - 01 January 1997

STP11759S: Modeling the Damping Mechanism in Electrorheological Fluid Based Dampers - 01 January 1997

STP11760S: Probabilistic Technique Related to Amplitude-Dependent Damping Under Combined Stresses - 01 January 1997

STP11761S: A Review of the Physical Metallurgy and Damping Characteristics of High Damping Cu-Mn Alloys - 01 January 1997

STP11762S: Snoek Relaxation in Ternary Body-Centered-Cubic Alloys - 01 January 1997

STP11763S: Computer Model of Zener Relaxation - 01 January 1997

STP11738S: A Study of the Internal Friction Associated with Discontinuous Precipitation in Lead-Tin Alloys - 01 January 1997

STP11736S: High-Temperature Internal Friction and Intergranular Fracture in Ni-Cr Alloys - 01 January 1997

STP11739S: Composite Rotorcraft Flexbeams with Viscoelastic Damping Layers for Aeromechanical Stability Augmentation - 01 January 1997

STP11740S: Modeling Dislocation Breakaway Damping and Harmonic Generation - 01 January 1997

STP11741S: Mechanical Damping in the Martensitic Phase of Cu-Al-Ni Crystals - 01 January 1997

STP13769S: Classification and Prediction of the Corrosion Behavior of Nickel-Containing Alloys from Field Test Data - 01 January 1997

STP13775S: Strength Characteristic Analysis Using the “Database for Mechanical Properties of P/M Alloys” - 01 January 1997

STP11880S: Microscopic and Mesoscopic Damage Localization - 01 January 1997

STP1315-EB: Applications of Continuum Damage Mechanics to Fatigue and Fracture - 01 January 1997

STP11881S: Effects of Damage Distribution on Evolution - 01 January 1997

STP11882S: A Statistical Evolution Equation of Microdamage and Its Application - 01 January 1997

STP11883S: A Unified Approach to Metal Fatigue Based on the Theory of Damage Mechanics - 01 January 1997

STP11884S: Solid Mechanics Modeling of Erosion Damage - 01 January 1997

STP11885S: Assessment of a Semielliptical Crack in the Interface Between Ferritic and Austenitic Material on the Basis of the Gurson Model - 01 January 1997

STP11886S: Stress History Dependent Localization and Failure Using Continuum Damage Mechanics Concepts - 01 January 1997

STP11875S: A Model for Predicting the Effect of Environmental Degradation on Damage Evolution of Metal-Matrix Composites - 01 January 1997

STP11877S: A Coupled/Uncoupled Computational Scheme for Deformation and Fatigue Damage Analysis of Unidirectional Metal-Matrix Composites - 01 January 1997

STP11874S: Creep Damage and Creep-Fatigue Damage Interaction Model for Unidirectional Metal-Matrix Composites - 01 January 1997

STP11879S: A Micromechanical Fatigue Damage Model for Unidirectional Metal-Matrix Composites - 01 January 1997

STP11895S: BISMAP: A Non-Contact Biaxial Displacement Measurement System - 01 January 1997

STP1318-EB: Nontraditional Methods of Sensing Stress, Strain, and Damage in Materials and Structures - 01 January 1997

STP11897S: A Review of Strain Measurement Techniques Using the Grid Method - 01 January 1997

STP11898S: New Developments in Full Field Strain Measurements Using Speckles - 01 January 1997

STP11889S: New Applications of the Interferometric Strain/Displacement Gage - 01 January 1997

STP11899S: Ultrasonic Longitudinal and Surface Wave Methods for in situ Monitoring of Damage in Metal Matrix and Ceramic Matrix Composites - 01 January 1997

STP11900S: Using Ultrasonic Measurements and a Two-Phase Composite Model to Assess Radiation Damage in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1997

STP11901S: An Array Measurement System for Thermoelastic Stress Analysis - 01 January 1997

STP11902S: Stress Intensity Measurement via Infrared Focal Plane Array - 01 January 1997

STP11903S: Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of the Human Tibia - 01 January 1997

STP11890S: An Extensometer for Soft Material Strain Measurement - 01 January 1997

STP11888S: Use of an Optic Lever as a Short Gage Length Extensometer - 01 January 1997

STP11891S: Short Fatigue Crack Characterization and Detection Using Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy (CSLM) - 01 January 1997

STP11892S: An Advanced Multiple Frequency ACPD System for Crack Detection and Calibration - 01 January 1997

STP11893S: Observation on the Growth Behavior of Small Surface Cracks Using Remote Measurement System - 01 January 1997

STP11894S: Use of Portable/in situ Stress-Strain Microprobe System to Measure Stress-Strain Behavior and Damage in Metallic Materials and Structures - 01 January 1997

STP12049S: Ultrasonic Measurement of the Regression Rate of the Melting Interface in Burning Metal Rods - 01 January 1997

STP12050S: Ignition Resistance of Hard (Type III) Anodized Aluminum to Particle Impact - 01 January 1997

STP12051S: Configurational Effects on the Combustion of Several Alloy Systems in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1997

STP12052S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Alternative High Performance Engineering Alloys in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1997

STP12053S: Combustion Testing of Metallic Materials Aboard the NASA Johnson Space Center's KC-135 - 01 January 1997

STP12054S: Influence of Alloying Additions on the Flammability of Nickel-based Alloys in an Oxygen Environment - 01 January 1997

STP12055S: Flammability Limits of Stainless Steel Alloys 304, 308, and 316 - 01 January 1997

STP12056S: Analysis of Metals Combustion Through Powder Production - 01 January 1997

STP12057S: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Burning Iron - 01 January 1997

STP12058S: Modeling of Promoted-Ignition Burning: Aluminum - 01 January 1997

STP12059S: Fundamentals of Metals Ignition in Oxygen - 01 January 1997

STP12060S: Experimental Study of Flame-Spreading Processes Over Thin Aluminum Sheets - 01 January 1997

STP12061S: Flammability Tests of Miniature Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers in Liquid Oxygen - 01 January 1997

STP12070S: Eliminating Bypass Valves in Selected Oxygen Systems - 01 January 1997

STP12071S: Oil Migration on the Structured Packing by Evaporation and Recondensation During the Defrosting Operation in the Air Separation Unit - 01 January 1997

STP12072S: A Database for Metallic and Nonmetallic Materials Commonly Utilized in Oxygen Service - 01 January 1997

STP12294S: Effect of Halogens and Inhibitors on the External Stress Corrosion Cracking of Type 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 1997

STP12304S: An X-Ray Diffraction Study of Microstructural Deformation Induced by Cyclic Loading of Steels - 01 January 1997

STP1321-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 28th Volume - 01 January 1997

STP12306S: Fracture Toughness Results and Preliminary Analysis for International Cooperative Test Program on Specimens Containing Surface Cracks - 01 January 1997

STP12307S: Influence of Pre-strain on Fracture Toughness and Stable Crack Growth in Low Carbon Steels - 01 January 1997

STP12308S: 3-D Constraint Effects on Models for Transferability of Cleavage Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1997

STP12309S: Estimation of Lower-Bound KJc on Pressure Vessel Steels from Invalid Data - 01 January 1997

STP12310S: Fracture of Surface Cracks Loaded in Bending - 01 January 1997

STP12311S: Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Characterization Using Surface Crack Specimens Loaded in Combined Tension and Bending - 01 January 1997

STP12312S: Application of Small Specimens to Fracture Mechanics Characterization of Irradiated Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1997

STP12313S: Single Specimen Method for Determining the Master Curve in the Transition - 01 January 1997

STP12314S: Application of J-Q Theory to the Local Approach Statistical Model of Cleavage Fracture - 01 January 1997

STP12315S: Analysis of Stable Tearing in a 7.6 mm Thick Aluminum Plate Alloy - 01 January 1997

STP12316S: Fatigue Technology in Ground Vehicle Design - 01 January 1997

STP12318S: Some Methods of Representing Fatigue Lifetime as a Function of Stress Range and Initial Crack Size - 01 January 1997

STP12319S: Development of a Rapid Thermomechanical Fatigue Test Method - 01 January 1997

STP12320S: Stress Concentration, Stress Intensity and Fatigue Lifetime Calculations for Shrink-Fit Compound Tubes Containing Axial Holes Within the Wall - 01 January 1997

STP12321S: Fatigue Analysis of a Vessel Experiencing Pressure Oscillations - 01 January 1997

STP12300S: The Merging of Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics Concepts: A Historical Perspective - 01 January 1997

STP12322S: Fatigue Crack Growth in the Highly Plastic Regime - 01 January 1997

STP12323S: Fracture Initiation by Local Brittle Zones in Weldments of Quenched and Tempered Structural Alloy Steel Plate - 01 January 1997

STP12324S: Effect of Weld Metal Mismatch on Joint Efficiency and Measured Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1997

STP12325S: Inference Equations for Fracture Toughness Testing: Numerical Analysis and Experimental Verification - 01 January 1997

STP12326S: Fracture Assessment of Weld Material From a Full-Thickness Clad RPV Shell Segment - 01 January 1997

STP12327S: Incorporation of Residual Stress Effects into Fracture Assessments Via the Finite Element Method - 01 January 1997

STP12328S: Analysis of Unclad and Sub-Clad Semi-Elliptical Flaws in Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1997

STP12329S: Predicting Crack Instability Behaviour of Burst Tests from Small Specimens for Irradiated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 1997

STP12330S: Predicting Fracture Behavior of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1997

STP12331S: The Effect of Crack Instability/Stability on Fracture Toughness of Brittle Materials - 01 January 1997

STP12332S: Hydrogen Induced Cracking Tests of High Strength Steels and Nickel-Iron Base Alloys Using the Bolt-Loaded Specimen - 01 January 1997

STP12333S: Computer Simulation of Fast Crack Propagation and Arrest in Steel Plate with Temperature Gradient Based on Local Fracture Stress Criterion - 01 January 1997

STP12334S: Stress Intensity Magnification Factors for Fully Circumferential Cracks in Valve Bodies (Thick Cylinders) - 01 January 1997

STP12335S: K3D — A Program for Determining Stress Intensity Factors of Surface and Corner Cracks from a Hole - 01 January 1997

STP12302S: Application of Fracture Mechanics in Maintenance of High Temperature Equipment — An Assessment of Critical Needs - 01 January 1997

STP12303S: On Space Flight Pressure Vessel Fracture Control - 01 January 1997

STP16596S: Application of Nitrogen-Alloyed Martensitic Stainless Steels in the Aviation Industry - 01 January 1997

STP16597S: Process Model Development for Optimization of Forged Disk Manufacturing Processes - 01 January 1997

STP16598S: Manufacture and Properties of Continuous Grain Flow Crankshafts for Locomotive and Power Generation Diesel Engines - 01 January 1997

STP16599S: Reducing Stress Related Problems in Steel Forgings Using Sub-Harmonic Vibrational Energy - 01 January 1997

STP16600S: Development of a Process for Toughening Grain-Refined, High-Strength Steels - 01 January 1997

STP16590S: Improved Mechanical Properties of the A 508 Class 3 Steel for Nuclear Pressure Vessel Through Steelmaking - 01 January 1997

STP16601S: The Chemistry Modifications to ASTM A707 for Offshore Structural Integrity - 01 January 1997

STP16602S: Ultrasonic Signal Processing Using Indication Sets for Detection and Characterization - 01 January 1997

STP16603S: Application of Fem-Based Modeling of Open-Die Forging to Product and Process Development at Bethforge, Inc. - 01 January 1997

STP16604S: A Rare Type of Flake-Like Forging Burst in Heavy Forgings - 01 January 1997

STP16605S: A New Model for Calculating Maximum Blow Force of Die-Forging Hammer - 01 January 1997

STP16606S: Martensitic 11% CrMoNiNb Steel for Turbine Rotors in Geothermal Power Stations - 01 January 1997

STP16607S: Development of High Strength 12% Cr Ferritic Steel for Turbine Rotor Operating above 600‡C - 01 January 1997

STP16608S: Historical Overview of Improving Cleanliness of Rotor Steels for Electric Utility Applications - 01 January 1997

STP16609S: Prediction and Control of Segregations in CrMoV Steel Ingot for Monoblock HLP Rotor Forgings Using Experimental Results Obtained from 8 Ton Sand Mold Ingots - 01 January 1997

STP16610S: High Strength 12% Cr Heat Resisting Steel for High Temperature Steam Turbine Blade - 01 January 1997

STP16611S: Manufacturing and Properties of Newly Developed 9%CrMoVNiNbN High-Pressure Low-Pressure Rotor Shaft Forging - 01 January 1997

STP16591S: Effects of Composition and Heat Treatment on the Toughness of ASTM A508 Grade 3 Class 1 Material for Pressure Vessels - 01 January 1997

STP16612S: Hydrogen and Flaking after 40 Years of Vacuum Degassing - 01 January 1997

STP16613S: International Business, Codes, and Material Specifications - 01 January 1997

STP16589S: New Materials and Forgings Used for Pressure Vessels Operating in Hydrogen Environment - 01 January 1997

STP16592S: Current Forgings and their Properties for Steam Generator of Nuclear Plant - 01 January 1997

STP16593S: Forging Technology Adapted to the Manufacture of Nuclear PWR Austenitic Primary Piping - 01 January 1997

STP16594S: The Optimization of Mechanical Properties for Nuclear Transportation Casks in ASTM A350 LF5 - 01 January 1997

STP16595S: Developments in Forging Ingot Production at Bethforge Inc. - 01 January 1997

STP16215S: Additional Hardening Due to Tension-Torsion Nonproportional Loadings: Influence of the Loading Path Shape - 01 January 1997

STP16216S: Notch-Tip Stresses and Strains Under Nonproportional Loading - 01 January 1997

STP16217S: Crack Initiation Life Behavior Under Biaxial Loading Conditions: Experimental Behavior and Prediction - 01 January 1997

STP16218S: An Axial-Torsional, Thermomechanical Fatigue Testing Technique - 01 January 1997

STP16219S: Fretting Fatigue Strength of Specimens Subjected to Combined Axial and Transversal Loading - 01 January 1997

STP16221S: Plane Stress Crack Resistance Curves of an Inclined Crack Under Biaxial Loading - 01 January 1997

STP16211S: A Structural Test Facility for In-Plane Biaxial Testing of Advanced Materials - 01 January 1997

STP16212S: Adjustable Work Coil Fixture Facilitating the Use of Induction Heating in Mechanical Testing - 01 January 1997

STP16213S: Biaxial Deformation Experiments Over Multiple Strain Regimes - 01 January 1997

STP16210S: Testing Facilities for Multiaxial Loading of Tubular Specimens - 01 January 1997

STP16214S: Experimental Determination of Yield and Flow Surfaces Under Axial-Torsional Loading - 01 January 1997

STP16231S: Effects of Mixed Mode I/II Loading and Grain Orientation on Crack Initiation and Stable Tearing in 2024-T3 Aluminum - 01 January 1997

STP16232S: The Energy Dissipation Rate—A New Tool to Interpret Geometry and Size Effects - 01 January 1997

STP16233S: Effects of Crack Surface Morphology on Fracture Behavior under Mixed Mode I/III Loading - 01 January 1997

STP16234S: An Analytical Investigation of the Effect of Crack Depth (a) and Crack Depth to Width (a/W) Ratio on the Fracture Toughness of A533-B Steel - 01 January 1997

STP16235S: Ductile Tearing of Welded Structural Details - 01 January 1997

STP16236S: An Experimentally Verified Finite Element Study of the Stress-Strain Response of Crack Geometries Experiencing Large-Scale Yielding - 01 January 1997

STP16237S: Analysis of Warm Prestress Data - 01 January 1997

STP16238S: The Three Thresholds for Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 January 1997

STP16226S: Application of a J-Q Model for Fracture in the Ductile-Brittle Transition - 01 January 1997

STP16239S: How Fatigue Cracks Grow, Interact with Microstructure, and Lose Similitude - 01 January 1997

STP16240S: Short Crack Growth Behavior - 01 January 1997

STP16241S: A Practical Methodology for Elastic-Plastic Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 January 1997

STP16242S: Effect of Absorbed Hydrogen on the Microstructure in the Vicinity of Near-Threshold Fatigue Cracks in Low-Alloy Steel - 01 January 1997

STP16243S: S-N Curve for Crack Initiation and an Estimate of Fatigue Crack Nucleus Size - 01 January 1997

STP16244S: Fracture Analysis of Full-Thickness Clad Beam Specimens - 01 January 1997

STP16245S: The Analysis of Underclad Cracks in Large-Scale Tests Using the Local Approach to Cleavage Fracture - 01 January 1997

STP16225S: Life Prediction: A Case for Multidisciplinary Research - 01 January 1997

STP16246S: The Effect of Cyclic Loading During Ductile Tearing on the Fracture Resistance of Nuclear Pipe Steels - 01 January 1997

STP16227S: Constraint Effect in Brittle Fracture - 01 January 1997

STP16247S: Experimental Investigation of Mismatched Weld Joint Performance - 01 January 1997

STP16248S: Fracture Testing of Large-scale Thin-sheet Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 1997

STP16249S: Resistance Spot Weld Failure Loads and Modes in Overload Conditions - 01 January 1997

STP16250S: Fatigue Response of Perforate Titanium for Application in Laminar Flow Control - 01 January 1997

STP16252S: Boundary Element/Dislocation Density Methodology for Analysis of Cracks in Anisotropic Solids - 01 January 1997

STP16253S: Stress Intensity Factor Calibration of Edge-Notched Beam - 01 January 1997

STP16254S: Elastic Analysis of the Interaction Between Two Surface Cracks - 01 January 1997

STP16255S: A Three-Dimensional Weight Function Method—Evaluation and Applications - 01 January 1997

STP16256S: Simple Two- and Three-Dimension Adhesive Finite Elements for Stress Analysis and Energy Release Rate Calculations in Adhesively Bonded Joints - 01 January 1997

STP16257S: Analysis of Fatigue Crack Growth in Pin-Loaded Lug Joints under Inelastic Deformations - 01 January 1997

STP16258S: An Efficient Method for Calculating Multiaxial Elasto-Plastic Notch Tip Strains and Stresses under Proportional Loading - 01 January 1997

STP16228S: Tϵ* Integral Under Plane Stress Crack Growth - 01 January 1997

STP16229S: Application of Constraint Modelling to Evaluation of Crack Growth Experiments - 01 January 1997

STP16230S: Prediction of Stable Tearing and Fracture of a 2000-Series Aluminum Alloy Plate Using a CTOA Criterion - 01 January 1997

STP16320S: Effects of Loading Rate on Creep Crack Growth During the Succeeding Load-Hold Period Under Trapezoidal Fatigue Waveshapes - 01 January 1997

STP16321S: Atmospheric Influence on Fatigue Crack Propagation in Titanium Alloys at Elevated Temperature - 01 January 1997

STP16322S: Fatigue Crack Growth of Two Advanced Titanium Alloys at Room and Elevated Temperature - 01 January 1997

STP16323S: Micromechanical Modeling of Temperature-Dependent Initiation Fracture Toughness in Advanced Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1997

STP16324S: The Effect of Thermal Exposure on the Fracture Behavior of Aluminum Alloys Intended for Elevated Temperature Service - 01 January 1997

STP16315S: Creep Crack Growth Behavior of Aluminum Alloy 2519: Part II—Numerical Analysis - 01 January 1997

STP16316S: A Micromechanical Model for Creep Damage and Its Application to Crack Growth in a 12% Cr Steel - 01 January 1997

STP16314S: Creep Crack Growth Behavior of Aluminum Alloy 2519: Part I—Experimental Analysis - 01 January 1997

STP16317S: Application of Reference Stress and Probabilistic Methodologies to Assessing Creep Crack Growth - 01 January 1997

STP16318S: Environmentally Enhanced Crack Growth in Nickel-Based Alloys at Elevated Temperatures - 01 January 1997

STP16319S: Analysis of the Intergranular Cracking Process Inside Polycrystalline Heat-Resistant Materials Under Creep-Fatigue Conditions - 01 January 1997

STP19956S: Influence of a Mixed Nitrate Solution on the Initiation and Early Growth of Stress Corrosion Cracks in a Low Alloy Steel - 01 January 1997

STP19957S: Environmentally Assisted Cracking of 3.5NiCrMoV Low Alloy Steel Under Cyclic Straining - 01 January 1997

STP19958S: Crack Initiation in Low Alloy Steel in High Temperature Water - 01 January 1997

STP19959S: A Process Model for the Initiation of Stress-Corrosion Crack Growth in BWR Plant Materials - 01 January 1997

STP19960S: Strain Energy Density - Distance Criterion for the Initiation of Stress Corrosion Cracking of Alloy X-750 - 01 January 1997

STP19961S: Molecular Modeling of Corrosive Environments in Cracks - 01 January 1997

STP19951S: Pitting Corrosion and Fatigue Crack Nucleation - 01 January 1997

STP19962S: Interactive Effect of Dynamic Strain Ageing with High Temperature Water on the Crack Initiation Behaviour of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1997

STP19963S: Effects of Strain Rate Change on Fatigue Life of Carbon Steel in High-Temperature Water - 01 January 1997

STP19964S: Effects of Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Contents on Fatigue Lives of Carbon and Low Alloy Steels in LWR Water Environments - 01 January 1997

STP19965S: Evaluation of Effects of LWR Coolant Environments on Fatigue Life of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels - 01 January 1997

STP19966S: Corrosion Fatigue Behavior and Life Prediction Method under Changing Temperature Condition - 01 January 1997

STP19967S: Advances in Environmental Fatigue Evaluation for Light Water Reactor Components - 01 January 1997

STP19952S: Initiation of Stress-Corrosion Cracking on Gas Transmission Piping - 01 January 1997

STP19950S: The Role of Stress-Assisted Localized Corrosion in the Development of Short Fatigue Cracks - 01 January 1997

STP19953S: On the Requirement for a Sharp Notch or Precrack to Cause Environmentally Assisted Crack Initiation in β-Titanium Alloys Exposed to Aqueous Chloride Environments - 01 January 1997

STP19954S: Corrosion-Fatigue Crack Nucleation in Alclad 2024-T3 Commercial Aircraft Skin - 01 January 1997

STP19955S: Effect of Prior Corrosion on the S/N Fatigue Performance of Aluminum Sheet Alloys 2024-T3 and 2524-T3 - 01 January 1997

STP1263-EB: Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials: Second Volume - 01 January 1996

STP1270-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 17th International Symposium - 01 January 1996

STP1272-EB: Medical Applications of Titanium and Its Alloys: The Material and Biological Issues - 01 January 1996

STP1276-EB: Techniques to Assess the Corrosion Activity of Steel Reinforced Concrete Structures - 01 January 1996

STP1277-EB: Electrochemical Noise Measurement for Corrosion Applications - 01 January 1996

STP1292-EB: Advances in Fatigue Lifetime Predictive Techniques: 3rd Volume - 01 January 1996

STP1295-EB: Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Eleventh International Symposium - 01 January 1996

STP16450S: Thermal Fatigue Behavior of a SUS304 Pipe Under Longitudinal Cyclic Movement of Axial Temperature Distribution - 01 January 1996

STP16451S: Assessing Crack Growth Behavior Under Continuous Temperature Gradients - 01 January 1996

STP16452S: A Fully Associative, Nonisothermal, Nonlinear Kinematic, Unified Viscoplastic Model for Titanium Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16453S: Thermal Fatigue Testing System for the Study of Gamma Titanium Aluminides in Gaseous Environments - 01 January 1996

STP16454S: Thermal Mechanical Fatigue Crack Growth in Titanium Alloys: Experiments and Modelling - 01 January 1996

STP16444S: Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue of the Monocrystalline Nickel-Base Superalloy CMSX-6 - 01 January 1996

STP16443S: Thermomechanical Fatigue Behaviour of Coated and Bare Nickel-Based Superalloy Single Crystals - 01 January 1996

STP16445S: On Thermal Fatigue of Nickel-Based Superalloys - 01 January 1996

STP16446S: Effects of Cycle Type and Coating on the TMF Lives of a Single Crystal Nickel Based Gas Turbine Blade Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16447S: Crack Initiation in an Aluminide Coated Single Crystal During Thermomechanical Fatigue - 01 January 1996

STP16448S: Coating Effects on Crack Growth in a Single Crystal Nickel Based Alloy During Thermo-Hechanical Fatigue - 01 January 1996

STP16449S: Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue of Type 316 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1996

STP16522S: Bubble Microstructure Evolution and Helium Behavior in He+ Implanted Ni-Base Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16523S: Saturation of Swelling in Neutron Irradiated Pure Nickel and Its Dependence on Temperature and Starting Dislocation Microstructure - 01 January 1996

STP16470S: The Modelling of Irradiation Embrittlement in Submerged-Arc Welds - 01 January 1996

STP16524S: Effect of Irradiation in a Spallation Neutron Environment on Tensile Properties and Microstructure of Aluminum Alloys 5052 and 6061 - 01 January 1996

STP16525S: Correlation Between Shear Punch and Tensile Data for Neutron-Irradiated Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16526S: Effect of Dynamically Charged Helium on Mechanical Properties of Vanadium-Base Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16527S: Swelling and Structure of Vanadium-Base Alloys Irradiated in the Dynamic Helium Charging Experiment - 01 January 1996

STP16528S: Corrosion Response of Pre-Irradiated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Material - 01 January 1996

STP16529S: The Development of Structural Materials for Reduced Long-Term Activation - 01 January 1996

STP16530S: Characterization of Irradiation-Induced Precipitates by Small Angle X-Ray and Neutron Scattering Experiments - 01 January 1996

STP16531S: Variable Energy Positron Measurements at Nitrogen Ion Bombarded Steel Surfaces - 01 January 1996

STP16532S: Use of Laser Extensometer for Mechanical Tests on Irradiated Materials - 01 January 1996

STP16471S: The Modelling of Irradiation-Enhanced Phosphorus Segregation in Neutron Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Submerged-Arc Welds - 01 January 1996

STP16472S: Research to Understand the Embrittlement Behavior of Yankee/BR3 Surveillance Plate and Other Outlier RPV Steels - 01 January 1996

STP16473S: Electron Microscopy and Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Precipitation in Low Alloy Steel Submerged-Arc Welds - 01 January 1996

STP16474S: Radiation Damage Studies Using Small-Angle Neutron Scattering - 01 January 1996

STP16475S: Damage Structures of Proton Irradiated Fe-0.3wt.%Cu Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16476S: Mitigation of Irradiation Embrittlement by Annealing - 01 January 1996

STP16477S: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of WWER-440 Reactor Vessel Metal After Service Life Expiration and Recovery Anneal - 01 January 1996

STP16466S: Pressure Vessel Embrittlement Predictions Based on a Composite Model of Copper Precipitation and Point Defect Clustering - 01 January 1996

STP16478S: A Microstructural Study of Phosphorus Segregation and Intergranular Fracture in Neutron Irradiated Submerged-Arc Welds - 01 January 1996

STP16479S: Effects of Annealing Time on the Recovery of Charpy V-Notch Properties of Irradiated High-Ccopper Weld Metal - 01 January 1996

STP16480S: In-Service Embrittlement of the Pressure Vessel Welds at the Doel I And II Nuclear Power Plants - 01 January 1996

STP16481S: The Toughness of Irradiated Pressure Water Reactor (PWR) Vessel Shell Rings and the Effect of Segregation Zones - 01 January 1996

STP16482S: Low Temperature Embrittlement of RPV Support Structure Steel - 01 January 1996

STP16483S: Effects of Neutron Flux and Irradiation Temperature on Irradiation Embrittlement of A533B Steels - 01 January 1996

STP16484S: The Interpretation of Charpy Impact Test Data Using Hyper-Logistic Fitting Functions - 01 January 1996

STP16485S: Uncertainty Evaluation in Transition Temperature Measurements - 01 January 1996

STP16486S: On Impact Testing of Subsize Charpy V-Notch Type Specimens - 01 January 1996

STP16465S: Mechanisms Controlling the Composition Influence on Radiation Hardening and Embrittlement of Iron-Base Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16487S: Reconstitution: Where Do We Stand? - 01 January 1996

STP16488S: The Reconstitution of Charpy-Size Tensile Specimens - 01 January 1996

STP16489S: Notch Reorientation of Charpy-V Specimens of the BWR Philippsburg 1 Through Reconstitution - 01 January 1996

STP16490S: Variations in Charpy Impact Data Evaluated by a Round-Robin Testing Program — A Summary - 01 January 1996

STP16491S: The Embrittlement Data Base (EDB) and Its Applications - 01 January 1996

STP16492S: Surveillance Programme for WWER-440/Type 213 Reactor Pressure Vessels- Standard Programme, Re-Evaluation of Results, Supplementary Programme - 01 January 1996

STP16493S: Application of Micromechanical Models of Ductile Fracture Initiation to Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials - 01 January 1996

STP16494S: On the Effect of Flux and Composition on Irradiation Hardening at 60°C - 01 January 1996

STP16495S: The Dependence of Radiation Hardening and Embrittlement on Irradiation Temperature - 01 January 1996

STP16496S: HFIR Steels Embrittlement: The Possible Effect of Gamma Field Contribution - 01 January 1996

STP16467S: The B&W Owners Group Program for Microstructural Characterization and Radiation Embrittlement Modelling of Linde 80 Reactor Vessel Welds - 01 January 1996

STP16497S: The Influence of Metallurgical Variables on the Temperature Dependence of Irradiation Hardening in Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1996

STP16498S: Effects of Proton Irradiation on Positron Annihilation and Micro-Vickers Hardness of Fe-C-Cu Model Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16499S: Ductile Fracture Mechanisms in an A302B Modified Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1996

STP16500S: Fracture Toughness Test Results of Thermal Aged Reactor Vessel Materials - 01 January 1996

STP16501S: The Effect of Constraint on Toughness of a Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1996

STP16468S: Irradiation Embrittlement Modelling of Linde 80 Weld Metals - 01 January 1996

STP16502S: The Effects of Thermal Annealing on Fracture Toughness of Low Upper-Shelf Welds - 01 January 1996

STP16503S: Evaluation of Embrittlement in a Pressure Vessel Steel by Fracture Reconstruction - 01 January 1996

STP16504S: The Microstructural Stability and Mechanical Properties of Two Low Activation Martensitic Steels - 01 January 1996

STP16505S: Influence of Thermomechanical Treatment on Irradiation Microstructures in an ODS Ferritic Steel - 01 January 1996

STP16506S: Effect of Boron on Post Irradiation Tensile Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic Steel (F-82H) Irradiated in HFIR - 01 January 1996

STP16507S: Irradiation Effects on Base Metal and Welds of 9Cr-1Mo (EM10) Martensitic Steel - 01 January 1996

STP16508S: Evaluation of the Upper Shelf Energy for Ferritic Steels from Miniaturized Charpy Specimen Data - 01 January 1996

STP16509S: On the Role of Strain Rate, Size and Notch Acuity on Toughness: A Comparison of Two Martensitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 1996

STP16510S: Microstructural Evolution of Austenitic Stainless Steels Irradiated in a Fast Reactor - 01 January 1996

STP16511S: Effects of Helium/DPA Ratio, Alloy Composition and Cold Work on Microstructural Evolution and Hardening of 59Ni-Doped Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys Neutron-Irradiated at 465°C - 01 January 1996

STP16512S: Swelling, Mechanical Properties and Structure of Austenitic High-Nickel Alloy Irradiated in a Fast Reactor - 01 January 1996

STP16513S: Effects of Metallurgical Variables on Swelling of Modified 316 and Higher Ni Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 1996

STP16469S: Modeling of Irradiation Embrittlement and Annealing/Recovery in Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1996

STP16514S: On the Fundamentals of Radiation Damage in FCC Materials, A Review - 01 January 1996

STP16515S: An Investigation of Microstructures and Yield Strengths in Irradiated Austenitic Stainless Steels Using Small Specimen Techniques - 01 January 1996

STP16516S: Irradiation Hardening and Loss of Ductility of Type 316L(N) Stainless Steel Plate Material Due to Neutron-Irradiation - 01 January 1996

STP16517S: Fatigue Crack Propagation by Channel Fracture in Irradiated 316 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1996

STP16518S: Fracture Toughness of Irradiated Candidate Materials for ITER First Wall/Blanket Structures - 01 January 1996

STP16519S: Irradiation Behavior of Weldments of Austenitic Stainless Steel Made by Various Welding Techniques - 01 January 1996

STP16520S: Helium Effects on the Reweldability and Low Cycle Fatigue Properties of Welded Joints for Type Cr16Ni11Mo3Ti and 316L(N) Stainless Steels - 01 January 1996

STP16521S: Data Collection on the Effect of Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steels and Weld Metals - 01 January 1996

STP16074S: Methods of Detecting and Predicting Microfracture in Titanium - 01 January 1996

STP16075S: Evaluation of the Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of Porous Coated Ti-6Al-4V - 01 January 1996

STP16076S: A Novel Porous Coating Geometry to Improve the Fatigue Strength of Ti-6Al-4V Implant Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16077S: Chemical and Electrochemical Aspects of the Biocompatibility of Titanium and its Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16078S: Passive Dissolution of Titanium in Biological Environments - 01 January 1996

STP16067S: Manufacturing Processes for Semi-Finished Titanium Biomedical Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16079S: Corrosion Behavior of Dental Casting Alloys Coupled with Titanium - 01 January 1996

STP16081S: Transitional Behavior in Ti-6Al-4v Fretting Corrosion - 01 January 1996

STP16082S: Effects of Material Combination, Surface Treatment, and Environment on Fretting Corrosion of Ti 6Al 4V - 01 January 1996

STP16083S: Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Nitrogen Diffusion Hardened Ti-6Al-4V Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16084S: Characterizing the Fretting Fatigue Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V in Modular Joints - 01 January 1996

STP16085S: Wear of Titanium 6-4 Alloy in Laboratory Tests and in Retrieved Human Joint Replacements - 01 January 1996

STP16086S: The In Vitro Response to Participate Titanium Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16087S: Response of Titanium Surfaces to Simulated Biological Environments - 01 January 1996

STP16068S: Taguchi Experiment on the Mechanical Properties of Sintered Titanium 6-4 - 01 January 1996

STP16088S: In Vitro Osteoblast Responses to cpTi and Ti-6Al-4V Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16089S: Induction of Bone Resorbing Agents by Titanium Particulates: Responses of Macrophages, Fibroblasts and Osteoblasts In Vitro - 01 January 1996

STP16090S: Determination of In Vivo Titanium Release from a Non-Articulating Commercially Pure Titanium Implant - 01 January 1996

STP16091S: Distribution of Titanium and Vanadium Salts and Corrosion Products in Cells, Fluids, and Organs in vivo and in Cell Culture in vitro - 01 January 1996

STP16092S: Clinical Studies on Titanium and Stainless Steel Plates (LC-DCP). A Comparative Evaluation - 01 January 1996

STP16093S: Wear and Osteolysis in Relation to Prostheses Design and Materials - 01 January 1996

STP16066S: Titanium Alloys as Implant Materials - 01 January 1996

STP16094S: A 3-Year Prospective Study of Serum Titanium Levels in Patients with Primary Total Hip Replacements - 01 January 1996

STP16095S: Retrieval Analysis of Ti-6Al-4V Miller-Galante Total Knee Replacements - 01 January 1996

STP16069S: New Titanium Alloys to be Considered for Medical Implants - 01 January 1996

STP16070S: Characterization of Ti-15Mo Beta Titanium Alloy for Orthopaedic Implant Applications - 01 January 1996

STP16071S: Microstructure and Properties of a New Beta Titanium Alloy, Ti-12Mo-6Zr-2Fe, Developed for Surgical Implants - 01 January 1996

STP16072S: Optimization of Properties of Ti-15Mo-2.8Nb-3Al-0.2Si & Ti-15Mo-2.8Nb-0.2Si-.260 Beta Titanium Alloys for Application in Prosthetic Implants - 01 January 1996

STP16073S: Mechanical and Tribological Properties and Biocompatibility of Diffusion Hardened Ti-13Nb-13Zr — A New Titanium Alloy for Surgical Implants - 01 January 1996

STP16970S: Electrochemical Methods for On-Site Determinations of Corrosion Rates of Rebars - 01 January 1996

STP16971S: Assessment of Corrosion of Steel in Concrete Structures by Magnetic Based NDE Techniques - 01 January 1996

STP16973S: Combined Bulk and Interfacial Studies of the Cement/Steel System by Impedance Spectroscopy - 01 January 1996

STP16974S: Preliminary Corrosion Investigation of Prestressed Concrete Piles in a Marine Environment: Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier - 01 January 1996

STP16975S: Field Experience with Rebar Probes to Monitor Performance of Sprayed Zinc Galvanic Anodes on Concrete - 01 January 1996

STP16965S: Progress on Design and Residual Life Calculation with Regard to Rebar Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete - 01 January 1996

STP16967S: Computer Modeling of Effect of Corrosion Macrocells on Measurement of Corrosion Rate of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete - 01 January 1996

STP16969S: Field Measurement of the Corrosion Rate of Steel in Concrete using a Microprocessor Controlled Unit with a Monitored Guard Ring for Signal Confinement - 01 January 1996

STP16134S: Fatigue Prediction Based on Computational Fracture Mechanics - 01 January 1996

STP16135S: A Crack-Closure Model for the Fatigue Behavior of Notched Components - 01 January 1996

STP16136S: A Study of Naturally Initiating Notch Root Fatigue Cracks Under Spectrum Loading - 01 January 1996

STP16137S: Fatigue Crack Propagation in IN-718 Material under Biaxial Stress Bending - 01 January 1996

STP16138S: Modeling the Behavior of Short Fatigue Cracks in a Near-α Titanium Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16139S: The Impact of Microstructural Interactions, Closure, and Temperature on Crack Propagation Based Lifing Criteria - 01 January 1996

STP16140S: Structural Life Analysis Methods Used on the B-2 Bomber - 01 January 1996

STP16141S: A Study of Fatigue Crack Growth in Lugs Under Spectrum Loading - 01 January 1996

STP16142S: Further Refinement of a Methodology for Fatigue Life Estimation in Resistance Spot Weld Connections - 01 January 1996

STP16143S: Multiaxial Plasticity and Fatigue Life Prediction in Coiled Tubing - 01 January 1996

STP16144S: Residual Operating Fatigue Lifetime—Estimation of Distribution Function - 01 January 1996

STP16145S: Prestraining and its Influence on Subsequent Fatigue Life - 01 January 1996

STP16133S: A Fatigue Damage Model for Crack Propagation - 01 January 1996

STP16170S: Mechanisms of LiOH Degradation and H3BO3Repair of ZrO2 Films - 01 January 1996

STP16165S: Behavior and Properties of Zircaloys in Power Reactors: A Short Review of Pertinent Aspects in LWR Fuel - 01 January 1996

STP16171S: PWR Zircaloy Fuel Cladding Corrosion Performance, Mechanisms, and Modeling - 01 January 1996

STP16172S: Correlation Between Electrochemical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16173S: Long-Term In Situ Corrosion Investigation of Zr Alloys in Simulated PWR Environment by Electrochemical Measurements - 01 January 1996

STP16174S: Anodic Protection Provided by Precipitates in Aqueous Corrosion of Zircaloy - 01 January 1996

STP16175S: Investigation of In-Pile Grown Corrosion Films on Zirconium-Based Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16176S: Microstructure Evolutions and Iron Redistribution in Zircaloy Oxide Layers: Comparative Effects of Neutron Irradiation Flux and Irradiation Damages - 01 January 1996

STP16177S: Oxide Characteristics and Corrosion and Hydrogen Uptake in Zr-2.5 Nb CANDU Pressure Tubes - 01 January 1996

STP16178S: The Effect of the Trace Impurity Uranium on PWR Aqueous Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1996

STP16179S: Detrimental Role of Hydrogen on the Corrosion Rate of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16180S: Hydrogen Pickup and Redistribution in Alpha-Annealed Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1996

STP16166S: Microstructure of Oxides on Zircaloy-4, 1.0Nb Zircaloy-4, and Zircaloy-2 Formed in 10.3-MPa Steam at 673 K - 01 January 1996

STP16181S: A Unified Model to Describe the Anisotropic Viscoplastic Behavior of Zircaloy-4 Cladding Tubes - 01 January 1996

STP16182S: The Influence of Temperature and Yield Strength on Delayed Hydride Cracking in Hydrided Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 1996

STP16164S: Learning from History: A Case Study in Nuclear Fuel - 01 January 1996

STP16183S: Effects of Hydride Precipitate Localization and Neutron Fluence on the Ductility of Irradiated Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1996

STP16184S: Fracture Toughness of Zircaloy Cladding Tubes - 01 January 1996

STP16185S: A Model for Analysis of the Effect of Final Annealing on the In- and Out-of-Reactor Creep Behavior of Zircaloy Cladding - 01 January 1996

STP16186S: Properties of an Irradiated Heat-Treated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Removed From the NPD Reactor - 01 January 1996

STP16187S: Link Between Results of Small- and Large-Scale Toughness Tests on Irradiated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Material - 01 January 1996

STP16188S: Modeling In-Reactor Deformation of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes in CANDU Power Reactors - 01 January 1996

STP16189S: Effect of In-PWR Irradiation on Size, Structure, and Composition of Intermetallic Precipitates of Zr Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16190S: In Situ Studies of Phase Transformations in Zirconium Alloys and Compounds Under Irradiation - 01 January 1996

STP16167S: The Importance of Oxide Morphology for the Oxidation Rate of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16191S: Evolution of Microstructure in Zirconium Alloys During Irradiation - 01 January 1996

STP16192S: Influence of Neutron Irradiation on Dislocation Structure and Phase Composition of Zr-Base Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16193S: Non-Linear Irradiation Growth of Cold-Worked Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 1996

STP16194S: Influence of Iron in the Nucleation of ⟨c⟩ Component Dislocation Loops in Irradiated Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1996

STP16195S: Effects of Extrusion-Billet Preheating on the Microstructure and Properties of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Materials - 01 January 1996

STP16196S: Zircaloy-2 Lined Zirconium Barrier Fuel Cladding - 01 January 1996

STP16197S: Effects of Microstructure on Ductility and Fracture Resistance of Zr-1.2Sn-1 Nb-0.4Fe Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16198S: Influence of Processing Variables and Alloy Chemistry on the Corrosion Behavior of ZIRLO Nuclear Fuel Cladding - 01 January 1996

STP16199S: Effects of Thermomechanical Processing on In-Reactor Corrosion and Post-Irradiation Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 1996

STP16168S: Effect of Annealing Temperature on Corrosion Behavior and ZrO2 Microstructure of Zircaloy-4 Cladding Tube - 01 January 1996

STP16200S: Embrittlement of Reactor Core Materials - 01 January 1996

STP16201S: Zirconium Alloy E635 as a Material for Fuel Rod Cladding and Other Components of VVER and RBMK Cores - 01 January 1996

STP16202S: Corrosion Behavior of Duplex and Reference Cladding in NPP Grohnde - 01 January 1996

STP16203S: Development of New Zirconium Alloys for a BWR - 01 January 1996

STP16204S: Comparison of the Long-Time Corrosion Behavior of Certain Zr Alloys in PWR, BWR, and Laboratory Tests - 01 January 1996

STP16205S: In-BWR and Out-of-Pile Nodular Corrosion behavior of Zry-2/4 Type Melts with Varying Fe, Cr, and Ni Content and Varying Process History - 01 January 1996

STP16206S: Development of Pressure Tubes with Service Life Greater Than 30 Years - 01 January 1996

STP16169S: Microstructure of Oxide Films Formed during the Waterside Corrosion of the Zircaloy-4 Cladding in Lithiated Environment - 01 January 1996

STP37954S: Analysis of Electrochemical Noise for Type 410 Stainless Steel in Chloride Solutions - 01 January 1996

STP37955S: Comparison of Spectral Analysis with Fast Fourier Transform and Maximum Entropy Method. Application to the Role of Molybdenum Implantation on Localized Corrosion of Type 304 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1996

STP37956S: A Comparison of Spectral and Chaotic Analysis of Electrochemical Noise - 01 January 1996

STP37957S: Quantifying the Stochastic Behavior of Electrochemical Noise Measurement During the Corrosion of Aluminum - 01 January 1996

STP37960S: A Progress Report on the Use of Electrochemical Noise to Investigate the Effects of Zebra Mussel Attachment on the Corrosion Resistance of AISI Type 304 Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel in Lake Water - 01 January 1996

STP37961S: The Use of Electrochemical Noise Measurements with Nuclear Waste Tanks - 01 January 1996

STP37963S: Simultaneous Corrosion and Fouling Monitoring Under Heat Transfer in Cooling Water Systems - 01 January 1996

STP37964S: Electrochemical Noise Measurements on Carbon and Stainless Steels in High Subcritical and Supercritical Aqueous Environments - 01 January 1996

STP37965S: The Use of Electrochemical Noise to Investigate the Corrosion Resistance of UNS Alloy N04400 Nuclear Heat Exchanger Tubes - 01 January 1996

STP37966S: The Use of Electrochemical Noise Measurement in the Evaluation of Materials for Steam Generators - 01 January 1996

STP37967S: Analysis of Electrochemical Noise from Metastable Pitting in Aluminum, Aged Al-2%Cu, and AA 2024-T3 - 01 January 1996

STP37968S: Effect of Metallurgical Factors on the Electrochemical Noise Measured on AISI Type 430 Stainless Steels in Chloride-Containing Media - 01 January 1996

STP37969S: The Effect of Some Fundamental Aspects of the Pitting Corrosion of Stainless Steel on Electrochemical Noise Measurements - 01 January 1996

STP37970S: Coupling of Acoustic Emission and Electrochemical Noise Measurement Techniques in Slurry Erosion-Corrosion Studies - 01 January 1996

STP37971S: Influence of Hydrogen Absorption on the Electrochemical Potential Noise of an Iron Electrode Under Corrosion with Gas Evolution - 01 January 1996

STP37972S: Electrochemical Noise Response of Steel Under Hydrodynamic Conditions - 01 January 1996

STP37973S: Electrochemical Noise Measurements During Exfoliation of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP37950S: A Comparison of Electrochemical Noise and Impedance Spectroscopy for the Detection of Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete - 01 January 1996

STP37949S: Electrochemical Noise Measurement: The Definitive In-Situ Technique for Corrosion Applications? - 01 January 1996

STP37974S: Characterization of Prerusted Steels in Some Ibero-American Atmospheres by Electrochemical Potential Noise Measurement - 01 January 1996

STP37975S: Reproducibility of Electrochemical Noise Data from Coated Metal Systems - 01 January 1996

STP37976S: ASTM Standardization of Electrochemical Noise Measurement - 01 January 1996

STP37951S: Electrochemical Noise and Impedance Analysis of Iron in Chloride Media - 01 January 1996

STP37952S: Electrochemical Noise Measurement for Determining Corrosion Rates - 01 January 1996

STP37953S: The Effects of Solution Resistance on Electrochemical Noise Resistance Measurements: A Theoretical Analysis - 01 January 1996

STP14595S: Fatigue and Fracture of Adhesively Bonded and Weld-Bonded T-Peel Joints - 01 January 1995

STP14600S: Further Studies of a Modified-Charpy Specimen for Lower-Bound Toughness - 01 January 1995

STP14604S: Measurement and Analysis of Critical CTOA for an Aluminum Alloy Sheet - 01 January 1995

STP14607S: J-Integral Characterization of the Nozzle Steels from Intermediate Test Vessels IV-5 and IV-9 - 01 January 1995

STP14609S: Prediction of Cleavage Fracture Probability for Ferritic Steels in the Transition Region - 01 January 1995

STP14610S: Shear Fatigue Crack Growth in Large Grain Polycrystals - 01 January 1995

STP14612S: The Effect of Crack Deflection and Surface Roughness on Constant and Variable Amplitude Loading Fatigue Crack Growth in Aluminum-Lithium Alloys - 01 January 1995

STP14613S: Propagation of Very Long Fatigue Cracks in a Cellular Box Beam - 01 January 1995

STP14614S: The Effect of Welding Discontinuities on the Variability of Fatigue Life - 01 January 1995

STP14615S: Advanced Technology Applications to Aging Aircraft - 01 January 1995

STP14616S: A Proposal on Damage Tolerant Testing for Structural Integrity of Aging Aircraft ---Learning From JAL Accident in 1985--- - 01 January 1995

STP14617S: A Novel Approach to Dynamic Rip-Arrest Characterization of Heat-Treated Low-Alloy Steels - 01 January 1995

STP14624S: Pressure Vessel Fracture Simulation - 01 January 1995

STP1236-EB: Structural Integrity of Fasteners - 01 January 1995

STP13050S: Stress Intensity Factor Approximations for Cracks Located at the Thread Root Region of Fasteners - 01 January 1995

STP13051S: Behavior of Fatigue Cracks in a Tension Bolt - 01 January 1995

STP13052S: Early Stages of Fatigue Damage of Fastener Holes Monitored by Laser Speckle - 01 January 1995

STP13053S: Development of Fracture Control Methodology for Threaded Fasteners in the Space Program - 01 January 1995

STP13054S: The Effect of a Tensile Load on the Ultimate Shear Capacity of a Fastener Shank - 01 January 1995

STP13055S: Pitch Diameter Measurement of Threaded Gages Using a Coordinate Measuring Machine - 01 January 1995

STP13056S: Summary - 01 January 1995

STP13044S: Establishment of Fatigue Test Method for Turbine Blade Fastener - 01 January 1995

STP13045S: Review of Factors That Affect Fatigue Strength of Low-Alloy Steel Fasteners - 01 January 1995

STP13043S: Effects of Nonuniformities in Fasteners on Localized Vibration and Fatigue - 01 January 1995

STP13046S: The Regulatory Approach to Fastener Integrity in the Nuclear Industry - 01 January 1995

STP13047S: Failure Criteria and Limiting States of Stress for Cracked Bolts/Studs - 01 January 1995

STP13048S: The Effect of Grain Boundary Carbon on the Hydrogen-Assisted Intergranular Failure of Nickel-Copper Alloy K-500 Fastener Material - 01 January 1995

STP13049S: Stress Intensity Factors for Surface and Corner-Cracked Fastener Holes by the Weight Function Method - 01 January 1995

STP1238-EB: Cyclic Cabinet Corrosion Testing - 01 January 1995

STP14042S: Use of ASTM Standard Practice for Modified Salt Spray (Fog) Testing G85, Annex A2 Cyclic Acidified Salt Fog Testing, for Rapid Screening of Inorganic Coatings on Aluminum 1100 Alloy Fins for Heat Exchangers - 01 January 1995

STP14043S: Effect of Cyclic Wetting and Drying on Corrosion of Zinc and Steel - 01 January 1995

STP14035S: What is Accelerated in Accelerated Testing: A Framework for Definition - 01 January 1995

STP14036S: A Review of Alternative Accelerated Corrosion Testing - 01 January 1995

STP14037S: DDW Testing of Thermal Spray Coatings - 01 January 1995

STP14034S: Realism in Cyclic Cabinet Corrosion Testing of Coil-Coated Steel for Building Applications - 01 January 1995

STP14038S: An Alternate Electrochemical Procedure for Testing Anodized Aluminum - 01 January 1995

STP14039S: Update on the Development of an Improved Cosmetic Corrosion Test by the Automotive and Steel Industries - 01 January 1995

STP14040S: Cosmetic Corrosion of Painted Aluminum Automotive Body Sheet: Results from Outdoor and Accelerated Laboratory Test Methods - 01 January 1995

STP14041S: Cyclic Corrosion Tests in Japanese Industries - 01 January 1995

STP1239-EB: Atmospheric Corrosion - 01 January 1995

STP14915S: Atmospheric Corrosion Rates of Weathering Steels at Test Sites in the Eastern United States — Effect of Environment and Test-Panel Orientation - 01 January 1995

STP14916S: Atmospheric Corrosion of Bolted Lap Joints Made of Weathering Steel - 01 January 1995

STP14910S: Acid Deposition Effects on Materials: Evaluation of Electric Contact Materials after 4 Years of Exposure - 01 January 1995

STP14917S: A Study of Rust Morphology, Contamination and Porosity by Backscattered Electron Imaging - 01 January 1995

STP14918S: Corrosion Evaluation of Automotive Trim Material - 01 January 1995

STP14919S: The Influence of Marine Environments on Metals and Fabricated Coated Metal Products, Freely Exposed and Partially Sheltered - 01 January 1995

STP14920S: Long-Term Atmospheric Corrosion in Spain: Results after 13–16 Years of Exposure and Comparison with Worldwide Data - 01 January 1995

STP14921S: Reaction Sequences in Atmospheric Corrosion of Zinc - 01 January 1995

STP14922S: Galvanic Protection of Steel by Zinc under Thin Layer Electrolytes - 01 January 1995

STP14923S: Corrosion Study of Carbon Steel and Zinc-Comparison Between Field Exposure and Accelerated Tests - 01 January 1995

STP14924S: Atmospheric Corrosion in Ibero-America: The MICAT Project - 01 January 1995

STP14911S: An Approach to the Modelling of Atmospheric Corrosion - 01 January 1995

STP14912S: Results of ISO CORRAG Program: Processing of One-Year Data in Respect to Corrosivity Classification - 01 January 1995

STP14909S: Time of Wetness and Dew Formation: A Model of Atmospheric Heat Transfer - 01 January 1995

STP14913S: Analyses of Four Years of Exposure Data from the USA Contribution to ISO CORRAG Program - 01 January 1995

STP14914S: Effects of Silicon and Nickel Contents on the Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of ASTM A588 Weathering Steel - 01 January 1995

STP14633S: Numerical Modeling of Ductile Tearing Effects on Cleavage Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1995

STP14634S: The Role of Geometry and Crack Growth on Constraint and Implications for Ductile/Brittle Fracture - 01 January 1995

STP14635S: Modeling Crack Growth Resistance Using Computational Cells with Microstructurally—Based Length Scales - 01 January 1995

STP14636S: Prediction of Cleavage Fracture in the Brittle to Ductile Transition Region of a Ferritic Steel - 01 January 1995

STP14637S: The Second Parameter in J-R Curves: Constraint or Triaxiality ? - 01 January 1995

STP14629S: Variations of a Global Constraint Factor in Cracked Bodies Under Tension and Bending Loads - 01 January 1995

STP14638S: Application of the Gurson Model to Ductile Tearing Resistance - 01 January 1995

STP14639S: Fracture Toughness Measurements Using Small Cracked Round Bars - 01 January 1995

STP14640S: Experimental Investigation of Fracture Toughness Scaling Models - 01 January 1995

STP14641S: The Effect of Constraint Due to Out-of-Plane Stress Field on Fracture of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel--An Experimental and Numerical Study - 01 January 1995

STP14643S: Constraint Effects on the Upper Shelf in Cracked Welded Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP14644S: Constraint Effects in Testing Different Curved Geometries of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Material - 01 January 1995

STP14628S: Cleavage Fracture Quantified by J and A2 - 01 January 1995

STP14645S: A Comparison of J and CTOD as Elastic-Plastic Fracture Characterizing Parameters - 01 January 1995

STP14630S: Limits of J-T Characterization of Elastic—Plastic Crack—Tip Fields - 01 January 1995

STP14646S: Size and Deformation Limits to Maintain Constraint in KIc and Jc Testing of Bend Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP14647S: Constraint and Statistical Adjustment Models Applied to Transition Fracture Toughness Data - 01 January 1995

STP14648S: Interpretation of Constraint Effects Under PTS Conditions Based on J-Q Fracture Methodology - 01 January 1995

STP14649S: Application of J-Q Fracture Methodology to the Analysis of Thermal-Shock Experiment TSE-5A - 01 January 1995

STP14650S: Validity of Small Specimen Fracture Toughness Estimates Neglecting Constraint Corrections - 01 January 1995

STP14631S: A Numerical Study on the Influence of Geometry Variations on Stable Crack Growth in CT Specimens for Different Materials - 01 January 1995

STP14632S: Numerical Simulation of Stable Crack Growth in Fracture Mechanics Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP1247-EB: Effects of Mechanical Stiffness and Vibration on Wear - 01 January 1995

STP14045S: Aspects of Contact Dynamics Relevant to Wear - 01 January 1995

STP14047S: Bearing Forces as a Function of Mechanical Stiffness and Vibration Isolation in a Fourbar Linkage - 01 January 1995

STP14048S: Wear Reductions and Contact Interface Observations for Carbon Samples Sliding Against Wavy and Smooth Copper Surfaces - 01 January 1995

STP14050S: The Effect of Tool Vibration on Tool Wear in Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting - 01 January 1995

STP14051S: Preload Optimization: A High Efficiency Design Solution for Grinding Machines Main Spindles - 01 January 1995

STP14046S: Self-Induced and Machine-Induced Specimen Vibrations in Fretting Testing - 01 January 1995

STP1248-EB: Pendulum Impact Machines: Procedures and Specimens for Verification - 01 January 1995

STP14659S: Striker Geometry and Its Effect on Absorbed Energy - 01 January 1995

STP14660S: Charpy Impact Test Results on Five Materials and NIST Verification Specimens Using Instrumented 2-mm and 8-mm Strikers - 01 January 1995

STP14661S: The Effect of Charpy V-Notch Striker Radii on the Absorbed Energy - 01 January 1995

STP14662S: Effects of the Striking Edge Radius and Asymmetrical Strikes on Charpy Impact Test Results - 01 January 1995

STP14663S: Production of Charpy Impact Verification Specimens and Verification of Machine Performance - 01 January 1995

STP14664S: Proposed Changes to Charpy V-Notch Machine Certification Requirements - 01 January 1995

STP14665S: Presentation of the French Supply of Charpy V Reference Test Pieces - 01 January 1995

STP14654S: Effect of Squareness Tolerance on Charpy V-Notch Impact Energy - 01 January 1995

STP14666S: Correction of Charpy Impact Values for Kinetic Energy of Test Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP14667S: Load Damping Absorbers and the Determination of Load/Displacement Data for Precracked Charpy Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP14668S: Low Cost Lower Bound Toughness Measurements - 01 January 1995

STP14669S: Design and Evaluation of a Verification System for Force Measurement Using Instrumented Impact Testing Machines - 01 January 1995

STP14655S: The Production of Calibration Specimens for Impact Testing of Subsize Charpy Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP14656S: Miniaturized Notch Test Specimen and Test Machine Design - 01 January 1995

STP14653S: The Role of Strike Marks on the Reproducibility of Charpy Impact Test Results - 01 January 1995

STP14657S: The Optimization of Insert Size for Reconstituting Previously Tested Charpy Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP14658S: Effect of Surface Finish of Charpy Anvils and Striking Bits on Absorbed Energy - 01 January 1995

STP1251-EB: Special Applications and Advanced Techniques for Crack Size Determination - 01 January 1995

STP14680S: Ultrasonic Size Determination of Cracks with Large Closure Regions - 01 January 1995

STP14681S: Apparatus for Ultrasonic In Situ Accurate Crack Size Measurement on Laboratory Test Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP14682S: Nondestructive Crack Size and Interfacial Degradation Evaluation in Metal Matrix Composites Using Ultrasonic Microscopy - 01 January 1995

STP14683S: Characterization of a Crack in an Aluminum Bar Using an AC Magnetic Bridge - 01 January 1995

STP14675S: Fatigue Crack Growth Measurements in TMF Testing of Titanium Alloys Using an ACPD Technique - 01 January 1995

STP14676S: Measurement of Multiple-Site Cracking in Simulated Aircraft Panels Using AC Potential Drop - 01 January 1995

STP14674S: The Measurement of Regular and Irregular Surface Cracks Using the Alternating Current Potential Difference Technique - 01 January 1995

STP14677S: The Influence of Crack Deflection and Bifurcation on DC Potential Drop Calibration - 01 January 1995

STP14678S: Application of a Crack Length Measurement with a Laser Micrometer to R-Curve Tests - 01 January 1995

STP14679S: Improved Load Ratio Method for Predicting Crack Length - 01 January 1995

STP1256-EB: Fracture Mechanics: 26th Volume - 01 January 1995

STP16381S: Experimental Application of Methodologies to Quantify the Effect of Constraint on Jc for a 3-D Flaw Geometry - 01 January 1995

STP16382S: Wide Range CTOD Estimation Formulae for SE(B) Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP16383S: Effects of Constraint on Upper Shelf Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1995

STP16384S: Effects of 3-D Transverse Constraint on the Evolution of In-Plane Q-Stress - 01 January 1995

STP16385S: Tests and Analyses for Fully Plastic Fracture Mechanics of Plane Strain Mode I Crack Growth - 01 January 1995

STP16386S: Three-Dimensional CTOA and Constraint Effects During Stable Tearing in a Thin-Sheet Material - 01 January 1995

STP16387S: Orientation Effects on the Measurement and Analysis of Critical CTOA in an Aluminum Alloy Sheet - 01 January 1995

STP16388S: An Experimental Study of CTOD for Mode I/Mode II Stable Crack Growth in Thin 2024-T3 Aluminum Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP16389S: Evaluation of Disk-Shaped Compact Specimen for Determining J-R Curves - 01 January 1995

STP16390S: Constraint Effects Observed in Crack Initiation Stretch - 01 January 1995

STP16391S: Three-Dimensional Crack Growth Assessment By Microtopographic Examination - 01 January 1995

STP16392S: On the Effect of Mismatching on Structural Resistance of Welds - 01 January 1995

STP16393S: CTOD (δ5) Estimate of Mis-Matched Joints Using the ETM-MM Procedure - 01 January 1995

STP16394S: Significance of Locally Intensified Strain Ageing to the Fracture Toughness of Welded Steel Structures - 01 January 1995

STP16395S: Investigation of Fracture Mechanical Behaviour of Nodular Cast Iron and Welded Joints with Parent-Material-Like Weld Metal - 01 January 1995

STP16396S: Fracture Toughness Testing of Bi-Material Joints with High Strength Mis-Match - 01 January 1995

STP16397S: Experiments and Analyses on Undermatched Interleaf Specimens in Bending - 01 January 1995

STP16377S: Patterns and Perspectives in Applied Fracture Mechanics - 01 January 1995

STP16398S: Fracture Behaviour of Subclad Cracks - 01 January 1995

STP16399S: Stress-Intensity-Factor Influence Coefficients for Semielliptical Inner-Surface Flaws in Clad Pressure Vessels - 01 January 1995

STP16378S: Two-Parameter (J-Q) Fracture Characterization of Ductile Tearing - 01 January 1995

STP16379S: The Relationship Between Constraint and Ductile Fracture Initiation as Defined by Micromechanical Analyses - 01 January 1995

STP16406S: Reduction of the Stresses in a Joint of Dissimilar Materials Using Graded Materials as Interlayer - 01 January 1995

STP16408S: Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Al-Li Alloy 1441 - 01 January 1995

STP16409S: Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Ti-1100 at Elevated Temperature - 01 January 1995

STP16410S: Fatigue Fracture of Thin Plates Under Tensile and Transverse Shear Stresses - 01 January 1995

STP16411S: The Application of a Logic Framework for Fatigue Crack Growth Analyses to Microstructural Effects - 01 January 1995

STP16412S: Numerical Modeling and Experiments of Creep Crack Growth Under Cyclic Loading - 01 January 1995

STP16413S: Intermittent Environment-Assisted Crack Growth During Slow Constant Extension Rate Testing - 01 January 1995

STP16414S: Strain Rate and Inertial Effects on Impact Loaded Single-Edge Notch Bend Specimens - 01 January 1995

STP16415S: Evaluation of Test Methods for Dynamic Toughness Characterization of Duplex Stainless Steel Forgings - 01 January 1995

STP16416S: Introduction of δ5 as an Operational Definition of the CTOD and Its Practical Use - 01 January 1995

STP16418S: Fracture Toughness and Critical Crack Sizes for the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Motor D6AC Steel Case - 01 January 1995

STP16419S: Validation of R6 Defect Assessment Methodology Using Experiments on Plates and Pipes with Surface Cracks - 01 January 1995

STP16380S: J-Integral for a Semi-Elliptical Surface Crack at a Bimaterial Interface - 01 January 1995

STP16430S: Promoted Combustion of Pure Metals in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1995

STP16431S: Flammability of Metals in Fluorine and Nitrogen Trifluoride - 01 January 1995

STP16432S: Reaction of Molten/Burning Aluminum with Liquid Oxygen - 01 January 1995

STP16424S: A 500 Bar Gaseous Oxygen Impact Test Apparatus for Burn-Out Testing of Oxygen Equipment - 01 January 1995

STP16426S: New Test Capabilities for the Evaluation of Material Flammability in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1995

STP16427S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Light Metals in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres - 01 January 1995

STP16428S: Ignition and Combustion of Titanium and Titanium Alloys - 01 January 1995

STP16429S: Effect of Beryllium on the Burn Propensity of Titanium Alloys - 01 January 1995

STP1153-EB: Fatigue of Electronic Materials - 01 January 1994

STP1175-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: Sixteenth International Symposium - 01 January 1994

STP1175-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 16th International Symposium - 01 January 1994

STP1194-EB: Application of Accelerated Corrosion Tests to Service Life Prediction of Materials - 01 January 1994

STP1207-EB: Fracture Mechanics: Twenty-Fourth Volume - 01 January 1994

STP13702S: Crack Depth Effects Measured by Dynamic Fracture Toughness Tests - 01 January 1994

STP13703S: Interim Results from the Heavy Section Steel Technology (HSST) Shallow-Crack Fracture Toughness Program - 01 January 1994

STP13704S: Application of J-Q Fracture Methodology to the Analysis of Pressurized Thermal Shock in Reactor Pressure Vessels - 01 January 1994

STP13705S: Single-Specimen Test Analysis to Determine Lower-Bound Toughness in the Transition - 01 January 1994

STP13706S: A Theoretical Framework for Addressing Fracture in the Ductile-Brittle Transition Region - 01 January 1994

STP13707S: A Perspective on Transition Temperature and KJc Data Characterization - 01 January 1994

STP13698S: Two-Parameter Fracture Mechanics: Theory and Applications - 01 January 1994

STP13708S: Evaluation of Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness Testing in the Transition Region through Japanese Interlaboratory Tests - 01 January 1994

STP13709S: A Statistical Study on the Effect of Local Brittle Zones (LBZs) on the Fracture Toughness (Crack Tip Opening Displacement) of Multipass Welded Joints - 01 January 1994

STP13710S: Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) Testing Method for Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ) Toughness of Steel Welds with Particular Reference to Local Inhomogeneity - 01 January 1994

STP13711S: Results of MPC/JSPS Cooperative Testing Program in the Brittle-to-Ductile Transition Region - 01 January 1994

STP13712S: Effect of Strain Rate on Small Specimen Fracture Toughness in the Transition Region - 01 January 1994

STP13713S: Analysis of Results from the MPC/JSPS Round Robin Testing Program in the Ductile to-Brittle Transition Region - 01 January 1994

STP13714S: Determination of Lower-Bound Fracture Toughness for Heavy-Section Ductile Cast Iron (DCI) and Estimation by Small Specimen Tests - 01 January 1994

STP13715S: An Interpretation of the Scatter in Brittle - Ductile Transition Region As a Statistical Event as a Result of the Two Different Populations - 01 January 1994

STP13716S: Ductile-Brittle Fracture Transition as a Result of Increasing In-Plane Constraint in a Medium Carbon Steel - 01 January 1994

STP13717S: Resistance Curve Analysis of Surface Cracks - 01 January 1994

STP13718S: Simpler JIc Test and Data Analysis Procedures for High-Strength Steels - 01 January 1994

STP13719S: A New Application of Normalization: Developing J-R Curves from Displacement Versus Crack Length and from Displacement Alone - 01 January 1994

STP13720S: R-Curve, Energy Dissipation Rate, and Crack Opening Angle Models for Large Amounts of Ductile Crack Growth in Bending - 01 January 1994

STP13721S: Dislocation Emission and Dynamics Under the Stress Singularity at the Crack Tip and Its Application to the Dynamic Loading Effect on Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1994

STP13722S: Crack Growth Under Small Scale and Transition Creep Conditions in Creep-Ductile Materials - 01 January 1994

STP13699S: Two-Parameter Crack-Tip Field Associated with Stable Crack Growth in a Thin Plate: An Experimental Study - 01 January 1994

STP13723S: Effects of Mean Load on Creep and Fatigue Crack Growth at Elevated Temperature - 01 January 1994

STP13724S: Evaluation of the Relationship Between C*, δ5, and δt during Creep Crack Growth - 01 January 1994

STP13726S: Elastic-Plastic Mode II Fracture in an Aluminum Beam - 01 January 1994

STP13727S: Stress Intensity Factor Solutions for Surface Cracks in Flat Plates Subjected to Nonuniform Stresses - 01 January 1994

STP13728S: Weight Functions for Eccentric Cracks - 01 January 1994

STP13697S: Reflections on Progress in Fracture Mechanics Research - 01 January 1994

STP13729S: Fracture Criteria for Surface Cracks in Brittle Materials - 01 January 1994

STP13700S: An Approximate Technique for Predicting Size Effects on Cleavage Fracture Toughness (Jc) Using the Elastic T Stress - 01 January 1994

STP13730S: The Crack Tip Opening Displacement and J Integral Under Strain Control and Fully Plastic Conditions Estimated by the Engineering Treatment Model for Plane Stress Tension - 01 January 1994

STP13731S: Fracture Mode Evaluation of Flawed Piping Under Dynamic Loading - 01 January 1994

STP13732S: Fracture Capacity of High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) Vessel with Random Crack Size and Toughness - 01 January 1994

STP13733S: Simulation of Fatigue Crack Growth of an Inclined Elliptically Shaped Subsurface Crack in Residual Stress Fields - 01 January 1994

STP13734S: Surface Crack Growth in Inconel 718 During Large Unload-Reload Cycles - 01 January 1994

STP13735S: Effects of Cyclic Loading on the Deformation and Elastic-Plastic Fracture Behavior of a Cast Stainless Steel - 01 January 1994

STP13737S: Methodology for Predicting Canopy Fracturing Patterns During Ejection - 01 January 1994

STP13738S: Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors for Interface Cracks Under Mixed-Mode Loading - 01 January 1994

STP13701S: A Void Growth Model Relating Fracture Toughness and Constraint - 01 January 1994

STP13195S: Quality Control of Powder Metallurgy (P/M) Parts for Magnetic Applications - 01 January 1994

STP12218S: Rationale for the Design and Use of Pure Titanium Internal Fixation Plates - 01 January 1994

STP12219S: Metallurgical Properties of Unalloyed Titanium Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plates - 01 January 1994

STP12221S: Theoretical Strength Comparison of Bioabsorbable (PLLA) Plates and Conventional Stainless Steel and Titanium Plates Used in Internal Fracture Fixation - 01 January 1994

STP15104S: Analysis of PWR Pressure Vessel Surveillance Dosimetry with McBend - 01 January 1994

STP15125S: Analysis of the Venus Out-Of-Core Activation Measurements Using MCBEND - 01 January 1994

STP15135S: SILENE, a New Radiation Reference Source - 01 January 1994

STP15141S: Overview of the Activities in Spain on Irradiation Embrittlement of RPV Steel - 01 January 1994

STP15160S: Comparison of the BUGLE-80 and SAILOR Libraries for Coupled Neutron-Gamma Transport Applications - 01 January 1994

STP15161S: Production and Testing of the Vitamin-B6 Fine-Group and the BUGLE-93 Broad-Group Neutron/Photon Cross-Section Libraries Derived from ENDF/B-VI Nuclear Data - 01 January 1994

STP15162S: JENDL Dosimetry File - 01 January 1994

STP1231-EB: Automation in Fatigue and Fracture: Testing and Analysis - 01 January 1994

STP13945S: Automated Data Acquisition and Data Bank Storage of Mechanical Test Data: An Integrated Approach - 01 January 1994

STP13946S: Sampling Rate Effects in Automated Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Testing - 01 January 1994

STP13947S: Procedure for Automated Tests of Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 January 1994

STP13948S: Automation of Fatigue Crack Growth Data Acquisition for Contained and Through-Thickness Cracks Using Eddy-Current and Potential Difference Methods - 01 January 1994

STP13949S: A Computer-Aided Technique for the Determination of R-Curves from Center-Cracked Panels of Nonstandard Proportions - 01 January 1994

STP13939S: General Purpose Software for Fatigue Testing - 01 January 1994

STP13950S: The Significance of Variable Amplitude Fatigue Testing - 01 January 1994

STP13951S: Spectrum Fatigue Life Assessment of Notched Specimens Using a Fracture Mechanics Based Approach - 01 January 1994

STP13952S: Spectrum Fatigue Testing Using Dedicated Software - 01 January 1994

STP13953S: A Computerized Variable Amplitude Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Test Control System - 01 January 1994

STP13954S: Automated Fatigue Test System for Spectrum Loading Simulation of Railroad Rail Cracks - 01 January 1994

STP13955S: High-Cycle Fatigue of Austenitic (316L) and Ferritic (A508) Steels Under Gaussian Random Loading - 01 January 1994

STP13956S: Crack Closure Measurements and Analysis of Fatigue Crack Propagation Under Variable Amplitude Loading - 01 January 1994

STP13957S: A Fatigue Crack Propagation Model Under Variable Loading - 01 January 1994

STP13958S: Sensitivity of Equivalent Load Crack Propagation Life Assessment to Cycle-Counting Technique - 01 January 1994

STP13959S: Fatigue Life Prediction Under Periodical or Random Multiaxial Stress States - 01 January 1994

STP13940S: A Sampling of Mechanical Test Automation Methodologies Used in a Basic Research Laboratory - 01 January 1994

STP13960S: Neuber-Based Life Prediction Procedure for Multiaxially Loaded Components - 01 January 1994

STP13961S: Fatigue Test Methods and Damage Models Used by the SNCF for Railway Vehicle Structures - 01 January 1994

STP13963S: Applying Contemporary Life Assessment Techniques to the Evaluation of Urban Bus Structures - 01 January 1994

STP13964S: Fatigue and Fracture Analysis of Type 316L Thin-Walled Piping for Heavy Water Reactors: Crack Growth Prediction Over 60 Years (With and Without Stratification) and Flawed Pipe Testing - 01 January 1994

STP13965S: A Rule-Based System for Estimating High-Temperature Fatigue Life - 01 January 1994

STP13966S: Optimum Fracture Control Plan for Gas Turbine Engine Components - 01 January 1994

STP13967S: Prediction of the Fatigue Life of Mechanical Structures - 01 January 1994

STP13968S: Fatigue Testing and Life Prediction for Notched Specimens of 2024 and 7010 Alloys Subjected to Aeronautical Spectra - 01 January 1994

STP13941S: Computer Applications in Full-Scale Aircraft Fatigue Tests - 01 January 1994

STP13969S: Using Maximum Likelihood Techniques in Evaluating Fatigue Crack Growth Curves - 01 January 1994

STP13970S: Advances in Hysteresis Loop Analysis and Interpretation by Low-Cycle Fatigue Test Computerization - 01 January 1994

STP13971S: Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue Testing - 01 January 1994

STP13972S: Measurement of Transformation Strain During Fatigue Testing - 01 January 1994

STP13973S: An Automatic Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System for Studying Low Crack Growth at Room and High Temperatures - 01 January 1994

STP13938S: A Historical Overview and Discussion of Computer-Aided Materials Testing - 01 January 1994

STP13974S: Database for Aluminum Fatigue Design - 01 January 1994

STP13975S: Material Data Banks: Design and Use, an Example in the Automotive Industry - 01 January 1994

STP13976S: Hypertext and Expert Systems Application in Fatigue Assessment and Advice - 01 January 1994

STP13942S: Microprocessor-Based Controller for Actuators in Structural Testing - 01 January 1994

STP13943S: An Automated Image Processing System for the Measurement of Short Fatigue Cracks at Room and Elevated Temperatures - 01 January 1994

STP1232-EB: Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Testing - 01 January 1994

STP12928S: The Characterization of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Heavy Oil Waterflood Operations - 01 January 1994

STP12929S: An Electrochemical Method for On-Line Monitoring of Biofilm Activity in Cooling Water Using the BloGEORGE™ Probe - 01 January 1994

STP12930S: Monitoring Biocorrosion and Biofilms in Industrial Waters: A Practical Approach - 01 January 1994

STP12931S: Spectroscopic Study of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria-Metal Ion Interactions Related to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) - 01 January 1994

STP12932S: Surface Analytical Techniques for Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion—A Review - 01 January 1994

STP12922S: The Use of Field Tests and Electrochemical Noise to Define Conditions for Accelerated Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Testing - 01 January 1994

STP12933S: Thermodynamic Prediction of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria (SRB) - 01 January 1994

STP12934S: Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Sulfide Corrosion Products as an Indicator for Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) - 01 January 1994

STP12935S: Application of Reverse Sample Genome Probing to the Identification of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria - 01 January 1994

STP12921S: Advances in MIC Testing - 01 January 1994

STP12939S: Correlation of Field and Laboratory Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Data for a Copper Potable Water Installation - 01 January 1994

STP12940S: Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) of Ductile Iron Pipes in Soils - 01 January 1994

STP12941S: An Evaluation of Countermeasures to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in Copper Potable Water Supplies - 01 January 1994

STP12942S: Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Accelerated Testing Using a Flow-Through System - 01 January 1994

STP12923S: Producing Rapid Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria (SRB)-lnfluenced Corrosion in the Laboratory - 01 January 1994

STP12924S: Electrochemical Techniques for Detection of Localized Corrosion Phenomena - 01 January 1994

STP12925S: Spatial Distribution of pH at Mild Steel Surfaces Using an Iridium Oxide Microelectrode - 01 January 1994

STP12926S: Review of Effects of Biofilms on the Probability of Localized Corrosion of Stainless Steels in Seawater - 01 January 1994

STP12927S: Developments in On-Line Fouling and Corrosion Surveillance - 01 January 1994

STP1245-EB: Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Tenth International Symposium - 01 January 1994

STP15187S: Growth and Characterization of Oxide Films on Zirconium-Niobium Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP15188S: Correlation Between Irradiated and Unirradiated Fracture Toughness of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 1994

STP15189S: Variability of Irradiation Growth in Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 1994

STP15190S: Change of Mechanical Properties by Irradiation and Evaluation of the Heat-Treated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube - 01 January 1994

STP15182S: Zirconium Alloy Performance in Light Water Reactors: A Review of UK and Scandinavian Experience - 01 January 1994

STP15191S: On the Anisotropy of In-Reactor Creep of Zr-2.5Nb Tubes - 01 January 1994

STP15192S: Fabrication of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes to Minimize the Harmful Effects of Trace Elements - 01 January 1994

STP15193S: Modeling of Damage in Cold Pilgering - 01 January 1994

STP15194S: Mitigation of Harmful Effects of Welds in Zirconium Alloy Components - 01 January 1994

STP15195S: Fabrication Process of High Nodular Corrosion-Resistant Zircaloy-2 Tubing - 01 January 1994

STP15196S: Corrosion Behavior of Zircaloy-4 Sheets Produced Under Various Hot-Rolling and Annealing Conditions - 01 January 1994

STP15197S: Optimization of PWR Behavior of Stress-Relieved Zircaloy-4 Cladding Tubes by Improving the Manufacturing and Inspection Process - 01 January 1994

STP15198S: Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Parameters that Influence Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1994

STP15183S: The Effect of Fluence and Irradiation Temperature on Delayed Hydride Cracking in Zr-2.5Nb - 01 January 1994

STP15199S: Aqueous Chemistry of Lithium Hydroxide and Boric Acid and Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 and Zr-2.5Nb Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP15181S: Development of Zirconium-Barrier Fuel Cladding - 01 January 1994

STP15200S: Corrosion Behavior of Irradiated Zircaloy - 01 January 1994

STP15201S: Correlation of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Microstructure Analysis and Texture with Nodular Corrosion Behavior for Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 1994

STP15202S: Micro-Characterization of Corrosion Resistant Zirconium-Based Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP15203S: An Experimental Investigation into the Oxidation of Zircaloy-4 at Elevated Pressures in the 750 to 1000°C Temperature Range - 01 January 1994

STP15204S: Prediction of Creep Anisotropy in Zircaloy Cladding - 01 January 1994

STP15205S: Microstructure and Properties of Corrosion-Resistant Zirconium-Tin-lron-Chromium-Nickel Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP15206S: Fatigue Behavior of Irradiated and Unirradiated Zircaloy and Zirconium - 01 January 1994

STP15207S: Effect of Irradiation on the Microstructure of Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1994

STP15208S: Irradiation Effect on Fatigue Behavior of Zircaloy-4 Cladding Tubes - 01 January 1994

STP15209S: Grain-by-Grain Study of the Mechanisms of Crack Propagation During Iodine Stress Corrosion Cracking of Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1994

STP15210S: Microstructure of Oxide Layers Formed During Autoclave Testing of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP15211S: Corrosion Performance of New Zircaloy-2-Based Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP15212S: Examinations of the Corrosion Mechanism of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP15184S: A Study of the Hydrogen Uptake Mechanism in Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP15213S: On the Initial Corrosion Mechanism of Zirconium Alloy: Interaction of Oxygen and Water with Zircaloy at Room Temperature and 450°C Evaluated by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Photoelectron Spectroscopy - 01 January 1994

STP15214S: How the Tetragonal Zirconia is Stabilized in the Oxide Scale that is Formed on a Zirconium Alloy Corroded at 400°C in Steam - 01 January 1994

STP15215S: Oxidation of Intermetallic Precipitates in Zircaloy-4: Impact of Irradiation - 01 January 1994

STP15216S: Corrosion Optimized Zircaloy for Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Fuel Elements - 01 January 1994

STP15217S: In-Reactor Corrosion Performance of ZIRLO™ and Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1994

STP15218S: Phenomenological Study of In-Reactor Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 in Pressurized Water Reactors - 01 January 1994

STP15219S: Corrosion Behavior of Zircaloy-4 Cladding with Varying Tin Content in High-Temperature Pressurized Water Reactors - 01 January 1994

STP15220S: Effects of Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Coolant Chemistry on Zircaloy Corrosion Behavior - 01 January 1994

STP15185S: Hydrogen Absorption Kinetics During Zircaloy Oxidation in Steam - 01 January 1994

STP15186S: Scanning Electron Microscope Techniques for Studying Zircaloy Corrosion and Hydriding - 01 January 1994

STP1250-EB: Case Studies for Fatigue Education - 01 January 1994

STP13988S: Thermal Fatigue Analysis: A Case Study of Recuperators - 01 January 1994

STP13990S: Equating Damped Vibration to Constant Amplitude Fatigue Loading for a Thick-Walled Pressure Vesselz - 01 January 1994

STP13991S: Development of a Numerical Model for Predicting Fatigue Lives of Tubular Threaded Connections - 01 January 1994

STP13992S: Fatigue Life Prediction for Wind Turbines: A Case Study on Loading Spectra and Parameter Sensitivity - 01 January 1994

STP13982S: The Use of Failure Analysis and Materials Testing in the Redesign of a Boat Trailer Roller Arm - 01 January 1994

STP13983S: Design of a Composite Hip Prosthesis for Long-Term Performance - 01 January 1994

STP13984S: Fatigue of a Landing Gear Actuator Beam in a Fighter Aircraft - 01 January 1994

STP13981S: Automotive Wheel Assembly: A Case Study in Durability Design - 01 January 1994

STP13985S: Fatigue Evaluation of Agitator Paddle Shafts - 01 January 1994

STP13986S: Fatigue Cracking of a Welded Roll Used in a Paper-Mill Roll Press - 01 January 1994

STP13987S: Welded Pipeline Fatigue Analysis - 01 January 1994

STP23919S: High-Cycle Fatigue of Kovar - 01 January 1994

STP23920S: Thermal Stresses in Cooled Heat-Releasing Elements of Electronic Devices - 01 January 1994

STP23921S: Stress and Thermal Analysis of Resistance Temperature Detectors - 01 January 1994

STP23913S: Creep-Fatigue Damage Analysis of Solder Joints - 01 January 1994

STP23914S: Creep-Fatigue Interactions in Eutectic Tin-Lead Solder Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP23915S: A Unified Creep-Plasticity Theory for Solder Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP23916S: Thermomechanical and Fatigue Behavior of High-Temperature Lead and Lead-Free Solder Joints - 01 January 1994

STP23917S: A Model for Primary Creep of 63Sn-37Pb Solder - 01 January 1994

STP23918S: Test Methodologies to Perform Valid Accelerated Thermomechanical Fatigue Tests of Solder Joints - 01 January 1994

STP18098S: Characterization and Quantification of Fretting Particulates Generated in Ceramic/Metal and Metal/Metal Modular Head/Taper Systems - 01 January 1994

STP18101S: Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Metallic Biomaterials - 01 January 1994

STP23986S: Effects of Cascade Damage and Helium Production Under 600 MeV Proton Irradiation of Cu and Cu-Al2O3 - 01 January 1994

STP23987S: The Role of Nickel and Zinc in Defect Behavior and Microstructural Evolution of Copper Under Electron Irradiation - 01 January 1994

STP23988S: Mechanical Properties of Induction Brazed Glidcop Al-15 - 01 January 1994

STP23989S: The Response of Dispersion-Strengthened Copper Alloys to High Fluence Neutron Irradiation at 415°C - 01 January 1994

STP23930S: Strengthening of Chromium Films by 75 Mev Ni Ion Irradiation - 01 January 1994

STP23990S: Effects of Hot Implantation of Helium in Copper on Bubble Formation Within Grains and on Grain Boundaries - 01 January 1994

STP23991S: Evolution of Microstructure in Zirconium Alloy Core Components of Nuclear Reactors during Service - 01 January 1994

STP23992S: Modelling the Effect of Texture and Dislocation Structure on Irradiation Creep of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP23993S: Strain Hardening Parameter Evaluation of Irradiated Zircaloy—2 - 01 January 1994

STP23931S: Radiation Damage Rate Measurements in Nickel - 01 January 1994

STP23994S: Irradiation Growth of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP23995S: The Effect of Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of 6061-T651 Aluminum - 01 January 1994

STP23996S: Effects of High Thermal Neutron Fluences on Type 6061 Aluminum - 01 January 1994

STP23997S: Irradiation-Induced Precipitation in Vanadium-Base Alloys Containing Titanium - 01 January 1994

STP23998S: Fatigue Crack Growth of Neutron Irradiated V-15Cr-5Ti and V-3Ti-1Si - 01 January 1994

STP23999S: Mechanical Properties of Vanadium Alloys Doped with Helium Using Various Techniques - 01 January 1994

STP24005S: The Role of Phase-Boundary Fission-Gas Bubbles in the Cavitational Swelling of Irradiated U-Pu-Zr Fuel - 01 January 1994

STP23932S: Effects of Fission and Fusion Neutron Irradiations on Mechanical Properties and Defect Recovery Behavior in α-Iron - 01 January 1994

STP23933S: Subsize Specimen Testing of a Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Material - 01 January 1994

STP23924S: Usnrc Research on Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Embrittlement - 01 January 1994

STP23934S: The Effect of Loading Rate Upon Irradiation Embrittlement Measured by Fracture Mechanical Properties - 01 January 1994

STP23935S: Effects Of Irradiation Temperature on Embrittlement of Nuclear Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23936S: Study on the Irradiation Embrittlement of a Microalloyed Ferritic Steel - 01 January 1994

STP23937S: Comparison of Drop-Weight and Instrumented Charpy Impact Test Results for Irradiated RPV Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23938S: Fracture Toughness and Impact Tests on Neutron Irradiated Ferritic Steels : Results and Correlations - 01 January 1994

STP23939S: Development and Application of an LWR Reactor Pressure Vessel-Specific Flaw Distribution - 01 January 1994

STP23940S: Effects of Irradiation Temperature on Charpy and Tensile Properties of High-Copper, Low Upper-Shelf, Submerged-Arc Welds - 01 January 1994

STP23941S: Evaluation of Thermal-Aged Plates, Forgings, and Submerged-Arc Weld Metals - 01 January 1994

STP23925S: Irradiation Creep due to SIPA Under Cascade Damage Conditions - 01 January 1994

STP23942S: Effect of Specimen Size on the Impact Properties of a Pressure Vessel Weld Material - 01 January 1994

STP23943S: Further Microstructural Characterization of Submerged-Arc Weld Metals - II - 01 January 1994

STP23944S: Exploratory Studies of the Effects of Irradiation Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Structural Steels amd Welds - 01 January 1994

STP23945S: The Radiation Hardening and Embrittlement of a Mild Steel Submerged-Arc Weld - 01 January 1994

STP23946S: Annealing Experiments on Irradiated NiCrMo Weld Metal - 01 January 1994

STP23947S: Degradation of Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Cladding Due to Neutron Irradiation and Thermal Aging - 01 January 1994

STP23948S: The Effect of Flux on the Irradiation Hardening of Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23926S: A Model for Interstitial Loop Formation in Concentrated Alloys During Irradiation - 01 January 1994

STP23949S: Modeling the Influence of Irradiation Temperature and Displacement Rate on Hardening Due to Point Defect Clusters in Ferritic Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23950S: The Modelling of Radiation Hardening and Embrittlement in Magnox Mild Steel Submerged-Arc Welds - 01 January 1994

STP23951S: Irradiation Induced Precipitation in Model Alloys with Systematic Variation of Cu, Ni and P Content: A Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study - 01 January 1994

STP23952S: Characterisation of Model Fe-Cu-Mn-Ti-N Alloys by Electron Microscopy and Positron Annihilation - 01 January 1994

STP23953S: An APFIM Survey of Grain Boundary Segregation and Precipitation in Irradiated Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23954S: Investigation of Neutron Irradiated Soviet-type Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels by Small Angle Neutron Scattering - 01 January 1994

STP23955S: Influence of Some Alloying Elements on the Formation of Vacancy Defects in Ferritic Steels During Irradiation at 288°C - 01 January 1994

STP23956S: Metallurgical Considerations in the Application of DPA to Reactor Vessel Analysis - 01 January 1994

STP23957S: Postirradiation Deformation Behavior in Ferritic Fe-Cr Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP23927S: Predictions of Interfacial Phosphorus Segregation in Irradiated Ferritic Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23958S: Tensile and Fracture Mechanics Properties of Neutron Irradiated Manet I (Martensitic 11Cr Steel Type DIN 1.4914) - 01 January 1994

STP23959S: Influence of Cold Work, Heat Treatment, and Chromium Content on the Fracture Properties of Irradiated Martensitic Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23960S: Charpy Impact Toughness of Martensitic Steels Irradiated in FFTF: Effect of Heat Treatment - 01 January 1994

STP23961S: Microstructural Studies in Fast Reactor Irradiated FV448 Ferritic-Martensitic Alloy Plate and Weldment - 01 January 1994

STP23962S: Effects of Neutron Irradiation on the Notch Ductility of 15MnTi Steel - 01 January 1994

STP23963S: The Influence of Specimen Size on Measurement of Thermal or Irradiation Creep in Pressurized Tubes - 01 January 1994

STP23964S: Tensile Properties of Neutron Irradiated 316Ti and 15-15Ti Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23965S: Mechanical Property Degradation of Fast Reactor Fuel Cladding During Thermal Transients - 01 January 1994

STP23928S: Segregation Effects in Ferritic Fe-Cr Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP23966S: Fatigue Crack Growth Properties of Thermal Reactor Irradiated Nimonic PE16 - 01 January 1994

STP23967S: Influence of Cold Work on the Irradiation Creep and Creep Rupture of Titanium Modified Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 1994

STP23968S: Mechanical Properties of 1950's Vintage Type 304 Stainless Steel Weldment Components After Low Temperature Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 1994

STP23969S: Effects of Neutron Irradiations at Temperatures Below 500°C on the Properties of Cold Worked 316 Stainless Steels: A Review - 01 January 1994

STP23970S: Technique to Eliminate Helium Induced Weld Cracking in Stainless Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23971S: Helium-Induced Weld Degradation of HT-9 Steel - 01 January 1994

STP23972S: The Complex Action of Major Solutes on Radiation-Induced Swelling of Fe-Cr-Ni Austenitic Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP23973S: Radiation Creep and Swelling of Austenitic 16Cr-15Ni-3Mo-Nb Steels Irradiated in the Reactor BOR-60 at 350 and 420 C - 01 January 1994

STP23974S: Swelling and Irradiation Creep of Neutron-Irradiated 316Ti and 15-15Ti Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23975S: Influence of Aluminum and Titanium on Gas Bubble Microstructure Formation in Nickel Under Helium-Ion Irradiation - 01 January 1994

STP23976S: Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility of Irradiated Type 304 Stainless Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23977S: Radiation-Induced Solute Segregation and Stress Corrosion Cracking Study of AISI 304 and AISI 304L Stainless Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23978S: Influence of Impurities and Alloying Elements on IASCC in Neutron Irradiated Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23979S: The Relationship of Grain Boundary Composition in Irradiated Type 304SS to Neutron Fluence and IASCC - 01 January 1994

STP23980S: Isotopic Tailoring with 59Ni to Study Helium Generation Rates and Their Effect on Tensile Properties of Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys - 01 January 1994

STP23981S: Microstructural and Microchemical Evolution During Fast Neutron Irradiation in Nickel and Nickel-Silicon Alloys Doped with Isotopically Controlled Boron - 01 January 1994

STP23929S: Neutron Irradiation Damage and Hardness Anisotropy in Molybdenum Single Crystals - 01 January 1994

STP23982S: The Effect of Phosphorus on the Microstructure of an Fe-16Cr-17Ni Austenitic Ternary Induced by Fast Neutron Irradiations - 01 January 1994

STP23983S: Void Formation and Induced-Segregation During Electron-Irradiation in Ti and Nb Modified Austenitic Steels - 01 January 1994

STP23984S: Effects of Applied Stress on Microstructural Evolution in 316SS Under Ion Irradiation - 01 January 1994

STP23985S: The Observation and Interpretation of Microstructural Evolution and Swelling in Austenitic Steels Under Irradiation - 01 January 1994

STP18122S: Fracture Testing and Performance of Beryllium Copper Alloy C17510 - 01 January 1994

STP18124S: Thermal Fracture and Fatigue of Anodized Aluminum Coatings for Space Applications - 01 January 1994

STP18125S: Yield, Plastic Flow, and Fatigue of an Orthotropic Material Under Biaxial Loadings - 01 January 1994

STP18126S: Cyclic Axial-Torsional Deformation Behavior of a Cobalt-Base Superalloy - 01 January 1994

STP18127S: Multiaxial Stress-Strain Creep Analysis for Notches - 01 January 1994

STP18134S: Characterization of Adhesively Bonded Joints by Acousto-Ultrasonic Techniques and Acoustic Emission - 01 January 1994

STP18119S: Influence of Crack Closure and Stress Ratio on Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in Ti-1100 - 01 January 1994

STP24878S: Application of Service Examinations to Transuranic Waste Container Integrity at the Hanford Site - 01 January 1994

STP24879S: High Level Nuclear Waste Management in U.S.A. - 01 January 1994

STP24880S: The Development of an Experimental Data Base for the Lifetime Predictions of Titanium Nuclear Waste Containers - 01 January 1994

STP24881S: Deterministic Predictions of Corrosion Damage to High Level Nuclear Waste Canisters - 01 January 1994

STP24882S: Approaches to Life Prediction for High-Level Nuclear Waste Containers in the Tuff Repository - 01 January 1994

STP24883S: Crack Growth Behavior of Candidate Waste Container Materials in Simulated Underground Water - 01 January 1994

STP24884S: Prediction of Localized Corrosion Using Modeling and Experimental Techniques - 01 January 1994

STP24885S: Corrosion Aspects of Copper in a Crystalline Bedrock Environment - with Regard to Life Prediction of a Container in a Nuclear Waste Repository - 01 January 1994

STP24886S: Correlation of Autoclave Testing of Zircaloy-4 to In-Reactor Corrosion Performance - 01 January 1994

STP24887S: The Importance of Subtle Materials and Chemical Considerations in the Development of Accelerated Tests for Service Performance Predictions - 01 January 1994

STP24875S: Life Prediction of Ammonia Storage Tanks Based on Laboratory Stress Corrosion Crack Data - 01 January 1994

STP24889S: Values of Corrosion Rate of Steel in Concrete to Predict Service Life of Concrete Structures - 01 January 1994

STP24890S: A New Index for the Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Materials - 01 January 1994

STP24891S: Acceleration of Stress-Corrosion Cracking Test for High-Temperature, High-Purity Water Environments by Means of Artificial Crevice Application - 01 January 1994

STP24892S: Application of a Multipotential Test Method for Rapid Screening of Austenitic Stainless Steels in Process Environments - 01 January 1994

STP24893S: Spot-Welded Specimen Maintained Above the Crevice-Repassivation Potential to Evaluate Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility of Stainless Steels in NaCl Solutions - 01 January 1994

STP24894S: Constant Extension Rate Testing and Predictions of In-Service Behavior: The Effect of Specimen Dimensions - 01 January 1994

STP24895S: Applications of Electrochemical Potentiokinetic Reactivation Test to On-Site Measurements on Stainless Steels - 01 January 1994

STP24896S: New Electrochemical Method to Evaluate the Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels - 01 January 1994

STP24874S: Relationship Among Statistical Distributions, Accelerated Testing and Future Environments - 01 January 1994

STP24876S: Corrosion Prediction from Accelerated Tests in the Chemical Process Industries - 01 January 1994

STP24877S: Composite Modeling of Atmospheric Corrosion Penetration Data - 01 January 1994

STP36416S: Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel - 01 January 1994

STP36417S: Embedded Metals and Materials Other Than Reinforcing Steel - 01 January 1994

STP36420S: Bond with Reinforcing Steel - 01 January 1994

STP1165-EB: Metallography: Past, Present, and Future (75th Anniversary Volume) - 01 January 1993

STP1170-EB: Radiation Embrittlement of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels: An International Review (Fourth Volume) - 01 January 1993

STP1171-EB: Constraint Effects in Fracture - 01 January 1993

STP1186-EB: Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials - 01 January 1993

STP1188-EB: Electrochemical Impedance: Analysis and Interpretation - 01 January 1993

STP1191-EB: Advances in Multiaxial Fatigue - 01 January 1993

STP1195-EB: Creative Use of Bearing Steels - 01 January 1993

STP1197-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Sixth Volume - 01 January 1993

STP1199-EB: Tribology: Wear Test Selection for Design and Application - 01 January 1993

STP1204-EB: Small Specimen Test Techniques Applied to Nuclear Reactor Vessel Thermal Annealing and Plant Life Extension - 01 January 1993

STP12724S: Application of Micromechanical Material Models for the Evaluation of the Fracture Toughness of Primary Circuit Steel Components - 01 January 1993

STP12725S: On the Brittle-to-Ductile Transition Fracture Behavior - 01 January 1993

STP12726S: Fracture Toughness Measurements with Subsize Disk Compact Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP12727S: On the Development of a Fracture Toughness Test Procedure Using a Notched Disk Specimen - 01 January 1993

STP12728S: Assessment of Fracture Toughness by a Punch Test with Miniature Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP12718S: Electrochemical Evaluation of Thermal Aging Embrittlement of 2 1/4Cr-1Mo Steel for a Nuclear Pressure Vessel - 01 January 1993

STP12729S: Fracture Toughness Evaluation for Zircaloy-2 Pressure Tubes with the Electric-Potential Method - 01 January 1993

STP12730S: Miniaturized Fracture Toughness Testing During the Plant Life Extension Period - 01 January 1993

STP12731S: Estimation of Toughness Degradation by Microhardness and Small Punch Tests - 01 January 1993

STP12732S: Hardening Characteristics of Ion-Irradiated Iron-Based Model Alloys - 01 January 1993

STP12733S: Development of a Miniaturized Bulge Test (Small Punch Test) for Post-Irradiation Mechanical Property Evaluation - 01 January 1993

STP12734S: Evaluation of Tensile Properties Using a TEM Disk-Size Specimen - 01 January 1993

STP12735S: Development of a Miniature-Disk Bending Fatigue Specimen - 01 January 1993

STP12736S: Two Micro Fatigue Test Methods for Irradiated Materials - 01 January 1993

STP12719S: In-Situ Measurements of Mechanical Properties Using Novel Automated Ball Indentation System - 01 January 1993

STP12737S: Methods and Devices for Small Specimen Testing at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute - 01 January 1993

STP12738S: Evaluating a Service-Exposed Component's Mechanical Properties by Means of Subsized and Miniature Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP12739S: Tension Test System for Irradiated Small Specimens Operated by Remote Control - 01 January 1993

STP12740S: Application of Miniature Tension Specimens to Studies of Radiation Damage in Metals - 01 January 1993

STP12741S: An Automated Tensile Machine for Small Specimens Heavily Neutron Irradiated in FFTF/MOTA - 01 January 1993

STP12742S: Evaluation of Miniature Tension Specimen Fabrication Techniques and Performance - 01 January 1993

STP12743S: A Novel Miniature Tension Test Machine - 01 January 1993

STP12744S: Application of Subsize Specimens in Nuclear Plant Life Extension - 01 January 1993

STP12745S: Investigation of Material Behavior Under Reirradiation after Annealing Using Subsize Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP12746S: Use of Subsize Specimens for Determination of Radiation Embrittlement of Operating Reactor Pressure Vessels - 01 January 1993

STP12747S: Application of Reconstitution Welding Technique for Studying Base Metal of a Novovoronesh Unit-1 Trepan Sample - 01 January 1993

STP12720S: Recent Improvements in Size Effects Correlations for DBTT and Upper Shelf Energy of Ferritic Steels - 01 January 1993

STP12717S: Pressure Vessel Steel Embrittlement Monitoring by Magnetic Properties Measurements - 01 January 1993

STP12721S: Laser Weld Reconstitution of Conventional Charpy and Miniaturized Notch Test (MNT) Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP12722S: Fracture Toughness Evaluation of Neutron-Irradiated Composites by a Miniaturized Charpy Test - 01 January 1993

STP12723S: Simple Constraint Corrections for Subsize Fracture Toughness Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP1208-EB: Automation of Mechanical Testing - 01 January 1993

STP1210-EB: Slow Strain Rate Testing for the Evaluation of Environmentally Induced Cracking: Research and Engineering Applications - 01 January 1993

STP12757S: The Use of Precracked and Notched Slow Strain Rate Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP12758S: Environmental Slow Strain Rate J-Integral Testing of Ni-Cu Alloy K-500 - 01 January 1993

STP12759S: Application of the Rising Displacement Test to SCC Investigations - 01 January 1993

STP12760S: Slow Strain Rate Fracture of High-Strength Steel at Controlled Electrochemical Potentials in Ammonium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Ammonium Nitrate Solutions - 01 January 1993

STP12761S: Slow Strain Rate Testing of Precracked Titanium Alloys in Salt Water and Inert Environments - 01 January 1993

STP12762S: Case Histories Using the Slow Strain Rate Test - 01 January 1993

STP12763S: Use of Slow Strain Rate Tests to Evaluate the Embrittlement of Aluminum and Stainless Alloys in Process Environments Containing Mercury - 01 January 1993

STP12764S: Effect of Heat Treatment on Liquid Metal-Induced Cracking of Austenitic Alloys - 01 January 1993

STP12765S: Hydrogen Cracking Initiation of a High-Strength Steel Weldment - 01 January 1993

STP12766S: Problems Associated with Slow Strain Rate Quality Assurance Testing of Nickel-Base Corrosion Resistant Alloy Tubulars in Hydrogen Sulfide Environments - 01 January 1993

STP12752S: Limitations of the Slow Strain Rate Test Technique - 01 January 1993

STP12767S: The Role of Slow Strain Rate Testing on Evaluation of Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Hostile Hot Sour Gas Production - 01 January 1993

STP12768S: Relationship of Localized Corrosion and SCC in Oil and Gas Production Environments - 01 January 1993

STP12769S: Improved SSR Test for Lot Acceptance Criterion - 01 January 1993

STP12753S: Status of Standardization Activities on Slow Strain Rate Testing Techniques - 01 January 1993

STP12754S: SSRT for Hydrogen Water Chemistry Verification in BWRs - 01 January 1993

STP12755S: Applications of Slow Strain Rate Testing in the Nuclear Power Industry - 01 January 1993

STP12751S: Slow Strain Rate Testing—25 Years Experience - 01 January 1993

STP12756S: Measurement of the Deformability of Austenitic Stainless Steels and Nickel-Base Alloys in Light Water Reactor Cores - 01 January 1993

STP1211-EB: Advances in Fatigue Lifetime Predictive Techniques: Second Volume - 01 January 1993

STP15080S: Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue Lifetime Prediction of an Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 1993

STP15081S: The Cumulative Fatigue Damage Behavior of MAR-M 247 in Air and High-Pressure Hydrogen - 01 January 1993

STP15082S: Crack Density and Fatigue Lifetime of Metals Under Variable Amplitude Loading - 01 January 1993

STP15083S: Determination of Fatigue Limit Between 105 and 109 Cycles Using an Ultrasonic Fatigue Device - 01 January 1993

STP15084S: Novel Methodology for Fatigue Lifetime Prediction - 01 January 1993

STP15085S: Estimation of Fatigue Propagation Life in Resistance Spot Welds - 01 January 1993

STP15086S: A Reverse Plasticity Criterion for Specifying Optimal Proof Load Levels - 01 January 1993

STP15074S: Contribution of Individual Spectrum Load Cycles to Damage in Notch Root Crack Initiation, Short and Long Crack Growth - 01 January 1993

STP15075S: Calculation of Spectrum Load Notch Root Crack Growth Rate Under Elastic and Inelastic Conditions - 01 January 1993

STP15076S: Fatigue Damage Due to Sub-Threshold Load Cycles Between Periodic Overloads - 01 January 1993

STP15077S: Exact Determination of ΔKeff and Crack Propagation Prediction for Selected Loading Sequences - 01 January 1993

STP15078S: FEM Analysis of Cyclic Deformation Around the Fatigue Crack Tip After a Single Overload - 01 January 1993

STP25095S: Automotive Materials and Their Characterization: 1916 to 1991 - 01 January 1993

STP25097S: Advancements in Ultrathin Section Techniques for the Characterization of Brittle Materials - 01 January 1993

STP25098S: The Early Metallographic Studies of Chih-Hung Chou on the Formation and Morphology of Widmanstatten Structure and Martensite - 01 January 1993

STP25099S: Those Magnificent Men on Their Scanning Machines - 01 January 1993

STP25100S: Seventy-Five Years of Activity in X-Ray Methods by ASTM Committee E4.06 - 01 January 1993

STP25102S: The Application of Transmission Electron Microscopy to the Study of a Low-Carbon Steel: HSLA-100 - 01 January 1993

STP25103S: Transmission Electron Microscopy of the Interdiffusion Regions of Iron-Zinc Couples - 01 January 1993

STP25104S: Some Reflections on the Early Development of Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis - 01 January 1993

STP25105S: Quantitative Metallography in Test Method Standards and Product Specifications - 01 January 1993

STP25106S: Artificial Intelligence for Twin Identification - 01 January 1993

STP25107S: The Use of Quantitative Image Analysis for the Characterization of Corrosion-Resistant Coatings - 01 January 1993

STP25108S: Examination of Some Grain Size Measurement Problems - 01 January 1993

STP25109S: Measurement and Interpretation of Fracture Surface Fractal Dimension - 01 January 1993

STP25110S: In Search of Microstructure - 01 January 1993

STP25111S: The Microstructure of Laser-Welded Aluminum Bronzes - 01 January 1993

STP25112S: Metallography of Mechanically Alloyed Aluminum - 01 January 1993

STP25113S: Microstructural Investigations of Rapidly Solidified Copper-Niobium (Cu-Nb) Alloy Powders Produced by Inert Gas Atomization - 01 January 1993

STP25114S: Metallography Applied to the Structure of Electrorheological (ER) Fluids - 01 January 1993

STP25115S: Interpreting Solidification Phenomena and Microstructural Evolution in Metals Through the Use of Transparent Model Alloy Systems - 01 January 1993

STP25092S: The History of ASTM Committee E4 on Metallography - 01 January 1993

STP25116S: Some Failure Analysis Case Histories in Galvanized Steel Products - 01 January 1993

STP25117S: Characterization of Reaction Between Cast Titanium and Silica-Containing Investment Mold - 01 January 1993

STP25093S: Some Incidental History of Metallography and ASTM Committee E4 - 01 January 1993

STP25094S: Research Under the Microscope - 01 January 1993

STP24768S: B&W Owners Group Master Integrated Reactor Vessel Surveillance Program - 01 January 1993

STP24769S: Study by Positron Annihilation of Neutron Damage in a Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Pressure Vessel Steel After a 13-Year Irradiation in the CHOOZ A Reactor Surveillance Program - 01 January 1993

STP24770S: Surveillance Dosimetry of the French 900-MW Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs): Results, Uncertainties, and Reactor Series Effects - 01 January 1993

STP24771S: Analysis of the Results from the Surveillance Specimen Program for Reactor Pressure Vessels of Nuclear Power Plant W-2 in Jaslovské Bohunice - 01 January 1993

STP24772S: Fracture Properties of Irradiated A533B,Cl.1, A508,Cl.3, and 15Ch2NMFAA Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1993

STP24773S: Radiation Embrittlement and Annealing Recovery of CrNiMoV Pressure Vessel Steels with Different Copper and Phosphorus Content - 01 January 1993

STP24774S: Investigation on the Impact Strength and Toughness of A533 Grade B Composition Weld Metal Using Small Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP24775S: Influence of Specimen Orientation on the Upper Shelf Energy and Transition Temperature Shift of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Base Metal - 01 January 1993

STP24776S: Mechanical and Nondestructive Testing of Irradiated Half Charpy Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP24777S: Radiation Embrittlement of Soviet 1000-MW Pressurized Water Reactor Vessel Steel 15KH2NMFAA - 01 January 1993

STP24778S: Radiation Effects on the Mechanical Properties of SA 508 Cl.3 Forging - 01 January 1993

STP24779S: Irradiation Response of the IAEA CRP-3 Material FFA Measured by Fracture Toughness Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP24780S: Analysis of Radiation Embrittlement Results from a French Forging Examined in the Second Phase of an IAEA-Coordinated Research Program - 01 January 1993

STP24781S: Interactions of Defects with Dislocations in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1993

STP24782S: Influence of Phosphorus on Thermal and Neutron Embrittlement of Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1993

STP24783S: Influence of Neutron Irradiation on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 15Kh2MFA Steel - 01 January 1993

STP24760S: Management of Neutron Radiation Embrittlement: A View from the United States - 01 January 1993

STP24784S: Neutron Fluence Management to Optimize Pressure Vessel Lifetime - 01 January 1993

STP24785S: Evaluation of the Recovery Annealing of the Reactor Pressure Vessel of NPP Nord (Greifswald) Units 1 and 2 by Means of Subsize Impact Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP24786S: Irradiation and Annealing Behavior of 15Kh2MFA Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1993

STP24787S: Recovery of the Transition Temperature of Irradiated WWER-440 Vessel Metal by Annealing - 01 January 1993

STP24788S: Thermal Annealing of the Reactor Pressure Vessel NPP Unit 2 in Jaslovské Bohunice for Its Radiation Embrittlement Regeneration - 01 January 1993

STP24789S: Sensitivity Analysis of Thermal and Stress Fields in the Core Belt of a Pressurized Water Reactor - 01 January 1993

STP24761S: Radiation Embrittlement of Spanish Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1993

STP24762S: Analysis of the Surveillance Results at Paks Nuclear Power Plant - 01 January 1993

STP24763S: Surveillance of WWER-440Č Reactor Pressure Vessels - 01 January 1993

STP24764S: Surveillance Data on Neutron Embrittlement of Modern Low-Sensitivity Steel - 01 January 1993

STP24765S: A Utility Perspective on Management of Reactor Pressure Vessel Embrittlement - 01 January 1993

STP24766S: Utilization of Reactor Pressure Vessel Surveillance Data in Support of Aging Management - 01 January 1993

STP24767S: An Overview of Radiation Embrittlement Modeling for Reactor Vessel Steels - 01 January 1993

STP24759S: Radiation Stability of WWER-440 Vessel Materials - 01 January 1993

STP18025S: Influence of Crack Depth on the Fracture Toughness of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1993

STP18026S: On the Two-Parameter Characterization of Elastic-Plastic Crack-Front Fields in Surface-Cracked Plates - 01 January 1993

STP18027S: Lower-Bound Initiation Toughness with a Modified-Charpy Specimen - 01 January 1993

STP18028S: Energy Dissipation Rate and Crack Opening Angle Analyses of Fully Plastic Ductile Tearing - 01 January 1993

STP18029S: An Experimental Study to Determine the Limits of CTOD Controlled Crack Growth - 01 January 1993

STP18030S: Specimen Size Effects on J-R Curves for RPV Steels - 01 January 1993

STP18021S: Constraint and Toughness Parameterized by T - 01 January 1993

STP18031S: Effects of Crack Depth and Mode of Loading on the J-R Curve Behavior of a High-Strength Steel - 01 January 1993

STP18032S: Statistical Aspects of Constraint with Emphasis on Testing and Analysis of Laboratory Specimens in the Transition Region - 01 January 1993

STP18033S: Thickness Constraint Loss by Delamination and Pop-In Behavior - 01 January 1993

STP18020S: A Framework for Quantifying Crack Tip Constraint - 01 January 1993

STP18034S: Size Limits for Brittle Fracture Toughness of Bend Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP18035S: Influence of Out-of-Plane Loading on Crack Tip Constraint - 01 January 1993

STP18036S: Influence of Stress State and Specimen Size on Creep Rupture of Similar and Dissimilar Welds - 01 January 1993

STP18037S: Use of Thickness Reduction to Estimate Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1993

STP18038S: An Investigation of Size and Constraint Effects on Ductile Crack Growth - 01 January 1993

STP18039S: Assessing a Material's Susceptibility to Constraint and Thickness Using Compact Tension Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP18022S: Effect of Stress State on the Ductile Fracture Behavior of Large-Scale Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP18040S: Influence of Specimen Size on J-, Jm- and δ5-R-Curves for Side-Grooved Compact-Tension Specimens - 01 January 1993

STP18041S: Predictions of Specimen Size Dependence on Fracture Toughness for Cleavage and Ductile Tearing - 01 January 1993

STP18042S: An Experimental Investigation of the T Stress Approach - 01 January 1993

STP18023S: Quantitative Assessment of the Role of Crack Tip Constraint on Ductile Tearing - 01 January 1993

STP18024S: Effect of Constraint on Specimen Dimensions Needed to Obtain Structurally Relevant Toughness Measures - 01 January 1993

STP15956S: Cleaning Aluminum Heat Pipe Casings with Replacements for Ozone-Depleting Chemicals - 01 January 1993

STP15948S: A Comparison of NonCFC and CFC Methods for Removal of Organic and Particulate Contaminant on Stainless Steel Components - 01 January 1993

STP24252S: Thermomechanical Deformation Behavior of a Dynamic Strain Aging Alloy, Hastelloy X™ - 01 January 1993

STP24253S: Damage Mechanisms in Bithermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue of Haynes 188 - 01 January 1993

STP24254S: Cumulative Damage Concepts in Thermomechanical Fatigue - 01 January 1993

STP24255S: Thermomechanical Fatigue of Turbo-Engine Blade Superalloys - 01 January 1993

STP24247S: Modeling of Thermomechanical Fatigue Damage in Coated Alloys - 01 January 1993

STP24257S: Improved Techniques for Thermomechanical Testing in Support of Deformation Modeling - 01 January 1993

STP24258S: Prediction of Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue Life for Gas Turbine Blades in Electric Power Generation - 01 January 1993

STP24259S: Residual Life Assessment of Pump Casing Considering Thermal Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 January 1993

STP24248S: A Life Prediction Model for Thermomechanical Fatigue Based on Microcrack Propagation - 01 January 1993

STP24246S: Fatigue Life Prediction Under Thermal-Mechanical Loading in a Nickel-Base Superalloy - 01 January 1993

STP24250S: Thermomechanical Fatigue of the Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 304L - 01 January 1993

STP24251S: Modeling of the Thermomechanical Fatigue of 63Sn-37Pb Alloy - 01 January 1993

STP18066S: Application of the Kramers-Kronig Relations in Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - 01 January 1993

STP18067S: Kramers-Kronig Transformation in Relation to the Interface Regulating Device - 01 January 1993

STP18068S: Validation of Experimental Data from High Impedance Systems Using the Kramers-Kronig Transforms - 01 January 1993

STP18069S: The Impedance Response of Film-Covered Metals - 01 January 1993

STP18070S: Corrosion Prediction from Circuit Models Application to Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitors - 01 January 1993

STP18071S: Use of Electrochemical Noise in the Study of Inhibitor Systems: Part I—The Effect of Silicate Polymerization on the Inhibition of Aluminum - 01 January 1993

STP18072S: The Influence of Corrosion Product Film Formation on the Corrosion of Copper-Nickel Alloys in Aqueous NaCl - 01 January 1993

STP18073S: Interpreting Electrochemical Impedance Spectra from Segmented Electrode Arrangements - 01 January 1993

STP18061S: Specific Aspects of Impedance Measurements in Low Conductivity Media - 01 January 1993

STP18074S: Evolution of Electrochemical Impedance During Sealing of Porous Anodic Films on Aluminum - 01 January 1993

STP18075S: Characterization of the Corrosion of Aluminum Thin Films Using Electrochemical Impedance Methods - 01 January 1993

STP18076S: Detection and Monitoring of Localized Corrosion by EIS - 01 January 1993

STP18077S: Potentiodynamic Polarization and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for the Statistical Process Control of Aluminum Anodizing - 01 January 1993

STP18078S: Equivalent Circuit Modeling of Aluminum/Polymer Laminates Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - 01 January 1993

STP18079S: Electrochemical Impedance of a Buried Large Structure - 01 January 1993

STP18062S: Analysis of EIS Data for Common Corrosion Processes - 01 January 1993

STP18082S: Electrochemical Impedance of Coated Metal Undergoing Loss of Adhesion - 01 January 1993

STP18083S: Analyzing and Interpreting Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Data from Internally Coated Steel Aerosol Containers - 01 January 1993

STP18085S: Evaluation of High-Performance Protective Coatings by Electrochemical Impedance and Chronoamperometry - 01 January 1993

STP18086S: Improved Coatings Testing and Evaluation Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - 01 January 1993

STP18063S: Analyzing Simulated Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Results by the Systematic Permutation of Data Points - 01 January 1993

STP18064S: The Effect of Parasitic Conduction Pathways on EIS Measurements in Low Conductivity Media - 01 January 1993

STP18065S: The Characterization of the Coarsening of Dealloyed Layers by EIS and Its Correlation with Stress-Corrosion Cracking - 01 January 1993

STP18060S: Impedance Spectra Calculated from Model Polarization Curves - 01 January 1993

STP24267S: The Conditions at Ductile Fracture in Tension Tests - 01 January 1993

STP24274S: Level-3 Crack-Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) Assessment of Welded Wide Plates in Bending—Effect of Overmatching Weld Metal - 01 January 1993

STP24277S: Study of a Crack-Tip Region Under Small-Scale Yielding Conditions - 01 January 1993

STP24278S: Fracture Properties of Specially Heat-Treated ASTM A508 Class 2 Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1993

STP24282S: Environmentally Controlled Fracture of an Overstrained A723 Steel Thick-Wall Cylinder - 01 January 1993

STP24284S: An Evaluation of Fracture Mechanics Properties of Various Aerospace Materials - 01 January 1993

STP24285S: Leak-Before-Break and Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis of All-Steel On-Board Natural Gas Cylinders - 01 January 1993

STP24286S: Intergranular Delamination and the Role of Artificial Aging Conditions on the Fracture of an Unrecrystallized Aluminum-Lithium-Zirconium (Al-Li-Zr) Alloy - 01 January 1993

STP24288S: Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Titanium Aluminide Ti-25Al-25Nb - 01 January 1993

STP24264S: Experimental Relationship Between Equivalent Plastic Strain and Constraint for Crack Initiation - 01 January 1993

STP24289S: Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Measurements in Aluminum Alloy Forgings: Effects of Residual Stress and Grain Flow - 01 January 1993

STP24292S: Ultrasonic Characterization of Fatigue Crack Closure - 01 January 1993

STP24304S: Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Evaluation of Local Brittle Zones in HSLA-80 Steel Weldments - 01 January 1993

STP24306S: Effects of Sample Size and Loading Rate on the Transition Behavior of a Ductile Iron (DI) Alloy - 01 January 1993

STP24798S: An Incremental Life Prediction Law for Multiaxial Creep-Fatigue Interaction and Thermomechanical Loading - 01 January 1993

STP24799S: Macro-Micro Approach in High-Cycle Multiaxial Fatigue - 01 January 1993

STP24800S: In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Axial-Torsional Fatigue Behavior of Haynes 188 Superalloy at 760°C - 01 January 1993

STP24801S: Effects of Material Anisotropy on Cyclic Deformation and Biaxial Fatigue Behavior of Al-6061-T6 - 01 January 1993

STP24802S: Continuous and Sequential Multiaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue Damage in 316 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1993

STP24803S: A Simple Test Method and Apparatus for Biaxial Fatigue and Crack Growth Studies - 01 January 1993

STP24804S: Thermomechanical Loading in Pure Torsion: Test Control and Deformation Behavior - 01 January 1993

STP24805S: Experimental Study of the Anisotropic Behavior of the CMSX2 Single-Crystal Superalloy Under Tension-Torsion Loadings - 01 January 1993

STP24806S: Viscoplasticity Theory Based on Overstress: The Modeling of Biaxial Cyclic Hardening Using Irreversible Plastic Strain - 01 January 1993

STP24807S: Inelastic Stress-Strain Predictions for Multiaxial Fatigue Damage Evaluation - 01 January 1993

STP24808S: Cycle-Dependent Ratcheting Under Multiaxial Loads Including the Bauschinger Effect and Nonlinear Strain Hardening - 01 January 1993

STP24809S: Propagation Behavior of Small Cracks in 304 Stainless Steel Under Biaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue at Elevated Temperature - 01 January 1993

STP24810S: Damage Observation of a Low-Carbon Steel Under Tension-Torsion Low-Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1993

STP24811S: Mixed Mode Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in a High-Strength Steel - 01 January 1993

STP24812S: Crack Curvature in Thin Cylinder Failure - 01 January 1993

STP24813S: Application of a Multiaxial Load-Notch Strain Approximation Procedure to Autofrettage of Pressurized Components - 01 January 1993

STP24794S: Multiaxial Stress-Strain Modeling and Fatigue Life Prediction of SAE Axle Shafts - 01 January 1993

STP24815S: Multiaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue Evaluations of Pressure Vessel Components - 01 January 1993

STP24816S: Multiaxial Fatigue and Life Prediction of Composite Hip Prostheses - 01 January 1993

STP24795S: A Multiaxial Fatigue Criterion Including Mean-Stress Effect - 01 January 1993

STP24796S: A Method Based on Virtual Strain-Energy Parameters for Multiaxial Fatigue Life Prediction - 01 January 1993

STP24793S: Critical Plane Approaches for Multiaxial Fatigue Damage Assessment - 01 January 1993

STP24797S: A Proposed Model for Biaxial Fatigue Analysis Using the Triaxiality Factor Concept - 01 January 1993

STP25160S: An Overview of Cavitation Corrosion of Diesel Cylinder Liners - 01 January 1993

STP25159S: Corrosion Testing for Aluminum Alloy Selection in Automotive Radiators - 01 January 1993

STP24828S: High-Hardness, High-Density Powder Metal Bearing Applications - 01 January 1993

STP24829S: A Comparison of Spindle Ball Bearings with Steel or Ceramic Balls for Very High Speed Applications - 01 January 1993

STP24830S: Development of a Stainless Corrosion Resistant Carburizing Bearing Steel - 01 January 1993

STP24831S: High-Nitrogen Cr-Mo Steels for Corrosion Resistant Bearings - 01 January 1993

STP24832S: Cryogenic Turbopump Bearing Material Development Program - 01 January 1993

STP24833S: A Ferritic-Pearlitic Steel with Eutectoid Composition - 01 January 1993

STP24834S: Rolling Contact Bearing Steel for Operation at 120 to 250°C - 01 January 1993

STP24835S: The Development of Bearing Steels for Long Life Rolling Bearings Under Clean Lubrication and Contaminated Lubrication - 01 January 1993

STP24836S: A New Approach to Determine the Effect of Nonmetallic Inclusions on Material Behavior in Rolling Contact - 01 January 1993

STP24821S: Through-Hardening or Case-Hardening for Tapered Roller Bearings? - 01 January 1993

STP24837S: Bearing Material/Treatment Developments at the SKF Engineering and Research Centre - 01 January 1993

STP24838S: Evaluation of the Continuous Casting Method for Bearing Steel Production—SKF Experience - 01 January 1993

STP24839S: Improved Properties of Bearing Steels by Advanced Metallurgical Processing - 01 January 1993

STP24840S: Advances in the Production of Bearing Steels by Modern Secondary Metallurgy and Continuous Casting - 01 January 1993

STP24841S: Production of High Life Bearing Steels by Ladle Refining and Electroslag Remelting in Daye, China - 01 January 1993

STP24842S: Use of Rotary Continuous Cast Steel for Production of Tubes for Bearing Applications - 01 January 1993

STP24822S: Residual Stresses and Material Behavior of M50NiL and RBD - 01 January 1993

STP24823S: Tribological and Metallurgical Evaluation of Ferritic Nitrocarburized M-50 and M-50 NiL Steels - 01 January 1993

STP24820S: Comparison in Rolling Contact Fatigue Life Between Recent Clean Through-Hardening Steels and Carburizing Steels - 01 January 1993

STP24824S: Finite Element Modeling of Carburizing for Alloy Steels - 01 January 1993

STP24825S: CVD Multiple-Layer Coatings on 9Cr18 Steel and Its Application for High-Precision Ball Bearings - 01 January 1993

STP24826S: Work Hardening of Ball Surfaces - 01 January 1993

STP24827S: Evaluation of Bearing Steels Produced by Powder Metallurgy Process - 01 January 1993

STP24853S: An Assessment of the Flammability Hazard of Several Corrosion Resistant Metal Alloys - 01 January 1993

STP24854S: Pressurized Flammability Limits of selected Sintered Filter Materials in High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24855S: Microgravity and Normal Gravity Combustion of Metals and Alloys in High Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24857S: Evaluation of Bronze Alloys for use as Wear Ring Material in Liquid Oxygen Pump - 01 January 1993

STP24858S: Materials Selection for Sulfide Pressure Oxidation Autoclaves - 01 January 1993

STP24859S: Modeling of Al And Mg Igniters Used in the Promoted Combustion of Metals and Alloys in High Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24860S: Gravity and Pressure Effects on the Steady-State Temperature of Heated Metal Specimens in a Pure Oxygen Atmosphere - 01 January 1993

STP24861S: Ignition of Bulk Metals by a Continuous Radiation Source in a Pure Oxygen Atmosphere - 01 January 1993

STP24864S: Compatibility of Aluminum Packing with Oxygen Environments under Simulated Operating Conditions - 01 January 1993

STP24865S: Compatibility of Aluminium Packings with Oxygen — Test Results under Simulated Operating Conditions - 01 January 1993

STP24867S: A Critical Review of Flammability Data for Aluminum - 01 January 1993

STP24870S: An Investigation of Laboratory Methods for Cleaning Typical Metallic Surfaces Using Aqueous Type Cleaning Agents - 01 January 1993

STP24871S: The Measurement of the Friction Coefficient and Hear of Metals in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1993

STP24845S: Oxygen Compatibility of Metals and Alloys - 01 January 1993

STP24847S: A Test Method for Measuring the Minimum Oxygen Concentration to Support an Intraluminal Flame - 01 January 1993

STP24852S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion behavior of Carbon Steel in Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 1993

STP15968S: Test Methods and Applications for Slurry Erosion — A Review - 01 January 1993

STP19261S: Experiences in the Automation of Mechanical Testing - 01 January 1993

STP19262S: Measurement, Control, and Data Processing Techniques in the Automation of Mechanical Testing - 01 January 1993

STP19263S: Automated Data Acquisition and Analysis in a Mechanical Test Lab - 01 January 1993

STP19264S: A Case Study: Linking an Automated Tension Testing Machine to a Laboratory Information Management System - 01 January 1993

STP19265S: Data Interpretation Issues in Automated Mechanical Testing - 01 January 1993

STP19260S: Elements of Automated Mechanical Testing - 01 January 1993

STP19266S: A Comparison of Automated Versus Manual Measurement of Total Elongation-Tension Testing - 01 January 1993

STP19267S: A Technique for Determining Yield Point Elongation - 01 January 1993

STP19268S: Event Criteria to Determine Bandwidth and Data Rate in Tensile Testing - 01 January 1993

STP1122-EB: Advances in Fatigue Lifetime Predictive Techniques - 01 January 1992

STP1125-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 15th International Symposium - 01 January 1992

STP1130-EB: Rapid Load Fracture Testing - 01 January 1992

STP15519S: Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Ductile Iron - 01 January 1992

STP15520S: Dynamic Crack-Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) Measurements with Application to Fracture Toughness Testing - 01 January 1992

STP15521S: A New Method to Test Crack-Arrest Toughness by Using Three-Point Bend Specimens - 01 January 1992

STP15522S: Crack-Arrest and Static Fracture Toughness Tests of a Ship Plate Steel - 01 January 1992

STP15523S: The Development of Standard Methods for Determining the Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Metallic Materials - 01 January 1992

STP15512S: Irradiated Dynamic and Arrest Fracture Toughness Compared to Lower-Bound Predictions - 01 January 1992

STP15514S: Using Small Specimens to Measure Dynamic Fracture Properties of High-Toughness Steels - 01 January 1992

STP15515S: Cleavage Fracture Under Short Stress Pulse Loading at Low Temperature - 01 January 1992

STP15516S: A Procedure for Drop-Tower Testing of Shallow-Cracked, Single-Edge Notched Bend Specimens - 01 January 1992

STP15517S: Mechanical Reduction of Inertially Generated Effects in Single-Edge Notched Bend (SENB) Specimens Subjected to Impact Loading - 01 January 1992

STP15518S: Fracture Resistance of a Pressure Vessel Steel Under Impact Loading Conditions - 01 January 1992

STP15513S: Lower-Bound Initiation Toughness of A533-B Reactor-Grade Steel - 01 January 1992

STP1131-EB: Fracture Mechanics: Twenty-Second Symposium (Volume II) - 01 January 1992

STP1134-EB: New Methods for Corrosion Testing of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP1137-EB: Corrosion Forms and Control for Infrastructure - 01 January 1992

STP14863S: Correlation Between the Metal Ion Concentration and the Fretting Wear Volume of Orthopaedic Implant Metals - 01 January 1992

STP14864S: Preparation, Characterization, and Animal Testing for Biocompatibility of Metal Particles of Iron-, Cobalt-, and Titanium-Based Implant Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP14851S: Particulate-Associated Endosteal Osteolysis in Titanium-Base Alloy Cementless Total Hip Replacement - 01 January 1992

STP15059S: Electrochemical and Structural Characterization of Permalloy - 01 January 1992

STP15053S: The Effect of Conversion Coated and Plated Components on the Corrosion of Cobalt Alloy Magnetic Disks - 01 January 1992

STP15054S: Accelerated Environmental Testing of Magnetic Recording Disks - 01 January 1992

STP15056S: Corrosion Mechanism of Nd-Fe-B Magnets in Humid Environments - 01 January 1992

STP15057S: Corrosion of Soft Magnetic, Controlled Expansion, and Glass Sealing Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP15058S: The Influence of a Magnetic Field on Corrosion of Steel - 01 January 1992

STP1149-EB: Small-Crack Test Methods - 01 January 1992

STP15067S: Direct Current Electrical Potential Measurement of the Growth of Small Cracks - 01 January 1992

STP15068S: An Ultrasonic Method for Measurement of Size and Opening Behavior of Small Fatigue Cracks - 01 January 1992

STP15069S: Simulation of Short Crack and Other Low Closure Loading Conditions Utilizing Constant Kmax ΔK-Decreasing Fatigue Crack Growth Procedures - 01 January 1992

STP15070S: Summary - 01 January 1992

STP15063S: Monitoring Small-Crack Growth by the Replication Method - 01 January 1992

STP15064S: Measurement of Small Cracks by Photomicroscopy: Experiments and Analysis - 01 January 1992

STP15062S: Fracture Mechanics Parameters for Small Fatigue Cracks - 01 January 1992

STP15065S: The Experimental Mechanics of Microcracks - 01 January 1992

STP15066S: Real-Time Measurement of Small-Crack Opening Behavior Using an Interferometric Strain/Displacement Gage - 01 January 1992

STP1151-EB: Nondestructive Testing Standards: Present and Future - 01 January 1992

STP1154-EB: Computer Modeling in Corrosion - 01 January 1992

STP15344S: Fatigue Characteristics of Heavily Cold-Rolled Cu-20Nb - 01 January 1992

STP15345S: Effect of Tensile Mean Stress on Fatigue Behavior of Single-Crystal and Directionally Solidified Superalloys - 01 January 1992

STP15350S: Crack Resistance, Fracture Toughness, and Instability in Damage-Tolerant Aluminum-Lithium Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP1159-EB: Standardization of Fretting Fatigue Test Methods and Equipment - 01 January 1992

STP1169-EB: M3D: Mechanics and Mechanisms of Material Damping - 01 January 1992

STP1172-EB: Chevron-Notch Fracture Test Experience: Metals and Non-Metals - 01 January 1992

STP19130S: Suggested Guidelines for the Use of PTFE, PVC and Stainless Steel in Samplers and Well Casings - 01 January 1992

STP24155S: Application of a Thermal Fatigue Life Prediction Model to High-Temperature Aerospace Alloys B1900 + Hf and Haynes 188 - 01 January 1992

STP24156S: Thermomechanical and Bithermal Fatigue Behavior of Cast B1900 + Hf and Wrought Haynes 188 - 01 January 1992

STP24157S: Elevated Temperature Crack Growth in Aircraft Engine Materials - 01 January 1992

STP24158S: Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction under Spectrum Loading - 01 January 1992

STP24160S: Fatigue Crack Growth from Narrow-Band Gaussian Spectrum Loading in 6063 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 1992

STP24161S: Modeling High Crack Growth Rates under Variable Amplitude Loading - 01 January 1992

STP24163S: A Multiaxial Fatigue Life Estimation Technique - 01 January 1992

STP24164S: Small Crack Growth in Multiaxial Fatigue - 01 January 1992

STP24151S: A Fracture Mechanics Based Model for Cumulative Damage Assessment as Part of Fatigue Life Prediction - 01 January 1992

STP24165S: Failure Modes in a Type 316 Stainless Steel under Biaxial Strain Cycling - 01 January 1992

STP24166S: Nonproportional Fatigue of Welded Structures - 01 January 1992

STP24168S: Fatigue Life Prediction and Experimental Verification for an Automotive Suspension Component Using Dynamic Simulation and Finite Element Analysis - 01 January 1992

STP24169S: Plasticity and Fatigue Damage Modeling of Severely Loaded Tubing - 01 January 1992

STP24170S: Electric-Potential-Drop Studies of Fatigue Crack Development in Tensile-Shear Spot Welds - 01 January 1992

STP24171S: Life Prediction of Circumferentially Grooved Components under Low-Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1992

STP24173S: On the Prediction of the Fatigue Propagation of Semi-Elliptical Defects - 01 January 1992

STP24174S: Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Fatigue in Lap Joints - 01 January 1992

STP24175S: Fatigue Lifetime Monitoring in Power Plants - 01 January 1992

STP24176S: Fatigue Analysis Techniques for Vintage Steam Turbine/Generator Components - 01 January 1992

STP24152S: Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life Prediction Methods - 01 January 1992

STP24150S: Fatigue Mechanics: An Assessment of a Unified Approach to Life Prediction - 01 January 1992

STP24153S: Evaluation of the Effect of Creep and Mean Stress on Fatigue Life Using a Damage Mechanics Approach - 01 January 1992

STP24154S: Cumulative Creep-Fatigue Damage Evolution in an Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 1992

STP17927S: The Influence on Nickel Content on Microstructures of Fe-Cr-Ni Austenitic Ternaries Irradiated with Fast Neutrons or Heavy Ions - 01 January 1992

STP17928S: The Behavior of Irradiation-Produced Dislocation Loops under External Stress during Electron Irradiation - 01 January 1992

STP17929S: Simulation Study of Low-Temperature Irradiation and a LOCA and the Resulting Microstructural Changes in 316 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1992

STP17930S: Surface Modification of Austenitic 304 Stainless Steel by N+2 and 11+B Ion Implantation - 01 January 1992

STP17931S: Transient and Static Mechanical Properties of D9 Fuel Pin Cladding and Duct Material Irradiated to High Fluence - 01 January 1992

STP17932S: Effect of Hold Time and Frequency on the Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of Irradiated Cold-Worked Type 316 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1992

STP17933S: Comparison of Small-Scale Bending and Axial Fatigue Specimens - 01 January 1992

STP17934S: Characterization of 316L Steel-Welded Joints Irradiated Between 15 and 41 dpa - 01 January 1992

STP17935S: Effect of Microalloying with Boron and Rare-Earth Metals on Swelling and Mechanical Properties of Fe-16Cr-15Ni Steels - 01 January 1992

STP17936S: Comparison of the Effects of Long-Term Thermal Aging and HFIR Irradiation on the Microstructural Evolution of 9Cr-1MoVNb Steel - 01 January 1992

STP17937S: Radiation Damage Studies of the 10 to 13% Chromium-Containing Steels and Alloys Irradiated with Heavy Ions - 01 January 1992

STP17938S: A Comparison of Heavy Ion-Irradiated Ferritic and Austenitic Steels in the Early Stages of Damage - 01 January 1992

STP17865S: Evolution of the Microstructure of PWR Pressure Vessel Steels from the CHOOZ A Reactor Surveillance Program after Long-Term Irradiations - 01 January 1992

STP17939S: The Effect of Neutron Irradiation on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of 1 Cr13Mo2NbVB Steel - 01 January 1992

STP17940S: Precipitation Evolution in HT-9 Steel Under Thermal Aging and Stress Rupture Conditions - 01 January 1992

STP17941S: Behavior under Neutron Irradiation of the 15-15Ti and EM10 Steels Used as Standard Materials of the Phénix Fuel Subassembly - 01 January 1992

STP17942S: Postirradiation Strength and Deformation of Ferritic Fe-Cr Binary Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17943S: Ductility and Hardening of Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cr and Fe-Cr-Ni Steels - 01 January 1992

STP17944S: Irradiation Effects on Impact Behavior of 12Cr-1MoVW and 2¼Cr-1Mo Steels - 01 January 1992

STP17945S: Fracture Toughness and Tensile Properties of Alloy HT9 in Thin Sections under High Neutron Fluences - 01 January 1992

STP17946S: Evaluation of Irradiation Embrittlement of 2¼Cr-1Mo Steel in Terms of Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1992

STP17858S: The Design and Performance of High-Temperature Irradiation Capsules - 01 January 1992

STP17947S: Effect of Neutron Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of Microalloyed Steel for Reinforced Cement Concrete - 01 January 1992

STP17866S: The Structure and Hardening Mechanism of Copper Precipitation in Thermally Aged or Irradiated Fe-Cu and Fe-Cu-Ni Model Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17867S: The Effects of Metallurgical and Irradiation Variables on the Postirradiation Annealing Kinetics of Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1992

STP17868S: Irradiation Response and Annealing Behavior of Pressure Vessel Model Steels and Iron Ternary Alloys Measured with Positron Techniques - 01 January 1992

STP17869S: Further Microstructural Characterization of Submerged-Arc Weld Metals - 01 January 1992

STP17870S: Irradiation Response of the New IAEA Correlation Monitor Material JRQ Measured by Fracture Mechanical Properties - 01 January 1992

STP17871S: An Alternative Approach for the Use of Surveillance Program Results - 01 January 1992

STP17872S: Application of Reference Toughness Curves to the HSSI Fifth Irradiation Series - 01 January 1992

STP17859S: In-Service Evaluation of French Pressurized Water Reactor Vessel Steel - 01 January 1992

STP17873S: Effects of Irradiation on Crack-Arrest Toughness of Two High-Copper Welds - 01 January 1992

STP17874S: Statistical Analyses of Fracture Toughness Results for Two Irradiated High-Copper Welds - 01 January 1992

STP17875S: Irradiation Characteristics of Weld Wire Heat Number 72105 - 01 January 1992

STP17876S: Mechanical Property Evaluation of Rajasthan Atomic Power Station Coolant Channel Components - 01 January 1992

STP17877S: Rejuvenation of Fracture Properties of Irradiated Zr-2.5 Nb by Heat Treatment - 01 January 1992

STP17878S: Impression Testing to Determine the Effects of Recrystallization and Radiation on the Deformation Anisotropy of Zircaloy TREX - 01 January 1992

STP17879S: Effects of Proton Irradiation on the Microstructural Evolution of Zircaloy-2 Tubing - 01 January 1992

STP17880S: Cascade Collapse in Copper and Nickel - 01 January 1992

STP17881S: Cascade Damage in Alpha-Titanium - 01 January 1992

STP17857S: Calculated Production of High-Energy Neutrons by 800-MeV Protons - 01 January 1992

STP17882S: Radiation-Induced Order-Disorder Transformation and Recovery in Copper-Palladium - 01 January 1992

STP17883S: Defect Production Efficiency in Neutron-Irradiated Iron - 01 January 1992

STP17884S: Instability of Spatially Homogenous Interstitial Solution and Interstitial Cluster Nucleation on Initial Stage of Irradiation - 01 January 1992

STP17885S: The Interaction of Point Defects with Line Dislocations in HVEM Irradiated Fe-Ni-Cr Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17886S: Effects of Internal Hydrogen on the Vacancy Loop Formation Probability in Aluminum - 01 January 1992

STP17887S: Production and Annealing of Radiation Defects in Scandium-Doped Austenitic Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17888S: Early Stages of the Evolution of Bubbles in an Aluminum-40 At% Manganese Alloy During Argon Ion Irradiation - 01 January 1992

STP17889S: Helium Bubbles in Titanium-Stabilized Austenitic Stainless Steels Investigated by Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy - 01 January 1992

STP17890S: Brittle Fracture of Material Due to Growing Pressurized Cracks - 01 January 1992

STP17860S: Neutron Irradiation Embrittlement of Pressure Vessel Materials in Spanish Nuclear Power Reactors - 01 January 1992

STP17891S: A Theoretical Model of Accelerated Irradiation Creep at Low Temperatures by Transient Interstitial Absorption - 01 January 1992

STP17892S: Dislocation Core Microstructure and Its Effect on Irradiation Creep - 01 January 1992

STP17893S: Irradiation Creep by Glide-Induced Transient Absorption - 01 January 1992

STP17894S: Diffusion Growth Rate of Macrodefects in Ensembles - 01 January 1992

STP17895S: An Account of Point-Defect Recombination in the Theory of Void Swelling - 01 January 1992

STP17861S: Evaluation of Tarapur Atomic Power Station Pressure Vessel Surveillance Results - 01 January 1992

STP17896S: Spatial Self-Organization of a Void System in Irradiated Metals - 01 January 1992

STP17897S: Auto-Oscillation Process in Impure Crystals under Irradiation - 01 January 1992

STP17898S: Radiation-Induced Segregation in 20Cr/25Ni/Nb Stainless Steel - 01 January 1992

STP17899S: Irradiation-Induced Microchemical Effects and IASCC Initiation - 01 January 1992

STP17900S: Interfacial Segregation in Fast Reactor Irradiated 12% Chromium Martensitic Steel - 01 January 1992

STP17901S: The Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Segregation to Grain Boundaries in Nimonic PE16 - 01 January 1992

STP17862S: Mechanical Testing of Civil Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor Tie Bars - 01 January 1992

STP17902S: Microstructural Characterization of Irradiated Nimonic PE16 - 01 January 1992

STP17903S: Segregation of Tin in Zircaloy-2 under Proton Irradiation - 01 January 1992

STP17904S: X-Ray Analysis of the Surface Alloy Formed by High-Dose Implantation of Iron in Aluminum - 01 January 1992

STP17905S: Radiation-Modified Phase Diagrams of Binary Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17906S: The Defect Structure of Ion and Neutron Irradiated YBa2Cu3O7-δ Single Crystals - 01 January 1992

STP17907S: The Effect of Crystal Orientation on Damage Accumulation in Chromium-Implanted Al2O3 - 01 January 1992

STP17863S: Reconstituted Impact Specimens with Small Inserts - 01 January 1992

STP17913S: A Brief Review of Radiation-Induced Cavity Swelling and Hardening in Copper and Copper Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17914S: Unusual Tensile and Fracture Behavior of Pure Copper at High Levels of Neutron-Induced Swelling - 01 January 1992

STP17915S: Tensile Behavior of Cu-5Ni and Various Precipitation-Strengthened Copper Alloys after High-Fluence Irradiation - 01 January 1992

STP17916S: Mechanical Property Changes and Microstructures of Dispersion-Strengthened Copper Alloys after Neutron Irradiation at 411, 414, and 529°C - 01 January 1992

STP17917S: Positron Lifetime Studies of Helium Bubble Kinetics in Alpha-Irradiated Copper - 01 January 1992

STP17918S: Relationship of Microstructure and Tensile Properties for Neutron-Irradiated Vanadium Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17919S: Vanadium Alloys with Improved Resistance to Helium Embrittlement - 01 January 1992

STP17920S: Effect of Helium and dpa's on Tensile Properties of V-5Ti and V-3Ti-1Si - 01 January 1992

STP17921S: Large Swelling Observed in a V-5at%Fe Alloy After Irradiation in FFTF - 01 January 1992

STP17864S: Investigations of Gundremmingen RPV Archive Material Irradiated in Light-Water and Heavy-Water Reactors - 01 January 1992

STP17922S: A Contribution to the Phase Diagram of Fe-Mn-Cr Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17923S: Microstructural Examination of Fe-Cr-Mn Alloys after Charged Particle Irradiation - 01 January 1992

STP17924S: The Effects of Nickel on Microstructural Development and Microchemical Changes in Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cr-Mn Based Steels - 01 January 1992

STP17925S: Ion Irradiation Effects on a Martensitic Stainless Steel Designed for Reduced Long-Life Radioactivity - 01 January 1992

STP17926S: The Effect of Phosphorus on the Radiation-Induced Microstructure of Stabilized Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 1992

STP23700S: The Application of Line Spring Fracture Mechanics Methods to the Design of Complex Welded Structures - 01 January 1992

STP23701S: Crack-Tip Displacement Fields and JR-Curves of Four Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP23702S: Application of the Hybrid Finite Element Method to Aircraft Repairs - 01 January 1992

STP23703S: A Hybrid Numerical-Experimental Method for Caustic Measurements of the T*-lntegral - 01 January 1992

STP23704S: Three-Dimensional Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Small Circumferential Surface Cracks in Pipes Subjected to Bending Load - 01 January 1992

STP23694S: Crack-Mouth Displacements for Semielliptical Surface Cracks Subjected to Remote Tension and Bending Loads - 01 January 1992

STP23705S: Elastic-Plastic Crack-Tip Fields Under History-Dependent Loading - 01 January 1992

STP23706S: Experimental Study of Near-Crack-Tip Deformation Fields - 01 January 1992

STP23707S: An Engineering Approach for Crack-Growth Analysis of 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 1992

STP23709S: Three-Dimensional Analysis of Thermoelastic Fracture Problems - 01 January 1992

STP23695S: Stress-Intensity Factors for Long Axial Outer Surface Cracks in Large R/t Pipes - 01 January 1992

STP23712S: Traction Boundary Integral Equation (BIE) Formulations and Applications to Nonplanar and Multiple Cracks - 01 January 1992

STP23713S: Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Singularities by the Finite Element Iterative Method (FEIM) - 01 January 1992

STP23714S: An Analytical Solution for an Elliptical Crack in a Flat Plate Subjected to Arbitrary Loading - 01 January 1992

STP23715S: Application of Micromechanical Models to the Prediction of Ductile Fracture - 01 January 1992

STP23720S: Summary - 01 January 1992

STP23696S: An Inverse Method for the Calculation of Through-Thickness Fatigue Crack Closure Behavior - 01 January 1992

STP23697S: ASTM E 1304, The New Standard Test for Plane-Strain (Chevron-Notched) Fracture Toughness: Usage of Test Results - 01 January 1992

STP23693S: Experimental Determination of Fracture Parameters in Three-Dimensional Problems - 01 January 1992

STP23698S: Comparison of Mixed-Mode Stress-Intensity Factors Obtained Through Displacement Correlation, J-lntegral Formulation, and Modified Crack-Closure Integral - 01 January 1992

STP23699S: Application of the Weight-Functions Method to Three-Dimensional Cracks Under General Stress Gradients - 01 January 1992

STP19584S: Damage-Based Assessment of Stress Corrosion Performances Among Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP19585S: Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of Aluminum-Lithium Alloy Sheet and its Weldment - 01 January 1992

STP19586S: Potentiometric and Potentiostatic Determination of the Corrosion Rate of Welded 2519 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 1992

STP19587S: Detection and Monitoring of Localized Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys with Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - 01 January 1992

STP19588S: Time-Lapse Video Techniques in the Corrosion Testing of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP19589S: Passivation in Rare Earth Metal Chlorides—A New Conversion Coating Process for Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP19590S: Examination of the Influence of Lithium on the Repassivation Rate of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP19577S: Modification of the EXCO Test Method for Exfoliation Corrosion Susceptibility in 7XXX, 2XXX, and Aluminum-Lithium Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP19578S: Materials Evaluation Using Wet-Dry Mixed Salt-Spray Tests - 01 January 1992

STP19579S: A Comparison of Potentiodynamic Polarization Tests with Wet-Dry Mixed Salt-Spray Testing of Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy - 01 January 1992

STP19580S: Accelerated Test for Determining Microbiological-Influenced Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP19581S: Corrosion of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys in Nitric Acid - 01 January 1992

STP19582S: Exfoliation Corrosion Testing of Aluminum-Lithium Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP19583S: The Breaking Load Method: Results and Statistical Modification from the ASTM Interlaboratory Test Program - 01 January 1992

STP19757S: Corrosion Control of Weathering Steel Bridges - 01 January 1992

STP19758S: Wetness Monitoring on the Exterior of Infrastructures - 01 January 1992

STP19760S: Utilization of Electrochemical Impedance Techniques to Estimate Corrosion Damage of Steel Infrastructures - 01 January 1992

STP19761S: Improved Rail-Fastener Insulation for Stray-Current Control - 01 January 1992

STP19762S: A Theoretical Analysis for the Residual Strength of Corroded Gas and Oil Transmission Pipelines - 01 January 1992

STP19751S: Infrastructure: The Battlefield of Corrosion - 01 January 1992

STP19764S: Estimating the Life Cycle of Reinforced Concrete Decks and Marine Piles Using Laboratory Diffusion and Corrosion Data - 01 January 1992

STP19765S: Investigation of Rebar Corrosion in Partially Submerged Concrete - 01 January 1992

STP19769S: Corrosion-Related Deterioration of Reinforced Concrete Structures at Oil Refineries in the Persian Gulf Region - 01 January 1992

STP19753S: National Cost of Damage to Infrastructure from Highway Deicing - 01 January 1992

STP19771S: Predicting Service Life of Concrete Bridge Decks Subject to Reinforcement Corrosion - 01 January 1992

STP19772S: Measuring the Underground Corrosion of Steel Piling at Turcot Yard, Montreal, Canada — A 14 Year Study - 01 January 1992

STP19773S: Assessing the Role of Steel Corrosion in the Deterioration of Concrete in the National Infrastructure : A Review of the Causes of Corrosion and Current Diagnostic Techniques - 01 January 1992

STP19774S: Bond Loss Between Epoxy and Alkyd Coated Reinforcement Rebars and Concrete - 01 January 1992

STP19754S: A New Approach to Power-Model Regression of Corrosion Penetration Data - 01 January 1992

STP23814S: NDT Standards from the Perspective of the Department of Defense - 01 January 1992

STP23815S: NDT Standards and the ASME Code - 01 January 1992

STP23816S: SAE/AMS NDT Standards - 01 January 1992

STP23803S: Present and Future ASTM Standards Developments in the Radiology (X and Gamma) NDE Test Method - 01 January 1992

STP23817S: U.S. Participation in the Development of International Standards for Nondestructive Testing - 01 January 1992

STP23818S: Harmonization of NDT Standards Within the European Economic Community - 01 January 1992

STP23819S: Some Thoughts to Stimulate Discussion - 01 January 1992

STP23820S: NDT Personnel Qualification—A U.S. Perspective - 01 January 1992

STP23821S: NDT Personnel Qualification—An ISO Perspective - 01 January 1992

STP23822S: Standards for Storage, Retrieval, and Exchange of NDT Data - 01 January 1992

STP23825S: Control Methods for Magnetic Particle Inspection - 01 January 1992

STP23804S: Reference Radiograph Standards: Past, Present, and Future - 01 January 1992

STP23805S: Current and Future Neutron Radiologic NDT Standards - 01 January 1992

STP23806S: Present and Future NDT Standards for Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing - 01 January 1992

STP23807S: Standardization of Ultrasonic NDT from an ASTM Perspective: Past, Present, and Future - 01 January 1992

STP23808S: Status and Future Directions for Acoustic Emission Standards - 01 January 1992

STP23809S: Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Testing - 01 January 1992

STP23810S: The Challenge of Standards for Emerging Technologies - 01 January 1992

STP23811S: Standards for NDT Laboratories - 01 January 1992

STP23812S: Reverse Expansion—The Unification of Eight ASTM E-7 Glossaries - 01 January 1992

STP23813S: Recent Developments in NDE Measurements and Standards at NIST - 01 January 1992

STP23802S: Overview of ASTM E-7 Nondestructive Testing Standards - 01 January 1992

STP24684S: Atomistic Computer Simulation of Alloy Corrosion - 01 January 1992

STP24699S: Computer Modeling of Offshore Cathodic Protection Systems: Method and Experience - 01 January 1992

STP24702S: Numerical Simulation of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICPP) Systems Using Boundary Element Methods - 01 January 1992

STP24686S: Computer Simulation of Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) Steels in Light Water Reactor (LWR) Environments in Slow Strain Rate Tests (SSRT) - 01 January 1992

STP24689S: Computation of Corrosion Macrocell Current Distribution and Electrochemical Impedance of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete - 01 January 1992

STP25824S: Effect of Contact Pressure on Fretting Fatigue of High Strength Steel and Titanium Alloy - 01 January 1992

STP25826S: A Critical Review of Fretting Fatigue Investigations at the Royal Aerospace Establishment - 01 January 1992

STP25828S: Fretting Fatigue in the Power Generation Industry: Experiments, Analysis, and Integrity Assessment - 01 January 1992

STP25829S: Techniques for the Characterization of Fretting Fatigue Damage - 01 January 1992

STP25831S: The Influence of Fretting Corrosion on Fatigue Strength of Nodular Cast Iron and Steel under Constant Amplitude and Load Spectrum Tests - 01 January 1992

STP25833S: Adaptation of a Servohydraulic Testing Machine to Investigate the Life of Machine Components Operating under Fretting Conditions - 01 January 1992

STP25835S: Improving Fretting Fatigue Strength at Elevated Temperatures by Shot Peening in Steam Turbine Steel - 01 January 1992

STP25837S: The Fretting Fatigue Properties of a Blade Steel in Air and Vapor Environments - 01 January 1992

STP25838S: The Application of Electrochemical Techniques to Evaluate the Role of Corrosion in Fretting Fatigue of a High Strength Low Alloy Steel - 01 January 1992

STP25840S: ACSR Electrical Conductor Fretting Fatigue at Spacer Clamps - 01 January 1992

STP25845S: Fretting Fatigue Testing: Current Practice and Future Prospects for Standardization - 01 January 1992

STP25804S: A Historical Introduction to Fretting Fatigue - 01 January 1992

STP17958S: Phase Changes and Damping in Crystalline Materials - 01 January 1992

STP17959S: Characterization of the Damping Properties of High-Damping Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17961S: On the Instability of the High Damping Peak During the Forward and Reverse Martensitic Transformation in Shape Memory Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17962S: Nonlinear Damping Due to Boundary Motion - 01 January 1992

STP17963S: A Study of Dislocations in Plastically-Cycled Pure Aluminum at Room Temperature Using Ultrasonic Measurements - 01 January 1992

STP17965S: Internal Friction Peaks Due to Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen in Vanadium-Niobium (V-Nb) Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17967S: An Internal Friction Study of Melting in Aluminum-Indium and Aluminum-Lead Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17953S: Damping Mechanisms in Thin-Layer Materials - 01 January 1992

STP17969S: The Relationship of Traditional Damping Measures for Materials with High Damping Capacity: A Review - 01 January 1992

STP17970S: Finite Elements for Modeling Frequency-Dependent Material Damping Using Internal State Variables - 01 January 1992

STP17971S: Internal Friction Investigation in High-Purity Tantalum and Niobium by Isothermal and Isochronal Measurements - 01 January 1992

STP17972S: Nonlinear Internal Friction in a Premartensitic Cu74Al22Ni4 Alloy - 01 January 1992

STP17973S: Internal Friction and Young's Modulus Measurements in Zr-2.5Nb Alloy Doped with Hydrogen - 01 January 1992

STP17974S: A Fundamental Connection Between Intrinsic Material Damping and Structural Damping - 01 January 1992

STP17951S: Relationship Amongst Various Measures of Damping - 01 January 1992

STP17977S: High-Temperature Isothermal Internal Friction Measurements in NiCoCrAlY Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP17978S: Some Improvements in the Flexural Damping Measurement Technique - 01 January 1992

STP17954S: Mechanical Energy Dissipation Related with Martensitic Transformation Processes - 01 January 1992

STP17984S: Strain-Aging Susceptibility of a Steel Repair Weld Using Internal Friction - 01 January 1992

STP17985S: Internal Friction Resulting from a Thermal Expansion Mismatch Between Aluminum and Silicon in an Al-11.8Si Alloy - 01 January 1992

STP17986S: Damping Analysis: An Historical Perspective - 01 January 1992

STP17955S: Nontraditional Applications of Damping Measurements - 01 January 1992

STP17956S: Damping Studies of Ceramic Reinforced Aluminum - 01 January 1992

STP24714S: Aluminum-Lithium Alloys: Evaluation of Fracture Toughness by Two Test Standards, ASTM Method E 813 and E 1304 - 01 January 1992

STP24715S: Use of the Chevron-Notched Short Bar Test to Guarantee Fracture Toughness for Lot Release in Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP24716S: Using Chevron-Notch, Short-Bar Specimens for Measuring the Fracture Toughness of a Martensitic Stainless Steel at High Hardness - 01 January 1992

STP24708S: Applicability of the Short Rod Fracture Toughness Test to New Microalloyed Bar Steels - 01 January 1992

STP24709S: Specimen Size and Orientation Effects in Chevron-Notch Fracture Testing of Aluminum Alloy Plate - 01 January 1992

STP24710S: Analysis of Some Compliance Calibration Data for Chevron-Notch Bar and Rod Specimens - 01 January 1992

STP24712S: Fracture Toughness of Composite Laminates and Metallic Materials Using a Modified CNSB Specimen - 01 January 1992

STP24713S: Fracture Toughness and Fractography of Corroded Dental Amalgams - 01 January 1992

STP24707S: Some Observations in Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Testing with Chevron-Notched Specimens - 01 January 1992

STP1077-EB: Acoustic Emission: Current Practice and Future Directions - 01 January 1991

STP1094-EB: MiCon 90: Advances in Video Technology for Microstructural Control - 01 January 1991

STP1105-EB: Tribological Modeling for Mechanical Designers - 01 January 1991

STP1111-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Fifth Volume - 01 January 1991

STP1114-EB: Elastic-Plastic Fracture Test Methods: The User's Experience (Second Volume) - 01 January 1991

STP1132-EB: Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Ninth International Symposium - 01 January 1991

STP19088S: Theoretical Basis of the Acousto-Ultrasonic Method - 01 January 1991

STP19090S: Acoustic Emission Detection of Crack Presence and Crack Advance During Flight - 01 January 1991

STP19091S: Structural Integrity Evaluation Using AE Techniques - 01 January 1991

STP19092S: Solving AE Problems by a Neural Network - 01 January 1991

STP19093S: Periodic Inspection of Compressed Gas Cylinders and Transport Vessels by Using Acoustic Emission Testing - 01 January 1991

STP19094S: Detectability of Defects in Reactor Pressure Components by Location and Interpretation of AE-Sources - 01 January 1991

STP19095S: Effect of Pre-Exposure to Water on the Acoustic Emission Behavior of 2091-T3 Al-Li Alloy - 01 January 1991

STP19096S: Acoustic Emission During Tensile Deformation and Fracture in Austenitic Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP19081S: Stress Wave Sensing - Affordable AE for Industry - 01 January 1991

STP19099S: Evaluation of Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of Carburized Gear by Acoustic Emission Technique - 01 January 1991

STP19100S: Characterisation of Dust Impact Process at Low Velocity by Acoustic Emission - 01 January 1991

STP19101S: Applications of Acoustic Emission Techniques for Diagnosis of Large Rotating Machinery and Mass Production Products - 01 January 1991

STP19102S: Cavitation Monitoring of Hydroturbines with RMS Acoustic Emission Measurement - 01 January 1991

STP19103S: Tool Monitoring by Acoustic Emission - 01 January 1991

STP19083S: Development and Future Aspects in AE Source Characterization - 01 January 1991

STP19084S: Joule Heating Line and Point AE Sources and the Adhesion of Thin Metal Films - 01 January 1991

STP19085S: A Calibration Source for Acoustic Emission Analysis - 01 January 1991

STP19086S: Simultaneous Velocity Tomography and Source Location of Synthetic Acoustic Emission Data - 01 January 1991

STP19087S: Acousto-Ultrasonics: An Update - 01 January 1991

STP17262S: Development of a Computer Vision Methodology for the Analysis of Surface Deformations in Magnified Images - 01 January 1991

STP17263S: Improved Method for E1122 Image Analysis Nonmetallic Inclusion Ratings - 01 January 1991

STP17264S: Quantitative Image Analysis Methodology for High-Sulfur Calcium-Treated Steels - 01 January 1991

STP17265S: Grain Boundary Reconstruction for Grain Sizing - 01 January 1991

STP17266S: Quantitative Assessment of Segregation by Video Image Processing - 01 January 1991

STP17267S: Homogeneity Test of Continuously Cast Copper Alloy Strip Structure - 01 January 1991

STP17268S: A Carbide Rating System for P/M T-15 Tool Steel - 01 January 1991

STP17270S: Evaluating Clustering of Second-Phase Particles - 01 January 1991

STP17271S: Image Analysis of Alpha Phase in Titanium Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP17272S: Estimation Of Pore Size In Aluminium Using The Disector, The Selector And Cavalieri's Principle - 01 January 1991

STP17273S: Quantification of Iron Ore Sinter Structure by Optical Image Analysis - 01 January 1991

STP17257S: Using RS-170 Video Images for Quantitative Image Analysis - 01 January 1991

STP17275S: Application of Fractographic Measurements to Modelling of Hydrogen Stress Cracking - 01 January 1991

STP17276S: Utility of Stereological Measurements in the Study of Creep Cavitation Kinetics - 01 January 1991

STP17277S: Evaluation of Overlaps in Fracture Surfaces - 01 January 1991

STP17278S: Treatment of Reversed Sigmoidal Curves for Fractal Analysis - 01 January 1991

STP17258S: Applications of Pc-Based Digital Imaging for Storing Microscopy Images on Optical Disks - 01 January 1991

STP17259S: Image Processing of X-Ray Radiographs for NDE - 01 January 1991

STP17256S: Practical Examples of Useful Algorithms in Computer-Aided Microscopy - 01 January 1991

STP17260S: Recent Advances in Nondestructive Evaluation Made Possible by Novel Uses of Video Systems - 01 January 1991

STP17261S: Scanning Acoustic Microscopy for Grain Structure Studies - 01 January 1991

STP17661S: Considerations on Data Requirements for Tribological Modeling - 01 January 1991

STP17655S: Design of Plain Bearings for Heavy Machinery - 01 January 1991

STP17662S: Classification of Metallic Materials from a Viewpiont of Their Antiwear Behavior - 01 January 1991

STP17663S: Wear Transition Surfaces for Long-Term Wear Effects - 01 January 1991

STP17664S: Is Modeling in Tribology a Useful Activity? - 01 January 1991

STP17665S: Wear Modeling : How Far Can We Get with First Principles ? - 01 January 1991

STP17666S: Cultural Impediments to Practical Modeling of Wear Rates - 01 January 1991

STP17656S: The Structure of Erosive Wear Models - 01 January 1991

STP17654S: Comments on Engineering Needs and Wear Models - 01 January 1991

STP17657S: Success and Failure of Simple Models for Abrasive Wear - 01 January 1991

STP17658S: Wear by Chemical Reactions in Friction Contacts - 01 January 1991

STP17659S: Tribological Models for Solid/Solid Contact: Missing Links - 01 January 1991

STP17660S: Friction in Machine Design - 01 January 1991

STP17760S: Recommended Changes in ASTM Test Methods D2512-82 and G86-84 for Oxygen-Compatibility Mechanical Impact Tests on Metals - 01 January 1991

STP17764S: Reaction Sensitivities of Al-Li Alloys and Alloy 2219 in Mechanical-Impact Tests - 01 January 1991

STP17765S: Aluminum-Lithium Alloys: Mechanical Property and Composition Effects on Liquid Oxygen Compatibility - 01 January 1991

STP17766S: Macro- and Microreactions in Mechanical-Impact Tests of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP17767S: The Relative Ignitability and Flammability of Lead-Tin Binary Alloys in Oxygen - 01 January 1991

STP17768S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Selected Hastelloys® in Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 1991

STP17769S: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Precipitation Hardened Engineering Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP17770S: Iron Combustion in Microgravity - 01 January 1991

STP17771S: The Analysis of Metals Combustion Using a Real-Time Gravimetric Technique - 01 January 1991

STP17772S: Burn Propagation Behavior of Wire Mesh Made from Several Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP17773S: Oxygen Compatibility of High-Surface-Area Materials - 01 January 1991

STP17774S: Flame Propagation Rate of Unalloyed Beryllium and Silicon Nitride in Oxygen - 01 January 1991

STP17775S: Temperature Increases in Aluminum Alloys During Mechanical-Impact Tests for Oxygen Compatibility - 01 January 1991

STP17776S: Influence of Specimen-Absorbed Energy in Lox Mechanical-Impact Tests - 01 January 1991

STP17777S: Thermodynamic and Fluid Mechanic Analyses of Rapid Pressurization in a Dead-End Tube - 01 January 1991

STP17780S: Assessing LOX Compatibility for Aluminum-Lithium Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP17785S: Special Construction Features of Centrifugal Compressors for Oxygen Service - 01 January 1991

STP17787S: Test Experience with a High-Pressure Oxygen Turbopump and Heat Exchanger - 01 January 1991

STP16849S: A Fracture Instability Data Qualification Limit - 01 January 1991

STP16850S: Development of Eta Factors in Elastic-Plastic Fracture Testing Using a Load Separation Technique - 01 January 1991

STP16851S: Obtaining J-Resistance Curves Using the Key-Curve and Elastic Unloading Compliance Methods: An Integrity Assessment Study - 01 January 1991

STP16852S: Nonincremental Evaluation of Modified J-R Curve - 01 January 1991

STP16853S: Experience in Using Direct Current Electric Potential to Monitor Crack Growth in Ductile Metals - 01 January 1991

STP16854S: Analysis of Deformation Behavior During Plastic Fracture - 01 January 1991

STP16855S: Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Crack Initiation Tests of Welded Precipitation-Hardening Stainless Steel - 01 January 1991

STP16845S: A Comparison of the J-lntegral and CTOD Parameters for Short Crack Specimen Testing - 01 January 1991

STP16856S: Experience with J Testing of Type 304/308 Stainless Steel Weldment - 01 January 1991

STP16857S: Key-Curve Analysis of Linde 80 Welds - 01 January 1991

STP16858S: Observations in Conducting J-R Curve Tests on Nuclear Piping Materials - 01 January 1991

STP16859S: Effect of Residual Stress on the J-R Curve of HY-100 Steel - 01 January 1991

STP16860S: Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Modified SA508C12 in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Region - 01 January 1991

STP16844S: Experience with the Use of the New ASTM E 813-87 - 01 January 1991

STP16846S: Normalization: An Experimental Method for Developing J-R Curves - 01 January 1991

STP16847S: Quantification of Engineering Limits to J Control of Ductile Crack Growth - 01 January 1991

STP16848S: Specimen Size Requirements for Elastic-Plastic Crack Growth Resistance Curves - 01 January 1991

STP16372S: Effects of Aeration on Corrosiveness of Wet Residential Building Thermal Insulation on Low Carbon Steel - 01 January 1991

STP25503S: Effect of Tensile Deformation on Crystallographic Texture in Zircaloy Sheet - 01 January 1991

STP25504S: Correlation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Zr-Sn Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP25506S: Microstructure of Zr-2.5Nb Alloy Pressure Tubing - 01 January 1991

STP25507S: Growth in Zircaloy-4 Fuel Clad Arising from Oxidation at Temperatures in the Range 623 to 723 K - 01 January 1991

STP25508S: Effects of Recrystallization and Neutron Irradiation on Creep Anisotropy of Zircaloy Cladding - 01 January 1991

STP25509S: The Contribution of Irradiation Growth to Pressure Tube Deformation - 01 January 1991

STP25510S: Fatigue Behavior of Neutron Irradiated Zircaloy-2 Fuel Cladding Tubes - 01 January 1991

STP25511S: Fracture Toughness of Irradiated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes from CANDU Reactors - 01 January 1991

STP25512S: Controlled Composition Zircaloy-2 Uniform Corrosion Resistance - 01 January 1991

STP25513S: Influence of Alloy Composition and Processing on the Nodular Corrosion Resistance of Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 1991

STP25515S: Investigation of Nodular Corrosion Mechanism for Zircaloy Products - 01 January 1991

STP25517S: Development of Highly Corrosion Resistant Zirconium-Base Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP25497S: Deformability of Zirconium-Lined Cladding Tube in Cold Pilgering - 01 January 1991

STP25518S: Effect of Alloying Elements on Uniform Corrosion Resistance of Zirconium-based Alloys in 360°C Water and 400°C Steam - 01 January 1991

STP25519S: Oxide Growth Mechanism on Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP25496S: Zirconium-Alloy Corrosion: A Review Based on an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Meeting - 01 January 1991

STP25520S: Raman Spectroscopy Study of the Tetragonal-to-monoclinic Transition in Zirconium Oxide Scales and Determination of Overall Oxygen Diffusion by Nuclear Microanalysis of O18 - 01 January 1991

STP25521S: Effect of Alloying Elements in Zircaloy on Photo-Electrochemical Characteristics of Zirconium Oxide Films - 01 January 1991

STP25522S: Microanalysis of the Matrix and the Oxide-Metal Interface of Uniformly Corroded Zircaloy - 01 January 1991

STP25523S: Precipitate Behavior in Zircaloy-2 Oxide Films and Its Relevance to Corrosion Resistance - 01 January 1991

STP25498S: Processing Map and Hot Working Characteristics of Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 1991

STP25525S: Corrosion-Electrochemical Properties of Zirconium Intermetallics - 01 January 1991

STP25526S: Comparison of Zircaloy Corrosion Models from the Evaluation of In-Reactor and Out-of-Pile Loop Performance - 01 January 1991

STP25527S: Enhancement of Aqueous Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 Due to Hydride Precipitation at the Metal-Oxide Interface - 01 January 1991

STP25529S: Corrosion of Zircaloy in the Presence of LiOH - 01 January 1991

STP25531S: Lithium Uptake and the Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys in Aqueous Lithium Hydroxide Solutions - 01 January 1991

STP25532S: Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 Pwr Fuel Cladding in Lithiated and Borated Water Environments - 01 January 1991

STP25499S: Establishing Statistical Models of Manufacturing Parameters: Zircaloy-4 Cladding Tube Properties - 01 January 1991

STP25533S: Effects Of LiOH on Pretransition Zirconium Oxide Films - 01 January 1991

STP25534S: Investigation of Variables That Influence Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys during Irradiation - 01 January 1991

STP25535S: Characteristics of Autoclave and In-Reactor Nodular Corrosion of Zircaloys - 01 January 1991

STP25536S: Amorphization of Precipitates in Zircaloy under Neutron and Charged-Particle Irradiation - 01 January 1991

STP25537S: Oxide Characteristics and Their Relationship to Hydrogen Uptake in Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1991

STP25538S: The Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 Fuel Cladding in Pressurized Water Reactors - 01 January 1991

STP25500S: Texture Control in Zircaloy Tubing Through Processing - 01 January 1991

STP25501S: Fracture Toughness Evaluation of Heat-Treated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 1991

STP23591S: A New Thermodilatometric Instrument for Thin Metallic Ribbons - 01 January 1991

STP23625S: Multipulse Laser-Induced Failure Prediction for Mo Metal Mirrors - 01 January 1991

STP1000-EB: Corrosion Testing and Evaluation: Silver Anniversary Volume - 01 January 1990

STP1045-EB: Dynamic Elastic Modulus Measurements in Materials - 01 January 1990

STP1046-EB: Effects of Radiation on Materials: 14th International Symposium (Volume I) - 01 January 1990

STP1047-EB: Reduced Activation Materials for Fusion Reactors - 01 January 1990

STP1049-EB: Environmentally Assisted Cracking: Science and Engineering - 01 January 1990

STP1056-EB: The Measurement and Correction of Electrolyte Resistance in Electrochemical Tests - 01 January 1990

STP1058-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Testing of Weldments - 01 January 1990

STP1060-EB: Surface-Crack Growth: Models, Experiments, and Structures - 01 January 1990

STP1065-EB: Corrosion Rates of Steel in Concrete - 01 January 1990

STP1072-EB: Charpy Impact Test: Factors and Variables - 01 January 1990

STP1074-EB: Fracture Mechanics: Twenty-First Symposium - 01 January 1990

STP1085-EB: Quantitative Methods in Fractography - 01 January 1990

STP1086-EB: Corrosion in Natural Waters - 01 January 1990

STP23340S: New Developments in Test Technology for ASTM C 692 (Preproduction Corrosion Test for Insulation To Be Used on Austenitic Stainless Steel) - 01 January 1990

STP24618S: Resonating-Orthotropic-Cube Method for Elastic Constants - 01 January 1990

STP24621S: Monocrystal-Polycrystal Elastic-Constant Models - 01 January 1990

STP24622S: Detection of the Initiation and Growth of Cracks Using Precision, Continuous Modulus Measurements - 01 January 1990

STP24613S: Measurement of the Modulus of Dynamic Elasticity of Extremely Thin (Sub-Wavelength) Specimens - 01 January 1990

STP24625S: An Evaluation of Three Techniques for Determining the Young's Modulus of Mechanically Alloyed Materials - 01 January 1990

STP24626S: Interactive Processing of Complex Modulus Data - 01 January 1990

STP24612S: Dynamic Modulus Measurements and Materials Research - 01 January 1990

STP24614S: The Pulsed Ultrasonic Velocity Method for Determining Material Dynamic Elastic Moduli - 01 January 1990

STP24615S: An Experimental Study of the Complex Dynamic Modulus - 01 January 1990

STP24616S: Longitudinal and Flexural Resonance Methods for the Determination of the Variation with Temperature of Dynamic Young's Modulus in 4330V Steel - 01 January 1990

STP24617S: Impulse Excitation: A Technique for Dynamic Modulus Measurement - 01 January 1990

STP24635S: Effects of Thermal Aging on Precipitate Development of Alloy Ht-9 - 01 January 1990

STP24636S: Swelling Suppression in Phosphorus-Modified Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys During Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 1990

STP24637S: Microstructural Evolution of Neutron Irradiated Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys at 495°C in Response to Changes in the Helium/DPA Ratio - 01 January 1990

STP24638S: Microstructural Development of Titanium-Modified Austenitic Stainless Steel Under Neutron Irradiation in HFIR up to 57 dpa - 01 January 1990

STP24639S: The Microstructural Evolution and Swelling Behavior of Type 316 Stainless Steel Irradiated in HFIR - 01 January 1990

STP24640S: Swelling Resistance of the Highly Deformed Titanium-Modified Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 1990

STP24641S: Variations of Phase and Structure in Austenitic Stainless Steel Under Heavy Ion Irradiation - 01 January 1990

STP24642S: Ion Bombardment Radiation Damage Studies of Fusion-Relevant Austenitic and Ferritic Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24643S: High Temperature Helium Embrittlement: Austenitic Versus Martensitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24644S: Helium Effects on Neutron-Irradiated Cr-Mo Ferritic Steels: A Review of Recent Results - 01 January 1990

STP24645S: Microhardness—Microstructure Study of Aged Nimonic 90 Irradiated with Helium - 01 January 1990

STP24646S: High Temperature Embrittlement of Hastelloy X After Low Fluence Neutron Irradiation—An Effect of Helium? - 01 January 1990

STP24647S: On the Role of Helium in High Temperature Embrittlement of Irradiated Austenitic Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24648S: Effects of Irradiation on Grain Boundary Deformation in Nickel - 01 January 1990

STP24649S: Helium-Induced Degradation in the Weldability of an Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 1990

STP24650S: Isotopically Alloyed Injector Foils for Helium Effects Research in Mixed-Spectrum Reactors - 01 January 1990

STP24651S: The Growth of Bubbles in Pure Aluminum During and After Irradiation with 600 MeV Protons - 01 January 1990

STP24652S: Cavitation and Embrittlement in Tritium Exposed Copper - 01 January 1990

STP24653S: Modeling Studies on the Precipitation of Krypton After Implantation into Metals - 01 January 1990

STP24631S: Void Formation and Helium Effects in 9Cr-1MoVNb and 12Cr-1MoVW Steels Irradiated in HFIR and FFTF at 400°C - 01 January 1990

STP24654S: Simulation of Solid Inert Gas Bubbles in Metals - 01 January 1990

STP24655S: Radiation-Induced Segregation of Phosphorus in Nickel and Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24656S: Characteristics of Radiation-Induced Solute Segregation in Candidate and Model Ferritic Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24657S: Segregation to Surfaces in Irradiated Stainless Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24658S: Irradiation-Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking and Grain Boundary Segregation in Heat Treated Type 304 SS - 01 January 1990

STP24659S: Irradiation-Induced Solid Solution Decomposition Enhances Point Defect Recombination - 01 January 1990

STP24660S: Microstructural Development in Neutron Irradiated Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1990

STP24661S: Electron Irradiation-Induced Amorphization of Precipitates in Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 1990

STP24662S: The Influence of Microstructure and Solutes on Void Formation and Void Growth in Irradiated Materials - 01 January 1990

STP24663S: The Stochastic Instability of a Spatially Homogeneous Void Distribution in Irradiated Metals: The Distribution Function Approach - 01 January 1990

STP24664S: The Leading Factor Transient Regime of Void Swelling: The Role of Bias Vacancy Flow Around Growing Precipitates - 01 January 1990

STP24665S: The Development of Periodical Spatial Structures in Crystals under Irradiation - 01 January 1990

STP24666S: Surface effect on Dislocation Loop Formation - 01 January 1990

STP24667S: The Slowing Down of Dislocation Climb by Voids at Later Stages of Material Irradiation - 01 January 1990

STP24668S: Influence of Small Bubble Sink Strength on the Swelling Rate of Voids in Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 316 L - 01 January 1990

STP24669S: Nucleation of Helium Bubbles at Grain Boundaries During Irradiation - 01 January 1990

STP24670S: Void Ensemble Response to Periodical Variations of Irradiation Conditions - 01 January 1990

STP24671S: An HVEM Study of Displacement Cascade Damage in Nb3Sn at 13 K - 01 January 1990

STP24672S: A Study of Cascade Cluster Formation and Interaction in Ion-Irradiated Gold by In-Situ Observation - 01 January 1990

STP24630S: Behavior and Microstructure of Ferritic Steels Irradiated in the Phénix Reactor - 01 January 1990

STP24673S: The Production Rate of Freely Migrating Defects in Self-Ion Irradiated Nickel and Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24632S: Microstructural Change in Ferritic Steels Under Heavy Ion Irradiation - 01 January 1990

STP24674S: Alternative Polarity Recombination Centers of Point Defects - 01 January 1990

STP24675S: Estimation of Radiation Vacancy Rate Absorption by Grain Boundaries - 01 January 1990

STP24676S: Helium Bubbles in Copper Studied by Positron Annihilation - 01 January 1990

STP24677S: Study of Helium Diffusion to Grain Boundaries by the Method of Internal Friction - 01 January 1990

STP24678S: Phase Dissolution Caused by Reimplantation Studied by Mössbauer Effect - 01 January 1990

STP24679S: Effect of Electron and Gamma-Ray Irradiation on the Chemical Composition and Atomic Distribution of Copper- and Iron-Based Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24633S: Neutron Irradiation Damage in Ferrltic Fe-Cr Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24634S: Influence of Structure and Phase Composition on 1Cr13Mo2NbVB Steel Mechanical Properties in Initial, Aged, and Irradiated States - 01 January 1990

STP24952S: Decrease of Ductility Due to Hydrogen in Fe-Cr-Mn Steel - 01 January 1990

STP24953S: Effects of Irradiation on Low Activation Ferritic Alloys: A Review - 01 January 1990

STP24954S: Optimization of Reduced Activation Ferritic Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24955S: Low Chromium Reduced-Activation Ferritic Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24956S: The Post-Irradiation Tensile Properties and Microstructure of Several Vanadium Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24957S: A TEM Study of V and V-lat.%10B with Fast Neutron Irradiations - 01 January 1990

STP24958S: Microstructure of Neutron Irradiated Vanadium Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24959S: Defect Behavior and Microstructural Evolution in Vanadium-Base Alloys Under Irradiation in a High-Voltage Electron Microscope - 01 January 1990

STP24946S: An Assessment of Fe-Cr-Mn Austenitic Alloys for Fusion Service Using Fast Reactor Irradiation - 01 January 1990

STP24960S: EB Welding of Low-Activation Vanadium-Binary Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24961S: Diffusion Bonding Between Vanadium and Alumina - 01 January 1990

STP24962S: Solid State Reactions Between V-Base Alloys and Silicon Carbide at High Temperatures - 01 January 1990

STP24947S: Design of Low Activation Austenitic Steels by the d-Electron Concept - 01 January 1990

STP24948S: Irradiation Effects on Mechanical Properties of High Manganese Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24949S: Precipitation Sensitivity to Alloy Composition in Fe-Cr-Mn Austenitic Steels Developed for Reduced Activation for Fusion Application - 01 January 1990

STP24945S: Reduced Activation Austenitic Stainless Steels: The Fe-Mn-Cr-C System - 01 January 1990

STP24950S: The Dependence of ☌-Phase Formation in Fe-Cr-Mn Alloys on Cold Work, Aging, and Alloy Composition - 01 January 1990

STP24951S: The Effect of Composition and Phase on Segregation of Fe-Cr Based Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP24064S: Effects of Electrochemical Potential on the Slow Strain Rate Fracture of 4340 Steel in a Combustion Product Residue - 01 January 1990

STP24065S: Environmental Acceleration of Fatigue Crack Growth in Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials and Environments - 01 January 1990

STP24066S: Interactive Effects of Cold Work, Yield Strength, and Temperature on Sulfide Stress Cracking - 01 January 1990

STP24067S: Sensitivity to Sulfide-Stress Cracking at Welds in Line-Pipe Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24068S: Factors Affecting the Susceptibility of Carbon-Manganese Steel Welds to Cracking in Sour Environments - 01 January 1990

STP24069S: A Mechanics-Based Analysis of Stress-Corrosion Cracking of Line-Pipe Steel in a Carbonate-Bicarbonate Environment - 01 January 1990

STP24070S: A Model for Environmentally Assisted Crack Growth Rate - 01 January 1990

STP24071S: Modeling of Sulfide Inclusion Distributions in Relation to the Environmentally Assisted Cracking of Low-Alloy Steels in a Pressurized Water Reactor Environment - 01 January 1990

STP24072S: Effects of Stress and Stress History on the Magnitude of the Environmental Attack in Renè 80 - 01 January 1990

STP24059S: Thermomechanical Treatments and Hydrogen Embrittlement of Ferritic Stainless Steels with Different Interstitial Contents - 01 January 1990

STP24073S: Role of Environment in Elevated Temperature Crack Growth Behavior of Renè N4 Single Crystal - 01 January 1990

STP24074S: Environmental and Microstructural Influence on Fatigue Propagation of Small Surface Cracks - 01 January 1990

STP24075S: Environmentally Induced Fatigue Crack Propagation Under Variations in the Loading Conditions - 01 January 1990

STP24076S: Environmental Influence on the Effect of a Single Overload on the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior on a High-Strength Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 1990

STP24077S: Evaluation of KISCC and da/dt Measurements for Aluminum Alloys Using Precracked Specimens - 01 January 1990

STP24078S: Influence of Experimental Variables on the Measurement of Stress Corrosion Cracking Properties of High-Strength Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24079S: Keyhole Compact Tension Specimen Fatigue of Selected High-Strength Steels in Seawater - 01 January 1990

STP24060S: Influence of Overload and Temperature on Stress Corrosion Crack Growth Behavior in a Low-Alloy Steel - 01 January 1990

STP24080S: Cyclic Tension Corrosion Fatigue of High-Strength Steels in Seawater - 01 January 1990

STP24081S: Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Different Stainless Steels in Pressurized Water Reactor Environments - 01 January 1990

STP24082S: Environmentally Assisted Cracking Behavior of a High-Level Nuclear Waste Container Alloy - 01 January 1990

STP24083S: Corrosion Fatigue Cracking of Chromium-Containing Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24084S: Evaluation of Cavitation-Erosion Resistance of Ion-Plated Titanium Nitride Coating - 01 January 1990

STP24061S: Role of the Oxide Film in the Transgranular Stress Corrosion Cracking of Copper - 01 January 1990

STP24058S: Influence of Strain on Hydrogen Assisted Cracking of Cathodically Polarized High-Strength Steel - 01 January 1990

STP24062S: Coherency Stress and Transgranular Stress Corrosion Cracking of Cu-18Au Alloy - 01 January 1990

STP24063S: Role of Selective Dissolution in Transgranular Stress-Corrosion Cracking: Studies of Transient and Steady-State Dealloying in Copper-Gold Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP25284S: Correction of Experimental Data for the Ohmic Potential Drop Corresponding to a Secondary Current Distribution on a Disk Electrode - 01 January 1990

STP25288S: Elimination of IR Error in Measurements of Corrosion in Concrete - 01 January 1990

STP25289S: Comparison of Current Interruption and Electrochemical Impedance Techniques in the Determination of Corrosion Rates of Steel in Concrete - 01 January 1990

STP25290S: Measurement of the Components of the Ohmic Resistance in Lithium/lodine (P2VP) Batteries - 01 January 1990

STP25291S: The Importance of Ohmic Potential Drop in Crevice Corrosion - 01 January 1990

STP25280S: IR Drop in Electrochemical Corrosion Studies— Part I: Basic Concepts and Estimates of Possible Measurement Errors - 01 January 1990

STP25279S: Influence of Electrolyte Resistance on Electrochemical Measurements and Procedures to Minimize or Compensate for Resistance Errors - 01 January 1990

STP25281S: Theoretical Problems Related to Ohmic Resistance Compensation - 01 January 1990

STP25282S: IR Drop in Electrochemical Corrosion Studies—Part 2: A Multiple Method IR Compensation System - 01 January 1990

STP25283S: Determination and Elimination of the Uncompensated Resistance in Low Conductivity Media - 01 January 1990

STP24093S: Fracture Toughness Testing of Weld Heat-Affected Zones in Structural Steel - 01 January 1990

STP24094S: Study of Methods for CTOD Testing of Weldments - 01 January 1990

STP24095S: Wide-Plate Testing of Weldments: Introduction - 01 January 1990

STP24096S: Wide-Plate Testing of Weldments: Part I—Wide-Plate Testing in Perspective - 01 January 1990

STP24088S: Fatigue Crack Growth of Weldments - 01 January 1990

STP24097S: Wide-Plate Testing of Weldments: Part II—Wide-Plate Evaluation of Notch Toughness - 01 January 1990

STP24098S: Wide-Plate Testing of Weldments: Part III—Heat-Affected Zone Wide-Plate Studies - 01 January 1990

STP24099S: Stress Effect on Post-Weld Heat Treatment Embrittlement - 01 January 1990

STP24100S: Fracture Toughness of Underwater Wet Welds - 01 January 1990

STP24101S: Fracture Toughness of Manual Metal-Arc and Submerged-Arc Welded Joints in Normalized Carbon-Manganese Steels - 01 January 1990

STP24089S: Assessing Transverse Fillet Weld Fatigue Behavior in Aluminum from Full-Size and Small-Specimen Data - 01 January 1990

STP24087S: Procedural Considerations Relating to the Fatigue Testing of Steel Weldments - 01 January 1990

STP24090S: Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth in Tensile-Shear Spot Weldments - 01 January 1990

STP24091S: Fatigue of Welded Structural and High-Strength Steel Plate Specimens in Seawater - 01 January 1990

STP24092S: Corrosion Fatigue Testing of Welded Tubular Joints Under Realistic Service Stress Histories - 01 January 1990

STP23430S: Optical and Finite-Element Investigation of a Plastically Deformed Surface Flaw Under Tension - 01 January 1990

STP23431S: Extraction of Stress-Intensity Factor from In-Plane Displacements Measured by Holographic Interferometry - 01 January 1990

STP23432S: Fracture Behavior Prediction for Rapidly Loaded Surface-Cracked Specimens - 01 January 1990

STP23433S: Measurements of CTOD and CTOA Around Surface-Crack Perimeters and Relationships Between Elastic and Elastic-Plastic CTOD Values - 01 January 1990

STP23436S: Experimental Evaluation of Stress-Intensity Solutions for Surface Flaw Growth in Plates - 01 January 1990

STP23437S: A Novel Procedure to Study Crack Initiation and Growth in Thermal Fatigue Testing - 01 January 1990

STP23439S: Some Special Computations and Experiments on Surface Crack Growth - 01 January 1990

STP23440S: Influences of Crack Closure and Load History on Near-Threshold Crack Growth Behavior in Surface Flaws - 01 January 1990

STP23441S: Growth of Surface Cracks Under Fatigue and Monotonic Increasing Load - 01 January 1990

STP23442S: Experimental Investigation of Subcritical Growth of a Surface Flaw - 01 January 1990

STP23443S: Measurement and Analysis of Surface Cracks in Tubular Threaded Connections - 01 January 1990

STP23425S: Evaluation of Finite-Element Models and Stress-Intensity Factors for Surface Cracks Emanating from Stress Concentrations - 01 January 1990

STP23444S: Propagation of Surface Cracks in Notched and Unnotched Rods - 01 January 1990

STP23445S: Theoretical and Experimental Analyses of Surface Fatigue Cracks in Weldments - 01 January 1990

STP23426S: Tabulated Stress-Intensity Factors for Corner Cracks at Holes Under Stress Gradients - 01 January 1990

STP23427S: Fracture Analysis for Three-Dimensional Bodies with Surface Crack - 01 January 1990

STP23428S: On the Semi-Elliptical Surface Crack Problem: Detailed Numerical Solutions for Complete Elastic Stress Fields - 01 January 1990

STP23429S: Analysis of Optical Measurements of Free-Surface Effects on Natural Surface and Through Cracks - 01 January 1990

STP23424S: A Surface Crack Review: Elastic and Elastic-Plastic Behavior - 01 January 1990

STP24984S: Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel and Wall Ties in Masonry Systems - 01 January 1990

STP25018S: Corrosion Monitoring for Reinforcing Bars in Concrete - 01 January 1990

STP25019S: Study of the Corrosion of Concrete Reinforcement by Electrochemical Impedance Measurement - 01 January 1990

STP25020S: Quantitative Measurement of the Corrosion Rate Using a Small Counter Electrode in the Boundary of Passive and Corroded Zones of a Long Concrete Beam - 01 January 1990

STP25021S: Potential Mapping and Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - 01 January 1990

STP25022S: The Use of a Potential Wheel to Survey Reinforced Concrete Structures - 01 January 1990

STP25023S: Mechanisms of Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - 01 January 1990

STP25012S: Influence of Blast Furnace Slags on the Corrosion Rate of Steel in Concrete - 01 January 1990

STP25013S: An Initial Effort to Use the Corrosion Rate Measurements for Estimating Rebar Durability - 01 January 1990

STP25011S: The Threshold Concentration of Chloride in Concrete for the Initiation of Reinforcement Corrosion - 01 January 1990

STP25015S: Corrosion Rate Determination on Repaired Reinforced Concrete Specimens - 01 January 1990

STP25016S: Corrosion Measurements of Reinforcing Steel in Partially Submerged Concrete Slabs - 01 January 1990

STP25017S: Measuring the Rate of Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - 01 January 1990

STP24142S: The Effect of Fatigue Pre-Cracking Versus V-Notching on Impact Testing of Charpy Specimens - 01 January 1990

STP24143S: Precracking and Strain Rate Effects on HSLA-100 Steel Charpy Specimens - 01 January 1990

STP24144S: Significance of Precracking Variables for Slow-Bend Charpy Tests - 01 January 1990

STP24145S: Specimen Size Effects in Charpy Impact Testing - 01 January 1990

STP24146S: Influence of Thermal Conditioning Media on Charpy Specimen Test Temperature - 01 January 1990

STP24136S: Comparison of Metrological Techniques for Charpy Impact Machine Verification - 01 January 1990

STP24137S: Influence of Dimensional Parameter of an Impact Test Machine on the Results of a Test - 01 January 1990

STP24138S: Factors Influencing Accuracy of Charpy Impact Test Data - 01 January 1990

STP24139S: Effects of the Striking Edge Radius on the Charpy Impact Test - 01 January 1990

STP24135S: Impact Tester Compliance: Significance, Sensitivity and Evaluation - 01 January 1990

STP24140S: Evaluation of Fabrication Method for Making Notches for Charpy V-Notch Impact Specimens - 01 January 1990

STP24141S: Quantitative Comparison and Evaluation of Various Notch Machining Methods and How They Affect ASTM E23 and ISO R442 Testing Equipment Results - 01 January 1990

STP18991S: Impact Fracture of a Tough Ductile Steel - 01 January 1990

STP18992S: Dynamic Fracture Behavior of a Structural Steel - 01 January 1990

STP18993S: Dynamic Key-Curves for Brittle Fracture Impact Tests and Establishment of a Transition Time - 01 January 1990

STP18994S: Explosive Testing of Full Thickness Precracked Weldments - 01 January 1990

STP18995S: Magnetic Emission Detection of Crack Initiation - 01 January 1990

STP18996S: Effect of Biaxial Loading on A533B in Ductile-Brittle Transition - 01 January 1990

STP18997S: Fracture Toughness in the Transition Regime for A533B-1 Steel: The Effect of Specimen Sidegrooving - 01 January 1990

STP18998S: Analysis of Fracture Toughness Data for Modified SA508 Cl2 in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Region - 01 January 1990

STP18987S: Direct J-R Curve Analysis: A Guide to the Methodology - 01 January 1990

STP18999S: Effects of Warm Pre-Stressing on the Transition Toughness Behavior of an A533 Grade B Class 1 Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1990

STP19000S: Unique Elastic-Plastic R-Curves: Fact or Fiction? - 01 January 1990

STP19001S: Adhesive Fracture Testing - 01 January 1990

STP19002S: Evaluation of Elastic-Plastic Surface Flaw Behavior and Related Parameters Using Surface Displacement Measurements - 01 January 1990

STP19003S: Effect of Dynamic Strain Aging on Fracture Resistance of Carbon Steels Operating at Light-Water Reactor Temperatures - 01 January 1990

STP19004S: Prediction of Fracture Toughness by Local Fracture Criterion - 01 January 1990

STP19005S: Microscopic Aspects of Ductile Tearing Resistance in AISI Type 303 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1990

STP19006S: Microstructure and Fracture Toughness of Cast and Forged Ultra-High-Strength, Low-Alloy (UHSLA) Steels - 01 January 1990

STP18986S: An Analytical Comparison of Short Crack and Deep Crack CTOD Fracture Specimens of an A36 Steel - 01 January 1990

STP19007S: Simulation of Crack Growth and Crack Closure under Large Cyclic Plasticity - 01 January 1990

STP19008S: Comparison of Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Techniques - 01 January 1990

STP18988S: Application of the Method of Caustics to J-Testing with Standard Specimen Geometries - 01 January 1990

STP19009S: Treatment of Singularities in a Middle-Crack Tension Specimen - 01 January 1990

STP19010S: Assessment of Influence Function for Elliptical Cracks Subjected to Uniform Tension and to Pure Bending - 01 January 1990

STP19011S: Finite Element Meshing Criteria for Crack Problems - 01 January 1990

STP19012S: Application of the CEGB Failure Assessment Procedure, R6, to Surface Flaws - 01 January 1990

STP19013S: Method and Models for R-Curve Instability Calculations - 01 January 1990

STP19014S: Closure Measurements via a Generalized Threshold Concept - 01 January 1990

STP18989S: Extrapolation of C(T) Specimen J-R Curves - 01 January 1990

STP19015S: Use of the Direct-Current Electric Potential Method to Monitor Large Amounts of Crack Growth in Highly Ductile Metals - 01 January 1990

STP19016S: Load-Point Compliance for the Arc-Bend/Arc-Support Fracture Toughness Specimen - 01 January 1990

STP18990S: Application of J-Integral and Modified J-Integral to Cases of Large Crack Extension - 01 January 1990

STP26086S: Cathodic Protection of Concrete Bridge Members Containing Mild Reinforcing Steel - 01 January 1990

STP23537S: Fractographic and Metallographic Study of the Initiation of Brittle Fracture in Weldments - 01 January 1990

STP23538S: Cracking Mechanisms for Mean Stress/Strain Low-Cycle Multiaxial Fatigue Loadings - 01 January 1990

STP23539S: Corrosion Fatigue Crack Arrest in Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP23532S: Relationships Between Fractographic Features and Material Toughness - 01 January 1990

STP23533S: Quantitative Analysis of Fracture Surfaces Using Fractals - 01 January 1990

STP23531S: Applications of Quantitative Fractography and Computed Tomography to Fracture Processes in Materials - 01 January 1990

STP23534S: Analysis and Interpretation of Aircraft Component Defects Using Quantitative Fractography - 01 January 1990

STP23535S: Characteristics of Hydrogen-Assisted Cracking Measured by the Holding-Load and Fractographic Method - 01 January 1990

STP23536S: Fractographic Study of Isolated Cleavage Regions in Nuclear Pressure Vessel Steels and Their Weld Metals - 01 January 1990

STP26104S: Effect of Ground-Water Composition on the Electrochemical Behavior of Carbon Steel: A Statistical Experimental Study - 01 January 1990

STP26105S: Long-Term Weathering of Organic and Inorganic Coatings on Steel and on Aluminum - 01 January 1990

STP26099S: Seawater Corrosivity Around the World: Results from Three Years of Testing - 01 January 1990

STP26100S: Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels in Waters Containing Chloride and Sulfate Ions - 01 January 1990

STP26101S: Corrosion Fatigue Testing of Steels as Applicable to Offshore Structures - 01 January 1990

STP26102S: Corrosion Testing in New York Reservoirs and Investigations of In-Service Corrosion - 01 January 1990

STP26103S: Evaluating Corrosion Control in Water Distribution Systems at U.S. Army Bases - 01 January 1990

STP25039S: Use of Automated Ball Indentation Testing to Measure Flow Properties and Estimate Fracture Toughness in Metallic Materials - 01 January 1990

STP39184S: Measuring the Corrosion of Metals in Soil - 01 January 1990

STP39186S: Stress-Corrosion Cracking of Mn-Bronze Castings and Test Specimens in New York City Water Distribution Shafts - 01 January 1990

STP39188S: Corrosion Testing of Metals Under Natural Atmospheric Conditions - 01 January 1990

STP39189S: Long-Term Atmospheric Corrosion Behavior of Various Grades of Stainless Steel in Rural, Industrial, and Marine Environments - 01 January 1990

STP39190S: Advanced Laboratory and Field Exposure Systems for Testing Materials - 01 January 1990

STP39191S: Derivation of a Damage Function for Galvanized Steel Structures: Corrosion Kinetics and Thermodynamic Considerations - 01 January 1990

STP39192S: Evaluation of an Atmospheric Damage Function for Galvanized Steel - 01 January 1990

STP39193S: Atmospheric Factors Affecting the Corrosion of Zinc, Galvanized Steel, and Copper - 01 January 1990

STP39195S: Review of Laboratory Corrosion Tests and Standards - 01 January 1990

STP39196S: Application of the Critical Pitting Temperature Test to the Evaluation of Duplex Stainless Steel - 01 January 1990

STP39197S: Practice for Conducting Corrosion Coupon Tests on Zirconium and Its Alloys - 01 January 1990

STP39198S: A Comparison of Sulfide Stress Cracking Tests - 01 January 1990

STP39199S: Stress Corrosion Cracking in Alloy 400 (UNS NO4400) at Room Temperature - 01 January 1990

STP39200S: Using Multisample Test Apparatus for the ASTM A 262, Practice C Nitric Acid Corrosion Testing of Types 304 and 304L Stainless Steels - 01 January 1990

STP39201S: Electrochemical Methods for Laboratory Corrosion Testing - 01 January 1990

STP39202S: Simple Models/Practical Answers Using the Electrochemical Impedance Technique - 01 January 1990

STP39203S: Electrochemical Impedance Measurements for Evaluating and Predicting the Performance of Organic Coatings for Atmospheric Exposure - 01 January 1990

STP39179S: The Nondestructive Characterization of Corrosion - 01 January 1990

STP39204S: Electrochemical Screening of Synergism of urfactants in the Inhibition of Corrosion of Aluminum by Silicate - 01 January 1990

STP39205S: Electrochemical Methods of Determining the Corrosivity of Steel in Concrete - 01 January 1990

STP39180S: Evaluation of Corrosion Failures in Pumps - 01 January 1990

STP39181S: Correlation of Failure Analysis Corrosion Testing - 01 January 1990

STP39176S: Corrosion—A Problem of International Importance - 01 January 1990

STP39182S: Choice of Testing, Evaluation Methods, and Quality Criteria in Corrosion Engineering - 01 January 1990

STP10058S: Improvement of LWR Pressure Vessel Steel Embrittlement Surveillance: 1984–1986 Progress Report on Belgian Activities in Cooperation with USNRC and Other R&D Programs - 01 January 1989

STP10122S: Constant Chemistry Analysis (CCA) Approach to Predicting Transition Temperature Shift in Pressure Vessel Steels under Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 1989

STP10127S: Use of Sapphire as a Neutron Damage Monitor for Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1989

STP1006-EB: Development of Fatigue Loading Spectra - 01 January 1989

STP10352S: Fatigue Crack Growth in a Rotating Disk Evaluated with the TURBISTAN Mission Spectra - 01 January 1989

STP10353S: Fatigue Spectra Development for Airborne Stores - 01 January 1989

STP10354S: Simplified Analysis of Helicopter Fatigue Loading Spectra - 01 January 1989

STP10355S: Variable-Amplitude Load Models for Fatigue Damage and Crack Growth - 01 January 1989

STP10347S: European Approaches in Standard Spectrum Development - 01 January 1989

STP10356S: Tracking Time in Service Histories for Multiaxis Fatigue Problems - 01 January 1989

STP10357S: Compilation of Procedures for Fatigue Crack Propagation Testing Under Complex Load Sequences - 01 January 1989

STP10348S: Development of Jet Transport Airframe Fatigue Test Spectra - 01 January 1989

STP10346S: Standardized Stress-Time Histories—An Overview - 01 January 1989

STP10349S: Basic Approach in the Development of TURBISTAN, a Loading Standard for Fighter Aircraft Engine Disks - 01 January 1989

STP10350S: Automated Procedure for Creating Flight-by-Flight Spectra - 01 January 1989

STP10351S: Progress in the Development of a Wave Action Standard History (WASH) for Fatigue Testing Relevant to Tubular Structures in the North Sea - 01 January 1989

STP1011-EB: Radiation Embrittlement of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels: An International Review (Third Volume) - 01 January 1989

STP10390S: Irradiation Programs to Establish the Safety Margins of German Licensing Rules Related to RPV Steel Embrittlement - 01 January 1989

STP10391S: Development of Reactor Pressure Vessel Design, Neutron Fluence Calculation, and Material Specification to Minimize Irradiation Effects - 01 January 1989

STP10392S: Effectiveness of Flux Reduction Measures Instituted at the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station - 01 January 1989

STP10393S: Residual Life Assessment of Light Water Reactor Pressure Vessels - 01 January 1989

STP10394S: Radiation Embrittlement Trend Curves and the Impact on Nuclear Plant Operating Criteria - 01 January 1989

STP10395S: Evaluation of Thermal Annealing Behavior of Neutron-Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels Using Nondestructive Test Methods - 01 January 1989

STP10396S: Semiempirical Model for Annealing and Reirradiation Embrittlement in Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1989

STP10397S: Status of Research to Assess Radiation Effects on Crack-Arrest Toughness of RPV Steels - 01 January 1989

STP10398S: Defect Particles in an Irradiated RPV Steel Studied by a Systematic Variation of Irradiation and Annealing Conditions: Preliminary Results by Small Angle Neutron Scattering - 01 January 1989

STP10399S: SANS Investigation of Irradiated A533-B Steels Doped with Phosphorus - 01 January 1989

STP10400S: Positron Lifetime Characterization of Irradiated Pressure Vessel Model Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP10384S: Overview of U.S. Research and Regulatory Activities on Neutron Radiation Embrittlement of Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1989

STP10385S: Studies in the United Kingdom on Neutron Irradiation Embrittlement of Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1989

STP10383S: Assurance of the Pressure Vessel Integrity with Respect to Irradiation Embrittlement: Activities in the Federal Republic of Germany - 01 January 1989

STP10386S: The Swiss Research Program on Irradiation Embrittlement and Annealing of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 January 1989

STP10387S: Evaluation of WWER-440 Surveillance at Paks NPS - 01 January 1989

STP10388S: Neutron Embrittlement Surveillance Program at Krṡko Nuclear Power Plant - 01 January 1989

STP10389S: Characteristics of the IAEA Correlation Monitor Material for Surveillance Programs - 01 January 1989

STP1013-EB: Effects of Soil Characteristics on Corrosion - 01 January 1989

STP1020-EB: Fracture Mechanics: Perspectives and Directions (Twentieth Symposium) - 01 January 1989

STP1023-EB: Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Eighth International Symposium - 01 January 1989

STP1040-EB: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Fourth Volume - 01 January 1989

STP1042-EB: Residual and Unspecified Elements in Steel - 01 January 1989

STP19712S: Statistical Analysis of Soil Characteristics to Predict Mean Time to Corrosion Failure of Underground Metallic Structures - 01 January 1989

STP19714S: In-Service Corrosion of Galvanized Culvert Pipe - 01 January 1989

STP19715S: A Method for Corrosion Testing of Cable-Shielding Materials in Soils - 01 January 1989

STP19707S: Differential Aeration Effect on Corrosion of Copper Concentric Neutral Wires in the Soil - 01 January 1989

STP19705S: The Future as a Reflection of the Past - 01 January 1989

STP19708S: Corrosion of Steel and Metal-Coated Steel in Swedish Soils—Effects of Soil Parameters - 01 January 1989

STP19709S: Soil Corrosion Evaluation of Screw Anchors - 01 January 1989

STP19706S: Environmental Characteristics Controlling the Soil Corrosion of Ferrous Piping - 01 January 1989

STP19710S: Concepts of Underground Corrosion - 01 January 1989

STP19711S: Soil Characteristics as Criteria for Cathodic Protection of a Nuclear Fuel Production Facility - 01 January 1989

STP18631S: RUST: A Coupon Corrosion Test Data Base for Metals and Nonmetals - 01 January 1989

STP18612S: Designation, Identification, and Characterization of Metals and Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP18639S: Development of Data Bases for the ASM/NBS Data Program for Alloy Phase Diagrams - 01 January 1989

STP18822S: Creep Crack Growth - 01 January 1989

STP18823S: The Role of Heterogeneities in Fracture - 01 January 1989

STP18824S: Mechanics and Micromechanics of Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 January 1989

STP18825S: Microstructure and the Fracture Mechanics of Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 January 1989

STP18826S: Microchemistry and Mechanics Issues in Stress Corrosion Cracking - 01 January 1989

STP18827S: Environmentally Assisted Crack Growth in Structural Alloys: Perspectives and New Directions - 01 January 1989

STP18829S: Stress-Intensity Factors for Small Surface and Corner Cracks in Plates - 01 January 1989

STP18819S: Weight Function Theory for Three-Dimensional Elastic Crack Analysis - 01 January 1989

STP18830S: Intersection of Surface Flaws with Free Surfaces: An Experimental Study - 01 January 1989

STP18831S: An Efficient Finite-Element Evaluation of Explicit Weight Functions for Mixed-Mode Cracks in an Orthotropic Material - 01 January 1989

STP18832S: Automated Generation of Influence Functions for Planar Crack Problems - 01 January 1989

STP18833S: Fracture Toughness in the Transition Regime for A533B Steel: Prediction of Large Specimen Results from Small Specimen Tests - 01 January 1989

STP18834S: Plastic Collapse in Part-Wall Flaws in Plates - 01 January 1989

STP18835S: A Comparison of Crack-Tip Opening Displacement Ductile Instability Analyses - 01 January 1989

STP18836S: Effect of Void Nucleation on Fracture Toughness of High-Strength Austenitic Steels - 01 January 1989

STP18837S: Dynamic Brittle Fracture Analysis Based on Continuum Damage Mechanics - 01 January 1989

STP18838S: Effect of Loading Rate and Thermal Aging on the Fracture Toughness of Stainless-Steel Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP18839S: Fatigue Crack Growth Under Combined Mode I and Mode II Loading - 01 January 1989

STP18840S: On the Influence of Crack Plane Orientation in Fatigue Crack Propagation and Catastrophic Failure - 01 January 1989

STP18841S: Fracture Mechanics Model of Fatigue Crack Closure in Steel - 01 January 1989

STP18842S: A Finite-Element Investigation of Viscoplastic-Induced Closure of Short Cracks at High Temperatures - 01 January 1989

STP18843S: Crack Opening Under Variable Amplitude Loads - 01 January 1989

STP18844S: Strain-Induced Hydrides and Hydrogen-Assisted Crack Growth in a Ti-6Al-4V Alloy - 01 January 1989

STP18845S: Gaseous-Environment Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of a Low-Alloy Steel - 01 January 1989

STP18846S: The Crack Velocity-KI Relationship for AISI 4340 in Seawater Under Fixed and Rising Displacement - 01 January 1989

STP18847S: Influence of Cathodic Charging on the Tensile and Fracture Properties of Three High-Strength Steels - 01 January 1989

STP18820S: Softening Due to Void Nucleation in Metals - 01 January 1989

STP18848S: Threshold Crack Growth Behavior of Nickel-Base Superalloy at Elevated Temperature - 01 January 1989

STP18849S: Strength of Stress Singularity and Stress-Intensity Factors for a Transverse Crack in Finite Symmetric Cross-Ply Laminates Under Tension - 01 January 1989

STP18851S: Fracture-Mechanics Approach to Tribology Problems - 01 January 1989

STP18821S: Results on the Influence of Crack-Tip Plasticity During Dynamic Crack Growth - 01 January 1989

STP18818S: Fracture Mechanics in Two Decades - 01 January 1989

STP18860S: Influence of Chemical Composition on Uniform Corrosion of Zirconium-Base Alloys in Autoclave Tests - 01 January 1989

STP18861S: Correlation Between 400°C Steam Corrosion Behavior, Heat Treatment, and Microstructure of Zircaloy-4 Tubing - 01 January 1989

STP18862S: Influence of the Manufacturing Process on the Corrosion Resistance of Zircaloy-4 Cladding - 01 January 1989

STP18863S: A Laboratory Method to Predict Hydriding Properties of Zirconium Alloys Under Irradiation - 01 January 1989

STP18864S: Development of a Mechanistic Model to Assess the External Corrosion of the Zircaloy Claddings in PWRs - 01 January 1989

STP18865S: Lithium Uptake and the Accelerated Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP18866S: Microstructure and Corrosion Studies for Optimized PWR and BWR Zircaloy Cladding - 01 January 1989

STP18855S: Oxidation and Deuterium Uptake of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes in CANDU-PHW Reactors - 01 January 1989

STP18867S: Corrosion Performance of Zircaloy-2 and Zircaloy-4 PWR Fuel Cladding - 01 January 1989

STP18868S: Development of a Cladding Alloy for High Burnup - 01 January 1989

STP18869S: Enhanced Low-Temperature Oxidation of Zirconium Alloys Under Irradiation - 01 January 1989

STP18870S: Internal Hydriding in Irradiated Defected Zircaloy Fuel Rods - 01 January 1989

STP18871S: A Systematic Survey of the Factors Affecting Zircaloy Nodular Corrosion - 01 January 1989

STP18872S: Corrosion Performance Ranking of Zircaloy-2 for BWR Applications - 01 January 1989

STP18873S: Influence of Chemical Composition and Manufacturing Variables on Autoclave Corrosion of the Zircaloys - 01 January 1989

STP18874S: Effects of Alloying Element Distribution on the Nodular Corrosion of Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 1989

STP18856S: Evaluation of Zircaloy-2 Pressure Tubes from NPD - 01 January 1989

STP18875S: Electron Microscopy Study of Oxide Films Formed on Zircaloy-2 in Superheated Steam - 01 January 1989

STP18876S: Heterogeneous Scale Growth During Steam Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 and 500°C - 01 January 1989

STP18877S: Automatic System for Measuring the Zirconium Liner and Zircaloy-2 Thickness of Zirconium Liner Tubes - 01 January 1989

STP18854S: Corrosion and Hydriding of N Reactor Pressure Tubes - 01 January 1989

STP18878S: Solubility Limits and Formation of Intermetallic Precipitates in ZrSnFeCr Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP18879S: Direct Measurement of Matrix Composition in Zircaloy-4 by Atom Probe Microanalysis - 01 January 1989

STP18880S: Diffusion of 3D Transition Elements in α-Zr and Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP18881S: Beta-Quenched Zircaloy-4: Effects of Thermal Aging and Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 1989

STP18882S: Intermetallic Precipitates in Zirconium-Niobium Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP18883S: Magnetic Study of Zircaloy - 01 January 1989

STP18884S: Oxidation Kinetics and Auger Microprobe Analysis of Some Oxidized Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP18857S: Growth, Fracture, and Nondestructive Evaluation of Hydride Blisters in Zr-2.5 Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 1989

STP18885S: Simulated Fuel Expansion Testing of Zircaloy Tubing - 01 January 1989

STP18886S: Link Between Stress Corrosion and Corrosion-Fatigue Behavior of Zircaloy in an Iodine Environment - 01 January 1989

STP18887S: Effects of Irradiation and Hydriding on the Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-4 at High Fluence - 01 January 1989

STP18888S: Applications of Crystallographic Textures of Zirconium Alloys in the Nuclear Industry - 01 January 1989

STP18889S: Stress Versus Strain Rate Characteristics of Zircaloy Cladding Tubes Subjected to Various Deformation Paths - 01 January 1989

STP18890S: The Influence of Tin Content on the Thermal Creep of Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1989

STP18891S: Effects of High Neutron Fluences on Microstructure and Growth of Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 1989

STP18892S: Accelerated Irradiation Growth of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP18858S: Effects of Hydride Morphology on Zr-2.5Nb Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1989

STP18893S: Creep Behavior of Zircaloy Cladding Under Variable Conditions - 01 January 1989

STP18894S: Effects of Microstructural Factors on Irradiation Growth in Zirconium-Niobium Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP18895S: The Effect of Temperature on the Irradiation Growth of Cold-Worked Zr-2.5 Nb - 01 January 1989

STP18859S: Effects of Loading and Thermal Maneuvers on Delayed Hydride Cracking in Zr-2.5 Nb Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP24925S: Promoted Ignition - Combustion Behavior of Selected Engineering Alloys In Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 1989

STP24926S: Fire Spread Rates Along Cylindrical Metal Rods in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1989

STP24927S: Pressurized Flammability Limits of Metals - 01 January 1989

STP24928S: Combustion of 316 Stainless Steel in High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen - 01 January 1989

STP24929S: The Pv Product Required for the Frictional Ignition of Alloys - 01 January 1989

STP24930S: Design of an Ignition-Resistant, High-Pressure, High-Temperature Oxygen Valve - 01 January 1989

STP24931S: Promoted Ignition of Oxygen Regulators - 01 January 1989

STP24936S: Surface Modification of Monel K-500 as a Means of Reducing Friction and Wear in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 January 1989

STP24937S: Oxygen Fires, Materials Compatibility and System Contaminants - 01 January 1989

STP24938S: Evaluating Systems for Oxygen Service Through the Use of Quantitative Fault Tree Analysis - 01 January 1989

STP24919S: The Effects of Testing Methodology on the Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Carbon Steel and 316L Stainless Steel in Oxygen Gas Mixtures - 01 January 1989

STP24920S: Promoted Combustion of Nine Structural Metals in High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen; A Comparison of Ranking Methods - 01 January 1989

STP24921S: Modeling and Data Evaluation of the WSTF Frictional Heating Test Facility - 01 January 1989

STP24573S: Temper Embrittlement Susceptibility and Toughness of A 508 Class 3 Steel - 01 January 1989

STP24575S: The Effect of Residual Elements on the Tensile Strength of Heavy Carbon Steel Forgings, Heat Treated for Optimum Notch Toughness - 01 January 1989

STP24567S: Residual Problems and the Scrap Industry - 01 January 1989

STP24576S: The Effects of Phosphorus and Boron on the Behavior of a Titanium Stabilized Austenitic Stainless Steel Developed for Fast Reactor Service - 01 January 1989

STP24577S: The Effect of Boron, Copper, and Molybdenum Residuals on the Corrosion Resistance of Type 304 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1989

STP24578S: The Influence of Current Supply Type on the Composition, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties of C-Mn and C-Mn-Ni Shielded Metal Arc Welds - 01 January 1989

STP24579S: Influence of Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Contents on Weldability of Ferritic Steels - 01 January 1989

STP24580S: The Influence of Residual Copper in Annealed and Postweld Heat Treated 2-1/4Cr-1Mo Steel - 01 January 1989

STP24582S: Embrittlement of a Copper Containing Weld Metal - 01 January 1989

STP24583S: The Influence of Current Supply Type and Arc Length on C-Mn, C-Mn-Ni, and C-Mn-Ti-B Shielded Metal Arc Deposit Nitrogen and Oxygen Contents - 01 January 1989

STP24585S: A Method for Developing Postweld Heat Treatments and Evaluating Effects of Residual Elements on Heat-Affected Zone Tempering Resistance - 01 January 1989

STP24586S: A Newly Developed Ti-Oxide Bearing Steel Having High HAZ Toughness - 01 January 1989

STP24568S: Some Practical and Economic Aspects of Residual Element Control in Engineered Bar Products - 01 January 1989

STP24587S: The Effect of Phosphorus on the Mechanical Properties of X-70 Line Pipe Steel - 01 January 1989

STP24569S: Production of Super Clean Steels—Deoxidation Mechanism During Ladle Refining - 01 January 1989

STP24570S: Effect of Total Residual Content (Cu+Cr+Ni) on the Machinability of AISI 1215 Steel - 01 January 1989

STP24566S: Service Experience Related to Unspecified Elements - 01 January 1989

STP24571S: Inclusion Control in Calcium Treated Steels - 01 January 1989

STP24572S: The Role of Trace Elements in a Martensitic 12% Chromium Steel - 01 January 1989

STP1004-EB: Analytical and Experimental Methods for Residual Stress Effects in Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP17176S: Influence of Residual Stress on Fatigue Crack Growth in Thick-Walled Cylinders - 01 January 1988

STP17177S: Estimating Residual Stresses and Their Effect in Welded Aluminum Components in Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP17168S: Approximate Analysis for Optimizing Prestress Treatments - 01 January 1988

STP17167S: Residual Stress Effects on Fatigue of Surface Processed Steels - 01 January 1988

STP17169S: The Effect of Elevated Temperature on Shot Peened 403 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1988

STP17170S: X-ray Diffraction and Acoustic Emission Study of Fatigue Damage in Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1988

STP17171S: Stress Intensity Factors Caused by Residual Stress Fields in Autofrettaged Tubing - 01 January 1988

STP17172S: On Fatigue Life Calculation in Thick-Walled Cylinders with Complex Residual Stresses - 01 January 1988

STP17173S: Analysis of a Notched Four-Point Bending Sample Containing Various Residual Stresses - 01 January 1988

STP17174S: Fatigue Crack Propagation and Residual Stress in a Quenched and Tempered C-Mn-B Steel - 01 January 1988

STP17175S: Increased Pressure Vessel Fatigue Life Caused by Decreased Autofrettage - 01 January 1988

STP18746S: Study of Mo, Au, and Ni Implanted Molybdenum Laser Mirrors By Spectroscopic Ellipsometry - 01 January 1988

STP18748S: Glancing Incidence Absorption Measurements of Metal Mirrors - 01 January 1988

STP18750S: N-on-1 Damage Testing of Single Crystal Metal Surfaces at 1.06 μm - 01 January 1988

STP18752S: Laser Induced Mo Mirror Damage for High Power CO2 Laser - 01 January 1988

STP18753S: Multifacet, Metal Mirror Design for Extreme-Ultraviolet and Soft X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Resonators - 01 January 1988

STP18561S: Mechanical Stability and Absorptance of Metal Films - 01 January 1988

STP18606S: Model Comparisons with Glancing Incidence Measurements of Overcoated Metal Mirrors - 01 January 1988

STP24417S: Ultrafine Polishing of Tungsten and Molybdenum Mirrors for Co 2 Laser - 01 January 1988

STP24445S: Optical Measurements of Surface Oxide Layer Formation on Metal Films - 01 January 1988

STP23213S: Crack Growth Studies in Biaxial Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP23214S: Unified Treatment of Deep and Shallow Notches in Rotating Bending Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP23215S: Influence of Stress State on Crack Growth Retardation - 01 January 1988

STP23207S: The Role of Cross-Slip of Screw Dislocations in Fatigue Behavior of Copper Single Crystals - 01 January 1988

STP23216S: Critical Behavior of Nonpropagating Crack in Steel - 01 January 1988

STP23217S: Fatigue Damage Accumulation During Cycles of Nonproportional Straining - 01 January 1988

STP23218S: The Significance of Sliding Mode Crack Closure on Mode III Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 January 1988

STP23219S: A Critical Comparison of Proposed Parameters for High-Strain Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 January 1988

STP23220S: Toward an Understanding of Mode II Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 January 1988

STP23208S: Crack Nucleation in Persistent Slipbands - 01 January 1988

STP23221S: The Propagation of Short Fatigue Cracks at Notches - 01 January 1988

STP23222S: A Study of the Mechanism of Striation Formation and Fatigue Crack Growth in Engineering Alloys - 01 January 1988

STP23223S: Elastic-Plastic Behavior of Short Fatigue Crack in Smooth Specimen - 01 January 1988

STP23224S: Use of Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques in Studies of Small Fatigue Cracks - 01 January 1988

STP23225S: Is the Concept of a Fatigue Threshold Meaningful in the Presence of Compression Cycles? - 01 January 1988

STP23226S: Crack Closure and Variable-Amplitude Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 January 1988

STP23209S: Change of Dislocation Structures and Macroscopic Conditions from Initial State to Fatigue Crack Nucleation - 01 January 1988

STP23210S: What Are the Kinetics of Slipband Extrusion? - 01 January 1988

STP23211S: Substructural Developments During Strain Cycling of Wavy Slip Mode Metals - 01 January 1988

STP23212S: Crystallographic Study of the Fatigue Crack Nucleation Mechanism in Pure Iron - 01 January 1988

STP24537S: The Improved Neuber's Rule and Low Cycle Fatigue Life Estimation - 01 January 1988

STP24538S: Relations Between the Strain Energy Density Distribution and Elastic-Plastic Stress-Strain Fields Near Cracks and Notches and Fatigue Life Calculation - 01 January 1988

STP24539S: Correlation Between Strain Singularity at Crack Tip under Overall Plastic Deformation and the Exponent of the Coffin-Manson Law - 01 January 1988

STP24540S: Notch Effect on Low Cycle Fatigue in Creep-Fatigue at High Temperatures: Experiment and Finite Element Method Analysis - 01 January 1988

STP24478S: Cyclic Stress-Strain-Time Response of a 9Cr-1Mo-V-Nb Pressure Vessel Steel at High Temperature - 01 January 1988

STP24541S: Evaluation of Low Cycle Creep-Fatigue Degradation for Notched Components - 01 January 1988

STP24542S: Evaluation of Life Prediction Methods in High Temperature Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24543S: Strain Energy Partitioning Approach and Its Application to Low Cycle Fatigue Life Prediction for Some Heat-Resistant Alloys - 01 January 1988

STP24544S: Fatigue Life Estimations for Cast Steels Using Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior - 01 January 1988

STP24545S: High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue Crack Propagation and Life Laws of Smooth Specimens Derived from the Crack Propagation Laws - 01 January 1988

STP24546S: Reconsideration of Macroscopic Low Cycle Fatigue Laws Through Observation of Microscopic Fatigue Process on a Medium Carbon Steel - 01 January 1988

STP24547S: Grain Boundary Oxidation and an Analysis of the Effects of Oxidation on Fatigue Crack Nucleation Life - 01 January 1988

STP24548S: Computer-Based Prediction of Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue Behavior - 01 January 1988

STP24549S: Low Cycle Fatigue Characterization of a HP-IP Steam Turbine Rotor - 01 January 1988

STP24479S: Viscoplasticity Based on Overstress Applied to Creep-Fatigue Interaction - 01 January 1988

STP24480S: A Nonlinear History-Dependent Damage Model for Low Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24473S: Future Directions for Low Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24481S: Very Low Cycle Fatigue Life Influenced by Tensile or Compressive Prestrain - 01 January 1988

STP24482S: Effects of Compression and Compressive Overloads on the Fatigue Behavior of a 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy and a SAE 1045 Steel - 01 January 1988

STP24483S: Deformation and Fatigue Damage in 1070 Steel under Thermal Loading - 01 January 1988

STP24484S: Application of Small Specimen Crack Growth Data to Engineering Components at High Temperature: A Review - 01 January 1988

STP24485S: Life of Crack Initiation, Propagation, and Final Fracture under High-Temperature Creep, Fatigue, and Creep-Fatigue Multiplication Conditions - 01 January 1988

STP24486S: Growth of Small Cracks and an Evaluation of Low Cycle Fatigue Life - 01 January 1988

STP24487S: Prediction of Crack Growth Under Creep-Fatigue Loading Conditions - 01 January 1988

STP24488S: Fatigue Crack Propagation of Nickel-Base Superalloys at 650°C - 01 January 1988

STP24489S: A Model for Predicting Low Cycle Fatigue Life under Creep-Fatigue Interaction - 01 January 1988

STP24490S: An Update of the Total-Strain Version of Strainrange Partitioning - 01 January 1988

STP24491S: Low-Frequency, High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue of 60Sn-40Pb Solder - 01 January 1988

STP24492S: Creep-Fatigue Behavior of Ni-Co-Cr-Al-Y Coated PWA 1480 Superalloy Single Crystals - 01 January 1988

STP24493S: High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior and Lifetime Prediction of a Nickel-Base ODS Alloy - 01 January 1988

STP24494S: Comparison of Creep-Fatigue Life Prediction by Life Fraction Rule and Strainrange Partitioning Methods - 01 January 1988

STP24495S: Creep and Creep-Fatigue Intergranular Damage in Austenitic Stainless Steels: Discussion of the Creep-Dominated Regime - 01 January 1988

STP24496S: Influence of Temperature and Environment on the Fatigue Mechanisms of Single-Crystal and Polycrystal 316L - 01 January 1988

STP24474S: Effect of Elevated Temperatures on the Low Cycle Fatigue of 2.25Cr-1Mo Steel—Part I: Constant Amplitude Straining - 01 January 1988

STP24497S: A Model for Life Predictions of Nickel-Base Superalloys in High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24499S: Elevated Temperature Fatigue-Creep Behavior of Nickel-Base Superalloy IN 625 - 01 January 1988

STP24501S: Application of the Overstress Concept for Creep-Fatigue Evaluation - 01 January 1988

STP24502S: An Integrated Approach to Creep-Fatigue Life Prediction - 01 January 1988

STP24503S: Mapping of Low Cycle Fatigue Mechanisms at Elevated Temperatures for an Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 1988

STP24504S: A Maximum Stress Modified Life Equation on the Basis of a Fatigue-Creep Interaction Map - 01 January 1988

STP24505S: Effect of Nitrogen on Creep-Fatigue Interaction in Austenitic Stainless Steels at 600°C - 01 January 1988

STP24506S: Oxidation-Fatigue Interactions in a Single-Crystal Superalloy - 01 January 1988

STP24507S: Elevated-Temperature Low Cycle and Thermomechanical Fatigue Properties of AISI H13 Hot-Work Tool Steel - 01 January 1988

STP24508S: Fatigue of Solder Joints in Surface Mount Devices - 01 January 1988

STP24475S: Effects of Testing Method on Cyclic Hardening Behavior in Face-Centered-Cubic Alloys - 01 January 1988

STP24472S: Some Perspectives on Future Directions in Low Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24509S: A Micromechanics Model of the Initiation of Grain-Boundary Crack in High-Temperature Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24510S: Bithermal Fatigue: A Link Between Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24511S: Thermal-Mechanical Cyclic Stress-Strain Responses of Cast B-1900+Hf - 01 January 1988

STP24512S: Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of a Superalloy - 01 January 1988

STP24514S: Thermal Fatigue Testing of Coated Monocrystalline Superalloys - 01 January 1988

STP24515S: Thermal Mechanical Fatigue of Cast René 80 - 01 January 1988

STP24517S: Influence of Material Microstructure on Low Cycle Fatigue Failure, with Particular Reference to Austenitic Steel - 01 January 1988

STP24518S: Effect of Temperature, Microstructure, and Stress State on the Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Waspaloy - 01 January 1988

STP24519S: Microstructural Aspects of Crack Initiation and Propagation in Extremely Low Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24520S: Low Cycle Fatigue of Al-Mg-Si Alloys - 01 January 1988

STP24521S: Low Cycle Fatigue of Strain Aging Ferrous Alloys - 01 January 1988

STP24476S: Fracture of Pearlite under Conditions of High Deformation Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24522S: Influence of Nitrogen Solutes and Precipitates on Low Cycle Fatigue of 316L Stainless Steels - 01 January 1988

STP24523S: A New Approach to Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Duplex Stainless Steel Based on the Deformation Mechanisms of the Individual Phases - 01 January 1988

STP24524S: Effect of HIP on Elevated-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue Properties of an Equiaxed Cast Superalloy - 01 January 1988

STP24525S: Effect of Microstructures on Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior in a TC6 (Ti-6AI-2.5Mo-2Cr-0.5Fe-0.3Si) Titanium Alloy - 01 January 1988

STP24526S: Quantification of Slip Lines in Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24527S: Engineering Significance of Recent Multiaxial Research - 01 January 1988

STP24529S: Damage Development During Multiaxial Fatigue of Unnotched and Notched Specimens - 01 January 1988

STP24530S: Observations of Cracking Behavior in Tension and Torsion Low Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24531S: Effect of Elevated Temperatures on the Low Cycle Fatigue of 2.25Cr-1Mo Steel—Part II: Variable Amplitude Straining - 01 January 1988

STP24533S: Effect of Superimposed Stresses at High Frequency on Low Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1988

STP24477S: Low Cycle Fatigue of Some Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1988

STP24534S: Influence of High Frequency Vibrations on the Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Superalloy at Elevated Temperature - 01 January 1988

STP24535S: Fatigue Life and Short Crack Propagation of Turbine Rotor Steels under Variable Strain Loading - 01 January 1988

STP24536S: Some Contributions to the Further Development of Low Cycle Fatigue Life Analysis Concepts for Notched Components under Variable Amplitude Loading - 01 January 1988

STP23287S: On the Accuracy of Ductile Failure Assessments - 01 January 1988

STP23288S: Fatigue Behavior of 5Ni-Cr-Mo-V Steel Weldments Containing Fabrication Discontinuities - 01 January 1988

STP23236S: Application of the VR Resistance Curve Method to Fracture of Various Crack Configurations - 01 January 1988

STP23289S: Growth of Parabolic Fatigue Cracks from Flaws at Fastener Holes - 01 January 1988

STP23290S: Computation of the Crack-Tip Energy Release Rate for Cyclic Crack Growth - 01 January 1988

STP23291S: Calibration of a Mode II Test Specimen - 01 January 1988

STP23292S: Summary - 01 January 1988

STP23237S: The Failure of Aluminum Compact Shear Specimens Under Mixed-Mode Loading - 01 January 1988

STP23238S: Investigation of Ductile Fracture Properties of Welded Type 304 Stainless Steel Pipe and Large Plan Compact Specimens - 01 January 1988

STP23239S: J-Integral Values for Small Cracks in Steel Panels - 01 January 1988

STP23240S: A Study of Variability, Size, and Temperature Effects on the Fracture Toughness of an Arctic-Grade Steel Plate - 01 January 1988

STP23241S: Overload Effects in Sustained-Load Crack Growth in Inconel 718 - 01 January 1988

STP23242S: The Effect of Loading History on Closure Behavior in Rene' 95 - 01 January 1988

STP23231S: Cleavage Toughness Variability and Inclusion Size Distribution of a Weld Metal - 01 January 1988