Committee F01 Scope

Staff Manager: Kelly Paul

Committee Scope

The development of test methods, specifications, practices, terminology, classifications, and guides; the promotion of knowledge, and the stimulation of research relating to electron devices and the materials, processes, process controls, and equipment used in their fabrication. Product areas include:
(1) electron tubes;
(2) semiconductor materials and devices of all kinds;
(3) lasers and incoherent light sources and related sensing and transmitting devices;
(4) nonmetallic thermoelectric materials and devices;
(5) ferroelectric and nonmetallic magnetic materials and devices;
(6) superconducting materials and devices used for signal processing or control;
(7) passive parts and components that are processed by means of technology similar to that used to produce items included above;
(8) interconnection networks, encapsulation materials and parts, and packages for the above;
(9) assemblies and subassemblies of the above which become parts of components of larger circuits or systems; and
(10) data storage devices.
The Committee shall coordinate its efforts with other organizations and ASTM Committees working in this and related fields.