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JTE20170373: Comparative Study on In Situ and Laboratory Testing of Concrete Cores with Different Height to Diameter Ratios - 01 November 2020

JTE20170497: Distributed Strain Sensing to Study a Composite Liner for Cast Iron Water Pipe Rehabilitation - 01 November 2020

JTE20180104: Experimental Study of High Axial Damping Rubber (HADR) in New Viscoelastic Dampers - 01 November 2020

JTE20180107: Magnetic Field Strength and Temperature Effects on the Behavior of Oil Well Cement Slurry Modified with Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and Quantified with Vipulanandan Models - 01 November 2020

JTE20180148: Evaluation of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Column Confined with FRP - 01 November 2020

JTE20180165: Residual Properties of XD TMT Bars after Exposure to Elevated Temperatures - 01 November 2020

JTE20180259: A Nondestructive EIS Method to Evaluate the Compressive Strength of Slag-Blended Cement Paste under Steam Curing - 01 November 2020

JTE20180407: A Simulation-Based Method to Detect Mechanical Parameters of I-Beams and Hollow Cylinders - 01 November 2020

JTE20180464: Evaluation of Superpave Moisture Susceptibility Considering Uncertainty - 01 November 2020

JTE20170324: Experimental Study of Mortar Samples Containing Sodium Bentonite - 01 September 2020

JTE20170554: Creep Failure of Concrete under High Stress - 01 September 2020

JTE20170714: Structural Performance of Concrete Beams with Micro-reinforcement Strengthened with GFRP Laminates under Monotonic Loading - 01 September 2020

JTE20170722: Simple Indexes to Identify Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Concrete - 01 September 2020

JTE20180140: Effects of Glass Powder as a Supplementary Cementitious Material on the Performance of High Strength Mortars - 01 September 2020

JTE20180196: A Dynamic Segregation Test Method for Heavyweight Concrete: Density Variation Method - 01 September 2020

JTE20180271: Vipulanandan Constitutive Models to Predict the Rheological Properties and Stress–Strain Behavior of Cement Grouts Modified with Metakaolin - 01 September 2020

JTE20180281: Influence of Specimen Geometry on the Response of Post-Installed Anchors Subjected to Constant Load under Crack Opening and Crack Cycles - 01 September 2020

JTE20170515: Neutral Axis in Thermally Modified Timber Determined by Image-Based Approach - 01 July 2020

JTE20170522: Fatigue Behavior of Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement Based on Full-Scale Fatigue Test - 01 July 2020

JTE20170604: Effects of Concrete Age on Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Paving Mixes and Its Significance in Unbonded Overlay Design - 01 July 2020

JTE20170729: Feasibility of Improving the Mechanical Properties of Concrete Pavement Using Basalt Fibers - 01 July 2020

JTE20170786: Effect of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) on Mechanical Properties of Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement - 01 July 2020

JTE20180001: Dynamic Compressive Behavior of Asphalt Concrete Material under Impact Load - 01 July 2020

JTE20180031: Multiple Stress Creep and Recovery Behavior of SBR-Modified Bitumen Emulsions - 01 July 2020

JTE20180034: Investigation on Microwave Heating Technology for Rutting Maintenance in Asphalt Pavement - 01 July 2020

JTE20180071: A Novel Dynamic Detection Method of Impact Factor Considering Deterioration of Pavement Roughness - 01 July 2020

JTE20170529: Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Pay Adjustment for Initial Smoothness of Asphalt Pavement Overlay - 01 March 2020

JTE20170596: Feasibility of Developing Engineered Cementitious Composite with High Volumes of Fly Ash Using Cost-Effective PVA Fiber - 01 March 2020

JTE20170682: Superpave Design Aggregate Structure Considering Uncertainty: I. Selection of Trial Blends - 01 March 2020

JTE20170745: Superpave Design Aggregate Structure Considering Uncertainty: II. Evaluation of Trial Blends - 01 March 2020

GTJ20170325: Performance Evaluation of a Bridge Infrastructure Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology - 01 November 2019

GTJ20170319: Novel Laboratory Pullout Device for Conventional and Helical Soil Nails - 01 September 2019

JTE20170294: Mechanism of Pile-Soil Relative Vertical Displacement under the Freeze-Thaw Action - 01 September 2019

JTE20170520: Evaluation of Thermal Properties of Cement-Exfoliated Vermiculite Blocks as Energy Efficient Building Envelope Material - 01 September 2019

JTE20170547: Study on the Bending Performance of Composite H-Shaped Piles - 01 September 2019

JTE20170710: Experimental and Analytical Study on Fatigue Crack Propagation of Pervious Concrete - 01 September 2019

JTE20170736: Study of the Extraction and Quantitative Characterization of the Microstructural Features of Aggregates - 01 September 2019

JTE20170739: Effects of Elevated Temperatures on Residual Properties of Low-Strength Concrete - 01 September 2019

JTE20170794: Investigation of Aging Behavior of Biorejuvenated Asphalt with Chemical and Micromechanical Methods - 01 September 2019

JTE20180122: Finite Element Model Updating and Dynamic Analysis of a Restored Historical Timber Mosque Based on Ambient Vibration Tests - 01 September 2019

JTE20170686: Experimental and 3-D Finite Element Analyses on Geocell-Reinforced Embankments - 01 May 2019

JTE20170720: Improved Approach for Determining Pile Length of Group Pile Using Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform - 01 May 2019

JTE20170765: Bone Glue Modified Fuel Resistant Asphalt Binder - 01 May 2019

JTE20170770: Integrity Testing of Three Model Piles with a Pile Cap - 01 May 2019

JTE20170772: Asphalt Pavement Performance Analysis Using “Big Data” Computing Approaches - 01 May 2019

JTE20170773: Evaluation of Innovative Cold Mix Recycled Asphalt Concrete as Backfill Material in Pipeline Maintenance - 01 May 2019

JTE20170777: Analysis of Viscoelastic Mechanical Response of Asphalt Mixture Pavement on Steel Deck under Imperfect Contact Conditions - 01 May 2019

JTE20180003: A Potential Technology for Road Sinkhole Assessment: The Rolling Dynamic Deflectometer - 01 May 2019

JTE20180023: Numerical Modeling of Roadway Embankment Construction Over Existing Sewers - 01 May 2019

JTE20180035: Service Life Prediction Method for Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Bridges under Chloride-Aggressive Environments - 01 May 2019

JTE20180046: Long-Lasting Waterproofing Solution for the Subgrade of High-Speed Railway in Cold Region - 01 May 2019

JTE20180063: Centrifuge Tests on the Lateral Behavior of Offshore Monopile in Saturated Dense Sand under Cyclic Loading - 01 May 2019

JTE20180072: Assessment of Traffic Data for Road Rehabilitation Design: A Case Study of the Korogwe-Mombo Road Section in Tanzania - 01 May 2019

JTE20180075: Impedance Functions for Double-D-Shaped Caisson Foundations - 01 May 2019

JTE20180078: Study on the Properties of SCLAC Using Infrared Thermography and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity - 01 May 2019

JTE20180091: Behaviors of New RC Bridge Columns Made of Highly Flowable Strain-Hardening Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (HF-SHFRC) under Cyclic Loads - 01 May 2019

JTE20180095: Mechanism Analysis and Experimental Study of Emulsified Wax Curing Agent as an Isolation Layer for Concrete Pavement - 01 May 2019

JTE20180221: Study on the Effect of Side Resistance of Micropiles - 01 May 2019

JTE20180273: Improving Road Construction on Sabkha Soil by Using Lime Stabilization and Groundwater Table Monitoring - 01 May 2019

JTE20160430: Impact of an Inclined Work Surface on the Measured Slump of Concrete - 01 March 2019

JTE20170017: Model Tests of Buoyant Force on Underground Structures - 01 March 2019

JTE20170059: Albedo Estimation of Finite-Sized Concrete Specimens - 01 March 2019

JTE20170067: A New Method for Direct Tensile Testing of Concrete - 01 March 2019

JTE20170102: Rationally Derived Three-Parameter Models for Elastomeric Suspension Bushings: Theory and Experiment - 01 March 2019

JTE20170105: Smart Cement Compressive Piezoresistive, Stress-Strain, and Strength Behavior with Nanosilica Modification - 01 March 2019

JTE20170230: Research on Connection between Essential Properties and Micromechanism of Organic Silicon–Modified Cement Mortar - 01 March 2019

JTE20170275: Earthquake Isolation of a Spring-Damper-Friction System with a Convex Friction Distribution - 01 March 2019

JTE20170295: Experimental Study on the Strain Recovery of Concrete after Creep - 01 March 2019

JTE20170358: Cracking Behaviors of Rock-Like Specimens Containing Two Sets of Preexisting Cross Flaws under Uniaxial Compression - 01 March 2019

JTE20170369: Evaluation of Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pipe Performance Using Three-Edge Bearing Test - 01 March 2019

JTE20170374: Study on the Properties and Mechanism of Mortars Modified by Super Absorbent Polymers - 01 March 2019

JTE20170387: A Statement on the Stress Field of Pipe-Soil Structure - 01 March 2019

ACEM20180079: An Artificial Intelligence Model for Computing Optimum Fly Ash Content for Structural-Grade Concrete - 14 January 2019

ACEM20180025: Developments in Flame-Retardant Bio-composite Material Production - 11 January 2019

ACEM20180087: Experimental Study on Influence of Material Parameters on Bond Behavior of Glued-in Rod Connection - 11 January 2019

ACEM20170048: A Review on Concrete Structures Strengthened with CFRP Sheets Bonded with Organic and Inorganic Cementation Materials - 11 January 2019

ACEM20180040: Effects of Central Opening in Masonry Infill on Lateral Behavior of Intermediate RC Frames - 11 January 2019

ACEM20170069: Application of the Innovated Building Structure of Double Layers of Glass Curtain Wall to Energy Conservation in Penang - 12 December 2018

ACEM20180073: On the Interaction between Superabsorbent Hydrogels and Blended Mixtures with Supplementary Cementitious Materials - 07 November 2018

ACEM20180023: Reliable Neural Networks for Proportioning of Concrete Mixes Containing Cement Replacement Materials - 05 November 2018

GTJ20160248: Experimental Investigation on Soil Deformation Caused by Pile Buckling in Transparent Media - 01 November 2018

JTE20160145: Experimental Study of Mechanical Properties of PVA-ECC under Freeze-Thaw Cycles - 01 November 2018

JTE20160183: Prediction of Mechanical Performance of Cemented Paste Backfill by the Electrical Resistivity Measurement - 01 November 2018

JTE20160243: Investigation of the Synthesized Retarder on Cement Slurry Hydration Based on Low Field NMR - 01 November 2018

JTE20160514: Sampling Concrete from a Revolving Drum Truck Mixer - 01 November 2018

JTE20170038: Nanosized Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Recovered Binders from Weathered Asphalt Mixtures - 01 November 2018

JTE20170050: Model Test of the Long-Term Behavior of a Pile-Net Structure Subgrade for Highspeed Railways - 01 November 2018

JTE20170057: Charpy Impact Test Methods for Cementitious Composites: Review and Commentary - 01 November 2018

JTE20170071: Nonrecoverable Compliance and Recovery Behavior of Polymer-Modified and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement–Modified Binders in Arkansas - 01 November 2018

JTE20170114: Fatigue Damage Characteristics Considering the Difference of Tensile-Compression Modulus for Asphalt Mixture - 01 November 2018

JTE20170132: Ultimate Lateral Resistance of Quadrangle Array Piles Using the Strain Wedge Model on Soil Subgrade - 01 November 2018

JTE20170141: Numerical Simulation of Pervious Concrete Using Discrete Element Modeling Technique - 01 November 2018

JTE20170211: Reacted and Activated Rubber (RAR)-Modified Dense-Graded Asphalt Mixtures: Design and Performance Evaluation - 01 November 2018

ACEM20180065: Improvement of Early-Age Strength of High-Volume Siliceous Fly Ash Concrete with Nanosilica - A Review - 31 October 2018

ACEM20180071: Laboratory Evaluation of Mix Design Parameters of Open-Graded Friction Course Mixes with Electric Arc Furnace Steel Slag - 31 October 2018

ACEM20170148: Application of Internal Curing in Cementitious Grouts for Prefabricated Bridge Concrete Elements Connections - 27 September 2018

ACEM20170139: Factors Influencing Mitigation Strategies for Autogenous Shrinkage - 27 September 2018

ACEM20170145: Combined Effects of Internal Curing, SCMs, and Expansive Additives on Concrete Shrinkage - 27 September 2018

ACEM20170140: Internal Curing to Mitigate Cracking in Rapid Set Repair Media - 26 September 2018

ACEM20170142: Internally Cured Concrete for Pavement and Bridge Deck Applications - 26 September 2018

ACEM20180041: Experimental Study of Competing Failure of Reinforced Concrete Based on the Weibull Distribution - 24 September 2018

JTE20160487: Assessment of Stress-Strain Behavior of Corroded Steel Reinforcement Using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) - 01 September 2018

JTE20160516: Case Study: Evaluation of the Effect of Extraction Temperature on WMA Binder Containing Sasobit Additive - 01 September 2018

JTE20160555: Comparison of Mode II Fracture Toughness Test Methods for Wood and Wood-Based Composites - 01 September 2018

JTE20160616: Evaluation of Segregation in Asphalt Pavement Surface Using Concave Multifractal Distribution - 01 September 2018

JTE20170025: Fatigue Performance of Vertical Vibration Compacted Cement-Stabilized Recycled Pavement Materials - 01 September 2018

JTE20170041: Using a Polymer-Based Sealant Material to Make Crack Repair of Asphalt Pavement - 01 September 2018

JTE20170248: Evaluating the Effect of High RAP Content on Asphalt Mixtures and Binders Fatigue Behavior - 01 September 2018

GTJ20160221: Effects of Pile Installation Simulation on Behavior of Pile Groups in Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 July 2018

GTJ20160241: An Experimental Study for Reinforcing the Ground Underneath a Footing Using Micropiles - 01 July 2018

GTJ20170022: Rapid Estimation of Fouled Railroad Ballast Mechanical Properties - 01 July 2018

JTE20150282: Review of Design, Construction, and Capabilities of an Air Bladder Load Test Facility (ABLTF) at BCERL for Structural Experimental Enclosure Studies - 01 July 2018

JTE20160181: Relationship between Computed Rate Constants and the Variability in Maturity-Based Strength Predictions - 01 July 2018

JTE20160277: Evaluation of a Procedure for Determining the Converted Strength of Calcium Aluminate Cement Concrete - 01 July 2018

JTE20160297: A Test Protocol for Evaluating Absorption of Joints in Concrete Pavements - 01 July 2018

JTE20160347: Modification Mechanism and Performance of Qingchuan Rock Asphalt–Modified Asphalt - 01 July 2018

JTE20160383: An Innovative Method for Interpretation of Asphalt Boil Test - 01 July 2018

JTE20160468: Experimental Study on the Impact Properties of Concrete Bridge Pier Reinforced with Stainless Steel Rebar - 01 July 2018

JTE20160563: Effect of Closely Spaced Twin Tunnel Construction beneath an Existing Subway Station: A Case Study - 01 July 2018

JTE20160598: Seismic Isolation Characteristics of a Friction System - 01 July 2018

JTE20170026: Dynamic Response of Shallow-Buried Tunnels under Asymmetrical Pressure Distributions - 01 July 2018

JTE20170088: Behavioral Characteristics of Group Batter Piles According to Pile Inclination and Action Direction under Statically Lateral Loads - 01 July 2018

JTE20170215: Experimental Study on Lime and Fly Ash–Stabilized Sintered Red Mud in Road Base - 01 July 2018

JTE20170298: Synthesis and Performance Evaluation of Epoxy Resin–Modified Shape Memory Polyurethane Sealant - 01 July 2018

JTE20170451: Linking Ecology and Service Function in Scenic Road Landscape Planning: A Spatial Analysis Approach - 01 July 2018

JTE20170484: Evaluation for VOF Simulation of Flow Field in Asphalt Foaming Chamber Based on Volume Fraction - 01 July 2018

JTE20170514: Rutting Evaluation of Alaskan Asphalt Pavement Containing Sustainable Materials - 01 July 2018

JTE20170645: Alternative Setup Apparatus to Test ASTM A944-10 Beam-End Specimens - 01 July 2018

JTE20170742: Effects of Internal Structure on Anisotropic Creep Behavior of Asphalt Mixture Based on User-Defined Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Method - 01 July 2018

JTE20180055: Evaluation of Soil Saver Walls on Aquatic Organism Passage Through Box Culverts - 01 July 2018

ACEM20170091: Influence of Environmental Conditions on the Performance of Bituminous Mixtures - 21 June 2018

ACEM20170124: Membrane-Forming Performance of Emulsified Wax Curing Agent and Mechanical Properties of Ice Layer atop Cement Concrete Pavement - 14 June 2018

ACEM20170112: Experimental Investigation on Magnetorheological Damper for RCC Frames Subjected to Cyclic Loading - 14 June 2018

ACEM20170079: Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concrete with Natural and Recycled Concrete Aggregates Using Air-Entraining Admixture - 12 June 2018

ACEM20170080: Evaluation of Steel Slag Powder as Filler in Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixtures - 07 June 2018

ACEM20170087: Effect of a Poly-olefin Based Additive on Bitumen and Asphalt Mix Performance - 14 May 2018

ACEM20170125: Performance of Ground-Glass Pozzolan as a Cementitious Material—A Review - 11 May 2018

ACEM20170036: An Alternative Approach to Damage Models for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design - 10 May 2018

ACEM20170008: Development and Performance Analysis of Stiffening Gussasphalt - 08 May 2018

ACEM20170114: Potential of Rice Husk Ash (RHA) as a Supplementary Cementitious Material in Concrete - 08 May 2018

MPC20180006: Retraction - 07 May 2018

JTE20160159: Comparison Between Destructive and Nondestructive Tests in the Evaluation of Abrasion Resistance of Concrete - 01 May 2018

JTE20160189: A Study of the Structural Performance of Flexible Pavements Using Traffic Speed Deflectometer - 01 May 2018

JTE20160262: Utilizing Digital Image Correlation (DIC) in Asphalt Pavement Testing - 01 May 2018

JTE20160431: Functional Layer Designation of Combined Chip Seal and Slurry Seal in Airport Pavement - 01 May 2018

JTE20160547: A Novel Triaxial Test System for Concrete under Passive Confinement - 01 May 2018

JTE20160554: Investigation of Asphalt Track Behavior Under Cyclic Loading: Full-Scale Testing and Numerical Simulation - 01 May 2018

JTE20170006: Assessing Crack Susceptibility of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures with Overlay Tester - 01 May 2018

JTE20170027: Experimental Study in the Modification of Mortar Samples with Incorporated Rice Husk - 01 May 2018

JTE20170032: Crumb Rubber and Silica Fume Inclusions in Pervious Concrete Pavement Systems: Evaluation of Hydrological, Functional, and Structural Properties - 01 May 2018

ACEM20170141: Prediction of Chloride Ingress in Saturated Concrete Using Formation Factor and Chloride Binding Isotherm - 30 April 2018

ACEM20170062: Durability of Chemically Treated Plastic Soil for Unpaved Roads - 26 April 2018

ACEM20160078: Mechanical Strengths and Microstructures of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Incorporating Nanoparticles - 25 April 2018

ACEM20170039: Comparative Studies on Performance of Bituminous Mixes Containing Laboratory Developed Hard Grade Bitumen - 19 April 2018

ACEM20170014: Shear-Property-Based Design Approach of Asphalt Mixture in Long and Steep Sections—Taking Togo No. 1 Highway as a Case - 19 April 2018

ACEM20170135: Comparison of Linear Temperature Corrections and Activation Energy Temperature Corrections for Electrical Resistivity Measurements of Concrete - 19 April 2018

ACEM20170028: Analysis of Stresses Due to Traffic and Thermal Loads in Two-Lift Bonded Concrete Pavements by Finite Element Method - 16 April 2018

ACEM20170116: Assessment of Strengths of Crumb Rubber Concrete at Low Temperature - 02 April 2018

ACEM20170060: Evaluation of Workability and Mechanical Properties of Nonfoaming Warm Mix Asphalt Mixtures - 02 April 2018

MPC20170050: Rapid Method for Determining the Distribution of Residual Stresses in Pipes - 19 March 2018

ACEM20170013: Characterization of Dense-Graded Asphalt Containing Virgin, Postconsumer, or Blended Polymer Systems - 19 March 2018

ACEM20170128: Influence of Ultra-Fine Active Silica Powder on the Properties of Concrete - 13 March 2018

ACEM20170090: Interfacial Transition Zone of Cement Composites with Recycled Concrete Aggregate of Different Moisture States - 09 March 2018

ACEM20170126: Relating the Electrical Resistance of Fresh Concrete to Mixture Proportions - 05 March 2018

JTE20150293: Experimental Study on Mechanical Property of Honeycombed-Core Girderless Floor with Four Edges Simply Supported - 01 March 2018

JTE20160006: Assessment of Radioactivity in Concrete Made with e-Waste Plastic - 01 March 2018

JTE20160112: Experimental and Analytical Modal Analysis of Cantilever Beam for Vibration Based Damage Identification Using Artificial Neural Network - 01 March 2018

JTE20160186: Laboratory Performance Evaluation of Reinforced Basalt Fiber in Sealing Asphalt Chips - 01 March 2018

JTE20160233: Evaluating the Rutting Performance of Geosynthetic Reinforced Pavement Containing Rubberized Asphalt Mixtures - 01 March 2018

JTE20160247: Evaluation of Nondestructiveness of Resonant Column Testing for Characterization of Asphalt Concrete Properties - 01 March 2018

JTE20160289: Investigation on Thermo-Oxidative Aging Properties of Asphalt Binder with Hindered Phenolic Antioxidant - 01 March 2018

JTE20160316: Long-Term Compressive Behavior of Concretes with Sugarcane Bagasse Ash as a Supplementary Cementitious Material - 01 March 2018

JTE20160341: Prediction of Quantitative Response of Under-Reamed Anchor Piles in Soft Clay Using Laboratory Model Study - 01 March 2018

JTE20160352: Micromechanical Simulation of Influence Factors of Indirect Tensile Test of Asphalt Mixture - 01 March 2018

JTE20160374: Resistivity, Penetrability and Porosity of Concrete: A Tripartite Relationship - 01 March 2018

JTE20160437: Experimental Study of Micropile Lateral Resistance Effectiveness - 01 March 2018

JTE20170129: Optimization on Additives of SBS and CTR for Interlayer Asphalt in Rigid-Flexible Composite Pavement - 01 March 2018

JTE20170241: Assessing Moisture Sensitivity of Rubberized Warm Mix Asphalt Mixtures Using the Surface Free Energy Method and Dynamic Water Pressure Tester - 01 March 2018

ACEM20170113: Extending Low-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry from Paste to Mortar and Concrete to Quantify the Potential for Calcium Oxychloride Formation - 06 February 2018

ACEM20170049: Quantification of Uncertainty in the Master Curves of Viscoelastic Properties of Asphalt Concrete - 12 January 2018

ACEM20170015: Investigation on Flexural Strength and Stiffness of Pervious Concrete for Pavement Applications - 12 January 2018

ACEM20170047: Compaction Process Control of Asphalt Pavement - 12 January 2018

ACEM20170038: Construction of Low-Volume Roads Using Labor-Based Technology: Case Study of Mutare, Zimbabwe - 12 January 2018

GTJ20160287: A Method to Extract and Eliminate TEM Interference by Metallic Bodies in Tunnel Geological Anomaly Forecast - 01 January 2018

GTJ20160289: Shallow-Layer p-y Relationships for Micropiles Embedded in Saturated Medium Dense Sand Using Quasi-Static Test - 01 January 2018

JTE20150512: Assessment of Compaction Quality Based on Two Index Parameters from Roller-Integrated Compaction Measurements - 01 January 2018

JTE20160040: Depth-from-Focus-Based 3D Reconstruction of Asphalt Pavement Micro-Texture - 01 January 2018

JTE20160155: A New Multicoefficients Creep Model for Concrete - 01 January 2018

JTE20160184: Shear Transfer in Normal- and High-Strength Recycled Aggregate Concrete - 01 January 2018

JTE20160187: Compressive Behavior of Cement Asphalt Mortar Under Low Confinement - 01 January 2018

JTE20160195: Derivation of Complete Stress–Strain Curve for SSTT-Confined High-Strength Concrete in Compression - 01 January 2018

JTE20160240: Rietveld Quantitative Stability of Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement Between Internal and External Standard Methods - 01 January 2018

JTE20160263: Laboratory Investigations of Cold Mix Asphalt for Cold Region Applications - 01 January 2018

JTE20160265: Simulated Road Profiles According to ISO 8608 in Vibration Analysis - 01 January 2018

JTE20160266: Relative Comparison of Complex Dynamic Modulus Predictive Models for Non-Conventional Asphalt Concrete Mixtures - 01 January 2018

JTE20160276: Laboratory Evaluation of Aging on Engineering Properties of Fine-Graded Porous-Asphalt Concrete - 01 January 2018

JTE20160288: Flexible Pavement Interface Bonding: Theoretical Analysis and Shear-Strength Measurement - 01 January 2018

JTE20160303: Investigation and Modeling of Sound Absorption Properties of Thin Layer Wearing Course - 01 January 2018

JTE20160310: Bonding Durability of Two Repair Mortars with Low Modulus Cement and Asphalt Mortar (CA Mortar) - 01 January 2018

JTE20160336: Physiological Information for Pavement Ride Quality Verification - 01 January 2018

JTE20160348: The Study of UHPC Precast Concrete Containing Incinerator Fly Ash - 01 January 2018

JTE20160378: Nondestructive Acoustic Emission Test to Evaluate Thermal Damage in Asphalt Concrete Materials - 01 January 2018

JTE20160530: Experimental Study on Dynamic Strength Improvement Mechanism of Concrete Materials - 01 January 2018

JTE20170052: Extracting More from Dynamic Modulus Data Using Split-Plot Repeated Measures Analysis - 01 January 2018

JTE20170055: Investigation on the Effect of Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures on Shrinkage and Durability of High-Performance Concrete - 01 January 2018

ACEM20170042: Chemically Altered Natural Fiber Impregnated Soil for Improving Subgrade Strength of Pavements - 22 December 2017

MPC20170051: Improving the Abrasion Resistance of Concrete to Mitigate Concrete Crosstie Rail Seat Deterioration (RSD) - 12 December 2017

ACEM20170098: Accounting for Water Stored in Superabsorbent Polymers in Increasing the Degree of Hydration and Reducing the Shrinkage of Internally Cured Cementitious Mixtures - 11 December 2017

ACEM20170071: A Novel Color Analysis Technique for Differentiation of Mix Grass Cover under Shade and without Shade in Green Infrastructures - 08 December 2017

ACEM20160007: A Design of Experiment Approach to Study the Effects of Raw Material on the Performance of Geopolymer Concrete - 08 December 2017

ACEM20170061: Five-Hour Autoclave Test for Determining Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Concrete Aggregates: A Multi-Laboratory Study - 07 December 2017

MPC20170031: Evaluation on High Temperature Rheological Properties of Nano-Montmorillonite Modified Asphalt Binder - 10 November 2017

ACEM20170055: Investigation on the Relationship between Microstructure and Fracture Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) - 10 November 2017

GTJ20160138: Development of Strength Models for Prediction of Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cement/Byproduct Material Improved Soils - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160223: The Use of Carbonation Depth Techniques on Stabilized Peat - 01 November 2017

GTJ20160227: Stabilization of Clayey Soil with Garlic Skin and Rice Husk Ash for Flexible Pavement Construction - 01 November 2017

JTE20150313: Persistence of Strength/Toughness in Modified-Olefin-Fiber- and Hybrid-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 November 2017

JTE20150434: Performance of Micro- and Nano-Modified Asphalt Mixtures Through Flow Number and Moisture Susceptibility Evaluations - 01 November 2017

JTE20150443: Rheological Properties of Piezoresistive Smart Cement Slurry Modified With Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles for Oil-Well Applications - 01 November 2017

JTE20150505: System Identification of a Base-Isolated Bridge by Ambient and Forced Vibration Tests - 01 November 2017

JTE20160091: Analysis on the Fatigue Properties of Semi-Rigid Base Asphalt-Pavement Structures With Horizontal Interfacial Cracks - 01 November 2017

JTE20160225: Effect of Moisture Hysteresis on the Resilient Modulus of Lime-Treated Expansive Clay - 01 November 2017

JTE20160255: Analysis of AM2 Airfield Matting Performance Under Six-Wheel Boeing C-17 Gear Loading - 01 November 2017

JTE20160544: Analysis of Cracking Resistance of Bituminous Mixtures Under Monotonic and Cyclic Loads - 01 November 2017

JTE20160579: Assessment of Low-Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Materials Using an Acoustic Emission Approach - 01 November 2017

JTE20160587: Effects of Ageing on the Bond Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer/Concrete Adhesive Joints: Investigation Using a Modified Double Shear Test - 01 November 2017

JTE20160588: Analyzing of Wedge Splitting Test on Asphalt Pavement Using Optical Measurements - 01 November 2017

JTE20160589: Relative Pavement Performance for Dual and Wide-Based Tire Assemblies Using a Finite Element Method - 01 November 2017

JTE20160612: Self-Healing of Dense Asphalt Concrete by Two Different Approaches: Electromagnetic Induction and Infrared Radiation - 01 November 2017

JTE20160621: Evaluation of the Low Temperature Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Using a Digital Image Correlation Approach - 01 November 2017

JTE20160652: Viscoelastic Asphalt Pavement Simulations and Simplified Elastic Pavement Models Based on an “Equivalent Asphalt Modulus” Concept - 01 November 2017

JTE20170096: Comparative Analysis and Adhesion Testing of Hot-Applied Rubberized Asphalt Membrane Products - 01 November 2017

ACEM20160050: Contemporary Issues Related to Utilization of Industrial Byproducts - 01 November 2017

ACEM20170005: Material Testing Apparatus and Procedures for Evaluating Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures - 30 October 2017

ACEM20160066: Stabilizing Very High Moisture Content Fine Grained Soils with Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cements - 27 October 2017

ACEM20160072: Field Testing and Numerical Modeling of Inflatable Structure for Underwater Applications - 26 October 2017

ACEM20160051: Evaluating Drinking Water Treatment Waste as a Low-Cost Cement Replacement Possessing Internal Curing Properties - 16 October 2017

ACEM20160075: Piloted Quality Control Techniques Using the Plastic Mold Compaction Device for Cement Stabilized Materials - 16 October 2017

GTJ20160010: Bench-Scale Test Apparatus for Modeling Column-Supported Embankments - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160038: Measurement of Lateral Stress and Friction in Rockfill Oedometer Tests Enabling the Analysis of the Experimental Results in the p′-q Space - 01 September 2017

GTJ20160186: Quantitative Investigation on Grouting Quality of Immersed Tube Tunnel Foundation Base using Full Waveform Inversion Method - 01 September 2017

JTE20150189: Statistical Modeling of Discrete Percentage Measurements With Application to Construction of Acceptance Bounds for Wood Failure in Structural Adhesive Testing - 01 September 2017

JTE20150424: Advances in Measuring Air-Void Parameters in Hardened Concrete Using a Flatbed Scanner - 01 September 2017

JTE20150446: A Nano-Scale Approach to Study the Healing Phenomenon in Warm Mix Asphalt - 01 September 2017

JTE20150462: Comprehensive Laboratory Testing and Evaluation of the Evaporative Cooling Effect of Pavement Materials - 01 September 2017

JTE20150482: Specifying Shrinkage Limited Cement (Type SL) - 01 September 2017

JTE20150515: Finite Modeling Updating Effects on the Dynamic Response of Building Models - 01 September 2017

JTE20160008: Evaluation of Transport Properties of Concrete Made With E-Waste Plastic - 01 September 2017

JTE20160023: Investigation of Glass Transition Temperature of Asphalt Concrete - 01 September 2017

JTE20160062: Effects of Carbon Nanotube-Carbon Fiber Cementitious Conductive Anode for Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete - 01 September 2017

JTE20160116: Estimating Porosity of In Situ Pervious Concrete Using Surface Infiltration Tests - 01 September 2017

JTE20160117: Investigations on Pervious Concrete Properties Using Ultrasonic Wave Applications - 01 September 2017

JTE20160198: A Novel Method for Measuring Porosity for Normal and High Strength Concrete - 01 September 2017

JTE20160259: Binder Rheological Relationships Depicting Wheel Tracking Rutting Parameter for Asphalt Mixtures: A Case Study - 01 September 2017

ACEM20160063: Decoupling Thermal and Autogenous Strain of Concretes with Different Water/Cement Ratios During the Hardening Process - 10 July 2017

ACEM20160057: Frequency- and Time-Domain Dependency of Electrical Properties of Cement-Based Materials during Early Hydration - 10 July 2017

ACEM20160062: Applicability of Ultrasonic Measurement on the Monitoring of the Setting of Cement Pastes: Effect of Water Content and Mineral Additions - 10 July 2017

ACEM20160061: Stiffening Behaviors of Cement Pastes Measured by a Vibrational Viscometer - 10 July 2017

ACEM20160064: Using Modified ASTM C403 Test Procedure to Evaluate Set Time and Admixture Compatibility of Shotcrete Mortar - 10 July 2017

ACEM20160079: Hydration of Cement Pastes Containing Accelerator at Various Temperatures: Application to High Early Strength Pavement Patching - 10 July 2017

GTJ20150202: Axial Uplift Behavior of Belled Piers in Sloping Ground - 01 July 2017

GTJ20160071: Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effect of Consolidation Behavior on Pile Setup - 01 July 2017

JTE20150136: Evaluation of Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mixtures Using Dynamic Modulus - 01 July 2017

JTE20150444: Investigation of Critical Factors Determining the Accuracy of Binder Bond Strength Test to Evaluate Adhesion Properties of Asphalt Binders - 01 July 2017

JTE20150456: SAFEM – Software With Graphical User Interface for Fast and Accurate Finite Element Analysis of Asphalt Pavements - 01 July 2017

JTE20150457: Measuring Chromium in General Purpose (GP) Cement - 01 July 2017

JTE20150490: Performance Evaluation and Technical Requirement of Interlayer Stress Absorbing Composite Sticker (ISACS) for Mitigating Reflective Cracking in Asphalt Concrete Overlays - 01 July 2017

JTE20160021: Experimental Research of Cement Mortar With Incorporated Lauric Acid/Expanded Perlite Phase-Change Materials - 01 July 2017

JTE20160082: Testing of Anchors and Reinforcing Bars in Concrete under Cyclic Crack Movements - 01 July 2017

GTJ20150195: Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Behavior of Rammed Aggregate Piers - 01 May 2017

GTJ20150245: Crack Detection in Pillars Using Infrared Thermographic Imaging - 01 May 2017

GTJ20150298: Experimental Investigation of Suffusion in Dam Core Soils of Glacial Till - 01 May 2017

GTJ20160078: Groundwater Effect Factors for the Load-Carrying Behavior of Footings From Hydraulic Chamber Load Tests - 01 May 2017

JTE20140422: Field Tests of Cement Fly-Ash Steel-Slag Pile Composite Foundation - 01 May 2017

JTE20150178: Steep Shear Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Fractal Theory - 01 May 2017

JTE20150240: Influence of Fine Aggregate Content on Low-Temperature Cracking of Asphalt Pavements - 01 May 2017

JTE20150263: Effectiveness of Ternary Blends in Mitigating ASR Demonstrated on the Modified Mortar-Bar Test - 01 May 2017

JTE20150306: Potential of Portland-Limestone Cement to Improve Performance of Concrete Made With High Slag Cement and Fly Ash Replacement Rates - 01 May 2017

JTE20150325: Applications of Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Detect Hidden Beam Positions - 01 May 2017

JTE20150362: Research on the Relative Stable Time and Stable Value of Concrete Creep - 01 May 2017

JTE20150371: Characterizing Structural Performance of Unbound Pavement Materials Using Miniaturized Pressuremeter and California Bearing Ratio Tests - 01 May 2017

JTE20150414: Characterization of Flexural and Impact Strength of Jute/Almond Hybrid Biocomposite - 01 May 2017

JTE20150475: Development of Standard Fatigue Vehicle Force Models Based on Actual Traffic Data by Weigh-In-Motion System - 01 May 2017

ACEM20160027: Effective Surface Preparation Technique for Cementitious Samples in Nanoindentation Testing - 20 April 2017

ACEM20160039: Versatility of Piezoelectric Ring Actuator Technique (P-RAT) for Characterization of Cement Paste and Mortar - 20 April 2017

ACEM20160065: Measuring Volume Change Caused by Calcium Oxychloride Phase Transformation in a Ca(OH)2-CaCl2-H2O System - 20 April 2017

ACEM20160026: Experimental and Numerical Study on the Behavior of Rubberized Concrete - 07 April 2017

ACEM20160028: Evaluation of the Specimen Saturation Criterion for the AASHTO T336 Test Method - 07 April 2017

ACEM20160069: Mechanistic Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness of Rubber and Polymer Modified Asphalt Mixtures - 04 April 2017

JTE20140357: Determining Specimen Geometry of Cylindrical Specimens for Direct Tension Fatigue Testing of Asphalt Concrete - 01 March 2017

JTE20140396: Implementation of Thermal-Energy-Harvesting Technology on Pavement - 01 March 2017

JTE20140412: Investigation on 3D 1-mm Pavement-Surface-Model-Based AASHTO PP69-10 Rutting Parameters - 01 March 2017

JTE20150027: Effects of Fly Ash and Silica Fume on Permeability of Concrete Made With Porous Limestone and Non-Porous Aggregates - 01 March 2017

JTE20150055: Porosity Characterization in Interfacial Transition Zone Using Dual CT Scans - 01 March 2017

JTE20150076: Determination of Dynamic Modulus Values of Asphalt Mixtures Using Impact Resonance Testing of Thin Disk Specimens - 01 March 2017

JTE20150118: Ruggedness Study of Dynamic Modulus Testing of Asphalt Concrete in Indirect Tension Mode - 01 March 2017

JTE20150156: Field Evaluation of Infrared Asphalt Heater/Reclaimer Patching Method - 01 March 2017

JTE20150190: Aggregate Gradation Influence on Grouting Results and Mix Design of Asphalt Mixture Skeleton for Semi-Flexible Pavement - 01 March 2017

JTE20150229: Exploring Compaction Methods for Laboratory Performance of Full Depth Reclamation - 01 March 2017

JTE20150251: Detecting Soil Inclusion Inside Piles in the Laboratory Using DTS Method - 01 March 2017

JTE20150275: Comparative Biaxial Flexural Behavior of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Panels Using Two Different Test and Placement Methods - 01 March 2017

JTE20150287: Prioritization-Optimization Process Algorithm to Manage Pavement Networks During the Non-Availability of Historical Data - 01 March 2017

JTE20150295: Development of Modulus and Fatigue Test Protocol for Fine Aggregate Matrix for Axial Direction of Loading - 01 March 2017

JTE20150322: Development of the Miniaturized Pressuremeter Test to Evaluate Unbound Pavement Layers - 01 March 2017

JTE20150326: Thermally Activated Healing of Fatigue Damage in Asphalt Binders - 01 March 2017

JTE20150354: Evaluation of High Temperature on Microwave Reflectivity of Carbon-Fiber—Reinforced Cement-Based Composites - 01 March 2017

ACEM20160001: Performance Characteristics of Blended Cementitious Systems Incorporating Chemically Transformed Rice Husk Ash - 30 January 2017

ACEM20160038: Interpreting the Pore Structure of Hydrating Cement Phases Through a Synergistic Use of the Powers-Brownyard Model, Hydration Kinetics, and Thermodynamic Calculations - 19 January 2017

GTJ20160022: Field Measurements and Design Optimization of Diaphragm Walls - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160027: Measurement Method of Thermal Properties of Cementitious Bedding Materials and Unsaturated Soils: Hydraulic Influence on Thermal Parameters - 01 January 2017

GTJ20160096: Assessment of Rainfall Runoff Based on the Field Measurements on an Embankment - 01 January 2017

JTE20160029: Laboratory Evaluation of Pavement Performance and Burning Behavior of Flame-Retardant Asphalt Mixtures - 01 January 2017

JTE20160119: Predicting Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Concrete From Binder Rheological Properties - 01 January 2017

JTE20160138: Monitoring of the Internal Force of the Flexible Components by Vibration Method - 01 January 2017

JTE20160141: Mineral Aggregate Morphological Evaluation With MATLAB Fourier Radial Gradient Transform Analysis - 01 January 2017

JTE20160143: Simulation of Mesofracture Process of Asphalt Mixture Using Digital Image Processing and Extended Finite-Element Method - 01 January 2017

JTE20160148: Performance Research of a New Stabilized Rubber Modified Asphalt and Sand Anti-Fracture Mix for Semi-Rigid Asphalt Pavement - 01 January 2017

JTE20160152: Impacts of Aggregate Morphological Characteristics on Asphalt-Mixture Performance During Mixing - 01 January 2017

JTE20160156: Preliminary Study of Pervious Concrete on Pavement and Seawall - 01 January 2017

JTE20160157: Evaluation of Nano-TiO2 Modified Waterborne Epoxy Resin as Fog Seal and Exhaust Degradation Material in Asphalt Pavement - 01 January 2017

JTE20160161: Effects of Cement, Different Bentonite, and Aggregates on Plastic Concrete in Besh-Ghardash Dam, Iran - 01 January 2017

JTE20160164: Experimental Study on the Shear Strength Between the Steel Bridge Deck and the Asphalt Overlay - 01 January 2017

JTE20160170: Laboratory Investigation of a Geosynthetic Reinforced Pavement Under Static and Dynamic Loading - 01 January 2017

JTE20160172: Analysis of Vehicle-Force-Induced Dynamic Pore Pressure in Saturated Pavement With LSPM Drainage Base - 01 January 2017

ACEM20160005: Shear Behavior of Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 29 December 2016

ACEM20160046: Factors Affecting Direct Tension Pull-Off Test Results of Materials Bonded to Concrete - 29 December 2016

ACEM20150005: Criteria for Freeze-Thaw Resistant Concrete Mixtures - 29 December 2016

ACEM20150009: Super Air Meter for Assessing Air-Void System of Fresh Concrete - 29 December 2016

ACEM20150024: Using Low-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry to Quantify Calcium Oxychloride Formation for Cementitious Materials in the Presence of Calcium Chloride - 29 December 2016

ACEM20150030: Using Fractal Geometry to Recover the 3D Air Void, Scale-Independent, Microstructure Information From 2D Sections of Mortars - 29 December 2016

ACEM20160011: A Critical Review of Methods for Measuring Mechanical Resistance to Aggregate Popouts - 29 December 2016

ACEM20160029: Effect of Surface Preparation on the Deicing Salt-Scaling Resistance of Concrete With and Without SCM: Laboratory and Field Performance in the Presence of Sodium Chloride Deicing Salt - 29 December 2016

ACEM20160034: Evaluation of Modifications to the ASTM C672 Deicer Salt Scaling Test for Concrete Containing Slag Cement - 29 December 2016

ACEM20160003: Assessment of Heavy Metals in Leachate of Concrete Made With E-Waste Plastic - 28 December 2016

ACEM20160006: Effect of Pozzolanic Admixtures on the Fresh Properties of Cement-Based Foam - 28 December 2016

ACEM20160024: A One Year Investigation of Self-Compacting Concrete With Recycled Asphalt Pavement - 28 December 2016

ACEM20160025: Laboratory and Economic Evaluations of Thin Lift Asphalt Overlay for Pavement Preservation - 28 December 2016

ACEM20160033: Improvement of Bending Fatigue Test for Asphalt Surfacing on Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck - 28 December 2016

ACEM20160036: The Influence of Aggregate Lithological Nature on Pavement Texture Polishing: A Comparative Investigation on a Test Site in Southern Italy - 28 December 2016

GTJ20150266: Mechanistic Estimation of Lightweight Deflectometer Target Field Modulus for Construction Quality Control - 01 November 2016

JTE20140415: Test Method to Assess Membrane Layer Fatigue Response on Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks - 01 November 2016

JTE20140447: Characteristics of a Surfactant Produced Warm Mix Asphalt Binder and Workability of the Mixture - 01 November 2016

JTE20140492: Assessment of Surface Quality of Stone Treated by Water Jet and Bush Hammering Using Geostatistical Simulations - 01 November 2016

JTE20140507: Acoustic Emission During Flexural Deformation of Reinforced Concrete Under Incremental Cyclic Loading - 01 November 2016

JTE20140508: An Innovative Approach to Evaluate the Performance of Sludge-Incorporated Fly Ash Bricks - 01 November 2016

JTE20150033: Percolation Effect on the Piezoresistivity of Carbon Nanotube/Cement Composite as a Stress Self-Sensing Material - 01 November 2016

JTE20150054: Quantifying the Non-Linear Hydraulic Behavior of Pervious Concrete - 01 November 2016

JTE20150101: Influence of Steel Rebar Position on Concrete Double-K Fracture Toughness - 01 November 2016

JTE20150119: Effect of the Welan Gum Biopolymer on Rheological Properties and Storage Stability of Bitumens - 01 November 2016

JTE20150135: Characterization of Healing of Asphalt Mixtures Using Creep and Step-Loading Recovery Test - 01 November 2016

JTE20150148: Comparative Study of Methods to Measure the Density of Cementitious Powders - 01 November 2016

ACEM20160008: Effects of Aggregate Properties on Rheology of Self-Consolidating Concrete - 11 October 2016

ACEM20150038: Role of Rice Husk Ash and Water Extracted From Manioc in the Formation of Passive Film on Steel Reinforcement in Concrete - 02 September 2016

ACEM20160002: Factors Influencing the Long-Term Properties of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Mortar - 02 September 2016

GTJ20140259: Field Investigation to Evaluate the Effects of Pile Installation Sequence on Pile Setup Behavior for Instrumented Test Piles - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150199: Observations of Multi-Scale Granular Kinematics Around Driven Piles in Plane Strain Condition - 01 September 2016

GTJ20150273: Modeling Long-Term Deformations of Unbound Pavement Materials Using the Miniaturized Pressuremeter Creep Data - 01 September 2016

ACEM20150032: Finite Element Modeling of Chloride Diffusion in Concrete Using Image Processing for Characterizing Real Shape and Distribution of Different Phases - 29 July 2016

ACEM20160004: Toward a Specification for Transport Properties of Concrete Based on the Formation Factor of a Sealed Specimen - 29 July 2016

ACEM20150026: Review of the Performance of High-Strength Rubberized Concrete and Its Potential Structural Applications - 05 July 2016

GTJ20150135: Advanced Laboratory Setup for Testing Offshore Foundations - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150231: Experimental Study on Degradation of Mechanical Properties of Sandstone Under Different Cyclic Loadings - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150269: Improved Load Carrying Behavior of Perfobond Rib-Installed Partially Expanded Micropiles - 01 July 2016

JTE20130241: Evaluation of Asphalt Overlay Permanent Deformation Based on Ground-Penetrating Radar Technology - 01 July 2016

JTE20130306: Ranking of EVA Modified Bitumens Based on AASHTO M320 Performance Related Parameters - 01 July 2016

JTE20140159: Reducing Sample Size for Cold In-Place Recycling Design and Testing - 01 July 2016

JTE20140318: Effect of Electrical Surface Charge on Seal Coat Curing and Aggregate Loss Performance - 01 July 2016

JTE20140331: Bond-Fatigue Behavior of Bonded Concrete Overlay - 01 July 2016

JTE20140339: Analytical Evaluation of Ride Comfort on Asphalt Concrete Pavements - 01 July 2016

JTE20140364: A Proposal to Characterize the Angular Speed and Acceleration of the Torsional Recovery of a Polymer-Modified Asphalt Binder Incorporating Synthetic Wax - 01 July 2016

GTJ20150017: Gypsum-Induced Volume Change Behavior of Stabilized Expansive Soil With Fly Ash-Lime - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150076: Application of Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Sensors to a Centrifuge Model of a Jacked Pile in Collapsible Loess - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150148: On-Field Assessment of Sub-Grade Uniformity Using DCP - 01 May 2016

GTJ20150209: Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Degradable Granular Soils - 01 May 2016

JTE20140070: Maneuvering MEPDG Input Variables to Improve Level-3 and Level-2 Mastercurve Predictions to the Accuracy of Level-1 Input Hierarchy - 01 May 2016

JTE20140139: Models for Prediction of 28-Day Concrete Compressive Strength - 01 May 2016

JTE20140191: Subsurface Condition Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement for Pavement Preservation Treatments - 01 May 2016

JTE20140192: Low-Temperature Performance of Seal Coat - 01 May 2016

JTE20140231: Evaluation of Coarse Aggregate in Cold Recycling Mixes Using X-Ray CT Scanner and Image Analysis - 01 May 2016

JTE20140257: Analysis and Assessment of Fatigue Response of Multilayer Asphalt Surfacing System on Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridge With the Five-Point Bending Beam Tests - 01 May 2016

JTE20140334: Accelerated Concrete-Cylinder Test for Alkali–Silica Reaction - 01 May 2016

ACEM20150027: Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Made With Basalt-Bundled Fibers - 23 March 2016

ACEM20150035: Electrical Properties of Cementitious Systems: Formation Factor Determination and the Influence of Conditioning Procedures - 23 March 2016

GTJ20140166: Development and Implementation of a High-Pressure, Double-Acting, Bi-Directional Loading Cell for Drilled Shafts - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150096: Load Transfer Behavior of Fully Grouted Cable Bolts Reinforced in Weak Rocks Under Tensile Loading Conditions - 01 March 2016

GTJ20150136: Deflection Measurement of Bored Pile Body With Steel Bar Meters in the Lateral Load Test - 01 March 2016

JTE20140423: Exploring Relationships in Surface-Hardness Data Collected With Different Instruments - 01 March 2016

JTE20150024: Rutting-Resistance Performance of SBS and Anti-Rutting Additive Composite-Modified Asphalt-Concrete Mixtures - 01 March 2016

JTE20150106: Inhibition and Removal of Thin Ice on the Surface of Asphalt Pavements by Hydrophobic Method - 01 March 2016

JTE20150122: Performance Evaluation of Lightweight Pavement via Geo-Centrifuge Tests - 01 March 2016

JTE20150125: Performance Evaluation of Aged Asphalt Mix for Hot In-Place Recycling - 01 March 2016

JTE20150128: Effect of Testing Conditions on Laboratory Moisture Test for Asphalt Mixtures - 01 March 2016

JTE20150137: Rutting-Induced Permeability Loss of Open Graded Friction Course Mixtures - 01 March 2016

JTE20150140: Effect of Property Variations of Raw Materials on the Variability of Dynamic Moduli of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 March 2016

JTE20150142: Aging Kinetics Characteristics of Warm Mix Asphalt Binder Using Softening Point and n-pentane Asphaltene Content as the Parameters - 01 March 2016

JTE20150145: Characterization of Low Temperature Crack Resistance of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Mixtures Using Semi-Circular Bending Tests - 01 March 2016

JTE20150147: Calculation Method and Influence Law of Pavement Rut Under Dynamic Load - 01 March 2016

JTE20150152: Evaluation Indices of an Asphalt-Mixture Digital Specimen Based on the Discrete-Element Method - 01 March 2016

JTE20150157: Influences of Preheating Temperature of RAP on Properties of Hot-Mix Recycled Asphalt Mixture - 01 March 2016

JTE20150165: Test and Evaluation for Bonding Property Between GFRP and Concrete - 01 March 2016

JTE20150179: Proposal of Road Unevenness Classification Based on Road Elevation Spectrum Parameters - 01 March 2016

JTE20150220: Reflective Crack Propagation and Control in Asphalt Pavement Widening - 01 March 2016

JTE20150227: Road Landscape Space Enclosure Scale and Sequence Characteristics Based on Human Aesthetic Perception and Psychological Experience - 01 March 2016

JTE20150228: Numerical Simulation of Motion Rules of Coarse Aggregates in the Compaction Process - 01 March 2016

JTE20150230: Laboratory Study on Cement Slurry Formulation and Its Strength Mechanism for Semi-Flexible Pavement - 01 March 2016

JTE20150231: Evaluation and Optimization of Grouting Treatment for Composite Pavement - 01 March 2016

JTE20150234: Tire–Pavement Contact Stress with 3D Finite-Element Model—Part 1: Semi-Steel Radial Tires on Light Vehicles - 01 March 2016

JTE20150235: Tire–Pavement Contact Stress With 3D Finite-Element Model—Part 2: All-Steel Tire on Heavy Vehicles - 01 March 2016

JTE20150236: Investigation on the Bending Fatigue and Shear Failure in Steel Bridge Deck Pavement Systems - 01 March 2016

JTE20150255: Dynamic Attributions of Pavement Unevenness by Full-Vehicle Model Simulation - 01 March 2016

JTE20150271: Polishing of Asphalt Pavements: From Macro- to Micro-Scale - 01 March 2016

ACEM20150022: An Alternate Test Method for the Void Content of Pervious Concrete - 04 February 2016

GTJ20150028: In-Flight Simulation of the Excavation of Foundation Pit in Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 January 2016

JTE20130029: A New Fatigue Failure Criterion Based on Crack Width of Asphalt Concrete Under Indirect Tensile Mode of Loading - 01 January 2016

JTE20130088: New Local Compression Test to Estimate In Situ Compressive Strength of Masonry Mortar - 01 January 2016

JTE20130127: Performance Evaluation of a Plastic Foundation for Sewage Pipeline - 01 January 2016

JTE20130288: Quantifying Timing of Return to Traffic for Asphalt Cement Based Full Depth Reclamation Mixtures in the Laboratory - 01 January 2016

JTE20130310: Performance of Cementitious Composites Incorporating Ground TFT-LCD Waste Glass - 01 January 2016

JTE20140018: Micro-Structural Analysis of Moisture-Induced Damage Potential of Asphalt Mixes Containing RAP - 01 January 2016

JTE20140057: Properties of Polymer-Modified Mortar Using Silane as an Integral Additive - 01 January 2016

JTE20140061: Use of the Multiple Stress Creep Recovery (MSCR) Test Method to Characterize Polymer-Modified Asphalt Binders - 01 January 2016

JTE20140121: Effect of Concrete Strength Class on Performance of CFRP-Confined Concrete under Compression - 01 January 2016

JTE20140212: Characterization of Dense-Graded Asphalt With the Cantabro Test - 01 January 2016

JTE20140246: Stochastic Forecasting of Life Expectancies Considering Multi-Maintenance Criteria and Localized Uncertainties in the Pavement-Deterioration Process - 01 January 2016

JTE20140263: Influence of Limestone Addition on the Performance of Cement Mortars and Pastes Exposed to a Cold Sodium Sulfate Solution - 01 January 2016

JTE20140270: Testing and Evaluation of a Slot and Tab Construction Technique for Light-Weight Wood-Fiber-Based Structural Panels Under Bending - 01 January 2016

JTE20140312: Forward and Inverse Analysis of Concrete Fracture Using the Disk-Shaped Compact Tension Test - 01 January 2016

JTE20140321: Wavelet Analysis With Different Frequency GPR Antennas for Bridge Health Assessment - 01 January 2016

JTE20140356: Bayesian Updating Approach for Flexible Pavements Considering Fatigue and Rutting Failures - 01 January 2016

JTE20140373: Estimation of Fatigue Life Using Resilient Moduli of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 January 2016

JTE20140386: Concrete Stress Intensity Factor Evaluation With a Digital Image Correlation Approach - 01 January 2016

JTE20140392: Air Void Detection Using Ground-Penetrating Radar and Its Relationship to Moisture Damage - 01 January 2016

JTE20140404: Study on the Performance of Cold-Recycling Asphalt Mixture Influenced by Activity Sites of Lignin via Chemical Analysis - 01 January 2016

JTE20140409: Characterization of the Bonding Fracture Properties of the Asphalt-Aggregate System Using a Thin-Film Interface Test - 01 January 2016

JTE20140441: Engineering Properties of Asphalt Concrete Patching Mixtures - 01 January 2016

JTE20140442: Effect of the Types of Superplasticizers on the Fresh, Mechanical, and Durability Properties of the High-Performance Concrete - 01 January 2016

JTE20140480: Single-Edge Notched Disk Fracture Test for Asphalt Concrete - 01 January 2016

JTE20140484: Evaluation of Socio-Environmental Effects considering Road Service Levels for Transportation Asset Management - 01 January 2016

JTE20140490: A Novel Approach to Understanding Asphalt Binder Aging Behavior Using Asphaltene Proportion as a Performance Indicator - 01 January 2016

JTE20140510: Crack Propagation Parametric Assessment of Modified Asphalt Mixtures Using Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics Approach - 01 January 2016

JTE20140535: Mechanical Characteristics of Lightweight Mortars on Small-Scale Samples - 01 January 2016

JTE20150034: Blasting Vibration Safety Criteria for Shotcrete in Underground Engineering - 01 January 2016

JTE20150044: The Effect of Aspect Ratio on the Frequency Response of Asphalt Concrete in Impact Resonance Testing - 01 January 2016

ACEM20150021: Evaluating the Intrinsic Permeability of Cementitious Materials Using a Falling-Head Gas Permeameter - 24 November 2015

ACEM20150018: Effect of Dissolved Species from Crumb-Rubber Modifier on Micromechanical Properties of Asphalt Binder - 17 November 2015

GTJ20140103: Low-Strength Similar Materials for Backfill Mining: Insight from Experiments on Components and Influence Mechanism - 01 November 2015

GTJ20140179: Laboratory Model Test on Contact Erosion of Dispersive Soil Beneath Pavement Layers - 01 November 2015

JTE20130070: California Bearing Ratio of a Sub-Base Material Modified With Tire Buffings and Cement Addition - 01 November 2015

JTE20130345: Experimental Study on Engineering and Thermal Properties of Mortar and Plaster Produced With Pumice Aggregate - 01 November 2015

JTE20140024: Laboratory Study to Evaluate the Influence of Reclaimed Asphalt Content on Performance of Recycled Porous Asphalt - 01 November 2015

JTE20140049: In-Situ Field Measurements and Numerical Model Identification of a Multi-Span Steel Railway Bridge - 01 November 2015

JTE20140164: The Effects of Sieving and Paste Content on the Setting Behavior of Mortars as Measured by ASTM C403 - 01 November 2015

JTE20140431: Performance of Settled Bridge-Approach Slabs with Polyurethane-Foam Injection - 01 November 2015

ACEM20150006: Effect of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube in Cement Composite on Mechanical Strength and Freeze-Thaw Susceptibility - 06 October 2015

ACEM20150012: Superabsorbent Polymers as a Means of Improving Frost Resistance of Concrete - 06 October 2015

ACEM20140046: Improving Early Age Strength of Very High Moisture Content Fine Grained Soil via Specialty Ground Portland Cement - 05 October 2015

JTE20130091: Evaluation of Measurement Methodologies Used for Establishing Water Retention Characteristic Curve of Fly Ash - 01 September 2015

JTE20130144: Comprehensive Evaluation of Warm SMA Using Wax-Based WMA Additive in Korea - 01 September 2015

JTE20130205: Evaluation of Rheological Properties and Field Applications of Buton Rock Asphalt - 01 September 2015

JTE20130285: Innovative Test Technique to Evaluate “Self-Sealing” of Concrete - 01 September 2015

JTE20140014: Effects of Curing Time, Temperature, and Vacuum Pressure on Asphalt Emulsion Residue Recovered by Vacuum Drying Method - 01 September 2015

JTE20140026: Effects of Thermal Conductivity of Soil on Temperature Development and Cracking in Mass Concrete Footings - 01 September 2015

JTE20140028: Use of Non-Standard Specimens to Study the Compressive Strength of Multi-Coat Renders - 01 September 2015

JTE20140056: Characterization of Strain Rate and Temperature-Dependent Shear Properties of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2015

JTE20140106: Field and Laboratory Determination of Subgrade Resilient Modulus and its Application in Pavement Design - 01 September 2015

JTE20140119: New Experimental Setup for Seismic Testing of Exterior RC Beam–Column Joints - 01 September 2015

JTE20140133: Mechanics Performance of a Novel Magneto-Rheological Fluid Damper. - 01 September 2015

ACEM20140027: Compression Testing of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete - 30 July 2015

ACEM20140028: Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete Advancements and Industrialization—The Need for Standard Testing - 30 July 2015

ACEM20140029: Tensile Mechanical Response of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete - 30 July 2015

ACEM20140030: Materials Specification Needs for Future Development of Ultra High Performance Concrete - 30 July 2015

ACEM20140031: Ultra-High Performance Concrete History and Usage by the Corps of Engineers - 30 July 2015

ACEM20140032: UHPC From Research to Standardization: European Approaches - 30 July 2015

ACEM20140033: Gaps in Material Specifications—A Manufacturer's Perspective - 30 July 2015

ACEM20140034: The Challenges Related to Interface Bond Characterization of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete With Implications for Bridge Rehabilitation Practices - 30 July 2015

ACEM20140042: Design of UHPC Structural Members: Lessons Learned and ASTM Test Requirements - 30 July 2015

GTJ20140149: Thermal Conditioning to Improve Geotechnical Properties of Recycled Asphalt Pavements - 01 July 2015

JTE20120334: Understanding the Friction Measured by Standardised Test Methodologies Used to Assess Shoe-Surface Slip Risk - 01 July 2015

JTE20120357: A Non-Contact Technique for Damage Monitoring in Submerged Plates Using Guided Waves - 01 July 2015

JTE20130117: Asphalt Mixture Design and Thermology Experiments on Heat-Resistant Surfaces in Permafrost Regions - 01 July 2015

JTE20130151: Field and Laboratory Evaluation of Environmental Effects on Chip Seal Performance: Freeze-Thaw and Asphalt Aging - 01 July 2015

JTE20130176: Improvement of Permeability Measurement Precision of Pervious Concrete - 01 July 2015

JTE20130229: Impact of Moisture and Load on Vertical Movement of a Simulated Platform Frame Wood Structure - 01 July 2015

JTE20130301: Difference in Setting Behavior between Prepared and Sieved Mortars in the ASTM C403 Time of Setting Test - 01 July 2015

JTE20130329: Performance Characteristics Comparisons of Various Asphalt Mixture Technologies - 01 July 2015

JTE20140001: Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Mixture under Actual Loading Patterns at Different Pulse Durations - 01 July 2015

ACEM20150011: Comparison of Single Stage and Multistage Permanent Deformation Test for Recycled Asphalt Pavement as a Flexible Pavement Base Layer Material - 30 June 2015

ACEM20140047: Effect of Aggregate Gradation on Cold Bituminous Mix Performance - 18 June 2015

ACEM20140044: Freezing and Thawing Behavior of Internally Cured Concrete - 21 May 2015

ACEM20140045: Advances in the Application of Thin-Walled Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Elements - 19 May 2015

JTE20130067: Numerical Study on the Effect of Coarse-Aggregate Morphology on Shear Performance - 01 May 2015

JTE20130180: Evaluating Permeability and Infiltration Requirements for Pervious Concrete - 01 May 2015

JTE20130314: Influence of Rejuvenators on the Physical Properties of RAP Binders - 01 May 2015

JTE20130319: Characterizing Compactability of High RAP and Warm Mix Asphalt Mixtures in the Superpave Gyratory Compactor. - 01 May 2015

JTE20130321: Effects of Manufactured Sand Characteristics on Water Demand of Mortar and Concrete Mixtures - 01 May 2015

JTE20130344: Carbon Fiber Heating Wire for Pavement Deicing - 01 May 2015

ACEM20140026: Consequences of Colloidal Nanosilica Specific Surface on Its Performance in Concrete - 10 April 2015

ACEM20140038: Assessment of Rheology Variations of Cement Pastes Containing Clinker Grinding Aids Compliant With ASTM C465 - 10 April 2015

GTJ20140011: Condition Assessment of Cementitious Materials Using Surface Waves in Ultrasonic Frequency Range - 01 March 2015

JTE20130291: From Texture to Skid Resistance: A Multi-Scale Modeling Approach - 01 March 2015

JTE20130305: Application of Intelligent Compaction Technology for Estimation of Effective Modulus for a Multilayered Asphalt Pavement - 01 March 2015

JTE20130325: Poisson's Ratio of Hot Asphalt Mixtures Determined by Relaxation and Small Amplitude Oscillation Test - 01 March 2015

JTE20130341: Experimental Study on the Seismic Behaviors of HRBF400 RC Columns - 01 March 2015

JTE20140025: Experimental Study of the Effect of RCC Specimen Size and Crack Depth Ratio on Double-K Fracture Parameters - 01 March 2015

JTE20140030: Effect of Different Interlayers of Cement Concrete Pavements on Vibration and Anti-Erosion of Bases - 01 March 2015

JTE20140039: Bearing Capacity Estimation of Soil Under a Constructed Building by Rayleigh Wave Method - 01 March 2015

JTE20140059: Mix Proportion Design and Mechanical Properties of Recycled PET Concrete - 01 March 2015

JTE20140066: Evaluation of the Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in French Drain Systems - 01 March 2015

JTE20140079: Effect of Film Thickness and Voids in Mineral Aggregate in Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag Dense-Graded Asphalt Concrete - 01 March 2015

JTE20140080: Macro- and Meso-scale Mechanical Behavior of Caissons During Sinking - 01 March 2015

JTE20140082: The Effect of Cement–Sodium Silicate Grout Compounds on Void Ratio and the Coefficient of Secondary Compression of Treated Fibrous Peat - 01 March 2015

JTE20140085: Crack Opening Evaluation and Sustainability Potential of Highly Flowable Strain-Hardening, Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (HF-SHFRC) - 01 March 2015

JTE20140086: Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Modeling of Crack Development in Epoxy Asphalt Concrete - 01 March 2015

JTE20140097: Experimental Assessment of Fly-Ash Stabilized and Recycled Mixes - 01 March 2015

JTE20140107: Study of Steam and Microwave Curing of Concretes Containing Slag, Fly Ash, or Silica Fume - 01 March 2015

JTE20140123: Evaluation of Long Multi-Span Steel U-Shaped Girder During Incremental Launching Construction - 01 March 2015

JTE20140125: Field Response of High Speed Rail Box Tunnel During Horizontal Grouting - 01 March 2015

JTE20140136: Identification of Manholes Beneath Pavements Using RFID and AR Technologies - 01 March 2015

ACEM20140035: Nanoindentation Characterization of Moisture Damage in Different Phases of Asphalt Concrete - 30 January 2015

ACEM20140013: Behavior of Reinforced Stone Dust Walls Under Strip Loading - 16 January 2015

GTJ20130169: In-flight Simulation of Pile Installation in Slopes in Centrifuge Model Tests - 01 January 2015

GTJ20140031: Physical Modeling on Ground Responses to Tunneling in Sand Considering the Existence of HDPE Pipes - 01 January 2015

JTE20120007: Ultrasonic Testing Transformation Model of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite - 01 January 2015

JTE20120325: Determination of Loading Capacities for Bi-directional Pile Load Tests Based on Actual Load Test Results - 01 January 2015

JTE20130057: A Phenomenological Fatigue Performance Model of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Fracture Energy Density - 01 January 2015

JTE20130121: Evaluation of Rut-Depth Accuracy and Precision Using Different Automated Measurement Systems - 01 January 2015

JTE20130149: In Situ Assessment of Pavement Subgrade Using Falling Weight Deflectometer - 01 January 2015

JTE20130196: Field Investigation and Laboratory Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement Crack Seal Band - 01 January 2015

MPC20130033: Quantification of Transitions Occurring in a Hydrothermally Activated Fly Ash - 31 December 2014

ACEM20120027: Effect of Supplementary Cementitious Materials on Rheology of Oil Well Cement Slurries - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130064: The Effect of Chemical Composition of Aggregate on the Performance of Hot and Warm Mix Asphalt in Presence of Water - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130070: Viscoelastic–Viscoplastic Characterization of Unbound Granular Material - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130076: Evaluation of Flexible Pavement Mixtures Using Conventional Tests and Ultrasonic Wave Propagation - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130082: A Method to Estimate Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Concrete Pavement Interiors - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130089: Dewatering and Stabilizing Fine-Grained Soils with Very High Moisture Content - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130090: Comparison of the Pore Volume in Concrete as Determined Using ASTM C642 and Vacuum Saturation - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130093: Quantitative X-Ray Powder Diffraction Analysis of Portland Cements: Proficiency Testing for Laboratory Assessment - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130095: Measuring Freeze and Thaw Damage in Mortars Containing Deicing Salt Using a Low-Temperature Longitudinal Guarded Comparative Calorimeter and Acoustic Emission - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130098: Influence of Friction in Supporting Rollers on the Apparent Flexural Performance of Third-Point Loaded Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130099: Influence of Warm Mix Additive on Mechanistic, Economical, and Environmental Attributes of a Polymer-Modified Asphalt Mixture - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130100: Monitoring Setting of Geopolymers - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130101: Determining Coefficients of Thermal Contraction and Expansion of Asphalt Concrete Using Horizontal Asphalt Strain Gage - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130102: Finite Element Model of Pavement Response Under Load Considering Cross-Anisotropy in Unbound Layers - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130103: Investigating Applicability of Complex Modulus and Creep Compliance Interconversion in Asphalt Concrete - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130108: Torsional Shear Strength and Size Effect in Laminated Veneer Lumber - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130109: The Role of Concrete Industry Standards as Institutional Barriers to More Sustainable Concrete Bridge Infrastructure - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130111: Using a Centrifuge to Determine Moisture Properties of Lightweight Fine Aggregate for Use in Internal Curing - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130114: Strain Gradients in Concrete Affected by Alkali–Silica Reaction: A Laboratory Simulation - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130125: Structural Behavior of Novel Steel-Fiber Materials in Concrete Pipes (ASTM C1765) - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140001: Evaluation of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Materials from Ultra-Thin Bonded Bituminous Surface - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140005: Comparative Analysis of the Influence of Sodium and Potassium Silicate Solutions on the Kinetics and Products of Slag Activation - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140011: Flexural Characteristic of Rubberized Hybrid Concrete Reinforced With Steel and Synthetic Fibers - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140014: Performance Criteria for Chemical Analysis of Hydraulic Cements by X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140015: Effect of Formwork, Wall Thickness, and Addition of Fly Ash on Concrete Hydration - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140017: Recent Developments in High-Strength Stainless Steels for Corrosion Mitigation in Prestressed Concrete - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140018: Using Fick's Second Law and Nernst–Planck Approach in Prediction of Chloride Ingress in Concrete Materials - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140019: Reinforcement Efficiency of Modified Carbon Nanofiber in High-Performance Concrete Nanocomposite - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130094: Effects of the Characteristics of High Range Water Reducing Agents and the Water to Powder Ratio on Rheological and Setting Behavior of Self-Consolidating Concrete - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130096: Impact of Viscosity on Hydration Kinetics and Setting Properties of Cementitious Materials - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130097: Model and Test Methods for Stability of Fresh Cement Paste - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130106: Development of Self-compacting Concrete with Good Shape Stability for Slipform Construction - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130112: Rheological Evaluation of Slump Flow Curves of Self-Consolidating Concrete From Instrumented Spread Table - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130117: An Empirical Approach to Design Optimized Self-Compacting Concrete Mixes - 31 December 2014

ACEM20130120: Measuring Cement Paste Rheology Using a Modified Dynamic Shear Rheometer: An Approach to Detect Cement-Admixtures Incompatibilities - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140004: Mechanisms of Degradation in Rheological Properties Due to Pumping and Mixing - 31 December 2014

ACEM20140021: Effects of Nanomaterials on the Hydration Kinetics and Rheology of Portland Cement Pastes - 31 December 2014

JTE20130063: Evaluation of the Use of Ribbed Tires for the Characterization of Skid Resistance Using Friction Models - 01 November 2014

JTE20130095: Assessment of the Effect of Pore Pressure Cycles on Moisture Sensitivity of Hot Mix Asphalt Using MIST Conditioning and Dynamic Modulus - 01 November 2014

JTE20130150: Stress–Strain Characteristics and Elastic–Plastic Damage Constitutive Equation of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Under Cyclic Compression at Medium Strain Rate - 01 November 2014

JTE20130228: Assessing the Effects of Mechanical Preventive Measures on Alkali-Silica Reaction Expansion with Accelerated Mortar Bar Test - 01 November 2014

GTJ20140007: Mini-Pier Testing To Estimate Performance of Full-Scale Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutments - 01 September 2014

JTE20130119: Advanced Characterization of Clear Chip Seals - 01 September 2014

JTE20130170: Threshold Values of Performance Indicators for Asphalt Concrete Pavement to Apply to Pavement Performance Warranty - 01 September 2014

JTE20130173: A Method for Improvement of the Heating Efficiency of Conductive Asphalt Pavement - 01 September 2014

JTE20130186: Establishment of Microstructure of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Discrete Element Method - 01 September 2014

JTE20130195: Physical and Chemical Properties of Asphalts Associated With Performance - 01 September 2014

JTE20130197: Influence of Steel Wool Fibers on the Mechanical, Termal, and Healing Properties of Dense Asphalt Concrete - 01 September 2014

JTE20130213: Dispersion of SBS and its Influence on the Performance of SBS Modified Asphalt - 01 September 2014

JTE20130214: Mechanical Behavior Analysis of Asphalt Mixture in Meso-Scale Considering Locally Effective Material - 01 September 2014

JTE20130226: Comparison of Two Beam Fatigue Tests - 01 September 2014

JTE20130232: Research on Application of Terminal Blended Asphalt Rubber in Steel Deck Pavement - 01 September 2014

JTE20130240: Preparation and Electrical Properties of Piezoelectric-Embedded Asphalt Mixture - 01 September 2014

JTE20130245: The Influence of Binder Rheology on the Cracking of Asphalt Mixes in Airport and Highway Projects - 01 September 2014

JTE20130247: Virtual Mechanical Testing of Asphalt Mixture Based on X-ray Computed Tomography - 01 September 2014

JTE20130250: Refractometric Measurements at the Bitumen–Aggregate Interface - 01 September 2014

JTE20130251: Experimental Study of Hot Recycled Asphalt Mixtures with High Percentages of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Different Recycling Agents - 01 September 2014

JTE20130253: Micro- and Nano-Characteration of Interaction Between Asphalt and Filler - 01 September 2014

JTE20130255: Laboratory Investigation of the Effect of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Additives on the Properties of WMA Used in China - 01 September 2014

JTE20130271: Effects of Using Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Open-Graded Friction Course on Flexible Pavement Performance - 01 September 2014

GTJ20130144: Experimental Group Behavior of Grouted Deep Foundations - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130191: Centrifuge Modelling of Diaphragm Wall Construction Adjacent to Piled Foundations - 01 July 2014

JTE20130041: Comparison of Data-Processing Methods by Air-Coupled Impact Echo Testing for the Assessment of a Concrete Slab - 01 July 2014

JTE20130146: Analysis of the Industrial Cutting Process of Natural Building Stones: Evaluation of Electric Power Consumption - 01 July 2014

GTJ20130104: Laboratory Test for Evaluating Limitation of Flows during Internal Erosion in Zoned Dams - 01 May 2014

GTJ20130150: A New Test for Cementation Potential of Embankment Dam Granular Filter Material - 01 May 2014

JTE20120303: Burner Rig for Small Particle Erosion Testing of Thermal Barrier Coatings - 01 May 2014

JTE20130108: Field Test Method for Residual Stress in Plain Concrete Pavements and Structures - 01 May 2014

JTE20130157: Investigating the Consistency of Asphalt Density Measurement Methods Over a Wide Range of Air Voids - 01 May 2014

JTE20130158: Experimental Investigation of Chemical and Physical Properties of Cements Manufactured in Pakistan - 01 May 2014

JTE20130166: Forced-Vibration Testing and Experimental Modal Analysis of a Steel Footbridge for Structural Identification - 01 May 2014

GTJ20120176: Thermal Strain Sensing of Concrete Piles Using Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130027: Test on Water-Level Stabilization and Prevention of Mine-Shaft Failure by Means of Groundwater Injection - 01 March 2014

GTJ20130083: Axial Uplift Behavior of Drilled Shafts in Gobi Gravel - 01 March 2014

JTE20120111: Curling Control in Concrete Slabs Using Fiber Reinforcement - 01 March 2014

JTE20120250: Case for Changing Reinforcing Bar Deformation Spacing Requirements - 01 March 2014

JTE20120262: Improved Rolling Dynamic Deflectometer for Continuous Pavement Deflection Measurements - 01 March 2014

JTE20120270: An Automated Monitoring System to Measure Shrinkage of Cement-Based Materials in Multiple Environments - 01 March 2014

JTE20120318: Environmental Method Against Icing for Road Pavements: Development of New Testing Equipment and Proposal of a New Abrasive Material - 01 March 2014

JTE20120337: Proposed Compaction Procedure for Dry Process Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Mixtures Using Air Void Content and Expansion Ratio - 01 March 2014

JTE20120341: An Edge-Heating Device for Optical Measurement of Thermochromic Glazing Materials and Recommended Test Procedure - 01 March 2014

JTE20120367: Performance of Modified WMA Mixtures Prepared Using the Same Class PG Binders of HMA Mixtures - 01 March 2014

JTE20130004: Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures Made of Recycled Aggregates - 01 March 2014

JTE20130007: Evaluation of Damage Effects on Dynamic Characteristics of RC Buildings by Ambient Vibration Test - 01 March 2014

JTE20130019: Reliability Implications in Wood Systems of a Bivariate Gaussian–Weibull Distribution and the Associated Univariate Pseudo-truncated Weibull - 01 March 2014

JTE20130042: A Study to Determine the Impact of Cracking on Load Transfer Efficiency of Rigid Airfield Pavements - 01 March 2014

JTE20130118: Laboratory Investigation on Microwave Deicing Function of Micro Surfacing Asphalt Mixtures Reinforced by Carbon Fiber - 01 March 2014

JTE20130154: Investigation of Factors Affecting PCC Surface Resistivity through Ruggedness Testing - 01 March 2014

GTJ20120191: An Insertion Rate Model for Pile Installation in Sand by Jetting - 01 January 2014

JTE20120205: Organic Montmorillonite Modified Asphalt Materials: Preparation and Characterization - 01 January 2014

JTE20120218: Assessing the Adequacy of Concrete Mixes Utilizing PCB Powders - 01 January 2014

JTE20120253: Performance of Sidewalk Pavement Containing Waste-Wood Chips - 01 January 2014

JTE20120280: A Novel Bearing Swivel Joint and a Universal Joint for Concrete Pull-Off Testing Using a Material Testing Machine - 01 January 2014

JTE20120283: Particle Breakage of Cement Ellipsoid Aggregate—Part I: Triaxial Compression Tests - 01 January 2014

JTE20120301: Design and Development of a Test Fixture and Method for Investigation of Impact During Pre-Stressed Compression - 01 January 2014

JTE20120302: Sensing Mechanism of Self-Monitoring CNT Cementitious Composite - 01 January 2014

JTE20120343: New Device and Methodology for Evaluating the Shear Behavior of Steel Bridge Deck Pavement Pasted by GFRP Sheets - 01 January 2014

JTE20120351: A New Apparatus and Method for Torsion Test of Large-size Reinforced Concrete Beams - 01 January 2014

JTE20130020: Effect of Different Fillers on Performance Properties of Asphalt Emulsion Mixture - 01 January 2014

JTE20130030: Fracture and Viscoelastic Properties of Asphalt Binders During Fatigue and Rest Periods - 01 January 2014

ACEM20120037: Effect of Fly Ash on Cement Admixture for a Low Plasticity Marine Soil - 16 December 2013

ACEM20130074: Strength Evaluation and Energy-Dissipation Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Concrete - 16 December 2013

ACEM20130079: Investigating a Natural Plant-Based Bio Binder and Cement Dust Mix as a Bitumen Substitute in Flexible Pavements - 16 December 2013

ACEM20120039: Effect of Coir Waste on the Geotechnical Characteristics of Soil - 25 November 2013

ACEM20130067: The Use of Numerical Extrapolation to Accelerate Delayed Ettringite Formation Tests - 25 November 2013

JTE20120030: Fuzzy-GIS Approach for Applying the AHP Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model to Evaluate Real Estate Purchases - 01 November 2013

JTE20120134: Shrinkage and Creep of Steel Fiber Reinforced Normal Strength Concrete - 01 November 2013

JTE20120178: Nano-Mechanical Characterization of Mastic, Aggregate, and Interfacial Zone in Asphalt Composites - 01 November 2013

JTE20120181: Effect of Binder Type, Mastic, and Aggregate Type on the Low-Temperature Characteristics of Modified Hot Mix Asphalt - 01 November 2013

JTE20120272: Measurement and Prediction of Heat of Hydration of Portland Cement Using Isothermal Conduction Calorimetry - 01 November 2013

JTE20120293: Measurement and Evaluation of the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Rock-Filled Concrete - 01 November 2013

JTE20120317: Mechanistic Evaluation of the Effect of WMA Additives on Wettability and Moisture Susceptibility Properties of Asphalt Mixes - 01 November 2013

JTE20120336: In Situ Observation and Model Test on Zonal Disintegration in Deep Tunnels - 01 November 2013

JTE20130014: Modal Identification of Different RC Frames Using Experimental Measurements - 01 November 2013

JTE20130039: Inhomogeneous Micro-Structure Influence on Macro-Crack of Sandstone - 01 November 2013

ACEM20120038: Effects of Curing and Test Conditions on the Salt Scaling Durability of Fly Ash Concrete - 11 October 2013

ACEM20120057: The Effect of Crumb Rubber on Freeze-Thaw Durability of Portland Cement Concrete - 11 October 2013

MPC20130018: IRI Estimation Using Probabilistic Analysis of Acoustic Measurements - 27 September 2013

ACEM20120023: Influence of Exposure Conditions on the Efficiency of Internal Curing in Concrete - 27 September 2013

ACEM20120043: Influence of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers on Pile–Soil Interface Strength in Clays - 27 September 2013

ACEM20120049: Influence of Laboratory Mixing Procedures on Volumetric and Mechanical Properties of RAP Mixtures - 13 September 2013

ACEM20130083: Assessment of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Repair for Laterally Damaged Prestressed Concrete Girders - 13 September 2013

GTJ20120209: Centrifuge Modeling of Deep Excavations and Their Interaction With Adjacent Buildings - 01 September 2013

GTJ20130016: Load-Settlement Behavior of Drilled Shafts in Multilayered Deposits of Soils and Intermediate Geomaterials - 01 September 2013

JTE20120163: Rheological Behavior of Asphalt–Rubber Binders Modified With Shale-Oil Residue and Polyphosphoric Acid - 01 September 2013

JTE20120208: Evaluation of Effect of Superplasticizer on Performance of Self-Compacting Concrete - 01 September 2013

JTE20120229: A Re-Look at the Asphalt Mixture Performance Test Protocols and Computational Algorithms - 01 September 2013

JTE20120284: Particle Breakage of Cement Ellipsoid Aggregate—Part II: Investigation of Particle Crushing - 01 September 2013

JTE20120299: A Method to Obtain Straight Crack Fronts During Pre-Cracking of Compact Tension Specimens - 01 September 2013

ACEM20120021: Development of a 1200-mm-Diameter Round Panel Test for Post-Crack Assessment of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 30 August 2013

ACEM20120048: Preliminary Characterization of Physical Properties of Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) Panels for Hygrothermal Modelling - 30 August 2013

ACEM20130060: Modeling Nanoindentation Creep Behavior of Asphalt Binder - 23 August 2013

ACEM20130063: Mechanical Properties of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete with Different Densities - 23 August 2013

ACEM20130072: Influence of Aggregate Source and Warm-Mix Technologies on the Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Mixtures - 15 August 2013

ACEM20130073: Limiting Early-Age Cracking in Concrete Bridge Decks - 15 August 2013

ACEM20120016: Laboratory Evaluation of Recycled Concrete Aggregate and Recycled Clay Masonry Blends in Pavement Applications - 25 July 2013

ACEM20120058: New Approach for Selecting Crumb-Rubber-Modified Asphalts for Rutting and Permanent Deformation Resistance - 25 July 2013

ACEM20130059: Investigation of Aging of Asphalt Concrete Reservoir Facing With Time - 25 July 2013

JTE20120044: Effect of Temperature and Frequency on Visco-Elastic Dynamic Response of Asphalt Mixture - 01 July 2013

JTE20120122: Evaluating Frictional Characteristics of Typical Wearing Course Mixtures in Louisiana - 01 July 2013

JTE20120177: Rheological Characterization of Asphalt Concrete Using a Shear Box - 01 July 2013

JTE20120216: Evaluation of Effective Thermal Conductivity for Mineral Cast Structural Materials Using Steady-State and Transient Methods - 01 July 2013

JTE20120287: Monitoring of Vertical Movement in a Four-Story Wood-Frame Building in Coastal British Columbia - 01 July 2013

JTE20120305: Application of the Stress-Energy Method for Generating Corrugated Board Cushion Curves - 01 July 2013

ACEM20120036: Mechanical Property Performance of Polymer-Modified Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement Mortar Systems - 27 June 2013

ACEM20120045: Crack Propagation Fracture Toughness of Several Wood Species - 27 June 2013

ACEM20130061: Comparison of Laboratory and Field Aging Properties of Different Asphalt Binders - 27 June 2013

ACEM20120020: Influence of Reinforcement Characteristics on Non-Linear Performance Evaluation of Confined Beam-Column Joints Under Cyclic Loading - 31 May 2013

ACEM20120044: Properties of Concrete With Crumb Rubber Replacing Fine Aggregates (Sand) - 31 May 2013

ACEM20120052: Effect of Fly Ash on the Shear Strength of Concrete Beams Without Shear Reinforcement - 31 May 2013

ACEM20120053: Evaluating Recycled Concrete Aggregate as Hot Mix Asphalt Aggregate - 31 May 2013

ACEM20120056: Material Characterization Studies on Low- and High-Carbon Rice Husk Ash and Their Performance in Portland Cement Mixtures - 31 May 2013

ACEM20120055: Interface Shear Strength Testing of Geogrid-Reinforced Construction and Demolition Materials - 08 May 2013

GTJ20120101: Effect of Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Active Zone on the Behavior of Sheet Pile Walls - 01 May 2013

JTE20120024: Effectiveness of Asphalt Rejuvenator - 01 May 2013

JTE20120026: Acid Treatment Technique for Determining the Mortar Content of Recycled Concrete Aggregates - 01 May 2013

JTE20120121: Pressure Distribution of Dynamic Water Penetration Tests for Curtain Walls - 01 May 2013

JTE20120135: A Study on the Residual Fatigue Strain and Damage of Steel Fiber Reinforced Recycled Concrete Under Constant Amplitude Flexural Fatigue Loading - 01 May 2013

JTE20120182: Effect of Steel Fibers and Thermal Cycles on Fracture Properties of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete - 01 May 2013

JTE20120185: Time Domain Microwave Imaging of a Buried Homogeneous Dielectric Cylinder in a Slab Medium by Asynchronous Particle Swarm Optimization - 01 May 2013

JTE20120243: Validating Computational Models from Laser Scanning Data for Historic Facades - 01 May 2013

JTE20120244: Portland Cement Hydration by Electrical Resistivity Method and Computer Simulation - 01 May 2013

ACEM20120003: Development of a Reference Material for the Calibration of Cement Paste Rheometers - 17 April 2013

ACEM20120010: Influence of Test Machine Control Method on Apparent Performance of ASTM C1550 Fiber Reinforced Concrete Panels - 17 April 2013

ACEM20120054: Long-Term Durability of Pressure-Treated Wood in a Severe Test Site - 17 April 2013

ACEM20120025: Laboratory Evaluation of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement–Quarry Waste Blends as Unbound Highway Pavement Material - 27 March 2013

ACEM20120040: Using Linear Viscoelastic Modeling to Evaluate the Low Temperature Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Prepared With Aggregates of Different Sizes - 27 March 2013

ACEM20120014: Effect of UV and UV–Ozone Treatment of Polyolefin Fibers on Toughness of Fiber Concrete Composite - 20 March 2013

ACEM20120029: Workability and Setting Time of Alkali Activated Blast Furnace Slag Paste - 20 March 2013

ACEM20120030: Applicability of the Accelerated Mortar Bar Test for Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Recycled Concrete Aggregates - 20 March 2013

ACEM20120031: Reconstituted Cement Kiln Dust–Rice Husk Ash Stabilization of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement as Highway Pavement Material - 20 March 2013

ACEM20120033: Identification of Acoustic Emissions From Porosity and Waviness Defects in Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites - 04 March 2013

GTJ20120102: Development of Rutting Model for Unbound Aggregates Containing Recycled Asphalt Pavement - 01 March 2013

GTJ20120126: Behaviour of Two Closely Spaced Strip Footings Placed on a Stiff Clay Bed under Cyclic Loading - 01 March 2013

JTE20120004: A Laboratory Study to Predict the Rutting and Fatigue Behavior of Asphalt Concrete Using the Indirect Tensile Test - 01 March 2013

JTE20120008: Study on Glass Defect Inspection Based on Projecting Grating Method - 01 March 2013

JTE20120034: Thermal Cracking Potential of High RAP-WMA Evaluated With Bending Beam Rheometer Mixture Beam Test - 01 March 2013

JTE20120051: Use of Sweep Test for Emulsion and Hot Asphalt Chip Seals: Laboratory and Field Evaluation - 01 March 2013

JTE20120068: Evaluation of Asphalt Blended With Low Percentage of Carbon Micro-Fiber and Nanoclay - 01 March 2013

JTE20120076: Exploration of a Performance Test for Emulsion Treated Asphalt Surfaces - 01 March 2013

JTE20120078: Advances in the Understanding of Gelation in the Framework of the Test ASTM D5133 - 01 March 2013

JTE20120174: Rate- and Temperature-Dependent Fracture Characteristics of Asphaltic Paving Mixtures - 01 March 2013

ACEM20120006: Use of Portland Cement and Polymer Fibers to Stabilize Very High Moisture Content Fine-Grained Soils - 06 February 2013

ACEM20120009: Large-Scale Direct Shear Testing of Recycled Construction and Demolition Materials - 06 February 2013

GTJ20120030: Shear Strength Behavior of Cement/Lime-Solidified Dunkirk Sediments by Fall Cone Tests and Vane Shear Tests - 01 January 2013

JTE103905: Application Research on Anti-Cracking Agent for Semi-Rigid Base - 01 January 2013

JTE104251: Analysis of Support Apparatus for Flexural Load-Deflection Testing: Minimizing Bias Caused by Arching Forces - 01 January 2013

JTE104589: Fatigue Analysis of Asphalt Concrete under Indirect Tensile Mode of Loading Using Crack Images - 01 January 2013

JTE104617: Effect of Working Parameters on Excavation Rate and Specific Energy on Surface Treatment With Pure Water Jet - 01 January 2013

JTE104639: Behavior of Selected Warm Mix Asphalt Additive Modified Binders and Prediction of Dynamic Modulus of the Mixes - 01 January 2013

JTE20120014: Performance Evaluation of Asphalt-Rubber Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures with Warm Mix Asphalt Additives - 01 January 2013

MPC20120022: Effect of Cyclic Strain on Mechanical Behavior of Structural Steels in Room and Low Temperatures - 10 December 2012

ACEM103920: Uniformity, Repeatability, and Permanent Deformation Resistance of Slabs Produced with the Linear Asphalt Compactor - 07 December 2012

ACEM104268: Precision Statements for the Surface Resistivity of Water Cured Concrete Cylinders in the Laboratory - 07 December 2012

ACEM104469: Assessment of Thixotropy of Fresh Mortars by Triaxial and Unconfined Compression Testing - 07 December 2012

ACEM104569: A Comparative Study of the Mechanical Behavior of Normal-Strength and High-Strength Concrete - 07 December 2012

ACEM104596: Variability Analysis of the Bulk Resistivity Measured Using Concrete Cylinders - 07 December 2012

ACEM20120002: Relating Compressive Strength to Heat Release in Mortars - 07 December 2012

ACEM20120004: Diagnosis of Concrete Quality by Structural Analysis - 07 December 2012

ACEM20120005: Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Stabilized Using Crushed Concrete Waste as Highway Pavement Material - 07 December 2012

ACEM20120007: Neutral Axis of Full-size Lumber With Multiple Knots - 07 December 2012

ACEM20120011: Effect of Calculation Methods on Cement Paste and Mortar Apparent Activation Energy - 07 December 2012

ACEM20120012: Effect of Fly Ash on Optimum Sulfate Levels Measured Using Heat and Strength at Early Ages - 07 December 2012

ACEM20120018: Refining Conditions of Fatigue Testing of Hot Mix Asphalt - 07 December 2012

ACEM20120026: An Experimental Study on Bond Strength of Reinforcing Steel in High-Volume Fly-Ash Concrete - 07 December 2012

JTE20120123: Field Performance Assessment of Porous Asphalt Pavement Under Heavy Traffic on Yan-Tong Expressway in China - 01 December 2012

JTE20120125: The Temperature Measuring and Evaluating Methods Based on Infrared Thermal Image for Asphalt-Pavement Construction - 01 December 2012

JTE20120126: A New High Rutting Resistance Asphalt Mixture for Intersection Maintenance under Heavy Traffic - 01 December 2012

JTE20120128: Pavement Performance of Asphalt Surface Course Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) - 01 December 2012

JTE20120129: Interrelationship between Tire Contact Stress and Longitudinal Construction Joint Layout in Pavement - 01 December 2012

JTE20120131: Viscoelastic Performance Analysis of Sulfur-Modified Asphalt Mixture - 01 December 2012

JTE20120132: Effect of Magnesium Sulfate on the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cement-Treated Soils - 01 December 2012

JTE20120133: State of the Art of Asphalt Surfacings on Long-spanned Orthotropic Steel Decks in China - 01 December 2012

JTE20120136: Study on the Curing Process of Epoxy Asphalt - 01 December 2012

JTE20120138: Virtual Triaxial Test Simulation Based on Discrete Element Method for Shear Resistance Property Assessment of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 December 2012

JTE20120140: Effects of Type and Content of Mineral Fillers on the Consistency Properties of Asphalt Mastic - 01 December 2012

JTE20120141: Investigation into High-Temperature Stability of Asphalt Pavement - 01 December 2012

JTE20120142: Gradation Design of the Aggregate Skeleton in Asphalt Mixture - 01 December 2012

JTE20120144: Relationship between Degree of Anisotropy of Asphalt Concrete and Its Geometrical Parameters - 01 December 2012

JTE20120145: Study of Expressway Axle Load Spectrum Based on Toll Data of Jinghu Expressway - 01 December 2012

JTE20120147: Analysis of the Low-Temperature Rheological Properties of Rubberized Warm Mix Asphalt Binders - 01 December 2012

JTE20120148: A New “Mix-confined” Repeated Load Test for Evaluating Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Mixture - 01 December 2012

JTE20120150: Aging Behaviour and Mechanism of SBS-Modified Asphalt - 01 December 2012

JTE20120152: Research on ERS Steel Deck Pavement Techniques - 01 December 2012

JTE20120153: Laboratory Test and Numerical Simulation of Bond Performance between Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar and Concrete - 01 December 2012

JTE20120154: Choice of Crack Repairing Material for Asphalt Pavement Based on AHP - 01 December 2012

JTE20120157: A Study of the Semi-Perpetual Pavement Performance in Queensland - 01 December 2012

JTE20120158: Research on the Design of AR-AC13S Mixtures - 01 December 2012

JTE20120159: Characterization of Asphalt Mixture Homogeneity Based on X-ray Computed Tomography - 01 December 2012

JTE20120160: Research on Design Method for Heavy-Duty Asphalt Pavements and Its Application - 01 December 2012

JTE20120162: Rutting Mechanism Analysis of Heavy-duty Asphalt Pavement Based on Pavement Survey, Finite Element Simulation, and Instrumentation - 01 December 2012

JTE20120186: Evaluation of Performance on Crumb-Rubber-Modified Asphalt Mixture - 01 December 2012

JTE20120187: Performance Characterization of Bituminous Mixtures With Dolomite Sand Waste and BOF Steel Slag - 01 December 2012

JTE20120198: Analysis of Colombian Bitumen Modified With a Nanocomposite - 01 December 2012

GTJ104583: Discussion of “Development of a Substructure Instrumentation System at the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge and Its Use to Investigate the Lateral Behavior of Batter Piles” - 01 November 2012

GTJ20120088: The Nonlinear Coupled Response of Single and Group Piles under Various Horizontal Excitations: Experimental and Theoretical Study - 01 November 2012

JTE104200: Fatigue Crack Assessment of Asphalt Concrete Pavement on a Single Span Highway Bridge Subjected to a Moving Truck - 01 November 2012

JTE104352: Determining Performance of Marble Finished Products on Their Usage Areas by a New Impact-Resistance Test Method - 01 November 2012

JTE104607: Mechanical Characteristics of Asphaltic Mixtures Containing Titanium-Dioxide Photocatalyst - 01 November 2012

JTE104610: Comparison of Dynamic Moduli for Asphalt Mixtures Determined from Different Geometries and Compactions - 01 November 2012

JTE104641: Examining Polymerization of Kaolinitic Concrete Using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy - 01 November 2012

MPC104351: Measurement and Simulation of Lime Calcination in Normal Shaft Kiln - 21 September 2012

GTJ103402: Geotechnical Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Pavement Sub-Base Applications - 01 September 2012

GTJ104408: An Experimental Investigation on the Mechanical Behavior Between Cemented Granules - 01 September 2012

JTE20120042: Time-Dependent Rheological Changes of Fly Ash Blended Cement Paste - 01 September 2012

JTE20120045: Shrinkage-induced Damage Evolution for Concrete Overlay - 01 September 2012

JTE20120047: Performance Evaluation of SBS Modified Asphalt with Different Anti-aging Additives - 01 September 2012

JTE20120048: Investigation of Interaction between the Silicone Rubber Sealant and Concrete Substrate - 01 September 2012

JTE20120049: Nonlinear Response Characterization of Bituminous Mortar - 01 September 2012

JTE20120050: Effect of Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs) on Aging Properties of Bitumen - 01 September 2012

JTE20120052: Investigation on Characteristics of Internal Structure of Early-age Concrete by Non-destructive Testing - 01 September 2012

JTE20120054: Chloride Binding Capacity of Cement Paste Containing Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) - 01 September 2012

JTE20120056: Comparative Study on Laboratory Performance of Hot- and Warm-mix Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2012

JTE20120057: Degradation Behavior and Mechanism of HMA Aggregate - 01 September 2012

JTE20120058: Evaluation of Epoxy Asphalt Concrete Damping Parameters Using Impact Resonance Test - 01 September 2012

JTE20120060: Application of Sessile Drop Method to Determine Surface Free Energy of Asphalt and Aggregate - 01 September 2012

JTE20120062: Research on Structural Performance of Conductive Asphalt Pavement Buried Tubes in Moving Load - 01 September 2012

JTE20120064: High-Temperature Viscosity Performance of Crumb-Rubber-Modified Binder With Warm Mix Asphalt Additives - 01 September 2012

JTE20120065: A Study on Photo-thermal Coupled Aging Kinetics of Bitumen - 01 September 2012

JTE20120066: Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Various Fibers - 01 September 2012

JTE20120069: Effectiveness of Solar Heat Reflective Coatings in Reducing Asphalt Concrete Temperature - 01 September 2012

JTE20120070: Evaluating Laboratory Compaction of Asphalt Mixtures Using the Shear Box Compactor - 01 September 2012

JTE20120075: Comparison of Tensile Properties of Strain Hardening Cementitious Composite Cured in Normal and Accelerated Conditions - 01 September 2012

JTE20120084: Using Disturbed State Concept to Predict the Stress–Strain Response of Concrete Attacked by Sulfate - 01 September 2012

JTE20120090: Study on the Intrinsic Viscosity of Bitumen Containing Organo Montmorillonite Nanoclay - 01 September 2012

JTE20120091: Effect of Phase-Change Materials on Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2012

JTE20120093: Application of the Steam Aging Method to Evaluate the Long-Term Performance of Secondary Materials for Road Construction - 01 September 2012

GTJ103051: A Review of the Sand Castle Test for Assessing Collapsibility of Filters in Dams - 01 July 2012

GTJ103394: Characterizing Porosity and Diffusive Properties of Monolithic Cement-Based Solidified/Stabilized Materials - 01 July 2012

GTJ103512: Field Test of Circular Footings on Reinforced Granular Fill Layer Overlying a Clay Bed - 01 July 2012

GTJ103864: Laboratory Studies on Pressure Filtration in Post-Grouting of Drilled Shaft Tips in Clay - 01 July 2012

JTE103863: A Comparison Study of Friction Measurements for Chip Seal - 01 July 2012

JTE103928: Laboratory Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt Influence on Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity - 01 July 2012

JTE103932: Measurement of Creep-induced Change of Dynamic Stiffness of Resilient Materials Used for Impact Sound Isolation in Floating Floors - 01 July 2012

JTE104471: Correlation of Flow Number with Stiffness Obtained from Dynamic Shear Rheometer Testing of Extracted Binder from Asphalt Concrete Containing Recycled Asphalt Pavement - 01 July 2012

JTE104521: Comprehensive Evaluation of Small Strain Viscoelastic Behavior of Asphalt Concrete - 01 July 2012

JAI104076: Adhesive Joints in Glass and Solar Engineering - 01 May 2012

JAI104091: A Systematic Approach to the Study of Accelerated Weathering of Building Joint Sealants - 01 May 2012

JAI104101: Weathering Evaluation of Structural Silicone Sealants Used in Korea - 01 May 2012

JAI104151: A Review of the Behavior of Structural Silicone Glazing Systems Subjected to a Mega-Earthquake - 01 May 2012

JAI104275: The Mechanism of Adhesion Improvement of Elastomeric Silicone Sealants to Difficult-to-Bond Polymeric Substrates through Reactive or Interpenetrating Molecular Brushes - 01 May 2012

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JTE103820: Time Zero Value Based on S-Wave Reflection Loss Measurement for Early Age Shrinkage Monitoring of Cementitious Specimens Subjected to Sealed and Unsealed Curing Conditions - 01 May 2012

JTE103862: System Identification of a Reinforced Concrete Building Using the Complex Mode Indicator Function and the Hilbert Transform Techniques - 01 May 2012

JTE103943: Estimation of Optimum Compaction Temperature for PMA and WMA Mixtures by Volumetric Property Evaluation - 01 May 2012

JTE104161: Evaluation of Bentonite-Fly Ash Mix for Its Application in Landfill Liners - 01 May 2012

JTE104455: Comparison of Shape Parameters for Selected Coarse Aggregates in Oklahoma - 01 May 2012

JAI104088: Outline of Testing and Evaluation Program Used in Selection of Adhesives for Transparent Adhesive Joints in All-Glass Load-Bearing Structures - 01 April 2012

JAI104124: Potential of Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis Toward a Complementary Material and System Testing Approach for Structural Glazing - 01 April 2012

JAI104143: Evaluation of the Structural Sealant for Use in a Four-Sided Structural Sealant Glazing Curtain-Wall System for a Hospital Building - 01 April 2012

JAI104152: Development of a Non-Destructive Evaluation Practice of Installed Weatherproofing Sealant Joints Using a Rolling Device—An Introduction to ASTM C 1736 - 01 April 2012

JAI104219: Use of Cement-Treated Lightweight Soils Made from Dredged Clay - 01 April 2012

JAI104229: Glass Unit Corner Loading—Key Parameter in Durability - 01 April 2012

JAI104553: Validation of the Performance of Pervious Concrete in a Field Application with Finite Element Analysis - 01 April 2012

JAI103836: Bond Strength Between Cast-in-Place Ultra-High-Performance- Concrete and Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Plates Using Epoxy Bonded Coarse Silica Sand - 01 March 2012

JAI103995: Neutron and Gamma Field Investigations in the VVER-1000 Mock-Up Concrete Shielding on the Reactor LR-0 - 01 March 2012

JAI104120: Durability of Cold-Bent Insulating-Glass Units - 01 March 2012

JAI104135: Mechanisms of Asphalt Blistering on Concrete Bridges - 01 March 2012

JAI104144: Seismic Racking Test Evaluation of Silicone Used in a Four-Sided Structural Sealant Glazed Curtain Wall System - 01 March 2012

JAI104150: Case Studies of Adhesive and Rigid Insulation Board Failures due to Moisture in Low Sloped Roofing Assemblies - 01 March 2012

GTJ103412: Strain Gage Analysis for Nonlinear Pile Stiffness - 01 March 2012

GTJ103840: Resistance of Short, Stiff Piles to Multidirectional Lateral Loadings - 01 March 2012

JTE103765: Correlation Analysis of 2D Tomographic Images for Flaw Detection in Pavements - 01 March 2012

JTE103828: Recent Developments in the Swelling Model of Expansive Clays for Pavement-Heave Calculations - 01 March 2012

JTE103881: Evaluation of Air Void Distributions of Cement Asphalt Emulsion Mixes Using an X-Ray Computed Tomography Scanner - 01 March 2012

JTE104034: Determination of Optimum Fiber Content in a Fiber-Reinforced Clay - 01 March 2012

JTE104247: Discussion on “Influence of Feedback Control on Flexural Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Concrete in ASTM C1399 Tests,” by N. Banthia, S. Mindess, and Z. Jiang - 01 March 2012

JTE104279: Effects of Additives for Warm Mix Asphalt on Performance Grades of Asphalt Binders - 01 March 2012

JAI103651: Sustainable Use of Oil Sands for Geotechnical Construction and Road Building - 01 February 2012

JAI103660: Moisture and Rutting Resistances of Foamed Asphalt Mixtures Containing Recycled Coal Ash or Shingles With Moist Aggregates - 01 February 2012

JAI103668: Compressive Creep of Reinforced Polymeric Piling - 01 February 2012

JAI103677: Sustainable Piling Made of Recycled Polymers: State of the Art Review - 01 February 2012

JAI103679: Influence of Recovery Processes on Properties of Binders and Aggregates Recovered from Recycled Asphalt Pavement - 01 February 2012

JAI103680: Dynamic Behavior of Sand/Rubber Mixtures. Part I: Effect of Rubber Content and Duration of Confinement on Small-Strain Shear Modulus and Damping Ratio - 01 February 2012

JAI103705: Case Study to Promote the Use of Industrial Byproducts: The Relevance of Performance Tests - 01 February 2012

JAI103711: Dynamic Behavior of Sand/Rubber Mixtures, Part II: Effect of Rubber Content on G/GO-γ-DT Curves and Volumetric Threshold Strain - 01 February 2012

JAI103714: Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Cement-Treated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Blends as Roadway Base Material - 01 February 2012

JAI103733: Engineering Properties of Cement–Treated Granular Soil for Geotechnical Application - 01 February 2012

JAI103751: Sawdust Ash Stabilization of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement - 01 February 2012

JAI103753: Feasibility Study on Building-Derived Concrete Debris for Use in Highway Construction - 01 February 2012

JAI103843: Use of Post-Consumer Corrugated Fiberboard as Fine Aggregate Replacement in Controlled Low-Strength Materials - 01 February 2012

JAI104061: Mechanical Characteristics of Degraded Silicone Bonded Point Supports - 01 February 2012

JAI104090: A Test Method for Monitoring Modulus Changes during Durability Tests on Building Joint Sealants - 01 February 2012

JAI104092: Moisture Sensitive Adhesives and Flooring Adhesive Failures - 01 February 2012

JAI103642: Leaching Behavior of Fluorine from Soil Stabilized with Recycled Gypsum from Plaster Board - 01 January 2012

JAI103665: An Evaluation of Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles for Beneficial Reuse in Roadway Construction - 01 January 2012

JAI103666: Use of Ferrochromium Slag as an Artificial Aggregate in Pavement Layers - 01 January 2012

JAI103740: Roofing Assembly Simulated Heat and Light Test - 01 January 2012

JAI103747: Principles of Design and Installation of Below-Grade and Building Deck Waterproofing in 2010 - 01 January 2012

JAI103752: Rice Husk Ash Stabilization of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement - 01 January 2012

JAI103766: Recycled Asphalt Shingles Mixed with Granular Byproducts as Structural Fills - 01 January 2012

JAI104048: Attempt at Quantification of Surface Degradation and Evaluation of Relationship between Outdoor and Accelerated Exposure of Construction Sealants - 01 January 2012

JAI104063: Durability of Acrylic Sealants Applied to Joints of Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Walls: Evaluation of Exposure Testing - 01 January 2012

JAI104064: Evaluation of Sealed Joint Performance for the Selection of Sealants Suitable for Use in Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panels - 01 January 2012

JAI104079: Characterization of Adhesive Joints for Hybrid Steel-Glass Beams by Means of Simplified Small Scale Tests - 01 January 2012

JAI104138: Comparison of ASTM C311 Strength Activity Index Testing versus Testing Based on Constant Volumetric Proportions - 01 January 2012

JAI104142: In Situ Measurement of Compression Set in Building Sealants During Outdoor Aging - 01 January 2012

JTE103002: A Practical Dynamic Modulus Testing Protocol - 01 January 2012

JTE103325: Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform to Inertial Profile Verification: A Laboratory Approach - 01 January 2012

JTE103592: Evaluation of Various Test Devices for the Measurements of Aggregates and Asphalt Mixtures’ Specific Gravity - 01 January 2012

JTE103713: Rheological and Rutting Characterization of Asphalt Mixes with Modified Binders - 01 January 2012

JTE103738: Research of Bituminous MortarFatigue Test Method Based on Dynamic Shear Rheometer - 01 January 2012

JTE103773: Effect of Parallel Gradations on Crushed Rock-Concrete Interface Behaviors - 01 January 2012

JTE103776: Trial Grouting under Rigid Pavement: A Case History in Magong Airport, Penghu - 01 January 2012

JTE103788: A Study of Image Reconstruction for Complex Targets Buried in a Slab Medium Using the Unrelated Illumination Method - 01 January 2012

JTE103822: Comparison of Damage Criteria for Structures to Near-Field Blast-Induced Ground Motions - 01 January 2012

JTE103873: Corrosion of Rebar and Role of Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 01 January 2012

JTE103895: Moisture Meter Calibrations for Untreated and ACQ-Treated Southern Yellow Pine Lumber and Plywood - 01 January 2012

JTE103946: Effect of Silicone Maintenance Materials on Asphalt Binders and Mixtures - 01 January 2012

JAI103646: Comparison of Specifications for Recycled Concrete Aggregate for Pavement Construction - 01 November 2011

JAI103656: Surface Characterization of Replicate Wood Surfaces for Cleaning Studies - 01 November 2011

JAI103664: Evaluation of Particle Shape and Surface Texture of Recycled Organic Aggregates - 01 November 2011

JAI103671: Dechlorination of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Residues for Beneficial Reuse as a Resource for Cement - 01 November 2011

JAI103701: Evaluation of the Effects of Climatic Conditions on Modulus of Base Materials with Recycled Asphalt Pavement - 01 November 2011

JAI103744: Dual Barrier Protected Membrane Roof Assemblies - 01 November 2011

JAI103759: Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roof Membranes Exposed in the Western United States for Seven Years - 01 November 2011

JAI103825: Application of Rheological Models to Modified Roofing Asphalts - 01 November 2011

JAI103826: Application of Frequency Selective Circuits for Crack Detection in Concrete Elements - 01 November 2011

JAI104084: Preliminary Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties and Durability of Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive (TSSA) for Point Fixing in Glazing - 01 November 2011

GTJ103269: Experimental Investigation of the Combined Load Response of Model Piles Driven in Sand - 01 November 2011

JTE103312: Modified Ignition Oven Test Procedure for Determination of Binder Content in Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Dolomite Aggregate - 01 November 2011

JTE103542: Analysis of Rutting Performance Impacting Factors in HMA Overlay Mixture Design - 01 November 2011

JTE103612: Development of Specification Limits for Asphalt Pavements Based on Quality Control and Quality Assurance Data - 01 November 2011

JTE103626: Evaluation of the Fracture Resistance of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Bilinear Cohesive Zone Model - 01 November 2011

JTE103715: Tension and Compression Creep Apparatus for Wood–Plastic Composites - 01 November 2011

JTE103805: Wind Resistance Correlation of Adhesive Applied Roofing System - 01 November 2011

JTE103813: Guide on the Selection of Appropriate Laboratory Stress Levels for the Flow Number Test - 01 November 2011

JTE103914: Bench Tests for Characterizing the Thermophysical Properties of Type X Special Fire Resistant Gypsum Board Exposed to Fire - 01 November 2011

JAI102850: Long-Term Hydrostatic Strength and Design of Thermoplastic Piping Compounds - 01 October 2011

JAI102910: ASTM D 3350: A Historical and Current Perspective on a Standard Specification for Identification of Polyethylene Plastics Pipe and Fittings Materials - 01 October 2011

JAI103535: Evaluation of Measured and Estimated Dynamic Moduli for Selected Asphalt Mixes - 01 October 2011

JAI103661: Moisture Susceptibility of Polymerized Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures using Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies using Moist Aggregates - 01 October 2011

JAI103700: Resilient Characteristics of Bottom Ash and Bottom Ash-Soil Mixtures - 01 October 2011

JAI103741: Single Ply Roofing: Introduction to a New Sustainability Standard for the Roofing Industry - 01 October 2011

JAI103772: Electrical Conductance Methods for Locating Leaks in Roofing and Waterproof Membranes - 01 October 2011

JAI103802: Case Studies of Foamed Adhesive Failures of Low Sloped Roofing Rigid Insulation Board - 01 October 2011

JAI103879: NSF 14: Shaping the Future of the Plastic Piping Industry - 01 October 2011

JAI102851: How to Crawl Through a Pipe—Terminology - 01 September 2011

JAI102852: Design and Performance of Plastic Drainage Pipes in Environmental Containment Facilities - 01 September 2011

JAI102856: Technical Considerations When Fabricating PVC Pressure Fittings - 01 September 2011

JAI102862: Polyamide 12 Natural Gas Distribution Systems Operating at Pressures Greater Than 125 Psig - 01 September 2011

JAI102888: Deflection Lag, Load Lag, and Time Lag of Buried Flexible Pipe - 01 September 2011

JAI103643: Detector Tube Method for Ammonia Compared to Ion Selective Electrode for Selected Class C and Class F Fly Ash - 01 September 2011

JAI103659: Groundwater Impacts from Leaching of Coal Combustion Products in Roadway Embankment Constructions - 01 September 2011

JAI103704: Influence of Edge Restraint on Clip Fastener Loads of Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels - 01 September 2011

JAI103743: Correlating Accelerated Laboratory, Field, and Thermal Aging TPO Membranes - 01 September 2011

JAI103745: Service Life Assessment of a Low-Slope 55 % Al–Zn Alloy-Coated Steel Standing Seam Roof System - 01 September 2011

JAI103829: Discussion on “Mesothelioma in Drywall Finishing Workers,” by McCoy, M. J., Wolter, M. E., and Anderson, K. E. - 01 September 2011

JAI103960: Ways of Improving the Interfacial Durability of Silicone Adhesives in Building Applications - 01 September 2011

JAI104059: Response to Discussion of “Mesothelioma in Drywall Finishing Workers” by McCoy, M. J., Wolter, M. E., and Anderson, K. E. - 01 September 2011

JTE102891: Effect of Initial Stress Levels on Strength Parameters of Reinforced Concrete Beams Retrofitted Using Ferrocement Jackets - 01 September 2011

JTE103319: Fatigue Testing of Traffic Signal Structures Using an Eccentric-Mass Oscillator - 01 September 2011

JTE103370: Effect of Specimen Size on Static Strength and Dynamic Increase Factor of High-Strength Concrete from SHPB Test - 01 September 2011

JTE103392: A New Round Panel Test for the Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Concrete: A Broad Experimental Study - 01 September 2011

JTE103417: Microanalysis of Recycled Coarse Aggregate and Properties of No-Fines Pervious Recycled Concrete - 01 September 2011

JTE103423: The Use of a VRS-Based Pioneer 3-AT Robot in Pavement Inspections - 01 September 2011

JTE103446: CT Image Entropy Analysis Technique for the Determination of Damage to Indirect Tensile Test of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2011

JTE103471: Mechanical Behavior of Natural and Recycled Granular Materials for Roads - 01 September 2011

JTE103472: Characterization of Clean and Fouled Rail Track Ballast Subsurface Using Seismic Surface Survey Method: Model and Field Studies - 01 September 2011

JTE103484: Effects of Moist Aggregates on the Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt Mixtures Containing Non-Foaming Additives - 01 September 2011

JTE103516: The Application and Early-Age Behaviors of Continuously Reinforced Bonded Concrete Overlay of Distressed Jointed Concrete Pavements - 01 September 2011

JTE103530: Correlation Analyses for Implementation of Binder Properties for Rut Potential Estimation of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2011

JTE103730: A Global Method for the Identification of Failure Modes in Fiberglass Using Acoustic Emission - 01 September 2011

JTE103819: Image Analysis Technique for Monitoring Early Age Shrinkage Strains with Depth from the Top Surface of Monolithic Cementitious Prism Specimens - 01 September 2011

JAI102839: North America’s Cinderella Pipe Story: A Look at PVC Pipes’ Climb to the Top - 01 July 2011

JAI102855: Tensile Testing of a Push-On Restrained Joint PVC Pipe - 01 July 2011

JAI102865: Environmental Stress Cracking of Commercial CPVC Pipes - 01 July 2011

JAI103248: Effect of Deflection Increment Size on Apparent Performance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams and Panels - 01 July 2011

JAI103648: Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag with Seawater as Soil Additives in Lime-Clay Stabilization - 01 July 2011

JAI103655: Performance Related Tests on Recycled Materials for Sustainable Design of Pavement Systems - 01 July 2011

JAI103663: Characteristics of a Coal Fly Ash Subjected to Additional Processing - 01 July 2011

JAI103669: Full Depth Reclamation of Asphalt Pavements Using Coal Combustion Byproducts - 01 July 2011

GTJ103109: Development of a Substructure Instrumentation System at the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge and Its Use to Investigate the Lateral Behavior of Batter Piles - 01 July 2011

GTJ103218: Evaluation of In Situ Characterization Techniques for Pavement Applications of Portland Cement-Stabilized Soil - 01 July 2011

JTE102484: Response Behavior of Asphalt Mixtures at Low Temperatures Under Varying Indirect Tensile Test Loading Conditions - 01 July 2011

JTE102967: Controlling Condensation Through the Use of Active and Passive Glazing Systems - 01 July 2011

JTE102999: Considerations for Controlling Condensation in High-Humidity Buildings: Lessons Learned - 01 July 2011

JTE103017: Condensation Problems in Precast Concrete Cladding Systems in Cold Climates - 01 July 2011

JTE103071: Laboratory Tests of Window-Wall Interface Details to Evaluate the Risk of Condensation on Windows - 01 July 2011

JTE103073: An Approach on Damage Detection of Beams Using Operational and Numerical Modal Analyses - 01 July 2011

JTE103091: Development of a Geothermal Snow Melting System for Highway Overlays and Its Performance Validations - 01 July 2011

JTE103116: Performance Evaluation of Recycled PMA Binders Containing Warm Mix Asphalt Additives - 01 July 2011

JTE103133: Evaluation of High Temperature Rheological Characteristics of Asphalt Binder with Carbon Nano Particles - 01 July 2011

JTE103165: Stress-Strain Behavior and California Bearing Ratio of Artificially Cemented Sand - 01 July 2011

JTE103171: A Photogrammetric System Design to Determine the Load-Deflection Behaviors of Materials in Civil Engineering - 01 July 2011

JTE103184: Shear and Axial Load Measurement Device for Anchors in Concrete - 01 July 2011

JTE103189: Measurements of Thermal Conduction in Partially Saturated Specimens Using the Transient Hot-Disk Technique - 01 July 2011

JTE103255: Effect of Cement Kiln Dust and Rock Dust as Mineral Fillers on Bulk Specific Gravity of Fine Aggregates - 01 July 2011

JTE103261: Length Effects in Tensile Strength in the Orthogonal Directions of Structural Composite Lumber - 01 July 2011

JTE103291: Influence of Feedback Control on Flexural Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Concrete in ASTM C1399 Tests - 01 July 2011

JTE103331: Automated Measurements of Road Cracks Using Line-Scan Imaging - 01 July 2011

JAI102693: A Brief History of the Development and Growth of the Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Industry in North America - 01 June 2011

JAI102838: A Service Life Assessment of Corrugated HDPE Drainage Pipe - 01 June 2011

JAI103283: Corrosion Measurement Techniques in Steel Reinforced Concrete - 01 May 2011

JTE102795: Application of Statistical Methods in Evaluating Asphalt Mixture Homogeneity - 01 May 2011

JTE102878: Evaluation of the Effects of Asphalt Binder on the Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt at Intermediate Temperatures - 01 May 2011

JTE102946: Rehabilitation Assessment of Jointed Concrete Pavement Using the Rolling Dynamic Deflectometer and Ground Penetrating Radar - 01 May 2011

JTE102968: Interior Metal Components and the Thermal Performance of Window Frames - 01 May 2011

JTE102969: Improving the Condensation Resistance of Fenestration by Considering Total Building Enclosure and Mechanical System Interaction - 01 May 2011

JTE102971: Drying Characteristics of Spray-Applied Cellulose Fiber Insulation - 01 May 2011

JTE102973: Moisture Response of Sheathing Board in Conventional and Rain-Screen Wall Systems with Shiplap Cladding - 01 May 2011

JTE102993: Simulation of Obstacles in a Longitudinal Road Profile Based on the Weibull Distribution - 01 May 2011

JTE103023: A Test Protocol to Quantify the Uplift Resistance of Adhesive Applied Roofing Specimens Subjected to Tensile Loading - 01 May 2011

JTE103053: Moisture Measurements and Condensation Potential in Wood Frame Walls in a Hot-Humid Climate - 01 May 2011

JTE103084: Development of a Flattened Indirect Tension Test for Asphalt Concrete - 01 May 2011

JTE103088: Energy Based Laboratory Fatigue Failure Criteria for Asphalt Materials - 01 May 2011

JTE103158: Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt Mixtures Containing RAP Using Accelerated Loading Tests - 01 May 2011

JTE103199: Fracture-Mechanical Characterization of Parquet-Adhesive-Screed Systems - 01 May 2011

JAI102849: The Hydrostatic Stress Board of Plastics Pipe Institute: The First 50 Years - 01 April 2011

JAI102859: Unique Calibration Case Study for Predictive Model of Installation Loads for Directional Drilled Fusible PVC Pipe - 01 March 2011

JAI102870: Building Knowledge from Failure Analysis of Plastic Pipe and Other Hydraulic Structures - 01 March 2011

JAI102911: Axial Response of HDPE Pipes as a Result of Installation by Directional Drilling - 01 March 2011

JAI102924: Correlation Between Water Vapor and Air Permeability of Building Materials: Experimental Observations - 01 March 2011

JAI103465: Pilot Evaluation for Lead-Based Paint Proficiency Testing of Field Portable XRF Instruments - 01 March 2011

JAI103466: Development of Two Sample Preparation Methods for Determination of Lead in Composite Dust Wipe Samples - 01 March 2011

GTJ103096: On the Design of Instrumented Double-Wall Model Piles Used to Investigate Plugging of Open-Ended Pipe Piles - 01 March 2011

JTE102678: Sorption and Thermal Properties of Insulating Mortars with Expanded and Vitrified Small Ball - 01 March 2011

JTE102844: Laboratory Investigation of Fatigue Characteristics of Rubberized Asphalt Mixtures Containing Warm Asphalt Additives at a Low Temperature - 01 March 2011

JTE102845: A New Laboratory Evaluation Method for the Adhesive Performance of Crack Sealants - 01 March 2011

JTE102916: Organizational Performance Measurement System and International Tourist Hotels: A New Conceptual Framework - 01 March 2011

JTE102919: Laboratory Evaluation of Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures with Polyethylene and Cellulose Stabilizers - 01 March 2011

JTE102959: Case Study of Mechanical Control of Condensation in Exterior Walls - 01 March 2011

JTE102970: Investigation of the Condensation Potential Between Wood Windows and Sill Pans in a Warm, Humid Climate - 01 March 2011

JTE102983: Fenestration Condensation Resistance: Computer Simulation and In Situ Performance - 01 March 2011

JTE102995: Moisture Damage in Vented Air Space of Exterior Walls of Wooden Houses - 01 March 2011

JTE103028: Free Shrinkage of High Performance Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 01 March 2011

JTE103108: Development of a Crack Sealant Adhesion Test (CSADT) Specification for Hot-Poured Bituminous Sealants - 01 March 2011

JTE103182: Application of Dynamic Compaction for Poorly Compacted Embankment - 01 March 2011

JAI103034: A Test Protocol to Quantify the Peel Resistance of Adhesive Applied Low Slope Roofing Specimens Subjected to Shear Loading - 01 February 2011

JAI102846: Yesterday, Today, and Now: Polyamide-11 Gas Piping at 200 psig Under the New Rules - 01 January 2011

JAI102854: Challenges in Investigating Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe Failures - 01 January 2011

JAI102863: Trenchless Case History—University of Denver’s Use of High-Performance Restrained-Joint Water Distribution Pipe - 01 January 2011

JAI102873: Plastic Tubing Prospect to Replace Cast Iron Conduit in Steam Heating Systems - 01 January 2011

GTJ102926: Static Testing of Pile-Base Post-Grouting Piles of the Suramadu Bridge - 01 January 2011

JTE102385: A New Static Strength Test for Characterization of Rutting of Dense-Graded Asphalt Mixtures - 01 January 2011

JTE102699: Fatigue and Stiffness Evaluations of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures - 01 January 2011

JTE102724: Full-Scale Experimental Research on PE Sheathing of Stay-Cable - 01 January 2011

JTE102760: Alternative Procedure for Determination of Hot Mix Asphalt Creep Compliance - 01 January 2011

JTE102896: A Review of ASHRAE Standard 160—Criteria for Moisture Control Design Analysis in Buildings - 01 January 2011

JTE102972: Insulation Draws Water - 01 January 2011

JTE103001: Determining Residual Ammonia in Flue Gas Conditioned Fly Ashes and Its Influence on the Pozzolanic Activity - 01 January 2011

JTE103027: Applications of X-Ray Fluorescence to Confirm Sulfur Impact of Corrosive Drywall - 01 January 2011

JTE103087: X-Ray Fluorescence in Corrosive Drywall Investigations: Strontium Levels in Several Corrosive and Non-Corrosive Drywalls and Effects of Drywall Finish on XRF Strontium Detection - 01 January 2011

JAI102449: Constitutive Property Behavior of Type N and Type S Mortars - 01 November 2010

JAI102670: Incorporation of Property-Based Testing in Coarse Aggregate Specifications for Pavement Applications - 01 November 2010

GTJ102644: Hydraulic Properties of Asphalt Concrete - 01 November 2010

JTE102389: Evaluation of Statistical Validity of Some Asphalt Binder Grade Systems - 01 November 2010

JTE102523: Coefficients of Thermal Expansion of Concrete with Different Coarse Aggregates–Texas Data - 01 November 2010

JTE102666: Tensile Creep Test of Fiber-Reinforced Ultra-High Performance Concrete - 01 November 2010

JTE102674: Geometrical Evaluation and Experimental Verification to Determine Representative Volume Elements of Heterogeneous Asphalt Mixtures - 01 November 2010

JTE102739: Comparative Study on Recovered Binder Properties Using Three Asphalt Emulsion Recovery Methods - 01 November 2010

JTE102806: Modeling the Effects of Temperature and Loading Rate on Fatigue Property of Asphalt Binder - 01 November 2010

JAI102906: Effects of Supplementary Cementitious Materials on Apparent Activation Energy - 01 October 2010

JAI103118: A Dual Concentric Ring Test for Evaluating Residual Stress Development due to Restrained Volume Change - 01 October 2010

JAI102641: Analytical Behaviors of Steel and CFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams in Fire - 01 September 2010

JAI102840: Stress Crack Protocol for Finished Product Testing of Corrugated High Density Polyethylene Pipe - 01 September 2010

JAI102841: Guided Side-Bend: An Alternative Qualification Method for Butt Fusion Joining of Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings - 01 September 2010

JAI102860: Designing Stormwater Chambers to Meet AASHTO Specifications - 01 September 2010

JTE101836: High Speed Weigh-in-Motion Calibration Practices - 01 September 2010

JTE102126: Evaluation of Slip Resistant Plates for Roadway Applications - 01 September 2010

JTE102139: Experimental Determination of Galvanic Anode Current Output for Common Geometries Used in Civil Works Applications - 01 September 2010

JTE102196: Mechanical Behavior of Nanoclay Modified Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2010

JTE102382: The Application of Various Indicators for the Estimation of Carbonation and pH of Cement Based Materials - 01 September 2010

JTE102418: Evaluation of Reclaimed Polyethylene-Modified Asphalt Pavements - 01 September 2010

JTE102591: Using Limited Purchase Specification Tests to Perform Full Linear Viscoelastic Characterization of Asphalt Binder - 01 September 2010

JTE102638: On the Evaluation of Setting Time of Cement Paste Based on ASTM C403 Penetration Resistance Test - 01 September 2010

JTE102774: Quality Control of Turkish Calcareous Natural Stone Using the Merkont System - 01 September 2010

JAI102991: Shrinkage Cracking Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Concrete: As Assessed Using the Restrained Ring Test - 01 July 2010

JAI103046: Statistical Calibration of ASTM C150 Bogue-Derived Phase Limits to Directly Determined Phases by Quantitative X-Ray Powder Diffraction - 01 July 2010

JTE102102: Earthquake Behaviour of Kömürhan Highway Bridge Using a Validated Finite Element Model - 01 July 2010

JTE102320: Network Level Testing for Pavement Structural Evaluation Using a Rolling Wheel Deflectometer - 01 July 2010

JTE102384: Methods for Determining the Solubility Parameter of Bitumen - 01 July 2010

JTE102420: Theoretical Solutions for Strength-Scaled Unreinforced Masonry for Scaled Soil-Structure Experimentation - 01 July 2010

JTE102442: Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Asphalt Mixtures Using Advanced Material Characterization Tests - 01 July 2010

JTE102464: Lessons Learned from RAP Sections with 17 Years of Service - 01 July 2010

JTE102513: Calibration Surface Design and Validation for Terrain Measurement Systems - 01 July 2010

JTE102613: A Full Scale In Situ Evaluation of Strain Characteristics at Highway Flexible Pavement Sections - 01 July 2010

JTE102682: Effect of Variations in Practice of ASTM D7522 Standard Pull-Off Test for FRP-Concrete Interfaces - 01 July 2010

JTE102687: Characterization of the Tensile Properties of Open Graded Friction Course Mixtures Based on Direct and Indirect Tension Tests - 01 July 2010

JAI102697: Effects of Analytical Precision on Bogue Calculations of Potential Portland Cement Composition - 01 June 2010

JAI102727: Common Sense and Masonry Repair - 01 June 2010

JAI102861: Design Development of Large Thermoplastic Chambers for Stormwater Retention - 01 June 2010

JAI102657: Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Hydrated Cement Paste Using Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy - 01 May 2010

JAI102667: Novel Approach Towards Calculation of Averaged Activation Energy Based on Arrhenius Plot for Predicting the Effect of Temperature on Chloride Induced Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - 01 May 2010

JAI102725: Test Method for Determining the Efflorescence Potential of Masonry Materials Based on Soluble Salt Content - 01 May 2010

JAI102744: Efflorescence: Evaluation of Published Test Methods for Brick and Efforts to Develop a Masonry Assembly Test Method - 01 May 2010

JAI102777: Performance of Olive Waste Ash Concrete Exposed to Thermal Cycling - 01 May 2010

JAI102843: Specifying Plastic Pipes for Trenchless Applications - 01 May 2010

JAI102864: Design and Use of Expansion Joints in New and Existing Clay Masonry Wall Systems - 01 May 2010

JAI102882: Comparative Study of Freeze and Thaw Test Procedures on Molded Brick - 01 May 2010

JTE102386: Size Effects in Flexural Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 01 May 2010

JTE102417: Nondestructive Fatigue Damage Analysis of a Thin Asphalt Concrete Course Using the Wavelet Correlation Method - 01 May 2010

JTE102636: In Situ Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Building Materials with a Thermal Probe - 01 May 2010

JTE102732: Decision Model for Global Manufacturing and Operating Flexibility: Real Options Approach - 01 May 2010

JAI102453: Evaluation of the Critical Air-Void System Parameters for Freeze-Thaw Resistant Ternary Concrete Using the Manual Point-Count and the Flatbed Scanner Methods - 01 April 2010

JAI102726: Improving the Thermal Resistance of Brick Masonry Systems - 01 April 2010

JAI102735: Detailing Masonry Veneer/Steel Stud Backup Systems at Fenestration Systems to Avoid Moisture Problems - 01 April 2010

JAI102367: Optimization of Production Conditions in Cement Mill to Achieve Optimal Cement Properties at Early Ages - 01 March 2010

JAI102370: Prediction of Potential Compressive Strength of Portland Clinker from Production Conditions in Cement Kiln - 01 March 2010

JAI102707: Statistical Analysis of Flexural Tensile Strength of Clay Masonry as a Function of Void Area - 01 March 2010

JAI102723: A Laboratory Evaluation of Plastic (Stucco) Cement-Based Plaster as a Barrier to Water Penetration of Concrete Masonry Construction at Hurricane Force Wind Speeds - 01 March 2010

JAI102730: Evaluation and Repair of Thin Brick Veneer Facades - 01 March 2010

JAI102740: Seismic Performance Tests of Masonry and Masonry Veneer - 01 March 2010

JTE101627: Effect of Reinforcement on Bearing Capacity of Loose Sand Foundation and Deformation Behavior of Buried Flexible Pipes - 01 March 2010

JTE101683: Comparative Study of Road Profilers’ Accuracy and Precision - 01 March 2010

JTE102462: Uncertainty Analysis of Thermal Transmission Properties Determined by ASTM C177-04 - 01 March 2010

JAI101927: Comparison of Workability Test Methods for Self-Consolidating Concrete - 01 February 2010

JAI102463: Determining the Air-Entraining Admixture Dosage Response for Concrete with a Single Concrete Mixture - 01 February 2010

JAI102476: Evaluation of Two Automated Methods for Air-Void Analysis of Hardened Concrete - 01 February 2010

JAI102663: Proposed Masonry Specified Compressive Strength Requirements - 01 February 2010

JAI101951: Assessing Molding Procedure of Compressive Strength Test Specimens for Self-Consolidating Concrete - 01 January 2010

JAI101970: Predicting Dynamic Segregation of Self-Consolidating Concrete from the Slump-Flow Test - 01 January 2010

JAI102003: Determination of Rheology of Self-Consolidating Concrete Using the 4C-Rheometer and How to Make Use of the Results - 01 January 2010

JAI102067: Drying Response of Wood-Frame Construction: Laboratory and Modeling - 01 January 2010

JAI102091: Experimental Assessment of Hygrothermal Properties of Wood-Frame Wall Assemblies—Moisture Content Calibration Curve for OSB Using Moisture Pins - 01 January 2010

JAI102186: Selective Review of Weathering Tests for Sealants and Thoughts on the Development of Novel Test Concept Based on Simultaneous Weathering and Movement - 01 January 2010

JAI102259: Fire Performance Testing of Building Element Interfaces and Connections - 01 January 2010

JAI102311: Predicting Fire Behavior of Composite CFT Columns Using Fundamental Section Behavior - 01 January 2010

JAI102448: Use of Fiber Optic and Electrical Resistance Sensors for Monitoring Moisture Movement in Building Stones Subjected to Simulated Climatic Conditions - 01 January 2010

JAI102450: Experimental Study on Freeze-Thaw Damage Mechanism of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete - 01 January 2010

JAI102452: Assessment of Air Entrainment in Fresh Cement Paste Using Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing - 01 January 2010

JAI102506: Freeze-Thaw Performance of Concrete: Reconciling Laboratory-Based Specifications with Field Experience - 01 January 2010

JAI102734: New Weathering Test Method for Sealants and Preliminary Experimental Results - 01 January 2010

GTJ102708: The Development and Testing of an Instrumented Open-Ended Model Pile - 01 January 2010

JTE101934: A Comparison of Warm Asphalt Binder Aging with Laboratory Aging Procedures - 01 January 2010

JTE102010: Effects of Base Support and Load Transfer Efficiency (LTE) on Portland Concrete Pavement Performance - 01 January 2010

JTE102054: Laboratory Measurement of the Actual Tire-Pavement Contact Pressure Using a Static Test Device - 01 January 2010

JTE102107: Distress Evolution in Highway Flexible Pavements: A 5-Year Study at the Korea Highway Corporation Test Road - 01 January 2010

JTE102115: Energy-Based Approach for Determining Flow Number - 01 January 2010

JTE102319: Evaluation of Engineering Properties of Rubberized Laboratory Mixes Containing Warm Mix Additives - 01 January 2010

JTE102357: Preliminary Evaluation of a Twist-Core Method for Estimating Concrete Strength - 01 January 2010

JTE102379: Laboratory Investigation of Misaligned Dowel Behavior - 01 January 2010

JAI101455: The Effect of Air Cavity Convection on the Wetting and Drying Behavior of Wood-Frame Walls Using a Multi-Physics Approach - 01 November 2009

JAI102150: Characterization of Serpentinites for Potential Use as Dimension Stone - 01 November 2009

JAI102364: Use of Isothermal Conduction Calorimetric Method for Measuring the Heat of Hydration of Cement - 01 November 2009

JAI102454: Effects of Strength, Permeability, and Air Void Parameters on Freezing-Thawing Resistance of Concrete with and Without Air Entrainment - 01 November 2009

JAI102695: A Robust Installation for Brick-Mold Windows and Doors Using Self-Adhered Flashing - 01 November 2009

JTE101740: Development of a New Test Facility to Examine Reinforced Concrete Panels Under Uniaxial and Biaxial Direct Tension - 01 November 2009

JTE101865: Evaluating Parameters for Characterization of Cracking in Asphalt Concrete - 01 November 2009

JTE101924: Material Variability and Repetitive Member Factors for the Allowable Properties of Engineered Wood Products - 01 November 2009

JTE102178: Comparison of Linear Visco-Elastic Complex Modulus and Yield Shear Stress in DSR Moisture Damage Test - 01 November 2009

JTE102267: The Effect of Dual Flue Gas Conditioning on Fly Ash Characteristics - 01 November 2009

JAI101270: Assessing the Effectiveness of Wall-Window Interface Details to Manage Rainwater—Selected Results from Window Installation to a Wall Sheathed in Extruded Polystyrene - 01 October 2009

JAI101446: Towards Development of a Performance Standard for Assessing the Effectiveness of Wall-Window Interface Details to Manage Rainwater Intrusion - 01 October 2009

JAI101519: Probabilistic Chloride Corrosion Service Life Model Validation: Global and Individual Bridge Deck Predictions - 01 October 2009

JAI101893: Vapor Permeability Measurements: Impact of Cup Sealing, Edge Correction, Flow Direction, and Mean Relative Humidity - 01 October 2009

JAI101982: Experimental Evaluation of Ultraviolet and Visible Light Curing Acrylates for Use in Glass Structures - 01 October 2009

JAI101990: Resistance of Adhesive Bonding of Ultra-High Performance Concrete to Hygrothermal, Corrosive, and Freeze-Thaw Cycling Environments - 01 October 2009

JAI102030: Measurement of Water Permeability of Roof Tiles and Influence of Entrapped Air - 01 October 2009

JAI102043: Assessment of Energy Rating of Polyurethane Spray Foam Walls: Procedure and Interim Results - 01 October 2009

JAI102052: Setting Realistic Design Indoor Conditions for Residential Buildings by Vapor Pressure Difference - 01 October 2009

JAI102059: Proposed Modifications for Models of Heat Transfer Problems Involving Partially Melted Phase Change Processes - 01 October 2009

JAI102085: A New Testing Method to Evaluate the Relative Drying Performance of Different Building Envelope Systems Using Water Trays in Stud Cavities as Moisture Source - 01 October 2009

JAI102234: Using X-Ray Absorption to Assess Moisture Movement in Cement-Based Materials - 01 October 2009

JAI102327: Influence of Test Machine Control Method on Flexural Performance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams - 01 October 2009

JAI102446: The Practical Application of a Flatbed Scanner for Air-Void Characterization of Hardened Concrete - 01 October 2009

JAI102451: Test Methods for Characterizing Air Void Systems in Portland Cement Pervious Concrete - 01 October 2009

JAI102617: Determination of ΔKth by Compression Pre-Cracking in a Structural Steel - 01 October 2009

JAI101428: Laboratory Tests of Water Penetration through Wall-Window Interfaces Based on U.S. Residential Window Installation Practice - 01 September 2009

JAI102027: Concrete Hygrothermal Properties and the Influence of their Variability on Moisture Movement in Concrete Walls - 01 September 2009

JAI102053: Field Performance and Accelerated Weathering of High Performance Acrylic and Polyurethane Sealants for Tilt-Up Applications - 01 September 2009

JAI102087: Role of Vapor Barrier in Wood-Frame Stucco Wall in Various North American Climates: Observations from Hygrothermal Simulation - 01 September 2009

JAI102273: Cone Calorimeter—A Cautionary Tale - 01 September 2009

JTE000011: Significance Evaluation of Material and Additive Factors Influencing Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2009

JTE000017: Influence Treatment in Laboratory of Stone Surface on the Surface Roughness - 01 September 2009

JTE000037: Analysis of High Temperature Fluctuations on Asphalt Pavement of Cement Concrete Bridge - 01 September 2009

JTE000133: The Influence of Aggregate Interaction and Aging Procedure on Bitumen Aging - 01 September 2009

JTE000144: A New Technology of Recycling 100 % Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements - 01 September 2009

JTE000315: Contribution of the Bituminous Mortar and Stone Skeleton to the Resistance to Permanent Deformation in Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2009

JTE000319: Study on Low-Temperature Cracking Performance of Asphalt Mortar Modified by an Aluminate Coupling Agent - 01 September 2009

JTE000338: Prediction of In-Service Fatigue Life of Flexible Pavements Based on Accelerated Pavement Testing - 01 September 2009

JTE000344: Investigation on the Bulk Performance and Microstructure of Emulsion-Based, Cold In-Place Recycling Mixtures - 01 September 2009

JTE000355: Performance of Composite Modified Asphalt with Trinidad Lake Asphalt used as Waterproofing Material for Bridge Deck Pavement - 01 September 2009

JTE000375: Is Normal Distribution the Most Appropriate Statistical Distribution for Volumetric Properties in Asphalt Mixtures? - 01 September 2009

JTE000380: Comparison of Performance of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Polymer Modifiers - 01 September 2009

JTE000391: Research on Relationship between Aging State and Low-Temperature Performance of Asphalt Mixture - 01 September 2009

JTE000395: Preliminary Study on Asphalt Emulsion Used in Cement Asphalt Mortar - 01 September 2009

JTE003107: The Damage Analysis of Asphalt Pavement Under Repeated Loads - 01 September 2009

JTE003109: Understanding the Molecular Surface Charges of Asphalt or Clay Particles and Application in the Transportation and Oil Sands Industries - 01 September 2009

JTE003110: Calibration Procedures for the Intelligent Asphalt Compaction Analyzer - 01 September 2009

JTE003111: Optimal Bitumen-Aggregate Ratio Selection Method of Hot Mix Asphalt Based on Closest Compaction Condition - 01 September 2009

JTE003113: Factors Influencing the Leaching of Asphalt Components - 01 September 2009

JTE003114: A Study on Rutting Prediction of the Asphalt Pavement for Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks - 01 September 2009

JAI101242: What We Do Not Know: Perspectives on Wall-Window Combinations and Performance Assurance We Have yet to Address - 01 July 2009

JAI101984: Cleaning Silicone Residue from Glass - 01 July 2009

JAI102038: Evaluation of the Durability Potential of Silyl Terminated Polyacrylate Based Construction Sealant - 01 July 2009

JAI102275: Guidelines for Improving the Standard Fire Resistance Test Specifications - 01 July 2009

JAI102406: Assessing the Durability of Engineered Cementitious Composites Under Freezing and Thawing Cycles - 01 July 2009

GTJ101218: Design and Evaluation of Two Laboratory Tests for the Nets of a Flexible Anchored Slope Stabilization System - 01 July 2009

JTE101706: Effects of Various Long-Term Aging Procedures on the Rheological Properties of Laboratory Prepared Rubberized Asphalt Binders - 01 July 2009

JTE101736: Studying of the Dynamic Behavior of Water in a Vibrating Tank - 01 July 2009

JTE101761: The Effect of Curing Regime on Pervious Concrete Abrasion Resistance - 01 July 2009

JAI101326: Changes in Fluid Penetrability and Mechanical Properties of Concrete due to High Temperature Exposure - 01 June 2009

JAI101644: Effect of Autoclave Curing on the Compressive Strength and Elastic Modulus of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete - 01 June 2009

JAI102048: Water Penetration of Cladding Components—Results from Laboratory Tests on Simulated Sealed Vertical and Horizontal Joints of Wall Cladding - 01 June 2009

JAI102084: Predicting Seven-Day Heat of Hydration of Hydraulic Cement from Standard Test Properties - 01 June 2009

JAI102168: An Innovative Solution for Managing Waterworks Sludge: Developing an Alum Sludge-Based Multistage Constructed Wetland System for Wastewater Treatment - 01 June 2009

JAI102301: Guide on Measuring Uniformity of Furnace Exposure on Specimens Representing Test Samples Used to Determine Fire Resistance Ratings - 01 June 2009

JAI101271: Extreme Exposure Fenestration Installations—The Florida Challenge - 01 May 2009

JAI101933: Performance of Fibrous Concrete under Sulfate Cyclic Treatment - 01 May 2009

JAI102025: Measuring the Impact of Experimental Parameters upon the Estimated Thermal Conductivity of Closed-Cell Foam Insulation Subjected to an Accelerated Aging Protocol: Two-Year Results - 01 May 2009

JAI102203: A Materials Science-Based Approach to Characterizing Fire Resistive Materials - 01 May 2009

JTE101675: High-Rate Time-Dependent Displacement Gage for HE Field Tests - 01 May 2009

JTE101896: Ultrasonic Imaging Technique of Spot Weld Structure for a High Strength Galvanized Steel Sheet - 01 May 2009

JTE101914: Measurement of Board Temperatures during Kiln Drying Using Fiber Optic Sensors - 01 May 2009

JTE102114: Method of Compaction has Significant Effects on Stress-Strain Behavior of Hydraulic Asphalt Concrete - 01 May 2009

JAI101946: Long-Term Outdoor Weathering Study of Construction Sealants - 01 April 2009

JAI101965: An Attempt at Finding a Correlation Between Environmental and Accelerated RILEM TC 139-DBS Weathering for One-Component Polyurethane Sealants Applied on Mortar - 01 April 2009

JAI102017: Uncertainty Analysis in Hygrothermal Measurements and Its Effect on Experimental Conclusions - 01 April 2009

JAI102028: Effect of Embedded Seams on Tested Water Vapor Transport Properties of Low Permeance Materials - 01 April 2009

JAI102032: Sensitivity of Hygrothermal Analysis to Uncertainty in Rain Data - 01 April 2009

JAI102034: Tests of a Novel Ceiling Panel for Maintaining Space Relative Humidity by Moisture Transfer from an Aqueous Salt Solution - 01 April 2009

JAI102035: Modified Inverted Cup Test Method for Evaluating Moisture Penetration through Construction Materials - 01 April 2009

JAI102036: Convective Mass Transfer Coefficients for Gypsum and Wood Paneling - 01 April 2009

JAI102057: Compact Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems: Should They be Vented? - 01 April 2009

JAI101735: Relationships Between Key ASTM Test Methods Determined on Concrete and Concrete-Equivalent-Mortar Mixtures - 01 March 2009

JAI101932: Adhesion Development of Organic and Silicone Sealants on Wet and Dry Concrete - 01 March 2009

JAI101961: Joint Sealing Systems for Pavements—A New Approach Towards a Performance Related Evaluation of Capability and Durability - 01 March 2009

JAI101975: Using Rheology Test Methods to Assess Durability of Cured Elastomers Undergoing Cyclic Deformation - 01 March 2009

JAI101976: Development of Accelerated Aging Test Methodology and Specimen for Bonded CFRP Systems - 01 March 2009

JAI102009: Substrate Durability Guidelines Used in Silicone Structural Attachment - 01 March 2009

JTE101834: Effects of Binders on Resilient Modulus of Rubberized Mixtures Containing RAP Using Artificial Neural Network Approach - 01 March 2009

JTE102005: Sensitivity of Road Unevenness Indicators to Road Waviness - 01 March 2009

JTE102064: Evaluation of Semicircular Bending Test for Determining Tensile Strength and Stiffness Modulus of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 March 2009

JAI101210: An Investigation of Climate Loads on Building Façades for Selected Locations in the United States - 01 February 2009

JAI101730: The Role of XRF, Inter-Element Corrections, and Sample Preparation Effects in the 100-Year Evolution of ASTM Standard Test Method C114 - 01 February 2009

JAI101912: Relative Resistance of Silicone and Si-Hybrid Based Sealants to Alternating Periods of Accelerated Weathering and Thermo-Mechanical Movements - 01 February 2009

JAI101949: Quantification of Effect of Enforced Cyclic Movement and Regional Exposure Factors on Weatherability of Construction Sealants - 01 February 2009

JAI101953: Evaluation of Silicone Sealants at High Movement Rates Relevant to Bomb Mitigating Window and Curtainwall Design - 01 February 2009

JAI101954: Effect of Strain on the Modulus of Sealants Exposed to the Outdoors - 01 February 2009

JAI101956: Durability by Design: New Results on Load-Carrying Silicone Bonding - 01 February 2009

GTJ101988: Indirect Diametrical Tensile Testing with Internal Displacement Measurement and Stiffness Determination - 01 January 2009

JTE101696: Determination of Volumetric Properties for Permeable Friction Course Mixtures - 01 January 2009

JTE101723: Field Verification of Smoothness Requirements for Weigh-in-Motion Approaches - 01 January 2009

JTE101808: Effects of Densification on Permeable Friction Course Mixtures - 01 January 2009

JTE101854: Calibrating Mechanistic-Empirical Design Guide Permanent Deformation Models Based on Accelerated Pavement Testing - 01 January 2009

JTE101966: Field Calibration of an Analytical Model for Pavement Friction Testing Applications - 01 January 2009

JAI100881: Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF) Within Pre-Cast Concrete Cladding Panels on a Mid-Rise Commercial Office Building: A Case Study - 01 November 2008

JAI100885: Envelope Remediation—A Case Study in Support of an Over-Cladding Approach - 01 November 2008

JAI101236: Condensation Damage Behind Self-Adhering Membrane Flashing and Interior Furnishings on Exterior Residential Walls - 01 November 2008

JAI101650: Mechanical Properties of High Strength Concrete with Field-Demolished Concrete as Aggregates - 01 November 2008

JAI101681: Use of Ground Clay Brick as a Pozzolanic Material in Concrete - 01 November 2008

JAI101739: The Effect of Radial Crack Locations on Load Resistance in C1550 Panel Tests - 01 November 2008

JAI101944: Comments on the Interpretation of Results from the Restrained Ring Test - 01 November 2008

JTE101447: High Performance Stucco to Optimize Moisture Management in Wood-Frame Stucco Walls - 01 November 2008

JTE101635: Adhesive-Bonded Anchorage Pullout Test to Estimate In-Place Concrete Compressive Strength - 01 November 2008

JTE101677: Modal Analysis, Experimental Validation, and Calibration of a Historical Masonry Minaret - 01 November 2008

JTE101687: Influence of Selected Mix Design Factors on the Thermal Behavior of Lightweight Aggregate Asphalt Mixes - 01 November 2008

JTE101732: Evaluating the Shear Resistance of Hot Mix Asphalt by the Direct Shear Test - 01 November 2008

JAI100827: Evaluation of Debonding of Lamina from Foam and Repairs to Exterior Insulation and Finish System Façade - 01 October 2008

JAI101211: How to Detect and Observe Hidden Window Leaks Using Infrared Thermography - 01 October 2008

JAI101606: XRF, XRD, and Thermal Analysis Techniques for Quantitative Determination of Portland Cement and Slag Cement Constituents - 01 October 2008

JAI100876: Repair of an Earthquake Damaged Building Façade in Coordination with FEMA: A Case Study Including Stabilization, Evaluation, Historically Sensitive Restoration, and Hazard Mitigation - 01 September 2008

JAI101347: Use of the Accelerated Mortar Bar Test to Evaluate the Effectiveness of LiNO3 Against Alkali-Silica Reaction—Part 1: Pore Solution Chemistry and Influence of Various Parameters - 01 September 2008

JAI101352: Use of the Accelerated Mortar Bar Test to Evaluate the Effectiveness of LiNO3 Against Alkali-Silica Reaction—Part 2: Comparison with Results from the Concrete Prism Test - 01 September 2008

JAI101708: Comparison of Thermal Expansion Behavior of Phosphoric Irons with Conventional Concrete Reinforcement Steel - 01 September 2008

JAI101721: Effects of Water Immersion on Building and Civil Engineering Joints and the Use of the Arrhenius Method in Predicting Adhesion Lifetime of Water-Immersed Joints - 01 September 2008

JTE101440: Effect of Portland Cement Fineness on ASTM C1260 Expansion - 01 September 2008

JTE101611: Forensic Investigation of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Approaches - 01 September 2008

JTE101665: Comparisons of Five Computational Methods for Transverse Profiles - 01 September 2008

JAI100718: Catching the Elusive Water-Cement Ratio Using Petrographic Methods—and Their Evaluation - 01 July 2008

JAI100865: A Form to Follow Function: Recladding A Regional Healthcare Facility - 01 July 2008

JAI101275: Design Responsibility for Weathertight Perimeter Detailing for Non-Flanged Windows: Current Practices, Common Problems, and Possible Solutions - 01 July 2008

JAI101322: Determination of the Water Diffusivity of Concrete Using Drying/Absorption Test Results - 01 July 2008

JAI101426: Evaluating Drainage Characteristics of Water Resistive Barriers as Part of an Overall Durable Wall Approach for the Building Enclosure - 01 July 2008

JAI101601: The Use of the Foam Index Test to Predict AEA Dosage in Concrete Containing Fly Ash: Part I—Evaluation of the State of Practice - 01 July 2008

JAI101602: The Use of the Foam Index Test to Predict Air-Entraining Admixture Dosage in Concrete Containing Fly Ash: Part II—Development of a Standard Test Method: Apparatus and Procedure - 01 July 2008

JAI101603: The Use of the Foam Index Test to Predict Air-Entraining Admixture Dosage in Concrete Containing Fly Ash: Part III—Development of a Standard Test Method: Proportions of Materials - 01 July 2008

GTJ100220: Sand-to-Concrete Interface Response to Complex Load Paths in a Large Displacement Shear Box - 01 July 2008

JTE101196: Computational Modeling of the Lateral Load Transfer Capacity of Rimboard - 01 July 2008

JTE101399: In situ Monitoring of Pavement Stresses on the A1 in Switzerland - 01 July 2008

JTE101423: Effect of Sampling Location on the Air Void Analyzer Test Results on Concrete Pavements: Evaluation of Data from a 16 State-Pooled Fund Project - 01 July 2008

JTE101460: Determination of Price Reduction Factors for Density-Deficient Asphalt Pavements - 01 July 2008

JTE101471: A Simple and Effective Laboratory Test Device for Measuring Tire-Pavement Contact Pressure - 01 July 2008

JTE101506: Measurements with a New Peel Adhesion Test on Waterproof Membranes Used on Concrete Bridge Decks - 01 July 2008

JTE101577: Interpretation of Complex Modulus Test Results for Asphalt-Aggregate Mixes - 01 July 2008

JAI101163: BRE Environmental Profiles: Past, Present, and Future - 01 June 2008

JAI101524: Evaluation of Residual Stress Effects on Brittle Fracture Strength Based on Weibull Stress Criterion - 01 June 2008

JAI101296: Effects of Temperature, Chemical, and Mineral Admixtures on the Electrical Conductivity of Concrete - 01 May 2008

GTJ100991: Toe-Driven Tapered Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Self-Consolidating Concrete Composite Piles: New High-Performance Technology for Deep Foundations - 01 May 2008

JTE100108: Performance Evaluation Test of the Time-of-Flight Diffraction Technique for Welded Joints of Steel Bridges - 01 May 2008

JTE100795: Hot-Box Testing of Building Envelope Assemblies—A Simplified Procedure for Estimation of Minimum Time of the Test - 01 May 2008

JTE100983: Development of a New Test Method for Air Intrusion Quantification of Roofing Assemblies - 01 May 2008

JTE101415: Sawblade Vibration Mode Shape Measurement Using ESPI - 01 May 2008

JAI100811: Erroneous Design Assumptions and Construction Defects in a Thin Stone Facade System - 01 April 2008

JAI100874: Design of Engineered Drainable Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) Cladding - 01 April 2008

JAI101409: A Rapid Method for Determination of the Chloride Migration Coefficient in Concrete Using Electrical Field - 01 April 2008

JAI100817: Applying C1601-06 “Standard Test Method for Field Determination of Water Penetration of Masonry Wall Surfaces” in Practice - 01 March 2008

JAI100899: Sill Pan Flashing for Block-Frame Windows in Recessed Concrete Openings—Case Studies - 01 March 2008

GTJ100911: Influence of Test Method on Direct Shear Behavior of Segmental Retaining Wall Units - 01 March 2008

JTE101024: Measurement and Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Thermal Expansion and Contraction - 01 March 2008

JTE101074: Correlations Between Depth of Water Penetration, Chloride Permeability, and Coefficient of Chloride Diffusion in Plain, Silica Fume, and Fly Ash Cement Concretes - 01 March 2008

JTE101158: Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete Structures Using Indirect Transmission - 01 March 2008

JTE101267: Suitability of Dynamic and Relaxation Tests for the Evaluation of Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 March 2008

JTE101362: Field Performance Monitoring of Repair Treatments on Joint Concrete Pavements - 01 March 2008

JAI101061: Development of a Canadian National Standard on Design for Disassembly and Adaptability for Buildings - 01 February 2008

JAI101069: The Review on Sustainability of National Building Standard Design in China - 01 February 2008

JAI101162: Designing a System to Apply an Assessment Method of Buildings for All Lifecycle Stages Based on the Concept of Eco-Efficiency - 01 February 2008

JAI101169: Standards Versus Recommended Practice: Separating Process and Prescriptive Measures from Building Performance - 01 February 2008

JAI101184: Rethinking Green Building Standards for Comprehensive Continuous Improvement - 01 February 2008

JAI101320: Pervious Concrete Mixture Proportions for Improved Freeze-Thaw Durability - 01 February 2008

JAI101434: A Novel Approach to Characterize Entrained Air Content in Pervious Concrete - 01 February 2008

JAI101057: Development of a Plane Isothermal Calorimeter: Relating Apparent Activation Energy of Concrete and the Corresponding Mortar - 01 January 2008

JAI101078: Evaluating Sustainability Using Standard Approaches: The BEES Tool - 01 January 2008

JAI101087: Proposed Method for Determining the Residual Mortar Content of Recycled Concrete Aggregates - 01 January 2008

JAI101095: Continuous Improvement of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Rating System™ - 01 January 2008

JAI101096: Design of a New Rheometer for Concrete - 01 January 2008

JAI101345: Some Investigations for Establishing Suitability of Watson’s Strength-Porosity Model for Concrete - 01 January 2008

JTE100573: Effect of Length-to-Diameter Ratio of Core Sample on Concrete Core Strength—Another Look - 01 January 2008

JTE101172: Field Evaluation of Tire-Road Noise Using a New Close Proximity Method - 01 January 2008

JTE101228: Moisture Buffering Capacities of Five North American Building Materials - 01 January 2008

JTE101245: Characterization of Louisiana Asphalt Mixtures Using Simple Performance Tests - 01 January 2008

JAI100812: Snap, Crackle, Pop: Remediation of a Noisy Curtain Wall - 01 November 2007

JAI100863: Over-Cladding of Aluminum Framed Curtainwalls and Skylights - 01 November 2007

JAI100871: Retrofitting Barrier Exterior Insulation and Finish System: Methodology and Performance Assessment - 01 November 2007

JAI100875: The Identification of Corrosion-Related Damage from Cramp Anchors in a Limestone-Clad Building Façade Using NDE Techniques - 01 November 2007

JAI100950: Remediating Basement Leaks - 01 November 2007

JAI101027: Pilot Study on Wind Uplift Resistance of Adhesive Applied Low Slope Roofing Systems - 01 November 2007

JAI101048: Retrofitting a Green Roof on an Existing Facility: A Case History - 01 November 2007

JAI101055: Understanding Low-Sloped Roofs Under Hurricane Charley From Field to Practice - 01 November 2007

JAI101081: FloorScore—Flooring Products Certification Program for Indoor Air Quality - 01 November 2007

JAI101229: Critical Evaluation of Existing Specifications for Polyisocyanurate (ISO) Foam Insulation Boards in Roofing Applications - 01 November 2007

JTE100685: New Twist-Off Method for the Evaluation of In-Situ Strength of Concrete - 01 November 2007

JTE100888: A Very Early Strength Concrete for Highway Construction - 01 November 2007

JTE100903: Evaluation of Friction Performance of Coarse Aggregates and Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavements - 01 November 2007

JTE100952: Experimental Study for Evaluating Crack Retardation of Asphalt Concrete Overlays - 01 November 2007

JTE100977: Evaluation of Nonnuclear Density Tests on Hot Mix Asphalt Segregation - 01 November 2007

JTE101075: Using Rolling Dynamic Deflectometer and Overlay Tester to Determine the Reflective Cracking Potential - 01 November 2007

JTE101080: Relationship of Aggregate Microtexture to Asphalt Pavement Skid Resistance - 01 November 2007

JAI100815: Qualitative Sampling of the Building Envelope for Water Leakage - 01 October 2007

JAI100842: Energy Savings Resulting from Building Envelope Upgrades in Mid-Rise Construction—A Case Study - 01 October 2007

JAI100862: Techniques for Predicting Cladding Design Wind Pressures - 01 October 2007

JAI100870: Façade Renovation of the Wexner Center for the Arts - 01 October 2007

JAI101016: Evaluation of the Rheological Properties and Master Curve Development for Bituminous Binders Used in Roofing - 01 October 2007

JAI101046: Quality Assurance Program for Soldering Copper Roofs - 01 October 2007

JAI100332: Inputs and Analyses: An End User’s Perspective of Heat-Air-Moisture Data - 01 September 2007

JAI100459: Effects of Drying Conditions, Phase Transformations, and Carbonation Reactions on Measurements of Sorption Isotherms of Building Materials - 01 September 2007

JAI100621: Water Vapor Transmission Measurement and Significance of Corrections - 01 September 2007

JAI100629: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Clear Water Repellent Coatings on Partially Grouted Single-Wythe Concrete Masonry Walls - 01 September 2007

JAI100667: Roman Cement Mortars in Europe’s Architectural Heritage of the 19th Century - 01 September 2007

JAI100783: Effect of Material Parameters on Color of Cementitious Pastes - 01 September 2007

JAI100801: Perspectives: The Reintroduction of Natural Cement - 01 September 2007

JAI100809: Case History of the Use of Electronic Survey Techniques to Assess Planar Distortions in Building Facades - 01 September 2007

JAI100987: Artificial Roofing Slates and Shingles - 01 September 2007

JAI101018: Welding of Thermoplastic Roofing Membranes Subjected to Different Conditioning Procedures - 01 September 2007

JAI101031: Investigation of the Effect of Heat on Specially Formulated Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Films by Thermogravimetry, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - 01 September 2007

JAI101044: Specifications for Roofing and Industrial Asphalts Using Dynamic Shear Rheometry (DSR) - 01 September 2007

JTE100877: Verification and Calibration of VESYS5W Fatigue Cracking Model Using Results from Accelerated Pavement Testing - 01 September 2007

JTE100161: Boundary Condition Role in Tests of Wood Compression Webs - 00 September 2007

JTE14102: Flexural Creep Apparatus and Testing for Structural Composite Lumber - 00 September 2007

JAI100293: Effectively Estimating In situ Porosity of Pervious Concrete from Cores - 01 July 2007

JAI100444: Variations in the Activity of Dry-Powder Water-Repellent Mortar Admixtures with Different Mortar Formulae - 01 July 2007

JAI100635: Strength Correlation of High Performance Concrete Using Different Sized Specimens - 01 July 2007

JAI100845: Full-scale Flexural Strength Testing for Stone Cladding Design - 01 July 2007

JAI100851: Comparison of Field Testing with Laboratory Testing of the Durability of Stone - 01 July 2007

JAI100854: Testing of Composite Stone Faced Aluminum Honeycomb Panels - 01 July 2007

JAI100856: Status on Development of Code Requirements for Exterior Stone Cladding - 01 July 2007

JAI100890: Travertine: Successful and Unsuccessful Performance, Preconceived Notions, and Mischaracterizations - 01 July 2007

JAI101065: Practice, Education and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure (PERSI) - 01 July 2007

JAI101070: Introducing Standards and Sustainable Design - 01 July 2007

JAI101072: Development of American National Standards for Sustainable Building Products - 01 July 2007

JAI101101: Sustainability in Building Construction—International Standards in Progress - 01 July 2007

JTE100260: Development of a Viscosity Specification for Hot-Poured Bituminous Sealants - 00 July 2007

JTE100580: Pavement Deformation Characteristics underqa Repeated Aircraft Loading with Fixedqa Wander Sequence - 00 July 2007

JTE100660: Characterization of Thermal Degradation ofqa Liquid Amine Anti-Strip Additives in Asphaltqa Binders Due to RTFO and PAV-Aging - 00 July 2007

JAI100343: Methodology for Rapid Determination of Pozzolanic Activity of Materials - 01 June 2007

JAI100672: An Overview of the History and Economic Geology of the Natural Cement Industry at Rosendale, Ulster County, New York - 01 June 2007

JAI100724: Masonry Repairs at Cheshire Mill No. 1, Harrisville, New Hampshire - 01 June 2007

JAI100843: Paving Design: Is Rigid-Fix External Stone Paving the Way to Go? - 01 June 2007

JAI100858: Characteristics That Affect the Integrity of Existing Thin Stone Cladding - 01 June 2007

JAI101062: Stiffness Considerations in Dimension Stone Anchorage Design - 01 June 2007

JAI101102: Material Strength Considerations in Dimension Stone Anchorage Design - 01 June 2007

JAI100276: Observation of Austenitic Grain Growth in Some Alloy Structural Steels - 01 May 2007

JAI100369: Moisture Buffer Value of Building Materials - 01 May 2007

JAI100607: The Effect of Air Flow on Measured Heat Transport through Wall Cavity Insulation - 01 May 2007

JAI100853: Investigation of Masonry Failure of a Granite and Limestone Clad Historic Church in Eastern Pennsylvania - 01 May 2007

JAI100855: Testing and Assessment of Marble and Limestone (TEAM)—Important Results from a Large European Research Project on Cladding Panels - 01 May 2007

JAI101085: Phase Analysis of Hydraulic Cements by X-Ray Powder Diffraction: Precision, Bias, and Qualification - 01 May 2007

JTE100033: Combination of Transient Plane Source and Slug Calorimeter Measurements to Estimate the Thermal Properties of Fire Resistive Materials - 01 May 2007

JTE100080: Bitumen Surface Energy Characterization byqa Inverse Gas Chromatography - 01 May 2007

JTE100535: New Method for Measuring Static Segregation of Self-Consolidating Concrete - 01 May 2007

JTE100678: Development of Double Edge Notched Tension (DENT) Test for Asphalt Binders - 01 May 2007

JTE100683: Methodology of Assessing Testing Variation for Volumetric Quantities in Hot Mix Asphalt Production - 01 May 2007

JTE13153: Laboratory-based Unified Permanent Deformation Model for Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixtures - 01 May 2007

JAI100481: Inelastic Dynamic Response of Curtainwall Systems to Blast Loading - 00 May 2007

JAI100295: Effects of Temperatures on Mortar Quantified by Surface Color Changes - 01 April 2007

JAI100462: Grouting Performance of Microfine Cement and Silica Fume Mix into Sands - 01 April 2007

JAI100857: Durability of Marble Cladding—A Comprehensive Literature Review - 01 April 2007

JAI100430: A Comparison of Flexural Performance for Third-Point Loaded and Centrally-Loaded Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams - 01 March 2007

JAI100774: Statistical Distribution of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beam Test Data - 01 March 2007

JTE100045: Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Mixtures for Development of Korean Pavement Design Guide - 01 March 2007

JTE100136: Using Nondestructive Testing Technologies to Assist in Selecting the Optimal Pavement Rehabilitation Strategy - 01 March 2007

JTE100168: Towards the Development of Accelerated Methods for Assessing the Durability of Wood Plastic Composites - 01 March 2007

JTE100181: Quantification of Coarse Aggregate Surface Texture Using Image Analysis - 01 March 2007

JTE100329: New Method for Testing Fiber-reinforced Polymer Rods Under Flexure - 01 March 2007

JTE100475: Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance of Concrete Containing Manufactured Sands - 01 March 2007

JAI100554: Effect of Chemical Admixtures on Rheology of Cement Paste at High Temperature - 00 March 2007

JAI100668: The Natural Cement Revival - 00 March 2007

JTE100044: Missionary Ridge Fire Cost Assessment - 00 March 2007

JAI100446: Evaluation of ASTM Methods to Determine Splitting Tensile Strength in Concrete, Masonry, and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete - 00 February 2007

JAI100447: Type S Portland Cement-Lime Mortar as a Low-Lift Grout - 00 February 2007

JAI100460: Modeling the Heat, Air, and Moisture Response of Building Envelopes: What Material Properties are Needed, How Trustful Are the Predictions? - 00 February 2007

JAI100498: Evaluation of Functional Approaches to Describe the Moisture Diffusivity of Building Materials - 00 February 2007

JAI100533: Multi-Axial Failure Models for Fiber-Reinforced Composites - 00 February 2007

JAI100669: Hydration Processes in Pastes of Roman and American Natural Cements - 00 February 2007

JAI100673: Fundamental Frequency Testing of Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) Specimens: Test Considerations - 00 February 2007

JAI13127: Study of Weatherability of Construction Sealants with Novel Testing Method - 00 February 2007

JAI13378: Proposed Design and Method for Providing Sealed Joint Performance under Relative Story Displacement - 00 February 2007

JAI100266: Investigation and Repair of Glazed Brick Cladding: A Case Study - 01 January 2007

JAI100321: Interlaboratory Comparison of the Thickness of the Destroyed Surface Layer of Closed-Cell Foam Insulation Specimens - 01 January 2007

JAI100323: The Effect of Vertical Distribution of Water Permeability on the Modeled Neutralization Process in Concrete Walls - 01 January 2007

JAI100335: Improved Suction Technique for the Characterization of Construction Materials - 01 January 2007

JAI100403: Development of a Practical Method to Evaluate the Fatigue Properties of Structural Silicone Glazing Adhesives - 01 January 2007

JAI100409: Formulating High Weatherability Sealants: Possibilities and Challenges - 01 January 2007

JAI100442: Deflection Criteria for Masonry Beams - 01 January 2007

JAI100458: Criterion Test for Method Selection in Determining the Bulk Specific Gravity of Hot-Mix Asphalt - 01 January 2007

JAI100487: The Line Method for Petrographic Determination of the Quantity of Fly Ash and Ground-granulated Blast Furnace Slag in Hardened Concrete and Blended Cement - 01 January 2007

JAI100625: Formulating with Rosendale Natural Cement - 01 January 2007

JAI100661: Calcination of Marls to Produce Roman Cement - 01 January 2007

JAI100674: Petrography: Distinguishing Natural Cement from Other Binders in Historical Masonry Construction Using Forensic Microscopy Techniques - 01 January 2007

JAI100676: Natural Cement in the 21st Century - 01 January 2007

GTJ100306: Flowable Fill as Geotechnical Material in Highway Cross-Drain Trenches - 01 January 2007

GTJ12622: New Apparatus for Evaluating Filter Performance for Dams Containing Cracks - 01 January 2007

JTE100083: Effect of Quarry Production Process on Specific Gravities of Aggregates - 01 January 2007

JTE100102: Validation Of Initial and Failure Stiffness Definitions in Flexure Fatigue Test for Hot Mix Asphalt - 01 January 2007

JTE100142: Calculation of Stress Fields Near Notch Roots in Real Life Structures Subjected to In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Deformations - 01 January 2007

JTE100151: Anisotropy of Field-Compacted Asphalt Concrete Material - 01 January 2007

JTE100290: Effect of Antistrip Additives on Surface Free Energy Characteristics of Asphalt Binders for Moisture-Induced Damage Potential - 01 January 2007

JAI100362: Laboratory Study of Time-of-Tooling Effects on Mortar Joint Color - 00 January 2007

JAI100440: The Selection and Use of Natural and Manufactured Stone Adhered Veneer - 00 January 2007

JAI100593: The Effect of Void Area on Brick Masonry Performance - 00 January 2007

JAI100265: Determination of Equilibrium Moisture Content of Building Materials: Some Practical Difficulties - 01 November 2006

JAI100289: Effect of Entrained Air on Recycled Concrete Prasoperties - 01 November 2006

JAI100407: Seismic Performance of Two-Side Structural Silicone Glazing Systems - 01 November 2006

JAI100433: Evaluation of the Chinese Accelerated Test for Alkali-Carbonate Reaction - 01 November 2006

JAI100435: Investigation into the Effects of Materials and Mixing Procedures on Air Void Characteristics of Fresh Concrete Using Air Void Analyzer (AVA) - 01 November 2006

JAI100449: Utilization of Discarded Fly Ash as a Raw Material in the Production of Portland Cement - 01 November 2006

JAI100450: New Durable Sealant of Telechelic Polyacrylate - 01 November 2006

JAI100549: Hertzian Fracture, Kinetic Friction and the Mechanical Impact LOX Compatibility Testing of Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composites - 01 November 2006

JTE100172: Damage-Based Models for Step-Stress Accelerated Life Testing - 01 November 2006

JTE100507: Characterizing the Asphalt-Aggregate Mixtures Using Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binders - 01 November 2006

JAI100256: Evaluating Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Moisture Vapor Suppression Coatings on Concrete - 01 October 2006

JAI100330: Passing Ability Tester for Self-Consolidating Concrete - 01 October 2006

JAI100432: Effect of Aggregate Particle Size on Determining Alkali-Silica Reactivity by Accelerated Tests - 01 October 2006

JAI100486: Realistic Approach for Enhancing Reliability of Pavement Surface Friction Testing - 01 October 2006

JAI13637: Comparison of the Life Cycle Assessments of an Insulating Concrete Form House and a Wood Frame House - 01 October 2006

JAI13648: Greening of Mortars with Pozzolans - 01 October 2006

JAI100387: Practical Means for Determination of the Tensile Behavior of Ultra-High Performance Concrete - 01 September 2006

JAI100427: Measuring the Field Corrosion Activity of Bridge Decks Built with Bare and Epoxy Coated Steel - 01 September 2006

JAI100436: Quantifying the Influence of Specimen Geometry on the Results of the Restrained Ring Test - 01 September 2006

JAI100448: Used Oil Derived Fuel Utilization for the Production of Portland Cement - 01 September 2006

JAI100451: From Development to Implementation of Sustainable Concrete in a Precast Plant — A Case Study - 01 September 2006

JAI100482: Small-Building Defense Against Terrorism 016 - 01 September 2006

JAI100484: Development of Pavement Smoothness Index Relationship - 01 September 2006

JAI100530: Effect of Dynamic Aircraft Gear Loads on Asphalt Concrete Strain Responses - 01 September 2006

JAI100556: The Effects of Construction Variability on the Superpave Simple Performance Test - 01 September 2006

JAI13121: Quantification of Differential Thermal Movement in Insulating Glass Edge Seals Using Finite Element Analysis - 01 September 2006

JAI13136: Nondestructive Field Testing of Installed Weatherproofing Sealant Joints—Questions and Answers - 01 September 2006

JAI13638: Superpave and the Aggregate Industry - 01 September 2006

JAI13651: Replacement of the Final Time of Setting Maximum with an Initial Time of Setting Maximum as measured with the Gillmore Needles in ASTM C 91, C 1328, and C 1329 - 01 September 2006

JTE100031: Device Harmonization to Determine Smoothness Specification for Asphalt Pavements - 01 September 2006

JTE100056: Effectiveness of Seal Rejuvenators for Bituminous Pavement Surfaces - 01 September 2006

JTE100101: The Formation Mechanism of the Factory-Roof Pattern in a Torsional Fatigue Specimen with Circumferential Notch - 01 September 2006

JTE12716: Studying of the Dynamic Behavior of Pile Cushioning Materials in Pile Driving - 01 September 2006

JAI13354: Applicability of Cement-Stabilized Mud Soil as Embankment Material - 01 July 2006

JAI13661: Seismic Evaluation of Low-Rise Reinforced Masonry Buildings with Flexible Diaphragms - 01 July 2006

JTE100057: Determination of Load Damage Relationships through Accelerated Pavement Testing - 01 July 2006

JTE11962: Mechanical Principles of a New Two-Way Composite Disk Spring Cap for Pile Driving - 01 July 2006

JTE12510: Heat, Air and Moisture Transport Properties of Three North American Stuccos - 01 July 2006

JTE12692: Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Cement-Stabilized Fly Ashes - 01 July 2006

JTE12715: A Laboratory Study of the Effectiveness of Various Additives on Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 July 2006

JTE12733: A Procedure to Quantify Organic Antistrip Additives in Asphalt Binders and Mixes - 01 July 2006

JTE14080: Effect of Bitumen Acid Number on Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 July 2006

JAI13122: Use of Optical Imaging/Image Analysis System for the Quantitative Analysis of Surface Changes Induced by Outdoor Weathering on Sealants - 01 June 2006

JAI13639: A Comprehensive Examination of the Internal Angle of Gyration for the Superpave Gyratory Compactor - 01 June 2006

JAI13643: Tweaking the System: Modifications to the Superpave Mix Design System - 01 June 2006

JAI12255: Simulative Performance Test for Hot Mix Asphalt Using Asphalt Pavement Analyzer - 01 May 2006

JAI12489: The Importance of Integrating Flashing and the Water Resistive Barrier in the Exterior Wall Systems of Residential Buildings - 01 May 2006

JAI12497: Durability Testing of Polyurethane Foam Sealant in the Window-Wall Interface - 01 May 2006

JAI13093: Analysis of Error in Pavement Ground Truth Indicators for Evaluating the Accuracy of Automated Image Collection and Analysis System - 01 May 2006

JTE12535: Vapor Permeances, Air Permeances, and Water absorption Coefficients of Building Membranes - 01 May 2006

JTE12590: Hot Wire Method to Characterize the Thermal Conductivity of Particle-Filled Polymer Grouts Used in Pipe-in-Pipe Application - 01 May 2006

JTE12694: Direct Shear Behavior of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Laminates and Concrete - 01 May 2006

JTE13140: Effects of Available Energy and Impact Rate on Charpy Absorbed Energy in the Upper Shelf - 01 May 2006

JAI12258: Dynamic Modulus Testing of Thin Pavement Cores - 01 April 2006

JAI12487: Review of Specific Local Fenestration Units, Building Envelope Interface Practices, and Materials Compared to ASTM E 2112, Current Acceptance Criteria, and Evaluation Practices - 01 April 2006

JAI12892: International Standards for Blast Resistant Glazing - 01 April 2006

JAI13027: Twelve Common Deficiencies Found during Firestopping Inspections - 01 April 2006

JAI13047: Analysis of Surface Inertial Profiles Measured on Jointed Portland Cement Pavements - 01 April 2006

JAI13057: Relationship Between Paste Volume and Cementitious Materials Content in Hardened Concrete - 01 April 2006

JAI13415: Reducing Modulus of Sealants to Improve Durability - 01 April 2006

JAI13416: A Logical Pozzolanic Index and Its Use in Concrete Proportioning - 01 April 2006

JAI12010: Mechanical Properties of ASR-Affected Concrete Containing Fine or Coarse Reactive Aggregates - 01 March 2006

JAI12787: Using Dynamic Rheology to Measure Cement-Admixture Interactions - 01 March 2006

JAI12842: Water Resistance and Durability of Weather-Resistive Barriers - 01 March 2006

JAI12910: Externally Insulated (“EIFS”) Building Walls: Security Characteristics and Methods of Enhancing Security Performance - 01 March 2006

JAI13403: Enhancing the Reliability of Evaluating Chloride Ingress in Concrete Using the ASTM C 1202 Rapid Chloride Penetrability Test - 01 March 2006

JAI13410: The Effect of Aggregate Gradation on Engineering Properties of High Performance Concrete - 01 March 2006

GTJ12643: Drip Injection of Chemical Grouts: A New Apparatus - 01 March 2006

JTE12659: Testing Techniques and Tools to Determine Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Rods - 01 March 2006

JTE13178: Application of 3D Laser Scanning on Measuring Pavement Roughness - 01 March 2006

JTE14067: Accelerated Aging on Sealants and a Quantificational Way to Evaluate the Durability - 01 March 2006

JAI11785: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Studying Steel Corrosion Inhibition in Simulated Concrete Environments—Red Mud Used as Rebar Corrosion Inhibitor - 01 February 2006

JAI11788: A Numerical Method for the Recovery of Local Potentials and Currents Due to Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - 01 February 2006

JAI11793: Service Life Extension of Virginia Bridge Decks Afforded by Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement - 01 February 2006

JAI11797: Use of Electrochemical Techniques to Assess Performance of Corrosion Protection Systems for Reinforced Concrete Structures—A Review - 01 February 2006

JAI13060: Relationship Between Indentation Hardness and Water to Cement Ratio of Hardened Mortar and Concrete - 01 February 2006

JAI13117: Standards Development for Impermeable, Constructible, and Durable Waterproofing - 01 February 2006

JAI12490: Performance Testing of Flashing Installation Methods for Brick Mold and Nonflanged Windows - 01 January 2006

JAI13188: Surface Roughness, Quasi-Static Fracture, and Cyclic Fatigue Effects on GFRP- and CFRP-Concrete Bonded Interfaces - 01 January 2006

GTJ12306: The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer in Compaction Verification on a Model Road Pavement - 01 January 2006

JTE12247: A Study on Properties of Foamed-Asphalt-Treated Mixes - 01 January 2006

JTE12683: Utilization of Steel Slag Aggregate for Road Bases - 01 January 2006

JTE13112: Effects of Air Void Size Distribution, Pore Pressure, and Bond Energy on Moisture Damage - 01 January 2006

JTE14003: Field and Laboratory Properties of Lime-Treated Cold In-Place Recycled Asphalt Pavements - 01 January 2006

JAI12259: Laboratory Investigation of HMA Performance Using Hamburg Wheel Tracking and DSR Torsional Creep Tests - 01 November 2005

JAI12276: Characterization of Asphalt Concrete by Multi-Stage True Triaxial Testing - 01 November 2005

JAI12488: Effect of Installation Details on the Condensation Performance of Window Frames - 01 November 2005

JAI12494: Adhesive Characterization & Durability of Self-Adhered Flashings - 01 November 2005

JAI12495: Water Resistance and Vapor Permeance of Weather Resistive Barriers - 01 November 2005

JAI12505: A Review of Climate Loads Relevant to Assessing the Watertightness Performance of Walls, Windows, and Wall-Window Interfaces - 01 November 2005

JAI13041: Measuring Pavement Friction Characteristics at Variable Speeds for Added Safety - 01 November 2005

JAI13048: An Automatic Pavement Surface Distress Inspection System - 01 November 2005

JAI13126: Reducing Tin and Aminosilane Concentration in Silicone Elastomeric Coating to Improve Its Durability - 01 November 2005

JAI13142: Designing and Specifying Self-Adhering Flashings for the Window-Wall Interface - 01 November 2005

JTE11982: Long-Term Testing of Trenchless Pipe Liners - 01 November 2005

JTE12071: Performance-Based Material Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Wood Interfaces in Reinforced Glulam Members - 01 November 2005

JTE12096: Modeling and Calibration of a Laminating Press Prototype for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Glulam Billets - 01 November 2005

JTE12439: California Bearing Ratio Behavior of Soil-Stabilized Class F Fly Ash Systems - 01 November 2005

JTE12530: Investigations of Testing Methodology in Wood Abrasion Tests Promoted with Loose Abrasive Grains - 01 November 2005

JTE12540: Dynamic Axial Stiffness of Typical Restrained and Unrestrained Underground Pipe Joints - 01 November 2005

JTE12579: Development of a Single-Edge Notched Beam Test for Asphalt Concrete Mixtures - 01 November 2005

JTE12731: Evaluation of Stripping in Bituminous Mixtures Using Conventional and Image Processing Techniques - 01 November 2005

JAI12256: Mechanistic Quality Management of Hot Mix Asphalt Layers with Seismic Methods - 01 October 2005

JAI13035: Effect of Continuous Agitation on Concrete Rheology - 01 October 2005

JAI13043: Harmonization of Macrotexture Measuring Devices - 01 October 2005

JAI11789: A Comparative Evaluation of Three Commercial Instruments for Field Measurements of Reinforcing Steel Corrosion Rates - 01 September 2005

JAI11796: Efforts to Determine the Relationship Between Corrosion Rate and Concrete Damage Using Acoustic Emission - 01 September 2005

JAI12263: Obtaining Creep Compliance Parameters Accurately from Static or Cyclic Creep Tests - 01 September 2005

JAI13028: Aging & Environmental Exposure Properties of a Fire Protection Material - 01 September 2005

JAI13292: New Chemical Antistripping Additives for Bituminous Mixtures - 01 September 2005

JAI14092: Which Way Do Concrete Cracks Run? - 01 September 2005

GTJ12698: Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Recycled Asphalt Pavement - 01 September 2005

JTE11885: Considerations in Developing a Network Pavement Inventory Friction Test Program for a State Highway Agency - 01 September 2005

JTE11974: Low Proof Load Prediction of Ultimate Loads of Fiberglass/Epoxy Resin I-Beams Using Acoustic Emission - 01 September 2005

JTE12338: Nondestructive Testing of Concrete Pavements for Characterization of Effective Built-In Curling - 01 September 2005

JTE12343: Estimation of Surface Macrotexture in Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Pavements Using Laser Texture Data - 01 September 2005

JTE12507: Use of the Modified Cup Method to Determine Temperature Dependency of Water Vapor Transmission Properties of Building Materials - 01 September 2005

JAI11912: Decing Salt-Scaling Resistance: Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Concrete Containing up to 70 % Class C and Class F Fly Ash - 01 July 2005

JAI12242: Statistical Significance of the Restrained Slab Test for Quantifying Plastic Cracking in Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 01 July 2005

JAI12893: Protective Window Safety Films: A Case Study in ASTM All-Hazard Building Code Standards - 01 July 2005

JAI12960: The Study of Bond Strength and Bond Durability of Reactive Powder Concrete - 01 July 2005

JAI13030: The Development and Use of Perimeter Joint Protection Testing - 01 July 2005

JAI13065: Properties of Metakaolin High-Strength Cementitious Grouts - 01 July 2005

JAI13066: Durability Performance of Bridge Concretes, Part I: High Performance Concrete (HPC) - 01 July 2005

JAI14019: Durability Performance of Bridge Concretes, Part II: High-Strength Concrete (HSC) - 01 July 2005

GTJ11768: Utilization of Quarry Dust to Improve the Geotechnical Properties of Soils in Highway Construction - 01 July 2005

JTE11932: Predicting Collapse Times for Corrugated Boxes Under Constant Top Load Using Short-Term Creep Tests - 01 July 2005

JTE11937: Effect of Additional Mass on the Young's Modulus of a Wooden Beam - 01 July 2005

JTE12131: Air Permeability of Asphalt Concrete Made with Shredded-Tire Rubber-Modified Binders and its Relationship with Porosity - 01 July 2005

JTE12443: Performance Evaluation Test of Automatic Ultrasonic Testing Systems for Welded Joints of Steel Bridges - 01 July 2005

JTE12677: Analysis of Variability in Pay Factor Systems and Sampling Methods - 01 July 2005

JAI12296: Cement-Admixture Interactions Related to Aluminate Control - 01 June 2005

JAI12470: Performance of a New Co-Polymer Sulfonate-Based Mid-Range Water-Reducing Admixture - 01 June 2005

JAI12254: An Overview of Fundamental and Simulative Performance Tests for Hot Mix Asphalt - 01 May 2005

JAI12849: Estimation of Compressive Strength of Recycled Concretes with the Ultrasonic Method - 01 May 2005

JAI12940: Effects of Proposed Well-Graded Aggregate Gradations on Frost Durability of Concrete - 01 May 2005

JAI13054: Investigation into Flow Property Measurements of Low-Slump Concrete Using Vibrating Slope Apparatus (VSA) - 01 May 2005

JTE11774: Small-Scale Modeling of Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Joints - 01 May 2005

JTE12582: The Functional Requirements for Water Resistive Barriers Exposed to Incidental Water Leakage. Part 1: Classification of Membranes - 01 May 2005

JTE12583: The Functional Requirements for Water Resistive Barriers Exposed to Incidental Water Leakage, Part 2: Testing Materials - 01 May 2005

JAI12261: Use of HMA Stiffness Results as a Referee Test in Indiana - 01 April 2005

JAI12268: Utilization of an Asphalt Pavement Analyzer for Hot Mix Asphalt Laboratory Mix Design - 01 April 2005

JAI12262: C-φ Characterization Model for Design of Asphalt Mixtures and Asphalt Pavements - 01 March 2005

JAI12264: Fracture Resistance Characterization of Superpave Mixtures Using the Semi-Circular Bending Test - 01 March 2005

JAI12281: Field Validation of Superpave Shear Test on NCAT Test Track - 01 March 2005

JAI12318: Identification of a Physical Model to Evaluate Rutting Performance of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 March 2005

JTE11800: Quantification of Potentially Odorous Volatile Organic Compounds from Asphalt Binders Using Head-Space Gas Chromatography - 01 March 2005

JTE12287: Shear Strength of Structural Composite Lumber Using Torsion Tests - 01 March 2005

JTE12592: Determination of Thermal Properties of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 March 2005

JTE12641: Influence of Pavement Surface Type on Tire/Pavement Generated Noise - 01 March 2005

JAI11870: Effects of Vacuum Processing on Strength and Surface Hardness Properties of Concrete - 01 February 2005

JAI12292: Spatial Variations in Material Properties of Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) Units, Part I: Observed Variations - 01 February 2005

JAI12472: Effects of C3A and Mineral Admixtures on the Sulfate Attack Using ASTM C 1012 - 01 February 2005

JAI12478: Hydration Behavior of Portland Cements with Different Hemihydrate/Gypsum Ratios in the Presence of Common Chemical Admixtures - 01 February 2005

JAI12939: Spatial Variations in Material Properties of Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) Units, Part II: Sampling Considerations for Absorption Tests - 01 February 2005

JAI10933: Flexible Crumb Tire Rubber-Filled Cement Mortars as a Protective System for Buried Infrastructure - 01 January 2005

JAI11771: The Role of Friction in Post-Crack Energy Absorption of Fiber Reinforced Concrete in the Round Panel Test - 01 January 2005

JAI12154: Simplified Thermal Analysis of Asynchronous Machine - 01 January 2005

JAI12517: ASTM C 88 Test on Soundness of Aggregate Using Sodium Sulfate or Magnesium Sulfate: A Study of the Mechanisms of Damage - 01 January 2005

JAI12931: A New Test Method for Porosity Measurements of Portland Cement Pervious Concrete - 01 January 2005

JTE11936: Shear Stress/Shear Strain Relation of Wood Obtained by Asymmetric Four-Point Bending Test of Side-Tapered Specimen - 01 January 2005

CCA11864: A New Method for Evaluating the Risk of DEF - 04 December 2004

CCA11897: A Device for Studying Fresh Concrete Friction - 04 December 2004

CCA11920: Measurement of Particle Size Distribution in Portland Cement Powder: Analysis of ASTM Round Robin Studies - 04 December 2004

CCA11923: Effect of Finishing Practices on Performance of Concrete Containing Slag and Fly Ash as Measured by ASTM C 672 Resistance to Deicer Scaling Tests - 04 December 2004

CCA11927: Influence of Specimen Geometry, Orientation of Casting Plane, and Mode of Concrete Consolidation on Expansion Due to ASR - 04 December 2004

CCA12063: Effect of Non-Uniform Straining in Concrete Compressive Strength Tests - 04 December 2004

CCA12074: Resistance to Freezing and Thawing Cycles and Scaling Resistance of Very High Early Strength Concrete - 04 December 2004

CCA12295: Pre-Soaked Lightweight Aggregates as Additives for Internal Curing of High-Strength Concretes - 04 December 2004

CCA12302: Modeling Drying Shrinkage Stress Gradients in Concrete - 04 December 2004

CCA12304: New Results on Early-Age Cracking Risk of Special Concrete - 04 December 2004

CCA12305: Potential for Restrained Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete and Mortar - 04 December 2004

CCA12313: Unthermostated Multichannel Heat Conduction Calorimeter - 04 December 2004

CCA12314: Polycarboxylate Polymers and Blends in Different Cements - 04 December 2004

CCA12315: Influence of a Long-Term Retarder on the Hydration of Clinker and Cement - 04 December 2004

CCA12320: Control of Cracking in Bridge Decks: Observations from the Field - 04 December 2004

CCA12329: Cement and Superplasticizer Combinations: Compatibility and Robustness - 04 December 2004

GTJ11958: Using Electrical Conductivity to Estimate Properties of Mineral Slurries Used in Drilled Shaft Construction - 01 November 2004

JTE11723: The Generalized Subtraction Correction Algorithm for Measuring Duct Leakage Using a Blower Door - 01 November 2004

JTE12207: Piezoelectric Sensors for Weigh-In-Motion Systems: An Experimental Insight into Edge Effects - 01 November 2004

JTE12284: Influence of Hysteretic Heating on Asphalt Fatigue Characterization - 01 November 2004

JTE12600: A Phenomenological Approach to Obtaining Correlations between Accelerated and Outdoor Exposure Test Results for Organic Materials - 01 November 2004

JTE11791: Load-Carrying Capacity Evaluation of Damaged Reinforced Concrete Structures by Dynamic Testing and Finite-Element Model Updating - 01 September 2004

JTE11804: Quantifying the Confidence Levels of Deformation Measurements in Asphalt Concrete - 01 September 2004

JTE12079: Heat, Air, and Moisture Transport Properties of Several North American Bricks and Mortar Mixes - 01 September 2004

JTE12194: Comparative Statistical Analysis of Original and Aged Bituminous Material Viscosity - 01 September 2004

JAI10986: Historical Development and Future Prospects of Structural Silicone Sealants in China - 01 July 2004

JAI11602: Developing a Performance-Based Joint Sealant Specification for Airport PCC Pavements - 01 July 2004

JAI11603: Material Properties for Use in FEA Modeling: Sealant Behavior with Ambient Laboratory Climate Aging - 01 July 2004

JAI11604: Effect of Float Glass Surface Composition on Silicone Sealant Adhesion Tested After Simultaneous Exposure to Hot Water and Ultraviolet Light - 01 July 2004

JAI11605: Artificial Weathering and Cyclic Movement Test Results Based on the RILEM TC139-DBS Durability Test Method for Construction Sealants - 01 July 2004

JAI11607: Issues Related to the Mechanical Property Characterization of Sealants - 01 July 2004

JAI11641: Estimation of the Fatigue Resistance of Sealants to Movement at Intersections of Sealed Joints and Improvements in the Joint Design Method - 01 July 2004

JTE11428: Effect of Surface Macrotexture on Skid Resistance Measurements by the British Pendulum Test - 01 July 2004

JTE11776: Mechanistic-Empirical Characterization of Bonding Between Ultra-Thin White-Topping and Asphalt Pavement - 01 July 2004

JTE11925: An Alternate Method to Determine Asphalt Content of Hot Mix Asphalt Using Volumetric Properties - 01 July 2004

JAI11879: Thermally Insulating Foundations and Ground Slabs Using Highly-Foamed Concrete - 01 June 2004

JAI11880: Field Demonstration Test on Construction and Strength of Flexible Pipe Drainage System Using Flowable Fill - 01 June 2004

CCA11895: A New Unbonded Capping Practice for Evaluating the Compressive Strength of Controlled Low-Strength Material Cylinders - 01 June 2004

CCA11910: Freezing and Thawing and Alkali-Aggregate Reaction Weakens Lightweight, Structural Concrete in North Dakota - 01 June 2004

CCA11911: Effect of Temperature-Match-Curing on Freeze-Thaw and Scaling Resistance of High-Strength Concrete - 01 June 2004

CCA11916: Relationship Between Particle Shape and Void Content of Fine Aggregate - 01 June 2004

CCA11928: Measured Internal Temperatures in Concrete Exposed to Outdoor Cyclic Freezing - 01 June 2004

JAI11161: Seeing and Photographing Your Visual Observations - 01 May 2004

JAI11172: Glass Facade Assessment - 01 May 2004

GTJ11779: Model Pile Pull-Out Tests Using Polyethylene Sheets to Reduce Downdrag on Cast In Situ Piles - 01 May 2004

JTE11046: Estimation of Stress Field Near a Notch Root of 3-D Structures with a Few Strain Data and the Body Force Method - 01 May 2004

JTE11844: Evaluation Indicator of Asphalt Mixture Rutting Susceptibility - 01 May 2004

JTE11943: UV Absorber Permanence and Coating Lifetimes - 01 May 2004

JAI10983: Concepts for Development of a Service Life Prediction Methodology for Sealed Building and Construction Joints—Review and Roadmap for Future Research - 01 March 2004

JAI11151: Evolution of the Development of the Chicago Facade Inspection Ordinance - 01 March 2004

JAI11165: Facade Inspections a Must for Both New and Old Buildings—A Case Study of Two High Rise Structures - 01 March 2004

JAI11601: Durability by Design: Load Carrying Silicone Bonding, Herz Jesu Church, Munich - 01 March 2004

JAI11609: Harmonization and Optimization of Weathering Test Methods for Building and Construction Sealants and Adhesives - 01 March 2004

JAI11620: Silyl-Terminated Polyurethanes for Construction Sealants - 01 March 2004

JTE11308: Parametric Study on Cement Grout and Aggregate Media for Preplaced Aggregate Grouting - 01 March 2004

JTE11584: Experimental Evaluation of Longitudinal Seismic Performance of Bridge Restrainers at In-Span Hinges - 01 March 2004

JTE11901: Toughness Characterization of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete: Which Standard to Use? - 01 March 2004

JTE11924: Geotechnical Properties of Compressible Materials Used for Induced Trench Construction - 01 March 2004

JTE10852: Porosity of Asphalt Concrete Made With Waste Shredded-Tire Rubber-Modified Binders - 01 January 2004

JTE10861: Evaluation of Hot Mix Asphalt Macro- and Microtexture - 01 January 2004

GTJ11256J: The Use Of Embedded Stress Cells For Monitoring Pavement Performance - 01 December 2003

CCA10441J: Use of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag for Reduction of Expansion Due to Delayed Ettringite Formation - 01 December 2003

JTE12373J: Design and Performance of the HEART Wheel Load Simulator - 01 November 2003

JTE12377J: Testing of Bridge Weigh-In-Motion System in a Sub-Arctic Climate - 01 November 2003

JTE12378J: Investigation of Effects of Testing Methods on Characterization of Asphalt Concrete - 01 November 2003

JTE12364J: Automatic Classification of Faience Tiles by Artificial Vision - 01 September 2003

JTE12370J: Development of a Procedure to Determine the Effectiveness of Asphalt-Removing Solvents - 01 September 2003

JTE12175J: In Situ Shear and Compression Tests in Ancient Stone Masonry Walls of Tuscany, Italy - 01 July 2003

JTE12179J: Method of Measuring the Shear Strength of Wood by the Asymmetric Four-Point Bending Test Using a Notched Beam Specimen - 01 July 2003

JTE12180J: A New Facility to Simulate Simultaneous Wind and Thermal Effects on Roofing Systems - 01 July 2003

GTJ11319J: An Innovative Method of Load Testing Deep Foundations - 01 June 2003

CCA10518J: Water Transport in Brick, Stone and Concrete - 01 June 2003

CTR10954J: Failure Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bridge Deck System - 01 April 2003

JTE12410J: Evaluation of a Boron-Nitrogen, Phosphate-Free Fire-Retardant Treatment. Part I. Testing of Douglas-Fir Plywood per ASTM Standard D 5516-96 - 01 March 2003

JTE12411J: Evaluation of a Boron-Nitrogen, Phosphate-Free Fire-Retardant Treatment. Part II. Testing of Small Clear Specimens per ASTM Standard D 5664-95, Methods A and B - 01 March 2003

JTE12412J: Evaluation of a Boron-Nitrogen, Phosphate-Free Fire-Retardant Treatment. Part III. Evaluation of Full-Size 2 by 4 Lumber per ASTM Standard D 5664-95 Method C - 01 March 2003

JTE12349J: Optimal Quality Characteristic Evaluation for Asphalt Mixing Plants - 01 January 2003

JTE12354J: Ruggedness Experiments for a Calibrated Hot Box Measuring Fenestration Systems Thermal Transmittance - 01 January 2003

GTJ11292J: Laboratory Testing of Concrete-rock Joints in Constant Normal Stiffness Direct Shear - 01 December 2002

JTE12340J: Measurement of Aggregate Texture and its Influence on Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Permanent Deformation - 01 November 2002

JTE12343J: Test Methodology for Strength Testing of Soda-Lime-Silica Float Glass Before and After Enameling - 01 November 2002

JTE12345J: Spatial and Directional Distribution of Aggregates in Asphalt Mixes - 01 November 2002

JTE12347J: California Bearing Ratio Behavior of Cement-Stabilized Fly Ash-Soil Mixes - 01 November 2002

JTE12329J: Enhancement of Asphalt Pavement Evaluation Using Monte Carlo Simulation and Accelerated Pavement Testing - 01 September 2002

JTE12330J: Experimental Analysis of Multiple Staple Joints in Selected Wood and Wood-Based Materials - 01 September 2002

JTE12334J: Effect of Anisotropy on Compressive and Tensile Properties of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2002

JTE12318J: Experimental Evaluation of the Torsion Test for Determining Shear Strength of Structural Lumber - 01 July 2002

JTE12319J: Finite-Element Analysis of the Stress Distribution in a Torsion Test of Full-Size, Structural Lumber - 01 July 2002

JTE12320J: Fatigue Testing and Evaluation of Asphalt Binders Using the Dynamic Shear Rheometer - 01 July 2002

JTE12323J: Investigation of Stress-Strain Relationship of Confined Concrete in Hollow Bridge Columns Using Neural Networks - 01 July 2002

JTE12324J: Analytical Model for Fatigue Crack Propagation in Concrete - 01 July 2002

JTE12326J: Evaluation of Bearing Capacity Improvement Using Composite Grids - 01 July 2002

GTJ11360J: Stabilization of Dune Sand Using Foamed Asphalt - 01 June 2002

GTJ11364J: Sidewall Leakage in Hydraulic Conductivity Testing of Asphalt Concrete Specimens - 01 June 2002

CCA10486J: Laboratory Assessment of the Potential Rate of ASR Expansion of Field Concrete - 01 June 2002

CCA10487J: Dependence of Rate of Absorption on Degree of Saturation of Concrete - 01 June 2002

CCA10488J: An Experimental Study on Potential of Cement Kiln Dust in Stabilization of Fly Ash - 01 June 2002

CCA10489J: Measurement of the Alkali Content of Concrete Using Hot-Water Extraction - 01 June 2002

CCA10490J: Analysis of Variables Influencing the Average-Residual Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 June 2002

CCA10484J: On the Effect of Coarse Aggregate Fraction and Shape on the Rheological Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete - 01 June 2002

CCA10485J: Use of Copper Slag and Cement By-Pass Dust as Cementitious Materials - 01 June 2002

JTE12310J: Influence of Hot-Mix Asphalt Parameters on the Correction Factors of the Ignition Oven Test - 01 May 2002

JTE12313J: Measurement of Creep Damage by the Natural Frequency Method - 01 May 2002

JTE12294J: Model-Fitting the Master Curves of the Dynamic Shear Rheometer Data to Extract a Rut-controlling Term for Asphalt Pavements - 01 March 2002

JTE12295J: Evaluation of an Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility and Development of its Load Equivalence Factors - 01 March 2002

JTE12299J: Correlating Permanent Deformation Characteristics of Hot Mix Asphalt with Aggregate Geometric Irregularities - 01 March 2002

JTE12304J: The Influence of Laboratory Aging Method on the Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binders - 01 March 2002

JTE12286J: An Apparatus for Evaluating Adhesion Between Soils and Solid Surfaces - 01 January 2002

CCA10482J: Analysis of the Granular Structures of Aggregates Using Solid Volume Measurement of Elementary Fractions - 01 December 2001

CCA10483J: Chemical Admixtures for Concrete - 01 December 2001

CCA10478J: Production and Use of Calcined Natural Pozzolans in Concrete - 01 December 2001

CCA10479J: Proportioning Concrete Mixes with Quarry Wastes - 01 December 2001

CCA10480J: Setting of Cement and Concrete - 01 December 2001

CCA10481J: Case Study in Performance Testing of Hydraulic Cement - 01 December 2001

JTE12396J: Quantification of Coarse Aggregate Shape and Its Effect on Engineering Properties of Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixtures - 01 November 2001

JTE12402J: Static and Dynamic Behavior of Damaged Concrete and Granite in Compression - 01 November 2001

JTE12405J: On the Recovery Coefficient and Parameter Selection for a New Type of Disk Spring Pile Cap - 01 November 2001

JTE12272J: Specimen Instrumentation Techniques for Permanent Deformation Testing of Asphalt Mixtures - 01 September 2001

JTE12273J: Use of n-Propyl Bromide Solvents for Extraction and Recovery of Asphalt Cements - 01 September 2001

JTE12276J: Coarse Aggregate Shape and Size Properties Using a New Image Analyzer - 01 September 2001

JTE12277J: Superpave Shear Tester as a Simple Standardized Measure to Evaluate Aggregate-Asphalt Mixture Performance - 01 September 2001

JTE12266J: Evaluation of the Elevated Temperature Creep Strength of Three Lead-Free Solder Alloys in Soldered Joints - 01 July 2001

JTE12267J: Development of New Low-Cost Indirect Tensile Test Equipment for Bituminous Mixtures - 01 July 2001

JTE12271J: Comparison of the Systems Approach and the Nordic Model and their Melded Application in the Development of Performance-Based Building Codes and Standards - 01 July 2001

CCA10520J: The Influence of Strain Rate on Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Loaded in Flexure - 01 June 2001

CCA10521J: The Omani Artificial Pozzolans (Sarooj) - 01 June 2001

CCA10522J: The Influence of Thickness on Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in a Round Determinate Panel Test - 01 June 2001

CCA10523J: Testing Abrasion Resistance of High-Strength Concrete - 01 June 2001

CCA10519J: Cementitious Composites Containing Recycled Tire Rubber: An Overview of Engineering Properties and Potential Applications - 01 June 2001

CCA10524J: Effect of Controlled Environmental Conditions on Durability Index Parameters of Portland Cement Concretes - 01 June 2001

CCA10525J: User and Producer Perspectives on ASTM C 1157 - 01 June 2001

CCA10526J: Direct Spectrophotometric Determination of Aluminum Oxide in Portland Cement and Cement Clinker - 01 June 2001

CCA10527J: A Simplified Shear Test for the Adhesion of FRP Composites to Concrete - 01 June 2001

JTE12250J: Formation of Shear Bands in Model Ground Composed of Aluminum Rods Beneath a Footing - 01 May 2001

JTE12254J: Empirical Models Depicting Grain Angle Effects on Load-Embedment Response of Dowel-Type Fasteners in Wood - 01 May 2001

JTE12258J: Calibration of Thin Heat Flux Sensors for Building Applications Using ASTM C 1130 - 01 May 2001

JTE12237J: Displacement and Strain Fields at a Stone/Mortar Interface by Digital Image Processing - 01 March 2001

JTE12243J: A Performance Evaluation of Lightweight Non-Contact Pavement Profilers - 01 March 2001

JTE12247J: Proper Selection of the Stiffness of the Disk Spring Pile Cap in Pile Driving - 01 March 2001

CCA10470J: Specimen and Aggregate Size Effect on Concrete Compressive Strength - 01 December 2000

CCA10471J: Modified Washington Hydraulic Fracture Test to Determine D-Cracking Susceptible Aggregate - 01 December 2000

CCA10472J: Properties of Concrete with Ground Ultrafine Phosphorus Slag - 01 December 2000

CCA10473J: Quantitative Description of Coarse Aggregate Volume Fraction Gradients - 01 December 2000

CCA10474J: A Kinetic-Based Method for Interpreting ASTM C 1260 - 01 December 2000

CCA10475J: Evaluation of the Potential of Densified Silica Fume to Cause Alkali-Silica Reaction in Cementitious Matrices Using a Modified ASTM C 1260 Test Procedure - 01 December 2000

CCA10476J: Chemical and Petrographic Analyses and ASTM Test Procedures for the Study of Delayed Ettringite Formation - 01 December 2000

CCA10477J: Development of Performance Tests for Sulfate Attack on Cementitious Systems - 01 December 2000

CCA10467J: Determining Elastic Properties of Concrete Using Vibrational Resonance Frequencies of Standard Test Cylinders - 01 December 2000

CCA10468J: Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete Caused by Densified Silica Fume Lumps: A Case Study - 01 December 2000

CCA10469J: Field Study of the Setting Behavior of Fresh Concrete - 01 December 2000

JTE12138J: Evaluation of Density Gradients in Loaded Wheel Tester Samples - 01 November 2000

JTE12139J: Assessment of Misalignments in Some Selected Buildings in Jordan and Their Structural Effects - 01 November 2000

JTE12141J: Optimum Lime Content for Fly Ashes and the Role of the Curing Period - 01 November 2000

CTR10546J: A Life Prediction Methodology for Thick Section Composites Used in Civil Infrastructure - 01 October 2000

GTJ11054J: Instrumentation of Bored Concrete Piles for Horizontal Load Tests - 01 September 2000

JTE12123J: Measurement of Apparent Thermal Conductivity by the Thermal Probe Method - 01 September 2000

JTE12126J: Repeatability Analysis of Road Roughness Measurements - 01 September 2000

JTE12127J: Testing of Thermal Imagers for Nondestructive Thermal Testing Applications - 01 September 2000

JTE12131J: Evaluation of the Gavarti Associates-Comprehensive Abrasion Tester - 01 September 2000

JTE12162J: Development of a Multiple Linear Regression Model to Estimate the Ductile-Brittle Transition Temperature of Ferritic Low-Alloy Steels Based on the Relationship Between Small Punch and Charpy V-Notch Tests - 01 September 2000

JTE12105J: The Influence of Specimen Size on the Fracture Behavior of a Structural Steel at Different Temperatures - 01 July 2000

JTE12107J: Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Use in Wood-Framed Residential Construction: Design Concepts to Avoid Common Moisture Instrusion Problems - 01 July 2000

GTJ11041J: Sample Preparation Technique for Artificially Cemented Soils - 01 June 2000

GTJ11047J: The Physicochemical Interaction Between PHPA Polymer Slurry and Cement Mortar - 01 June 2000

CCA10457J: A Practical Method to Solve Slump Loss Problem in PNS Superplasticized High-Performance Concrete - 01 June 2000

CCA10458J: The Permeability of Cement Systems to Chloride Ingress and Related Test Methods - 01 June 2000

CCA10456J: Strength and Density of Laboratory-Prepared RCC Specimens: Effect of Compaction Procedure - 01 June 2000

CCA10459J: Delayed Ettringite Formation at Brewer Stadium, Boone, North Carolina - 01 June 2000

CCA10460J: Introduction to the Symposium on Developments in Test Methods for Alkali-Silica Reaction - 01 June 2000

CCA10461J: Autoradiographic Methods for Identifying Alkali-Silica Reaction Gel - 01 June 2000

CCA10462J: Limits on Alkali Content in Cement—Results from a Field Study - 01 June 2000

CCA10463J: Proposed New Test Procedure for Measuring Alkali-Silica Expansion Produced by Hydraulic Cement - 01 June 2000

CCA10464J: Kinetics and Microstructural Changes Associated with Mortar Expansion - 01 June 2000

CCA10465J: Quantitative Petrographic Technique for Concrete Damage Due to ASR: Experimental and Application - 01 June 2000

CCA10466J: Influence of Silica Fume on the Stresses Generated by Alkali-Silica Reaction - 01 June 2000

JTE12089J: Porosity and Wear Resistance in Stone Flooring Tiles - 01 May 2000

JTE12091J: Falling-Weight Deflectometer Sensor Location in the Backcalculation of Concrete Pavement Moduli - 01 May 2000

JTE12095J: Network-Level Pavement Deflection Testing and Structural Evaluation - 01 May 2000

JTE12096J: Laboratory Measurements and Analysis of Clogging Mechanism of Porous Asphalt Mixes - 01 May 2000

JTE12077J: Precision of ASTM D 5821 Standard Test Method for Determining the Percentage of Fractured Particles in Coarse Aggregate - 01 March 2000

JTE12078J: Comparison and Evaluation of Tests for Coarse Aggregate Particle Shape, Angularity, and Surface Texture - 01 March 2000

JTE12083J: Measurement of Anchor Strength in Non-Rigid Substrates - 01 March 2000

JTE12085J: Identifying Segregation in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements Using Rolling Nuclear Gage Measurements and Infrared Imaging - 01 March 2000

JTE12086J: Remedial Sealant Procedures for Fixed Glass and Curtain Walls - 01 March 2000

JTE12068J: Efficient Mitigation of Edge Effects in Nearest-Neighbor Analysis - 01 January 2000

JTE12075J: Reexamination of ASTM C 1202—Standard Test Method for Electrical Indication of Concrete's Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration - 01 January 2000

CCA10423J: The Use of Fly Ash in Concrete: Classification by Composition - 01 December 1999

CCA10424J: A New Test Method for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 December 1999

CCA10425J: Mechanical Properties and Freezing and Thawing Durability of Polypropylene Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete Incorporating Silica Fume and High Volumes of Fly Ash - 01 December 1999

CCA10426J: Evaluation of the Effect of Portland Cement Alkali Content, Fly Ash, Ground Slag, and Silica Fume on Alkali-Silica Reactivity - 01 December 1999

CCA10427J: Comparison of Field Observations with Laboratory Test Results on Concretes Undergoing Alkali-Silica Reaction - 01 December 1999

CCA10428J: Comparison of Results from C 441 and C 1293 with Implications for Establishing Criteria for ASR-Resistant Concrete - 01 December 1999

CCA10429J: Use of the Accelerated Mortar Bar Test for Evaluating the Efficacy of Mineral Admixtures for Controlling Expansion due to Alkali-Silica Reaction - 01 December 1999

CCA10430J: Using Accelerated Test Methods to Specify Admixtures to Mitigate Alkali-Silica Reactivity - 01 December 1999

CCA10431J: Evaluation of Laboratory Test Methods for Alkali-Silica Reactivity - 01 December 1999

CCA10432J: Multi-Laboratory Study of the Accelerated Mortar Bar Test (ASTM C 1260) for Alkali-Silica Reaction - 01 December 1999

CCA10433J: Anhydrite in High Sulfur Trioxide (SO3)/Alkali Clinkers: Dissolution Kinetics and Influence on Concrete Durability - 01 December 1999

CCA10434J: Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF) in Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete: Effect of Curing Temperature, Moisture, and Silica Fume Content - 01 December 1999

CCA10435J: Assessing the Distribution of Sulfate in Portland Cement and Clinker and Its Influence on Expansion in Mortar - 01 December 1999

JTE12166J: Effects of Silica Fume and Steel Fibers on Some Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 November 1999

JTE12232J: Prediction of Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Concrete in Cyclic and Monotonic Loading - 01 September 1999

JTE12235J: Prediction of Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Concrete Mixes - 01 September 1999

JTE12223J: A New Dynamic Wind Load Cycle to Evaluate Mechanically Attached Flexible Membrane Roofs - 01 July 1999

CCA10503J: Evaluation of Tests for Toughness/Abrasion Resistance and Durability/Soundness of Coarse Aggregates - 01 June 1999

CCA10502J: Evaluation of Precision of a Nuclear Gauge for Measurement of Water and Cement Content of Fresh Concrete - 01 June 1999

CCA10504J: Towards Standardization of a Rapid Chloride Conduction Test for Concrete - 01 June 1999

CCA10505J: Early Shrinkage Development in a High Performance Concrete - 01 June 1999

CCA10507J: Review of the Thermodynamic Stability of Ettringite - 01 June 1999

CCA10508J: Evaluation of the Potential for Internal Sulfate Attack Through Adaptation of ASTM C 342 and the Duggan Test - 01 June 1999

CCA10509J: Curing Practices and Internal Sulfate Attack—The European Experience - 01 June 1999

CCA10510J: Mineralogy and Performance of Cement Based on High Sulfate Clinker - 01 June 1999

CCA10511J: Evaluation and Mitigating Measures for Premature Concrete Distress in Texas Department of Transportation Concrete Elements - 01 June 1999

CCA10512J: Characterization of High-Calcium Fly Ashes and Their Potential Influence on Ettringite Formation in Cementitious Systems - 01 June 1999

CCA10513J: Possible Mechanisms of Expansion of Concrete Exposed to Elevated Temperatures During Curing (Also Known as DEF) and Implications for Avoidance of Field Problems - 01 June 1999

JTE12059J: A Simple Catapult System for Studying the Small Projectile Impact Resistance of Various Glass Laminates - 01 May 1999

JTE12060J: The Role of Bearing Plates in the Five-Point Bending Tests of Structural-Size Lumber - 01 May 1999

JTE12061J: Evaluation of Wood Poles Using a Free Vibration Technique - 01 May 1999

JTE12063J: Precision in the Extrapolation of Creep Rupture Data - 01 May 1999

JTE12064J: Water Management and Moisture Transport in Direct-Applied and EIFS Wall Assemblies - 01 May 1999

JTE12066J: Effect of Construction Adhesive and Joist Variability on the Deflection Behavior of Industrial Wood Floors - 01 May 1999

JTE12048J: Experimental System for Simulating Crack Propagation in Asphalt Pavements and Effectiveness of Geosynthetics in Crack Retardation - 01 March 1999

JTE12054J: Decay of Wood and Wood-Based Products Above Ground in Buildings - 01 March 1999

JTE12055J: EIFS Sealant Joint Restoration - 01 March 1999

JTE12035J: Probabilistic Model for the Analysis of Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test Values in Pavement Structure Evaluation - 01 January 1999

JTE12040J: Effect of Asphalt Mix Design Method on Binder and Gradation Selection - 01 January 1999

JTE12041J: Modeling Considerations in Wood-Related Research - 01 January 1999

JTE12160J: Automatic Field Permeameter for Drainage Properties of Porous Asphalt Mixes - 01 January 1999

CCA10414J: Correlation Between Materials Finer Than No. 200 Sieve and Sand Equivalent Tests for Natural and Crushed Stone Sands - 01 December 1998

CCA10415J: Effect of Elastic Modulus of Capping Material on Measured Strength of High-Strength Concrete Cylinders - 01 December 1998

CCA10416J: Two-Hour Zero Slump Loss, High-Strength Pumpable Concrete—An Application Case in Dam Structure - 01 December 1998

CCA10417J: Modified Slump Test to Measure Rheological Parameters of Fresh Concrete - 01 December 1998

CCA10418J: Effects of Superplasticizer, Retarding Agent, and Silica Fume on the Air Permeability of High-Performance Concrete - 01 December 1998

CCA10419J: A Statistical Analysis of Hot and Warm Accelerated Concrete Curing Methods - 01 December 1998

CCA10420J: Ultrasonic Testing to Determine Water-Cement Ratio for Freshly Mixed Concrete - 01 December 1998

CCA10421J: Rheology of Cement Paste and Concrete - 01 December 1998

CCA10422J: A Systematic Method to Determine Optimal Specimen Geometry for Measuring Concrete Fracture Properties by the Peak-Load Method - 01 December 1998

JTE12115J: An Alternative Procedure for the Analysis of Data from the Cup Method Measurements for Determination of Water Vapor Transmission Properties - 01 November 1998

JTE12116J: A Testing Device for the Mechanical Characterization of Wood Beams or Plates Under Bending Compression - 01 November 1998

JTE12118J: Creep Test of Cured-In-Place Pipe Material Under Tension, Compression, and Bending - 01 November 1998

JTE12119J: Effect of Construction Adhesive and Joist Variability on the Deflection Behavior of Commercial Wood Floors - 01 November 1998

GTJ10889J: Experimental Modeling of the Shaft Capacity of Grouted Driven Piles - 01 September 1998

JTE12022J: The Dynamic Behavior and Vibration Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Beams - 01 September 1998

JTE12023J: Stress-Strain Relationship of Common Wire Nails Under Reversed Cyclic Loading - 01 September 1998

JTE12024J: Establishing Uplift Design Values for Metal Connectors in Light-Frame Construction - 01 September 1998

JTE12693J: Qualitative Assessment of Failure in Bolted Connections: Maximum Stress Criterion - 01 September 1998

JTE12694J: Qualitative Assessment of Failure in Bolted Connections: Tsai-Wu Criterion - 01 September 1998

JTE12007J: Asphalt-Rubber Mixture Behavior and Design (Wet Process) - 01 July 1998

JTE12010J: Variation of Resilient Modulus of Aggregate Base and Its Influence on Pavement Performance - 01 July 1998

JTE12012J: X-ray Piping Diagnostic System - 01 July 1998

JTE12019J: A Strategy for Mimicking Voids in Historic Masonry - 01 July 1998

JTE12021J: Book Review - 01 July 1998

CCA10446J: Multi-Scale Microstructural Modeling of Concrete Diffusivity: Identification of Significant Varibles - 01 June 1998

CCA10447J: Evaluation of Rubber-Filled Concrete and Correlation Between Destructive and Nondestructive Testing Results - 01 June 1998

CCA10448J: Simple Field Tests to Characterize Fluidity and Washout Resistance of Structural Cement Grout - 01 June 1998

CCA10449J: Changes in ASTM Type II Portland Cement from 1940 to 1994 - 01 June 1998

CCA10450J: Effect of Thermal Variations on Bond Strength of Fusion-Bonded Epoxy-Coated Bars - 01 June 1998

CCA10451J: Influence of Penetrating Chlorides on the Pore Structure of Structural Concrete - 01 June 1998

CCA10452J: Expansion of Cement Containing Crystalline Magnesia With and Without Fly Ash and Slag - 01 June 1998

CCA10453J: Soundness Characteristics of Portland Cement-Fly Ash Mixtures - 01 June 1998

CCA10454J: Expansion of Cements: Cause and Control - 01 June 1998

CCA10540J: Reappraisal of the Autoclave Expansion Test - 01 June 1998

JTE11993J: Adapting Superpave Technology to Design of Hot Recycled Mixes - 01 May 1998

JTE11996J: A Method of Fatigue Testing of Concrete Highway Joint Sealants in Shear - 01 May 1998

JTE11999J: Piezo-Actuated Microtensile Test Apparatus - 01 May 1998

JTE11977J: Interlaboratory Comparison of the ASTM Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials (E 96-95) - 01 March 1998

JTE11980J: Bearing Strength of White Oak Pegs in Red Oak and Douglas Fir Timbers - 01 March 1998

JTE11981J: Modeling Bolted Connections in Wood: A Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Approach - 01 March 1998

JTE11983J: Mechanical Properties of Laminated Veneer Lumber via Five-Point Bending Test - 01 March 1998

JTE11984J: A Probabilistic Study of the Influence of Hanger Alignment on the Reliability of Refractory Furnace Roof Anchors - 01 March 1998

JTE11969J: Experimental Analysis of Bolted Joints in Wood - 01 January 1998

CTR10498J: Effect of Cyclic Loading on Bond Behavior of GFRP Rods Embedded in Concrete Beams - 01 January 1998

CTR10499J: Accelerated Test Methods to Determine the Long-Term Behavior of Composite Highway Structures Subject to Environmental Loading - 01 January 1998

CCA10322J: Standards for Fracture Toughness Testing of Rock and Manufactured Ceramics: What Can We Learn for Concrete? - 01 December 1997

CCA10323J: Do We Need a Standard Concrete Fracture Mechanics Test? - 01 December 1997

CCA10315J: Evaluation of Laboratory Drying Procedures Relevant to Field Conditions for Concrete Sorptivity Measurements - 01 December 1997

CCA10316J: Test Method for the Potential Release of Hydrogen Gas from Silica Fume - 01 December 1997

CCA10317J: Hydrogen Evolution in Concrete Due to Free Silicon Metal in Microsilica - 01 December 1997

CCA10318J: Introduction to Symposium on Concrete Fracture Mechanics Standards - 01 December 1997

CCA10319J: An Overview of the Fracture Mechanics of Concrete - 01 December 1997

CCA10320J: The Role for Fracture Mechanics in Reinforced Concrete Design - 01 December 1997

CCA10321J: Fracture Mechanics Testing for Structural Steels - 01 December 1997

CTR10120J: Effects of Environmental Exposure on Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Materials Used in Construction - 01 October 1997

JTE11355J: Residual Stresses in Plastic Pipes by Laser Speckle Technique - 01 September 1997

JTE11356J: Relating Triaxial Test Properties of Asphalt Mixtures to Mix Parameters Determined by Marshall Stability Test - 01 September 1997

JTE11362J: Measurement of Load Distribution in Multiple-Bolted Wood Connections - 01 September 1997

JTE11872J: A New Apparatus for Measuring the Drainage Properties of Porous Asphalt Mixes - 01 July 1997

JTE11879J: Fatigue and Creep Crack Growth in Fine Sand Asphalt Materials - 01 July 1997

JTE11882J: Development of a Road Roughness Profile Delineation Procedure - 01 July 1997

JTE11884J: New Technique for Evaluating Damping of Longitudinal Free Vibration in Wood-Based Materials - 01 July 1997

GTJ10743J: Friction Angle Between Expanded Shale Aggregate and Construction Materials - 01 June 1997

CCA10016J: Compressive Strength of Small Concrete Specimens Confined with Fiberglass Laminates - 01 June 1997

CCA10017J: Durability Findings from Case Studies of Marine Concrete Structures - 01 June 1997

CCA10018J: Prevention of Damage Due to Alkali-Aggregate Reaction (AAR) in Concrete Construction—Canadian Approach - 01 June 1997

CCA10019J: Expandability of Solid-Volume-Reducing Reactions of Alkali-Magnesite and Alkali-Dolomite - 01 June 1997

CCA10020J: Thermal Properties of Commercially Available High-Strength Concretes - 01 June 1997

CCA10014J: A Procedure for Testing Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Mixes - 01 June 1997

CCA10021J: Book Review - 01 June 1997

CCA10015J: Frost Deicer Salt Scaling Testing of Concrete: Effect of Drying and Natural Weathering - 01 June 1997

JTE11339J: A Methodology for the Fire Resistance Testing of Structural Components at Reduced Scale - 01 May 1997

JTE11350J: Effect of Preloading on the Strength of Soda-Lime Glass - 01 May 1997

JTE11474J: Effect of Construction Adhesive and Joist Variability on the Deflection Behavior of Light-Frame Wood Floors - 01 March 1997

JTE11478J: Relationship Between Statistical Distributions of Traffic Loads and Pavement Responses - 01 March 1997

JTE11479J: Calibration of Weigh-in-Motion Systems Through Dynamic Vehicle Simulation - 01 March 1997

JTE11480J: Evaluation of Overhead and In-Ground Vehicle Detector Technologies for Traffic Flow Measurement - 01 March 1997

JTE11488J: A Low-Cost, Computer-Controlled Adiabatic Calorimeter for Determining the Heat of Hydration of Concrete - 01 March 1997

JTE11489J: First Continuous Remote Bridge Monitoring System Ensures Safe Operation of 65-Year-Old Rolling Bascule Bridge - 01 March 1997

JTE11319J: Determination of Thermal Properties of Pavement Materials and Unbound Aggregates by Transient Heat Conduction - 01 January 1997

GTJ10721J: Method of Rapid Determination of the Plasticity Index of Calcareous Materials Used in Road Construction - 01 December 1996

CCA10158J: The Strength and Microstructure of High-Strength Paste Containing Silica Fume - 01 December 1996

CCA10159J: Durability of Reinforced Lightweight Mortars with Corrosion Inhibitors - 01 December 1996

CCA10160J: Book Review - 01 December 1996

CCA10153J: Performance and Correlation of the Properties of Fly Ash Cement Concrete - 01 December 1996

CCA10154J: Tensile and Compressive Strength of Silica Fume-Cement Pastes and Mortars - 01 December 1996

CCA10155J: Precision of Tests for Assessment of the Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance of Concrete - 01 December 1996

CCA10156J: Mechanical Properties of Normal to High-Strength Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 December 1996

CCA10157J: Factors Influencing Flow and Strength of Standard Mortars and Reappraisal of ASTM Test Methods for Fly Ash - 01 December 1996

JTE11463J: Corrosiveness of Chromate Exposure to Steel Embedded in Soil or Concrete - 01 November 1996

JTE11311J: Review of Durability Testing of Building Stone with Annotated Bibliography - 01 September 1996

JTE11443J: Creep Lifetime Under Constant Load and Constant Stress: Theory and Experiment - 01 July 1996

JTE11452J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1996

CCA10307J: Break-Off Test for High-Strength Concrete - 01 June 1996

CCA10308J: The Use of the Flow Length Concept to Assess the Efficiency of Air Entrainment with Regards to Frost Durability: Part I—Description of the Test Method - 01 June 1996

CCA10309J: The Use of the Flow Length Concept to Assess the Efficiency of Air Entrainment with Regards to Frost Durability: Part II—Experimental Results - 01 June 1996

CCA10305J: Alkali Limits for Prevention of Alkali-Silica Reaction: A Brief Review of their Development - 01 June 1996

CCA10310J: Comparison of Five Standards on Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing of Concrete - 01 June 1996

CCA10311J: Improving Initial Strength of a Concrete made with Type 20M Cement - 01 June 1996

CCA10312J: Monitoring the Influence of Water and Ionic Ingress on Cover-Zone Concrete Subjected to Repeated Absorption - 01 June 1996

CCA10306J: Selectivity of Alkaline Activators for the Activation of Slags - 01 June 1996

JTE11296J: Accuracy of Wood Resistance Sensors for Measurement of Humidity - 01 May 1996

JTE11298J: Cyclic Tests on High-Strength Prestressed Concrete Frames - 01 May 1996

JTE11300J: Time-Dependent Bending Properties of Lumber - 01 May 1996

JTE12676J: Testing and Evaluation of Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Joints - 01 March 1996

JTE12678J: Evaluation of Test Methods and Environmental Conditions to Promote Efflorescence Formation Under Laboratory Conditions - 01 March 1996

JTE12690J: Simplified Building Design for Wind and Earthquake Forces - 01 March 1996

JTE11284J: Precision of Marshall Stability and Flow Test Using 6-in. (152.4-mm) Diameter Specimens - 01 January 1996

JTE11289J: Development and Application of a Quality System Standard for Construction Materials Testing Laboratories - 01 January 1996

CCA10135J: Quantitative Petrographic Evaluation of Fine Aggregate - 01 December 1995

CCA10136J: Some Applications of AC Impedance Spectroscopy in Cement Research - 01 December 1995

CCA10137J: Crushed Tile Coarse Aggregate Concrete - 01 December 1995

CCA10138J: High-Strength Concrete Properties Derived from Compressive Strength Values - 01 December 1995

CCA10139J: The Passivation of Reinforcing Steel Exposed to Synthetic Pore Solution and the Effect of Calcium-Nitrite Inhibitor - 01 December 1995

CCA10140J: Survey of North American Portland Cements: 1994 - 01 December 1995

CCA10141J: Amendment of Appendix X2 in ASTM C 917 Evaluation of Cement Uniformity from a Single Source - 01 December 1995

CCA10142J: Introduction to Symposium on Polymer-Modified Concrete and Mortars: Building on the Past and Moving into the Future - 01 December 1995

CCA10143J: Curing Stresses in Polymer-Modified Repair Mortars - 01 December 1995

CCA10144J: A Latex-Modified Concrete Overlay on Plain-Jointed Concrete Pavement - 01 December 1995

CCA10145J: Self-Smoothing Industrial Floors - 01 December 1995

CCA10146J: Properties of a Non-Film Forming Latex in Ceramic Tile Mortar - 01 December 1995

CCA10147J: Acrylic Powder Modified Portland Cement - 01 December 1995

CCA10148J: Comparison of Liquid Dispersions with Spray-Dried Acrylic Polymers as Modifiers of a Cement-Based Patching Material - 01 December 1995

JTE11428J: Prediction of Creep Properties of Chipboard Used in Stressed-Skin Panels - 01 November 1995

JTE11429J: An Analysis of Hot Mix Asphalt Mat Density Measurements - 01 November 1995

JTE11430J: A Servo-Control System for the Universal Panel Tester - 01 November 1995

JTE11432J: Specimen Size Effects on the Diametrical Mechanical Testing of Cylindrical Asphalt Mixes - 01 November 1995

JTE11434J: Creep, Shrinkage, and Mortars in Historic Preservation - 01 November 1995

JTE11437J: Book Review - 01 November 1995

JTE11407J: Development of a New Accelerated Adhesion Test for Silicone Sealants - 01 September 1995

JTE11408J: Elastic Strain, Creep, and Recovery in Mortars: Additional Analysis - 01 September 1995

JTE11410J: A Study of the Variation of Neutron Skyshine Dose with Respect to Roof Thickness, Source Spectrum Distribution - 01 September 1995

JTE11411J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1995

CCA10331J: Setting Times of Fly Ash and Slag-Cement Concretes as Affected by Curing Temperature - 01 June 1995

CCA10332J: Efficiency of Natural Greek Pozzolan in Chloride-Induced Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement - 01 June 1995

CCA10333J: Why the Accelerated Mortar Bar Method ASTM C 1260 is Reliable for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supplementary Cementing Materials in Suppressing Expansion Due to Alkali-Silica Reactivity - 01 June 1995

CCA10335J: Limitations of the Carbonate Extraction/UV Spectrophotometric Method for Determining Lignosulfonate-Based Admixtures in Hardened Concrete - 01 June 1995

CCA10330J: Results of an Interlaboratory Test Program: Compressive Strength of Concrete - 01 June 1995

CCA10336J: Determination of a Nitrite-Based Corrosion Inhibitor in Plastic and Hardened Concrete - 01 June 1995

CCA10337J: Determination of Slag and Fly Ash Content in Hardened Concrete - 01 June 1995

CCA10338J: Determination of Silica Fume in Unhydrated, Blended, Dry-Packaged Mixture, and Hydrated Mortar - 01 June 1995

CCA10339J: Rapid Determination of the Fly Ash Content of Construction Materials - 01 June 1995

CCA10340J: Determination of Slag and Pulverized Fuel Ash in Hardened Concrete—The Method of Last Resort Revisited - 01 June 1995

CCA10341J: Determination of Blast-Furnace Slag Content in Hardened Concrete by Electrical Conductivity Methods - 01 June 1995

CCA10342J: A New Consecutive Dissolution Method for the Analysis of Slag Cements - 01 June 1995

CCA10343J: Determination of Silica-Fume Content in Hardened Concrete by AC Impedance Spectroscopy - 01 June 1995

CCA10344J: Book Review - 01 June 1995

JTE10409J: Evaluation of the Hall Effect Sensor for Pavement Instrumentation - 01 May 1995

JTE10414J: Optimization of Lime Content for Fly Ash - 01 May 1995

CTR10472J: Effects of Short-Term Environmental Exposure on Axial Strengthening Capacity of Composite Jacketed Concrete - 01 April 1995

JTE10905J: Monitoring of Cement Stabilized Surrogate Waste Using Resonant Frequency Techniques - 01 March 1995

JTE10906J: Comparison of Optically and Mechanically Measured Deformations in a Finger-Jointed Wood Tension Specimen - 01 March 1995

JTE10907J: A Vibration-Based Method for Determining St. Venant Torsional and Warping Stiffnesses of Members with Open Cross-Sections - 01 March 1995

JTE10397J: A Universal Panel Tester - 01 January 1995

JTE10401J: On the Nonuniform Distributions of Temperature and Thermal Stress in DTA Testing - 01 January 1995

JTE10402J: Book Review - 01 January 1995

GTJ10301J: Evaluation of Static Capacity of Deep Foundations from Statnamic Testing - 01 December 1994

GTJ10310J: Instrumentation for a Weigh In Motion System Using Pavement Strain - 01 December 1994

CCA10286J: Laboratory Measurements of Corrosion Activity of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Using Simple Equipment - 01 December 1994

CCA10287J: Proportioning of Fly Ash Cement Concrete Mixes - 01 December 1994

CCA10288J: Crack Counts in Air-Entrained and Non-Air-Entrained Concrete Subjected to Accelerated and Fog-Room Curing - 01 December 1994

CCA10289J: Optimization of the Composition of a High-Performance Concrete - 01 December 1994

CCA10290J: Determination of Water Content of Fresh Concrete Using a Microwave Oven - 01 December 1994

CCA10291J: The Effects of Different Cementing Materials and Curing on Concrete Scaling - 01 December 1994

CCA10292J: The Influence of Size and Hardness of Sand Particles and Their Proportions on the Friction Characteristics of Cement Mortars: A Laboratory Study - 01 December 1994

CCA10293J: Mineral Admixtures Contribution to the Development of Heat of Hydration and Strength - 01 December 1994

CCA10294J: The Effect of Mold Size and Mold Material on Compressive Strength Measurement Using Concrete Cylinders - 01 December 1994

CCA10295J: Cement Strength Variations: Defining the Solution - 01 December 1994

CCA10296J: Effect of Capping Materials and Procedures on the Measured Compressive Strength of High-Strength Concrete - 01 December 1994

CCA10297J: Strength Evaluation of In-Situ Concrete by Rebound Hammer and Core Testing - 01 December 1994

CCA10298J: Book Review - 01 December 1994

CCA10285J: Calorimetric Study of Cement Blends Containing Fly Ash, Silica Fume, and Slag at Elevated Temperatures - 01 December 1994

JTE11860J: An Analysis of Creep and Shrinkage in Mortars - 01 November 1994

JTE11861J: Comparison of Asphalt Contents Measured with the Nuclear Gage and Extraction Methods - 01 November 1994

JTE11862J: Solvent-Free, Nuclear-Free Determination of Asphalt Content and Gradation of Hot-Mix Asphalt Concrete - 01 November 1994

JTE11864J: Effect of High Strain Rate on the Properties of PVC Pipe - 01 November 1994

JTE12659J: An Evaluation of Several Techniques for Measuring Air-void Content in Asphalt Concrete Specimens - 01 September 1994

JTE12662J: Effects of Sample and Test Variables on Electrical Wire Insulation Flammability - 01 September 1994

JTE12663J: Effect of Overload Cycles on Thin Steel Roof Claddings during Cyclonic Winds - 01 September 1994

JTE12670J: Wear-Related Fatigue in a Wire Rope Failure - 01 September 1994

JTE12671J: Handbook of Adhesive Bonded Structural Repair - 01 September 1994

JTE11844J: Bond Tests of Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Bars in Concrete - 01 July 1994

JTE11848J: Modeling Wood in Transverse Compression - 01 July 1994

JTE11849J: Behavior of Wood in Transverse Compression - 01 July 1994

GTJ10092J: Impact-Echo Response of Hollow Cylindrical Concrete Structures Surrounded by Soil and Rock: Part I—Numerical Studies - 01 June 1994

GTJ10093J: Impact-Echo Response of Hollow Cylindrical Concrete Structures Surrounded by Soil and Rock: Part II—Experimental Studies - 01 June 1994

GTJ10095J: A New Combined Servo-Controlled Loading Frame/Direct-Shear Apparatus for the Study of Concrete or Rock Joint Behavior Under Different Boundary and Loading Conditions - 01 June 1994

CCA10556J: Use of High Volumes of Class C and Class F Fly Ash in Concrete - 01 June 1994

CCA10557J: Strength Measurement of Concrete Using Different Cylinder Sizes: A Statistical Analysis - 01 June 1994

CCA10558J: Accelerated Sulfate Attack on Concrete in a Hot Climate - 01 June 1994

CCA10559J: Construction Materials Made with Coal Combustion By-Products - 01 June 1994

CCA10555J: Influence of Sulfate Ions on Chloride-Induced Reinforcement Corrosion in Portland and Blended Cement Concretes - 01 June 1994

CCA10560J: Hexavalent Chromium in Portland Cement - 01 June 1994

CCA10561J: Effect of Curing on Shrinkage and Expansion of Surface Repair Mortars - 01 June 1994

CCA10562J: Rapid Chloride Permeability Testing of Silica-Fume Concrete - 01 June 1994

CCA10563J: Effect of Elevated Curing Temperature on the Chloride Permeability of High-Strength Lightweight Concrete - 01 June 1994

CCA10564J: Limits of Application of the ASTM C 2274 Mortar Bar Test. Comparison with Two Other Standards on Alkali Aggregate Reactivity - 01 June 1994

CCA10565J: A New Nondestructive Testing (NDT): Torsion Test to Evaluate Compressive Strength in Concrete Structures - 01 June 1994

CCA10566J: Use of Control Specimens in Freezing and Thawing Testing of Concrete - 01 June 1994

JTE11810J: Prediction of Fatigue Life of Plain Concrete Beams from Fracture Tests - 01 May 1994

JTE11811J: Behavior of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures in Triaxial Compression - 01 May 1994

JTE11816J: Uniaxial Tensile Strength of Cementitious Composites - 01 May 1994

JTE11833J: Book Reviews - 01 May 1994

JTE12648J: Determining Asphalt Concrete Properties via the Impact Resonant Method - 01 March 1994

JTE12649J: Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Cellular Polystyrene and Polyurethane Insulation Materials Aged on a Flat Roof in Hot-Dry Climate - 01 March 1994

JTE12629J: A Computer Method of Analysis for Tire Wear Characterization, Identification, and Classification - 01 January 1994

GTJ10056J: Evaluation of the Drop Bar Test for Concrete and Rock Quality - 01 September 1993

JTE11784J: Lifetime Predictions of uPVC Pipes from Short Time Tests - 01 September 1993

JTE11786J: Compaction of Asphalt Mixtures for Laboratory Testing: Evaluation Based on Density Profile - 01 September 1993

JTE11954J: Resonance Monitoring of Building Assemblies for Durability Tests - 01 July 1993

JTE11956J: An Improved Moisture Permeability Measurement Method - 01 July 1993

JTE11960J: Book Review - 01 July 1993

CCA10583J: Use of Fly Ash in Heat-cured Concrete and the Effect of Post-curing Storage Regimes on Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, and Freezing-thawing Durability - 01 July 1993

CCA10584J: Effect Of Three Zeolite-containing Natural Pozzolanic Materials On Alkali-Silica Reaction - 01 July 1993

CCA10585J: Evaluation of the Statistical Significance of a Regression and Selection of the Best Regression Using the Coefficient of Determination R2 - 01 July 1993

CCA10586J: Use of Dynamic Nondestructive Test Methods to Monitor Concrete Deterioration Due to Alkali-Silica Reaction - 01 July 1993

CCA10582J: A Rapid Method for Measuring the Acid-Soluble Chloride Content of Powdered Concrete Samples - 01 July 1993

CCA10587J: Effects of Testing Rate and Age on ASTM C 1018 Toughness Parameters and their Precision for Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 July 1993

CCA10588J: Evaluation of Cylinder Size and Capping Method in Compression Strength Testing of Concrete - 01 July 1993

CCA10589J: A Comparison of Two Methods for Measuring the Chloride Ion Permeability of Concrete - 01 July 1993

CCA10590J: Observations on Rubberized Concrete Behavior - 01 July 1993

CCA10591J: Development of Precision and Bias Statements for Testing Drilled Cores in Accordance with ASTM C 42 - 01 July 1993

CCA10592J: Mortar Workability Apparatus: A New Approach - 01 July 1993

JTE11770J: Analysis of Marshall Test Behavior with Triaxial Test Determined Material Properties - 01 May 1993

JTE11771J: Infrared Technique as a Research Tool for Measuring Water Vapor Transmission of Roofing Membranes - 01 May 1993

JTE11753J: Flow and Stability Limits for Six-Inch-Diameter Marshall Specimens - 01 March 1993

JTE11743J: More Rapid Edgewise Crush Test Methods - 01 January 1993

JTE11745J: The Effect of Moisture on Laboratory-Prepared Asphalt Mixtures - 01 January 1993

CCA10609J: Introduction to Symposium on Current Trends in Cement Standards - 01 January 1993

CCA10596J: Portland Cement Specifications: Performance, Prescription, and Prediction - 01 January 1993

CCA10597J: Why Performance Standards for Hydraulic Cement? - 01 January 1993

CCA10598J: Importance of Precision Statements in Developing Performance Standards for Cement - 01 January 1993

CCA10599J: Analysis of a Canadian Database of Mortar-Cube Strengths: The Move Toward a Canadian Performance Standard for Portland Cement - 01 January 1993

CCA10600J: Cement Strength and Concrete Strength—An Apparition or a Dichotomy? - 01 January 1993

CCA10601J: European (EN) and World (ISO) Standards—Comparison with ASTM Standards - 01 January 1993

CCA10602J: International Development of Standards for Cements - 01 January 1993

CCA10603J: Blended Cement According to ENV 197 and Experiences in Germany - 01 January 1993

CCA10604J: The Special Features of Cement Standards in China - 01 January 1993

CCA10605J: The New Cement Standard in Australia—Its Implication and Further Development - 01 January 1993

CCA10606J: A Summary of the Results of Laboratory Inspections Conducted by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory - 01 January 1993

CCA10595J: Aggregate Mixtures for Least-Void Content for Use in Polymer Concrete - 01 January 1993

JTE11938J: Superposition Theory Applied to Nail/Glue Joints in Wood: Part II—Stiffness Behavior - 01 November 1992

JTE11939J: Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Refractory Bricks by the Nonsteady State Hot-Wire Method Using Differential Platinum Resistance Thermometry - 01 November 1992

JTE11942J: Laboratory Wheel Tracking Apparatus for Bituminous Pavement Studies - 01 November 1992

JTE11922J: Superposition Theory Applied to Nail/Glue Joints in Wood: Part I—Strength Behavior - 01 September 1992

CCA10571J: Evaluation of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as a Cementitious Admixture—A Case Study - 01 July 1992

CCA10572J: Task Force Report on ASTM D 2419: Sand Equivalent Value of Soils and Fine Aggregate, Prepared for ASTM Subcommittee D 04.51 - 01 July 1992

CCA10569J: Toughness Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Rapid-Set Materials: A Preliminary Study - 01 July 1992

CCA10573J: Properties of Zeolite as an Air-Entraining Agent in Cellular Concrete - 01 July 1992

CCA10574J: Development of a New Method for the Determination of Iron Content of Hydraulic Cementitious Materials and Pozzolans - 01 July 1992

CCA10575J: Sludge Ash Pellets as Coarse Aggregates in Concrete - 01 July 1992

CCA10576J: Are Small Aggregates Really Better for Making High-Strength Concrete? - 01 July 1992

CCA10577J: Static Modulus of Elasticity of High-Strength Concrete from Pulse Velocity Tests - 01 July 1992

CCA10579J: Materials Science of Concrete II - 01 July 1992

CCA10580J: Concrete in the Marine Environment - 01 July 1992

CCA10570J: Properties of High-Strength Concrete Containing Light-, Normal-, and Heavyweight Aggregate - 01 July 1992

JTE11712J: An Experimental Research Program on the Behavior of Stone Masonry Structures - 01 May 1992

JTE11713J: Laboratory Study of Microtexture-Related Skid Resistance Characteristics of Concrete Pavement Materials - 01 May 1992

JTE11911J: Compression Testing of Lumber: A Comparison of Methods - 01 March 1992

JTE11913J: Field Evaluation of Pavement Instrumentation Methods - 01 March 1992

JTE11895J: Using Microwave Measurements to Detect Moisture in Asphaltic Concrete - 01 January 1992

JTE11896J: Load-Slip Behavior of Nailed Joints in Seven Amazonian Hardwoods - 01 January 1992

JTE11898J: Introduction to Symposium on Radiation Shielding for the 21st Century - 01 January 1992

JTE11901J: Properties of High-Density Concrete - 01 January 1992

JTE11903J: Comparison of Fine Particle Colemanite and Boron Frit in Concrete for Time-Strength Relationship - 01 January 1992

GTJ10206J: Measurements of Strength Parameters of Concrete-Rock Contact at the Dam-Foundation Interface - 01 December 1991

GTJ10210J: Design and Performance of the Imperial College Instrumented Pile - 01 December 1991

JTE12604J: Test Apparatus for Simulating Interactive Loads on Metal Plate Wood Connections - 01 November 1991

JTE12606J: Determination of Thermal Diffusivity of Construction Materials - 01 November 1991

JTE12608J: Analysis of Gas-Fired Ceramic Radiant Tubes During Transient Heating: Part I—Thermal Transient Modeling - 01 November 1991

JTE12591J: Application of the European Yield Model to Nailed Joints in Southern Hardwoods - 01 September 1991

JTE12578J: Direct Measurements of Displacements in the Inner Roller Span of Four-Point-Bending Creep Tests - 01 July 1991

JTE12582J: Physical Acoustics: Vol. 18 - 01 July 1991

JTE12583J: Time-Saver Standards for Building Types: 3rd Edition - 01 July 1991

CCA10543J: Comparison of the Air Contents of Freshly Mixed and Hardened Concretes - 01 July 1991

CCA10545J: Comparison of Air Contents in Fresh and Hardened Concretes Using Different Airmeters - 01 July 1991

CCA10546J: Testing Fly Ash in Mortars for Air-Entrainment Characteristics - 01 July 1991

CCA10547J: Evaluation of Concrete Mixtures for Underwater Pile Repairs - 01 July 1991

CCA10542J: An Investigation of the Minimum Expected Uncertainty in the Linear Traverse Technique - 01 July 1991

CCA10548J: Reduction in Mortar and Concrete Expansion with Reactive Aggregates Due to Alkali Leaching - 01 July 1991

CCA10549J: The Development of ASTM Method C 1012 with Recommended Acceptance Limits for Sulfate Resistance of Hydraulic Cements - 01 July 1991

CCA10550J: A Rapid Autoclave Mortar Bar Method to Determine the Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of St. Lawrence Lowlands Carbonate Aggregates (Quebec, Canada) - 01 July 1991

CCA10552J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1991

GTJ10554J: Impact-Echo Response of Concrete Shafts - 01 June 1991

JTE12555J: Prediction of the Strength of Ceramic Tubular Components: Part I—Analysis - 01 May 1991

JTE12556J: Prediction of the Strength of Ceramic Tubular Components: Part II—Experimental Verification - 01 May 1991

JTE12561J: Prediction of Fatigue Life of Asphalt Concrete Beams from Fracture Tests - 01 May 1991

JTE12540J: A Novel Specimen Geometry for Double Shear Creep Experiments - 01 March 1991

JTE12541J: Mechanical Behavior of Nailed Joints with Various Side Member Materials - 01 March 1991

JTE12542J: Cryogenic Creep Testing - 01 March 1991

JTE12543J: Design and Analysis of Jaw Crusher Gouging Abrasion Tests - 01 March 1991

JTE12548J: Comparison of Methods for Measuring Moisture Content of Aggregate and Asphalt-Aggregate Paving Mixtures - 01 March 1991

JTE12552J: Concise Encyclopedia of Building and Construction Materials - 01 March 1991

JTE12526J: Predicting the Durability of Paving Bricks - 01 January 1991

CCA10125J: Troubleshooting Retarded Concrete: Understanding the Role of Cement and Admixtures Through an Interdisciplinary Approach - 01 January 1991

CCA10126J: Cement Clinker Characterization by Scanning Electron Microscopy - 01 January 1991

CCA10127J: An Analysis of Factors Affecting Particle-Size Distribution of Hydraulic Cements - 01 January 1991

CCA10128J: Effect of Coarse Aggregate on the Behavior of Normal and High-Strength Concretes - 01 January 1991

CCA10129J: Effect of Extended Use of Set-Retarded Concrete in Hot Weather - 01 January 1991

CCA10120J: Microstructural Development in a High-Strength Concrete Containing a Ternary Cementitious System - 01 January 1991

CCA10121J: Improvement of Concrete Strength Statistical Control - 01 January 1991

CCA10122J: Introduction to Symposium on Characterization of Hydraulic Cements - 01 January 1991

CCA10123J: Quantitative Clinker Microscopy with the Light Microscope - 01 January 1991

CCA10124J: Quantitative Phase Analysis of Clinker Using X-Ray Diffraction - 01 January 1991

GTJ10176J: Design, Construction, and Testing of a Large-Scale, Radial Fracture Flow Model - 01 December 1990

JTE12482J: Behavior of Rubber-Based Elastomeric Construction Adhesive in Wood Joints - 01 July 1990

JTE12483J: Instrumented Impactor for Testing Wood-Base Floor Panels - 01 July 1990

CCA10384J: Results of an Interlaboratory Concrete Testing Program: Part I - 01 July 1990

CCA10385J: Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete Containing Slag or Pozzolans - 01 July 1990

CCA10386J: Synergistic Roles of Slag and Silica Fume in Very High-Strength Concrete - 01 July 1990

CCA10387J: Characterization of Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slags and Fly Ashes and Their Hydration in Portland Cement Blends - 01 July 1990

CCA10383J: Practical Considerations Pertaining to the Microscopical Determination of Air Void Characteristics of Hardened Concrete (ASTM C 457 Standard) - 01 July 1990

CCA10388J: A Method for Proportioning High-Strength Concrete Mixtures - 01 July 1990

CCA10389J: Molybdenum Trioxide—An Accelerator of Portland Cement Hydration - 01 July 1990

JTE12474J: Elasto-Plastic Fracture Characterization of Paving Materials at Low Temperatures - 01 May 1990

JTE12475J: Relationships Between the Results of Nail Impact Bend Tests and Selected Nail Material Properties - 01 May 1990

JTE12464J: A Computer-Aided Image System for Analyzing Cracks Created by Nailing in Wood - 01 March 1990

JTE12450J: Weathering Effects on Some Mechanical Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes - 01 January 1990

JTE12454J: An Appraisal of Hydration Characteristics of Dead Burnt Dolomite Grains - 01 January 1990

CCA10277J: Laboratory Evaluation of Wet and Dry Abrasion Resistance of Cement Mortar - 01 January 1990

CCA10278J: Determination of Concrete Strength by Nondestructive Methods - 01 January 1990

CCA10279J: The Creep of Concrete Pipes in Kuwait - 01 January 1990

CCA10280J: Anisotropy of Concrete Strength - 01 January 1990

CCA10273J: High-Strength and Flowing Concrete with a Zeolitic Mineral Admixture - 01 January 1990

CCA10274J: Principles Underlying Production of High-Performance Concrete - 01 January 1990

CCA10275J: The Effect of Mix Design on the Properties of Sulfur Concrete - 01 January 1990

CCA10276J: Mechanical Properties, Abrasion Resistance, and Chloride Permeability of Concrete Incorporating Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag - 01 January 1990

JTE11140J: Nondestructive Testing: Interpretation of Deflection Bowl for Falling Weight Deflectometer Tests on Flexible Pavements - 01 November 1989

GTJ10970J: Enhancement of the Uplift Capacity of Buried Pipelines by the Use of Geogrids - 01 September 1989

JTE11134J: Using the Aspergillus Bioassay to Detect and Measure Preservatives in Wood - 01 September 1989

JTE11121J: A Comparison of Test Methods for Shear Properties of the Cores of Sandwich Constructions - 01 July 1989

JTE11122J: Precompressed Concrete Corbels - 01 July 1989

CCA10097J: Testing and Evaluation of a Novel Melamine-Based Superplasticizer in Concrete - 01 July 1989

CCA10098J: Effects on Flexural Performance of Sawing Plain Concrete and of Sawing and Other Methods of Altering the Degree of Fiber Alignment in Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 July 1989

CCA10099J: Behavior of Cement-Reduced and “Flowing” Fresh Concretes Containing Conventional Water-Reducing and “Second-Generation” High-Range Water-Reducing Admixtures - 01 July 1989

CCA10096J: Evaluation of Test Methods for Measuring the Bond Strength of Portland Cement Based Repair Materials to Concrete - 01 July 1989

CCA10100J: On Testing of Very Short Concrete Specimens - 01 July 1989

CCA10101J: Durability of Concrete under Simulated Arctic Conditions - 01 July 1989

CCA10102J: Another Look at the Portland Cement/Chemical Admixture Incompatibility Problem - 01 July 1989

CCA10103J: Freeze-Thaw Testing of Coarse Aggregate in Concrete: Procedures Used by Michigan Department of Transportation and Other Agencies - 01 July 1989

CCA10104J: Some Recent Problems with Air-Entrained Concrete - 01 July 1989

CCA10105J: Na2SO4 Soundness Test Evaluation - 01 July 1989

CCA10106J: Effect of Curing Conditions on the Compressive Strength and Elastic Modulus of Very High-Strength Concrete - 01 July 1989

GTJ10685J: Laboratory Testing of Chemically Grouted Sand - 01 June 1989

JTE11106J: Fatigue of Submerged Concrete under Low-Cycle, High-Magnitude Loads - 01 May 1989

JTE11093J: Development of a Method to Measure Wear on Resilient Flooring—Part II - 01 March 1989

CCA10110J: Statistical Characteristics of New Pin Penetration Test - 01 January 1989

CCA10111J: Effect of Different Admixtures on the Strength of Sulphur Concrete - 01 January 1989

CCA10112J: Drying Shrinkage of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 01 January 1989

CCA10113J: Observations of Healing of Cracks in High-Strength Lightweight Concrete - 01 January 1989

CCA10114J: The Morphology of Air-Entrained Voids, at Early Age - 01 January 1989

CCA10115J: Properties of Concrete at Early Ages - 01 January 1989

CCA10116J: Book Review - 01 January 1989

CCA10108J: Basic Creep Formula for Aging Concrete: Sinh-Double Power Law - 01 January 1989

CCA10109J: A Damage Model for Sulfate Attack of Cement Mortars - 01 January 1989

JTE11268J: Experimental Verification of a Finite Element Contact Analysis - 01 November 1988

JTE11271J: Predicting the Durability of Bricks - 01 November 1988

JTE11274J: Field Testing Device for Railing Systems and Rails - 01 November 1988

JTE11275J: A Fatigue Test Machine for Biaxial Compression of Concrete - 01 November 1988

JTE11623J: Effects of Testing Variables on Damping and Stiffness of Nailed Wood-to-Sheathing Joints - 01 September 1988

JTE11624J: Additives for Bitumen in Road Construction - 01 September 1988

JTE11078J: Dynamic Properties of Asphalt Concrete - 01 July 1988

JTE11079J: Mode II Wood Test Specimen: Beam with Center Slit - 01 July 1988

CCA10026J: Modification of the X-Radiography Technique to Include a Contrast Agent for Identifying and Studying Microcracking in Concrete - 01 July 1988

CCA10027J: Abrasion Resistance of Surface-Treated Concrete - 01 July 1988

CCA10028J: Analytical Investigation of the Influence of Air Bubble Size on the Determination of the Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete - 01 July 1988

CCA10029J: Effect of Air-Entraining Agent on Air-Void Parameters of Low- and High-Calcium Fly Ash Concretes - 01 July 1988

CCA10030J: Test Methods for Rapid-Hardening Magnesium Phosphate-Based Cements - 01 July 1988

CCA10024J: Limestone Additions to Portland Cement—An Old Controversy Revisited - 01 July 1988

CCA10031J: Economical Binder Proportioning with Cement-Replacement Materials - 01 July 1988

CCA10032J: Evaluation of the Frost Resistance of Concrete Using Critical Dilation - 01 July 1988

CCA10033J: Book Review - 01 July 1988

CCA10025J: Use of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity for Fracture Testing of Cemented Materials - 01 July 1988

JTE10384J: Impact Testing of Flexible Polyurethane Foams - 01 May 1988

JTE10386J: Granule Embedment on Shingles and Roofing Membranes - 01 May 1988

JTE11153J: Evaluation of Published Data on Ductile Initiation Fracture Toughness of Low-Alloy Structural Steels - 01 March 1988

JTE11159J: Chimney Venting Performance Study - 01 March 1988

JTE11160J: Dynamic Tests on Full-Scale Structures of Glue-Laminated Timber: Theoretical and Experimental Studies - 01 March 1988

JTE11164J: Strength and Stiffness of Metal Railing Systems and Rails for Buildings - 01 March 1988

JTE11168J: Development of a Test Setup to Simulate Pipe Reaction End Loading on Large Valves - 01 March 1988

JTE11060J: Book Reviews - 01 January 1988

CCA10090J: New Approach for a Concrete Scaling Test Based on Field Conditions - 01 January 1988

CCA10091J: Book Review - 01 January 1988

CCA10085J: Creep of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Under Variable Stresses - 01 January 1988

CCA10086J: Experimental Studies of Elastic Wave Propagation in High-Strength Mortar - 01 January 1988

CCA10087J: Production and Evaluation of a New Source of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag - 01 January 1988

CCA10088J: Concrete Incorporating High Volumes of ASTM Class F Fly Ash - 01 January 1988

CCA10089J: Freeze-Thaw Durability of Wet-Mix and Dry-Mix Shotcretes with Silica Fume and Steel Fibres - 01 January 1988

GTJ10542J: Quantity of Fines Produced During Crushing, Handling, and Placement of Roadway Aggregates - 01 December 1987

GTJ10941J: The Prediction of Fracture Fatigue Parameters from Creep Testing of Soil Cement - 01 September 1987

JTE11007J: A Proposed Test Procedure for the Evaluation of Air Barrier Systems - 01 July 1987

CCA10392J: Mechanical Properties and Workability of Superplasticized Concrete - 01 July 1987

CCA10393J: Finite-Element Analysis of the Pullout Test Using a Nonlinear Discrete Cracking Approach - 01 July 1987

CCA10394J: The Inhibition of Chloride-Induced Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete by Calcium Nitrite - 01 July 1987

CCA10395J: Factors Affecting the Reactivity of Fly Ash from Western Coals - 01 July 1987

CCA10396J: Effect of Chemical Admixtures on Portland Cement Hydration - 01 July 1987

CCA10400J: Comparison of Slump Cone and V-B Tests as Measures of Workability for Fiber-Reinforced and Plain Concrete - 01 July 1987

CCA10397J: History and Use of Blended Cements in Turkey - 01 July 1987

CCA10398J: Application of the Rapid Chloride Permeability Test to Evaluation of Penetrating Sealers for Concrete - 01 July 1987

JTE10997J: A Suggested Methodology for the Analysis of Asphalt Age-Hardening - 01 May 1987

JTE10999J: Overview of the Workshop for Hot Box Operators - 01 May 1987

JTE11000J: An Operational Procedure for Guarded Hot Box Testing - 01 May 1987

JTE11001J: Design and Calibration of a Guard Added to an Existing Hot Box - 01 May 1987

JTE11002J: Hot Box Operating Techniques and Procedures: A Survey - 01 May 1987

JTE11003J: Calibration of the NBS Calibrated Hot Box - 01 May 1987

JTE11004J: Measuring Thermal Performance of Wall Assemblies under Dynamic Temperature Conditions - 01 May 1987

JTE10986J: A Comparison of Three Methods for Determining Elastic Constants of Wood - 01 March 1987

CCA10075J: High-Strength Semi-Lightweight Concrete with Up to 50% Fly Ash by Weight of Cement - 01 January 1987

CCA10076J: Significance of Interrupted Testing on the Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Fly Ash Concrete by ASTM C 666 (Method A) - 01 January 1987

CCA10077J: KC8A3: X-Ray Diffraction Characterization of the Compound and Comparison with NC8A3 and C3A - 01 January 1987

CCA10078J: Statistics of Shrinkage Test Data - 01 January 1987

CCA10079J: The Rate of Absorption of Aggregates - 01 January 1987

CCA10081J: Book Review - 01 January 1987

CCA10070J: Comparative Study of the Microstructures of Normal and Very High-Strength Concretes - 01 January 1987

CCA10071J: Mechanical Properties and Freezing and Thawing Resistance of High-Strength Concrete Incorporating Silica Fume - 01 January 1987

CCA10072J: An Experiment to Investigate Chloride Intrusion on Construction Joints in Concrete - 01 January 1987

CCA10073J: Cost-Effective Control of Concrete Quality Using Small Specimens of Mortar Extracted from Concrete - 01 January 1987

CCA10074J: Shrinkage and Creep of Concrete Containing 50% Lignite Fly Ash at High Temperatures - 01 January 1987

JTE10346J: Using an Impact Device with Sliding Drop Collar for In Situ Evaluation of Compressive Strength of Insulating Cellular Concrete - 01 November 1986

JTE10352J: Book Reviews - 01 November 1986

JTE10341J: Modified Lever System for Constant-Stress Compressive Creep Machine - 01 September 1986

JTE10342J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1986

CCA10049J: Evaluation of the Potential for Expansion and Cracking of Concrete Caused by the Alkali-Carbonate Reaction - 01 July 1986

CCA10050J: Fracture of Concrete Subjected to Impact Loading - 01 July 1986

CCA10051J: Properties of High-Strength Concrete - 01 July 1986

CCA10048J: A New Statistical Method for Prediction of Concrete Strength from In-Place Tests - 01 July 1986

CCA10052J: Variations in the Chemical Composition, Specific Surface Area, Fineness, and Pozzolanic Activity of a Condensed Silica Fume - 01 July 1986

CCA10053J: The Determination of Specific Gravity Using the Siphon-Can Method - 01 July 1986

CCA10054J: Concrete Deterioration Through Leaching with Soil-Purified Water - 01 July 1986

CCA10055J: Book Review - 01 July 1986

JTE11396J: Effect of Bearing Plate Properties on the Behavior of Block Masonry Prisms under Axial Compression - 01 May 1986

JTE11398J: Measurement of Granule Coverage on Bituminous Roofing Surfaces - 01 May 1986

GTJ10607J: Development of an Erosion Test for Soil Cement - 01 March 1986

JTE10327J: An Empirical Model for Predicting Performance of Fire-Resistive Coatings in Wood Construction - 01 March 1986

JTE10329J: Direct Modeling of Concrete Block Masonry Under Shear and In-Plane Tension - 01 March 1986

JTE10315J: Evaluation of the Effect of Contact-Time When Measuring Floor Slip Resistance - 01 January 1986

JTE10317J: A Rapid Test for Asphalt Content of Bituminous Mixtures - 01 January 1986

CCA10063J: The Application of Neutron Radiography to the Study of Microcracking in Concrete - 01 January 1986

CCA10064J: Some Laboratory Experiments on the Inhibitor Effect of Sodium Nitrite on Reinforcement Corrosion - 01 January 1986

CCA10065J: New Test for Determining Fundamental Frequencies of Concrete - 01 January 1986

CCA10066J: Book Review - 01 January 1986

CCA10058J: Determining the Static and Dynamic Properties of Hardened Normal Weight and Heavy Weight Concrete - 01 January 1986

CCA10059J: Water Soluble Polymers: The Relationship Between Structure, Dispersing Action, and Rate of Cement Hydration - 01 January 1986

CCA10060J: Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concrete With and Without Silica Fume in ASTM C 666 (Procedure A) Test Method: Internal Cracking Versus Scaling - 01 January 1986

CCA10061J: Effect of Cement Replacement, Content, and Type on the Durability Performance of Fly Ash Concrete in the Middle East - 01 January 1986

CCA10062J: Chloride Concentrations in Concrete Pore Solutions Resulting from Calcium and Sodium Chloride Admixtures - 01 January 1986

JTE10964J: Optical Measurement of Granite Surface Polish - 01 September 1985

JTE10967J: A Method for Determining the Effect of Fasteners on the Stiffness and Strength of Wood Drive-In-Rack Pallets - 01 September 1985

CCA10038J: Influence of Air Temperature on the Setting of Concrete Containing Set Retarding Admixtures - 01 July 1985

CCA10039J: Fatigue Behavior of Superplasticized Concrete - 01 July 1985

CCA10040J: Neoprene Pads for Capping Concrete Cylinders - 01 July 1985

CCA10041J: Trade-Off of Gradation and Cost Requirements in Aggregate Blending - 01 July 1985

CCA10042J: Application of CCRL Data in the Formulation of Precision Estimates for Selected Cement Standards - 01 July 1985

CCA10037J: Cementitious Properties of Nonferrous Slags from Canadian Sources - 01 July 1985

CCA10043J: Durability of Concrete - 01 July 1985

CCA10044J: Improved Utilization of Fly Ash in Concrete Through a Chloride-Free Accelerator - 01 July 1985

CCA10046J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1985

GTJ10513J: A Direct Tensile Loading Apparatus Combined with a Cubical Test Cell for Testing Rocks and Concrete - 01 June 1985

GTJ10854J: A Low-Cost Ring Dynamometer for Monitoring the Performance of Roof Bolts - 01 March 1985

JTE10767J: Review of ASTM Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials (E 84) (An ASTM White Paper) - 01 March 1985

JTE10754J: Deckboard Bending Theory for Three-Stringer Wood Pallets in Drive-In Racks - 01 January 1985

JTE10755J: Biaxial Test Method for Characterization of Fabric Materials Used in Permanent Fabric Roof Structures - 01 January 1985

JTE10760J: A Comprehensive Viscoelasto-Plastic Characterization of Sand-Asphalt Compressive and Tensile Cyclic Loading - 01 January 1985

JTE10761J: Evaluation of In-Situ Pavement Moduli from Deflection Measurements - 01 January 1985

CCA10377J: The Effect of Blast Furnace Slag Cement on Alkali Aggregate Reactivity: A Literature Review - 01 January 1985

CCA10378J: Laboratory Examination of a High-Alumina Cement Concrete Column After 46-Years Exposure at Treat Island, Maine - 01 January 1985

CCA10371J: Diagnostic Monitoring of the Physio-Chemical Processes in Hydrating Cement Paste - 01 January 1985

CCA10372J: Mechanism of Pozzolanic Reactions and Control of Alkali-Aggregate Expansion - 01 January 1985

CCA10373J: Effect of Rheological Properties of Cement Pastes on Workability of Mortars - 01 January 1985

CCA10374J: Assessing Fire Damage of Concrete by the Ultrasonic Pulse Technique - 01 January 1985

CCA10375J: Nondestructive Combined Methods Applied to Structural Concrete Members - 01 January 1985

CCA10376J: Mathematical Evaluation of the Quality of Repairs on Concrete Specimens - 01 January 1985

JTE10737J: Insulated Masonry Construction Using Knockout Web Concrete Block - 01 November 1984

JTE10738J: Rheology of Cold-Recycled Pavement Materials Using Creep Test - 01 November 1984

JTE10739J: Research into Aperture Parameters of Point-Bonded Waterproof Layers - 01 November 1984

JTE10725J: Comparison of Nailed Joint Test Methods - 01 September 1984

CCA10348J: Chloride Permeability Versus Air Content of Latex Modified Concrete - 01 July 1984

CCA10349J: Recycled Concrete—A Source for New Aggregate - 01 July 1984

CCA10350J: Trinity Square: Commentary on Concrete Test Data - 01 July 1984

CCA10351J: The Variability of Condensed Silica Fume from a Canadian Source and Its Influence on the Properties of Portland Cement Concrete - 01 July 1984

CCA10352J: Resistance to Freezing and Thawing of Silica Fume Concrete - 01 July 1984

CCA10347J: Factors Affecting the Durability of Concrete and the Benefits of Using Blast-Furnace Slag Cement - 01 July 1984

CCA10353J: Soundness Testing and Durability of Coarse Aggregates in Concrete - 01 July 1984

CCA10354J: Effect of Fineness on Properties of Classified Cements - 01 July 1984

CCA10355J: Correlation of Hardened Concrete Air-Void Parameters Obtained by Linear Traverse with Freeze-Thaw Durability as Found by ASTM C 666 - 01 July 1984

GTJ10601J: Gelation of Chemical Grouts While in Motion - 01 June 1984

CCA10362J: Studies of the Hydraulic Properties of Belite Middling Slime - 01 January 1984

CCA10363J: Optimizing the Amount of Class C Fly Ash in Concrete Mixtures - 01 January 1984

CCA10364J: The Uniformity and Influence of Silica Fume from a U.S. Source on the Properties of Portland Cement Concrete - 01 January 1984

CCA10365J: Experimental Examination of Fly Ash Concrete - 01 January 1984

CCA10366J: A Rockwell Hardness Test for Concrete - 01 January 1984

CCA10367J: Investigation of Cement for Concrete to be Used in Structures Near Seawater - 01 January 1984

CCA10358J: The Maturity Method: Theory and Application - 01 January 1984

CCA10359J: Measures of the Workability of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Their Precision - 01 January 1984

CCA10360J: Influence of Petrography of Argillaceous Carbonates on Their Frost Resistance in Concrete - 01 January 1984

CCA10361J: On In-Place Strength of Concrete and Pullout Tests - 01 January 1984

JTE10691J: Analysis of Nonlinear Behavior of Asphalt Concrete During Marshall Test - 01 September 1983

JTE10696J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1983

CCA10245J: The Incorporation of Low Levels of By-Products in Portland Cement and the Effects on Cement Quality - 01 July 1983

CCA10246J: The Potential Use of Catalysts in the Cement Industry - 01 July 1983

CCA10247J: Waste Fuels Program at the Mississauga Plant of St. Lawrence Cement, Inc. - 01 July 1983

CCA10248J: The Use of Unconventional Fuels in Cement Manufacture - 01 July 1983

CCA10249J: The Grace Factor: A New Tool for Cement Industry Process Control Engineers - 01 July 1983

CCA10244J: Mechanical Properties, Durability, and Drying Shrinkage of Portland Cement Concrete Incorporating Silica Fume - 01 July 1983

CCA10250J: Performance of Blast-Furnace Slag Cement - 01 July 1983

CCA10251J: Study of Alkali-Silica Reactivity Tests to Improve Correlation and Predictability for Aggregates - 01 July 1983

CCA10252J: Microcracking and Definition of Failure of High- and Normal-Strength Concretes - 01 July 1983

CCA10253J: Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Cement and Clinker: A Bibliography - 01 July 1983

CCA10254J: Lithological Characteristics of Concrete Aggregates as Related to Durability - 01 July 1983

CCA10255J: Some Opportunities to Offset Poor Quality Characteristics of High-Alkali Cement - 01 July 1983

JTE10685J: Book Reviews - 01 May 1983

JTE10276J: Shear Transfer in Concrete and Polymer Modified Concrete Members Subjected to Shearing Loads - 01 March 1983

JTE10277J: Experimental Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Marshall Method of Asphalt Concrete Mix Design - 01 March 1983

CCA10260J: Some Questions Concerning ASTM Standards and Methods of Testing Fly Ash for Use with Portland Cement - 01 January 1983

CCA10261J: Variation of Laboratory Concrete Flexural Strength Tests - 01 January 1983

CCA10262J: Chemical Analysis of Portland Cement by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence - 01 January 1983

CCA10263J: A Method for Analyzing Void Distribution in Air-Entrained Concrete - 01 January 1983

CCA10264J: Alkali Reactivity of Strained Quartz as a Constituent of Concrete Aggregate - 01 January 1983

CCA10265J: Production Technology of Expanded Clay Aggregate Gravel with Bulk Density Below 300 kg/m3 - 01 January 1983

CCA10266J: Effects of Initial Field Curing on Standard 28-Day Cylinder Strengths - 01 January 1983

CCA10267J: Efficient Large Panel Roofing - 01 January 1983

CCA10269J: Book Review - 01 January 1983

CCA10258J: Chloride Penetration and the Deterioration of Concrete Bridge Decks - 01 January 1983

CCA10259J: Evaluation of Selected Procedures for the Rapid Analysis of Fresh Concrete - 01 January 1983

JTE10258J: Book Reviews - 01 September 1982

CCA10220J: On the Correlation of Consistency and Strength of Concrete to the Attrition Rate of Fine Aggregate - 01 July 1982

CCA10221J: On the Correlation of Strength and Elasticity of Concrete to Los Angeles Abrasion Loss and Crushing Value of Indonesian River Gravels - 01 July 1982

CCA10222J: Effect of Different Types of Crushers on Shape and Roughness of Aggregates - 01 July 1982

CCA10223J: A Strain Control System for Relaxation Studies of Concrete - 01 July 1982

CCA10219J: Mechanical Properties and Freezing and Thawing Resistance of Non-Air-Entrained, Air-Entrained, and Air-Entrained Superplasticized Concrete Using ASTM Test C 666, Procedures A and B - 01 July 1982

CCA10224J: Precision of the Proposed Test Method to Measure Slag Hydraulic Properties - 01 July 1982

CCA10225J: Book Review - 01 July 1982

JTE10240J: Effect of Temperature on Brick Suction - 01 May 1982

JTE10242J: Measuring the Abrasion of Transparent Materials with Hazemeters - 01 May 1982

JTE10243J: Development of a Scratch-Test Instrument for Thick Wall Coverings - 01 May 1982

JTE10247J: Book Reviews - 01 May 1982

JTE11562J: Characterization of the Crack Toughness Behavior of Structural Steels by the Tearing Modulus Parameter and Acoustic Emission - 01 January 1982

JTE11569J: Book Reviews - 01 January 1982

CCA10236J: Ideal and Quasi-Ideal Grading of Coarse and Fine Aggregates for Mass Concrete - 01 January 1982

CCA10237J: Accurate Rapid Analysis of Alkali Contents in Portland Cement - 01 January 1982

CCA10238J: Development and Interaction of a Concrete Additive for Improved Performance and Durability - 01 January 1982

CCA10239J: Method of Lightweight Sand Production by Fluidized Bed Calcination - 01 January 1982

CCA10240J: Book Review - 01 January 1982

CCA10228J: Definition and Measurement of Flexural Toughness Parameters for Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 01 January 1982

CCA10229J: Precision of Flexural Strength and Toughness Parameters for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete - 01 January 1982

CCA10230J: A Critical Look at ASTM C 618 and C 311 - 01 January 1982

CCA10231J: Development of a Conductivity Probe to Monitor Setting Time and Moisture Movement in Concrete - 01 January 1982

CCA10232J: Development of High-Strength Concrete Incorporating a Large Percentage of Fly Ash and Superplasticizers - 01 January 1982

CCA10233J: Variability and Control of Class C Fly Ash - 01 January 1982

CCA10234J: Durability Performance of Polymer-Modified Mortars - 01 January 1982

CCA10235J: Thermally Destructive Particles in Sound Dolostone Aggregate from an Ontario Quarry - 01 January 1982

GTJ10774J: Properties of Asphalt-Stabilized Aggregates from Evaluation of Laboratory Prepared Specimens - 01 September 1981

GTJ10775J: A Mechanistic Model for Strength and Fatigue of Cement-Treated Soils - 01 September 1981

JTE11225J: Laboratory Testing of Asphalt Concrete for Porous Pavements - 01 July 1981

CCA10197J: Relative Resistance of Rained-On Concrete Pavements to Abrasion, Skidding, and Scaling - 01 July 1981

CCA10198J: An Experimental Technique for Obtaining Complete Stress-Strain Curves for High Strength Concrete - 01 July 1981

CCA10199J: Investigation of ASTM Paste and Mortar Bleeding Tests - 01 July 1981

CCA10200J: Proportioning of Coarse Aggregate for Conventionally and Gap-Graded Concrete - 01 July 1981

CCA10196J: The Action and Application of Two New ASTM Specifications for Shrinkage-Compensating Cement in Concrete: ASTM C 845 and C 878 - 01 July 1981

CCA10201J: Evaluation for Durability and Strength Development of a Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag - 01 July 1981

CCA10202J: Condition of Concrete in Martin Dam After 50 Years of Service - 01 July 1981

CCA10203J: Influence of Pozzolanic, Slag, and Chemical Admixtures on Pore Size Distribution and Permeability of Hardened Cement Pastes - 01 July 1981

CCA10204J: State of Solutes in Contact with Hydrating Tricalcium Silicate Pastes - 01 July 1981

CCA10205J: Book Reviews - 01 July 1981

JTE11557J: Quality Control of Tests Conducted on Bituminous Mixtures in Quebec - 01 May 1981

JTE10639J: Void Content Prediction in Two-Size Aggregate Mixes - 01 January 1981

CCA10212J: The Effect of Fly Ash on Concrete Alkali-Aggregate Reaction - 01 January 1981

CCA10213J: Attack of Aggressive Fluids - 01 January 1981

CCA10214J: Production of Artificial Porous Aggregates from Fuel-Containing Industrial Wastes in the USSR - 01 January 1981

CCA10215J: Book Reviews - 01 January 1981

CCA10208J: Inertial Effects in the Instrumented Impact Testing of Cementitious Composites - 01 January 1981

CCA10209J: Flexural Fatigue of Polymer Concrete - 01 January 1981

CCA10210J: Use of the Maleic Acid Method for the Determination of Cement Content of Concrete - 01 January 1981

CCA10211J: Abrasion-Erosion Resistance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete - 01 January 1981

GTJ10915J: Modulus and Damping of Asphaltic Concrete Using the Resonant Column - 01 December 1980

CCA10175J: A Possible Method for Identifying Fly Ashes That Will Improve the Sulfate Resistance of Concretes - 01 July 1980

CCA10176J: Effect of Mixing Temperature on Slump Loss and Setting Time of Concrete Containing High-Range Water Reducers - 01 July 1980

CCA10177J: An Analytical Approach to Gap-Graded Concrete - 01 July 1980

CCA10174J: High-Strength Concrete: An Annotated Bibliography 1930–1979 - 01 July 1980

CCA10178J: Air Content of Hardened Concrete from Comparison Electron Microscope Photographs - 01 July 1980

CCA10179J: Use of CCRL Reference Sample Results for Precision Statements - 01 July 1980

JTE10600J: Development and Correlation of a Variable-Speed Friction Tester - 01 March 1980

JTE10590J: Long-Time Creep-Rupture Tests of Aluminum Alloys - 01 January 1980

JTE10591J: An Evaluation of the Effect of Low Temperatures on Mechanical Properties of a Commercial Steel to be Used in the Arctic - 01 January 1980

CCA10191J: Book Review - 01 January 1980

CCA10182J: Roughness of Aggregates of Different Types by the Modified Fourier Method and Scanning Electron Microscopy - 01 January 1980

CCA10183J: Formula for Calculating Spacing Factor for Entrained Air Voids - 01 January 1980

CCA10184J: Concrete Polymer Materials as Alternative Construction Materials for Geothermal Applications—Field Evaluations - 01 January 1980

CCA10185J: Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete - 01 January 1980

CCA10186J: Quick Determination of Cement Properties Through the Use of Hot-Pressing - 01 January 1980

CCA10187J: Rapid Determination of the Predominant Form of Calcium Sulfate Found in Portland Cement and Its Effect on Premature Stiffening - 01 January 1980

CCA10188J: A Method for the Determination of Consistency and Consistency Retention (Board Life) of Masonry Mortars - 01 January 1980

CCA10189J: Alkali-Silica Reactivity: Some Reconsiderations - 01 January 1980

CCA10190J: Influence of Water-Reducing Admixtures on Properties of Cement Paste—A Miniature Slump Test - 01 January 1980

JTE10220J: A Review of Aggregate Selection Criteria for Improved Wear Resistance and Skid Resistance of Bituminous Surfaces - 01 September 1979

JTE11200J: A Modified Procedure for Measuring the Maximum Specific Gravity of Bituminous Paving Mixtures - 01 January 1979

CCA10167J: Aspects of Sulfate Attack on Concrete - 01 January 1979

CCA10168J: The Ring Method of Measuring Restrained Shrinkage in Mortar and Concrete - 01 January 1979

CCA10169J: Scanning Electron Microscope Characterization of the Surfaces of ASTM C 109 Standard Ottawa Sand Grains - 01 January 1979

CCA10170J: Low-Void Concrete Mixtures - 01 January 1979

CCA10171J: Judging the Precision and Reliability of Standard Test Methods - 01 January 1979

CCA10166J: Methods and Equipment Used in Preparing and Examining Fluorescent Ultrathin Sections of Portland Cement Concrete - 01 January 1979

CCA10411J: Review - 01 January 1979

CCA10403J: The Precision of the Microscopical Determination of the Air-Void System in Hardened Concrete - 01 January 1979

CCA10404J: Use of Superplasticizers as Water Reducers - 01 January 1979

CCA10405J: The Electrical Resistivity of Concrete with Emphasis on the Use of Electrical Resistance for Measuring Moisture Content - 01 January 1979

CCA10406J: Effect of Length/Diameter Ratio on Compressive Strength of Drilled Concrete Core—A Semi-Rational Approach - 01 January 1979

CCA10407J: The Analysis of Interlaboratory Test Data - 01 January 1979

CCA10408J: Ruggedness Evaluation of Test Procedures - 01 January 1979

CCA10409J: Establishing Specification Limits for Materials - 01 January 1979

CCA10410J: Precision Statements Without an Interlaboratory Test Program - 01 January 1979

JTE10956J: Holographic Interferometry Study of Chemical Bond of Concrete to Smooth Steel Rods - 01 July 1978

JTE10932J: An Indirect Tensile Test for Masonry Units - 01 March 1978

JTE10933J: Measurement of Linear Expansion in Bricks Due to Freezing - 01 March 1978

JTE10934J: Use of Pelletized Slag in Concrete Masonry Units - 01 March 1978

JTE10919J: The Polishing Characteristics of Common Rock Types Used as Aggregate in Bituminous Pavement Surfaces - 01 January 1978

JTE10560J: Creep-Rupture Properties of Aluminum Alloy A356-T61 - 01 November 1977

JTE10561J: Acoustic Emission of Plain Concrete - 01 November 1977

JTE10562J: A Study of Durability in Temperature Cycles and Water Resistance of Sulfur Concretes and Mortars - 01 November 1977

JTE10563J: Random Axial Loading of Short Reinforced Laterized Concrete Columns - 01 November 1977

JTE11665J: A Method for the Determination of the Surface Area of Fine Aggregate in Bituminous Mixtures - 01 July 1977

JTE11667J: The Effect of Orientation on the Analysis of Shape and Texture of Concrete Aggregates by the Modified Fourier Method - 01 July 1977

JTE11672J: Enhancement of Compressive Properties of Failed Concrete Cylinders with Polymer Impregnation - 01 July 1977

JTE11631J: Concrete Core Strength—The Effect of Length to Diameter Ratio - 01 May 1977

JTE11642J: Gypsum Content of Cements Used in Concrete Cured by Accelerated Methods - 01 May 1977

JTE10669J: A New Technique for the Study of Cement Hydration by Scanning Electron Microscopy - 01 March 1977

JTE10672J: Economic and Performance Aspects of Increasing Insulation on the Temperature of Built-Up Roofing Membranes - 01 March 1977

JTE10674J: Structural Strength of Short, Axially Loaded Columns of Reinforced, Laterized Concrete - 01 March 1977

JTE10675J: Properties of Florida-Oolite Concrete - 01 March 1977

JTE10529J: Concept and Test Method for a Unified Characterization of the Geometric Irregularity of Aggregate Particles - 01 January 1977

JTE10530J: Behavior of Aggregate in the Washington Degradation Test - 01 January 1977

JTE10535J: Bibliography on Clean Glass - 01 January 1977

JTE11372J: Structural Tests of Aerodynamic Surfaces: A Systems Approach to Analysis and Design - 01 November 1976

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JTE10522J: Past, Present, and Potential Developments of Sulfate-Resisting Concretes - 01 September 1976

JTE10523J: Red Mud from Alumina Plants as a Possible Source of Synthetic Aggregate - 01 September 1976

JTE10211J: Nomograph for Determining Corrosion Rate in Wire Coil Tests - 01 July 1976

JTE10214J: Statistical Interpretation of Strength Tests of Masonry Units for Structural Applications - 01 July 1976

JTE10215J: Asphalt Cements: Pen-Vis Number and Its Application to Moduli of Stiffness - 01 July 1976

JTE10216J: Sulfur- and Polymer-Impregnated Brick and Block Prisms - 01 July 1976

JTE10217J: Block Concrete Is a Structural Material - 01 July 1976

JTE10190J: Tensile-Shear Bond Strength and Failure Between Aggregate and Mortar - 01 March 1976

JTE10191J: Joint Movement in Precast Concrete Panel Cladding - 01 March 1976

JTE10501J: Development of a Method to Measure Wear on Resilient Flooring - 01 January 1976

JTE10509J: The Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity on Static Strength of Hydrated Portland Cement - 01 January 1976

JTE10511J: Influence of Calcium Chloride on the Drying Shrinkage of Alite Paste - 01 January 1976

JTE10512J: Base Stabilization Using Pelletized Blast Furnace Slag - 01 January 1976

JTE11701J: The Effect of Water Content on the Compressive Strength of Laterized Concrete - 01 November 1975

JTE11703J: A Simple Technique for Determining Relative Strength of Aggregates - 01 November 1975

JTE10174J: Polymeric Materials for Concrete - 01 September 1975

JTE10175J: Fatigue of Ferrocement - 01 September 1975

JTE10652J: Early Assessment of Concrete Quality by Accelerating Compressive Strength Development with Heat (Results of ASTM's Cooperative Test Program) - 01 July 1975

JTE10653J: Holographic Interferometry for Measuring Swelling of Hardened Concrete - 01 July 1975

JTE10654J: A Simple Accelerated Strength Test for Portland Cements - 01 July 1975

JTE10655J: Freezing and Thawing Tests and Theories of Frost Damage - 01 July 1975

JTE10660J: Mechanisms of Acceleration by Calcium Chloride: A Review - 01 July 1975

JTE10661J: Tricalcium Silicate Hydration in the Presence of Various Salts - 01 July 1975

JTE10662J: Effect of Various Accelerating Chemical Admixtures on Setting and Strength Development of Concrete - 01 July 1975

JTE10157J: An Analysis of the Design of Beam Testing Apparatus - 01 May 1975

JTE10160J: Nonlinear Viscoelastic Properties of Bituminous Concretes - 01 May 1975

JTE10163J: Determination of Low Levels of Chloride in Hardened Portland Cement Paste, Mortar, and Concrete - 01 May 1975

JTE10144J: The Strength of Concrete Subjected to Compression-Compression-Tension Stress Systems - 01 March 1975

JTE10127J: Interlaboratory Evaluation of ASTM E 84-70 Tunnel Test Applied to Floor Coverings - 01 January 1975

JTE11684J: A New Test for Sulfate Resistance of Cements - 01 November 1974

JTE11685J: An Investigation of the Fluid Characteristics of Cement Grouts - 01 November 1974

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JTE10104J: Experimental Determinations of the Thermal Conductivity of Fluids by Coaxial-Cylinder Apparatus - 01 July 1974

JTE10110J: A Study of Cement and Concrete Correlation - 01 July 1974

JTE10095J: Heat Transmission in Cellulosic Fiber Insulation Materials - 01 May 1974

JTE10078J: Estimation of Skid Numbers from Surface Texture Parameters in the Rational Design of Standard Reference Pavements for Test Equipment Calibration - 01 March 1974

JTE10082J: The Effect of Cement Properties and the Thermal Compatibility of Aggregates on the Strength of Accelerated Cured Concrete - 01 March 1974

JTE10083J: The Effects of Composition and Fineness of Cement in Accelerated Testing of Concrete - 01 March 1974

JTE10071J: Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Impregnated Concrete - 01 January 1974

JTE10072J: Glass Transition of Asphalts Under Pressure - 01 January 1974

JTE10055J: A Study of Currently Used Methods for Determining the Permeability of Bituminous Mixtures - 01 November 1973

JTE10058J: One-Dimensional Consolidation of Retarded Plastic Concrete - 01 November 1973

JTE10034J: Test Facilities for Measuring the Thermal Response of Materials to the Fire Environment - 01 September 1973

JTE10037J: Atomic Absorption Analysis of Portland Cement and Raw Mix Using a Lithium Metaborate Fusion - 01 September 1973

JTE10041J: Analytical Prediction of the Thermal Response of Decomposing Materials in Fire Environments - 01 September 1973

JTE10042J: Armco Iron: New Concept and Broad-Data Base Justify Its Use as a Thermal Conductivity Reference Material - 01 September 1973

JTE10018J: Determination of Resonant Vibration Frequency of Concrete by an Acoustic Impact Technique - 01 July 1973

JTE10025J: Effect of Pyrolytic Temperatures on the Longitudinal Strength of Dry Douglas-Fir - 01 July 1973

JTE10026J: Triaxial Testing of Nonreinforced Concrete Specimens - 01 July 1973

JTE10010J: Heat Transfer in Fibrous Materials - 01 May 1973

JTE10013J: Influence of Specimen Size and Shape on Compression Perpendicular to the Grain of Green Messmate - 01 May 1973

JTE10891J: A Microscopic Approach to the Microstructure of Paving Asphalts - 01 March 1973

JTE10892J: Metallurgical Aspects of the Failure of the Point Pleasant Bridge - 01 March 1973

JTE10893J: Experimental Study of Static and Dynamic Friction Between Sand and Typical Constuction Materials - 01 March 1973

JTE11597J: Precision of Early Shrinkage Measurements - 01 January 1973

JTE11598J: Some Factors Affecting Cement Mortar Strength Results Using ASTM Standard Test Methods C 348 and C 349 - 01 January 1973

JTE11604J: Capillary Porosity in Hardened Cement Paste - 01 January 1973