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JTE20180174: A Kinematic Calibration Method of the Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine Using Niching Chaos Optimization Algorithm - 01 July 2020

JTE20170459: Theory and Application of the Internal Leakage Detection of Open-Circuit Hydraulic Systems Based on Active Hydraulic Test Technology - 01 March 2020

JTE20170629: T-Source Inverter-Based Sensorless Speed Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor - 01 March 2020

JTE20170204: Improvement of Energy Efficiency Using a Multi-Input Fuzzy Logic Controller in a Stone Cutting Machine - 01 November 2018

MPC20180030: Mathematical Modeling of the Thermal Response of Laboratory-Scale Probes - 09 October 2018

MPC20180016: Modified Prototypes of Rotary Arm–Type Test System Using a Small Ball Probe for Determination of Cooling Characteristics of Quenchants - 09 October 2018

JTE20160656: A Design of an Instrument Based on a Piezoelectric Actuator to Study the Force Output of Piezoelectric Ceramic - 01 September 2018

JTE20170148: Implementation of PV System Integrated DSTATCOM with Modified UVT Control Scheme for Harmonic and Neutral Current Elimination - 01 September 2018

JTE20160466: An Optical Fiber Sensor Method for Simultaneously Monitoring Corrosion and Structural Strain Induced by Loading - 01 July 2018

JTE20150016: A Pulse Compression Technique for Improving the Temporal Resolution of Ultrasonic Testing - 01 May 2018

JTE20160536: Concert and Analysis of Auto-Tuning Dual-Feedback Biological Harmonic Controller for Industrial Claims - 01 May 2018

ACEM20170074: Evaluating the Potential for Replacing the Nuclear Density Gauge using Nonnuclear Alternative Devices and Methods - 30 April 2018

JTE20160244: Development and Application of the New Explosive Loading Experimental System of Digital Laser Dynamic Caustics - 01 March 2018

JTE20160281: Performance Characteristics of Fiber-Optic Strain Sensors as Compared With Electrical Resistance and Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges - 01 November 2017

JTE20160542: FLC-Based SOGI Controller for Photovoltaic-Operated STATCOM for Current Harmonic Elimination - 01 November 2017

JTE20150050: Cost-Effective Precracking of Charpy V-Notch Specimens for Fracture-Toughness Testing Using a Piezoelectric Actuator - 01 July 2017

JTE20150376: Use of Embedded Sensors to Evaluate Performance of Traffic Speed Deflection Devices - 01 July 2017

JTE20160045: Fabrication and Characterization of a Radial Ultrasonic Transducer - 01 July 2017

JTE20150015: X-Ray Imaging Inspection System for Blind Holes in the Intermediate Layer of Printed Circuit Boards with Neural Network Identification - 01 May 2017

JTE20150427: The Material Dispatching Method for Conveyor System in 450 mm Wafer Fabrication - 01 May 2017

JTE20150451: Experimental Verification of a Module-Integrated Isolated Coupled-Inductor-Based dc–dc Boost-Converter-Fed Micro-Inverter - 01 May 2017

JTE20150509: Performance Analysis of Voltage-Stateless Controller for Renewable-Energy-Supported Shunt-Active Power Filter - 01 May 2017

JTE20140433: Acoustic Instrumentation Setup for Armament Performance Evaluation Applications - 01 March 2017

GTJ20150091: Characterization of Piezoelectric Accelerometers Beyond the Nominal Frequency Range - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160008: Application of Film-Like Sensors for K0 and Pore Water Pressure Measurement in Clay During 1D Consolidation - 01 January 2017

JTE20140388: Strain Transfer Analysis of Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Sensor - 01 November 2016

GTJ20140077: A New Three-Dimensional Pressure Transducer for Measuring Soft Rock Stress - 01 September 2016

JTE20140347: Development of a New Device for Bending Fatigue Testing - 01 July 2016

JTE20140522: Degradation Behavior of BaTiO3 Dielectrics for MLCCs by an Accelerated Life Test With Voltage and Temperature Stress Factors - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150049: Earth Pressure Measurements Using Tactile Pressure Sensors in a Saturated Sand During Static and Dynamic Centrifuge Testing - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150149: 3D Printing of an Instrumented DMT: Design, Development, and Initial Testing - 01 May 2016

JTE20130083: Study of Preferred Profile of Accelerated Stability Test Method for Quartz Flexible Accelerometer - 01 May 2016

JTE20140040: A Novel Approach for Evaluating TFT–LCD Manufacturer Operational Performance - 01 May 2016

JTE20140199: New Intelligent Controller for Induction Motor Speed Control - 01 May 2016

JTE20140231: Evaluation of Coarse Aggregate in Cold Recycling Mixes Using X-Ray CT Scanner and Image Analysis - 01 May 2016

JTE20140232: Design of a PV Module-Integrated Ćuk Converter Based Isolated Dual Boost Microinverter - 01 May 2016

JTE20130230: Constructing an Evaluation Model to Assess the Supply Chain Management System in the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry - 01 January 2016

JTE20140074: Testing a Framework for Evaluating Critical Success Factors of Projects - 01 January 2016

JTE20140182: Joint Selective Encryption of CAVLC and Signs of Motion Vectors for H.264/AVC - 01 January 2016

GTJ20140172: Comparison of Multiple Sensor Deflection Data From Lightweight and Falling Weight Deflectometer Tests on Layered Soil - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140275: Instrumentation System for Ground Vibration Analysis During Sheet Pile Driving - 01 November 2015

JTE20130284: Experimental Validation of Fuzzy-Tuned AWPI Controller-Based Chopper Driven PMDC Motor - 01 November 2015

JTE20140103: Assessing True TFT-LCD Process Quality in the Presence of Unavoidable Measurement Errors - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140198: A Transparent Pullout Testing Device for 3D Evaluation of Soil–Geogrid Interaction - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140239: Photoelastic Sensors for Determination of Horizontal Stress and Ko in 2-Dimensional Granular Assemblies - 01 September 2015

JTE20130219: Tool Replacement for Photovoltaic Industry Processes With Multiple Characteristics Based on Capability Index - 01 September 2015

JTE20130277: Validation of an Electronic Sensor Network (ESN) Control Chamber for Monitoring the Soil Decomposition Process of Sago Starch-filled Natural Rubber Latex Films - 01 September 2015

GTJ20140123: Application of Optical-Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors in Monitoring the Rail Track Deformations - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140249: Development of an Internal Camera–Based Volume Determination System for Triaxial Testing - 01 July 2015

JTE20130216: Enhancement of Inventory Management for the Wafer Manufacturing Industry by Combining Market Demand Forecast and Demand-Pull Replenishment - 01 July 2015

JTE20130317: Engine Cylinder Head Temperature Measurement Based on Optical Fiber Probe - 01 July 2015

JTE20140012: Convenient Ratio Approach for Industrial Implementation in Estimating and Testing Process Yield - 01 July 2015

GTJ20140048: Evaluation of Soft Clay Field Consolidation Using MEMS-Based In-Place Inclinometer–Accelerometer Array - 01 May 2015

GTJ20140184: Dynamic Calibration of Tactile Sensors for Measurement of Soil Pressures in Centrifuge - 01 May 2015

GTJ20140101: Effect of Overconsolidation on K0 in Centrifuge Models Using CPT and Tactile Pressure Sensor - 01 March 2015

MPC20140017: Fatigue Monitoring of Austenitic Steels with Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATs) - 28 February 2015

JTE20130121: Evaluation of Rut-Depth Accuracy and Precision Using Different Automated Measurement Systems - 01 January 2015

JTE20130149: In Situ Assessment of Pavement Subgrade Using Falling Weight Deflectometer - 01 January 2015

JTE20130224: A Novel Method of Measuring Fat Content in Soybean Milk Based on Y-Type Optical Fiber Sensor - 01 January 2015

MPC20130113: First Prototype of Rotary-Arm Type Test System Using a Small Ball Probe for Determination of Cooling Characteristics of Quenchants - 31 December 2014

MPC20140003: “Reference QuenchProbe”—An Alternative Probe Design for In-Situ Estimation of Cooling Rates, Heat Flux, and Hardenability During Immersion Quenching of Hardenable Steels - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130095: Measuring Freeze and Thaw Damage in Mortars Containing Deicing Salt Using a Low-Temperature Longitudinal Guarded Comparative Calorimeter and Acoustic Emission - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130101: Determining Coefficients of Thermal Contraction and Expansion of Asphalt Concrete Using Horizontal Asphalt Strain Gage - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130111: Using a Centrifuge to Determine Moisture Properties of Lightweight Fine Aggregate for Use in Internal Curing - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130112: Rheological Evaluation of Slump Flow Curves of Self-Consolidating Concrete From Instrumented Spread Table - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130120: Measuring Cement Paste Rheology Using a Modified Dynamic Shear Rheometer: An Approach to Detect Cement-Admixtures Incompatibilities - 31 December 2014

JTE20130103: System Reliability of Controllable Repair System With Multiple Imperfect Coverage - 01 November 2014

JTE20130182: Design and Evaluation of Efficient Router Architecture for Triplet-Based Network-on-Chip Topology - 01 November 2014

JTE20130211: An Effective Procedure for Supplier Selection Applied to Glass Substrate Processes with Multiple Lines - 01 November 2014

MPC20130044: Role of Vapor Pressure on Popcorn Cracking in IC Packages - 20 September 2014

GTJ20120205: Measurement of Stiffness Anisotropy in Kaolinite Using Bender Element Tests in A Floating Wall Consolidometer - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130172: Design and Testing of a Debris Flow ‘Smart Rock’ - 01 September 2014

JTE20130167: Optimization of Machine Repair System with Controlling Arrival and Switching Failure - 01 September 2014

JTE20130172: Capacitance-Type Sensor System for Characterizations of Icing Behavior - 01 September 2014

JTE20130104: A Novel Biometric System Based Hand Vein Recognition - 01 July 2014

JTE20130152: Ultrasonic Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique With Finite Source Element for Focused Transducers - 01 July 2014

JTE20130156: An Automatic Optical Inspection System for Assembly and Evaluation of an Optical Encoder - 01 July 2014

GTJ20120158: A Hybrid Bender Element–Ultrasonic System for Measurement of Wave Velocity in Soils - 01 May 2014

JTE20120360: A Novel Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Technique Using Coplanar Capacitive Imaging Probes - 01 May 2014

JTE20130153: Impact of Using a Novel Emotional Intelligent Controller for Induction Motor Speed Control - 01 May 2014

GTJ20120127: Rock Mass Dynamic Test Apparatus for Estimating the Strain-Dependent Dynamic Properties of Jointed Rock Masses - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130015: Large Oedometer for Measuring Stiffness of MBT Waste - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130034: Assessing the Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Collapsible Soils Using a Modified Triaxial Test Device - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130060: Evaluation of Ko in Centrifuge Model Using Shear Wave Velocity - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130069: Design and Development of a Low-Cost Divided-Bar Apparatus - 01 March 2014

JTE20120146: Probe of the Replenishment Strategy and Grouping Rule in the Semiconductor Industry - 01 March 2014

GTJ20120061: Tactile Pressure Sensors in Centrifuge Testing - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120202: A New Hollow Cylinder Torsional Shear Device for Stress/Strain Path Controlled Loading - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120217: Macro-Scale Direct Shear Test Device for Assessing Soil-Solid Interface Friction Under Low Effective Normal Stresses - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120227: A Newly Designed TDR Probe for Soils with High Electrical Conductivities - 01 January 2014

GTJ20130040: Development of a New Push–Pull Direct Tensile Strength Testing Apparatus (PPTA) - 01 January 2014

JTE20120038: Automatic Multiple Needle Penetrometer for Continuous Measurements of Resistance to Penetration - 01 January 2014

JTE20130008: A Performance Evaluation Model Using FAHP/DEA and the Malmquist Productivity Index to Assess the Photovoltaics Industry in Taiwan - 01 January 2014

JTE20130054: Sputtering Process Assessment of ITO Film for Multiple Quality Characteristics With One-Sided and Two-Sided Specifications - 01 January 2014

GTJ20120173: Development of a Multidirectional Simple Shear Testing Device - 01 November 2013

GTJ20130044: Improved Image-Based Deformation Measurement in the Centrifuge Environment - 01 November 2013

GTJ20130066: Constant Gradient Piping Test Apparatus for Evaluation of Critical Hydraulic Conditions for the Initiation of Piping - 01 November 2013

JTE20120249: Impedance Spectroscopy Characterization of a Piezoresistive Structural Polymer Composite Bulk Sensor - 01 November 2013

JTE20120322: Expansive Clay Suction Measurements Using Filter Paper and Polymer-Capacitance Sensor Methods - 01 November 2013

JTE20120326: Concentration Effect on Photoluminescence Tests of the CdSe Colloid Nanocrystal System - 01 November 2013

JTE20120365: Measuring Principles of a Thrust Flow Transducer and Its Applications in River Flow Velocity - 01 November 2013

GTJ20120048: Installation, Calibration, and Application of Dielectric Sensors in Laboratory Studies of Compacted Unsaturated Granular Materials - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120155: Development of a Large-Scale Direct Shear Testing Machine for Unfilled and Infilled Rock Joints Under Constant Normal Stiffness Conditions - 01 September 2013

GTJ20120213: A Large-Scale Soil-Structure Interface Testing Device - 01 September 2013

JTE20120231: Stress State of GaN Epilayer Grown on Sapphire and 6H-SiC Substrates - 01 September 2013

JTE20120234: Centrifuge Model Test Study of Static and Cyclic Behavior of a Pile Foundation for an Offshore Wind Generator - 01 September 2013

JTE20120256: Comparator With Optical Encoder System for the Calibration of Leveling Staffs - 01 September 2013

MPC20130003: Mechanical Characterization of Single-Crystal Silicon PV Cells - 15 August 2013

GTJ20120059: Performance of Pressuremeter Tests to Estimate the Position of the Sliding Surface: A Case Study in Zonguldak, Turkey - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120115: Instrumented Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Corrected with Transferred Energy into a Cone Tip: A Laboratory Study - 01 July 2013

GTJ20120143: Calibration of Tactile Pressure Sensors for Measuring Stress in Soils - 01 July 2013

JTE20120206: A Non-Destructive Evaluation Strategy for Thick Coating Evaluation on Hemispherical Steel Shells of Different Sizes with a Wide-Range ECT Sensor - 01 July 2013

MPC20130001: Structure and Dielectric Properties of Pure and Zinc Oxide-Doped Barium Titanate - 31 May 2013

GTJ20120039: Flexible Wall Permeameter to Measure the Hydraulic Conductivity of Soils in Horizontal Direction - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120096: Experimental Study of the Applications of Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensors in Detecting Seepage in Soils - 01 May 2013

JTE20120001: Toward Development of a New Thermal Cracking Test Using the Dynamic Shear Rheometer - 01 May 2013

JTE20120104: An Application of AHP and Sensitivity Analysis for Measuring the Best Strategy of Reverse Logistics: A Case Study of Photovoltaic Industry Chain - 01 May 2013

GTJ20120046: Assessment of In Situ Scour Profile in Sand Using a Jet Probe - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120094: A New Apparatus for Evaluation of Contact Erosion at the Soil–Structure Interface - 01 March 2013

JTE20120173: Failure Analysis of a Set of Flapper Valves Under ALT With Alternative Test Device - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120067: An Integrated Seismic Monitoring System for a Full-Scale Embedded Retaining Wall - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120072: A Note on the Validity of Hvorslev’s Shape Factors for Well Points and Piezometers - 01 January 2013

GTJ20120092: A Modified Osmotic Direct Shear Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 January 2013

JTE20120170: Feature Assimilation for Vibration Based Damage Detection - 01 January 2013

GTJ104583: Discussion of “Development of a Substructure Instrumentation System at the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge and Its Use to Investigate the Lateral Behavior of Batter Piles” - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120007: Small-strain Cyclic Testing With Standard NGI Simple Shear Device - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120083: Recent Developments in Faulting Simulators for Geotechnical Centrifuges - 01 November 2012

JTE104576: Testing of a Bridge Weigh-in-Motion Algorithm Utilising Multiple Longitudinal Sensor Locations - 01 November 2012

JTE104598: Precision Tool Condition Monitoring for Grinding Wheel in IC Manufacturing of Silicon Wafer - 01 November 2012

MPC104367: Convection in Fluid Overlying Porous Layer: An Application to Hall–Héroult Cell - 21 September 2012

GTJ103846: Protocol for Testing Fouled Railway Ballast in Large-Scale Cyclic Triaxial Equipment - 01 September 2012

GTJ104361: Testing Methane-Hydrate-Saturated Soil Using a Line Dissociation Apparatus - 01 September 2012

GTJ104613: A New Laser Sensor Volume Measurement System for the Triaxial Testing of Unsaturated Soils - 01 September 2012

GTJ104221: The Rotating Erosion Testing Apparatus (RETA): A Laboratory Device for Measuring Erosion Rates versus Shear Stresses of Rock and Cohesive Materials - 01 July 2012

GTJ104260: Automated True Triaxial Apparatus and its Application to Over-consolidated Clay - 01 July 2012

GTJ104336: A Modified Hole Erosion Test (HET-P) Device - 01 July 2012

GTJ104353: Dynamic Actuator for Centrifuge Modeling of Soil-Structure Interaction - 01 July 2012

JTE104297: A Gauge Study for Dynamic Light Scattering and Differential Mobility Analyzer Instruments - 01 July 2012

JTE104559: Comparative Analysis of Brake Data of Vehicles on Two Different Ministry of Transport Brake Roller Testers - 01 July 2012

GTJ103306: Combined Soil Moisture Meter and Penetrometer - 01 May 2012

GTJ103450: Automatic Monitoring of Inserting or Retrieving SPT Sampler in Drillhole - 01 May 2012

GTJ104203: A Modified Triaxial Apparatus for Measuring the Stress Path-Dependent Water Retention Curve - 01 May 2012

JTE104263: Evaluating Process Yield for LED Assembly under Undetected Process Parameter Change - 01 May 2012

JAI104304: Calculation of Kobasko's Simplified Heat Transfer Coefficients from Cooling Curve Data Obtained with Small Probes - 01 April 2012

GTJ102728: Dielectric Measurement of Soil-electrolyte Mixtures in a Modified Oedometer Cell Using 400 kHz to 20 MHz Electromagnetic Waves - 01 March 2012

GTJ102889: The Pocket Erodometer Test: Development and Preliminary Results - 01 March 2012

GTJ103803: A Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical True Triaxial Cell for Evaluation of the Impact of Anisotropy on Thermally Induced Volume Changes in Soils - 01 March 2012

GTJ103838: Application of Multi-Directional Flow Consolidometer for a Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Test Under Various Drainage Conditions - 01 March 2012

GTJ104156: A Small, Lightweight Borehole Receiver for Crosshole and Downhole Seismic Testing - 01 March 2012

JTE103856: Development of a Robust Stereo-PIV System for 3-D Soil Deformation Measurement - 01 March 2012

GTJ103577: Field-Scale Evaluation of Lysimeters Versus Actual Earthen Covers - 01 January 2012

GTJ103581: Random Uncertainty in the Measurement of Matric Potential Using the Miniature Tensiometer - 01 January 2012

GTJ103620: Climatic Chamber With Centrifuge to Simulate Different Weather Conditions - 01 January 2012

GTJ103625: Validation of a Centrifuge Permeameter for Investigation of Transient Infiltration and Drainage Flow Processes in Unsaturated Soils - 01 January 2012

JTE103738: Research of Bituminous MortarFatigue Test Method Based on Dynamic Shear Rheometer - 01 January 2012

JAI103826: Application of Frequency Selective Circuits for Crack Detection in Concrete Elements - 01 November 2011

GTJ102756: Application of a Suction Control System in the Method of Specimen Saturation in Triaxial Tests - 01 November 2011

GTJ102866: Four Electrode Resistivity Probe for Porosity Evaluation - 01 November 2011

GTJ103401: Local Displacement Transducer With Anderson Loop - 01 November 2011

GTJ103755: Towards a Tensiometer Based Suction Control System for Laboratory Testing of Unsaturated Soils - 01 November 2011

GTJ103889: A Stress-controlled Erosion Apparatus for Studying Internal Erosion in Soils - 01 November 2011

JTE103916: Precision of the Cone Calorimeter and ICAL Test Methods - 01 November 2011

JTE103937: An Effective Test for Supplier Selection Evaluation with Multiple Characteristics - 01 November 2011

GTJ103586: A Temperature Controlled Triaxial Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 September 2011

GTJ103590: Determination of the Soil-Water Retention Curve and the Hydraulic Conductivity Function Using a Small Centrifuge - 01 September 2011

GTJ103595: A Flexible Wall Permeameter for the Determination of the Water Permeability Function in Unsaturated Soils - 01 September 2011

GTJ103598: A Servo/Suction-Controlled Ring Shear Apparatus for Unsaturated Soils: Development, Performance, and Preliminary Results - 01 September 2011

GTJ103608: Measurement of Small-Strain Shear Moduli of Partially Saturated Sand During Infiltration in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 September 2011

GTJ103635: Shear Modulus and Damping Ratio of Unsaturated Kaolin Measured by New Suction-Controlled Cyclic Triaxial Device - 01 September 2011

GTJ103638: An Adapted Ring Shear Apparatus for Testing Partly Saturated Soils in the High Suction Range - 01 September 2011

JTE103319: Fatigue Testing of Traffic Signal Structures Using an Eccentric-Mass Oscillator - 01 September 2011

JTE103423: The Use of a VRS-Based Pioneer 3-AT Robot in Pavement Inspections - 01 September 2011

JTE103432: Development and Calibration of an Electronic Miniature Cone Penetrometer for Design of Small Piles in Silty Clays - 01 September 2011

JAI103632: Recent Developments in Online Oil Condition Monitoring Sensors and Alignment with ASTM Methods and Practices - 01 July 2011

GTJ103109: Development of a Substructure Instrumentation System at the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge and Its Use to Investigate the Lateral Behavior of Batter Piles - 01 July 2011

GTJ103310: In Situ Testing of Soft Soil at a Case Study Site with the Self-Boring Pressuremeter - 01 July 2011

GTJ103355: Centrifuge Test to Assess the Seismic Compression of Partially Saturated Sand Layers - 01 July 2011

JTE103029: A Clustering Analysis Model for Golden Die Extractions Based on Wafer Acceptance Test at Semiconductor R&D Stage - 01 July 2011

JAI103239: Evaluation of Bias for Two Charpy Impact Machines with the Same Instrumented Striker - 01 May 2011

GTJ102828: Water Content Measurement in Expansive Soils Using the Neutron Probe - 01 May 2011

GTJ102886: A Rigid-Flexible Boundary True Triaxial Apparatus for Testing Soils in a Three-Dimensional Stress State - 01 May 2011

GTJ102925: Liquefaction Study of Heterogeneous Sand: Centrifuge - 01 May 2011

GTJ103235: A Comparison of Simultaneously Recorded Machine Drive Power and Compactometer Measurements - 01 May 2011

GTJ103764: Response to Discussion of ‘Modified Null Pressure Plate Apparatus for Measurement of Matric Suction' by Power, K. C. and Vanapalli, S. K.REFERENCE: Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 33, No. 4, 2010 pp. 335–341 - 01 May 2011

JTE102812: A Pilot Study on Thermal and Moisture Mapping of the Head-Helmet System Using Micro-Sensor Technology - 01 May 2011

JTE102946: Rehabilitation Assessment of Jointed Concrete Pavement Using the Rolling Dynamic Deflectometer and Ground Penetrating Radar - 01 May 2011

JAI103465: Pilot Evaluation for Lead-Based Paint Proficiency Testing of Field Portable XRF Instruments - 01 March 2011

GTJ102825: A Fiber Optic Sensored Triaxial Testing Device - 01 March 2011

GTJ103096: On the Design of Instrumented Double-Wall Model Piles Used to Investigate Plugging of Open-Ended Pipe Piles - 01 March 2011

GTJ103175: A New Pressurized Vane Shear Apparatus - 01 March 2011

JAI103042: A Review of Pb-Free High-Temperature Solders for Power-Semiconductor Devices: Bi-Base Composite Solder and Zn–Al Base Solder - 01 January 2011

GTJ102981: Laboratory Apparatus and Procedures for Preparing Test Specimens of Slurry Mixed Soils - 01 January 2011

GTJ102691: Development of a Motor-Based Differential Settlement Simulator Setup for a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 November 2010

GTJ102894: A Shear Wave Velocity Tomography System for Geotechnical Centrifuge Testing - 01 November 2010

GTJ102936: A New Technique for Driven Piles Instrumentation - 01 November 2010

JAI103043: Empirical Modeling of the Time-Dependent Structural Build-up of Lead-Free Solder Pastes Used in the Electronics Assembly Applications - 01 October 2010

JAI103052: Wetting Behaviour and Evolution of Microstructure of Sn–Ag–Zn Solders on Copper Substrates with Different Surface Textures - 01 October 2010

JAI102473: Monitoring and Blending Biofuels Using a Microfluidic Sensor - 01 September 2010

JAI102939: Solder Joint Reliability of SnBi Finished TSOPs with Alloy 42 Lead-Frame under Temperature Cycling - 01 September 2010

GTJ102142: Principle and Prototype Testing of a New Matric Suction Sensor - 01 September 2010

GTJ102475: Calibration of Equipment Damping in a Resonant Column and Torsional Shear Testing Device - 01 September 2010

GTJ102689: Assessment of the Modified CUAPS Apparatus to Estimate In Situ Properties of Cemented Paste Backfill - 01 September 2010

JAI103009: Rheological Characterisation and Empirical Modelling of Lead-Free Solder Pastes and Isotropic Conductive Adhesive Pastes - 01 July 2010

JAI103064: The Microstructural Aspect of the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition of Tin-Based Lead-Free Solders - 01 July 2010

GTJ102478: Modified Null Pressure Plate Apparatus for Measurement of Matric Suction - 01 July 2010

GTJ102927: Modified Direct Shear Apparatus for Unsaturated Sands at Low Suction and Stress - 01 July 2010

JTE102320: Network Level Testing for Pavement Structural Evaluation Using a Rolling Wheel Deflectometer - 01 July 2010

JTE102513: Calibration Surface Design and Validation for Terrain Measurement Systems - 01 July 2010

JAI103044: Ball Grid Array Lead-Free Solder Joint Strength under Monotonic Flexural Load - 01 June 2010

JAI102757: Finite Element Modeling of a Rockman Portable Dynamic Hardness Tester - 01 May 2010

JAI103021: Loading Mixity on the Interfacial Failure Mode in Lead-Free Solder Joint - 01 May 2010

JAI103041: Tensile Properties of Sn-10Sb-5Cu High Temperature Lead Free Solder - 01 May 2010

JAI103055: Wetting Behavior of Solders - 01 May 2010

GTJ102326: Comparison of Resistivity and Time Domain Reflectometry Sensors for Assessing Moisture Content in Bioreactor Landfills - 01 May 2010

GTJ102391: Temperature-Compensated Cone Penetration Test Mini-Cone Using Fiber Optic Sensors - 01 May 2010

GTJ102557: Development of a Portable Probe for Field and Laboratory Measurement of Low to Medium Values of Soil Suction - 01 May 2010

JTE102210: Dynamics of a Newly Developed Hydraulic Step Wave Generator - 01 May 2010

JAI102453: Evaluation of the Critical Air-Void System Parameters for Freeze-Thaw Resistant Ternary Concrete Using the Manual Point-Count and the Flatbed Scanner Methods - 01 April 2010

JAI102521: Creep-Fatigue Relationships in Electroactive Polymer Systems and Predicted Effects in an Actuator Design - 01 April 2010

GTJ102348: An Oedometer for Studying Combined Effects of Temperature and Suction on Soils - 01 March 2010

GTJ102468: Recommended Practice for Full-Flow Penetrometer Testing and Analysis - 01 March 2010

JTE102388: Capability Testing Based on Subsamples: A Case on Photolithography Process Control in Wafer Fabrication - 01 March 2010

JAI102280: Using Directional Flame Thermometers for Measuring Thermal Exposure - 01 February 2010

JAI102605: Use of Fe–31Mn–7.5Al–1.3Si–0.9C Alloy for Fabrication of Resistive Elements - 01 February 2010

JAI102003: Determination of Rheology of Self-Consolidating Concrete Using the 4C-Rheometer and How to Make Use of the Results - 01 January 2010

JAI102334: Comparisons of Temperature and Heat Flux in Furnaces Controlled by Different Types of Temperature Sensors - 01 January 2010

JAI102448: Use of Fiber Optic and Electrical Resistance Sensors for Monitoring Moisture Movement in Building Stones Subjected to Simulated Climatic Conditions - 01 January 2010

GTJ102246: True Triaxial Piping Test Apparatus for Evaluation of Piping Potential in Earth Structures - 01 January 2010

GTJ102649: Residual Strength of Liquefied Sand Measured in a Ring Shear Device - 01 January 2010

GTJ102708: The Development and Testing of an Instrumented Open-Ended Model Pile - 01 January 2010

GTJ102372: On the Measurement of Water Pressure in Soils with High Suction Tensiometers - 01 November 2009

GTJ102435: Novel Computer-Controlled Saturation of Dynamic Centrifuge Models Using High Viscosity Fluids - 01 November 2009

JTE102206: A Review of Solid-State Electrochemical Sensors for Measurements of Sulfur Content of Liquid Metals - 01 November 2009

JTE102226: Research on the Key Technology of a Testing System of Piezomagnetic Force Transducer - 01 November 2009

JTE102330: Influence of Loading Rate on the Calibration of Instrumented Charpy Strikers - 01 November 2009

JAI102446: The Practical Application of a Flatbed Scanner for Air-Void Characterization of Hardened Concrete - 01 October 2009

JAI102273: Cone Calorimeter—A Cautionary Tale - 01 September 2009

JAI102284: Electrical Arc Ignition Testing for Common Handheld Electrical Devices in Oxygen-Enriched Atmosphere - 01 September 2009

GTJ101318: Modified Pressure Plate Apparatus and Column Testing Device for Measuring SWCC of Sand - 01 September 2009

GTJ102217: A Miniature Falling Weight Device for Non-Intrusive Characterization of Soils in the Centrifuge - 01 September 2009

JTE003110: Calibration Procedures for the Intelligent Asphalt Compaction Analyzer - 01 September 2009

GTJ101712: Micro-Cone Penetrometer for More Concise Subsurface Layer Detection - 01 July 2009

GTJ102033: A Large-Scale Triaxial Apparatus for Prototype Railroad Ballast Testing - 01 July 2009

GTJ102055: Design of a Robot and Test Procedure for the Dynamic Testing of Anchorages in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 July 2009

JTE102191: Reliability Life Prediction of VFD by Constant Temperature Stress Accelerated Life Tests and Maximum Likelihood Estimation - 01 July 2009

GTJ101590: A Rockfill Triaxial Cell with Suction Control - 01 May 2009

GTJ101704: Comparison of Light Weight Deflectometer Measurements for Pavement Foundation Materials - 01 May 2009

GTJ101733: A New Ring Shear Device to Measure the Large Displacement Shearing Behavior of Sands - 01 May 2009

JTE101675: High-Rate Time-Dependent Displacement Gage for HE Field Tests - 01 May 2009

JTE101914: Measurement of Board Temperatures during Kiln Drying Using Fiber Optic Sensors - 01 May 2009

JTE102137: Developing a Project Evaluation and Testing Model to Assess Stable Photovoltaic Slicing Machine - 01 May 2009

JAI101253: A Review of Coupled Multielectrode Array Sensors for Corrosion Monitoring and a Study on the Behaviors of the Anodic and Cathodic Electrodes - 01 March 2009

GTJ101469: Characterizing Bond Breakages in Cemented Sands Using a MEMS Accelerometer - 01 March 2009

GTJ101703: Development of a Direct Simple Shear Apparatus for Peat Soils - 01 March 2009

JTE101929: Influence of Strain Gage Position on the Static and Dynamic Performance of Instrumented Impact Strikers - 01 March 2009

JTE102109: Indentation Measurements on Compacted Pharmaceutical Powders: Establishing the Sources of Variation in White Light Interferometer Dent Measurements - 01 March 2009

JTE102140: A Simple Estimator of Errors-in-Variables Model Using Instrumental Errors Ratio - 01 March 2009

GTJ100803: Evaluation of Shear Wave Velocity Based Soil Liquefaction Resistance Criteria by Centrifuge Tests - 01 January 2009

GTJ100972: Estimation of the Apparent Permeability in the Dynamic Centrifuge Tests - 01 January 2009

GTJ101383: Profiling of Heterogeneous Soil Using the Nuclear-Density Cone Penetrometer - 01 November 2008

GTJ101026: A Modified Triaxial Cell for Stress-Path Testing of Weak Rock (Hard Soils) - 01 September 2008

GTJ101335: A New Technique for Monitoring Movement of Buried Objects Using an Electrode Switching System - 01 September 2008

GTJ101367: EIT Oedometer: An Advanced Cell to Monitor Spatial and Time Variability in Soil with Electrical and Seismic Measurements - 01 September 2008

JTE101471: A Simple and Effective Laboratory Test Device for Measuring Tire-Pavement Contact Pressure - 01 July 2008

JAI101240: Performance of An Enzyme Electrode Designed for a Sulfide Monitoring Biosensor - 01 June 2008

JAI101149: Neutron Response Function for BC-523A Scintillation Detector in the Energy Range 0.5 MeV to 20 MeV - 01 May 2008

JAI101337: Comparison of Measurements Provided by Several Corrosion Rate Meters with Modulated Confinement of the Current - 01 May 2008

GTJ101259: A New Laboratory Apparatus to Evaluate Hydrodynamic Dispersibility of Soil During Ocean Dumping - 01 May 2008

GTJ100720: Experiment Setup for Shear Wave and Electrical Resistance Measurements in an Oedometer - 01 March 2008

GTJ100729: Camera Calibration Using Neural Network for Image-Based Soil Deformation Measurement Systems - 01 March 2008

GTJ100963: A Simple Triaxial System for Evaluating the Performance of Unsaturated Soils Under Repeated Loading - 01 March 2008

GTJ100964: An Oedometer-Type Pressure Plate SWCC Apparatus - 01 March 2008

JTE101036: Effect of Hail Impact on Thermally Tempered Glass Substrates Used for Processing CdTe PV Modules - 01 March 2008

JAI101057: Development of a Plane Isothermal Calorimeter: Relating Apparent Activation Energy of Concrete and the Corresponding Mortar - 01 January 2008

JAI101096: Design of a New Rheometer for Concrete - 01 January 2008

GTJ100217: Development of a True Triaxial Apparatus for Sands and Gravels - 01 January 2008

GTJ100646: A Suction-Control Apparatus for the Measurement of P and S-wave Velocity in Soils - 01 January 2008

GTJ100769: Monitoring Field Soil Suction Using a Miniature Tensiometer - 01 January 2008

GTJ100800: Suction Equilibration Time for a High Capacity Tensiometer - 01 January 2008

JAI101248: Use of Coupled Multi-Electrode Arrays to Advance the Understanding of Selected Corrosion Phenomena - 01 November 2007

GTJ100735: Local Radial Displacement Measurements of Soil Specimens in a Triaxial Test Apparatus Using Laser Transducers - 01 November 2007

GTJ100781: A New Automatic Device for Measuring Large Volume Changes - 01 November 2007

JTE101075: Using Rolling Dynamic Deflectometer and Overlay Tester to Determine the Reflective Cracking Potential - 01 November 2007

JAI100809: Case History of the Use of Electronic Survey Techniques to Assess Planar Distortions in Building Facades - 01 September 2007

GTJ100518: Digitally Controlled Simple Shear Apparatus for Dynamic Soil Testing - 01 September 2007

GTJ100623: A New Isotropic Cell for Studying the Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Unsaturated Expansive Clays - 00 September 2007

GTJ100656: Centrifuge Modeling of Surface Blast Effects on Underground Structures - 00 September 2007

GTJ14066: Centrifuge Seismic Modeling of Pile-Supported Wharves - 00 September 2007

JTE100272: Evaluation of A Humidity Sensor for Use in An Environment Exposed to Radiation - 00 September 2007

GTJ100511: A Large Diameter Triaxial Apparatus to Measure Pore Pressure and Displacements on aqa Pre-existing Shear Zone/Plane - 00 July 2007

GTJ100592: Design of a Miniature Piezoprobe for Highqa Resolution Stratigraphic Profiling - 00 July 2007

GTJ100648: An In-situ Device for Rapid Determinationqa of Permeability for Granular Bases - 00 July 2007

GTJ100664: A Short-circuit Electromagnetic Sensor for Measurement of Soil Complex Permittivity - 00 July 2007

JTE100112: A Biaxial Load Cell Design for Simultaneous Measurement of Horizontal and Vertical Spring Forces in Sinuous Spring-Supported Seating - 00 July 2007

JAI100376: Application of a Silicon Calorimeter in Fast Burst Reactor Environments - 01 May 2007

GTJ100539: Use of a Differential Pressure Transducer for the Monitoring of Soil Volume Change in Cyclic Triaxial Test on Unsaturated Soils - 01 May 2007

GTJ100576: Removable Borehole Extensometers for Measuring Axial Displacements During Well Tests - 01 May 2007

GTJ13138: Rate-Controlled Lateral-load Pile Tests Using a Robotic Manipulator in Centrifuge - 01 May 2007

JTE100033: Combination of Transient Plane Source and Slug Calorimeter Measurements to Estimate the Thermal Properties of Fire Resistive Materials - 01 May 2007

JAI100375: Digital Multiparameter System for Characterizing the Neutron-Gamma Field in the LR-O Experimental Reactor - 00 April 2007

GTJ100124: The Elastomer Gage for Local Strain Measurement in Monotonic and Cyclic Soil Testing - 01 March 2007

GTJ100309: Automated Digital Image Processing for Volume Change Measurement in Triaxial Cells - 01 March 2007

GTJ100453: Simulation of Pressuremeter Shearing Mode by True Triaxial Apparatus - 01 March 2007

GTJ12704: Instrumentation of an Unsaturated Expansive Soil Slope - 01 March 2007

JAI100745: The Relevance of Drop Tester Accuracy - 00 March 2007

GTJ14072: Procedures Used for Dynamically Laterally Loaded Pile Tests in a Centrifuge - 01 January 2007

JAI100435: Investigation into the Effects of Materials and Mixing Procedures on Air Void Characteristics of Fresh Concrete Using Air Void Analyzer (AVA) - 01 November 2006

GTJ100169: Measurement of Rock Joint Roughness by 3D Scanner - 01 November 2006

GTJ100304: A Micropenetrometer for Detecting Structural Strength Inside Soft Soils - 01 November 2006

GTJ100316: Analysis of Installation of FDR Sensors in a Hard Soil - 01 November 2006

JAI100330: Passing Ability Tester for Self-Consolidating Concrete - 01 October 2006

JAI13434: Neutron Damage in SiC Semiconductor Radiation Detectors in the GT-MHR - 01 September 2006

GTJ100183: Large Dynamic Direct Shear Machine for Geosynthetic Clay Liners - 01 September 2006

GTJ100201: Use of a Downhole Block Sampler for Very Soft Organic Soils - 01 September 2006

GTJ12553: Development of a Direct Shear Apparatus with Rock Joints and Its Verification Tests - 01 September 2006

JTE100099: Surface Roughness Measurement Using Laser Speckle Statistical Analysis - 01 September 2006

GTJ100200: Centrifuge Testing of Offshore Filters - 01 July 2006

GTJ100454: Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of a Large Oedometer - 01 July 2006

GTJ14093: Development of TDR Penetrometer Through Theoretical and Laboratory Investigations: 1. Measurement of Soil Dielectric Permittivity - 01 July 2006

GTJ14315: Development of TDR Penetrometer through Theoretical and Laboratory Investigations: 2. Measurement of Soil Electrical Conductivity - 01 July 2006

JTE12440: Fault Detection in a Water Hydraulic Motor Using a Wavelet Transform - 01 July 2006

JTE12536: A Simple Noncontact Displacement Measuring System for Online Bubble Height Measurement During Polymer Bubble Inflation at Elevated Temperature - 01 July 2006

JAI13437: Evaluation of Diamond Detectors for Fast Neutron Fluence Measurements in WWER-1000 Surveillance Assemblies - 01 June 2006

JAI13894: Gravimetric Analysis of the Nonvolatile Residue from an Evaporated Droplet, Using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance/Heat Conduction Calorimeter - 01 June 2006

JAI12255: Simulative Performance Test for Hot Mix Asphalt Using Asphalt Pavement Analyzer - 01 May 2006

JAI13093: Analysis of Error in Pavement Ground Truth Indicators for Evaluating the Accuracy of Automated Image Collection and Analysis System - 01 May 2006

GTJ12341: An Improved Oedometer Apparatus to Measure Lateral Stress During Testing - 01 May 2006

GTJ13154: Application of Soil Stiffness Gauge in Assessing Small-Strain Stiffness of Sand with Different Fabrics and Densities - 01 May 2006

JAI12757: Full-field Laser Shearography Instrumentation for the Detection and Characterization of Fatigue Cracks in Titanium 10-2-3 - 01 April 2006

JAI13430: Spent Fuel Monitoring with Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Neutron/Gamma Detectors - 01 March 2006

JAI13438: Neutron and Photon Dosimetry at the LR-0 Reactor Using Paired Detectors - 01 March 2006

JAI13452: Fast Neutron Dosimetry and Spectrometry Using Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Detectors - 01 March 2006

JAI14205: Assessing the Precision of Falling Weight Deflectometer for Field Measurements - 01 March 2006

GTJ12316: Interpretation of Pressuremeter Results for Design of a Diaphragm Wall - 01 March 2006

GTJ12621: Stress-Strain Behavior of a Granular Fill Measured by a New Plane-Strain Apparatus - 01 March 2006

GTJ12643: Drip Injection of Chemical Grouts: A New Apparatus - 01 March 2006

GTJ13143: A New Laboratory Apparatus for Grout Injection Studies - 01 March 2006

GTJ14000: Validation and Calibration of a Laboratory Experimental Setup for Cross-Well Radar in Sand - 01 March 2006

GTJ14014: Twin-Cell Stress Path Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 March 2006

GTJ11380: In Situ Evaluation of Radioisotope Cone Penetrometers in Clays - 01 January 2006

GTJ11955: Apparatus for Evaluation of Hydromechanical Behavior of Porous Media Subjected to Environmental Changes - 01 January 2006

GTJ12306: The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer in Compaction Verification on a Model Road Pavement - 01 January 2006

GTJ12310: Automated Triaxial Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 January 2006

GTJ12513: Measurement of Side Friction Between Specimen and Consolidation Ring with Newly Designed Oedometer Cell - 01 January 2006

GTJ12649: A Large Biaxial Shear Box for Shaking Table Test on Saturated Sand - 01 January 2006

GTJ12667: Optimum Design of the Comparative Gas Pycnometer for Determining the Volume of Solid Particles - 01 January 2006

GTJ12747: Geotechnical Sensor System to Monitor Injected Liquids in Landfills - 01 January 2006

JAI13048: An Automatic Pavement Surface Distress Inspection System - 01 November 2005

GTJ12679: A True Triaxial Apparatus for Soil Testing with Mixed Boundary Conditions - 01 November 2005

JAI13043: Harmonization of Macrotexture Measuring Devices - 01 October 2005

JAI13404: Selection of Alternatives to Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers - 01 October 2005

JAI12962: New Technique for Measuring Extended Viscosity Ranges - Gel Times, Pot Life, or Cure Monitoring - with Programmable Rotational Viscometers or Rheometers - 01 September 2005

JAI13053: Stress Analysis of Asymmetric Co-Cured Stepped-Lap Joints - 01 September 2005

GTJ11432: Cantilever-Type Local Deformation Transducer for Local Axial Strain Measurement in Triaxial Test - 01 September 2005

GTJ11630: New Local System of Measurement of Axial Strains for Triaxial Apparatus Using LVDT - 01 September 2005

GTJ12188: Development and Calibration of a TDR Extensometer for Geotechnical Monitoring - 01 September 2005

GTJ12196: Measuring Shear Wave Velocity Using Bender Elements - 01 September 2005

GTJ12212: A Laboratory Device to Test the Pull-Out Behavior of Soil Nails - 01 September 2005

GTJ12527: Apparatus Induced Error in Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement Using a Lucite® Fixed Wall Permeameter - 01 September 2005

JAI12104: Development of Electronic Textiles to Transport Data and Power in Future U.S. Military Protective Clothing Systems - 01 July 2005

GTJ12252: Development of a New Hollow Cylinder Apparatus for Stress Path Measurements over a Wide Strain Range - 01 July 2005

GTJ12703: A Free-Standing Laboratory Pressure System - 01 July 2005

JTE12443: Performance Evaluation Test of Automatic Ultrasonic Testing Systems for Welded Joints of Steel Bridges - 01 July 2005

JTE12681: Application of 3-D Laser Scanning Technique to Slope Movement Monitoring - 01 July 2005

GTJ11318: Measurement of Gmax and Estimation of K0 of Saturated Clay Using Bender Elements in an Oedometer - 01 May 2005

GTJ11968: Development of a New Hollow Cylinder Triaxial Apparatus for the Study of Expansion Tests in Clay - 01 May 2005

GTJ12447: Sealed Double-Ring Infiltrometers for Estimating Very Low Hydraulic Conductivities - 01 May 2005

GTJ12542: Mini Compaction Test Apparatus for Fine Grained Soils - 01 May 2005

GTJ11861: Development of an Apparatus to Investigate the Stress Variables Governing Unsaturated Soil Behavior - 01 March 2005

GTJ12089: Laboratory Calibration of Earth Pressure Cells - 01 March 2005

GTJ12224: Performance of Centrifuge Data Acquisition Systems Using Wireless Transmission - 01 March 2005

GTJ12311: A Novel Triaxial Apparatus for Thermo-Mechanical Testing of Soils - 01 March 2005

GTJ12648: A Small True Triaxial Apparatus with Wave Velocity Measurement - 01 March 2005

JTE12674: Optimum Design of Gas Pycnometers for Determining the Volume of Solid Particles - 01 March 2005

JAI12963: Ultrathin Films to Modify Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of MEMS Components - 01 February 2005

JAI12421: Plutonium-238 Alpha-Decay Damage Study of A Glass-Bonded Sodalite Ceramic Waste Form - 01 January 2005

GTJ12312: A Correlation Between Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Values and Pavement Layer Moduli - 01 January 2005

CCA12313: Unthermostated Multichannel Heat Conduction Calorimeter - 04 December 2004

GTJ12191: Design and Construction of Three Instrumented Test Piles to Examine Time Dependent Pile Capacity Gain - 01 November 2004

JTE12207: Piezoelectric Sensors for Weigh-In-Motion Systems: An Experimental Insight into Edge Effects - 01 November 2004

GTJ11551: A Cylinder Shear Apparatus - 01 September 2004

GTJ11940: Strain Measurement of Geogrids Using a Video-Extensometer Technique - 01 September 2004

GTJ11941: Triaxial Testing System for Measuring Loading-Rate Effects During Cyclic Tests of Sand - 01 September 2004

GTJ11052: Development and Calibration of a Large-Scale Thermal Conductivity Probe - 01 July 2004

GTJ11199: Measuring Soil Electrical Resistivity Using a Resistivity Box and a Resistivity Probe - 01 July 2004

GTJ11549: A Soil Column Apparatus for Laboratory Infiltration Study - 01 July 2004

GTJ19103: The Louisiana Plane Strain Apparatus for Soil Testing - 01 July 2004

JTE11782: On the Possibility of Avoiding the Use of a Clip Gage When Testing Precracked Charpy-V Specimens in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Region - 01 July 2004

GTJ10905: Permeability Tests in Rigid-Wall Permeameters: Determining the Degree of Saturation, its Evolution, and its Influence of Test Results - 01 May 2004

GTJ11053: A Modified Pressure Plate Apparatus - 01 May 2004

JTE12613: Erratum to Instrumentation and Testing Methodology for Detecting Chloride Contaminants in Soils - 01 May 2004

JAI12072: Calibration and Testing of On-Line Coal Analyzers - 01 April 2004

GTJ11756: True Triaxial Testing System for Clay with Proportional-Integral-Differential (PID) Control - 01 March 2004

JTE11224: Three-Dimensional Crack Detection Method for Structures Using Simulated Strain Gages and the Body Force Method - 01 March 2004

JTE11382: Instrumentation and Testing Methodology for Detecting Chloride Contaminants in Soils - 01 March 2004

JTE11404: A Device for Determination of Thermal Properties of Soil - 01 March 2004

JTE11852: Development of an Innovative Computer-Controlled Water Deairing System for Hydraulic Testing of Geosynthetics - 01 March 2004

GTJ11267J: Measurement of Quasi-Elastic Stiffness Parameters of Dense Toyoura Sand in Hollow Cylinder Apparatus and Triaxial Apparatus with Bender Elements - 01 January 2004

JTE12185J: Monitoring Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation in Cruciform Joints Using Resistance-Type Gages - 01 January 2004

JTE12186J: Study of Frequency Response of Control Components in a Pneumatic System - 01 January 2004

GTJ11253J: Instrumentation of Anchored Segmental Retaining Wall - 01 December 2003

GTJ11254J: Performance Evaluation of Automated Machines for Measuring Gradation of Aggregates - 01 December 2003

GTJ11255J: Design and Performance of a 1m Diameter Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 December 2003

GTJ11256J: The Use Of Embedded Stress Cells For Monitoring Pavement Performance - 01 December 2003

GTJ11261J: Shake Table Calibration and Specimen Preparation for Liquefaction Studies in the Centrifuge - 01 December 2003

JTE12373J: Design and Performance of the HEART Wheel Load Simulator - 01 November 2003

JTE12377J: Testing of Bridge Weigh-In-Motion System in a Sub-Arctic Climate - 01 November 2003

GTJ11303J: Design of an Instrumented Flat Dilatometer - 01 September 2003

GTJ11304J: Performing Undrained Shear Tests on Saturated Sands in a New Intelligent Type of Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 September 2003

GTJ11307J: A Double Cell Triaxial System for Continuous Measurement of Volume Changes of an Unsaturated or Saturated Soil Specimen in Triaxial Testing - 01 September 2003

GTJ11310J: Compression Tests of Ultra-Soft Soil Using an Hydraulic Consolidation Cell - 01 September 2003

JTE12360J: The Reliability and Self-Diagnosis of Sensors in a Multisensor Data Fusion Diagnostic System - 01 September 2003

JTE12366J: Temperature Effect on Strain Measurement by Using Weldable Electrical Resistance Strain Gages - 01 September 2003

JTE12182J: Comparison of Fine Aggregate Uncompacted Voids Content Measured by the ASTM C 1252 and the VTM-5 Devices - 01 July 2003

GTJ11321J: Automated Humidity System for Measuring Total Suction Characteristics of Clay - 01 June 2003

GTJ11322J: Evaluation of Multi-Electrode Earth Resistivity Testing in Karst - 01 June 2003

GTJ11325J: A Testing Unit for Monitoring Wall Permeability In Situ - 01 June 2003

GTJ11332J: Numerical Simulation of Water Movement in the Suction Equalization of a Thermal Conductivity Sensor - 01 June 2003

JTE12418J: Dynamic Characterization of Instrumented Handle and Palm-Adapter Used for Assessment of Vibration Transmissibility of Gloves - 01 May 2003

JTE12426J: Assessing Testing Bias in Two Walkway-Safety Tribometers - 01 May 2003

GTJ11101J: Polymer Capacitance Sensors for Measuring Soil Gas Humidity in Drier Soils - 01 March 2003

JTE12358J: Fabrication of Thermal Probes for Estimation of Soil Thermal Resistivity - 01 January 2003

GTJ11289J: A Comparative Study of Particle Size Analyses by Sieve-Hydrometer and Laser Diffraction Methods - 01 December 2002

GTJ11291J: Steady State Strength of Sands in a Constant Volume Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 December 2002

JTE12342J: Evaluating the Quality of Cigarettes by an Electronic Nose System - 01 November 2002

GTJ11088J: Development of a Multiple-Purpose Borehole Testing Device for Soft Rock - 01 September 2002

GTJ11095J: A Laboratory Study of the Hysteresis of a Thermal Conductivity Soil Suction Sensor - 01 September 2002

GTJ11096J: The Danish Rigid Boundary True Triaxial Apparatus for Soil Testing - 01 September 2002

GTJ11097J: A Cyclic Gradient Ratio Test Device - 01 September 2002

JTE12317J: Simulation and Prediction of Hardness Performance of Rockwell Diamond Indenters Using Finite-Element Analysis - 01 July 2002

JTE12325J: Retrieval and Interpretation of Crash-Related Data from Nonresponsive Electronic Control Units in Land Vehicle Systems - 01 July 2002

GTJ11355J: A Multisleeve Friction Attachment for the Cone Penetrometer - 01 June 2002

GTJ11075J: A Triaxial and Oedometer Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 March 2002

GTJ11084J: Determination of Water Saturation Using Miniature Resistivity Probes During Intermediate Scale and Centrifuge Multiphase Flow Laboratory Experiments - 01 March 2002

JTE12300J: Scheduling of Pipelined Data Paths for On-line Testability - 01 March 2002

JTE12302J: Sensitivity Evaluation of a Disk-type Torque Transducer Used as a Transfer Device - 01 March 2002

JTE12293J: Precision and Relative Bias of Automatic and Manual Refractometers Using ASTM D 1218 at 20°C - 01 January 2002

GTJ11134J: Modified Triaxial Apparatus for Shearing-Infiltration Test - 01 December 2001

JTE12399J: Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Piezoelectric Weigh-in-Motion Sensors - 01 November 2001

JTE12401J: Application of a Geotechnical Centrifuge for Estimation of Unsaturated Soil Hydraulic Conductivity - 01 November 2001

GTJ11343J: A Laboratory Apparatus to Measure Chemico-Osmotic Efficiency Coefficients for Clay Soils - 01 September 2001

GTJ11344J: On the Use of Multi-directional Piezoelectric Transducers in Triaxial Testing - 01 September 2001

GTJ11345J: Influence of the Loading Apparatus on the Stresses within Biaxial Specimens - 01 September 2001

GTJ11347J: LVDT Based System for the Measurement of the Prefailure Behavior of Geomaterials - 01 September 2001

GTJ11349J: A Potential Model for Compaction Evaluation of Piedmont Soils Using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) - 01 September 2001

GTJ11350J: Effects of Installation Method on Sand Compaction Piles in Clay in the Centrifuge - 01 September 2001

JTE12272J: Specimen Instrumentation Techniques for Permanent Deformation Testing of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2001

JTE12276J: Coarse Aggregate Shape and Size Properties Using a New Image Analyzer - 01 September 2001

JTE12277J: Superpave Shear Tester as a Simple Standardized Measure to Evaluate Aggregate-Asphalt Mixture Performance - 01 September 2001

JTE12261J: Model Tests by Centrifuge of Soil Nail Reinforcements - 01 July 2001

JTE12267J: Development of New Low-Cost Indirect Tensile Test Equipment for Bituminous Mixtures - 01 July 2001

JTE12270J: Determination and Calculational Minimization of the Nonlinearity of a Vis-NIR-Spectrophotometer Using the Double Aperture Method - 01 July 2001

GTJ11337J: Calibration of Five-Segment Time Domain Reflectometry Probes for Water Content Measurement in High Density Materials - 01 June 2001

GTJ11339J: An Internal Instrumentation for Axial and Radial Strain Measurements in Triaxial Tests - 01 June 2001

JTE12253J: Falling Head Hydraulic Conductivity Tests in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 May 2001

JTE12258J: Calibration of Thin Heat Flux Sensors for Building Applications Using ASTM C 1130 - 01 May 2001

GTJ11277J: Development of a Stress/Suction-Controlled True Triaxial Testing Device for Unsaturated Soils - 01 March 2001

GTJ11281J: A Flat Dilatometer to Operate in Glacial Tills - 01 March 2001

GTJ11283J: Design and Performance of an Electro-Pneumatic Pile Hammer for Laboratory Applications - 01 March 2001

JTE12391J: An Instrumented Microindentation Testing Device - 01 January 2001

GTJ11061J: A New Device for Measuring Permeability Under High Gradients and Sinusoidal Gradients - 01 December 2000

GTJ11065J: New Tool for Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in Model Tests - 01 December 2000

GTJ11066J: Calibration of Testing Equipment for Reliable Small-Strain Deformation Measurements Using Synthetic Specimens - 01 December 2000

GTJ11069J: The Accuracy of Hydrometer Analysis for Fine-Grained Clay Particles - 01 December 2000

JTE12143J: Fault Diagnosis Theory: Method and Application Based on Multisensor Data Fusion - 01 November 2000

GTJ11054J: Instrumentation of Bored Concrete Piles for Horizontal Load Tests - 01 September 2000

JTE12129J: An On-Line Correction Technique of Random Loading with a Real-Time Signal Processor for a Laboratory Fatigue Test - 01 September 2000

JTE12099J: A Novel Instrument for Automated Principal Strain Separation in Reflection Photoelasticity - 01 July 2000

GTJ11039J: Anisotropic Stiffness Measurements in a Stress-Path Triaxial Cell - 01 June 2000

GTJ11046J: An Electrokinetic Testing Apparatus for Undisturbed/Remoulded Soils under In-Situ Stress Conditions - 01 June 2000

GTJ11122J: Model Studies on Geocell Supported Embankments Constructed Over a Soft Clay Foundation - 01 March 2000

GTJ11241J: Capillary Flow in the Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 December 1999

GTJ11244J: Development of Pile Driver and Load Set for Pile Group in Centrifuge - 01 December 1999

JTE12163J: Interlaboratory “Pilot Run” Study of Small Heat-Flow-Meter Apparatus for ASTM C 518 - 01 November 1999

JTE12164J: Repeatability and Bias of Two Walkway Safety Tribometers - 01 November 1999

GTJ11113J: The Use of Miniature Pore Pressure Transducers in Measuring Matric Suction in Unsaturated Soils - 01 September 1999

JTE12225J: Development and Evaluation of a Biaxial Tensile Tester for Fabrics - 01 July 1999

GTJ11269J: A New Torsional Shear Device - 01 June 1999

GTJ11272J: Instrumentation of an Unsaturated Residual Soil Slope - 01 June 1999

GTJ11275J: A Complex Permittivity Measurement System for Undisturbed/Compacted Soils - 01 June 1999

CCA10502J: Evaluation of Precision of a Nuclear Gauge for Measurement of Water and Cement Content of Fresh Concrete - 01 June 1999

GTJ11315J: A Triaxial Testing System to Evaluate Stress-Strain Behavior of Soils for Wide Range of Strain and Strain Rate - 01 March 1999

GTJ11318J: Plane Strain Strength and Deformation of Sands Affected by Batch Variations and Different Apparatus Types - 01 March 1999

JTE12050J: Estimation with a Few Strain Gages of Stress Fields near a Notch Root of Actual Structures Under In-Plane Loading - 01 March 1999

JTE12052J: Failure Analysis Using Microfocus X-ray Imaging - 01 March 1999

GTJ11367J: Centrifuge Testing of Vertically Loaded Battered Pile Groups in Sand - 01 December 1998

GTJ11368J: A New Apparatus for Measuring Oxygen Diffusion and Water Retention in Soils - 01 December 1998

GTJ11374J: Development of an Axisymmetric Field Simulator for Cone Penetration Tests in Sand - 01 December 1998

GTJ11376J: Experience with the Use of Methylcellulose as a Viscous Pore Fluid in Centrifuge Models - 01 December 1998

GTJ10896J: Commentary on Marchetti Flat Dilatometer Correlations in Soils - 01 September 1998

JTE12030J: A Potential Optical Standard for Resistance Strain Gages - 01 September 1998

JTE12032J: Additional Comments About a Modified Theodolite Instrument: Conceptual Work - 01 September 1998

JTE12008J: Dynamic Calibration of Impact Test Instruments - 01 July 1998

JTE12015J: Adhesively Bonded Strain Gages for Extended Use at 315°C on Polymers - 01 July 1998

JTE12017J: Influence of X-Radiation on Behavior of Strain Gages - 01 July 1998

GTJ10747J: Generation of Progressive Fluid Waves in a Geo-Centrifuge - 01 June 1998

GTJ10751J: Design and Performance of Soil-Pile-Slip Test Apparatus for Tension Piles - 01 June 1998

JTE11999J: Piezo-Actuated Microtensile Test Apparatus - 01 May 1998

GTJ10419J: The Measurement of Stiffness Anisotropy in Clays with Bender Element Tests in the Triaxial Apparatus - 01 March 1998

JTE11972J: Comparison of Surface Texture Measurement by Stylus and Fiber Optic Transducers - 01 January 1998

GTJ10412J: Upgrading Equipment and Procedures for Stress Path Triaxial Testing of Coarse-Grained Materials - 01 December 1997

GTJ10413J: Testing of Reinforced Slopes in a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 December 1997

GTJ10734J: A Centrifuge-Modeled Rigid Structure to Investigate Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction - 01 June 1997

GTJ10735J: Performance Evaluation of LDTs for Use in Triaxial Tests - 01 June 1997

GTJ10739J: Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of an Apparatus for Electrokinetic Remediation Studies - 01 June 1997

GTJ10741J: Calibration and Use of Grid-Based Tactile Pressure Sensors in Granular Material - 01 June 1997

JTE11343J: Consensus Values and Reference Values Illustrated by the Charpy Machine Certification Program - 01 May 1997

GTJ11420J: Comparison of Laboratory-Measured GCL Hydraulic Conductivity Based on Three Permeameter Types - 01 March 1997

JTE11484J: The Nonvibrating Kelvin Probe and Its Application for Monitoring Surface Wear - 01 March 1997

JTE11488J: A Low-Cost, Computer-Controlled Adiabatic Calorimeter for Determining the Heat of Hydration of Concrete - 01 March 1997

JTE11322J: Calibrating Instrument Readings Using a Bivariate Confidence Interval - 01 January 1997

JTE11323J: Eddy Current Decay Resistivity Measurements Using a Digital Voltmeter - 01 January 1997

JTE11325J: Testing and Design of CMOS D-Latches - 01 January 1997

JTE11332J: Comparison of Walkway Safety Tribometers: Part Two - 01 January 1997

JTE11336J: Book Review - 01 January 1997

GTJ10712J: Consolidation Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils - 01 December 1996

GTJ10713J: Using an Automated Rowe Cell for Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Testing - 01 December 1996

GTJ10715J: A Multi-Sensor Piezometer for Shallow Marine Sediments in Coastal Environments - 01 December 1996

GTJ10716J: Measurement of Shear Waves in Laboratory Specimens by Means of Piezoelectric Transducers - 01 December 1996

GTJ10722J: A Thermally Controlled Test Chamber for Centrifuge and Laboratory Experiments - 01 December 1996

JTE11460J: Slip Resistance Characteristics of Footwear Solings Assessed Using the SATRA Friction Tester - 01 November 1996

GTJ10353J: Model Size Effects in Centrifuge Models of Granular Slope Instability - 01 September 1996

GTJ10356J: A Flexible Strain Gage for Soil Testing - 01 September 1996

JTE11307J: A Critical Evaluation of the Performance of Optical Fiber Sensors for Monitoring Dynamic Strains - 01 September 1996

JTE11448J: Comparison of Walkway-Safety Tribometers - 01 July 1996

GTJ10336J: Wave Propagation in Soils: Multi-Mode, Wide-Band Testing in a Waveguide Device - 01 June 1996

JTE11301J: A Modified Theodolite Instrument: Conceptual Work - 01 May 1996

GTJ11402J: Constant Volume Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 March 1996

GTJ11403J: Air Volume Change Measurement in Unsaturated Soil Testing Using a Digital Pressure-Volume Controller - 01 March 1996

GTJ11404J: An Automated Apparatus for Three-Dimensional Monotonic and Cyclic Testing of Interfaces - 01 March 1996

GTJ11406J: Centrifuge Testing of Fixed-Head Laterally Loaded Battered and Plumb Pile Groups in Sand - 01 March 1996

GTJ11409J: Laboratory Testing Apparatus for Slopes Stabilized by Anchored Geosynthetics - 01 March 1996

JTE11285J: Prediction of Single-Layer Fabric Air Permeability by Statistical Modeling - 01 January 1996

JTE11290J: Book Reviews - 01 January 1996

GTJ11018J: Apparatus and Procedure for an In Situ Collapse Test - 01 December 1995

JTE11430J: A Servo-Control System for the Universal Panel Tester - 01 November 1995

GTJ10999J: Study of Geoprocesses with Complementary Mechanical and Electromagnetic Wave Measurements in an Oedometer - 01 September 1995

GTJ11006J: Measurement of In Situ Density of Sand in a Chamber by Using a Thermal Conductivity Penetrometer - 01 September 1995

JTE11404J: Development of a Dynamic Load-Deflection Apparatus for Elastomeric Materials - 01 September 1995

CTR10481J: Review of the Mechanics of Embedded Optical Sensors - 01 July 1995

GTJ10318J: A Review of Instrumentation for Measuring Small Strains During Triaxial Testing of Soil Specimens - 01 June 1995

GTJ10320J: A Dual Interface Apparatus for Testing Unrestricted Friction of Soil Along Solid Surfaces - 01 June 1995

GTJ10327J: Geosynthetic/Soil Interface Friction Angles Using a Rotation Shear Device - 01 June 1995

JTE10405J: Calibration of DC Potential Technique Using an Optical Image Processing System in LCF Testing - 01 May 1995

JTE10409J: Evaluation of the Hall Effect Sensor for Pavement Instrumentation - 01 May 1995

GTJ10118J: A Modified Commercial Triaxial Testing System for Small Strain Measurements: Preliminary Results on Pisa Clay - 01 March 1995

GTJ10123J: A Direct Simple Shear Device for Measuring Small-Strain Behavior - 01 March 1995

GTJ10126J: A Resistance Wire Transducer for Circumferential Strain Measurement in Triaxial Tests - 01 March 1995

GTJ10128J: Improvements to a Stress-Path Triaxial Cell - 01 March 1995

JTE10397J: A Universal Panel Tester - 01 January 1995

GTJ10302J: Numerical Modeling of a Thermal Conductivity Matric Suction Sensor - 01 December 1994

GTJ10310J: Instrumentation for a Weigh In Motion System Using Pavement Strain - 01 December 1994

JTE11861J: Comparison of Asphalt Contents Measured with the Nuclear Gage and Extraction Methods - 01 November 1994

JTE11866J: The Determination of Single Edge-Notched Bend Specimen Load Line Displacement from Remotely Located Sensors in Elastic-Plastic Fracture Testing - 01 November 1994

GTJ10107J: Investigation of the Strain-Softening Behavior of Granular Soils with a New Multiaxial Cell - 01 September 1994

GTJ10108J: A General Dynamic Model for the Resonant Column/Quasi-Static Torsional Shear Apparatus - 01 September 1994

JTE11846J: Estimation of Young's Modulus and of Hardness by Ultra-Low Load Hardness Tests with a Vickers Indenter - 01 July 1994

GTJ10085J: Centrifuge Modeling of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in Sands - 01 June 1994

GTJ10087J: Determination of P-Y Curves Using Inclinometer Data - 01 June 1994

GTJ10094J: A Multiple Purpose Soil Testing Apparatus - 01 June 1994

GTJ10095J: A New Combined Servo-Controlled Loading Frame/Direct-Shear Apparatus for the Study of Concrete or Rock Joint Behavior Under Different Boundary and Loading Conditions - 01 June 1994

JTE12631J: Introduction to Workshop on Accuracy of Load and Strain Measurement of Testing Machines - 01 January 1994

JTE12632J: Practical Aspects of Dynamic Verification of Extensometers: Part I—The Concepts - 01 January 1994

JTE12633J: Practical Aspects of Dynamic Verification of Extensometers: Part II—Actual Examples - 01 January 1994

JTE12635J: Measurement Uncertainty Analysis of a Transfer Standard Force Calibration System - 01 January 1994

GTJ10289J: Consolidation, Pre- and Post-Peak Shearing Responses from Internally Instrumented Biaxial Compression Device - 01 December 1993

JTE11799J: Introduction to Workshop on Accuracy of Load and Strain Measurement of Testing Machines - 01 November 1993

JTE11802J: Calibration Techniques for Extensometry: Possible Standards of Strain Measurement - 01 November 1993

JTE11804J: Pressure and Flexible Membrane Effects on Direct-Contact Extensometer Measurements in Axisymmetric Compression Tests - 01 November 1993

GTJ10049J: The Multidirectional Direct Simple Shear Apparatus - 01 September 1993

GTJ10052J: Mikasa's Direct Shear Apparatus, Test Procedures and Results - 01 September 1993

JTE11776J: A Detection Method of Fatigue Crack Initiation by Analyzing Strain Waveform - 01 September 1993

JTE11777J: Influence of Substrate Deformations on the Thermal Fatigue Life of SMT Solder Joints - 01 September 1993

JTE11778J: An Advanced Control Concept and Algorithm for Long-Term Data Acquisition in High-Temperature Fracture Mechanics Tests - 01 September 1993

JTE11789J: A Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor for Measurement of Groundwater pH - 01 September 1993

JTE11790J: Static Structural Integrity Monitoring System - 01 September 1993

GTJ10034J: Dynamic Centrifuge Testing of Soil-Nailed Excavations - 01 June 1993

GTJ10035J: Some Factors Affecting In Situ Measurement Using the Cambridge Self-Boring Pressuremeter - 01 June 1993

GTJ10042J: Simulation of Ground Loss in Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 June 1993

GTJ10044J: Soft Oedometer—A New Testing Device and Its Application for the Calibration of Hypoplastic Constitutive Laws - 01 June 1993

JTE11764J: The Design of a Control System for a Superimposed Frequency Fatigue Test Machine - 01 May 1993

JTE11768J: Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Contact Stresses in Simulated Granular Particles Using Strain Gages - 01 May 1993

GTJ10262J: A Hollow Cylinder Torsional Simple Shear Apparatus Capable of a Wide Range of Shear Strain Measurement - 01 March 1993

GTJ10265J: A Low-Compliance Bi-Directional Cyclic Simple Shear Apparatus - 01 March 1993

GTJ10271J: A Coupled Heat and Water Flow Apparatus - 01 March 1993

GTJ10272J: Modified Bromhead Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 March 1993

GTJ10251J: Settlement of Compacted Clay in a Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Device - 01 December 1992

GTJ10255J: Use of Air Bag System for Instrumentation of Lateral Load Tests on Previously Installed Pipe Piles - 01 December 1992

JTE11935J: Temperature Calibration of Thermomechanical Analyzers: Part I—The Development of a Standard Method - 01 November 1992

JTE11936J: Temperature Calibration of Thermomechanical Analyzers: Part II—An Interlaboratory Test of the Calibration Procedure - 01 November 1992

JTE11940J: Application of Electro-Optic Sensor and Force Transducer on Leak Detection - 01 November 1992

JTE11942J: Laboratory Wheel Tracking Apparatus for Bituminous Pavement Studies - 01 November 1992

GTJ10015J: A New Apparatus for the Evaluation of Electro-Kinetic Processes in Hazardous Waste Management - 01 September 1992

GTJ10021J: The Thermal Probe—Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity and Drying Rate of Soil in the Field - 01 September 1992

GTJ10022J: Strain-Controlled, Variable Frequency Cyclic Loading System for Soft Soils - 01 September 1992

GTJ10024J: The Application of Time Domain Reflectometry in Geotechnical Instrumentation - 01 September 1992

JTE11731J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1992

GTJ10231J: Development of a True Triaxial Testing Apparatus - 01 June 1992

GTJ10235J: “1γ2ɛ”: A New Shear Apparatus to Study the Behavior of Granular Materials - 01 June 1992

GTJ10224J: Tensiometers—Theory, Construction, and Use - 01 March 1992

GTJ10225J: Total Stress Probe Determination of Clay Slurry Density - 01 March 1992

JTE11909J: An Apparatus for Biaxial Strength Testing of Standard Tensile Specimens - 01 March 1992

JTE11913J: Field Evaluation of Pavement Instrumentation Methods - 01 March 1992

GTJ10202J: An Automated Electropneumatic Control System for Direct Simple Shear Testing - 01 December 1991

GTJ10204J: Piezo Film Technology and Applications in Geotechnical Testing - 01 December 1991

GTJ10209J: Simulation of Climatic Conditions in Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 December 1991

GTJ10210J: Design and Performance of the Imperial College Instrumented Pile - 01 December 1991

GTJ10213J: Development of a Combination Inclinometer-Deflectometer and ADAAS - 01 December 1991

JTE12613J: Vibration Monitoring of Small Lightweight Components Using Fiber Optic Sensors - 01 November 1991

GTJ10574J: Quantification of Particle Shape and Angularity Using the Image Analyzer - 01 September 1991

GTJ10578J: Soil Column Drainage Modelling Using a Geotechnical Centrifuge - 01 September 1991

CCA10545J: Comparison of Air Contents in Fresh and Hardened Concretes Using Different Airmeters - 01 July 1991

GTJ10560J: Simple Shear of an Undisturbed Soft Marine Clay in NGI and Torsional Shear Equipment - 01 June 1991

GTJ10561J: Uniformity Tests in Calibration Chamber Samples by the Thermal Probe Method - 01 June 1991

GTJ10563J: Multicylinder Control Units for Prebored Hydraulic Pressuremeters - 01 June 1991

GTJ10191J: Calibration of a Dynamic Penetrometer for Compaction Quality Control of Boiler Slag - 01 March 1991

GTJ10192J: Laboratory and Field Calibration of a Neutron Depth Moisture Gauge for Use in High Water Content Soils - 01 March 1991

GTJ10193J: Sample Size for Laboratory Calibration of Subsurface Neutron Moisture Gauges - 01 March 1991

GTJ10195J: Modified Testing Device to Evaluate MR Properties on Fly Ash Treated Subgrade Soil - 01 March 1991

GTJ10198J: Small Diameter Piston Sampling with Cone Penetrometer Equipment - 01 March 1991

JTE12550J: Pulse Current Automatic Electro-Optical Characterization of the Laser Diode - 01 March 1991

GTJ10155J: Effects of Arching on Response Time of Miniature Pore Pressure Transducer in Clay - 01 September 1990

GTJ10158J: Frequency Response of Diaphragm Pore Pressure Transducers in Dynamic Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 September 1990

GTJ10161J: A Biaxial Apparatus for Testing Soils - 01 September 1990

JTE12483J: Instrumented Impactor for Testing Wood-Base Floor Panels - 01 July 1990

GTJ10697J: Automatic Back-Pressure Saturation Device for Triaxial Testing - 01 June 1990

GTJ10140J: Pressuremeter Creep Testing in Ice: Calibration and Test Procedures - 01 March 1990

GTJ10142J: An Automatic Feedback System for Resonant Column Testing - 01 March 1990

GTJ10143J: Generalized Calibration of a Nuclear Moisture/Density Depth Gauge - 01 March 1990

JTE12447J: The Linearity of Clip Gages Used in Fracture Mechanics Tests - 01 January 1990

JTE12455J: Measurements of Dynamic Young's Modulus in Short Specimens with the PUCOT - 01 January 1990

GTJ10985J: Centrifuge Modeling for Projectile Penetration Studies - 01 December 1989

GTJ10986J: The Use of a Centrifuge in Geotechnical Engineering Education - 01 December 1989

GTJ10987J: The Use of Proximity Transducers for Local Strain Measurements in Triaxial Tests - 01 December 1989

GTJ10988J: Measurements of Normal Deformations in Joints During Shear Using Inductance Devices - 01 December 1989

JTE11147J: A Linear Short-Lever Extensometer - 01 November 1989

GTJ10967J: Calibration of Thermal Conductivity Sensors for Measuring Soil Suction - 01 September 1989

GTJ10968J: Studies with Centrifuge Vane and Penetrometer Apparatus in a Normal Gravity Field - 01 September 1989

GTJ10973J: A Device for Lateral Strain Measurement in Triaxial Tests with Unsaturated Specimens - 01 September 1989

GTJ10975J: An Automated Stress-Path Control Triaxial System - 01 September 1989

JTE11120J: Evaluation of Performance of Three Slip Resistance Testers - 01 July 1989

GTJ10692J: Centrifuge Modeling: A Study of Similarity - 01 June 1989

GTJ10694J: Modified Bromhead Ring Shear Apparatus - 01 June 1989

JTE11107J: Influence of Frequency on the Actual Testing Load of Hydraulic Mechanical Testing Machines - 01 May 1989

JTE11110J: Use of a Digital Waveform Analyzer, Accelerometers, and a Load Cell to Measure Momentum and Clamping Forces of Killing Traps for Furbearers - 01 May 1989

JTE11112J: A Note on Dynamic Displacement Measurements Using Hall Effect Sensors - 01 May 1989

GTJ10671J: Design of Laterally Loaded Driven Piles Using the Flat Dilatometer - 01 March 1989

GTJ10676J: The Use of Hall Effect Semiconductors in Geotechnical Instrumentation - 01 March 1989

GTJ10656J: In-Situ Shear Modulus of Sands by a Flat-Plate Penetrometer: A Laboratory Study - 01 December 1988

GTJ10657J: Automatic Volume Change and Pressure Measurement Devices for Triaxial Testing of Soils - 01 December 1988

GTJ10658J: A Device for Evaluating One-Dimensional Compressive Loading Rate Effects - 01 December 1988

GTJ10659J: A Fast Triaxial Shear Device - 01 December 1988

GTJ10660J: A New Simple Shear Apparatus - 01 December 1988

GTJ10661J: Introduction to a New Apparatus for Hydraulic Fracturing Tests - 01 December 1988

GTJ10004J: Helical Probe Tests: Initial Test Calibration - 01 September 1988

GTJ10005J: A Self-Boring Pressuremeter System - 01 September 1988

GTJ10006J: Improved Calibration and Correction Techniques for Pressuremeters - 01 September 1988

GTJ10010J: Comparison of Freezing Cells Used in the Determination of Soil Frost Susceptibility - 01 September 1988

JTE11080J: Measurement of the Spherical Tip of Rockwell Indenters - 01 July 1988

GTJ10956J: A Servo System for Hollow Cylinder Testing of Soils - 01 June 1988

GTJ10957J: Servo-Controlled Cuboidal Shear Device - 01 June 1988

JTE10375J: Design and Development of a Biaxial Strength Testing Device - 01 May 1988

JTE10380J: Strain Gage Analysis of Residual Stress in Plastic Pipes - 01 May 1988

JTE11046J: A Dynamic Microindentation Apparatus for Materials Characterization - 01 January 1988

GTJ10544J: Instrumentation for Torsional Shear/Resonant Column Measurements Under Anisotropic Stresses - 01 December 1987

JTE11020J: Experience with a Digitized Instrumented Impact Testing System - 01 September 1987

JTE11022J: Computerization of the NBS Smoke Chamber with a Microcomputer and an A/D Converter - 01 September 1987

JTE11014J: Theory, Characteristics, and Operating Parameters of Portable Optical Emission Spectrometers for the On-Site Sorting and Identification of Steels - 01 July 1987

GTJ10935J: Directional Shear Cell Experiments on a Dry Cohesionless Soil - 01 June 1987

GTJ10938J: A Low-Cost Electrolytic Tiltmeter for Measuring Slope Deformation - 01 June 1987

JTE11001J: Design and Calibration of a Guard Added to an Existing Hot Box - 01 May 1987

GTJ10132J: A Constant Normal Stiffness Direct Shear Device for Static and Cyclic Loading - 01 March 1987

GTJ10631J: A New Apparatus for Investigating the Stress-Strain Characteristics of Sands - 01 December 1986

JTE10352J: Book Reviews - 01 November 1986

GTJ10618J: Triaxial Equipment for Permeability Testing with Hazardous and Toxic Permeants - 01 September 1986

GTJ10620J: Testing Using a Large-Scale Cyclic Simple Shear Device - 01 September 1986

JTE11263J: Determination of Calibration Constants for Hole Drilling Technique Using Special Strain Gage Rosette - 01 July 1986

GTJ11032J: A New Boundary Stress Transducer for Small Soil Models in the Centrifuge - 01 June 1986

GTJ11036J: Factors Affecting the Performance of a Pneumatic Earth Pressure Cell - 01 June 1986

GTJ11037J: New Equipment and Techniques for Use with the Cambridge Self-Boring Pressuremeter - 01 June 1986

GTJ10605J: Permeability Testing in the Triaxial Cell - 01 March 1986

GTJ10606J: Experimental Study of Rheological Properties of a Sand Using a Special Triaxial Apparatus - 01 March 1986

GTJ10610J: Estimating Liquefaction Potential of Sands Using the Flat Plate Dilatometer - 01 March 1986

GTJ10534J: Electro-Servo Control System for Thermomechanical Properties Testing - 01 December 1985

GTJ10535J: A New Automatic Volume Change Monitoring Device - 01 December 1985

JTE10973J: Effect of Dither on Strain-Controlled Fatigue and Tensile Results Obtained with a Closed-Loop Servohydraulic Testing Machine - 01 November 1985

GTJ10522J: A Scanning Device to Quantify Joint Surface Roughness - 01 September 1985

GTJ10523J: Pore-Pressure Response of the Piezocone Penetrometer - 01 September 1985

JTE11244J: Optimization of the Gel Electrode for Repeatable Imaging of Fatigue Cracks in Aluminum Alloys - 01 July 1985

GTJ10511J: Development and Evaluation of Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducers for the Determination of Dynamic Young's Modulus of Triaxially Loaded Rock Cores - 01 June 1985

GTJ10513J: A Direct Tensile Loading Apparatus Combined with a Cubical Test Cell for Testing Rocks and Concrete - 01 June 1985

GTJ10516J: An Underwater Instrument for Determining Bearing Capacity of Shallow Marine Sediments - 01 June 1985

GTJ10852J: Small Cone Penetrometer Tests and Piezocone Tests in Laboratory Consolidated Clays - 01 March 1985

GTJ10853J: A Direct Shear Machine for Testing Rock Joints - 01 March 1985

GTJ10854J: A Low-Cost Ring Dynamometer for Monitoring the Performance of Roof Bolts - 01 March 1985

GTJ10499J: The Centrifuge as a Research Tool - 01 December 1984

GTJ10500J: Drum Centrifuge for Geotechnical Research - 01 December 1984

GTJ10501J: Platform Orientation and Start-up Time During Centrifuge Testing - 01 December 1984

GTJ10502J: Microcomputer Based Data Acquisition Systems for Centrifuge Modeling - 01 December 1984

GTJ10487J: Permeability Testing with Flexible-Wall Permeameters - 01 September 1984

GTJ10492J: A Field Study of an Automatic SPT Hammer System - 01 September 1984

JTE10721J: Use of a Portable Vapor Analyzer in Groundwater Contamination Studies - 01 July 1984

GTJ10597J: The Use of Electrical Conductivity for Evaluation of Strain Distribution in the Simple Shear Device - 01 June 1984

GTJ10598J: Design Basis for Cells Measuring Shear Stresses in an Interface - 01 June 1984

GTJ10599J: Computer-Aided Pressuremeter Tests - 01 June 1984

GTJ10482J: Suggested Practice for Drilling Boreholes for Pressuremeter Testing - 01 March 1984

JTE11419J: Advantages of Using Data from Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometers for Process Control - 01 January 1984

GTJ10925J: Reproducible SPT Hammer Impact Force with an Automatic Free Fall SPT Hammer System - 01 December 1983

GTJ10842J: Burst Tester for Geotextile Bidirectional Strength - 01 September 1983

GTJ10834J: Suggested Test Method for Determination of the Soluble Salt Content of Soils by Refractometer - 01 June 1983

JTE10680J: An Improved Method for Threshold Fatigue Crack Propagation Testing on an Electromagnetic Resonance Type Machine - 01 May 1983

JTE10681J: A New Transducer to Monitor Fatigue Crack Propagation - 01 May 1983

JTE10685J: Book Reviews - 01 May 1983

GTJ10819J: A Multi-Purpose Rock Core Testing Device - 01 March 1983

GTJ10820J: The Modified Borehole Shear Device - 01 March 1983

GTJ10821J: The Rapid Carbonate Analyzer - 01 March 1983

GTJ10806J: Vertical Soil Extensometer - 01 September 1982

JTE11576J: A Constant Stress Tensile Creep Machine for Very Low Stresses - 01 July 1982

JTE11577J: A Compressive Creep Machine - 01 July 1982

JTE11578J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1982

CCA10223J: A Strain Control System for Relaxation Studies of Concrete - 01 July 1982

JTE10242J: Measuring the Abrasion of Transparent Materials with Hazemeters - 01 May 1982

JTE10246J: A Microcomputer-Based System for Instrumented Impact Testing - 01 May 1982

GTJ10796J: High Capacity Multiaxial Testing Device - 01 March 1982

GTJ10798J: A Probe to Measure Friction Coefficient of Cohesionless Soils - 01 March 1982

GTJ10799J: New Sampler for Drilling in Noncohesive Soils - 01 March 1982

GTJ10800J: A Low Cost Stressmeter for Measuring Complete Stress Changes in Underground Mining - 01 March 1982

JTE11566J: Laser Evaluation of Cutting Angle and Surface Finish in Scalpel Blades - 01 January 1982

CCA10231J: Development of a Conductivity Probe to Monitor Setting Time and Moisture Movement in Concrete - 01 January 1982

GTJ10783J: A Ring Torsion Apparatus for Evaluating Friction Between Soil and Metal Surfaces - 01 December 1981

GTJ10787J: Laboratory Instrument for Measuring Lateral Soil Pressure and Swelling Pressure - 01 December 1981

GTJ10788J: An Electropneumatic Cyclic Loading System - 01 December 1981

JTE11235J: An Evaluation of a Load-Line Extensometer for Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness Testing - 01 November 1981

GTJ10776J: Testing of a Field Dielectric Soil Moisture Meter - 01 September 1981

JTE11518J: A Constant Force System for Delayed Fracture Experiments - 01 September 1981

JTE11228J: A Biaxial Fatigue Machine for Elevated Temperature Testing - 01 July 1981

GTJ10769J: Incremental Loading Device for Stress Path and Strength Testing of Soils - 01 June 1981

GTJ10770J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers 8. Microprocessor Applications - 01 June 1981

JTE11559J: Precision Strain Measurement at Elevated Temperatures Using a Capacitance Probe - 01 May 1981

GTJ10758J: Survey of Laboratory Devices for Measuring Soil Volume Change - 01 March 1981

GTJ10759J: Operation of a Geotechnical Centrifuge from 1970 to 1979 - 01 March 1981

GTJ10760J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 March 1981

GTJ10911J: An Instrumented Triaxial Cell for Cyclic Loading of Clays - 01 December 1980

GTJ10912J: Soil Stress Gage Calibration - 01 December 1980

GTJ10913J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers 6. Process Control Applications - 01 December 1980

JTE10627J: Room Temperature Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Measurement of Chip Capacitors—An Interlaboratory Evaluation - 01 November 1980

GTJ10884J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers 5. Digital Logic Circuits - 01 September 1980

GTJ10904J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 June 1980

GTJ10905J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 June 1980

GTJ10468J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 March 1980

GTJ10469J: Modern Electronics for Geotechnical Engineers - 01 March 1980

JTE10600J: Development and Correlation of a Variable-Speed Friction Tester - 01 March 1980

JTE10587J: The Development of a Closed-Loop, Servo-Hydraulic Test System for Direct Stress Monotonic and Cyclic Crack Propagation Studies Under Biaxial Loading - 01 January 1980

GTJ10456J: Automated Data Acquisition, Transducers, and Dynamic Recording for the Geotechnical Testing Laboratory - 01 December 1979

GTJ10457J: A New Direct Simple Shear Device - 01 December 1979

GTJ10460J: On the Determination of Stress State in the Simple Shear Apparatus - 01 December 1979

JTE11510J: Reproducibility of the Surface Area of Some Powders as Measured by the Monosorb® Surface-Area Analyzer Using the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller Equation - 01 November 1979

JTE11512J: An Optical Comparator for Evaluation of Fine Sieves - 01 November 1979

GTJ10446J: A Special Pressure Meter and Pressure Meter Test for Pavement Evaluation and Design - 01 September 1979

GTJ10450J: Determination of Permeability Anisotropy in a Two-Way Permeameter - 01 September 1979

JTE10224J: A Rolling Bottle Device for Measuring the Flow of Liquids and Powders - 01 September 1979

JTE11214J: A Tower Extensometer - 01 May 1979

JTE11216J: A Simple and Sensitive Method of Monitoring Crack and Load in Compact Fracture Mechanics Specimens Using Strain Gages - 01 May 1979

GTJ10583J: Use of the Osmotic Tensiometer to Measure Negative Pore Water Pressure - 01 March 1979

GTJ10585J: Fluid Cushion Truly Triaxial or Multiaxial Testing Device - 01 March 1979

GTJ10393J: Water-Manometer Tensiometers Installed and Read from the Land Surface - 01 December 1978

JTE10577J: Development of Light- and Water-Exposure Apparatus - 01 November 1978

JTE10954J: Design and Performance of a Deadweight Standard Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine - 01 July 1978

GTJ10375J: A Cyclic Simple Shear Apparatus for Dry Granular Materials - 01 June 1978

GTJ10376J: Cubical Triaxial Apparatus for Soil Testing - 01 June 1978

JTE10940J: Surface-Crack Shape Change in Bending Fatigue Using an Inexpensive Resonant Fatiguing Apparatus - 01 May 1978

JTE10925J: “PARS”—A Portable X-Ray Analyzer for Residual Stresses - 01 March 1978

JTE10926J: Measuring the Thermal Expansion of Solids with Strain Gages - 01 March 1978

JTE10554J: A Servo-Controlled Hydraulic Hot-Torsion Machine for Hot Working Studies - 01 November 1977

JTE10546J: Application of an Optical Heterodyne Interferometer to the Inspection of Surfaces - 01 September 1977

JTE10550J: Evaluation of Filter/Separators and Centrifuges for Effects on Properties of Steam Turbine Lubricating Oils - 01 September 1977

JTE11661J: Laser Scanner for Exoelectron Display and Measurement of Fatigue Damage - 01 July 1977

JTE11635J: A Simple Ductility Tester for Metal Films - 01 May 1977

JTE11639J: Precision Secondary Resistors - 01 May 1977

JTE10532J: Correlation Between Leaking Glass/Metal Seals and Wire Defects in Dry Reed Contacts - 01 January 1977

JTE10201J: A Note on Pseudo-Acoustic Emission Sources - 01 May 1976

JTE10503J: A Constant Tensile Stress Creep Testing Machine - 01 January 1976

JTE10504J: Instruments for Inspection of Coatings - 01 January 1976

JTE10507J: A New Stable Nickel-Base Thermocouple - 01 January 1976

JTE10180J: A Technique for Examining Submicron Particulate Matter on Semiconductor Device Wafers - 01 September 1975

JTE10182J: Automatic Particle Measurement Systems and Liquid-Handling Techniques for Clean Liquids - 01 September 1975

JTE10659J: An Extensometer for Circumferential Strains - 01 July 1975

JTE10128J: Spectral Energy Distributions and Aging Characteristics of Fluorescent Sunlamps and Blacklights - 01 January 1975

JTE11681J: An Apparatus for Two-Dimensional Measurement of the Shrinkage Resistance of Soils - 01 November 1974

JTE10091J: Soil-Stress Gage Design and Evaluation - 01 May 1974

JTE10077J: Modified Centrifuge Technique for Hydrolytic Stability of Neopentyl Polyol Ester Lubricants - 01 March 1974

JTE10050J: Application of the Laser Beam Technique to the Improvement of Metal Strength - 01 November 1973

JTE10039J: An Analog Control System for an Inverted Torsion Pendulum - 01 September 1973

JTE10019J: Acquisition of Computer Aided Design/Analysis Models for Semiconductors - 01 July 1973

JTE10020J: Silicon Epitaxial Thickness Measurements: Why and How - 01 July 1973

JTE10021J: Epitaxial Resistivity - 01 July 1973

JTE10022J: Materials for Diffusion and Epitaxy - 01 July 1973

JTE10023J: Measurements in Silicon Planar Technology: Mechanical Properties of Semiconductor Surfaces - 01 July 1973

JTE10887J: Balanced Resonator for Infrasonic Measurements of Young's Modulus and Damping in Flexure - 01 March 1973

JTE10889J: Quantitative Adhesion Tests of Vacuum Deposited Thin Films - 01 March 1973

JTE10890J: A Versatile Control System for Triaxial Testing of Soils - 01 March 1973

JTE10895J: Fatigue Behavior of Solders Used in Flip-Chip Technology - 01 March 1973