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STP1591-EB: Modularity and Tapers in Total Joint Replacement Devices - 01 December 2015

STP159120140140: Orthopaedic Surgeon Modularity Utilization and Surgical Technique Considerations in the Face of Implant Corrosion - 01 December 2015

STP159120140133: Validating a Simplified Method for Assessing Total Hip Arthroplasty Taper Corrosion Susceptibility with a 15-Year Retrieval Database - 01 December 2015

STP159120140139: Method for Characterization of Material Loss from Modular Head-Stem Taper Surfaces of Hip Replacement Devices - 01 December 2015

STP159120140152: Comparison of Visual Assessment Techniques for Wear and Corrosion in Modular Hip Replacement Systems - 01 December 2015

STP159120140137: Metrology for Dual Taper Total Hip Arthroplasty - 01 December 2015

STP159120140151: Patient Outcomes Following Implantation of Modular Neck Hip Prostheses in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty - 01 December 2015

STP159120150001: Mechanically Assisted Crevice Corrosion Damage in Shoulder Arthroplasty Is Comparable to Hip Arthroplasty - 01 December 2015

STP159120140135: Corrosion of Modular Tapers in Total Joint Replacements: A Critical Assessment of Design, Materials, Surface Structure, Mechanics, Electrochemistry, and Biology - 01 December 2015

STP159120140142: Trunnion Options in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty in 2014 - 01 December 2015

STP159120150049: Femoral Stem Modularity: A Structural Fatigue Characterization - 01 December 2015

STP159120140132: Accelerated Fretting Corrosion Testing of Modular Necks for Total Hip Arthroplasty - 01 December 2015

STP159120140136: Correlating Fretting Corrosion and Micromotions in Modular Tapers: Test Method Development and Assessment - 01 December 2015

STP159120140128: Corrosion at the Head-Neck Taper Interface Affects the Prognosis of Hip Revision Surgery - 01 December 2015

STP159120140147: Tribocorrosion in Hip Modular Taper Junctions: Load-Triggered Transitions in Electrochemical and Mechanical Behavior - 01 December 2015

STP159120140143: A Servoelectric Apparatus with Potentiostat to Study the Fretting Corrosion of Cobalt-Chromium–Titanium Alloy Couples - 01 December 2015

STP159120140150: Simultaneous Hip Head-Stem Taper Junction Measurements of Electrochemical Corrosion and Micromotion: A Comparison of Taper Geometry and Stem Material - 01 December 2015

STP159120140146: On the Measurement of Three-Dimensional Taper Moments Due to Friction and Contact Load in Total Hip Replacement - 01 December 2015

STP159120140122: Fretting Corrosion and Modularity: A Critical Review of the Literature and Three Registries - 01 December 2015

STP159120140120: The Importance of Cleaning Modular Parts on Visual Scores of Taper Damage - 01 December 2015

STP159120140123: Validation of an Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine for the Measurement of Wear at the Taper Interface in Total Hip Replacement - 01 December 2015

STP159120140119: Studies of Modular Connections for Surgical Implant Devices - 01 December 2015

STP159120140144: Diagnosis and Management of Adverse Local Tissue Reactions Secondary to Products of Tribocorrosion - 01 December 2015

STP159120140134: Corrosion of Modular Junctions in Femoral and Acetabular Components for Hip Arthroplasty and Its Local and Systemic Effects - 01 December 2015

STP159120140141: Histological Characterization of Chromium Orthophosphate Corrosion Products from Modular Total Hip Replacements - 01 December 2015

STP159120140124: Tissue Response in Metal-on-Metal Hip Articulations is Dependent on Head Size - 01 December 2015

STP159120140153: Is Taper Fretting Corrosion a Threat to the Clinical Performance of Large-Diameter Hips with Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene Bearings? - 01 December 2015

STP159120140148: Contact Mechanics and Plastic Deformation at the Local Surface Topography Level After Assembly of Modular Head-Neck Junctions in Modern Total Hip Replacement Devices - 01 December 2015

STP159120140138: Factors Related to Imprinting Corrosion in Modular Head-Neck Junctions - 01 December 2015

STP159120140149: Microgrooved Surface Topography Does Not Influence Fretting Corrosion of Tapers in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Classification and Retrieval Analysis - 01 December 2015

STP1559-EB: Fatigue and Fracture Metallic Medical Materials and Devices - 30 September 2013

STP155920130025: Evaluation of Fatigue Performance and Residual Stress of Surface Modification Techniques for Ti-6Al-4V Medical Device Applications - 30 September 2013

STP155920130028: In Vivo Strain Estimates for Medical Implants - 30 September 2013

STP155920120206: Literature Discrepancies in Biomechanical Loading of Orthopedic Trauma Devices Intended for Lower Extremities - 30 September 2013

STP155920120204: Bending Fatigue Characteristics of Orthopedic Biomaterials - 30 September 2013

STP1560-EB: Metal-On-Metal Total Hip Replacement Devices - 01 May 2013

STP156020120034: Approach, Rationale, and Examples of Metal-on-Metal Device Retrieval and Analysis for Evidence-Based Education - 01 May 2013

STP156020120110: The Development of a Standard Method for Assessing Wear of Explanted Metal-on-Metal Hip Joints - 01 May 2013

STP156020120042: Method of Characterizing Fretting and Corrosion at the Various Taper Connections of Retrieved Modular Components from Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty - 01 May 2013

STP156020120049: Normal and Adverse Wear Patterns Created In-Vivo on Metal-on-Metal Surfaces—A Retrieval Study Representing Four Vendors - 01 May 2013

STP156020120043: Analysis of Comprehensive Measurements from Retrieved Implants to Determine Factors Contributing to Failure Modes and Wear - 01 May 2013

STP156020120024: Metal-on-Metal and Other Bearing Trends Among Fellows of the AAOS - 01 May 2013

STP156020120182: A Protocol to Assess the Wear of Head/Neck Taper Junctions in Large Head Metal-on-Metal (LHMoM) Hips - 01 May 2013

STP156020120046: Plastic Deformation from Edge Loading is Common on Retrieved Metal-on-Metal Hips and Can Be Predicted With Finite Element Analysis - 01 May 2013

STP156020120033: Microstructure of Retrievals Made from Standard Cast HC-CoCrMo Alloys - 01 May 2013

STP156020120050: Tribochemical Reactions in Metal-on-Metal Hip Joints Influence Wear and Corrosion - 01 May 2013

STP156020120047: Denatured Protein Deposits Identified on Simulator and Explant Hip Bearings - 01 May 2013

STP156020120027: Study on Tribological and Electrochemical Performance of Metal Artificial Hip Joint Materials in Simulated Synovial Fluids - 01 May 2013

STP156020120029: Risk of Complications, Revision, and Cancer for Metal-on-Metal Patients in the Medicare Population - 01 May 2013

STP156020120037: Prevalence of Metal-on-Metal Bearings in the United States - 01 May 2013

STP156020120031: Serum Metal Ion Concentrations Decline (But Do Not Rapidly Normalize) Following Revision of Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Bearings - 01 May 2013

STP156020120028: Low Cobalt and Chromium Levels from a Single Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty Implant - 01 May 2013

STP156020120045: A Prospective Case Series Examining the Use of a Large-Head Metal-on-Metal Total Hip System - 01 May 2013

STP156020120044: A Method to Isolate and Characterize Wear Debris from Synovial Fluid and Tissues - 01 May 2013

STP156020120025: Lymphocyte Reactivity to Nickel Correlates with Reported High-Pain Levels in Patients with Total Joint Arthroplasties: Implications for Pain-Related Hypersensitivity Responses - 01 May 2013

STP1560-EB: - 01 May 2013

STP156020120032: Development of a Stop-Dwell-Start (SDS) Protocol for In Vitro Wear Testing of Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Replacements - 01 May 2013

STP156320120041: The Tribo-Corrosion of Nitinol in Pedicle Screws - 01 May 2013

STP156320120059: Comparative Studies on Tribocorrosion Behaviour of Plasma-Sprayed and Detonation Gun Coatings of Al2O3-13 %TiO2 on Biomedical Alloy Ti-13Nb-13Zr and Gum Metal - 01 May 2013

STP1535-EB: Static and Dynamic Spinal Implants: Are We Evaluating Them Appropriately? - 01 May 2012

STP1531-EB: Mobile Bearing Total Knee Replacement Devices - 01 February 2011

STP49313S: Author Index - 01 January 2011

STP49314S: Subject Index - 01 January 2011

STP49319S: - 01 January 2011

STP49755S: Screening of Spill and Leakage of Antibiotics in Hospital Wards - 01 January 2011

STP49740S: Review of Standards for Surface and Dermal Sampling - 01 January 2011

STP1515-EB: Fatigue and Fracture of Medical Metallic Materials and Devices: 2nd Volume - 01 January 2010

STP48992S: Fatigue to Fracture: An Informative, Fast, and Reliable Approach for Assessing Medical Implant Durability - 01 January 2010

STP48993S: Active Surveillance Systems for Early Detection and Improved Recall Decision Making - 01 January 2010

STP48994S: Hydrogen-Related Degradation of Mechanical Properties of Titanium and Titanium Alloys - 01 January 2010

STP48985S: In-Vitro Modeling of the Dynamic Forces in the Femoropopliteal Artery - 01 January 2010

STP48984S: Review of Multiaxis Fatigue Testing for Fatigue/Durability of Cardiovascular Medical Devices - 01 January 2010

STP48986S: A Methodology for Quantifying Deformations in Stented Coronary Arteries Based on Three-Dimensional Angiography - 01 January 2010

STP48987S: A Review of Peripheral Vascular Deformations Due to Respiration and Musculoskeletal Influences - 01 January 2010

STP48988S: Feasibility of a Method to Quantify Movement-Induced Conformational Changes in the Superficial Femoral and Popliteal (Femoropopliteal) Arterial Tree Using 3-D Angiography - 01 January 2010

STP48989S: Crystallographic Study of Superelastic Deformation of Nitinol - 01 January 2010

STP48990S: Full-Field Measurements of Fracture Initiation and Crack Growth in Superelastic Nitinol - 01 January 2010

STP48991S: An Investigation of Factors Impacting Nitinol Wire Fatigue Life - 01 January 2010

STP47773S: A Form to Follow Function: Recladding A Regional Healthcare Facility - 01 January 2009

STP48778S: An Examination of Fatigue Initiation Mechanisms in Thin 35Co-35Ni-20Cr-10Mo Medical Grade Wires - 01 January 2009

STP48831S: Identification and Quantification of Combustion Products Released by Non-Metallic Materials Used for Medical Oxygen Equipment - 01 January 2009

STP48839S: Oxygen Fire Hazards in Valve-Integrated Pressure Regulators for Medical Oxygen - 01 January 2009

STP1481-EB: Fatigue and Fracture of Medical Metallic Materials and Devices - 01 January 2007

STP45244S: FDA Recommendations for Nitinol Stent and Endovascular Graft Fatigue Characterization and Fracture Reporting - 01 January 2007

STP45235S: Effects of Phase Transformations on Fatigue Endurance of a Superelastic NiTi Alloy - 01 January 2007

STP45236S: Thermoelastic Transformation Behavior of Nitinol - 01 January 2007

STP45237S: Functional Properties of Nanostructured Ti-50.0 at % Ni Alloys - 01 January 2007

STP45234S: Martensite Transformations and Fatigue Behavior of Nitinol - 01 January 2007

STP45238S: Application of Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB) to Improve the Fatigue Performance of Ti-6Al-4V Femoral Hip Stems - 01 January 2007

STP45239S: Comparison of the Corrosion Fatigue Characteristics of 23Mn-21Cr-1Mo Low Nickel, 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn, and 18Cr-14Ni-2.5Mo Stainless Steels - 01 January 2007

STP45240S: Verification of Strain Level Calculations in Nitinol Fatigue Resistance Predictions - 01 January 2007

STP45241S: Prediction of Failure in Existing Heart Valve Designs - 01 January 2007

STP45242S: Characterizing Fatigue Response of Nickel-Titanium Alloys by Rotary Beam Testing - 01 January 2007

STP45243S: Experimental Studies of NiTi Self-Expanding Stent Designs - 01 January 2007

STP45435S: Radiation Dosimetry in the BNCT Patient Treatment Room at the Brookhaven Medical Research Reactor - 01 January 2007

STP45473S: A Beam-Monitor System for Neutrons and Gamma Rays in the Medical Irradiation Facility of the Kyoto University Research Reactor - 01 January 2007

STP1471-EB: Titanium, Niobium, Zirconium, and Tantalum for Medical and Surgical Applications - 01 January 2006

STP37550S: Mechanical Properties of Cast Ti-Fe-0-N Alloys - 01 January 2006

STP37551S: Effect of Surface Reaction Layer on Three-Point Flexure Bond Strength of Resin Composite to Cast Ti and Ti-6AI-7Nb - 01 January 2006

STP37552S: Corrosion Resistance, Mechanical Properties, Fatigue Properties, and Tissue Response of Ti-15Zr-4Nb-4Ta Alloy - 01 January 2006

STP37553S: Super Elastic Functional β Titanium Alloy with Low Young's Modulus for Biomedical Applications - 01 January 2006

STP37554S: Comparative Evaluations of Surface Characteristics of cp Titanium, Ti-6AI-4V and Ti-15Mo-2.8Nb-0.2Si (Timetal® 21SRx) - 01 January 2006

STP37555S: Comparison of Stress Corrosion Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue (Anodized and Non-Anodized Grade 4 CP Ti) - 01 January 2006

STP37544S: Creation of Oxidized Zirconium Ortliopaedic Implants - 01 January 2006

STP37556S: Comparison of the Corrosion Fatigue Characteristics of CP Ti-Grade 4, Ti-6AI-4V ELI, Ti-6AI-7Nb, and Ti-15Mo - 01 January 2006

STP37557S: Comparison of Stress Corrosion Cracking Characteristics of CP Ti, Ti-6AI-7Nb, Ti-6AI-4V, and Ti-15IVIo - 01 January 2006

STP37558S: Corrosion of Modular Titanium Alloy Stems in Cementless Hip Replacement - 01 January 2006

STP37559S: Influence of Exposure Conditions on Bacterial Adhesion to Zirconium Alloys - 01 January 2006

STP37560S: A Methodology to Fabricate Titanium and Stainless Steel Wear Debris for Experimental Use: A Comparison of Size, Shape, and Chemistry - 01 January 2006

STP37561S: Zirconium and Niobium Affect Human Osteoblasts, Fibroblasts, and Lymphocytes in a Similar Manner to More Traditional Implant Alloy Metals - 01 January 2006

STP37545S: Metallurgical Attachment of a Porous Tantalum Foam to a Titanium Substrate for Orthopedic Applications - 01 January 2006

STP37543S: Mechanical and Physical Properties of Titanium-12Molybdenum-6Zirconium-2Iron Beta Titanium Alloy - 01 January 2006

STP37546S: Influence of Oxygen Content on the Mechanical Properties of Titanium-35Niobium-7Zirconium-5Tantalum Beta Titanium Alloy - 01 January 2006

STP37547S: Effect of Aging Treatments on the Tensile Properties of Ti-35Nb-7Zr-5Ta-(0.06-0.7)O Alloys - 01 January 2006

STP37548S: Beta Titanium Alloy Processed for High Strength Orthopedic Applications - 01 January 2006

STP37549S: The Application of Ti-15Mo Beta Titanium Alloy in High Strength Structural Orthopaedic Applications - 01 January 2006

STP1472-EB: Wear of Articulating Surfaces: Understanding Joint Simulation - 01 January 2006

STP40890S: The Effects of Load Soak Control on the Wear of UHMWPE at Various Hydration Levels in a Joint Simulation Study - 01 January 2006

STP40891S: A Tracer Method to Determine Extremely Low Wear Rates of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene - 01 January 2006

STP40892S: Differences of the Mechanical Setup of Hip Simulators and Their Consequences on the Outcome of Hip Wear Testing - 01 January 2006

STP40881S: Wear Scar Prediction Based on Wear Simulator Input Data—A Preliminary Artificial Neural Network Approach - 01 January 2006

STP40882S: Slip Velocity Direction Impacts Wear in Total Knee Arthroplasty - 01 January 2006

STP40883S: A Simulator Study of TKR Kinematics Using Modeled Soft-Tissue Constraint: Virtual Soft-Tissue Control for Knee Simulation - 01 January 2006

STP40880S: Effects of Patient and Surgical Alignment Variables on Kinematics in TKR Simulation Under Force-Control - 01 January 2006

STP40884S: Computational Wear Prediction of UHMWPE in Knee Replacements - 01 January 2006

STP40885S: Retrieval Analysis of Total Disc Replacements: Implications for Standardized Wear Testing - 01 January 2006

STP40886S: Surface Texture Analysis of Artificial Disks Wear-Tested Under Different Conditions and Comparison to a Retrieved Implant - 01 January 2006

STP40887S: Estimation of the Osteolytic Potential of Noncrosslinked and Crosslinked Polyethylenes and Ceramic-on-Ceramic Total Hip Prostheses - 01 January 2006

STP40888S: The Effects of Implant Temperature on Lubricant Protein Precipitation and Polyethylene Wear in Joint Simulation Studies - 01 January 2006

STP40889S: Load Profile and Fluid Composition Influence the Soak Behavior of UHMWPE Implants - 01 January 2006

STP37662S: ASTM G 175 Interlaboratory Study on Forced Ignition Testing - 01 January 2006

STP37638S: The Oxygen Index of Surgical Drape Materials - 01 January 2006

STP11925S: The Sensitivity of Crosslinked UHMWPE to Abrasive Wear: Hips versus Knees - 01 January 2004

STP1445-EB: Crosslinked and Thermally Treated Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene for Joint Replacements - 01 January 2004

STP11926S: Multiaxial Fatigue Behavior of Oxidized and Unoxidized UHMWPE During Cyclic Small Punch Testing at Body Temperature - 01 January 2004

STP11927S: The Effect of Reduced Fracture Toughness on Pitting and Delamination Type Wear of Elevated Cross-Linked Polyethylene - 01 January 2004

STP11928S: Wear and Structural Fatigue Simulation of Crosslinked Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene For Hip and Knee Bearing Applications - 01 January 2004

STP11929S: The Effect of Aging on Mechanical Properties of Melt-Annealed Highly Crosslinked UHMWPE - 01 January 2004

STP11930S: The Flow Ratio Effect on Oriented, Crosslinked Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) - 01 January 2004

STP11931S: The Effect of Specimen Thickness on the Mechanical Behavior of UHMWPE Characterized by the Small Punch Test - 01 January 2004

STP11919S: Microscopy of Highly Cross-Linked UHMWPE Wear Surfaces - 01 January 2004

STP11932S: The Effects of Raw Material, Irradiation Dose, and Irradiation Source on Crosslinking of UHMWPE - 01 January 2004

STP11933S: Characterization of the Wear Performance of Crosslinked UHMWPE and Relationship to Molding Procedures - 01 January 2004

STP11934S: Influence of Electron Beam Irradiation Dose on the Properties of Crosslinked UHMWPE - 01 January 2004

STP11935S: Development of a Model for Testing Third Body Wear of UHMWPE Acetabular Components - 01 January 2004

STP11936S: Elevated Crosslinking Alone Does Not Explain Polyethylene Wear Resistance - 01 January 2004

STP11920S: Retrieval Analysis of Cross-linked Acetabular Bearings - 01 January 2004

STP11918S: Generalized Size and Shape Description of UHMWPE Wear Debris — A Comparison of Cross-Linked, Enhanced Fused, and Standard Polyethylene Particles - 01 January 2004

STP11921S: Assessment of Surface Roughness and Waviness Using White Light Interferometry for Short-Term Implanted, Highly Crosslinked Acetabular Components - 01 January 2004

STP11922S: Improved Resistance to Wear, Delamination and Posterior Loading Fatigue Damage of Electron Beam Irradiated, Melt-Annealed, Highly Crosslinked UHMWPE Knee Inserts - 01 January 2004

STP11923S: The Effect of Crosslinking UHMWPE on In Vitro Wear Rates of Fixed and Mobile Bearing Knees - 01 January 2004

STP11924S: The Wear of Highly Crosslinked UHMWPE in the Presence of Abrasive Particles: Hip and Knee Simulator Studies - 01 January 2004

STP11640S: Comparative Study of Bone Cell Culture Methods for Tissue Engineering Applications - 01 January 2004

STP1452-EB: Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs) - 01 January 2004

STP11641S: A New Method for Real-Time and In-Situ Characterization of the Mechanical and Material Properties of Biological Tissue Constructs - 01 January 2004

STP11630S: Development and Validation of a Detection Method for a Broad Range of Human Papillomavirus Types - 01 January 2004

STP11642S: Alginate and Chitosan Standards for Tissue Engineered Medical Products - 01 January 2004

STP11643S: Biomolecules in Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs): A Case Study of Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 (rhBMP-2) - 01 January 2004

STP11644S: Development of Standards for the Characterization of Natural Materials Used in Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs) - 01 January 2004

STP11645S: Microbiological Safety and Adventitious Agents Standards for TEMPS - 01 January 2004

STP11646S: Standards Used in Meeting Requirements for a Model Pre-Market Approval (PMA) of a Neural Guidance Conduit - 01 January 2004

STP11647S: Storage and Transport Issues for Tissue Engineered Medical Products - 01 January 2004

STP11631S: Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction — A Novel Tissue Engineering Treatment for Advanced Emphysema - 01 January 2004

STP11648S: The European Situation on Standards for Tissue Engineering Products - 01 January 2004

STP11649S: A European View on Risk Management Strategies for Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs) - 01 January 2004

STP11650S: Molecular Biomarkers Used to Detect Cellular/Genetic Damage in Tissue-Engineered Skin - 01 January 2004

STP11651S: A Useful Marker for Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Tissue Engineered Products - 01 January 2004

STP11629S: Measurement of Pore Size and Porosity of Tissue Scaffolds - 01 January 2004

STP11632S: NIST and Standards for Tissue Engineered Medical Products - 01 January 2004

STP11633S: Mechanical Evaluation of Allograft Bone - 01 January 2004

STP11634S: Method to Determine Germicidal In activation in Allograft Processing - 01 January 2004

STP11635S: Towards In-Situ Monitoring of Cell Growth in Tissue Engineering Scaffolds: High Resolution Optical Techniques - 01 January 2004

STP11636S: Cartilage Mechanical Properties after Injury - 01 January 2004

STP11637S: Age Related Differences in Chondrocyte Viability and Biosynthetic Response to Mechanical Injury - 01 January 2004

STP11638S: A Comparative Study of Biomarkers of Oxidative DNA Damage Used to Detect Free Radical Damage in Tissue-Engineered Skin - 01 January 2004

STP11639S: Endpoint Verification of Bone Demineralization for Tissue Engineering Applications - 01 January 2004

STP11138S: The Influence of In Vitro Testing Method on Measured Intervertebral Disc Characteristics - 01 January 2003

STP1431-EB: Spinal Implants: Are We Evaluating Them Appropriately? - 01 January 2003

STP11139S: Testing of Human Cadaveric Functional Spinal Units to the ASTM Draft Standard, “Standard Test Methods for Static and Dynamic Characterization of Spinal Artificial Discs” - 01 January 2003

STP11140S: Durability Test Method for a Prosthetic Nucleus (PN) - 01 January 2003

STP11141S: Mechanical Analogue Model of the Human Lumbar Spine: Development and Initial Evaluation - 01 January 2003

STP11142S: An Improved Biomechanical Testing Protocol For Evaluating Multilevel Cervical Instrumentation In A Human Cadaveric Corpectomy Model - 01 January 2003

STP11143S: Influence of Preload in Flexibility Testing of Native and Instrumented Lumbar Spine Specimens - 01 January 2003

STP11127S: Gauge Length and Mobility of Test Blocks Strongly Affect the Strength and Stiffness of Posterior Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic Corpectomy Constructs - 01 January 2003

STP11144S: Transverse Connectors: Clinical Objectives, Biomechanical Parameters Involved in Their Achievement, and Summary of Current and Needed In Vitro Tests - 01 January 2003

STP11145S: An Evaluation of the Influence of UHMWPE Test Block Design on the Mechanical Performance of Bilateral Lumbar Corpectomy Constructs - 01 January 2003

STP11146S: Vertebral Bone Density—A Critical Element in the Performance of Spinal Implants - 01 January 2003

STP11128S: Relative 3 Dimensional Motions between End Vertebrae in a Bi-level Construct, the Effect of Fixture Constraints on Test Results - 01 January 2003

STP11129S: Spinal Implant Transverse Rod Connectors: A Delicate Balance Between Stability and Fatigue Performance - 01 January 2003

STP11126S: History of Isola-VSP Fatigue Testing Results with Correlation to Clinical Implant Failures - 01 January 2003

STP11130S: Corrosion on Spinal Implant Constructs: Should Standards Be Revised? - 01 January 2003

STP11131S: Effect of Transverse Connector Design on Development of Late Operative Site Pain: Preliminary Clinical Findings - 01 January 2003

STP11132S: Interconnection Strength Testing and its Value in Evaluating Clinical Performance - 01 January 2003

STP11133S: Protection of the Longitudinal Member Interconnection by ASTM F 1798-97 Interconnection Mechanism and Subassemblies Standard Guide - 01 January 2003

STP11134S: Clinical Relevance of Pull-out Strength Testing of Pedicle Screws - 01 January 2003

STP11135S: Extrusion of Interbody Fusion Devices—Clinical Examples - 01 January 2003

STP11136S: Is Push-out Testing of Cage Devices Worthwhile in Evaluating Clinical Performance? - 01 January 2003

STP11137S: A Comparison of Two Strength-Testing Methodologies for Interbody Structural Allografts for Spinal Fusion - 01 January 2003

STP11158S: Comparison of Anodic Polarization and Galvanic Corrosion of a Low-Nickel Stainless Steel to 316LS and 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn Stainless Steels - 01 January 2003

STP1438-EB: Stainless Steels for Medical and Surgical Applications - 01 January 2003

STP11159S: Fatigue Behavior and In-Vitro Biocompatibility of the Ni-Free Austenitic High-Nitrogen Steel X13CrMnMoN18-14-3 - 01 January 2003

STP11160S: Influence of Macrophage Cells on 316L Stainless Steel Corrosion - 01 January 2003

STP11150S: X 15 T.N™ : A new Martensitic Stainless Steel for Surgical Instruments - 01 January 2003

STP11161S: Comparison of Notch Sensitivity and Stress Corrosion Cracking of a Low-Nickel Stainless Steel to 316LS and 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn Stainless Steels - 01 January 2003

STP11162S: Comparative Electrochemical Studies of F 1586-95 and F 138-92 Stainless Steels in Sodium Chloride, pH = 4.0 Medium - 01 January 2003

STP11163S: Corrosion Behavior of Platinum-Enhanced Radiopaque Stainless Steel (PERSS®) for Dilation-Balloon Expandable Coronary Stents - 01 January 2003

STP11164S: Comparison of Corrosion Fatigue of BioDur® 108 to 316L S.S. And 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn S.S. - 01 January 2003

STP11165S: Investigation Into Wear-Induced Corrosion of Orthopaedic Implant Materials - 01 January 2003

STP11166S: Results of in Vitro Studies about the Mechanism of Wear in the Stem-Cement Interface of THR - 01 January 2003

STP11167S: Fretting and Anodic Current of the Taper Interface of Stainless Steel Hip Stems/Cobalt-Chromium Femoral Heads - 01 January 2003

STP11168S: The Cemented MS-30 Steim in Total Hip Replacement, Matte versus Polished Surface: Minimum of Five Years of Clinical and Radiographic Results of a Prospective Study - 01 January 2003

STP11169S: Corrosion Products Generated from Mechanically Assisted Crevice Corrosion of Stainless Steel Orthopaedic Implants - 01 January 2003

STP11151S: Development of a Platinum-Enhanced Radiopaque Stainless Steel (PERSS®) - 01 January 2003

STP11152S: Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Forged Hip Stems made of High-NitrogenStainless Steel - 01 January 2003

STP11149S: Characterization of Sandvik Bioline High-N — A Comparison of Standard Grades F1314 and F1586 - 01 January 2003

STP11153S: Metallurgical and Mechanical Evaluation of 316L Stainless Steel Orthopaedic Cable - 01 January 2003

STP11154S: Processing Platinum Enhanced Radiopaque Stainless Steel (PERSS®6) for Use as Balloon-Expandable Coronary Stents - 01 January 2003

STP11155S: Quality Aspects of High-Nitrogen Stainless Steel for Surgical Implants - 01 January 2003

STP11156S: MRI Safety and Compatibility of Implants and Medical Devices - 01 January 2003

STP11157S: Fatigue of Small Bone Fragment Fixation Plates Made from Low-Nickel Steel - 01 January 2003

STP11575S: Combustion Products Toxicity of Non-Metallic Materials Used for Medical Oxygen Equipment - 01 January 2003

STP13600S: Radiation Dosimetry at the BNL High Flux Beam Reactor and Medical Research Reactor - 01 January 2001

STP14445S: Polyurethane Membranes for Surgical Gown Applications - 01 January 2000

STP12502S: Failure Analysis of Aluminum-Bodied Medical Regulators - 01 January 2000

STP12487S: Investigations about Oxygen Fires in Electronic Circuits of Medical Devices - 01 January 2000

STP1396-EB: Synthetic Bioabsorbable Polymers for Implants - 01 January 2000

STP15304S: Modulation of Pore Topography of Tissue Engineering Constructs - 01 January 2000

STP15305S: In Vitro Compression Testing of Fiber-Reinforced, Bioabsorbable, Porous Implants - 01 January 2000

STP15298S: Bacterial Polyesters for Biomedical Applications: In vitro and in vivo Assessments of Sterilization, Degradation Rate and Biocompatibility of Poly (β-hydroxyoctanoate) (PHO) - 01 January 2000

STP15306S: Clinical Evaluation of a Bioresorbable Membrane for Hard Tissue Regeneration - 01 January 2000

STP15307S: Design and Fabrication of a 3D Scaffold for Tissue Engineering Bone - 01 January 2000

STP15296S: Mechanical Evaluation of 70:30 Poly (L/DL-Lactide) Bone Screws After In Vitro Degradation - 01 January 2000

STP15299S: Novel Biodegradable Polyurethanes for Medical Applications - 01 January 2000

STP15300S: Effects of Thermal History and Physical Aging on Thermal Properties of Poly-L-Lactide - 01 January 2000

STP15301S: Resorption Profile and Biological Response of Calcium Phosphate filled PLLA and PHB7V - 01 January 2000

STP15302S: The Clinical Evaluation of a Bioresorbable Minipin - 01 January 2000

STP15297S: Evaluation of Adhesive and Absorption Properties for Absorbable Tissue Adhesives - 01 January 2000

STP15303S: The Use of the Vibrating Particle Technique to Fabricate Highly Porous and Permeable Biodegradable Scaffolds - 01 January 2000

STP15777S: Use of Acoustic Emission to Characterize Focal and Diffuse Microdamage in Bone - 01 January 1999

STP12373S: Microstructural Features of Implant Quality 316L Stainless Steel - 01 January 1999

STP1365-EB: Cobalt-Base Alloys for Biomedical Applications - 01 January 1999

STP14267S: The Role of the FCC-HCP Phase Transformation During the Plastic Deformation of Co-Cr-Mo-C Alloys for Biomedical Applications - 01 January 1999

STP14260S: The Production and Properties of Wrought High Carbon Co-Cr-Mo Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP14268S: Residual Abrasive Material from Surface Grinding of Metal-Metal Hip Implants: A Source of Third-Body Wear? - 01 January 1999

STP14269S: Metal-on-Metal Wear Testing of Co-Cr Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP14270S: Comparison of Two Cobalt-Based Alloys for Use in Metal-On-Metal Hip Prostheses: Evaluation of the Wear Properties in a Simulator - 01 January 1999

STP14271S: Effect of Metallic Counterpart Selection on the Tribological Properties of UHMWPE - 01 January 1999

STP14272S: An Overview of PVD Coating Development for Co-Based Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP14273S: The Development of Surface Coatings for Co-Cr-Mo Alloys Based on Quaternary AlSiFeMn Intermetallic Compounds - 01 January 1999

STP14274S: Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacements: Wear Performance and Cellular Response To Wear Particles - 01 January 1999

STP14275S: Serum Protein Carriers of Chromium in Patients with Cobalt-Base Alloy Total Joint Replacement Components - 01 January 1999

STP14261S: Amorphous Alloys Containing Cobalt for Orthopaedic Applications - 01 January 1999

STP14259S: Net-Shaping of Co-Cr-Mo (F-75) via Metal Injection Molding - 01 January 1999

STP14262S: Effect of Powder Morphology and Sintering Atmosphere on the Structure-Property Relationships in PM Processed Co-Cr-Mo Alloys Intended for Surgical Implants - 01 January 1999

STP14263S: Influence of Post Processing on the Mechanical Properties of Investment Cast and Wrought Co-Cr-Mo Alloys - 01 January 1999

STP14264S: Metallurgy, Microstructure, Chemistry and Mechanical Properties of a New Grade of Cobalt-Chromium Alloy Before and After Porous-Coating - 01 January 1999

STP14265S: A Dispersion Strengthened Co-Cr-Mo Alloy for Medical Implants - 01 January 1999

STP14266S: Process Metallurgy of Wrought CoCrMo Alloy - 01 January 1999

STP11914S: Investigation of Free Radicals in Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Materials Following Irradiation and Aging - 01 January 1998

STP1307-EB: Characterization and Properties of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene - 01 January 1998

STP11915S: Accelerated Aging and Associated Changes in Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Microstructure as a Function of Resin Type and Consolidation Variables - 01 January 1998

STP11916S: Tribological Properties of Extruded, Pressed, and Modified Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)—A Ring-on-Disc Screening Test - 01 January 1998

STP11907S: Quantitative Analysis of Extraneous Matter in Fabricated Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) - 01 January 1998

STP11908S: Viscoelastic Recovery of Creep-Deformed Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) - 01 January 1998

STP11909S: Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) Oxidation Analysis of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Implants: Possible Contamination from Synovial Fluid and Serum - 01 January 1998

STP11910S: Analysis of Morphological Alteration Accompanying Post-Irradiation Aging in Montell 1900 Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) - 01 January 1998

STP11911S: Orientation Softening as a Mechanism of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Wear in Artificial Hip and Knee Joints - 01 January 1998

STP11906S: Process-Induced Effects in Compression Molding of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) - 01 January 1998

STP11912S: A New Method to Determine the Locus of Radiation Damage in Retrieved Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Components - 01 January 1998

STP11913S: Effect of Gamma-Radiation Induced Oxidation and Crosslinking on the Wear Performance of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Acetabular Cups - 01 January 1998

STP12834S: Numerical Analysis of Time-Varying Fluid Film Thickness in Metal-Metal Hip Implants in Simulator Tests - 01 January 1998

STP1346-EB: Alternative Bearing Surfaces in Total Joint Replacement - 01 January 1998

STP12835S: Wear Morphology of Metal-Metal Implants: Hip Simulator Tests Compared with Clinical Retrievals - 01 January 1998

STP12836S: Clinical Wear Performance of Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasties - 01 January 1998

STP12837S: The Wear Characteristics of Sivash®/SRN® Co-Cr-Mo THA Articulating Surfaces - 01 January 1998

STP12838S: Improving the Reliability of the Ceramic-On-Ceramic Wear Couple in THR - 01 January 1998

STP12839S: Wear Behavior of Ceramic Pairs Compared on Different Testing Configurations - 01 January 1998

STP12840S: Adherent Alumina Coatings by Ion Beam Synthesis - 01 January 1998

STP12827S: Predicting the Clinical Wear Performance of Orthopaedic Bearing Surfaces - 01 January 1998

STP12841S: Clinical Results of Alumina-on-Alumina Couple in Total Bip Replacement - 01 January 1998

STP12842S: Self-Reinforced Composite Polyethylene (SRC-PE): A Novel Material for Orthopedic Applications - 01 January 1998

STP12843S: An UHMWPE Homocomposite for Joint Prostheses - 01 January 1998

STP12844S: Characterization of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Peek Composite for Use as a Bearing Material in Total Hip Replacements - 01 January 1998

STP12828S: A New Screening Method Designed for Wear Analysis of Bearing Surfaces Used in Total Hip Arthroplasty - 01 January 1998

STP12829S: A Review of The Effects of Design, Contact Stress, and Materials on The Wear of Metal-On-Metal Hip Prostheses - 01 January 1998

STP12830S: Co-Cr-Mo Alloys Used in Metal-Metal Bearing Surfaces - 01 January 1998

STP12831S: Glassy Alloys as Potential Bearing Surfaces for Orthopaedic Implants - 01 January 1998

STP12832S: Tribological Investigations of Cobalt-Based Alloys in Metal-on-Metal Contacts Using a Reciprocating Cylinder-on-Flat Apparatus with Bovine Serum Lubricants - 01 January 1998

STP12833S: Simulator Wear of Some Commercially Available Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants - 01 January 1998

STP19902S: Bloodborne Hazard Protective Apparel with Reasonable Comfort - 01 January 1997

STP12025S: Test Method for the Assessment of Fretting at the Femoral Head and Neck Taper Interface - 01 January 1997

STP1301-EB: Modularity of Orthopedic Implants - 01 January 1997

STP12026S: Assessing Morse Taper Function: The Relationship between Impaction Force, Disassembly Force, and Design Variables - 01 January 1997

STP12027S: Influence of the Ball/Stem-Interface on the Load Bearing Capability of Modular Total Hip Endoprostheses - 01 January 1997

STP12028S: Fatigue Integrity Test of a Modular Tibial Stem Extension - 01 January 1997

STP12029S: Fretting Corrosion Fatigue Study of Modular Joints in Total Hip Replacements by Accelerated In Vitro Testing - 01 January 1997

STP12030S: Corrosion Testing of Modular Hip Implants - 01 January 1997

STP12031S: Test Method Comparing Torsional Fatigue of Modular Acetabular Components - 01 January 1997

STP12032S: Effects of Neck Extension, Coverage, and Frequency on The Fretting Corrosion Of Modular THR Bore and Cone Interface - 01 January 1997

STP12033S: The Importance of Fatigue Loading When Assessing Liner/Shell Distraction Resistance and Congruency for Modular Acetabular Components - 01 January 1997

STP12034S: Fretting Corrosion Mechanisms at Modular Implant Interfaces - 01 January 1997

STP12018S: The Fibrous Tissue Interface Surrounding Well-Fixed, Revised, Cementless Acetabular Components for Hip Replacement - 01 January 1997

STP12035S: Femoral Stem Fatigue Characteristics of Modular Hip Designs - 01 January 1997

STP12019S: Characterization of Solid Products of Corrosion Generated by Modular-Head Femoral Stems of Different Designs and Materials - 01 January 1997

STP12020S: The Mechanical and Electrochemical Processes Associated with Taper Fretting Crevice Corrosion: A Review - 01 January 1997

STP12017S: A Review of the Use of Modularity in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty - 01 January 1997

STP12021S: Wear of Non-Articulating Surfaces in Modular Acetabular Cups - 01 January 1997

STP12022S: Marking of Ceramic Femoral Heads - 01 January 1997

STP12023S: Test Method for Fatigue of a Modular Posterior-Stabilized Tibial Component - 01 January 1997

STP12024S: Test Method for Evaluating Motion between the Polymeric Articulating Surface and the Tibial Tray of Modular Total Knee Systems - 01 January 1997

STP12073S: Flammability of Intestinal Gases During Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia - 01 January 1997

STP13811S: Further Studies on Oxidative Induction Test on Medical Polymers - 01 January 1997

STP14060S: Evaluation of Health Care Workers' Apparel Using Microbiological Methods - 01 January 1996

STP14062S: A Novel Method for Quantification of Surgical Gown Permeability - 01 January 1996

STP1260-EB: Validation Practices for Biotechnology Products - 01 January 1996

STP14714S: A New Methodology for Quality Control Testing of Biological and Recombinant Products - 01 January 1996

STP14716S: Staying in Control — Ongoing Calibration and Change Control Practices - 01 January 1996

STP14706S: Validation of Filters Used for Sterilizing Liquids - 01 January 1996

STP14707S: Points to Consider Before Validating a Liquid Nitrogen Freezer - 01 January 1996

STP14705S: Commissioning Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities - 01 January 1996

STP14709S: Validation Studies in the Regeneration of Ion-Exchange Celluloses - 01 January 1996

STP14710S: Sensitivity Considerations in Hydrophobic Filter Integrity Testing - 01 January 1996

STP14711S: Designing Validation into Chromatography Processes - 01 January 1996

STP14712S: Developing Procedures to Meet GMP Requirements - 01 January 1996

STP14713S: Process Development, Scale-Up and Validation of a Recombinant E. Coli-Based Fermentation Process - 01 January 1996

STP1272-EB: Medical Applications of Titanium and Its Alloys: The Material and Biological Issues - 01 January 1996

STP16074S: Methods of Detecting and Predicting Microfracture in Titanium - 01 January 1996

STP16075S: Evaluation of the Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of Porous Coated Ti-6Al-4V - 01 January 1996

STP16076S: A Novel Porous Coating Geometry to Improve the Fatigue Strength of Ti-6Al-4V Implant Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16077S: Chemical and Electrochemical Aspects of the Biocompatibility of Titanium and its Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16078S: Passive Dissolution of Titanium in Biological Environments - 01 January 1996

STP16067S: Manufacturing Processes for Semi-Finished Titanium Biomedical Alloys - 01 January 1996

STP16079S: Corrosion Behavior of Dental Casting Alloys Coupled with Titanium - 01 January 1996

STP16080S: Titanium Oxide Film Fracture and Repassivation: The Effect of Potential, pH and Aeration - 01 January 1996

STP16081S: Transitional Behavior in Ti-6Al-4v Fretting Corrosion - 01 January 1996

STP16082S: Effects of Material Combination, Surface Treatment, and Environment on Fretting Corrosion of Ti 6Al 4V - 01 January 1996

STP16083S: Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Nitrogen Diffusion Hardened Ti-6Al-4V Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16084S: Characterizing the Fretting Fatigue Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V in Modular Joints - 01 January 1996

STP16085S: Wear of Titanium 6-4 Alloy in Laboratory Tests and in Retrieved Human Joint Replacements - 01 January 1996

STP16086S: The In Vitro Response to Participate Titanium Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16087S: Response of Titanium Surfaces to Simulated Biological Environments - 01 January 1996

STP16068S: Taguchi Experiment on the Mechanical Properties of Sintered Titanium 6-4 - 01 January 1996

STP16088S: In Vitro Osteoblast Responses to cpTi and Ti-6Al-4V Alloy - 01 January 1996

STP16089S: Induction of Bone Resorbing Agents by Titanium Particulates: Responses of Macrophages, Fibroblasts and Osteoblasts In Vitro - 01 January 1996

STP16090S: Determination of In Vivo Titanium Release from a Non-Articulating Commercially Pure Titanium Implant - 01 January 1996

STP16091S: Distribution of Titanium and Vanadium Salts and Corrosion Products in Cells, Fluids, and Organs in vivo and in Cell Culture in vitro - 01 January 1996

STP16092S: Clinical Studies on Titanium and Stainless Steel Plates (LC-DCP). A Comparative Evaluation - 01 January 1996

STP16093S: Wear and Osteolysis in Relation to Prostheses Design and Materials - 01 January 1996

STP16066S: Titanium Alloys as Implant Materials - 01 January 1996

STP16094S: A 3-Year Prospective Study of Serum Titanium Levels in Patients with Primary Total Hip Replacements - 01 January 1996

STP16095S: Retrieval Analysis of Ti-6Al-4V Miller-Galante Total Knee Replacements - 01 January 1996

STP16069S: New Titanium Alloys to be Considered for Medical Implants - 01 January 1996

STP16070S: Characterization of Ti-15Mo Beta Titanium Alloy for Orthopaedic Implant Applications - 01 January 1996

STP16071S: Microstructure and Properties of a New Beta Titanium Alloy, Ti-12Mo-6Zr-2Fe, Developed for Surgical Implants - 01 January 1996

STP16072S: Optimization of Properties of Ti-15Mo-2.8Nb-3Al-0.2Si & Ti-15Mo-2.8Nb-0.2Si-.260 Beta Titanium Alloys for Application in Prosthetic Implants - 01 January 1996

STP16073S: Mechanical and Tribological Properties and Biocompatibility of Diffusion Hardened Ti-13Nb-13Zr — A New Titanium Alloy for Surgical Implants - 01 January 1996

STP14049S: Vibration Monitoring in Wear Testing of Orthopaedic Biomaterials - 01 January 1995

STP16436S: Evaluation of the Compatibility of Materials Used in Breathing-Air Devices - 01 January 1995

STP16439S: Medical Oxygen Administration: A Comparison of National Training Courses - 01 January 1995

STP1173-EB: Biomaterials' Mechanical Properties - 01 January 1994

STP18098S: Characterization and Quantification of Fretting Particulates Generated in Ceramic/Metal and Metal/Metal Modular Head/Taper Systems - 01 January 1994

STP18099S: Identification of The Dynamic Properties of Bone Using The Split-Hopkinson Pressure-Bar Technique - 01 January 1994

STP18100S: Mechanical Properties of Immature Callus in Long Bones - 01 January 1994

STP18101S: Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Metallic Biomaterials - 01 January 1994

STP18102S: Mechanical Testing for Fretting Corrosion of Modular Total Hip Tapers - 01 January 1994

STP18103S: Cell-to-Materials Interaction—An Approach to Elucidate Biocompatibility of Biomaterials In Vitro - 01 January 1994

STP18104S: Mechanical Evaluation of Soft Tissue and Ligament Implant Fixation Devices - 01 January 1994

STP18105S: Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Biomaterials: Characterization of Interfacial Bond Strength and Environmental Sensitivity - 01 January 1994

STP18091S: High Strain Rate Testing and Structural Analysis of Pericardial Bioprosthetic Materials - 01 January 1994

STP18106S: The Use of Small-Scale Flexure Test Specimens to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of Polymer Composites for Biomaterials Applications - 01 January 1994

STP18107S: A Numerical Time-Frequency Transform Technique for the Determination of the Complex Modulus of Composite and Polymeric Biomaterials from Transient Time-Based Experiments - 01 January 1994

STP18108S: Fracture Behavior of Polyurethane-Calcium Chloride Blends - 01 January 1994

STP18109S: Micromechanical Testing of Interfacial Bonding in Absorbable Composites - 01 January 1994

STP18110S: Chemical Components and Mechanical Properties of Urinary Calculi - 01 January 1994

STP18111S: Tests to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of the Ureter - 01 January 1994

STP18112S: Mechanical Properties and Modeling of the Stress-Strain Behavior of the Urinary Bladder In Vivo - 01 January 1994

STP18113S: Changing Strategies for Biomaterials and Biotechnology - 01 January 1994

STP18092S: A New Method for In-Vitro Wear Assessment of Materials Used in Mechanical Heart Valves - 01 January 1994

STP18093S: The Relationship Between PTFE Graft Ultrastructure and Cellular Ingrowth: The Influence of an Autologous Jugular Vein Wrap - 01 January 1994

STP18094S: The Effect of Tissue Adhesion Due to Encapsulation on Anastomosis Strength and a Comparative Study of Vascular Substitute - 01 January 1994

STP18095S: Predicting the Life and Design Stresses of Medical Plastics Under Creep Conditions - 01 January 1994

STP18096S: Mechanical Properties of Hard Tissue Adhesive Films - 01 January 1994

STP18097S: Taguchi Experiment on Strength Correlation Between a Customer and Supplier of Porous Coatings - 01 January 1994

STP18090S: Fatigue Properties of Segmented Polyether Polyurethanes for Cardiovascular Applications - 01 January 1994

STP24342S: Compression Response of a Fatigue-Loaded Composite Hip Prosthesis - 01 January 1994

STP1196-EB: Characterization and Performance of Calcium Phosphate Coatings for Implants - 01 January 1994

STP25187S: Changes in Characteristics Arising from Processing and the Effect on In Vitro Stability of Calcium Phosphate Ceramics - 01 January 1994

STP25188S: Structural Changes of Plasma Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Coatings During In-Vitro Testing - 01 January 1994

STP25189S: The Effect of Calcium Phosphate Ceramic Composition and Structure on In Vitro Precipitation Reactions - 01 January 1994

STP25190S: Hydroxylapatite-Coatings for Non-Precision Implant Placements - 01 January 1994

STP25191S: Dense Hydroxylapatite (HA) and Microporous HA Resorption - 01 January 1994

STP25179S: Techniques for the Characterization and Quality Control of Hydroxyapatite Raw Materials and Coatings - 01 January 1994

STP25192S: Calcium Phosphate Precipitation on Calcium-Ion-Implanted Titanium in Electrolyte - 01 January 1994

STP25193S: Calcium Phosphate (Ca-P) Coating Draft Guidance for Preparation of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Submissions for Orthopedic and Dental Endosseous Implants - 01 January 1994

STP25194S: Development of ASTM Standards for Bioceramics - 01 January 1994

STP25177S: Early History of Calcium Phosphate Materials and Coatings - 01 January 1994

STP25180S: A Calibrated Method for Crystallinity Determination of Hydroxylapatite Coatings - 01 January 1994

STP25181S: X-Ray Diffraction Method for the Quantitative Characterization of Calcium Phosphate Coatings - 01 January 1994

STP25182S: Variations in Composition and Crystallinity of ‘Hydroxyapatite (HA)’ Preparations - 01 January 1994

STP25183S: Nondestructive Characterization of Hydroxylapatite Coated Dental Implants by XRD Method - 01 January 1994

STP25184S: X-Ray Diffraction Characterization of Percent Crystallinity and Contaminants in Plasma-Sprayed Hydroxylapatite Coatings - 01 January 1994

STP25185S: Characterization of Composite Hydroxylapatite (HA) Coatings for Medical and Dental Devices - 01 January 1994

STP25186S: Calcium Phosphate Type Reference Material: Development, Preparation and Characterization - 01 January 1994

STP25178S: Hydroxylapatite Powders for Implant Coatings - 01 January 1994

STP13198S: Realization of the Projected Impact of a Chemistry Workflow Management System at Bridgeport Hospital - 01 January 1994

STP1217-EB: Clinical and Laboratory Performance of Bone Plates - 01 January 1994

STP12226S: Biomechanics of Ulnar Osteotomies and Plate Fixation - 01 January 1994

STP12217S: Effects of Design and Screw Torque on Stresses in Spinal and Fracture Fixation Plates: A Photoelastic Study - 01 January 1994

STP12227S: The 3.5 Millimeter Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plate: A Preliminary Report of Technical Advantages - 01 January 1994

STP12218S: Rationale for the Design and Use of Pure Titanium Internal Fixation Plates - 01 January 1994

STP12219S: Metallurgical Properties of Unalloyed Titanium Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plates - 01 January 1994

STP12216S: History and Development of the Orthopedic Screw - 01 January 1994

STP12220S: The Concept of Biological Internal Fixation Using Limited Contact Plates - 01 January 1994

STP12221S: Theoretical Strength Comparison of Bioabsorbable (PLLA) Plates and Conventional Stainless Steel and Titanium Plates Used in Internal Fracture Fixation - 01 January 1994

STP12222S: Techniques in the Application of ISO 9585 Test Method for the Determination of Bone Plate Bending Properties - 01 January 1994

STP12223S: Cyclic Cantilever Fatigue Testing of Compression Hip Screw Plates - 01 January 1994

STP12224S: The Weakest Link in the Bone ‐ Plate ‐ Fracture System; Changes with Time - 01 January 1994

STP12225S: Mechanical Evaluation of Internal and External Fixation for Metacarpal Fractures - 01 January 1994

STP15157S: Energy and Spatial Distribution of the Photoneutron Flux from a Radiotherapy Electron Accelerator - 01 January 1994

STP12818S: How to Make Professional Boxing Safer—The American Medical Association Controversy - 01 January 1994

STP12819S: The Historical and Medical Aspects - Boxing - 01 January 1994

STP13983S: Design of a Composite Hip Prosthesis for Long-Term Performance - 01 January 1994

STP18003S: Standardization of Data Element Names for Patient Care Records - 01 January 1993

STP18015S: Standardization of Names for Clinical Laboratory Tests and Resulting Analytes - 01 January 1993

STP1178-EB: Composite Materials for Implant Applications in the Human Body: Characterization and Testing - 01 January 1993

STP15547S: Stability of Polysulfone Composite Materials in a Lipid Environment - 01 January 1993

STP15548S: Characterization and Optimization of Small Particle Dental Composites - 01 January 1993

STP15549S: A Mechanical and Histological Analysis of the Bonding of Bone to Hydroxylapatite/Polymer Composite Coatings - 01 January 1993

STP15540S: Environmental Effect on a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) for Use in a Composite Intervertebral Disc Spacer - 01 January 1993

STP15541S: Fatigue Testing of Femoral Hip Prostheses with a Two-Beam Simulated Femoral Bone Support Fixture - 01 January 1993

STP15542S: In Vitro Studies on the Electrochemical Behavior of Carbon-Fiber Composites - 01 January 1993

STP15539S: Comparative Study of Carbon Polymer Composite and Titanium Femoral Stems in Dogs Using Computed Tomography - 01 January 1993

STP15543S: The Effect of Interfacial Bonding Upon Compressive Strength and Fracture Energy of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Composite: A Theoretical Investigation - 01 January 1993

STP15544S: A Life Prediction Model for Fatigue Loaded Composite Femoral Prosthesis - 01 January 1993

STP15545S: Creep Testing of a Composite Material Human Hip Prosthesis - 01 January 1993

STP15546S: Intraoperative Impact: Characterization and Laboratory Simulation on Composite Hip prostheses - 01 January 1993

STP24816S: Multiaxial Fatigue and Life Prediction of Composite Hip Prostheses - 01 January 1993

STP24848S: Spontaneous Ignition Temperature of Tracheal Tubes - 01 January 1993

STP24849S: Insidious Iatrogenic Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres as a Cause of Surgical Fires - 01 January 1993

STP15971S: Friction and Wear Set-Up for Simulation of Knee Joint - 01 January 1993

STP19149S: Ability of 1000 mL Water Leak Test for Medical Gloves to Detect Gloves with Potential for Virus Penetration - 01 January 1992

STP19150S: Dry Test Method for Rating the Penetration of Viruses Through Porous Materials Used in Protective Clothing by Health Care Workers - 01 January 1992

STP19151S: The Resistance of Clothing Materials to Biological Liquids - 01 January 1992

STP19152S: Protective Clothing for Health Care Workers: Liquidproofness Versus Microbiological Resistance - 01 January 1992

STP19153S: A Comparison of Methods for Measuring the Liquid Barrier Properties of Surgical Gowns - 01 January 1992

STP19154S: An Interlaboratory Comparison of Standard Test Methods for Medical Gloves - 01 January 1992

STP1144-EB: Particulate Debris from Medical Implants: Mechanisms of Formation and Biological Consequences - 01 January 1992

STP14857S: Prostaglandin E2 Synthesis by the Tissue Surrounding Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene in Different Physical Forms - 01 January 1992

STP14858S: A Comparison of the Biocompatibility of Polymethyl Methacrylate Debris With and Without Titanium Debris: A Comparison of Two In Vivo Models - 01 January 1992

STP14859S: Biocompatibility of Polymethyl Methacrylate With and Without Barium Sulfate in the Rat Subcutaneous Air Pouch Model - 01 January 1992

STP14860S: In Vitro Activation of Monocyte Macrophages and Fibroblasts by Metal Particles - 01 January 1992

STP14861S: In Vitro Cellular Activation by Fabricated and Clinically Retrieved Bone Cement Wear Particles - 01 January 1992

STP14862S: Human Plasma Adsorption to Particulate Arthroplastic Component Materials In Vitro - 01 January 1992

STP14863S: Correlation Between the Metal Ion Concentration and the Fretting Wear Volume of Orthopaedic Implant Metals - 01 January 1992

STP14864S: Preparation, Characterization, and Animal Testing for Biocompatibility of Metal Particles of Iron-, Cobalt-, and Titanium-Based Implant Alloys - 01 January 1992

STP14865S: Polymer Particles In Vivo: Distribution in the Knee, Migration to Lymph Nodes, and Associated Cellular Response Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Replacement - 01 January 1992

STP14866S: Use of an Anticollagenase Antibody to Study Synovial Cell Interactions with Particulate Material - 01 January 1992

STP14849S: Clinical and Experimental Studies in the Biology of Aseptic Loosening of Joint Arthroplasties and the Role of Polymer Particles - 01 January 1992

STP14850S: Histopathological Effects of Ultrahigh-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene and Metal Wear Debris in Porous and Cemented Surface Replacements - 01 January 1992

STP14851S: Particulate-Associated Endosteal Osteolysis in Titanium-Base Alloy Cementless Total Hip Replacement - 01 January 1992

STP14852S: Endosteal Osteolysis Around Well-Fixed Porous-Coated Cementless Femoral Components - 01 January 1992

STP14853S: Photon Correlation Spectroscopy Analysis of the Submicrometre Particulate Fraction in Human Synovial Tissues Recovered at Arthroplasty or Revision - 01 January 1992

STP14854S: Failure Mechanism of a Metal-Backed Patella: An Implant Retrieval Study - 01 January 1992

STP14848S: Debris-Mediated Osteolysis—A Cascade Phenomenon Involving Motion, Wear, Particulates, Macrophage Induction, and Bone Lysis - 01 January 1992

STP14855S: Use of Profile Imaging to Assess Patellofemoral Congruity: Implications for Assessing Patellofemoral Wear in Total Knee Arthroplasty - 01 January 1992

STP14856S: Histomorphological Reaction Patterns of the Bone to Diverse Particulate Implant Materials in Man and Experimental Animals - 01 January 1992

STP1152-EB: Operating Room and Intensive Care Alarms and Information Transfer - 01 January 1992

STP15865S: A Survey of Practicing Anesthesiologists on Auditory Alarms in the Operating Room - 01 January 1992

STP15866S: Alarms in an Operative Intensive Care Unit: Response of the Nursing Staff - 01 January 1992

STP15867S: Medical Information Management: Towards a Life Support System - 01 January 1992

STP15868S: The Man/Machine Interface in the Operating Room: An Ergonomic Approach to a Rational Alarm System - 01 January 1992

STP15869S: Intelligent Monitoring and Symbolic Representation of Clinical Knowledge: An Application in Acute Ventilatory Management - 01 January 1992

STP15864S: Requirements of an Ideal System for Operating Room and Intensive Care Alarms and Information Transfer - 01 January 1992

STP15877S: Problems in Designing Studies for Pharmaceutical Development: Patients, Prescriptions, and Physicians - 01 January 1992

STP15879S: The Evaluation of a Health and Beauty Aid Product by a Hispanic Population: A Case Study by Client and Supplier - 01 January 1992

STP24718S: Short Bar Chevron-Notch Fracture Toughness of Bone Cement - 01 January 1992

STP17761S: Laser Resistant Endotracheal Tubes -- Protection Against Oxygen-Enriched Airway Fires During Surgery? - 01 January 1991

STP17762S: Endotracheal Tube Fires: A Flame Spread Phenomenon - 01 January 1991

STP17786S: Education and Training of Nonmedical Users of Portable Emergency Oxygen Inhalators at the Occupational Setting - 01 January 1991

STP1090-EB: Continuous Anesthesia Gas Monitoring - 01 January 1990

STP25428S: Overview: Technology Assessment in Medicine and Surgery and the Voluntary Consensus Standards Writing Process - 01 January 1990

STP25431S: Clinical Aspects of Anesthesia Gas Monitoring - 01 January 1990

STP25432S: Review of Methodology in Anesthetic Gas Monitoring - 01 January 1990

STP25433S: Is There an Anesthetic Contribution to Ozone Depletion or Greenhouse Warming? - 01 January 1990

STP25429S: Anesthesia Vapor Monitoring: Questions To Be Answered - 01 January 1990

STP25434S: Anestheticography: Clinical Applications - 01 January 1990

STP25435S: Economics of Anesthetic Gas Monitoring - 01 January 1990

STP25436S: Conclusion and Summary for Standards Writing Purposes and Governmental Consideration - 01 January 1990

STP25430S: Volatile Agent Monitoring - 01 January 1990

STP15498S: The Biomedical and Environmental Characteristics of Slips, Stumbles, and Falls in the Elderly - 01 January 1990

STP10131S: Spectrum Measurements on Filtered Neutron Beams for Medical Applications - 01 January 1989

STP1008-EB: Intramedullary Rods: Clinical Performance and Related Laboratory Testing - 01 January 1989

STP10372S: The Role of Medullary Reaming in Closed Nailing of Femur Fractures - 01 January 1989

STP10362S: Calculation and Experimental Analysis of Forces and Stresses in Intramedullary Nail Models - 01 January 1989

STP10373S: The Brooker-Wills Femoral Nail: Technical Difficulties and Their Avoidance - 01 January 1989

STP10374S: Distal Locking for Unstable Femoral Fractures: Is It Necessary? A Preliminary Report - 01 January 1989

STP10375S: Intramedullary Fixation of Unstable Trochanteric Fractures of the Hip - 01 January 1989

STP10376S: Intramedullary Nailing of Femoral Shaft Fractures Using the Hansen-Street Nail - 01 January 1989

STP10377S: Intramedullary Nailing for Treatment of Diaphysial Nonunions of the Femur - 01 January 1989

STP10378S: Ender Nail Fixation in Fractures of the Proximal Femur - 01 January 1989

STP10379S: Rush Pin Intramedullary Fixation of Transverse Diaphyseal Femoral Fractures - 01 January 1989

STP10380S: Mechanical Complications Following Interlocking Femoral Nailing - 01 January 1989

STP10363S: Testing Method for Evaluating Bending Stiffness and Torsional Stability of Femurs Implanted with Intramedullary Nails - 01 January 1989

STP10364S: Testing of Intramedullary Nails Using Physiological Loading - 01 January 1989

STP10365S: Modeling the Insertion of a Zickel Rod into the Femur - 01 January 1989

STP10361S: Mechanical Properties of Küntscher Nail Sections - 01 January 1989

STP10366S: Mechanics of Distal Locking in Intramedullary Rods: Comparison in Osteoporotic and Normal Femurs - 01 January 1989

STP10367S: A Method to Evaluate Motion at the Bone Fracture Interface on Intramedullary Nailing - 01 January 1989

STP10368S: Comparison of Interlocking and Noninterlocking Intramedullary Nails in Bending and Torsion - 01 January 1989

STP10369S: Stability of Subtrochanteric Femoral Fractures Fixed with Interlocking Intramedullary Rods - 01 January 1989

STP10370S: Initial Mechanical Stability of Three Distally Locked Intramedullary Nail Systems - 01 January 1989

STP10371S: Biomechanical Variables Affecting Stability and Stresses in the Fractured Femur During Intramedullary Nailing - 01 January 1989

STP19483S: Biomedical Tests during a High Mountain Ski Touring Competition (Raid Blanc) - 01 January 1989

STP24939S: The Oxidant O2 (Helium) Index of Flammability of Endotracheal Tubes - 01 January 1989

STP24940S: Oxygen-Enriched Fires During Surgery of The Head and Neck - 01 January 1989

STP25274S: Accreditation of Medical Laboratories in Australia - 01 January 1989

STP26001S: Synthetic Environments for the Testing of Metallic Biomaterials - 01 January 1988

STP25224S: Biocorrosion Studies of Ultralow-Temperature-Isotropic Carbon-Coated Porous Titanium - 01 January 1987

STP953-EB: Quantitative Characterization and Performance of Porous Implants for Hard Tissue Applications - 01 January 1987

STP25225S: Anodic Polarization of Porous-Coated Vitallium Alloy—Effect of Passivation - 01 January 1987

STP25226S: In Vitro Corrosion of Porous Alloys - 01 January 1987

STP25227S: Characterization of the Corrosion Behavior of Porous Biomaterials by A-C Impedance Techniques - 01 January 1987

STP25228S: Urinary Excretion Levels of Metal Ions in Patients Undergoing Total Hip Replacement with a Porous-Coated Prosthesis: Preliminary Results - 01 January 1987

STP25230S: Biological Significance of Metal Ion Release - 01 January 1987

STP25218S: Determining the Cantilever-Bend Fatigue Integrity of a Porous-Coated Tibial Component - 01 January 1987

STP25231S: Histological Comparison of Biological Fixation and Bone Modeling with Canine and Human Porous-Coated Hip Prostheses - 01 January 1987

STP25232S: Radiographic Criteria for the Clinical Performance of Uncemented Total Joint Replacements - 01 January 1987

STP25234S: Histomorphometric Analysis of Bone Ingrowth into Porous-Coated Dental Implants - 01 January 1987

STP25235S: Clinical Indicators of Dental Implant Performance - 01 January 1987

STP25236S: Fundamental Aspects of Load Transfer and Load Sharing - 01 January 1987

STP25237S: Strain Analysis of the Proximal Femur After Total Hip Replacement - 01 January 1987

STP25238S: Effect of Press Fit on Lateral Stem Stresses and the Integrity of Porous-Coated Femoral Prostheses: An In Vitro Strain Gage Study - 01 January 1987

STP25239S: A Biomechanical and Histological Examination of Different Surface Treatments of Titanium Implants for Total Joint Replacement - 01 January 1987

STP25240S: Quantitation of Bone Ingrowth into Porous Implants Submitted to Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields - 01 January 1987

STP25242S: Flexible Porous Titanium for Revision Surgery: Concept and Initial Data - 01 January 1987

STP25243S: Porous Polysulfone-Coated Femoral Stems - 01 January 1987

STP25219S: Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing on the Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of a Cast, Porous-Coated Co-Cr-Mo Alloy - 01 January 1987

STP25244S: Biomechanical and Morphometric Testing Methods for Porous and Surface-Reactive Biomaterials - 01 January 1987

STP25245S: A Method for Quantitative Characterization of Porous Biomaterials Using Automated Image Analysis - 01 January 1987

STP25246S: Comparison of Porous and Nonporous hydroxyapatite and Anorganic Xenografts in the Restoration of Alveolar Ridges - 01 January 1987

STP25247S: Grafts of HTR Polymer Versus Kiel Bone in Experimental Long Bone Defects in Rats - 01 January 1987

STP25248S: Development of Tricalcium Phosphate Ceramic Cements - 01 January 1987

STP25249S: Resorbable Porous Aluminum-Calcium-Phosphorus Oxide (ALCAP) Ceramics - 01 January 1987

STP25250S: Studies on a Porous Alumina Dental Implant Reinforced with Single-Crystal Alumina: Animal Experiments and Human Clinical Applications - 01 January 1987

STP25220S: Mechanical Evaluation of ASTM F75 Alloy in Various Metallurgical Conditions - 01 January 1987

STP25221S: Metallurgical Relationships of Porous-Coated ASTM F75 Alloys - 01 January 1987

STP25222S: Comparison of Measurement Methods for Characterization of Porous Coatings - 01 January 1987

STP25217S: Adhesion of Fiber Metal Coatings - 01 January 1987

STP25223S: Morphological Characterization of Porous Coatings - 01 January 1987

STP33286S: Strength and Endurance of Vascular Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP898-EB: Vascular Graft Update: Safety and Performance - 01 January 1986

STP33276S: History of Vascular Graft Development - 01 January 1986

STP33287S: Porosity Testing of Polyester Vascular Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33288S: The Importance of Vascular Graft Surface Composition as Demonstrated by a New Gas Discharge Treatment for Small Diameter Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33289S: Procedures in the Retrieval and Evaluation of Vascular Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33290S: Species Selection for Vascular Graft Evaluation - 01 January 1986

STP33277S: Dacron® Arterial Grafts: Comparative Structures and Basis for Successful Use of Current Prostheses - 01 January 1986

STP33291S: Studies on the Healing of Human Vascular Grafts: Quantitative Analysis of Collagen and Collagen Types - 01 January 1986

STP33292S: Biochemistry of Seeded Endothelial Cells - 01 January 1986

STP33293S: Aspects of Biodegradable Vascular Prostheses - 01 January 1986

STP33294S: Acellular Vascular Matrix as a Small Diameter Vascular Graft - 01 January 1986

STP33295S: Sterility and Pyrogenicity Issues of Synthetic Vascular Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33296S: Vascular Prostheses: The Need for Standards—Historical and Surgical Perspectives - 01 January 1986

STP33278S: Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Arterial Grafts: An Eight-Year Experience - 01 January 1986

STP33297S: Vascular Grafts: Applicability - 01 January 1986

STP33298S: Viewpoints on Safety and Efficacy of Vascular Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33299S: Vascular Prostheses: Innovative Properties - 01 January 1986

STP33301S: Summary - 01 January 1986

STP33279S: Endothelial Cell Seeded Synthetic Vascular Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33280S: Coronary Artery Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33281S: Lower Extremity Revascularization with the Glutaraldehyde Stabilized Human Umbilical Cord Vein Graft - 01 January 1986

STP33275S: Regulation of Vascular Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33282S: Small Caliber Vascular Grafts—Alternatives - 01 January 1986

STP33283S: Fabrication and Testing of Polyester Arterial Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33284S: Physical Properties and Test Methods for Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP33285S: Properties and Characteristics of Bioprosthetic Grafts - 01 January 1986

STP18322S: High-Barrier Flexible Polyvinylidene Chloride Composite Applications - 01 January 1986

STP19343S: Fatigue Crack Growth and Crack Arrest in the Nails Used for Intramedullary Fixation of Femur Fractures - 01 January 1986

STP19344S: Failure Analysis of a Total Hip Femoral Component: A Fracture Mechanics Approach - 01 January 1986

STP33245S: Fretting Corrosion of Plates and Screws: An In Vitro Test Method - 01 January 1985

STP859-EB: Corrosion and Degradation of Implant Materials: Second Symposium - 01 January 1985

STP33246S: Polarization Studies on Surgical-Grade Stainless Steels in Hanks' Physiological Solution - 01 January 1985

STP33239S: Hydrogen Embrittlement of Zimaloy: A Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum Orthopedic Implant Alloy - 01 January 1985

STP33247S: Electropolishing Stainless Steel Implants - 01 January 1985

STP33248S: In Vitro Studies of Aneurysm Clip Materials - 01 January 1985

STP33249S: Fatigue of Ball-Joint Rods for External Fixation - 01 January 1985

STP33250S: An Electrochemical Test for the Evaluation of Sulfide Tarnishing of Dental Alloys - 01 January 1985

STP33251S: Discussion - 01 January 1985

STP33252S: Mechanical Properties and Structure of Ti-6Al-4V with Graded-Porosity Coatings Applied by Plasma Spraying for Use in Orthopedic Implants - 01 January 1985

STP33253S: Biological Effects of Corrosion Products from Metals - 01 January 1985

STP33254S: Ultrastructural Examination of In Vitro and In Vivo Cells Exposed to Elements from Type 316L Stainless Steel - 01 January 1985

STP33255S: Estimation of In Vivo Type 316L Stainless Steel Corrosion Rate from Blood Transport and Organ Accumulation Data - 01 January 1985

STP33256S: Biocompatibility and an Enhanced Acute Inflammatory Phase Model - 01 January 1985

STP33257S: Host Reaction to Silicone Implants: A Long-Term Clinical and Histopathological Study - 01 January 1985

STP33258S: Biodurability Evaluation of Medical-Grade High-Performance Silicone Elastomer - 01 January 1985

STP33259S: Degradation of Polyester Arterial Prostheses: A Physical or Chemical Mechanism? - 01 January 1985

STP33260S: Surface Fissuring of Polyurethanes Following In Vivo Exposure - 01 January 1985

STP33240S: Properties and Characteristics of Cast, Wrought, and Powder Metallurgy (P/M) Processed Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum Implant Materials - 01 January 1985

STP33261S: In Vivo Degradation of a Polyurethane: Preclinical Studies - 01 January 1985

STP33262S: Biodegradable Fracture Fixation Plates for Use in Maxillofacial Surgery - 01 January 1985

STP33263S: Degradation and Wear of Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene - 01 January 1985

STP33264S: Tricalcium Phosphate Biodegradable Ceramic - 01 January 1985

STP33265S: Loosening of Well-Cemented Total-Hip Femoral Prosthesis Due to Creep of the Cement - 01 January 1985

STP33266S: Retrieval Analyses of Total Joint Components from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine Implant Retrieval Program - 01 January 1985

STP33267S: Retrieval Analysis of Total Joint Replacement Components: A Six-Year Experience - 01 January 1985

STP33268S: Performance Standards: Flexible Tool or Straight Jacket? - 01 January 1985

STP33269S: Pluralistic Medical Device Risk Management: Standards, Regulation, and Litigation - 01 January 1985

STP33270S: Summary - 01 January 1985

STP33241S: Study of Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility of Type 316L Stainless Steel In Vitro - 01 January 1985

STP33238S: Corrosion of Surgical Implant Alloys: A Few Basic Ideas - 01 January 1985

STP33242S: Discussion - 01 January 1985

STP33243S: Studies of Stress-Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Surgical Implant Materials Using a Fracture Mechanics Approach - 01 January 1985

STP33244S: Corrosion-Fatigue Performance of Hip Nails: The Influence of Materials Selection and Design - 01 January 1985

STP28938S: Influence of Heat Treatment on the Fatigue Lives of Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-4.5Al-5Mo-1.5Cr - 01 January 1983

STP796-EB: Titanium Alloys in Surgical Implants - 01 January 1983

STP28939S: Comparison of the Fatigue Strength of Femoral Prosthesis Stems Made of Forged Ti-Al-V and Cobalt-Base Alloys - 01 January 1983

STP28940S: Wear of Ti-6A1-4V Implant Alloy and Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Combinations - 01 January 1983

STP28941S: Preliminary Clinical Analysis of Mechanical Performance of the STH Titanium Alloy Total Hip Replacement - 01 January 1983

STP28932S: Processing and Mechanical Properties of Investment Cast Ti-6Al-4V ELI Alloy for Surgical Implants: A Progress Report - 01 January 1983

STP28942S: Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium and Ti-318 (Ti-6Al-4V) in Orthopedic Implants - 01 January 1983

STP28943S: Investigation of Surfaces of Retrieved Endosseous Dental Implants of Commercially Pure Titanium - 01 January 1983

STP28944S: Surface Preparation and Corrosion Behavior of Titanium Alloys for Surgical Implants - 01 January 1983

STP28945S: Analysis of a Titanium Alloy Total Hip Device - 01 January 1983

STP28946S: Tensile Strength, Fatigue Life, and Corrosion Behavior of Ti-318 and Ti-550 - 01 January 1983

STP28947S: Porous Titanium Alloy for Prosthesis Attachment - 01 January 1983

STP28948S: Cartilage and Bone Ingrowth into Porous Titanium Implants - 01 January 1983

STP28949S: Titanium Implants with Porous Structures for Bone Ingrowth: A General Approach - 01 January 1983

STP28950S: Summary - 01 January 1983

STP28933S: Hot Isostatic Pressed Powder Metal Titanium Implant Devices - 01 January 1983

STP28934S: High-Integrity Titanium Alloy Shapes by Powder Metallurgy - 01 January 1983

STP28935S: Implantable Titanium Feedthrough Reliability - 01 January 1983

STP28936S: A Method for Quantifying Stiffness Parameters of Titanium Alloy Femoral Stems and Cobalt-Chrome Alloy Prostheses - 01 January 1983

STP28931S: Titanium Alloys for Biomaterial Application: An Overview - 01 January 1983

STP28937S: Comparison of Loading Behavior of Femoral Stems of Ti-6Al-4V and Cobalt-Chromium Alloys: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis - 01 January 1983

STP800-EB: Medical Devices: Measurements, Quality Assurance, and Standards - 01 January 1983

STP35181S: Chapter 10—Broad Goals for a Standards-Development Organization - 01 January 1983

STP35182S: Chapter 11—Applications, Pitfalls, and Alternatives of Medical Device Standards - 01 January 1983

STP35183S: Chapter 12—A Broad View of Needs in Standards Development in the Medical Field - 01 January 1983

STP35170S: Chapter 1—Reference Bases for Accurate Measurement - 01 January 1983

STP35184S: Chapter 13—Determination of Information and Communication Needs: Computers in Medicine - 01 January 1983

STP35185S: Chapter 14—Development of Compatibility for Clinical Effectiveness: Monitoring Devices - 01 January 1983

STP35186S: Chapter 15—Quality Assurance Implementation: Diagnostic Instrumentation - 01 January 1983

STP35187S: Chapter 16—Assessment of Standards Needs: Implantable Devices and Treatment - 01 January 1983

STP35189S: Chapter 17—Devices and Compatibility: The Innovation Process and Standards - 01 January 1983

STP35190S: Chapter 18—Evaluating Medical Devices for the Clinical Environment - 01 January 1983

STP35191S: Chapter 19—Disposable Devices in Clinical Therapy: Foley Catheters—A Model for the Development of a Standard - 01 January 1983

STP35192S: Chapter 20—Therapeutic Assist Devices: Hydrocephalic Shunt - 01 January 1983

STP35193S: Chapter 21—Complex Electronics in Clinical Therapy: Clinical Use of Cardiac Pacemakers - 01 January 1983

STP35194S: Chapter 22—Standardized Labeling and Packaging as a Device for Prevention of Medication Errors - 01 January 1983

STP35195S: Chapter 23—Technology Awareness: Electrical Safety, the Clinical Environment, and Standards - 01 January 1983

STP35171S: Chapter 2—Diagnosis Is Measurement: Measurement Is the Basis for Standards - 01 January 1983

STP35196S: Chapter 24—Clinical Environment and the Law: Product Liability - 01 January 1983

STP35198S: Chapter 25—Consideration of the Medical and Health Care Environment: Standards and Clinicians - 01 January 1983

STP35172S: Chapter 3—Design and Performance Standards - 01 January 1983

STP35173S: Chapter 4—Metabolic Function Data: Clinical Chemistry Standards - 01 January 1983

STP35167S: Preface: Standards Development in the Medical Device Field - 01 January 1983

STP35174S: Chapter 5—Physiologic Function Data: Standards and Technology Transfer Potentials - 01 January 1983

STP35175S: Chapter 6—Testing Tools: Development of Measurement Standards for Edge Characterization of Intraocular Lenses - 01 January 1983

STP35176S: Chapter 7—Biomaterials: Orthopedic Implants - 01 January 1983

STP35177S: Chapter 8—Clinical Measurement Instruments: Blood Pressure Measurements and Devices - 01 January 1983

STP35178S: Chapter 9—Computerized Medical Technology: Meeting the Challenge and Issue of Standards - 01 January 1983

STP30160S: In Vitro Toxicity Testing: A Quantitative Microassay - 01 January 1983

STP810-EB: Cell-Culture Test Methods - 01 January 1983

STP30161S: Availability and Standardization of Cell Lines at the American Type Culture Collection: Current Status and Prospects for the Future - 01 January 1983

STP30162S: Workshop on Cell-Culture Test Methods - 01 January 1983

STP30151S: Test Method for Human Cell-Culture Elution to Evaluate Medical Materials and Devices for Cytotoxicity - 01 January 1983

STP30163S: Summary - 01 January 1983

STP30152S: Tissue-Culture Methods for Determining Biocompatibility - 01 January 1983

STP30153S: Tissue-Culture Biocompatibility Testing Program - 01 January 1983

STP30154S: Evaluation of Materials Used for the Fabrication of Medical Devices: Cytotoxicity Testing - 01 January 1983

STP30155S: Primary Acute Toxicity Screen for Biomaterials: Rationale, In Vitro/In Vivo Relationship and Interlaboratory Performance - 01 January 1983

STP30150S: Direct-Contact Cell-Culture Method - 01 January 1983

STP30156S: Cytotoxicity Testing: Prediction of In Vivo Toxicity from In Vitro Tests - 01 January 1983

STP30157S: Assessment of Biocompatibility of Orofacial Materials and Devices by Culturing with Human Excised Donor Tissues - 01 January 1983

STP30158S: Cell-Culture Cytotoxicity Testing of Candidate Device Materials - 01 January 1983

STP30159S: The Chromium-51 Release Cytotoxicity Test: Comparison to the Agar Overlay and Cell-Growth Inhibition Tests - 01 January 1983

STP35090S: Evaluation of Methodology for Quantifying Radiopharmaceuticals in Tertiary-Treated Sewage - 01 January 1980

STP35089S: Assessment of Radiopharmaceutical Usage Release Practices by Eleven Western Hospitals - 01 January 1980

STP716-EB: Real-Time Radiologic Imaging: Medical and Industrial Applications - 01 January 1980

STP27505S: Beam Filtration in Diagnostic Radiology - 01 January 1980

STP27506S: Performance Measurement of Fluoroscopic Systems - 01 January 1980

STP27511S: Neutron Diffraction Tomography: A Unique 3D Inspection Technique for Crystals Using an Intensifier TV System - 01 January 1980

STP27513S: Cylindrical-Scanning Transaxial Roentgen Tomography of High Temporal Resolution - 01 January 1980

STP27514S: Computerized Fluorodensitometry Using a Solid-State Matrix Camera - 01 January 1980

STP27515S: Real-Time Computerized Fluoroscopy and Radiography—A Progress Report - 01 January 1980

STP35940S: Fundamental Aspects of the Corrosion of Metallic Implants - 01 October 1979

STP684-EB: Corrosion and Degradation of Implant Materials - 01 October 1979

STP35941S: Corrosion Fatigue of 316L Stainless Steel, Co-Cr-Mo Alloy, and ELI Ti-6Al-4V - 01 October 1979

STP35942S: Localized Corrosion Susceptibility of Work-Hardened Stainless Steels in a Physiological Saline Solution - 01 October 1979

STP35943S: Titanium Release from Implants: A Proposed Mechanism - 01 October 1979

STP35944S: Corrosion-Fatigue Performance of Stainless Steel Hip Nails—Jewett Type - 01 October 1979

STP35945S: Clinical Experience with Prosthetic Materials: Historical Perspectives, Current Problems, and Future Directions - 01 October 1979

STP35935S: Wear and Degradation of Retrieved Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene and Other Polymeric Implants - 01 October 1979

STP35946S: Orthopedic Implant Retrieval and Analysis Study - 01 October 1979

STP35947S: Crevice Corrosion of Implant Alloys—A Comparison of In-Vitro and In-Vivo Studies - 01 October 1979

STP35948S: Fracture and Corrosion in Stainless Steel Total Hip Replacement Stems - 01 October 1979

STP35949S: Corrosion Resistance of Titanium Surgical Implant Alloys: A Review - 01 October 1979

STP35950S: Application of Electrochemical Techniques to Characterize the Corrosion of Dental Alloys - 01 October 1979

STP35951S: Corrosion Studies on Nickel-Based Casting Alloys - 01 October 1979

STP35952S: Degradation of Amalgam Restorations In Vivo - 01 October 1979

STP35953S: Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Implant Performance and Failure - 01 October 1979

STP35954S: Summary - 01 October 1979

STP35936S: Delrin as a Material for Joint Prostheses—A Review - 01 October 1979

STP35934S: Toxicology of Degradation Products of Plastics - 01 October 1979

STP35937S: Some Observations on the Role of Cellular Enzymes in the In-Vivo Degradation of Polymers - 01 October 1979

STP35938S: In-Vivo/In-Vitro Life Testing of Vascular Prostheses - 01 October 1979

STP35939S: Degradation of Ceramic Materials in Physiological Media - 01 October 1979

STP27979S: Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymethylmethacrylate for Surgical Implant Applications - 01 January 1977

STP34784S: High Performance Thermal Insulation for an Implantable Artificial Heart - 01 January 1974

STP47127S: X-Ray Spectrochemical Analysis of Materials: Cement and Dental Alloys - 01 January 1965

STP386-EB: Plastics in Surgical Implants - 01 January 1965

STP43782S: Studies On Polymer Implants In Humans - 01 January 1965

STP43770S: Synthetic prostheses, silicone, teflon, and etheron, with laboratory and clinical studies, including full jaw substitutions - 01 January 1965

STP43771S: Principles of Polymer Implant Applications - 01 January 1965

STP43769S: The Development of Artificial Heart Valves - 01 January 1965

STP43772S: Abstract Molecular Structure and Properties of Macromolecules - 01 January 1965

STP43773S: Abstract Surface Properties and Wettability of Plastics - 01 January 1965

STP43774S: Designing and Fabricating with Textiles - 01 January 1965

STP43775S: Designing and Fabricating with Elastomers - 01 January 1965

STP43776S: Designing and Fabricating with Rigid Polymers - 01 January 1965

STP43777S: Resistance of Polymers to Degradation - 01 January 1965

STP43778S: Changes in Properties of Plastics During Implantation - 01 January 1965

STP43779S: Biological Endpoints for Compatibility - 01 January 1965

STP43780S: Abstract Antigenicity of Synthetic Polypeptide Antigens - 01 January 1965

STP43781S: Effects of Implants on the Blood - 01 January 1965

STP45955S: Electron Probe X-ray Microanalysis of Medical and Biological Specimens - 01 January 1964