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JTE20180081: Analysis of Phase Transformation and Mechanical Properties of 55CrMo Steel during Induction Hardening - 01 January 2021

JTE20170497: Distributed Strain Sensing to Study a Composite Liner for Cast Iron Water Pipe Rehabilitation - 01 November 2020

JTE20170598: Fatigue Damage Accumulation Model of 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy in Conditions of Block Bending and Torsion - 01 November 2020

JTE20170723: Semianalytic Weibull Model to Assess the Influence of Strength Controlling Flaws for Bimodular C-Ring Specimen - 01 November 2020

JTE20180069: Forming Limit Diagram Prediction of AISI 304–St 12 Tailor Welded Blanks Using GTN Damage Model - 01 November 2020

JTE20180227: Some Practical Aspects of Digital Image Correlation Technique to Evaluate Anisotropy Coefficient and Its Comparison with Traditional Method - 01 November 2020

JTE20180247: Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Residual Stress in Coatings on Steel - 01 November 2020

JTE20180302: Discrimination and Prediction of Tool Wear State Based on Gray Theory - 01 November 2020

JTE20180341: Development of Crack Arrest Temperature Test Method by Using a Local Temperature Gradient - 01 November 2020

JTE20180007: The Effect of Aging and Burnishing Treatment on Parts Joined by Friction Stir Welding - 01 September 2020

JTE20180010: The Design of Successful Arcing Rate Measuring Unit for Preparing Nano-Silver Colloid by Electrical Discharge Machine - 01 September 2020

JTE20180236: Self-Sharpening of Tools with Unilateral Braze Coating Fabricated Using WC- and Ni-Based Alloys - 01 September 2020

JTE20170560: Mechanical and Wear Properties of Aluminum-Based Nanocomposites Fabricated through Ultrasonic Assisted Stir Casting - 01 July 2020

JTE20180130: Surface Behavior of AISI H13 Alloy Steel Machining under Environmentally Friendly Cryogenic MQL with PVD-Coated Tool - 01 July 2020

JTE20170660: Experimental Study of Nonpolar Surfactant Mixed with Dielectric Fluid on Die-Sinking EDM of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy - 01 March 2020

JTE20170299: Studies on Intergranular Corrosion Characteristics of Cast Duplex Stainless Steel Stabilized with Niobium - 01 September 2019

JTE20170418: A Study of Precipitation-Strengthened Creep-Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steel for Supercritical and Ultra-Supercritical Power Plants - 01 September 2019

JTE20170685: Introduction of New Tensile Specimen Geometry for Property Evaluation in Stamped Parts - 01 September 2019

JTE20170545: Effect of Tungsten Carbide Reinforcement on the Aluminum 6061 Alloy - 01 July 2019

JTE20180319: A Precision Statement for Fatigue of Solid Round Wire - 01 July 2019

JTE20170766: The Global Stability Performance and Design Method of the Mono-Overhanging Steel Beam - 01 May 2019

JTE20160471: Measurements of the Shear Modulus of Materials by the Free-Plate Torsional Mode Shape Method - 01 March 2019

JTE20170086: Multiphase Gas Blow Forming of AA2017 - 01 March 2019

JTE20170280: Analytical Model and Testing Method for Equivalent Stress-Strain Relation of Anisotropic Thin-Walled Steel Tube - 01 March 2019

JTE20170448: Fracture Appearance of Steels in Transition: Experimental Observations and Measurements - 01 March 2019

MPC20180119: Energy-Based Water Droplet Impact Erosion Studies of Laser-Treated Austenitic and Martensitic Steels and their Applications - 13 December 2018

MPC20180070: Comparison between Quench Tempering and Quasi Quench Partitioning Treatment on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cr-Mo Steel - 02 November 2018

MPC20180026: Corrosion Characteristics of ASTM A106 Grade B Carbon Steel Pipelines Exposed to Sodium Sulfate Solutions - 02 November 2018

JTE20160504: Pulsed Eddy Current Applied to Measure Residual Stress in Welding - 01 November 2018

JTE20170083: Relationship Between Machinability, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties of Al-7Si Alloy - 01 November 2018

JTE20170112: The Effects of Anisotropic Yield Functions on Plastic Behavior of 304 Stainless Steel - 01 November 2018

JTE20170138: Determination of the Cavitation Range of Power Ultrasound in an Aluminum Alloy Melt - 01 November 2018

JTE20170172: A Simple Approach to Performing Large Strain Cyclic Simple Shear Tests: Methodology and Experimental Results - 01 November 2018

JTE20170195: Testing and Evaluation of Bond Surface Profile Influencing the CFRP Strengthening of Steel Members - 01 November 2018

JTE20170198: Response Surface Methodology for the Remaining Creep Life Estimation by the Small Punch Creep Test - 01 November 2018

MPC20180051: Study on Blade Curving Caused by Quenching of the Japanese Sword - 29 October 2018

MPC20170150: Fatigue and Corrosion Fatigue Properties of Additive-Manufactured Nickel Alloy 625 and Ti-6Al-4V - 26 October 2018

MPC20180027: Cavitation Erosion Performance of Steel, Ceramics, Carbide, and Victrex PEEK Materials - 19 October 2018

MPC20180031: Revisiting the Temperature Gradient Method - 16 October 2018

MPC20180020: Distortion Prediction in Quenching Seamless Pipes of Low-Carbon Steel - 01 October 2018

MPC20180053: An Experimental Study and Parameters Optimization on Duplex Turning of Titanium Alloy - 24 September 2018

MPC20180021: Analysis of Co-Flow Water Cavitation Peening of Al7075-T651 Alloy Using High-Speed Imaging and Surface Pitting Tests - 24 September 2018

MPC20180094: Grain Refinement of P91 Steel Using Double Austenitization Treatment - 24 September 2018

MPC20170159: Distortion-Free Heat Treatment of Thin Rods in Magnetic Field - 24 September 2018

MPC20180040: Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Steel Quenching - 18 September 2018

MPC20180014: The Magnetorheological Performance of MRFs Based on Different Types of Carbonyl Irons - 14 September 2018

MPC20180019: Optimization Based on Orthogonal Experiment Design and Numerical Simulation for Carburizing Quenching Process of Helical Gear - 10 September 2018

MPC20170170: Phenomena of Physics Taking Place During Hardening of Steel Parts in Liquid Media That Can Be Investigated by Liščić/Petrofer Probe - 10 September 2018

MPC20180022: A Study on the Effect of Austempering Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of DIN 36CrNiMo4 Carbide-Free Nano Bainitic Steel - 10 September 2018

MPC20180002: Two New Factors Having Influence on Surface Cooling Rate of Quenched Workpiece - 10 September 2018

JTE20160315: Postweld Heat Treatment Characterization of Mild Steel (E6013) Welded Areas Using Wavelet Transform of Ultrasonic Testing Signals - 01 September 2018

JTE20170045: Effect of Impact Energy in the Esso Test (Part 1: Basic Experiments and Validation of FEM Analysis) - 01 September 2018

JTE20170137: Effect of Silver Addition on Mechanical Properties and Stress Corrosion Cracking in a Predeformed and Overaged 7055 Aluminum Alloy - 01 September 2018

JTE20170151: Effect of Impact Energy in ESSO Test (Part 2: Proposal of Validity Criteria of Impact Condition in ESSO Test by FEM Crack Propagation Analysis - 01 September 2018

JTE20160417: Determination of Trace Elements in High Purity Silver Granules Using Sector Field Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry - 01 July 2018

JTE20160468: Experimental Study on the Impact Properties of Concrete Bridge Pier Reinforced with Stainless Steel Rebar - 01 July 2018

JTE20160477: Pitting Formation in Concave-Convex Gears Manufactured from AISI 8620 Steel - 01 July 2018

JTE20160592: Fatigue Crack Growth Testing and Evaluation for Aluminum Alloys at Temperatures of 25°C and −70°C - 01 July 2018

JTE20160659: Theoretical Prediction of Forming Limit Diagrams for B1500HS Steel at Elevated Temperature Based on Modified Arrhenius and M–K Models - 01 July 2018

JTE20170140: Effects of Process Parameters on the Surface Roughness of Stainless Steel 316L Parts Produced by Selective Laser Melting - 01 July 2018

MPC20170093: An Investigation into the Reverse Transformation Mechanisms in the Heat Treatment of Austenitic Stainless Steel - 14 June 2018

MPC20170127: Surface Topography Effects on the Fatigue Strength of Cast Aluminum Alloy AlSi8Cu3 - 14 June 2018

MPC20170111: Reliable Residual Stress Analysis for Thin Metal Sheets by Incremental Hole Drilling - 14 June 2018

MPC20170061: Research of Structure and Properties of NiCrSiB Sintered Materials Additionally Alloyed with Nb - 12 June 2018

MPC20170133: Residual Stress Field of a Single Edge Notch Specimen after Laser Shock Peening and Shot Peening Treatment - 12 June 2018

MPC20170079: Study on the Role of Casting Defects and Surface Finish on Fatigue Life in Die-cast AM60B Magnesium Alloy Using X-Ray Computed Tomography - 12 June 2018

MPC20170108: Residual Stress Modification and Mechanisms of Bearing Steel with Different Microstructures during Water-Jet Cavitation Peening - 07 June 2018

MPC20170083: Effect of Microstructural Characteristics of Thick Steel Plates on Residual Stress Formation and Cracking during Flame Cutting - 07 June 2018

MPC20170094: Crack Size and Shape Considerations Related to Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Behavior - 04 June 2018

MPC20170105: Multi-Technique Residual Stress Measurements to Quantify Stress Relief of 7085-T7452 Aluminum Die Forgings - 17 May 2018

MPC20170119: Residual Stress in Selective Laser Melted Inconel 718: Influence of the Removal from Base Plate and Deposition Hatch Length - 10 May 2018

MPC20170091: Multiscale Measurements of Residual Stress in a Low-Alloy Carbon Steel Weld Clad with IN625 Superalloy - 09 May 2018

MPC20170086: Development of an Optimization Tool for Calibrating Crack Growth Material Models - 09 May 2018

MPC20170044: Repeatability of Contour Method Residual Stress Measurements for a Range of Materials, Processes, and Geometries - 08 May 2018

MPC20170080: Review of Residual Stress Measurement by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Technique - 08 May 2018

MPC20170130: Cold Compression of 7075 and Factors Influencing Stress Relief - 08 May 2018

JTE20160039: Variable Slip Ratio Rolling Contact Fatigue Tester - 01 May 2018

JTE20160402: A Strategy for Inspection of Cracks in a Thick Structure Using an ECT Probe - 01 May 2018

JTE20160490: Correlation Between Machinability and Chip Morphology of Austempered Ductile Iron - 01 May 2018

JTE20160507: Correlation of Deformation Strain with the Tensile Properties and Fracture Mode of the AA 2014 Alloy Using Simulations and Experiments - 01 May 2018

JTE20160531: Electromagnetic Crimping in Tube-to-Cylinder Configuration: Influence of the Base Profiles on the Joint Quality - 01 May 2018

JTE20160591: Modeling of Anisotropic Behavior of Aluminum Alloys to Investigate Ductile Fracture for the Improved Formability in the Upsetting Process - 01 May 2018

MPC20170128: ASTM E08.07.09 Analytical Round-Robin on the Use of DC Electrical Potential Difference for the Measurement of Crack Size in Ductile Fracture Testing - 26 April 2018

MPC20170035: Improvement of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming of High-Strength Steel Sheets by PVD-Coated Dies - 26 April 2018

MPC20170143: Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Activated Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (A-TIG) of Type 316LN Stainless Steel Thin Plates - 16 April 2018

MPC20170160: Instrumented Impact Testing of Miniaturized Charpy Specimens of AM Ti-6Al-4V - 02 April 2018

MPC20170087: High Temperature Characteristics of a Carbon Strip Sliding against Copper with Electrical Current - 15 March 2018

MPC20170073: Modeling the Effect of Hydrogen on Ductile Fracture - 13 March 2018

MPC20170129: Transitions from Pits to Cracks during Stress Corrosion Cracking in a Low-Carbon Steel - 09 March 2018

MPC20170058: Effect of Nitriding on Antibacterial Performance of 8Cr17 and 4Cr13 Martensitic Stainless Steel - 09 March 2018

JTE20150083: Evaluation of Fracture Tearing Resistance of Dissimilar Metal Welds in Laser Welded Thin Steel Sheets - 01 March 2018

JTE20160054: Mini Round-Robin Test on the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar - 01 March 2018

JTE20160307: Effect of Aluminum Content on Interfacial Reaction of Directionally Solidified TiAl Alloys - 01 March 2018

JTE20160439: Study of the Efficiency and Temperature Loss Caused by Degassing and Filtration of AlSi9Cu3 Alloy - 01 March 2018

JTE20160493: Research on Nitrate Removal by Graphene Loaded With Iron Nanoparticles for Groundwater Remediation - 01 March 2018

JTE20170092: NDT of Cavity Defect in Metallic Plate Using dc Potential Drop Method - 01 March 2018

MPC20170056: Development of Processing Map and Constitutive Relationship for Thermomechanical Processing of Aluminum Alloy AA2014 - 06 February 2018

MPC20170022: Experimental Investigations on Welding and Mechanical Characteristics of Sintered-Forged Plain Carbon Steel under Autogenous TIG Welding - 06 February 2018

JTE20160055: Improvement of Measuring Accuracy for Coating Covered on Conical Steel Shells by Correction of Eddy Current Signals - 01 January 2018

JTE20160475: Strength of Aluminum Alloys Under Static Mixed-Mode I/II Loading Conditions - 01 January 2018

JTE20160502: Application of Nonlinear Ultrasonic Technique to Characterize the Damage Evolution in Structural Steel after Tensile Deformation - 01 January 2018

JTE20170018: Effect of Tensile or Compressive Overload on the Fatigue Crack Growth of Friction Stir Welded 19501 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2018

JTE20170185: Design and Fabrication of Jominy End-Quench Testing Machine: Hardenability Evaluation of AISI-8620 Case-Hardening Steel - 01 January 2018

MPC20170034: A Universal Correlation for the Calculation of Heating and Cooling Time of Any Steel - 15 December 2017

MPC20170051: Improving the Abrasion Resistance of Concrete to Mitigate Concrete Crosstie Rail Seat Deterioration (RSD) - 12 December 2017

MPC20170060: Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility of Bainite for High Strength Steel Fasteners - 10 November 2017

GTJ20160032: An Experimental Setup with Radial Injection for Investigation of Transport and Deposition of Suspended Particles in Porous Media - 01 November 2017

JTE20160385: Stress Concentration Factors for ASTM E8/E8M-15a Plate-Type Specimens for Tension Testing - 01 November 2017

JTE20160461: Structural Dynamics Modification of Vibration-Test Fixture - 01 November 2017

JTE20170091: Effect of Aging on Hardness in the Ring Compression Tests Using Experimental and Finite Element Investigations - 01 November 2017

MPC20160126: Development and Use of a Small Laboratory Intensive Quenching (IQ) System - 27 October 2017

MPC20160115: The Paths of Small Fatigue Cracks in High-Strength Steels Initiated from Inclusions and Small Defects - 19 October 2017

MPC20170036: Metallurgical Analysis of Inconel 625 Metallic Gaskets Produced by Centrifugal Casting - 17 October 2017

MPC20170030: Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of Forged Inconel 625 Ring Gaskets for Oil and Gas Application - 16 October 2017

MPC20170007: Failure Analysis of an Arresting Hook Point Shank - 06 October 2017

MPC20160125: Uphill Quenching of Aluminum Alloys - 05 October 2017

MPC20170002: Assessment of Spatiotemporal Heat Flux during Quenching in TiO2 and AlN Nanofluids - 03 October 2017

MPC20170020: Silica-Based Coatings for Corrosion Protection of AA7075 Aluminum Alloy - 27 September 2017

MPC20160070: Corrosion Behavior of High and Low Temperature Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) in Iron Ore Slurry - 26 September 2017

MPC20160120: Influence of Hot Rolling Process on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Press Hardening Steel - 26 September 2017

MPC20170017: On the Influence of Cryogenic Steps on Heat Treatment Processes - 21 September 2017

MPC20170018: Influence of the Heat Treatment Processes on the Properties of High Entropy Alloys Based on Al-Cr-Fe-Mn-Ni System - 19 September 2017

MPC20170029: Synthesis and Comparative Study on Intergranular Corrosion Characteristics of Stabilized 5A Grade Cast Duplex Stainless Steel - 19 September 2017

MPC20170014: Application of Ultrasound Stirring for Quenching in a Liquid Medium - 19 September 2017

MPC20170013: Influence of Steel Substrate on the Properties of PACVD Gradient Multilayer TiCN Coating - 19 September 2017

MPC20160111: Liquid-Metal Embrittlement Cracking in a Nickel-Based WeldOverlayed Boiler Tube - 14 September 2017

MPC20170004: Estimation of Spatially Dependent Heat Flux Transients during Quenching of Inconel Probe in Molten Salt Bath - 13 September 2017

MPC20170011: Heat Treatments for Aluminum Alloys: When, Why and How - 12 September 2017

MPC20160074: Corrosion Behavior of Titanium Oxynitrided by Diffusion and Magnetron Sputtering Methods in Physiological Solution - 12 September 2017

MPC20160099: A New Approach Towards Life Prediction of Case Hardened Bearing Steels Subjected to Rolling Contact Fatigue - 12 September 2017

MPC20160075: Formation of Oxynitride Layers on Titanium Alloys - 12 September 2017

MPC20160071: Increasing the Serviceability of Products From Single-Phase Titanium Alloys by Thermochemical Treatment - 11 September 2017

MPC20170015: Wear Resistance of the Multilayer TiN/Ti(B,N) Coating Deposited on Cold Work Tool Steels - 11 September 2017

MPC20170025: Investigations of Electron Beam Hardening on TiAlN Coated Heat-„Treatable Steel - 11 September 2017

MPC20160051: Controlling Plasma Nitriding of Ferrous Alloys - 07 September 2017

MPC20160018: Analysis of Anisotropy in Turned Surfaces Using Vision Based 3D Surface Topography - 06 September 2017

JTE20160140: Plastic Zone Size at Sharp Indentation Contact of Classical Elastic–Plastic Materials: Behavior at Linear Strain Hardening - 01 September 2017

JTE20160459: Fe–Cr–Mn–C–N Steels for Down-Hole Application in Sour Environments: Statistical Analysis of Mechanical Properties - 01 September 2017

MPC20160079: Effect of Shot Peening Coverage on Surface Nanostructuring of 316L Stainless Steel and its Influence on Low Temperature Plasma-Nitriding - 29 August 2017

MPC20160077: Kinetics of the Formation of Boride Layers on EN-GJL-250 Gray Cast Iron - 29 August 2017

MPC20160073: Effect of Nitriding on Fatigue of Thermohydrogen Treated Ti-6Al-4V Alloy - 29 August 2017

MPC20160089: Advanced Multi-Phase Microstructure Investigation of Carbonitrided Samples - 25 August 2017

JTE20150050: Cost-Effective Precracking of Charpy V-Notch Specimens for Fracture-Toughness Testing Using a Piezoelectric Actuator - 01 July 2017

JTE20150478: On the Evaluation of the Effect of Microstructure on the SNR of Ultrasonic Images and on the Velocity of Lcr Waves - 01 July 2017

JTE20150524: Effect of Boundary Shape on Performance of the Ultrasonic Buffer Rod Without Clad - 01 July 2017

JTE20160027: Load-Separation Method, Spb, Used to Estimate Crack Extension for J-R Curves, Modified for Geometric Variations in Blunt-Notched Remaining Ligament - 01 July 2017

JTE20160067: Complex Stress-Strain Relations of Tubular Materials Studied With a Flexible Hydroforming System - 01 July 2017

MPC20150054: High-Temperature Mechanical Properties of P91 Weld Metal - 13 June 2017

MPC20160011: Role of Chloride on the Environmental Degradation of Micro-Alloyed Steel in Simulated Fuel Grade Ethanol Environment - 26 May 2017

MPC20160039: Anisotropic Nature of Raw, Radially Strained, and Radially Strained and Aged Steel Tubes - 26 May 2017

MPC20160026: Metallurgical Nature of the As-Cast Microstructure of High-Nitrogen, High-Manganese Stainless Steels - 26 May 2017

MPC20160031: Investigation of the Origin of Coarse-Grained Bainite in X70 Pipeline Steels by EBSD Technique - 26 May 2017

MPC20160035: Structural Investigation and Control of Multi-Pass Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Arc Weldments - 26 May 2017

MPC20160038: Heat-Affected Zone Formation in Electrospark-Deposition Additive Manufacturing on Ultrahigh-Strength Steel - 26 May 2017

MPC20160060: A Multianalytical Approach for the Study on Manufacturing Process in Ancient Bronze Coffin From Luristan, Western Iran - 26 May 2017

MPC20160065: Strain-Induced Martensite Detection Methods in Cold-Rolled Duplex Stainless Steels - 26 May 2017

MPC20160043: Microstructure Analysis of Segmented Chips of Super Duplex Stainless Steel Sandvik SAF 2507™ Using Electron Microscopy Techniques - 26 May 2017

MPC20160066: The History of Metallography at Lehigh University - 26 May 2017

MPC20160083: Characterization of Thermochemically Surface-Hardened Titanium by Light Optical Microscopy - 26 May 2017

MPC20160036: Identification of Intermetallic Phases in an Automotive Grade Aluminum A319 Alloy - 26 May 2017

MPC20160088: 475°C Embrittlement of Duplex Stainless Steel—A Comprehensive Microstructure Characterization Study - 26 May 2017

MPC20160059: Anisotropy in Residual Stress Measurements in Aluminum Alloys Used in the Aerospace Industry - 26 May 2017

MPC20160013: Tribological Behavior of Oil-Lubricated Laser Textured Steel Surfaces in Conformal Flat and Non-Conformal Contacts - 24 May 2017

MPC20160014: Development of a Digital Standard to Specify Surface Requirements of Cast Metal Surfaces - 24 May 2017

MPC20160020: Improved Tribological Behavior of Grey Cast Iron Under Low and High Viscous Lubricants by Laser Surface Texturing - 24 May 2017

MPC20160022: Design and Tribological Performance of Textured Surfaces - 24 May 2017

MPC20160085: Analysis of Incubation Period Versus Surface Topographical Parameters in Liquid Droplet Erosion Tests - 24 May 2017

JTE20150204: Standard Processes for Calculating Uncertainty for Metallic Material Rotating Bar Bending Fatigue Properties - 01 May 2017

JTE20150276: Analysis of Relationships Between Three-Dimensional Magnetic Memory Signals and Artificial Defects Under Tensile Load - 01 May 2017

JTE20150411: Accurate Measurement of Mixed Mode (I/II) Stress Intensity Factors Using Strain Gages - 01 May 2017

JTE20150417: Surface Roughness in Nanofluid Minimum Quantity Lubrication Milling of AISI 430 Ferritic Stainless Steel - 01 May 2017

JTE20150479: Analysis on the Issues in ISO 6892-1 and TENSTAND WP4 Report Based on the Data of Confirm Tests by 21 Laboratories - 01 May 2017

MPC20160114: Effect of Heating and Thermal Deformation on Austenite Grain Size of B1500HS Boron Steel - 28 April 2017

MPC20160122: Corrosion Behaviors of 10CrNiCu High Strength Steel in Simulated Deep Sea Environment of High Hydrostatic Pressure and Low Dissolved Oxygen - 28 April 2017

JTE20150061: Influence of Non-Metallic Inclusions on the Fracture-Toughness Properties on the Longitudinal Welding of an API 5L Steel Pipeline - 01 March 2017

JTE20150274: Effective Thickness of Side-Grooved Clamped SE(T) Specimens for J-R Curve Testing - 01 March 2017

JTE20150377: Understanding of Tensile Test Results on Small Size Specimens of Certified Reference Material BCR-661 - 01 March 2017

JTE20150435: AFM Evaluation of Pre-Straining Degree Effects on the Dimensions of Stress Induced Martensite Plates in Fe-Mn-Si Based SMAs - 01 March 2017

MPC20160098: On the Mesoscale Fracture Initiation Criterion of Heterogeneous Steels During Quenching - 24 February 2017

MPC20160058: Effect of Cooling Rate on Joint Shear Strength of Sn-9Zn Lead-Free Solder Alloy Reflowed on Copper Substrate - 21 February 2017

JTE20160164: Experimental Study on the Shear Strength Between the Steel Bridge Deck and the Asphalt Overlay - 01 January 2017

MPC20160053: Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI): A Review - 29 December 2016

MPC20160021: Effect of Cenosphere Size and Volume Fraction on the Microstructure and Deformation Behavior of Ti-Cenosphere Syntactic Foam Made Through Powder Metallurgy Route - 29 December 2016

MPC20160001: Evaluation of Normal Versus Non-Normal Grain Size Distributions - 22 December 2016

MPC20160002: Results of Interlaboratory Test Programs to Assess the Precision of Inclusion Ratings by Methods A, C, and D of ASTM E45 - 22 December 2016

MPC20160025: Quantitative Characterization of Hypoeutectic Aluminum–Silicon–Copper As-Cast Alloy Microstructures - 22 December 2016

MPC20160028: Microstructural Characterization of Ferrous Materials Forged by the Damascus Technique - 22 December 2016

MPC20160029: Microstructure of a Heat Treated Nickel-Aluminum Bronze and Its Corrosion Behavior in Simulated Fresh and Sea Water - 22 December 2016

MPC20160034: Aging of Cast 35Cr-45Ni Heat Resistant Alloys With Different Carbon Content - 22 December 2016

MPC20160040: Interpretation and Classification of Non-Metallic Inclusions - 22 December 2016

MPC20160047: Analysis of a Casting Fracture and Identification of Fatigue From Tire Track Markings - 22 December 2016

MPC20160048: Low Temperature Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburising of a Superaustenitic Stainless Steel - 22 December 2016

MPC20160050: Microstructural Analysis of a Failed Cu-Cr-Ti-Zr Thrust Chamber Liner of a Cryogenic Engine - 22 December 2016

MPC20160057: X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction Studies of Quenched and Partitioned (Q&P) Multiphase Steel Microstructures - 22 December 2016

MPC20160061: Recrystallization Study of Nb-Bearing HSLA Steels After Laboratory Batch Annealing Using OIM-EBSD Techniques - 22 December 2016

MPC20160062: EBSD Characterization of Pilgered Alloy 800H After Heat Treatment - 22 December 2016

MPC20150043: DLC Duplex Coating on High-Speed Tool-Steel Substrates Using Plasma Nitrocarburizing After Radical Nitriding - 15 December 2016

MPC20150052: Effect of Surface Deposited Layer on Active Screen Plasma Nitriding - 15 December 2016

MPC20150064: Wear Behavior of a Borided Nickel-Based Self-Fluxing Thermal Spray Coating - 15 December 2016

MPC20150065: Production and Characterization of Boride Coatings on Flame-Sprayed Martensitic Stainless Steel - 15 December 2016

MPC20150066: Characterization of Coatings Obtained by Boriding Niobizing Treatment of an AISI H13 Steel - 15 December 2016

MPC20150067: Characterization of Layers Produced by Boriding and Boriding-PVD on AISI D2 Tool Steel - 15 December 2016

MPC20150068: Production of Aluminide Layers on Copper and Copper Alloy - 15 December 2016

MPC20150069: Structure and Properties of Duplex Layers Composed of Chromium and Titanium Carbides - 15 December 2016

MPC20150071: Duplex Titanium Oxide Layers for Biomedical Applications - 15 December 2016

MPC20150074: Properties of CrC+(Ni-W) Duplex Layers Produced in Vacuum Chromizing Process Combined With Galvanic Treatment - 15 December 2016

MPC20150041: Influence of Pack Boriding on the Wear and Corrosion Resistance of AISI H13 Steel - 07 December 2016

MPC20150035: A Modified Weibull Stress Approach to Determine the Reference Temperature in a Pressure Vessel Steel - 06 December 2016

MPC20150049: Universal Method for Applying the Mean-Stress Effect Correction in Stochastic Fatigue-Damage Accumulation - 06 December 2016

MPC20150050: Considering the Statistical Distribution of Dynamic Fracture Toughness Data and the Actual Loading Rate at Fracture Initiation When Applying ASTM E1921 at Elevated Loading Rates - 06 December 2016

MPC20150053: Statistical Modeling of High Cycle Fatigue with Censored Data - 06 December 2016

MPC20150057: Assessing Gaseous Hydrogen Assisted Fatigue Crack Growth Susceptibility of Pipeline Steel Weld Fusion Zones and Heat Affected Zones - 06 December 2016

MPC20150059: Using Barkhausen Noise and Digital Image Correlation to Investigate the Influence of Local Residual Stresses on Fatigue-Crack Propagation - 06 December 2016

MPC20150062: A Methodology for Partitioning Residual Stress Effects From Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Test Data - 06 December 2016

MPC20150063: High Cycle Fatigue Strength of Punched Thin Fe-Si Steel Sheets - 06 December 2016

MPC20150076: Crack-Closure Measurements in Low-Cycle Fatigue With Digital Image Correlation - 06 December 2016

MPC20160006: Integrating Fracture Mechanics Into the Material and Structural Design Process - 06 December 2016

JTE20140173: Experimental Estimation of J Resistance Curves From Load-CMOD Record for FFCT Specimens - 01 November 2016

JTE20140374: Measurement of Average Tensile Force for Individual Steel Fiber Using New Direct Tension Test - 01 November 2016

JTE20140415: Test Method to Assess Membrane Layer Fatigue Response on Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks - 01 November 2016

JTE20140457: High Spatial Resolution EDS Mapping of Nanoparticles at Low Accelerating Voltage - 01 November 2016

JTE20150011: Correlation of Global Quantities for Material Characterization by Sharp Indentation Testing of Elastoplastic Materials - 01 November 2016

JTE20150090: Simulation of the Quasi-Static Uniaxial Compressive Behavior of Entangled Titanium Wire Materials (ETWMs) - 01 November 2016

JTE20150127: Evaluation and Comparison of Double Clip Gauge Method and Delta 5 Method for CTOD Measurement in SE(T) Specimens - 01 November 2016

JTE20150252: Spherical Indentation, Part II: Experimental Validation for Measuring Equibiaxial Residual Stresses - 01 November 2016

JTE20150299: Comparison Between Superplastic and Non-Superplastic Grade AA 5083 - 01 November 2016

MPC20160046: The Effect of Thermal Treatment on Microstructure and Corrosion of Nickel Base Alloy 690 (UNS N0 6690) - 27 September 2016

MPC20160003: Effect of Heat Treatment and Surface Condition on Inter-Granular Corrosion of Alloy 800 - 26 August 2016

MPC20150042: Comparative Impact Behavior of High-C Steel After Conventional Quenching, Tempering, and Austempering - 26 August 2016

MPC20150046: Enhanced Hardenability and Tempering Resistance of AISI 4130 Steel by Ni Addition - 05 July 2016

JTE20140138: Study of Temperature Memory Effect During the Thermal Cycling in Hydraulic Systems - 01 July 2016

JTE20140193: Assessment of the Poisson Ratio Effect on Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) Behavior of Shear-Cracking Mode Materials - 01 July 2016

JTE20140284: Effect of Bushing Miniaturization on the Static Friction Coefficient - 01 July 2016

JTE20140329: Fracture-Toughness Evaluation of Solution Heat-Treated Zr-2.5Nb Alloys as per ASTM and ISO Standards - 01 July 2016

JTE20140340: Study of the Effects of Various Geometrical and Loading Parameters on the Fracture Resistance Behaviour of a Reactor-Grade Pressure Vessel Steel in the Upper Shelf as Well as DBTT Regime - 01 July 2016

JTE20140367: Evaluation of Thermomechanical Damage of a Slipper and Rail in a Rocket Sled System - 01 July 2016

JTE20140439: Three-Point Bending Fracture Behavior of Cracked Giant Magnetostrictive Materials Under Magnetic Fields - 01 July 2016

JTE20150029: Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Friction Effect in Limiting Dome Height Test - 01 July 2016

JTE20130313: Evaluation of the Magnetic Permeability for the Microstructural Characterization of a Duplex Stainless Steel - 01 May 2016

JTE20140239: Experimental Evaluation and Prediction of Formability of Adhesive Bonded Steel Sheets at Different Adhesive Properties - 01 May 2016

JTE20140257: Analysis and Assessment of Fatigue Response of Multilayer Asphalt Surfacing System on Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridge With the Five-Point Bending Beam Tests - 01 May 2016

JTE20140341: Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Ring Tensile Test for Evaluation of Mechanical and Fracture Properties of Thin-Walled Fuel-Clad Tubes - 01 May 2016

JTE20140504: Evaluation of Austenite Phase in High-Carbon Steels by Ultrasonic Longitudinal Velocity - 01 May 2016

MPC20150021: In-Situ Characterization of Isotropic and Transversely Isotropic Elastic Properties Using Ultrasonic Wave Velocities - 19 April 2016

MPC20150030: Quasi-Static, Cyclic Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of Alloy Steel for Structural Applications: Influence of Orientation - 14 April 2016

ACEM20150031: Investigation of Mott–Schottky Analysis Test Parameters to Study the Semiconductive Properties of Passive Films of Carbon Steel in Highly Alkaline Environments - 18 March 2016

MPC20150011: Electric Erosion Induced Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Spark Plasma Sintered Al-4.5 wt. % Cu Alloy - 10 March 2016

GTJ20150136: Deflection Measurement of Bored Pile Body With Steel Bar Meters in the Lateral Load Test - 01 March 2016

JTE20140451: Application of a Non-Contact Laser Ultrasonic Imaging Technology for Detection Weld Defect Based on Hilbert Transform - 01 March 2016

JTE20150236: Investigation on the Bending Fatigue and Shear Failure in Steel Bridge Deck Pavement Systems - 01 March 2016

JTE20150321: Application of Nonlinear-Modulation Technique for the Detection of Bolt Loosening in Frame Structure - 01 March 2016

JTE20150346: Comparison of Flow Curves of AA 5457-O Sheet Material Determined by Hydraulic Bulge and Tensile Tests at Warm Forming Temperatures - 01 March 2016

MPC20150039: Heat Treatment of Precipitation-Hardening Stainless Steels Alloyed With Niobium - 26 February 2016

MPC20150027: Evaluation of Rolling Contact Fatigue Using X-Ray Diffraction Ring - 15 February 2016

MPC20150031: Modeling Effective Thermal Conductivity of Randomly Distributed Loads of Mono-Sized Parts of Arbitrary Geometry - 11 February 2016

MPC20150036: Influence of Boronizing Treatment on Fe–Mn–Al–Si–C Steel - 11 February 2016

JTE20140132: Alternative Approach for Strain Measurement and Control in Fatigue Tests at Elevated Temperature - 01 January 2016

JTE20150001: Approximation Algorithms of Crack Growth Rate Curve Based on Crack Size Variations - 01 January 2016

MPC20140065: Correlation of Microstructure With HAZ Welding Cycles Simulated in Ti-15-3 Alloy Using Gleeble® 3800 and SYSWELD® - 30 November 2015

MPC20150001: Influence of Composition and Prior Deformation on Phase Transformation Temperatures and Hardness in Direct Quenching Using Physical Simulation - 30 November 2015

MPC20150002: Comparison of Two Physical Simulation Tests to Determine the No-Recrystallization Temperature in Hot Rolled Steel Plates - 30 November 2015

MPC20150006: Different Applications of the Gleeble® Thermal–Mechanical Simulator in Material Testing, Technology Optimization, and Process Modeling - 30 November 2015

MPC20150007: Effect of Single and Multiple Thermal Cycles on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Simulated HAZ in Low Carbon Bainitic Steel - 30 November 2015

MPC20150008: Improving Steel Processing Through Thermo-Mechanical Simulation Studies - 30 November 2015

MPC20150010: Investigation of Austenite Evolution in Low-Carbon Steel by Combining Thermo-Mechanical Simulation and EBSD Data - 30 November 2015

MPC20150012: Analysis of Microstructure in Hot Torsion Simulation - 30 November 2015

MPC20150017: Effects of Different Quaternary Additions in the Properties of a Cu-Al-Mn Shape Memory Alloy - 17 November 2015

MPC20150025: Testing Methods on Ceramic Rolling Elements for Hybrid Bearings - 17 November 2015

JTE20130084: Effect of Silver Flakes and Particle Shape on the Steady Shear Viscosity of Isotropic Conductive Adhesives - 01 November 2015

JTE20140049: In-Situ Field Measurements and Numerical Model Identification of a Multi-Span Steel Railway Bridge - 01 November 2015

JTE20140149: Apply TRIZ to Improve the Molten Zinc Corrosion Tester in Steel Manufacturing - 01 November 2015

JTE20140301: Compressive Testing of Ductile High-Strength Alloys - 01 November 2015

JTE20140303: Influence of Fabrication Method on Tensile Response of Split Hopkinson Bar-Sized Specimens - 01 November 2015

MPC20150023: Superelastic Ball Bearings: Materials and Design to Avoid Mounting and Dismounting Brinell Damage in an Inaccessible Press-Fit Application—Part I Design Approach - 13 October 2015

MPC20150028: Superelastic Ball Bearings: Materials and Design to Avoid Mounting and Dismounting Brinell Damage in an Inaccessible Press-Fit Application. Part II: Detailed Analysis - 13 October 2015

JTE20130233: Evaluation of the Morphological, Electrical, and Mechanical Properties of Silver Nanopastes - 01 September 2015

JTE20130266: Inverse Modeling Applied for Material Characterization of Powder Materials - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140266: Experimental Study of Shear Zones Formed at Sand/Steel Interfaces in Axial and Torsional Axisymmetric Tests - 01 July 2015

MPC20140046: Rolling Effect on Serrated Flow in an Al-Li-Cu-Mg Alloy Plate - 11 June 2015

MPC20150004: Correlating the Vibration Modal Analysis Parameters to the Material Impact Toughness for Austempered Ductile Iron - 28 May 2015

JTE20120321: A Closer Look at Effects of the Loading Rate on Fracture Toughness in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Regime of a Ferritic Steel - 01 May 2015

MPC20140064: Effect of Roughness and Residual Compression Stresses on the Ultrasonic Fatigue Endurance of Aluminum Alloy AISI 6061-T6 - 29 April 2015

MPC20140063: Metallurgical Analysis of a Failed 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Pyro Bolt Used in Launch Vehicle Separation Systems - 22 April 2015

JTE20140123: Evaluation of Long Multi-Span Steel U-Shaped Girder During Incremental Launching Construction - 01 March 2015

MPC20130098: Fracture Toughness Characterization of High-Pressure Pipe Girth Welds Using Single-Edge Notched Tension [SE(T)] Specimens - 28 February 2015

MPC20140011: Extension of Fatigue Cracks in a Low-Alloy Steel After Massive Plastic Deformation - 28 February 2015

MPC20140017: Fatigue Monitoring of Austenitic Steels with Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATs) - 28 February 2015

MPC20140018: Understanding Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior at Low Frequencies for a Mn–Ni–Cr Steel in 3.5 % NaCl Solution Under Controlled Cathodic Potential - 28 February 2015

MPC20140025: Analysis of Cracked and Notched Round Bars Under Rotary Bending - 28 February 2015

MPC20140026: Microstructurally Mediated Changes in Fracture Characteristics for Electrochemically Hydrogenated 4340 Steel - 28 February 2015

MPC20140029: Test Development and Materials Characterization Capability for High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Fatigue Crack Growth Response Under Mixed-Mode Loading Conditions - 28 February 2015

MPC20140030: Revised η-Factors and J-CTOD Relationships for SE(B) Fracture Specimens Including 3D Effects and Implications for Fracture Toughness Measurements - 28 February 2015

MPC20140031: Fatigue Crack Growth from Compression Pre-Cracks - 28 February 2015

MPC20140032: Hold-Time Effect on Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life and its Implications in Durability Analysis of Components and Systems - 28 February 2015

MPC20140033: Load Interaction Effects in a Medium Strength Steel for Railway Axles - 28 February 2015

MPC20140036: Fatigue Crack Growth in Blade Attachment of Turbine Disks: Experimental Tests and Life Prediction - 28 February 2015

MPC20140037: Characterization of Threshold Stress Intensity as a Function of Near-Tip Residual Stress: Theory, Experiment, and Applications - 28 February 2015

MPC20140041: Microstructure-Scale In-Situ Image Correlation-Based Study of Grain Deformation and Crack Tip Displacements in Al–Cu Alloys - 28 February 2015

MPC20140044: High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel Alloys in Multiphase Environments - 28 February 2015

JTE20120332: Modified Approach for Quantitative Texture Evaluation in Case of Transverse Textured Zirconium Alloy Tubes - 01 January 2015

JTE20130077: Rapid Determination of Diffusible Hydrogen in Steel Welds Using a Modified Gas Chromatography Facility - 01 January 2015

JTE20130236: A Novel Method to Determine Material Properties and Residual Stresses Simultaneously Using Spherical Indentation - 01 January 2015

MPC20120002: Stribeck-Type Curves of Alternative Engine Oils: Part I: Gray Cast Iron Liners - 31 December 2014

MPC20130017: Depth Profiling of Residual Stress for Shot-Peened “U”-Bend Alloy-800 Tubes for the PHWR Steam Generator - 31 December 2014

MPC20130021: Effect of Hardfacing Processes on Ballistic Performance of Q&T Steel Joints - 31 December 2014

MPC20130022: Slip-Rolling Resistance and Load Carrying Capacity of 36NiCrMoV1-5-7 Steel - 31 December 2014

MPC20130025: Notch Effect and Fatigue Performance of Ti-6Al-4 V Sheets in Saline Environment - 31 December 2014

MPC20130028: Study on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Thick Low-Alloy Quench and Tempered Steel Welded Joint - 31 December 2014

MPC20130030: Effect of Combined Cold Temperature and Fatigue Load on Performance of G40.21 Steel - 31 December 2014

MPC20130035: Evaluation of Fifty-Two Cavitation Erosion Tunnel Tests - 31 December 2014

MPC20130048: Effect of Process Parameters on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Iso-Thermally Treated Ductile Iron - 31 December 2014

MPC20130051: Influence of Soaking Temperature and Time on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Water Quenched Zr–2.5Nb Alloy - 31 December 2014

MPC20130079: Estimation of ASTM E1921 Master Curve of Ferritic Steels From Instrumented Impact Test of CVN Specimens Without Precracking - 31 December 2014

MPC20130087: Erosion Wear Characteristics of Surface Modified Grey Cast Iron by WC–Co–Cr/NiCrBSi Coating Using HVOF Thermal Spray Process - 31 December 2014

mpc20130092: Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of AA2219-T87 at Room Temperature - 31 December 2014

mpc20140020: Ductility and Brittleness in Rotating Disc Cavitation Erosion Testing - 31 December 2014

MPC20140024: Production of Austempered Gray Iron (AGI) Using Forced Air Cooling - 31 December 2014

MPC20140034: Appraisal of Solution Heat Treatment on Elimination of Hafnium Rich γ–γ′ Eutectic and Prior Particle Boundary Precipitate in a Superalloy Powder - 31 December 2014

MPC20140047: Vibratory Cavitation Erosion With Vibrating and Stationary Specimens - 31 December 2014

MPC20130067: Cooling Curve Analysis of Heat Treating Oils and Correlation With Hardness and Microstructure of a Low Carbon Steel - 31 December 2014

MPC20130086: Distortion Control: Quenching Apparatus for Hardening Parts: An Overview - 31 December 2014

MPC20130089: Large Forgings: Microstructural Evolution and Residual Stresses Due to Quenching Treatments—A Combined Numerical and Experimental Approach - 31 December 2014

MPC20130096: Batch Intensive Quenching Processes for Minimizing Steel Part Distortion and Improving Part Performance Characteristics - 31 December 2014

MPC20130101: A Comparative Assessment of the Hardness of Nano-Structured Bainitic Steel Affected by Using Various Quenchants - 31 December 2014

MPC20130103: Investigation and Development of Spray Cooling Device for Heat Treatment of Large Steel Forgings - 31 December 2014

MPC20130104: Modeling and Simulation of Carbide Precipitation During Tempering of Alloy Tool Steel - 31 December 2014

MPC20130105: Influence of Additive Chemistry on the Physical, Chemical, and Cooling Properties of Quenching Oils - 31 December 2014

MPC20130106: Cooling Characteristics of Meso- and Nanofluids Prepared by the DPIE Method - 31 December 2014

MPC20130107: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Heat Transfer during Quenching in CNT Nanofluids - 31 December 2014

MPC20130115: Overview on Super Strengthening Phenomenon Taking Place During Intensive Quenching of Steels - 31 December 2014

MPC20140003: “Reference QuenchProbe”—An Alternative Probe Design for In-Situ Estimation of Cooling Rates, Heat Flux, and Hardenability During Immersion Quenching of Hardenable Steels - 31 December 2014

MPC20140005: Modeling of Dimensional Changes and Residual Stresses After Transformation-Free Cooling - 31 December 2014

MPC20140008: Partial Decarburization and Intensive Quenching to Increase Fatigue Limit of Quenched Small Parts - 31 December 2014

MPC20140021: High-Speed Quenching of High Carbon Steel - 31 December 2014

MPC20140039: Vegetable Oils as Quenchants for Steels: Residual Stresses and Dimensional Changes - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130125: Structural Behavior of Novel Steel-Fiber Materials in Concrete Pipes (ASTM C1765) - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140010: Extract of Cassia senna as Green Inhibitor for the Corrosion of Mild Steel in 1M Hydrochloric Acid Solution - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140011: Flexural Characteristic of Rubberized Hybrid Concrete Reinforced With Steel and Synthetic Fibers - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140017: Recent Developments in High-Strength Stainless Steels for Corrosion Mitigation in Prestressed Concrete - 31 December 2014

JTE20130078: Application of TRIZ to Improve the Material Handling and Productivity in a Screw-Packaging Factory - 01 November 2014

JTE20130169: Experimental Investigation of the Cutting Force Measurements in Machinability Evaluations of Metals - 01 November 2014

JTE20130299: Effect of Specimen Thickness and Punch Diameter in Evaluation of Small Punch Test Parameters Toward Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Cr–Mo Steels - 01 November 2014

mpc20130026: Creep-Fatigue-Environment Crack Tip Kinetics of Ni-Base Superalloys - 20 September 2014

MPC20130037: Effects of Long Term Exposures on Fatigue of PM Disk Superalloys - 20 September 2014

MPC20130038: Coupled Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Model Utilizing a Single Blunt Notch Compact Tension Specimen - 20 September 2014

mpc20130039: Fatigue Behavior of Nickel Based Super Alloy 718 in a Hot Corrosive Environment - 20 September 2014

MPC20130043: Influence of Control Mode on Thermomechanical Fatigue Testing of Circumferentially-Notched Specimens - 20 September 2014

mpc20130049: Towards the Development of a Physics-Based Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life Prediction Model for a Single Crystalline Ni-Base Superalloy - 20 September 2014

mpc20130054: Creep-Fatigue Interaction Models for Grade 91 Steel - 20 September 2014

MPC20130055: Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Ferritic and Austenitic Steels at Elevated Temperatures - 20 September 2014

MPC20130059: Local Strains That Lead to the Thermo-mechanical Fatigue of Thick-walled Pressure Vessels - 20 September 2014

MPC20130060: A Recent Development in Creep-Fatigue Testing - 20 September 2014

mpc20130070: Approach for Stabilized Peak/Valley Stress Modeling of Non-Isothermal Fatigue of a DS Ni-Base Superalloy - 20 September 2014

MPC20130075: The Design of a Laboratory Test Machine to Simulate Thermal Fatigue in Hot-Working Tool Steels - 20 September 2014

MPC20130081: Short Creep-Fatigue Crack Growth in an Advanced 9 %Cr Steel - 20 September 2014

MPC20130031: Rotation and Bending Corrections for the SE(B) Specimen - 20 September 2014

MPC20130036: Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Friction Stir Welded 2024-T3 Aluminum Alloy Tested under Accelerated Salt Fog Exposure - 20 September 2014

MPC20130045: Experimental Evaluation of Tool Steel Fracture Toughness Using Circumferentially Notched and Precracked Tension Bar Specimen - 20 September 2014

MPC20130046: Evaluation of Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature by Reference Temperature (T0) Approach at Higher Loading Rates for a Mod.9Cr-1Mo Steel - 20 September 2014

MPC20130047: Fracture Toughness: A Quality Index for Railway Solid Wheels - 20 September 2014

MPC20130053: New Equation for the Plastic Correction Factor η for J-Integral Determination from Test Results of Three-Point-Bend Specimens - 20 September 2014

MPC20130056: Fracture Toughness Determined by the Centrally Cracked Brazilian-Disc Test: Some Critical Issues in the Light of an Alternative Analytic Solution - 20 September 2014

MPC20130058: Effect of Notch Orientation on Fracture Toughness of a Submerged Arc Weld - 20 September 2014

MPC20130064: A Multiscale Framework for Predicting Fracture Toughness of Polycrystalline Metals - 20 September 2014

MPC20130065: Comparative Study of Basic Test and Resistance Curve Methods for Fracture Toughness Evaluation of Heat-Treated Zr-2.5Nb Alloy - 20 September 2014

MPC20130072: Fracture Toughness Evaluation of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes Manufactured Employing Double Forging for PHWR700 - 20 September 2014

MPC20130073: Evaluation of Cracks in Thin-Walled Pipe Using JQ - 20 September 2014

MPC20130078: Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Brittle Fracture Initiation in VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials - 20 September 2014

MPC20130082: Steels for Plastic Molding: Relationship between Mechanical and Microstructural Properties - 20 September 2014

MPC20130083: Fracture Toughness Measurements From Circumferentially-Notched Pipes Tests - 20 September 2014

MPC20130084: Novel Technique for Normalizing Load–Displacement Curves in Fracture Testing - 20 September 2014

MPC20130090: A Multi-Body Numerical Modeling Approach to Investigate the Role of Inclusions in the Fracture Toughness of Bearing Steels - 20 September 2014

MPC20130094: The Influence of Quenching and Aging on Fracture Toughness of the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy 7449 - 20 September 2014

JTE20130232: Research on Application of Terminal Blended Asphalt Rubber in Steel Deck Pavement - 01 September 2014

JTE20120291: Mechanical Failure Study of Aluminum Extrusion Dies as Affected by the Quality of the Billets - 01 July 2014

JTE20120236: Influence of Shoulder Diameter, Plunge Depth, Welding Speed, Rotational Speed on the Tensile Behavior of Friction Stir Welded AA 6061-T6 Sheets - 01 May 2014

JTE20120254: The Deformation Measurement and Analysis on Meso-Structure of Aluminum Foams During SHPB Test - 01 May 2014

JTE20120257: A Novel Running-In Specification with Strengthening Effects in Fatigue - 01 May 2014

JTE20130031: Fatigue Life Evaluation of an Annular Combustor Casing of a Gas Turbine Engine - 01 May 2014

JTE20130166: Forced-Vibration Testing and Experimental Modal Analysis of a Steel Footbridge for Structural Identification - 01 May 2014

JTE20140289: Electrochemical Techniques in Corrosion: Status, Limitations, and Needs - 01 May 2014

JTE20130126: Applications of Electromagnetic Waves for Void and Anomaly Detections - 01 March 2014

MPC20130008: Failure Analysis on 410 Stainless Square-Head Bolts Failing Wedge Tensile Test - 17 December 2013

MPC20120042: Nonlinear Load-Displacement Behavior Observed During Fracture Toughness Testing of Aluminum-Beryllium Material - 25 November 2013

MPC20130024: Investigating and Understanding the Bending Fatigue Response and Fracture Behavior of Two High Strength Steels - 25 November 2013

JTE20120192: Loading Rate Concerns in ASTM C1609 - 01 November 2013

MPC20120034: Effect of Ca–Mg and MgFeSi Graphite Nodularizers on the Nodular Graphite Characteristics of Ductile Cast Irons - 11 October 2013

MPC20130013: A Study on the Multiaxial Fatigue Failure Criterion with Small Defects - 11 October 2013

JTE20120267: Comparison between Contact and Immersion Method in Ultrasonic Stress Measurement of Welded Stainless Steel Plates - 01 September 2013

JTE20120269: A Numerical Study on Effective Modulus of Elasticity in Crack Length Evaluation for Single-Edge Bending Specimens - 01 September 2013

JTE20120290: Optimization of Vickers Hardness Parameters for Micro- And Macro-Indentation of Grade 91 Steel - 01 September 2013

MPC20130007: Residual Stresses in Welded Stiffened Steel Plates—An Experimental Comparative Study - 23 August 2013

MPC20130009: Performance and Characterization of TWIP Steels for Automotive Applications - 23 August 2013

MPC20130002: Behavior of Foreign-Object-Damaged WC/C-Coated 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy Under Fatigue Loading - 25 July 2013

MPC20120044: Similar Tendency to Strain-Induced Martensite Transformation in Different Austenitic Stainless Steels - 05 July 2013

JTE20120175: Development of a New Testing Procedure for Performing Tensile Tests on Specimens with Sub-Millimetre Dimensions - 01 July 2013

JTE20120188: A Study of Total Focusing Method for Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing - 01 July 2013

JTE20120206: A Non-Destructive Evaluation Strategy for Thick Coating Evaluation on Hemispherical Steel Shells of Different Sizes with a Wide-Range ECT Sensor - 01 July 2013

JTE20120230: A Solution for Estimating the Tensile Yield Strength From Small Specimens - 01 July 2013

MPC20120031: Certified Miniaturized Charpy Specimens for the Indirect Verification of Small-Size Impact Machines - 27 June 2013

MPC20120039: Assessment of the Tempering Behavior of Grade 91 Steel - 31 May 2013

MPC20120026: Heat Treating of a 718Plus Superalloy - 08 May 2013

JTE20120107: An Experimental Device for Material Characterization of Powder Materials - 01 May 2013

JTE20120155: Statistical Analysis of the Stress-Energy Methodology Applied to Cushion Curve Determination - 01 May 2013

MPC20120023: Analytical Solution of the Problem of Diffusional Transformation Under Continuous Cooling Condition Based on Isothermal Transformation Diagram Data - 17 April 2013

MPC20120033: Development and Characterization of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Heat-Treated Zr–2.5Nb Alloy for AHWR Pressure Tubes - 20 March 2013

MPC20120020: Formability and Microstructural Characterization of Sintered Powder Metallurgical Preforms of Dual-Phase Steel - 18 March 2013

MPC20120009: Wear Evaluation of Pack Boronized AISI 1060 Steel - 04 March 2013

MPC20120032: Catastrophic Failure in Cavitation Erosion Testing - 04 March 2013

MPC20120035: Study of Magnetization Behavior of Glass-Coated Amorphous Ferromagnetic Microwires - 04 March 2013

JTE20120019: Stress-Relaxation Cracking Test for Welded Joints - 01 March 2013

JTE20120035: Assessment of the Mean-Stress Sensitivity Factor Method in Stress-Life Fatigue Predictions - 01 March 2013

JTE20120085: Improved Digital Image Correlation Method for Eliminating Pixel Shape-Induced Errors in Shear-Strain Calculations - 01 March 2013

JTE20120100: Computation and Uncertainty Evaluation of Offset Yield Strength - 01 March 2013

JTE20120176: Method for Assessing Applicability of an Artificial Flaw as a Small Initial Crack for Fatigue Limit Evaluation and Its Application to a Drill Hole and an FIB Processed Sharp Notch in Annealed 0.45% Carbon Steel - 01 March 2013

JTE20120179: The Damage Investigation of Wedge-Shaped Electromagnetic Riveting Structure of CFRP/Aluminium Alloy - 01 March 2013

JTE20120194: Compressive Behavior of Square-Cell Titanium Honeycomb - 01 March 2013

JTE20120213: A Study on the Fitting Accuracy of CMOD Compliance Equations - 01 March 2013

MPC20120003: Effect of Resin Cure Recipe and Ambient Processing Temperature on the Material Properties of Marine Grade Polymer Matrix Composite Materials - 06 February 2013

MPC20120016: Corrosion Damage Analysis and Material Characterization of Sherman and Centaur—The Historic Military Tanks - 06 February 2013

JTE104109: Functionally Graded Bronze/Tungsten-Carbide Castings: A Characterization and Property Study - 01 January 2013

JTE104356: Detailed Investigation of Forming Limit Determination Standards for Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 2013

JTE20120190: An Investigation of Hydrogen Environment Effect on the Strain Aging of Low-Carbon Steel through Vickers Hardness Test - 01 January 2013

JTE20120195: Effect of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) on Charpy Test Results from Miniaturized Steel Specimens - 01 January 2013

MPC20120022: Effect of Cyclic Strain on Mechanical Behavior of Structural Steels in Room and Low Temperatures - 10 December 2012

MPC104397: Optimization of an Induction Hardening Process for a Steel Gear Component - 30 November 2012

JTE103903: Fracture-Toughness Evaluation in Submerged Arc-Welding Seam Welds in Nonstandard Curved SE(B) Specimens in the Short Radial Direction of API 5L Steel Pipe - 01 November 2012

JTE104241: Inhomogeneity Screening Criterion for the ASTM E1921 T0 Estimate Based on the SINTAP Lower-Tail Methodology - 01 November 2012

JTE104391: A New Method for Strain Measurement in the Tensile Testing of Filamentous Materials - 01 November 2012

JTE104463: Multiple-method CTOA Stable Tearing Characterization of Three Metallic Alloys - 01 November 2012

MPC104385: Studies on Temperature Distribution in Electromagnetic Welding Process - 25 September 2012

MPC104389: Modeling the Carbonitriding of Steel - 25 September 2012

MPC104382: Modeling of Distortion during Casting and Machining of Aluminum Engine Blocks With Cast-in Gray Iron Liners - 21 September 2012

MPC104384: Mathematical Model of Thermal and Microstructural Evolution during Austempering of Ductile Iron - 21 September 2012

MPC104390: Modeling the Nitriding of Steel by Compound Layer Growth Model - 21 September 2012

MPC104551: Tribological Evaluation of Titanium and Aluminum Alloys Exposed to Hydrogen in Wet Conditions - 21 September 2012

MPC20120017: Tracking Interphases in Directionally Solidified Zn-Al Binary Alloys - 21 September 2012

MPC104376: Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Laser-MAG Hybrid Welding and Consequences on Large Structure - 20 September 2012

MPC104392: Mathematical Modeling of Steel Heat Treating Using CCT Diagrams - 20 September 2012

MPC104632: Quenching Simulation of Aluminum Alloys Including Mechanical Properties of the Undercooled States - 20 September 2012

MPC104378: Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Laser Deposited Bimetallic Components - 19 September 2012

JTE20120089: Mechanical Impedance Measurement on Thin Layer Surface With Impedance Hammer Device - 01 September 2012

MPC103549: Influence of Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, and Alloy Content on Pore Formation in the White Layer of Alloyed Steels - 19 July 2012

MPC103926: Influence of CO or CO2 as Carbon Donator on the Development of the Compound Layer during Nitrocarburizing of Alloyed Steels - 19 July 2012

MPC103963: Gas-Adsorption Indicator Method for NDT and Surface-Defect Characterization - 19 July 2012

MPC104350: Optimization of Stability of Retained Austenite in TRIP-Aided Steel Using Data-Driven Models and Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms - 19 July 2012

MPC104359: Optimization of Heat Treatment Parameters of Boron Steel B1500HS Using Response Surface Methodology - 19 July 2012

MPC104386: Modeling the Lowest Hardness Point in a Steel Bar During Quenching - 19 July 2012

MPC104477: Coupled Analysis of Surface Heat Flux, Microstructure Evolution, and Hardness during Immersion Quenching of a Medium Carbon Steel in Plant Conditions - 19 July 2012

JTE104213: Experimental Bend Tests to Study Mechanical Descaling of Hot-Rolled Steel Rod - 01 July 2012

JTE104226: Computation of Tensile Strain-Hardening Exponents through the Power-Law Relationship - 01 July 2012

JTE104329: Elliptical Hole-Crack Problems in an Infinite Plate Subjected to Internal Pressure - 01 July 2012

JTE104548: Low Cycle Fatigue Experiments on Turbogenerator Steels and a New Method for Defining Confidence Bands - 01 July 2012

JAI103899: Methods to Increase the Fatigue Life of Friction Stir Lap Welds in No-load Transfer Coupons Using a Retractable Pin Tool - 01 May 2012

JAI103952: Study of an On-Line Crack Compliance Technique for Residual Stress Measurement Using 2D Finite Element Simulations of Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 May 2012

JAI103988: Estimation of Corrosion Fatigue-Crack Growth through Frequency Shedding Method - 01 May 2012

JAI104293: Fatigue Sensitivity to Small Defects of a Gamma–Titanium–Aluminide Alloy - 01 May 2012

JTE104288: Performance Evaluation and Loss Measures for the Deterioration Process - 01 May 2012

JAI103774: Characterization of the Master Curve Based Fracture Toughness of ORNL TSE5 Steel and Unirradiated and Irradiated ASTM A203D 3.5 % Ni Steel by the IGCAR Procedure - 01 April 2012

JAI103944: Analysis of the Notch Effect in Fatigue - 01 April 2012

JAI103966: Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Behavior of A36 Steel using ASTM Load-Reduction and Compression Precracking Test Methods - 01 April 2012

JAI104153: Structure Transformations in Multicomponent Amorphous Alloys in Connection with Grain-Boundary Segregations and Temper Embrittlement of Steels - 01 April 2012

JAI104215: Temperature and Load Interaction Effects on the Fatigue Crack Growth Rate and Fracture Surface Morphology of IN100 Superalloy - 01 April 2012

JAI104233: Bearing Thermal Conductance Measurement Test Method and Experimental Design - 01 April 2012

JAI104504: Improvement in Efficiency of Ultrasonic Tests for the Macroscopic Inclusions Evaluation - 01 April 2012

JAI103945: Influence Analysis of Application-Specific Phenomena on the Creep-Fatigue Life of Turbine Housings of Turbochargers - 01 March 2012

JAI103979: Evaluation of Fracture Toughness Test Data for Multilayer Dissimilar Joint Welds Using a Weibull Stress Model - 01 March 2012

JAI104005: Investigation of Load Control Errors for Spectrum Fatigue Testing at High Frequencies - 01 March 2012

JAI104187: A Numerical Strip-Yield Model for the Creep Crack Incubation in Steels - 01 March 2012

JTE103801: In-Plane Testing Behavior of Adhesive-Bonded Steel Sheets: Influence of Sheet Surface Roughness, Adhesive Thickness, and Bonding Width - 01 March 2012

JTE103897: An Alternative Approach to Determine Material Characteristics Using Spherical Indentation and Neural Networks for Bulk Metals - 01 March 2012

JTE104160: Responses of Austenitic Stainless Steel American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) 303 (1.4305) Subjected to Different Environmental Conditions - 01 March 2012

JTE104191: Computer-Controlled Stable Crack Growth as a Reliable and Fast Method to Determine Subcritical Crack Growth - 01 March 2012

JAI103375: Comparison of the Laser and Electron Beam Welding of Steel Sheets Treated by Nitro-Oxidation - 01 February 2012

JAI103436: Mechanical and Microstrutural Characterization of Weldments of Ferritic Stainless Steel AISI 444 Using Austenitic Stainless Steels Filler Metals - 01 February 2012

JAI103454: Evaluation of Plasma Transferred Arc Fe-Al Alloyed Coatings - 01 February 2012

JAI103463: Morphology of γ′ Precipitates in a First Stage Low Pressure Turbine Blade of a Ni-Based Superalloy after Service and after Following Aging - 01 February 2012

JAI103564: Microstructural Characterization of Layers Produced by Plasma Nitriding on Austenitic and Superaustenitic Stainless Steel Grades - 01 February 2012

JAI103891: Roller Profile Development for an Axially Loaded, Single Row Spherical Roller Bearing in an Oscillating Application - 01 February 2012

JAI103936: Stability of Metallic Glasses: Criteria and Prediction of Ductile-Brittle Transition and Crystallization - 01 February 2012

JAI103962: Point Load Weight Functions for Semi-Elliptical Cracks in Finite Thickness Plate - 01 February 2012

JAI103973: Crack Closure Behavior on a Variety of Materials under High Stress Ratios and Kmax Test Conditions - 01 February 2012

JAI104057: Effect of Chemical Modification of Al-Si Alloys on Thermal Diffusivity and Contact Heat Transfer at the Casting–Chill Interface - 01 February 2012

JAI104072: Intensive Quenching of Steel Parts and Tools in Water Salt Solutions of Optimal Concentration - 01 February 2012

JAI104108: Cracking Resistance and Impact Wear of Thin and Thick Hard Coatings Under Cyclic Loading - 01 February 2012

JAI104307: 5083 Aluminum Alloy Welded Joints: Measurements of Mechanical Properties by DIC - 01 February 2012

JAI103224: Experimental Investigation of Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of New Steels for Large Blooms - 01 January 2012

JAI103398: Mechanical Properties of ASTM A283 Carbon Steel Subjected to the Sulphidation Process - 01 January 2012

JAI103534: Use of Vegetable Oils and Animal Oils as Steel Quenchants: A Historical Review—1850-2010 - 01 January 2012

JAI103709: Corrosion of M5 in PWRs: Quantification of Li, B, H and Nb in the Oxide Layers Formed Under Different Conditions - 01 January 2012

JAI103817: Thermal Oxidative Stability of Vegetable Oils as Metal Heat Treatment Quenchants - 01 January 2012

JAI103940: Unraveling the Science of Variable Amplitude Fatigue - 01 January 2012

JAI103956: Characterizations of Creep-fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth Life for P92 using Circular Notched Round Bar Specimen - 01 January 2012

JAI103968: Fatigue Crack Closure at Near-Threshold Growth Rates in Steels, Effects of Microstructure, Load Sequence and Environment - 01 January 2012

JAI103996: Modeling of Surface Crack Advance in Round Wires Subjected to Cyclic Loading - 01 January 2012

JAI104071: Fatigue Crack Closure in Residual Stress Bearing Materials - 01 January 2012

JTE103721: Experimental Testing and Numerical Evaluation on Freezing for Water Hydraulics Application under Sub-Freezing Ambient Temperature Environment - 01 January 2012

JAI103574: Influence of Protective Coatings on Damage and Lifetime of Alloy 247 DS in Thermomechanical Fatigue and Bending Tests - 01 November 2011

JAI103602: Evaluation of the Testing and Analysis Methods in ASTM E2760-10 Creep-Fatigue Crack Growth Testing Standard for a Range of Steels - 01 November 2011

JAI103644: The Use of the Normalization Data Reduction Technique for Measuring Upper Shelf Toughness Under Impact Loading Rates - 01 November 2011

JAI104105: Dimensional Analysis and Fractal Modeling of Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 November 2011

JTE103371: Fuzzy Hypothesis Testing and Time Series Analysis of Rolling Bearing Quality - 01 November 2011

JTE103405: Evaluation of the ASTM and ISO J Initiation Procedures by Applying the Unloading Compliance Technique to Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 November 2011

JTE103460: Test System for Elevated Temperature Characterization of Thin Metallic Sheets - 01 November 2011

JTE103532: The Effect of Large Scale Plastic Deformation on Fatigue Crack Length Measurement with the Potential Drop Method - 01 November 2011

JAI103236: New Cast Iron Alloys with High Wear Resistance at Elevated Temperatures - 01 October 2011

JAI103246: Studies Regarding Corrosion Mechanisms in Zirconium Alloys - 01 October 2011

JAI103287: Influence of Surface Hardening Depth on the Cavitation Erosion Resistance of a Low Alloy Steel - 01 October 2011

JAI103395: Impact Properties of Vacuum Heat Treated AISI D2 and 8 % Cr Cold Work Tool Steels - 01 October 2011

JAI103407: Effects of Austenitizing Temperatures on Primary Structure Transformation in Cast High-Speed Steel of M2 Type Inoculated with Powder Additions of W and TiB2 - 01 October 2011

JAI103470: Correlation Between Charpy Absorbed Energy Using 2 mm and 8 mm Strikers - 01 October 2011

JAI103550: Understanding Crack Formation at the Metal/Oxide Interface During Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 Using a Simple Mechanical Model - 01 October 2011

JAI103761: The Effect of Stabilizing Agent on Platinum Nanoparticles and Implications Towards the Oxygen Reduction Reaction - 01 October 2011

JAI103824: Modeling Creep-Fatigue Behavior of Mod.9Cr-1Mo Steel - 01 October 2011

JAI103299: Modeling of Hardness of Low Alloy Steels by Means of Neural Networks - 01 September 2011

JAI103382: CFD-Simulation of Film Boiling at Steel Cooling Process - 01 September 2011

JAI103525: Microstructure and Hardness Prediction at the Core of Steel Parts of Any Configuration during Quenching - 01 September 2011

JAI103557: Effect of Creep and Oxidation on the Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of an Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 September 2011

JAI103617: The Effects of Dwell on the LCF Behavior of IN617 - 01 September 2011

JAI103745: Service Life Assessment of a Low-Slope 55 % Al–Zn Alloy-Coated Steel Standing Seam Roof System - 01 September 2011

JAI103818: The Occurrence Mechanism of Periodicity of Creep Crack Path for P92 - 01 September 2011

JAI103888: Creep Fatigue Behavior of Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels - 01 September 2011

JTE103323: Mechanical Behavior of Aluminum Alloys During Small Punch Test - 01 September 2011

JAI103253: Effect of Plasma Nitriding on the Wear and Corrosion Properties of Hastelloy CW2M Alloy - 01 July 2011

JAI103282: Dependence of the Heat Transfer Coefficient at Quenching on Diameter of Cylindrical Workpieces - 01 July 2011

JAI103418: Bainite Formation at Low Temperatures in High C-Si Steel and its Mechanical Behavior - 01 July 2011

JAI103762: Fire in High Pressure Oxygen Filter: Analysis of an Accident in a Steel Plant - 01 July 2011

JAI103806: Advanced Ductility Exhaustion Methods for the Calculation of Creep Damage During Creep-Fatigue Cycling - 01 July 2011

JTE103171: A Photogrammetric System Design to Determine the Load-Deflection Behaviors of Materials in Civil Engineering - 01 July 2011

JAI102956: Detailed Analysis of the Microstructure of the Metal/Oxide Interface Region in Zircaloy-2 after Autoclave Corrosion Testing - 01 June 2011

JAI103213: Microstructural Studies of Heat Treated Zr-2.5Nb Alloy for Pressure Tube Applications - 01 June 2011

JAI103254: Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Wear Properties of Ion Nitrided AISI 316 and 409 Stainless Steels - 01 June 2011

JAI103433: Influence of Precorrosion on Fatigue Properties of Shot-Peened Aluminium 7075-T651 - 01 June 2011

JAI103541: Models for Small Crack Growth under Creep-Fatigue in Austenitic Steels - 01 June 2011

JAI103735: Creep-Fatigue at High Temperature of Notched Single Crystal Superalloys - 01 June 2011

JAI103797: Creep and Environmental Effects on the High Temperature Creep-Fatigue Behavior of Alloy 617 - 01 June 2011

JAI102950: Hydrogen Absorption Mechanism of Zirconium Alloys Based on Characterization of Oxide Layer - 01 May 2011

JAI103013: Ultra Low Tin Quaternary Alloys PWR Performance—Impact of Tin Content on Corrosion Resistance, Irradiation Growth, and Mechanical Properties - 01 May 2011

JAI103239: Evaluation of Bias for Two Charpy Impact Machines with the Same Instrumented Striker - 01 May 2011

JAI103243: Hot-Dip Galvanizing Process Using ZinQuench for Processing Advanced High-Strength Steels - 01 May 2011

JAI103283: Corrosion Measurement Techniques in Steel Reinforced Concrete - 01 May 2011

JAI103326: Microstructural Characterization of an AISI D2 Tool Steel Submitted to Cryogenic Treatment - 01 May 2011

JAI103379: Bubble Dynamics and Heat Transfer in Pool Boiling on Wires at Different Gravity - 01 May 2011

JAI103435: Laser Cladding and Heat Treatment of Ni–Co–Mo Maraging Steel - 01 May 2011

JAI103476: Bias in the Planimetric Procedure According to ASTM E112 and Corrected Method - 01 May 2011

JAI103569: Effects of the Environment on the Crack Propagation Behavior of IN718 in the Temperature Range of the Dynamic Embrittlement - 01 May 2011

JAI103674: Modeling Creep-Fatigue Deformation of Ni-Base Superalloys Using Crystal Viscoplasticity - 01 May 2011

JAI103690: Probabilistic Prediction of Crack Growth Based on Creep/Fatigue Damage Accumulation Mechanism - 01 May 2011

JAI103847: Creep Crack Growth Under Complex Loading - 01 May 2011

JTE102640: Constitutive Equations of Sheet Stamping Steel Based on DIC Measurement - 01 May 2011

JTE102868: Time Domain Inverse Scattering for a Homogenous Dielectric Cylinder by Asynchronous Particle Swarm Optimization - 01 May 2011

JTE102920: Criteria for Small Scale Creep Testing Condition and Estimation of Ct - 01 May 2011

JTE102997: Measurement Method for the Assessment of the Energy Consumption of Cooking Setups - 01 May 2011

JTE103048: Characterization of Crack Arrest Phenomena in a Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel - 01 May 2011

JTE103214: Elements to Improve Galling Resistance Test Results Using the ASTM G98 Method - 01 May 2011

JTE103281: Efficient Tool Replacement Procedure Based on Yield Evaluation - 01 May 2011

JAI103228: Effect of Aluminum Coating by Magnetron Sputtering on Corrosion Resistance of AZ31B Alloy - 01 April 2011

JAI103251: Neutron Radiography: A Powerful Tool for Fast, Quantitative and Non-Destructive Determination of Hydrogen Concentration and Distribution in Zirconium Alloys - 01 April 2011

JAI103357: Interdiffusion Phenomena of Zirconia-Nitride Layers on Coated AISI 310 Steel - 01 April 2011

JAI103397: Analysis and Prevention of Quenching Failures and Proper Selection of Quenching Media: An Overview - 01 April 2011

JAI103399: Heat Treatments of Fe-Mn-Si Based Alloys: Mechanical Properties and Related Shape Memory Phenomena - 01 April 2011

JAI103439: Modification of NiAl Intermetallic Coatings Processed by PTA with Chromium Carbides - 01 April 2011

JAI103459: Isothermal Martensite Formation at Sub-Zero Temperatures - 01 April 2011

JAI103483: Effect of Cooling Rate During Quenching on the Toughness of High Speed Steels - 01 April 2011

JAI103712: ASTM Round-Robin on Creep-Fatigue and Creep Behavior of P91 Steel - 01 April 2011

JAI102788: Correlation Between Chemical Composition of Steel, Optimal Hardened Layer, and Optimal Residual Stress Distribution - 01 March 2011

JAI102960: In Situ Scanning Electron Microscope Observation and Finite Element Method Analysis of Delayed Hydride Cracking Propagation in Zircaloy-2 Fuel Cladding Tubes - 01 March 2011

JAI103250: The Effect of Si on the Precipitates for Nb Bearing High Purity Ferritic Stainless Steel - 01 March 2011

JAI103279: Control Strategies for an Inline Cooling Device in Hot Strip Processing of Innovative Steel Materials - 01 March 2011

JAI103297: ZIRLO® Irradiation Creep Stress Dependence in Compression and Tension - 01 March 2011

JAI103434: Crack Growth Resistance of Laser Surface Remelted Nodular Cast Iron - 01 March 2011

JAI103583: Component Assessment Data Requirements from Creep-Fatigue Tests - 01 March 2011

JAI103770: Experimental Investigation of Irradiation Creep and Growth of Recrystallized Zircaloy-4 Guide Tubes Pre-Irradiated in PWR - 01 March 2011

JTE102753: Analysis of Fracture in Aluminum Joints Bonded with a Bi-Component Epoxy Adhesive - 01 March 2011

JTE103038: Determining the Slope and Quality of Fit for the Linear Part of a Test Record - 01 March 2011

JAI102948: Study on the Role of Second Phase Particles in Hydrogen Uptake Behavior of Zirconium Alloys - 01 February 2011

JAI103025: Effects of Secondary Phase Particle Dissolution on the In-Reactor Performance of BWR Cladding - 01 February 2011

JAI103026: Damage Build-Up in Zirconium Alloys During Mechanical Processing: Application to Cold Pilgering - 01 February 2011

JAI103210: Surface Hardening of an AISI D6 Cold Work Steel Using a Fiber Laser - 01 February 2011

JAI103223: Ti–Al–Si–C–N Hard Coatings Synthesized by Hybrid Arc-Enhanced Magnetron Sputtering - 01 February 2011

JAI103238: Polycrystalline Modeling of the Effect of Texture and Dislocation Microstructure on Anisotropic Thermal Creep of Pressurized Zr-2.5Nb Tubes - 01 February 2011

JAI103258: Evaluation of Cutting Edges Made of Nanocrystalline Cemented Carbides Sintered by the Pulse Plasma Method - 01 February 2011

JAI103284: Effect of the Thermo-Mechanical Processing Characteristics on the Recrystallization of CuZn34 Brass - 01 February 2011

JAI103361: The Effect of Prior Tempering on Sub-Zero Treatment to Reduce Retained Austenite - 01 February 2011

JAI103521: Improved Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes for Reduced Diametral Strain in Advanced CANDU Reactors - 01 February 2011

JAI102499: Lifetime Calculation of Thermo-Mechanically Loaded Materials (Al, Cu, Ni, and Fe Alloys) Based on Empirical Methods - 01 January 2011

JAI102525: Cohesive Zone Modeling of Initiation and Propagation of Multiple Cracks in Hard Thin Surface Coatings - 01 January 2011

JAI102941: Radiation Damage of E635 Alloy Under High Dose Irradiation in the VVER-1000 and BOR-60 Reactors - 01 January 2011

JAI102949: Hydrogen Solubility and Microstructural Changes in Zircaloy-4 Due to Neutron Irradiation - 01 January 2011

JAI102951: Study of the Initial Stage and Anisotropic Growth of Oxide Layers Formed on Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 2011

JAI102957: Statistical Analysis of Hydride Reorientation Properties in Irradiated Zircaloy-2 - 01 January 2011

JAI103015: Multiscale Analysis of Viscoplastic Behavior of Recrystallized Zircaloy-4 at 400°C - 01 January 2011

JAI103033: Hydride Platelet Reorientation in Zircaloy Studied with Synchrotron Radiation Diffraction - 01 January 2011

JAI103066: In Situ Studies of Variant Selection During the α-β-α Phase Transformation in Zr-2.5Nb - 01 January 2011

JAI103113: Triboelectrification of Metallic Dust Particles: Experiment and Modeling - 01 January 2011

JAI103172: Characterization of Highly Hardened Surface Layers on Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 January 2011

JAI103188: Influence of Laser Shock Processing on Surface Microstructures and Properties of Carbon Steel - 01 January 2011

JAI103288: Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Fatigue Properties of Quenched and Tempered Steel - 01 January 2011

GTJ102926: Static Testing of Pile-Base Post-Grouting Piles of the Suramadu Bridge - 01 January 2011

JTE101910: Temperature Distribution during Friction Stir Spot Welding of Magnesium Alloy AM60B - 01 January 2011

JTE102733: Ranking of Materials’ Erosion Resistance and of Erosion Test Methods’ Intensity by the Transient Response Method - 01 January 2011

JTE102933: Use of Miniature Specimen Test and Finite Element Method for Evaluation of Yield Strength and Fracture Toughness in Metallic Alloys - 01 January 2011

JTE103085: Small-Scale Mechanical Characterization of Aluminum and Titanium Alloys - 01 January 2011

JAI102577: Kinetics of Crystallization of Co-Based Multi-Component Amorphous Alloy - 01 November 2010

JAI102703: The Influence of Elastic Follow-Up on the Integrity of Structures - 01 November 2010

JAI103079: Metallo-Thermo-Mechanical Coupled Analysis of Quenching Process for the Plane Strain Problems - 01 November 2010

JAI103090: Relative Comparison Method of Rolling Contact Fatigue Performance of Silicon Nitrides by Stepwise Loading Balls-on-Flat Test—Experimental Verification of Validity of Some Assumptions for the Method - 01 November 2010

JTE102816: ModalCAD—Interactive Dynamic Characteristic Identification Software for Experimental and Operational Modal Analysis of Engineering Structures - 01 November 2010

JTE102994: Fatigue Damage Severity Calculation for Vibration Tests - 01 November 2010

JAI102540: Long Life Fatigue Fracture Induced by Interior Inclusions for High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steels Under Rotating Bending - 01 October 2010

JAI103006: Impact of Irradiation Damage Recovery During Transportation on the Subsequent Room Temperature Tensile Behavior of Irradiated Zirconium Alloys - 01 October 2010

JAI103030: Advanced Zirconium Alloy for PWR Application - 01 October 2010

JAI103036: Shadow Corrosion-Induced Bow of Zircaloy-2 Channels - 01 October 2010

JAI102641: Analytical Behaviors of Steel and CFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams in Fire - 01 September 2010

JAI102713: On the Beauty of Analytical Models for Fatigue Crack Propagation and Fracture—A Personal Historical Review - 01 September 2010

JAI102953: Improved Frequency Equations for Calculating the Young’s Modulus of Bars of Rectangular or Circular Cross Section from Their Flexural Resonant Frequencies - 01 September 2010

JAI102992: Segregation in Vacuum Arc Remelted Zirconium Alloy Ingots - 01 September 2010

JAI103003: Dynamic Recrystallization in Zirconium Alloys - 01 September 2010

JAI103050: Explosion Cladding: An Enabling Technology for Zirconium in the Chemical Process Industry - 01 September 2010

JAI103057: The Development of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes for CANDU Reactors - 01 September 2010

JAI103065: REFLET Experiment in OSIRIS: Relaxation under Flux as a Method for Determining Creep Behavior of Zircaloy Assembly Components - 01 September 2010

JTE102024: Measurement of Micro Region Creep Deformation in the Multi-Layer Coating with Digital Speckle Correlation System - 01 September 2010

JTE102397: Lamb Waves Technique Applied to the Characterization of Defects in Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Plates: Comparison with X-Ray and Ultrasonic C-Scan - 01 September 2010

JAI102552: Fatigue Initiation Modeling of 316LN Steel Based on Nonlocal Plasticity Theory - 01 July 2010

JAI102952: Photoelectrochemical Investigation of Radiation-Enhanced Shadow Corrosion Phenomenon - 01 July 2010

JAI102955: Optimization of Zry-2 for High Burnups - 01 July 2010

JAI102979: High Temperature Aqueous Corrosion and Deuterium Uptake of Coupons Prepared from the Front and Back Ends of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 July 2010

JAI103005: The Evolution of Microstructure and Deformation Stability in Zr–Nb–(Sn,Fe) Alloys Under Neutron Irradiation - 01 July 2010

JAI103011: Measurement and Modeling of Second Phase Precipitation Kinetics in Zirconium Niobium Alloys - 01 July 2010

JAI102492: Rolling Contact Fatigue Life Test Design and Result Interpretation Methods Maintaining Compatibility of Efficiency and Reliability - 01 June 2010

JAI102558: Development of a Sliding-Rolling Contact Fatigue Tester - 01 June 2010

JAI102698: Residual Strain Effects on Bridging Stress of Cracked and Delaminated Fiber Metal Laminates - 01 June 2010

JAI102710: Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of an Inertia Friction Welded α/β Titanium Alloy - 01 June 2010

JAI103032: Performance of Zirconium Alloys in Light Water Reactors with a Review of Nodular Corrosion - 01 June 2010

JAI102470: The Analysis of Fracture Mechanisms of Ferritic Steel 13HMF at Low Temperatures - 01 May 2010

JAI102517: Mesh-Free Solution of Two-Dimensional Edge Crack Problems under Thermo-Mechanical Load - 01 May 2010

JAI102527: Phase Change and Mechanical Behaviors of TixCoCrFeNiCu1−yAly High Entropy Alloys - 01 May 2010

JAI102531: Modeling of Crack Propagation in Weld Beam-to-Column Connections Submitted to Cyclic Loading with a Cohesive Zone Model - 01 May 2010

JAI102547: Mechanical Conditioning of Superelastic Nitinol Wire for Improved Fatigue Resistance - 01 May 2010

JAI102559: Sub-Surface Initiated Rolling Contact Fatigue—Influence of Non-Metallic Inclusions, Processing History, and Operating Conditions - 01 May 2010

JAI102667: Novel Approach Towards Calculation of Averaged Activation Energy Based on Arrhenius Plot for Predicting the Effect of Temperature on Chloride Induced Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - 01 May 2010

JAI102692: Temperature Calibration Techniques for TMF Testing - 01 May 2010

JAI102757: Finite Element Modeling of a Rockman Portable Dynamic Hardness Tester - 01 May 2010

JAI103008: The Effect of Microstructure on Delayed Hydride Cracking Behavior of Zircaloy-4 Fuel Cladding—An International Atomic Energy Agency Coordinated Research Program - 01 May 2010

JTE102623: Gray Chaos Evaluation Model for Prediction of Rolling Bearing Friction Torque - 01 May 2010

JAI101785: Simulating Residual Stresses in Ribbons of Amorphous Metallic Alloys - 01 April 2010

JAI102490: Crack-Closure Behavior of 7050 Aluminum Alloy near Threshold Conditions for Wide Range in Load Ratios and Constant Kmax Tests - 01 April 2010

JAI102530: Effects of Microstructure on the Incipient Fatigue and Fretting Crack Processes in Al-Cu-Li Alloys - 01 April 2010

JAI102535: Experimental and Numerical Analyses of Fatigue Behavior of Welded Cruciform Joints - 01 April 2010

JAI102544: Effect of Cladding on Biaxially Loaded Underclad Part-Through Cracks - 01 April 2010

JAI102643: Fatigue from an Induced Defect: Experiments and Application of Different Multiaxial Fatigue Approaches - 01 April 2010

JAI102712: Gigacycle Fatigue Properties of Bearing Steels - 01 April 2010

JAI102717: An Assessment of Cumulative Axial and Torsional Fatigue in a Cobalt-Base Superalloy - 01 April 2010

JAI102127: Embrittlement Correlation Method for the Japanese Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials - 01 March 2010

JAI102515: Fatigue Assessment of Brazed T-Joints Based on Damage Tolerance Including Residual Stress Effects - 01 March 2010

JAI102522: Hydrogen Embrittlement in Metallic Amorphous Alloys: An Overview - 01 March 2010

JAI102526: A Non Local Multiaxial Fatigue Approach to Account for Stress Gradient Effect Applied to Crack Initiation in Fretting - 01 March 2010

JAI102532: A New Methodology for Predicting Fatigue Properties of Bearing Steels: From X-Ray Micro-Tomography and Ultrasonic Measurements to the Bearing Lives Distribution - 01 March 2010

JAI102539: Quality Function Deployment Application on the Development of 100Cr6 Bearing Tubes - 01 March 2010

JAI102551: Fatigue Crack Propagation in SAW Seam Welds of API 5L X42 Steel Pipe in the Radial Short Direction - 01 March 2010

JTE101258: Integrity Assessment of Water Hydraulic Component by Experimental Method - 01 March 2010

JTE102177: Practical Implications of Instrument Displacement Drift during Force-Controlled Nanoindentation - 01 March 2010

JTE102438: Loading Rate Effect on the Master Curve Reference Temperature, T0, for the A533 B Material - 01 March 2010

JTE102467: Study of Underground Oil-Gas Pipeline Corrosion Pits Estimation Based on MFL Inspection Method - 01 March 2010

JTE102474: Method for Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Small Highly Insulating Specimens - 01 March 2010

JAI101971: Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Helium-Bubble Evolution in ODS Steels - 01 February 2010

JAI102479: Low-Temperature Thermo-Cycling of FINEMET and Metglas Amorphous Alloys: Last Achievements in Theory and Experiments - 01 February 2010

JAI102508: A Weibull Stress Model to Predict Effects of Weld Strength Mismatch on Cleavage Fracture Toughness - 01 February 2010

JAI102511: Microstructure and Fatigue Strength of the Bearing Steel 52100 after Shortened Bainitic Treatment - 01 February 2010

JAI102529: Stress Field Evolution in a Ball Bearing Raceway Fatigue Spall - 01 February 2010

JAI102533: Quantitative Relationship between Degree of Center Segregation and Large Carbide Size in Continuously Cast Bloom of High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel - 01 February 2010

JAI102534: Importance of Residual Stresses and Surface Roughness regarding Fatigue of Titanium Forgings - 01 February 2010

JAI102543: The Role of Hydrogen on Rolling Contact Fatigue Response of Rolling Element Bearings - 01 February 2010

JAI102563: Corrosion of Fe-Based Nanocrystalline Alloys with Soft Magnetic Properties - 01 February 2010

JAI102569: Glass Formation and Mechanical Properties of Ti–Cu–Ni Alloys with High Ti Content - 01 February 2010

JAI102612: Initiation Behavior of Crack Originated from Non-Metallic Inclusion in Rolling Contact Fatigue - 01 February 2010

JAI102629: Modeling the Influence of Microstructure in Rolling Contact Fatigue - 01 February 2010

JAI101840: The Effect of Agitation and Quenchant Temperature on the Heat Transfer Coefficients for 6061 Aluminum Alloy Quenched in Distilled Water - 01 January 2010

JAI101948: Magnox Steel Reactor Pressure Vessel Monitoring Schemes—An Overview - 01 January 2010

JAI102175: Influence of Neutron Irradiation on Energy Accumulation and Dissipation during Plastic Flow and Hardening of Metallic Polycrystals - 01 January 2010

JAI102358: Interrelationship between True Stress–True Strain Behavior and Deformation Microstructure in the Plastic Deformation of Neutron-Irradiated or Work-Hardened Austenitic Stainless Steel - 01 January 2010

JAI102403: Application of Advanced Master Curve Approaches to the EURO Fracture Toughness Data Set - 01 January 2010

JAI102431: Investigation of Transition Fracture Toughness Variation within the Thickness of Reactor Pressure Vessel Forgings - 01 January 2010

JAI102505: More Accurate Approximation of J-Integral Equation for Evaluating Fracture Resistance Curves - 01 January 2010

JAI102510: Revisit of ASTM Round-Robin Test Data for Determining R Curves of Thin-Sheet Materials - 01 January 2010

GTJ102366: Electrical Resistivity Tomography in Cylindrical Cells—Guidelines for Hardware Pre-Design - 01 January 2010

JTE101909: Comparison of Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of Al 2024 and Al–Li 8090 Helicopter Fuselage Panels - 01 January 2010

JTE102220: Brinell and Vickers Hardness Measurement Using Image Processing and Analysis Techniques - 01 January 2010

JTE102458: SignalCAD: A Digital Signal Processing Software for Forced and Ambient Vibration Testing of Engineering Structures - 01 January 2010

JAI102204: Active Surveillance Systems for Early Detection and Improved Recall Decision Making - 01 November 2009

JAI102230: Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Cobalt and Nickel Alloys in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres - 01 November 2009

JAI102264: Ignition of Contaminated Aluminum by Impact in Liquid Oxygen—Influence of Oxygen Purity - 01 November 2009

JAI102299: Good Practices for Avoiding Fires in Steel Mill Oxygen Systems - 01 November 2009

JAI102342: Liquid Oxygen Rotating Friction Ignition Testing of Aluminum and Titanium with Monel® and Inconel® for Rocket Engine Propulsion System Contamination Investigation - 01 November 2009

JAI102503: Elastic-Plastic Stress Analysis of Cold-Worked Pin-Loaded Holes - 01 November 2009

JAI102541: Definition of the Influence of Pore Size on the Fatigue Limit Using Short Crack Propagation Experiments - 01 November 2009

JAI102630: Case Depth and Static Capacity of Surface Induction-Hardened Rings - 01 November 2009

JTE101574: Fatigue Crack Growth Rates in Pipeline Steels Using Curved M(T) Specimens - 01 November 2009

JTE101657: Yield Strength Evaluation by Small-Punch Test - 01 November 2009

JTE101861: A Synthetic Evaluation and Fuzzy Scheduling Model for Autonomous Test Priority - 01 November 2009

JTE101905: Performance Evaluation of Resistance Spot Welded Interstitial Free Steel Under Cryogenic Conditions - 01 November 2009

JTE102179: An Efficient Inverse Method for Identification of the Location and Time History of an Elastic Impact Load - 01 November 2009

JTE102206: A Review of Solid-State Electrochemical Sensors for Measurements of Sulfur Content of Liquid Metals - 01 November 2009

JTE102255: Ductile Damage Analysis for Small Punch Specimens of Type 304 Stainless Steel Based on GTN Model - 01 November 2009

JAI102324: In-Vitro Modeling of the Dynamic Forces in the Femoropopliteal Artery - 01 October 2009

JAI102400: Crystallographic Study of Superelastic Deformation of Nitinol - 01 October 2009

JAI102617: Determination of ΔKth by Compression Pre-Cracking in a Structural Steel - 01 October 2009

JAI101251: Comparison of Corrosion Rate Measurement of Copper, Zinc, and C1018 Steel Using Electrochemical Frequency Modulation and Traditional Methods - 01 September 2009

JAI101952: Irradiation-Induced Hardening and Embrittlement of High-Cr ODS Ferritic Steels - 01 September 2009

JAI102195: An Investigation of Factors Impacting Nitinol Wire Fatigue Life - 01 September 2009

JAI102292: Test Method for Quantifying the Ignitability of Metallic Materials - 01 September 2009

JAI102300: Promoted Ignition Testing of Metallic Filters in High-Pressure Oxygen - 01 September 2009

JTE003114: A Study on Rutting Prediction of the Asphalt Pavement for Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks - 01 September 2009

JAI101770: Minimizing Machining Distortion in Aluminum Alloys through Successful Application of Uphill Quenching—A Process Overview - 01 July 2009

JAI101822: A New Method to Study the Effect of Cooling Rate on the Decomposition of Austenite in Advanced High Strength Sheet Steels - 01 July 2009

JAI101959: Irradiation-Induced Grain-Boundary Solute Segregation and Its Effect on Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 July 2009

JAI101962: Final Results from the Crack Initiation and Arrest of Irradiated Steel Materials Project on Fracture Mechanical Assessments of Pre-Irradiated RPV Steels Used in German PWR - 01 July 2009

JAI101991: Study of Microstructure and Property Changes in Irradiated SS316 Wrapper of Fast Breeder Test Reactor - 01 July 2009

JAI102021: Overview of Pearlitic Rail Steel: Accelerated Cooling, Quenching, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties - 01 July 2009

JAI102062: Unusual Enhancement of Ductility Observed During Evolution of a “Deformation Wave” in 12Cr18Ni10Ti Stainless Steel Irradiated in BN-350 - 01 July 2009

JAI102096: International Atomic Energy Agency Coordinated Research Projects on Structural Integrity of Reactor Pressure Vessels - 01 July 2009

JAI102128: Microstructural Characterization of RPV Materials Irradiated to High Fluences at High Flux - 01 July 2009

JAI102253: Defining the Flammability of Cylindrical Metal Rods Through Characterization of the Thermal Effects of the Ignition Promoter - 01 July 2009

JAI102412: Fatigue to Fracture: An Informative, Fast, and Reliable Approach for Assessing Medical Implant Durability - 01 July 2009

JTE102083: The Nondestructive Estimation of Mechanical Properties of a Carbon Steel by X-ray Diffraction Peak Broadening - 01 July 2009

JTE102116: Crack Mouth Opening Displacement-Based η Factors for SE(B) Specimens - 01 July 2009

JTE102368: Crack Size Evaluation Using Unloading Compliance in Single-Specimen Single-Edge-Notched Tension Fracture Toughness Testing - 01 July 2009

JTE102369: Comparison of Both Creep Resistance and Material Properties of High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel - 01 July 2009

JAI101701: Correlation between Thermal and Mechanical Properties of the 10NiCr11 - 01 June 2009

JAI101879: Review of Multiaxis Fatigue Testing for Fatigue/Durability of Cardiovascular Medical Devices - 01 June 2009

JAI102269: The Rate-Limiting Mechanism for the Heterogeneous Burning of Cylindrical Iron Rods - 01 June 2009

JAI102270: A Proposed Qualitative Framework for Heterogeneous Burning of Metallic Materials: The “Melting Rate Triangle” - 01 June 2009

JAI101728: Effect of Ta Rich Inclusions and Microstructure Change During Precracking on Bimodal Fracture of Reduced-Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels Observed in Transition Range - 01 May 2009

JAI101783: Considering the Body-Centered Cubic Lattice Parameter of α-Fe Alloys versus Concentrations of Solved Elements - 01 May 2009

JAI101804: Numerical Simulation of the Mechanical Properties of Cr12 Steel during Gas Quenching - 01 May 2009

JAI101903: Electrochemical and in-situ SERS Study of Passive Film Characteristics and Corrosion Performance of 9%Cr Microcomposite Steel in Highly Alkaline Environments - 01 May 2009

JAI102041: Analysis of Stress Concentration around Inclusions due to Thermally Induced Strain to the Steel Matrix - 01 May 2009

JAI102095: Modeling of Quenching and Tempering Induced Phase Transformations in Steels - 01 May 2009

JTE100980: Improvements in the Mercury Displacement Method for Measuring Diffusible Hydrogen Contents in Steels - 01 May 2009

JTE101896: Ultrasonic Imaging Technique of Spot Weld Structure for a High Strength Galvanized Steel Sheet - 01 May 2009

JTE102071: Development and Preliminary Testing of a Crack Detection Sensor for Crack Velocity Measurement of an Edge-Notched Disk - 01 May 2009

JTE102162: Effects of Cycles below the Fatigue Limit on the Life of a High Strength Steel - 01 May 2009

JTE102183: Revised Incremental J-Integral Equations for ASTM E1820 Using the Crack Mouth Opening Displacement - 01 May 2009

JAI101616: Practical Challenges Testing Coupons with Residual Stresses from Cold Expanded Holes - 01 April 2009

JAI101806: Optimum Strategies to Reduce Residual Stresses and Distortion during the Metal Quenching Process - 01 April 2009

JAI101872: Feasibility of a Method to Quantify Movement-Induced Conformational Changes in the Superficial Femoral and Popliteal (Femoropopliteal) Arterial Tree Using 3-D Angiography - 01 April 2009

JAI101882: Correlation between Cooling Curves Obtained with a Silver Probe and Quenching Properties of 5140 Steel Bars - 01 April 2009

JAI101246: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Measurement during Cathodic Disbondment Experiment of Pipeline Coatings - 01 March 2009

JAI101247: Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance Technique to Monitor External Polymeric Pipeline Coatings - 01 March 2009

JAI101709: Role of Thiosulfate on Chloride Breakdown Potential of Heat Treated Ni-18Cr-6Fe Alloys - 01 March 2009

JAI101897: Analysis of the Belgian Surveillance Fracture Toughness Database Using Conventional and Advanced Master Curve Approaches - 01 March 2009

JAI101985: Comparison of CANDU Fuel Bundle Finite Element Model with Unirradiated Mechanical Load Experiments - 01 March 2009

JTE101668: Experimental and Numerical Determination of Mixed Mode Crack Extension Angle - 01 March 2009

JTE101943: Evaluating the Onset of Tearing in Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness Testing Using In Situ Optical Microscopy - 01 March 2009

JAI101314: In PWR Comprehensive Study of High Burn-Up Corrosion and Growth Behavior of M5® and Recrystallized Low-Tin Zircaloy-4 - 01 February 2009

JAI101555: Stress-Triaxiality in Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Materials - 01 February 2009

JAI101581: Dilatometric Analysis for Investigating Age Hardening in a Commercial Precious Metal Dental Alloy - 01 February 2009

JAI101776: An Overview of Technology and Equipment for Hardening of Large Steel Parts - 01 February 2009

JAI101802: Model of Solid State Transformations of Ductile Cast Iron GJS-600 - 01 February 2009

JAI101874: Full-Field Measurements of Fracture Initiation and Crack Growth in Superelastic Nitinol - 01 February 2009

JAI101217: Thermal Conductance of Ball Bearings in Vacuum: A Review - 01 January 2009

JAI101539: Effect of Inhomogeneity in Aligned Grains on Creep-Fatigue Crack Opening and Propagation Behavior of Directionally Solidified Superalloy - 01 January 2009

JAI101757: Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly Intensively Quenched Limited Hardenability Low Alloy Steels - 01 January 2009

JAI101784: Heat Transfer During Quenching and Assessment of Quench Severity—A Review - 01 January 2009

JAI101792: One More Discussion “What is Intensive Quenching Process?” - 01 January 2009

JAI101852: The Influence of Surface Temperature on Rewetting Behavior During Immersion Quenching of Hollow and Solid Cylinders - 01 January 2009

JAI101853: Hydrogen-Related Degradation of Mechanical Properties of Titanium and Titanium Alloys - 01 January 2009

JAI101855: An Expert System for Estimation of Fatigue Properties from Simple Tensile Data or Hardness - 01 January 2009

JAI102098: Water and Polymer Quenching of Aluminum Alloys: A Review of the Effect of Surface Condition, Water Temperature, and Polymer Quenchant Concentration on the Yield Strength of 7075-T6 Aluminum Plate - 01 January 2009

JAI102100: On the Effectiveness of the Dynamic Force Adjustment for Reducing the Scatter of Instrumented Charpy Results - 01 January 2009

JTE101475: Measurement of Very Low Creep Strains: A Review - 01 January 2009

JTE101594: Erosion Test Evaluation by Noncumulative Mass Loss Data - 01 January 2009

JTE102094: Instrumented Impact Tests: Effects of Machine Variables and Specimen Position - 01 January 2009

JAI101494: Investigation of Irradiation Hardening and Embrittlement of Zr-2.5%Nb Alloy with High-Energy (e,γ)-Beams - 01 November 2008

JAI101530: A Concept for the Fatigue Life Prediction of Components from an Aluminum-Steel Compound - 01 November 2008

JAI101546: The Significance of a Crack Growth Law for a C(T) Fracture Specimen Undergoing Stable Crack Extension - 01 November 2008

JAI101765: Application of thermodynamics and kinetics in the designing of new type TRIP steels concerning Al and P effects - 01 November 2008

JAI101769: Using Polyalkylene Glycol Quenchants to Effectively Control Distortion and Residual Stresses in Heat Treated Aluminum Alloys - 01 November 2008

JAI101799: Computer Simulation of Quenched Steel Working Stress - 01 November 2008

JAI101810: Numerical Simulation of Residual Stresses in Quenched Steel Bodies Using Subroutines to Represent TTT and CCT Diagrams - 01 November 2008

JAI101829: An Efficient Numerical Algorithm for the Prediction of Thermal and Microstructure Fields during Quenching of Steel Rods - 01 November 2008

JAI102074: A Review of Peripheral Vascular Deformations due to Respiration and Musculoskeletal Influences - 01 November 2008

JAI102092: The Influence of Instrumented Striker Configuration on the Results of Dynamic Toughness Testing - 01 November 2008

JTE101207: Testing and evaluation of water hydraulic components by acoustic emission and wavelet analysis - 01 November 2008

JTE101473: Research on the Relation Between Magnetic Barkhausen Noise and Ferromagnetic Materials with Different Heat Treatments - 01 November 2008

JAI101002: Towards Crack Arrest Testing Using Miniature Specimens - 01 October 2008

JAI101042: Investigation of Material Fatigue Behavior Through Cyclic Ball Indentation Testing - 01 October 2008

JAI101125: Characterization of Local Strain Distribution in Zircaloy-4 and M5® Alloys - 01 October 2008

JAI101262: Evaluation of Hydride Reorientation Behavior and Mechanical Properties for High-Burnup Fuel-Cladding Tubes in Interim Dry Storage - 01 October 2008

JAI101321: Toward a Better Understanding of Dimensional Changes in Zircaloy-4: What is the Impact Induced by Hydrides and Oxide Layer? - 01 October 2008

JAI101512: Analysis of Material Inhomogeneity in the European Round Robin Fracture Toughness Data Set - 01 October 2008

JAI101523: In-situ Fatigue Damage Investigations in Welded Metallic Components by Infrared Techniques - 01 October 2008

JAI101535: Comparison of the Temperature and Pre-Aging Influences on the Low Cycle Fatigue and Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Behavior of Copper Alloys (CuCoBe/CuCo2Be) - 01 October 2008

JAI101537: Influence of the Peening Intensity on the Fatigue Behavior of Shot Peened Titanium Components - 01 October 2008

JAI101540: Test Results from Round Robin on Precracking and CTOD Testing of Welds - 01 October 2008

JAI101545: Focused Ion Beam as New Tool for Local Investigations of the Interaction of Microcracks with Grain Boundaries - 01 October 2008

JAI101561: Experimental Study of the Fracture Toughness Transferability to Pressurized Thermal Shock Representative Loading Conditions - 01 October 2008

JAI101619: Fatigue Crack Growth in Open and Nut-Loaded Bolts with and without Pretension Loading - 01 October 2008

JAI101695: Carrying Capacity Prediction of Steam Turbine Rotors with Operation Damage - 01 October 2008

JAI101793: Influence of Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties of Thixomolded® Magnesium Alloys - 01 October 2008

JAI101813: Determination of Surface Heat Transfer Coefficients of Cr12MoV Steel Cylinder during High-Speed Gas Quenching at Atmospheric Pressure - 01 October 2008

JAI101871: A Feasibility Study of the Use of Bismuth Bath to Replace Lead Bath as the Quenching Media for Steel Heat-Treating - 01 October 2008

JAI101104: Effects of Surface Morphology and Distributed Inclusions on the Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Miniaturized Specimens of F82H steel - 01 September 2008

JAI101148: Influence of Structure Changes in E110 Alloy Claddings on Ductility Loss Under LOCA Conditions - 01 September 2008

JAI101168: Determination of Transferable Lower-Bound Fracture Toughness from Small Specimens - 01 September 2008

JAI101239: Crevice Corrosion of Grade-12 Titanium - 01 September 2008

JAI101548: Biaxial Loading Effect on Higher-Order Crack Tip Parameters - 01 September 2008

JAI101549: Effect of Prestrain on Fatigue Crack Growth of Age-Hardened Al 6061-T6 - 01 September 2008

JAI101608: Impact of Residual Stress and Elastic Follow-Up on Fracture - 01 September 2008

JAI101610: Influence of Residual Stresses on Fretting Fatigue Life Prediction in Ti-6Al-4V - 01 September 2008

JAI101617: Elastic-Plastic Finite-Element Analyses of Compression Precracking and Its Influence on Subsequent Fatigue-Crack Growth - 01 September 2008

JAI101708: Comparison of Thermal Expansion Behavior of Phosphoric Irons with Conventional Concrete Reinforcement Steel - 01 September 2008

JAI101713: Evaluation of Residual Stress Corrections to Fracture Toughness Values - 01 September 2008

JAI101777: Accelerated Cooling of Steel Plates: The Time Has Come - 01 September 2008

JTE100957: A Generalized Method for Calculating Strain for a Circular Cross-Section Specimen Subject to Axial Force and Bending - 01 September 2008

JTE101365: FIMEC Tests on SPS sintered FeMo Ultra-Fine-Grained Alloys - 01 September 2008

JTE101388: Solderability Testing of Lead-Free Solder Joints Using Miniature Specimens - 01 September 2008

JTE101688: Fault Degradation Assessment of Water Hydraulic Components by Noise Signal with Wavelet Packet Analysis - 01 September 2008

JTE101742: Novel Method of Evaluating Dynamic Repeated Measurement Uncertainty - 01 September 2008

JAI101000: Application of Subsize Specimens for Re-Irradiation Embrittlement Monitoring of the First Generation of VVER-440 RPV Steels - 01 July 2008

JAI101122: Contribution of Thermodynamic Calculations to Metallurgical Studies of Multi-Component Zirconium Based Alloys - 01 July 2008

JAI101132: Tearing Crack Growth and Fracture Micro-Mechanisms Under Micro Segregation in Zr-2.5%Nb Pressure Tube Material - 01 July 2008

JAI101134: Investigation of Structural and Chemical Uniformity of Zr2.5% Nb and E635 Alloy by Radioactive Indicators - 01 July 2008

JAI101188: ZIRLOTM Cladding Improvement - 01 July 2008

JAI101206: In Situ EIS Measurements of Irradiated Zircaloy-4 Post-Transition Corrosion Kinetic Behavior - 01 July 2008

JAI101350: On Using Laboratory Measurements to Predict Corrosion Service Lives for Engineering Applications - 01 July 2008

JAI101557: Laser Generated Crack-Like Features Developed for Assessment of Fatigue Threshold Behavior - 01 July 2008

JAI101567: An Examination of Fatigue Initiation Mechanisms in Thin 35Co-35Ni-20Cr-10Mo Medical Grade Wires - 01 July 2008

JAI101623: Compression Precracking to Generate Near Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth Rates in an Aluminum and Titanium Alloy - 01 July 2008

JAI101648: Analysis of Crack Growth at R=−1 Under Variable Amplitude Loading on a Steel for Railway Axles - 01 July 2008

JAI101662: Percent Shear Area Determination in Charpy Impact Testing - 01 July 2008

JTE101351: A Comparison of Two Crush Test Methods for Honeycombs Under Compression and Shear - 01 July 2008

JTE101669: Development of a Reversible Bending Fatigue Test Bed to Evaluate Bulk Properties Using Sub-Size Specimens - 01 July 2008

JAI100962: Notch Strengthening and Its Impact on the Deformation and Fracture of 316L Stainless Steel - 01 June 2008

JAI101120: Role of Twinning and Slip in Deformation of a Zr-2.5Nb Tube - 01 June 2008

JAI101214: Relative Comparison Method of Rolling Contact Fatigue Performance of Silicon Nitrides by Stepwise Loading Balls-on-Flat Test—A Candidate for Standard Practice for Comparison of RCF Performance - 01 June 2008

JAI101304: Intergranular and Interphase Constraints in Zirconium Alloys - 01 June 2008

JAI101354: In-Reactor Deformation of Zirconium Alloy Components - 01 June 2008

JAI101524: Evaluation of Residual Stress Effects on Brittle Fracture Strength Based on Weibull Stress Criterion - 01 June 2008

JAI101531: Hydrogen/Plasticity Interactions at an Axial Crack in Pipeline Steel - 01 June 2008

JAI101550: On the quantification of the constraint effect along a three-dimensional crack front - 01 June 2008

JAI101564: Multi-Scale Approach to the Fatigue Crack Propagation in High-Strength Pearlitic Steel Wires - 01 June 2008

JAI101571: Impact Fatigue Failure Investigation of HVOF Coatings - 01 June 2008

JAI101005: Surveillance of the Fracture Behavior of Zircaloy-4 Welds Using the Small Punch Test - 01 May 2008

JAI101116: Hydrogen Content, Preoxidation, and Cooling Scenario Effects on Post-Quench Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-4 and M5® Alloys in LOCA Conditions - 01 May 2008

JAI101124: CASTA DIVA®: Experiments and Modeling of Oxide-Induced Deformation in Nuclear Components - 01 May 2008

JAI101129: Corrosion and Oxide Properties of HANA Alloys - 01 May 2008

JAI101191: Corrosion of Phosphoric Irons in Acidic Environments - 01 May 2008

JAI101209: Experimental and Analytical Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of High-Burnup Zircaloy-4 Fuel Cladding - 01 May 2008

JAI101312: A New Model to Predict the Oxidation Kinetics of Zirconium Alloys in a Pressurized Water Reactor - 01 May 2008

JAI101532: Experimental Estimation of J-R Curves from Load-CMOD Record for SE(B) Specimens - 01 May 2008

JAI101544: Mechanical Evaluation of Mixed As-Cast and Friction Stir Processed Zones in Nickel Aluminum Bronze - 01 May 2008

JAI101559: Fatigue Behavior of Adhesively Bonded Aluminium Double Strap Joints - 01 May 2008

JAI101566: A Simplified Modeling Approach for Predicting Global Distortion in Large Metallic Parts Caused by the Installation of Interference Fit Bushings - 01 May 2008

JAI101570: The Influence of Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Strength of Cold-Formed Structural Tubes - 01 May 2008

JTE100108: Performance Evaluation Test of the Time-of-Flight Diffraction Technique for Welded Joints of Steel Bridges - 01 May 2008

JTE100662: Thickness Gaging of Thin Plates by Multi-Peak Frequency Decomposition of Lamb Wave Signals - 01 May 2008

JAI100994: Fracture Toughness Evaluation of Eurofer97 by Testing Small Specimens - 01 April 2008

JAI101008: Application of the Small-Punch Test to Irradiated Reactor Vessel Steels in the Brittle-Ductile Transition Region - 01 April 2008

JAI101073: Application of Digital Marker Extensometry to Determine the True Stress-Strain Behavior of Irradiated Metals and Alloys - 01 April 2008

JAI101115: Irradiation-Induced Growth and Microstructure of Recrystallized, Cold Worked and Quenched Zircaloy-2, NSF, and E635 Alloys - 01 April 2008

JAI101119: Investigations of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Prior-β Structure as a Function of the Oxygen Content in Two Zirconium Alloys - 01 April 2008

JAI101562: Introducing Heterogeneity into Brittle Fracture Modeling of a 22NiMoCr37 Ferritic Steel Ring Forging - 01 April 2008

JAI101568: Fatigue Crack Growth in Integrally Stiffened Panels Joined Using Friction Stir Welding and Swept Friction Stir Spot Welding - 01 April 2008

JAI101587: Fretting Fatigue Behavior of Shot-Peened Ti-6Al-4V and IN100 - 01 April 2008

JAI101612: The Influence of Residual Stress on the Design of Aircraft Primary Structure - 01 April 2008

JAI100959: Miniature Compact Tension Specimens for Upper Shelf Fracture Toughness Measurements on RPV Steels - 01 March 2008

JAI100998: Application of Subsize Specimens for Irradiation Embrittlement Monitoring of VVER-440/213 RPV Steels - 01 March 2008

JAI100999: Using Subsize Impact Bend Specimens for Estimation of Irradiation and Re-Irradiation Embrittlement of VVER RPV Steels - 01 March 2008

JAI101001: Crack Arrest Testing Using Small Wide Plate SE(T) Specimens - 01 March 2008

JAI101117: The Effect of Hydrogen on the Transition Behavior of the Corrosion Rate of Zirconium Alloys - 01 March 2008

JAI101118: Experimental and Modeling Approach of Irradiation Defects Recovery in Zirconium Alloys: Impact of an Applied Stress - 01 March 2008

JAI101127: Structure-Phase State, Corrosion and Irradiation Properties of Zr-Nb-Fe-Sn System Alloys - 01 March 2008

JAI101161: Characterization of Zirconium Hydrides and Phase Field Approach to a Mesoscopic-Scale Modeling of Their Precipitation - 01 March 2008

JAI101192: A Study of Thin Coating Wear in High Data Density Tape Heads - 01 March 2008

JAI101257: Microstructural Characterization of Oxides Formed on Model Zr Alloys Using Synchrotron Radiation - 01 March 2008

JAI101346: Applicability of the Fracture Toughness Master Curve to Irradiated Highly Embrittled Steel and Intergranular Fracture - 01 March 2008

JAI101467: Assessing the Loading Rate for a Fracture Toughness Test in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Region - 01 March 2008

JAI101528: Prediction of the Fatigue Limit of Prestrained Carbon Steel Under Tensile Mean Stress - 01 March 2008

JTE100170: Evaluation of Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel Wires for Orthodontic Applications - 01 March 2008

JTE101032: Lineared Inverse Scattering Methods in Elasticity for Shape Reconstruction of Defects - 01 March 2008

JAI101091: Measurement of Rates of Delayed Hydride Cracking (DHC) in Zr-2.5Nb Alloys—An IAEA Coordinated Research Project - 01 February 2008

JAI101105: Behavior and Mechanisms of Irradiation—Thermal Creep of Cladding Tubes Made of Zirconium Alloys - 01 February 2008

JAI101110: Cladding Tube Deformation Test for Stress Reorientation of Hydrides - 01 February 2008

JAI101121: Effect of Water Chemistry and Composition on Microstructural Evolution of Oxide on Zr Alloys - 01 February 2008

JAI101131: Effects of Pt Surface Coverage on Oxidation of Zr and Other Materials - 01 February 2008

JAI101140: Round-Robin Testing of Fracture Toughness Characteristics of Thin-Walled Tubing - 01 February 2008

JAI101241: Electrochemical Techniques in Corrosion: Status, Limitations, and Needs - 01 February 2008

JAI101420: Effect of Active Elements on the Oxidation Behavior of a FeCrAl Alloy Produced by Co-Rolling and Annealing - 01 February 2008

JAI100728: Attenuation of Neutron Radiation Damage Through a Simulated RPV Wall - 01 January 2008

JAI101133: Effect of Irradiation Damage on the Deformation Properties of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 January 2008

JAI101135: Deformation Anisotropy of Annealed Zircaloy-2 as a Function of Fast Neutron Fluence - 01 January 2008

JAI101146: Microstructure Evolution in Zr Alloys during Irradiation: Dose, Dose Rate, and Impurity Dependence - 01 January 2008

JAI101183: Fracture Toughness of Hydrided Zircaloy-4 Sheet Under Through-Thickness Crack Growth Conditions - 01 January 2008

JAI101203: In-Pile Criteria for the Initiation of Massive Hydriding of Zr in Steam-Hydrogen Environment - 01 January 2008

JAI101255: Determination and Interpretation of Texture Evolution during Deformation of a Zirconium Alloy - 01 January 2008

JAI101292: Chemistry of Waterside Oxide Layers on Pressure Tubes - 01 January 2008

JAI101308: Optimization of Energy Utilization and Productivity of Heat Treating Batch-Type Furnaces - 01 January 2008

JTE100328: A Revised Procedure for the Construction of a 3-Parameter JR Resistance Curve and the Determination of Initiation Toughness J0.2 - 01 January 2008

JTE100806: Analytical Determination of the Surface Area of a Threaded Fastener - 01 January 2008

JTE101041: Determination of Elastic Properties by Resonant Technique: A Sensitivity Analysis - 01 January 2008

JAI100926: Mechanochemical Additive-Assisted Reconditioning Effects and Mechanism on Worn Ferrous Surfaces - 01 November 2007

JAI100939: Use of KLST-Type Miniature Charpy Specimens for Measuring Dynamic Fracture Toughness under Impact Loading Rates - 01 November 2007

JAI100956: Design of Functionalized PAMA Viscosity Modifiers to Reduce Friction and Wear in Lubricating Oils - 01 November 2007

JAI101106: A Study of the Structure and Chemistry in Zircaloy-2 and the Resulting Oxide After High Temperature Corrosion - 01 November 2007

JAI101111: Mechanical Properties of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes Made from Electrolytic Powder - 01 November 2007

JAI101126: Manufacturing Variability, Microstructure, and Deformation of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 November 2007

JAI101143: Effect of Local Hydride Accumulations on Zircaloy Cladding Mechanical Properties - 01 November 2007

JAI101194: Friction and Wear Behavior of Electroplated and Thermal Sprayed Coatings Tested in an Instrumented Rubber Wheel Abrasion Test - 01 November 2007

JAI101303: Study of Corrosion Initiation of a Steel Panel from a Defect in Coating Using Localized Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (LEIS) - 01 November 2007

JTE100060: Nondestructive Testing for the Integrity Evaluation of Erosive and Abrasive Boundary Layers - 01 November 2007

JTE100922: Determination of the Fatigue Resistance of HVOF Thermal Spray WC-CoCr Coatings by Means of Impact Testing - 01 November 2007

JAI100698: Kinetics of the Migration and Clustering of Extrinsic Gas in bcc Metals - 01 October 2007

JAI101079: Surface Characterization Techniques in Wear of Materials - 01 October 2007

JAI101123: Studies of Corrosion of Cladding Materials in Simulated BWR Environment using Impedance Measurements - 01 October 2007

JAI101198: Development of Electrochemical Standards for Corrosion Testing - 01 October 2007

JAI101224: Coriolis Erosion Testing Approach for Relatively Thick Coatings - 01 October 2007

JAI101230: Measuring the Repassivation Potential of Alloy 22 Using the Potentiodynamic-Galvanostatic-Potentiostatic Method - 01 October 2007

JAI100680: Strain Hardening During Mechanical Twinning and Dislocation Channeling in Irradiated 316 Stainless Steels - 01 September 2007

JAI100690: Phosphorus Segregation and Intergranular Embrittlement in Thermally Aged and Neutron Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 September 2007

JAI100695: Radiation Embrittlement of Cr–Ni–Mo and Cr–Mo RPV Steels - 01 September 2007

JAI100743: Grain Growth in Nanocrystalline Metal Thin Films under In Situ Ion-Beam Irradiation - 01 September 2007

JAI100912: Synergistic Tribological Performances of Borate Additive in Lubricants - 01 September 2007

JAI101190: Investigation of Friction in the Meso Normal Force Range on DLC and TiN Coatings - 01 September 2007

JAI101294: Measurement of the Resistance of Treated Metal Foils to Scrubbing Abrasion Using a Modified Reciprocating Wear Test - 01 September 2007

JTE100050: Numerical Analysis of Rectangular Plate with Symmetric Edge Cracks and Edge Half-Circular Hole Cracks in Tension - 01 September 2007

JTE100097: Crack Growth Behavior in Overloaded Specimens with Sharp Notch in Low Carbon Steel - 00 September 2007

JTE100565: Quantification of Constitutive Behavior of Sheet Metals Subjected to Dynamic Bulge Loading - 00 September 2007

JTE100758: Gearbox Fault Feature Extraction Using Hilbert Transform, S-Transform, and a Statistical Indicator - 00 September 2007

JAI100645: Martensite Transformations and Fatigue Behavior of Nitinol - 01 July 2007

JAI100681: Information Fusion Embrittlement Models for U.S. Power Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 July 2007

JAI100701: Irradiation Hardening and Microstructure Evolution of Ion-irradiated ODS Ferritic Steels - 01 July 2007

JAI100719: Analysis of the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature Shift in a Commercial Power Plant With High Nickel Containing Weld Material - 01 July 2007

JAI100849: A Review of Engine Oil Oxidation Bench Tests and Their Application in the Screening of New Antioxidant Systems for Low Phosphorus Engine Oils - 01 July 2007

JAI100937: Study of the ZDDP Antiwear Tribofilm Formed on the DLC Coating Using AFM and XPS Techniques - 01 July 2007

JAI101068: Statistical Evaluation of Promoted Ignition Test Data - 01 July 2007

JTE100077: Laser Welding Conditions to Improve Tensile Strength and Fatigue Strength of a Lap Joint in Aluminum Alloys - 00 July 2007

JTE100116: A Journal Bearing Test Rig With Reducedqa Uncertainty: Some Design Considerations - 00 July 2007

JTE100524: Experimental Technique for Fully-Reversedqa Low-Cycle Fatigue Testing of Thin Metallic Foils - 00 July 2007

JTE100631: A Method for Evaluating Fretting Wear Scarsqa in Thin Steel Roping Wires Based on Confocalqa Imaging Profilometry - 00 July 2007

JTE100713: Small Specimen Test Techniques for Estimating the Tensile Property Degradation of Modqa 9Cr-1Mo Steel on Thermal Aging - 00 July 2007

JTE100734: Fault Classification of Water Hydraulic System by Vibration Analysis with Support Vector Machine - 00 July 2007

JAI100390: Characterizing Fatigue Response of Nickel-Titanium Alloys by Rotary Beam Testing - 01 June 2007

JAI100480: Cyclic Oxidation Behavior of Co-rolled Al-Ferritic Stainless Steel - 01 June 2007

JAI100692: Modelling of Radiation Damage in Fe-Cr Alloys - 01 June 2007

JAI100946: Modeling the Interaction of Helium with Dislocations and Grain Boundaries in Alpha-Iron - 01 June 2007

JAI100276: Observation of Austenitic Grain Growth in Some Alloy Structural Steels - 01 May 2007

JAI100696: Monitoring of Radiation Embrittlement of the First and Second Generation of VVER RPV Steels - 01 May 2007

JAI101090: Mesh Tally Radiation Damage Calculations and Application to the SNS Target System - 01 May 2007

JTE100180: An Evaluation of Stress-Strain Property Prediction by Automated Ball Indentation (ABI) testing - 01 May 2007

JTE100628: Development of a Stress Corrosion Cracking Test Methodology Using Tube-shaped Specimens - 01 May 2007

JTE100670: Fatigue Prediction of Lightweight Thermoplastic Fiber-Metal Laminates - 01 May 2007

JTE11957: Texture Evaluation in Zr-2.5 % Nb Pressure Tubes Using Kearn’s f Parameter - 01 May 2007

JTE12611: Crack Initiation Determination for Three-Point-Bend Specimens - 01 May 2007

JAI100708: Influence of Metallurgical Parameters on the Coercive Strength of Some Carbon Steels - 00 May 2007

JAI100941: Additive and Base Oil Effects in Automatic Particle Counters - 00 April 2007

JAI101004: Effect of Geometry on the Melting Rates of Iron Rods Burning in High Pressure Oxygen - 00 April 2007

JTE100082: Measuring Stress Strain Curves to Large Strains on Sheet Metal - 01 March 2007

JTE100122: Comparison of Different Methods for Fatigue Limit Evaluation by Means of the Monte Carlo Method - 01 March 2007

JTE100588: Stress Intensity Formulas for Three-dimensional Cracks in the Vicinity of an Interface - 01 March 2007

JTE100622: Effect of Magnetic Field on Fatigue Crack Propagation of Single-Edge Cracked Soft Ferromagnetic Specimens under Mode I Loading - 01 March 2007

JAI100657: Effects of Phase Transformations on Fatigue Endurance of a Superelastic NiTi Alloy - 00 March 2007

JAI100489: Fatigue Crack Growth Analyses of Aerospace Threaded Fasteners—Part III: Experimental Crack Growth Behavior - 00 February 2007

JAI100490: Fatigue Crack Growth Analyses of Aerospace Threaded Fasteners—Part II: Material/Stress State and Bolt Strength - 00 February 2007

JAI100491: Fatigue Crack Growth Analyses of Aerospace Threaded Fasteners—Part I: State-of-Practice Bolt Crack Growth Analyses Methods - 00 February 2007

JAI100493: Fatigue Crack Growth Analyses of Aerospace Threaded Fasteners—Part IV: Numeric Analyses and Synthesis of All Results - 00 February 2007

JAI12548: Residual Stress Distributions for Plate T-Butt Welds in Defect Assessment Applications - 01 January 2007

JTE100040: Uncertainties in Corrosion Rate Measurements of Fasteners Exposed to Treated Wood at 100 % Relative Humidity - 01 January 2007

JTE100090: A Test Method to Determine Low-Cycle-Fatigue Behavior of Wrinkled Pipe - 01 January 2007

JTE100098: Dynamic Fracture-Initiation Toughness ermination of Al 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy - 01 January 2007

JTE100131: Influence of the Calibration Points on the Spb Parameter Behavior - 01 January 2007

JTE100142: Calculation of Stress Fields Near Notch Roots in Real Life Structures Subjected to In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Deformations - 01 January 2007

JAI100296: Prediction of Texture in Cold Flat Rolling of Aluminum Using an Explicit Dynamic Finite Element Model - 01 November 2006

JAI100338: Analysis of the VENUS-3 PWR Pressure Vessel Surveillance Benchmark Using TRIPOLI-4.3 Monte Carlo Code - 01 November 2006

JAI100401: Impact of Small Chemistry Variations in Plate and Weld Filler Metal on the Corrosion Performance of Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys2 - 01 November 2006

JAI100416: Are Multiaxial Fatigue Criteria Appropriate When Steels with Surface Defects are Subjected to Rolling Contact Fatigue - 01 November 2006

JAI100422: Characteristics of Vanadium Alloyed Carbonitrided Steel for Rolling Bearing Applications - 01 November 2006

JAI100574: A Comparison of Predictions From Probabilistic Crack Growth Models Inferred From Virkler's Data - 01 November 2006

JAI14022: A Review of Swedish Bearing Steel Manufacturing and Quality Assurance of Steel Products - 01 November 2006

JTE100027: Sensitivity Evaluation in Double Wall Radiography of Pipes and Multilayer Plates by Assessment the Monte Carlo Simulation - 01 November 2006

JTE100039: Durability Test Analysis in a Passenger Vehicle Damper Spring Tower - 01 November 2006

JTE100125: Round Robin Test on Normalization Method under Static Loading Condition - 01 November 2006

JTE100143: Evaluation of the Simulated Material Microstructures Using the Image Processing and Image Analyzing Methods - 01 November 2006

JAI100374: Thermoelastic Transformation Behavior of Nitinol - 01 October 2006

JAI100388: Experimental Studies of NiTi Self-expanding Stent Designs - 01 October 2006

JAI100391: Verification of Strain Level Calculations in Nitinol Fatigue Resistance Predictions - 01 October 2006

JAI100424: The Development of an Austenitic Stainless Steel Bearing with High Corrosion Resistance and High Nonmagnetic Property - 01 October 2006

JAI100425: Experiences in Using Ultrasonic Testing of Bearing Steel for Demanding Applications - 01 October 2006

JAI13208: Prediction of the Shape of the KJ Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature Curve for Ferritic Pressure Vessel Steels Using the Material's Resistance to Crack Extension KJ versus Δa Curve - 01 October 2006

JAI13218: Finite Element Simulation of Dynamic Crack Propagation for Complex Geometries Without Remeshing - 01 October 2006

JAI13561: Ignition of Metals at High Temperatures in Oxygen - 01 October 2006

JAI14036: Rapid Evaluation of Inclusions in Bearing Steel - 01 October 2006

JAI14042: Influence of Steel Making and Further Processing on the Distortion of Bearing Steel Components - 01 October 2006

JAI100275: The Monitoring of Crystallite Size By an X-Ray Method Applicable to the Processing and Synthesis of Micron-Sized Powders - 01 September 2006

JAI100418: Developing ASTM E 2283: Standard Practice for Extreme Value Analysis of Nonmetallic Inclusions in Steel and Other Microstructural Features - 01 September 2006

JAI100427: Measuring the Field Corrosion Activity of Bridge Decks Built with Bare and Epoxy Coated Steel - 01 September 2006

JAI100438: Effect of Bauschinger-Modified Autofrettage Residual Stresses on Cannon Fatigue Life - 01 September 2006

JAI13206: Verification of Analytical Models in a Fracture Mechanics Based Approach to Modeling Fretting Fatigue - 01 September 2006

JTE100073: Strain Control During High Speed Tensile Testing - 01 September 2006

JTE12660: The Influence of Initial Crack Length on Critical Stress Intensity Factor K1 - 01 September 2006

JTE13113: Evaluation of Residual Stress in Fiber-Textured Films by X-ray Diffraction - 01 September 2006

JTE14012: On the Frequency Response of Model Materials in Hydrotechnics - 01 September 2006

JTE14081: An Internal Conical Mandrel Technique for Fracture Toughness Measurements on Nuclear Fuel Cladding - 01 September 2006

JAI100346: Life Prediction of Fretting Fatigue of Ti-6Al-4V - 01 July 2006

JAI100348: A Robust Structural Stress Parameter for Evaluation of Multiaxial Fatigue of Weldments - 01 July 2006

JAI100485: Effect of Microstructure on Pit-to-Crack Transition of 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy - 01 July 2006

JAI13073: Probing the Elastic-Plastic, Time-Dependent Stress Response of Test Fasteners Using Finite Element Analysis - 01 July 2006

JAI13197: Elasto-Viscoplastic Behavior of the Ferritic Stainless Steel AISI 441-EN 1.4509 from Room Temperature to 850°C - 01 July 2006

JAI13219: Mechanistic Studies of High-Temperature Crack Initiation in Single Crystal Materials - 01 July 2006

JAI13237: Asymptotic Stress Fields for Thermomechanically Loaded Cracks in FGMs - 01 July 2006

JAI13414: Optimum Thread Rolling Process that Improves SCC Resistance - 01 July 2006

JAI13428: Benchmarking of PENTRAN-SSN Parallel Transport Code and FAST Preconditioning Algorithm Using the VENUS-2 MOX-Fueled Benchmark Problem - 01 July 2006

JAI13467: Spallation Radiation Damage Calculations and Database: Cross-Section Discrepancies between the Codes - 01 July 2006

JAI13484: Survey of the Latest Evaluated Nuclear Data - 01 July 2006

JAI14039: Statistical Analysis of Nonmetallic Inclusions for the Estimation of Rolling Contact Fatigue Range and Quality Control of Bearing Steel - 01 July 2006

JAI14058: X-ray Microdiffraction for the Analysis of Bearing Operation Conditions - 01 July 2006

JTE100104: Constant and Variable Amplitude Cyclic Plasticity in 316L Stainless Steel - 01 July 2006

JTE12578: Experimental Stability Analysis of a Test System for Doing Fatigue Tests under Random Loading - 01 July 2006

JTE12749: Shot-Peening Effects on Metal Erosion - 01 July 2006

JTE13151: A Two-Parameter Method for Determining the Fracture Toughness of Materials from Subsized Specimens - 01 July 2006

JTE14097: Effects of Different Load Schemes on the Fatigue Crack Growth Rate - 01 July 2006

JAI100337: Application of the Normalization Method to Dynamic Fracture Toughness Testing of Alloy 718 - 01 June 2006

JAI100347: Elastic T-Stress Solutions of Embedded Elliptical Cracks Subjected to Uniaxial and Biaxial Loadings - 01 June 2006

JAI100383: Functional Properties of Nanostructured Ti-50.0 at % Ni Alloys - 01 June 2006

JAI100384: FDA Recommendations for Nitinol Stent and Endovascular Graft Fatigue Characterization and Fracture Reporting - 01 June 2006

JAI13183: An Experimental and Numerical Study of the Fracture Strength of Welded Structural Hollow Section X-Joints - 01 June 2006

JAI13189: Detection of Crack Initiation by Observations of Free Surface Condition - 01 June 2006

JAI13209: Constraint Corrected J-R- Curve and Its Application to Fracture Assessment for X80 Pipelines - 01 June 2006

JAI13210: Development of a Circumferentially Throughwall Cracked Tube Specimen for Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Tests - 01 June 2006

JAI13222: Observations on Photo-Emission and the Process Zone of a Fatigue Crack - 01 June 2006

JAI13530: Oxygen Fires in Aluminum Alloy Cylinders - 01 June 2006

JAI13539: Promoted Metals Combustion at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures - 01 June 2006

JAI13581: Prediction of Failure in Existing Heart Valve Designs - 01 June 2006

JAI14024: Study of Vacuum Carbon-Deoxidization of High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel - 01 June 2006

JAI14040: Cleanliness of Bearing Steels and Fatigue Life of Rolling Contacts - 01 June 2006

JAI14045: New Development in Through Hardened Bearing Steel Grades for Use in Contaminated Lubrication - 01 June 2006

JAI100504: Comparison of the Corrosion Fatigue Characteristics of 23Mn-21Cr-1Mo Low Nickel, 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn, and 18Cr-14Ni-2.5Mo Stainless Steels - 01 May 2006

JAI12451: Dynamic Finite Element Modeling of Fracture in Charpy V-Notch Specimens of Weld Material 72W - 01 May 2006

JAI12552: Thermal Residual Stress Relaxation in Powder Metal IN100 Superalloy - 01 May 2006

JAI12559: Modeling the Formation and Growth of Cracks from Cold-Worked Holes - 01 May 2006

JAI12763: The Use of Digital Image Correlation to Verify the Behavior of Fiber Metal Laminate Cylinders under Torsional Loading - 01 May 2006

JAI13181: Volumetric and Surface Positron Annihilation Studies of Fatigue Damage Accumulation in a Steel Alloy - 01 May 2006

JAI13191: Application of the Reference Temperature to the Evaluation of Cleavage Fracture in HSLA-100 Steel - 01 May 2006

JAI13198: Creep Crack Growth Predictions in Component Using a Damage Based Approach - 01 May 2006

JAI13226: Creep Crack Growth Analysis of Welded Joints for High Cr Heat Resisting Steel - 01 May 2006

JAI13392: Validation of a Gravimetric Procedure for Recovery of Processing Materials from Porous Coated Metal Implants - 01 May 2006

JAI13532: Combustion Tests Under High Pressure Oxygen: Promoted Ignition Combustion Test Versus Metallic Disk Ignition Test - 01 May 2006

JAI13534: Mechanical Impact of Aluminum Alloy Gas Cylinder Pressurized with Oxygen - 01 May 2006

JAI13536: Surface Ignition of Aluminum in Oxygen - 01 May 2006

JAI13540: Analysis Tools Used to Evaluate Oxygen Hazards and the Oxygen Compatibility of Metals - 01 May 2006

JAI13573: A Metallurgist's Views on the Selection of Engineering Alloys for Applications Involving Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Keynote Address - 01 May 2006

JAI13580: Application of Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB) to Improve the Fatigue Performance of Ti-6Al-4V Femoral Hip Stems - 01 May 2006

JAI14030: Evaluation Procedures of Nonmetallic Inclusions in Steel for Highly Reliable Bearings - 01 May 2006

JAI14059: Study on Flaking Process in Bearings by White Etching Area Generation - 01 May 2006

JAI14063: Micro-Plastic Material Model and Residual Fields in Rolling Contacts - 01 May 2006

JAI14086: Development of a Supermartensitic Stainless Steel Microalloyed with Niobium - 01 May 2006

JAI14204: Explanation of the Origin of Distortion and Residual Stress in Water Quenched Cylinders Using Computer Simulation - 01 May 2006

JTE100048: Effects of Steel and Tungsten Carbide Ball Indenters on Rockwell Hardness Measurements - 01 May 2006

JTE11892: Uncertainty in Reference Values for the Charpy V-notch Verification Program - 01 May 2006

JTE12596: Evaluation of the ASTM J Initiation Procedure Using the EURO Fracture Toughness Data Set - 01 May 2006

JTE12628: High-Speed Balancing of Rotors with Overhangs: When Is Overhang Likely to Cause Problems? - 01 May 2006

JTE13140: Effects of Available Energy and Impact Rate on Charpy Absorbed Energy in the Upper Shelf - 01 May 2006

JAI12376: Microstructure Evolution in ZrC Irradiated with Kr ions - 01 April 2006

JAI12568: Novel Applications of the Deep-Hole Drilling Technique for Measuring Through-Thickness Residual Stress Distributions - 01 April 2006

JAI12757: Full-field Laser Shearography Instrumentation for the Detection and Characterization of Fatigue Cracks in Titanium 10-2-3 - 01 April 2006

JAI12868: The Development of Procedures for Charpy Impact Testing - 01 April 2006

JAI13069: Influence of Cold Rolling Threads Before or After Heat Treatment on the Fatigue Resistance of High Strength Fine Thread Bolts for Multiple Preload Conditions - 01 April 2006

JAI13199: Fatigue Strength in Presence of Inhomogeneities: Influence of Constraint - 01 April 2006

JAI13221: Experimental Evaluation of the J or C* Parameter for a Range of Cracked Geometries - 01 April 2006

JAI13231: The Role of Applied Potential on Environment-Assisted Cracking of Zirconium Alloys - 01 April 2006

JAI13232: The Effect of Large Strain Cycling on the Fatigue Strength of Welded Joint - 01 April 2006

JAI13510: Mechanical Characterization of Cryogenically Treated Music Wire - 01 April 2006

JAI13533: Promoted Combustion Testing of Pure and Ceramic-Coated Metals in High Pressure Oxygen by the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) - 01 April 2006

JAI13535: Promoted Ignition of a Cylinder Valve in NF3 - 01 April 2006

JAI13565: Effect of Sample Geometry on Regression Rate of the Melting Interface for Carbon Steel Burned in Oxygen - 01 April 2006

JAI13569: An Investigation of Regression Rate of the Melting Interface for Iron Burning in Normal Gravity and Reduced Gravity - 01 April 2006

JAI14032: A Statistical Method to Assess the Reliability of Cleanness Measurements for High Quality Bearing Steels - 01 April 2006

JAI14049: Performance Evaluation of “Duplex Hardened” Bearings for Advanced Turbine Engine Applications - 01 April 2006

JAI12876: Different Approaches for the Verification of Force Values Measured with Instrumented Charpy Strikers - 01 March 2006

JAI13072: Effect of Tightening Speed on Thread and Under-Head Coefficient of Friction - 01 March 2006

JAI13075: Influence of Cold Rolling Threads Before or After Heat Treatment on the Fatigue Resistance of High Strength Coarse Thread Bolts for Multiple Preload Conditions - 01 March 2006

JAI13106: Analysis of Charpy Impact Verification Data: 1993–2003 - 01 March 2006

JAI13425: Extensive Revision of the Kernel-based PREVIEW Program and Its Input Data - 01 March 2006

JAI13454: Benchmark on the 3-D VENUS-2 MOX-Fueled Reactor Dosimetry Calculations by DANTSYS Code System - 01 March 2006

JAI14050: Plasma Assisted Heat Treating Processes of Bearing Components - 01 March 2006

JTE12586: On Measuring Mixed Mode I/III Fracture Toughness of Ductile Materials Using the Critical Stretch Zone Width - 01 March 2006

JTE12696: Experimental Determination of Fatigue Crack Closure in 316 (N) Weld Using a Global CMOD Method - 01 March 2006

JTE12700: Slot Machining Effects on Residual Stress Measurements Using the Crack Compliance Method - 01 March 2006

JTE12724: Control of Noise and Specimen Temperature During 1 kHz Fatigue Experiments - 01 March 2006

JTE14068: The Activation Energy of the Static Fatigue (Creep of Steel) - 01 March 2006

JTE14108: On Setting Testing Rate Limitations for the Master Curve Reference Temperature, To, of ASTM E 1921 - 01 March 2006

JAI11785: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Studying Steel Corrosion Inhibition in Simulated Concrete Environments—Red Mud Used as Rebar Corrosion Inhibitor - 01 February 2006

JAI11788: A Numerical Method for the Recovery of Local Potentials and Currents Due to Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - 01 February 2006

JAI12400: Low Strain-Rate Microstructural Deformation Behavior in 316 Stainless Steel Irradiated in EBR-II - 01 February 2006

JAI12867: The History of Instrumented Impact Testing - 01 February 2006

JAI12869: International Comparison of Impact Reference Materials (2004) - 01 February 2006

JAI13220: Analysis of Creep Crack Initiation and Growth in Different Geometries for 316H and Carbon Manganese Steels - 01 February 2006

JAI13223: European Code of Practice for Creep Crack Initiation and Growth Testing of Industrially Relevant Specimens - 01 February 2006

JAI13227: Prediction of Scatter in Creep Crack Growth Data from Creep Failure Strain Properties - 01 February 2006

JAI13229: Trends in High Temperature Structural Integrity Assessment - 01 February 2006

JAI13884: Tribological Behavior and Corrosion Resistance of Kolsterized AISI316L Austenitic Stainless Steel: Existing Applications in the Automotive Industry - 01 February 2006

JAI14041: The Challenge of Multiple Particles in Extreme Value Inclusion Rating - 01 February 2006

JAI14048: A Novel Method to Evaluate the Influence of Hydrogen on Fatigue Properties of High Strength Steels - 01 February 2006

JAI14051: Comparison of Fatigue Performances of 32CrMoV13 and M50 Steels in Presence of Surface Indents - 01 February 2006

JAI14052: Continued Developments in Easily Carburizable High Speed Steel Alloys - 01 February 2006

JAI14106: Radioactivity Inspections Applied to the Steelmaking Industry - 01 February 2006

JAI12323: Modeling of the Simultaneous Evolution of Vacancy and Interstitial Dislocation Loops in hcp Metals Under Irradiation - 01 January 2006

JAI12336: Phase Composition, Structure, and Plastic Deformation Localization in Zr1%Nb alloys - 01 January 2006

JAI12348: Radiation-Induced Stress Relaxation of Welded Type 304 Stainless Steel Evaluated by Neutron Diffraction - 01 January 2006

JAI12372: Effect of Alloying Elements and Impurities on in-BWR Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2006

JAI12404: Comparison of the High Burn-Up Corrosion on M5 and Low Tin Zircaloy-4 - 01 January 2006

JAI12425: Thermal Creep of Irradiated Zircaloy Cladding - 01 January 2006

JAI12458: Flow Localization Processes in Austenitic Alloys - 01 January 2006

JAI12551: Influence of Cold Rolling Threads Before or After Heat Treatment on High Strength Bolts for Different Fatigue Preload Conditions - 01 January 2006

JAI12817: Zirconium and Niobium Affect Human Osteoblasts, Fibroblasts, and Lymphocytes in a Similar Manner to More Traditional Implant Alloy Metals - 01 January 2006

JAI13230: Temperature Dependence and Variability of Fracture Toughness in the Transition Regime for A508 Grade 4N Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 2006

JAI13235: Use of Miniaturized Compact Tension Specimens for Fracture Toughness Measurements in the Upper Shelf Regime - 01 January 2006

JAI13236: Analysis of Dynamic Fracture and Crack Arrest of an HSLA Steel in an SE(T) Specimen - 01 January 2006

JAI13375: Probabilistic Analysis of the Creep Crack Growth Rate of Type 316LN Stainless Steel by the Monte Carlo Simulation - 01 January 2006

JAI13411: Modelling the Redistribution of Residual Stresses at Elevated Temperature in Components - 01 January 2006

JTE12669: Effect of Punch Diameter, Grid Dimension, and Lubrication on Forming Limit Diagram - 01 January 2006

JTE12690: On the Anomaly of Cumulative Erosion and Abrasion-Time Curves - 01 January 2006

JTE14017: A Digital Image Processing Technique for Quantification of Surface Hot-Shortness Cracks - 01 January 2006

JAI12385: Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Radiation Effects in Model Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 November 2005

JAI12386: Effects of Neutron Irradiation on Precipitation in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 November 2005

JAI12411: The Effect of Duplex Cladding Outer Component Tin Content on Corrosion, Hydrogen Pick-up, and Hydride Distribution at Very High Burnup - 01 November 2005

JAI12462: Deformation Mechanism Maps of Unirradiated and Irradiated V-4Cr-4Ti - 01 November 2005

JAI12777: Metallurgical Attachment of a Porous Tantalum Foam to a Titanium Substrate for Orthopedic Applications - 01 November 2005

JAI12810: Corrosion of Modular Titanium Alloy Stems in Cementless Hip Replacement - 01 November 2005

JTE12083: Corrected Procedure for Crack Length Calculation by the Unloading Compliance Technique for Charpy-sized Specimens - 01 November 2005

JTE12534: An Experimental Study of Monitoring Internal Leakage in Water Hydraulic Cylinders Using Acoustic Emission - 01 November 2005

JAI12025: Load History Effects Resulting from Compression Precracking - 01 October 2005

JAI12381: Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Irradiated Martensitic Steels: Relation Between Microstructural Evolution and Hardening - 01 October 2005

JAI12410: Atomic-Scale Simulation of Defect Cluster Formation in High-Energy Displacement Cascades in Zirconium - 01 October 2005

JAI12436: Effect of Irradiation on the Fracture Properties of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes at the End of Design Life - 01 October 2005

JAI12444: The Effect of Liner Component Iron Content on Cladding Corrosion, Hydriding, and PCI Resistance - 01 October 2005

JAI12453: Effects of Proton Irradiation on Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel and Its Model Alloys - 01 October 2005

JAI12779: Beta Titanium Alloy Processed for High Strength Orthopedic Applications - 01 October 2005

JAI12783: Corrosion Resistance, Mechanical Properties, Fatigue Properties, and Tissue Response of Ti-15Zr-4Nb-4Ta Alloy - 01 October 2005

JAI12785: Comparison of Stress Corrosion Cracking Characteristics of CP Ti, Ti-6Al-7Nb, Ti-6Al-4V, and Ti-15Mo - 01 October 2005

JAI12871: Uncertainty Analyses on Reference Values of Charpy Impact Test Specimens - 01 October 2005

JAI12872: Reference Impact Specimens Made from Low Carbon Steel: Report on Production and Use - 01 October 2005

JAI12888: Fracture Toughness, Thermo-Electric Power, and Atom Probe Investigations of JRQ Steel in I, IA, IAR, and IARA Conditions - 01 October 2005

JAI13084: Comparative Evaluations of Surface Characteristics of cp Titanium, Ti-6AI-4V and Ti-15Mo-2.8Nb-0.2Si (Timetal® 21SRx) - 01 October 2005

JAI14145: The Mechanical Characterization of Low Work Hardening, High Strength Steel - 01 October 2005

JAI11789: A Comparative Evaluation of Three Commercial Instruments for Field Measurements of Reinforcing Steel Corrosion Rates - 01 September 2005

JAI12339: Destruction of Crystallographic Texture in Zirconium Alloy Tubes - 01 September 2005

JAI12354: Post-Irradiation Tensile Behavior and Residual Activity of Several Ferritic/Martensitic and Austenitic Steels Irradiated in Osiris Reactor at 325°C up to 9 dpa - 01 September 2005

JAI12382: Radiation Resistance of Advanced Ferritic-Martensitic Steel HCM12A - 01 September 2005

JAI12387: Radiation- and Thermally-Induced Phosphorus Inter-Granular Segregation in Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 September 2005

JAI12419: Correlated Formation and Stability of SIA Loops and Stacking Fault Tetrahedra in High Energy Displacement Cascades in Copper - 01 September 2005

JAI12424: Plastic Deformation of Irradiated Zirconium Alloys: TEM Investigations and Micro-Mechanical Modeling - 01 September 2005

JAI12431: Influence of Structure—Phase State of Nb Containing Zr Alloys on Irradiation-Induced Growth - 01 September 2005

JAI12434: Delayed Hydrogen Cracking Velocity and J-Integral Measurements on Irradiated BWR Cladding - 01 September 2005

JAI12438: Fretting-Wear Behavior of Zircaloy-4, OPTIN™, and ZIRLO™ Fuel Rods and Grid Supports Under Various Autoclave and Hydraulic Loop Endurance Test Conditions - 01 September 2005

JAI12546: A Design Methodology to Take Credit for Residual Stresses in Fatigue Limited Designs - 01 September 2005

JAI12773: Characterization of Damage and Failure Mechanisms of Co-Cured Fiber-Reinforced Composite Joints under Quasi-Static, Tensile Loading - 01 September 2005

JAI12774: Mechanical and Physical Properties of Titanium-12Molybdenum-6Zirconium-2Iron Beta Titanium Alloy - 01 September 2005

JAI12776: Influence of Oxygen Content on the Mechanical Properties of Titanium-35Niobium-7Zirconium-5Tantalum Beta Titanium Alloy - 01 September 2005

JAI12780: Effect of Aging Treatments on the Tensile Properties of Ti-35Nb-7Zr-5Ta-(0.06–0.7)O Alloys - 01 September 2005

JAI12838: Effect of Microbial Contamination of Water-Based Metalworking Fluids on the Aerosolization of Particles and Microbial Fragments - 01 September 2005

JAI12843: Neutron Flux Effect on the Irradiation Hardening of Type 304 Stainless Steel - 01 September 2005

JAI12875: Effects of Removing and Replacing an 8-MM Charpy Striker on Absorbed Energy - 01 September 2005

JAI13033: The Application of Ti-15Mo Beta Titanium Alloy in High Strength Structural Orthopaedic Applications - 01 September 2005

JTE12060: Size Effect in Strain Limits of Medium Strength Steel - 01 September 2005

JTE12309: Improvement to X-ray Piping Diagnostic System through Simulation (Measuring Thickness of Piping Containing Rust) - 01 September 2005

JTE12647: Data Supporting ASTM Method D 7049-04, for Determination of Metalworking Fluids - 01 September 2005

JAI12023: Use of ACR Method to Estimate Closure and Residual Stress Free Small Crack Growth Data - 01 July 2005

JAI12332: Microstructural Stability of M5™ Alloy Irradiated up to High Neutron Fluences - 01 July 2005

JAI12335: Temperature and Strain Rate Effects on Zr-1%Nb Alloy Deformation - 01 July 2005

JAI12371: Development of Fuel Clad Materials for High Burn-up Operation of LWR - 01 July 2005

JAI12402: Modeling the Effects of Oversize Solute Additions on Radiation-Induced Segregation in Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 July 2005

JAI12432: Damage Dependence of Irradiation Deformation of Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 July 2005

JAI12449: Recent Surveillance Data and a Revised Embrittlement Correlation - 01 July 2005

JAI12775: Creation of Oxidized Zirconium Orthopaedic Implants - 01 July 2005

JAI12782: Effect of Surface Reaction Layer on Three-Point Flexure Bond Strength of Resin Composite to Cast Ti and Ti-6Al-7Nb - 01 July 2005

JAI12786: Comparison of the Corrosion Fatigue Characteristics of CP Ti-Grade 4, Ti-6Al-4V ELI, Ti-6Al-7Nb, and Ti-15Mo - 01 July 2005

JAI12809: Comparison of Stress Corrosion Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue (Anodized and Non-Anodized Grade 4 CP Ti) - 01 July 2005

JAI12812: Influence of Exposure Conditions on Bacterial Adhesion to Zirconium Alloys - 01 July 2005

JAI12814: A Methodology to Fabricate Titanium and Stainless Steel Wear Debris for Experimental Use: A Comparison of Size, Shape, and Chemistry - 01 July 2005

JAI12870: Certification of Charpy V-Notch Reference Test Pieces at IRMM - 01 July 2005

JAI12873: Impact Characterization of Sub-Size Charpy V-Notch Specimens Prepared from Full-Size Certified Reference Charpy V-Notch Test Pieces - 01 July 2005

JAI12882: Extrapolation of Fracture Toughness Data for HT9 Irradiated at 360–390°C - 01 July 2005

JAI13092: Determination of Crushing Strength of Cenospheres - 01 July 2005

JTE11753: On the Calculation of the Elastic Buckling Load of Structures from Experimental Data - 01 July 2005

JTE12195: Novel Method of Evaluating Residual Stress in Vicinal Welds Based on the Magnetostrictive Technique - 01 July 2005

JTE12443: Performance Evaluation Test of Automatic Ultrasonic Testing Systems for Welded Joints of Steel Bridges - 01 July 2005

JTE12589: Fracture and Adiabatic Heating of Thick-Section Weldment in Fe-24Cr-15Ni-4Mn-0.32N Stainless Steel with Ni-Base Filler Metals at 4 K - 01 July 2005

JAI11987: Size Effect of Microdamage Growth and Its Relation to Macro Fatigue Life - 01 June 2005

JAI11988: The Effect of Load Reduction Scheme on Crack Closure in the Near-Threshold Regime - 01 June 2005

JAI11999: Selection of Material for Welded Steel Structures Based on Fracture Mechanics - 01 June 2005

JAI12003: Fractographic Reassessment of the Significance of Fatigue Crack Closure - 01 June 2005

JAI12017: A New Method for Opening Load Determination from Compliance Measurements - 01 June 2005

JAI12027: Assessment for Decrease in Threshold Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) Range Due to High Maximum SIF - 01 June 2005

JAI12037: Notch-Root Elastic-Plastic Strain-Stress in Particulate Metal Matrix Composites Subjected to General Loading Conditions - 01 June 2005

JAI12045: Assessment of Plane Stress Tearing in Terms of Various Crack Driving Parameters - 01 June 2005

JAI12222: Characterization and Analytical Application of the Ion-Association Complex of Nickel with Alizarin Yellow R and Eosin - 01 June 2005

JAI12344: Improved ZIRLOTM Cladding Performance through Chemistry and Process Modifications - 01 June 2005

JAI12374: Shadow Corrosion Mechanism of Zircaloy - 01 June 2005

JAI12390: TEM Examinations of the Metal-Oxide Interface of Zirconium Based Alloys Irradiated in a Pressurized Water Reactor - 01 June 2005

JAI12441: Failure of Hydrided Zircaloy-4 Under Equal-Biaxial and Plane-Strain Tensile Deformation - 01 June 2005

JAI12465: Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-4 PWR Fuel Cladding with Burnup 54-64MWd/kgU and Implications for RIA Behavior - 01 June 2005

JAI12564: Residual Stress Measurements in Welded and Plastically Deformed Target Structural Materials - 01 June 2005

JAI12569: Effect of Shot Peening on Fatigue Crack Growth in 7075-T7351 - 01 June 2005

JAI12781: Mechanical Properties of Cast Ti-Fe-O-N Alloys - 01 June 2005

JAI12818: Super Elastic Functional β Titanium Alloy with Low Young's Modulus for Biomedical Applications - 01 June 2005

JAI12847: Evaluation of Fatigue Crack Thresholds Using Various Experimental Methods - 01 June 2005

JAI11986: Modeling of Three-Dimensional Effects on Fatigue Crack Closure Processes in Small-Scale Yielding - 01 May 2005

JAI12024: Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing of Ti-6Al-4V - 01 May 2005

JAI12031: Fretting Fatigue and Stress Relaxation Behaviors of Shot-Peened Ti-6Al-4V - 01 May 2005

JAI12035: Crack Initiation, Propagation, and Arrest in 316L Model Pipe Components under Thermal Fatigue - 01 May 2005

JAI12042: The Effect of Negative Stress Ratio Load History on High Cycle Fatigue Threshold - 01 May 2005

JAI12198: On Secondary β-Nb Phase Precipitation within Primary α-Zr Phase in Zr-Nb Alloys During Tensile Deformation - 01 May 2005

JAI12213: Determining Nitriding Parameters with Neural Networks - 01 May 2005

JAI12321: Study of Nb and Fe Precipitation in α-Phase Temperature Range (400 to 550°C) in Zr-Nb-(Fe-Sn) Alloys - 01 May 2005

JAI12342: Predicting Oxidation and Deuterium Ingress for Zr-2.5Nb CANDU Pressure Tubes - 01 May 2005

JAI12373: In-Core Tests of Effects of BWR Water Chemistry Impurities on Zircaloy Corrosion - 01 May 2005

JAI12375: Microstructure and Growth Mechanism of Oxide Layers Formed on Zr Alloys Studied with Micro-Beam Synchrotron Radiation - 01 May 2005

JAI12423: Ductility of Zircaloy-4 Fuel Cladding and Guide Tubes at High Fluences - 01 May 2005

JAI12556: Predicting Fatigue Crack Growth in the Residual Stress Field of a Cold Worked Hole - 01 May 2005

JAI12558: Stress Intensity Factor Analysis and Fatigue Behavior of a Crack in the Residual Stress Field of Welding - 01 May 2005

JAI12771: Microstructure and Phase Control in Zr-Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects - 01 May 2005

JAI12866: Corrosion Behavior of Heat-Treated Duplex Stainless Steels in Saturated Carbon Dioxide-Chloride Solutions - 01 May 2005

JTE12291: Evaluation of Alternative Erosion Test Methods - 01 May 2005

JTE12442: Theoretical Derivation and Experimental Examination of the Stromeyer Relation for the Analysis of Fatigue Data - 01 May 2005

JTE12610: Deceleration and Acceleration of Crack Propagation after an Overload under Negative Baseline Stress Ratio - 01 May 2005

JTE12626: A Model for Mixed-Mode Fatigue - 01 May 2005

JTE12689: Evaluation of Hydraulic Pressure Drop using Manganin Wire and a Wiper-Cam-Operated Directional Valve - 01 May 2005

JAI11990: Interpretation of Material Hardness, Stress Ratio, and Crack Size Effects on the ΔKth of Small Cracks Based on Crack Closure Measurement - 01 April 2005

JAI11997: Analysis of Roughness-Induced Crack-Tip Shielding in Terms of Size Ratio Effect - 01 April 2005

JAI12002: Influence of Crack-Surface Oxidation on Creep-Fatigue Crack Behavior of 1Cr- and 10Cr-Steels - 01 April 2005

JAI12005: Temperature Dependent Fracture Toughness of a Single Crystal Nickel Superalloy - 01 April 2005

JAI12051: Critical Assessment of the Standard ASTM E 399 - 01 April 2005

JAI12422: Inhibitors for Reducing Hydrogen Ingress During Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys - 01 April 2005

JAI12435: Overload Fracture of Flaw Tip Hydrides in Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes - 01 April 2005

JAI12820: In-Situ Studies of the Oxide Film Properties on BWR Fuel Cladding Materials - 01 April 2005

JAI12945: Review of Deformation Mechanisms, Texture, and Mechanical Anisotropy in Zirconium and Zirconium Base Alloys - 01 April 2005

JAI12036: Effect of Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Crack Propagation in Welded Joints - 01 March 2005

JAI12038: On the Constraint-Based Failure Assessment of Surface Cracked Plates under Biaxial Loading - 01 March 2005

JAI12041: Construction of J-R Curves Using the Common and Concise Formats - 01 March 2005

JAI12044: Environmentally Influenced Fatigue in High Strength Steels - 01 March 2005

JAI12053: Characterization of Crack Length Measurement Methods for Flat Fracture with Tunneling - 01 March 2005

JAI12334: Simulation of Cold Pilgering Process by a Generalized Plane Strain FEM - 01 March 2005

JAI12346: Behavior of Irradiated Type 316 Stainless Steels under Low-Strain-Rate Tensile Conditions - 01 March 2005

JAI12355: The Role of Grain Boundary Engineering on the High Temperature Creep of Ferritic-Martensitic Alloy T91 - 01 March 2005

JAI12398: Assessment of Neutron Irradiation-Induced Grain Boundary Embrittlement by Phosphorous Segregation in a Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 March 2005

JAI12399: Effects of Neutron Dose, Dose Rate, and Irradiation Temperature on the Irradiation Embrittlement of a Low-Copper Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 March 2005

JAI12426: Use of the Irradiation-Thermal Creep Model of Zr-1% Nb Alloy Cladding Tubes to Describe Dimensional Changes of VVER Fuel Rods - 01 March 2005

JAI12879: A Procedure for Calculation of Torque Specifications for Bolted Joints with Prevailing Torque - 01 March 2005

JTE12585: Conversion of Elongation Values for Cold-Rolled Low Carbon Steel Sheets - 01 March 2005

JTE12607: Characteristic Fatigue-Creep Interaction Behavior of an ESR-Cast-to-Shape Gas Turbine Disc Alloy with Coarse Branch Crystals at High Temperature - 01 March 2005

JAI12380: Creep-Fatigue Behavior in High Strength Copper Alloys - 01 February 2005

JAI12468: Influence of Long Service Exposures on the Thermal-Mechanical Behavior of Zy-4 and M5™ Alloys in LOCA Conditions - 01 February 2005

JAI12824: Steel Superstrengthening Phenomenon - 01 February 2005

JAI12942: ZIRLO™ — An Alloy Development Success - 01 February 2005

JAI13051: Sliding Wear Characteristics of Materials in Artificial Seawater - 01 February 2005

JAI11991: Evaluation of the Effect of Crack Tip Constraint on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate in Inconel 718 - 01 January 2005

JAI12004: Effect of Periodic Overloads on Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth in Al-Alloys - 01 January 2005

JAI12022: Evaluation of the Effect of Biaxial Loading on the To Reference Temperature Using a Cruciform Specimen Geometry - 01 January 2005

JAI12026: Fatigue Crack Growth Rate and Stress-Intensity Factor Corrections for Out-of-Plane Crack Growth - 01 January 2005

JAI12030: Sensitivity of Creep Crack Initiation and Growth in Plates to Material Properties Variations - 01 January 2005

JAI12050: Microstructural Influences on the Development and Growth of Small Fatigue Cracks in the Near Threshold Regime - 01 January 2005

JAI12357: The Correlation Between Microstructures and in-BWR Corrosion Behavior of Highly Irradiated Zr-based Alloys - 01 January 2005

JAI13037: Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of ASTM A 890 Gr6A Super Duplex Stainless Steel - 01 January 2005

JTE11685: Effects of Carburizing Treatment on First-Order Correlation between Steel Vickers Hardness and Thermal Diffusivity - 01 January 2005

JTE12097: Evaluation of Welds Exhibiting Large Scatter in Charpy Toughness Using the Reference Temperature - 01 January 2005

JTE12508: Application of the ASTM Loop Abrasion Test to Cylindrical Specimens - 01 January 2005

JTE12532: An Investigation of Hydraulic Bulging as a Biaxial Straining Test for Sheet Metal - 01 January 2005

JAI12352: Role of Iron for Hydrogen Absorption Mechanism in Zirconium Alloys - 01 November 2004

JAI19018: Principles of Variable Amplitude Fatigue Design and Testing - 01 November 2004

JAI19035: Validation of Complex Wheel/Hub Subassemblies by Multiaxial Laboratory Tests Using Standardized Load Files - 01 November 2004

JAI19037: A Framework for a Standardization Effort for Fatigue Crack Growth Testing Under Variable Amplitude Spectrum Loading - 01 November 2004

JAI19038: Variable Amplitude Loading on a Resonance Test Facility - 01 November 2004

JAI19048: Life Prediction by Observation and Simulation of Short Crack Behavior in a Low Carbon Steel - 01 November 2004

JAI19051: Fatigue Reliability Analysis of an Overload Effect in Welded Joints Including Crack Initiation and Plastic Zone as Random Variables - 01 November 2004

JAI19061: Periodic Overloads in the Near Threshold Regime - 01 November 2004

JAI19064: Overload Effects in Aluminum Alloys: Influence of Plasticity and Environment - 01 November 2004

JAI19065: Multi-Mechanism Synergy in Variable-Amplitude Fatigue - 01 November 2004

JAI19066: Load History in Fatigue: Effect of Strain Amplitude and Loading Path - 01 November 2004

JTE11142: Fatigue Crack Closure and Crack Growth Following an Overload - 01 November 2004

JTE11956: An Energy-Based Crack Extension Formulation for Crack Resistance Characterization of Ductile Materials - 01 November 2004

JTE11967: Effect of Loading Schemes on Depth-Sensing Indentation Tests - 01 November 2004

JTE12057: Modeling of Cumulative Mass Loss—Time Curves for Six Erosion and Abrasion Test Methods - 01 November 2004

JAI11243: Microstructure Response in Copper and Copper Alloys Irradiated with Fission Neutrons with Controlled Temperature Variations - 01 October 2004

JAI11252: Properties of 20% Cold-Worked 316 Stainless Steel Irradiated at Low Dose Rate - 01 October 2004

JAI11258: Creep Deformation in V-4Cr-4Ti in a Low-Oxygen Lithium Environment - 01 October 2004

JAI11312: Fracture Toughness and Atom Probe Characterization of a Highly Embrittled RPV Weld - 01 October 2004

JAI11315: Effect of Stress Relief Time on the Transition Temperature of Linde 80 Welds - 01 October 2004

JAI11342: Irradiation Creep and Swelling of Russian Ferritic-Martensitic Steels Irradiated to Very High Exposures in the BN-350 Fast Reactor at 305–335°C - 01 October 2004

JAI11369: Grain Boundary Phosphorous Segregation and Its Influence on the Ductile Brittle Transition Temperature in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 October 2004

JAI11373: New Methodologies for Developing Radiation Embrittlement Models and Trend Curves of the Charpy Impact Test Data - 01 October 2004

JAI12333: Identification of Crystalline Behavior on Macroscopic Response and Local Strain Field Analysis: Application to Alpha Zirconium Alloys - 01 October 2004

JAI19043: Variable Amplitude Fatigue Crack Growth Using Digital Signal Processing Technology - 01 October 2004

JAI19044: Development of a DCPD Calibration for Evaluation of Crack Growth in Corner-Notched, Open-Hole Specimens - 01 October 2004

JAI19045: A Model for the Inclusion of Notch Plasticity Effects in Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis - 01 October 2004

JAI19047: High Cycle Fatigue Testing and Analysis Using Car Standard Sequence - 01 October 2004

JAI19054: Effect of Overloads and Underloads on Fatigue Crack Growth and Interaction Effects - 01 October 2004

JAI19055: Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors for Cracks in Structural and Mechanical Components Subjected to Complex Stress Fields - 01 October 2004

JAI19063: Crack Initiation at a Notch under Constant and Selected Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions - 01 October 2004

JAI11553: The Prediction of Fatigue Life Distributions from the Analysis of Plain Specimen Data - 01 September 2004

JAI11560: Probabilistic Fatigue: Computational Simulation - 01 September 2004

JAI11563: A Software Framework for Probabilistic Fatigue Life Assessment of Gas Turbine Engine Rotors - 01 September 2004

JAI11566: Extension of a Microstructure-Based Fatigue Crack Growth Model for Predicting Fatigue Life Variability - 01 September 2004

JAI11567: Fatigue Life Variability Prediction Based on Crack Forming Inclusions in a High Strength Alloy Steel - 01 September 2004

JAI11575: Application of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics in Structural Design of Magnet Component Parts Operating Under Cyclic Loads at Cryogenic Temperatures - 01 September 2004

JAI11577: Effect of Individual Component Life Distribution on Engine Life Prediction - 01 September 2004

JAI12340: Investigation of Burning Aluminum in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres through Microanalysis Techniques - 01 September 2004

JAI19021: High Cycle Variable Amplitude Fatigue of a Nodular Cast Iron - 01 September 2004

JAI19023: Effect of Transient Loads on Fatigue Crack Growth in Solution Treated and Aged Ti-62222 at −54, 25, and 175°C - 01 September 2004

JAI19025: On the Causes of Deviation from the Palmgren-Miner Rule - 01 September 2004

JAI19027: Prediction of Crack Growth Under Variable-Amplitude and Spectrum Loading in a Titanium Alloy - 01 September 2004

JAI19029: Crack Growth and Closure Behavior of Short and Long Fatigue Cracks under Random Loading - 01 September 2004

JAI19031: Comparison of the Rain Flow Algorithm and the Spectral Method for Fatigue Life Determination Under Uniaxial and Multiaxial Random Loading - 01 September 2004

JAI19040: Fatigue Life of a SG Cast Iron under Real Loading Spectra: Effect of the Correlation Factor Between Bending and Torsion - 01 September 2004

JAI19041: Comparisons of Analytical Crack Closure Models and Experimental Results Under Flight Spectrum Loading - 01 September 2004

JTE11930: An Improved Method for Determination of the Cavitation Erosion Resistance by a Weibull Distribution - 01 September 2004

JTE11977: The Use of an Alternative Method for Fracture Toughness Evaluation on Different Materials - 01 September 2004

JAI12437: Effect of Fabrication Variables on Irradiation Response of Crack Growth Resistance of Zr-2.5Nb - 01 July 2004

JTE10965: A Comparative Finite-Element Study of Hot Rolling and Plane Strain Compression Testing of Aluminum AA1050 - 01 July 2004

JTE11504: Mechanical Property Evaluation Using the Small Punch Test - 01 July 2004

JTE11782: On the Possibility of Avoiding the Use of a Clip Gage When Testing Precracked Charpy-V Specimens in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Region - 01 July 2004

JTE11851: On the Mechanical Behavior of Global Parameters in Material Characterization by Sharp Indentation Testing - 01 July 2004

JTE11896: The Response of 1CrMoV Rotor Steel to Service-Cycle Thermomechanical Fatigue Testing - 01 July 2004

JTE12250: Numerical Analysis for Small Punch Creep Tests by Finite-Element Method - 01 July 2004

JTE12328: Review of Steelwork Corrosion Control—Second Edition - 01 July 2004

JAI11329: The Technical Foundations of a Unified Adjusted Reference Temperature for RPV Fracture Toughness - 01 May 2004

JAI11334: Fatigue Response and Life Prediction of Selected Reactor Materials - 01 May 2004

JAI11337: Effect of Heat Treatment and Tantalum on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Fe-9Cr-2W-0.25V Steel - 01 May 2004

JAI11773: Microstructural Aspects of Irradiation Damage in A508 Gr 4N Forging Steel: Composition and Flux Effects - 01 May 2004

JAI12833: Erratum/Correction to: Investigation of Burning Iron in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres through Microanalysis Techniques - 01 May 2004

JTE11890: Residual Stress Measurement and Modeling by the Initial Strain Distribution Method: Part I-Theory - 01 May 2004

JTE11891: Residual Stress Measurement and Modeling by the Initial Strain Distribution Method: Part II—Application to Cladded Plates with Different Heat Treatments - 01 May 2004

JTE11898: Characteristics of Macrodeformation Behavior of the Cycling Failure Specimens of a Fe-Cr-Ni Alloy Under In-phase and Out-of-phase Thermomechanical Fatigue - 01 May 2004

JAI11246: Critical Review of Through-Wall Attenuation of Mechanical Properties in RPV Steels - 01 April 2004

JAI11279: Martensitic Transformations in Neutron Irradiated and Helium Implanted Stainless Steels - 01 April 2004

JAI11316: Effect of Ion Irradiation on Microstructure and Hardness in Zircaloy-4 - 01 April 2004

JAI11317: The Role of Fine Defect Clusters in Irradiation-Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking of Proton-Irradiated 304 Stainless Steel - 01 April 2004

JAI11351: Dependence of Re-embrittlement Rate After Annealing on the Copper, Nickel and Phosphorus Contents in Model Alloys - 01 April 2004

JAI11355: The Effect of Neutron Flux on Radiation-Induced Embrittlement in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 April 2004

JAI11365: Surprisingly Large Generation and Retention of Helium and Hydrogen in Pure Nickel Irradiated at High Temperatures and High Neutron Exposures - 01 April 2004

JAI11372: Stress and Temperature Dependence of Irradiation Creep of Selected FCC and BCC Steels at Low Swelling - 01 April 2004

JAI12227: Investigation of Burning Iron in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres through Microanalysis Techniques - 01 March 2004

JTE11755: Quantitative Fabric Drape Evaluation System Using Image Processing Technology (Part 1: Measurement System and Geometric Model) - 01 March 2004

JAI11557: Probabilistic Life Prediction Isn't as Easy as It Looks - 01 February 2004

JAI11561: Modeling Variability in Service Loading Spectra - 01 February 2004

JAI11565: Scatter in Fatigue Crack Growth Rate in a Directionally Solidified Nickel-Base Superalloy - 01 February 2004

JAI11570: Mechanism-Based Variability in Fatigue Life of Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo - 01 February 2004

JAI11571: Predicting Fatigue Life Under Spectrum Loading in 2024-T3 Aluminum Using a Measured Initial Flaw Size Distribution - 01 February 2004

JAI10611: Transition Toughness Modeling of Steels Since RKR - 01 January 2004

JAI10614: A Physics-Based Predictive Model for Fracture Toughness Behavior - 01 January 2004

JAI10615: Constraint Correction of Fracture Toughness CTOD for Fracture Performance Evaluation of Structural Components - 01 January 2004

JAI10616: Sensitivity in Creep Crack Growth Predictions of Components Due to Variability in Deriving the Fracture Mechanics Parameter C* - 01 January 2004

JAI10617: On the Identification of Critical Damage Mechanisms Parameters to Predict the Behavior of Charpy Specimens on the Upper Shelf - 01 January 2004

JAI10618: Transferability Properties of Local Approach Modeling in the Ductile to Brittle Transition Region - 01 January 2004

JAI10626: Image-Based Characterization and Finite Element Analysis of Porous SMA Behavior - 01 January 2004

JAI10628: Computational Estimation of Multiaxial Yield Surface Using Microyield Percolation Analysis - 01 January 2004

JTE11269: Nondestructive Evaluation of the Dynamic Elastic Moduli of Porous Iron Compacts - 01 January 2004

JTE11452: An Application of the Random Balance Method in Conjunction with the Plackett-Burman Screening Design in Metal Cutting Tests - 01 January 2004

JTE11627: Determining Residual Stress in Spherical Components: A New Application of the Hole-Drilling Method - 01 January 2004

JTE11853: Detecting Overload from Strain Information during Fatigue Crack Propagation under Negative Stress Ratio - 01 January 2004

JTE12185J: Monitoring Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation in Cruciform Joints Using Resistance-Type Gages - 01 January 2004

JTE12371J: Influence of Crystallographic Texture on X-ray Residual Stress Measurement for Ti-3wt% Al-2 Vwt% Tube Material - 01 November 2003

JTE12379J: Finite-Element Modeling and Experimental Comparisons of the Effects of Deformable Ball Indenters on Rockwell B Hardness Tests - 01 November 2003

JTE12380J: Novel Detection of Welding Seam Parameters Based on Active Infrared Technology - 01 November 2003

JTE12367J: In Situ Fracture Toughness Measurement Using Scanning Electron Microscopy - 01 September 2003

JTE12173J: Modeling of Vibratory Cavitation Erosion Test Results by a Weibull Distribution - 01 July 2003

JTE12176J: The Determination of JIc Using the Time-Frequency Analysis Method - 01 July 2003

JTE12178J: Evaluation of the Mean Plastic Strain Ratio rm of Metallic Sheets Prestrained Along Different Biaxial Strain Paths - 01 July 2003

JTE12183J: Fatigue Crack Closure Evaluation Under Constant Amplitude and Spectrum Loading - 01 July 2003

JTE12419J: Application of the Master Curve Method and the Engineering Lower Bound Toughness Method to Laser Welded Steel - 01 May 2003

JTE12420J: Application of Acoustic Emission for Measuring Crack Initiation Toughness in Instrumented Charpy Impact Testing - 01 May 2003

JTE12427J: Application of Stress Relaxation Test Methodology for Predicting Creep Life of a Large Steam Turbine Rotor Steel (1CrMoV) - 01 May 2003

JTE12428J: Erosive Boundary Layers of Ni 200 in Vibratory Cavitation Erosion Tests - 01 May 2003

JTE12407J: Microindentation Test for Charaterization of Plastic Properties of Laser Alloyed Layers - 01 March 2003

JTE12413J: Fatigue Crack Detection with Estimation of Stress Fields Near a Notch Root of Thin Plate Structures in In-Plane Loading - 01 March 2003

JTE12415J: Fatigue-Creep Dynamic Strain Rate Map of a Fe-Ni-Cr Alloy with Coarse Branch Crystals - 01 March 2003

JTE12417J: Ultrasonic Attenuation and Velocity in Pearlitic Rail Steel During Fatigue Using Longitudinal Wave Probing - 01 March 2003

JTE12351J: Economical Creep Testing of Ultrahigh-temperature Alloys - 01 January 2003

JTE12352J: Texture Measurement in Zr-2.5%Nb Pressure Tubes for Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors - 01 January 2003

JTE12356J: A Procedure for Extended Extrapolation of Creep Rupture Data - 01 January 2003

JTE12359J: Finite-Element Analysis of Stress Concentration in ASTM D 638 Tension Specimens - 01 January 2003

JTE12338J: An Acoustical Technique for Determining the Loss Factor of Solid Materials - 01 November 2002

JTE12341J: Experimental Assessment of Materials for Indirect Surface Texturing - 01 November 2002

JTE12344J: Fatigue Performance of Open Drilled Holes with Burrs - 01 November 2002

JTE12346J: On the Experimental Calibration of a Potential Drop System for Crack Length Measurements in a Compact Tension Specimen - 01 November 2002

JTE12348J: Compression Loading Applied to Round Double Beam Fracture Specimens. II: Derivation of Geometry Factor - 01 November 2002

JTE12331J: Fatigue Mechanism of Ion-Nitrided Low Carbon Steel - 01 September 2002

JTE12336J: Liquid-Metal Embrittlement of 7075 Aluminum and 4340 Steel Compact Tension Specimens by Gallium - 01 September 2002

JTE12337J: Review of: Wear Analysis for Engineers - 01 September 2002

JTE12305J: An Extrapolation Method for Estimating Crack Growth Rate Confidence Intervals from Small Fatigue Crack Data - 01 May 2002

JTE12307J: Plastic Instability and Mechanical Anisotropy of Textured Zinc - 01 May 2002

JTE12308J: Application of a Relativistic Conservation Equation to Crack Initiation - 01 May 2002

JTE12309J: Dynamic Loading Fracture Tests of Ferritic Steel Using the Direct Current Potential Drop Method - 01 May 2002

JTE12298J: Fatigue Crack Growth in Cantilever Bending Under Displacement Control - 01 March 2002

JTE12287J: Simulation of Irradiation Effects in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels: the Reactor for Virtual Experiments (REVE) Project - 01 January 2002

JTE12288J: Verification of Thin-Wall Ductile Iron Test Methodology - 01 January 2002

JTE12290J: Evaluation of Sharp Indentation Testing of Thin Films and Ribbons on Hard Substrates - 01 January 2002

JTE12397J: Accurate Measurement of Flow Stress Curves at High Temperatures for Low Strain Ranges - 01 November 2001

JTE12398J: Yield Strength in Relation to Cyclic Loading - 01 November 2001

JTE12400J: Nondestructive Evaluation of Fatigue and Creep-Fatigue Damage in 12%Cr Stainless Steel by the Induced Current Focusing Potential Drop Technique - 01 November 2001

JTE12406J: Review of Design Experiments Using the Taguchi Approach: 16 Steps to Product and Process Improvement - 01 November 2001

JTE12278J: Static Axial Behavior of Some Typical Restrained Pipe Joints - 01 September 2001

JTE12279J: Determination of the Energy Necessary for Creating Fatigue Cracks by Measurement of Microhardness - 01 September 2001

JTE12280J: Expression for the Dynamic Yield Stress from Instrumented Dynamic Tear Specimens and Plastic η-Factor for Three-Point Bend Specimens: Results for AISI 308 Weld and AISI 316 Stainless Steels - 01 September 2001

JTE12282J: A Screening Method for Ballistic Evaluation of Metallic Armor Materials - 01 September 2001

JTE12262J: Analysis of a High Rate Round Robin Based on Proposed Annexes to ASTM E 1820 - 01 July 2001

JTE12263J: Geometry of Solidification. I: Shrinkage Criterion Using Results from Finite Element Analysis - 01 July 2001

JTE12266J: Evaluation of the Elevated Temperature Creep Strength of Three Lead-Free Solder Alloys in Soldered Joints - 01 July 2001

JTE12268J: The Calibration Functions of the Arc-Shaped Bend Specimen - 01 July 2001

JTE12250J: Formation of Shear Bands in Model Ground Composed of Aluminum Rods Beneath a Footing - 01 May 2001

JTE12251J: J-Integral Evaluation of Single-Edge Notched Specimens under Mixed-Mode I/II Loading - 01 May 2001

JTE12259J: Ultrasonic Technique for Experimental Evaluation of Structural Integrity - 01 May 2001

JTE12260J: The AMES Network Strategy Developments in the 5th Euratom Framework Program - 01 May 2001

JTE12239J: The Determination of the In-Plane Shear Characteristics of Aluminum Alloys - 01 March 2001

JTE12240J: Low and High Cycle Fatigue Interaction in 316L Stainless Steel - 01 March 2001

JTE12241J: A Critical Appraisal of Fracture Toughness Measurements on AA6061 and an Al2O3-Particle Reinforced AA6061 Alloy for Various Heat Treatments - 01 March 2001

JTE12385J: Test Devices for Strength Measurements of Bars Under Contact Loading - 01 January 2001

JTE12387J: On the Sensitivity of J Estimation to Materials' Stress-Strain Curves in Fracture Toughness Testing Using the Finite Element Method - 01 January 2001

JTE12388J: Small Punch Testing in Creep Conditions - 01 January 2001

JTE12391J: An Instrumented Microindentation Testing Device - 01 January 2001

JTE12393J: On Experimental J Estimation Equations Based on CMOD for SE(B) Specimens - 01 January 2001

JTE12133J: Finite Element Analysis and Small Punch Testing for Determining the Cryogenic Fracture Toughness of Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds - 01 November 2000

JTE12140J: A Comparison of Two Methods for Measuring Light Scattered from Aerospace Transparencies - 01 November 2000

JTE12142J: Condition Monitoring of a Water Hydraulic Cylinder by Vibration Analysis - 01 November 2000

JTE12146J: Erratum - 01 November 2000

JTE12122J: Cyclic Loading and Creep of Intracranial Aneurysm Clips - 01 September 2000

JTE12124J: Fatigue and Stress Analysis of a Novel Test Coupon Geometry Developed for Hydraulic Pressure Impulse Testing - 01 September 2000

JTE12125J: Estimation of Particle Size Distribution in Materials in the Case of Spheroidal Particles Using Quantitative Microscopy - 01 September 2000

JTE12129J: An On-Line Correction Technique of Random Loading with a Real-Time Signal Processor for a Laboratory Fatigue Test - 01 September 2000

JTE12130J: Transverse Vibration of a Simply Supported Frustum of a Right Circular Cone - 01 September 2000

JTE12102J: Development of Small Punch Tests for Creep Property Measurement of Tungsten-Alloyed 9%Cr Ferritic Steels - 01 July 2000

JTE12103J: Low-Cycle Fatigue Characteristics of Precipitation-Hardened Superalloys at Cryogenic Temperatures - 01 July 2000

JTE12104J: Development of a Machine for Closely Controlled Rolling Contact Fatigue and Wear Testing - 01 July 2000

JTE12105J: The Influence of Specimen Size on the Fracture Behavior of a Structural Steel at Different Temperatures - 01 July 2000

JTE12106J: Experimental Study of Residual Stress Distributions in Quenched Parts by the Incremental Large Hole Drilling Method and by the Neutron Diffraction Method - 01 July 2000

JTE12108J: DC Potential Drop Calibration in Creep-Fatigue Loading Conditions - 01 July 2000

JTE12093J: Evaluation of the Autofrettage Effect on Fatigue Lives of Steel Blocks with Crossbores Using a Statistical and a Strain-Based Method - 01 May 2000

JTE12070J: Displacement Ductility of Steel Members under Axial Tension - 01 January 2000

JTE12074J: Stochastic Resonance in Acoustic Emission - 01 January 2000

JTE12076J: A Proposal for Specimen Size Requirements in Toughness Qualification with the Weibull Stress Criterion - 01 January 2000

JTE12163J: Interlaboratory “Pilot Run” Study of Small Heat-Flow-Meter Apparatus for ASTM C 518 - 01 November 1999

JTE12165J: On the Application of the Indirect Compliance Measurement Technique to Flexure Specimens Containing a Chevron Notch - 01 November 1999

JTE12169J: A Methodology for Determining Rate-Dependent Flow Surfaces for Inconel 718 - 01 November 1999

JTE12170J: General Constitutive Relations of Anorthotropic 6061-T6 Aluminum and Its Fatigue Life under Proportional and Non-Proportional Loadings - 01 November 1999

JTE12172J: Early Detection of Fatigue Damage Through Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation—Part II: Experimental - 01 November 1999

JTE12230J: Comparison of Finite Element Results and Experimental Measurements of CTOD δ5 in CT Specimens - 01 September 1999

JTE12231J: Effect of Crack Front Curvature and Side Grooving on CTOD δ5 and J-Integral in CT and 3PB Specimens - 01 September 1999

JTE12233J: Yield of Inconel 718 by Axial-Torsional Loading at Temperatures up to 649°C - 01 September 1999

JTE12224J: Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties and Surface Roughness of Aluminum Alloy 601 - 01 July 1999

JTE12228J: A Low-Temperature Modification to the Charpy Impact Test, with an Example Study of the Fracture Toughness of Mg-12%Li between 4.2 to 77 K - 01 July 1999

JTE12229J: A Method to Determine the Transition Point of Fatigue Crack Growth Rate from Near-ΔKth to Paris Regions - 01 July 1999

JTE12443J: Analysis of Stresses in Spur Gears by the Photoelastic Coating Method - 01 July 1999

JTE12062J: Further Evaluation of Automated Stress Corrosion Ring (ASCOR) Testing of Aluminum Alloys - 01 May 1999

JTE12067J: A New Gripping Technique for Small Metal Specimens - 01 May 1999

JTE12161J: On the Determination of JIC Using the Stretch Zone Width Method - 01 May 1999

JTE12045J: Observation of the Propagation of Plastic Strain in HSLA 80 Steel - 01 March 1999

JTE12046J: Charpy Impact Verification Data (1994–1996): A Summary - 01 March 1999

JTE12047J: Effect of Austempering Variables on the Quasi-Static and Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Austempered Ductile Iron - 01 March 1999

JTE12049J: Ultrasonic Signal-Transmission Techniques for Compact Microtunneling Systems - 01 March 1999

JTE12053J: A CTOD Approach to Predicting Crack Extensions in Aluminum Alloys - 01 March 1999

JTE12056J: Ultrasonic Measurement of the Dynamic Elastic Moduli of Small Metal Samples - 01 March 1999

JTE12036J: Cyclic Response and Fatigue of Steels Subjected to Strain Control with Non-Zero Means - 01 January 1999

JTE12037J: Extrapolation of Creep Strain Data for Pure Copper - 01 January 1999

JTE12039J: The Influence of Irregularities in the Crack Shape on the Crack Extension Measurement by Means of the Direct-Current-Potential-Drop Method - 01 January 1999

JTE12042J: Stress-Strain Behavior of a Fe-Ni-Cr Alloy During In-and Out-of-Phase Synchronized Thermal Cycling and Mechanical Cycling Tests - 01 January 1999

JTE12110J: Evaluation of Wear Resistance of Snow Plow Blade Cutting Edges Using the Scratch Test Method - 01 November 1998

JTE12111J: Vickers Hardness Indentations Measured with Atomic Force Microscopy - 01 November 1998

JTE12112J: Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Functionally Graded Materials - 01 November 1998

JTE12114J: Measurement and Interpretation of Fatigue Crack Growth in 7075 Aluminum Alloy Using Acoustic Emission Monitoring - 01 November 1998

JTE12120J: Measurement of Fatigue-Creep Dynamic Back Stress and Strain Rate Equation of a Fe-Ni-Cr Alloy - 01 November 1998

JTE12121J: An H2-Optimal Control of Random Loading for a Laboratory Fatigue Test - 01 November 1998

JTE12158J: Crack-Arrest Testing of Irradiated Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 01 November 1998

JTE12159J: Effect of Loading Parameters on Post-Overload Fatigue Crack Closure - 01 November 1998

JTE12026J: Experimental Justification for Proposed Changes to the Measurement of KIc Using ASTM E 399 - 01 September 1998

JTE12006J: Design and Development of a High-Speed Bearing Test Apparatus - 01 July 1998

JTE12009J: Eddy Current Decay and Resistivity Measurements on Longitudinally Grooved High-Purity Aluminum Bars - 01 July 1998

JTE12013J: Pin-on-Disk Corrosion-Wear Test - 01 July 1998

JTE12016J: A Procedure for Fracture Toughness Testing Using a Chevron-Notched Crack-Arrest Specimen - 01 July 1998

JTE12018J: Effect of Vibration as a Cause of Leakage in Aluminum Beer Cans in Palletized Loads - 01 July 1998

JTE11991J: Measurement of Crack Arrest Fracture Toughness of a Ship Steel Plate - 01 May 1998

JTE11992J: Evaluation of the Fracture Toughness of the Deep-Carburized Layer - 01 May 1998

JTE11994J: Ultimate Strength of Resistance Spot Welds Subjected to Combined Tension and Shear - 01 May 1998

JTE11995J: Fatigue Crack Propagation Threshold: What Is It and How Is It Measured? - 01 May 1998

JTE11997J: Ultrasonic Wave Measurements of Elastic Moduli E, G, and μ for Product Development and Design Calculations - 01 May 1998

JTE11998J: On the Determination of Fracture Energy Using the Peel Test - 01 May 1998

JTE12000J: Influence of Corrosion on the Fatigue Properties of Al 7075-T6 - 01 May 1998

JTE12001J: Crack Arrest Fracture Toughness Testing of Naval Construction Steels - 01 May 1998

JTE12003J: Investigation of Welding Effect on Rebars Using Neural Networks - 01 May 1998

JTE12004J: Establishing Mechanical Property Allowables for Metals - 01 May 1998

JTE11978J: Cumulative Fatigue Damage Mechanisms and Quantifying Parameters: A Literature Review - 01 March 1998

JTE11982J: A Statistical Evaluation of the Staircase and the ArcSin√P Methods for Determining the Fatigue Limit - 01 March 1998

JTE11988J: An International Survey of Small-Crack Research - 01 March 1998

JTE11965J: Monitoring Crack Advance Using Acoustic Emission and Combined Acoustic Emission and Potential Drop in Zr-2.5% Nb - 01 January 1998

JTE11966J: A New Approach to Measuring Transverse Properties of Structural Tubing by a Ring Test—Experimental Investigation - 01 January 1998

JTE11967J: The Shape of Mechanical Hysteresis Loops for Metals Under Harmonic Loading - 01 January 1998

JTE11968J: Design and Performance of an Automated Test Facility for Hot-Compression Testing - 01 January 1998

JTE11970J: Materials Fatigue Life Distribution: A Maximum Entropy Approach - 01 January 1998

JTE11971J: An Automatic Procedure for Evaluation of Young's Modulus of Metallic Materials - 01 January 1998

JTE11973J: A Note on One-Point-Bend Impact Fracture Experiments with Curved Specimens - 01 January 1998

CCA10321J: Fracture Mechanics Testing for Structural Steels - 01 December 1997

JTE11493J: A Tapered Double-Cantilever-Beam Specimen Designed for Constant-K Testing at Elevated Temperatures - 01 November 1997

JTE11494J: Determination of ηpl Factor: Influence of Side Grooving - 01 November 1997

JTE11495J: A Study on the Prediction of Roundness Variation in Honing Using Hone Dynamics - 01 November 1997

JTE11496J: Application of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Statistical Methods to Breaking Load Corrosion Test - 01 November 1997

JTE11497J: Determination of Tensile Properties at Increased Strain Rates and Various Temperatures - 01 November 1997

JTE11358J: Fatigue Testing of Microspecimens from a Weldment - 01 September 1997

JTE11361J: Ultrasonic Stress Evaluation in a Compressor Rotor - 01 September 1997

JTE11363J: An Ultrasonic Technique for Monitoring Automotive Components - 01 September 1997

JTE11364J: Transverse Vibration of a Simply Supported Beam with Symmetric Overhang of Arbitrary Length - 01 September 1997

JTE11871J: A Comparison of Calculated Geometric Surface Area and Measured BET Surface Area for a Metal Powder - 01 July 1997

JTE11873J: A Constitutive Model for Metals at High Strain Rates Accurately Determined by the Tensile Impact Recovery Experimental Technique - 01 July 1997

JTE11880J: Strain-Controlled Cumulative Fatigue with Mean Strains and High-Cycle and Low-Cycle Interaction - 01 July 1997

JTE11885J: Book Review - 01 July 1997

JTE11340J: Mixed Mode Fiber Pull-Out Equipment: Applications and Results - 01 May 1997

JTE11341J: Analysis of Fatigue Data with Runouts Based on a Model with Nonconstant Standard Deviation and a Fatigue Limit Parameter - 01 May 1997

JTE11342J: A Modified Normalization Method for Developing J-R and CTOD-R Curves with the LMN Function - 01 May 1997

JTE11343J: Consensus Values and Reference Values Illustrated by the Charpy Machine Certification Program - 01 May 1997

JTE11345J: Statistical Design of Experiments in Metal Cutting—Part One: Methodology - 01 May 1997

JTE11346J: Statistical Design of Experiments in Metal Cutting—Part Two: Applications - 01 May 1997

JTE11351J: Estimating Creep Rates During Tensile Cyclic Loading - 01 May 1997

JTE11473J: Low-Temperature Aging Kinetics in Cast Duplex Stainless Steels: Experimental Characterization - 01 March 1997

JTE11481J: Symposium on Needs and Applications in Precision Measurement and Monitoring of Wear - 01 March 1997

JTE11482J: Needs and Challenges in Precision Wear Measurement - 01 March 1997

JTE11486J: Precision Profilometry of Wear Scars on Curved Surfaces - 01 March 1997

JTE11487J: Theory and Application of a Micro-Scale Abrasive Wear Test - 01 March 1997

JTE11318J: Ultrasonic Characterization of Interphasial Properties in Sapphire/Haynes 214 Composites - 01 January 1997

JTE11321J: Elastic Compliance of the Compact Tension Specimen Comprising Two Linear-Elastic Materials Bonded with a Thin Layer - 01 January 1997

JTE11322J: Calibrating Instrument Readings Using a Bivariate Confidence Interval - 01 January 1997

JTE11324J: Experimental Determination of the Cooling Curve for Production of Continuous-Cast Steel Billets - 01 January 1997

JTE11326J: Hot Plane Strain Compression Testing of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1997

JTE11327J: Neural Network Approach for Prediction of Wrinkling Limit in Square Metal Sheet Under Diagonal Tension - 01 January 1997

JTE11328J: High Resolution R-Curve Characterization of the Fracture Toughness of Thin Sheet Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1997

CCA10156J: Mechanical Properties of Normal to High-Strength Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 December 1996

JTE11461J: A New Approach to Measuring Transverse Properties of Structural Tubing by a Ring Test - 01 November 1996

JTE11463J: Corrosiveness of Chromate Exposure to Steel Embedded in Soil or Concrete - 01 November 1996

JTE11464J: Comparison of R-Curve Methodologies for Ranking the Toughness of Aluminum Alloys - 01 November 1996

JTE11465J: Creep Rupture Investigation of 63Sn-37Pb Solder by Experiments and Damage Mechanics - 01 November 1996

JTE11466J: Effects of Fatigue on Fragility Testing and the Damage Boundary Curve - 01 November 1996

JTE11467J: Book Reviews - 01 November 1996

JTE11306J: Optimal Design of a Disk-Shaped Specimen for Biaxial-Tensile Fatigue Testing - 01 September 1996

JTE11307J: A Critical Evaluation of the Performance of Optical Fiber Sensors for Monitoring Dynamic Strains - 01 September 1996

JTE11308J: Structure and Property Evaluation of Large-Diameter Spray-Formed Superalloy Piping - 01 September 1996

JTE11309J: A Fracture Test Method for Mode I Fracture Of Thin Metal Materials - 01 September 1996

JTE11310J: Improved Indentation-Depth Method of Hardness Measurement - 01 September 1996

JTE11312J: Creep Testing of Steels at Very High Temperatures - 01 September 1996

JTE11449J: Initial Deformation During Small Punch Testing - 01 July 1996

JTE11450J: Fatigue Under Stress Cycling With Nonzero Means - 01 July 1996

JTE11451J: Diagnosis of Machinery by Analysis of Running Temperature Data - 01 July 1996

CTR10532J: Stress-Free Temperature of the Macro-Interface in Selectively Reinforced Aluminum Castings - 01 July 1996

JTE11297J: Determination of the Geometric Profile and Stress/Strain State in the Necked Region During Inelastic Deformation at Elevated Temperatures Using a Non-Contact Measurement Technique - 01 May 1996

JTE12677J: Fracture Mechanics Expressions for the Standard Chord-Supported Arc Bend Specimen - 01 March 1996

JTE12679J: Introduction to Journal Section on Industrial Applications of Titanium and Zirconium - 01 March 1996

JTE12680J: Titanium Cerebral Aneurysm Clips: Characterization and Performance in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography - 01 March 1996

JTE12681J: Commercial Applications of Zirconium Explosion Clad - 01 March 1996

JTE12682J: Ti Roll-Clad Plate: More Cost-Effective Plate Products for Utilizing Titanium and Zirconium Alloys in Chemical Processes - 01 March 1996

JTE12683J: Development and Applications of Titanium Alloy SP-700 with High Formability - 01 March 1996

JTE12684J: Performance of Zirconium and Zirconium Alloys in Organics - 01 March 1996

JTE12685J: Expanded Windows for Titanium Use in the Pulp/Paper Peroxide Bleach Plant - 01 March 1996

JTE12687J: Minimum Thickness Requirements for Rockwell Hardness Testing - 01 March 1996

JTE11283J: The Unlubricated Sliding Wear of Steels: The Contact Conditions in the Sliding Zone - 01 January 1996

JTE11290J: Book Reviews - 01 January 1996

CCA10139J: The Passivation of Reinforcing Steel Exposed to Synthetic Pore Solution and the Effect of Calcium-Nitrite Inhibitor - 01 December 1995

JTE11431J: Differential Thermal Analysis of Solid Zirconium - 01 November 1995

JTE11435J: Fatigue Strength of Adhesive Bonded Aluminum Joints - 01 November 1995

JTE11401J: Fracture Toughness of Unalloyed Austempered Ductile Cast Iron (ADI) - 01 September 1995

JTE11402J: Repetitive- and Single-Blow Impact Testing of Wear-Resistant Alloys - 01 September 1995

JTE11403J: Mixed Mode Stress Intensity Calibrations for an Angled Crack Bend Specimen - 01 September 1995

JTE11411J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1995

JTE10421J: Analysis of the Peel Test: Prediction of Adherend Plastic Dissipation and Extraction of Fracture Energy in Metal-to-Metal Adhesive Joints - 01 July 1995

JTE10422J: A Reversing Direct Current Potential Drop System for Detecting and Sizing Fatigue Cracks along Weld Toes - 01 July 1995

JTE10425J: Ultra-High-Vacuum Chamber for Environmental-Fatigue Testing - 01 July 1995

JTE10426J: Effect of Cooling Rate Variables on the Solidification Time and Microstructure of Permanent Mold Magnesium-Treated Iron Castings - 01 July 1995

JTE10429J: A Modified Miniature Disk Test for Determining Material Mechanical Properties - 01 July 1995

JTE10433J: Stiffening Effects of Photoelastic Coatings on Orthotropic Plates - 01 July 1995

CCA10332J: Efficiency of Natural Greek Pozzolan in Chloride-Induced Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement - 01 June 1995

JTE10404J: A Consideration of Evaluation of Fatigue Crack Propagation Rate from Effective Stress Intensity Factor Range - 01 May 1995

JTE10405J: Calibration of DC Potential Technique Using an Optical Image Processing System in LCF Testing - 01 May 1995

JTE10406J: Relationships between Specimen Size, Stress Rate, and Load-Controlled Tensile Properties of AISI 300 Series Stainless Steels at 4 K - 01 May 1995

JTE10407J: An Evaluation of Three Methods to Measure the Dynamic Elastic Modulus of Steel - 01 May 1995

JTE10410J: Influence of Embedded Markers on the Response of the Host Material - 01 May 1995

JTE10413J: Evaluation of the Corrosion of MoSi2 by Molten Glass - 01 May 1995

JTE10416J: Crack Initiation Fracture Toughness of Transmission Line Hardware Steels - 01 May 1995

JTE10417J: Effect of Cold-Bending and Strain-Age-Embrittlement on the Fracture Behavior of CSA G40.21 M 350 WT Steel - 01 May 1995

JTE10898J: Deformation and Fatigue Behavior of Vanadium-Based Microalloyed Forging Steel in the As-Forged and Q&T Conditions - 01 March 1995

JTE10899J: Dynamic Strain Aging in a New Single Crystal Nickel-Based Superalloy (CMSX-4) - 01 March 1995

JTE10900J: Elastic Compliance of Four-Point Bend Specimens Comprising Two Linear-Elastic Materials Bonded with a Thin Layer - 01 March 1995

JTE10901J: A Full Field DC Potential Drop Calibration for an Asymmetrically Cracked M(T) Specimen - 01 March 1995

JTE10903J: TOFSIMS Studies of Cleaning Procedures and Silane Surface Treatments of Steels - 01 March 1995

JTE10904J: A Study of the Fatigue Softening and Hardening of Steel by the Magnetoelastic Effect Method - 01 March 1995

JTE10392J: Fracture Toughness by Small Punch Testing - 01 January 1995

JTE10393J: Dynamic Fracture Toughness (DFT) of Banded HSLA Steels - 01 January 1995

JTE10394J: A Method for Generating Fatigue Marker Bands Using a Constant Kmax Test Procedure - 01 January 1995

JTE10396J: Metal Surface Preparation by Plasma-Polymerized Films - 01 January 1995

JTE10398J: Assessment of the Corrosion Behavior of SS 304L in Nitric Acid Environments—An Alternative Approach - 01 January 1995

JTE10400J: Two Parameters Characterizing Superficial Mechanical Features - 01 January 1995

CCA10286J: Laboratory Measurements of Corrosion Activity of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Using Simple Equipment - 01 December 1994

JTE11853J: Inconsistencies between CTOD and J Calculations - 01 November 1994

JTE11854J: Back Face Strain Calibration for Crack Length Measurements - 01 November 1994

JTE11855J: Charpy Transition Studies of an Embrittled AISI 8640 Lower Bainitic Steel - 01 November 1994

JTE11856J: Numerical Analysis of Plasticity Effects in the Hole-Drilling Residual Stress Measurement - 01 November 1994

JTE11858J: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for Monitoring Coating Performance in Condensing Environments - 01 November 1994

JTE11866J: The Determination of Single Edge-Notched Bend Specimen Load Line Displacement from Remotely Located Sensors in Elastic-Plastic Fracture Testing - 01 November 1994

JTE12656J: Effects of Load-Distributed Width on Split Tension of Unnotched and Notched Cylindrical Specimens - 01 September 1994

JTE12663J: Effect of Overload Cycles on Thin Steel Roof Claddings during Cyclonic Winds - 01 September 1994

JTE12664J: Mechanical Study of a Hypoeutectoid Steel Weld - 01 September 1994

JTE12667J: Summary on the Role and Analysis of Wear in Failures - 01 September 1994

JTE12669J: Scoring of Precision Spur Gears - 01 September 1994

JTE12672J: Nondestructive Testing Techniques - 01 September 1994

JTE11837J: Determining the Potential Drop Calibration of a Fatigue Crack Growth Specimen Subject to Limited Experimental Observations - 01 July 1994

JTE11838J: A Fractographic Technique for the Estimation of Initiation Fracture Toughness JIc for Ductile Materials - 01 July 1994

JTE11839J: Deducing Crack History in an Aged Boiler Tube from Fracture Surface Topography - 01 July 1994

JTE11840J: Instructions for a New Method of Inclusion Rating and Correlations with the Fatigue Limit - 01 July 1994

JTE11841J: A Suggested Test Procedure to Measure Mixed Mode I–III Fracture Toughness of Brittle Materials - 01 July 1994

JTE11846J: Estimation of Young's Modulus and of Hardness by Ultra-Low Load Hardness Tests with a Vickers Indenter - 01 July 1994

JTE11812J: Evaluation of Machinability Data - 01 May 1994

JTE11813J: Relevant Errors Associated with Tension Testing of Metals - 01 May 1994

JTE11814J: Stress Correction for Removal of Material in X-Ray Stress Determination - 01 May 1994

JTE11815J: Preparation of Stainless Steel Adherends for Adhesive Bonding - 01 May 1994

JTE12640J: Fatigue Crack Propagation in a Specimen with a Complicated Cross-Section; Characterization of the Stress Intensity Factor - 01 March 1994

JTE12641J: The Use of Fatigue Specimens Precracked in Compression for Measuring Threshold Values and Crack Growth - 01 March 1994

JTE12643J: Numerical Model of Primary Creep Deformation in a Novel Double Shear Specimen - 01 March 1994

JTE12646J: Constant Temperature-Compensated Strain Rate Testing of Aluminum - 01 March 1994

JTE12623J: On the Uncertainties Involved in Quantifying the Fracture Toughness of Al-Li-X Alloys - 01 January 1994

JTE12624J: Dynamic Fracture Toughness Measurements on Small Charpy Specimens—A Preliminary Study - 01 January 1994

JTE12625J: R-Curve Generation and CTOD Evaluation Considering Maximum Crack Growth Size and Parabolic Crack Front - 01 January 1994

JTE12626J: Crack Length and J-Integral Expressions for Specimens Loaded in Tension - 01 January 1994

JTE12628J: Study of Steel Weldments Using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry - 01 January 1994

JTE12636J: A New Restraint for High-Load-Transfer Fastener Fatigue Test - 01 January 1994

JTE12637J: Statics and Strength of Materials, Second Edition - 01 January 1994

JTE11792J: Maximum-Load Predictions in the Dugdale Model Using a Critical CTOA Criterion - 01 November 1993

JTE11793J: An Assessment of the Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Composite Oscillator Technique (PUCOT) for Measuring the Elastic and Technical Constants of Solids - 01 November 1993

JTE11805J: Book Reviews - 01 November 1993

JTE11775J: Embrittlement of an AISI 8640 Lower Bainite Steel - 01 September 1993

JTE11776J: A Detection Method of Fatigue Crack Initiation by Analyzing Strain Waveform - 01 September 1993

JTE11778J: An Advanced Control Concept and Algorithm for Long-Term Data Acquisition in High-Temperature Fracture Mechanics Tests - 01 September 1993

JTE11947J: Fatigue Crack Initiation in Nonferrous Materials: A Model Assessment - 01 July 1993

JTE11948J: J and CTOD Estimation Equations for Shallow Cracks in Single Edge Notch Bend Specimens - 01 July 1993

JTE11949J: Initiation and Stable Crack Growth Behavior of API X70 Steel at Low Temperatures (25°C ≥ T ≥ −95°C) - 01 July 1993

JTE11950J: Slice Synthesis Technique for an Embedded Crack in Residual Stress Fields - 01 July 1993

JTE11951J: Optimization of Test Parameters for Quantitative Stress Measurements Using the Miniaturized Disk-Bend Test - 01 July 1993

JTE11763J: Introduction of a New Dynamic Fracture Toughness Evaluation System - 01 May 1993

JTE11764J: The Design of a Control System for a Superimposed Frequency Fatigue Test Machine - 01 May 1993

JTE11765J: Axial-Torsional Fatigue: A Study of Tubular Specimen Thickness Effects - 01 May 1993

JTE11767J: Novel Stage for Ultrasonic Measurement of Real Contact Area Between Rough and Flat Parts Under Quasi-Static Load - 01 May 1993

JTE11768J: Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Contact Stresses in Simulated Granular Particles Using Strain Gages - 01 May 1993

JTE11751J: Fatigue and Corrosion Fatigue of Beryllium-Copper Spring Materials - 01 March 1993

JTE11752J: Minimization and Quantification of Error Associated with the K Gradient and the Interval of Crack Length Measurement in Fatigue Crack Growth Testing - 01 March 1993

JTE11760J: Book Reviews - 01 March 1993

JTE11734J: Monitoring Fatigue Crack Propagation in Compact Tension Specimens via Remote Sensing of Back Face Strain - 01 January 1993

JTE11735J: Calculation for Rolling Contact Fatigue Life and Strength of Case-Hardened Gear Materials by Computer - 01 January 1993

JTE11738J: Time-Domain Ultrasonic NDE of the Wave Velocity of a Sub-Half-Wavelength Elastic Layer - 01 January 1993

JTE11739J: Testing the Superplastic Flow Characteristics of Advanced Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1993

JTE11740J: The ASCOR Test: A Simple Automated Method for Stress Corrosion Testing of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1993

JTE11741J: Quality Assessment Tests for Nails - 01 January 1993

JTE11748J: Book Reviews - 01 January 1993

JTE11929J: Crack Initiation and Total Fatigue Life of a Carbon Steel in Vacuum and Air - 01 November 1992

JTE11930J: The Shear Stress-Strain Curve Determination from Torsion Test in the Large Strain Range - 01 November 1992

JTE11931J: An Evaluation of the Impression Test for Estimating the Tensile Properties of Metallic Materials - 01 November 1992

JTE11932J: Comparison of the Fracture Behavior of Conventional Class U Railway Wheels and an Experimental Alloy Wheel - 01 November 1992

JTE11933J: Residual Stresses and Fatigue Precracking Techniques for Weldment Fracture Toughness Specimens - 01 November 1992

JTE11934J: Effects of Notch Length on the Ductile Fracture of a Center-Notched Low Carbon Steel Plate - 01 November 1992

JTE11935J: Temperature Calibration of Thermomechanical Analyzers: Part I—The Development of a Standard Method - 01 November 1992

JTE11936J: Temperature Calibration of Thermomechanical Analyzers: Part II—An Interlaboratory Test of the Calibration Procedure - 01 November 1992

JTE11937J: An Experimental Appraisal of the Load-Deformation Properties of A325 High-Strength Bolts - 01 November 1992

JTE11945J: Book Review - 01 November 1992

JTE11917J: Ultrasonic Technique for Residual Stress Measurement in Ductile Iron Continuous Cast Round Bars - 01 September 1992

JTE11918J: The Use of Small Punch (Bulge) Tests to Estimate Fracture Stress in the Lower Shelf Regime - 01 September 1992

JTE11919J: Notch Dimensions for Three-Point Bend Fracture Specimens Based on Compliance Analyses - 01 September 1992

JTE11920J: Fracture Toughness Determination Related to Indentation Problems Avoidance in Three-Point Bend Specimens - 01 September 1992

JTE11921J: On the Intrinsic Character of the Stress-Strain Curve of a Prestressing Steel - 01 September 1992

JTE11923J: A Method for Estimation of the Radius of Elastic-Plastic Boundary Around Cold-Worked Holes - 01 September 1992

JTE11924J: Analysis of Elastic and Plastic Strains for Internally Pressurized Cylinders - 01 September 1992

JTE11719J: New Formulae for Determining Fracture Toughness of a Wide Range of Different Materials with Chevron-Notched Short-Rod and Short-Bar Specimens - 01 July 1992

JTE11720J: Charpy Absorbed Energy and JIc as Measures of Cryogenic Fracture Toughness - 01 July 1992

JTE11722J: Time-Domain Ultrasonic Measurement of the Thickness of a Sub-Half-Wavelength Elastic Layer - 01 July 1992

JTE11725J: Magnetic Particle Testing of Turbine Blades Mounted on the Turbine Rotor Shaft - 01 July 1992

JTE11727J: Characterization of Early and Modern Wire for an Italian Harpsichord - 01 July 1992

JTE11729J: Dynamic Shear Modulus Measurements with Four Independent Techniques in Nickel-Based Alloys - 01 July 1992

JTE11730J: Young's Modulus of a Dispersion Strengthened Al-Fe-V-Si Alloy - 01 July 1992

JTE11731J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1992

JTE11709J: Fatigue Threshold Regime of a Low Alloy Ferritic Steel under Closure-Free Testing Conditions: Part I—Compliance Variations in the Threshold Regime - 01 May 1992

JTE11710J: Fatigue Threshold Regime of a Low Alloy Ferritic Steel under Closure-Free Testing Conditions: Part II—Hysteresis in Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Propagation: An Experimental Assessment - 01 May 1992

JTE11711J: Fatigue Behavior of (BS 1470 N8-0) Aluminum Alloy and (BS 1501–510) Nickel Steel Double-Fillet and Tee-Butt Welds (Subject to Bending) - 01 May 1992

JTE11715J: Mechanical Testing of Stainless Steel Bone Staples - 01 May 1992

GTJ10222J: Pullout Resistance of Steel Geogrids with Weathered Clay as Backfill Material - 01 March 1992

JTE11906J: Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) Toughness Evaluation by ASTM E 1290 and BS5762: A Comparative Analysis - 01 March 1992

JTE11907J: Critical Assessment of Methods for JIc Determination - 01 March 1992

JTE11908J: Tensile Stress Relaxation in High-Strength Spring Steel Wire - 01 March 1992

JTE11909J: An Apparatus for Biaxial Strength Testing of Standard Tensile Specimens - 01 March 1992

JTE11915J: Book Reviews - 01 March 1992

JTE11890J: Evaluation of Elastic Stress Intensity Using J-Integral Specimen Geometries - 01 January 1992

JTE11891J: Determination of Ductile-Brittle Transition Temperature (DBTT) in Dynamic Small Punch Test - 01 January 1992

GTJ10214J: Clay-on-Steel Ring Shear Tests and Their Implications for Displacement Piles - 01 December 1991

JTE12605J: Evaluation of Rating Numbers for Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Weathering Steel - 01 November 1991

JTE12607J: Reliability and Life Estimation from Component Fatigue Failures Below the Go-No-Go Fatigue Life Limit - 01 November 1991

JTE12610J: In Situ Ultrasonic Examination of the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS) Enriched Uranium Target Assembly - 01 November 1991

JTE12612J: Creep-Fatigue Interaction in T11 Boiler Tube Steel - 01 November 1991

JTE12613J: Vibration Monitoring of Small Lightweight Components Using Fiber Optic Sensors - 01 November 1991

JTE12586J: A Cantilever-Type Bend Test Technique for Formability Analysis of Strip/Plate Metals - 01 September 1991

JTE12588J: Analysis of the Size Effect in Low-Load Hardness Testing of Metals - 01 September 1991

JTE12594J: Thermal Shock and Thermal Fatigue Testing - 01 September 1991

JTE12599J: Theory and Practice of Force Measurement - 01 September 1991

JTE12600J: An Introduction to the Design and Behavior of Bolted Joints - 01 September 1991

JTE12601J: International Advances in Nondestructive Testing, Volume 15 - 01 September 1991

JTE12602J: Powder Testing Guide: Methods of Measuring the Physical Properties of Bulk Powders - 01 September 1991

JTE12572J: Change in Mass of Copper Coupons as a Measure of Severity of Environments in Accelerated Aging Tests for Electrical Contacts - 01 July 1991

JTE12574J: Normalization Method for Developing J-R Curves with the LMN Function - 01 July 1991

JTE12575J: Warm Precracking at 295 K and Its Effects on the 4-K Toughness of Austenitic Steels - 01 July 1991

JTE12576J: Electrical Resistance Measurements on Type 304 Stainless Steel with Different Degrees of Sensitization - 01 July 1991

JTE12577J: Energy Stored in a Specimen under Fatigue Limit Loading Conditions - 01 July 1991

JTE12581J: High Temperature Fatigue: Properties and Prediction - 01 July 1991

JTE12557J: Effect of Thickness on Elasto-Plastic Deformation and Hysteretic Energy Dissipated at Crack Tip - 01 May 1991

JTE12560J: Effects of Microcracks and Artificial Surface Cracks on Fracture Ductility of a Torsional Prestrained Specimen - 01 May 1991

JTE12562J: Shear Strength of a Ductile Material from Torsion of Solid Cylinders - 01 May 1991

JTE12567J: Mechanical Testing - 01 May 1991

JTE12544J: Specimen Size Requirements for Fracture Toughness Testing in the Transition Region - 01 March 1991

JTE12546J: The Influence of Friction on the Compliance and Crack Work Rate of an End Notched Flexure Specimen - 01 March 1991

JTE12547J: Nondestructive Density Measurements of Cylindrical Specimens by Gamma-Ray Attenuation - 01 March 1991

JTE12549J: Plastic η and γ Factors for Compact Tension Specimen in J-Integral Estimation - 01 March 1991

JTE12524J: Deformation of Aluminum Alloy under Cyclic Creep Loadings - 01 January 1991

JTE12527J: Charpy Impact Tests Near Absolute Zero - 01 January 1991

JTE12529J: Improved Wide Range Expressions for Displacements and Inverse Displacements for Standard Fracture Toughness Specimens - 01 January 1991

JTE12531J: Standard Reference Materials: NBS-ASTM Cooperation - 01 January 1991

JTE12532J: Certification: What It Means for Inhomogeneity and Reference Materials - 01 January 1991

JTE12533J: Computer-Aided Homogeneity Testing of Proposed Metal and Metal Alloy Reference Materials - 01 January 1991

JTE12534J: What Constitutes a Reference Material and How Is It Certified? - 01 January 1991

JTE12504J: Characterization of the Effects of Large Unloading Cycles on the Ductile Tearing Toughness of HSLA Steel - 01 November 1990

JTE12505J: Probability, Confidence, and Sample Size in Fatigue Testing - 01 November 1990

JTE12507J: A Quality Control Test for Selecting Materials to Arrest Fast-Running, Full-Thickness Cracks - 01 November 1990

JTE12511J: Fatigue Crack Characterization by Ultrasonic Inspection - 01 November 1990

JTE12512J: Imaging Short Fatigue Cracks with the Gel Electrode - 01 November 1990

JTE12513J: Durability Assessment Based on Initial Material Quality - 01 November 1990

JTE12514J: Bore Inspection and Life Evaluation of Vintage Steam Turbine/Generator Rotors - 01 November 1990

JTE12515J: A Simplified Method for Determining Relaxation Time and Electrical Resistivity from Eddy-Current Decay Measurements - 01 November 1990

JTE12492J: Crevice Corrosion Testing in Natural Seawater: Significance and Use of Multiple Crevice Assemblies - 01 September 1990

JTE12494J: A Rapid Method for Measurement of Rolling Contact Fatigue Limit of Case-Hardened Gear Materials - 01 September 1990

JTE12495J: Dynamic Strain-Aging and Neutron Irradiation Effects on Mechanical and Fracture Properties of A533B Class 1 PV Steel and 2.25Cr-1Mo Steel - 01 September 1990

JTE12496J: Use of X-Ray Diffraction for Measuring Recrystallization of Low Carbon Steels for Tin Plate Application - 01 September 1990

JTE12499J: Force Plate for Corrugated Container Vibration Tests - 01 September 1990

JTE12500J: Impact Energy/Specimen Thickness Relationship for Two Turbine Steels - 01 September 1990

JTE12479J: Dynamic Loading: A New Microhardness Test Method - 01 July 1990

JTE12480J: Measuring the Stress Intensity Factor for Propagating Cracks with Strain Gages - 01 July 1990

JTE12484J: Fatigue Behavior of a Cold-Rolled SAE Grade 945X HSLA Steel - 01 July 1990

JTE12485J: Stress Intensity Factors for Side-Grooved Fracture Specimens - 01 July 1990

JTE12486J: An Approach to Predicting Long-Term Toughness, Strength, and Ductility of a Cr-Mo-V Steel Alloy Using Short-Term Tests - 01 July 1990

JTE12487J: Plastic Strain Ratio (r) for Sheet Metal: Effect of Gage Length and Width Measurement Locations Using Reduced Section Specimens - 01 July 1990

JTE12488J: JIc Data Analysis Methods with a “Negative Crack Growth” Correction Procedure - 01 July 1990

JTE12489J: Nondestructive Testing (Metallurgy and Materials Science) - 01 July 1990

CCA10385J: Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete Containing Slag or Pozzolans - 01 July 1990

JTE12468J: Estimation of Characteristic Values of Fracture Toughness - 01 May 1990

JTE12469J: Cyclic Stress-Strain Behavior and Low Cycle Fatigue of Ti 6242 - 01 May 1990

JTE12470J: Nondestructive Evaluation of In-Service Toughness Degradation for Cr-Mo-V Steam Turbine Rotor Steel - 01 May 1990

JTE12471J: Influence of Overload Plastic Zone Size on Stress Corrosion Crack Growth Behavior of a Low Alloy Steel in 3.0% NaCl Solution - 01 May 1990

JTE12472J: Use of Cantilever Specimens to Determine Microcreep Properties - 01 May 1990

JTE12459J: Effect of Crystallographic Texture on Flexure Fatigue Properties of Ti-3Al-2.5V Hydraulic Tubing - 01 March 1990

JTE12460J: A Suggested Procedure for Combined Mode I — Mode III Fracture Toughness Testing - 01 March 1990

JTE12463J: Hardness Gradients within Roll-Threaded Steel Nails - 01 March 1990

JTE12448J: Estimation of the Ct Parameter: Experimental Implications - 01 January 1990

JTE12449J: Dynamic K Measurements in Three-Point-Bend Specimens - 01 January 1990

JTE12451J: Effect of Compressive Underloads and Tensile Overloads on Fatigue Damage Accumulation in 2024-T351 Aluminum - 01 January 1990

JTE12452J: The Use of Miniaturized Tests to Predict Flow Properties and Estimate Fracture Toughness in Deformed Steel Plates - 01 January 1990

JTE12453J: Bending Strength of Gray Cast Iron - 01 January 1990

JTE11142J: Monitoring Environmental Tests by Coulometric Reduction of Metallic Control Samples - 01 November 1989

JTE11143J: An Encapsulation Technique for Conducting Mechanical Properties Tests of Metallic Specimens in a Controlled Environment without a Retort - 01 November 1989

JTE11144J: Inflammability Ranking of Metals and Alloys in an Oxygen Atmosphere - 01 November 1989

JTE11145J: Rotation Corrections in Three-Point Single Edge Notch Bend Specimens - 01 November 1989

JTE11146J: A Method to Obtain Ideal Fatigue Crack Propagation for Steels - 01 November 1989

JTE11126J: Fatigue Performance of AISI 1140 Modified Steel - 01 September 1989

JTE11127J: Fractography of AISI 1140 Modified Steel under Static and Cyclic Loading Conditions - 01 September 1989

JTE11128J: Regression Analysis of Single Specimen Fracture Toughness Data with Serially Correlated Errors - 01 September 1989

JTE11115J: Determination of the Loading Rate Needed to Obtain Environmentally Assisted Cracking in Rising Load Tests - 01 July 1989

JTE11116J: Low-Cycle Fatigue Analysis of Notched Members - 01 July 1989

JTE11117J: Chevron-Notched Specimens for Fracture Toughness Measurements Independent of R-Curve Effects - 01 July 1989

JTE11118J: Effect of Strain Rate and Temperature on the Mechanical Anisotropy of Recrystallized Zircaloy TREX (Tube Reduced Extrusion) - 01 July 1989

JTE11119J: Proposed Standard Arc-Bend Chord-Support Fracture Toughness Specimens and K Expressions - 01 July 1989

JTE11105J: Designing Bearing Fatigue Life Tests for Improving the Use of Testing Resources - 01 May 1989

JTE11107J: Influence of Frequency on the Actual Testing Load of Hydraulic Mechanical Testing Machines - 01 May 1989

JTE11108J: Influence of Heat Treatment on Structure and Oxidation Behavior of Zr-2.5Nb - 01 May 1989

JTE11112J: A Note on Dynamic Displacement Measurements Using Hall Effect Sensors - 01 May 1989

JTE11092J: Sensitivity of Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction (Using Wheeler Retardation) to Data Representation - 01 March 1989

JTE11526J: Preface to “Dynamic Young's Modulus Measurements in Metallic Materials: Results of an Interlaboratory Testing Program” - 01 January 1989

JTE11527J: Dynamic Young's Modulus Measurements in Metallic Materials: Results of an Interlaboratory Testing Program - 01 January 1989

JTE11528J: Comparison of Chevron-Notched Specimen Types for Fracture Toughness Testing of Aluminum - 01 January 1989

JTE11529J: Effects of Small Surface Cracks on Ductility Loss in Low Cycle Fatigue of 70/30 Brass - 01 January 1989

JTE11530J: Fatigue Crack Propagation Threshold - 01 January 1989

JTE11532J: A Model to Predict the Sources and Magnitude of Scatter in Toughness Data in the Transition Region - 01 January 1989

JTE11533J: Linear-Elastic Fracture of High-Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steels at Liquid Helium Temperature - 01 January 1989

JTE11534J: Creep Rupture Behavior of Precorroded Carbon Steel - 01 January 1989

JTE11269J: Statistical Design of Fatigue Crack Growth Test Programs - 01 November 1988

JTE11270J: A Pin-on-Drum Abrasive Wear Test and Comparison with Other Pin Tests - 01 November 1988

JTE11272J: Structure/Property Relationship for Normalized Pipe Flanges (Grade LF2) Made to ASTM Specification A 350/A 350M - 01 November 1988

JTE11276J: Plastic Rotation Factors of Three-Point Bend and Compact Tension Specimens - 01 November 1988

JTE11618J: A Direct J-R Curve Analysis of Fracture Toughness Tests - 01 September 1988

JTE11619J: Evaluation of Creep Rupture Behavior of 1Cr-1Mo-0.25V Steel with 0.04 wt% Sn - 01 September 1988

JTE11620J: X-Ray Residual Stress Measurements in Notched Test Specimens - 01 September 1988

JTE11621J: Strain-Hardening Characteristics of Aluminum-1050A, α-(70/30) Brass, and Austenitic Stainless Steel under Biaxial Loading - 01 September 1988

JTE11622J: Evaluation Procedure for Low Cycle Fatigue Data - 01 September 1988

JTE11625J: Indirect Measurements of Compliances in Four-Point-Bending Tests - 01 September 1988

JTE11626J: Comparison of Compliance Results for the Wedge-Loaded Compact Specimen - 01 September 1988

JTE11627J: Changes in AISC Specification for High-Strength Steel Bolt Use - 01 September 1988

JTE11628J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1988

JTE11081J: An Analysis of Notch-Size Effects at the Fatigue Limit - 01 July 1988

JTE11082J: Prediction of Specimen Strain from Extensometer Deflection Measurements in a Direct Stress Fatigue Test Specimen under Static Tensile Loading - 01 July 1988

JTE10376J: Crack Length Measurement During Rapid Crack Growth Using an Alternating-Current Potential Difference Method - 01 May 1988

JTE10377J: Strain Measurement Technique for Elevated Temperature Tensile and Creep Testing of Foil-Gage Metals - 01 May 1988

JTE10378J: The Risks of Extrapolations of Metal Fatigue Data - 01 May 1988

JTE10379J: A Method for Obtaining Conservative S-N Data for Welded Structures - 01 May 1988

JTE10382J: Effect of Prestrain on Fracture Toughness of Rolled Mild Steel with Significant Inclusion Content - 01 May 1988

JTE10383J: Effect of Nonmetallic Inclusions on Some Ductility Parameters of Hot-Rolled Steel Sheet - 01 May 1988

JTE11153J: Evaluation of Published Data on Ductile Initiation Fracture Toughness of Low-Alloy Structural Steels - 01 March 1988

JTE11154J: Localized Intrinsic Strengthening Approach (LISA): A Practical Method for Determining the Tensile Strength of Multistrand Cables - 01 March 1988

JTE11157J: Fatigue Life Prediction in Flexural Bending of Hollow Cross-Sectional Bars from Axial Fatigue Information - 01 March 1988

JTE11158J: Failure Probability Analysis of Proof Loaded Components - 01 March 1988

JTE11161J: Cryogenic Fatigue Properties of 304L and 316L Stainless Steels Compared to Mechanical Strength and Increasing Magnetic Permeability - 01 March 1988

JTE11162J: A Microcomputer-Aided Four-Point Bend Test System for Determining Uniaxial Stress-Strain Curves - 01 March 1988

JTE11163J: Investigation of the Influence of Impact Velocity and Temperature on the Dynamic Mechanical Properties of the Material 22 NiMoCr 37 - 01 March 1988

JTE11164J: Strength and Stiffness of Metal Railing Systems and Rails for Buildings - 01 March 1988

JTE11166J: Development of a Miniaturized Specimen Technique for Fracture Toughness JIc Measurement - 01 March 1988

JTE11167J: The Barnacle Electrode: A Compromise Between Analysis and Experiment - 01 March 1988

JTE11045J: Determination of Material Characteristic Values in Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics by Means of J-Integral Crack Resistance Curves - 01 January 1988

JTE11047J: Evaluation of Notch Tip Opening Displacement Using a Composite Crack Profile Approach - 01 January 1988

JTE11048J: On the Analysis of Thermally Activated Tension-Tension Cyclic Deformation Behavior - 01 January 1988

JTE11049J: A Cleavage Precracking Technique for Sheet Steel Fracture Specimens - 01 January 1988

JTE11050J: Determination of Kc and Residual Strength Values for Sheet Materials - 01 January 1988

JTE11051J: Diametral Strain Response and Microstructural Yielding Mechanisms of a Bainitic Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 January 1988

JTE11052J: Load-Point Compliance of a Three-Point Loaded Cracked-Notched Beam - 01 January 1988

JTE11029J: Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior for 316 Stainless Steel - 01 November 1987

JTE11030J: Monitoring of Oxide Layer Thickness on Zircaloy-2 by the Eddy Current Test Method - 01 November 1987

JTE11033J: J-Integral Testing of Aluminum Alloys: A New Technique for Marking Crack Fronts - 01 November 1987

JTE11034J: A Statistical Analysis of the Notch Toughness of 9% Nickel Steels Obtained from Production Heats - 01 November 1987

JTE11018J: Results of an Interlaboratory Fatigue Test Program Conducted on Alloy 800H at Room and Elevated Temperatures - 01 September 1987

JTE11019J: Evaluation of Intergranular Fracture Initiation in Transition Region of Retired Steam Turbine Rotor Steel Using Small Specimens and the Acoustic Emission Technique - 01 September 1987

JTE11024J: A Simple Method for Fatigue Precracking Specimens for Fracture Mechanics Tests - 01 September 1987

JTE11025J: Absence of Stretch Zones in Austenitic Stainless Steels Fractured at Cryogenic Temperatures - 01 September 1987

JTE11026J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1987

JTE11008J: A Method for Determining the Tensile Properties and Anisotropy of Aluminum Alloys - 01 July 1987

JTE11009J: Equivalent Crack Lengths in Thin Sheet Materials Subjected to Tensile Loads - 01 July 1987

JTE11011J: Introduction to Symposium on Methods for the Identification and Sorting of Metals and Metal Alloys - 01 July 1987

JTE11012J: A Survey of Grade Verification Methods for Steel Plants - 01 July 1987

JTE11013J: Thermoelectric Differences Used for Metal Sorting - 01 July 1987

JTE11014J: Theory, Characteristics, and Operating Parameters of Portable Optical Emission Spectrometers for the On-Site Sorting and Identification of Steels - 01 July 1987

JTE11015J: Large-Scale Metals Identification and Sorting Using Instrumented Techniques - 01 July 1987

JTE10998J: Inelastic Buckling of ASTM Standard E 9 Compression Specimens - 01 May 1987

JTE10988J: Interlaboratory Evaluation of ASTM Practice for X-Ray Determination of Retained Austenite in Steel with Near-Random Crystallographic Orientation (E 975) - 01 March 1987

JTE10989J: Temperature and Composition Dependence of Young's Modulus in Polycrystalline B2 Ni-Al - 01 March 1987

JTE10993J: Book Review - 01 March 1987

JTE11548J: Effects of the Average Increment ΔC on the Scatter in da/dN Data and Mean Life Cycles in HY-80 Steel Plate - 01 January 1987

JTE11549J: Characterization of Fracture Behavior in Small Punch Test by Combined Recrystallization-Etch Method and Rigid Plastic Analysis - 01 January 1987

JTE11550J: Interlaboratory Evaluation of KIscc and da/dt Determination Procedures for High-Strength Steels - 01 January 1987

JTE10344J: Cyclic Stress and Diametral Strain Response During High Strain Amplitude Fatigue of a 1Cr-1.3Mo-0.3V Bainitic Rotor Steel at Elevated Temperature—Part II - 01 November 1986

JTE10345J: On the Determination of Crack Initiation Using Standard Test Methods - 01 November 1986

JTE10348J: A Method for Determining Conservative Fatigue Threshold While Avoiding Crack Closure - 01 November 1986

JTE10351J: Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics Applied to an Adhesive Spar—Wingskin Joint - 01 November 1986

JTE10334J: Investigation of Dynamic JId for Alloy Steel Weldments Using the Split Hopkinson Bar - 01 September 1986

JTE10337J: An Ultrasonic Method for Determining Axial Stress in Bolts - 01 September 1986

JTE10342J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1986

JTE11259J: Poisson's Ratio As Determined for Elastic and Plastic Deformation and for Monotonic and Cyclic Loading—Part I: Critical Review - 01 July 1986

JTE11260J: An Evaluation of Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Type A508 Class 3 Steel - 01 July 1986

JTE11261J: R-Curve Round-Robin Program for ASTM Recommended Practice for R-Curve Determination (E 561) - 01 July 1986

JTE11262J: Development of a Constant-K Specimen for Materials Testing - 01 July 1986

JTE11263J: Determination of Calibration Constants for Hole Drilling Technique Using Special Strain Gage Rosette - 01 July 1986

JTE11265J: Evaluation of Plane-Stress Fracture Testing Methods - 01 July 1986

JTE11266J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1986

JTE11394J: Fatigue Crack Growth Threshold and Crack Opening of a Mild Steel - 01 May 1986

JTE11397J: Chromium Conservation in Stainless Steel - 01 May 1986

JTE10324J: References and Conference Proceedings Towards the Understanding of Fracture Mechanics - 01 March 1986

JTE10325J: Determination of Fracture Toughness for Brittle Nonmetallic Materials at the Subcritical Crack Growth Stage - 01 March 1986

JTE10326J: Interpretive Report on the Sensitization of Type 304 Stainless Steel - 01 March 1986

JTE10330J: A Better Way to Present Results from a Least-Squares Fit to Experimental Data: An Example from Microhardness Testing - 01 March 1986

JTE10312J: A Modified Metallographic Method to Detect Sensitization in Type 316 Stainless Steel - 01 January 1986

JTE10313J: Estimation of Fatigue Life at Elevated Temperature of Electron Beam Weldments of Alloy 718 - 01 January 1986

JTE10314J: Erosion of Phosphor Bronze under Cavitation Attack in a Mineral Oil - 01 January 1986

JTE10316J: Erosion by Solid-Particle Impacts: A Testing Update - 01 January 1986

JTE10318J: Use of X-Ray Diffraction with the Gaussian Curve Method to Evaluate the Hardening in Quenched Steels - 01 January 1986

JTE10319J: Fracture Mechanics Evaluation of Irradiation Embrittlement in Reactor Vessel Steels Based on the Rate Process Concept - 01 January 1986

JTE10320J: Determination of Fracture Toughness by CTOD Resistance Curve Method - 01 January 1986

JTE10972J: Methodology for Correlating Fatigue Data Obtained under Different Test Conditions - 01 November 1985

JTE10973J: Effect of Dither on Strain-Controlled Fatigue and Tensile Results Obtained with a Closed-Loop Servohydraulic Testing Machine - 01 November 1985

JTE10974J: A New Method for In Situ Compliance Measurements for Fatigue Crack Growth Testing in Autoclaves - 01 November 1985

JTE10975J: Design and Use of a Load Monitoring Environmental Test Chamber for Stress Corrosion Testing - 01 November 1985

JTE10976J: Modulus Measurements in Ordered Co-Al, Fe-Al, and Ni-Al Alloys - 01 November 1985

JTE10978J: Effect of Rε on Cyclic Stress-Strain Behavior of Inconel 718 - 01 November 1985

JTE10979J: Determination of the Critical Value of the J-Integral at High Loading Rates Using the Wedge-Loaded Specimen - 01 November 1985

JTE10980J: Austenitic Iron-Aluminum-Manganese Alloys As Possible Substitutes for Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 November 1985

JTE10959J: Creep Behavior of Copper and Copper Alloys As Design Criteria in Pressure Vessel Manufacture - 01 September 1985

JTE10960J: Interlaboratory Study of Strain-Cycle Fatigue of 1.2-mm-Thick Sheet Specimens - 01 September 1985

JTE10961J: Determination of Modulus of Rigidity by ASTM D 198 Flexural Methods - 01 September 1985

JTE10962J: A Single-Specimen Determination of JIc by the Ultrasonic Method and Analysis of Its Statistical Distribution Characteristics - 01 September 1985

JTE10963J: A Thermal Control System for Thermal Cycling - 01 September 1985

JTE10965J: Nondestructive Evaluation of Bond Quality of Bimetallic Strips Using Acoustic Emission - 01 September 1985

JTE11244J: Optimization of the Gel Electrode for Repeatable Imaging of Fatigue Cracks in Aluminum Alloys - 01 July 1985

JTE11245J: J1c Measurements on Single Subsized Specimens of Ferritic Alloys - 01 July 1985

JTE11246J: Plastic Strain Arising from Fatigue Crack Initiation - 01 July 1985

JTE11247J: Stress Intensity Factors for Notched Configurations - 01 July 1985

JTE11248J: Creep and Rupture Tests of Alloy A-286 at Elevated Temperatures - 01 July 1985

JTE11249J: Effect of Misalignment on the Time to Rupture - 01 July 1985

JTE11250J: Design and Performance of a Ring-Shaped Clip Gage for Fracture Mechanics Testing - 01 July 1985

JTE11254J: Improving Bend and Tensile Yield Strengths of Metallic Strip by Reducing the Effects of Residual Stresses - 01 July 1985

JTE10780J: Effect of Size on Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness Parameters - 01 May 1985

JTE10781J: Influence of Gage Dimensions on Elongation Values for Type 316 Stainless Steel - 01 May 1985

JTE10782J: A Positron Study of the Quench and Tempering Process in AISI 4340 Steel - 01 May 1985

JTE10783J: The Effect of Acoustic Impedance on the Apparent Impact Fracture Energy of a Tungsten Base Sintered Alloy - 01 May 1985

JTE10784J: Effect of Crack-Tip Morphology on Cleavage-Crack Extension - 01 May 1985

JTE10771J: The Effect of Fire Fighting Media on the Mechanical Properties of Steel Bars - 01 March 1985

JTE10774J: Fracture Toughness of Hot-Pressed Beryllium - 01 March 1985

JTE10775J: Determination of Threshold Stress Corrosion Cracking Characteristics Using Rising Load KIscc Testing Based on Ultrasonic Method - 01 March 1985

JTE10776J: Instrumented Impact Testing of Steel Plate - 01 March 1985

JTE10777J: Preparation of Impact Specimens from Cast Austenitic Manganese Steels - 01 March 1985

JTE10756J: Task Group Report: Results of the Interlaboratory Test Program to Determine Percent Shear of Dynamic Tear Test Specimens - 01 January 1985

JTE10757J: Strain Distribution Patterns During Plane Strain Compression - 01 January 1985

JTE10758J: Analysis of Hot Tension Test Data To Obtain Stress-Strain Curves to High Strains - 01 January 1985

JTE10759J: A Method for the Defined Fatigue Precracking of Round Notched Bars - 01 January 1985

JTE10762J: An Optical Test Method for Measuring Biaxial Deformations - 01 January 1985

JTE10763J: Comparison of the Kesternich Sulfur Dioxide Test with Industrial Atmospheric Corrosion Tests of Zinc-, Aluminum-, and Al-Zn-Coated Steel Sheet - 01 January 1985

JTE10740J: Deep-Drawing of Anisotropic Work-Hardening Sheet Metals Into a High-Pressure Medium - 01 November 1984

JTE10741J: Interstitial Carbon and Nitrogen Effects on the Cryogenic Fatigue Crack Growth of AISI 304 Type Stainless Steels - 01 November 1984

JTE10743J: Computer Identification of Machined Surfaces - 01 November 1984

JTE10727J: Absolute Measurements of Ultrasonic Attenuation Using Damped Nondestructive Testing Transducers - 01 September 1984

JTE10728J: Analysis of Acoustic Emissions Generated During Stress Corrosion Cracking - 01 September 1984

JTE10729J: Quantitative Relations Among Measures of Ductility in Planar and Through-Thickness Tension Tests of 12.8-mm-Diameter Specimens - 01 September 1984

JTE10730J: Single Specimen Fracture Toughness Testing of Low Strength Steel Plate Using The Direct Current Electrical Potential Method - 01 September 1984

JTE10731J: Determination of Fracture Toughness of a Material That Exhibits Pop-In Behavior - 01 September 1984

JTE10732J: Determination of Fracture Toughness JIc Under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions Using Wedge Loaded Specimens - 01 September 1984

JTE10733J: Fatigue Crack Growth Life Prediction for a Bolthole Specimen Under Constant Amplitude Loading - 01 September 1984

JTE10734J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1984

JTE10710J: A Report on the Workshop on High Temperature Crack Growth and Fracture - 01 July 1984

JTE10715J: Principles on Analysis by Spark Sampling and Plasma Excitation as Applied to Super Alloys - 01 July 1984

JTE11064J: Techniques for Determination of the Crystallographic Characteristics of Environmentally Induced Brittle Fractures - 01 May 1984

JTE10700J: Fitting of Fatigue Curves with Nonconstant Standard Deviation to Data with Runouts - 01 March 1984

JTE11415J: An Estimation of Hardness of Hardened Steels by X-Ray Diffraction Using a Gaussian Curve-Fitting Method - 01 January 1984

JTE11416J: An X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Residual Stresses Induced by Sliding Wear of Copper-Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1984

JTE11420J: Development of a Test Setup for Measuring the Deflection of Single-Edge Notched Bend (SENB) Specimens - 01 January 1984

JTE10297J: Analysis of an Internally Radially Cracked Ring Segment Subject to Three-Point Radial Loading - 01 November 1983

JTE10307J: Book Reviews - 01 November 1983

JTE10688J: Positron Evaluation of Hydrogen in a 17 Nickel Maraging Steel - 01 September 1983

JTE10689J: A Pilot Experiment to Determine the Feasibility of Reconstituting Tested Irradiated Charpy V Specimens - 01 September 1983

JTE10692J: A Constant Amplitude Fatigue Study of an Aluminum Powder Metallurgy Alloy - 01 September 1983

JTE10693J: A New Method for the Determination of the Critical Value of Crack Tip Opening Displacement at the Initiation of Crack Growth Using a Single Three-Point Bend Specimen - 01 September 1983

JTE10289J: Summary Report of Round Robin Testing by the ASTM Task Group E24.01.06 on Rapid Loading Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness KIc Testing - 01 July 1983

JTE10294J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1983

GTJ10835J: Measurement of Underground Corrosion of Steel - 01 June 1983

JTE10678J: Numerical Analysis of Ductile Fracture Experiments Using Single-Edge Notched Tension Specimens - 01 May 1983

JTE10679J: Stressing for Test Purposes of Materials in Tubular Form Using Elastomeric Inserts—Practical Testing Procedures - 01 May 1983

JTE10680J: An Improved Method for Threshold Fatigue Crack Propagation Testing on an Electromagnetic Resonance Type Machine - 01 May 1983

JTE10681J: A New Transducer to Monitor Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 May 1983

JTE10682J: On the Yield Loads of Plates with Array of Holes - 01 May 1983

JTE10683J: JIc Measurement Point Determination for HY130, CMS-9, and Inconel Alloy 718 - 01 May 1983

JTE10684J: Short-Range Ordering in Nickel-Chromium Thermocouple Alloys - 01 May 1983

JTE10685J: Book Reviews - 01 May 1983

JTE10281J: Predicting Heat-Affected Zone Hardness by the Weld Test Method - 01 March 1983

JTE10282J: Vibratory Cavitation Tests at 200-kPa (2-Bar) Suppression Pressure - 01 March 1983

JTE10283J: Confidence Limits of Stress Values Measured by X-Ray Diffraction - 01 March 1983

JTE10284J: Accuracy and Precision of Crack Length Measurements Using a Compliance Technique - 01 March 1983

JTE10285J: High Pressure Fatigue Testing with Results for Tubing and Fittings - 01 March 1983

JTE10286J: Book Reviews - 01 March 1983

JTE11581J: Effects of Temperature on the Fracture Toughness of Carburizing Steels for High-Temperature Applications - 01 January 1983

JTE11582J: Life Expectancy for Fossil Steam Turbine Casings after 1000 000 Hours - 01 January 1983

JTE11583J: Review of the Effects of Fatigue Cracking Loads on Plane Strain Fracture Toughness - 01 January 1983

JTE11584J: Fatigue Crack Front Shape and Its Effect on Fracture Toughness Measurements - 01 January 1983

JTE11585J: In-Plane Compression: A New Laboratory Forming Technique to Study the Effect of Large Drawing Deformations in Sheets on Their Subsequent Mechanical Behavior - 01 January 1983

JTE11586J: A Summary of Fracture Mechanics Concepts - 01 January 1983

JTE11587J: Cyclic Stress-Strain and Fatigue Properties of Sheet Steel as Affected by Load Spectra - 01 January 1983

JTE11588J: Fracture Mechanics Analysis of the Effects of Residual Stress on Fatigue Life - 01 January 1983

JTE11589J: Determination of Stress Relaxation by Damping Measurements - 01 January 1983

JTE11590J: Book Reviews - 01 January 1983

JTE10262J: Tentative Test Procedure For Determining the Plane Strain JI-R Curve - 01 November 1982

JTE10263J: Evaluation of the Tentative JI-R Curve Testing Procedure by Round Robin Tests of HY130 Steel - 01 November 1982

JTE10267J: Fracture Testing in High Temperature and Pressure Hydrogen Environments - 01 November 1982

JTE10271J: Book Reviews - 01 November 1982

JTE10250J: Application of Computer Techniques to Charpy Impact Testing of Irradiated Pressure Vessel Steels - 01 September 1982

JTE10252J: Introduction to Papers Presented at the Symposium on Ultrasonic Measurements of Stress - 01 September 1982

JTE10253J: Ultrasonic Measurement of Axial Stress - 01 September 1982

JTE10254J: Ultrasonic Measurement of Residual Stress in Textured Materials - 01 September 1982

JTE10256J: Anharmonic Properties of Solids from Measurements of the Stress Acoustic Constant - 01 September 1982

JTE10257J: An Analytical Approach to Reference Samples for Ultrasonic Residual Stress Measurement - 01 September 1982

JTE10258J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1982

JTE11572J: Dynamic Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Properties of ASME SA508 CL 3 and SA508 CL 3a Base and Heat-Affected-Zone Materials - 01 July 1982

JTE11574J: Comparison of Aluminum Powder Average Particle Diameter Values Determined by Various Methods - 01 July 1982

JTE11575J: The Effect of Self Stresses on High Cycle Fatigue - 01 July 1982

JTE11576J: A Constant Stress Tensile Creep Machine for Very Low Stresses - 01 July 1982

JTE11577J: A Compressive Creep Machine - 01 July 1982

JTE11578J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1982

JTE10244J: Correlation of Data from Standard and Precracked Charpy Specimens with Fracture Toughness Data for HY-130, A517-F, and HY-80 Steel - 01 May 1982

JTE10245J: Techniques for Fatigue Testing and Extrapolation of Fatigue Life for Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 May 1982

JTE10231J: Statistical Analysis of X-ray Residual Stress Measurement Using the Half-Width Method - 01 March 1982

JTE10232J: The Effect of Varying Mean Stress on the Dimpled Loaded-Hole Fatigue Strength of 2024-T3 Aluminum Alloy - 01 March 1982

JTE10233J: Nondestructive Magnetic Measurements on Prefabricated Parts - 01 March 1982

JTE10235J: Explanation of the Empirical Factor Recommended in the Permanganate Titration of High Chromium Stainless Steel from Tristumulus Chromaticity - 01 March 1982

JTE10237J: Book Reviews - 01 March 1982

JTE11562J: Characterization of the Crack Toughness Behavior of Structural Steels by the Tearing Modulus Parameter and Acoustic Emission - 01 January 1982

JTE11563J: Acoustic Emission During Unloading of Elastically Stressed Magnesium Alloy - 01 January 1982

JTE11564J: Damping in Turbine Blade Alloys - 01 January 1982

JTE11565J: Damping and Metals Characterization - 01 January 1982

CCA10229J: Precision of Flexural Strength and Toughness Parameters for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 01 January 1982

JTE11233J: Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Data Acquisition System for Linear and Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics Applications - 01 November 1981

JTE11234J: Determination of Crack Tip Energy Dissipation and Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness Parameter with Ductile Crack Extension - 01 November 1981

JTE11235J: An Evaluation of a Load-Line Extensometer for Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness Testing - 01 November 1981

JTE11237J: Residual Stress Profile in Machined Parts - 01 November 1981

JTE11238J: Magnetic Properties of Iron and Low Carbon Steel for Soft Magnet Applications - 01 November 1981

JTE11517J: A Statistical Analysis of X-ray Stress Measurement by the Gaussian Curve-Fitting Method - 01 September 1981

JTE11518J: A Constant Force System for Delayed Fracture Experiments - 01 September 1981

JTE11519J: Crack Initiation, Slow Crack Growth, and Unstable Propagation of Ductile Fracture in Mild Steels in a Laboratory Experiment - 01 September 1981

JTE11521J: Evaluation of Assembly Stresses of Automotive Leaf Springs by Acoustic Emission - 01 September 1981

JTE11524J: Hydrogen Embrittlement of Zinc Coatings - 01 September 1981

JTE11226J: R Curve and Fracture Toughness of Thin Sheet Materials - 01 July 1981

JTE11227J: Some Aspects of Fatigue Crack Closure in Two Contrasting Titanium Alloys - 01 July 1981

JTE11228J: A Biaxial Fatigue Machine for Elevated Temperature Testing - 01 July 1981

JTE11229J: The Effects of Stress Dwells and Varying Mean Strain on Crack Growth During Thermal Mechanical Fatigue - 01 July 1981

JTE11230J: Stress Intensity Factors for Single-Edge-Crack Solid and Hollow Round Bars Loaded in Tension - 01 July 1981

JTE11553J: Multiaxial Fatigue: A Survey of the State of the Art - 01 May 1981

JTE11554J: Similarities in Different Experiments of Erosion Caused by Cavitation and Liquid Impingement - 01 May 1981

JTE11555J: Estimation of Cavitation Erosion with Incubation Periods and Material Properties - 01 May 1981

JTE11558J: The Measurement of Absorbed Charpy Impact Energy Using a Vertical Drop Tower - 01 May 1981

JTE11559J: Precision Strain Measurement at Elevated Temperatures Using a Capacitance Probe - 01 May 1981

JTE11560J: Application of the Electrical Potential Method to Crack Length Measurements Using Johnson's Formula - 01 May 1981

JTE11646J: Review of New Developments in Crack Propagation Studies - 01 March 1981

JTE11647J: Scale and Corrosion Parameters at a Geothermal Loop Experimental Facility - 01 March 1981

JTE11648J: Quenching, Tempering, and Aging Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium Cast Steels - 01 March 1981

JTE11649J: Comparison of Methods for Fracture Toughness Determination in Steels - 01 March 1981

JTE11650J: On the Relationship of Toughness, Fracture Initiation Energy, and Specimen Deflection in Charpy Tests of 4340 Steel - 01 March 1981

JTE11651J: Verification of Compliance Corrections Used in Determining Load-Line Energies from Dynamic Load-Time Data - 01 March 1981

JTE11653J: An Optimal Method for Determining Anisotropic Parameters Under Combined Stress Tests - 01 March 1981

JTE11654J: Simplified Equations for Peak Position and for Its Standard Deviation in X-Ray Stress Measurement - 01 March 1981

JTE11655J: Some Aspects of Biaxial Creep Testing of Thin-Walled Cylindrical and Spherical Pressure Vessels - 01 March 1981

JTE11656J: Task Group Report: Results of Interlaboratory Test Programs to Evaluate the Dynamic Tear Test Method - 01 March 1981

JTE10641J: A Simple Test Method for the Evaluation of Tearing Modulus - 01 January 1981

JTE10643J: A Comparative Study of the Effect of Low Temperature on the Fracture Toughness and Cyclic Properties of Two Candidate High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels for Arctic Pipeline Applications - 01 January 1981

JTE10648J: On the Relationship Between Stretch Zone Formation and the J Integral for High Strain-Hardening Materials - 01 January 1981

JTE10628J: Computer Data Acquisition Monitoring of the Stress Corrosion Cracking of Depleted Uranium Cantilever Beam Specimens - 01 November 1980

JTE10629J: Fatigue Life Prediction of Welded Components Based on Fracture Mechanics - 01 November 1980

JTE10630J: A Proposed Standard Round Compact Specimen for Plane Strain Fracture Toughness Testing - 01 November 1980

JTE10631J: A Wide Range Stress Intensity Factor Expression for the C-Shaped Specimen - 01 November 1980

JTE10632J: Vibrations in Compact Specimens During Crack Arrest Testing - 01 November 1980

JTE10633J: Vibratory Horn Cavitation Erosion Comparisons - 01 November 1980

JTE10613J: Evaluation of the JIc Testing Procedure by Round Robin Tests on A533B Class 1 Pressure Vessel Steel - 01 September 1980

JTE10614J: Results of an ASTM Cooperative Test Program on the JIc Determination of HY130 Steel - 01 September 1980

JTE10615J: Measuring JIc, and the Resistance to Crack Growth After Initiation - 01 September 1980

JTE10617J: The Shear Strain to Fracture Characteristics of a Titanium Alloy and an Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Under Complex Loading Conditions - 01 September 1980

JTE10618J: Studies of Impurity Distribution in Electrolytically Refined Copper Cathodes - 01 September 1980

JTE11606J: Impurity Variations in Electrolytic Cathode Copper - 01 July 1980

JTE11607J: Sampling of Electrorefined Copper Cathodes - 01 July 1980

JTE11608J: Strength Reduction in Thin Aluminum Alloy Sheets by Laser Irradiation - 01 July 1980

JTE11609J: Tensile Properties of A357-T6 Aluminum Castings - 01 July 1980

JTE11610J: Effects of Temperature on the Behavior of Metals Under Erosion by Particulate Matter - 01 July 1980

JTE11612J: Electromotive Force Stability of Nicrosil-Nisil® - 01 July 1980

JTE11613J: Generalized Application of Neuber's Rule - 01 July 1980

JTE10604J: Comparisons of Fracture Toughness Measurements by the Short Rod and ASTM Standard Method of Test for Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness of Metallic Materials (E 399-78) - 01 May 1980

JTE10605J: Performance of Chevron-Notch Short Bar Specimen in Determining the Fracture Toughness of Silicon Nitride and Aluminum Oxide - 01 May 1980

JTE10607J: Evaluation of the Three-Component Model for Representing Wide-Range Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Data - 01 May 1980

JTE10608J: Stress Relaxation in Bending of Copper Beryllium Alloy Strip - 01 May 1980

JTE10609J: Erosion and Cavity Characteristics in Rotating Components - 01 May 1980

JTE10610J: The Effect of Oxygen, Salt Concentration, and pH on Galvanic Cells Between a Carbon Filled Polyethylene Cathode and Various Metal Anodes - 01 May 1980

JTE10596J: A Single Specimen Determination of JIc for Different Alloy Steels - 01 March 1980

JTE10597J: Effects of Stress Ratio on Fatigue Crack Growth Rates in X70 Pipeline Steel in Air and Saltwater - 01 March 1980

JTE10598J: Galvanic Corrosion of Piping and Fitting Alloys in Sulfide-Modified Seawater - 01 March 1980

JTE10586J: A Hydrostatic Stress-Sensitive Relationship for Fatigue Under Biaxial Stress Conditions - 01 January 1980

JTE10587J: The Development of a Closed-Loop, Servo-Hydraulic Test System for Direct Stress Monotonic and Cyclic Crack Propagation Studies Under Biaxial Loading - 01 January 1980

JTE10588J: Computer-Controlled Stress Intensity Gradient Technique for High Rate Fatigue Crack Growth Testing - 01 January 1980

JTE10589J: A Compact Specimen for Plane Strain Crack Arrest Toughness Testing - 01 January 1980

JTE10590J: Long-Time Creep-Rupture Tests of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1980

JTE10591J: An Evaluation of the Effect of Low Temperatures on Mechanical Properties of a Commercial Steel to be Used in the Arctic - 01 January 1980

JTE11505J: A Rapid Test for the Assessment of Steel Sheet and Tinplate Properties - 01 November 1979

JTE11506J: Determination of the Fracture-Energy Criterion JIc of Two Steels by Static and Dynamic Testing - 01 November 1979

JTE11508J: Fitting Curves to Toughness Data - 01 November 1979

JTE11509J: The United States and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Cooperative Exchange Program on Fatigue - 01 November 1979

JTE10222J: Evaluation of the J Integral for the Compact Specimen - 01 September 1979

JTE10223J: Relationships Between Low-Cycle Fatigue and Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Properties - 01 September 1979

JTE10225J: Stress Relaxation in Bending of Copper-Nickel-Tin Alloy Strip Strengthened by Spinodal Decomposition - 01 September 1979

JTE10227J: A Low-Cycle Fatigue Test for Pipe-Type Power Transmission Cables - 01 September 1979

JTE11380J: Isochronous Relaxation Curves for Type 304 Stainless Steel After Monotonic and Cyclic Strain - 01 July 1979

JTE11381J: Stress-Strain Characteristics of Reinforcing Steel Bars Under Cyclic Loading - 01 July 1979

JTE11383J: Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Weldments - 01 July 1979

JTE11384J: A Phenomenological Description of the Acoustic Emission Response in Several Polycrystalline Materials - 01 July 1979

JTE11386J: Environmental Testing Under Random Loading - 01 July 1979

JTE11215J: Evaluation of Erosion Resistance of Metallic Materials and the Role of Material Properties in Correlations - 01 May 1979

JTE11216J: A Simple and Sensitive Method of Monitoring Crack and Load in Compact Fracture Mechanics Specimens Using Strain Gages - 01 May 1979

JTE11217J: The Influence of Bulk-Solution-Chemistry Conditions on Marine Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth Rate - 01 May 1979

JTE11220J: Acoustic Emission Monitoring of High-Temperature Cyclic Oxidation Damage in a Titanium-Aluminum-Vanadium Alloy - 01 May 1979

JTE11221J: Three-Point Bending at Large Deflections of Beams with Different Moduli of Elasticity in Tension and Compression - 01 May 1979

JTE11205J: Constant and Variable Amplitude Fatigue Behavior of Eight Steels - 01 March 1979

JTE11206J: Strain Criteria for Fatigue Fracture of Metals at High-Cycle Loading - 01 March 1979

JTE11207J: Effect of Measurement Precision and Data Processing Procedures on Variability in Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Data - 01 March 1979

JTE11208J: Statistical Analysis of Notch Toughness Data - 01 March 1979

JTE11209J: Comments on Erosion Tests Conducted in an ASTM Interlaboratory Test Program - 01 March 1979

JTE11210J: Application of Fatigue Life Prediction Techniques to Materials Substitution - 01 March 1979

JTE11197J: A New Fixture for Fatigue Testing - 01 January 1979

JTE11198J: Compliance Correction for Determining Load-Line Energies for Compact Fracture Toughness Specimens - 01 January 1979

JTE11201J: A Procedure for the Determination of Ductile Fracture Toughness Values Using J Integral Techniques - 01 January 1979

JTE10575J: Stress Analysis from Temperature Data - 01 November 1978

JTE10576J: Studies on the Characteristics of Erosion with Plain Jets and Jets with Cavitation Inducers - 01 November 1978

CTR10652J: Evaluating a Hybrid Composite/Steel Tapered Box Beam for Advanced Ship Structures - 01 October 1978

JTE10566J: Influence of Material Property Variations on the Assessment of Structural Integrity of Nuclear Components - 01 September 1978

JTE10567J: Cooperative Plane Strain Fracture Toughness Tests with C-Shaped Specimens - 01 September 1978

JTE10568J: Fatigue Crack Arrest at Low Stress Intensities in a Corrosive Environment - 01 September 1978

JTE10951J: A Summary and Comparison of J Estimation Procedures - 01 July 1978

JTE10952J: Proportional Biaxial Cyclic Hardening of Annealed Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity Copper - 01 July 1978

JTE10953J: Marine Atmosphere Stress Corrosion Tests on Precracked Specimens from High-Strength Aluminum Alloys: Effect of Corrosion-Product Wedging - 01 July 1978

JTE10954J: Design and Performance of a Deadweight Standard Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine - 01 July 1978

JTE10955J: Improvement of Sheet Metal Strength by Localized Thermal Shocks - 01 July 1978

JTE10937J: The Effect of Interference on the Dimpled, Loaded-Hole Fatigue Strength of 2024-T3 Alclad® Aluminum Alloy - 01 May 1978

JTE10938J: Computer-Controlled Decreasing Stress Intensity Technique for Low Rate Fatigue Crack Growth Testing - 01 May 1978

JTE10939J: Frequency, Stress Ratio, and Potential Effects on Fatigue Crack Growth of HY130 Steel in Salt Water - 01 May 1978

JTE10940J: Surface-Crack Shape Change in Bending Fatigue Using an Inexpensive Resonant Fatiguing Apparatus - 01 May 1978

JTE10941J: Phase Extraction and Analysis in Superalloys—Second Summary of Investigations by ASTM Subcommittee E04.91 - 01 May 1978

JTE10942J: Displacement Coefficients Along the Inner Boundaries of Radially Cracked Ring Segments Subject to Forces and Couples - 01 May 1978

JTE10944J: Mechanical Properties in Bending at Elevated Temperature of High Strength Copper Alloy Flat Spring Materials - 01 May 1978

JTE10945J: Evaluation of Correction Methods for Determining Load-Independent Knoop Microhardness - 01 May 1978

JTE10946J: Evaluation of Cushion Dynamic Properties by Impedance Measurements - 01 May 1978

JTE10925J: “PARS”—A Portable X-Ray Analyzer for Residual Stresses - 01 March 1978

JTE10926J: Measuring the Thermal Expansion of Solids with Strain Gages - 01 March 1978

JTE10929J: Calibration of the Side-Grooved Modified Wedge-Opening-Load Specimen - 01 March 1978

JTE10930J: Comparison of Stress Corrosion Cracking Properties of Several Aircraft Structural Alloys - 01 March 1978

JTE10931J: Effect of Temperature on Stress Corrosion Cracking of 300M Steel - 01 March 1978

JTE10912J: A Short-Time, High Temperature Mechanical Testing Facility - 01 January 1978

JTE10914J: Volume Fraction Determination in Cast Superalloys and Directionally Solidified Eutectic Alloys by a New Manual Point Count Practice - 01 January 1978

JTE10915J: Impact Three-Point Bend Testing for Notched and Precracked Specimens - 01 January 1978

JTE10916J: Load-Displacement Measurement and Work Determination in Three-Point Bend Tests of Notched or Precracked Specimens - 01 January 1978

JTE10917J: Tapered Tensile Specimen for Stress Corrosion Threshold Stress Testing - 01 January 1978

JTE10921J: Threshold Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth in Steels - 01 January 1978

JTE10922J: Comparison of Equivalent Energy and Energy Per Unit Area (¯W/A) Data with Valid Fracture Toughness Data for Iron, Aluminum, and Titanium Alloys - 01 January 1978

JTE10554J: A Servo-Controlled Hydraulic Hot-Torsion Machine for Hot Working Studies - 01 November 1977

JTE10555J: Three-Point Bending at Large Deflections - 01 November 1977

JTE10557J: A Technique for Measuring Load-Line Displacements of Compact Ductile Fracture Toughness Specimens at Elevated Temperatures - 01 November 1977

JTE10559J: Mode I Stress Intensity Factors for Round Compact Specimens - 01 November 1977

JTE10560J: Creep-Rupture Properties of Aluminum Alloy A356-T61 - 01 November 1977

JTE10541J: Empirical Formulations for the Analysis and Prediction of Trends for Steady-State Fatigue Crack Growth Rates - 01 September 1977

JTE10542J: Thermal Fatigue Testing System for Structural Materials - 01 September 1977

JTE10543J: Nondestructive/Destructive Test Correlations and Fracture Mechanics Analysis - 01 September 1977

JTE11661J: Laser Scanner for Exoelectron Display and Measurement of Fatigue Damage - 01 July 1977

JTE11662J: Results of Interlaboratory Test Programs to Evaluate the ⅝-in. (16-mm) Dynamic Tear Test Method - 01 July 1977

JTE11663J: A Torsion Pendulum for Measurement of Damping Capacity and Related Phenomena - 01 July 1977

JTE11668J: Statistical Tolerance Limits for Censored Weibull Data - 01 July 1977

JTE11669J: A Concept for Fatigue Analysis of Complex Components - 01 July 1977

JTE11671J: Fatigue Life and Crack Propagation Analyses of Welded Components Containing Residual Stresses - 01 July 1977

JTE11633J: Creep Rupture Testing of Aluminum Alloys: Metallographic Studies of Fractured Test Specimens - 01 May 1977

JTE11634J: Estimating Plane Strain Fracture Toughness of High Strength Aluminum Alloys from Crack Arrest Toughness - 01 May 1977

JTE11635J: A Simple Ductility Tester for Metal Films - 01 May 1977

JTE11638J: Influence of Cold Work on the In-Pile Stress Rupture Strength of 16Chromium-16Nickel-Niobium Austenitic Stainless Steels - 01 May 1977

JTE11640J: Phase Analysis of Standard and Molybdenum-Modified Mar-M509 Superalloys - 01 May 1977

JTE10667J: Effect of Antibuckling Constraint on Determination of Critical Stress Intensity Factor of Aluminum Sheet - 01 March 1977

JTE10668J: The Effects of Specimen Thickness and Stress Relief on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate in Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium Steel - 01 March 1977

JTE10670J: Multiaxial Stress-Strain Approximations for Notch Fatigue Behaviors - 01 March 1977

JTE10673J: Reliability of Whittemore Gage Length Measurements - 01 March 1977

JTE11370J: Monitoring Crack Extension in Fracture Toughness Tests by Ultrasonics - 01 November 1976

JTE11371J: Alignment Problems in the Tensile Test - 01 November 1976

JTE11374J: Corrosion and Dezincification of Brasses in Water - 01 November 1976

JTE11375J: Evaluation of Intergranular Corrosion in Stainless Steel - 01 November 1976

JTE10518J: Origin of Burst-Type Acoustic Emission in Unflawed 7075-T6 Aluminum - 01 September 1976

JTE10519J: Local Strain Behavior Prior to Fatigue Crack Nucleation - 01 September 1976

JTE10520J: A Damage Function and Associated Failure Equations for Predicting Hold Time and Frequency Effects in Elevated Temperature, Low Cycle Fatigue - 01 September 1976

JTE10521J: A Definition of Drawability and Its Relation to Deformation in the Drawing of Square Cups - 01 September 1976

JTE10524J: Strength and Toughness of a Metastable Beta-Titanium Alloy as Influenced by Strain Rate Variations - 01 September 1976

JTE10525J: Variations in Magnetic Properties of Iron-Cobalt-Vanadium Alloys - 01 September 1976

JTE10526J: Elevated Temperature Fatigue of Aluminum Alloy 5454 [Addendum to “Low Cycle Fatigue of Aluminum Alloys”] - 01 September 1976

JTE10207J: Converting Fatigue Loading Spectra for Flight-by-Flight Testing of Aircraft and Helicopter Components - 01 July 1976

JTE10208J: Constancy of the Tensile Test Machine Stiffness - 01 July 1976

JTE10209J: The Feasibility of Ranking Material Fracture Toughness by Ultrasonic Attenuation Measurements - 01 July 1976

JTE10210J: Unusual Potential Drop During the Application of the Electrical Potential Method in a Fracture Mechanics Test - 01 July 1976

JTE10198J: Load-Time Attenuation During Instrumented Charpy Impact Testing - 01 May 1976

JTE10199J: Monitoring to Determine the Dynamics of Fatigue Testing - 01 May 1976

JTE10202J: Fracture Criteria for Brittle Materials - 01 May 1976

JTE10203J: Fracture Energy and Crack Tunnelling - 01 May 1976

JTE10204J: X-Ray Residual Stress Calibration Data of Certain Ferrous and Nonferrous Alloys - 01 May 1976

JTE10186J: Yield Point Standardization - 01 March 1976

JTE10188J: A Note on the Measurement of Proportional Limit Under Multiaxial Stresses - 01 March 1976

JTE10189J: Salt Water and Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion Fatigue of Work-Hardened, Threaded Elements - 01 March 1976

JTE10500J: Correlating Models and Prediction of Erosion Resistance to Cavitation and Drop Impact - 01 January 1976

JTE10503J: A Constant Tensile Stress Creep Testing Machine - 01 January 1976

JTE10507J: A New Stable Nickel-Base Thermocouple - 01 January 1976

JTE10508J: Fatigue Damage Alleviation by Intermittent Electroplating - 01 January 1976

JTE10510J: Mechanical Properties at Elevated Temperature of CuBath® Electroplated Copper for Multilayer Boards - 01 January 1976

JTE11695J: An Analysis of the Influence of Mean Stress Intensity and Environment on Fatigue Crack Growth in a New High Strength Aluminum Alloy - 01 November 1975

JTE11696J: Characterization of Galvanized Sheet Steel for Automotive Vehicle Bodies - 01 November 1975

JTE11698J: Cumulative Fatigue Damage Analysis of a Light Truck Frame - 01 November 1975

JTE11699J: History Dependence in the Cyclic Stress-Strain Response of Wavy Slip Materials - 01 November 1975

JTE11702J: Variability in Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Testing - 01 November 1975

JTE10171J: Fracture Testing with Surface Crack Specimens - 01 September 1975

JTE10172J: Cycle-Dependent Softening in Notched Steel Specimens - 01 September 1975

JTE10173J: Evaluation of Deformation Phenomena of Metals for Fatigue Analysis - 01 September 1975

JTE10176J: Evaluation of Fracture Energy of Aluminum Alloys - 01 September 1975

JTE10656J: Life Testing of Enclosed Heating Elements - 01 July 1975

JTE10657J: A New Method of Detecting Fatigue Crack Propagation in Ferromagnetic Specimens - 01 July 1975

JTE10658J: Failure Load Criteria for Two Collinear Cracks in a Finite Width Strip - 01 July 1975

JTE10158J: Acoustic Emission Testing of Unflawed 7075-T6 Aluminum - 01 May 1975

JTE10159J: Note on Performance of Tapered Grip Tensile Loading Devices - 01 May 1975

JTE10161J: Correlation of Damping and Fatigue Properties of an AISI 403 Stainless Steel - 01 May 1975

JTE10162J: A High Purity Approach to High Chromium Ferritic Stainless Steels - 01 May 1975

JTE10167J: Radiation Damage Units for Steel - 01 May 1975

JTE10649J: A Fracture Mechanics Method for Determining the Crack Propagation Resistance of Embrittled Aluminum Bicrystals - 01 May 1975

JTE10142J: A Study of Crack Tip Plastic Zone Topography in Beryllium - 01 March 1975

JTE10143J: Strength and Ductility of Cr-Mo-V Steels in Creep at Elevated Temperatures - 01 March 1975

JTE10145J: Properties of 713LC Compacts, Hot Isostatically Pressed at Supersolidus Temperatures - 01 March 1975

JTE10149J: Evaluation of an 80Ni-20Cr Alloy in an Enclosed Heating Element - 01 March 1975

JTE10152J: A New Method for Determination of Proportional Limit and Machine Stiffness - 01 March 1975

JTE10153J: An Ultrasonic Technique for the Measurement of Residual Stress - 01 March 1975

JTE10129J: Finite Element Modeling of Magnetic Field/Defect Interactions - 01 January 1975

JTE10130J: Signal Processing in Nondestructive Testing - 01 January 1975

JTE10131J: Effect of Specimen Thickness on Delay in Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 January 1975

JTE10132J: Acoustic Emission Produced During Heating of Tin and Zinc Single Crystals - 01 January 1975

JTE10134J: Stress Relaxation in Tension of CA 172 Copper-Beryllium - 01 January 1975

JTE10135J: Programmed In Situ Melting, Freezing, and Tensile Testing for Laboratory Study of High Temperature Properties of As-Cast Metals - 01 January 1975

JTE10137J: Magnetic Domain Structures in Fe-3.2Si Revealed by Scanning Electron Microscopy—A Photo Essay - 01 January 1975

JTE11677J: Laser-Heating-Induced Failure of Metal Alloys Under Constant Stress - 01 November 1974

JTE11678J: Liquid Metal Embrittlement of 4145 Steel by Lead-Tin and Lead-Antimony Alloys - 01 November 1974

JTE11679J: Magnetomechanical Damping Properties of AISI 403 Stainless Steel with Applied Static Torsional and Axial Stresses - 01 November 1974

JTE11688J: Evaluation of Large Strains in Industrial Applications - 01 November 1974

JTE11689J: Distinction Between Coaxial and Noncoaxial Strains in Sheet Metal and Its Implications on the Assessment of Material Formability - 01 November 1974

JTE11690J: A Strain Gage Method for Determining the Mechanical Properties of Filaments - 01 November 1974

JTE10115J: The Influence of Interstitial Content on the Ductile-Brittle Transition Temperature of Fe-25Cr Ferritic Stainless Steels - 01 September 1974

JTE10116J: Short-Time Creep of Columbium and Tantalum Alloys at 2600 to 3200°F - 01 September 1974

JTE10118J: Mechanical Properties of Cast Tin-Lead Solder - 01 September 1974

JTE10120J: Computer-Aided Interpretation of Stress-Strain Curves - 01 September 1974

JTE10121J: The Dynamic Response of Metals in Evaluating Stress Corrosion Cracking - 01 September 1974

JTE10122J: Axial Alignment Fixtures for Tension Tests of Threaded Specimens - 01 September 1974

JTE10123J: Towards the Standardization of Time-Temperature Parameter Usage in Elevated Temperature Data Analysis - 01 September 1974

JTE10124J: Decreasing the Fatigue Strength Reduction Factor by Dimpling - 01 September 1974

JTE10102J: Life Testing of Nickel-Chromium Alloys - 01 July 1974

JTE10103J: New Reference Radiographs for Magnesium Alloy Castings - 01 July 1974

JTE10107J: Effect of Hydrogen on Iron-Nickel-Cobalt Sealing Alloys - 01 July 1974

JTE10108J: Fatigue of Nickel-Plated Copper - 01 July 1974

JTE10109J: Strain Fatigue and Tensile Behavior of Inconel® 718 from Room Temperature to 650°C - 01 July 1974

JTE10111J: Crack Initiation and Growth in Plane Strain, Fully Plastic Zircaloy® - 01 July 1974

JTE10089J: A Critical Assessment of the Cantilever Beam Method for the Determination of Dynamic Young's Modulus - 01 May 1974

JTE10096J: Temperature Influence on Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of 5Ni-Cr-Mo-V Steel - 01 May 1974

JTE10097J: An Acoustical Emission-Damping Fatigue Study of a 17-4 PH Steel - 01 May 1974

JTE10098J: High Cycle Fatigue Crack Propagation Rates in Copper - 01 May 1974

JTE10076J: A Test Procedure for Determining the Influence of Stress Ratio on Fatigue Crack Growth - 01 March 1974

JTE10086J: High-Temperature Properties of a High-Purity Ferritic Stainless Steel - 01 March 1974

JTE10067J: Fatigue Behavior of Copper with Intermediate Surface Layer Removal - 01 January 1974

JTE10069J: Stress-Relaxation Characteristics in Tension of High-Strength, High-Conductivity Copper and High Copper Alloy Wires - 01 January 1974

JTE10070J: Contact Angle of Zinc on Some Ceramic Materials and Metals - 01 January 1974

JTE10073J: Dependence of Fatigue Notch Factor on Plasticity and Duration of Crack Growth - 01 January 1974

JTE10049J: Comparison of Bending and Tension Tests in Creep of Sheet Metal - 01 November 1973

JTE10051J: Probabilistic Updating of Flaw Information - 01 November 1973

JTE10056J: Metallographic Photomicrographs from 1973 Photographic Exhibit - 01 November 1973

JTE10057J: Standard Reference Materials Available from Private Sources - 01 November 1973

JTE10060J: Comparison of the Heat Treatment Responses of Three Commercial Titanium Alloys - 01 November 1973

JTE10061J: A Mathematical Description of the Elevated Temperature Flow Behavior of Type 304 Stainless Steel at High Strain Rates - 01 November 1973

JTE10062J: The Influence of Loading Variables on Environment-Enhanced Fatigue Crack Growth in High Strength Steels - 01 November 1973

JTE10038J: Fatigue Failure Predictions for Plates with Holes and Edge Notches - 01 September 1973

JTE10040J: Finite Strain and the 0.01 Percent Offset Yield Strength - 01 September 1973

JTE10042J: Armco Iron: New Concept and Broad-Data Base Justify Its Use as a Thermal Conductivity Reference Material - 01 September 1973

JTE10043J: The Effect of the Intermediate Principal Stress on Triaxial Fatigue of 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy - 01 September 1973

JTE10044J: Flow and Fracture of High Strength Steels in Torsion - 01 September 1973

JTE10045J: Contributions of Selected Residual Elements to the Radiation Embrittlement Sensitivity of Steel Forgings - 01 September 1973

JTE10046J: Fatigue Properties of a Tin-Modified Copper Nickel Alloy (CA-725) - 01 September 1973

JTE10015J: A Simple Method for Studying Slow Crack Growth - 01 July 1973

JTE10016J: Fatigue Life and Inelastic Strain Response under Complex Histories for an Alloy Steel - 01 July 1973

JTE10017J: A Tension-Compression Test Fixture to Determine Bauschinger Effect - 01 July 1973

JTE10029J: The Influence of a Dispersion on the Ductility and Fracture Behavior of Iron - 01 July 1973

JTE10030J: The Effect of Very Short Time-at-Temperature on the Yield Stress of 6061-T651 Aluminum - 01 July 1973

JTE10002J: Technological Application of Auger Electron Spectroscopy - 01 May 1973

JTE10003J: Auger Electron Spectroscopy in the Scanning Electron Microscope - 01 May 1973

JTE10004J: Impurity Segregation to Grain Boundaries - 01 May 1973

JTE10005J: Residual Stress Measurement and Analysis Using Ultrasonic Techniques - 01 May 1973

JTE10007J: Effect of Specimen Geometry on Hot Torsion Test Results for Solid and Tubular Specimens - 01 May 1973

JTE10011J: Four Aspects of Sheet Metal Formability and Their Assessment - 01 May 1973

JTE10881J: Metallographic Photomicrographs from 1972 Photographic Exhibit - 01 March 1973

JTE10882J: ASTM Standardization Activities in the Fracture Testing of Beryllium - 01 March 1973

JTE10883J: The Fracture Toughness of Beryllium - 01 March 1973

JTE10884J: Crack Toughness Evaluation of Hot Pressed and Forged Beryllium - 01 March 1973

JTE10885J: S-200 Grade Beryllium Fracture Toughness Properties - 01 March 1973

JTE10886J: Ultrasonic Measurement of Elastic Moduli in Slender Specimens Using Extensional and Torsional Wave Pulses - 01 March 1973

JTE10887J: Balanced Resonator for Infrasonic Measurements of Young's Modulus and Damping in Flexure - 01 March 1973

JTE10892J: Metallurgical Aspects of the Failure of the Point Pleasant Bridge - 01 March 1973

JTE10894J: Heat Treatment Effects on the Mechanical Properties in Ti-6A1-6V-2Sn - 01 March 1973

JTE10895J: Fatigue Behavior of Solders Used in Flip-Chip Technology - 01 March 1973

JTE11596J: Direct Nondestructive Prediction of Engineering Properties - 01 January 1973

JTE11600J: The Annealability Testing of Copper - 01 January 1973

JTE11601J: Fatigue-Crack Growth in Type 304 Stainless Steel Weldments at Elevated Temperatures - 01 January 1973

JTE11602J: Cyclic Stress, Strain, and Energy Variations under Cumulative Damage Tests in Low-Cycle Fatigue - 01 January 1973

JTE11603J: Room Temperature Creep Behavior of Superplastic Zn-22Al under Bending and Plane Conditions - 01 January 1973