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C118-19: Standard Specification for Concrete Pipe for Irrigation or Drainage

C118M-19: Standard Specification for Concrete Pipe for Irrigation or Drainage (Metric)

C602-13a: Standard Specification for Agricultural Liming Materials

C706-13: Standard Specification for Limestone for Animal Feed Use

D1997-13: Standard Test Method for Laboratory Determination of the Fiber Content of Peat Samples by Dry Mass

D2973-16: Standard Test Method for Total Nitrogen in Peat Materials

D2974-14: Standard Test Methods for Moisture, Ash, and Organic Matter of Peat and Other Organic Soils

D4397-16: Standard Specification for Polyethylene Sheeting for Construction, Industrial, and Agricultural Applications

D4972-19: Standard Test Methods for pH of Soils

D5268-13: Standard Specification for Topsoil Used for Landscaping Purposes

D5715-14: Standard Practice for Estimating the Degree of Humification of Peat and Other Organic Soils (Visual/Manual Method)

D5883-18: Standard Guide for Use of Rotary Kiln Produced Expanded Shale, Clay or Slate (ESCS) as a Mineral Amendment in Topsoil Used for Landscaping and Related Purposes

D7047-15e1: Standard Test Method for Swell Volume of Plantago Insularis (Ovata, Psyllium)

D7367-19e2: Standard Test Method for Determining Water Holding Capacity of Fiber Mulches for Hydraulic Planting

D7480-08(2014): Standard Guide for Evaluating the Attributes of a Forest Management Plan

E1102-91(2015): Standard Terminology Relating to Agricultural Chemical Application

E1116-98(2019): Standard Test Method for Emulsification Characteristics of Pesticide Emulsifiable Concentrates

E1518-05(2019): Standard Practice for Evaluation of Physical Compatibility of Pesticides in Aqueous Tank Mixtures by the Dynamic Shaker Method

E1520-99(2015): Standard Test Method for Particle Counts Per Pound of Granular Carriers and Dry-Applied Granular Formulations

E1521-14: Standard Test Method for Liquid Holding Capacity of Granular Carriers

E1839-13: Standard Test Method for Efficacy of Slimicides for the Paper Industry—Bacterial and Fungal Slime

E1910/E1910M-15: Standard Test Method for Agricultural pH Control Agents, Measurement of pH Change and Buffering Capacity

E1945-02(2016): Standard Test Method for Percent Dispersibility

E2044-99(2019): Standard Test Method for Spreading of Liquid Agricultural Spray Mixtures

E2169-17: Standard Practice for Selecting Antimicrobial Pesticides for Use in Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids

E2275-19: Standard Practice for Evaluating Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluid Bioresistance and Antimicrobial Pesticide Performance

E2316-14: Standard Test Method for Determination of Particles Resulting from the Attrition of Granular Pesticides

E2407-04(2015): Standard Test Method for Effectiveness of Defoaming Agents

E2408-04(2015): Standard Test Method for Relative Extensional Viscosity of Agricultural Spray Tank Mixes

E2471-05(2016): Standard Test Method for Using Seeded-Agar for the Screening Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity In Carpets

E2686-09(2015): Standard Test Method for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Solvents Absorbed/Adsorbed By Simulated Soil Impacted by Pesticide Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) Applications

E2798-11: Standard Test Method for Characterization of Performance of Pesticide Spray Drift Reduction Adjuvants for Ground Application

E3152-18: Standard Guide for Standard Test Methods and Practices Available for Determining Antifungal Activity on Natural or Synthetic Substrates Treated with Antimicrobial Agents

E341-08(2015): Standard Practice for Measuring Plasma Arc Gas Enthalpy by Energy Balance

E377-08(2015): Standard Practice for Internal Temperature Measurements in Low-Conductivity Materials

E408-13(2019): Standard Test Methods for Total Normal Emittance of Surfaces Using Inspection-Meter Techniques

E422-05(2016): Standard Test Method for Measuring Heat Flux Using a Water-Cooled Calorimeter

E434-10(2015): Standard Test Method for Calorimetric Determination of Hemispherical Emittance and the Ratio of Solar Absorptance to Hemispherical Emittance Using Solar Simulation

E457-08(2015): Standard Test Method for Measuring Heat-Transfer Rate Using a Thermal Capacitance (Slug) Calorimeter

E458-08(2015): Standard Test Method for Heat of Ablation

E459-05(2016): Standard Test Method for Measuring Heat Transfer Rate Using a Thin-Skin Calorimeter

E511-07(2015): Standard Test Method for Measuring Heat Flux Using a Copper-Constantan Circular Foil, Heat-Flux Transducer

E549-87(2018): Standard Guide for Preparing Field Sprayer Calibration Procedures

E550-87(2014): Standard Guide for Preparing Granular Pesticide Ground Applicator Calibration Procedures

E598-08(2015): Standard Test Method for Measuring Extreme Heat-Transfer Rates from High-Energy Environments Using a Transient, Null-Point Calorimeter

E637-05(2016): Standard Test Method for Calculation of Stagnation Enthalpy from Heat Transfer Theory and Experimental Measurements of Stagnation-Point Heat Transfer and Pressure

E641-01(2012)e1: Standard Methods for Testing Hydraulic Spray Nozzles Used in Agriculture

E642-91(2014): Standard Practice for Determining Application Rates and Distribution Patterns from Aerial Application Equipment

E645-18: Standard Practice for Evaluation of Microbicides Used in Cooling Water Systems

E725-96(2012): Standard Test Method for Sampling Granular Carriers and Granular Pesticides

E726-01(2015): Standard Test Method for Particle Size Distribution of Granular Carriers and Granular Pesticides

E727/E727M-08(2013): Standard Test Methods for Determining Bulk Density of Granular Carriers and Granular Pesticides

E728-91(2015): Standard Test Method for Resistance to Attrition of Granular Carriers and Granular Pesticides

E979-09(2015): Standard Practice for Evaluation of Antimicrobial Agents as Preservatives for Invert Emulsion and Other Water Containing Hydraulic Fluids

F1355-06(2014): Standard Guide for Irradiation of Fresh Agricultural Produce as a Phytosanitary Treatment

F1356-16: Standard Guide for Irradiation of Fresh, Frozen or Processed Meat and Poultry to Control Pathogens and Other Microorganisms

F1362-18: Standard Test Method for Shear Strength and Shear Modulus of Aerospace Glazing Interlayer Materials

F1736-09(2016): Standard Guide for Irradiation of Finfish and Aquatic Invertebrates Used as Food to Control Pathogens and Spoilage Microorganisms

F1791-00(2019): Standard Specification for Filters Used in Air or Nitrogen Systems

F1885-18: Standard Guide for Irradiation of Dried Spices, Herbs, and Vegetable Seasonings to Control Pathogens and Other Microorganisms

F2014-00(2019): Standard Specification for Non-Reinforced Extruded Tee Connections for Piping Applications

F2078-15: Standard Terminology Relating to Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing

F2332-06(2013): Standard Specification for Annular Ball Bearings for Instruments and Precision Rotating Components

F2340-05(2016): Standard Specification for Developing and Validating Prediction Equation(s) or Model(s) Used in Connection with Livestock, Meat, and Poultry Evaluation Device(s) or System(s) to Determine Value

F2341-05(2016): Standard Practice for User Requirements for Livestock, Meat, and Poultry Evaluation Devices or Systems

F2342/F2342M-15: Standard Specification for Design and Construction of Composition or Quality Constituent Measuring Devices or Systems

F2343-15: Standard Test Method for Livestock, Meat, and Poultry Evaluation Devices

F2463-15: Standard Terminology for Livestock, Meat, and Poultry Evaluation Systems

F2717-14(2019): Standard Guide for Development of an Independent Third-Party Verification of Reference Materials

F2925-11(2018): Standard Specification for Tenderness Marketing Claims Associated with Meat Cuts Derived from Beef

F428-19: Standard Test Method for Intensity of Scratches on Aerospace Glass Enclosures

F449-16: Standard Practice for Subsurface Installation of Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe for Agricultural Drainage or Water Table Control

F521-16: Standard Test Methods for Bond Integrity of Transparent Laminates

F885-84(2017): Standard Specification for Envelope Dimensions for Bronze Globe Valves NPS 14 to 2