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D5127-13(2018): Standard Guide for Ultra-Pure Water Used in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries

B501-10(2015): Standard Specification for Silver-Coated, Copper-Clad Steel Wire for Electronic Application

C680-14: Standard Practice for Estimate of the Heat Gain or Loss and the Surface Temperatures of Insulated Flat, Cylindrical, and Spherical Systems by Use of Computer Programs

D5792-10(2015): Standard Practice for Generation of Environmental Data Related to Waste Management Activities: Development of Data Quality Objectives


New Information Technology & Telecommunication Standards

E2916-19e1: Standard Terminology for Digital and Multimedia Evidence Examination

E2490-09(2015): Standard Guide for Measurement of Particle Size Distribution of Nanomaterials in Suspension by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS)

E2909-13: Standard Guide for Investigation/Study/Assay Tab-Delimited Format for Nanotechnologies (ISA-TAB-Nano): Standard File Format for the Submission and Exchange of Data on Nanomaterials and Characterizations

F1583-95(2019): Standard Practice for Communications Procedures—Phonetics


All Information Technology & Telecommunication Standards

A111-99a(2014): Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) “Iron” Telephone and Telegraph Line Wire

A838-18: Standard Specification for Free-Machining Ferritic Stainless Soft Magnetic Alloy Bar for Relay Applications

B286-07(2017): Standard Specification for Copper Conductors for Use in Hookup Wire for Electronic Equipment

B37-18: Standard Specification for Aluminum for Use in Iron and Steel Manufacture