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A476/A476M-00(2018): Standard Specification for Ductile Iron Castings for Paper Mill Dryer Rolls

A649/A649M-10(2020): Standard Specification for Forged Steel Rolls Used for Corrugating Paper Machinery

D1968-19: Standard Terminology Relating to Paper and Paper Products

D202-17: Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Untreated Paper Used for Electrical Insulation

D2176-16: Standard Test Method for Folding Endurance of Paper and Plastics Film by the M.I.T. Tester

D2423-90(2017): Standard Test Method for Surface Wax on Waxed Paper or Paperboard

D2658-18: Standard Test Method for Determining Dimensions of Fiberboard Boxes

D2860/D2860M-18: Standard Test Method for Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape to Fiberboard at 90° Angle and Constant Stress

D3344-90(2015): Standard Test Method for Total  Wax  Content  of  Corrugated  Paperboard

D3376-18: Standard Test Methods of Sampling and Testing Pulps to be Used in the Manufacture of Electrical Insulation

D3521-86(2017): Standard Test Method for Surface Wax Coating On Corrugated Board

D4243-16: Standard Test Method for Measurement of Average Viscometric Degree of Polymerization of New and Aged Electrical Papers and Boards

D5118/D5118M-15: Standard Practice for Fabrication of Fiberboard Shipping Boxes

D5663-15: Standard Guide for Validating Recycled Content in Packaging Paper and Paperboard

D5722-20: Standard Practice for Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Factory-Coated Embossed Hardboard Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight and a Soak-Freeze-Thaw Procedure

D646-13: Standard Test Method for Mass Per Unit Area of Paper and Paperboard of Aramid Papers (Basis Weight)

D6787/D6787M-02(2017): Standard Specification for Repositionable Note Pad

D685-17: Standard Practice for Conditioning Paper and Paper Products for Testing

D689-17: Standard Test Method for Internal Tearing Resistance of Paper

D7030-04(2017): Standard Test Method for Short Term Creep Performance of Corrugated Fiberboard Containers Under Constant Load Using a Compression Test Machine

D7243-11(2020): Standard Guide for Measuring the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Paper Industry Sludges

D8023-17: Standard Specification for Round Wood Dowels (Pegs) for Use in Wood Construction

D828-16e1: Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Paper and Paperboard Using Constant-Rate-of-Elongation Apparatus

E1839-20: Standard Practice for Efficacy of Slimicides for the Paper Industry—Bacterial and Fungal Slime

E2598/E2598M-13: Standard Practice for Acoustic Emission Examination of Cast Iron Yankee and Steam Heated Paper Dryers

E2907/E2907M-13(2019): Standard Practice for Examination of Paper Machine Rolls Using Acoustic Emission from Crack Face Rubbing

E619-17: Standard Practice for Evaluating Foreign Odors and/or Flavors from Paper Packaging

E723-13(2019): Standard Practice for Evaluation of Antimicrobials as Preservatives for Aqueous-Based Products Used in the Paper Industry (Bacterial Spoilage)

E875-20: Standard Practice for Evaluation of Fungal Control Agents as Preservatives for Aqueous-Based Products Used in the Paper Industry