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Millions of passenger cars travel the roads of the world each day, with 87 million expected to be on the roads by 2017. When the millions of passenger cars travel the roads of the world each day, ASTM International standards are helping to enhance the quality, safety and performance of the vehicles we drive. More…

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Popular Automotive Standards

D4814-17: Standard Specification for Automotive Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel

D6433-16: Standard Practice for Roads and Parking Lots Pavement Condition Index Surveys

D2000-12(2017): Standard Classification System for Rubber Products in Automotive Applications

D2699-16e1: Standard Test Method for Research Octane Number of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel


New Automotive Standards

E1136-17: Standard Specification for P195/75R14 Radial Standard Reference Test Tire

F2838-17: Standard Practice for Accelerated Laboratory Aging of Radial Passenger Car and Light Truck Tires through Load Range E for the Laboratory Generation of Belt Separation

D7320-17a: Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Automotive Engine Oils in the Sequence IIIG, Spark-Ignition Engine

D7528-17a: Standard Test Method for Bench Oxidation of Engine Oils by ROBO Apparatus


All Automotive Standards

A159-83(2015): Standard Specification for Automotive Gray Iron Castings

A456/A456M-08(2013): Standard Specification for Magnetic Particle Examination of Large Crankshaft Forgings

A503/A503M-15: Standard Specification for Ultrasonic Examination of Forged Crankshafts

A602-94(2014): Standard Specification for Automotive Malleable Iron Castings