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JTE20180018: An Improved Shear Stress Monitoring Method in Numerical Direct Shear Tests by Particle Flow Code - 01 November 2020

JTE20180064: Experimental Study of Sinkhole Failure Related to Groundwater Level Drops - 01 November 2020

JTE20180125: Shear Moduli of Metal Specimens Using Resonant Column Tests - 01 November 2020

JTE20170125: Tire Encasement and Granular Column Stability - 01 September 2020

JTE20170217: Ground Response due to Construction of Shallow Pipe-Jacked Tunnels in Sandy Soil: Laboratory Investigation - 01 September 2020

JTE20170395: Laboratory Studies on Soil Conditioning of Sand in the Mechanized Tunneling - 01 September 2020

JTE20170603: Centrifuge Modeling of Geogrid-Reinforced and Rammed Soil-Cement Column-Supported Embankment on Soft Soil - 01 September 2020

JTE20170623: Effect of Two Organic Chemical Fluids on the Mechanical Properties of an Expansive Clay Soil - 01 September 2020

JTE20170740: Development and Application of a Multifunction True Triaxial Rock Drilling Test System - 01 September 2020

JTE20180093: Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Stress Superposition in Double-Hole Blasts - 01 September 2020

JTE20180143: Decomposition of Vehicle Exhaust on Pavement with Nanotitanium Oxide and Promoting Function of Pyroelectric Materials - 01 September 2020

JTE20180261: Effects of Curing Temperature and Dosage on the Performance of GGBS-MgO-CaO in Stabilizing/Solidifying Heavy Metal–Contaminated Site Soil - 01 September 2020

JTE20180320: Understanding Soil Surface Water Content Using Light Reflection Theory: A Novel Color Analysis Technique Considering Variability in Light Intensity - 01 September 2020

JTE20170364: New Method of Monitoring Tunnel Feet-Lock Pipe (TFP) Mechanics Using Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) - 01 July 2020

JTE20170767: Mechanical Properties and Crack Resistances of Cement-Stabilized Crushed Pebbles Produced via Vibration Compaction Method - 01 July 2020

GTJ20170277: A Fiber Bragg Grating–Based Inclinometer Fabricated Using 3-D Printing Method for Slope Monitoring - 01 January 2020

GTJ20170405: Physical Modeling of Stone Columns in Unsaturated Soil Deposits - 01 January 2020

GTJ20180079: DMT for Load-Settlement Curve Prediction in a Tropical Sandy Soil Compared to Plate Load Tests - 01 January 2020

GTJ20180229: Centrifuge Modeling of Axial Pipe-Soil Interaction of Deep-Water Pipelines - 01 January 2020

GTJ20170125: Verification of an Internal Close-Range Photogrammetry Approach for Volume Determination during Triaxial Testing - 01 November 2019

GTJ20170266: Postpeak Deformability Parameters of Localized and Nonlocalized Damage Zones of Rocks under Cyclic Loading - 01 November 2019

GTJ20170301: A New Physical Model for Studying Flow Direction and Other Influencing Parameters on the Internal Erosion of Soils - 01 November 2019

GTJ20170328: Measuring Six-Degree-of-Freedom Movements of Buried Objects in Soil Using a Magnetometer - 01 November 2019

GTJ20170348: Study on Visualization and Failure Mode of Model Test of Rock-Socketed Pile in Soft Rock - 01 November 2019

GTJ20180020: Experimental Evaluation of Shear Strength of Kaolin Clay under Cyclic and Noncyclic Thermal Loading - 01 November 2019

GTJ20180077: Determining Osmotic Suction Using a Chilled Mirror Device - 01 November 2019

GTJ20180091: Development and Application of a New-Type Apparatus for K0 Test of Soil - 01 November 2019

GTJ20180094: Examination of the Effects of Solids Content on Thickened Gold Mine Tailings Sedimentation and Self-Weight Consolidation - 01 November 2019

GTJ20180102: Stress Distributions and Pullout Responses of Extensible and Inextensible Reinforcement in Soil Using Different Normal Loading Methods - 01 November 2019

GTJ20180110: The Flow Index of Clays and Its Relationship with Some Basic Geotechnical Properties - 01 November 2019

GTJ20180149: A Combination Method for Testing the Mechanical Properties of Ultra-Soft Fine-Grained Soils - 01 November 2019

JTE20170626: Monitoring of Particle Crushing under One-Dimensional Loading - 01 November 2019

GTJ20160046: Disagreeing Evaluations for Slug Tests in Monitoring Wells: Importance of Standards - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170091: Strategies for One Dimensional (1D) Compression Testing of Large-Particle-Sized Tire Derived Aggregate - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170178: Analysis of Vertical Piles Embedded in Organic Soil under Oblique Pull-Out Load - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170215: A Hollow Cylinder Radial-Seepage Apparatus for Evaluating Permeability of Sheared Compacted Clay - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170247: Study on the Processes of Water and Grout Seepage in Porous Media Using Resistivity Method - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170292: Development of an Innovative Liner Leak-Detection Technique - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170319: Novel Laboratory Pullout Device for Conventional and Helical Soil Nails - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170354: A Tensile Strength Apparatus with the Facility to Monitor Negative Pore-Water Pressure - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170382: A Direct-Push Crosshole (DPCH) Test Method for the In Situ Evaluation of High-Resolution P- and S-Wave Velocities - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170431: Element Nail Pullout Tests for Prediction of Soil Nail Pullout Resistance in Expansive Clays - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170436: The Mechanical Properties of Naturally Deposited Soft Soil under True Three-Dimensional Stress States - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170459: Full-Match Method to Determine the Coefficient of Radial Consolidation - 01 September 2019

GTJ20180007: Consolidated Undrained Shear Behavior of Synthetic Waste Rock and Synthetic Tailings Mixtures - 01 September 2019

GTJ20180037: A Simple Approach to Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Loading in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 September 2019

GTJ20180075: Alternate Procedures for Swell Index Testing of Granular Bentonite from GCLs - 01 September 2019

JTE20170294: Mechanism of Pile-Soil Relative Vertical Displacement under the Freeze-Thaw Action - 01 September 2019

JTE20170533: Experimental Study on Manufactured Sand Shape Detection by Image Method - 01 September 2019

GTJ20170054: Local and Global Volumetric Strain Comparison in Sand Specimens Subjected to Drained Cyclic and Monotonic Triaxial Compression Loading - 01 July 2019

GTJ20170236: Effects of Maximum Particle Size on the Results of Hydrometer Tests on Soils - 01 July 2019

GTJ20170269: A New Isotropic Specimen Preparation Method from Slurry for both Saturated and Unsaturated Triaxial Testing of a Low-Plasticity Silt - 01 July 2019

GTJ20170275: Experimental Investigation of CFFP-Soil Interaction in Sand under Cyclic Lateral Loading - 01 July 2019

GTJ20170349: Automated Strain Measurements in Uniaxial Testing via Computer Vision - 01 July 2019

GTJ20170364: A Laboratory Investigation of Factors Influencing the Electrical Resistivity of Different Soil Types - 01 July 2019

GTJ20170426: Storage Duration Effects on Soft Clay Samples - 01 July 2019

GTJ20170453: The Development of a Micromechanical Apparatus Applying Combined Normal–Shear–Bending Forces to Natural Sand Grains with Artificial Bonds - 01 July 2019

GTJ20180025: A Simple Measurement of Membrane Penetration in Gravel Triaxial Tests Based on Eliminating Soil Skeleton Plastic Deformation with Cyclic Confining Pressure Loading - 01 July 2019

JTE20170686: Experimental and 3-D Finite Element Analyses on Geocell-Reinforced Embankments - 01 May 2019

JTE20170717: Back Analysis of a Recent Progressive Failure in China Three Gorges Reservoir Area: Shanshucao Landslide - 01 May 2019

JTE20170761: Study on Grouting Penetration in Soil Rock Mixture and the Mechanical Behavior after Grouting Reinforcement - 01 May 2019

JTE20170764: Microwave Technology for In Situ Determination of Void Ratio and Compactness in Saturated Soils - 01 May 2019

JTE20180002: Large-Scale and Bench-Scale Test Systems for Assessing Impact of Geogrids on Pavements Founded on Problematic Soils - 01 May 2019

JTE20180063: Centrifuge Tests on the Lateral Behavior of Offshore Monopile in Saturated Dense Sand under Cyclic Loading - 01 May 2019

JTE20180273: Improving Road Construction on Sabkha Soil by Using Lime Stabilization and Groundwater Table Monitoring - 01 May 2019

JTE20170098: Water Immersion-Induced Strength Performance of Solidified Soils with Reactive MgO—A Green and Low Carbon Binder - 01 March 2019

JTE20170257: Revisiting Relationships among Specific Surface Area, Soil Consistency Limits, and Group Index of Clays - 01 March 2019

JTE20170328: Critical Assessment of Infiltration Measurements for Soils with Varying Fine Content Using a Mini Disk Infiltrometer - 01 March 2019

ACEM20180067: Model Development for Computing Cracking in Soil Reinforced with Fibers from Three Different Bioresources - 30 November 2018

GTJ20160248: Experimental Investigation on Soil Deformation Caused by Pile Buckling in Transparent Media - 01 November 2018

GTJ20170237: Experimental Study on Mechanical and Energy Properties of Granite under Dynamic Triaxial Condition - 01 November 2018

JTE20160450: Microcrack Growth Behavior and CWFS Criterion Parameters Optimization of Granite with PFC - 01 November 2018

JTE20170035: Rheological Characteristics of Fine-Grained Soil-Slurries - 01 November 2018

JTE20170085: Evolution of the Temperature Field of the Subgrade in the Permafrost Regions of the Great Khingan Mountains - 01 November 2018

JTE20170126: Effect of Sample Reconstitution Methods on the Behaviors of Granular Materials under Shearing - 01 November 2018

JTE20170132: Ultimate Lateral Resistance of Quadrangle Array Piles Using the Strain Wedge Model on Soil Subgrade - 01 November 2018

JTE20170180: Experimental Study on Impact Crushing of Granite Particles - 01 November 2018

MPC20180086: Recommended Procedures to Test the Resistance of Materials to Cavitation Erosion - 26 October 2018

ACEM20180029: Experimental Study of Crack Propagation Law of Shale Containing Prefabricated Fractures - 09 October 2018

JTE20160324: Soil Arching Effect Analysis via a Modified Finite Element Model Based on a Field Test - 01 September 2018

JTE20170143: Energy-Based Forming Mechanism and Criterion for Zonal Disintegration - 01 September 2018

JTE20170170: Modeling of Permeation and Fracturing Grouting in Sand: Laboratory Investigations - 01 September 2018

GTJ20150182: Small-Scale Pullout Test of a Geogrid-Reinforced Unsaturated Soil with Suction Monitoring - 01 July 2018

GTJ20160241: An Experimental Study for Reinforcing the Ground Underneath a Footing Using Micropiles - 01 July 2018

GTJ20160308: Influence of Temperature on the Volume Change Behavior of Saturated Sand - 01 July 2018

GTJ20160336: The Microstructure and Water Distribution of Partially Saturated Hard Clay - 01 July 2018

GTJ20170018: Boundary Effects in the Desiccation of Soil Layers with Controlled Environmental Conditions - 01 July 2018

GTJ20170109: An Improved Rotating Soak Method for MICP-Treated Fine Sand in Specimen Preparation - 01 July 2018

GTJ20170134: A Simple Method for Assessing the Peak Friction Angle of Sand at Very Low Confining Pressures - 01 July 2018

GTJ20170144: Large-Scale True Triaxial Apparatus for Geophysical Studies in Fractured Rock - 01 July 2018

GTJ20170163: Implementation of Soil Pressure Sensors in Large-Scale Soil-Structure Interaction Studies - 01 July 2018

GTJ20170208: Application of Digital Image Correlation Technique for Measurement of Tensile Elastic Constants in Brazilian Tests on a Bi-Modular Crystalline Rock - 01 July 2018

JTE20160491: Fragmentation Evolution and Fractal Characteristics of Deep Rocks by Lab Compression-Shear Tests - 01 July 2018

JTE20170122: Guidance for Investigating Calcite Precipitation by Urea Hydrolysis for Geomaterials - 01 July 2018

JTE20170215: Experimental Study on Lime and Fly Ash–Stabilized Sintered Red Mud in Road Base - 01 July 2018

JTE20170435: Desaturation for Liquefaction Mitigation Using Biogas Produced by Pseudomonas stutzeri - 01 July 2018

JTE20180055: Evaluation of Soil Saver Walls on Aquatic Organism Passage Through Box Culverts - 01 July 2018

GTJ20160089: Stress-Strain Response and Dilation of Geogrid-Reinforced Coarse-Grained Soils in Large-Scale Direct Shear Tests - 01 May 2018

GTJ20160281: A Thermal Direct Shear Device for Testing Polymer-Bonded Sands - 01 May 2018

GTJ20160284: Axial Monotonic and Cyclic Testing of Micropiles in Loose Sand - 01 May 2018

GTJ20160325: An Experimental Parametric Study of Segregation in Cohesionless Soils of Embankment Dams - 01 May 2018

GTJ20170083: Automatic Static and Cyclic Shear Testing Machine under Constant Normal Stiffness Boundary Conditions - 01 May 2018

GTJ20170087: Experimental Fracture Analysis of Individual Sand Particles at High Loading Rates - 01 May 2018

GTJ20170095: An Experimental Study on Mechanical Behavior of a Calcite Cemented Gravelly Sand - 01 May 2018

GTJ20170118: Experimental Investigation into the Influence of Roundness and Sphericity on the Undrained Shear Response of Silty Sand Soils - 01 May 2018

GTJ20170139: A New Laboratory Short Encapsulation Pull Test for Investigating Load Transfer Behavior of Fully Grouted Cable Bolts - 01 May 2018

GTJ20170251: An Apparatus for Testing Static Fatigue at Sand Grain Contacts - 01 May 2018

JTE20160452: Evaluating the Mesostructural Changes of Laboratory Created Soil-Rock Mixtures Using a Seepage Test Based on NMR Technology - 01 May 2018

JTE20170014: Photocatalytic Activity of N-Doped TiO2 to Vehicle Exhaust in Road Tunnel - 01 May 2018

JTE20170034: Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Fly-Ash Highway Subgrade Based on Model Test - 01 May 2018

ACEM20170062: Durability of Chemically Treated Plastic Soil for Unpaved Roads - 26 April 2018

ACEM20170085: Development of Sulfur Modified Bituminous Paving Mixes Containing Sand as Aggregates - 24 April 2018

GTJ20150161: A Simplified Direct Shear Testing Procedure to Evaluate Unsaturated Shear Strength - 01 March 2018

GTJ20160117: Monitoring Shear Strain in Shallow Subsurface Using Mini Pipe Strain Meter for Detecting Potential Threat of Slope Failure - 01 March 2018

GTJ20160240: Evaluation of the Performance of TDR and Capacitance Techniques for Soil Moisture Measurement - 01 March 2018

GTJ20160245: Large-Scale Combination Direct Shear/Simple Shear Device for Tire-Derived Aggregate - 01 March 2018

GTJ20160263: Study of the Backfill Confined Consolidation Law and Creep Constitutive Model under High Stress - 01 March 2018

GTJ20160271: Development of a Large-Size Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Device for Characterization of Ground Materials with Oversized Particles - 01 March 2018

GTJ20160314: Validation of a Thermo–Time Domain Reflectometry Probe for Sand Thermal Conductivity Measurement in Drainage and Drying Processes - 01 March 2018

GTJ20160315: Shearing Performance of Natural Matched Joints with Different Wall Strengths under Direct Shearing Tests - 01 March 2018

GTJ20170030: Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Testing of Saturated Cohesive Soils Without Back Pressure Saturation - 01 March 2018

GTJ20170043: Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Dynamic and Long-Term Behavior of Offshore Wind Turbines in Clay - 01 March 2018

GTJ20170073: Effects of Light Cement Stabilization on Properties of Fine-Grained Dredged Soils - 01 March 2018

GTJ20170090: Design, Use, and Interpretation of an Instrumented Flat Dilatometer Test - 01 March 2018

GTJ20170098: Analysis of Energy Properties and Failure Modes of Heat-Treated Granite in Dynamic Splitting Test - 01 March 2018

GTJ20170136: Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) Analysis of Particle Settling in Narrow Fracture Experiments - 01 March 2018

JTE20160006: Assessment of Radioactivity in Concrete Made with e-Waste Plastic - 01 March 2018

JTE20160304: Mechanical Characterization of Granite Rock Materials: On the Influence from Pre-Existing Defects - 01 March 2018

JTE20160375: Effect of Surface Roughness and Hardness of Continuum Materials on Interface Shear Strength of Granular Materials - 01 March 2018

JTE20160437: Experimental Study of Micropile Lateral Resistance Effectiveness - 01 March 2018

JTE20160493: Research on Nitrate Removal by Graphene Loaded With Iron Nanoparticles for Groundwater Remediation - 01 March 2018

JTE20160613: An Experimental Study on Cement-Solidified Cd-Contaminated Soils under Drying-Wetting Cycles - 01 March 2018

GTJ20140253: A Method to Identify Blasting-Induced Damage Zones in Rock Masses Based on the P-Wave Rise Time - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160192: Physical Modeling of Soil Liquefaction: Repeatability of Centrifuge Experimentation at RPI - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160254: Design and Performance of an In-Flight Rainfall Simulator in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160268: Shaking Table Test of a Half-Scale Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutment - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160275: Expedited Soil–Water Characteristic Curve Tests Using Combined Centrifuge and Chilled Mirror Techniques - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160287: A Method to Extract and Eliminate TEM Interference by Metallic Bodies in Tunnel Geological Anomaly Forecast - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160289: Shallow-Layer p-y Relationships for Micropiles Embedded in Saturated Medium Dense Sand Using Quasi-Static Test - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160301: Direct Tensile Test on Brittle Rocks with the Newly Developed Centering Apparatus - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160317: Incorporating the Strength Provided by Subgrade Stabilization in the Flexible Pavement Design Procedures - 01 January 2018

GTJ20170027: Experimental Investigation and Assessment of Internal Stability of Granular Filters under One-Dimensional Static and Cyclic Loading - 01 January 2018

GTJ20170031: A Photographic Method for Measuring Soil Deformations during Internal Erosion under Triaxial Stress Conditions - 01 January 2018

GTJ20170047: Permeability Test Device for Soil with Automatic Water Head Control - 01 January 2018

GTJ20170078: Measuring Foliation Tensile Strength of Metamorphic Rock by Using Pull-Off Test - 01 January 2018

GTJ20170088: A Framework for Interpretation of the Compressibility Behavior of Soils - 01 January 2018

GTJ20170143: Creep Behavior and Long-Term Strength Characteristics of Greenschist Under Different Confining Pressures - 01 January 2018

GTJ20170146: Reservoir Evaluation Technology During Underbalanced Drilling of Horizontal Wells in Gas Reservoirs - 01 January 2018

JTE20150512: Assessment of Compaction Quality Based on Two Index Parameters from Roller-Integrated Compaction Measurements - 01 January 2018

JTE20160369: Definition and Quantification of Anchor Ductility and Implications on Seismic Design - 01 January 2018

ACEM20170071: A Novel Color Analysis Technique for Differentiation of Mix Grass Cover under Shade and without Shade in Green Infrastructures - 08 December 2017

GTJ20160032: An Experimental Setup with Radial Injection for Investigation of Transport and Deposition of Suspended Particles in Porous Media - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160101: Effects of Strain Rates on the Undrained Shear Strength of Kaolin - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160138: Development of Strength Models for Prediction of Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cement/Byproduct Material Improved Soils - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160145: Mechanical Consequences of Suffusion on Undrained Behaviour of a Gap-Graded Cohesionless Soil - An Experimental Approach - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160197: A Method for Directly Measuring the Hydraulic Conductivity of Unsaturated Soil - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160225: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Marble under the Combined Effects of Chemical Solutions and Freeze–Thaw Cycles - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160227: Stabilization of Clayey Soil with Garlic Skin and Rice Husk Ash for Flexible Pavement Construction - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160257: Modified–Thermal Borehole Shear Test Device and Testing Procedure to Investigate the Soil-Structure Interaction of Energy Piles - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160270: Effect of Atrazine Contamination on Compressibility and Permeability Characteristics of Clay - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160273: Manufacture of Bonded Granular Soil Using X-Ray CT Scanning and 3D Printing - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160277: Determining Surface Roughness in Erosion Testing Using Digital Photogrammetry - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160295: Measurement of Gas Released during Blast Densification - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160339: Transiently Loaded Bucket Foundations in Saturated Dense Sand - Demonstration of the Boot Effect - 01 November 2017

GTJ20170029: Estimation of Damage Location of Rock Based on Denoised Acoustic Emission Signals Using Wavelet Packet Algorithm - 01 November 2017

JTE20160225: Effect of Moisture Hysteresis on the Resilient Modulus of Lime-Treated Expansive Clay - 01 November 2017

JTE20160588: Analyzing of Wedge Splitting Test on Asphalt Pavement Using Optical Measurements - 01 November 2017

JTE20160612: Self-Healing of Dense Asphalt Concrete by Two Different Approaches: Electromagnetic Induction and Infrared Radiation - 01 November 2017

JTE20170134: Evaluation Models for the Peak Shear-Strength and Shear-Resistance Components of Rough Rock Joints - 01 November 2017

ACEM20160050: Contemporary Issues Related to Utilization of Industrial Byproducts - 01 November 2017

MPC20170041: Comparative Measurement and Evaluation of the Quenching Intensity of Palm Oil, Canola Oil and a Conventional Petroleum Oil Quenchant Based on Temperature Gradient Measurements - 27 October 2017

ACEM20160066: Stabilizing Very High Moisture Content Fine Grained Soils with Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cements - 27 October 2017

ACEM20160051: Evaluating Drinking Water Treatment Waste as a Low-Cost Cement Replacement Possessing Internal Curing Properties - 16 October 2017

MPC20170020: Silica-Based Coatings for Corrosion Protection of AA7075 Aluminum Alloy - 27 September 2017

MPC20160070: Corrosion Behavior of High and Low Temperature Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) in Iron Ore Slurry - 26 September 2017

ACEM20170001: Solar Powered Electro-Bio-Stabilization of Soil with Ammonium Pollution Prevention System - 26 September 2017

ACEM20160076: A Review of Physio-Biochemical Properties of Natural Fibers and Their Application in Soil Reinforcement - 19 September 2017

MPC20160074: Corrosion Behavior of Titanium Oxynitrided by Diffusion and Magnetron Sputtering Methods in Physiological Solution - 12 September 2017

MPC20160075: Formation of Oxynitride Layers on Titanium Alloys - 12 September 2017

GTJ20160038: Measurement of Lateral Stress and Friction in Rockfill Oedometer Tests Enabling the Analysis of the Experimental Results in the p′-q Space - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160119: A New Testing Device for Characterizing Anisotropic Response of Soils during Compaction Processes - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160139: Design and Evaluation of a Moisture/Suction TDR Probe - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160143: Consolidation and Dynamic Response of a Layered Mine Tailings Deposit in Centrifuge Tests - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160179: Varying Aperture Long Slot (VALS), a Method for Studying Grout Penetrability into Fractured Hard Rock - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160186: Quantitative Investigation on Grouting Quality of Immersed Tube Tunnel Foundation Base using Full Waveform Inversion Method - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160229: Development of a Model Test System for Studying the Behaviour of a Compaction Grouted Soil Nail under Unsaturated Conditions - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160239: The Effects of Installation Procedure on Bond Characteristics of Fully Grouted Rock Bolts - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160333: Transient Plane and Line Source Methods for Soil Thermal Conductivity - 01 September 2017

JTE20160008: Evaluation of Transport Properties of Concrete Made With E-Waste Plastic - 01 September 2017

JTE20160030: Use of Geogrid Encasement to Increase the Ductility of Cement-Mixed Clay - 01 September 2017

JTE20160459: Fe–Cr–Mn–C–N Steels for Down-Hole Application in Sour Environments: Statistical Analysis of Mechanical Properties - 01 September 2017

GTJ20150116: Study of the Elastic Shear Modulus of Bío Bío Sand Using Bender Elements in an Oedometer - 01 July 2017

GTJ20150282: Constant Gradient Erosion Apparatus for Appraisal of Piping Behavior in Upward Seepage Flow - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160044: Scale Model for Mass Flows Down an Inclined Plane in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160071: Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effect of Consolidation Behavior on Pile Setup - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160093: Volume Change Measurement in Triaxial Tests by Monitoring Cell Fluid Volume Based on Viscoelastic Behavior of the Test Setup - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160107: A Laboratory Study on the Use of Optical Fibers for Early Detection of Pre-Failure Slope Movements in Shallow Granular Soil Deposits - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160115: p-Constant Condition Applied to Undrained Cyclic Triaxial Test of Unsaturated Soils - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160159: Behavior of a Sensitive Clay in Isotropically Consolidated ̇o-Drained Triaxial Tests - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160160: Integrating the Four-Probe Method and SWCC Device to Measure Electrical Resistivity Anisotropy of Unsaturated Soil - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160163: New Suitable Pore Fluid to Manufacture Transparent Soil - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160164: Estimation of the Compressive Strength of Intact Rock Using Non-Destructive Testing Method Based on Total Sound-Signal Energy - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160180: Brazilian Tensile Strength Testing of Compacted Clay - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160211: Characterization of Soil Treated With Alkali-Activated Cement in Large-Scale Specimens - 01 July 2017

JTE20150237: Stress–Strain–Electrical Evolution Properties and Damage-Evolution Equation of Lateritic Soil Under Uniaxial Compression - 01 July 2017

JTE20150425: Bond Requirements on State-Owned Forest Land in the Western United States - 01 July 2017

JTE20150484: Accuracy of Interpretation Methods for Deriving p–y Curves From Model Pile Tests in Layered Soils - 01 July 2017

JTE20160002: Modified Odometer Cell to Measure Electrical Resistivity of Clays Undergoing Consolidation Process - 01 July 2017

MPC20160011: Role of Chloride on the Environmental Degradation of Micro-Alloyed Steel in Simulated Fuel Grade Ethanol Environment - 26 May 2017

MPC20160085: Analysis of Incubation Period Versus Surface Topographical Parameters in Liquid Droplet Erosion Tests - 24 May 2017

GTJ20150298: Experimental Investigation of Suffusion in Dam Core Soils of Glacial Till - 01 May 2017

GTJ20160059: Plastic Limit and Other Consistency Parameters by a Bending Method and Interpretation of Plasticity Classification in Soils - 01 May 2017

GTJ20160078: Groundwater Effect Factors for the Load-Carrying Behavior of Footings From Hydraulic Chamber Load Tests - 01 May 2017

GTJ20160128: Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Test to Measure Strain-Dependent Dynamic Properties of Unsaturated Sand - 01 May 2017

GTJ20160148: Discussion of “Correlations for Fully Softened Shear Strength Parameters” by B. A. Castellanos, T. L., Brandon, and D. R. VandenBerge, This Article Was Published in Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 39, No. 4, 2016. [DOI: 10.1520/GTJ20150184] - 01 May 2017

GTJ20160217: Uncertainty-Based Analysis for Agreement of Tensile-Strength Measurement Procedures - 01 May 2017

GTJ20160328: Closure on Correlations for Fully Softened Shear Strength Parameters - 01 May 2017

JTE20150177: True Triaxial Apparatus With Rigid-Flexible-Flexible Boundary and Remolded Loess Testing - 01 May 2017

GTJ20150220: Protocol for Cohesionless Sample Preparation for Physical Experimentation - 01 March 2017

GTJ20150286: Compacted Clay: Difficulties Obtaining Good Laboratory Permeability Tests - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160034: Drying Behavior of Mature Fine Tailings Pre-Dewatered With Super-Absorbent Polymer (SAP): Column Experiments - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160066: Experimental Analysis of 3D Cracking in Drying Soils Using Ground-Penetrating Radar - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160088: Rational Decision Framework for Designing Pile-Load Test Programs - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160090: In Situ Investigations on Failure Evolution of Overlying Strata Induced by Mining Multiple Coal Seams - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160102: 1 g Model Tests on the Displacement Accumulation of Large-Diameter Piles Under Cyclic Lateral Loading - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160106: Thermal Damage on Claystone After Exposure to Different High Temperatures: A Review - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160110: Simple Method to Measure the Long-Term Load Change of Ground Anchors - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160113: Medium-Scale Experimental Study of Pile Setup - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160121: Discussions on Correction of Goodman Jack Test - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160156: Estimation of Elastic Modulus of Rock Using Modified Point-Load Test - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160165: Soil Particle Size and Shape Distributions by Stereophotography and Image Analysis - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160201: Literature Survey and Experimental Study on the Direct Tension Test on Rocks - 01 March 2017

GTJ20160205: Interrelationships of Flat Rigid Dilatometer Parameters With Unconfined Compression Test Results - 01 March 2017

JTE20140358: An Experimental Study on Engineering Characteristics of Improved Weathered Granite Soil for a High-Speed Railway Subgrade in South China - 01 March 2017

JTE20150229: Exploring Compaction Methods for Laboratory Performance of Full Depth Reclamation - 01 March 2017

JTE20150257: Monitoring on the Auto-Analyzer System in-Statistical-Control for SO2 in Atmosphere With Top-Down Uncertainty Evaluation - 01 March 2017

JTE20150314: Mechanical Responses of Rock Joints With Regular Asperities Under Various Shear Rates Investigated by Double Shear Test - 01 March 2017

JTE20150447: Discussion of “Radial Strain Behaviors and Stress State Interpretation of Soil Under Direct Simple Shear” by X. Kang, Y. Cheng, and L. Ge. The Regular Article Was Published in Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Vol. 43, No. 6, 2015, pp. 1594–1601, doi:10.1520/JTE20140202. ISSN 0090–3973 - 01 March 2017

ACEM20160037: Stabilization of Fine-Grained Soils Against Desiccation Cracking Using Sustainable Materials - 06 February 2017

GTJ20150139: Evaluation of Soil State Variation using Bender Elements Within Centrifuge Models - 01 January 2017

GTJ20150181: Adaptation of Broadband Simple Shear Device for Constant Volume and Stress-Controlled Testing - 01 January 2017

GTJ20150211: Taking into Account Data Accuracy for Interpretation of Slug Tests in Confined or Unconfined Aquifers - 01 January 2017

GTJ20150229: Electro-Osmotic Chemical Treatment for Marine Clayey Soils: A Laboratory Experiment and A Field Study - 01 January 2017

GTJ20150253: Effect of Fast Constant Loading Rates on the Global Behavior of Sand in Triaxial Compression - 01 January 2017

GTJ20150262: Calibration of a Coupled Model to Predict the Magnitude of Suction Generated by Osmotic Technique With PES Membranes and Temperature Effect - 01 January 2017

GTJ20150287: A Flexible Wall Permeameter for Investigating Suffusion and Suffosion - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160008: Application of Film-Like Sensors for K0 and Pore Water Pressure Measurement in Clay During 1D Consolidation - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160022: Field Measurements and Design Optimization of Diaphragm Walls - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160027: Measurement Method of Thermal Properties of Cementitious Bedding Materials and Unsaturated Soils: Hydraulic Influence on Thermal Parameters - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160035: Laboratory Determination of Rock Fracture Shear Stiffness Using Seismic Wave Propagation and Digital Image Correlation - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160058: Measurement of Suction-Stress Characteristic Curve Under Drying and Wetting Conditions - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160096: Assessment of Rainfall Runoff Based on the Field Measurements on an Embankment - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160154: Closure to “Discussion of ‘Development of an Internal Camera-Based Volume Determination System for Triaxial Testing’ by S. E. Salazar, A. Barnes, and R. A. Coffman” by A. Mehdizadeh, M. M. Disfani, R. Evans, A. Arulrajah, and D. E. L. Ong - 01 January 2017

JTE20160032: Total Electron Content Anomalies Before Mw 6.0+ Earthquakes in the Seismic Zone of Southwest China Between 2001 and 2013 - 01 January 2017

JTE20160046: Characterizing Vibration Responses of Cement Pavement Slabs Atop Different Interlayers to Moving Vehicle Load - 01 January 2017

JTE20160052: Influence of Moisture Conditioning on Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour of Bituminous Mixtures Used For Railway Trackbeds - 01 January 2017

JTE20160066: Sorptive Response of Chromium (Cr+6) and Mercury (Hg+2) From Aqueous Solutions Using Chemically Modified Soils - 01 January 2017

JTE20160100: Using Continuous Wavelet Transform to Construct the Dispersion Image for Soil Layers - 01 January 2017

JTE20160110: Mechanical Testing and Application of Steel-plastic Geogrid Instead of Metal Mesh in Supporting Engineering - 01 January 2017

JTE20160122: Experimental Study on the Dynamic Response of PHC Pipe-Piles in Liquefiable Soil - 01 January 2017

JTE20160128: Using Genetic Programming to Predict Plastic Strain in Subgrade Soils Under Repeated Loading - 01 January 2017

JTE20160131: Evaluating the Factors Influencing Limestone-Dissolution Characteristics in the Karst Regions of Guizhou, China - 01 January 2017

JTE20160136: Classification of Seismic Events and Quarry Blasts Using Singular Value Decomposition and Support Vector Machine - 01 January 2017

JTE20160156: Preliminary Study of Pervious Concrete on Pavement and Seawall - 01 January 2017

JTE20160158: Damage Monitoring of Dry and Saturated Rocks Using Piezo Transducers - 01 January 2017

JTE20160162: Seismic Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Dumps: Site Specific Case Studies From Delhi, India - 01 January 2017

JTE20160163: Site Investigation and Analyses of Landslide Range Using Particle Image Velocimetry - 01 January 2017

JTE20160166: Experimental Study on Sinkholes: Soil–Groundwater Behaviors Under Varied Hydrogeological Conditions - 01 January 2017

JTE20160444: Laboratory Testing and Numerical Simulation of a Strip Footing on Geosynthetically Reinforced Loose Sand - 01 January 2017

JTE20160451: Effect of Unit Weight on Porosity and Consolidation Characteristics of Expansive Clays - 01 January 2017

ACEM20160003: Assessment of Heavy Metals in Leachate of Concrete Made With E-Waste Plastic - 28 December 2016

ACEM20160012: Potential of Uncultivated, Harmful and Abundant Weed as a Natural Geo-Reinforcement Material - 28 December 2016

GTJ20150084: Physical Model for the Investigation of Capillary-Barrier Performance Made Using Recycled Asphalt - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150126: Development of a Test Procedure for Freeze-Thaw Durability of Geomaterials Stabilized With Fly Ash - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150142: A Modified Osmotic Diaphragmatic Oedometer for Investigating the Hydro-Mechanical Response of Unsaturated Soils - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150187: Real-Time Assessment of Blasting Damage Depth Based on the Induced Vibration During Excavation of a High Rock Slope - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150204: Standardized Hydraulic Conductivity Testing of Compacted Sand-Bentonite Mixtures - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150221: Static Method to Determine Compaction Characteristics of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150228: Factors Affecting Steady State Locus in Triaxial Tests - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150244: Characterization of Shallow Soils in the Central Business District of Christchurch, New Zealand - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150266: Mechanistic Estimation of Lightweight Deflectometer Target Field Modulus for Construction Quality Control - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150271: Investigating Stress Dependency of Unbound Layers Using Falling-Weight Deflectometer and Resilient Modulus Tests - 01 November 2016

GTJ20150296: A Double Acting Piston Based Automatic Volume Change Apparatus - 01 November 2016

GTJ20160025: Determination of SPT End Bearing and Side Friction Resistances Using Static Uplift Tests - 01 November 2016

GTJ20160042: Scaling Considerations for 1-g Model Horizontal Plate Anchor Tests in Sand - 01 November 2016

GTJ20160056: Technique for Modeling Installation and Pullout of DIAs on a Beam Centrifuge - 01 November 2016

GTJ20160123: Closure to “Discussion of ‘Measurement of Stiffness Anisotropy in Kaolinite Using Bender Element Tests in a Floating Wall Consolidometer’ by X. Kang, G.-C. Kang, and B. Bate” by Coffman, Salazar and Zhao - 01 November 2016

JTE20140280: XRD and TGA, Swelling and Compacted Properties of Polymer Treated Sulfate Contaminated CL Soil - 01 November 2016

JTE20140291: Back-Pressure Saturated Constant-Rate-of-Strain Consolidation Device With Bender Elements: Verification of System Compliance - 01 November 2016

JTE20140508: An Innovative Approach to Evaluate the Performance of Sludge-Incorporated Fly Ash Bricks - 01 November 2016

JTE20150048: Comparing Raindrop Size and Velocity Measurement Accuracy Using Shadowgraphy, Disdrometery, and Pie Pan Measurement Techniques - 01 November 2016

JTE20150308: Application of Heat of Wetting for Determination of Soil-Specific Characteristics of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 November 2016

GTJ20140077: A New Three-Dimensional Pressure Transducer for Measuring Soft Rock Stress - 01 September 2016

GTJ20140257: Optimization Technique to Determine the p-y Curves of Laterally Loaded Stiff Piles in Dense Sand - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150074: Assessment of Measurement Errors of Piezocone Penetration Test in Soft Clay - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150144: Investigation Into the Effects of the Thickness of a Hollow-Cylinder Soil Specimen on the Stress Distributions in Triaxial Torsional Shear Testing - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150156: Characterization of Compacted Silty Sand Using a Double-Walled Triaxial Cell With Fully Automated Relative-Humidity Control - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150197: Consolidation Coefficient by Combined Probabilistic and Least Residuals Methods - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150207: Simple Methodology to Obtain Critical State Parameters of Remolded Clays Under Normally Consolidated Conditions Using the Fall-Cone Test - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150227: A New True Triaxial Cell for Field Measurements on Rock Specimens and Its Use in the Characterization of Strain Localization on a Vosges Sandstone During a Plane Strain Compression Test - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150252: A Test Apparatus for Alternating Flow in Geotechnical Engineering - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150273: Modeling Long-Term Deformations of Unbound Pavement Materials Using the Miniaturized Pressuremeter Creep Data - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150288: Laboratory Investigation of the Seepage Induced Response of Granular Soils Under Static and Cyclic Loading - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150289: Development and Application of In Situ Plate-Loading Test Apparatus for Landslide-Stabilizing Pile Holes - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150292: Analysis on Modification of the Measured Results of Test Pile Due to the Influence of Reaction Piles in Static Loading Test - 01 September 2016

JTE20140046: A New Extension of the ELECTRE Method Based Upon Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets for Green Logistic Service Providers Evaluation - 01 September 2016

GTJ20140128: Microscopy Techniques for Viewing the Inner Structure of Shear Bands in Sensitive Clays - 01 July 2016

GTJ20140197: Automatic Shear Wave Velocity Estimation in Bender Element Testing - 01 July 2016

GTJ20140273: Recognition of the Stress-Strain Curve Based on the Local Deformation Measurement of Soil Specimens in the Triaxial Test - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150004: A Novel Apparatus for Obtaining In Situ Estimates of Anisotropism Hydraulic Conductivity in Fractured Rocks - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150087: Determination of Stiffness Modulus and Poisson's Ratio of Lightly Stabilized Granular Materials From Indirect Diametral Tensile Testing - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150125: A System to Measure Volume Change of Unsaturated Soils in Undrained Cyclic Triaxial Tests - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150135: Advanced Laboratory Setup for Testing Offshore Foundations - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150147: Modified Isotropic Compression Relationship for Cement-Admixed Marine Clay at Low Confining Stress - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150152: Mechanical Behavior of Fine-Grained Soil Reinforced by Sand Columns: An Experimental Laboratory Study - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150160: Effect of Ambient Temperature Variation on Triaxial Shear Testing of Sands - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150174: Different Compressive and Tensile Strength of Moulded Gypsum Under Various Strain Rates from Quasi-Static to Dynamic Regime - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150184: Correlations for Fully Softened Shear Strength Parameters - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150217: Direct Shear Testing of Clayey Sand Reinforced With Live Stake - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150231: Experimental Study on Degradation of Mechanical Properties of Sandstone Under Different Cyclic Loadings - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150269: Improved Load Carrying Behavior of Perfobond Rib-Installed Partially Expanded Micropiles - 01 July 2016

JTE20140096: Effect of Drying and Wetting on the Shear Strength of a Low-Plasticity Clay With Different Initial Dry Densities - 01 July 2016

JTE20140273: Expanded Polystyrene Geofoam Based Cellular Reinforcement - 01 July 2016

JTE20140276: Classification of Parameters Affecting Impact Resistance of Natural Stones - 01 July 2016

GTJ20140183: Experimental Investigation on Undrained Shear Behavior of Overconsolidated Sand-Silt Mixtures: Effect of Sample Reconstitution - 01 May 2016

GTJ20140226: New Visualization Method to Evaluate Erosion Quantity and Pattern - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150017: Gypsum-Induced Volume Change Behavior of Stabilized Expansive Soil With Fly Ash-Lime - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150049: Earth Pressure Measurements Using Tactile Pressure Sensors in a Saturated Sand During Static and Dynamic Centrifuge Testing - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150076: Application of Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Sensors to a Centrifuge Model of a Jacked Pile in Collapsible Loess - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150082: Evaluation of Density-Measurement Methods for Construction Slurries - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150109: Applicability of Filter Design Criteria for Wet Core Embankment Dams in Wet Climates - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150118: Assessment of the WP4-T Device for Measuring Total Suction - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150130: Investigation of Soil-Arching Development in Dense Sand by 2D Model Tests - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150138: Variability of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Measurements Made Using a Flexible-Wall Permeameter - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150148: On-Field Assessment of Sub-Grade Uniformity Using DCP - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150149: 3D Printing of an Instrumented DMT: Design, Development, and Initial Testing - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150151: Infiltration Column for Studying the Lateral Swell Behavior of Expansive Clay - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150171: Unloading Elastic Behavior of Sand in Cyclic Triaxial Tests - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150209: Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Degradable Granular Soils - 01 May 2016

JTE20140122: Index Properties of Coastal Plain Soils of Southeastern Virginia - 01 May 2016

JTE20140196: A Framework Model for Assessing Sustainability Strategies for Tourism Green Supply Chain Management - 01 May 2016

JTE20140297: Analysis for the Relationship Between Concentrations of Air Pollutants and Meteorological Parameters in Xi'an, China - 01 May 2016

GTJ20140135: In Situ Measurement of the Dynamic Penetration of Free-Fall Projectiles in Soft Soils Using a Low-Cost Inertial Measurement Unit - 01 March 2016

GTJ20140166: Development and Implementation of a High-Pressure, Double-Acting, Bi-Directional Loading Cell for Drilled Shafts - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150020: Thixotropy of Marine Clays - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150040: Ultrasonic P-Wave Reflection Monitoring of Soil Erosion for Erosion Function Apparatus - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150046: On the Sensitivity of Soft Clay Obtained by the Field Vane Test - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150056: Calibration of Capacitance Sensors for Compacted Silt in Non-Isothermal Applications - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150065: Dialysis Method to Control Exchangeable Sodium and Remove Excess Salts From Bentonite - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150114: High-Pressure Thermal Isotropic Cell for Evaluation of Thermal Volume Change of Soils - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150117: Single-Point and Multi-Point Water-Sorption Methods for Specific Surface Areas of Clay - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150145: Models to Predict Compressibility and Permeability of Reconstituted Clays - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150146: Making a Biaxial Testing System With the Aid of 3D Printing Technique to Examine the Kinetic Behavior of Particulate Media - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150154: Confined Pressuremeter Tests for the Assessment of the Theoretically Back-Calculated Cross-Anisotropic Elastic Moduli - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150175: Discussion of “Effect of Overconsolidation on K0 in Centrifuge Models Using CPT and Tactile Pressure Sensor” by W. El-Sekelly, T. Abdoun, and R. Dobry. The Regular Article Was Published in Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 38, No. 2, 2015. [DOI:10.1520/GTJ20140101] - 01 March 2016

JTE20150122: Performance Evaluation of Lightweight Pavement via Geo-Centrifuge Tests - 01 March 2016

ACEM20150013: Utilization of Sustainable Materials for Soil Stabilization: State-of-the-Art - 26 February 2016

ACEM20150010: Characterization of Sediments From the Sewage Disposal Lagoons for Sustainable Development - 04 February 2016

GTJ20140148: Response of Piles Subjected to Progressive Soil Movement - 01 January 2016

GTJ20140204: Effect of Low Temperature on Latex Triaxial Membranes - 01 January 2016

GTJ20140223: Development of Modified Interface Apparatus and Prototype Cyclic Simple Shear Test Considering Chemical and Thermal Effects - 01 January 2016

GTJ20140268: Three-Dimensional Effect of Tensile Strength in the Standard Brazilian Test Considering Contact Length - 01 January 2016

GTJ20140281: Protocol for Testing Flexural Strength, Flexural Modulus, and Fatigue Failure of Cementitiously Stabilized Materials Using Third-Point Flexural Beam Tests - 01 January 2016

GTJ20140283: Effects of Salinity on the Geotechnical Characterization of Fine-Grained Soils and Mine Tailings - 01 January 2016

GTJ20150002: Numerical Investigation of Strain Rate Effect for CRS Consolidation of Normally Consolidated Soil - 01 January 2016

GTJ20150011: The Influence on Soil Classification of Processing Soil With a Coffee Grinder - 01 January 2016

GTJ20150028: In-Flight Simulation of the Excavation of Foundation Pit in Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 January 2016

GTJ20150031: Liquefaction Potential and Dynamic Properties of Sand-Tyre Chip (STCh) Mixtures - 01 January 2016

GTJ20150038: The Large-Scale Soil Box: A New Device for Testing the Performance of Buried Pipe - 01 January 2016

GTJ20150071: A Comprehensive Study on Crack Tip Parameters of Modified Ring Specimen for Mixed-Mode Fracture Toughness Tests on Brittle Materials - 01 January 2016

GTJ20150093: Consistency of the Casagrande Liquid Limit Test - 01 January 2016

GTJ20150153: Discussion of “Development of an Internal Camera-Based Volume Determination System for Triaxial Testing” by S. E. Salazar, A. Barnes and R. A. Coffman. The Technical Note Was Published in Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 38, No. 4, 2015. [DOI: 10.1520/GTJ20140249] - 01 January 2016

JTE20140153: Interface Behavior Between Carbon-Fiber Polymer and Sand - 01 January 2016

JTE20140325: Selection of the Most Significant Variables of Air Pollutants Using Sensitivity Analysis - 01 January 2016

JTE20150034: Blasting Vibration Safety Criteria for Shotcrete in Underground Engineering - 01 January 2016

GTJ20140074: Laboratory Test for Evaluating Crack Filling During Internal Erosion in Zoned Dams - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140103: Low-Strength Similar Materials for Backfill Mining: Insight from Experiments on Components and Influence Mechanism - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140112: Design of a Pseudo-Interval Autonomous SCPT System - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140124: Permeability Test Results With Packed Spheres and Non-Plastic Soils - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140172: Comparison of Multiple Sensor Deflection Data From Lightweight and Falling Weight Deflectometer Tests on Layered Soil - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140179: Laboratory Model Test on Contact Erosion of Dispersive Soil Beneath Pavement Layers - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140201: A New Triaxial Testing System for Unsaturated Soil Characterization - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140213: Quick Triaxial Consolidated Drained Test on Gravelly Soil - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140219: Spectral Induced Polarization Techniques in Soil Corrosivity Assessments - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140237: Assessment of Molding Moisture and Suction on Resilient Modulus of Lime Stabilized Clayey Subgrade Soils - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140238: A Modification to Radial Strain Calculation in Rock Testing - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140274: Non-Contact Sensing System to Measure Specimen Volume During Shrinkage Test - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140275: Instrumentation System for Ground Vibration Analysis During Sheet Pile Driving - 01 November 2015

GTJ20150036: Development of a Miniature Cone Penetrometer for Calibration Chamber Testing - 01 November 2015

JTE20140027: Assessment of Process Variables that Can Impact Results of Soluble Sulfate Evaluated by the Tex-145E Method - 01 November 2015

JTE20140185: Research on Malachite Green Wastewater by Flocculation and Co-Precipitation - 01 November 2015

JTE20140202: Radial Strain Behaviors and Stress State Interpretation of Soil Under Direct Simple Shear - 01 November 2015

JTE20140272: Performance of a Diaphragm-Type Boundary Pressure Transducer Under Cyclic Loading - 01 November 2015

JTE20140283: Reliability of Analysis Methods for Identifying Dispersive Clays - 01 November 2015

ACEM20140046: Improving Early Age Strength of Very High Moisture Content Fine Grained Soil via Specialty Ground Portland Cement - 05 October 2015

GTJ20140109: Analysis of Piles Under Oblique Pullout Load Using Transparent-Soil Models - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140145: Geogrid and Soil Displacement Observations During Pullout Using a Transparent Granular Soil - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140153: Methodology for Optical Imaging of NAPL 3D Distribution in Transparent Porous Media - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140186: Direct Velocity and Shear-Stress Measurements in Shear-Induced Erosion of a Particle Bed - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140188: Modeling of Grout Propagation in Transparent Replica of Rock Fractures - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140198: A Transparent Pullout Testing Device for 3D Evaluation of Soil–Geogrid Interaction - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140202: Visualization of Chemical Grout Permeation in Transparent Soil - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140206: Visualizing Kinematics of Dynamic Penetration in Granular Media Using Transparent Soils - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140210: Shearing Failure Visualization via Particle Tracking in Soft Clay Using a Transparent Soil - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140211: Geotechnical Properties of LAPONITE RD® - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140215: Transparent Soil to Model Thermal Processes: An Energy Pile Example - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140216: Quantification of Optical Clarity of Transparent Soil Using the Modulation Transfer Function - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140218: Characterization of Transparent Soil for Use in Heat Transport Experiments - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140221: Transparent Aquabeads to Model LNAPL Ganglia Migration Through Surfactant Flushing - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140231: Centrifuge Modelling With Transparent Soil and Laser Aided Imaging - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140239: Photoelastic Sensors for Determination of Horizontal Stress and Ko in 2-Dimensional Granular Assemblies - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140278: A Nonviscous Water-Based Pore Fluid for Modeling With Transparent Soils - 01 September 2015

GTJ20150079: Past, Present, and Future of Transparent Soils - 01 September 2015

JTE20130256: Dynamic CBR Test to Assess the Soil Compaction - 01 September 2015

JTE20130277: Validation of an Electronic Sensor Network (ESN) Control Chamber for Monitoring the Soil Decomposition Process of Sago Starch-filled Natural Rubber Latex Films - 01 September 2015

JTE20140026: Effects of Thermal Conductivity of Soil on Temperature Development and Cracking in Mass Concrete Footings - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140016: Field Testing Method for Evaluating the Small-Strain Shear Modulus and Shear Modulus Nonlinearity of Solid Waste - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140032: Physical Properties of Polymer Support Fluids in Use and Their Measurement Techniques - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140047: A Laboratory Study on the Shear Behavior of Mixtures of Coal Wash and Steel Furnace Slag as Potential Structural Fill - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140106: A New Approach to Improve Soft Ground in a Railway Station Applying Air-Boosted Vacuum Preloading - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140123: Application of Optical-Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors in Monitoring the Rail Track Deformations - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140154: Modulus Estimation of Surrounding Soils of Underground Structures in Service - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140159: Moisture-Density-Strength-Energy Relationships for Gyratory Compacted Geomaterials - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140181: Composite Properties from Instrumented Load Tests on Mini-Piers Reinforced With Geotextiles - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140246: Preconsolidation of Søvind Marl—A Highly Fissured Eocene Clay - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140249: Development of an Internal Camera–Based Volume Determination System for Triaxial Testing - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140250: Overdamped Slug Tests in Aquifers: The Three Diagnostic Graphs for a User-Independent Interpretation - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140258: Measuring the Soil Water–Retention Curve Under Positive and Negative Matric Suction Regimes - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140266: Experimental Study of Shear Zones Formed at Sand/Steel Interfaces in Axial and Torsional Axisymmetric Tests - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140267: Review of High Strain Rate Testing of Granular Soils - 01 July 2015

ACEM20140048: Characterization of Na and Ca Zeolites Synthesized by Various Hydrothermal Treatments of Fly Ash - 20 May 2015

GTJ20130128: Implementation of an Intelligent Computing Platform for Determination of Moisture Content of Subgrade Soil - 01 May 2015

GTJ20130154: Water-Retention Curves of Coarse Soils Without Organic Matter: Improved Data for Improved Predictions - 01 May 2015

GTJ20140048: Evaluation of Soft Clay Field Consolidation Using MEMS-Based In-Place Inclinometer–Accelerometer Array - 01 May 2015

GTJ20140139: A New Device for Measuring the Supercritical CO2 Permeability in Porous Rocks Under Reservoir Conditions - 01 May 2015

GTJ20140151: Highly Organic Fill for Levee Stability Berms - 01 May 2015

GTJ20140173: Vacuum Pluviation Device for Achieving Saturated Sand - 01 May 2015

GTJ20140184: Dynamic Calibration of Tactile Sensors for Measurement of Soil Pressures in Centrifuge - 01 May 2015

GTJ20140233: Dynamic Modulus Measurements of Bound Cement-Treated Base Materials - 01 May 2015

GTJ20140236: Innovative Data Acquisition for the Fall Cone Test in Teaching and Research - 01 May 2015

GTJ20130175: Parasitic Head Losses During Laboratory Permeability Tests - 01 March 2015

GTJ20130193: Frequency Variable Surface Compaction of Sand Using Rotating Mass Oscillators - 01 March 2015

GTJ20130197: Experimental and Theoretical Modeling of Expansion in Pyritic Shale - 01 March 2015

GTJ20140033: Influences of Loading Condition and Rock Strength to the Performance of Rock Bolts - 01 March 2015

GTJ20140049: Investigation of the Shear Stress Relaxation Characteristics of a Structural Plane Using the Isostress Cyclic Loading Method - 01 March 2015

GTJ20140100: Polyurethane Grouted Gravel Type Geomaterials—A Model Study on Relations Between Material Structure and Physical–Mechanical Properties - 01 March 2015

GTJ20140101: Effect of Overconsolidation on K0 in Centrifuge Models Using CPT and Tactile Pressure Sensor - 01 March 2015

GTJ20140121: Unsaturated Permeability and Retention Curve Determination From In-Flight Weight Measurements in a Bench-Scale Centrifuge - 01 March 2015

GTJ20140209: Experimental Study of Mechanical Behavior and X-Ray Micro CT Observations of Sandstone Under Conventional Triaxial Compression - 01 March 2015

JTE20130296: Experimental Evaluation of Cratering and Ground Vibration in Clay Soils Subjected to Explosive Airblast Loading - 01 March 2015

JTE20140039: Bearing Capacity Estimation of Soil Under a Constructed Building by Rayleigh Wave Method - 01 March 2015

JTE20140052: Microstructure and Unsaturated Geotechnical Properties of Net-like Red Soils in Xuancheng, China - 01 March 2015

JTE20140060: Compressibility and Durability Characteristics of Lime Treated Expansive Semiarid Soils - 01 March 2015

JTE20140083: Application of the Surface Wave Survey Method on Multi-Scale Engineering Problems: Laboratory and Field Testing Case Studies - 01 March 2015

JTE20140087: Comparison between Laboratory and Field Stiffness by Wave Measurements - 01 March 2015

JTE20140126: Experimental Study of Geobagged Reservoir Siltations for Backfill Applications - 01 March 2015

GTJ20130024: Single-Function Approach to Calibrating Whatman No. 42 Filter Paper Based on Suction Versus Water Content Relationships - 01 January 2015

GTJ20130131: The Use of Restrained Ring Test Method for Soil Desiccation Studies - 01 January 2015

GTJ20140034: Large Soil Confinement Box for Seismic Performance Testing of Geo-Structures - 01 January 2015

GTJ20140035: A New Simple Shear Apparatus and Testing Method for Unsaturated Sands - 01 January 2015

GTJ20140056: Thermo-Triax: An Apparatus for Testing Petrophysical Properties of Rocks Under Simulated Geothermal Reservoir Conditions - 01 January 2015

GTJ20140060: Laboratory X-ray Tomography: A Valuable Experimental Tool for Revealing Processes in Soils - 01 January 2015

GTJ20140078: A Direct Shear Apparatus With Vibrational Loading - 01 January 2015

GTJ20140222: Applications of the New Approach to Resonant Column Testing - 01 January 2015

JTE20130079: Viscous Fingering in LAPONITE® and Mud - 01 January 2015

MPC20130093: Development of a New Method for Testing Cooling Power Using a Silver Probe and a New Reference Quenching Fluid - 31 December 2014

ACEM20120046: Influence of Compaction Energies on the Strength Characteristics of Lime-Treated Oil-Contaminated Lateritic Soil - 31 December 2014

ACEM20120047: Strength Characteristics of Lime Treated Oil Contaminated Lateritic Soil - 31 December 2014

GTJ20120187: The Development of a New Micro-Mechanical Inter-Particle Loading Apparatus - 01 November 2014

GTJ20130093: Repeatability of Centrifuge Tests Containing a Large, Rigid Foundation Subjected to Lateral Spreading - 01 November 2014

GTJ20130127: Derivation of p-y Curves from Lateral Pile Load Test Instrument Data - 01 November 2014

GTJ20130163: A New High-Pressure Triaxial Apparatus for Inducing and Tracking Hydro-Mechanical Degradation of Clayey Rocks - 01 November 2014

GTJ20130178: An Evaluation of Three Triaxial Systems With Results From 0.1 to 100 MPa - 01 November 2014

GTJ20130204: Experimental Investigation on the Coefficient of Lateral Earth Pressure at Rest of Silty Sands: Effect of Fines - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140009: Thermal Borehole Shear Device - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140010: Effect of Confinement on Creep Behavior of EPS Geofoam - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140028: Measurement of the Tensile Strength of Organic Soft Rock - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140046: Measurement of Thermal Conductivity Function of Unsaturated Soil Using a Transient Water Release and Imbibition Method - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140057: Design and Fabrication of End Platens for Acquisition of Small-Strain Piezoelectric Measurements During Large-Strain Triaxial Extension and Triaxial Compression Testing - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140061: New Multi-Stage Triaxial Compression Test to Investigate the Loading-Rate Dependence of Rock Strength - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140064: Specific Surface Area of Clay Using Water Vapor and EGME Sorption Methods - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140120: Three Laboratory Methods for Measuring Thermal Resistivity Dryout Curves of Coarse-Grained Soils - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140162: Discussion of “Measurement of Stiffness Anisotropy in Kaolinite Using Bender Element Tests in a Floating Wall Consolidometer” by X. Kang, G.-C. Kang, and B. Bate - 01 November 2014

GTJ20120132: Effect of Fabric and Weathering Intensity on Dynamic Properties of Residual and Saprolitic Soils via Resonant Column Testing - 01 September 2014

GTJ20120205: Measurement of Stiffness Anisotropy in Kaolinite Using Bender Element Tests in A Floating Wall Consolidometer - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130051: Insight into the Effects of Gradation on the Pore Pressure Generation of Sand–Silt Mixtures - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130090: A Full Contact Flexible Mold for Preparing Samples Based on Microbial-Induced Calcite Precipitation Technology - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130099: Evaluation of Deep Soil Mixing Efficiency in Stabilizing Loose Sandy Soils Using Laboratory Tests - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130116: A Novel Root System for Simulating Transpiration-Induced Soil Suction in Centrifuge - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130138: Image-Segmentation Technique to Analyze Deformation Profiles in Different Direct Shear Tests - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130141: Detection and Quantification of Slip Along Non-Uniform Frictional Discontinuities Using Digital Image Correlation - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130145: Physical Model for Studying the Migration of Fine Particles in the Railway Substructure - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130158: An Instrumented Flume to Characterize the Initiation Features of Flow Landslides - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130161: Interface Properties of Synthetic Rock Specimens: Experimental and Numerical Investigation - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130168: Longitudinal Heat Flow Calorimetry: A Method for Measuring the Heat Capacity of Rock Specimens Using a Divided Bar - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130172: Design and Testing of a Debris Flow ‘Smart Rock’ - 01 September 2014

GTJ20140007: Mini-Pier Testing To Estimate Performance of Full-Scale Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutments - 01 September 2014

GTJ20140066: Settlement Rate–Settlement Method for Radial Consolidation (SRSM–RC) - 01 September 2014

JTE20130049: Advanced Testing and Characterization of Shear Modulus and Deformation Characteristics of Oil Sand Materials - 01 September 2014

JTE20130071: Application of X-Ray Diffraction Analysis for Determining Residual Stresses on Soil Particles Due to Thermal Treatment - 01 September 2014

GTJ20120118: Experimental Method to Study the Effects of Fabric Anisotropy on Elastic Shear Modulus of Sand - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130072: Freeze-Thaw-Cycles on Borehole Heat Exchanger Grouts: Impact on the Hydraulic Properties - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130074: Modeling Load-Transfer Behavior of H-Piles Using Direct Shear and Penetration Test Results - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130114: Improved Isotropically Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Test Method for Non-Self-Supporting Materials - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130126: Experimental Evaluation of the Pore-Access Size Distribution of Sands - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130132: Evaluation of Parameterization Techniques for Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity Functions for Municipal Solid Waste - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130144: Experimental Group Behavior of Grouted Deep Foundations - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130146: Modeling Soil Specific Surface Area with Artificial Neural Networks - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130155: Comparison of True Triaxial and Hollow Cylinder Tests on Cross-Anisotropic Sand Specimens - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130162: Alternatives for the Detection of Residual Polyacrylamide in Geotextile Tube Dewatering—Streaming Current Detection and China Clay Settling Rate Methods - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130189: Shear Wave Velocity Measurement in the Centrifuge Using Bender Elements - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130191: Centrifuge Modelling of Diaphragm Wall Construction Adjacent to Piled Foundations - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130202: Triaxial Tests on Compacted Clays for Consolidated-Undrained Conditions - 01 July 2014

GTJ20140008: Discussion of “Atterberg Limits and Remolded Shear Strength—Water Content Relationships” - 01 July 2014

GTJ20140041: Closure to Discussion by K. Prakash and A. Sridharan of “Atterberg Limits and Remolded Shear Strength–Water Content Relationships” [Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 36, No. 6, pp. 939–947] - 01 July 2014

JTE20130162: Prediction of the Vertical Swelling Percentage of Expansive Clays Using a Two-Stage Artificial Neural Networks Methodology - 01 July 2014

GTJ20120018: An Adaptive Network Fuzzy Inference System Approach for Site investigation - 01 May 2014

GTJ20120047: Volume-Change Behavior of a Compacted Low-Plasticity Clay From Double-Odometer Tests - 01 May 2014

GTJ20120158: A Hybrid Bender Element–Ultrasonic System for Measurement of Wave Velocity in Soils - 01 May 2014

GTJ20120189: Impact of Shear Stress on Strain and Pore Water Pressure Behavior of Intact Soft Clay Under Principal Stress Rotation - 01 May 2014

GTJ20120206: Performance Assessment of Geosynthetics and Cement as Subgrade Stabilization Measures - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130054: Experimental Research on Cohesive Sediment Deposition and Consolidation Based on Settlement Column System - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130089: Development of a Scaled Repeated Five-Spot Treatment Model for Examining Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation Feasibility in Field Applications - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130091: Use of Hand-Spray Plaster as a Coating for Soil Bulk Volume Measurement - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130094: Model Tests on Geocell Walls Under Strip Loading - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130097: Consolidation Analysis by the Modified Slope Method - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130104: Laboratory Test for Evaluating Limitation of Flows during Internal Erosion in Zoned Dams - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130119: Experimental Study of Soil Water Migration in Freezing Process - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130122: Signal Processing Challenges When Processing DST and CST Seismic Data Containing TIRs - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130123: Determination of Relationships Between Menard Pressuremeter Test and Standard Penetration Test Data by Using ANN model: a Case Study on the Clayey Soil in Sivas, Turkey - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130150: A New Test for Cementation Potential of Embankment Dam Granular Filter Material - 01 May 2014

JTE20130035: Nanoindentation Test Integrated with Numerical Simulation to Characterize Mechanical Properties of Rock Materials - 01 May 2014

GTJ20120098: Continuous Monitoring of Bender Element Shear Wave Velocities During Triaxial Testing - 01 March 2014

GTJ20120127: Rock Mass Dynamic Test Apparatus for Estimating the Strain-Dependent Dynamic Properties of Jointed Rock Masses - 01 March 2014

GTJ20120176: Thermal Strain Sensing of Concrete Piles Using Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry - 01 March 2014

GTJ20120218: Getting Information from Modal Decomposition of Grain Size Distribution Curves - 01 March 2014

GTJ20120222: Field Investigation of Pile Setup in Mixed Soil - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130015: Large Oedometer for Measuring Stiffness of MBT Waste - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130027: Test on Water-Level Stabilization and Prevention of Mine-Shaft Failure by Means of Groundwater Injection - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130034: Assessing the Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Collapsible Soils Using a Modified Triaxial Test Device - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130049: Triaxial Erosion Test for Evaluation of Mechanical Consequences of Internal Erosion - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130060: Evaluation of Ko in Centrifuge Model Using Shear Wave Velocity - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130069: Design and Development of a Low-Cost Divided-Bar Apparatus - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130078: Determination of Geotechnical Properties of Anisotropic Rocks Using Some Index Tests - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130083: Axial Uplift Behavior of Drilled Shafts in Gobi Gravel - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130095: A Simple Test Method for Rapid Measurement of Fines Content in Soils - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130111: Verification and Repeatability Analysis for the In Situ Air Permeameter Test - 01 March 2014

GTJ20120061: Tactile Pressure Sensors in Centrifuge Testing - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120144: Comparison of Methods for the Measurement of the Angle of Repose of Granular Materials - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120191: An Insertion Rate Model for Pile Installation in Sand by Jetting - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120202: A New Hollow Cylinder Torsional Shear Device for Stress/Strain Path Controlled Loading - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120217: Macro-Scale Direct Shear Test Device for Assessing Soil-Solid Interface Friction Under Low Effective Normal Stresses - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120227: A Newly Designed TDR Probe for Soils with High Electrical Conductivities - 01 January 2014

GTJ20130008: Influences on Pipeline Interface Friction Measured in Direct Shear Tests - 01 January 2014

GTJ20130019: Determination of Residual Concentration of Active Polymer in a Polymeric Support Fluid - 01 January 2014

GTJ20130037: Photonic Doppler Velocimetry for Study of Rapid Penetration into Sand - 01 January 2014

GTJ20130040: Development of a New Push–Pull Direct Tensile Strength Testing Apparatus (PPTA) - 01 January 2014

GTJ20130047: Experimental Accuracy of the Initial Specific Volume - 01 January 2014

GTJ20130062: Evaluation of an Active System to Measure Lateral Stresses in Unsaturated Soils - 01 January 2014

GTJ20130075: Evaluation of Time-Dependent Yield Stress Using Dynamic Rheological Property of Bentonite Suspensions - 01 January 2014

GTJ20130084: An Experimental Setup for Simultaneous Physical, Geotechnical, and Biochemical Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste Undergoing Biodegradation in the Laboratory - 01 January 2014

JTE20120210: Threshold Strain for Postcyclic Shear Strength Change of Mississippi River Valley Silt Due to Cyclic Triaxial Loading - 01 January 2014

JTE20120338: Computer-Automated Triaxial Testing System for Assessing and Mitigating Sample Disturbance in a Natural Clay in the Laboratory - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120080: Feasibility of Approximating Depth to Shallow Bedrock Directly from the Rayleigh Wave Dispersion Curve - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120086: Fracture Behavior of Intact Rock Using Acoustic Emission: Experimental Observation and Realistic Modeling - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120142: Development of a Large-Scale Environmental Chamber for Investigating Soil Water Evaporation - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120151: Water Migration Impacts on Thermal Resistivity Testing Procedures - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120173: Development of a Multidirectional Simple Shear Testing Device - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120190: Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Fibrous Reinforcement on Shear Resistance of Soil-Waste Mixtures - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120220: An Unconfined Swelling Test for Clayey Soils That Incorporates Digital Image Correlation - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120229: Field-Scale Column-Supported Embankment Test Facility - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120233: A Method to Determine cv Under Sinusoidal Pore Pressure Distributions - 01 November 2013

GTJ20130002: Measuring Water Retention Curves for Rough Joints with Random Apertures - 01 November 2013

GTJ20130005: A New Method to Simulate Stress–Strain Relations from Multiple-Step Loading Triaxial Compression Test Results - 01 November 2013

GTJ20130012: Atterberg Limits and Remolded Shear Strength—Water Content Relationships - 01 November 2013

GTJ20130044: Improved Image-Based Deformation Measurement in the Centrifuge Environment - 01 November 2013

GTJ20130056: A New Slurry-Based Method of Preparation of Hollow Cylinder Specimens of Clean and Silty Sands - 01 November 2013

GTJ20130066: Constant Gradient Piping Test Apparatus for Evaluation of Critical Hydraulic Conditions for the Initiation of Piping - 01 November 2013

JTE20120322: Expansive Clay Suction Measurements Using Filter Paper and Polymer-Capacitance Sensor Methods - 01 November 2013

JTE20120365: Measuring Principles of a Thrust Flow Transducer and Its Applications in River Flow Velocity - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120027: Flow Pump System for Unsaturated Soils: Measurement of Suction Response and the Soil–Water Retention Curve - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120041: Suction of Some Polyethylene Glycols Commonly Used for Unsaturated Soil Testing - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120048: Installation, Calibration, and Application of Dielectric Sensors in Laboratory Studies of Compacted Unsaturated Granular Materials - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120081: Combined Time and Frequency Domain Approach to the Interpretation of Bender-Element Tests on Sand - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120124: Monitoring Field Lift Thickness Using Compaction Equipment Instrumented with Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120155: Development of a Large-Scale Direct Shear Testing Machine for Unfilled and Infilled Rock Joints Under Constant Normal Stiffness Conditions - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120174: Defining Y2 Yielding From Cyclic Triaxial Tests - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120186: Determination of Soil Stabilizer Content Using X-Ray Fluorescence - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120196: Calibration of Roller-Integrated Machine Drive Power Measurements Using Soil Compaction Forecasting Model - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120203: Inflection Point Method to Estimate ch From Radial Consolidation Tests with Peripheral Drain - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120209: Centrifuge Modeling of Deep Excavations and Their Interaction With Adjacent Buildings - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120213: A Large-Scale Soil-Structure Interface Testing Device - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120225: Microstructural and Mineralogical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mixing Treatments in Stabilized Clays - 01 September 2013

GTJ20130013: Evaluation of Bouwer-Rice Large-Particle Correction Procedure for Soil Water Characteristic Curves - 01 September 2013

GTJ20130016: Load-Settlement Behavior of Drilled Shafts in Multilayered Deposits of Soils and Intermediate Geomaterials - 01 September 2013

JTE20120118: Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Microwave-Fenton Oxidation Process Catalyzed by Fe2+ Loaded on GAC - 01 September 2013

MPC20130016: Synthesis of Higher Grade Fly Ash Zeolite X From Fly Ash via Three-Step Fusion - 30 August 2013

GTJ20120013: Post-Processing Continuous Shear Wave Signals Taken During Cone Penetrometer Testing - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120059: Performance of Pressuremeter Tests to Estimate the Position of the Sliding Surface: A Case Study in Zonguldak, Turkey - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120104: Effect of Specimen Coupling on the Torsional Resonant Column Test - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120108: Statically and Dynamically Measured Poisson's Ratio of Granular Soils on Triaxial Laboratory Specimens - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120115: Instrumented Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Corrected with Transferred Energy into a Cone Tip: A Laboratory Study - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120123: Resonant Frequency Testing of New York City Rock Types - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120125: Evaluation of Shear Wave Velocity from Bender Elements Using Cross-correlation - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120128: Dynamic Properties of Some Eastern Mediterranean Marine Sediments - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120129: Combined Resonant Column and Cyclic Triaxial Tests for Measuring Undrained Shear Modulus Reduction of Sand With Plastic Fines - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120130: Strain Measures for Transfer Function Approaches to Resonant Column Testing - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120140: Comparison of In Situ and Laboratory Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in Compacted Backfill - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120143: Calibration of Tactile Pressure Sensors for Measuring Stress in Soils - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120197: A Protein-Retention Method for Specific Surface Area Determination in Swelling Clays - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120198: Full-Scale Evaluation of the Performance of Three Compacted Clay Liners - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120221: Translucent Segregation Table Test for Sand and Gravel Particle Size Distribution - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120025: Design and Application of Simple Shear Liquefaction Box - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120039: Flexible Wall Permeameter to Measure the Hydraulic Conductivity of Soils in Horizontal Direction - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120049: Evaluation of Post-Surcharge Secondary Settlement Characteristics by Constant Rate of Strain Test - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120052: Preliminary Laboratory-Scale Model Auger Installation and Testing of Carbonated Soil-MgO Columns - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120053: Consolidated-Drained Triaxial Compression Testing of Peat - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120060: The Effect of Asperity Inclination and Orientation on the Shear Behavior of Rock Joints - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120064: Young’s Modulus of Coarse Granular Materials via Cyclic Large Triaxial Tests: Effect of Parallel Grading and Loading Pattern - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120096: Experimental Study of the Applications of Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensors in Detecting Seepage in Soils - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120101: Effect of Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Active Zone on the Behavior of Sheet Pile Walls - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120103: Modified Cyclic Shear Test for Evaluating Disturbance Function and Numerical Formulation of Geosynthetic–Soil Interface Considering Chemical Effect - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120133: Use of Perforated Base Pedestal to Simulate the Gravel Subbase in Evaluating the Internal Erosion of Geosynthetic Clay Liners - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120139: Evaluation of Transfer Function and Dynamic Properties from Strain-Controlled Resonant Column Tests - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120182: Geotechnical Properties of Sucrose-Saturated Fused Quartz for Use in Physical Modeling - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120183: Small-Scale Testing of Frequency-Dependent Compaction of Sand Using a Vertically Vibrating Plate - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120235: Back-Calculated Soil–Water Characteristic Curve From Fluid Flow Data - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120024: Bender Elements and Bending Disks for Measurement of Shear and Compression Wave Velocities in Large Fully and Partially Saturated Sand Specimens - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120034: Influence of Lightweight Deflectometer Characteristics on Deflection Measurement - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120046: Assessment of In Situ Scour Profile in Sand Using a Jet Probe - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120058: Free–Free Resonance Testing of In Situ Deep Mixed Soils - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120066: Some Observations on the State of Stress in the Direct Simple Shear Test Using 3D Discrete Element Analysis - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120089: Performance Evaluation of Flexible Pavements Using a New Field Cyclic Plate Load Test - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120094: A New Apparatus for Evaluation of Contact Erosion at the Soil–Structure Interface - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120105: Electro-Osmotic Chemical Treatment of Clay on Shear Modulus - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120111: Numerical Methodology to Minimize Resolution and Sensitivity Effects in P-Wave Measurements - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120113: Fatigue Cyclic Tests on Artificially Cemented Soil - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120116: Effect of Pre-Shear Stress Path on Nonlinear Shear Stiffness Degradation of Cohesive Soils - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120122: New Approach to Resonant Column Testing - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120126: Behaviour of Two Closely Spaced Strip Footings Placed on a Stiff Clay Bed under Cyclic Loading - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120131: Experimental Study Investigating the Effects of Setup Conditions on Bender Element Velocity Results - 01 March 2013

JTE20120036: Apparatus for Geosynthetic Interface Testing and Evaluation Under Elevated Temperature Conditions - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120004: Application of Laser Microscopy for Studying Crack Characteristics of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120005: Using a Complex-Impedance Measuring Instrument to Determine In Situ Soil Unit Weight and Moisture Content - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120030: Shear Strength Behavior of Cement/Lime-Solidified Dunkirk Sediments by Fall Cone Tests and Vane Shear Tests - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120032: Laboratory Evaluation of Coefficient of Radial Consolidation Based on Pore-Water-Pressure Dissipation and Settlement - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120038: An In-Depth Comparison of cv Values Determined Using Common Curve-Fitting Techniques - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120067: An Integrated Seismic Monitoring System for a Full-Scale Embedded Retaining Wall - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120072: A Note on the Validity of Hvorslev’s Shape Factors for Well Points and Piezometers - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120082: Disturbance Effect on Time-Dependent Yield Stress Measurement of Bentonite Suspensions - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120092: A Modified Osmotic Direct Shear Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120093: Digital Image Analysis of Distribution of Immiscible Fluids in Natural Porous Media - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120097: A Drying Cake Method for Measuring Suction-Stress Characteristic Curve, Soil–Water-Retention Curve, and Hydraulic Conductivity Function - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120099: Development of a Large-Scale Infiltration Column for Studying the Hydraulic Conductivity of Unsaturated Fouled Ballast - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120117: Electromagnetic Stimulation of Two-Phase Transport in Water for Geoenvironmental Applications - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120119: Underwater Monitoring of the Cracks Found in Santos Morcillo Lake, Central Spain - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120134: Efficient Laboratory Measurements of the Soil Water Retention Curve - 01 January 2013

JTE104617: Effect of Working Parameters on Excavation Rate and Specific Energy on Surface Treatment With Pure Water Jet - 01 January 2013

JTE20120105: Experimental Testing and Evaluation of Parameters on the Extraction of Water from Air Using Thermoelectric Coolers - 01 January 2013

GTJ103848: Anisotropic Consolidation Behavior of Ariake Clay from Three Different CRS Tests - 01 November 2012

GTJ104271: Evaluation of J Integral for Clay Soils Using a New Ring Test - 01 November 2012

GTJ104348: Centrifuge Modeling of Seismic Loading on Tunnels in Sand - 01 November 2012

GTJ104594: Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Suffusion on Physical and Geomechanic Characteristics of Sandy Soils - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120007: Small-strain Cyclic Testing With Standard NGI Simple Shear Device - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120069: Performance and Suitability of Radial Drainage Materials in Axisymmetric Testing of Clayey Soils at High Confining Pressures - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120070: Effects of Cracks on the Electrical Conductivity of a Fissured Laterite: A Combined Experimental and Statistical Study - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120071: Enhanced Load-Transfer Analysis for Friction Piles Using a Modified Borehole Shear Test - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120073: The Small-Strain Shear Modulus and Damping Ratio of Quartz and Volcanic Sands - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120075: Quantification of Grain, Pore, and Fluid Microstructure of Unsaturated Sand from X-Ray Computed Tomography Images - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120077: An Assessment of Resilient Modulus Testing: Internal and External Deflection Measurements - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120083: Recent Developments in Faulting Simulators for Geotechnical Centrifuges - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120088: The Nonlinear Coupled Response of Single and Group Piles under Various Horizontal Excitations: Experimental and Theoretical Study - 01 November 2012

JTE103615: Development of Standard Laboratory Testing Procedures to Evaluate the Performance of Deicers - 01 November 2012

GTJ103092: Improved Curve Fitting Methods for Underdamped Slug Tests - 01 September 2012

GTJ103101: Laboratory Performance of Geogrid-reinforced Soils Subjected to Freezing and Thawing - 01 September 2012

GTJ103300: Fabrication, Operation, and Health Monitoring of Bender Elements for Aggressive Environments - 01 September 2012

GTJ103402: Geotechnical Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Pavement Sub-Base Applications - 01 September 2012

GTJ103727: Dispersion Analysis in Geotechnical Laboratory Tests: Time-frequency and Time-scale Signal Transforms - 01 September 2012

GTJ103734: Sensing and Imaging the State of Effective Stress in a 1-g Shallow Foundation Model - 01 September 2012

GTJ104172: Influence of Specimen Geometry on Sample Disturbance Observed in Oedometric Testing of Clay Shales - 01 September 2012

GTJ104183: Characterisation of Lightly Stabilised Granular Base Materials by Flexural Beam Testing and Effects of Loading Rate - 01 September 2012

GTJ104361: Testing Methane-Hydrate-Saturated Soil Using a Line Dissociation Apparatus - 01 September 2012

GTJ104375: Effects of Stiff and Flexible Boundary Conditions in Triaxial Extension Tests on Cross-anisotropic Sand Behavior - 01 September 2012

GTJ104408: An Experimental Investigation on the Mechanical Behavior Between Cemented Granules - 01 September 2012

GTJ104558: TDR Method for Compaction Quality Control: Multi Evaluation and Sources of Error - 01 September 2012

GTJ104613: A New Laser Sensor Volume Measurement System for the Triaxial Testing of Unsaturated Soils - 01 September 2012

GTJ104635: Index Puncture Resistance of Geomembranes Using Various Protection Geosynthetics - 01 September 2012

GTJ103051: A Review of the Sand Castle Test for Assessing Collapsibility of Filters in Dams - 01 July 2012

GTJ103394: Characterizing Porosity and Diffusive Properties of Monolithic Cement-Based Solidified/Stabilized Materials - 01 July 2012

GTJ103512: Field Test of Circular Footings on Reinforced Granular Fill Layer Overlying a Clay Bed - 01 July 2012

GTJ103756: Estimation of Ultimate Lateral Load Capacity of Piles in Sands Using Calibration Chamber Tests - 01 July 2012

GTJ103814: The Sediment Erosion Rate Flume (SERF): A New Testing Device for Measuring Soil Erosion Rate and Shear Stress - 01 July 2012

GTJ103852: Method for Uniform Strain Extension Tests on Sand - 01 July 2012

GTJ103864: Laboratory Studies on Pressure Filtration in Post-Grouting of Drilled Shaft Tips in Clay - 01 July 2012

GTJ103869: Identification of Low-Organic-Content Soils: An Engineering Approach - 01 July 2012

GTJ103990: Geotechnical Characteristics of an Aerated Soil-Stabilizer Mixture as Backfill Material - 01 July 2012

GTJ104107: The Role of Ballast-Fouling Characteristics on the Drainage Capacity of Rail Substructure - 01 July 2012

GTJ104178: Practical Considerations when Using the Swedish Fall Cone - 01 July 2012

GTJ104221: The Rotating Erosion Testing Apparatus (RETA): A Laboratory Device for Measuring Erosion Rates versus Shear Stresses of Rock and Cohesive Materials - 01 July 2012

GTJ104260: Automated True Triaxial Apparatus and its Application to Over-consolidated Clay - 01 July 2012

GTJ104317: Effect of Sample-Preparation Method on Critical-State Behavior of Sands - 01 July 2012

GTJ104336: A Modified Hole Erosion Test (HET-P) Device - 01 July 2012

GTJ104353: Dynamic Actuator for Centrifuge Modeling of Soil-Structure Interaction - 01 July 2012

JTE104305: A New Method for Numerical Analysis of Reinforced Soil - 01 July 2012

GTJ103056: Determination of Porosity Distributions of Water Saturated Granular Media Using Spatial Time Domain Reflectometry (Spatial TDR) - 01 May 2012

GTJ103306: Combined Soil Moisture Meter and Penetrometer - 01 May 2012

GTJ103342: Measurement of the Shear Strength of an Expansive Soil by Combining a Filter Paper Method and Direct Shear Tests - 01 May 2012

GTJ103426: Morphological Characterization of Induced Fracture in Sandstone Using X-ray Computed Tomography Scanning - 01 May 2012

GTJ103450: Automatic Monitoring of Inserting or Retrieving SPT Sampler in Drillhole - 01 May 2012

GTJ103479: A Comparison of Density-Based and Modulus-Based In Situ Test Measurements for Compaction Control - 01 May 2012

GTJ103691: Seismic Simulator Testing to Investigate the Cyclic Behavior of Tailings in an Instrumented Rigid Box - 01 May 2012

GTJ103742: A Comparative Study on the Shear Behavior of an Interlayer Material Based on Laboratory and In Situ Shear Tests - 01 May 2012

GTJ103787: Apparatus for Constant Rate-of-Strain Consolidation of Slurry Mixed Soils - 01 May 2012

GTJ103844: Discussion on “Stress Concentration Ratio of Model Stone Columns in Soft Clays” by Fattah, M., Shlash, K., and Al-Waily, M., Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 34, No. 1, Paper ID GTJ 103060 - 01 May 2012

GTJ103850: Application of a Hydraulic Gradient Technique for Modeling the Uplift Behavior of Piles in Sand - 01 May 2012

GTJ104065: Technique for Undrained Triaxial Tests on Unsaturated Soils Using Active Control of Pore-Air Pressure - 01 May 2012

GTJ104203: A Modified Triaxial Apparatus for Measuring the Stress Path-Dependent Water Retention Curve - 01 May 2012

JTE104161: Evaluation of Bentonite-Fly Ash Mix for Its Application in Landfill Liners - 01 May 2012

JTE104184: Influence of Drying and Wetting Cycles on SWCCs of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 May 2012

JTE104194: Evaluation of Durability of Stabilized Clay Specimens Using Different Laboratory Procedures - 01 May 2012

JAI104210: Removal of Heavy Metals (Cu, Pb, and Zn) from Contaminated Sediment Using a Flotation Technique - 01 April 2012

JAI104302: Naphthalene Sorption to Organic Additives in Cement-Treated Soils - 01 April 2012

JAI103636: Historical Survey on Ecolabeling Efforts and Criteria for Green Inert or Other Ingredients: EPA Design for the Environment - 01 March 2012

GTJ102728: Dielectric Measurement of Soil-electrolyte Mixtures in a Modified Oedometer Cell Using 400 kHz to 20 MHz Electromagnetic Waves - 01 March 2012

GTJ102889: The Pocket Erodometer Test: Development and Preliminary Results - 01 March 2012

GTJ103204: Measurement of Total Soil Suction Using Filter Paper: Investigation of Common Filter Papers, Alternative Media, and Corresponding Confidence - 01 March 2012

GTJ103317: On The Shear Behavior of Ballast-Geosynthetic Interfaces - 01 March 2012

GTJ103343: Inclined Tensile Load Testing on Short Drilled Shafts - 01 March 2012

GTJ103365: Seismic and Resistivity Measurements for Real-Time Monitoring of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation in Sand - 01 March 2012

GTJ103412: Strain Gage Analysis for Nonlinear Pile Stiffness - 01 March 2012

GTJ103546: Time-Lapse Monitoring of Fabric Changes in Granular Materials by Coda Wave Interferometry - 01 March 2012

GTJ103693: Laboratory Simulation of the Stresses Within Inclined Stopes - 01 March 2012

GTJ103803: A Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical True Triaxial Cell for Evaluation of the Impact of Anisotropy on Thermally Induced Volume Changes in Soils - 01 March 2012

GTJ103821: A Digital Image-Based Deformation Measurement System for Triaxial Tests - 01 March 2012

GTJ103838: Application of Multi-Directional Flow Consolidometer for a Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Test Under Various Drainage Conditions - 01 March 2012

GTJ103840: Resistance of Short, Stiff Piles to Multidirectional Lateral Loadings - 01 March 2012

GTJ103880: Axial Behaviour of Hollow Core Micropiles Under Monotonic and Cyclic Loadings - 01 March 2012

GTJ104156: A Small, Lightweight Borehole Receiver for Crosshole and Downhole Seismic Testing - 01 March 2012

JTE103856: Development of a Robust Stereo-PIV System for 3-D Soil Deformation Measurement - 01 March 2012

JTE103857: Application of Digital Image Correlation Technique in Experimental Study of the Creep Behavior and Time Dependent Damage of Natural Rock Salt - 01 March 2012

GTJ103551: Instrumented large scale subsurface liquid injection model for bioreactor landfills - 01 January 2012

GTJ103571: The Effect of Contact on the Filter Paper Method for Measuring Soil Suction - 01 January 2012

GTJ103575: Temperature Effects on Suction Measurement Using the Filter Paper Technique - 01 January 2012

GTJ103577: Field-Scale Evaluation of Lysimeters Versus Actual Earthen Covers - 01 January 2012

GTJ103581: Random Uncertainty in the Measurement of Matric Potential Using the Miniature Tensiometer - 01 January 2012

GTJ103584: Soil Fabric and Soil Water Retention Curve of a Compacted Silt-Bentonites - 01 January 2012

GTJ103587: The Influence of Changes in Water Content on the Electrical Resistivity of a Natural Unsaturated Loess - 01 January 2012

GTJ103591: Matric Suction Measurement of Unsaturated Soils With Null-Type Axis-Translation Technique - 01 January 2012

GTJ103596: A Transient Water Release and Imbibitions Method for Rapidly Measuring Wetting and Drying Soil Water Retention and Hydraulic Conductivity Functions - 01 January 2012

GTJ103597: In Situ Matric Suction and Moisture Content Measurements in Expansive Clay during Seasonal Fluctuations - 01 January 2012

GTJ103600: A Cost Effective Triaxial Test Method for Unsaturated Soils - 01 January 2012

GTJ103616: Influence of Hydraulic Hysteresis on the Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils and Interfaces - 01 January 2012

GTJ103620: Climatic Chamber With Centrifuge to Simulate Different Weather Conditions - 01 January 2012

GTJ103621: A Modified Oxygen Consumption Test to Evaluate Gas Flux through Oxygen Barrier Cover Systems - 01 January 2012

GTJ103624: Multistage Triaxial Testing to Estimate Effective Stress Relationships for Unsaturated Compacted Soils - 01 January 2012

GTJ103625: Validation of a Centrifuge Permeameter for Investigation of Transient Infiltration and Drainage Flow Processes in Unsaturated Soils - 01 January 2012

GTJ103650: Strength and Stiffness Characteristics of Unsaturated Hydrophobic Granular Media - 01 January 2012

GTJ103653: A New Method for Soil Water Characteristic Curve Measurement Based on Similarities Between Soil Freezing and Drying - 01 January 2012

GTJ103670: Microporous Membrane Technology for Measurement of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve - 01 January 2012

GTJ103708: Image Analysis of Strains in Soils Subjected to Wetting and Drying - 01 January 2012

JTE103507: Characterizing the Precision Uncertainty in Vibratory Roller Measurement Values - 01 January 2012

JTE103618: Effects of an Amine Anti-Stripping Agent on Moisture Susceptibility of Sasobit and Aspha-Min Mixes by Surface Free Energy Analysis - 01 January 2012

JAI103482: Assessment of the Bacterial Contamination and Remediation Efficacy After Flooding Using Fluorometric Detection - 01 November 2011

GTJ102756: Application of a Suction Control System in the Method of Specimen Saturation in Triaxial Tests - 01 November 2011

GTJ102794: Measurement of Stress Changes Using a Compact Conical-ended Borehole Monitoring - 01 November 2011

GTJ102866: Four Electrode Resistivity Probe for Porosity Evaluation - 01 November 2011

GTJ102915: Development and Evaluation of Relative Compaction Specifications Using Roller-Based Measurements - 01 November 2011

GTJ103102: Resonant Column Test for Unsaturated Soils With Suction–Saturation Control - 01 November 2011

GTJ103209: Shear Viscosity of Clays in the Fall Cone Test - 01 November 2011

GTJ103269: Experimental Investigation of the Combined Load Response of Model Piles Driven in Sand - 01 November 2011

GTJ103285: An Evaluation of Real-Time Deformation Monitoring Using Motion Capture Instrumentation and Its Application in Monitoring Railway Foundations - 01 November 2011

GTJ103324: Simple Techniques for the Estimation of Suction in Compacted Soils in the Range of 0 to 60,000 kPa - 01 November 2011

GTJ103349: Enhanced Measurement of Geosynthetic Interface Shear Strength Using a Modified Inclined Plane Device - 01 November 2011

GTJ103401: Local Displacement Transducer With Anderson Loop - 01 November 2011

GTJ103517: A Novel Image-Capturing Technique for the Experimental Study of Soil Deformations During Compaction - 01 November 2011

GTJ103611: Thick-Walled Cylinder Testing of Clays for the Study of Wellbore Instability - 01 November 2011

GTJ103645: New Three-Way Split Mold Design and Experimental Procedure for Testing Soft, Grouted Soils - 01 November 2011

GTJ103695: Centrifuge Modeling of In situ Surfactant Enhanced Flushing of Diesel Contaminated Soil - 01 November 2011

GTJ103755: Towards a Tensiometer Based Suction Control System for Laboratory Testing of Unsaturated Soils - 01 November 2011

GTJ103763: Microstructural Interpretation of Water Content and Dry Density Influence on the DC-Electrical Resistivity of a Fine-Grained Soil - 01 November 2011

GTJ103771: Reliability Analysis of CPT Measurements for Calculating Undrained Shear Strength - 01 November 2011

GTJ103808: A Transparent Sand for Geotechnical Laboratory Modeling - 01 November 2011

GTJ103889: A Stress-controlled Erosion Apparatus for Studying Internal Erosion in Soils - 01 November 2011

JTE103609: Laboratory Investigation into Interactions Among Chemicals Used for Snow and Ice Control - 01 November 2011

JAI103523: Application of ASTM Standard Practice D6602 in the Investigation of Outdoor Environmental Surface Particulate Including Darkening Agents - 01 October 2011

GTJ103576: Static and Dynamic Behavior of Hydro-Collapsible Soils - 01 September 2011

GTJ103580: Characterization of Transparent Soil for Unsaturated Applications - 01 September 2011

GTJ103585: Non-isothermal moisture movement in unsaturated kaolin: An experimental and theoretical investigation - 01 September 2011

GTJ103586: A Temperature Controlled Triaxial Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 September 2011

GTJ103589: Strength and Small-Strain Stiffness Characteristics of Unsaturated Sand - 01 September 2011

GTJ103590: Determination of the Soil-Water Retention Curve and the Hydraulic Conductivity Function Using a Small Centrifuge - 01 September 2011

GTJ103594: Estimating Water Retention Characteristics of Sands from Grain Size Distribution using Idealized Packing Conditions - 01 September 2011

GTJ103595: A Flexible Wall Permeameter for the Determination of the Water Permeability Function in Unsaturated Soils - 01 September 2011

GTJ103598: A Servo/Suction-Controlled Ring Shear Apparatus for Unsaturated Soils: Development, Performance, and Preliminary Results - 01 September 2011

GTJ103601: Thermal and Electrical Response of Unsaturated Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Granular Materials - 01 September 2011

GTJ103607: A Method to Measure the Relative Brine Release Capacity of Geologic Material - 01 September 2011

GTJ103608: Measurement of Small-Strain Shear Moduli of Partially Saturated Sand During Infiltration in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 September 2011

GTJ103613: A Laboratory Procedure for Measuring High Soil Suction - 01 September 2011

GTJ103635: Shear Modulus and Damping Ratio of Unsaturated Kaolin Measured by New Suction-Controlled Cyclic Triaxial Device - 01 September 2011

GTJ103638: An Adapted Ring Shear Apparatus for Testing Partly Saturated Soils in the High Suction Range - 01 September 2011

GTJ103689: Development of a Laboratory Procedure to Evaluate the Consolidation Potential of Soft Contaminated Sediments - 01 September 2011

GTJ103707: Effects of Testing Procedures on the Laboratory Determination of Swell Pressure of Expansive Soils - 01 September 2011

JTE103178: Instrumented Model Rock Blasting - 01 September 2011

JTE103313: Optical Measurement of Sand Deformation around a Laterally Loaded Pile - 01 September 2011

JTE103391: Energy-Based Method for Analyzing the Collapse Characteristics of Silt Subjected to Changes of Principal Stress Orientation - 01 September 2011

JTE103427: Laboratory Study on Soil Shear Stiffness and Strength Under Unloading Conditions - 01 September 2011

JTE103428: Evaluating the Compaction Quality of Backfills by Stress Wave Velocities - 01 September 2011

JTE103432: Development and Calibration of an Electronic Miniature Cone Penetrometer for Design of Small Piles in Silty Clays - 01 September 2011

JTE103472: Characterization of Clean and Fouled Rail Track Ballast Subsurface Using Seismic Surface Survey Method: Model and Field Studies - 01 September 2011

JTE103603: Evaluation of Mechanistic-Empirical Design Guide Input Parameters for Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Soils in Oklahoma - 01 September 2011

GTJ102520: Assessment of the Coefficient of Lateral Earth Pressure at Rest (Ko) from In Situ Seismic Tests - 01 July 2011

GTJ102901: Performance of a Dynamic Dew Point Method for Moisture Isotherms of Clays - 01 July 2011

GTJ103109: Development of a Substructure Instrumentation System at the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge and Its Use to Investigate the Lateral Behavior of Batter Piles - 01 July 2011

GTJ103310: In Situ Testing of Soft Soil at a Case Study Site with the Self-Boring Pressuremeter - 01 July 2011

GTJ103311: Accelerated Laboratory Pavement Model Test on Cemented Base and Clay Subgrade - 01 July 2011

GTJ103353: A New Technique to Measure the Trajectory of Drag Anchors in Soils - 01 July 2011

GTJ103355: Centrifuge Test to Assess the Seismic Compression of Partially Saturated Sand Layers - 01 July 2011

GTJ103369: Influence of Curing Time on the Resilient Modulus of Chemically Stabilized Soils - 01 July 2011

GTJ103529: A Slurry Consolidation Approach to Reconstitute Low-Plasticity Silt Specimens for Laboratory Triaxial Testing - 01 July 2011

JTE103091: Development of a Geothermal Snow Melting System for Highway Overlays and Its Performance Validations - 01 July 2011

JAI103481: Use of Direct Reading Surface Sampling Methods for Site Characterization and Remediation of Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties - 01 June 2011

JAI103544: Development of a Method for Screening Spill and Leakage of Antibiotics on Surfaces Based on Wipe Sampling and HPLC-MS/MS Analysis - 01 June 2011

JAI103654: Derivation of Health-Based Screening Levels for Evaluating Indoor Surface Contamination - 01 June 2011

JAI103477: Evaluation of Asbestos in Dust on Surfaces by Micro-Vacuum and Wipe Sampling - 01 May 2011

GTJ102751: Soxhlet Extraction Determination of Composition of Synthetic Soils - 01 May 2011

GTJ102783: Estimation of Flow Characteristics in Peat - 01 May 2011

GTJ102785: Particle Elongation and Deposition Effect to Macroscopic and Microscopic Responses of Numerical Direct Shear Tests - 01 May 2011

GTJ102792: Impact of Soil Magnetic Properties on Moisture Content Prediction Using TDR - 01 May 2011

GTJ102828: Water Content Measurement in Expansive Soils Using the Neutron Probe - 01 May 2011

GTJ102886: A Rigid-Flexible Boundary True Triaxial Apparatus for Testing Soils in a Three-Dimensional Stress State - 01 May 2011

GTJ102925: Liquefaction Study of Heterogeneous Sand: Centrifuge - 01 May 2011

GTJ103095: Effect of Sample Size on the Behavior of Granular Materials - 01 May 2011

GTJ103235: A Comparison of Simultaneously Recorded Machine Drive Power and Compactometer Measurements - 01 May 2011

GTJ103256: Performance of a Cubical Triaxial Apparatus for Testing Saturated and Unsaturated Soils - 01 May 2011

GTJ103764: Response to Discussion of ‘Modified Null Pressure Plate Apparatus for Measurement of Matric Suction' by Power, K. C. and Vanapalli, S. K.REFERENCE: Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 33, No. 4, 2010 pp. 335–341 - 01 May 2011

JAI103390: Evaluation of a Handwipe Disclosing Method for Lead - 01 April 2011

JAI103115: The Use of Topography as an Indicator of Ground Water Flow Direction and Its Implications for Due Diligence - 01 March 2011

JAI103489: Beryllium Measurement in Commercially Available Wet Wipes - 01 March 2011

GTJ102012: Reconstitution of Saturated Cement-Treated Soil by Wet-Mixing - 01 March 2011

GTJ102761: Axial Response and Bearing Capacity of Tapered Piles in Sandy Soil - 01 March 2011

GTJ102825: A Fiber Optic Sensored Triaxial Testing Device - 01 March 2011

GTJ102914: Measurement of Coefficient of Consolidation During Reconsolidation of Liquefied Sand - 01 March 2011

GTJ103096: On the Design of Instrumented Double-Wall Model Piles Used to Investigate Plugging of Open-Ended Pipe Piles - 01 March 2011

GTJ103103: Field Apparatus for Measurement of Elastic Rebound and Final Set for Driven Pile Capacity Estimation - 01 March 2011

GTJ103111: Experimental and Numerical Study of the Effect of an Oversize Particle on the Shear Strength of Mined-Rock Pile Material - 01 March 2011

GTJ103175: A New Pressurized Vane Shear Apparatus - 01 March 2011

GTJ103249: Regression Models for Validating Cyclic Triaxial Test Results - 01 March 2011

JAI103068: Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Economy Effects of 16 % Butanol and Various Ethanol Blended Fuels (E10, E20, and E85) - 01 February 2011

JAI102786: Mesothelioma in Drywall Finishing Workers - 01 January 2011

GTJ102749: Undrained Response of Clay in Hollow Cylinder Expansion Tests - 01 January 2011

GTJ102879: Triaxial Testing of Soft Rocks - 01 January 2011

GTJ102981: Laboratory Apparatus and Procedures for Preparing Test Specimens of Slurry Mixed Soils - 01 January 2011

GTJ103000: Measurement of Gas Permeability in Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Transient Flow Mode - 01 January 2011

GTJ103060: Stress Concentration Ratio of Model Stone Columns in Soft Clays - 01 January 2011

GTJ103080: Hydraulic Conductivity Determination of Compacted Sand-Bentonite Mixture Using Filter Press - 01 January 2011

GTJ103134: Laboratory Determination of Direct Tensile Strength and Deformability of Intact Rocks - 01 January 2011

GTJ103152: Effects of Temperature on Measurements of Soil Water Content with Time Domain Reflectometry - 01 January 2011

GTJ103177: Water Characteristic Curves of Recycled Materials - 01 January 2011

GTJ102607: Low Viscosity Pore Fluid to Manufacture Transparent Soil - 01 November 2010

GTJ102672: New Method of Full-Field Stress Analysis and Measurement Using Photoelasticity - 01 November 2010

GTJ102691: Development of a Motor-Based Differential Settlement Simulator Setup for a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 November 2010

GTJ102872: Shear Wave Measurements Using Bender Elements in Argillaceous Rocks - 01 November 2010

GTJ102880: A Consolidation and Contaminant Transport Device for Assessing Reactive Mat Effectiveness for Subaqueous Sediment Remediation - 01 November 2010

GTJ102894: A Shear Wave Velocity Tomography System for Geotechnical Centrifuge Testing - 01 November 2010

GTJ102935: Laboratory Performance Comparison of Stabilized Undercut Subgrade Under Cyclic Loading - 01 November 2010

GTJ102936: A New Technique for Driven Piles Instrumentation - 01 November 2010

GTJ103093: Preparing Very Loose Granular Triaxial Specimens by Ex Situ Freezing - 01 November 2010

JTE102685: Industrial Composting of Poly(Lactic Acid) Bottles - 01 November 2010

JTE102736: A Study on the Influence of Measurement Procedures on Suction-Water Content Relationship of a Sandy Soil - 01 November 2010

JTE102773: Sediment Volume Tests for Expansive Soil Identification and Classification - 01 November 2010

JAI103075: Modification of Volumetric Pressure Plate Extractor - 01 October 2010

GTJ102142: Principle and Prototype Testing of a New Matric Suction Sensor - 01 September 2010

GTJ102433: Effects of Membrane Compliance on Pore Water Pressure Generation in Gravelly Sands under Cyclic Loading - 01 September 2010

GTJ102475: Calibration of Equipment Damping in a Resonant Column and Torsional Shear Testing Device - 01 September 2010

GTJ102501: Monitoring the Oedometric Compression of Sands with Acoustic Emissions - 01 September 2010

GTJ102658: Large Scale Laboratory Testing of Low Mobility Compaction Grouts for Drilled Shaft Tips - 01 September 2010

GTJ102689: Assessment of the Modified CUAPS Apparatus to Estimate In Situ Properties of Cemented Paste Backfill - 01 September 2010

GTJ103045: An Evaluation of Fouled Ballast in a Laboratory Model Track Using Ground Penetrating Radar - 01 September 2010

GTJ103077: Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Vertical Piles Reinforced Sand Slopes Loaded with Strip Footing - 01 September 2010

JAI102945: Compaction Characteristics of Non-Gravel and Gravelly Soils Using a Small Compaction Apparatus - 01 July 2010

GTJ102123: Integrated Air Trap and Volume Gauge for Axis Translation Systems - 01 July 2010

GTJ102268: Real-Time Diagnosis Method of Compaction State of Subgrade during Dynamic Compaction - 01 July 2010

GTJ102315: Reduction of Earth Pressure on Buried Pipes by EPS Geofoam Inclusions - 01 July 2010

GTJ102478: Modified Null Pressure Plate Apparatus for Measurement of Matric Suction - 01 July 2010

GTJ102745: Spatial Deformation Measurement Using Transparent Soil - 01 July 2010

GTJ102769: An Experimental Technique for Determining the Hydraulic Properties of Unsaturated Pyroclastic Soils - 01 July 2010

GTJ102836: Specific Gravity of Expansive Chromium Ore Processing Residue with Complex Microstructure - 01 July 2010

GTJ102927: Modified Direct Shear Apparatus for Unsaturated Sands at Low Suction and Stress - 01 July 2010

GTJ102291: Laboratory Study of Soft Soil Improvement using Lime Mortar-(Well Graded) Soil Columns - 01 May 2010

GTJ102326: Comparison of Resistivity and Time Domain Reflectometry Sensors for Assessing Moisture Content in Bioreactor Landfills - 01 May 2010

GTJ102360: A New Alternative for Estimation of Geotechnical Engineering Parameters in Reclaimed Clays by Using Shear Wave Velocity - 01 May 2010

GTJ102391: Temperature-Compensated Cone Penetration Test Mini-Cone Using Fiber Optic Sensors - 01 May 2010

GTJ102425: In Situ Dynamic Model Test for Pile-Supported Wharf in Liquefied Sand - 01 May 2010

GTJ102557: Development of a Portable Probe for Field and Laboratory Measurement of Low to Medium Values of Soil Suction - 01 May 2010

GTJ102609: Effect of Permeant Water on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Exhumed GCLs - 01 May 2010

GTJ102686: Performance Tests for the Selection of Fabrics and Additives When Used as Geotextile Bags, Containers, and Tubes - 01 May 2010

GTJ102802: Constant Rate of Loading Test on Ultra-Soft Soil - 01 May 2010

GTJ102897: Geotechnical Laboratory Measurements for Engineers - 01 May 2010

JTE102624: Application of Impedance Spectroscopy for Determining Fabric Anisotropy of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 May 2010

JTE102635: Evaluation of the Stiffness and Volumetric Behaviors of Medium Dense Sand under Principal Stress Rotations - 01 May 2010

JAI102583: Application of Thermogravimetric Analysis for the Proximate Analysis of Livestock Wastes - 01 March 2010

GTJ102278: Relationship between Low Strain Shear Modulus and Standard Penetration Test N Values - 01 March 2010

GTJ102348: An Oedometer for Studying Combined Effects of Temperature and Suction on Soils - 01 March 2010

GTJ102468: Recommended Practice for Full-Flow Penetrometer Testing and Analysis - 01 March 2010

GTJ102491: A Geosynthetic Modular Block Connection Creep Test Apparatus, Methodology, and Interpretation - 01 March 2010

GTJ102561: Interpretation of Resistivity Piezocone Tests in a Contaminated Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Site - 01 March 2010

GTJ101634: Preparation of a Large Size Granular Specimen Using a Rainer System with a Porous Plate - 01 January 2010

GTJ102209: Determination of Plastic and Liquid Limits Using the Reverse Extrusion Technique - 01 January 2010

GTJ102246: True Triaxial Piping Test Apparatus for Evaluation of Piping Potential in Earth Structures - 01 January 2010

GTJ102354: Small-Strain Shear Modulus and Strength Increase of Cement-Treated Clay - 01 January 2010

GTJ102366: Electrical Resistivity Tomography in Cylindrical Cells—Guidelines for Hardware Pre-Design - 01 January 2010

GTJ102375: A Transparent Water-Based Polymer for Simulating Multiphase Flow - 01 January 2010

GTJ102390: Matric Suction Measurement in Stress Path Cyclic Triaxial Testing of Unbound Granular Base Materials - 01 January 2010

GTJ102410: Field Behavior of a Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall with a Wrap-Around Facing - 01 January 2010

GTJ102649: Residual Strength of Liquefied Sand Measured in a Ring Shear Device - 01 January 2010

GTJ102708: The Development and Testing of an Instrumented Open-Ended Model Pile - 01 January 2010

JTE102323: Position Reporting Error of Intelligent Compaction and Continuous Compaction Control Roller-Measured Soil Properties - 01 January 2010

JTE102378: Laboratory Performance Evaluation of Subgrade Soils Stabilized with Sulfate-Bearing Cementitious Additives - 01 January 2010

GTJ101689: New Methodology for Source Characterization in Pulse Velocity Testing - 01 November 2009

GTJ102155: Learning Method for In-Situ Soil Classification Based on Texture Characteristics - 01 November 2009

GTJ102201: Development of a Modified Axis Translation Technique for Measuring SWCCs for Gravel Soils at Very Low Suctions - 01 November 2009

GTJ102205: Re-evaluation of Laboratory Cone Penetration Method for High Liquid Limit Based on Free Swell Property of Soil - 01 November 2009

GTJ102216: Image Analysis for the Quantification of a Developing Crack Network on a Drying Soil - 01 November 2009

GTJ102277: Laboratory Evaluation of Geogrid Base Reinforcement and Corresponding Instrumentation Program - 01 November 2009

GTJ102372: On the Measurement of Water Pressure in Soils with High Suction Tensiometers - 01 November 2009

GTJ102435: Novel Computer-Controlled Saturation of Dynamic Centrifuge Models Using High Viscosity Fluids - 01 November 2009

GTJ102460: Evaluation of Soil-Geogrid Pullout Models Using a Statistical Approach - 01 November 2009

JTE102362: Analyzing Settling of Fine-Grained Soil by Electrical Resistance Measurements - 01 November 2009

JAI102251: Adaptation of the Micro-Deval Test for Assessing the Surface Weathering Degree of Granite - 01 October 2009

JAI101826: A Comparative Evaluation of Various Additives Used in the Stabilization of Sulfate Bearing Lean Clay - 01 September 2009

JAI102160: Polychlorinated Biphenyl Transport from Consolidation of Contaminated Sediments During In Situ Capping - 01 September 2009

JAI102166: Speciation and Mobility Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Coastal Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Ash Landfill - 01 September 2009

GTJ101318: Modified Pressure Plate Apparatus and Column Testing Device for Measuring SWCC of Sand - 01 September 2009

GTJ101563: Direct Tensile-Shear Test (DTS) on Unsaturated Kaolinite Clay - 01 September 2009

GTJ101931: Generalized Fitting Parameters of Three Permeability Functions for Predicting Water Coefficient of Permeability of Lateritic Soil - 01 September 2009

GTJ102006: Evaluation of Practical Procedure for Compaction Density and Unit Weight of Rockfill Material - 01 September 2009

GTJ102154: Laminar Box System for 1-g Physical Modeling of Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading - 01 September 2009

GTJ102187: Development of a Large-Scale Infiltration Tank for Determination of the Hydraulic Properties of Expansive Clays - 01 September 2009

GTJ102217: A Miniature Falling Weight Device for Non-Intrusive Characterization of Soils in the Centrifuge - 01 September 2009

GTJ102231: Influence of Local Site Conditions on the Reliability of Fundamental-Mode Surface Wave Inversion Methods - 01 September 2009

JAI102104: Remediation of Harbor Sediments Contaminated by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon and Metals - 01 July 2009

JAI102108: Sediment Trend Analysis in Support of Unexploded Explosive Ordnance Risk Assessment - 01 July 2009

JAI102119: Development and Application of an Analytical Method for the Determination of Partition Coefficients of Tributyltin in the Forth and Clyde Canal, Glasgow, Scotland - 01 July 2009

JAI102158: Dioxin Assessment in a River Flood Plain: Soil and Sediment Contamination - 01 July 2009

GTJ101593: Vertical Pullout Test for Measurement of Soil-Geomembrane Interface Friction Parameters - 01 July 2009

GTJ101712: Micro-Cone Penetrometer for More Concise Subsurface Layer Detection - 01 July 2009

GTJ101752: Linear Regression Models for Predicting Liquefaction during Cyclic Triaxial Testing - 01 July 2009

GTJ101828: Penetration Rate Effect on Miniature Cone Tip Resistance for Different Cohesionless Materials - 01 July 2009

GTJ101889: Measurement of Roller Compactor Induced Triaxial Soil Stresses and Strains - 01 July 2009

GTJ101960: A Note on the Determination of Plastic Limit of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 July 2009

GTJ102033: A Large-Scale Triaxial Apparatus for Prototype Railroad Ballast Testing - 01 July 2009

GTJ102051: Critical Evaluation of Determining Swelling Pressure by Swell-Load Method and Constant Volume Method - 01 July 2009

GTJ102055: Design of a Robot and Test Procedure for the Dynamic Testing of Anchorages in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 July 2009

JTE101507: Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in the Determination of Alumina in Deodorants Using Complexometric Method - 01 July 2009

JAI102120: Isolation of Tributyltin-Degrading Bacteria Citrobacter braakii and Enterobacter cloacae from Butyltin-Polluted Sediment - 01 June 2009

JAI102159: Evaluating Management Options for the Disposal of Dredged Sediments - 01 June 2009

JAI102164: Verification of Site Cleanup Using a Dual-Equilibrium Desorption Model - 01 June 2009

JAI102168: An Innovative Solution for Managing Waterworks Sludge: Developing an Alum Sludge-Based Multistage Constructed Wetland System for Wastewater Treatment - 01 June 2009

JAI102169: Chemical Speciation and Heavy Metal Mobility in Contaminated Marine Sediments - 01 June 2009

JAI102182: Contaminated Sediment Management by Capping and Deep Water Confined Aquatic Disposal in the Harbor of Oslo - 01 June 2009

JAI102184: A New Approach to Sustainable Canal Sediment Management in Scotland - 01 June 2009

JAI102101: Distribution and Correlation of Tributyltin and Organic Matter in the Sediments of Hakata Bay, Japan - 01 May 2009

JAI102141: Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Mercury-Contaminated Tailing Dam Sediments - 01 May 2009

GTJ101416: Suction Measurements as Indicators of Sample Quality in Soft Clay - 01 May 2009

GTJ101438: Proposed Protocol for Characterizing a Clay Layer Subjected to Bending - 01 May 2009

GTJ101448: An Improved Rotating Cylinder Test Design for Laboratory Measurement of Erosion in Clayey Soils - 01 May 2009

GTJ101588: A Review of the No Erosion Filter Test - 01 May 2009

GTJ101590: A Rockfill Triaxial Cell with Suction Control - 01 May 2009

GTJ101632: Determination of Selected Geotechnical Properties of Soil Using Electrical Conductivity Testing - 01 May 2009

GTJ101704: Comparison of Light Weight Deflectometer Measurements for Pavement Foundation Materials - 01 May 2009

GTJ101719: Standardization of Test Procedure for Tension Test on Coir Yarns and Woven Coir Geotextiles - 01 May 2009

GTJ101733: A New Ring Shear Device to Measure the Large Displacement Shearing Behavior of Sands - 01 May 2009

GTJ101845: Model Footing Load Tests on Soft Rocks - 01 May 2009

JTE101993: Estimation of Subgrade Soils Resilient Modulus from in-situ Devices Test Results - 01 May 2009

JAI102134: Long-Term Properties of Airfoam-Treated Lightweight Soil Made from Dredged Clay - 01 April 2009

JAI102146: Effects of Amendment Materials on Cement-Solidified Contaminated Marine Sediments—Mechanical Stability and Leaching of Heavy Metals - 01 April 2009

JAI102152: Determination of Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of Surface Sediment Contamination in an Irish River and Estuarine System - 01 April 2009

JAI102173: Treatment of Salted Road Runoffs Using Typha latifolia, Spergularia canadensis, and Atriplex patula: A Comparison of Their Salt Removal Potential - 01 April 2009

JAI102181: Ecotoxicological Assessment of an In-Lake Remediation Method - 01 April 2009

JAI102165: Experimental Studies on Coupled Treatment of Chromite Ore Processing Residue - 01 March 2009

JAI102170: Natural Attenuation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in On-Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems - 01 March 2009

JAI102185: Effect of Contaminated Suspended Solids on Water and Sediment Qualities and Their Treatment - 01 March 2009

GTJ100974: A Framework Interpreting Bender Element Tests, Combining Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain Methods - 01 March 2009

GTJ101034: Analysis of Radial Consolidation Test Data Using a log-log Method - 01 March 2009

GTJ101058: Interpreting Slug Tests with Large Data Sets - 01 March 2009

GTJ101366: An Instrumented Flume to Investigate the Mechanics of Rainfall-Induced Landslides in Unsaturated Granular Soils - 01 March 2009

GTJ101450: Residual Fluid as a Source of Error in Bubble Point Testing - 01 March 2009

GTJ101469: Characterizing Bond Breakages in Cemented Sands Using a MEMS Accelerometer - 01 March 2009

GTJ101631: Using High Speed Video Imaging in the Study of Cracking Processes in Rock - 01 March 2009

GTJ101636: Pile Settlement and Uplift in Liquefying Sand Deposit - 01 March 2009

GTJ101703: Development of a Direct Simple Shear Apparatus for Peat Soils - 01 March 2009

GTJ102013: A Simple Method for Estimating Poisson’s Ratio of Geosynthetics at Zero Strain - 01 March 2009

JTE101989: A Critical Review of the Methodologies Employed for Determination of Tensile Strength of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 March 2009

JAI101643: Design and Results of a Study to Measure Environmental Factors in Airliner Cabins and to Assess the Health and Comfort of Passengers and Crew Using Surveys - 01 February 2009

JAI101497: Soil Water Measurements Relevant to Agronomic and Environmental Functions of Chemically Treated Soil - 01 January 2009

GTJ100796: An Empirical Relationship for Determining Shear Wave Velocity in Granular Materials Accounting for Grain Morphology - 01 January 2009

GTJ100803: Evaluation of Shear Wave Velocity Based Soil Liquefaction Resistance Criteria by Centrifuge Tests - 01 January 2009

GTJ100972: Estimation of the Apparent Permeability in the Dynamic Centrifuge Tests - 01 January 2009

GTJ101047: Membrane Penetration Remedy for the Testing of Lightly Cemented Scrap Rubber Tire Chips - 01 January 2009

GTJ101219: Shear Load Tests on Stone Columns With and Without Geosynthetic Encasement - 01 January 2009

GTJ101311: Evaluation of Rock Bolt Integrity using Guided Ultrasonic Waves - 01 January 2009

GTJ101484: An In Situ Test Method for Evaluating the Coupled Pore Pressure Generation and Nonlinear Shear Modulus Behavior of Liquefiable Soils - 01 January 2009

GTJ101659: Modified Ohio’s Curves: A Rapid Estimation of Compaction Curves for Coarse- and Fine-Grained Soils - 01 January 2009

GTJ101727: Determination of Shrinkage Limit of Fine-Grained Soils by Wax Method - 01 January 2009

JTE101542: Experimental determination of coupled thermal-mechanical effects on fracture toughness of sandstone - 01 January 2009

JAI101591: A Review on Advanced Treatment Methods for Arsenic Contaminated Soils and Water - 01 November 2008

GTJ100761: An Apparatus for Direct Shear, Pullout, and Uniaxial Testing of Geogrids - 01 November 2008

GTJ100810: Coefficient of Consolidation by the Slope Method - 01 November 2008

GTJ101099: A Revised Contact Filter Paper Method - 01 November 2008

GTJ101225: Characterization of Locked Sand from Northeastern Alberta - 01 November 2008

GTJ101383: Profiling of Heterogeneous Soil Using the Nuclear-Density Cone Penetrometer - 01 November 2008

GTJ101429: Methylene Blue Surface Area Method to Correlate with Specific Soil Properties - 01 November 2008

GTJ101514: Determination of Diffusion Characteristics of Intact Rock Mass: A Critical Evaluation - 01 November 2008

GTJ101575: Effects of Particle Shape and Gradation on the Results of Miniature DCP Tests in Sand - 01 November 2008

GTJ100971: Soil Stiffness Evaluation for Compaction Control of Cohesionless Embankments - 01 September 2008

GTJ101026: A Modified Triaxial Cell for Stress-Path Testing of Weak Rock (Hard Soils) - 01 September 2008

GTJ101237: Direct Shear Testing of a Marginal Material Using a Large Shear Box - 01 September 2008

GTJ101276: Comparison of Averaging Procedures for Point Load Testing of Rock - 01 September 2008

GTJ101335: A New Technique for Monitoring Movement of Buried Objects Using an Electrode Switching System - 01 September 2008

GTJ101367: EIT Oedometer: An Advanced Cell to Monitor Spatial and Time Variability in Soil with Electrical and Seismic Measurements - 01 September 2008

GTJ101373: New Slurry Displacement Method for Reconstitution of Highly Gap-Graded Specimens for Laboratory Element Testing - 01 September 2008

GTJ101411: Potential Phase Unwrapping Errors Associated with SASW Measurements at Soft-Over-Stiff Sites - 01 September 2008

GTJ101465: Large-Scale Model Footing Tests on Geogrid-Reinforced Foundation and Marginal Embankment Soils - 01 September 2008

GTJ101487: A Miniature Cone for Measuring the Slump of Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall Backfill - 01 September 2008

JAI101629: Kinetics and Reaction Products of Ozone and Surface-Bound Squalene - 01 July 2008

GTJ100220: Sand-to-Concrete Interface Response to Complex Load Paths in a Large Displacement Shear Box - 01 July 2008

GTJ100755: A Computer-Controlled Triaxial Test Apparatus for Measuring Swelling Characteristics of Reconstituted Clay-Bearing Rock - 01 July 2008

GTJ100768: A Polyaxial System for Testing of Jointed Rock Mass Models - 01 July 2008

GTJ100792: Calibration Chamber Modeling of Compaction Grouting - 01 July 2008

GTJ100804: Measurement of Normal Pressures and Friction Forces Acting on Buried Pipes Subjected to Cyclic Axial Displacements in Laboratory Experiments - 01 July 2008

GTJ100969: Prediction of Effective Porosity of Contaminated Fine Grained Soils Using Electrical Properties - 01 July 2008

GTJ100990: Influence of Mica Content on Time Domain Reflectometry and Soil Water Characteristic Curve of Coarse Granular Materials - 01 July 2008

GTJ101307: Effect of Specimen Preparation Method on the Stress-Strain Behavior of Sand in Plane-Strain Compression Tests - 01 July 2008

JAI101640: An Attempt to Characterize the Frequency, Health Impact, and Operational Costs of Oil in the Cabin and Flight Deck Supply Air on U.S. Commercial Aircraft - 01 May 2008

JAI101647: Measurement of Physical Environmental Parameters and Apparent Ventilation Rates Aboard Passenger Aircraft - 01 May 2008

JAI101651: Fainting Passengers: The Role of Cabin Environment - 01 May 2008

GTJ100005: Modified Fluid Loss Test as an Improved Measure of Hydraulic Conductivity for Bentonite - 01 May 2008

GTJ100722: Uniformity of Axial Displacement in Element Testing - 01 May 2008

GTJ100859: Simple Shear Test for Interfaces Between Core and Filter Soils in Rock-Fill Dams - 01 May 2008

GTJ100896: Correlation Between Miniature Cone Tip Resistance and Shear Strength Parameters of Clean and Silty Sand Using a Conventional Triaxial Setup - 01 May 2008

GTJ100936: Laboratory Procedure to Obtain Well-Mixed Soil Binder Samples of Medium Stiff to Stiff Expansive Clayey Soil for Deep Soil Mixing Simulation - 01 May 2008

GTJ101152: Development of a Modified in situ Direct Shear Test Technique to Determine Shear Strength Parameters of Mine Rock Piles - 01 May 2008

GTJ101259: A New Laboratory Apparatus to Evaluate Hydrodynamic Dispersibility of Soil During Ocean Dumping - 01 May 2008

GTJ101325: Measuring “Fast” Shear Strengths Along Slickensided Surfaces in the Bromhead Ring Shear - 01 May 2008

GTJ101397: Detecting Subsurface Voids Using Ground-Coupled Penetrating Radar - 01 May 2008

JTE101030: Dynamic Characteristics of Different Aspect Ratios of Small Hydraulic Orifices Using a Pressure Square Wave Generator - 01 May 2008

JTE101193: Comparing Moisture Meter Readings with Measured Equilibrium Moisture Content of Gypsum Board - 01 May 2008

JTE101404: Stress History Effects on Consolidation and Permeability Behavior of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 May 2008

JAI101638: Modular, Portable, Reconfigurable, and Wireless Sensing System for the Aircraft Cabin - 01 April 2008

JAI100464: Temperature Effects on Physical Properties and Mechanical Behavior of Granite: Experimental Investigation of Material Damage - 01 March 2008

GTJ100001: Physical Modeling of Landslide Stabilization Methods in an Overconsolidated Clay - 01 March 2008

GTJ100022: Effect of Specimen Size on Quasi-Elastic Properties of Toyoura Sand in Hollow Cylinder Triaxial and Torsional Shear Tests - 01 March 2008

GTJ100322: Estimation of Osmotic Suction from Electrical Conductivity and Water Content Measurements in Unsaturated Soils - 01 March 2008

GTJ100548: Determination of Cylindrical Soil Specimen Dimensions by Imaging with Application to Volume Change of Bentonite-Sand Mixtures - 01 March 2008

GTJ100611: One-Dimensional Compression Tests on Stabilized Clays Incorporating Shear Wave Velocity Measurements - 01 March 2008

GTJ100720: Experiment Setup for Shear Wave and Electrical Resistance Measurements in an Oedometer - 01 March 2008

GTJ100729: Camera Calibration Using Neural Network for Image-Based Soil Deformation Measurement Systems - 01 March 2008

GTJ100911: Influence of Test Method on Direct Shear Behavior of Segmental Retaining Wall Units - 01 March 2008

GTJ100963: A Simple Triaxial System for Evaluating the Performance of Unsaturated Soils Under Repeated Loading - 01 March 2008

GTJ100964: An Oedometer-Type Pressure Plate SWCC Apparatus - 01 March 2008

GTJ100207: A New Slurry-Based Method of Preparation of Specimens of Sand Containing Fines - 01 January 2008

GTJ100217: Development of a True Triaxial Apparatus for Sands and Gravels - 01 January 2008

GTJ100305: Evaluation of the First Mode of Vibration and Base Fixidity in Resonant-Column Testing - 01 January 2008

GTJ100552: Characterization of Glyben for Seismic Applications - 01 January 2008

GTJ100646: A Suction-Control Apparatus for the Measurement of P and S-wave Velocity in Soils - 01 January 2008

GTJ100769: Monitoring Field Soil Suction Using a Miniature Tensiometer - 01 January 2008

GTJ100773: Effects of Specimen Size and Some Other Factors on the Strength and Deformation of Granular Soil in Direct Shear Tests - 01 January 2008

GTJ100800: Suction Equilibration Time for a High Capacity Tensiometer - 01 January 2008

GTJ100878: Reproducibility of Direct Shear Tests Conducted on Granular Backfill Materials - 01 January 2008

GTJ101007: Oedometer Consolidation Test Analysis by Nonlinear Regression - 01 January 2008

JTE100587: Determination of Material Properties of Functionally Graded Plate Using the Dispersion of Guided Waves and an Artificial Neural Network - 01 January 2008

JTE101172: Field Evaluation of Tire-Road Noise Using a New Close Proximity Method - 01 January 2008

GTJ100011: Shear Strength Estimation of Sandy Soils Using Shear Wave Velocity - 01 November 2007

GTJ100534: A Novel Trimming Technique for Frozen Sand Specimens - 01 November 2007

GTJ100653: A Laboratory Model to Study Arching within a Hydraulic Fill Stope - 01 November 2007

GTJ100735: Local Radial Displacement Measurements of Soil Specimens in a Triaxial Test Apparatus Using Laser Transducers - 01 November 2007

GTJ100781: A New Automatic Device for Measuring Large Volume Changes - 01 November 2007

GTJ100889: Influence of Membrane and Filter Paper on Plane-Strain Testing of Soft Sedimentary Rock - 01 November 2007

GTJ100923: A Numerical View into Direct Shear Specimen Size Effects - 01 November 2007

GTJ100954: A Column Apparatus for Investigation of 1-D Unsaturated-Saturated Response of Sand-Geotextile Systems - 01 November 2007

GTJ101017: Measuring Drained Residual Strengths in the Bromhead Ring Shear - 01 November 2007

GTJ100850: Rapid Pseudo-Static Measurement of Hysteretic Capillary Pressure-Saturation Relationships in Unconsolidated Porous Media - 00 November 2007

GTJ100518: Digitally Controlled Simple Shear Apparatus for Dynamic Soil Testing - 01 September 2007

GTJ100617: Probabilistic CPT Method for Estimating the Ultimate Capacity of Friction Piles - 01 September 2007

JTE100192: Testing of Salt-Contaminated Materials: Use of Aqueous Solutions for Control of Relative Humidity - 01 September 2007

GTJ100096: Comparison of Chilled-mirror Measurements and Filter Paper Estimates of Total Soil Suction - 00 September 2007

GTJ100623: A New Isotropic Cell for Studying the Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Unsaturated Expansive Clays - 00 September 2007

GTJ100655: Shear Wave Velocity of a Compacted Clayey Silt - 00 September 2007

GTJ100656: Centrifuge Modeling of Surface Blast Effects on Underground Structures - 00 September 2007

GTJ100751: Study of a Displacement Measurement Method Inside a Small-Sized Model Ground in Laboratory Test - 00 September 2007

GTJ100797: Effects of Swelling During Saturation in Triaxial Tests in Clays - 00 September 2007

GTJ100927: Uplift Behavior of Horizontal Anchor Plates Buried in Geosynthetic Reinforced Slopes - 00 September 2007

GTJ14066: Centrifuge Seismic Modeling of Pile-Supported Wharves - 00 September 2007

JTE100771: History and Accomplishments of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) Monitoring and Measurement Technology (MMT) Program - 00 September 2007

JAI100595: A Generalized Relationship for Estimating Dielectric Constant of Soils - 01 July 2007

GTJ100206: Sample Preparation of Silts for Liquefaction Testing - 00 July 2007

GTJ100228: Acoustic Compressional Wave Velocity as aqa Predictor of Glacio-marine Sediment Grain Size - 00 July 2007

GTJ100511: A Large Diameter Triaxial Apparatus to Measure Pore Pressure and Displacements on aqa Pre-existing Shear Zone/Plane - 00 July 2007

GTJ100592: Design of a Miniature Piezoprobe for Highqa Resolution Stratigraphic Profiling - 00 July 2007

GTJ100648: An In-situ Device for Rapid Determinationqa of Permeability for Granular Bases - 00 July 2007

GTJ100664: A Short-circuit Electromagnetic Sensor for Measurement of Soil Complex Permittivity - 00 July 2007

GTJ100700: An Alternative Test Method for Assessingqa Consistency Limits - 00 July 2007

GTJ100715: Experimental Study on Fracture Behavior of a Silty Clay - 00 July 2007

GTJ12639: Triaxial Compression of Clay Reinforced with Sand-Coir Fiber Core - 00 July 2007

GTJ14193: Identification of Collapsible Soil Using the Fall Cone Apparatus - 00 July 2007

GTJ100164: Representative Elementary Volume Analysis of Sands Using X-Ray Computed Tomography - 01 May 2007

GTJ100539: Use of a Differential Pressure Transducer for the Monitoring of Soil Volume Change in Cyclic Triaxial Test on Unsaturated Soils - 01 May 2007

GTJ100576: Removable Borehole Extensometers for Measuring Axial Displacements During Well Tests - 01 May 2007

GTJ100663: Comparative Evaluation of Geotextile Pore Sizes Using Bubble Point Test and Image Analysis - 01 May 2007

GTJ100731: The Suitability of the Osmotic Technique for the Long-term Testing of Partly Saturated Soils - 01 May 2007

GTJ13138: Rate-Controlled Lateral-load Pile Tests Using a Robotic Manipulator in Centrifuge - 01 May 2007

GTJ13301: Interface Direct Shear Testing of Unsaturated Soil - 01 May 2007

GTJ12624: Void Ratio-Suction Behavior of Remolded Ariake Clays - 00 May 2007

GTJ100012: Comprehensive Wave Propagation Model to Improve TDR Interpretations for Geotechnical Applications - 01 March 2007

GTJ100054: Shear Testing of Soft Rock Masses - 01 March 2007

GTJ100067: Falling-Head Permeability Tests in an Unconfined Sand Aquifer - 01 March 2007

GTJ100124: The Elastomer Gage for Local Strain Measurement in Monotonic and Cyclic Soil Testing - 01 March 2007

GTJ100223: Strength of Sands in Wedge Shear, Triaxial Shear, and Shear Box Tests - 01 March 2007

GTJ100262: Measuring Radial Total Stresses on Model Suction Caissons in Clay - 01 March 2007

GTJ100309: Automated Digital Image Processing for Volume Change Measurement in Triaxial Cells - 01 March 2007

GTJ100385: A Drainage Column Test for Determining Unsaturated Properties of Coarse Materials - 01 March 2007

GTJ100453: Simulation of Pressuremeter Shearing Mode by True Triaxial Apparatus - 01 March 2007

GTJ12704: Instrumentation of an Unsaturated Expansive Soil Slope - 01 March 2007

JTE100159: Statistical Correlations Between Seismic Wave Velocities and SPT Blow Counts and the Relative Density of Soils - 01 March 2007

JTE100184: Accelerated Diffusion Test on the Intact Rock Mass - 01 March 2007

JAI100519: Micro-Deval Test for the Assessment of Bituminous Aggregate Durability - 01 January 2007

JAI100523: An Application of Thermal Analysis to Household Waste - 01 January 2007

GTJ100002: Modified Ring Shear Apparatus for Unsaturated Soils Testing - 01 January 2007

GTJ100026: The Development of a Suction Control System for a Triaxial Apparatus - 01 January 2007

GTJ100167: An Improved Volume Measurement for Determining Soil Water Retention Curves - 01 January 2007

GTJ100306: Flowable Fill as Geotechnical Material in Highway Cross-Drain Trenches - 01 January 2007

GTJ100308: Bubblepoint Testing of Geotextiles: Apparatus and Operation - 01 January 2007

GTJ100317: Methods for Deriving p-y Curves from Instrumented Lateral Load Tests - 01 January 2007

GTJ100455: Evaluation of Various Pedo-Transfer Functions for Developing Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of a Silty Soil - 01 January 2007

GTJ100500: Detecting and Quantifying Leakage Through Defective Borehole Seals: A New Methodology and Laboratory Verification - 01 January 2007

GTJ14072: Procedures Used for Dynamically Laterally Loaded Pile Tests in a Centrifuge - 01 January 2007

JTE100103: V-Notched Shear Specimens for the Inclined Double Notch Shear Test - 01 January 2007

JTE12436J: Dynamic Testing of Materials with the Rotating Disk Indirect Bar-Bar Tensile Impact Apparatus - 01 January 2007

JAI100287: New Approaches in Investigation of Removal Mechanisms during Copper Chemical-Mechanical Polishing - 01 November 2006

JAI100618: A New Concept for Leak Testing Environmental Enclosure Filtration Systems - 01 November 2006

GTJ100009: Rapid Estimation of Compaction Parameters for Field Control - 01 November 2006

GTJ100169: Measurement of Rock Joint Roughness by 3D Scanner - 01 November 2006

GTJ100216: An Innovative Laboratory Box for Testing Nail Pull-Out Resistance in Soil - 01 November 2006

GTJ100304: A Micropenetrometer for Detecting Structural Strength Inside Soft Soils - 01 November 2006

GTJ100307: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Injected Sand with Latex—Superplasticized Grouts - 01 November 2006

GTJ100312: Specimen Size and Scale Effects of Direct Shear Box Tests of Sands - 01 November 2006

GTJ100316: Analysis of Installation of FDR Sensors in a Hard Soil - 01 November 2006

GTJ100439: Investigations on Sand Reinforced with Different Geosynthetics - 01 November 2006

GTJ12730: Interpreting Variable-head Tests Performed in Open Boreholes or Monitoring Wells with Several Screens - 01 November 2006

JTE100032: Analyzing the Crushing of Granular Materials by Sound Analysis Technique - 01 November 2006

JTE100146: IT Projects Performance Indices and Evaluation - 01 November 2006

JAI100286: Variables Affecting the ASTM Standard C 311 Loss on Ignition Test for Fly Ash - 01 September 2006

GTJ100024: Image Processing Technique for Determining the Concentration of a Chemical in a Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium - 01 September 2006

GTJ100183: Large Dynamic Direct Shear Machine for Geosynthetic Clay Liners - 01 September 2006

GTJ100201: Use of a Downhole Block Sampler for Very Soft Organic Soils - 01 September 2006

GTJ100213: A New Centrifugal Testing Method: Descending Gravity Test - 01 September 2006

GTJ100221: Evaluation of Quasi-Elastic Properties of Gravel Using a Large-Scale True Triaxial Apparatus - 01 September 2006

GTJ100225: Large-scale Apparatus for Monotonic and Cyclic Soil-Structure Interface Test - 01 September 2006

GTJ12553: Development of a Direct Shear Apparatus with Rock Joints and Its Verification Tests - 01 September 2006

GTJ14004: The Use of Filter-Paper and Suction-Plate Methods for Determining the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of Undisturbed Colluvium Soils - 01 September 2006

GTJ14104: Nonlinear Curve-Fitting Procedures for Developing Soil-Water Characteristic Curves - 01 September 2006

JTE14117: Testing of Rock Climbing Anchors - 01 September 2006

JAI100397: Perchlorate Accumulation and Potential Exposure from Durum Wheat Irrigated with Colorado River Water - 01 July 2006

JAI100398: Assessing Human Exposure to Perchlorate Using Biomonitoring - 01 July 2006

JAI13313: Chromite Ore Processing Residue (COPR): Hazardous Contaminated Soil or Solid Waste? - 01 July 2006

JAI13315: Effect of Acid Treatment Agent of Sea Laver on Geoenvironmental Properties of Tidal Flat Muds in the Ariake Sea - 01 July 2006

JAI13317: Disposal of Dredged Material in a Local Confined Disposal Facility: Budgeting and Accounting of Contaminant Transport - 01 July 2006

JAI13318: Contamination of Sediments and Proposed Containment Technique in a Wood Pool in Shimizu, Japan - 01 July 2006

JAI13323: Material Behavior of Dredged Contaminated Sediments from Simple Laboratory and Oedometer Tests - 01 July 2006

JAI13324: Efficiency of Arsenic Removal Unit Working in Bangladesh and Cement Stabilization of Its Sludge - 01 July 2006

JAI13325: Consolidation Yield Stress of Osaka-Bay Pleistocene Clay with Reference to Calcium Carbonate Contents - 01 July 2006

JAI13326: Biochemical Effects on the Long-Term Mobility of Heavy Metals in Marine Clay at Coastal Landfill Sites - 01 July 2006

JAI13328: Current Status of Estrogenlike Compounds in Sediments in Enclosed Sea Areas - 01 July 2006

JAI13332: The Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Trace Metals in Sediments of a Highly Urbanized Watershed - 01 July 2006

JAI13337: Evaluation of the Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Sediment in Continuous Flow Tests with Selective Sequential Extraction - 01 July 2006

JAI13338: Overview of Natural Attenuation of Sediments - 01 July 2006

JAI13346: Seawater Quality, Suspended Solids, and Settling Particles in the Wood Pool Area of Shimizu Port, Japan - 01 July 2006

JAI13348: Effect of Specimen Size on Consolidation Parameters of Marine Clay Deposits - 01 July 2006

JAI13349: Microstructure, Strength, and Consolidation Properties of Ariake Clay Deposits Obtained from Samplers - 01 July 2006

JAI13351: Transport Phenomena of Volatile Solute in Soil during Bioventing Technology - 01 July 2006

JAI13354: Applicability of Cement-Stabilized Mud Soil as Embankment Material - 01 July 2006

JAI13374: Environmental Monitoring of the Sediment Pollution along the Thai:Laos Mekong - 01 July 2006

JAI13887: The Lasting Effect of Sand Capping Techniques on Nutrient Release Reduction from Contaminated Sediments in Tokyo Bay - 01 July 2006

GTJ100021: A Large Permeameter for Study of Internal Stability in Cohesionless Soils - 01 July 2006

GTJ100200: Centrifuge Testing of Offshore Filters - 01 July 2006

GTJ100226: A Device to Cyclic Lateral Loaded Model Piles - 01 July 2006

GTJ100273: Consolidation Characteristics and Undrained Strength of Saturated Soft Clay under Repeated Impact Loading - 01 July 2006

GTJ100454: Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of a Large Oedometer - 01 July 2006

GTJ12633: A New Setup for Measuring Go during Laboratory Compaction - 01 July 2006

GTJ12720: Viscous Effects on the Stress-Strain Behavior of Gravelly Soil in Drained Triaxial Compression - 01 July 2006

GTJ13302: Monitoring the Hydraulic Conductivity of Crushing Sands - 01 July 2006

GTJ14093: Development of TDR Penetrometer Through Theoretical and Laboratory Investigations: 1. Measurement of Soil Dielectric Permittivity - 01 July 2006

GTJ14315: Development of TDR Penetrometer through Theoretical and Laboratory Investigations: 2. Measurement of Soil Electrical Conductivity - 01 July 2006

JTE12009: Determination of Thermal Properties of Soils in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 July 2006

JTE12440: Fault Detection in a Water Hydraulic Motor Using a Wavelet Transform - 01 July 2006

JAI12243: An Evaluation of Aerosol- and Liquid-Generated Silica Samples for Proficiency Analytical Testing - 01 June 2006

JAI13305: Electrokinetic Dewatering and Sedimentation of Dredged Contaminated Sediment - 01 June 2006

JAI13306: Remediation Technology for Boron and Fluoride Contaminated Sediments Using Green Plants - 01 June 2006

JAI13307: Electrokinetically Enhanced Settlement and Remediation of Contaminated Sediment - 01 June 2006

JAI13309: An Investigation of the Heaving Mechanism Related to Chromite Ore Processing Residue - 01 June 2006

JAI13314: Investigation of Barium Treatment of Chromite Ore Processing Residue (COPR) 031 - 01 June 2006

JAI13316: Optical Tests on the Slow Release of Biogenic Gas Bubbles in Sediment - 01 June 2006

JAI13319: Development of Filtration System for Removal of Contaminated Suspended Solids in an Enclosed Sea Area - 01 June 2006

JAI13321: A Combined Method: Precipitation and Capping, to Attenuate Eutrophication in Canadian Lakes - 01 June 2006

JAI13322: Development of an In Situ Biodegradation Technology by Using Anaerobic Micro-Organisms for Sediment Contaminated with Dioxins - 01 June 2006

JAI13327: Permeability Characteristics of Lake Kojima Sediment and Their Improvement - 01 June 2006

JAI13330: Monitoring Heavy Metal Transport in Aquifer Based on Electrical Property Measurements - 01 June 2006

JAI13331: Development of an Acoustical Method for Measuring the Transition Layer of Surficial Marine Sediments - 01 June 2006

JAI13334: Modeling TPH Desorption in Unconsolidated Dune Sand during Remediation Using Dual-Equilibrium Desorption (DED) Model - 01 June 2006

JAI13336: Cadmium Transport in Volcanic Ash Soil During Citric Acid Solution Flow - 01 June 2006

JAI13340: Effect of Dispersivity of Filling Material on Performance of Contaminant Barrier - 01 June 2006

JAI13341: Effects of Salt on the Sorption of Lead by Marine Clay in Column Tests - 01 June 2006

JAI13342: Reactive Material Options for In Situ Capping - 01 June 2006

JAI13344: Electrokinetic Remediation of Contaminated Dredged Sediment - 01 June 2006

JAI13357: Groundwater Flow and Arsenic Contamination Analyses in Southern Bangladesh - 01 June 2006

JAI14084: Evaluation of Methodologies Used for Establishing Soil-Water Characteristic Curve - 01 June 2006

GTJ12189: A Multi-purpose Platform for Horizontal Subsurface Investigation - 01 May 2006

GTJ12299: Centrifuge Modeling of Solid Waste Landfill Systems—Part 1: Development of a Model Municipal Solid Waste - 01 May 2006

GTJ12341: An Improved Oedometer Apparatus to Measure Lateral Stress During Testing - 01 May 2006

GTJ12591: Determination of Maximum and Minimum Densities of Poorly Graded Sands Using a Simplified Method - 01 May 2006

GTJ12637: Constant Flow Method for Concurrently Measuring Soil-Water Characteristic Curve and Hydraulic Conductivity Function - 01 May 2006

GTJ12695: A Convenient Graphical Representation of Compaction Data - 01 May 2006

GTJ12699: New Sample Holder for the Preparation of Undisturbed Fine-Grained Soil Specimens for Laboratory Element Testing - 01 May 2006

GTJ13154: Application of Soil Stiffness Gauge in Assessing Small-Strain Stiffness of Sand with Different Fabrics and Densities - 01 May 2006

GTJ14125: The Filter Paper Method Revisited - 01 May 2006

GTJ14195: An Improved Experimental Test Set-up to Study the Performance of Granular Columns - 01 May 2006

GTJ14314: Centrifuge Modeling of Solid Waste Landfill Systems—Part 2: Centrifuge Testing of Model Waste - 01 May 2006

JTE100048: Effects of Steel and Tungsten Carbide Ball Indenters on Rockwell Hardness Measurements - 01 May 2006

JTE14085: Durability Effects on Flexural Behavior of Fly Ash Stabilized Limestone Aggregate - 01 May 2006

JAI13256: Distribution and Ecology of Dreissena Polymorpha (Pallas) and Dreissena Bugensis (Andrusov) in the Upper Volga Basin - 01 April 2006

GTJ12124: An Empirical Relationship between Rock Structure Rating and Rock Mass Rating - 01 March 2006

GTJ12316: Interpretation of Pressuremeter Results for Design of a Diaphragm Wall - 01 March 2006

GTJ12621: Stress-Strain Behavior of a Granular Fill Measured by a New Plane-Strain Apparatus - 01 March 2006

GTJ12643: Drip Injection of Chemical Grouts: A New Apparatus - 01 March 2006

GTJ12652: Evaluation of Ultrasonic Testing in Rock Material Characterization - 01 March 2006

GTJ12686: Shear Strength and Stress-Strain behavior of Contaminated Soils - 01 March 2006

GTJ13143: A New Laboratory Apparatus for Grout Injection Studies - 01 March 2006

GTJ14000: Validation and Calibration of a Laboratory Experimental Setup for Cross-Well Radar in Sand - 01 March 2006

GTJ14010: Determination of the Transitional Fines Content of Mixtures of Sand and Non-plastic Fines - 01 March 2006

GTJ14014: Twin-Cell Stress Path Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 March 2006

GTJ14089: Shear Strength of Degraded Reconsitituted Municipal Solid Waste - 01 March 2006

JAI13376: Methodology for Determination of Hygroscopic Moisture Content of Soils - 01 February 2006

JAI12236: Crystalline Silica Analysis: A Comparison of Calibration Materials and Recent Coal Mine Dust Size Distributions - 01 January 2006

JAI13157: Opportunities for Standardization of Beryllium Sampling and Analysis - 01 January 2006

JAI13158: Sampling and Analysis of Beryllium at JET: Policy Cost and Impact - 01 January 2006

JAI13171: Opportunities for Development of Reference Materials for Beryllium - 01 January 2006

JAI13172: Use of Electrically Enhanced Aerosol Plasma Spectroscopy for Real-Time Characterization of Beryllium Particles - 01 January 2006

GTJ11380: In Situ Evaluation of Radioisotope Cone Penetrometers in Clays - 01 January 2006

GTJ11955: Apparatus for Evaluation of Hydromechanical Behavior of Porous Media Subjected to Environmental Changes - 01 January 2006

GTJ12129: New and Economical Mixing Method of Cement-Admixed Clay for DMM Application - 01 January 2006

GTJ12306: The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer in Compaction Verification on a Model Road Pavement - 01 January 2006

GTJ12310: Automated Triaxial Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 January 2006

GTJ12513: Measurement of Side Friction Between Specimen and Consolidation Ring with Newly Designed Oedometer Cell - 01 January 2006

GTJ12609: Effect on Measured Shear Strength of Wedge Shear Box Spacing - 01 January 2006

GTJ12649: A Large Biaxial Shear Box for Shaking Table Test on Saturated Sand - 01 January 2006

GTJ12657: CBR and DCP Correlation for Class C Fly Ash-Stabilized Soil - 01 January 2006

GTJ12667: Optimum Design of the Comparative Gas Pycnometer for Determining the Volume of Solid Particles - 01 January 2006

GTJ12747: Geotechnical Sensor System to Monitor Injected Liquids in Landfills - 01 January 2006

JAI13166: Determination of Beryllium Compounds by NIOSH 7303 - 01 November 2005

JAI13174: Characteristics of Beryllium Oxide and Beryllium Metal Powders for Use as Reference Materials - 01 November 2005

GTJ10406: Triaxial Ultra-Small Strain Measurements Using Laser Interferometry - 01 November 2005

GTJ11887: Comparison of Geotechnical Engineering Consolidation and Physical Science Filtration Testing Techniques for Soils and Suspensions - 01 November 2005

GTJ12112: A Simple Field Method to Qualify the State of Saturation in Capillary Barriers - 01 November 2005

GTJ12126: Optimization of Aspect Ratio of Waste Tire Shreds in Sand-Shred Mixtures Using CBR Tests - 01 November 2005

GTJ12130: Statistical Evaluation of the Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Lateritic Soil - 01 November 2005

GTJ12293: Combined TDR and P-Wave Velocity Measurements for the Determination of In Situ Soil Density—Experimental Study - 01 November 2005

GTJ12325: Engineering Properties of Wet-Pluviated Hollow Cylindrical Specimens - 01 November 2005

GTJ12511: Geotechnical Characterization and Sedimentation Behavior of Laterite Slurries - 01 November 2005

GTJ12516: Efficiency of Seepage Consolidation for Preparation of Clay Substrate for Centrifuge Testing - 01 November 2005

GTJ12679: A True Triaxial Apparatus for Soil Testing with Mixed Boundary Conditions - 01 November 2005

JTE12665: Evaluation of Shear Strength Functions Based on Soil Water Characteristic Curves - 01 November 2005

JAI13156: Interlaboratory Evaluation of a Portable Fluorescence Method for the Measurement of Trace Beryllium in the Workplace - 01 October 2005

JAI13168: Development of a New Fluorescence Method for the Detection of Beryllium on Surfaces - 01 October 2005

JAI13169: Standard Methods for Beryllium Sampling and Analysis: Availabilities and Needs - 01 October 2005

GTJ11432: Cantilever-Type Local Deformation Transducer for Local Axial Strain Measurement in Triaxial Test - 01 September 2005

GTJ11630: New Local System of Measurement of Axial Strains for Triaxial Apparatus Using LVDT - 01 September 2005

GTJ12188: Development and Calibration of a TDR Extensometer for Geotechnical Monitoring - 01 September 2005

GTJ12196: Measuring Shear Wave Velocity Using Bender Elements - 01 September 2005

GTJ12212: A Laboratory Device to Test the Pull-Out Behavior of Soil Nails - 01 September 2005

GTJ12527: Apparatus Induced Error in Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement Using a Lucite® Fixed Wall Permeameter - 01 September 2005

GTJ12584: Behavior of Granular Assemblies at High Velocity in a Large Open Shear Box - 01 September 2005

GTJ12646: Application of High-Speed Digital CCD Cameras to Observe Static and Dynamic Deformation Characteristics of Sand - 01 September 2005

GTJ12682: Experimental Study of Sand Production from a Supported Wellbore in Weakly Consolidated Sandstone - 01 September 2005

GTJ12751: Behavior of Embedded Footings Supported on Geogrid Cell Reinforced Foundation Beds - 01 September 2005

GTJ11768: Utilization of Quarry Dust to Improve the Geotechnical Properties of Soils in Highway Construction - 01 July 2005

GTJ11963: New Method to Determine the True Water Content of Organic Soils - 01 July 2005

GTJ12011: Laboratory Evaluation of Pullout Capacity of Reinforced Silty Sands in Drained and Undrained Conditions - 01 July 2005

GTJ12113: Liquid Extraction Using Prefabricated Vertical Wells (PVWs) Under Vacuum in Clay - 01 July 2005

GTJ12252: Development of a New Hollow Cylinder Apparatus for Stress Path Measurements over a Wide Strain Range - 01 July 2005

GTJ12307: Free Energy of Water-Suction-in Filter Papers - 01 July 2005

GTJ12539: Absorbed Energy and Compacted Cohesive Soil Performance - 01 July 2005

GTJ12574: The Effect of Gypsum Cementation on the Mechanical Behavior of Gravely Sands - 01 July 2005

GTJ12638: S-Wave Velocity Tomography: Small-Scale Laboratory Application - 01 July 2005

GTJ12675: Particle Density of Volcanic Scoria Determined by Water Pycnometry - 01 July 2005

GTJ12703: A Free-Standing Laboratory Pressure System - 01 July 2005

JAI13063: Impact of Sulfate Contamination on Swelling Behavior of Lime-Stabilized Clays - 01 June 2005

JAI12239: Development of SRMs 295x and 296x, Respirable Crystalline Silica on Filter - 01 May 2005

JAI12240: The Performance of Different Analytical Approaches Measuring Respirable Quartz In the Workplace Analysis Scheme for Proficiency (WASP) and the Precision and Limit of Detection of the Direct On-Air-Filter Analysis Methods - 01 May 2005

JAI13087: Generalized Archie's Law for Estimation of Soil Electrical Conductivity - 01 May 2005

GTJ11318: Measurement of Gmax and Estimation of K0 of Saturated Clay Using Bender Elements in an Oedometer - 01 May 2005

GTJ11697: Determination of Multidirectional p-y Curves for Soft Clays - 01 May 2005

GTJ11856: Dynamic Properties of Geosynthetic Interfaces - 01 May 2005

GTJ11968: Development of a New Hollow Cylinder Triaxial Apparatus for the Study of Expansion Tests in Clay - 01 May 2005

GTJ12447: Sealed Double-Ring Infiltrometers for Estimating Very Low Hydraulic Conductivities - 01 May 2005

GTJ12448: Vibratory Plate Loading of Compacted and Instrumented Field Soil Beds - 01 May 2005

GTJ12466: Collapse Behavior of Compacted Coal Ash Fills - 01 May 2005

GTJ12483: Determination of Surface and Thickness Characteristics of Textured Geomembranes Using Image Analysis - 01 May 2005

GTJ12514: Using the Velocity Graph Method to Interpret Rising-Head Permeability Tests after Dewatering the Screen - 01 May 2005

GTJ12542: Mini Compaction Test Apparatus for Fine Grained Soils - 01 May 2005

GTJ12656: A Simple Method for Air Volume Change Measurement in Triaxial Tests - 01 May 2005

JTE12680: Numerical Investigation of Joint Effect on Shock Wave Propagation in Jointed Rock Masses - 01 May 2005

JAI12229: Evaluation of Quartz Residue on Cassette Interiors of AIHA Proficiency Samples - 01 April 2005

JAI12231: Infrared Analysis of Respirable Coal Mine Dust for Quartz: Thirty-Five Years - 01 April 2005

GTJ11861: Development of an Apparatus to Investigate the Stress Variables Governing Unsaturated Soil Behavior - 01 March 2005

GTJ11960: Centrifuge Modeling of Rigid Square Footings on Weak Jointed Rock - 01 March 2005

GTJ12007: Blast-Induced Stress Wave Propagation and Attenuation: Centrifuge Model Versus Prototype Tests - 01 March 2005

GTJ12089: Laboratory Calibration of Earth Pressure Cells - 01 March 2005

GTJ12187: A New Free-Free Resonant Column Device for Measurement of Gmax and Dmin at Higher Confining Stresses - 01 March 2005

GTJ12224: Performance of Centrifuge Data Acquisition Systems Using Wireless Transmission - 01 March 2005

GTJ12248: An Evaluation of the Mechanical and Chemical Dispersion Methods for a Tropical Old Alluvium - 01 March 2005

GTJ12311: A Novel Triaxial Apparatus for Thermo-Mechanical Testing of Soils - 01 March 2005

GTJ12484: Measuring Soil Contact Pressure on a Solid Boundary and Quantifying Soil Arching - 01 March 2005

GTJ12595: P-Wave Reflection Imaging - 01 March 2005

GTJ12648: A Small True Triaxial Apparatus with Wave Velocity Measurement - 01 March 2005

JTE12225: Effect of Class C Fly Ash on the California Bearing Ratio Behavior of Soil-Fly Ash Mixes and Layered Systems - 01 March 2005

JAI12246: Silica Sampling and Analysis: Legal Issues Evolving from Regulatory Standards and the Role of ASTM E 1132 - 01 February 2005

JAI12190: Density Compensation of TDR Calibration for Geotechnical Applications - 01 January 2005

JAI12823: Estimating Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Fine-Grained Soils Using Electrical Resistivity Measurements - 01 January 2005

GTJ11845: Significance of Soil Suction and Soil Water Characteristic Curve Parameters - 01 January 2005

GTJ11848: Canadian Liquefaction Experiment (CANLEX): Blast-Induced Ground Motion and Pore Pressure Experiments - 01 January 2005

GTJ11922: Consolidation Test at Constant Rate of Strain for Radial Drainage - 01 January 2005

GTJ11959: An Assessment of the Effect of Rod Length on SPT Energy Calculations Based on Measured Field Data - 01 January 2005

GTJ12125: A Non-Resonance Method for Measuring Dynamic Soil Properties - 01 January 2005

GTJ12289: Development of an In Situ Dynamic Liquefaction Test - 01 January 2005

GTJ12312: A Correlation Between Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Values and Pavement Layer Moduli - 01 January 2005

GTJ12327: The Shrink Swell Test - 01 January 2005

GTJ12520: Solution Retention Capacity as an Alternative to the Swell Index Test for Sodium Bentonite - 01 January 2005

GTJ12541: Field Testing of Inclined Cone Penetration - 01 January 2005

GTJ12580: Filtration Performance of Two-Layer Geotextile Systems - 01 January 2005

JTE11434: Centrifuge Modeling of Diffusion through Rock Mass - 01 January 2005

JTE11961: Evaluation of Permeability of Tire Shreds Under Vertical Loading - 01 January 2005

JTE11981: A Study to Investigate the Influence of Soil Properties on Suction - 01 January 2005

GTJ11194: Direct Simple Shear Testing for Post-Cyclic Degradation in Stiffness of Nonplastic Silt - 01 November 2004

GTJ11325: Liquid Limit and Specific Surface of Clay Particles - 01 November 2004

GTJ11582: Experimental Bench for Study of Settling-Consolidation Soil Formation - 01 November 2004

GTJ11811: Evaluation of Various Downhole Data Reduction Methods for Obtaining Reliable VS Profiles - 01 November 2004

GTJ11854: Determination of the Hydraulic Conductivity Function of a Highly Compressible Material Based on Tests with Saturated Samples - 01 November 2004

GTJ11857: Measurement of Crystalline Swelling in Expansive Clay - 01 November 2004

GTJ11950: Testing the Hydromechanical Behavior of a Compacted Swelling Soil - 01 November 2004

GTJ12069: Volumetric Shrinkage Strain Measurements in Expansive Soils Using Digital Imaging Technology - 01 November 2004

GTJ12080: Shear Band Characterization of Triaxial Sand Specimens Using Computed Tomography - 01 November 2004

GTJ12191: Design and Construction of Three Instrumented Test Piles to Examine Time Dependent Pile Capacity Gain - 01 November 2004

JTE11945: Mechanical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste - 01 November 2004

GTJ10784: Coefficient of Consolidation and its Correlation with Index Properties of Remolded Soils - 01 September 2004

GTJ11062: Analysis of Factors Influencing the Shear Deformation of Granular Materials - 01 September 2004

GTJ11551: A Cylinder Shear Apparatus - 01 September 2004

GTJ11696: Evaluation of the Base Condition of Drilled Shafts by the Impact-Echo Method - 01 September 2004

GTJ11777: Horizontal Coefficient of Consolidation of Soft Bangkok Clay - 01 September 2004

GTJ11812: Method to Rapidly Assess the Index Properties of Fine-Grained Dredged Materials - 01 September 2004

GTJ11850: Effect of Presence of Rigid Base within the Soil on the Dynamic Response of Rigid Surface Foundation - 01 September 2004

GTJ11894: Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential and Dynamic Properties of Silty Sand Using Cyclic Triaxial Testing - 01 September 2004

GTJ11915: Use of EPS Grains to Simulate the Behavior of MSW in Simple Shear - 01 September 2004

GTJ11940: Strain Measurement of Geogrids Using a Video-Extensometer Technique - 01 September 2004

GTJ11941: Triaxial Testing System for Measuring Loading-Rate Effects During Cyclic Tests of Sand - 01 September 2004

GTJ10421: Influence of Soaking on Stress-Strain Characteristics of Fly Ash - 01 July 2004

GTJ10643: Effect of Leachate Composition on the Adsorption Properties of Two Soils - 01 July 2004

GTJ11052: Development and Calibration of a Large-Scale Thermal Conductivity Probe - 01 July 2004

GTJ11199: Measuring Soil Electrical Resistivity Using a Resistivity Box and a Resistivity Probe - 01 July 2004

GTJ11418: Collapse Behavior of Compacted Clays in Suction-Controlled Triaxial Tests - 01 July 2004

GTJ11549: A Soil Column Apparatus for Laboratory Infiltration Study - 01 July 2004

GTJ11767: A Direct Tensile Strength Testing Method for Unsaturated Geomaterials - 01 July 2004

GTJ11810: Effect of Compaction Conditions on the Seismic Compression of Compacted Fill Soils - 01 July 2004

GTJ19103: The Louisiana Plane Strain Apparatus for Soil Testing - 01 July 2004

JTE11238: Laboratory Impulse Tests for Soil-Underground Structure Interactions - 01 July 2004

JAI11868: Flowable Fill Using Flue Gas Desulfurization Material - 01 June 2004

JAI11869: Beneficial Reuse of Foundry Sands in Controlled Low Strength Material - 01 June 2004

JAI11871: Properties of Controlled Low-Strength Materials Made with Wood Fly Ash - 01 June 2004

JAI11874: Rapid Set, High-Early Strength, Non-Excavatable Flowable Fill - 01 June 2004

JAI11875: Methods for Field and Laboratory Measurement of Flowability and Setting Time of Controlled Low-Strength Materials - 01 June 2004

JAI11876: Long Term Study of 23 Excavatable Tennessee Flowable Fill Mixtures - 01 June 2004

JAI11880: Field Demonstration Test on Construction and Strength of Flexible Pipe Drainage System Using Flowable Fill - 01 June 2004

JAI11882: Freeze-Thaw Effects and Gas Permeability of Utility Line Backfill - 01 June 2004

JAI12128: A Simple Methodology For Determining Electrical Conductivity of Soils - 01 May 2004

GTJ10905: Permeability Tests in Rigid-Wall Permeameters: Determining the Degree of Saturation, its Evolution, and its Influence of Test Results - 01 May 2004

GTJ11053: A Modified Pressure Plate Apparatus - 01 May 2004

GTJ11192: Frequency Domain Determination of G0 Using Bender Elements - 01 May 2004

GTJ11387: Granular Pile Anchor Foundation (GPAF) System for Improving the Engineering Behavior of Expansive Clay Beds - 01 May 2004

GTJ11453: Effects of Back Pressure and Strain Rate Used in Triaxial Testing of Stabilized Organic Soils and Clays - 01 May 2004

GTJ11497: Design of a Measurement Program for a Bench-Scale PVD Remediation System using Bayesian Updating - 01 May 2004

GTJ11546: Use of “Zero Controlled Gradient” Tests to Determine EOP Compression Behavior - 01 May 2004

GTJ11695: Interaction Between Hexagonal Wire Reinforcement and Rubber Tire Chips with and without Sand Mixture - 01 May 2004

GTJ11847: Testing Rockfill Under Relative Humidity Control - 01 May 2004

GTJ11903: Laboratory Tests on the Rate of Piping Erosion of Soils in Embankment Dams - 01 May 2004

JTE12613: Erratum to Instrumentation and Testing Methodology for Detecting Chloride Contaminants in Soils - 01 May 2004

GTJ10558: Examination of Proof Test Extrapolation for Drilled Shafts - 01 March 2004

GTJ10808: Determination of the Soil Water Characteristic Curve of Highly Compressible Materials: Case Study of Pulp and Paper By-Product - 01 March 2004

GTJ10860: Free Swell Ratio and Clay Mineralogy of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 March 2004

GTJ11233: Determination of the Diffusion Coefficient of Oxygen for a Cover System Including a Pulp and Paper By-Product - 01 March 2004

GTJ11388: Measurement of Energy and Strength of Sand at Critical State - 01 March 2004

GTJ11392: Leak-Free Pressure Plate Extractor For Measuring the Soil Water Characteristic Curve - 01 March 2004

GTJ11431: A Physical Model for Sloping Capillary Barriers - 01 March 2004

GTJ11433: Characterization of SASW Phase Angle and Phase Velocity Measurement Uncertainty - 01 March 2004

GTJ11449: Characterization of a Fiberglass Geotextile for Unsaturated In-Plane Water Transport - 01 March 2004

GTJ11503: A Flume for Assessing Flux Boundary Characteristics in Rainfall-Induced Slope Failure Studies - 01 March 2004

GTJ11756: True Triaxial Testing System for Clay with Proportional-Integral-Differential (PID) Control - 01 March 2004

JTE11382: Instrumentation and Testing Methodology for Detecting Chloride Contaminants in Soils - 01 March 2004

JTE11383: Time-Constrained Scheduling and Module Allocation for On-Line Testability in Pipelined Data Paths - 01 March 2004

JTE11404: A Device for Determination of Thermal Properties of Soil - 01 March 2004

JAI11731: A Simple Compatibility Testing Protocol for Bentonite-Based Barrier Systems - 01 February 2004

JAI11740: Investigation of the Behavior of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Subjected to Thermal Gradients in Basal Liner Applications - 01 February 2004

JAI11741: Effect of Freeze-Thaw on the Permeation of Arctic Diesel Through a GCL - 01 February 2004

GTJ10390: Liquefaction Testing of Layered Sand-Gravel Composites - 01 January 2004

GTJ10704: Volume Change Measurement of Soil Specimen in Triaxial Test - 01 January 2004

GTJ10812: Reduction of Boundary Friction in Model Tests - 01 January 2004

GTJ11236: Experiments with a Miniature Piezocone in Thinly Layered Soil - 01 January 2004

GTJ11262J: Self-Healing of Concentrated Leaks at Core-Filter Interfaces in Earth Dams - 01 January 2004

GTJ11263J: Digital Image Correlation to Evaluate Shear Banding in Dilative Sands - 01 January 2004

GTJ11264J: Evaluation of Woven Geotextile Pore Structure Parameters Using Image Analysis - 01 January 2004

GTJ11265J: Tensile Test Method Effect on the Tensile Strength of Flexible PET Geogrids - 01 January 2004

GTJ11266J: Vane Shear Behavior of Soft Bangkok Clay - 01 January 2004

GTJ11267J: Measurement of Quasi-Elastic Stiffness Parameters of Dense Toyoura Sand in Hollow Cylinder Apparatus and Triaxial Apparatus with Bender Elements - 01 January 2004

GTJ11268J: Effect of Pile Installation Method on Pipe Pile Behavior in Sands - 01 January 2004

JTE11884: Methodology for Determination of Electrical Properties of Soils - 01 January 2004

GTJ11251J: Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation with Radial Drainage - 01 December 2003

GTJ11252J: Mechanical Behavior of a Pulverized Fly Ash Grouted Sand - 01 December 2003

GTJ11253J: Instrumentation of Anchored Segmental Retaining Wall - 01 December 2003

GTJ11254J: Performance Evaluation of Automated Machines for Measuring Gradation of Aggregates - 01 December 2003

GTJ11255J: Design and Performance of a 1m Diameter Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 December 2003

GTJ11256J: The Use Of Embedded Stress Cells For Monitoring Pavement Performance - 01 December 2003

GTJ11257J: Consolidation and Permeability of Transparent Amorphous Silica - 01 December 2003

GTJ11258J: Design Criteria for Geotomographic Field Studies - 01 December 2003

GTJ11259J: Alternative Encasement Materials for Clod Test - 01 December 2003

GTJ11260J: Strength and Deformation Behavior of Soft Bangkok Clay - 01 December 2003

GTJ11261J: Shake Table Calibration and Specimen Preparation for Liquefaction Studies in the Centrifuge - 01 December 2003

JTE12375J: The Pozzolanic Effect of Fly Ash on the California Bearing Ratio Behavior of Black Cotton Soil - 01 November 2003

GTJ11300J: Anisotropic Consolidation Behavior of Soft Bangkok Clay - 01 September 2003

GTJ11301J: An Experimental Study of the Mechanics of Two Weakly Cemented Soils - 01 September 2003

GTJ11302J: Variable-Head Field Permeability Tests in Driven Flush-Joint Casings: Physical and Numerical Modeling - 01 September 2003

GTJ11303J: Design of an Instrumented Flat Dilatometer - 01 September 2003

GTJ11304J: Performing Undrained Shear Tests on Saturated Sands in a New Intelligent Type of Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 September 2003

GTJ11305J: Resonant Column Testing: The Inherent Counter EMF Effect - 01 September 2003

GTJ11306J: Development of a Spreadsheet for Modeling SPT Stress Wave Data - 01 September 2003

GTJ11307J: A Double Cell Triaxial System for Continuous Measurement of Volume Changes of an Unsaturated or Saturated Soil Specimen in Triaxial Testing - 01 September 2003

GTJ11308J: Interface Behavior of Sands from Constant Normal Stiffness Direct Shear Tests - 01 September 2003

GTJ11309J: Electro-Osmotic Consolidation of Soft Bangkok Clay Using Copper and Carbon Electrodes with PVD - 01 September 2003

GTJ11310J: Compression Tests of Ultra-Soft Soil Using an Hydraulic Consolidation Cell - 01 September 2003

JTE12361J: Fault Diagnosis of Loaded Water Hydraulic Actuators by Online Testing with LabVIEW® - 01 September 2003

JTE12362J: A Study on the Beginning of Secondary Compression of Soils - 01 September 2003

JTE12174J: Explaining the Hveem Stabilometer Test: Relating R-value, S-value, and the Elastic Modulus - 01 July 2003

GTJ11320J: Specimen Size Effects for Fiber-Reinforced Silty Clay in Unconfined Compression - 01 June 2003

GTJ11321J: Automated Humidity System for Measuring Total Suction Characteristics of Clay - 01 June 2003

GTJ11322J: Evaluation of Multi-Electrode Earth Resistivity Testing in Karst - 01 June 2003

GTJ11323J: An Evaluation of Geometric Factors Used in the Two-Stage Borehole Test (ASTM D6391-99) Using the Finite Element Method - 01 June 2003

GTJ11324J: Resilient and Permanent Characteristics of Reinforced Granular Materials by Repeated Load Triaxial Tests - 01 June 2003

GTJ11325J: A Testing Unit for Monitoring Wall Permeability In Situ - 01 June 2003

GTJ11326J: Influence of Matric Suction on the Results of Plate Load Tests Performed on a Lateritic Soil Deposit - 01 June 2003

GTJ11327J: Centrifuge Modeling for Undergraduate Geotechnical Engineering Instruction - 01 June 2003

GTJ11328J: Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Response of Compacted Clayey Soils - 01 June 2003

GTJ11329J: Erratum - 01 June 2003

GTJ11330J: Introduction to the 25th Anniversary Edition - 01 June 2003

GTJ11332J: Numerical Simulation of Water Movement in the Suction Equalization of a Thermal Conductivity Sensor - 01 June 2003

JTE12422J: Precision of the Performance of the En Core® Sampler to Store Low Concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds - 01 May 2003

GTJ11099J: Interfacial Behavior of Unsaturated Soil with Small-scale Models and Use of Image Processing Techniques - 01 March 2003

GTJ11100J: Effect of Aging on Swelling and Swell-Shrink Behavior of a Compacted Expansive Soil - 01 March 2003

GTJ11101J: Polymer Capacitance Sensors for Measuring Soil Gas Humidity in Drier Soils - 01 March 2003

GTJ11102J: Ko-Volume Change Characteristics of an Unsaturated Soil with Respect to Various Loading Paths - 01 March 2003

GTJ11103J: New Wave Equation Technique for High Strain Impact Testing of Driven Piles - 01 March 2003

GTJ11104J: Shear and Interface Strength of Clay at Very Low Effective Stress - 01 March 2003

GTJ11105J: Method for Determining the Coefficient of Permeability of Clays - 01 March 2003

GTJ11106J: Centrifuge Modeling of Tapered Piles in Sand - 01 March 2003

GTJ11107J: Role of Soil Structure and Matric Suction in Collapse of a Compacted Clay Soil - 01 March 2003

GTJ11108J: A Critical Assessment of the Moist Tamping Technique - 01 March 2003

GTJ11109J: A Comparative Study of Suction-Induced Seepage Consolidation Versus Centrifuge Consolidation - 01 March 2003

JTE12353J: Compression Index of Clays and Silts - 01 January 2003

JTE12358J: Fabrication of Thermal Probes for Estimation of Soil Thermal Resistivity - 01 January 2003

GTJ11289J: A Comparative Study of Particle Size Analyses by Sieve-Hydrometer and Laser Diffraction Methods - 01 December 2002

GTJ11290J: Comparison of Young's Moduli of Dense Sand and Gravel Measured by Dynamic and Static Methods - 01 December 2002

GTJ11291J: Steady State Strength of Sands in a Constant Volume Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 December 2002

GTJ11292J: Laboratory Testing of Concrete-rock Joints in Constant Normal Stiffness Direct Shear - 01 December 2002

GTJ11293J: Permeability of Two-Layer Soils - 01 December 2002

GTJ11294J: A Modified Soil-Geosynthetic Interactive Performance Test for Evaluating Deformation Behavior of GRS Structures - 01 December 2002

GTJ11295J: Properties of Singapore Marine Clays Improved by Cement Mixing - 01 December 2002

GTJ11296J: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Model for Differentiation of Geotechnical Disturbances Along Buried Cables - 01 December 2002

GTJ11297J: Development of RECP Performance Test Methods - 01 December 2002

GTJ11298J: Stress-Strain Strength Characteristics of a Marine Soil with Different Clay Contents - 01 December 2002

GTJ11299J: Clogging Phenomena of the Residual Soil-Geotextile Filter System - 01 December 2002

GTJ11087J: Determination of Surface Area of Fine-Grained Soils by the Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether (EGME) Method - 01 September 2002

GTJ11088J: Development of a Multiple-Purpose Borehole Testing Device for Soft Rock - 01 September 2002

GTJ11089J: Interpretation of Seismic Piezocone Results for the Estimation of Hydraulic Conductivity in Clays - 01 September 2002

GTJ11090J: On the Identification of Critical State Lines for Sands - 01 September 2002

GTJ11091J: The Quality of Continuous Soil Samples - 01 September 2002

GTJ11094J: Factors Affecting the Filter Paper Method for Total and Matric Suction Measurements - 01 September 2002

GTJ11095J: A Laboratory Study of the Hysteresis of a Thermal Conductivity Soil Suction Sensor - 01 September 2002

GTJ11096J: The Danish Rigid Boundary True Triaxial Apparatus for Soil Testing - 01 September 2002

GTJ11097J: A Cyclic Gradient Ratio Test Device - 01 September 2002

GTJ11098J: One-Dimensional Shock-Induced Pore Pressure Response in Saturated Carbonate Sand - 01 September 2002

JTE12333J: The Fundamental Threshold Level—a New Parameter for Predicting Cavitation Erosion Resistance - 01 September 2002

JTE12317J: Simulation and Prediction of Hardness Performance of Rockwell Diamond Indenters Using Finite-Element Analysis - 01 July 2002

JTE12322J: Visualization of Localization in Grain Skeletons with Particle Image Velocimetry - 01 July 2002

GTJ11355J: A Multisleeve Friction Attachment for the Cone Penetrometer - 01 June 2002

GTJ11356J: Experimental and Data Analysis Techniques Used for High Strain Rate Tests on Cohesionless Soil - 01 June 2002

GTJ11357J: Design Considerations Related to the Performance of Erosion Control Products Combined with Soil Bioengineering Techniques - 01 June 2002

GTJ11358J: Shear-Wave Velocity to Determine Vertical Stress Share on Column-Sand Samples - 01 June 2002

GTJ11359J: Development of a Methodology for Evaluating Subsurface Concentrations of Pollutants Using Electrical Polarization Technique - 01 June 2002

GTJ11361J: Bidimensional Swell Effect on Accuracy of Footing Heave Prediction - 01 June 2002

GTJ11362J: Improved Complex Permittivity Measurement and Data Processing Technique for Soil-Water Systems - 01 June 2002

GTJ11363J: A Comparative Evaluation of Various Additives Used in the Stabilization of Expansive Soils - 01 June 2002

GTJ11365J: Predicting the Shear Strength Envelope of Unsaturated Soils - 01 June 2002

GTJ11366J: Foundations on Rock, Second Edition - 01 June 2002

JTE12311J: Staged Compression-Immersion Direct Shear Test on Compacted Crushed Mudstone - 01 May 2002

JTE12312J: On Bounding a Near-Zero Probability When Zero Occurrences Appear in a Sample - 01 May 2002

JTE12314J: The Relation Between an Extreme Proportion and a Less Extreme Proportion, in the Context of the Comparability of Tests - 01 May 2002

GTJ11075J: A Triaxial and Oedometer Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 March 2002

GTJ11076J: A Miniature Soil Inclusion for Measuring Axial Force and Radial Stress - 01 March 2002

GTJ11077J: The Influence of Variation of Centrifugal Acceleration and Model Container Size on Accuracy of Centrifuge Test - 01 March 2002

GTJ11078J: Mechanical Properties of Shredded Tires - 01 March 2002

GTJ11079J: Effects of Small Cement Content on Consolidation Behavior of a Lacustrine Clay - 01 March 2002

GTJ11080J: An Improved Statistically Based Technique for Evaluating the CPT Friction Ratio - 01 March 2002

GTJ11081J: Empirical Performance Classification for Cohesive Embankment Soils - 01 March 2002

GTJ11082J: Utilization of an Industrial Waste in Calcareous Expansive Clay Stabilization - 01 March 2002

GTJ11083J: Evaluation of a Modified Soluble Sulfate Determination Method for Fine-Grained Cohesive Soils - 01 March 2002

GTJ11084J: Determination of Water Saturation Using Miniature Resistivity Probes During Intermediate Scale and Centrifuge Multiphase Flow Laboratory Experiments - 01 March 2002

JTE12296J: Influence of Suction Dissipation on Compression of Compacted Rock Aggregates Due to Immersion - 01 March 2002

JTE12284J: Measurement of Relative Surface Roughness at Particulate-Continuum Interfaces - 01 January 2002

JTE12292J: Using X-ray Computerized Tomography for Characterization of Defects in Cartridge Filters - 01 January 2002

GTJ11131J: A New Technique for Simulation of Tunnel Excavation in a Centrifuge - 01 December 2001

GTJ11132J: Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Wave Dispersion and Attenuation Curves - 01 December 2001

GTJ11133J: Determination of Thickness of Smooth Geomembranes - 01 December 2001

GTJ11134J: Modified Triaxial Apparatus for Shearing-Infiltration Test - 01 December 2001

GTJ11135J: Shear Displacement Dependent Strength of Municipal Solid Waste and Its Major Constituent - 01 December 2001

GTJ11136J: Explosive Induced Pore Pressure in a Sandfill Dam - 01 December 2001

GTJ11137J: Retaining Wall Model Test with Waste Foundry Sand Mixture Backfill - 01 December 2001

GTJ11138J: Investigation of Resonant Frequency and Amplitude of Vibrating Footing Resting on a Layered Soil System - 01 December 2001

GTJ11139J: Determination of Specific Gravity and Void Ratio of Pumice Materials - 01 December 2001

GTJ11140J: Influence of Peripheral Velocity on Vane Shear Strength of an Artificial Clay - 01 December 2001

GTJ11141J: Effect of Compaction Duration on the Induced Stress Levels in a Laboratory Prepared Sand Bed - 01 December 2001

CCA10479J: Proportioning Concrete Mixes with Quarry Wastes - 01 December 2001

JTE12401J: Application of a Geotechnical Centrifuge for Estimation of Unsaturated Soil Hydraulic Conductivity - 01 November 2001

GTJ11343J: A Laboratory Apparatus to Measure Chemico-Osmotic Efficiency Coefficients for Clay Soils - 01 September 2001

GTJ11344J: On the Use of Multi-directional Piezoelectric Transducers in Triaxial Testing - 01 September 2001

GTJ11345J: Influence of the Loading Apparatus on the Stresses within Biaxial Specimens - 01 September 2001

GTJ11346J: Evaluation of Geomembranes Using an Ultrasonic Method - 01 September 2001

GTJ11347J: LVDT Based System for the Measurement of the Prefailure Behavior of Geomaterials - 01 September 2001

GTJ11348J: Properties and Behavior of Raw Sludge Mixed with Pulverized Fuel Ash and Lime - 01 September 2001

GTJ11349J: A Potential Model for Compaction Evaluation of Piedmont Soils Using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) - 01 September 2001

GTJ11350J: Effects of Installation Method on Sand Compaction Piles in Clay in the Centrifuge - 01 September 2001

GTJ11351J: An Optical Technique for Investigating Soil Displacement Patterns - 01 September 2001

GTJ11352J: Limiting Compression Curves - 01 September 2001

JTE12281J: Homogeneous Unit Delineation for Interpreting Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Measurements - 01 September 2001

JTE12261J: Model Tests by Centrifuge of Soil Nail Reinforcements - 01 July 2001

JTE12264J: Heavy Metal Retention Behavior of Clayey Soils - 01 July 2001

GTJ11333J: Horizontally Mounted Bender Elements for Measuring Anisotropic Shear Moduli in Triaxial Clay Specimens - 01 June 2001

GTJ11334J: Experimental Evaluation of Consolidation Behavior of Stiff Clay Lumps in Reclamation Fill - 01 June 2001

GTJ11335J: Changes in Clay Swelling and Shear Strength Properties with Different Sample Preparation Techniques - 01 June 2001

GTJ11336J: Transmissivity of a Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextile Under Suction - 01 June 2001

GTJ11337J: Calibration of Five-Segment Time Domain Reflectometry Probes for Water Content Measurement in High Density Materials - 01 June 2001

GTJ11338J: Determination of Critical State Parameters in Sandy Soils—Simple Procedure - 01 June 2001

GTJ11339J: An Internal Instrumentation for Axial and Radial Strain Measurements in Triaxial Tests - 01 June 2001

GTJ11340J: Laboratory Characterization of Stress-Strain Behavior of Soils by Stress and/or Strain Path Loading - 01 June 2001

GTJ11341J: Extracting Piezometric Level and Hydraulic Conductivity from Tests in Driven Flush-Joint Casings - 01 June 2001

GTJ11342J: Empirical Function Representing the Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils - 01 June 2001

JTE12253J: Falling Head Hydraulic Conductivity Tests in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 May 2001

GTJ11277J: Development of a Stress/Suction-Controlled True Triaxial Testing Device for Unsaturated Soils - 01 March 2001

GTJ11278J: Mechanical Behavior of an Unsaturated Soil Under Multi-Axial Stress States - 01 March 2001

GTJ11279J: Interaction Between Hexagonal Wire Mesh Reinforcement and Silty Sand Backfill - 01 March 2001

GTJ11280J: Evaluation of Initial Specimen Condition and Its Effect on Consolidation Properties of Saturated Clay - 01 March 2001

GTJ11281J: A Flat Dilatometer to Operate in Glacial Tills - 01 March 2001

GTJ11282J: Determining Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil-Bentonite Using the API Filter Press - 01 March 2001

GTJ11283J: Design and Performance of an Electro-Pneumatic Pile Hammer for Laboratory Applications - 01 March 2001

GTJ11284J: A Laser Technique to Quantify the Size, Porosity, and Density of Clay Clusters During Sedimentation - 01 March 2001

GTJ11285J: Development of a New In-Situ Direct Shear Test - 01 March 2001

GTJ11286J: Quick and Reliable Procedure for Liquid Limit Determination of Fine-Grained Soils - 01 March 2001

GTJ11287J: Consolidation and Permeability Behavior of Segregated and Homogeneous Sediments - 01 March 2001

GTJ11288J: Measuring the Effect of Mixed Grading on the Maximum Dry Density of Sands - 01 March 2001

JTE12249J: California Bearing Ratio Behavior of Soil/Fly Ash Mixtures - 01 March 2001

JTE12395J: Method-Specific Precision and Bias Relationships Developed from Data Submitted During USEPA Drinking Water Laboratory Performance Evaluation Studies - 01 January 2001

GTJ11060J: Effects of Calcium Sulfate on Swelling Potential of an Expansive Clay - 01 December 2000

GTJ11061J: A New Device for Measuring Permeability Under High Gradients and Sinusoidal Gradients - 01 December 2000

GTJ11062J: Tomographic Evaluation of Air and Water Flow Patterns in Soil Column - 01 December 2000

GTJ11063J: Measurement of Uniformity and Anisotropy in Granular Materials - 01 December 2000

GTJ11064J: Miniature Cone Penetration Tests in Soft and Stiff Clays - 01 December 2000

GTJ11065J: New Tool for Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in Model Tests - 01 December 2000

GTJ11066J: Calibration of Testing Equipment for Reliable Small-Strain Deformation Measurements Using Synthetic Specimens - 01 December 2000

GTJ11067J: Interfacial Parameters and Work of Adhesion in Soil-Liquid Systems - 01 December 2000

GTJ11068J: Tomographic Detection of Low-Velocity Anomalies with Limited Data Sets (Velocity and Attenuation) - 01 December 2000

GTJ11069J: The Accuracy of Hydrometer Analysis for Fine-Grained Clay Particles - 01 December 2000

GTJ11070J: Laboratory Evaluation of Cemented Backfill Materials for Mines - 01 December 2000

GTJ11071J: Evaluation of Gravel Stiffness by Pulse Wave Transmission Tests - 01 December 2000

GTJ11072J: Variations in Membrane Contact Patterns of Reconstituted Sand Specimens - 01 December 2000

JTE12132J: Effect of Zeolitization on Compaction, Consolidation, and Permeation Characteristics of a Lagoon Ash - 01 November 2000

JTE12135J: Angle of Internal Friction for Pond Ashes - 01 November 2000

JTE12136J: Liquid Limit Determination of Class F Coal Ash - 01 November 2000

JTE12144J: Consolidation Behavior of Bentonite in Electrolyte Solutions - 01 November 2000

JTE12145J: Method-Specific Precision and Bias Relationships Developed from Data Submitted During USEPA Wastewater Laboratory Performance Evaluation Studies - 01 November 2000

GTJ11050J: An Investigation of the Elastic Stress-Strain Behavior of a Banded Sandstone and a Sandstone-Like Material - 01 September 2000

GTJ11051J: Assessment of Localized Deformations in Sand Using X-Ray Computed Tomography - 01 September 2000

GTJ11052J: The Influence of Biofilm on the Mechanical Behavior of Sand - 01 September 2000

GTJ11053J: Estimation of Post-Driving Residual Stresses Along Driven Piles in Sand - 01 September 2000

GTJ11054J: Instrumentation of Bored Concrete Piles for Horizontal Load Tests - 01 September 2000

GTJ11055J: Dynamic Properties of Granulated Rubber/Sand Mixtures - 01 September 2000

GTJ11056J: Performance of Drilled Shafts with Isolation Tubes in an Expansive Environment - 01 September 2000

GTJ11057J: Lateral Load Behavior of Jetted Piles - 01 September 2000

GTJ11058J: Model for Capillary-Induced Radial Flow in Cohesionless Soils - 01 September 2000

GTJ11059J: A Method for Testing Tensile Strength in Unsaturated Soils - 01 September 2000

JTE12128J: Leaching Behavior of Indian Fly Ashes by an Oedometer Method - 01 September 2000

GTJ11039J: Anisotropic Stiffness Measurements in a Stress-Path Triaxial Cell - 01 June 2000

GTJ11040J: Shear Deformation of Locked Sand in Triaxial Compression - 01 June 2000

GTJ11042J: Liquefaction and Instability of a Granular Fill Material - 01 June 2000

GTJ11043J: Swelling Behavior of a Desiccated Clay - 01 June 2000

GTJ11044J: Direct Shear Interface Test for Shaft Capacity of Piles in Sand - 01 June 2000

GTJ11045J: Apparatus and Procedures for Assessing Inorganic Diffusion Coefficients for Geosynthetic Clay Liners - 01 June 2000

GTJ11046J: An Electrokinetic Testing Apparatus for Undisturbed/Remoulded Soils under In-Situ Stress Conditions - 01 June 2000

GTJ11048J: Percussion and Cone Methods of Determining the Liquid Limit of Soils: Controlling Mechanisms - 01 June 2000

GTJ11049J: Elastic Modulus of Geogrid-Reinforced Sand Using Plate Load Tests - 01 June 2000

JTE12088J: An Improved Capping Technique for Excavatable Controlled Low Strength Material Compressive Strength Cylinders - 01 May 2000

GTJ11118J: Shrinkage Limit of Soil Mixtures - 01 March 2000

GTJ11119J: Time Domain Reflectometry Development for Use in Geotechnical Engineering - 01 March 2000

GTJ11120J: Laboratory and Field Shear Wave Measurement at a Reclaimed Site in West Taiwan - 01 March 2000

GTJ11121J: Oxygen Diffusion Coefficient of Soils at High Degrees of Saturation - 01 March 2000

GTJ11122J: Model Studies on Geocell Supported Embankments Constructed Over a Soft Clay Foundation - 01 March 2000

GTJ11123J: Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Driven Piles Using Dynamic Methods—A Florida Perspective - 01 March 2000

GTJ11124J: A Dynamic Method for Determining the Soil Water Characteristic Curve for Coarse-Grained Soils - 01 March 2000

GTJ11125J: A New Technique of Kneading Compaction in the Laboratory - 01 March 2000

GTJ11126J: Evaluation and Application of the Transient-Pulse Technique for Determining the Hydraulic Properties of Low-Permeability Rocks—Part 1: Theoretical Evaluation - 01 March 2000

GTJ11127J: Evaluation and Application of the Transient-Pulse Technique for Determining the Hydraulic Properties of Low-Permeability Rocks—Part 2: Experimental Application - 01 March 2000

GTJ11128J: Cyclic Response of Axially Loaded Tapered Piles - 01 March 2000

GTJ11129J: Comparison of Internal and Surface Erosion Using Flow Pump Tests on a Sand-Kaolinite Mixture - 01 March 2000

GTJ11130J: Particle Motion Tracking Utilizing a High-Resolution Digital CCD Camera - 01 March 2000

JTE12072J: Statistical Properties of the Bukit Timah Granite in Singapore - 01 January 2000

JTE12073J: Leaching Studies on ASTM Type F Fly Ashes by an Accelerated Process Method - 01 January 2000

GTJ11239J: Hydraulic Conductivity Testing of Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) Using the Constant Volume Method - 01 December 1999

GTJ11240J: Shear Strength Characterization of Geosynthetic Interfaces on Inclined Planes - 01 December 1999

GTJ11241J: Capillary Flow in the Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 December 1999

GTJ11242J: Fast and Accurate Techniques for Determination of Water Content in Soils - 01 December 1999

GTJ11243J: Non-Linear Behavior of Lateral-Loaded Pile Taking into Account the Shear Stress at the Sand - 01 December 1999

GTJ11244J: Development of Pile Driver and Load Set for Pile Group in Centrifuge - 01 December 1999

GTJ11245J: Determining the Maximum Density of Sands by Pluviation - 01 December 1999

GTJ11246J: Mechanical Durability of Expanded Shale Lightweight Aggregate - 01 December 1999

GTJ11247J: Relative Moisture and Moisture Deficiency of Desiccated Expansive Cohesive Soil Deposits - 01 December 1999

GTJ11248J: Ring Shear Tests on a Carbonate Sandy Silt - 01 December 1999

GTJ11110J: Influence of Specimen-Reconstituting Method on the Undrained Response of Sand - 01 September 1999

GTJ11111J: A Substitute Pore Fluid for Seismic Centrifuge Modeling - 01 September 1999

GTJ11112J: Influence of Reconsolidation Techniques and Strain Rate on the Stiffness of Undisturbed Clays from Triaxial Tests - 01 September 1999

GTJ11113J: The Use of Miniature Pore Pressure Transducers in Measuring Matric Suction in Unsaturated Soils - 01 September 1999

GTJ11114J: Simplified Seepage Consolidation Test for Soft Sediments - 01 September 1999

GTJ11115J: The Effects of Varying Centerline Tube Sampling Disturbance on the Behavior of Reconstituted Clay - 01 September 1999

GTJ11116J: Index Properties of Illite-Bentonite Mixtures in Electrolyte Solutions - 01 September 1999

GTJ11117J: Applied Research Using a Transparent Material with Hydraulic Properties Similar to Soil - 01 September 1999

JTE12234J: Permeability and Consolidation Behavior of Fly Ashes - 01 September 1999

JTE12236J: Instability of Stacked Pallet Loads Due to Misalignment - 01 September 1999

GTJ11269J: A New Torsional Shear Device - 01 June 1999

GTJ11270J: Time-Dependent Stress-Strain Behavior of Soft Hong Kong Marine Deposits - 01 June 1999

GTJ11271J: Absorption Water Content and Liquid Limit of Soils - 01 June 1999

GTJ11272J: Instrumentation of an Unsaturated Residual Soil Slope - 01 June 1999

GTJ11273J: Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Mine Tailings Under Wetting and Drying Conditions - 01 June 1999

GTJ11274J: Preparation of Epoxy Impregnated Sand Coupons for Image Analysis - 01 June 1999

GTJ11275J: A Complex Permittivity Measurement System for Undisturbed/Compacted Soils - 01 June 1999

GTJ11276J: Determination of the Plasticity Index from Flow Index - 01 June 1999

GTJ11311J: Cell Size for Water Content-Dielectric Constant Calibrations for Time Domain Reflectometry - 01 March 1999

GTJ11312J: Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Equipment and Procedure for Stabilized Soils - 01 March 1999

GTJ11313J: Influence of Procedural Variables on the Gradient Ratio Test - 01 March 1999

GTJ11314J: Changes in Interface Stresses During Pullout Tests on Geogrid Strip Reinforcement - 01 March 1999

GTJ11315J: A Triaxial Testing System to Evaluate Stress-Strain Behavior of Soils for Wide Range of Strain and Strain Rate - 01 March 1999

GTJ11316J: Model Studies of the 1988 Kettleman Hills Landfill Slope Failure - 01 March 1999

GTJ11317J: Shear Banding in a Sedimentary Soft Mudstone Subjected to Plane Strain Compression - 01 March 1999

GTJ11318J: Plane Strain Strength and Deformation of Sands Affected by Batch Variations and Different Apparatus Types - 01 March 1999

JTE12048J: Experimental System for Simulating Crack Propagation in Asphalt Pavements and Effectiveness of Geosynthetics in Crack Retardation - 01 March 1999

JTE12043J: California Bearing Ratio Test Simplified - 01 January 1999

GTJ11367J: Centrifuge Testing of Vertically Loaded Battered Pile Groups in Sand - 01 December 1998

GTJ11368J: A New Apparatus for Measuring Oxygen Diffusion and Water Retention in Soils - 01 December 1998

GTJ11369J: Prediction of Field Compressibility from Laboratory Consolidation Tests of Peats and Organic Soils - 01 December 1998

GTJ11370J: Assessment of Damage to Geomembrane Liners by Shredded Scrap Tires - 01 December 1998

GTJ11371J: Imaging of Rock Fractures with Low-Frequency Ultrasonic Reflection/Diffraction - 01 December 1998

GTJ11372J: The Application of Computer-Assisted Tomography in the Analysis of Fracture Geometry - 01 December 1998

GTJ11373J: Effects of Non-Plastic Fines on Minimum and Maximum Void Ratios of Sand - 01 December 1998

GTJ11374J: Development of an Axisymmetric Field Simulator for Cone Penetration Tests in Sand - 01 December 1998

GTJ11375J: Shear Strength Characteristics of Madinah Clay with Sand Compaction Piles - 01 December 1998

GTJ11376J: Experience with the Use of Methylcellulose as a Viscous Pore Fluid in Centrifuge Models - 01 December 1998

GTJ10890J: Interpretation of Lateral Statnamic Load Test Results - 01 September 1998

GTJ10891J: Evaluation of Surface-Related Phenomena Using Sedimentation Tests - 01 September 1998

GTJ10892J: Consolidation and Permeability Behavior of High Porosity Baltic Seabed Sediments - 01 September 1998

GTJ10893J: Methods for Predicting Shale Durability in the Field - 01 September 1998

GTJ10894J: Laboratory Modeling of Inclined-Loaded Shafts in Sand - 01 September 1998

GTJ10895J: Model Tests for Uplift Resistance of Piles in Sand - 01 September 1998

GTJ10896J: Commentary on Marchetti Flat Dilatometer Correlations in Soils - 01 September 1998

GTJ10897J: Mechanism Controlling the Shrinkage Limit of Soils - 01 September 1998

GTJ10898J: Application of Bender Elements in Measuring Gmax of Sand Under K0 Condition - 01 September 1998

GTJ10899J: Evaluation Tests for Colloidal Silica for Use in Grouting Applications - 01 September 1998

GTJ10900J: T Chart to Evaluate Consolidation Test Results - 01 September 1998

JTE12025J: Measuring the Triaxial Load-Deformation Response of Orthotropic Materials Subjected to Large and Small Strain Regimes - 01 September 1998

JTE12027J: Role of Filter Paper Separators on the Response of Clays Under Long-Duration Sustained Loading - 01 September 1998

JTE12029J: Durability of Geosynthetics Based on Accelerated Thermo-Oxidation Testing - 01 September 1998

JTE12008J: Dynamic Calibration of Impact Test Instruments - 01 July 1998

JTE12014J: Stress-State Permeability Relationships for Clays with Coarse Fraction - 01 July 1998

GTJ10746J: Effects of Test Duration and Specimen Length on Diffusion Testing of Unconfined Specimens - 01 June 1998

GTJ10747J: Generation of Progressive Fluid Waves in a Geo-Centrifuge - 01 June 1998

GTJ10748J: Evaluation of True Cν and Instantaneous Cν, and Isolation of Secondary Consolidation - 01 June 1998

GTJ10749J: Particle Size Analysis of Lime-Treated Marine Clays - 01 June 1998

GTJ10750J: Analysis of Bender Element Tests - 01 June 1998

GTJ10751J: Design and Performance of Soil-Pile-Slip Test Apparatus for Tension Piles - 01 June 1998

GTJ10752J: Analysis of Consolidation Data by a Non-Graphical Matching Method - 01 June 1998

GTJ10753J: A Simplified Method for Assessment of Volume Change Behavior of Rockfill Material - 01 June 1998

JTE11990J: Studies of the Specific Gravity of Some Indian Coal Ashes - 01 May 1998

JTE12002J: Corrections for Triaxial Tests on Undisturbed Soils - 01 May 1998

GTJ10419J: The Measurement of Stiffness Anisotropy in Clays with Bender Element Tests in the Triaxial Apparatus - 01 March 1998

GTJ10420J: Measurement of the Contact Angle of Water on Geotextile Fibers - 01 March 1998

GTJ10421J: Interpretation of Model Pressuremeter Test Using Automated Clay Calibration Chamber Data - 01 March 1998

GTJ10422J: Computer Vision-Based Technique to Measure Displacement in Selected Soil Tests - 01 March 1998

GTJ10423J: Development of an Accelerated Creep Testing Procedure for Geosynthetics, Part II: Analysis - 01 March 1998

GTJ10424J: Influence of Viscous Fluids on Properties of Sand - 01 March 1998

GTJ10425J: Theoretical Evaluation of the Transient Response of Constant Head and Constant Flow-Rate Permeability Tests - 01 March 1998

GTJ10426J: Compaction Curves on Volume Basis - 01 March 1998

GTJ10429J: Ring Shrinkage Test for Expansive Clays: A Suggested Simple Test Method for Determining Vertical, Lateral, and Volumetric Shrinkage Potential - 01 March 1998

JTE11963J: Compressibility Relations for Peat and Organic Soil - 01 January 1998

GTJ10404J: Determining a Pavement Modulus from Portable FWD Testing - 01 December 1997

GTJ10405J: Dynamic Characteristics of Old Bay Clay - 01 December 1997

GTJ10406J: Effects of Fines on Monotonic Undrained Shear Strength of Sandy Soils - 01 December 1997

GTJ10407J: A Circular Arc Test for Soil-Geosynthetic Interface Strength - 01 December 1997

GTJ10408J: Development of an Accelerated Creep Testing Procedure for Geosynthetics—Part I: Testing - 01 December 1997

GTJ10409J: Automatic Volume Measuring Device for Testing Dry Soils: “Martina” - 01 December 1997

GTJ10410J: Grain-Size Distribution of Granular Soils by Computer Vision - 01 December 1997

GTJ10411J: Compaction of Sand-Processed Clay Soil Mixtures - 01 December 1997

GTJ10412J: Upgrading Equipment and Procedures for Stress Path Triaxial Testing of Coarse-Grained Materials - 01 December 1997

GTJ10413J: Testing of Reinforced Slopes in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 December 1997

GTJ10414J: Grain-Size Analysis by Buoyancy Method - 01 December 1997

GTJ19970001: Filtration of Fly Ash Using Nonwoven Geotextiles: Effect of Sample Preparation Technique and Testing Method - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970002: Membrane Penetration in Granular Materials at High Pressures - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970003: Design and Evaluation of a Large Direct Shear Machine for Geosynthetic Clay Liners - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970004: Laboratory Investigation of Nonuniformly Reinforced Soil-Retaining Structures - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970005: Integrated Shear and Flow Parameter Measurement - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970006: Constant p′ and Constant Volume Friction Angles Are Different - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970007: Measurement of Moisture Content with a Penetrometer - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970008: The Use of Digital Image Processing in Monitoring Shear Band Development - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970009: Rapid Density Profiling of Consolidating Clay Using Synchrotron Radiation - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970010: Soil Fabric Changes During Consolidation - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970011: Seismic Flat Dilatometer Tests in Connecticut Valley Varved Clay - 01 September 1997

GTJ19970012: Laboratory Studies on the Volume Change Characteristics of Kaolinite Contaminated with Sodium Phosphate/Sulfate - 01 September 1997

JTE11876J: Development and Precision Testing of a Standard Test Method for Screening Fuels in Soils - 01 July 1997

GTJ10734J: A Centrifuge-Modeled Rigid Structure to Investigate Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction - 01 June 1997

GTJ10735J: Performance Evaluation of LDTs for Use in Triaxial Tests - 01 June 1997

GTJ10736J: Methods for Broad-Band Dielectric Permittivity Measurements (Soil-Water Mixtures, 5 Hz to 1.3 GHz) - 01 June 1997

GTJ10737J: A Flow Pump System for Assessing Clay Barrier-Permeant Compatibility - 01 June 1997

GTJ10738J: Design and Performance of a Portable Piezocone Driver for High Resolution Profiling of Wetland Sediments - 01 June 1997

GTJ10739J: Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of an Apparatus for Electrokinetic Remediation Studies - 01 June 1997

GTJ10740J: The Effect of In-Plane Tensile Loads on the Retention Characteristics of Geotextiles - 01 June 1997

GTJ10741J: Calibration and Use of Grid-Based Tactile Pressure Sensors in Granular Material - 01 June 1997

GTJ10742J: Comparative Study on Physical Tests of Dispersibility of Soils Used for Earthfill Dams in Turkey - 01 June 1997

GTJ10743J: Friction Angle Between Expanded Shale Aggregate and Construction Materials - 01 June 1997

GTJ11415J: Determination of Ionic Strength and Equilibrium Concentrations of Heavy Metals by the Electrical Conductivity Method - 01 March 1997

GTJ11416J: Pressuremeter Testing in Arid Collapsible Soils - 01 March 1997

GTJ11417J: Ultrasonic Method for Evaluation of Annular Seals for Wells and Instrument Holes - 01 March 1997

GTJ11418J: Low Strain Measurements Using Random Noise Excitation - 01 March 1997

GTJ11419J: Determination of Shear Strength Parameters of Unsaturated Silts and Sands Based on the Water Retention Curve - 01 March 1997

GTJ11420J: Comparison of Laboratory-Measured GCL Hydraulic Conductivity Based on Three Permeameter Types - 01 March 1997

GTJ11421J: Particle-Size Analysis of Soils Using Laser Light Scattering and X-Ray Absorption Technology - 01 March 1997

GTJ11422J: Equipment for One-Dimensional Compression and Triaxial Testing of Unsaturated Granular Soils at Low Stress Levels - 01 March 1997

GTJ11423J: Experimental Nailed Soil Walls - 01 March 1997

GTJ11424J: Measurement of Volume Changes in Triaxial Tests Using Digital Imaging Techniques - 01 March 1997

GTJ11425J: Influence of Intersection Angle at Single-Well Flow Tests in Fracture-Wellbore Systems - 01 March 1997

GTJ11426J: Improved √t Method to Evaluate Consolidation Test Results - 01 March 1997

GTJ11429J: Book Review - 01 March 1997

GTJ10712J: Consolidation Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 December 1996

GTJ10713J: Using an Automated Rowe Cell for Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Testing - 01 December 1996

GTJ10714J: Measurements of Soluble Salt Content of Soils from Arid and Semi-Arid Regions - 01 December 1996

GTJ10715J: A Multi-Sensor Piezometer for Shallow Marine Sediments in Coastal Environments - 01 December 1996

GTJ10716J: Measurement of Shear Waves in Laboratory Specimens by Means of Piezoelectric Transducers - 01 December 1996

GTJ10717J: Effects of Shear Band Formation in Triaxial Extension Tests - 01 December 1996

GTJ10718J: Measuring Anisotropic Elastic Properties of Sand Using a Large Triaxial Specimen - 01 December 1996

GTJ10719J: Consolidation Behavior of Clayey Soils Under Radial Drainage - 01 December 1996

GTJ10720J: Cylindrical Expansion Test for Tensile Properties of Geotextiles - 01 December 1996

GTJ10722J: A Thermally Controlled Test Chamber for Centrifuge and Laboratory Experiments - 01 December 1996

GTJ10727J: Round Three—Repeatability and Reproducibility of RQD Values for Selected Sedimentary Rocks - 01 December 1996

GTJ10729J: Book Review Section - 01 December 1996

GTJ10349J: Rigorous Theoretical Analysis of a Flow Pump Permeability Test - 01 September 1996

GTJ10350J: A New Technique for Diffusion Testing of Unsaturated Soil - 01 September 1996

GTJ10351J: The Relationship Between the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve and the Unsaturated Shear Strength of a Compacted Glacial Till - 01 September 1996

GTJ10352J: Evaluation of Sulfate Expansion in Soil-Cements - 01 September 1996

GTJ10353J: Model Size Effects in Centrifuge Models of Granular Slope Instability - 01 September 1996

GTJ10354J: A Device for the Measurement of Sub-Surface Ground Vibrations - 01 September 1996

GTJ10355J: Engineering Properties of Tire/Soil Mixtures as a Lightweight Fill Material - 01 September 1996

GTJ10356J: A Flexible Strain Gage for Soil Testing - 01 September 1996

GTJ10357J: Rock Porosity Determinations Using Particle Densities Measured in Different Fluids - 01 September 1996

GTJ10358J: Determination of Coefficient of Consolidation from Early Stage of Log t Plot - 01 September 1996

GTJ10359J: Round Two—Confined Compression: Young's Modulus, Poisson's Ratio, and Ultimate Strength - 01 September 1996

GTJ10334J: Automated Determination of the Distribution of Local Void Ratio from Digital Images - 01 June 1996

GTJ10335J: A Study of Strike-Slip Faulting Using Small-Scale Models - 01 June 1996

GTJ10336J: Wave Propagation in Soils: Multi-Mode, Wide-Band Testing in a Waveguide Device - 01 June 1996

GTJ10337J: Alternative Test Method for Resilient Modulus of Fine-Grained Subgrades - 01 June 1996

GTJ10338J: Coupled Heat and Moisture Flow in Unsaturated Swelling Clay Barriers - 01 June 1996

GTJ10339J: Tests on Model Jacked Piles in Calcareous Sand - 01 June 1996

GTJ10340J: Analysis of Hydraulic Gradient Effects for Laboratory Hydraulic Conductivity Testing - 01 June 1996

GTJ10341J: Direct and Indirect Permeability of Fissured Tills - 01 June 1996

GTJ10342J: Simplification of Soil Classification Charts Derived from the Cone Penetration Test - 01 June 1996

GTJ10343J: Effect of Rib Spacing on Deformation of Profile-Wall Plastic Pipes Buried in Coarse Granular Backfill - 01 June 1996

GTJ10344J: High-Temperature Brazilian Test for Tensile Strength of Metamorphic Limestone - 01 June 1996

GTJ10345J: Grain-Size Distribution of Mixed Aggregates - 01 June 1996

GTJ10346J: Proposed Standard Test Method for Measurement of Pneumatic Permeability of Partially Saturated Porous Materials by Flowing Air - 01 June 1996

JTE11299J: Fly Ash as a Pre-Filter Material for the Retention of Lead Ions - 01 May 1996

JTE11301J: A Modified Theodolite Instrument: Conceptual Work - 01 May 1996

GTJ11402J: Constant Volume Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 March 1996

GTJ11403J: Air Volume Change Measurement in Unsaturated Soil Testing Using a Digital Pressure-Volume Controller - 01 March 1996

GTJ11404J: An Automated Apparatus for Three-Dimensional Monotonic and Cyclic Testing of Interfaces - 01 March 1996

GTJ11405J: On Large-Scale Model Testing of Laterally Loaded Drilled Shafts in Sand - 01 March 1996

GTJ11406J: Centrifuge Testing of Fixed-Head Laterally Loaded Battered and Plumb Pile Groups in Sand - 01 March 1996

GTJ11407J: Determining Bentonite Content in Soil-Bentonite Mixtures Using Electrical Conductivity - 01 March 1996

GTJ11408J: Water Pressure Measurement with Time Domain Reflectometry Cables - 01 March 1996

GTJ11409J: Laboratory Testing Apparatus for Slopes Stabilized by Anchored Geosynthetics - 01 March 1996

GTJ11410J: Advances in Conductometric Phase Transition Porosimetry - 01 March 1996

GTJ11411J: Laboratory Evaluation of Horizontal Stress in Overconsolidated Sands - 01 March 1996

GTJ11412J: Comparison of Gas and Water Pycnometry of Coal Mine Wastes - 01 March 1996

JTE12686J: Empirical Determination of the Manufacturing Processes Which Affect EFP Liner Performance - 01 March 1996

GTJ11016J: Use of Stereophotogrammetry to Analyze the Development of Shear Bands in Sand - 01 December 1995

GTJ11017J: Model Study on the Failure Mechanism of Soil-Nailed Structure Under Surcharge Loading - 01 December 1995

GTJ11018J: Apparatus and Procedure for an In Situ Collapse Test - 01 December 1995

GTJ11019J: Size Effects for Multi-Axial Tension Testing of HDPE and PVC Geomembranes - 01 December 1995

GTJ11020J: Bearing Capacity of Highly Frictional Material - 01 December 1995

GTJ11021J: Investigation of Vibration-Induced Settlement Using Multifactorial Experimental Design - 01 December 1995

GTJ11022J: A New Fall Cone Device for Measuring the Undrained Strength of Very Weak Cohesive Soils - 01 December 1995

GTJ11023J: Soil Air Permeability: Threshold Gradient and Anisotropy - 01 December 1995

JTE11437J: Book Review - 01 November 1995

GTJ10999J: Study of Geoprocesses with Complementary Mechanical and Electromagnetic Wave Measurements in an Oedometer - 01 September 1995

GTJ11000J: Influence of Apex Angle on Cone Penetration Factors in Clay - 01 September 1995

GTJ11001J: Assessing Frost Damage in Compacted Clay Liners - 01 September 1995

GTJ11002J: Collapse Behavior of an Artificially Cemented Clayey Silt - 01 September 1995

GTJ11003J: The Role of Jute Geotextile/Slurry Interface Friction on the Bearing Capacity of Clay Slurry - 01 September 1995

GTJ11004J: Pile Skin Friction in Sands from Constant Normal Stiffness Tests - 01 September 1995

GTJ11005J: Strain Rate Effects on Shear Modulus and Damping of Normally Consolidated Clay - 01 September 1995

GTJ11006J: Measurement of In Situ Density of Sand in a Chamber by Using a Thermal Conductivity Penetrometer - 01 September 1995

GTJ10318J: A Review of Instrumentation for Measuring Small Strains During Triaxial Testing of Soil Specimens - 01 June 1995

GTJ10319J: Soil-Geogrid Reinforcement Interaction by Pullout and Direct Shear Tests - 01 June 1995

GTJ10320J: A Dual Interface Apparatus for Testing Unrestricted Friction of Soil Along Solid Surfaces - 01 June 1995

GTJ10321J: Rigid Plate Settlements on Soils with Varying Deformation Properties - 01 June 1995

GTJ10322J: Effects of Sustained and Repeated Tensile Loads on Geogrid Embedded in Sand - 01 June 1995

GTJ10323J: External Measurement of Axial Strain in the Triaxial Test - 01 June 1995

GTJ10324J: Geotechnical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste - 01 June 1995

GTJ10325J: Analysis and Estimation of the Coefficient of Consolidation - 01 June 1995

GTJ10326J: Screw Plate Insertion in Sand - 01 June 1995

GTJ10327J: Geosynthetic/Soil Interface Friction Angles Using a Rotation Shear Device - 01 June 1995

GTJ10328J: The Rapid Determination of the Moisture-Retention Characteristics of Soil - 01 June 1995

GTJ10329J: Geotechnical Properties of the Maryland-Sanders Lunar Simulant - 01 June 1995

GTJ10330J: A Pluvial Deposition Method to Reconstitute Well-Graded Sand Specimens - 01 June 1995

GTJ10331J: Book Review - 01 June 1995

JTE10408J: Characterization of Base/Subbase Materials under Repetitive Loading - 01 May 1995

GTJ10117J: A Simulation of Tube Sampling Effects on the Stiffness of Clays - 01 March 1995

GTJ10118J: A Modified Commercial Triaxial Testing System for Small Strain Measurements: Preliminary Results on Pisa Clay - 01 March 1995

GTJ10119J: Empirical Theory of Vacuum-Assisted Steam Stripping of Organic Pollutants from Contaminated Soils - 01 March 1995

GTJ10120J: Treatment of Oil-Contaminated Soils for Identification and Classification - 01 March 1995

GTJ10121J: Techniques for Assessing the Nonlinear Resilient Response of Unbound Granular-Layered Structures - 01 March 1995

GTJ10122J: Consolidation Behavior of Soils - 01 March 1995

GTJ10123J: A Direct Simple Shear Device for Measuring Small-Strain Behavior - 01 March 1995

GTJ10124J: Permeability and Compressibility Behavior of Bentonite-Sand/Soil Mixes - 01 March 1995

GTJ10125J: Application of the Bubble Point Method to the Characterization of the Pore-Size Distribution of Geotextiles - 01 March 1995

GTJ10126J: A Resistance Wire Transducer for Circumferential Strain Measurement in Triaxial Tests - 01 March 1995

GTJ10127J: Effect of Simulated Roots on the Permeability of Silty Soil - 01 March 1995

GTJ10128J: Improvements to a Stress-Path Triaxial Cell - 01 March 1995

GTJ10129J: Granulometric Evaluation of Particle Size Using Suspension Pressure During Sedimentation - 01 March 1995

JTE10902J: A Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction Technique for Analyzing Sedimentary Rocks and Soils - 01 March 1995

GTJ10302J: Numerical Modeling of a Thermal Conductivity Matric Suction Sensor - 01 December 1994

GTJ10303J: Development of a Transparent Material to Model the Geotechnical Properties of Soils - 01 December 1994

GTJ10304J: Effect of Preparation Technique on Permeability and Strength of Cement-Grouted Sand - 01 December 1994

GTJ10305J: Time-Dependent Triaxial Relaxation Behavior of a Resedimented Clay - 01 December 1994

GTJ10306J: Engineering Properties of Tire Chips and Soil Mixtures - 01 December 1994

GTJ10307J: Compressibility Characteristics of Gypseous Sandy Soils - 01 December 1994

GTJ10308J: The Effects of Centerline Tube Sampling Strains on the Undrained Behavior of Two Stiff Overconsolidated Clays - 01 December 1994

GTJ10309J: Effect of Short Duration of Load increment on the Compressibility of Soils - 01 December 1994

GTJ10310J: Instrumentation for a Weigh In Motion System Using Pavement Strain - 01 December 1994

GTJ10311J: Expansion Potential of Compacted Fine-Grained Soils Using Suction Measurements - 01 December 1994

GTJ10312J: Test Procedures to Evaluate Absorption and Swelling of Grout - 01 December 1994

GTJ10313J: Moisture Increase in Expansive Soils at Developed Sites - 01 December 1994

GTJ10102J: Design and Evaluation of a Flow Pump System for Column Testing - 01 September 1994

GTJ10103J: Physical Modeling of Drilled Shaft Side Resistance in Sand - 01 September 1994

GTJ10104J: Geo-Environmental Assessment of a Micaceous Soil for Its Potential Use as an Engineered Clay Barrier - 01 September 1994

GTJ10105J: Tensile Stress-Strain Characteristics of Lightly Cemented Sand - 01 September 1994

GTJ10106J: A Study of an Anisotropically Overconsolidated Silt by the Resonant Column Method - 01 September 1994

GTJ10107J: Investigation of the Strain-Softening Behavior of Granular Soils with a New Multiaxial Cell - 01 September 1994

GTJ10108J: A General Dynamic Model for the Resonant Column/Quasi-Static Torsional Shear Apparatus - 01 September 1994

GTJ10109J: Prediction Models of Resilient Modulus for Nongranular Materials - 01 September 1994

GTJ10110J: Use of Fuzzy Control in Automated Soil Testing - 01 September 1994

GTJ10111J: A Compaction Test Method for Soil-Rock Mixtures in which Equipment Size Effects are Minimized - 01 September 1994

GTJ10112J: Compaction Control of Earth-Rock Mixtures: A New Approach - 01 September 1994

GTJ10113J: Proposed New Standard Test Method for Laboratory Compaction Testing of Soil-Rock Mixtures Using Standard Effort - 01 September 1994

GTJ10114J: Development and Potential of Core-Logging Manuals - 01 September 1994

JTE11850J: Objective Evaluation of Surface Characteristics to Determine Smoothness of Pile Fabrics - 01 July 1994

GTJ10085J: Centrifuge Modeling of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in Sands - 01 June 1994

GTJ10086J: Monitoring System for Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Covers - 01 June 1994

GTJ10087J: Determination of P-Y Curves Using Inclinometer Data - 01 June 1994

GTJ10088J: Cyclic Undrained Behavior and Liquefaction Potential of Sand Treated with Chemical Grouts and Microfine Cement (MC-500) - 01 June 1994

GTJ10089J: Laboratory Investigation on Bitumen Coating and Polyethylene Sheeting for Downdrag Reduction in Piles: A Comparative Study - 01 June 1994

GTJ10090J: Laboratory Filter Paper Suction Measurements - 01 June 1994

GTJ10091J: Deformability of Rock-Like Materials Using a Sharp Cone Test - 01 June 1994

GTJ10092J: Impact-Echo Response of Hollow Cylindrical Concrete Structures Surrounded by Soil and Rock: Part I—Numerical Studies - 01 June 1994

GTJ10093J: Impact-Echo Response of Hollow Cylindrical Concrete Structures Surrounded by Soil and Rock: Part II—Experimental Studies - 01 June 1994

GTJ10094J: A Multiple Purpose Soil Testing Apparatus - 01 June 1994

GTJ10095J: A New Combined Servo-Controlled Loading Frame/Direct-Shear Apparatus for the Study of Concrete or Rock Joint Behavior Under Different Boundary and Loading Conditions - 01 June 1994

GTJ10096J: Suggested Modifications to ASTM Standard Methods When Testing Arid, Saline Soils - 01 June 1994

GTJ10100J: Book Review - 01 June 1994

GTJ10067J: In-Plane Flow of Four Geosynthetics for Landfill Drainage - 01 March 1994

GTJ10068J: Torsional Motion Monitoring System for Small-Strain (10−5 to 10−3%) Soil Testing - 01 March 1994

GTJ10069J: Shear Strength of Very Soft Clay-Sand Mixtures - 01 March 1994

GTJ10070J: A Critical Evaluation of the Gradient Ratio Test - 01 March 1994

GTJ10071J: The Effects of Particle Shape and Surface Roughness on the Hydraulic Mean Radius of a Porous Medium Consisting of Quarried Rock - 01 March 1994

GTJ10072J: An Approximate Method for Estimating the Consolidation Behavior of Soft Sensitive Clays - 01 March 1994

GTJ10073J: Water Content Relationships of a Sensitive Clay Subjected to Cycles of Capillary Pressures - 01 March 1994

GTJ10074J: Strain Measurement in HDPE Geomembrane Tensile Tests - 01 March 1994

GTJ10075J: A Method for Interpretation of Plate Load Test Results - 01 March 1994

GTJ10076J: Measurements of Elastic Properties of Geomaterials in Laboratory Compression Tests - 01 March 1994

GTJ10077J: An Image Analysis Method for Studying Movements in Granular and Solid Bodies - 01 March 1994

GTJ10078J: Compressibility of Contaminated Fine-Grained Soils - 01 March 1994

GTJ10079J: Improved Velocity Method for the Determination of Coefficient of Consolidation - 01 March 1994

JTE12651J: Development and Validation of a Standard Test Method for Sequential Batch Extraction of Waste with Acidic Extraction Fluid - 01 March 1994

JTE12653J: Ultraclean Technology Handbook, Volume 1, Ultrapure Water - 01 March 1994

GTJ10281J: Monotonic and Cyclic Loading Behavior of Two Sands at Small Strains - 01 December 1993

GTJ10282J: An Initial Study of Surface Wave Inversion Using Artificial Neural Networks - 01 December 1993

GTJ10283J: Drift of Flush-Mounted Pressure Cell Readings - 01 December 1993

GTJ10284J: Compactor Force and Energy Measurements - 01 December 1993

GTJ10285J: Notched Constant Tensile Load (NCTL) Test for High-Density Polyethylene Geomembranes - 01 December 1993

GTJ10286J: Use of CPTu to Estimate Equivalent SPT N60 - 01 December 1993

GTJ10287J: Determination of Swell Potential of Al-Qatif Clay - 01 December 1993

GTJ10288J: A New Approach to Measuring Dilatancy in Saturated Sands - 01 December 1993

GTJ10289J: Consolidation, Pre- and Post-Peak Shearing Responses from Internally Instrumented Biaxial Compression Device - 01 December 1993

GTJ10290J: Geotechnical Tomography: The Effects of Diffraction - 01 December 1993

GTJ10291J: Determination of Cation Exchange Capacity of Clayey Soils by the Methylene Blue Test - 01 December 1993

GTJ10292J: The Continuous Abrasion Index for the Assessment of Rock Abrasion - 01 December 1993

GTJ10293J: Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundation on Geogrid-Reinforced Clay - 01 December 1993

GTJ10294J: Prediction of Expansion Degree for Natural Compacted Clays - 01 December 1993

GTJ10295J: Influence of Test Chamber Boundary Conditions on Sand Bed Response - 01 December 1993

JTE11797J: Techniques for the Determination of the Static and Dynamic Internal Friction Coefficients of Ceramic Powder - 01 November 1993

JTE11801J: Automated Data Acquisition and Load and Strain Measurement Resolution - 01 November 1993

JTE11804J: Pressure and Flexible Membrane Effects on Direct-Contact Extensometer Measurements in Axisymmetric Compression Tests - 01 November 1993

GTJ10049J: The Multidirectional Direct Simple Shear Apparatus - 01 September 1993

GTJ10050J: Large-Scale Triaxial Compression Testing of Geocell-Reinforced Granular Soils - 01 September 1993

GTJ10051J: Effects of Strain Rate on Instability of Granular Soils - 01 September 1993

GTJ10052J: Mikasa's Direct Shear Apparatus, Test Procedures and Results - 01 September 1993

GTJ10053J: Estimating Water Content of Soils from Electrical Resistivity - 01 September 1993

GTJ10054J: Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Cemented Sand Under Static and Cyclic Loads - 01 September 1993

GTJ10055J: Preparation of Large-Size Cohesive Specimens for Calibration Chamber Testing - 01 September 1993

GTJ10056J: Evaluation of the Drop Bar Test for Concrete and Rock Quality - 01 September 1993

GTJ10057J: Some Experiments on Restrained Shrinkage of Clays Undergoing Drying - 01 September 1993

GTJ10058J: Preparation of Large-Size Laboratory Deposits of Cohesive Soil - 01 September 1993

GTJ10059J: Axisymmetric Tension Testing of Geomembranes - 01 September 1993

GTJ10060J: Swell Potential Versus Overburden Pressure - 01 September 1993

JTE11789J: A Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor for Measurement of Groundwater pH - 01 September 1993

JTE11790J: Static Structural Integrity Monitoring System - 01 September 1993

GTJ10033J: B-Value Measurements for Granular Materials at High Confining Pressures - 01 June 1993

GTJ10034J: Dynamic Centrifuge Testing of Soil-Nailed Excavations - 01 June 1993

GTJ10035J: Some Factors Affecting In Situ Measurement Using the Cambridge Self-Boring Pressuremeter - 01 June 1993

GTJ10036J: The Simple Pile Load Test (SPLT) - 01 June 1993

GTJ10037J: In-Plane Air Flow Through Needle-Punched, Nonwoven Geotextiles Under Normal Loading - 01 June 1993

GTJ10038J: A Statistical Methodology to Analyze the Effect of Changes in Testing Technology on Measurement Results - 01 June 1993

GTJ10039J: A Study of Undrained Shear Strength Using Various Vanes - 01 June 1993

GTJ10040J: Indirect Tension Tests on Rock—Analytical/Numerical Correction for Material Bimodularity - 01 June 1993

GTJ10041J: Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Rectangular Foundations on Geogrid-Reinforced Sand - 01 June 1993

GTJ10042J: Simulation of Ground Loss in Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 June 1993

GTJ10043J: Time-Temperature Superposition in Mechanical Durability Testing of Polyethylene Geomembranes - 01 June 1993

GTJ10044J: Soft Oedometer—A New Testing Device and Its Application for the Calibration of Hypoplastic Constitutive Laws - 01 June 1993

GTJ10045J: Swelling Pressure Behavior Under Controlled Suction - 01 June 1993

GTJ10046J: Evaluation of Fill Compaction - 01 June 1993

GTJ10262J: A Hollow Cylinder Torsional Simple Shear Apparatus Capable of a Wide Range of Shear Strain Measurement - 01 March 1993

GTJ10263J: A New Traveling Sand Pluviator to Reconstitute Specimens of Well-Graded Silty Sands - 01 March 1993

GTJ10264J: On the Measurement of Critical State Parameters of Dense Granular Soils - 01 March 1993

GTJ10265J: A Low-Compliance Bi-Directional Cyclic Simple Shear Apparatus - 01 March 1993

GTJ10266J: 1 g Small-Scale Modelling of Saturated Cohesive Soils - 01 March 1993

GTJ10267J: Gmax-qc Relationships for Clays - 01 March 1993

GTJ10268J: Filtration Opening Size of Geotextiles by Hydrodynamic Sieving - 01 March 1993

GTJ10269J: A New Model of Shear Strength of Simulated Rock Joints - 01 March 1993

GTJ10270J: Rockfill Placement and Compaction Guidelines - 01 March 1993

GTJ10271J: A Coupled Heat and Water Flow Apparatus - 01 March 1993

GTJ10272J: Modified Bromhead Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 March 1993

GTJ10273J: Compatibility of Compacted Soils with Municipal Waste Combustion Ash Leachates - 01 March 1993

GTJ10274J: Shear Strength Tests for Coarse Granular Backfill and Reinforced Soils - 01 March 1993

GTJ10275J: Friction at the Cohesionless Soil-Structure Interface: Effect of Various Parameters according to a Classic Study and a New Approach - 01 March 1993

GTJ10276J: δ-t/δ Method for the Determination of Coefficient of Consolidation - 01 March 1993

GTJ10279J: Round One—Longitudinal and Transverse Pulse Velocities, Unconfined Compressive Strength, Uniaxial Elastic Modulus, and Splitting Tensile Strength - 01 March 1993

JTE11754J: Future of Water Treatment - 01 March 1993

GTJ10245J: Computer Automation of Conventional Triaxial Equipment - 01 December 1992

GTJ10246J: Measurements of Coupled Normal Deformation, Permeability, and Heat Transfer in Rock Joints Using a Triaxial Test Facility - 01 December 1992

GTJ10247J: Temperature Dependence of Soil Water Potential - 01 December 1992

GTJ10248J: A New Method to Measure the Effective Porosity of Clays - 01 December 1992

GTJ10249J: The Influence of Test Procedure on Correlation of Atterberg Limits with Liquefaction in Fine-Grained Soils - 01 December 1992

GTJ10250J: Hollow Glass Microspheres Inhibit Blast-Induced Liquefaction - 01 December 1992

GTJ10251J: Settlement of Compacted Clay in a Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Device - 01 December 1992

GTJ10252J: Dispersive Behavior of Nonswelling Clays - 01 December 1992

GTJ10253J: Estimation of Pile Friction Degradation from Shearbox Tests - 01 December 1992

GTJ10254J: Clay Lumps under Simulated Hydraulic Transport Conditions - 01 December 1992

GTJ10255J: Use of Air Bag System for Instrumentation of Lateral Load Tests on Previously Installed Pipe Piles - 01 December 1992

GTJ10256J: A Thickness Equation for Nonwoven, Needle-Punched Geotextiles under Normal Loading - 01 December 1992

GTJ10257J: An Alternate Method for Determining the Klinkenberg Correction - 01 December 1992

GTJ10258J: An Experimental Method for Determining Membrane Penetration - 01 December 1992

GTJ10015J: A New Apparatus for the Evaluation of Electro-Kinetic Processes in Hazardous Waste Management - 01 September 1992

GTJ10016J: The Behavior at the Shrinkage Limit of Clay Undergoing Drying - 01 September 1992

GTJ10017J: Measurement of the Pore Pressure Parameter C Less Than Unity in Saturated Sands - 01 September 1992

GTJ10018J: Techniques for Estimating the Longevity of Lime-Treated Expansive Clays - 01 September 1992

GTJ10019J: Long-Term Filtration Behaviour of Soil-Geotextile System - 01 September 1992

GTJ10020J: Determination of Deformation Properties of Collapsible Soils - 01 September 1992

GTJ10021J: The Thermal Probe—Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity and Drying Rate of Soil in the Field - 01 September 1992

GTJ10022J: Strain-Controlled, Variable Frequency Cyclic Loading System for Soft Soils - 01 September 1992

GTJ10023J: Hollow Cylinder Specimen Preparation: Cohesive Materials - 01 September 1992

GTJ10024J: The Application of Time Domain Reflectometry in Geotechnical Instrumentation - 01 September 1992

GTJ10025J: Determination of the Plastic Limit of a Soil by Means of a Rolling Device - 01 September 1992

GTJ10026J: Membrane Penetration in Triaxial Tests - 01 September 1992

GTJ10027J: Strength Changes in Sand Following Cyclic Shear - 01 September 1992

GTJ10028J: Incinerator Residue for Roads - 01 September 1992

GTJ10231J: Development of a True Triaxial Testing Apparatus - 01 June 1992

GTJ10232J: Leach Tests on Lime-Treated Clays - 01 June 1992

GTJ10233J: Measurements of Matric Suction and Volume Changes During Inundation of Collapsible Soil - 01 June 1992

GTJ10234J: Effect of Clod Size on Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Clay - 01 June 1992

GTJ10235J: “1γ2ɛ”: A New Shear Apparatus to Study the Behavior of Granular Materials - 01 June 1992

GTJ10236J: Static and Cyclic Direct Shear Tests on Carbonate Sands - 01 June 1992

GTJ10237J: Effect of Reinforcement Layout on Soil Strength - 01 June 1992

GTJ10238J: Properties of Some Kaolin-Based Model Clay Soils - 01 June 1992

GTJ10239J: Maximum Dry Density of Cohesionless Soils by Pluviation and by ASTM D 4253-83: A Comparative Study - 01 June 1992

GTJ10240J: An Injection-Correction System to Mitigate Membrane Compliance - 01 June 1992

GTJ10219J: Characteristics of a Bentonite Slurry as a Sealant - 01 March 1992

GTJ10220J: Blast-Induced Liquefaction of an Alluvial Sand Deposit - 01 March 1992

GTJ10221J: Bromhead Ring Shear Test Procedure - 01 March 1992

GTJ10222J: Pullout Resistance of Steel Geogrids with Weathered Clay as Backfill Material - 01 March 1992

GTJ10223J: Introduction to C. A. Hogentogler Award Article by David I. Stannard - 01 March 1992

GTJ10224J: Tensiometers—Theory, Construction, and Use - 01 March 1992

GTJ10225J: Total Stress Probe Determination of Clay Slurry Density - 01 March 1992

GTJ10226J: Total Suction of Artificial Mixtures of Soil Compacted at Optimum Water Content - 01 March 1992

GTJ10227J: A New Method for the Determination of Coefficient of Consolidation - 01 March 1992

GTJ10228J: The Bending of a Screw Plate - 01 March 1992

GTJ10202J: An Automated Electropneumatic Control System for Direct Simple Shear Testing - 01 December 1991

GTJ10203J: Stress Nonuniformities in Hollow Cylinder Torsional Specimens - 01 December 1991

GTJ10204J: Piezo Film Technology and Applications in Geotechnical Testing - 01 December 1991

GTJ10205J: Microscopic Measurement of Sand Fabric from Cyclic Tests Causing Liquefaction - 01 December 1991

GTJ10206J: Measurements of Strength Parameters of Concrete-Rock Contact at the Dam-Foundation Interface - 01 December 1991

GTJ10207J: Effects of Back Pressure on Geotextile Transmissivity Tests - 01 December 1991

GTJ10208J: Sled for In Situ Penetration Testing - 01 December 1991

GTJ10209J: Simulation of Climatic Conditions in Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 December 1991

GTJ10210J: Design and Performance of the Imperial College Instrumented Pile - 01 December 1991

GTJ10211J: Prediction of Embankment Settlements by In-Situ Tests - 01 December 1991

GTJ10212J: A Clay Calibration Chamber for Testing Field Devices - 01 December 1991

GTJ10213J: Development of a Combination Inclinometer-Deflectometer and ADAAS - 01 December 1991

GTJ10214J: Clay-on-Steel Ring Shear Tests and Their Implications for Displacement Piles - 01 December 1991

JTE12611J: Analysis of Large Diameter High-Density Polyethylene Plastic Pipes As Vertical Shafts in Landfills - 01 November 1991

GTJ10568J: Anisotropy of Normally Consolidated San Francisco Bay Mud - 01 September 1991

GTJ10569J: Testing Techniques for Evaluating the Shear Strength of Lime/Fly Ash Slurry Stabilized Soil - 01 September 1991

GTJ10570J: Influence of Voids on Density Measurements of Granular Materials Using Gamma Radiation Techniques - 01 September 1991

GTJ10571J: Resonant Column Tests on Partially Saturated Sands - 01 September 1991

GTJ10572J: On Some Issues in Triaxial Extension Tests - 01 September 1991

GTJ10573J: Laboratory Properties of a Soft Marine Clay Reinforced with Woven and Nonwoven Geotextiles - 01 September 1991

GTJ10574J: Quantification of Particle Shape and Angularity Using the Image Analyzer - 01 September 1991

GTJ10575J: The Toluene and Wax-Freezing Method of Determining Volumetric Free Swell - 01 September 1991

GTJ10576J: Use of Side Drains in Triaxial Testing at Moderate to High Pressures - 01 September 1991

GTJ10577J: A New Technique for Measuring the Roughness Profile of Rock Joints - 01 September 1991

GTJ10578J: Soil Column Drainage Modelling Using a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 September 1991

JTE12571J: Laboratory Testing of River Gravel Used in Arrester Beds - 01 July 1991

GTJ10554J: Impact-Echo Response of Concrete Shafts - 01 June 1991

GTJ10555J: Advantages of Midheight Pore Pressure Measurements in Undrained Triaxial Testing - 01 June 1991

GTJ10556J: Effective Stress Hyperbolic Stress-Strain Parameters for Clay - 01 June 1991

GTJ10557J: Measuring Inherent Load-Extension Properties of Geotextiles for Design of Reinforced Structures - 01 June 1991

GTJ10558J: Hydrodynamic Aspects in the Rotating Clyinder Erosivity Test - 01 June 1991

GTJ10559J: Large-Scale Laboratory Permeability Testing of a Compacted Clay Soil - 01 June 1991

GTJ10560J: Simple Shear of an Undisturbed Soft Marine Clay in NGI and Torsional Shear Equipment - 01 June 1991

GTJ10561J: Uniformity Tests in Calibration Chamber Samples by the Thermal Probe Method - 01 June 1991

GTJ10562J: Swelling/Shrinkage Characteristic Curve of Desiccated Expansive Clays - 01 June 1991

GTJ10563J: Multicylinder Control Units for Prebored Hydraulic Pressuremeters - 01 June 1991

GTJ10186J: Procedures for Prediction of Dynamic Lateral Pile Group Response in Clay from Single Pile Tests - 01 March 1991

GTJ10187J: Complex Stress Paths and Validation of Constitutive Models - 01 March 1991

GTJ10188J: A Cohesive Soil for Large-Size Laboratory Deposits - 01 March 1991

GTJ10189J: A Method for Determining the Surface Area of Quarried Rocks - 01 March 1991

GTJ10190J: Fabrication of Silty Sand Specimens for Large- and Small-Scale Tests - 01 March 1991

GTJ10192J: Laboratory and Field Calibration of a Neutron Depth Moisture Gauge for Use in High Water Content Soils - 01 March 1991

GTJ10193J: Sample Size for Laboratory Calibration of Subsurface Neutron Moisture Gauges - 01 March 1991

GTJ10194J: Reinforcing Soil with Aligned and Randomly Oriented Metallic Fibers - 01 March 1991

GTJ10195J: Modified Testing Device to Evaluate MR Properties on Fly Ash Treated Subgrade Soil - 01 March 1991

GTJ10196J: Expansive Soils under Cyclic Drying and Wetting - 01 March 1991

GTJ10197J: Determination of Clay Size Fraction of Marine Clays - 01 March 1991

GTJ10198J: Small Diameter Piston Sampling with Cone Penetrometer Equipment - 01 March 1991

JTE12523J: Evaluation of Variability in Resilient Modulus Test Results (ASTM D 4123) - 01 January 1991

GTJ10170J: Design and Testing of a Synthetic Clay Soil - 01 December 1990

GTJ10171J: Influence of Storage and Reconsolidation Procedures on Clay Properties - 01 December 1990

GTJ10172J: Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Testing of Unsaturated Sand - 01 December 1990

GTJ10173J: Abrasion Tests for Railroad Ballast - 01 December 1990

GTJ10174J: An Experimental Laboratory Facility for Studying Shock-Induced Liquefaction - 01 December 1990

GTJ10175J: Simplified Heave Prediction Model for Expansive Shale - 01 December 1990

GTJ10176J: Design, Construction, and Testing of a Large-Scale, Radial Fracture Flow Model - 01 December 1990

GTJ10177J: Determination of Design Parameters of a Mesh-Type Soil Reinforcement - 01 December 1990

GTJ10178J: Effects of Imperfect Fixity in Spring-Top Resonant Column Tests - 01 December 1990

GTJ10179J: Corrections for Membrane Strength in the Triaxial Test - 01 December 1990

GTJ10180J: Measurement of B-Values Less Than Unity for Thinly Interbedded Varved Clay - 01 December 1990

GTJ10181J: Classification of Expansive Soils by Sediment Volume Method - 01 December 1990

GTJ10182J: A New Filter Material for Measuring Soil Suction - 01 December 1990

GTJ10154J: Automated Triaxial Testing of Soft Clays: An Upgraded Commercial System - 01 September 1990

GTJ10155J: Effects of Arching on Response Time of Miniature Pore Pressure Transducer in Clay - 01 September 1990

GTJ10156J: Influence of Soil Structure on the Stress-Strain Behavior of Sand-Bentonite Mixtures - 01 September 1990

GTJ10157J: Effect of Backfill Thrust on Vertical Pressure Distribution in Reinforced Soil Model Walls - 01 September 1990

GTJ10158J: Frequency Response of Diaphragm Pore Pressure Transducers in Dynamic Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 September 1990

GTJ10159J: Measuring Strains in Buried Flexible Pipes - 01 September 1990

GTJ10160J: Field Hydraulic Conductivity Tests for Compacted Soil Liners - 01 September 1990

GTJ10161J: A Biaxial Apparatus for Testing Soils - 01 September 1990

GTJ10162J: Preparation of Grouted Sand Specimens for Dynamic Testing - 01 September 1990

GTJ10163J: The Preparation of Hollow Cylinder Specimens from Undisturbed Tube Samples of Soft Clay - 01 September 1990

GTJ10164J: Statistical Evaluation of Bangkok Clay Shear Strength Parameters - 01 September 1990

GTJ10165J: Suction-Moisture Content Calibration of Filter Papers from Different Boxes - 01 September 1990

GTJ10697J: Automatic Back-Pressure Saturation Device for Triaxial Testing - 01 June 1990

GTJ10698J: Transition from Maximum Tension Line to Actual Failure Surface in Reinforced Soil Model Walls - 01 June 1990

GTJ10699J: Sampling of Saturated and Unsaturated Sands by Freezing - 01 June 1990

GTJ10700J: Laboratory Measurement of Small Strain Shear Modulus Under K0 Conditions - 01 June 1990

GTJ10701J: Effects of Oversize Particles on the Density of Clean Granular Soils - 01 June 1990

GTJ10702J: Physical and Statistical Models for Bulking of Sand - 01 June 1990

GTJ10703J: Automated Measurement of Slurry Surface Settlement - 01 June 1990

GTJ10704J: Geotomography in Site Investigation: Simulation Study - 01 June 1990

GTJ10705J: Inadequacy in the Classification of Coarse-Grained Soils - 01 June 1990

GTJ10706J: Microwave Drying of Soils - 01 June 1990

GTJ10707J: Microwave Drying of Highly Plastic and Organic Soils - 01 June 1990

GTJ10140J: Pressuremeter Creep Testing in Ice: Calibration and Test Procedures - 01 March 1990

GTJ10141J: Geotechnical Properties of Expanded Shale Lightweight Aggregate - 01 March 1990

GTJ10142J: An Automatic Feedback System for Resonant Column Testing - 01 March 1990

GTJ10143J: Generalized Calibration of a Nuclear Moisture/Density Depth Gauge - 01 March 1990

GTJ10144J: Design of a Large Calibration Chamber - 01 March 1990

GTJ10145J: Axial Deformation Measurement in Repeated Load Triaxial Testing - 01 March 1990

GTJ10146J: Shear Zone Characterization in Sands by Carbowax Impregnation - 01 March 1990

GTJ10147J: Evaluation of Allowable Pressure Under Foundations - 01 March 1990

GTJ10148J: Statistical Description of Triaxial Shear Test Results - 01 March 1990

GTJ10151J: Book Review - 01 March 1990

GTJ10983J: Pore Size Distribution of Nonwoven Geotextiles - 01 December 1989

GTJ10984J: A Cyclic Undrained Simple Shear Testing Method for Soils - 01 December 1989

GTJ10985J: Centrifuge Modeling for Projectile Penetration Studies - 01 December 1989

GTJ10986J: The Use of a Centrifuge in Geotechnical Engineering Education - 01 December 1989

GTJ10987J: The Use of Proximity Transducers for Local Strain Measurements in Triaxial Tests - 01 December 1989

GTJ10988J: Measurements of Normal Deformations in Joints During Shear Using Inductance Devices - 01 December 1989

GTJ10989J: Graphical Method for Determining the Coefficient of Consolidation cv from a Flow-Pump Permeability Test - 01 December 1989

GTJ10990J: A Note on Falling Headwater and Rising Tailwater Permeability Tests - 01 December 1989

GTJ10991J: A Technique for Reducing Membrane Penetration and Bedding Errors - 01 December 1989

GTJ10992J: The Influence of the Shape of a Pile Shoe on a Model Pile Penetrating Layered Soil - 01 December 1989

GTJ10966J: A Procedure for Determining Volumetric Shrinkage of an Unsaturated Soil - 01 September 1989

GTJ10967J: Calibration of Thermal Conductivity Sensors for Measuring Soil Suction - 01 September 1989

GTJ10968J: Studies with Centrifuge Vane and Penetrometer Apparatus in a Normal Gravity Field - 01 September 1989

GTJ10969J: Chemical Impregnation of Cohesionless Soils - 01 September 1989

GTJ10971J: Moisture Content and Density of Smectites - 01 September 1989

GTJ10972J: A Large-Capacity Batch Filling Water Balloon Apparatus for Deep In-situ Density Tests - 01 September 1989

GTJ10973J: A Device for Lateral Strain Measurement in Triaxial Tests with Unsaturated Specimens - 01 September 1989

GTJ10974J: Log-Log Method for Determination of Preconsolidation Pressure - 01 September 1989

GTJ10975J: An Automated Stress-Path Control Triaxial System - 01 September 1989

GTJ10976J: Pulse Shapes from Ground Penetrating Radar - 01 September 1989

JTE11135J: Comparison of Six Media for Klebsiella spp. Enumeration by Membrane Filtration - 01 September 1989

GTJ10686J: X-Ray Radiographic Investigation of Perchloroethylene Migration at the Livingston Derailment Site - 01 June 1989

GTJ10687J: Dynamic Behavior of the Bumpy Road Shaking Table System - 01 June 1989

GTJ10688J: Cohesive Soil Behavior Under Random Excitation Conditions - 01 June 1989

GTJ10689J: Effect of Rigid Boundaries on Measurement of Particle Concentration - 01 June 1989

GTJ10690J: Model Studies of Pressuremeter Testing in Soft Rock - 01 June 1989

GTJ10691J: Hollow Cylinder Tests on Natural Rock Salt - 01 June 1989

GTJ10692J: Centrifuge Modeling: A Study of Similarity - 01 June 1989

GTJ10693J: A Model Study of the Influence of Stress on the Thermal Conductivity of Dry Sand - 01 June 1989

GTJ10694J: Modified Bromhead Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 June 1989

GTJ10668J: A Batch-Type Testing Method for Determination of Adsorption of Gaseous Compounds on Partially Saturated Soils - 01 March 1989

GTJ10669J: Direct and Simple Shear Testing of Two Canadian Sensitive Clays - 01 March 1989

GTJ10670J: Dynamic Lateral Response of a Pile Group in Clay - 01 March 1989

GTJ10671J: Design of Laterally Loaded Driven Piles Using the Flat Dilatometer - 01 March 1989

GTJ10672J: Minimum Test Specimen Mass for Moisture Content Determination - 01 March 1989

GTJ10673J: A Nonlinear One-Dimensional Wave Analysis of a Triaxial Soil Specimen - 01 March 1989

GTJ10674J: A Nondestructive, Specimen-Specific Method for Measurement of Membrane Penetration in the Triaxial Test - 01 March 1989

GTJ10675J: The Vane Cone: A New Device for Soil Shear Strength Measurement - 01 March 1989

GTJ10676J: The Use of Hall Effect Semiconductors in Geotechnical Instrumentation - 01 March 1989

GTJ10677J: Pore-Water Pressure Buildup in Clean Sands Because of Cyclic Straining - 01 March 1989

GTJ10678J: Horizontal and Vertical Swell Pressures from a Triaxial Test: Feasibility Study - 01 March 1989

GTJ10679J: Temperature Effect on Preconsolidation Pressure - 01 March 1989

GTJ10682J: Book Reviews - 01 March 1989

GTJ10683J: Status of the AASHTO Accreditation Program - 01 March 1989

JTE11097J: Preventing and Coping with Water Pollution - 01 March 1989

JTE11098J: Solving Air Pollution by Reducing Emission Losses from Solvent Vapor Cleaning Systems - 01 March 1989

GTJ10652J: Removal of Cementation Bonds in Stressed Overconsolidated Clays - 01 December 1988

GTJ10653J: Determination of Consolidation Properties for Very Soft Clay - 01 December 1988

GTJ10654J: Laboratory Investigation of Earth Walls Simultaneously Reinforced by Strips and Random Reinforcement - 01 December 1988

GTJ10655J: Effects of Borehole Fluid on Standard Penetration Test Results - 01 December 1988

GTJ10656J: In-Situ Shear Modulus of Sands by a Flat-Plate Penetrometer: A Laboratory Study - 01 December 1988

GTJ10657J: Automatic Volume Change and Pressure Measurement Devices for Triaxial Testing of Soils - 01 December 1988

GTJ10658J: A Device for Evaluating One-Dimensional Compressive Loading Rate Effects - 01 December 1988

GTJ10659J: A Fast Triaxial Shear Device - 01 December 1988

GTJ10660J: A New Simple Shear Apparatus - 01 December 1988

GTJ10661J: Introduction to a New Apparatus for Hydraulic Fracturing Tests - 01 December 1988

GTJ10662J: Strain-Rate Influence on the Interpretation of Plate Bearing Tests - 01 December 1988

GTJ10663J: Prevention of Sample Deterioration - 01 December 1988

GTJ10002J: CBR Strength (Puncture) of Geosynthetics - 01 September 1988

GTJ10003J: Determination of Collapse Potential of Soils - 01 September 1988

GTJ10004J: Helical Probe Tests: Initial Test Calibration - 01 September 1988

GTJ10005J: A Self-Boring Pressuremeter System - 01 September 1988

GTJ10006J: Improved Calibration and Correction Techniques for Pressuremeters - 01 September 1988

GTJ10007J: Effect of Testing Procedure in Ring Shear Tests - 01 September 1988

GTJ10008J: A Scientific Basis for the Use of Index Tests in Identification of Expansive Soils - 01 September 1988

GTJ10009J: Minimum Test Specimen for Gradation Analysis - 01 September 1988

GTJ10010J: Comparison of Freezing Cells Used in the Determination of Soil Frost Susceptibility - 01 September 1988

JTE11076J: Complementary Statistical Methodology for Precision and Bias Determination of Test Methods from Collaborative Studies on Analysis of Solutes in Water Cited in ASTM Standard Practice D 2777-86 - 01 July 1988

GTJ10953J: Chemical Mass Transport Measurements to Determine Flexible Membrane Liner Lifetime - 01 June 1988

GTJ10954J: Heat and Moisture Transfer Characteristics of Compacted Mackenzie Silt - 01 June 1988

GTJ10955J: Compaction Control and the Index Unit Weight - 01 June 1988

GTJ10956J: A Servo System for Hollow Cylinder Testing of Soils - 01 June 1988

GTJ10957J: Servo-Controlled Cuboidal Shear Device - 01 June 1988

GTJ10958J: The Thawed Strength of Soil Compacted While Frozen: An Introductory Study - 01 June 1988

GTJ10959J: Multistage Direct Shear Testing of Unsaturated Soils - 01 June 1988

GTJ10960J: Profiling OCR in Stiff Clays by CPT and SPT - 01 June 1988

GTJ10961J: A Method for Estimating the Excavatability of Caliche - 01 June 1988

GTJ10962J: An Electromagnetic Connection for Triaxial Testing - 01 June 1988

GTJ10963J: Effect of Dissolved Oxygen (and Bubbles) on the Measured Permittivity of Geotextiles - 01 June 1988

JTE10385J: Liquid Filtration: Examples of the Effects of Temperature, Viscosity, and Liquid Flow Rate - 01 May 1988

GTJ10639J: Evaluation of the Gamma and Neutron Radiation Scattering and Transmission Methods for Soil Density and Moisture Determination - 01 March 1988

GTJ10640J: A Monte Carlo Investigation of a Proposed Screen for NX-Borehole Jack Data - 01 March 1988

GTJ10641J: A Calibration Chamber for Cohesive Soils - 01 March 1988

GTJ10642J: Stress Path and Permanent Deformations in Sand Subjected to Repeated Load - 01 March 1988

GTJ10643J: Compressibility Properties of a Horticultural Peat - 01 March 1988

GTJ10644J: The Measurement of Gas Bubble Size Distributions in a Three Phase Laboratory Gassy Soil - 01 March 1988

GTJ10645J: Assessment of the Unconfined Compressive Strength of a Lime Stabilized Soil by an Abrasion Test - 01 March 1988

GTJ10646J: On the Importance of Rate of Strain in the Consolidation Test - 01 March 1988

GTJ10647J: Use of Permeability as an Index to Characterize Internal Structural Changes and Fracture Mechanism - 01 March 1988

GTJ10648J: Methylene Blue Adsorption as a Rapid and Economical Method of Detecting Smectite - 01 March 1988

GTJ10649J: Stabilization of Liquefiable Samples During Transport - 01 March 1988

JTE11055J: Generalized Equation for Compression Ratio - 01 January 1988

GTJ10543J: The Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) Accelerated Weathering Test for Aggregates - 01 December 1987

GTJ10544J: Instrumentation for Torsional Shear/Resonant Column Measurements Under Anisotropic Stresses - 01 December 1987

GTJ10545J: Dynamic High Stress Experiments on Soil - 01 December 1987

GTJ10546J: Cavity Expansion Tests in a Hollow Cylinder Cell - 01 December 1987

GTJ10547J: Triaxial Testing of Brittle Sandstone Using a Multiple Failure State Method - 01 December 1987

GTJ10548J: Differential Flow Patterns Through Compacted Clays - 01 December 1987

GTJ10549J: Parameter Sensitivity of Hydraulic Conductivity Testing Procedure - 01 December 1987

GTJ10550J: The Revised ASTM Standard on the Description and Identification of Soils (Visual-Manual Procedure) - 01 December 1987

GTJ10942J: Evaluation of Shear Strength in Cohesive Soils with Special Reference to Swedish Practice and Experience - 01 September 1987

GTJ10943J: Undrained Deformability and Strength Characteristics of Soft Bangkok Clay By the Screw Plate Test - 01 September 1987

GTJ10944J: Resonant Column Testing of Frozen Ottawa Sand - 01 September 1987

GTJ10945J: Cone Penetration of Partially Saturated Sands - 01 September 1987

GTJ10946J: Liquid Limit Determination—Further Simplified - 01 September 1987

GTJ10947J: Determining Preconsolidation Stress and Penetration Pore Pressures from DMT Contact Pressures - 01 September 1987

GTJ10948J: An Alternative Method for Determining the Membrane Penetration Correction Curve - 01 September 1987

JTE11021J: Basic Principles of Contaminant Transfer Modeling - 01 September 1987

GTJ10932J: Infiltration Testing for Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil Liners - 01 June 1987

GTJ10933J: Procedure for Determining the Segregation Potential of Freezing Soils - 01 June 1987

GTJ10934J: Methods of Evaluating the Expansion Potential of Compacted Soils with Significant Fractions of Large Aggregate - 01 June 1987

GTJ10935J: Directional Shear Cell Experiments on a Dry Cohesionless Soil - 01 June 1987

GTJ10936J: Modified Free Swell Index for Clays - 01 June 1987

GTJ10937J: Investigation of Boundary Friction Effects in Polyaxial Tests - 01 June 1987

GTJ10938J: A Low-Cost Electrolytic Tiltmeter for Measuring Slope Deformation - 01 June 1987

GTJ10132J: A Constant Normal Stiffness Direct Shear Device for Static and Cyclic Loading - 01 March 1987

GTJ10133J: Reproducibility of Borehole Shear Test Results in Marine Clay - 01 March 1987

GTJ10134J: Suggested Method for Performing the Borehole Shear Test - 01 March 1987

GTJ10135J: Liquid and Plastic Limits as Determined from the Fall Cone and the Casagrande Methods - 01 March 1987

GTJ10136J: Factors Affecting Sand Specimen Preparation by Raining - 01 March 1987

JTE11545J: Cytotoxicity of Incinerator Fly Ash on Alveolar Macrophages - 01 January 1987

GTJ10627J: Development of an Index to Quantify Rock Texture for Qualitative Assessment of Intact Rock Properties - 01 December 1986

GTJ10628J: Influence of Borehole Stabilization Techniques on Standard Penetration Test Results - 01 December 1986

GTJ10629J: Dynamically Loaded Pile in Overconsolidated Clay - 01 December 1986

GTJ10630J: A Rapid Method to Identify Clay Type in Soils By the Free-Swell Technique - 01 December 1986

GTJ10631J: A New Apparatus for Investigating the Stress-Strain Characteristics of Sands - 01 December 1986

GTJ10632J: Cyclic Simple Shear Testing of Granular Materials - 01 December 1986

GTJ10617J: Effect of Cementation on the Cone Penetration Resistance of Sand: A Model Study - 01 September 1986

GTJ10618J: Triaxial Equipment for Permeability Testing with Hazardous and Toxic Permeants - 01 September 1986

GTJ10619J: Procedure for a Rod Shear Test - 01 September 1986

GTJ10620J: Testing Using a Large-Scale Cyclic Simple Shear Device - 01 September 1986

GTJ10621J: Significance of Specimen Preparation Upon Soil Plasticity - 01 September 1986

GTJ10622J: Preparation of Specimens of Noncohesive Material for Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry - 01 September 1986

GTJ10623J: Liquid Limit of Montmorillonite Soils - 01 September 1986

JTE10336J: In Situ Dynamic Estimates of the Equation of State for Alluvium for Intermediate Pressures and High Rates - 01 September 1986

GTJ11030J: Determination of Ice Forces with Centrifuge Models - 01 June 1986

GTJ11031J: Effect of Boundary Conditions Upon Centrifuge Experiments Using Ground Motion Simulation - 01 June 1986

GTJ11032J: A New Boundary Stress Transducer for Small Soil Models in the Centrifuge - 01 June 1986

GTJ11033J: Characteristic Threshold and Infrared Vibrothermography of Sand - 01 June 1986

GTJ11034J: A New Technique to Evaluate Erosivity of Cohesive Material - 01 June 1986

GTJ11035J: Suggested Method for Performing the Flat Dilatometer Test - 01 June 1986

GTJ11036J: Factors Affecting the Performance of a Pneumatic Earth Pressure Cell - 01 June 1986

GTJ11037J: New Equipment and Techniques for Use with the Cambridge Self-Boring Pressuremeter - 01 June 1986

JTE11392J: A Preliminary Examination of the Laboratory Sheen Test - 01 May 1986

JTE11393J: Factors Affecting Results of Chemotaxis Inhibition Tests with Protozoa - 01 May 1986

JTE11399J: Wastewater Sludge Treatment and Utilization in the U.S.S.R. - 01 May 1986

GTJ10605J: Permeability Testing in the Triaxial Cell - 01 March 1986

GTJ10606J: Experimental Study of Rheological Properties of a Sand Using a Special Triaxial Apparatus - 01 March 1986

GTJ10608J: Swelling Pressure of Clays - 01 March 1986

GTJ10609J: The Application of Multivariate Statistics and Saturation Extract Data to Identify Dispersive Clay Soils - 01 March 1986

GTJ10610J: Estimating Liquefaction Potential of Sands Using the Flat Plate Dilatometer - 01 March 1986

GTJ10613J: Book Review - 01 March 1986

GTJ10531J: Use of Time Series in Geotechnical Data Analysis - 01 December 1985

GTJ10532J: Sand Density Measurements for Laboratory Studies - 01 December 1985

GTJ10533J: Repeated Load Triaxial Testing of Frozen and Thawed Soils - 01 December 1985

GTJ10534J: Electro-Servo Control System for Thermomechanical Properties Testing - 01 December 1985

GTJ10535J: A New Automatic Volume Change Monitoring Device - 01 December 1985

GTJ10536J: Evaluation of Adhesion in Chemically Grouted Geomaterials - 01 December 1985

GTJ10537J: ASTM Geotextile Committee Testing Update - 01 December 1985

GTJ10538J: Prediction of the Preconsolidation Pressure and Recompression Index of Soils - 01 December 1985

GTJ10520J: Determinations and Uses of Strain Distributions in Sand Samples - 01 September 1985

GTJ10521J: Liquid Limit of Soil Mixtures - 01 September 1985

GTJ10522J: A Scanning Device to Quantify Joint Surface Roughness - 01 September 1985

GTJ10523J: Pore-Pressure Response of the Piezocone Penetrometer - 01 September 1985

GTJ10524J: Resonant-Column Apparatus for Coarse-Grained Materials - 01 September 1985

GTJ10525J: Effect of Grain Characteristics on Liquefaction Potential—In Search of Standard Sand for Cyclic Strength - 01 September 1985

GTJ10526J: Geotextile Filters for a Large Liquefaction Tank - 01 September 1985

JTE10966J: Comparison of Precision and Accuracy Estimates from State and Local Agency Air Monitoring Stations with Results of EPA's National Performance Audit Program - 01 September 1985

JTE11252J: Fluid Filter Media: Measuring the Average Pore Size and the Pore-Size Distribution, and Correlation with Results of Filtration Tests - 01 July 1985

JTE11253J: A Provisional Multispecies Toxicity Test Using Indigenous Organisms - 01 July 1985

GTJ10510J: Soil Freezing Response: Influence of Test Conditions - 01 June 1985

GTJ10511J: Development and Evaluation of Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducers for the Determination of Dynamic Young's Modulus of Triaxially Loaded Rock Cores - 01 June 1985

GTJ10512J: Measurement of Volumetric and Linear Shrinkage on Black Cotton Soil - 01 June 1985

GTJ10513J: A Direct Tensile Loading Apparatus Combined with a Cubical Test Cell for Testing Rocks and Concrete - 01 June 1985

GTJ10514J: Axial Pile Loading Test—Part 1: Static Loading - 01 June 1985

GTJ10515J: The Effect of Clay Content on Liquid Limit from a Fall Cone and the British Cup Device - 01 June 1985

GTJ10516J: An Underwater Instrument for Determining Bearing Capacity of Shallow Marine Sediments - 01 June 1985

JTE10785J: Poor Selectivity of Certain Lots of Commercially Available KF-Streptococcus Agar - 01 May 1985

GTJ10851J: Measurement of Axial Strains in Triaxial Tests on London Clay - 01 March 1985

GTJ10852J: Small Cone Penetrometer Tests and Piezocone Tests in Laboratory Consolidated Clays - 01 March 1985

GTJ10853J: A Direct Shear Machine for Testing Rock Joints - 01 March 1985

GTJ10854J: A Low-Cost Ring Dynamometer for Monitoring the Performance of Roof Bolts - 01 March 1985

GTJ10855J: Improved Rectangular Hyperbola Method for the Determination of Coefficient of Consolidation - 01 March 1985

GTJ10856J: Prediction of Pore-Water Pressure Buildup During Undrained Resonant Column Testing of Virgin Sand Specimens - 01 March 1985

GTJ10857J: Alternative Test Method for Ensuring Full Saturation in Triaxial Samples - 01 March 1985

JTE10764J: Simple Determination of the Effective Young's Modulus of Rock by the Compliance Method - 01 January 1985

GTJ10498J: Laboratory Evaluation of Soil Suction Components - 01 December 1984

GTJ10499J: The Centrifuge as a Research Tool - 01 December 1984

GTJ10500J: Drum Centrifuge for Geotechnical Research - 01 December 1984

GTJ10501J: Platform Orientation and Start-up Time During Centrifuge Testing - 01 December 1984

GTJ10502J: Microcomputer Based Data Acquisition Systems for Centrifuge Modeling - 01 December 1984

GTJ10503J: Suggested Method for Estimating the In-Situ Modulus of Deformation of Rock Using the NX-Borehole Jack - 01 December 1984

GTJ10504J: Cyclic Triaxial Behavior of Monterey Number 0 and Number 0/30 Sands - 01 December 1984

GTJ10505J: The Revised ASTM Standard on the Unified Classification System - 01 December 1984

JTE10744J: Evaluation of the Ultrasonic Method for Solubilizing Dapnia magna Before Liquid Scintillation Counting - 01 November 1984

GTJ10487J: Permeability Testing with Flexible-Wall Permeameters - 01 September 1984

GTJ10488J: The Theory of One-Dimensional Consolidation of Saturated Clays: III. Existing Testing Procedures and Analyses - 01 September 1984

GTJ10489J: Phenomenological Study of Model Piles in Sand - 01 September 1984

GTJ10490J: Measurement of Lateral Stress Around Multihelix Anchors in Sand - 01 September 1984

GTJ10491J: Filter Openings Measured by a Suction Method - 01 September 1984

GTJ10492J: A Field Study of an Automatic SPT Hammer System - 01 September 1984

GTJ10493J: Evaluation of Schmidt Hammer Rebound Hardness Test Holders - 01 September 1984

JTE10724J: Development of a Multiple Inoculator System for the Identification of Aerobic Heterotrophic Bacteria - 01 September 1984

JTE10717J: Quantitation of Carbon in Oil Shale Process Wastewaters: Coulometry Coupled with Ultraviolet-Peroxydisulfate and High-Temperature Oxidation - 01 July 1984

JTE10718J: Physical Properties of Densified Refuse Derived Fuel - 01 July 1984

JTE10719J: A Hierarchical Approach to the Measurement of Changes in Community Structure Induced by Environmental Stress - 01 July 1984

JTE10720J: Critique of the Standard Biochemical Oxygen Demand Method - 01 July 1984

JTE10721J: Use of a Portable Vapor Analyzer in Groundwater Contamination Studies - 01 July 1984

GTJ10593J: Determination of Local Displacements on Soil Samples - 01 June 1984

GTJ10594J: Evaluation of Dynamic Properties of Sands by Resonant Column Testing - 01 June 1984

GTJ10595J: A Critical Assessment of Membrane Penetration in the Triaxial Test - 01 June 1984

GTJ10596J: Elastic-Wave Velocities and Liquefaction Potential - 01 June 1984

GTJ10597J: The Use of Electrical Conductivity for Evaluation of Strain Distribution in the Simple Shear Device - 01 June 1984

GTJ10598J: Design Basis for Cells Measuring Shear Stresses in an Interface - 01 June 1984

GTJ10599J: Computer-Aided Pressuremeter Tests - 01 June 1984

GTJ10600J: A Study of Membrane-Permeant Compatibility - 01 June 1984

JTE11063J: One-Dimensional Consolidation Under Linear Loading - 01 May 1984

JTE11068J: A Twelve-Year Macroinvertebrate Study in the Vicinity of Two Thermal Discharges to the Susquehanna River Near York Haven, PA - 01 May 1984

JTE11069J: The Quality of Runoff from Model Coal Piles - 01 May 1984

JTE11070J: Precision of Low-Level Soluble Copper Measurements in Natural Freshwater Systems - 01 May 1984

JTE11071J: A Rapid Method for Determining Triuranium Octoxide (U3O8) by Fluorometry - 01 May 1984

JTE11072J: A Standard-Reference Water-Suspended Sediment Sample for Total Recoverable Metals - 01 May 1984

GTJ10478J: Preparation Techniques for Oil-Sand Testing - 01 March 1984

GTJ10479J: Identification of Shales - 01 March 1984

GTJ10480J: Design of Polyvinyl Chloride Tar Mixes for Resistance to Permanent Deformation - 01 March 1984

GTJ10481J: Estimation of the Modulus of Elasticity of Cement Stabilized Materials - 01 March 1984

GTJ10482J: Suggested Practice for Drilling Boreholes for Pressuremeter Testing - 01 March 1984

GTJ10483J: Effects of Dust Suppressants on Tailing Sand Permeability - 01 March 1984

JTE10703J: Measurement of Organic Halide Content of Aqueous and Solid Waste Samples - 01 March 1984

JTE10704J: Methods for Determination of NH4+-N, NO3-N and Organic Forms of Nitrogen in Wastewaters - 01 March 1984

JTE10705J: Determination of Arsenic in Geologic, Biologic, and Water Samples by Flameless Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry and Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emisson Spectrometry Following Distillation - 01 March 1984

JTE10706J: Pilot Study for U.S. Geological Survey Standard Reference Water Samples for Pesticides - 01 March 1984

JTE10707J: Current Research into the Potential for Utilization of Mine Waste - 01 March 1984

JTE11417J: High-Speed Compression Testing at Constant True Strain Rates for Hot Working Studies - 01 January 1984

JTE11421J: Current and Potential Uses for Mining and Mineral Processing Wastes in Canada: Standards - 01 January 1984

JTE11422J: A Simple Apparatus for Conducting In-Stream Toxicity Tests - 01 January 1984

JTE11423J: Guidelines for Evaluating the Blank Correction - 01 January 1984

JTE11424J: Some Factors Influencing the Enumeration of Metabolizing Aquatic Bacteria - 01 January 1984

GTJ10920J: Apparatus for Cyclic Stress Path Testing - 01 December 1983

GTJ10921J: The Use of Property Tests to Determine the Thermal Properties of Soils - 01 December 1983

GTJ10922J: The In-Plane Permeability of Geotextiles - 01 December 1983

GTJ10923J: In-Plane Hydraulic Properties of Geotextiles - 01 December 1983

GTJ10924J: A Method of Estimating the In-Situ Density of Dry Uniformly Graded Sand Under Controlled Conditions of Placement - 01 December 1983

GTJ10925J: Reproducible SPT Hammer Impact Force with an Automatic Free Fall SPT Hammer System - 01 December 1983

GTJ10926J: Proposed Standard Test Methods for Cross-Hole Seismic Testing - 01 December 1983

GTJ10927J: Suggested Test Method for Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Soil by Thermal-Needle Procedure - 01 December 1983

GTJ10928J: Proposed New Standard Test Method for Dimensional and Shape Tolerances of Rock Core Specimens - 01 December 1983

GTJ10838J: Laboratory Pull-Out Testing of Grid Reinforcements in Sand - 01 September 1983

GTJ10839J: A Laboratory Investigation of Grid Reinforcements in Clay - 01 September 1983

GTJ10840J: Dynamic Shear Modulus and Damping Ratio from Random Loading Tests - 01 September 1983

GTJ10841J: The Methylene Blue Test for Bentonite Liner Quality Control - 01 September 1983

GTJ10842J: Burst Tester for Geotextile Bidirectional Strength - 01 September 1983

GTJ10843J: Direct Shear Strength of Appalachian Coal - 01 September 1983

GTJ10844J: Regression Analysis of Experimental Data Using Desktop Computers - 01 September 1983

GTJ10845J: Use of a Chain Saw for Obtaining Undisturbed Block Samples - 01 September 1983

GTJ10848J: Book Review - 01 September 1983

GTJ10829J: Equivalent Opening Size of Geotextiles - 01 June 1983

GTJ10830J: Rapid Index Tests for Transitional Materials - 01 June 1983

GTJ10831J: Soil Remolding and Sensitivity Measurements - 01 June 1983

GTJ10832J: Permeability Test for Unsaturated Soil - 01 June 1983

GTJ10833J: Interpreting the Physical Properties of a Clay Using Microanalysis Techniques - 01 June 1983

GTJ10834J: Suggested Test Method for Determination of the Soluble Salt Content of Soils by Refractometer - 01 June 1983

GTJ10835J: Measurement of Underground Corrosion of Steel - 01 June 1983

GTJ10817J: Electrical Analogy of Hydraulic Flow Through Rock Fractures - 01 March 1983

GTJ10818J: Methods of Studying Clay Microstructure - 01 March 1983

GTJ10819J: A Multi-Purpose Rock Core Testing Device - 01 March 1983

GTJ10820J: The Modified Borehole Shear Device - 01 March 1983

GTJ10821J: The Rapid Carbonate Analyzer - 01 March 1983

GTJ10822J: Cyclic Triaxial Tests with Continuous Measurement of Dissipated Energy - 01 March 1983

GTJ10823J: Drilling and Sampling Frozen Fine-Grained Soils - 01 March 1983

GTJ10824J: Influence of Stress History on the Experimental Flow Rule - 01 March 1983

GTJ10825J: Book Review - 01 March 1983

JTE10279J: The Most Probable Pore-Size Distribution in Fluid Filter Media I. Evidence of Such a Distribution from Results of Extended Bubble-Point Measurements - 01 March 1983

JTE10280J: The Most Probable Pore-Size Distribution in Fluid Filter Media II. Determining the Size of the Average Pore from Fluid Permeability Measurements - 01 March 1983

GTJ10804J: Some Observations on the Laboratory Measurement of Soil-Geotextile Bond - 01 September 1982

GTJ10805J: Temperature Controlled Microwave Drying of Soils - 01 September 1982

GTJ10806J: Vertical Soil Extensometer - 01 September 1982

GTJ10807J: Suggested Practice for Pressuremeter Testing in Soils - 01 September 1982

GTJ10808J: A Proposed Standard Test Method for a Free Fall Penetration Test - 01 September 1982

GTJ10809J: Proposed Standard Specification for Standard Sizes of Quarried Stone for Erosion Control - 01 September 1982

GTJ10810J: Sensitivity Study of a Ground Probing Radar System - 01 September 1982

GTJ10813J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1982

JTE11578J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1982

GTJ10794J: Triaxial Testing at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute - 01 March 1982

GTJ10795J: A Multistage Triaxial Test for Unsaturated Soils - 01 March 1982

GTJ10796J: High Capacity Multiaxial Testing Device - 01 March 1982

GTJ10797J: Determination of Elastic Modulus of Stress Relief Cores of Shale - 01 March 1982

GTJ10798J: A Probe to Measure Friction Coefficient of Cohesionless Soils - 01 March 1982

GTJ10799J: New Sampler for Drilling in Noncohesive Soils - 01 March 1982

GTJ10800J: A Low Cost Stressmeter for Measuring Complete Stress Changes in Underground Mining - 01 March 1982

JTE10236J: A Dispersant Effectiveness Test Based on the Drop-Weight Interfacial Tension Test Method - 01 March 1982

JTE10237J: Book Reviews - 01 March 1982

GTJ10783J: A Ring Torsion Apparatus for Evaluating Friction Between Soil and Metal Surfaces - 01 December 1981

GTJ10784J: Experiments in Geotechnical Fabric-Reinforced Soil Behavior - 01 December 1981

GTJ10785J: Rectangular Hyperbola Fitting Method for One Dimensional Consolidation - 01 December 1981

GTJ10786J: Nondestructive Soil Bulk Density Measurements by X-ray Attenuation - 01 December 1981

GTJ10787J: Laboratory Instrument for Measuring Lateral Soil Pressure and Swelling Pressure - 01 December 1981

GTJ10788J: An Electropneumatic Cyclic Loading System - 01 December 1981

GTJ10789J: Linearizing Triaxial Test Failure Envelopes - 01 December 1981

GTJ10776J: Testing of a Field Dielectric Soil Moisture Meter - 01 September 1981

GTJ10777J: Constant-Volume Triaxial Tests to Study the Effects of Membrane Penetration - 01 September 1981

GTJ10778J: A Note on the Conductivity of Electrolytes for Analog Models - 01 September 1981

GTJ10779J: Results and Interpretation of SPT Practice Study - 01 September 1981

GTJ10780J: The Effect of Elastic Tube Strength on the Pressuremeter Modulus - 01 September 1981

GTJ10766J: A Hydrogeologic View of Waste Disposal in the Shallow Subsurface - 01 June 1981

GTJ10767J: The Expansion Index Test - 01 June 1981

GTJ10768J: Statistical Estimation of Compression Index - 01 June 1981

GTJ10769J: Incremental Loading Device for Stress Path and Strength Testing of Soils - 01 June 1981

GTJ10770J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers 8. Microprocessor Applications - 01 June 1981

GTJ10771J: Determination of Permeability Coefficients for Geotextiles - 01 June 1981

GTJ10757J: The Need for a Schema for the Classification of Transitional (Shale) Materials - 01 March 1981

GTJ10758J: Survey of Laboratory Devices for Measuring Soil Volume Change - 01 March 1981

GTJ10759J: Operation of a Geotechnical Centrifuge from 1970 to 1979 - 01 March 1981

GTJ10760J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 March 1981

GTJ10761J: Feasibility of Drag Bit Tunneling in Limestone - 01 March 1981

GTJ10762J: Plummet Balance—A Potential Tool for Subsieve Particle Size Analysis - 01 March 1981

GTJ10763J: Controlled Extrusion of Thin-Walled Tube Samples - 01 March 1981

GTJ10911J: An Instrumented Triaxial Cell for Cyclic Loading of Clays - 01 December 1980

GTJ10912J: Soil Stress Gage Calibration - 01 December 1980

GTJ10913J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers 6. Process Control Applications - 01 December 1980

GTJ10914J: An Experimental Investigation of the Force/Penetration Relationships of Rod Impact - 01 December 1980

GTJ10916J: Book Review - 01 December 1980

JTE10626J: Development of a Chronic Toxicity Test Using Chironomus riparius and the Sublethal Effects of Trisodium Carboxymethyloxysuccinate - 01 November 1980

GTJ10880J: Effect of Stress Concentrations on the Cyclic Behavior of Sands - 01 September 1980

GTJ10881J: Consolidation Behavior of Peats - 01 September 1980

GTJ10882J: The Uniaxial Strength of Rock Material - 01 September 1980

GTJ10883J: Proposed New Method for the Determination of Density of Soil in Place - 01 September 1980

GTJ10884J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers 5. Digital Logic Circuits - 01 September 1980

GTJ10885J: What Constitutes a Turn? - 01 September 1980

GTJ10886J: Suggested Method for Trimming Undisturbed Samples - 01 September 1980

JTE10619J: The Interactions of Stabilized Scrubber Sludge and Fly Ash with the Marine Environment - 01 September 1980

JTE10620J: Potential for Utilization of Solid Wastes from Sulfur Oxide Control Processes - 01 September 1980

JTE10621J: Utilization of Fluidized Bed Combustion Wastes - 01 September 1980

JTE10622J: Sludge to Fertile Soil—Research Results - 01 September 1980

GTJ10902J: The Point Load Test for the Tensile Strength of Rock - 01 June 1980

GTJ10903J: Sclerograph Measurements on Rock Materials - 01 June 1980

GTJ10904J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 June 1980

GTJ10905J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 June 1980

GTJ10906J: SI Units in Geotechnical Engineering - 01 June 1980

GTJ10907J: Blast Vibration Implications of Cyclic Shear Behavior of Model Plaster Panels - 01 June 1980

GTJ10908J: Reviews - 01 June 1980

GTJ10466J: A Data Acquisition System for Testing the Mechanical Properties of Ice - 01 March 1980

GTJ10468J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 March 1980

GTJ10469J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 March 1980

GTJ10470J: Testing for Evaluation of Stress-Strain Behavior of Clays - 01 March 1980

GTJ10471J: New Method for the Calibration of the Inertia of Resonant Column Devices - 01 March 1980

GTJ10472J: Influence of the Back Pressure Technique on the Shear Strength of Soils - 01 March 1980

GTJ10473J: A Device for Automatic Logging of Volume Change in Large Scale Triaxial Tests - 01 March 1980

GTJ10474J: Reviews - 01 March 1980

GTJ10456J: Automated Data Acquisition, Transducers, and Dynamic Recording for the Geotechnical Testing Laboratory - 01 December 1979

GTJ10457J: A New Direct Simple Shear Device - 01 December 1979

GTJ10458J: Strength and Stiffness of Silicate Grouted Sand with Different Stress Histories - 01 December 1979

GTJ10459J: Comparisons of Field Density Test Results - 01 December 1979

GTJ10460J: On the Determination of Stress State in the Simple Shear Apparatus - 01 December 1979

GTJ10461J: Small-Scale Testing of Soils for Frost Action - 01 December 1979

GTJ10444J: A Laboratory Method of Measuring In-Situ Density Distribution in Dry Sand - 01 September 1979

GTJ10445J: Sampling and In-Situ Density of a Saturated Gravel Deposit - 01 September 1979

GTJ10446J: A Special Pressure Meter and Pressure Meter Test for Pavement Evaluation and Design - 01 September 1979

GTJ10447J: Suggested Method for the Calibration of Vibrating Tables for Maximum Index Density Testing - 01 September 1979

GTJ10448J: Suggested Test Method for Determination of Degree of Saturation of Soil Samples by B Value Measurement - 01 September 1979

GTJ10449J: A Laboratory Method for Preparation of a Layered Soil System - 01 September 1979

GTJ10450J: Determination of Permeability Anisotropy in a Two-Way Permeameter - 01 September 1979

GTJ10453J: Reviews - 01 September 1979

GTJ10432J: A Hydraulic Tensile Test with Zero Transverse Strain for Geotechnical Fabrics - 01 June 1979

GTJ10433J: Determination of Attenuation and Penetration Depth of Microwaves in Soil - 01 June 1979

GTJ10434J: North American Experience in Sampling and Laboratory Dynamic Testing - 01 June 1979

GTJ10435J: Multistage Triaxial Testing of Rocks - 01 June 1979

GTJ10436J: A Compilation of Cyclic Triaxial Liquefaction Test Data - 01 June 1979

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GTJ10585J: Fluid Cushion Truly Triaxial or Multiaxial Testing Device - 01 March 1979

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GTJ10394J: Testing of Geotechnical Fabric for Use as Reinforcement - 01 December 1978

GTJ10395J: Investigation of a Plate Index Test for Railroad Ballast - 01 December 1978

GTJ10396J: Apparatus and Procedures for a Railroad Ballast Plate Index Test - 01 December 1978

GTJ10397J: Suggested Practice for Description of Frozen Soils (Visual-Manual Procedure) - 01 December 1978

GTJ10398J: Accuracy of the Density Scoop for Unit Weight Determinations in Cohesionless Soils - 01 December 1978

GTJ10399J: Vacuum Filtration Versus Centrifugation for Sodium Adsorption Ratio Determinations - 01 December 1978

GTJ10400J: Reviews - 01 December 1978

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GTJ10388J: Reviews - 01 September 1978

JTE10570J: Determining Filtration Efficiency by Comparing the Particle-Size Distribution in the Feed Stream to that in the Filtrate - 01 September 1978

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GTJ10376J: Cubical Triaxial Apparatus for Soil Testing - 01 June 1978

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GTJ10378J: Suggested Method for Soil Specimen Remolding by Wet-Raining - 01 June 1978

GTJ10379J: Reviews - 01 June 1978

GTJ10363J: Constant-Rate-of-Strain and Controlled-Gradient Consolidation Testing - 01 March 1978

GTJ10364J: Preparing Test Specimens Using Undercompaction - 01 March 1978

GTJ10365J: A New Apparatus for Measuring the Principal Strains in Anisotropic Clays - 01 March 1978

GTJ10366J: Minimum and Maximum Densities of Granular Materials - 01 March 1978

GTJ10367J: Railroad Ballast Density Measurement - 01 March 1978

GTJ10368J: Method of Test for Determining the Splitting Tensile Strength of Rocks - 01 March 1978

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JTE10533J: Dynamic Monitoring of Liquid Systems for Particulate Contamination - 01 January 1977

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JTE10197J: Laboratory Compaction Test Methods and Results Compared with Attainable Field Densities on Subbase Materials - 01 May 1976

JTE10185J: A Screening Bioassay Using Daphnia pulex for Refinery Wastes Discharged into Freshwater - 01 March 1976

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JTE11704J: Detection of Chrysotile Asbestos in Airborne Dust from Thermosetting Resin Grinding - 01 November 1975

JTE10133J: Inverse Method for Determining Approximate Stress-Strain Behavior of Soils - 01 January 1975

JTE11681J: An Apparatus for Two-Dimensional Measurement of the Shrinkage Resistance of Soils - 01 November 1974

JTE10114J: A Spectrophotometric Technique for the Fabric Analysis of Monomineralic Kaolinitic Soils - 01 September 1974

JTE10090J: Sampling of Maintenance Dredgings - 01 May 1974

JTE10092J: Acoustic Emission Response of Dry Soils - 01 May 1974

JTE10093J: An Unconfined Direct Tension Test for Compacted Clays - 01 May 1974

JTE10079J: Tables for Making an Early Decision in Precedence Tests - 01 March 1974

JTE10085J: Contamination Control in the Production of High-Purity Chemicals - 01 March 1974

JTE10053J: A Test Procedure for Determining the Resilient Properties of Granular Materials - 01 November 1973

JTE10054J: A Laboratory Method of Preparing Isotropic Samples of Clay - 01 November 1973

JTE10059J: Development of Cold Weather Paving Specifications - 01 November 1973

JTE10036J: Multistage Triaxial Testing of Lightly Overconsolidated Clays - 01 September 1973

JTE10024J: Mechanization for Remolding Fine Grained Soils and for the Plastic Limit Test - 01 July 1973

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JTE10890J: A Versatile Control System for Triaxial Testing of Soils - 01 March 1973

JTE11599J: The Membrane Effect in Triaxial Testing of Granular Soils - 01 January 1973