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STP161020170182: Droplet Spectra and Drift Potential Generated by Flat-Fan Nozzles Spraying New Formulations of 2,4-D Engineered for Drift Reduction - 01 October 2018

STP161020170251: Validation of Standard Water-Conditioning Testing - 01 October 2018

STP161020170249: Influence of Nozzle Type, Speed, and Pressure on Droplet Size and Weed Control from Glyphosate, Dicamba, and Glyphosate Plus Dicamba - 01 October 2018

STP161020170204: Mass Balance and Swath Displacement Evaluations from Agricultural Application Field Trials - 01 October 2018

STP161020170216: Efficacy of Water-Conditioning Adjuvants for Dicamba-Tolerant Soybean - 01 October 2018

STP161020170213: Is Retention the Old-New Problem in a Drift-Control Era? - 01 October 2018

STP161020170208: The Role of Interfacial Rheology in Agricultural Drift Control - 01 October 2018

STP161020170192: Droplet Velocity from Broadcast Agricultural Nozzles as Influenced by Pulse-Width Modulation - 01 October 2018

STP161020170212: An Assessment of Polymeric Drift-Reduction Adjuvant Performance after Prolonged Exposure to Pump-Induced Shear - 01 October 2018

STP161020170241: Nonlinear Derivation of Spread Factor Due to Viscous Energy Losses - 01 October 2018

STP161020170199: Impact of Plugged Venturi Nozzle Air-Inclusion Ports on Droplet-Size Distribution - 01 October 2018

STP161020170178: Polymeric Rheology Modifier for Oil Dispersions - 01 October 2018

STP160220160137: New Organosilicon- and Lecithin-Based Adjuvant: Effect of Lecithin HLB on Adjuvant Properties - 01 February 2018

STP160220160134: The Impact of Spray Adjuvants on Solution Physical Properties and Spray Droplet Size - 01 February 2018

STP160220160135: Foam Control of Trisiloxane Alkoxylate Superspreaders with Modified Trisiloxane Alkoxylates: A Mechanistic Study - 01 February 2018

STP160220160133: Factors Affecting Growth-Regulator Herbicide Volatility - 01 February 2018

STP160220160136: Visualization of Urea Treatments Using Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry - 01 February 2018

STP160220160019: Determining Water-Sensitive Card Spread Factors for Real-World Tank Mixes - 01 February 2018

STP160220170007: Clays in Biological Formulations - 01 February 2018

STP160220170015: Can EPTC Simulate Adjuvant Effects with POST Herbicides? - 01 February 2018

STP160220160022: Structure-Performance Relationships among Aromatic Polyetheramide Comb Polymer Dispersants - 01 February 2018

STP160220160155: Characterization of a Novel Polymeric Drift Control Agent in a Vertically Oriented Low-Speed Wind Tunnel - 01 February 2018

STP160220170017: Increase in Herbicide Efficacy Using High Surfactant Oil Concentrate Adjuvants - 01 February 2018

STP159520150083: Improved Analytical Method Study of the Determination of Lambda-Cyhalothrin as Premix in Water-Based, Environmentally Friendly Formulations - 01 November 2016

STP159520150084: Mode of Action of Silicone Drift Control Agents - 01 November 2016

STP159520150086: The Effect of Adjuvants at High Spray Pressures for Aerial Applications - 01 November 2016

STP159520150098: The Influence of Nozzle Type, Operating Pressure, and Tank-Mixture Components on Droplet Characteristics and the EPA's Drift Reduction Rating - 01 November 2016

STP159520150092: ASTM Standard Terminology Related to Biorationals Update - 01 November 2016

STP159520160036: Spray Characterization by Optical Image Analysis - 01 November 2016

STP159520160082: Correlation of the Mechanical Properties of Seed Coating Films and Dust-Off, Flowability, and Plantability Tests - 01 November 2016

STP159520150093: Polyglycerol Esters as Adjuvants for Enhanced Pesticidal Activity - 01 November 2016

STP159520150090: OMRI Listing for Pesticides: What You Need to Know - 01 November 2016

STP159520150088: Flowable Seed Treatments: A New Polymeric Dispersing System to Increase Active Ingredient Content and to Improve Flowable Seed Formulation Performance and Flexibility - 01 November 2016

STP159520150085: Lignin-Based Chemicals as Green Dispersants for Liquid Formulation: Better Protection Against Crystal Growth - 01 November 2016

STP159520150089: The Affect of Dew on Herbicide and Adjuvant Efficacy - 01 November 2016

STP159520150095: Crop Oil Concentrates Comparison: Connecting Chemical Features to Performance - 01 November 2016

STP159520150094: Efficacy of Non-Ammonium Sulfate Water Conditioning Adjuvants - 01 November 2016

STP159520150097: Novel Nonionic Star Polymeric Stabilizer in Aqueous Dispersion Formulations - 01 November 2016

STP159520150096: Polymeric-Based Compatibility Agents for High Electrolyte Systems - 01 November 2016

STP159320160018: Permeation of Active Ingredient in Pesticide Formulations Through Single-Use and Reusable Chemical-Resistant Gloves - 01 September 2016

STP158720140131: Sustainable Solvents as Attractors in Snails - 01 February 2016

STP158720140129: Oil Dispersion Formulations: Stability Assessment and Field Trials - 01 February 2016

STP158720150006: A Method to Determine the Relative Volatility of Auxin Herbicide Formulations - 01 February 2016

STP158720150005: Adjuvant Improves Performance of Abamectin Against Spider Mites in Cucumbers - 01 February 2016

STP158720140126: Ammonium Sulfate and Dipotassium Phosphate as Water Conditioning Adjuvants - 01 February 2016

STP158720140099: Effects of Spray Adjuvants on Spray Droplet Size from a Rotary Atomizer - 01 February 2016

STP158720140100: Response Surface Method for Evaluation of the Performance of Agricultural Application Spray Nozzles - 01 February 2016

STP1579-EB: Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems: 34th Volume, Translating Basic Science into Products - 28 May 2015

STP157920130171: Spray Drift Reduction Test Method Correlation - 28 May 2015

STP157920130157: Water Conditioners and Growth Regulator Herbicides - 28 May 2015

STP157920130187: Granular Carrier Effects on Volatility of Pesticide Formulations - 28 May 2015

STP157920130169: Evaluating the Adhesion of New Spreader-Sticker Adjuvants - 28 May 2015

STP157920130186: Inorganic Powders Used in Agricultural Formulations - 28 May 2015

STP157920130166: Laboratory and Field Studies of C8910, a Fatty-Acid–Based Insect/Arthropod Repellent and Biopesticide - 28 May 2015

STP157920130178: New Solvents for Agrochemical Formulations—A Green Chemistry Approach - 28 May 2015

STP157920120178: REACH Registration Process With Regards to Co-Formulants in Plant Protection Products - 28 May 2015

STP157920130188: Physical and Biological Effects of Modified Polysorbate 20 - 28 May 2015

STP1579-EB: - 28 November 2014

STP1569-EB: Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems: 33rd Volume, “Sustainability: Contributions from Formulation Technology” - 30 June 2014

STP156920120171: Impact of Inerts Regulatory Issues on Agrochemical Formulation Activities - 30 June 2014

STP156920120180: Root Growth in 2D Wet Granular Media Modified by Intrusions - 30 June 2014

STP156920120130: Measuring the Effect of Spray Plume Angle on the Accuracy of Droplet Size Data - 30 June 2014

STP156920120131: Effects of Nozzle Spray Angle on Droplet Size and Velocity - 30 June 2014

STP156920120201: Effect of Application Carrier Volume on a Conventional Sprayer System and an Ultra-Low Volume Sprayer - 30 June 2014

STP156920120129: Influence of Air Shear and Adjuvants on Spray Atomization - 30 June 2014

STP156920120203: Investigation of Critical Factors for Effective Foliar Spray of Agricultural Chemicals - 30 June 2014

STP156920120142: Drift Control Adjuvant Benchmarking in Agricultural Spray Applications - 30 June 2014

STP156920120202: Comparison of Herbicide Efficacy and Adjuvants Using a Conventional Sprayer and an Ultra-Low Volume Sprayer - 30 June 2014

STP156920120132: Bioassay for Evaluating Herbicide Volatility from Soil and Plants - 30 June 2014

STP156920120181: Improving Reseeding Success after Catastrophic Wildfire with Surfactant Seed Coating Technology - 30 June 2014

STP156920120154: Design of Novel Solvents for Agrochemical Formulations via Solvatochromic Methods using N-Alkyl substituted Amides as Example - 30 June 2014

STP156920120124: Formulation Matrices Using Polymer Surfactant Interaction to Formulate Water-Based Compositions and Additives to Provide Enhanced Bio-Activity - 30 June 2014

STP156920120187: Novel Adjuvant Blend for In-Can and Tank-Mix Application Potential Combining Sustainability and Performance as Versatile Penetration Enhancer - 30 June 2014

STP1558104616: Novel Lipophilic Surfactant Adjuvants for Spray-Drift Reduction - 01 March 2013

STP155820120065: A Method for Quantifying Release of Terbufos into Water from Granular Carriers - 01 March 2013

STP1558104564: ASTM Standard Terminology Related to Biorationals - 01 March 2013

STP1558104651: Genetically Modified Crops and the New Paradigm for Herbicide Use in Row Crops - 01 March 2013

STP155820120064: Controlled Release of 2,4-D and Dicamba 3-hydroxybutyric Acid Oligomers - 01 March 2013

STP104310: Spray Droplet Size Affects Efficacy of Fenpropathrin Against Asian Citrus Psyllid - 01 March 2013

STP155820120057: A Novel Penetrator Adjuvant with Drift Reduction Properties - 01 March 2013

STP1558104566: Efficacy of Acidic Ammonium Sulfate Replacement Adjuvants - 01 March 2013

STP155820120056: Manganese Containing Water Conditioners for Use with Glyphosate in Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean - 01 March 2013

STP155820120066: A Novel Rheology Modifier for Agrochemical Formulations - 01 March 2013

STP155820120079: Enlist Duo Herbicide: A Novel 2,4-D Plus Glyphosate Premix Formulation with Low Potential for Off-target Movement - 01 March 2013

STP104278: Droplet Characteristics and Near Nozzle Dispersion of Cold and Thermal Fog - 01 March 2013

STP104454: Determination of Selection Criteria for Spray Drift Reduction from Atomization Data - 01 March 2013

STP104451: Effects of Formulated Glyphosate and Adjuvant Tank Mixes on Atomization from Aerial Application Flat Fan Nozzles - 01 March 2013

STP104403: Wind Tunnel and Field Evaluation of Drift from Aerial Spray Applications with Multiple Spray Formulations - 01 March 2013

STP104483: Protective Clothing for Pesticide Operators: The Past, Present, and Proposed Plans - 01 October 2012

JAI103565: USDA Programs to Support Development and Use of Biobased Industrial Products - 01 January 2012

STP1537-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems, 31st Volume: Innovative Green Chemistries for the 21st Century - 01 December 2011

STP1537-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems, 31st Volume: Innovative Green Chemistries for the 21st Century - 01 December 2011

STP1527-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems, 30th Volume: Regulations and Innovation - 01 February 2011

STP1507-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems, 28th Volume: Global Trends and Regulatory Drivers in the Crop Protection Industry - 01 January 2009

STP48707S: Comparison of ASTM and CIPAC Suspension Methods - 01 January 2009

STP48701S: Fungicides Associated with Two Adjuvant Formulations for Preventive and Curative Soybean Rust Control - 01 January 2009

STP48708S: Soil Water Measurements Relevant to Agronomic and Environmental Functions of Chemically Treated Soil - 01 January 2009

STP48709S: Investigating the Use of Hydrocarbon Fluids in Seed Treatment Formulations - 01 January 2009

STP48710S: Morpholine Amide Solvent: A New Inert - 01 January 2009

STP48702S: A Unique Formulation of Glyphosate in the Acid Form - 01 January 2009

STP48703S: Development of a Multimedia Model for the Fate Prediction of Hydrocarbon Fluids in Agrochemical Formulations - 01 January 2009

STP48700S: Novel Delivery Systems for Integrated Pest Management - 01 January 2009

STP48704S: Assessment of the Ozone Formation Potential from Pesticide Solvents Using a Mobile Ozone Chamber Assay Approach - 01 January 2009

STP48705S: Collection Efficiencies of Various Airborne Spray Flux Samplers Used in Aerial Application Research - 01 January 2009

STP48706S: Evaporation of Pesticide Droplets on Surfaces under Various Relative Humidity Conditions - 01 January 2009

STP1520-EB: 29th Symposium on Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems - 01 January 2009

STP48811S: Antifoaming and Defoaming in Agricultural Tank Mixes: Revisiting, Revising, and Reviving a Method - 01 January 2009

STP48812S: Evaluation of a Proposed Drift Reduction Technology High-Speed Wind Tunnel Testing Protocol - 01 January 2009

STP48813S: Development and Testing of a Laboratory Spray Table Methodology to Bioassay Simulated Levels of Aerial Spray Drift - 01 January 2009

STP48814S: Evaluation of the EPA Drift Reduction Technology (DRT) Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Protocol - 01 January 2009

STP48815S: Multiple Metal Cations as Spray Deposit Tracers and Evaluation of the AGDISP Ground Boom Spray Drift Model - 01 January 2009

STP48804S: Glyphosate Weed Control Enhancement with Ammonium Sulfate and Commercial Water Conditioning Agents - 01 January 2009

STP48805S: The Effect of Adjuvants, Pesticide Formulation, and Spray Nozzle Tips on Spray Droplet Size - 01 January 2009

STP48803S: The Influence of Tank Mix Additives While Making Low Volume Aerial Fungicide Applications - 01 January 2009

STP48806S: Imazapyr Absorption and Translocation in Northern Red Oak and Red Maple as Affected by Herbicide Formulation and the Adjuvant Methylated Seed Oil - 01 January 2009

STP48807S: Selection of Sequestering Agents Having Affinity for Calcium Ion for Stabilization of the Emulsifiable Concentrate Formulations - 01 January 2009

STP48808S: A Predictive Solubility Tool for Pesticide Emulsifiable Concentrate Formulations - 01 January 2009

STP48809S: Stabilization of Suspension Concentrate Formulations via Specialized Double-Comb Polymers - 01 January 2009

STP48810S: Effect of Processing Shear Time on EW Formulations - 01 January 2009

STP1478-EB: Pesticide Formulations & Delivery Systems, 26th Volume: Reassessing Pesticide Technologies - 01 January 2008

STP46601S: Cationic-based Crop Oil Concentrates - 01 January 2008

STP46602S: Attapulgite as a Thixotropic Suspending Agent - 01 January 2008

STP46603S: The Effect of Polymeric, Ammonium Sulfate-Based Adjuvants on the Deposition of Glyphosate Spray Solutions - 01 January 2008

STP46604S: Water Conditioner Adjuvant and Fertilizer Formulation Effect on Micronutrient-Glyphosate Tank Mixtures - 01 January 2008

STP46605S: Nozzle-Adjuvant Formulation Interactions: Implications on Herbicide Efficacy - 01 January 2008

STP46600S: Development of an ASTM Method for Measurement of the Extensional Viscosity of Agricultural Spray Solutions - 01 January 2008

STP46606S: Impact of Adjuvants on Droplet Spreading and Droplet Deposit Area After Spray Application - 01 January 2008

STP46607S: Spray Retention Models for Arable Crops - 01 January 2008

STP46608S: Spray Adjuvant Effects on Droplet Size Spectra Measured by Three Laser-Based Systems in a High-Speed Wind Tunnel - 01 January 2008

STP46609S: Wind Tunnel Evaluation of Drift Reduction Potential and Spray Characteristics with Drift Retardants at High Operating Pressure - 01 January 2008

STP1500-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems, 27th Volume: Traditional and Non-Traditional Developments - 01 January 2008

STP47501S: Controlled Release Pellet Formulation - 01 January 2008

STP47502S: Microencapsulated Clomazone: Formulation Stability, Tank Mix Volatility, and Solvent Effects - 01 January 2008

STP47503S: Water Dispersible Granule Formulations Containing a New Defoaming Agent - 01 January 2008

STP47504S: New Polymeric Comb Dispersants for Agricultural Formulations: A Comparison of Performance in Pesticide Suspension Concentrates - 01 January 2008

STP47500S: Development of Fast Dissolving Concentrated Gibberellin Water Soluble Granular Formulations - 01 January 2008

STP47505S: Formulation Performance Improvements with Blends of Alkyl Naphthalene Sulfonate Condensates Plus Lignosulfonates When Compared to Lignosulfonates Alone - 01 January 2008

STP47506S: Glyphosate Adjuvant Formulation with Glycerin - 01 January 2008

STP47507S: New Solvents for Agriculture—A Theoretical Modeling Approach - 01 January 2008

STP47508S: Alkyl-Capped Block Copolymer Surfactants for Remediation of Soil Water Repellency and Heterogeneous Rootzone Moisture - 01 January 2008

STP47509S: Use of a Soil Surfactant with Fungicides for Control of Fairy Ring Disease in Turfgrass - 01 January 2008

STP47510S: Novel Adjuvants for Targeting Pesticide Delivery - 01 January 2008

STP47511S: Fluorescence Imaging as a Non-Invasive Technology to Monitor the Performance of Glyphosate Adjuvants and Formulations - 01 January 2008

STP47512S: Managing Aldicarb Application with GPS/GIS Systems - 01 January 2008

STP1470-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems, 25th Volume: Advances in Crop Protection Technologies - 01 January 2006

STP37471S: Suitable Adjuvant to Maximize Trifloxysulfuron Efficacy and Early Assessment of Herbicide Efficacy Using Chlorophyll Fluorescence - 01 January 2006

STP37472S: Influence of Adjuvants on Weed Control from Tribenuron - 01 January 2006

STP37473S: Improving the Infiltration of Water through Repellent Soils Using Synergistic Surfactant Blends Based on Alkyl Glucosides and Ethylene Oxide-Propylene Oxide Block Copolymers - 01 January 2006

STP37474S: Factors Influencing the Performance of Spray Delivery Systems: A Review of Recent Developments - 01 January 2006

STP37475S: Nozzle Formulation Interactions: Consequences for Spray Droplet Adhesion to Plant Surfaces - 01 January 2006

STP37476S: Field-Collected and AGDISP-Predicted Spray Flux from an Aerial Application - 01 January 2006

STP37477S: Flight Line Variability in Rotary Atomizer Drop Size Distribution - 01 January 2006

STP37478S: Comparisons of Drift Reducing/Deposition Aid Tank Mixes for Fixed Wing Aerial Applications - 01 January 2006

STP37479S: Fluorescent Intensity of Dye Solutions under Different pH Conditions - 01 January 2006

STP37480S: Development and Testing of a Recommendation System to Schedule Copper Sprays for Citrus Disease Control - 01 January 2006

STP37461S: Development of a Dry Applied Dispersible Granular Pesticide Carrier - 01 January 2006

STP37462S: Surfactant-Enhanced Release of Permethrin from a Cellulosic Granular Carrier - 01 January 2006

STP37463S: Use of Carbodiimides as Stabilizing Agents to Deliver Water—Labile Active Ingredients in Liquid Systems Including Aqueous Medium—Amitraz as a Case Study - 01 January 2006

STP37464S: Dearomatized Fluids Used in Phenoxy Herbicides for Right-of-Way Sprays - 01 January 2006

STP37460S: The E35.22 Symposium at 25 Years, Still Growing? - 01 January 2006

STP37465S: Investigation into the Use of Hydroxy-Containing Amides for Oil Flowable Formulations - 01 January 2006

STP37466S: Increasing the Biological Activity of Weak Acid Herbicides by Increasing and Decreasing the pH of the Spray Mixture - 01 January 2006

STP37467S: Influence of Clethodim Formulation and Oil Adjuvants on Weed Control and Overcoming Herbicide Antagonism - 01 January 2006

STP37468S: Characterization of Sulfonated Lignin Dispersants by Hydrophobic Interactive Chromatography - 01 January 2006

STP37469S: Fatty Amine Alkoxylates as Effective Adjuvants for Strobilurin Fungicide Applications on Field and Orchard Crops - 01 January 2006

STP37470S: Ethylenediamine Alkoxylates and Their Use as Adjuvants in Glypliosate Formulations - 01 January 2006

STP11982S: Comparison of Abscission Spray Application Practices for Mechanical Harvesting of Oranges - 01 January 2005

STP1460-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems: The Continued Evolution of Agrochemicals, 24th Volume - 01 January 2005

STP11983S: Effect of Adjuvant on the Efficacy of Glyphosate Applied at Different Times of Day - 01 January 2005

STP11984S: A Novel Water Conditioning Adjuvant for Use with Formulated and Nonformulated Glyphosate - 01 January 2005

STP11985S: Evaluation of Some Adjuvants for Improving Glyphosate Efficacy - 01 January 2005

STP11974S: The Effect of Dispersant Solubility, Dispersant Dosage, Granule Diameter, and Dome Versus Radial Extrusion on Granule Spontaneity of Disintegration and Resistance to Attrition - 01 January 2005

STP11975S: Agricultural Granule Particle Size Considerations - 01 January 2005

STP11976S: Fluorescence Imaging for Investigating the Efficiency of Formulations, Adjuvants, and Application Systems - 01 January 2005

STP11972S: Rising to New Challenges in Formulating for Agriculture - 01 January 2005

STP11977S: Improved Formulations through Synergistic Combinations based on Alkyl Glucosides - 01 January 2005

STP11978S: New Value-Added Polymeric Dispersants and Uses Thereof in Agricultural Formulations - 01 January 2005

STP11979S: Applications of Ether Amine Surfactants in Agricultural Formulations: The Known and Unexplored - 01 January 2005

STP11980S: Predicted Deposition Variability Due to Fluctuations in Release Height and Drop Size Distribution - 01 January 2005

STP11981S: Improving the Effectiveness of Aerial Pesticide Sprays - 01 January 2005

STP11973S: Benefits of a 2,4-D Acid Herbicide Formulation - 01 January 2005

STP11117S: Understanding the Performance Characteristics of Air Inclusion Nozzle Technology - 01 January 2003

STP1430-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems: Meeting the Challenges of the Current Crop Protection Industry - 01 January 2003

STP11118S: Pulse Width Modulated Sprays for Flow Rate and Droplet Size Control: Spray Dynamics and Field Performance - 01 January 2003

STP11119S: Application of Abscission Sprays for Mechanical Harvesting of Hamlin Orange - 01 January 2003

STP11120S: Using Pollinators to Deliver Biological Control Agents Against Crop Pests - 01 January 2003

STP11121S: Microencapsulated Medicines for Beneficial Insects - 01 January 2003

STP11109S: Novel Polymeric Dispersants for Aqueous Suspension Concentrate Formulations - 01 January 2003

STP11122S: Sulfosulfuron and Glyphosate Efficacy with Various Humectants - 01 January 2003

STP11123S: Adjuvants Influence the Activity of Diuron and Norflurazon - 01 January 2003

STP11110S: Clays as Biological Carriers - 01 January 2003

STP11111S: A Systematic Study of Wetting as Influenced by Hydrocarbon Fluid Type - 01 January 2003

STP11108S: From Clinton to Bush: Continuity and Change in Federal Pesticide Policy - 01 January 2003

STP11112S: Physical Properties of Alkylene Carbonate Solvents and Their Use in Agricultural Formulations - 01 January 2003

STP11113S: Application Study of Alkylether Citrate Surfactants in 2,4-D IOE Herbicide Concentrated Emulsion Formulations - 01 January 2003

STP11114S: Improved Efficacy of Lignosulfonate Dispersants Through a Novel Combination - 01 January 2003

STP11115S: Formulation of Phenoxy Ester Herbicide EW Concentrates with Alkylether Citrate Ester Surfactants - 01 January 2003

STP11116S: Pesticide Delivery: Multiple Role of Adjuvants in Foliar Application of Systemic Compounds - 01 January 2003

STP11178S: Synergistic Effects of a Combined Exposure to Herbicides and an Insecticide in Hyla versicolor - 01 January 2003

STP11177S: Determination of Malathion Aerial Drift and Associated Effects to the Endangered Wyoming Toad (Bufo baxteri) Using Surrogate Woodhouse's Toads (Bufo woodhousii) at Mortenson and Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuges and Potential Reintroduction Sites - 01 January 2003

STP11199S: Ready-to-use Aqueous Formulations and Concentrates for Strobilurin Class of Fungicides - 01 January 2003

STP1449-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: 23rd Volume - 01 January 2003

STP11200S: Enhancing the Biological Activity of Nicosulfuron with Silicone Adjuvants and pH Adjusters - 01 January 2003

STP11201S: Dynamic Investigations of the Formation of Phenoxy Ester Herbicide Concentrated Emulsions - 01 January 2003

STP11202S: Comparisons of 2-Ethylhexyl Ester Formulations of 2,4-D: Chemistry and Bioefficacy - 01 January 2003

STP11203S: Glyphosate: Twenty-Eight Years and Still Growing — The Discovery, Development, and Impact of this Herbicide on the Agrichemical Industry - 01 January 2003

STP11204S: Biologically Active In-Tank Formulation of Acid Herbicides - 01 January 2003

STP11191S: Effects of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate on Penetration of NAA Through Enzymatically Isolated Tomato Fruit Cuticular Membranes - 01 January 2003

STP11205S: A Wind Tunnel Investigation of Airborne Liquid Particle Behavior: Adjuvant Effects on Deposition - 01 January 2003

STP11206S: Cotton Insecticide and Defoliant Efficacy as Influenced by Spray Application Parameters - 01 January 2003

STP11207S: Characterizing Granular Material in Aerial Application - 01 January 2003

STP11208S: Efficacy of Apogee® (prohexadione calcium) on McIntosh Apple Comparing Two Pesticide Application Technologies, a Disc-Core Type Hollow Cone Nozzle and Air Induction Nozzle - 01 January 2003

STP11209S: Droplet Size Affects Durability of Spray Deposits - 01 January 2003

STP11210S: Proposed Definitions, Specifications, and Data Requirements for Identical or Substantially Similar Pesticide Products - 01 January 2003

STP11211S: EPA Regulation of Inerts Under the Bush Administration: A New Departure - 01 January 2003

STP11192S: An Examination of Interactions Between Various Dispersants and Other Surfactants in Wettable Powder Formulations - 01 January 2003

STP11190S: New and Improved Techniques for Microemulsifying Modified Seed Oils and Pesticides - 01 January 2003

STP11193S: Agricultural Applications of Structured Surfactant Formulations - 01 January 2003

STP11194S: Application of Latex Emulsion Polymers in Seed Coating Technology - 01 January 2003

STP11195S: Influence of Trisiloxane Alkoxylate Polarity on Spreading of Methylated Oil Based Adjuvants - 01 January 2003

STP11196S: Determination of Organosilicone Surfactant Phytotoxicity for Selected Vegetable Species - 01 January 2003

STP11197S: Effect of the Lignin Component Size and Proportioning on the Performance of Heterogeneous Sulfonated Lignin Dispersants - 01 January 2003

STP11198S: 2,4-D Salts and Adjuvants-Review and Perspectives - 01 January 2003

STP11047S: Masonry Wall Materials Prepared by Using Agriculture Waste, Lime, and Burnt Clay - 01 January 2002

STP10438S: Correlation Between Formulation Properties and Safety Measures for a Dry Product Mixing and Milling Facility - 01 January 2001

STP1400-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Twentieth Volume - 01 January 2001

STP10439S: Physical Properties and Use of Branched Alcohol Ethoxylates in Agricultural Formulations - 01 January 2001

STP10440S: Optimum Surfactant HLB Value for Nicosulfuron Is Salt Dependent - 01 January 2001

STP10441S: The Physical Chemistry of WDGs: Porosity and Surfactant Dissolution as a Function of Dispersant Molecular Weight - 01 January 2001

STP10442S: Novel High Performance Water-Soluble Antifoam Based on Perfluoroalkylphosphinic and Perfluoroalkylphosphonic Acids in Crop Protection - 01 January 2001

STP10443S: Matricap® Systems: Factors Affecting Pesticide Delivery and Targeting - 01 January 2001

STP10431S: Chemical Descriptors - An Approach to Codify the EPA Inerts Exempt List (40 CFR 180.1001) - 01 January 2001

STP10444S: A Novel Nozzle-Adjuvant System for Low Volume Pesticide Application for Agriculture and Forestry - 01 January 2001

STP10432S: The Effect of Fluid Properties on the Spray Quality from a Flat Fan Nozzle - 01 January 2001

STP10430S: Implementation of the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA): An Analysis - 01 January 2001

STP10433S: Analyses of Equipment, Meteorology and Other Factors Affecting Drift from Applications of Sprays by Ground Rig Sprayers - 01 January 2001

STP10434S: Assay Variance in a Granular Formulation Can Predict Mixture Homogeneity - 01 January 2001

STP10435S: The Development of a Spread Test Method for Agricultural Spray Adjuvants - 01 January 2001

STP10436S: Classification of Adjuvants and Adjuvant Blends by Effects on Cuticular Penetration - 01 January 2001

STP10437S: Influence of Three Experimental Adjuvants on Glyphosate Weed Efficacy - 01 January 2001

STP10722S: Design and Performance of Crop Oil Concentrate Emulsifiers - 01 January 2001

STP1414-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: A New Century for Agricultural Formulations, Twenty First Volume - 01 January 2001

STP10714S: Sulfosulfuron Efficacy Is Affected by Surfactants, pH of Spray Mixture, and Salts - 01 January 2001

STP10723S: Novel Polymeric Dispersants for Water Dispersible Granules - 01 January 2001

STP10724S: Alkoxylated Glyceride Emulsifiers in Agricultural Applications - 01 January 2001

STP10725S: Environmental Management Strategies for Biodegradable Nonylphenol Ethoxylates in Agricultural Products - 01 January 2001

STP10726S: Pesticide Spray Droplet Adhesion Modeling - 01 January 2001

STP10727S: Adjuvant Effects on Spray Characteristics and Drift Potential - 01 January 2001

STP10728S: Spray Deposition Effect on Abscission Efficacy of CMN-Pyrazole in Harvesting Oranges - 01 January 2001

STP10729S: The Measurement of Droplet Size Distributions from Rotary Atomizers - 01 January 2001

STP10730S: Monobranched Alcohol Alkoxylates: A New Generation of Surfactants for Use in Crop Protection - 01 January 2001

STP10731S: Foam Control Strategies for Formulating with Alkypolyglycoside Surfactants - 01 January 2001

STP10732S: Low Dose Urea-Surfactant Adjuvant for Sulfonylurea Herbicides - 01 January 2001

STP10715S: The Influence of Inorganic Cations on Glyphosate Activity-Review and Perspectives - 01 January 2001

STP10733S: A New Adjuvant Blend for Glyphosate Herbicides - 01 January 2001

STP10716S: Pesticide Solubility and Other Tools to Use to Optimize an Emulsifiable Concentrate Formulation - 01 January 2001

STP10713S: Cellular Toxicity of Different Classes of Adjuvants - 01 January 2001

STP10717S: Dynamic Surface Tension of Selected Nonionic Agricultural Surfactants at Surface Ages Relevant to Component Processes in Spray Application - 01 January 2001

STP10718S: Recent Trends in Pesticide Formulation in Japan - 01 January 2001

STP10719S: Strategies for Agricultural Formulations: A Statistical Design Approach - 01 January 2001

STP10720S: Formulating Options for Aerosol Insecticides - 01 January 2001

STP10721S: The Physical Chemistry of Water Dispersible Granules, Part II: The Influence of Dispersant Molecular Weight and Paste Rheology on the Physical Properties of Extruded WDGs - 01 January 2001

STP13454S: Specification Issues Associated with the Development of an Agriculturally Based Biodegradable Dielectric Fluid - 01 January 2000

STP14438S: Revising the Definition of Satisfactory Performance for Chemical Protection for Agricultural Workers - 01 January 2000

STP14451S: Pesticide Residue Distribution on Protective Clothing Fabrics as Determined by SEM Micrographs and Their Image Analyses - 01 January 2000

STP14456S: Protective Clothing and Application Control for Pesticide Applicators in India: A Field Study - 01 January 2000

STP14457S: Reduction of Terbufos and Tefluthrin Contamination in Glove Materials by Laundering - 01 January 2000

STP14434S: Simulate Field Spraying Conditions and its use in Comparing the Barrier Resistance of Fabrics to Liquid Sprays of Atrazine in Capillary and Pressure Penetration Tests - 01 January 2000

STP10247S: Embryotoxicity of Arsenic Trioxide and Atrazine to Japanese Medaka (Oryzias latipes), and Cytotoxicity to Human Liver Carcinoma Cells (HepG2) - 01 January 2000

STP15806S: Pesticide Effects on Prolactin Release from the Rostral Pars Distalis In Vitro and Their Effects on Growth In Vivo in the Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) - 01 January 1999

STP1373-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Global Pest Control Formulations for the Next Millennium: Nineteenth Volume - 01 January 1999

STP14286S: Attapulgite as a Suspension Control Agent and Rheology Modifier in Flowables - 01 January 1999

STP14287S: The Phytotoxicity of Solvents to Seeds - 01 January 1999

STP14288S: The Formation of a New ASTM E35.22 Task Group to Address Drift Management Adjuvants - 01 January 1999

STP14279S: Spray Coverage of Potato Plants Using Various Types of Applicators - 01 January 1999

STP14280S: Exploring the Role of Formulation and Adjuvant Chemistry in Pesticide Deposit Formation - 01 January 1999

STP14278S: Spray Droplet Size and Concentration of Metsulfuron-methyl Affects Ethylene Production in Oranges - 01 January 1999

STP14281S: Granulation Without a Drying Step Using Dielectric Heating of Binding Polymers - 01 January 1999

STP14282S: Improvements in Water Dispersibility and Stability of Starch-Containing Agricultural Formulations Using Vinylpyrrolidone Copolymers - 01 January 1999

STP14283S: Modification of Release Rate of Encapsulated A.I. Through Fluid Selection - 01 January 1999

STP14284S: A Discussion of the Dependence of Cuticular Mobility on Molecular Volume - 01 January 1999

STP14285S: Interaction Studies with Grafted Butene Vinyl Pyrrolidone Copolymer and Ligninsulfonates - 01 January 1999

STP12174S: A Tiered Approach for Evaluating Avian Risk Posed by Pesticide Products - 01 January 1998

STP1347-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Eighteenth Volume - 01 January 1998

STP14158S: Spray Retention is Affected by Spray Parameters, Species, and Adjuvants - 01 January 1998

STP14159S: Surfactants Differ in Their Effect on Droplet Retention, Droplet Spread, and Herbicide Efficacy - 01 January 1998

STP14160S: Spreading Mechanisms of “Superwetters” on Hydrophobic Surfaces - 01 January 1998

STP14161S: Trisiloxane Surfactants — Mechanisms of Spreading and Wetting - 01 January 1998

STP14162S: Methyl Vinyl Ether Maleic Acid Half Ester Copolymers as Dispersing Agents in Aqueous Flowable Formulations - 01 January 1998

STP14163S: Developing Emulsifiable Concentrate Formulations Using Droplet Size and Experimental Design Software - 01 January 1998

STP14151S: Endocrine Issues Update - 01 January 1998

STP14164S: Fatty Methyl Esters as Solvent Alternatives for Emulsifiable Concentrate Formulations - 01 January 1998

STP14165S: Dearomatized Tailor Made Hydrocarbon Fluids in Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1998

STP14166S: Deactivated Clay Carrier - 01 January 1998

STP14167S: Pesticide Stability Versus Clay Carrier Surface Acidity - 01 January 1998

STP14168S: Liquid Matrices For Insecticides for “Pour On” Applications In Queous Medium — Amitraz as A Case Study - 01 January 1998

STP14169S: Formulation and Delivery Systems for Enhanced and Extended Activity of Biopesticides - 01 January 1998

STP14170S: Correlation of Adjuvant Physico-Chemical Properties and Glyphosate Efficacy - 01 January 1998

STP14171S: Physico-Chemical Properties of Several Commercial Organosilicones, Their Blends, and Selected Other Adjuvants - 01 January 1998

STP14172S: Methodology for Evaluation of Glyphosate Formulations - 01 January 1998

STP14173S: Fluorescence as a Tool for Optimizing Adjuvants with a Photosynthesis-Inhibiting Herbicide - 01 January 1998

STP14152S: The Regulatory Role of the Applicator in Developing, Approving, Using, and Monitoring Pesticides - 01 January 1998

STP14174S: Surfactant Phytotoxicity to Barley Plants and Calli - 01 January 1998

STP14175S: The Potential of Corn Syrup as an Adjuvant for Postemergence Herbicides - 01 January 1998

STP14150S: Changing Agricultural Practices and the Future of Pesticides and Adjuvants - 01 January 1998

STP14153S: Pest Control with Sprays — A Look into the Past and a Glimpse of the Future - 01 January 1998

STP14154S: Direct Chemical Injection and Small Volume Returnable Container Technology - 01 January 1998

STP14155S: Effects of Flow Rate and Rotational Speed on Performance of Two Rotary Atomizers - 01 January 1998

STP14156S: Qualitative Properties of Spray Deposits — Patterns and Statistics - 01 January 1998

STP14157S: Effects of Adjuvants and Dynamic Surface Tension on Spray Properties Under Simulated Aerial Conditions - 01 January 1998

STP19900S: Limiting Dermal Exposure of Workers to Pesticides from Contaminated Clothing - 01 January 1997

STP19901S: Impact of Computational Methods Used on Pesticide Residue Reported in Cotton, Polyester, and Cotton/Polyester Blend Fabrics - 01 January 1997

STP19914S: Protective Clothing for Workers in Pesticide Manufacturing Plants in India: A Needs Assessment Survey - 01 January 1997

STP15648S: Agricultural Land Application of Pulp and Paper Mill Sludges in the Donnacona Area, Quebec: Chemical Evaluation and Crop Response - 01 January 1997

STP12260S: Age-Specific Sensitivity of Grass Shrimp (Palaemonetes Pugio) Embryos to Sublethal Concentrations of Diflubenzuron - 01 January 1997

STP1328-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: 17th Volume - 01 January 1997

STP13837S: Comparison of Droplet Spectra of Fluorescent Tracers Commonly used to Measure Pesticide Deposition and Drift - 01 January 1997

STP13829S: Development of Emulsifiable Concentrate Formulations Using Experimental Design Software - 01 January 1997

STP13838S: Effect of Shielding Spray Boom on Spray Deposition - 01 January 1997

STP13839S: Effect of Surface Charge/Particle Size of a Latex Particle on Transport Through Soil - 01 January 1997

STP13840S: A Review of the Measurement of Wettability for Agricultural Applications - 01 January 1997

STP13841S: A Review of Surfactants Used in Novel Agricultural Applications - 01 January 1997

STP13842S: Hydrolytic Stability of Phosphate Ester Surfactants - 01 January 1997

STP13843S: Foam Control in Trisiloxane Alkoxylate Systems - 01 January 1997

STP13844S: Why Organosilicone Adjuvants Spread - 01 January 1997

STP13830S: Oxo-Alcohol Acetates: A New Family of Inerts for Agricultural Chemical Use - 01 January 1997

STP13845S: Solid Adjuvant Systems — Formulations, Stability, and Efficacy - 01 January 1997

STP13846S: Dry Concentrate (DC) Spray Adjuvants - 01 January 1997

STP13847S: Lipophilic Chemistry Affects Surfactant Phytotoxicity and Enhancement of Herbicide Efficacy - 01 January 1997

STP13848S: Linear Alcohol Ethoxylates Affect Glyphosate and Fluazifop-P Deposits - 01 January 1997

STP13849S: Mon 37532 Phytotoxicity is Affected by Surfactant and Ammonium Nitrate - 01 January 1997

STP13850S: Measuring Proton Extrusion from Cell Membranes of Barley Calli to Evaluate Surfactant Phytotoxicity - 01 January 1997

STP13851S: Triton X-45: A Unique Effect on Growth Regulator Sorption by and Penetration of Isolated Plant Cuticles - 01 January 1997

STP13831S: Water in Oil Microemulsion Aerosol Systems for Insecticidal Compositions - 01 January 1997

STP13832S: Trifluralin 10% Granular Formulation Prepared on Biodac® and Clay for the Control of Annual Ryegrass, Giant Foxtail and Carpet Weed. - 01 January 1997

STP13833S: Stable Formulation of Easy Hydrolizing Actives Based on Specialty Silicas Shown on Malathion as a Modelling Substance. - 01 January 1997

STP13828S: New Developments in the Regulation of Pesticide Inert Ingredients in the United States - 01 January 1997

STP13834S: Targeted Delivery of Pesticides from Matricap™ Compositions - 01 January 1997

STP13835S: Liquid Formulations of Non-Spore Forming Microorganisms - 01 January 1997

STP13836S: New Paradigms in Formulating Mycoinsecticides - 01 January 1997

STP14066S: Determination of Pesticide Levels as the Result of Cross-Contamination During Laundering - 01 January 1996

STP14067S: Reproducibility of Pesticide Spray Penetration Tests with the UNCG-Clemson Spray Box - 01 January 1996

STP14068S: Solid-State Transition of Pesticide from Protective Clothing to Skin - 01 January 1996

STP14069S: Barrier Efficiency of Protective Clothing for Atrazine Production Workers - 01 January 1996

STP14070S: Chlorpyrifos Decontamination Procedures for Clothing and Equipment - 01 January 1996

STP14071S: Clothing Contamination Resulting from Greenhouse Spraying of Pesticides - 01 January 1996

STP14072S: Estimated Costs of Home Laundering Pesticide Contaminated Reusable Clothing - 01 January 1996

STP1268-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: 15th Volume - 01 January 1996

STP16035S: An Overview on the Development of Wettable Powder Formulations - 01 January 1996

STP16036S: Granular Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1996

STP16037S: Water Dispersible Granule Formulation Techniques - 01 January 1996

STP16038S: Suspoemulsions with Improved Stability and Correlation of Long Term Stability with the Zeta Potential - 01 January 1996

STP16039S: The Relation of Tallowamine Ethoxylates to Dynamic Surface Tension and Field Performance - 01 January 1996

STP16028S: FSCBG Predictions Coupled to GPS/GIS Aircraft Tracking - 01 January 1996

STP16040S: Solid Adjuvants Based on Urea-Surfactant Adducts - 01 January 1996

STP16041S: Superior Multipurpose Adjuvant System for Rainfastness and UV Protection - 01 January 1996

STP16042S: Evaluation of the Rain Fastness of Pesticide Formulations Using Simulated Leaf Surfaces with a Visual Rating System - 01 January 1996

STP16043S: Dearomatized Tailor-made Hydrocarbon Fluids in Co-Adjuvants or Adjuvants in Tank Mixes - 01 January 1996

STP16044S: Surfactant Effects on Aerial Spray Droplet Spectra - 01 January 1996

STP16029S: Influence of Droplet Sizes of Deposits on Persistence of Bacillus Thuringiensis Applied as an Aqueous Flowable, and Azadirachtin Applied as a Nonaqueous Solution, Onto Oak Foliage - 01 January 1996

STP16027S: Effect of Electrostatic Charging on the Dose Transfer of Water-Based Pesticide Mixtures - 01 January 1996

STP16030S: A Novel Method to Determine Mass Median Diameter and In-Flight Evaporation of Aerially Sprayed Droplets Deposited on Artificial Samplers at Ground Level - 01 January 1996

STP16031S: The Influence of Cosurfactant and Role of Spreading in Stomatal Infiltration by Organosilicone - 01 January 1996

STP16032S: The Role of Orchex® 796 in Pesticide Applications - 01 January 1996

STP16033S: Photolytic Degradation of Formulated Avermectins: Effect of P-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) - 01 January 1996

STP16034S: Phosphate Ester Compositions by Design - 01 January 1996

STP11714S: Responses of the Estuarine Plant Scirpus Olneyi to two Herbicides, Atrazine and Metolachlor - 01 January 1996

STP11343S: Off-Target Drift with Air-Assisted Agricultural Sprayers - 01 January 1996

STP1312-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: 16th Volume - 01 January 1996

STP11344S: The “Double Nozzle” — A New Way of Reducing Drift and Improving Dose-Transfer? - 01 January 1996

STP11345S: Solvent Effects in Degradation Kinetics of Emamectin Benzoate - 01 January 1996

STP11346S: Aerosol Formulations for Thermal Aerosol Generators - 01 January 1996

STP11347S: Application of an Aerosol Formulation to Potato Storages - 01 January 1996

STP11348S: Some of the Difficulties Encountered When Assessing Foamers for Bout Markers - 01 January 1996

STP11349S: Interactive Surface Chemistry Studies of Methyl Elster Adjuvants and Selected Targets Yield a New Methodology to Guide Formulators - 01 January 1996

STP11350S: Relationship Between Spray Droplet Spread and Herbicide Phytotoxicity - 01 January 1996

STP11351S: Ethoxylated Linear Alcohols Affect Glyphosate and Fluazifop-p Spray Delivery, Retention, and Efficacy - 01 January 1996

STP11352S: Plant Response to Octylphenol and Secondary Alcohol Ethoxylates - 01 January 1996

STP11337S: The Application of Solubility Parameters to Agricultural Chemical Problems - 01 January 1996

STP11338S: Water Soluble Non-Aqueous Suspension Concentrates - 01 January 1996

STP11336S: The Environmental Fate and Safety of Nonylphenol Ethoxylates - 01 January 1996

STP11339S: Test Methods for Emulsifiable Concentrates - 01 January 1996

STP11340S: Rain Simulator for Laboratory Evaluation of Pesticide Rainfastness - 01 January 1996

STP11341S: Interactions of Anionic Surfactants and Polymers Used as Spray Tank Adjuvants - 01 January 1996

STP11342S: FSCBG Predictions Of Biological Dose Response Coupled To Decision Support - 01 January 1996

STP12695S: Using Grass Shrimp Embryos to Determine the Effects of Sediment on the Toxicity and Persistence of Diflubenzuron in Laboratory Microcosms - 01 January 1995

STP12697S: Net Photosynthesis and Respiration of Sago Pondweed (Potamogeton Pectinatus) Exposed to Herbicides - 01 January 1995

STP1234-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Fourteenth Volume - 01 January 1995

STP13001S: The U.S. EPA's Development of Pesticide Container Regulations - 01 January 1995

STP13002S: Recycling Plastic Pesticide Containers - 01 January 1995

STP13003S: Tristyrylphenol Surfactants in Agricultural Formulations : Properties and Challenges in Applications - 01 January 1995

STP13004S: Phytotoxic Evaluation of Commercial Pesticide Products Formulated with Low and High Flash Point Hydrocarbon Fluids - 01 January 1995

STP13005S: Composition Effects on Hydrocarbon Physical Properties - 01 January 1995

STP13006S: Polymers for Instant Dispersions for the Herbicide Metolachlor and Other Chloroacetanilides - 01 January 1995

STP12993S: Atomizer Design for Agricultural Air Shear Applications - 01 January 1995

STP13007S: Water Soluble and Water Dispersible Granules with Spreader-Sticker Incorporated - 01 January 1995

STP13008S: Effects of Nonionic Surfactants on Properties of Water Dispersible Granule Formulations - 01 January 1995

STP13009S: Validation of the Percent Suspensibility Test for Dry Flowables by Round Robin Testing - 01 January 1995

STP13010S: USDA Forest Service Spread Factor Technology Database - 01 January 1995

STP13011S: Description and Validation of a Test System to Investigate the Evaporation of Spray Droplets - 01 January 1995

STP13012S: Effect of Temperature Fluctuations and Storage Period on Pesticide Stability in Formulation Concentrates Used in Forestry - 01 January 1995

STP13013S: Nonionic Surfactant Properties and Plant Species Affect Surfactant Enhancement of Primisulfuron Phytotoxicity - 01 January 1995

STP13014S: Relation of Surfactant HLB to Glyphosate Phytotoxicity - 01 January 1995

STP13015S: Nonionic Surfactant Properties Affect Enhancement of Herbicides - 01 January 1995

STP13016S: Improving Insecticide Activity and Rain-Fastness with Polyethylenimine - 01 January 1995

STP13017S: Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Quantification of Bacillus Thuringiensis Var. Kurstaki Crystalline Protein in Some Commercial Formulations - 01 January 1995

STP12994S: New Equipment for Evaluation of Distribution and Sedimentation of Pesticide Formulations in Spray Tank Application - 01 January 1995

STP13018S: The influence of pH on the Performance of Organosilicone Surfactants - 01 January 1995

STP13019S: The Relationship of Spray Adjuvant Surfactant Properties to Pesticide Spray Application Volumes - 01 January 1995

STP13020S: Evaluation of Superabsorbent Polymer-Pesticide Formulations for Prolonged Insect Control - 01 January 1995

STP12992S: ASTM Committee E-35 on Pesticides - Twenty Years Old! - 01 January 1995

STP12995S: Denatonium Benzoate Use to Mitigate Pesticide Ingestion - 01 January 1995

STP12996S: Development of an Electrodyn Spray System for Sawmill Operation - 01 January 1995

STP12997S: The Effect of Dynamic Surface Tension and High Shear Viscosity on Droplet Size Distributions Produced by a Flat Fan Nozzle - 01 January 1995

STP12998S: A Review of Pesticide Formulations for Chemigation - 01 January 1995

STP12999S: Advances in Application Efficacy for Chemigation Systems with Experimental Nozzle Technology - 01 January 1995

STP13000S: Air Velocity Measurement System for In-field Characterization of Air-Assisted Agricultural Spray Equipment - 01 January 1995

STP13962S: Load Simulation Test System for Agricultural Tractors - 01 January 1994

STP1146-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Twelfth Volume - 01 January 1993

STP20186S: Controlling Microbial Growth in Aqueous-Based Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1993

STP20187S: Colloidal Microcrystalline Cellulose as a Thickener in Flowables - 01 January 1993

STP20188S: Using Nonionic Surfactants in Aqueous Formulations - 01 January 1993

STP20189S: A Photometric Study of Dilute Microcapsule Suspensions - 01 January 1993

STP20190S: The Delivery of Agricultural Fungicides in Paucilamellar Amphiphile Vesicles - 01 January 1993

STP20191S: Cold Temperature Properties of Pesticides Dissolved in Aromatic Hydrocarbon Fluids - 01 January 1993

STP20192S: An Unexpected Interaction Between Inerts Used in Solvent Based Formulations - 01 January 1993

STP20193S: Characterizing the Fire Safety of Liquid Pesticide Formulations by Using ASTM D56 Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Method - 01 January 1993

STP20194S: Developing Formulations with Robotics - 01 January 1993

STP20195S: Use of Deactivators in Granular Clay Formulations - 01 January 1993

STP20196S: Culigel® Controlled-Release and Pest-Management Systems - 01 January 1993

STP20180S: Alkyl Polyglycosides: Versatile, Biodegradable Surfactants for the Agricultural Industry - 01 January 1993

STP20197S: Container Design and ‘Glug’ - 01 January 1993

STP20198S: Some Practical Limitations of Fluorescent Tracers Used to Measure Off-Target Pesticide Deposition. - 01 January 1993

STP20199S: Atomization and Application of Biopesticide Formulations - 01 January 1993

STP20200S: Permethrin Deposition and Persistence in Canopy Foliage of a Plantation Forest - 01 January 1993

STP20201S: Aerial Spray Deposits of Bacillus Thuringiensis in Experimental Trials Over Hardwood Forests - 01 January 1993

STP20202S: The Benefits of an Anti-Evaporant in Pesticide Applications - 01 January 1993

STP20203S: Ovicide Formulation and Aerial Application Parameters Influence Control of Tobacco Budworm on Cotton - 01 January 1993

STP20181S: Sucroglycerides: Novel Biodegradable Surfactants for Plant Protection Formulations - 01 January 1993

STP20204S: The Influence of Paraffinic Oil and Nonionic Surfactant on the Foliar Activity of an Aryloxyphenoxypropionate Herbicide - 01 January 1993

STP20205S: Adjuvants to Reduce Drift from Handgun Spray Applications - 01 January 1993

STP20179S: Novel Adjuvants for Agrochemical Formulations Based on Sugar Ethers - 01 January 1993

STP20182S: Physical Properties of Silicone Surfactants for Agrochemical Applications - 01 January 1993

STP20183S: Preparation and Evaluation of Concentrated Emulsions of Agrichemicals - 01 January 1993

STP20184S: Microemulsions of Pyrethroids : Phase Diagrams and Effectiveness of Tristyrylphenol Based Surfactants - 01 January 1993

STP20185S: N-Alkyl Pyrrolidone Requirement for Stable Water-Based Microemulsions - 01 January 1993

STP1162-EB: Application of Agricultural Analysis in Environmental Studies - 01 January 1993

STP23875S: Testing Soils for Metals with Emphasis on Cadmium in the Food Chain - 01 January 1993

STP23876S: Determination of Lead and Cadmium in Soils, Sludges, and Fertilizers by an Ion- Exchange/Spectrophotometric Method - 01 January 1993

STP23870S: Application of Phosphorus Bioavailability Indices to Agricultural Runoff and Soils - 01 January 1993

STP23871S: The Pi Test for Evaluating Bioavailability of Phosphorus - 01 January 1993

STP23872S: Soil Solution Assessment of the Soil Availability of Xenobiotics - 01 January 1993

STP23873S: Factors Affecting the Soil Extraction and Preconcentration by C18 Solid-Phase Enrichment of Alachlor, Atrazine, and Atrazine Dealkylation Products - 01 January 1993

STP23874S: Development of a Solid-Phase Extraction Method for Herbicide Residue Analysis of Soil Samples - 01 January 1993

STP19238S: Interaction Assessment III: Predicting Population-level Impacts of Toxicants and Pesticides - 01 January 1993

STP1183-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: 13th Volume - 01 January 1993

STP25127S: Effect of Polyethylene Glycol on the Adsorption of Polymeric Surface Active Agent and the Stability of Concentrated Suspensions - 01 January 1993

STP25128S: Pesticide Microemulsion Concentrate Formulations Utilizing Fatty Acid Methyl Esters as Solvent Alternatives - 01 January 1993

STP25129S: Effects of Solvents on Polymeric and Elastomeric Materials in Agricultural Chemical Systems - 01 January 1993

STP25130S: Formulation Test Methods and Statistical Experimental Design - 01 January 1993

STP25121S: Influence of Two Adjuvants on Rain-Washing Characteristics of Glyphosate Deposits from Trembling Aspen Foliage, Following a Field Spray Application - 01 January 1993

STP25131S: Effect of Surfactant Type and Order of Addition on Droplet Size and Dynamic Interfacial Properties - 01 January 1993

STP25132S: Effect of Drift Retardant Chemicals on Spray Drift, Droplet Size and Spray Pattern - 01 January 1993

STP25133S: Physico-Chemical Properties, In-Flight Evaporation and Spread of Spray Droplets Containing Pesticide Adjuvants - 01 January 1993

STP25134S: The Effect of Diluent Oils on the Electrostatic Atomization of Some Insecticides - 01 January 1993

STP25135S: Degradation of Fluorescent Tracer Dyes Used in Spray Applications - 01 January 1993

STP25136S: Rain-Fastness of Bacillus Thuringiensis Deposits on Conifer Foliage - 01 January 1993

STP25137S: A Simulation Model of the Dose Transfer of Foliar Applied Insecticides - 01 January 1993

STP25138S: Droplet Size Spectra of Dipel™ Sprayed Through Different Atomizers - 01 January 1993

STP25139S: Measurement of Spray Distribution Uniformity for Agricultural Nozzles Using Spectral Analysis - 01 January 1993

STP25140S: Development of Process Control Charts ( and R) for Evaluating Performance of 8004 Fan Nozzles - 01 January 1993

STP25141S: Continuous Process for Starch Encapsulated Herbicides - 01 January 1993

STP25142S: Efficacy of Polymeric Controlled Release Formulations of Sulprofos Against Tobacco Budworm, Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Cotton - 01 January 1993

STP25122S: Pyrethroid Microemulsions - 01 January 1993

STP25143S: Comparative Performance of Culigel® Superabsorbent Polymer-Based Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1993

STP25144S: Use of Intelimer® Microcapsules to Control the Release of Agricultural Products and Reduce Leaching - 01 January 1993

STP25145S: A Screening Test for Water Dispersible Granules Produced by Spray Drying - 01 January 1993

STP25146S: New Manufacturing Processes for Making WDG Pesticides - 01 January 1993

STP25147S: Recent Advances in Water Dispersible Granule Formulation Technologies Dealing with Non-Traditional Technicals - 01 January 1993

STP25148S: Measurement of Dynamic Granule Dispersibility Using Particle Size Analysis - 01 January 1993

STP25120S: Surfynol Surfactants as Defoamers for Glyphosate Formulations with Alkyl Glycoside Surfactants - 01 January 1993

STP25149S: Grafted Polymers and Copolymers of Vinyl Pyrrolidone for Improved Water Dispersible Granules - 01 January 1993

STP1183-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Thirteenth Volume - 01 January 1993

STP25123S: Use of Pregelatinized Starch and Other Polysaccharides for Improved Storage and Efficacy of Biocontrol Agents - 01 January 1993

STP25124S: The Reduction of Herbicide Leaching Using Vinyl Pyrrolidone Copolymers and Methyl Vinyl Ether Maleic Acid Ester Copolymers - 01 January 1993

STP25125S: Processed Guar Gum in Agricultural Applications: New Interest for an Old “Inert” - 01 January 1993

STP25126S: The Relation of the Pourability of Suspension Concentrates to their Viscoelasticity - 01 January 1993

STP15966S: Comparison of Laboratory Abrasion Tests and Field Tests of Materials Used in Tillage Equipment - 01 January 1993

STP13159S: A Receptor Binding Assay Applied to Monitoring the Neurotoxicity of Parathion to Peromyscus After Oral Exposure - 01 January 1993

STP1112-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Eleventh Volume - 01 January 1992

STP16875S: Compressed Tablets as a Potential Pesticide Delivery System - 01 January 1992

STP16867S: Modeling Human Exposure to Airborne Pesticides in Closed Environments - 01 January 1992

STP16876S: Pesticide Compatibility: The Effect of Carrier - 01 January 1992

STP16877S: Improvements in Dry Flowable Tank Mix Compatibility - 01 January 1992

STP16878S: Solvent and Surfactant Influence on Flash Points of Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1992

STP16879S: Applications of Dynamic Surface Tension to Adjuvants and Emulsion Systems - 01 January 1992

STP16880S: Production, Formulation and Delivery of Beneficial Microbes for Biocontrol of Plant Pathogens - 01 January 1992

STP16881S: The Expedite® Pesticide Application System; A More Efficient, Safer Backpack Pesticide Application System - 01 January 1992

STP16882S: Effects of Pump Type on Atomization of Spray Formulations - 01 January 1992

STP16883S: Effect of Wear on Spray Characteristics of Fan Pattern Nozzles Made from Different Materials - 01 January 1992

STP16884S: Use of Surface Relationship Models to Predict the Spreading of Nonaqueous Droplets on Johnsongrass - 01 January 1992

STP16885S: Some Factors Affecting Herbicidal Activity of Glyphosate in Relation to Adjuvants and Droplet Size - 01 January 1992

STP16868S: Evaluation of the Carbo-Flo● Pesticide Waste Management System - 01 January 1992

STP16886S: Relationship Between Surfactant Characteristics and the Phytotoxicity of CGA-136872 - 01 January 1992

STP16887S: Evaluating the Field Efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner against the Western Spruce Budworm (Lepidoptera:Tortricidae) - 01 January 1992

STP16869S: Starch Matrices for Slow Release of Pesticides - 01 January 1992

STP16866S: The California Food Safety Initiatives: The Impact on Formulators - 01 January 1992

STP16870S: Starch Encapsulated Herbicide Formulations: Scale-Up and Laboratory Evaluations - 01 January 1992

STP16871S: A Method to Monitor Release of an Insecticide From Granules into Soil - 01 January 1992

STP16872S: Temperature-Activated Release of Trifluralin and Diazinon - 01 January 1992

STP16873S: Emulsifiable Concentrate Formulations for Multiple Active Ingredients Using N-Alkylpyrrolidones - 01 January 1992

STP16874S: The Effect of Carrier Temperature on Pesticide Emulsification or Dispersion Characteristics - 01 January 1992

STP19159S: Pesticide Resistance and Thermal Comfort Tests of Protective Clothing in Agriculture - 01 January 1992

STP19160S: Methyl Parathion Residues in Protective Apparel Fabric: Effect of Residual Soils on Decontamination - 01 January 1992

STP19161S: Analysis of 2,4-D Glove Permeation under Controlled Environmental Conditions - 01 January 1992

STP19162S: Resistance of Glove Materials to Permeation by Agricultural Pesticides - 01 January 1992

STP19163S: Pesticide Protection Through Layered Clothing Systems - 01 January 1992

STP19177S: The Effect of Seams and Closures on Pesticide Penetration Through Fabric - 01 January 1992

STP19181S: The Evaluation of Protective Clothing as Chemical Barriers for Mixers/Loaders and Applicators in Agricultural Field Tests Designed to Meet FIFRA GLP Testing Standards - 01 January 1992

STP19185S: Evaluation of Carbonaceous Adsorbent Coated Fabric as a Barrier to Pesticide Penetration for Dermal Exposure Reduction in Pesticide Application - 01 January 1992

STP19193S: Anthropometric Analysis of Fit Problems in Chemical Protective Gloves - 01 January 1992

STP19207S: The Use of Bleach Pre-Treatments in Chlorpyrifos Residue Removal from Cotton Workwear - 01 January 1992

STP19208S: The Efficiency of Cold Water Machine Washing in Removing Glyphosate from Work Garments - 01 January 1992

STP19209S: Statistical Fit Models of Methyl Parathion Decontamination from Applicator Clothing - 01 January 1992

STP19210S: Residue Removal of Granular Formulation Atrazine and its Dust from Workers' Protective Clothing by Laundering - 01 January 1992

STP25472S: Analysis for N-Methylcarbamate Pesticides by High Performance Liquid Chromatography in Environmental Samples - 01 January 1991

STP17599S: A Gas Chromatography Detector Based on Chemiluminescence for the Determination of Pesticides - 01 January 1991

STP19514S: Track-Sprayer and Glasshouse Techniques for Terrestrial Plant Bioassays with Pesticides - 01 January 1991

STP19521S: Response of Sago Pondweed, a Submerged Aquatic Macrophyte, to Herbicides in Three Laboratory Culture Systems - 01 January 1991

STP19505S: Testing for Pesticide Toxicity to Aquatic Plants: Recommendations for Test Species - 01 January 1991

STP1078-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: 10th Volume - 01 January 1990

STP25375S: Soil Organic Matter Sensing for Precision Herbicide Application - 01 January 1990

STP25366S: Recent Progress and Issues on Inerts Testing - 01 January 1990

STP25376S: Direct Injection of Dry Flow Able Agricultural Pesticides - 01 January 1990

STP25377S: On-the-Go Application of Dry and Liquid Herbicides with Granular Fertilizer - 01 January 1990

STP25378S: Droplet Dynamics in Hydraulic Nozzle Spray Clouds - 01 January 1990

STP25379S: Droplet Spectra for Some Agricultural Fan Nozzles, with Respect to Drift and Biological Efficiency - 01 January 1990

STP25380S: Pesticide Drop Size as a Function of Spray Atomizers and Liquid Formulations - 01 January 1990

STP25367S: Starch-Encapsulated Herbicides: Approach to Reduce Groundwater Contamination - 01 January 1990

STP25381S: Pesticide Delivery Systems: Spray Distribution and Partitioning in Plant Canopies - 01 January 1990

STP25382S: Off Target Pesticide Losses Resulting from the Use of an Air-assisted Orchard Sprayer - 01 January 1990

STP25383S: Effect of Sprayer Bounce and Wind Condition on Spray Pattern Displacement of Two Agricultural Nozzles - 01 January 1990

STP25384S: Subsurface Injection of Turfgrass Insecticides - 01 January 1990

STP25385S: Individual Mound Treatment for Rapid Control of Fire Ants - 01 January 1990

STP25368S: Evaluation of Cyclodextrin Complexes of Pesticides for Use in Minimization of Groundwater Contamination - 01 January 1990

STP25369S: Development and Properties of Transport -- a New Inert Granular Carrier - 01 January 1990

STP25365S: The Role of Risk Assessment in the Regulation of Pesticides - 01 January 1990

STP25370S: Evaluation of Airborne Dust Measurement Methods for Agricultural Chemical Carriers - 01 January 1990

STP25371S: Effect of Spray Deposit Characteristics on Insecticide Efficacy - 01 January 1990

STP25372S: Cuticular Wax Solubility and Leaf-Cell Membrane Permeability of Petroleum Solvents - 01 January 1990

STP25373S: Effects of Spray Oils on Temperature, Net Gas Exchange, and Phytotoxicity of Citrus Leaves - 01 January 1990

STP25374S: Influence of Two Polymeric Adjuvants on Physical Properties, Droplet Spreading and Drying Rates, and Foliar Uptake and Translocation of Glypkosate in Vision® Formulation - 01 January 1990

STP25417S: An Image-Processing Technique for Determining Focus and Statistical Information about Nonspherical Particles in Sprays - 01 January 1990

STP25419S: Droplet Sizing Interferometry - 01 January 1990

STP25421S: Phase-Doppler Measurements Near the Nozzle in a Low-Pressure Water Spray - 01 January 1990

STP25409S: Morphology Dependent Resonance Measurements of Berglund-Liu Generator Droplet Dispersion - 01 January 1990

STP25422S: Time-Resolved Measurements of Spray Drop Size and Velocity - 01 January 1990

STP25423S: Effect of Vaporization and Turbulence on Spray Drop-Size and Velocity Distributions - 01 January 1990

STP25424S: Sampling Techniques to Determine Droplet Size Spectrum for Fan Nozzles - 01 January 1990

STP25411S: A Review of the Fraunhofer Diffraction Particle-Sizing Technique - 01 January 1990

STP25412S: The Method of Moments in Particle Sizing - 01 January 1990

STP25415S: Influence of Size Distribution on Droplet Mean Diameter Obtained by Ensemble Light Scattering - 01 January 1990

STP25408S: European Progress on Calibration and Standardization for Particle Sizing - 01 January 1990

STP19049S: Development of Guidelines for Testing Pesticide Toxicity to Nontarget Plants for Canada - 01 January 1990

STP19067S: Time-Dependent Toxicity Assessment of Herbicide Contaminated Soil Using the Green Alga Selenastrum capricornutum - 01 January 1990

STP20111S: Use of Hazard Models in Evaluating the Effect of Exposure Duration on the Acute Toxicity of Three Pesticides - 01 January 1990

STP1036-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: International Aspects 9th Volume - 01 January 1989

STP22911S: An Overview of Flea Control - Indoors - 01 January 1989

STP22912S: Effect of Formulation on the Stability and Bioactivity of Methamidophos - 01 January 1989

STP22913S: Drop Size Spectra, Spreading, and Adhesion and Physical Properties of Eight Bacillus Thuringiensis Formulations Following Spray Application under Laboratory Conditions - 01 January 1989

STP22914S: Evaluation Method for Agricultural Foam Markers - 01 January 1989

STP22915S: Testing Methods for Water Dispersible Granules - 01 January 1989

STP22902S: International Registration and Reform Dealing with Formulations - 01 January 1989

STP22916S: Use of an Air-Assisted Electrostatic Sprayer to Increase Pesticide Efficiency in Greenhouses - 01 January 1989

STP22917S: Application, Distribution and Efficacy of Electrostatically Charged Sprays on Chrysanthemums - 01 January 1989

STP22918S: Evaluation of a No-Touch Pesticide Use System - 01 January 1989

STP22919S: Application of Pesticides on-the-go with Granular Fertilizer - 01 January 1989

STP22920S: Deposition Efficiency from Aerial Application of Postemergence Herbicides - 01 January 1989

STP22921S: Fenitrothion Deposits on Simulated and Live Fir Foliage Following Aerial Spraying of Two Formulations - 01 January 1989

STP22903S: Proposition 65, Today and the Future - 01 January 1989

STP22922S: Fenitrothion Deposits on Different Components of a Forest Ecosystem During an Aerial Spray Trial - 01 January 1989

STP22923S: Spray Displacements of Two Agricultural Nozzies Using Spray Patternator - 01 January 1989

STP22924S: Spray Droplet Size Effect on Mortality of Citrus Rust Mite - 01 January 1989

STP22925S: The Effect of Application Volume on Wood Penetration by an Organophosphate Insecticide - 01 January 1989

STP22904S: A Study of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) and Photochemically Reactive Organic Compounds (PROCS) in Relation to Household Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1989

STP22905S: Cast's Response to Environmental Issues - 01 January 1989

STP22906S: Effect of Formulation on Fungicidal Activity - 01 January 1989

STP22907S: Epicuticular Wax Solubility in Petroleum Solvents Relative to Herbicide Phytotoxicity - 01 January 1989

STP22908S: New Polymeric Materials for Temperature Controlled Release of Agricultural Chemicals - 01 January 1989

STP22909S: Synthetic Silicas in Pesticide Formulation with Special Emphasis on Water Dispersible Granules - 01 January 1989

STP22910S: The Formulation of Rodenticides for Optimized Efficacy and Safety - 01 January 1989

STP22939S: The Effects of Solvent Type and Concentration on the Permeation of Pesticide Formulations Through Chemical Protective Glove Materials - 01 January 1989

STP22940S: Permeation of Some Pesticidal Formulations Through Glove Materials - 01 January 1989

STP1055-EB: Vertebrate Pest Control and Management Materials: Sixth Volume - 01 January 1989

STP25256S: On the Use of the R50 - 01 January 1989

STP25257S: Effective Plot Sizes for Testing Red-Winged Blackbird Repellents in a Large Flight Pen - 01 January 1989

STP25258S: A First Generation Mathematical Model for Calculating Area of Influence and Potential Number of Animals Exposed to Management Programs - 01 January 1989

STP25259S: Assessment of Squirrel-Caused Power Outages - 01 January 1989

STP25254S: A Method for Evaluating Methyl Bromide Fumigant Under Low-Temperature Conditions - 01 January 1989

STP25260S: Remote Videography of Small Mammals Under Conditions of Dim Illumination or Darkness - 01 January 1989

STP25261S: Evaluation of Some Radioisotopes as Marking Agents for Monitoring Bait Consumption - 01 January 1989

STP25262S: Vertebrate Pest Control and Animal Welfare - 01 January 1989

STP25255S: Protocol for Field Tests of Ultrasonic Devices for Rodent Management - 01 January 1989

STP26453S: An Overview — Solvents for Agricultural Chemicals - 01 January 1989

STP980-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Eighth Volume - 01 January 1989

STP26454S: Compacting and Granulating Systems for Agricultural Chemicals - 01 January 1989

STP26445S: Philosophy of Formulation - 01 January 1989

STP26455S: Effect of Formulation, Droplet Size, and Spatial Distribution on Dose Transfer of Pesticides - 01 January 1989

STP26456S: Effect of Interaction Between Nozzle Orientation and Crop Canopy Architecture Upon Distribution of Charged and Uncharged Spray Droplets - 01 January 1989

STP26457S: Calibrating Light Imaging and Light Scattering Probes for Atomizer Spray Characterization - 01 January 1989

STP26458S: Charged Drop Application of Antisapstain Formulations to Lumber - 01 January 1989

STP26459S: Assessment of Foliar and Ground Deposits of Aminocarb After Aerial Spraying Over Conifer Forests Using Two Types of Application Parameters - 01 January 1989

STP26460S: Droplet and Deposit Patterns of One Pseudoplastic and Three Newtonian Spray Mixtures Following Spray Application Under Laboratory Conditions - 01 January 1989

STP26461S: Shrouded Sprayer: Advantages in Field Application Systems - 01 January 1989

STP26462S: Spray Volume Effects on Deposition and Citrus Rust Mite Control - 01 January 1989

STP26446S: Developments in Microencapsulation, High Concentration - 01 January 1989

STP26463S: An Invert Emulsion Replaces Dew in Biocontrol of Sicklepod — a Preliminary Study - 01 January 1989

STP26464S: Plant and Mineral Oils as Insecticide Adjuvants: Effects on Residues and Toxicity - 01 January 1989

STP26465S: Test Methods for Pest Control in the Telecommunications Industry - 01 January 1989

STP26466S: Aerial Application of a Granular Herbicide - 01 January 1989

STP26447S: Formulation of Pesticide Microemulsions - 01 January 1989

STP26448S: Microbial Formulations — Opportunities and Challenges - 01 January 1989

STP26444S: Formulations — Past, Present, and Future - 01 January 1989

STP26449S: Selecting the Ideal Preservative for Aqueous Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1989

STP26450S: Using the Predictive Powers of Triangular Co-Ordinate Plots for Designing Agricultural Formulations - 01 January 1989

STP26451S: Quality Control of Surfactants for Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1989

STP26452S: A Technique for Dust Measurement - 01 January 1989

STP44880S: Determining Nonpoint-Source Contamination by Agricultural Chemicals in an Unconfined Aquifer, Dade County, Florida: Procedures and Preliminary Results - 01 January 1988

STP26176S: Evaluation of Rodent Bait Station Use Under Controlled Conditions - 01 January 1988

STP974-EB: Vertebrate Pest Control and Management Materials: 5th Volume - 01 January 1988

STP26177S: Evaluating Rodenticide Use Impacts on Agricultural Production - 01 January 1988

STP26178S: Metallic Flake Particle Markers for Determining the Feeding Behavior of Rats at Bait Points - 01 January 1988

STP26167S: Surveys as an Approach to Gathering Animal Damage Information - 01 January 1988

STP26179S: Tetracyclines as Fluorescent Bone Markers in Cotton and Roof Rats - 01 January 1988

STP26180S: Retention of Physiological Marks by Coyotes Ingesting Baits Containing Iophenoxic Acid, Mirex, and Rhodamine B - 01 January 1988

STP26181S: Test Methods for Steel Foothold Traps: Criteria and Performance Standards - 01 January 1988

STP26182S: A Methodology for Identifying Sources of Indirect Costs of Predation Control: A Study of Wyoming Sheep Producers - 01 January 1988

STP26183S: A Review of Some Mule Deer Capture Operations - 01 January 1988

STP26168S: Evaluating Corn Varieties for Resistance to Damage by Blackbirds and Starlings - 01 January 1988

STP26169S: Evaluation of Repellent Seed Treatments and Effects on Early Corn Performance - 01 January 1988

STP26166S: Key Word Standardization in Vertebrate Pest Control - 01 January 1988

STP26170S: A Test Method That Evaluates Avian Perch Repellents - 01 January 1988

STP26171S: Efficacy Testing of an Ultrasonic Bird Repeller - 01 January 1988

STP26172S: Procedures for Assessing Secondary Poisoning Hazards of Rodenticides to Owls - 01 January 1988

STP26173S: Levels of Strychnine in Poisoned Ground Squirrel Stomachs - 01 January 1988

STP26174S: Correlation of Two Census Methods (Food Consumption and Gnawing Evidence) for Assessing Norway Rat Populations - 01 January 1988

STP26175S: Efficacy Determinations of Rodenticide Use and Trapping for Reduction of Coconut Loss in the Philippines - 01 January 1988

STP26164S: - 01 January 1988

STP26284S: Dose Response of Skin Absorption in Young and Adult Rats - 01 January 1988

STP26323S: Factors Influencing Design of Protective Clothing for Pesticide Application - 01 January 1988

STP26324S: Guthion Penetration of Clothing Materials During Mixing and Spraying in Orchards - 01 January 1988

STP26325S: Exposure Measurements Concerning Protective Clothing in Agriculture - 01 January 1988

STP26326S: Protective Clothing for Crop Consultants: Field Studies in Louisiana - 01 January 1988

STP26327S: Engineering Controls and Protective Clothing in the Reduction of Pesticide Exposure to Tractor Drivers - 01 January 1988

STP26328S: Mechanisms of Clothing Exposure and Dermal Dosing during Spray Application - 01 January 1988

STP26329S: Pattern of Dermal Deposition Resulting from Mixing/Loading and Ground Application of 2,4-D Dimethylamine Salt - 01 January 1988

STP26330S: Use of Fluorescent Tracers and Video Imaging to Evaluate Chemical Protective Clothing During Pesticide Applications - 01 January 1988

STP26331S: Comparison of a Thermal Test Battery Analysis and Field Assessments of Thermal Comfort of Protective Apparel for Pesticide Application - 01 January 1988

STP26332S: Distribution of Malathion on Gore-Tex Fabric Before and After Sunlight Exposure and Laundering as Determined by Electron Microscopy - 01 January 1988

STP26333S: Development and Validation of a Laboratory Spray System Designed to Contaminate Fabrics with Pesticide Solutions - 01 January 1988

STP26334S: Strategies for Laundering Protective Apparel Fabric Sequentially Contaminated with Methyl Parathion - 01 January 1988

STP26335S: Dispersion Mechanism of a Pesticide Chemical in Woven Fabric Structures - 01 January 1988

STP26336S: Effect of Temperature and Humidity on Laboratory Pesticide Penetration Studies - 01 January 1988

STP26337S: Chlorpyrifos Residue Removal from Protective Apparel Through Solvent-Based Refurbishment Procedures - 01 January 1988

STP26338S: Chlorpyrifos Residues in Protective Apparel Fabrics Following Commercial or Consumer Refurbishment - 01 January 1988

STP26339S: Effect of Formulation on Removal of Carbaryl and Chlorothalonil from Apparel Fabrics by Dry Cleaning, Aqueous Extraction, and Vaporization - 01 January 1988

STP26340S: Test Method Development and Evaluation of Protective Clothing Items Used in Agricultural Pesticide Operations - 01 January 1988

STP26341S: Use of Methylene Blue Dye to Predict Fabric Penetration by Malathion - 01 January 1988

STP26342S: Quantitation of Pesticides on Apparel Fabrics - 01 January 1988

STP26343S: Impact of Labor Protection in the Registration Process of Pesticides in the Netherlands - 01 January 1988

STP26344S: Pesticide Applicator Exposure Monitoring: EPA Guidelines - 01 January 1988

STP26345S: Progress in the Development of a Generic Data Base for Mixer/Loader-Applicator Exposures - 01 January 1988

STP26347S: Pesticide Information and Attitudes Toward Chemical Protective Clothing Among Urban Pesticide Users - 01 January 1988

STP26348S: A Review of the Requirements for Protective Clothing for Agricultural Workers in Hot Climates - 01 January 1988

STP26349S: Protective Clothing and Equipment: Beliefs and Behavior of Pesticide Users in Ecuador - 01 January 1988

STP19401S: Optimizing Physical Properties of Diluent Oils for Maximum Target Deposition of Ultralow-Volume Spray Droplets Under Laboratory Conditions - 01 January 1987

STP943-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Sixth Volume - 01 January 1987

STP19402S: Insecticide Spray Measurements Using Hot-Wire Technology - 01 January 1987

STP19403S: Agricultural Formulation Stability Studies Using a Personal Computer - 01 January 1987

STP19404S: A Low-Volume Microtube In-Furrow Sprayer - 01 January 1987

STP19405S: Determining Delivery Rates of Push-Type Granular Product Spreaders - 01 January 1987

STP19406S: Mineral Carriers for Pesticides—Their Characteristics and Uses - 01 January 1987

STP19407S: Use of Gelling Clays to Stabilize Agricultural Pesticide Suspensions and Emulsions in Aqueous Systems - 01 January 1987

STP19392S: Introduction - 01 January 1987

STP19394S: Nonionic Surfactants as Associative Thickeners in Aqueous Flowable Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1987

STP19395S: Selection of Wetting Adjuvants - 01 January 1987

STP19396S: Pesticide Concentrated Emulsion Formulations - 01 January 1987

STP19397S: Formulation of Highly Active Cobra Postemergent Herbicide - 01 January 1987

STP19393S: The Relative Phytotoxicity of Selected Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Solvents and Oils - 01 January 1987

STP19398S: Intermolecular Interactions in Aqueous Pesticide Formulations from Viscosity-Temperature, Viscosity-Volatility, and Viscosity-Shear Rate Relationships - 01 January 1987

STP19399S: Performance Characteristics of Four Rotary Atomizers - 01 January 1987

STP19400S: Spray Triode Electrostatic Agricultural Atomizer: Development Update - 01 January 1987

STP28178S: Recent Dust Explosion Experiences in the U.S. Grain Industry - 01 January 1987

STP28180S: Suppression of Maize Dust Explosions - 01 January 1987

STP28181S: Grain Dust Probes—Calibration and Measurement - 01 January 1987

STP25884S: Effect of Application Rate on Droplet Size Spectra and Deposit Characteristics of Dimilin® Spray Mixtures in an Aerial Spray Trial - 01 January 1987

STP968-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Seventh Volume - 01 January 1987

STP25885S: Characteristics of an Electrostatically Charged Air-Atomized Spray for Pesticide Application - 01 January 1987

STP25886S: Economical Pesticide Application: The Reasons for Controlled Droplet Application - 01 January 1987

STP25887S: Role of Formulation Ingredients and Physical Properties on Droplet Size Spectra, Deposition, and Persistence of Aerially Sprayed Aminocarb and Mexacarbate in Forest Litter and Soil Samples - 01 January 1987

STP25872S: Introduction to Session on Closed Mixing, Handling, and Application Systems - 01 January 1987

STP25888S: Sources of Error in Estimating Efficacy of a Microbial Pesticide Against Aquatic Pests - 01 January 1987

STP25889S: Method for Determining Spray Penetration into Carpet - 01 January 1987

STP25873S: Principles of Closed Systems for Handling of Agricultural Pesticides - 01 January 1987

STP25890S: Unique Methods of Herbicide Application - 01 January 1987

STP25891S: Dry Application of Water-Dispersible Granules: A Three-Year Update - 01 January 1987

STP25892S: Herbicidal Root Control in Sewer Lines Requires Unique Application Techniques - 01 January 1987

STP25893S: A New Pediculicide Application System for Human Mass Delousing: Analysis of Operational Characteristics and Limitations - 01 January 1987

STP25894S: Production of Granular Products by Roll Compaction - 01 January 1987

STP25895S: Comparison of Results from ASTM Steel Ball Test (E 728) and Attrition in a Granular Applicator - 01 January 1987

STP25896S: Registration Considerations for Pesticide Formulations - 01 January 1987

STP25874S: Closed System Acceptance and Use in California - 01 January 1987

STP25875S: Development of Devices Designed to Increase Safety During Field Handling of Pesticides - 01 January 1987

STP25876S: The Universal Closed System for Liquids - 01 January 1987

STP25877S: Risk Reduction Through Use of Closed Systems: An Attainable Goal? - 01 January 1987

STP25878S: Farm Chemical Handling, Mixing, and Loading: Worker Safety and Environmental Concerns - 01 January 1987

STP25871S: ASTM Committee E-35 on Pesticides: Past, Present, and Future - 01 January 1987

STP25879S: Nonionic Emulsifier Selection for Liquid Formulations to Obtain Compatibility with Solid Formulations - 01 January 1987

STP25880S: Methyl Esters of Fatty Acids as Pesticide Formulation and Application Aids - 01 January 1987

STP25881S: Development of SCEPTER® 1.5 ASU Formulation by Evaluation of Liquid Handling Properties - 01 January 1987

STP25882S: A System for Examination of the Pesticide Dose Transfer Process - 01 January 1987

STP25883S: Spray Drift Deposits from Low Volume Application Using Oil and Water Carriers - 01 January 1987

STP17307S: California Pesticide Applicators' Attitudes and Practices Regarding the Use and Care of Protective Clothing - 01 January 1986

STP17308S: Effectiveness of Selected Work Fabrics as Barriers to Pesticide Penetration - 01 January 1986

STP17309S: Efficiency of Protective Clothing for Pesticide Spraying - 01 January 1986

STP17310S: Fabric Parameters and Pesticide Characteristics That Impact on Dermal Exposure of Applicators - 01 January 1986

STP17311S: Effects of Barrier Finishes on Aerosol Spray Penetration and Comfort of Woven and Disposable Nonwoven Fabrics for Protective Clothing - 01 January 1986

STP17312S: Effect of Laundering Procedures and Functional Finishes on Removal of Insecticides Selected from Three Chemical Classes - 01 January 1986

STP17313S: Effect of Functional Finish Barriers on Pesticide Penetration - 01 January 1986

STP17314S: Distribution of Malathion and Methyl Parathion on Cotton/Polyester Unfinished and Durable-Press Fabrics Before and After Laundering as Determined by Electron Microscopy - 01 January 1986

STP17306S: Protective Clothing and the Agricultural Worker - 01 January 1986

STP18363S: Theoretical Constraints and Precautions Using Light Scattering to Measure Drop Size Distributions - 01 January 1986

STP915-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Fifth Volume - 01 January 1986

STP18364S: Development of Instrumentation for Spray Drop Size Research - 01 January 1986

STP18365S: Laser Droplet Interferometry Approach to Spray Drop Size Analysis - 01 January 1986

STP18366S: Practical Applications of the Particle Measuring Systems Two-Dimensional Imaging Spectrometer - 01 January 1986

STP18367S: Practical Use of the PMS Spray Analyzer for Pesticide Application Research - 01 January 1986

STP18354S: A Device for the Controlled Production and Placement of Individual Droplets - 01 January 1986

STP18368S: Use of a Laser Imaging System for Agricultural Spray Analysis - 01 January 1986

STP18355S: Effect of Droplet and Formulation Parameters on Pest Control Efficiency - 01 January 1986

STP18356S: Direct Metering of Pesticide Concentrations - 01 January 1986

STP18357S: Understanding Volatilities of Forestry Spray Mixtures from Their Viscosities and Viscosity-Temperature Relationships - 01 January 1986

STP18353S: Functional Formulation for Prescription Performance - 01 January 1986

STP18358S: Electrostatic Spraying of Oil-Based Agricultural Products - 01 January 1986

STP18359S: Evaluation of Water Soluble Polymers as Co-Suspending Agents for Flowable Pesticides - 01 January 1986

STP18360S: Session Introduction: Use of Spray Drop Size Analyzers - 01 January 1986

STP18361S: Development of Drop Size-Frequency Analysis of Sprays Used for Pesticide Application - 01 January 1986

STP18362S: Progress in Droplet Sizing Instruments and Procedures - 01 January 1986

STP23055S: Evaluation of Simple Generic Aquatic Ecosystem Tests to Screen the Ecological Impacts of Pesticides - 01 January 1986

STP23062S: Use of Limnocorrals in Evaluating the Effects of Pesticides on Zooplankton Communities - 01 January 1986

STP18444S: Pesticide Analytical Methods — General Description and Quality Control Considerations - 01 January 1986

STP36265S: Method for Early Life-Stage Toxicity Tests Using Three Atherinid Fishes and Results with Chlorpyrifos - 01 January 1985

STP36291S: Evaluation of a Site-Specific Water Quality Criterion for Pentachlorophenol Using Outdoor Experimental Streams - 01 January 1985

STP35264S: Effects of Atrazine on Aquatic Ecosystems: A Physical and Mathematical Modeling Assessment - 01 January 1985

STP35255S: Effects of Atrazine on Community Level Responses in Taub Microcosms - 01 January 1985

STP30293S: An Analytical Method and Quality Control Program for Studies of Currently Used Pesticides in Surface Waters - 01 January 1985

STP32865S: Low-Volume Applications of Roundup® Herbicide - 01 January 1985

STP875-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Fourth Symposium - 01 January 1985

STP32866S: Evaluation of Plant Growth Regulators - 01 January 1985

STP32867S: Effect of Formulation and Pressure on Spray Distribution Across the Swath with Hydraulic Nozzles - 01 January 1985

STP32868S: The Laboratory for Pest Control Application Technology (LPCAT): A New Interdisciplinary Approach for Solving a Difficult Problem - 01 January 1985

STP32869S: Development of Toxic Baits for Control of Imported Fire Ants - 01 January 1985

STP32870S: Water Dispersible Granule Development Process and Equipment - 01 January 1985

STP32871S: Dry Application of Dry Flowable Formulations - 01 January 1985

STP32856S: Seed Treatment Formulations: Development of a Protocol - 01 January 1985

STP32872S: Determination of the Liquid Holding Capacity (LHC) or Sorptivity of Agricultural Carriers - 01 January 1985

STP32857S: Evaluation of Factors Affecting Tank Mix Compatibility of Pesticide Combinations - 01 January 1985

STP32858S: A Method for Emulsion Optimization Through Computerized Regression Analysis - 01 January 1985

STP32859S: A Small-Scale System to Evaluate Anti-Foam Performance - 01 January 1985

STP32855S: Phosphorus-Based Anionic Surface-Active Agents and Their Role in Agrochemical Formulations - 01 January 1985

STP32860S: Initial Studies on the Effects of Droplet Size and Electrostatics on Spray Deposition Efficiencies - 01 January 1985

STP32861S: Efficacy of Insecticides Applied Ultra-Low Volume in Vegetable Oils - 01 January 1985

STP32862S: Use of Electrostatics, Rotary Atomizers, and Vegetable Oils in Low-Volume Ground Application - 01 January 1985

STP32863S: Control of Spruce Budworm by Ultra-Low-Volume Application of an Insecticide Suspension - 01 January 1985

STP32864S: Injection of Chemicals for Subsurface Drip Irrigated Cotton - 01 January 1985

STP32705S: Energy Recovery from Agroindustrial Wastes with Prevalently Solute Pollutants Using Fixed-Bed Anaerobic Reactors - 01 January 1984

STP795-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Second Conference - 01 January 1983

STP31785S: Pesticide Packaging Container Standards—Sizes and Fittings - 01 January 1983

STP31786S: The Formulation Chemist in an Emergency Response System - 01 January 1983

STP31787S: Introduction to Granular Carriers, Granular Pesticide Formulations, and Processing - 01 January 1983

STP31788S: Available Granular Carriers—Properties and General Processing Methods - 01 January 1983

STP31783S: Package Development from the Pesticide Industry Viewpoint - 01 January 1983

STP31789S: Flowable Pesticide Formulations: Development, Process, and the Need for Standard Testing Procedures - 01 January 1983

STP31790S: Granular Application Equipment—The State of the Art and Current Problems - 01 January 1983

STP31791S: Field Studies Monitoring Worker Exposure to Pesticides - 01 January 1983

STP31792S: Physical and Biological Responses for Several Suspension Formulations - 01 January 1983

STP31784S: Package Selection, Testing, and Transportation Regulations - 01 January 1983

STP31793S: Spray Characteristics of Rotary Atomizers - 01 January 1983

STP33529S: Toxicity of the Herbicide Endothall to Juvenile Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) - 01 January 1983

STP33540S: Testing Procedure for Evaluating Codisposal of Industrial Wastes and Municipal Refuse with Particular Reference to Pesticides - 01 January 1983

STP28568S: Interlaboratory Comparisons as Used in the Accreditation of Laboratories in New Zealand’s Dairy Industry - 01 January 1983

STP30174S: A Test Protocol for Assessment of Primary Poisoning Hazard to Ground-Feeding Birds from Broadcast Pelletized Rodenticides - 01 January 1983

STP817-EB: Vertebrate Pest Control and Management Materials: Fourth Symposium - 01 January 1983

STP30175S: Development of a Preferred Bait for Quelea Control - 01 January 1983

STP30176S: Use of Outdoor Pens in Evaluating Field Efficacy of Rodenticides - 01 January 1983

STP30177S: An Evaluation of Methods Used in Comparative Field Testing of Commensal Rodenticides - 01 January 1983

STP30178S: A Method for Inferring the Taste Qualities of Rodenticides to Rodents - 01 January 1983

STP30179S: Design and Evaluation Criteria for Development of Toxic Wicks for Rodent Control - 01 January 1983

STP30180S: Field Methodology for Evaluating Rodenticide Efficacy - 01 January 1983

STP30181S: An Approach for Evaluating Food Container Resistance to Damage by Individual Norway Rats - 01 January 1983

STP30182S: A Laboratory Test Method for Evaluating the Efficacy of Glueboards for Trapping House Mice - 01 January 1983

STP30168S: Exploitable Characteristics of Neophobia and Food Aversions for Improvements in Rodent and Bird Control - 01 January 1983

STP30183S: A Simulated Burrow System for Laboratory Evaluation of Vertebrate Control Fumigants - 01 January 1983

STP30184S: Methods for Assessing Rat Damage to Growing Wheat in Bangladesh, with Examples of Applications - 01 January 1983

STP30185S: An Evaluation of Visual Counts for Censusing Ground Squirrels - 01 January 1983

STP30186S: Plot Occupancy for Indicating Pocket Gopher Abundance and Conifer Damage - 01 January 1983

STP30187S: Methods Used in the Field Evaluation of Anticoagulant Rodenticides in India - 01 January 1983

STP30188S: Criteria for the Development of Coyote Lures - 01 January 1983

STP30189S: Criteria for the Selection and Development of Predacides - 01 January 1983

STP30190S: Evaluation and Control Implications of Behavior of Feral Dogs in Interior Alaska - 01 January 1983

STP30169S: Bird Dispersal Recordings: An Overview - 01 January 1983

STP30167S: Comparisons Between Vertebrate Pest Control Materials: Essential Considerations - 01 January 1983

STP30170S: Tests of the Enhancement of Avian Repellent Chemicals with Sensory Cues - 01 January 1983

STP30171S: Estimating Bird Damage to Sprouting Rice - 01 January 1983

STP30172S: Laboratory Methods for Evaluating Bird Repellents Applied to Ripening Fruits - 01 January 1983

STP30173S: A Changeover Test Design to Compare the Relative Efficacies of Bird Repellent Seed Corn Treatments - 01 January 1983

STP32489S: Electrodyn Sprayer Pesticide Application Using Electrostatic Atomization - 01 January 1983

STP828-EB: Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Third Symposium - 01 January 1983

STP32490S: Pesticide Delivery to Aquatic Pests - 01 January 1983

STP32491S: Formulation, Development, and Application of an Insecticide Granule - 01 January 1983

STP32480S: Surface Acidity Distribution on Precipitated Silicas - 01 January 1983

STP32492S: Corncob Granules and Pelleted Carriers—New, Controlled, Safer Methods of Handling Pesticides - 01 January 1983

STP32493S: Development of Water-Dispersible Granule Systems - 01 January 1983

STP32481S: Formulation and Application of Microbial Insecticides for Forest Insect Pest Management: Problems and Considerations - 01 January 1983

STP32482S: A Quality Control Program Used for Agricultural Formula A Production - 01 January 1983

STP32483S: Laboratory Measurement of Pesticide Vapor Losses - 01 January 1983

STP32484S: Evaluation of Tank Mix Compatibility Using the Laboratory Sprayer - 01 January 1983

STP32479S: Formulations of Entomopathogens - 01 January 1983

STP32485S: Analysis of Droplet Spectra and Spray Recovery as a Function of Atomizer Type and Fluid Physical Properties - 01 January 1983

STP32486S: Spray Drift Exposure Assessment - 01 January 1983

STP32487S: Helicopter Application for Gypsy Moth in Residential Communities - 01 January 1983

STP32488S: Flow Rates of Guthion and Cottonseed Oil Mixtures - 01 January 1983

STP29338S: Compatibility Agents for Liquid Fertilizer-Pesticide Combinations - 01 January 1982

STP764-EB: Pesticide Tank Mix Applications: First Conference - 01 January 1982

STP29339S: Tank Mix Carrier Liquids Used in Agricultural Applications - 01 January 1982

STP29340S: Production of Fertilizer-Pesticide Mixtures - 01 January 1982

STP29337S: Pesticide Compatibility: An Overview from Technical Services - 01 January 1982

STP29341S: Some Observations on Closed Mixing Systems for Pesticides - 01 January 1982

STP29342S: Closed Mixing and Loading Systems and Pesticide Containers - 01 January 1982

STP29343S: Regulation of Pesticide Application with Respect to Spray Drift - 01 January 1982

STP29344S: Field and Bulk Blending of Pesticide Tank Mixes - 01 January 1982

STP34162S: Analysis of Variance as a Method for Examining Contaminant Residues in Fish: National Pesticide Monitoring Program - 01 January 1981

STP35155S: Comparison of Environmental Protection Agency and Company Laboratory Efficacy Data for Federally Registered Rat and Mouse Toxicants - 01 January 1981

STP752-EB: Vertebrate Pest Control and Management Materials - 01 January 1981

STP35156S: Considerations in the Design of Test Methods for Measuring Bait Shyness - 01 January 1981

STP35157S: Estimating Population Abundance of Ground Squirrels (Genus Spermophilus): A Review - 01 January 1981

STP35158S: Trends of Predator Losses of Sheep and Lambs Calculated from U.S. Department of Agriculture Mortality Statistics - 01 January 1981

STP35159S: Plastic Enclosures and Containers for Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Pesticides in Aquatic Environments - 01 January 1981

STP35145S: Suggested Methods for Determining the Efficacy of Vertebrate Control Agents in Developing Countries - 01 January 1981

STP35160S: Simulated Field Testing Methods for Pest Control Agents in Lotic and Lentic Ecosystems - 01 January 1981

STP35161S: Recommended Practice for Determining the Effectiveness and Safety of Aquatic Animal Control Agents in Static Water Studies - 01 January 1981

STP35162S: Reducing Potential Hazards of Pesticides to Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat - 01 January 1981

STP35146S: Nonspill Cage Feeder for Quail - 01 January 1981

STP35147S: Improved Method of Assessing Pesticide Hazards to Nontarget Game Birds Under Simulated Field Conditions - 01 January 1981

STP35148S: Approach for Assessing Feed Loss Damage by Starlings at Livestock Feedlots - 01 January 1981

STP35144S: Legal, Scientific, and Political Cooperation—The Impossible Dream - 01 January 1981

STP35149S: Laboratory Method for Evaluating the Secondary Hazard Potential of Avicides and Rodenticides to Nontarget Birds and Mammals - 01 January 1981

STP35150S: Test Method for Evaluating the Effects of Chemicals on Starling Reproduction - 01 January 1981

STP35151S: Methods for Assessing the Efficiency of Aerial Spraying Control Operations on Quelea Colonies and Roosts - 01 January 1981

STP35152S: Field Method for Evaluation of Rodenticides for Control of Microtus pinetorum in Apple Orchards - 01 January 1981

STP35153S: Analytical Techniques for Fluorescent Chemicals Used as Systemic or External Wildlife Markers - 01 January 1981

STP35154S: Method for Analysis of Rat Acceptance Data Generated in Anticoagulant Bait Bioassays - 01 January 1981

STP28379S: Acute and Subacute Toxicity of Pesticides in Microtine Rodents - 01 January 1981

STP27429S: Use of an Unsignalled Avoidance Technique to Evaluate the Effects of the Herbicide 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid on Goldfish - 01 January 1980

STP27559S: Polyurethane Foam and Selected Sorbents as Collection Media for Airborne Pesticides and Polychlorinated Biphenyls - 01 January 1980

STP34964S: Microtus Dry Bait Laboratory Efficacy Test Method - 01 June 1979

STP680-EB: Vertebrate Pest Control and Management Materials - 01 June 1979

STP34965S: Peromyscus Acute and Anticoagulant Dry Bait Laboratory Efficacy Test Method - 01 June 1979

STP34966S: The Influence of Four Exclusion Cylinder Designs on Alfalfa Growth - 01 June 1979

STP34967S: Seed Impregnation with Rhodamine B Dye for Studying Wild Animals - 01 June 1979

STP34955S: Comparison of EPA Animal Biology Laboratory and Company Laboratory Efficacy Data for Federally Registered Rat and Mouse Baits - 01 June 1979

STP34968S: Evaluation of Deer Damage in Mature Apple Orchards - 01 June 1979

STP34969S: Evaluation of Deer Damage to Hay in Southern Wisconsin - 01 June 1979

STP34970S: Indicator Bird Species for Toxicity Determinations: Is the Technique Usable in Test Method Development? - 01 June 1979

STP34971S: Evaluation and Results of a Survey of Blackbird and Mammal Damage to Mature Field Corn Over a Large (Three-State) Area - 01 June 1979

STP34972S: Two-Choice Preference Testing of Taste Repellency in Quelea quelea - 01 June 1979

STP34973S: Evaluating Curb as a Crop Repellent to West African Bird Pests - 01 June 1979

STP34974S: Procedure for Visually Estimating Bird Damage to Grapes - 01 June 1979

STP34975S: Preliminary Studies of a Bird Damage Assessment Technique for Trellised Grapes - 01 June 1979

STP34956S: Procedures for Sampling Urban Rat Populations for Anticoagulant Resistance Evaluation - 01 June 1979

STP34976S: Evaluating Bird Protection to Mechanically Sown Rice Seed Treated with Methiocarb at Nianga, Senegal, West Africa - 01 June 1979

STP34977S: Improving Efficacy Testing of Bird-Repellent Seed Treatments - 01 June 1979

STP34978S: Laboratory Trials Using Fluorescent Dyes and Paints as Marking Agents for Quelea Studies - 01 June 1979

STP34979S: Testing for Daily Susceptibility Cycles in Birds Exposed to Avicides - 01 June 1979

STP34980S: Laboratory Method for Determining the Lethal Exposure Time50 (LET50) of Contact Avicides Used in Wicked-Perches - 01 June 1979

STP34981S: Experimental Design for Field Evaluation of Odor Attractants for Predators - 01 June 1979

STP34982S: Testing the Responses of Coyotes and Other Predators to Odor Attractants - 01 June 1979

STP34983S: Evaluation of Oral Central Nervous System Depressants in Coyotes - 01 June 1979

STP34984S: Proposed Efficacy Test for Dog Repellents Designed to Reduce Urination on Established Scent Posts - 01 June 1979

STP34985S: Rationale for Testing Vertebrate Pesticides and Devices in Actual Field Situations - 01 June 1979

STP34986S: The Effects of Environmental-Political Factors on Predator Research - 01 June 1979

STP34957S: Evaluation of Nonlethal Electrical Barriers for Crop Protection Against Rodent Damage - 01 June 1979

STP34987S: Using Computers in Evaluating Vertebrate Pest Control Procedures - 01 June 1979

STP34958S: Rodent Population Activity Monitoring Methods for Evaluating Acute Rodenticide Tracking Powders - 01 June 1979

STP34959S: Test Method for Evaluating the Efficacy of Rodenticides Against Anticoagulant-Resistant Norway Rat - 01 June 1979

STP34960S: A Safe and Inexpensive Way of Making South Korean Villages Rodent-Free - 01 June 1979

STP34961S: Criteria for Trap Evaluation - 01 June 1979

STP34954S: Use of Burrows for Evaluating Rodenticide Efficacy in Urban Areas - 01 June 1979

STP34962S: Field Methods for Census Taking of Commensal Rodents in Rodenticide Evaluations - 01 June 1979

STP34963S: Age as a Factor in Rodent Susceptibility to Rodenticides—A Review - 01 June 1979

STP34889S: Bioaccumulation of DDT and PCB in Tissues of Marine Fishes - 01 January 1979

STP34875S: An Assessment of DDT Toxicity on Osmoregulation and Gill Na, K-ATPase Activity in the Blue Crab - 01 January 1979

STP35988S: Dietary Toxicity Tests with Mallards, Simulating Residue Decline of Chlorpyrifos and Avoidance of Treated Food - 01 January 1979

STP27060S: Chemosterilant Evaluation in Coyotes: Parameters for Animal Selection and Laboratory Methodology - 01 January 1977

STP625-EB: Test Methods for Vertebrate Pest Control and Management Materials - 01 January 1977

STP27061S: Test Methods for Determining the Efficacy of Coyote Attractants and Repellents - 01 January 1977

STP27062S: Proposed Efficacy Test for Aerosol Dog Repellents that Are Designed to Reduce Damage to Garbage Bags - 01 January 1977

STP27063S: Considerations in the Application of Aversive Conditioning - 01 January 1977

STP27064S: Guidelines for Field Evaluations of Repellents to Control Deer Damage to Reforestation - 01 January 1977

STP27049S: Exclusion Cyclinders as a Means of Assessing Losses of Vegetation Due To Ground Squirrel Feeding - 01 January 1977

STP27065S: A Method for Evaluating Coyote Scent Baits - 01 January 1977

STP27066S: Standard Guideline for the Use and Development of Sodium Monofluoroacetate (Compound 1080) as a Predacide (ASTM Designation E 590-76) - 01 January 1977

STP27067S: A Cage Test for the Evaluation of House Finch Repellents for Grapes - 01 January 1977

STP27068S: Field Testing a Bird Repellent Chemical on Cereal Crops - 01 January 1977

STP27069S: Learned Aversion in Wild Birds: A Method for Testing Comparative Acute Repellency - 01 January 1977

STP27070S: Considerations in Testing Vertebrate Pesticides To Be Used in Disease-Control Activities - 01 January 1977

STP27071S: Testing Effectiveness of a Chemical as a Bird Repellent on Pearl Millet in Somalia - 01 January 1977

STP27072S: Efficacy Experiments Involving Avian Pest Control Materials: Design Considerations Imposed by the Scientific Method - 01 January 1977

STP27073S: Use of Male Coturnix Quail in the Laboratory Development of Avian Chemosterilants - 01 January 1977

STP27050S: An Exclosure Method for Quantifying Vertebrate Pesticide Residues from Rangeland Vegetation - 01 January 1977

STP27074S: A Simplified Method to Evaluate the Efficacy Potential of Spray-on Bird Repellents Under Simulated Natural Conditions in Cornfields - 01 January 1977

STP27051S: A Device for Bioassay of Response to Olfactory Stimuli in Wild Rodents - 01 January 1977

STP27052S: A Method for Assessing Deposits of Aerially Applied Aqueous Pest Control Agents - 01 January 1977

STP27053S: Bioassay Methods Guilding the Development of a Big Game Repellent - 01 January 1977

STP27054S: Impact of Pocket Gophers (Thomomys talpoides) on the Quantitative Productivity of Rangeland Vegetation in Southern Alberta: A Damage Assessment Tool - 01 January 1977

STP27048S: Evaluations of Control Agents for Conifer Seed Protection - 01 January 1977

STP27055S: Rat and Mouse Acute Liquid Bait Test Method - 01 January 1977

STP27056S: Field Testing Method Used in Evaluating Acute Commensal Rodenticides - 01 January 1977

STP27057S: Cage Units and Procedures Designed for the Testing of Toxic Rodent Tracking Powders - 01 January 1977

STP27058S: Equipment and Methods Available for Measuring the Behavioral Response of Rodents to Odors - 01 January 1977

STP27059S: Techniques for the Evaluation of Potential Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Chemosterilants - 01 January 1977

STP39008S: Guidelines for Quantitative Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Organophosphate Pesticides from Water - 01 January 1975

STP39009S: Pesticide Residue Screening Methods Utilizing Multidetector Configurations - 01 January 1975

STP39012S: Liquid Chromatography of Carbamate Pesticides - 01 January 1975

STP33356S: Continuous Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Organic Pesticides from Aqueous Solutions - 01 January 1975

STP32026S: Analysis for Organic Pesticides in Aquatic Environments - 01 January 1969

STP39486S: Some Measurement Error Considerations in Bulk Sampling with Special Reference to the Sampling of Fertilizer - 01 January 1959

STP47168S: Criteria for the Evaluation of Agricultural Ground Limestone - 01 January 1940